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v ft.
7. 1801.
Bri IMS.
II J I II 1 1 I f 1 IIIWl
, n :
i. .
list of toium:.ti:d lands.
Li.' of Lmulsnnd. Town Lots iti Wood county, Ohio, forfeited to thr
State lor, the non-pavmeut of Taxes charged thereon, which havo not
be n redeemed according fo law, with the amount of taxes, iuterest and
penalties now duo on each tract.
1 ' a Whose
Weston i
do - : -do
Jinnee & Rtwson .
UsrI 4 '23
east hf
s e qr s
s w qr
Wada John Q
m mo. -
5 24
A 24
Williams Isaac E
n nf
Midd'cton ..1 jChauncey Win
8 32
ft 33
t n
do -Portage
Ketchum K T
n e qr
it n w
James C 11
rds 13
r,n 5
do M-
do : '
Freedom ,
Liberty :
do . ,,
Cento .', '.' .
do . ,
Miltou ,' . ,
do ;' :
Lake ' -
: 'Spencer George T
Johnson John '
Chance Jesse v '
Conk Geo A
HutchinsWD .,.
Gregg B F
Wall k Crouricj
, sama
Cmnstock & Irwin
Irwin Catharine
Oolding Joseph
Hunter Stephen
Armitage Thomas
Debolt Honry
llval Henry
1)'. c M. Railroad
Knder Solomon
Junes ZD
Wheeler James J
Ritnyan Jno
Frcntice Fred'k
samo '
4 8
4 17
4 14
4 15
i w qr
n hf a
s e cor
nw qr
nw or
l q
5 21ine qr
4, 2;.-sw
4 2jiiw qr
4 1'. -io qr sc qr
4 27 nw qr go qr
fl 111 or nw qr ' I''- '
6 23,w hf c ns qr
6 31 :ie qr sw qr
4 2S it hf sw qr
3 2H aw qr
(1 2f cur se qr sw qr
3i 7 w hf aw qr
3 7,
8 2f
v. l!
7' P!
ti hf
i hf
h hf
1 hf
do .
do '
do ' 1
do ' .,,
do '
do "'
iPndlor A Germain! 12
iv n
i nw
'Prentice Fred'k
an mo
I- samd;;
sa mo ' '
7 2"
7 i
7 22
I anuii; '
i B.innj ;
same ,
Vr.,'i... T W
7 2Ki
icv.it d f
jWnito.M B
McVeigh Alfred
s nw
Tot'l tax.int.
C c m
8 w qr
e qr ,
e qr
. 8li
47 34
49 77
44 42
5 20
12 08
w hi a e qr
n c qr
n w qr
nr t w or. bra- 1ft
ft n of sw cor. e 16
r.w 1 fl r.thenee to beg J
1 44
10 88
1 05
1 67
4 95
29 9S
24 38
30 47
25 83
25 88
22 20
8 12
27 51
98 29
18 47
2 27
8 90
27 87
8 97
29 01
n w qr
o qr
n w qr n e qr e hfl
lie qr, less g o cor)
so qr
' 80
" i Sir
0 9
f- S
7 4
nw q ailj.rtlV,Krecpnrt
nw qr
. 40
r ne or-
.11 v
so qr less A. se cor
3 8
3 10-100
97 59
'87 53 "
nw frao
so qr
se qr
outside Keservc
1720 124 73
is2! 31 68
837 47 54
018 85 41
040 87 37
1110jU9 98
1861 20 01
and n 9 w
hf w RW
hf ne
hf u sw
do ,
. 40
744.152 37
, 148:
03 45
40 31
57 75
12 99
12 99
30 02
I Jefferson S In lot 7 ...
Cook Asher" 40
Key M Jr 92 '
bAARCo. . U 0 part out of 100 ft. UR track ,
Siima 12.1 . 1 do
I.uens Ered'k 178 , '
LaddUavid ' ' ' 252 ' ' : "
Siiine 253 ;;:
. siime ;- : 270 ;
satno 277
Taylor A 281
Ladd David ., 298 !.'.'"
sumo ?00
aiimo , 301
' sumo 302 . , ...
sume ' 323
eauio 324
.Birme. .' s ' 325 . ' ' j
suum 326 - : . -
I'eck K I) s 347 (
Ldd David 34 -
sumo . 349 , , i
Sline . :. 3W .1 .... j
s:imo 31 I
. 8111110 ...... 372 : - ' . !
samo ' ' ' 373 1 ' ' !
same , 374 ,
sum'! j 3110 .... . . 1 ..
sh ni;5 ) .j. 397 : . , .
KHIHO : ' ' 419 ;
snriii! i 420 , - , : i
same. 421 '
S.lUM- : ,. . : 422 ' ' : I
Hiit-JS John 1 127 . j
IHollisterU F ,434 , . 1. . ' ; !
