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The Weekly Perrysburg journal. [volume] (Perrysburg, O. [Ohio]) 1861-1???, April 24, 1862, Image 3

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Local Matters.
Local Matters. TIME TABLE---Dayton & Michigan R.
Uull Prairie,
0.. I :W a. m.,ioJ IHt.. !
..j:li A. B., and 11:1 A.M. j
Tuntueany.-". - -la A. " I"M A M.
New WestrJcU,
l A. M.. UU F, AW
i. .J; JO A. a., sad IMS t. M.
Milton, . 1:01 A. at., Bad 4:SJ . B. i
SW Weslfk-lJ, A. M., Ant 4:M r. 91.
Tuutngmv.-t v ...... ..A-M! a. M., and J-Oi . M.
Uull rrairV,.. '; "a ; M. I
Toledo & Wabush Railway.
[Time Table for Maumee City]
oniNti Msr. .. noDia waft.
Acoouiai -?:2i A. in. Accomino.. fili a. m.
Mail 3:lip. ni. Mail .-1. -04 A. til.
Frieght 7:00 a. ni. Freight V; ' p.
Job Printing.
Pk-oh haTitift im'alic aaU-s ttiu SprTuJC,' ran ;
got tbi'lr bill piintii on Abort butiiv, aud tbff tuuat
rvanablu tortus, by eal.liiSf at IbU uffic--iir, i
ahoMll you want bwainomi card, (jircuUr.4, pro-1
giamm-i, bill-hCAdM, Jimlil-ta, paWr, burai-
billa, etc., give .formal offloj a call, ami you
bJ an AcotutnodRk-d uu ahi;H notict.
Colonel tiibkon, "
Or ibu Forty-Ninth Oblo, aho rweairoJ Abayonet I
thrust in the leg by a Ik.U.l,duitog thaaugatfiujent .
at Pittaburg Landing, returncJ to hi bora in Tiffin, ,
laai won,
S. N. Beach.
Wl are much gratified at tho returq uf oar old
frianJ S. N. tieaeh, Kq., to DwUl aawag u. He
kaa owr ajmyatb. and beat -viahe. . May proa-
ortty attund biia.
The Late Heavy Rains.
Uavr reaulud imW tviiuualy In umo lucAlttiae,
Diupjtchca (im IMttsburp, Tenn., and all a Wig up
the Mlaini pi river repoil gn at fltxid aud de
aUuction of property.
The Late Heavy Rains. Shelling Corn in a Hurry.
Ct'B friend I ni oo took bia little ateaut boue down
(o l'cck and Millcr'a warclicuao, on Tuwday, and
bitched it cn to a patent coni-kbelUr, which ecut
At I .!!. C1T..-1 .- ,.
uiu c.li;ui wlliruiiK. i v.v iron norai) net cnirt'a. '
Thk Viahrive on our river bare not bee aa pio-
ductive during the paet weok a tboa working
dire. The few fiah caught find a ready eale,
so that the iKpene. of barnole, and of
pickling thcta ia ilbipcniM-d VVi - "
on nx, -ng
diaplays its moat favorable foaturp. The veiduru
of the fieUU, and tho appoaranc of ft uit-barit!g
trees, denotes Iho prospect of nVll'lltRa i aad m
cite feeliu'i of JTit'Ul'W rJ bonwHceut IVi viJcuce.
The Stave Trade.
Tus stock of staves now cu bandia unprecedunt
e.l and all parties engaged are going into the trade
with' more earnestness. 'It is estimated thatnoaily
800,000 stave are now piled up in And aruuu.d
Purrysburg. Supply ijig jub to mc farmer, labor
0, u workuian, and trade to the merchant.
Mb. C. V. Uaibd, late of the ItairJ Ilonao, in this
place, but iijw a Sergeant in tho Soventy-Sccoud
regiment, wtxirurfd ffjm tiie PitUburg battle-fluid
on Friday last. A Minio lll phased through his
thigh, fortunately without damaging the bon r
iu liu arteries, lie ia becoming rapidly convalescent,
and is lu for thu war again as h.wi as able, Being
wouoJed early in the ditr, lui saw but llltWof the
Returned from New York.
W. J. lltvcnt'OCIt, La j'tsl ictuiuud trom the
Fast, with cue ot the tiest aud laigtst avsortmints
of Merehandiac ovir brought into Perrvsburg. Uis
means are such aa to enable bim to purchase goid
at Auction, and ut wholesale, at the lowest price
he Jj'jyt of wliki hp ojl'vH to hi ucaiut-ius eus-
Vau-'i'i lu tho county of Wood. Cell on Lim rne
And all end get your bargains.
Town Improvements.
Ws heard many years agoof Ovid's Metamorpho-1
' sea, and can only say that howevergreat the change
experienced by characters therein mentioned it can
aot be greater than the one displayed on th large
frame building on Front St., recently purihaaed by
5'f neighbor Mr. Rocgh, A (JisutHtld building U
. T'UB I'laoe? to'a 'pleasant' 'commodioua resi-
' dvnte. So Perrysburg prospers.
The Schooner Ruby.
Delinking to F. P. Villcr ft Co., left this port on
Thursday last laden with 5,700 bushoU of eora. We
understand her destinatica to be Buffalo. We look
'- ou this enterprise as Important for the towu, and
L-m, f Pv'tTlAbvti-jr, id fi.( jjf'PHd epunty In gu?
' fral, and htijie (t jnay pme Al bcuniiHl i the
pultea chgaged 1n Hi, (a tt will bo If r'jjlt'.r kouiW-
J.M' ? . :. i , .
m the urmsrs of our county.
, MO tfiq fitrst pf Mjy Lut Vail 1 1
, "tiii'prciiB will close h'is Miniature Rooms
. Perrysburg the' first of May, or as near that time
as bis business can bo arranged, to leare, Pursons
Want of poifcci likeaessos of tbomselees
friends, should call imtucdiately at lui gallery over
Mrs. A. Csrpentor'a Millinery store, or they will
' too Uta. To persona unacquainted with the excel
: l.'nt qualitiea of Mr. Scripture's Photographs aud
Ambrotypes, it is only necessary to say that he has
no superiors ag an artist. Fifteen years' practice
has made bim perfect in the Art of picture making.
tlouilv weather ia baiter than clear, eieopt fortak-
lii j 'pictures oi'vory fOu'ng eViildie'ri.