Livid JJavid 442 '. . .!
w 143 j
S.ii.i3 444
sumo 445
sums . 4l!i '
same 417 '
sama . . 4 58 i
saino ifiu
sam '. : ' 470
BaU-s John . 4S0
Shaw Martha . . , 4SS
Ladd David ' 491
.sama ' , , 492
' gama 493
same . 1 ' ! .' 494
sumo . . 515 ;
game ' 510 . i .' . :
samo 517 .
gamo . ,, 5I8
samo 538
ante 539 ;- '
' samo , 540 '
game , , . 541 : ..
samo ' 542
' -game 543 ' ' "
same 502
same - 553
1 game ..' 584 ... 1
same 1 ' 585 ' . : : -
1. .same ? . 5iifl
samo 507 ' .' ; '
game ' i 588 ' '
sama , . ; , 589 ; ,; '
samo . . , ' ,. 812 ' . "'
saibe ., , 613 ' ." '
same 688 : f '
samo , 037 : '
' samo. ; , . 09g , " , : '
samo .. : ,' .. . 700 : ' '.'
sama. 717 1 . 1 :.
samo 719
samo 724
samo 729 ' ' '
samu . 730 .
gamo ' '. 741 ' ' ' ' '"
same , 748 , , ; .. , '.
same 757 . .. " ' . 1
samo ! 705 ,
Boach S N 775 und hf w Ja'
Webb John 787 . - , ,
: - 22 .0 9
42 8 97 0
112 -20 95 9
28 6 93 3
.1 90 1 12 8
4.' - 8 9.1 0
48 8 78 5
87 ' 7 33 9
37 - 7 33 9
40 9 56 6
84 J5 09 .
42 9 60 4 ;
37 8 15
37 7 31 9
37- 8 15 0
37 7 33 7
32 6 55 S
, . 42-, 8 1.1 fl
48 8 70 5
1 40 12 29 4
42 8 93 0
37 8 15
42 8 93 : 6
37 8 87 , 8
37 7 31 9
42 8 93 6
. 40 11 09 5
' 42 8 93 0
37 8 54 9
37 8 15
37 i 15
37 8 15
37 8 15
.81 18 00 7
50 14 10 8
42 9 0) 4
42 8 93 6
28 5 93 3
2.S 5 93 3
. 32 7 30 4
37 8 15
28 5 93 3
. 32 , 7 38 3
' 42 9 66 4
93 -20 82 8
186 28 35 5
42 9 00 4
32 - 7 3d 8
28 fl3 3
28 5 93 3
28 : 5 93 3
28 5 93 3
28 5 93 3
. 32 6 56 2
42 9 68 4
42 8 93 6
32 7 36 3
32 6 56 2
37 7 34 9
37t 815
37 8 15
r - 37 8 15
37 - 815
40 10 29 4
46 10 29 4
40 10 29 4
37 , 8 15
28 6 73
28.- 6 73 4
28 5 93 3
. 37 .9 67 9
, 37 8 15
, , , 42 9 00 4
,, 37 8 13 8
37 815
42 9 66 3
28 - 6 73 . 4 ,
28 6 73 4
" 28 6 73 4.
28 -6 73 '4
; 28 6 73 4
' 42 8 93 6
28 - 6 73 4
40 10 29 4
M 70 13 31
; 1."
Hollister A K
Strong Marion
I out It 200 w 95
.200 95 ft.
I 158 28 72 1
, ' ., 1 , . .''
I. 157 28 58 3
belrtw the w
95 ft.
fronting on river
, . bl'k lot
Bates John , 120
' ' same ' ' I 21
Hollistur A K 2 12
. Sec.
Hucklin Chas 2 2
Van Horn Sam'l 3 5
gamo . '45
'' It
I)e Witt John II 115
samo 110
samu 1 20
McCormick Jas , 39
Peiubur Jaroes 6
Dalluunn W W : 47
east hf
W. Millerove
B. Ureer, ,. ,
I hereby certify that h foregoing is correct list of lands and town lots in Wood Co., Ohio, forfeited
the Maw tor the non-payment ot the taxes, interest and penalty charged thereof ihkh' have not
hicji redeemed, according to law: . ,. . , : wuicu oye noi
Notice. is therefore herebv e-iven tlial if tlm a. ti.if o.ii j .' "'..
and and kiwi lot i tbe fJoing list be ,,ot piid i,Z uZ climiay ,d the Tre..in
produced to me O.ereror, bef.ee tue second Monday (9th day) t becember next, 1 wil theoi 'forwle
U the Cour Uouse ln said county, e.oti and aU of the several tracts of land and town UtH rZZuiol
...paid, to he hmhest bidder tlierelor. accordi U. law; and will continue the sate from day to day Tn
al the whole of said land and town lots shall have feet sold, or oflWed for sale . 7'
Audio's Omce: WiKld County, Ohio. 1 ' "
Perrysburg, Oct. 21, 1861. : .
,Jj i I ;J."i't :i '. x i.. .'
26 6 20 4
'418 82 60 ft
9 2 94 2
250 4 94 8
. fl , 869
5 5 13 2
"' 20 2 78" 7
20 2 34 7
,10 , 1 93 8
'' 18 1 4 12 6
150 5 09 3
25 4 75,4
DeWitt's acimtlon)
" do
: do
124 ft frontJess 24 ft. w side
' - AW,"SUN MlT
. ,.
... ...I.. )
B St II Thornton vs Chnrle C jjiird.
By virtuo of an order of ".?. iMH i n. v.
I ase by tho clerk of the courl of common pleas io
I , fiVy olli" dJ t0 iirecttid and duliver
d, I shall expose to nuhlio calo nt 1K0 .l.w- r .
ourt house, in Perry-jburg, Wood couutv, Ohio.
I On thn '(ln.l 1 .0 T.f n..i..l... 1 '
etween Uie hours of 12 m. and 2 p. m. of said dav,
le following described lands and tenement, tn-wit:
brick building adjoiniug the north end of the
ami House, and fronti TUT (in LfllllMmikiL Avimim in
ie town of Perrygburif.jind the land upon which
Hd building stands, it beinK part of in-Lit niim-
er throe bimdred and cigUty-thiee (SSSliu Uie
71 1 ,3"ibulfVo')d 0"unV. Ohio., Apprai..
1 at $1,000. I'KTEU BKLL. ilaskr cenlm'r.
coox, ruioa a Joijso.-, attva.
Sept. 21.186J :-21W5$3 69?
II. 0. LAWRENCE still keeps his Livery Estab
lishment ojMi fur tbo accommodation of ttio public
at Uie ..it'
Corner of Front and Walnut streets, Pcrrysburp,
Furnished at reasonable price at all hours of the
dav or night.
, llaving mado large additions to his barn, be Is
now bio to otter to ail cowing to town with teams,
Xlon ..I-,..,- I .. I j . ...
.. ana no pains win
be spared to giro batislaetion. .
Oot. 14,IM1. . U. C. LAWRE.VCE.
rtariug re;)lenisho 1 our offitfo with new trpes
throughout, we are no'.v pnpariHl to execute Job
Work, such as Posters, Sale Bills, Programme,
Invitations, Cards, Labels, Pamphlet, all
kinds Blanks, e. in tho most satisfactory mamior.
Orders filled at short notice, and on reasonable
AnvtRTistxo, lw
One square .50
i column 8.66
column 4.50
One column 6.50
A deduction of i per cent, front the above rales
will be made for Cash.
Tho space occupied br tn lines of the type com
posing the body of the advertisement will bo a
All Transient advertisements must be paid for
in advance to Insure publication.
Advertisements inserted wlm the mark "tf," will
be charged for until ordered hut.
When yearly advertisements are inserted four or
more changes will be allow ed.
J. W. HA1I.KV, Pt Bi.rsiiKR and PnorniKTOH.
yivasus an v v e u s o n ,
Attornky at Law. PrRRTSBrim, Ohio. Office
in East end of Knird ILnisc Building. Will attend
promptly to all business entrusted to Ms care, tf
w, n. 11 ay. t. w. nrTCiiixsox. J. r. riLLAi-.s.
Collecting and Roal Estate Agents.
Will attend promptly to all business entruitod to
their enro. Ottice over W. J. Hitchcock's store,
Perrysburg, Wood County, Ohio. '01-40tf.
V IX R A Y V S l P, V IN ,
Attorneys at Law.
Will attend promptlv to nil Lciral business en
trusted to their care m Wood county. Office in the
l'crrysmirg Hand Building, Perrystnirg, Ohio, tf
It. II. lXJUUE. ... J. u. TVLKK.
It I li U (i I 1 L. K K,
AttoRskys at Law. Perrvsbuvi?. Ohio.
. Particular attention paid to Conveyancing and
Notorial Business. Also, for sale, large quantities
of Lund in Wood and adjoining counties. '80-tf
Attorvkvs at Law
Kerrysrurg, Ohio.
Will nromutlv attend to all Law Business ontrus-
ted to tiieir care. Have for sale large quantities of
Lund, incluilinT woll improved farms, which will be
sold on easy term" '00-1 tf
P. O It C H S T K A I N ,
Attorney At Law, Perrysburg, Ohio.
v 111 attend to ail business entrusted to Ins care
iu the several Courts of Oiiio. Office with Johu
Bates, 2nd itroct. 60-ltf
O O K ifc II K 1. I.,
Attorneys An CofNsnt.i.oiis at Law,
Will attend promptly to all business intrusted to
their caw. . Olliee over Hitchcock's store.
Perrysburg, Oct. 23.1, 1801.
, P O H .
Attouncy at Law. !
Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio.
Will promptly attend to all business entrusted to
his care in W ood and adjoining counties. '
Ollicj in ILily and Johnson's brick, Perrv struct,
August 11th, 1381 15yl. ' .
.T . HO IV I'. T, I. S ,
! 1-tf
Bowling Green, Ohio.
. .T . II. S M I T II.
Howr.ivu Urkkv, no.l County, Ohio.
All calls will be iiiviiintlv attended to, both day
midnight. '60-Uf
i ti o v w r. .
C. 11A1KD, PnoptiiETOii,
Perrysburg, Oliio.
r 1-tf
I. and SASH
D V.NIEL Ll.NU.-EV. Pkophiktor.
Manufactures to order, und keeps constantly
hand, a general supply ot
Doors, S.isli, Blinds and Window Shades;
Pine, Wnitewood and Ash Flooring;
Pine an I Whiljwood Doom.
All kinds of Planish donj to order. Orders
promptly tilled at Toledo prices, or, in some cases,
below the m.
Carefully repaired l
W . F . P O M E R O Y
At Perrysburo Ba, BriiniKO.
For Practical
CIIARTEKKI), may, 1861.
No. 170, Summit Street, Toledo, Ohio.
For further particulars, address
U. GREGORY, President.
V I,
Coal Oil
Coal Oil,
Coal Oil,
Now Supply,
New Supply,
New Supply, , ,
New Supply;
Only 75 cents per gal Ion 1 '
' Only 75 cents per gallonl
Only 75 cents per gallon!
Only 75 ctnts per gallon!
At tho Drug Store,
' At the Drug Store, " ' ' '
. j: . ' ' '
: At the Drug Store,
At the Drug Store;
''Come nil and try it, .
Ahd you'll e'er buy it,"
J. Gardner Co., Druggists.
Gilead, Wood Co., Ohio.
Have rooeivod a large etoek direct from Jiefo
York, consulting in part of Paints of all kinds;
Linseed, Tannkrs, Machine and Coal Oils, Fcr
mture, Coaoii, Desiar, and Japan Varnish.
Paint, Vau.nisu, Sakii, Whitewash, Sckibbino
and Lamp Brushes.
Dy Stuph), like Jowph's ot,of manv colorg.
Glass of ail Sizes, Putty, Sakd and Emery
Paper, Turpentine, Alcohol, CAProitand Swket
Ous, tnieh Currants, Prunes, Tamarinds, and
Raibuns, Spice, Pepper, Cinnamon by the tb. or mat.