Horrible Casualty.
k MQST terrible acciJent says the .K'apulooi) ,''
happened about three tulles west of this place
ou Saturday last, by which a little daughter of
John Rahre, agid botween four aud ore years,
w it with a most horrible death. The particulars,
a narrated to us, Are About as follows : Ou
Afternoou of that day, two ef Mr, Ratirca' children
- Yidkt Put li)iq a Cold i,uai' thoU dwellhig fyi the p,ir-
- pose of burtilng'truih, etc, Shortly After leaving
the house tho elder child returned for asm pur
pose or other, lesving the younger on Alone in
field. The formar was away from the field but
short time, and on returning the younger child
found completely roasted to death t its legs, arma
' sol body-reduced almost to a cinder, and shrunken
ao4 shrirejed up in a most borribte pianuor.
informant says that the remains presented the
ahockiug And beart-sickc)ing sight he ever looketl
upon. The clothes of (he uufortunsW child doubt,
less caught from the fir which lha was feeding
with brush, bark, etc., and being suflfbcAtud by
flames and smoke, was prevented from making
outcry, or otherwise giving th alarm. Life
entirely extinct when she wss discovered.
Mortality of Maumee City.
Fbom a report sent lu to the Hon. Mayor
Couucilof Macro city, for th yer ending
i't qay or jjsrup, IBM,' w eiu thcr pvf
tirlugBAld yair, flKeen destbs ' In thst eitjr.1
Uiese, sight were snsles And seven females.
ages, as nearly as could be conveniently ascertain
ed, were as follows l Tiirc were under cn
thro betwtea on and five, ou between five
' ten, bus between tweu'.jf Atfii thirty, cue potween
ihlky' And forty, one between forty And fifty, two
fifty And sixty, one betwecu sixty snd seven
ty, on between seventy' snd eighty, and cus
eighty snd Binety. Two died of diphtheria,
IBO of ii(jan,.n ijj he beij.el, J,opf ,:huletin
fantuui, apd on uf sroup, on of cancer, cue
ehildlxd, on of serofiila, on of ponsumption,
(if consyroption, on pf epngesttnp pf the lungs,
pf whooping cough, out of delirium tremens
one of oil Ago. It is remarkable, that, in a plac
so noted for malarious diseases, there should
been, In th city, but on death of fever in
y-ars. Th populstiua of Maunw beiug About
tb above report would ahow th suorwlity
be less than on per ouut, aud is in itself Ih
i.ejssibhi kit oof of the Absurdity oMb idea,
Is so pre v Aleut abroAd, that the Mauiuc csunU-y
is so sickly.
Hex. It. V. dranger, II. J. illake, r.W. Kel
logg, H. Rabbi And J. M. AebUy.bavaour thank
fur favor. AUu, J. 9. Kellogg aul 0V A. Cobaia,
shall next week tho apeceh
of Hod. Jab! M. Ashley, tu the. bill Ant tit r.
Uam of Cc-rtain person Lld to ert'Joa Cr labor in
Iho District of Columbia." . ;
Old Borons
a., 4 I,.,,. r;uiiilng u by now An J ! tht-t
the weather, lik human friendship, I rry uncer
tain In it influence. ". .
The Weigher.
Fob the pat two Java, hu boeu anything but
agreeable. On Monday we had a cold drilling
rain, aul iu Tue .lay tho snow full lively, but
melted almost an fal it fell.
The Ohio Repository.
I'kii k ii jtt week in a bran new dross, and
ul votii-ad lixiking dhk-Ii liupiuvod. Tliv tXjtitory
BiBj,( wc briy. mik-v it stai ted. We are Blad to
uuW tvidun;o of iM cintinuud propenmly.
To Farmers.
. r'uoa ilia fulluwiiiji I'art wo julj,o tlia cuituru of
aanc niu be vviy nmlilubtv : J. 11. Smith of
qlllui.y niuuit nillle im i. B11(i j l5 xOU4 tf
,,cr cro froln )0 Im.., callJ( uj ,uttfll
,, Mbou, ..Oi. f tl.o .vmp turn to.uKar.
Who "Agate" Is!
Tua " Agate " L furtiuhra tho luacuiSceut
Vn column report of the l'itbburg battle, to th
Cini-innali 0w.tM, ia Mr. J. WhitaUw Roid, onoe
editor of the Xenu Sit; and for A timo, a toacbor
in the public achnol at South ('harloaton in Clark
county, H la a gintleantn, a scholar, and au iu
dataligabl vntlei't r of fudt.
Parson Brownlow.
1'iaeuK llanwXLow ia making uioucy aa rapidly
Ae an army contractor ! only In a wore bonokt way.
Hie book and luclurua will bring biui iu about $10,-
00(1 witliiu the next tbrvo tnonth. That, with tb
line J rvaa to bo gicu btui by tho. Jfow Yorkoi .,
ill enable bim to catablieh a paper in Tunuesi w
that will abake the uitlra c a uiounoaltb witii iU
loral thandere !
' ls Alti"' Ss"" "'ty, 0., the bodio of Sto
them I ,hn M- BIl' ud JlLu Cr 'Iow' v ho ,t l1 00 ll,e
KfXi wf bhU 11 nov Wweator, Virgiai.
I Tboir rrtnaina were t.Uu t..that jlace by tlioir
iriL'iiaa, auu iiurwu uu .-n.uuaiu, Apru j.iiii.
with appropriate relijii us eenlcca, in preseuee of
a large aasreubly tf ui' iuoua aud aympathixing
The Seventy-Second Regiment.
Tiu fiillowiug is A lint .if the uieiubcra of Com
pany E, Seventy-Second Uegiment, wounded at tba
lato Pittsburg battle, as ncr aa we can learu i
C. V. llaird, G.-o. Haael, John Crofts, W. lliifliug
tun, Marahal A.UVd, J. V. Furry, anl corporate J.
LoU.' and 0. J. Harie. Two are reported killed,
whose UtiuK's we dn not remember.
Shade Trees.
To aur titiiena generally we refer the propriety
of planting bado trees around tlielr lots, and in
front of their dwellings. Suitable trees adoru, and
make more valuable tho property tn which they
are planted, auJ also tdd to the comfort if resi
dents. It is pleasant to see weu sitting iu the
shadow of their maple tree, tlie g and the viue
may be added if necessary.
The Sixty-Eighth.
Ti Toledo Comiuteriol,' of Friduy, is informed
by Mr. Marion, who Is ju?t from the battle field,
that the' PUtv-Kightli !C2imu,iit, although $ Sim.
r T"..n-!:.. nf:',:'.... iu
ucw. i.aiiueu a't.inn'ii, v. hi uibviiivij vuynvvi
hi the fight. It was stationed some fou,r or live
miles' from the fed, guarding an important ri:id,
and wns heiicu pKlud'ed the opportunity to Join
the glorlos an t perils or tn oveuuui nay oi me
Vttle. '
Brutal Murder.