Ginger, Cloves, GiMUiid and Extract of Cott'ue,
Choculete and Cocoa. Starch by the tb. or box.
A line assortment of Pekfu'uebt Soaps and
flavoring extracts.
A large assortment of Puca Medicines aid
Chemical, and Tildea's oalebraWd Medicines for
Physicians use.
Wo are selling a fine artiale of Coal Oil, free
from smoke or smell, at 75a per gallon.
Lamp from five shillings to two dollars.
We. beliove iu tho principles of Popular Sov.
rbionty and Pay as you 00, and shall hold our
Stock strictly for Cash or Ready Pay, and will
take all kinds of Grain a.nd Produce in exchange.
Patent Medicines op every kind,
Gibad, May 9, 181 tf,
Perrysburg and Toledo.
The Steamer "BELLE," L. C. Loci Master, wiW
make two trips a day between Purrvsburg and To
do during the season. The boat will leave Perrys
burg at e o'clock, a. m.,au-i 2 o'clock p. ra. Refors
ir.g, will Ievf Telfdi at IJ, a. m., and b "0 p. ra.
Perrysburg Journal.
Virginia Correspondence.
CAMP ELKWATER. VA. Oct. 22. 1861.
Eo. JomsAi.: Tho dofmnt nttitudo of tlic
rebels in this pnrt of the Old Dominion has
been lniHlonod, and but fw of tho many
"Bcceshors" iro left to trouble us. Our time
necessarily hangs hoavily on our lianJR.and
to this fact you can attributo this fecblo ef
fort to aoquaint you with tho whoroabouta
of one of Wood County's soldiers, and a
constant reader of your valrtablo paper
w hen at home. ' Vo aro keeping a sharp
lookout for tho rebels, who aro reported to
be in somo strength at Big Spring, Rome
twenty milos south-east hf this camp. Pick
et duty hero is vastly different from the
shaiu guards wo used to keep at Camp Pen
nison and elsewhere. Kvery faculty of the
sentinel is in constant use to detect the ap
proach of an armed foe, or tho presence of
a slragier, Tho ponulty for negligence in a
bullet from the gun of a concealed foo, or
the capture of a whole company.
Grandly beautiful aro all things that sur
round us here. How I long for some maric
power to paint tho beauties of the scene.
For weeks tho flush that mantles the decoy
ing year lm been increasing; like the march
of a mighty army, the gaudy colors havo
day by day passed still further up tho hills,
until from mountain huso to summit, bannrrs
of cvory huo are hung out. The hazy at
mosphere peculiar to our Indian autumns in
tho West, hangs eterually over these rocks
and crags, and with it now appear such rain
bow splendors as I havo never neon else
whore in nature. Tho emerald of tho pino
and hemlock, tho golden muplu, the crimson
of the ash, and tho scarlet and purple of the
oak, interspersed with negative colors, give
to tho lulls the appearance of vast mosaics.
And theu our sunset scenes they assume
a.11 phases imaginable, and vary from tho
soft, voluptuous beauty of an Italian sky to
the thunder-vhaken tompeatu which at times
pall those mountain volloyg with an Egyp
tian darkness. All th's is very pWaant and
agreeable., when connected by pleasing as
sociations, or Keen under ordinarily ugreett
ble circumstances ; but I doubt very much
if tho most enthusiastic lover of tho beauti
ful would feel much deuire to describe, the
lines uf beauty that enters intotltu forma
tion of these mountains, after a tramp of
over two hundred miles through sunshine,
rain and storm, with haversack, knapsack
and gun, as the troops in this part of the
State ha ve done.
Our present camp is located in a di-light-l'nl
valley on tho batikn of th; Tyya' l:t Val
ley river, 7:" miles from Stanton, and 2.5 from
Monterey, and is surrouiiJed by pictures-iu6
mountains from three to 'wo bundled feet
in iiigiu. The forces hero in part consist of
llowu's Battery, (i pieces, Loomis' Michigan
Buttery, Robinson's Cavalry, Co. A, 1st Ohio,
6th Ohio, Lieut. Col. Anderson commanding,
3d Ohio, Col. Marrow, and the following In
diana regiments : 7tii, Col. Duinont; 9th,
Col. Melroy; 13th, Col. Sullivan i 15th, Col.
Waggoner, and 17th, Col. Lloskill. Add to
these tho 21th, 25th, 32d Ohio regiments,
together with tho 11th Indiana and a part of
the 2d Virginia, at Camp Kimball, and you
have the entiro L'nion force in this vicinity.
The health of the troops is excellent in
fact tho majority of the men here are in hot
ter health than whilo at homo. Tho 6th
regiment, (Guthrie Grays) I learn from I)rs.
Loring and Ames, have only six sick iu their
hospital; one of tho number being a private
of our regiment, who was shot throuuh tho
top of iiis head in tho engagement at Elk
water, when Capt. Uenec, with fifty-two men,
were taken prisoners. He cannot recover.
No intelligence has been received from
Capt. Bcnso or any of tho men sinco their
capture. The officers and men are doubtless
prisoners in the tobucco factories nt ULch
mond. ' , Brig. Gen. J. J. Reynolds, commanding
this brigade, is from Lafayette, Ind., a West
Pointer, and a very ellicient and skillful of
fioer. His staflf consists in part of Capt.
Isaiah B.-McDonald, of Columbia City, Ind.,
Adjt. Gen. S. Rose, Lafayette, Ind., Capt.
John Levering, Lafayette, Brigade Quarter
master, Capt. Win. C. Sankertou, Lafayette,
Brigado Commissary, Dr. Thompson, of In
dianapolis, Brigade Surgeon, and Capt. Hill
Anderson, of our regiment (Ohio Cth), - .
The gentlemen comprising tho staff, like
the Brigadier General, are all tcetotallers-r-Borrielhing,
I will venture to say, that cannot
bo said of any other brigade command, The
General is over vigilant. Duly last week he
went ihe grand rounds outsido of tho pick
ets, making a rcconnoisanco within two
miles of the enemy. At Big Springs, the
enemy is entrenched 15,000 strong, under
Generals Lee and Floyd, Andrew Jackson,
Donaldson, Lovell and other noted rebel
leaders. An important forward movement
tinder the General hinwJf, was wade on tire
iiiat of the month, resulting in an artillery
engagement at Green Brier mountain, the
particulars of which you have heard by tel
egraph. Also a forced reconnoisance, Col.
Marrow commanding, with the 3d and 6th
Ohio, part of Loomis' battery and a compa
ny of oavalry, wm made, 16 mijos on the
Stariton pike, the enemy retreating before
us, iter having burned all their wagons and
caop equipage. The column livouaced for
the night and returned to camp the next day.
I em convinced that this brigade, including
the Ohio tJd and 6ih have seea as hard ser
vice as any other troops in the field., Al
ready wo are greeted with snow in the moun
tains, the first having fallen some two weeks
since, on the summit of Cheat Mountain
twelve miles distant from these headquar
ters. : Fire is quito acceptable nights and
mornings, with a warm mid-day. Over
coats are io demand, which, with the pay
master, will soon be hero.
fid, A correspondent of the Gazette says
the great desire of the Kentucky rebels 1s to
make a descent on the border towns and ci
ties, and for this purpooe thfv r conoan.
trains l:urf;e forcer.
The Battle of Edwards' Ferry.
A Special dispatch of tbo 22d ult, to the
Now York Tribune, gives the following ac
count of the battle of Edwards' Ferry, which
la tho most complete and connected that has
yet reached us:
A gentleman attached to Colonel Dukers'a
Brigade, who witnosiod a part of tho en
gagement, furnishes the following particu
lars: Two bnttalionB, 1,000 men of tho Cal
ifornia, the Tammany and Massarh lsitti
loth RogimonU, crossed on Monday morning
at Conrad's Ferry and landed. Pickets were
thrown out, and a largo force of rebels d
covered. About 3 o clock Baxte 's.Owen's
and Morehc.vJ'a regiments, of Baker's Brig
ade, arrived at tho Ferry, but failol tutrosa,
tho only two scows usjj iu tho Humiiitf
having been sunk, 0110 in tho morning whue
taking a cannon across, and tho other in t o
treating after tho tirst ropulso, with about
a hundred mon, jumped 011 bond in tho
wildest contusion, many of whom . wore
Colonel Baker was killed when unking
the first charge after successfully rally. ng
his mon,
No cannon was used by the enemy in the
engagement and tho Union forces got but
ono across. There were seven In position
on this sido, two at Conrad's Ferry, and fivo
at Klwards' Forry, about six milos opart.
At the latter, two scows and a cannon boat
were used to convey troops across nil day.
A considerable number had assembled on
tho Virginia side of this ferry when the
battle commenced, but it was nut consideiel
safe to re enforce Col. Baker from thatpo'nt.
It took each scow, with fifty men, over an
hour to make a trip: so that much vaMablo
time was lost, owing to the bin ted meat s
of transit.
Col. Dovins of the MasR.u-huctta Rogimcnt
escaped td this sido by swimming the river
and many of the troops foil wed his example.
Several were drowned in tho attempt, the
river being fifteen feM deep.
The enemy was seen in and around a forti
fication ' opposite IHwards' Ferry in the
morning, and tho guns on this side were
opened upon thorn under th personal direc
tion of General Stone. At tho first lire tho
rebels struck their tents and (led.
Tho loss on our side is unquestionably
very large larger than that of tho enemy.
Co!. Baker's remains, escorted by a squad
of Van Allen's Cavalry, under command of
Capt. Voting, and accompanied by deceased's
sou, Lieut. Baker, and his brother, Dr. Bnkor,
both of whom were in the engagement; ar
rived at the residence of Col J. W. Webb
this evening.
The funeral will tako place to morrow.
The arrangements have- been assigned to
B.'ig.elier Casey. Tlin body will bo interred
beside that of Gen. Gibson, .11 the Congres
sional burying ground.
A present iino'it of Col. Baker's dea'h
came io h in on Friday. - At night he ma le 11
will; in t ie. m irning lie told Mr. Webb (hit
ho h'.ioiiI 1 bo killed within fortv-l'glit hours,
and asked him to tako cave of his bo.lv,
Hid vile, is on lur way to Ctiifuruia.
Lieutenant Colonel Wis-- "f i-ohmel U -ker's
teiciineiit "" ''rought troni tho field
w jiu n (eg, an arm, and his lower jaw shatt,r
e l. Asm. slant A ljuti 'itt-Guuoral Harvey of
the hrig.vle, a;i I Captain M n keo, were enp
t.uo.l. l'liu brigade lvtunie.) to its former
encampment, live nidus from Conrad's Ferry,
the buine cveniu;.;. e:nre. of men, nearly
naked, arrived at ihe cimo yesterday, hav
ing thrown away their c'.u'.hcs to swiin the
river. Upward of 1,1)00 wero missing yos
terday. A telegraph from Gen. McClellan at FJd
wurd' Ferry this morning, says that all is
secure, and that no new attack has been
No additional particular touching the
killed and wounded had been receivod.