The Elyria Ik-morml chrouicles a most btutal
homicide soar Grafton Stution on Monday last. Wm.
Fryar, while iu a drunken quarrel, killed Ornon
Burton by heavy blows with a club. No wilueas.'s
were present at the killing or when the dead body
was discovered. Frvar eamc along while the in-
quest was beinnr held and lonfc-jscd p I'.p kilirg
and was lodged' in jail a'ndl'as si'uee bceu comuiit
ted for trial ou the charge of uiuid.-r iu the first degree.
The Lovelier Glory of War.
Tub swift departure of angels of mercy with all
that acience and sUll cn contribute fr.ni the medi
cal profession, together with simplice p pared
and collected by r.oble anl tireu, Trciieh, fi' l'o
rejiisf ot the miitl t nig fri'tu Hie terrtni j' Jtldenis
battle, fain bf Tho' ItVvl'llest i lories of th:' war
uuw waglne. IJow auick inwaii.. "T!"g up,
aud how soon the promptings of the heart woiki
in action. Th? t?VtIf.V-V. H''S .'. ? '2 ffi W V
which sliold rejo erei v. ti Je beep, and should
bid well up a feeling of thkukfullness, that we
on the battle field and at hi me, are one, iu a cm
tnon humanity as well as )n copipip (trucgle
our country 1 Surely tho orld does wove, Apd
does move up towards the Qreat Father of all
How glad, how won trously glad, the suftkring sol
diers will be, mutt b, at. th liiereasing and un
varying eyidenccaof thoh being in constant remem
brance by those who are at home ! All Tat: share
and all can rejolc over this feature of tho
without a pang and without a sorrow or regret,
however full of pangs r.'.iy be that which calls
tbtWr. ' - ' I ''; ' '
Ohio Troops In Battle.
Fk Y varii us sources, but yiore particularly front
th eoirctpoudcui'o of the 0ucluutl tfxt,
make up the following list of the Ohio Regiments
ngagtd in the recent great battle at Pittsburg
Landing. The follow ing Regiments were of Ueu.
f'r""t'C Command and Were !u tii tight of iuuday
Tltd Ohio, Lieut. Col. C'aufield Commanding.
4Hdi Col, Siilliysii. .
7uth Col. Cockerall,
6Sd " Col, Appier,
TTth u Lieut. Col. Commanding
fih Col.l'fyffe.
40th Col. Worthincton.
71st Col. Rodney Masan.
Mill " Col. T, K. Smith.
In tl. battle of Monday, tlie following Regiments
were engaged anl B are partly of Gen. Iiue,U'
Hith Ohio, Col. Amnion (Commanding Drigude.)
Olh Ohio, Lieut. Co!. "Anderson.
Iti Oldo, (Jed'. Uaien (Commsodiwg Briifade,)
IHh Ohio, Col. RAtty.
lath Ohio, Col, Wm. Sn-.Uh (Coniuuuidlug Brig.)
1st Ohio, Col. IM. A, Psrrett.
49th Ohio, Col. liibsi n.
68tti Ohio, Col. Uauscnwein. "
Hth Ohio, Col. Sleadman.
30th Ohio, Col. ('has. Whittlesey (Com. Brig.)
6flih Ohio, Col. Pete K inner.
TSth Ohio, Col, Chas. R. Wood.
T8th Ohio, Col. Leggett.
Several other Regiments wero engaged we
lieva bt si'te bf fef bitirii o. 'titC'iy and
&th Ohid Cavalry, 'But this'' list Is an approxima
tion to-completeness and as such is important
this time of unrelieved susiety iu regard tv the
twcn be
tween ia
K00 to
That, froui and after its passage, neither slavery
Dor involuntary servitude, except for crime, where
of the party shall be duly convicted, that! exist
A id liutrut.
Thai Commissioners shall be appuiuied i j
lbs value and aiduy'pf clal(ps Tor service,
nd appraiao anil a pp anion the i aluein money,
riding that the amount so apportioned shall, iu
casc, exceed (300 lor each person.
That no disloyal person. j(bal H-penaA-tiop
fur such claims.
That the sum of $1,000,000 shall be appmpriatod
for the purpose.
That attempU tn kidnap slaves from th District,
or to re-enalave thoe made Ire by the set, shall
ruuished with not lea thau five uor umre
aeiity years' imprisoi.uient.
That i0O,0OU khall b-- appropriated, to borxpeod
d under th direction of the Mr.-sidep fpr lh
u't,loH ui skuu Slavey, huto py t,l sut tt
dt-Ji e U euiigrate to the Republic of Hay li, or
or ucb ether cs uutry beyond the' iiuiits
th lo'ted States ss tlie President nay dekariuuie.
diers. ,
mine p.o.
beria, of
i Ml;. Hut ik, ibe Itcpreetutatiie I'rvni iLe l lote-
laud diatiii t, i ajnaiire of Mai-tacLu.oiu. fl. i
1'atbvr cauiv tiviu thai mate to ObU, an l M.tlUl in ,
the soii'.b part (4' lnga C'otiuly, in iSl'J, ixlict.
Albert a ab.Mit a year rid. At the ag ol' a. vuu,
be latt Lie father, be being ue of luv our.i;..i-,
of aifbt ohilJivH. TU tVuutry we Y,','- i
uuw - - an I vniolovmoiit ililtieiili l oiain. aim) Iu I
waa oMiit.'.l Ii lite wit'i uuo I'amil an.lauot.ici
ae be cmtld lie of until m ecu caiaii
ac. Ituiing I'm Miuii-ra ho nitoiiil.! I iw hu'l lit ' I
Ion ic!in.l IhjImu of tlie ilittriit, wlitro lit b'pfii- j
ed to ri'.i.lo. In bis I A hood loibiin ho m wj
waul and htiibboin, lon.l of hiiulint; and rUtajri,. ;
A Iov.t of reading, which he i.ihel :1 fi-iii hi !
niolhi'i', linall v lt iiiiii hi d over I is reel a -neas, inul
hel'jr.nn the ik of a VMiilei ii mi I twe ity. he pica-1
ed up, I'lui.hil a gr.od ciij'Uh cii-uai ott. Iti iiint
the same period, Ihiiikinu to iu pnno iti-t ion li-iw .
he r.iu away I'tuu I ' me, I m a litil i ei riemv . I j
the world convimed bim i f his mi' rfike and he lai. '
bill k again. Finally in IS.!, h" it red the ollict
of Seatnry Kurd, late (.iovemor I 0. io. na 4 hoi
dent at Law. lie was gtentb' .ta lied l- )v.