Tho conduct of our men was excellent, and
the disaster, though great, was not so great
as at first supposed.
Capt. F. G. Young of New York, aid to
Col. Baker, and who was with him when
ho died, gives tho following account:
Gen. Stone ordered Col. Baker, on Sunday
evening, to have his brigade ready to move
at 7 o'clock on Monday morning. Tho brig
ade was then stationed five miles from Con
rad's Ferry. At 3 o'clock in tho morning,
however, a messenger from Gen. Stono 01
derod tho first battalion, under Lieutenant
Colonel Wi8tar's to move immediately, 60 as
to bo at Conrad's Ferry at suiiriMO, which
they did, and reported themselves to Gen.
Orders were then tent from Gen. Stone to
tho battalion, to stand fast until they should
hear heavy firing in front and then to cross.
About an hour afterwards, musketry having
boon heard pravioiisly, dead an 1 wounded
bagari to ba brought over; At 10 o'clock
the number of killed and wounded brought
iu was increased. Gen. Stono ordered Col.
Baker to tako command of the foroM on
both Bides of tho river at thai, placc. and to
bring up his brigado and tho Tammany regi
ment, commanded by Col, Coggswell, which
was in camp about threo miles distant, aud
to cross immediately.
Capt. Young carriod thi ordors to the
Tammany Uigimcut, and the whole force
proceeded about a mile down tho river,
ready to cross. We found two scows, each
could carry from forty ta fifty men, and
managed to get from the canal a dug-out
which would tako sixty or seventy more.
Six companies of the first battalion o1 tho
California Regiment, three pieces of artillery
with men unit horses, belonging to the Tam
many Regiment, with Col, Baker, Col, Cojrge
well, Lieut. Col. Wister, Assist. Adj. Gen.
Harvey, and Capt Young, got to tho island,
where we were io re 1 by a battory of the
Second Rhode Island Artillery with two
small howitzers. Tho passa.ro to the island
was very difficult, with our insufficient means
of transportation, the dittanco being quarter
of a mile and the current swift. Wo poled
oursclven up the eastern shore a long dis
tance, thence wero drifted down to the land
ing, From tho island to the Virginia shore,
our only means of transportion was ono
scow and a metallic boat of little or no ser
vice. We landed under a Btcep bank, 100
feet bigh, covered with rocks and jiinglo.
Scrambling ' up the bank, wo found an
open field of tix acres, with, thick woods on
three sides, out of which came a constant,
irreguler firing from the enemy.
Hare were Col. Dovins' 16th MassnoUuetts
Regiment on the right in line at the odge
of the woods, havir.g been driven in alter
proceeding a mile and a half towards Lees
burg, W formed on the left, and presently
advancod two companies of skirmishers to
the woods in front. The concealed enemy
drove them back with a heavy, tolling vol!
ey, and followed the regular with an irregu
lar firing. Our men fell on their bellies
under the brow of tbo hill, the enemy not
being in sight. Tho artillery could not be
servo 1, beoauso the gunners wero not to be
Capt. Steward of Gen. Stone's staff onmo
with a message to Col. Biker ta hold bis
ground, as Gen. German, wirh 6,000 men,
was marching from Edwards' Ferry to re
enforce hiio. Ono uompacy wua advanced
to the left, the direction lioin which Gciv
German was oxpected. They were metby a
yell and a volley as before, and fell back to
the line. The hidden ececy cow ipptarud
to bs jo force on three (''Jeii of nt, vhich,
with the river at their backs, disheartened
the men. . 1
Tho lino officers of tho Massachuctta Regi
ment ordered their companies to retreat.
and tho enemy coming out of the woods for
tho first time in sight, general confsion
ensued. The men, running to the water's
edge and finding no boats rallied, run up the
nin, uisctiargert two volleys, when an ollicer
of tho Massachuctts Fifteenth tied a white
handkerchief to his sword. The enemy
Oased firing, and took prisoners. Many
cseaned into the woods. Some Swam
for tiio island, others found amall skiffs.
Some were drowned, among them many of
the wounded.
Soon after Captain Stewart's appearance.
Colonel Baker, who was during the whole
engagement, perfectly oool and bravo, on
foot, cheering and leading on the men, was
shot from tho wood, several balls making
fatal wounds, and all boliovcd to havo been
shot from one revolver. Tho rebel who
shot him ran out in h;a shirt Klenvos, fol
lowed by four or fire other. As thev ap
proached tho body Captain Devins, Biertil
of the Twenty-second, and Ward the pugi
list, with ton men of his company, rushed
forward, shot tho killer, and drove away
the rest.
Capt. Young boro the body from tho field.
Throe hundred and twenty of tho first bat
talion, tho only one in tho engagement of
Baker's regiment, wero missing at 10 this
morning; of two companies of tho Tammany
regiment engaged there wero 100 missing;
of (i()0 of the Massachusetts regiment, at
least half wero missing yesterday, There
were about 1,700 in all engaged.
Gen. Banks crossed at K Iwards' Ferry at
5 o'clock yesterday, and joirwd 6,000 men
of his command already 011 the othor side.
There was fighting ut that hour, with caval
ry, infantry und nrtillory engaged. The
fii ing had cased at fl o'clock, with no result.
Christ Coming to Judgement.