Ford, and i'xperieiico.1 lit hit Mud many favi ia,
tor which he wan duly riuU'lul.
Ho was admitted to tho lar in tho fall i f 1SI0.
sill immediately elected Prose uL in Attiruuy ot
liCMtga tiunty. Ho held thr . line mix years,
and cligagnd in thu (reiicial pra tice of h'- pmfos
xioit In Cleur.dor, the county suit, of (!ougit e on
ly, doing the loading busineas these,
Iu 1S4S, Mr. Riddh ' In the lea.1, of it tnovo-
tnent to attach the whigs of li.auga t'ouutv . ' the
Froe-Soiloin, then ! p:irty in the pro .uu! orjfi 'i-
nation. H.i was elected to tlie l.owi r lloiiso of t
Ohio Ligi-tUturo from tlie I iti i. t c inpoacd .f'
Oeana an I Trim u!l. Ohio had Imsmi dit i led it
olectnrat d atricts m U r tho Stat.. Appor or.me. t
Law -and tlii.i iiv i.sioi. , tho !eiiioctat , at this;
ei-ioiioi' the Leg .ilaturo. attempted to nu' ify. The
I.uw divided Hal lillon County, iu aa to i three
of the tire nieui '.era i the Whips. Tin l)en crat,
at the election, lisrcarded the U , mi., elect. I tin'
five froui their own party. t)n t'ue Inoiniug ' the
davit in.ietiii;' . I' ti.e l.e);ii,Unii.', the Dim crats
broke into the Hall of the Iloiue. iTvp; i-ai nl tives
before daylight, aw .ire in t'uir n.embeis, mid loit
ed their Speakci . Th:. W.iigs catno ) nl'u n aids,
and effected an oioanidalioi , ci ihh:i I of Ilieels
of their faith. Coiousi. n re'giu-d iu tl jluu:.e r
a period of five weoks, Mr. i.idJis me n'.in. il g
thci i lily man w ho recognised both or ania ioi.. as
equal, and to wl em both orgiilia itior would "is'.en.
The Di mociiits loi a poriod of font wee! a. ;.v.'i
adj. nine 1 or Inla reeesa. At leii; Ji, ai'tora (,'ood
deal of turbulence,' mi UKr.:.atii.H i.cceptahle to
both parties w as eliei ted upon a pi in iiimi.she'l by
Mr. Riddle.
Hm c. ITU in thu Ohio I.eisl mro t.as hichly
popular, aud ill" speei-hes he niude won for him
the estetin of all parties. He was re-cleete.l the
uext year, rnd wua n n tiiinnit lamii.iat.' for
Shaker, to which position !iu would have been
elected, but lor th.; troachtrv of a free-scribe w ho
can l.ia tote for aeiter, the IVmoeratic caudi.lv.e.
Htu John Hut.hiiis, uow l.iaiolleBueinCi njjiess.
was thcu bis eollougii' in the i. I islntoiv.
In the summer of IKiO, Mr. Riddle changed hit
place of residence to thu city of (.'levelau 1, and en-
gaed there iu the ractire of Luw, with maiked
kiii.ces. His Hue joweii as an advocate s.hiii gave
biui A large aul lucrative practice in defending
vriiniuals, of which he bad much the largest inhale
of any memWr at that 1 or. llj was elected I'm-
scenting Attorney, the ontii a of which cilice he
performed with signal ability trim ISjJ to IH.,T.
Among the important er'inir.al rusi',i,in vhi)il.e
t't.k the leudnix p.nt, c v' iv;.lou wttl leuiember,
thut of f. oks. f.-t tl.u uiuidcr of a Railrond .'. n-
duett r, by puslilnR l.im fn in tl.e train, wh. ro Mr.
Riddle was for Uu deteii'-e. Uo prosecuted I'urks
for the murder of Ileatson at CuyaLi ga Fulls, mid
(.'ole for poiioning hie wife i II inbridg. II-.' hai
bieii engaged, t ons time mil nnotlier, iu twelve
or lifted! rits.'k of In mii i lo. He was nlao i Inplov
el an one of the leading counsel, in tho caae of tl.e
Oberlin reacih-rs aud his argument to thv Jury
in the liushnell case, aud bed re the.Supri.ine Court
on the Habeas Corpus, are rep. rted at length, us
is iilso, bia able argument iu the prosecution of Colo
f ir murd
Mr. tii.l.tle rirst acted with the Whig party, and
took an actire part upon the stomp, in the m.inor-
abU cinpu'itu of LS40. He bccnue u Free Soilei,
when thut puny wu.s first foimoJuiid ntliliatidat
onee with the new d im which that party tn
when il became known as Republican. He is
the fullest sense uf the word an anti-slavery man,
and was nominated for Connresc f-
Vl! w i
l,.. il, ........
Co. pi oi. oif vOi.uitt'S iif t'v.ytl.ogn, Lake and
tl.iVgil, in im, afiL-r'a sharp cmtifl, having for
his ci.Hipotilit.rt, in:h ni .'u as Hon.' Fdwar l Wade,
his Ord.le..an Tf- . F. T. I'llcLliS Bill IIoll. R. 1
l'aine. He was elected a"'.'
'?, f-'MVi ft'kres
." " '
Miq eati.4 !Ji'si..u. yl
Iu pcrsiai Mr. Riddle is of ui."Uum six.', sandy
com; leaion, full Lushy head of hair, and a coun
tenance of ogreeablCj ui)d iiitellijfeiii expression.
Ie U a hu'-' ypviikci', ha a good tvice and pi. ni.er,
but prefers to be clasaed among tho working pupi
bers, to those who are given W imn.ll spaking.
Tho following extracts Fj- iu u speech delivered by
him in t'ie Military Academy l'hila.lelihla, Jauu
aty ST, 1S52, Are fair apeciuiens ot his powirs
Arguni.nt un.l orsU'ry.
"I must here discuss another oh nienlury que
li. n, less trite, of vent importaiiee. . Is the sUv.
whollv enveloped, gulinu-rieit (!;o
or MiJ i,oiiti"( V.f the iilUMtfe, ( r is there Vptside
tho'rli isler.'alid above bim, .till unih'. r and great:
er power J.I which the slave? sust 'imi 'r'.:i..'(i"!is iu
depemjepk of ilia HJllT If I'iil it 'VriM' logeii
tleiji( ut llo-' alavj had such rulalii im to a pow
er higher thai) thu Hp'ilo-r, ILruugh which claims
Upon iilin UI'gM ou aj. rteu at ut'.cr vriauce w
the nnslei'it fl.iinu? I know that without questiun
'."' rKu"'u U.h . wi'coded tlint uo such re-
...!...!... 1 . ... 1 .
isiiou exiais. ;..m.j ,,y no .sue.li conc.iiiiion
and 1 am to establish the contrary, and maintain
il 1 inoy,
(il ptfi l,li.(iont:,i biw, slavea. are known i.ily
AS persons locngniicd as part of the great mass
of persona, Does that instrument erase from them
the universnl quulily nf subjects, or s'ainp
the univeisil quality of subjects, or stamp
thciu one, lucoubistent with that character t Th.
ai4 " persons owing sol vice," which is a recogni
tion of An uhligAtioii imposed on Ilium by another
power; but tliey theaiselves nrestiborJinateitn
power created by the Constitution, within which
I Ihev are brvn.'ht I'V Pl'l VP,d; of lilt,, iplio(t,
I .1. . j . a... ........ i Art., ..'..:.... i . c: . . .
" .111 V '"lT '.' oir'e "ti o-iu.iuiigiiiiis
.u,naiafti-ii. it i.u uiu .net.' nvj aie peisora owing
........ . i ..... ....1 . i-i ..... .
sui'vice, jub a Are iji.iitu a ami apprentices, and.
in the so nio Sense, are subiccts. Fu far as
Conatitutiou ba ereat.'d legialalit o aoerel(nty
all, il has conferred it on the two House of Con
greas. It makes them sovereign over all persons,
with fun exception whatever. Tlia relation then
between this legislature and your alaies, is thai
sovereign and subjects j and I demand to know
power there is on earth that can c me between
sovereign sod tticse aublccta. INi they owe t
service t lliey ow e us allegianre.' Are they
slaves? They ar our subjects. Wo a ro tlie
paramount with the tiielii'-t title. SiWs slorij
ere V'lchiLiLixl lion. alaMinrVlnir uh. v.-u ri.mi
Ji-Bt of nervioe thtj are said to owe? this limita
tion does not extend to us, nor can it be construed
to come between us And our subjects. It would
the sovereign.
This reasoning is not subtile an l reliuud, depend
ing on technical and art,l(lcial lules, but reals,
broad, well known prtncinlej. Uur'ngbt to legls
,.e vpeiu iliperWrtd'vf ins slave, rests upon
broad ground uf a great sovereign dealing wUhbik
subjec-t-m opiMaji Hon to a private dess,t lor
over a cringing serl. It is no replv to this to
that slaverv is older than the Constitution, and
established by sovereigas Hot witlik;. the r-ii.t.-o
that Coiistitv.tpjri ; hii4iu lii..) sove-i..-igna tt Im
JSr.te'te .!':
tourreiider the mass of their sulyects' to o'ur
ercign'.y, tuoy put III t'.o'SJ ttlaves, (. ss Jato,
b(t a, pcoi,, i an thai whits to lhc,u (the former
sovcicigus) tliey retuatu klavea, they arj to usMib-
Jerta. aud by tlie commit of their masters. If
Stale cau by diaibilitic w ithdruw ( ne elats of
sous within its borders frouiour juiisdiction, it
another, and all others, which is absurd, lam
conUiiiiug for power on t ur part to abolish
alavcry, or any oilier relatim or institution
liahed by the States. I am only eonteiiejip?
the right of the royeivii, iraiiojuut tiitoUid)
iiuiaoiu, ol all bfk subjects alike, in the presence
which right al( tiio privileges aud disabililies
parte-d by iufuiiut power are abrogated, of course,
Aud I here assert ileal this right eateuds to all
sons iiol alicasy lue subjvols of fortlgu Pywers.
At a in lit f of iVf k itiii if 11 u i i. i'I'i
Wl.lii ui oa avt M.'in . ui il.r Tt n II. ill iu -pi.tr
11. li, i Mi-nU) al.l I'. i iiid in.i , i.m i.-u!t t. '
irntlni' tiaj'i liiv .1 i.mIih ii t ; Uu ti. n. i i. i rfi i
driao Inuaru, lit it' J r rttfi I i il (; mini tli M
bic:l U ll'i:i!i il d ti v.. by iiihIai.1 i f N. rtln'i i
faiiaULi.i i. tlie l lloniuc ir-ainMi an I iMvlmii.iw,
.vjie at",- l .ri'l.mit -.l.'iit::i tcno :
t. t - w t .. t. ... i .. . . . . 1. il...
Nut - iti, aiiVi.it WHorr ! i i a t.. nl tMituMni,
,J , -h-.i-h! v Aiii.iln ii Iiiik nil iataxi. u t v
ill linoiu in t loir Ue'iM mn h..te atioalv
f t All in their pit eriiiiiu e 'I e o l. o'i. n .4 nn-iti. ;
a!aea li iiiaiur.i t li, t; il llar.-.i i i
,."', !,' Tli 1 we, tne. i'ii.'m of W.ltonii nl
a'ol M.Hil l , in il4elilil .L'' . on v no. I do ai iioiut '. I
g.a..1 and !.' nli liii!,' cilia li .. pain li.., nil' t-i
llii;e upon thuil tlie nnoiNii.e of prompt and 4i
'Itl.ll iol'.a t-t:o.:.
II' . ,!, I'll .1 e i.'h m i.i, f ol t!ii : M-
iivj Mill liiik.' tl hit onpe.i '1 liii.iu-a, t' dil i ".r
1'.1 unli till, a. lii'd'ti: ' oi' n F!-""'' infii 'i 7.
aev.'i -j Inn t . uihI'' MMiat iii.'iil ihmwwii b.
'.oiii; ii tin. 1 $ .not. ' iMol.i." .'I. 'i ml v.ila. e i
the j i n-'' . f ill cr v '
', I 1st ae',i nittitg.-r li g.-l'ier witli
hit . r.vilovir is l.eiv. rjii-ted t rt.nihtjoii
prelnis "lion din in',' eai h w . at all iinir 1 ol
Hie iiihl. for Iron ; n. .. I'.' 1 ' 1 1.'. I by m rlie.iriiu
what may . i.i,k'."1 .1 t nl 1.111 1..; t.ntit U I
the ilill 1.' ma 01 ti.e 11 i:i.t. ni l ;iN.t ' 1
an I plop ih. I, l aaved.
.i..ii'. It'.. TU it 101 no too.l emi. .Inline "in Ii
times us tin te. ami ureal I. aim ni'V ur-.w out ol
the aa inblaee of n cioof. n. mill Olaek . r whit
hull be ailmte.l t pr.ueh H thetn, ei'.iier IB
ttsv or iitu! caeei't on a nuf. own uiviiiii' S. an
to Irs own iiej,ro. a i xclu-ively, and them nlv I r 1
or liiini'.l pi.'.i.lii r.
ai d tn m l.ia woe's house
.' .vn, i; ., That we l'iy reason I'o'y
itieiui ' iu i nr mi 1st, 1 1' i ill' own colui, I
vp -l
.it . nd
hellish in tl.eii p.np. l wli in, it' tun. - I i.n
iu their il.l.c ue.i, fie cniise for which near now
in rei. lt, and that of mu i.i.lepend ive "ill
iniieh en lai R r .1.