Tho evidence that Christ conies to judge
ment in tho minds of men, is of the strongest
nature. When tho mind or soul becomes
lost in tho beauties of tho Savior's kingdom,
by a Bteady course of study and adoption of
tho principles of tho Savior of mankind, an
embodiment of the pureRt kind is forced
there, from which tho man 1 is enabled to
to look down upon the actions of men and
judge correctly of their motives. Thus, by
bulincinrj, men aro saved from death, as they
aro enabled to think, tvrlte and speak In
Christ's name, thoughts and feelings thai
connect their names to immortality. Should
the elements become turbulent, and the
weaker portion ol nun's being 'made to
strive for mastery, the purer love of the
heavenly kingdom comes und spenks "peac
bu still," mid a calm i.r. ,atl8 in the heart
that hiinii(!ii" and attunes the soul to itn
r.ukvr. Dues Ihe limbs become palsed by
doubt and indecision, the clear hi"id convic
tions of h!s grace enters tho heart, and n
course of action is at once decided upen
that bears ovidonoo of :i knowledge of the
truth, and a olearnesi of th' judgment,
which can only be attributed to Him who
bits abovo, upon tho crowning point of all
good, and looks down upon the aetioi k l
men and judges and prompt thciu to woik
out glory in his iiiuno. And is it too much
for us to acknowledge, when wo eat br drink
or partake in any way of tho goodness of
God, coming to us from him, that we mny
worship him in spirit, and in truth? Can
wo not and bhould we not have an eye of
Faith continually upon the promises offer
ed iu his word, that our souls may ever be
refreshed by tho purifying element of bin
kingdom? Thus we seo him ever present,
every ready to call us up, makes us content
ed with our lot, and shows ns tho real evi
dence of his presence, by teaching humility,
long sufltii ing, self-denial and other kindred
L. F.
T"Jmes R. Uallam, Esq., of Newport, Ky., ar
rcsti'd by military orders for having given aid and
comfort to the rebele, passed through our city yes
terday en ronto for C.unp Chase. There is a con
siderable force of-'Seci'sh" in that camp at present;
and we presume that among so man v congenial spir
its, well protected by loyal arms, 'Esquire Hallam
will there find rust and comfort. Having experi
ence! tho glorious uncertainties of Habeas Oorpu
at Cincinnati ho is now feituated so that un tr ible
can visit him on that score. We learn lhat win n
tho writ for his l dy was presented by the civil ofli
ccr, loaded muskuts were presented by the Military
offieer. And since Nannleon remarked that "bayo
nets think," so those bayonets thought Itlnexpoll
ent to Ijt Esquire Ualhun's "corpus" be had. Its
accordingly came to camp Chuco under a military
escort -State Journal. '
The citizens of Newport have need to re
joice at tho successful "turn of events" in
the arreBt of Hallam, for he belongs to that
privileged eUss f lawless scoundrels, who
have evor been a source of annoyance to the
law-abiding citizens of that city.. It will be
remennbered that nallara took an activo part
in the destruction of the Ve $outh office,
in Newport, about two years since.
Srescu of Maiilon Chance, Esq, Oi) Thursday
eeiop last, notwithstanding the disagruabte
weather a largo aiidieao assembled in the Metho
dist Church to hear a speech upon the subject f
war, by vlr. Chance, of Wood Co. The speech was
an ablo and eloquent one, and was received with
great satisfaction by alt who had the r.luaauru of
j hearing him. He reterred to some of the most interes
ting ieor the dy, and gave a true delineation of
the present condition, of our muse glorious country.
We regret that we have not time to speak more at
length of this bpeech. for it deserves more than a
passing notice. Mr. Chance will speak in different
parts of the couuty during this weak. Waustoa
It will be seen from the above, that our
young frusnd, Mahlon Chance, is "on duty,"
in Fulton county. Succcbs attend him.
WASHINGTON TP. 1861. San Francisco Greets New York.
New, York, Oct. 25. The following was
received this P. M:
Sav Francisco, Oct 25.
Th$ Mior of New Fork.-
San Franeisco to New York sends greet
ing, and congratulatas her on the completion
of the enterprise, which connects tho Pacific
with the Atlantis. May the prosperity of
poath cities be increased thereby, and the
projectors of this, imprtant work meet with
honor and rowark.
Mayor of San Francisco.
CGa.Col. Do Villiers, of the Eleventh Ohio
Regiment, who, our readers will romember,
was capturod with Coloneln Woodruff and
Nelf at the battle of Scary Creek, and after
ward mado his cscapo from Richmond, has
gone to tako command of his rviueut at
Gauley, up the Kanawha.
Cj&.There are no hs than six recruiting
offices in Freirott three for tia 72d, two
for rhs .S7f n nd rre fr rhe rRulr arrty.'
A Gold Watch in a Rag Bag.
F01 tunes do not always spring from great
investments of tcn-thotiRsnd-doliar capitals. -Small
savings are oftentimes the germs of
wealth and independence cent upon cent,
half-dimo upon half-dime, dollar upon dollar '
these aro th foundation that most fre
quently uphold golden strnctnres. Ncter
sutler yourself to say, 'It is only a cent or
two not worth saving 1" Only ft cent or
two 1 Tut it back into your pocket keep
it there, aud it will be a great deal easier
for you to say 'No' to yourself when the im
pulse comes to squander ft dollar or two, or
even ft hundred dollars or two. 1
Not even a pin not even a stray piece of
twine not even ft scran of white cloth, is
too worthless to save. You never will grow
rich by piling money together, as long as
you do not understand tho practical meaning
of tho good tdd prfc'veib, 'Waste not; want '
Perhaps a littlo anecdote a simple relat
ing of facts that ' really happened may
serve to illustrate our subject bettor than
acgni eisc.
A lady In tho vicinity of Bridgeport,
Conn., was in the habit of putting out shirts
to make for a largo clothing establishment.
to a number 01 women in the neighborhood.