II: ,' r.tJ,Htl. That tlie f..i lowing p uil. iii.'n to
wn li. . Vcl. nu iv, It A . Mil. nu re. .'. II.
.i hnuum, t'
W. Wade, II. 1'. Wade, W. A. I'oi-
.tin. U. r.iiK'. J. W. tl.nrv, I. It. l-.i'st, v.. A ,
..amesoii, J. W. MeKisuk, H'lis .1. n.s, W. M.
VIM, Joe 1-el.t. Il, .1. .1. W.aid. K. llr'gdv. U.:ej
r-'iiuthal, A. W. I'ott. r. .. SI. !r.il.c, N. I-. denim.
l e. J. W. Sln.i:a,r, .r. A. C. W hite. .1. r. . .
Mueiia, A. R. oded, t!. W . C..m;.hetl. W.irUlo k-
man, J. Alexaiulei, W. -W. l. t 'oniio, A. Tin in -I
si u, Dr. S. McKmick, Jacob t'ri', Tin mas .lam-
.i.oii. I.. l i.iil.i. T. II. H. nd, K. W. Iln'md
. S. A. I", inter, J. Saundeis, J. R. I'uncl., II. W.
Smith, R. .VcKi.y, W. W. Mi f. iim ck, A . ('. Alex
ani'.or, Th.'iii..s lianks, St 'pheli H .lieiik, .lam s
j DroiMi. W in. ll.iniaon, iv., W. W. Cut. r I. A. St. I.
' M. Steel, V I'nii) in,iii.S..li.nel l'l'.nlip. 1 . II. Loud,
1 J. W. M phi-ns.'ii. Win. M. Moss, A. i' H .il.-r.
. Rir.l Iii7!.erald, J. Ki'.. ei al l, .Iniii. a Clan f..id.
I Sidney t'rawfoid, J. Cntes, ,1. I. Da is. I'. 11 u v.' .
J. Ni. Carrol, Jen t CriiHon, W. Thiuiipsi'ii, It. 1'..
Thnnpsoii. J. W.' I'jrk-, Dr. S. T. Murrv. Dr. T.
. Slninii'.ii. II. I'. Wells, J. W. Ri.llov, Dav.d II iimm
! ton, C. T. Sih'. lb- II. T. i rel. t in.' Doklev. W. W.
; lliiniett, O. A. C.s . i. W.C. Pope W. I'. I'.irh .in.
, Richard M 'el, I'. I'arlniln, ii. Dndlev .III". V nn.
; W . Hurt. T. A. Cn w, W. II. l.lanton. be, an I
they mv her.'hy spiu.iuted a vic.ih.ne.' lnmili.M
'. w ho-e duly il .-.hull be to arrchl sin 1. ci. n . I p. i -;
sol a, nil. I j iur.li toirni I'. accordaure nith 'be do
I met its i f th. ii il iin-.
I .. -'-, Tf.. Ih. .tauv t welt oof flu-above n im
ed jiersot s .-I. ail I ill a .lli.ii.ln I a 'I, an l W'li, -.
' d eeisiuii shall be linal.
Av.c.W. 'i, Hii.tKiit nunib'. r f ine vicihmee
n inmitti'i'. bo at lhoii '.l tn up; oiot a j.i tr. 11 ii
the Civil District in ivhi. h thoy r. ai le.
l.'itnlrnt MA 'Hint it is the Ait t ot ea. '.. mdivid-
mil of this ei mmeuity, upon the ln aii"; in l ni;u
aye fn in H 111 In of a ,linl .val l. n lcliox, l i iniorn:
Ih.' igilnrc.. Committee givinir his iiiiu l hi. 1 lo
cality. Jin.mlr.il, 10'V That we hereby gie wrninj,'' tn
those who by piihl.cli proclaimiiiir thai tl.i will
uot ful l for ni ntliorn lijhts, un I who are thu.
leaving the impression lint they lire ready loawei.i
all fiani"' to Itie yniiri m lit ut Washint .0. that
sin h iainiua.ro 's diloynl and oftensive. nil I w ill be
untied in due lima.
The above r.-holuii. ns were voted upon .separate
ly by the i.iavii of eveiy neighborhood, for ov
ni al iniU a iii diruf.ii.li av.Min.lS(.riig llill,nti.l unuu
ini. .Italy uud cutl.iii.iiis'.icnlly adopted without a
d seiitir,i' opiui. n. II. I'. W.ihh,
T, R, lloMi. Se. 'v . Cli.iitin ii.
rtao.i.. :. That cens'ire ia bnr.ibv cast up .r.
I aiiv man, of Inoii or low rank i i sooietv, woo u tli
j Rite l.ia negroes l.lvnv ..t goi'n. feoin hm i .
cepli.;ou ihetnistei, i.u.i.i.'ss. md if ,uc ,r'j ,
be i-auehto.it on his own htiMiiess i.r n -el. o . h il
oa n Liisin ss . r s -ekng hi own jl.av is- tl .t
satd neKn., he punished sevi rele, altloiik' I. I nut
have an or (inaiy 'SS4 wttii l::m, cxeepl io. i." tl; to
.' I
l'.OTll biunchcs of the l'gialature H'ain :idi. i-.rn-ed
nvir I11 111 Friday till Tues. ley next. Th I but so
was iu s.Sri. n less llinii two I,, ura or, rriday, la--f
1 .' adi. urning over. 1"! i' m. uatc hud a sin i t nf-
luiiio. ii sossii u, 1 ut did nothing of intciest or im-
poitaiice. The i.i .tubers are nearly all t In me
with their lamilit'K and constituent : but liny mi l
all tl.t-ir i the. is reci-lve end. J..ut if.,,,,,,; ,, ny,
,1.ii..(t ll...r .,1... ,t. .1,11 k .ion ..if hi v iv. .i. i..i
"B "
.. .... i- it.:., o......
a. n in r..- e. ........
fi . . .1 . I ... . ... ... . . . r
j lie coal 01 ine
f the l.ci-islatiir- to the tax -pa rum nfj
a than -00 p' 'fay fr. m the time of
:.. t. -.1' , ... 1 : .1. ...:n
Ohio is in I h
ii. i.t.'f.ii.ir till it. a.l;otiri-iii 'lit. tioin ivhii-li it w ill
lu seen that every time th se two duvs ere t;v!
out ot tnc.rsixsi.n i.oo is wninj-i y,yf lukeu i.tu
ol iheir coliHtituei)- t'i V'l'
'liin boilv refused
to he". J sW'.'tiMt'il'liK-'i 1 ublishel,
1 u iiceoiiut of
' 1. U '; ' ,' Hi"., , v ,r " .1.' .... "l" "nm '
t1""'1 pcfsoiwl gratilication costs more t!::'.u Would
ft s, Illl'. ... tin "I .. .. h'ij'mu i.iiiwnin .-.
.' 1 .. ..it .1 ..,1:..... r....
lull r. pcr's ol tlieir cloni(:s tor trie entire sess.oit.
And vet Ihev talk nixed '"'ecni mv ! "- 7"''"':'
hm: '
toe LieisleO"; iij peMtO'-H)e iu thuir re'.rench-U.-ui.
i liev iivraire l ut four day weak in a
i week ailfi'iitliii.g over Saturdays uud Monday.
r T.i a.) L grslat. is We pfi-ptr to reduce count and
toiuisliip onii'ors salaries ; repeal lhcli',; ai.lt. V"-:
ing the puolicutiou o Ih ' ay in new papers, thus
k'.'i-pip.g thi: pi'i pk yui i.iu': of the Laws they are
explilod lii'oliey j they refuse to have Iheir pro-
cccdim'H I tiblithrd that thru vpuatitp.'llls piny H-'C
what tliev are doing i Ihi yeVtll att' iupt to re
what they are doing ; thcycvtl) stt' iupt to reduce
the kchta.l fuii-l by their legislating, all ft r ro
r re-
I hev do not attciupt lo reduco their own per
diem, l.ut iint'.PKil thereof, thry work ab ui four d y
.-loll w .'ck, bo.ir.iiog over t 1 iy i, t'nu takiug
i. ut of tlie pockets of their ciwtitu ;nts ll.l'HO each
we-ek fir doing uolhiiig. Cttoirn O-iii.
The forecoii.g is the sentiment gciiurally of tii.
. 1 . . ,1 K. .mx
'"a . " "' " 1
Our Book Table.
; j
i' 1
Oiilikv' t.aiiv'K ftn.iK.Mnv, 1 S ; L, A. (Jotl'jy
I'ldladetp'.iia, I'll.
Tun May iiutver of this excellent monthly hai
been rc-vuivcJ, The fasiiiou-pliites ale ictilly beau-
til'ul, an I the dross pattern' numerous. The choice
..t,... 0f ,iwjc in Oulev nr. ah ..", wi.ith
the- pric .' s.
a aubscilb.;!-.
1 ' tt ;',' V
,,... 4-i,ij l.nty oq- .it tii Ik-
We Hl'l iwruiklt iui..y i.iiny
Roiik and i lie vopi
of th JiX HNjiU one y.iar for
Ditch Orders.
bill f r the payment of ccrlain ditch orders' issued
bv authoritv of b wii't-Llj. Iiuslocr, we t'oi matter,
' t . . '
mthcr vonf'ioi... , Lj snb,ui.itli,: tlie law, giviug
I potior- to li-iihtee tti establish ditch i. f. r H o o!i!
i ... . . ., . . .'
, one, whicii gate ine power lo ine riuiiiv c. n una-
. . -
sioiieis., J lie mil iiillt uucea uy mi: cs s j i ojh
si in; I V to iipiu county unlet for these ccrtilicati
uinU-'d by township tt uitvis. If the bill pissis,
Wood ci tint," will on'y hate about f. ur tin ui-and
dollar' worth of onlirs Pi ikue t- I'H'.ei.n '.Ip
ce'riilicaioii. ;
For the Journal.
throne on
per- soil, prosit atiug his tulh'W man, it may be l.ia
may i sou, uow n into the (.utter beneath the Icttl of
not j trute. As one bunhel ui roru produce, threi gal
bere bais w hiaky with a ccrlaiu ant iun' of sU i,.i.uiuJ
pois'41 iu it, how p; iny djUi.Va.Ji, wo.Ud . i.j
for mou loud of ",n make ut tin. I rate f Sl.i old
the f all eonsoie-ueious ui-'ii hs k this matter in the
of us il ! and act accordingly T Espcciully kin
iau-j lUose who profess lo be followers of the Satior,
use Ihe means w hich (tod has placed in ibcirlieueU
per- i w bnu abeiut a rehM W Ut the laud,
L. Fours.
OjK of t',,4 knits or n-ligli n Iv temperance.
the close' obsi-ri ef hs ku into the acts ami IjoLil
ui"ti arc uud him, il ia uot hard for him to discover
that the main causes of iitihappiuess miKiig ll.ctnj
arises from an intemperate; use f the maU-rlal
wealth in. their bni!,, ad iiiMead of plot ing
blesiiii t-) ti. in they aio often a curse.. The drink-
or suffers both mentally and physically fn in the i-e
of i'.rje ul spirits : the Vender ai fl'.is iu reputation
I'. st-llir.ir it. tl.e distille-r fir inui.ufulorii e
.,u, ul j ,,, ,., , ,.t, j,;,, HU.vt:. lu)r
; ' ., . .. . ' ., " , ,'
' ,vhl" tin'-'Ly , 1', f t-ot t,.ioing the J V-dcee
hij b'e.d le,'o "t.l in ul'.hv lieef p.uttou and poultry
! ,luj turnnig it into pi.irket ill wav that it mat- bo
tv.- u-i..c. L.aw.d.,f. ,,,- i tu-,
! """T cl'rl'il'.od Uitiug farmer, may Lave
i ilisuise'able sil.l ; ie.. nteil to but eves, of s
MHl vcarV j mga Ter which he toiled
, ",.,,,. V . . . , ..
i 1 F''J'(1 to (1I to i'rnnt b:m lo flow from
.iv ..... i!A iui i t iwe . r, ! it. t
it a i i Hon .join
Vol l'i.rlfi.
. 911.
li. I. !. Itol H'tt'i:, fi
f n. na 't,'ai.v. I M id- i
Perrsyburg Market.
VlualB tt -Kll.m
'.'allow V c
ilU V b" if.'e'i-
Vll .1 .J .M..
Vlour t'l.il
1I411.1 t lb
Si., nl lulu i
l yy V di ,vHi
1. uiu V 9
' -at'i.t i '.! ti
' ii-.-an Hi I. i!b .e
dull rVlb '1 0f'
I.MIM V I" ".I"'''
Vlovei 'eed
';?. ' - .-li-trtxe
ti.li Srl i 1
I H . .1 ll"ga -1
liamr T.'st
lilt. K til, V.'