In the cutting of these there were a great
mai y littlo odds and ends of cloth left over
--pieces loo small to be of tlse, and the first
tlKUgtit was, ot course, to toss them into
the lire. 'No,' she reflected j 'I will save
them as they accumulate, and perhaps can
get enough to rkchpnge with the tinman for
some kitchen article or other.' So ehe let
them lie, house-wife-liko, and inofetv weeks
thoru was quite a pile.-
One day u neighbor came in, and on heart
ing tho destination of the scraps, advised
that thoy should be sent to a paper mill at
some littlo distance. 'They will give you
threo or four cents a pound,' said she, 'and
that is better thifli exchanging them for tin.'
Who asked her husband's advice. To him
a few
rags, more or less, seemod a trivial
'Do as .you like.' said lie laiitrhinirlv. 'voui
nie.y have till the money you can mako out ,
of tho rags !'
She took him at his word, and in two or:
three months somu half-dozen barrels of rags
wero bent by somo ono who was going in tho
direction of the inper mill. To her surprise
a new, rustling nve dollar bill canie back.
.. - Again tho inlpulso to spend it for somo
littlo iti mniiotit. U'na nliml:ml- 'Vn ' aim re
solved, 'all my rag-money shall go into tho ,
Saving's Bank.'
And into the Saving's. Bank It went accord
ingly, Years rolled by more rags were
Baved and Bold-i-interest and principal c
cuniiilated. At length an unusual opportu
nity presented itself fsn- the purchase of a
I'Niiitiful jrold watch. Forty dollars was tho
'1 will not ask my husband to withdraw
uiiy neci ssaiy lumls from his business,' slta
thought, 'but now is the time to make my
rag-iucnet useful.'
The gold wat'di was purchased literally
with rags. .Wo will not pause to chronicle
the envy and astonishment i f those ladies
of tho vicinity, to whom a gold watch was
as unattainable as the Koliinoor diamond,
yi. ivho thought 'it was not worth while tti
1. . ..1 l...:- .....t. 4. 11
rtii- inu 1 jij'j.uiig 110111 uiuir nuiK i.tuicn .
Vol this w as not the ond of it. The bank
fund of v hi h iU'.i bundle of rags was tho
oriijiii, now miiouuts to over ticrnfy-ftre hun
frnif oiN'
'1 do not kiuW how it has accumulated,'
said the lady to uh. 'A few cuttings and
scraps Iftid aside whenever I cut out shirts
a tew dollars carried to the bank when I
went to the tily a littlo interest added on
from time to time it has crown ud almost
without thought or caio on my part.'
Reader, is not this an example worth fol
lowing ? Our moral is a simple one: Save
the trifles if vou would bo rich.
Stay-Ohio has now over 61,000 men in the
field and camp.
U9ulf you marry a scolding wife, your
children will be hut-house plants:
Jfcjjr-Tho real victim of a coquetto is the
man she thinks she bonurs by marrying.
8SU Young ladies are said to. lika cold
weather, because it brings fhij "chaps" to
their lips.
B?!L. Which Is tho bssfc way of retaining a
young woman's affections? By not return
ing them. 1 .
nr.t..uiit 111 nin iicuu ihii i uau so uoiiiiuuii
as cold in the heart, but it is a good deal
oftener complained of.
fesWhe cmtuttion for an evenintr and
t' 0 companion for life, roquiro very differ
ent qualifications. '
BWiwf t is one of the "articles of war" that
it shalt bo considered death to stop a' can
non ball with your head. , '
i5vi- Why is a man paying his note at the
bank like a father going to see his children?
BouMiee be meets his responsibilities.
To make a girl love you, coax her tn
lovo Bomeoony else, it mere De anytaing
that woman relishes, it is to be contrary.
frothing,' perhaps, strikes 'the ear
more pleasantly than a pretty woman'rt
charming voice; except, perhaps, her charm--ing
hand. . . .
f&-Tbe horses and mulos of the grand
army at Washington are reported as ,n
short allowance, on account of the rebel
blockade of the Potomac. ' ; , -,
J&SrThe chairnyin of a political meeting,
seeing a rowdy who was raising his arm to
.1 ...l . 1 1 1 A . .0 .
inrow a suuu egg iu nun, oawiuu uui; oir,
your motion is out of order."
5C!a-"Is it vory sickly here?" asked eon
of the Fjnereld Isle the other day of a broth,
er IribhiViau. "YiB," was the reply, "a great
many havo died this year who never died
8gA,.So'me tasteful individual very correct
ly remarks that the greatest lip salve in ere.
ation is a kiss; the remedy should be need
with great care, however, as it is apt to
bring on an "affection of the heart."
Adjutant Ger.eratl Buckingham has,
during his administration of the War De
partment of the State, dismissed from ser
vice several officers some of high standing
for drunkenness. We cannot but com
mend such enforcement of discipline, while
wo deplore its necessity; for while the rank
and file are subjected to the rigors of strict
law, they cannot teat feel kee.ily the favor
itism that sometimes shields those in author
ity over them. , . , ,
K&.A letter datod the 19th, from a pro-,
minent officer in Gen. I reraont s army, says,
"You cannot conceive of the enthuiasm and
earnestness of the army, and of the faiti
the 6oldiors have in their General. We are
impeded somewhat by want of tronsporta
tion facilities, but such is the feeding of the
toop lhat they would themselves become
the wagons if it were possible. If our men
once get near enorogh to strike, they will
make short work of the enemy. Great as
was the enthusium of the army, it has been
increased by the visit of Secretary Cameron
a and Adjutant General Thomas. The men
have entire confidence that General Caserota
wo-;!i tfc r Frar.t, r. i n'ruJl
C-V r'?" h're .'' , "

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