Cm .1 y. onto. 1 ;
i,-i.u.i; n-.h. t
Dm. C. W. .". K.
le,ir ; . :- IVnnit in ',"
ifollll 1, i mid ' Mill linn "- ""V ..in..-. - ,
l,Vn. .1 :lieb'imti. Im.-i. i.cl lr. 111 v. vi ,
iliiahl.' Se. t.. i..i II ot i'll. hi P I I'll"')
h..ve I. .d a de. ii. in ' ' '' " 1w"
ear, tint l-Mll. 1 all . ..' Vill ol .1 r best I hv. .
;,,. 1 . a. ....ni.' and ai. 'Bel ; bMtlea 1 had the .
vie.,i.s ib i (v llml mv -"t w uU 111 1 sm.v Hi
w ai. in ten ill th aniali.'. ql. ' i
,'. d.-.- n.'S I b cai emu. '. I
pnl thr uirh
nd wv.il 1
liu 1 se.ile
1,1 1 tt Ik'
Unot. l ot
iniy a il ii .ably 'l t .he VJA
U.eo the ciimo J or tn... cnies, tor I l''k
,4 "llli at tin... . id 1 ucli t'n.inka to you lor
f-'tk I
1 a
luunae I'.ui: o'i 'e
al.,- I 'll lilt" ii'V bauds.
. nl'i. J. ItAl MKR.
ti t
se !
of j
a i
a j
part :
the ,
I . t 'iitfj. "lS III.I.S.
' ., . 'J .'(..... ( .. wnmi. M. I. Neu York
i Cit- i'l m'V"ii, ot inrfredien-s i i these
, ,,,; s , , 1 extsnsiv,. pi a.ii.v.
,' "', ,. : ol ,.j , d certain incur-,
. . ' brill, painful 'enstnmtions. re-1
, , tinim, wiietlir from el I "f ",n
.. ... aio tthr.'de. palpitation ol
th" tieo- . vHi s, - "eiv.'ita alio.-.".,.. ,,"......
. :.. tl. I c a i l bl.l . I'll"., llisllirlli-il
. I .ll.Hf, 111 M III w - '
, ... .. i. ... i. ;V...t . V upturn of
,i. it u re
I NI o, :i.i, .ilHIH. -
f ,1 '..Si.lll.lll i I i.
V illl alll Id '.
tl.u) ;.! ! 'iu;t oil the luot.tbW
aril. i -U I. '"' !' !v"
jri ..I n itu r. n Aril
lis pp inted in it., us . i'
ituin..t eni.fi Inn.' '
.live fi: . pi.il"'' ti"
Clii iiisu . ills .t"; g
nil 'In-v reprei. .nl to V. .
Noi icB. . r i. .. r i. Ion In lb.' f'"i '
.v. .torn l. hid. th.. I X i. t ik''" witbont
1 i-. '.iioiiia a neeii'.iar r Wl. T "- '1i"" r;'Ur
i -It., i. pri ...... an ' llM" i -ull, l...,'Hrinu.
S'li li ia the hresU' o le I. '"W.- the m di. - t
les'i re the ex. oil tirii-iiin, 'I" .loi.nil ci II liti.m,
tint even tin. i . jir..,lnr ire ; '' ' nlnr. ran n it
res' .1 it. .
V' irrsn'e i in.'lv v jel i'd. '-' fr.v lr. in ,iuv
ll.ii: i nj.t. i -.. K t . licit dire tiotlH. which should
be iv.i I, i (. mpaiit e.i. hli x. rii.?."l. S. ntliv
tn 'il . n ein-l.i.iii!1 l I.. Dr. o Bi-lio-s L. Chees.'
nun. o ik ..".: 1 . 1' 'St-"lice, New City.
i I 1 hi 1 lie I'riH Lji-t ill . el V IT III till' I'. S.
It" I,. M:Tt'lll:.S,
Ihm r .l A.-ent lor the 1'. S. N... 1 t Proadtt ay . In
w h"i.i all ni I is ' ui I ht s i tr s. .i
!' i si'.- in Peek .V II in It. m. I" .i "V.r.7, Ol.i ).
N'OTICF. Nol".ei hiv'oy giv.-n
thi'l 111. ill lell'l.l e I li. v, J.u
In the pubiic
es Di tr. has
r employ, 1
with, in .,nt lulli.i.iit eauv... I .-tl n
shall lui. no dobta of h;s ci.. I'li-tii.e,
1'iri i'e, iiM h. V.J )0w'i' .
ton A. L. F..W-
.' V I i. J. I'., 1
ir. Woo I i tin i , Ohi'i,
Joseph 11. I
W. '.Strong.
lll'tl.M tost (.11 111.'
t-. 1; lli Vi. Wlo. A. Bl'Oliir.
ii.'ii'.vxid.'til ' .foil, j il will taLe
IOOi dav ,pri . l-rti, in the
i. :iov.' r(:tioi
V.'I'.tiU. , i.'l o l.i.o'iit v, a
1'i.o.ia A 'i
nod I r 'lie sui.i of
i.Bii.at ' Hl-ir pl'tii'.
DMIMSTi: V'i'olt'S OTICIV otiivis lu r..-
l.'i eii.'tiihs1 i.'ie . idnri pet hss be "i dull'
:..ioin I i.liiiintstr..i.i): of tht tue of John
.MeCrnrv, Jr., late of Wo. .1 coutite,. 'bin, dceeuscd.
All l.-rsons i'll ''rested will Bver.' .'leiuselves lie-i
cord im.' I
sAmi i;., M'cRoia ,
Apt ii i,
ui jthv..
V p-'ili n will 1
ei f of Win. I count
lor the est blishui '
N'ntico I- In inl'V '(iv.n that il
pr -a -nte I tn toe Conunissioi'
i t til -ir levt s." ion, pr.tv'ng
of a r.a I aa fnlPnia : ' nm-
in.'iii-i.i.( at or u.-it ihe seho..l Inni. in Di .tiiet S.
1, i.i Wu!iiii).rt'm tiiHn.hip. on l!u wer . on,, i.f ei-
tun 11. t'.w i ii, i ;iii . I'l ; then sou ,i nu it. lii.
of . ii I s -eti ia. an I or a ;Cli..ii "ii and range
us aluive, uti'il it intersects I'' . iiie- rSie.iiu-.uiieiit
i(n, and Hum lt..,i,i .1 ,. i, t ie ta.wiiott .tt
1. .. '. . It'. t . k. .
an iiimi'Ii of l.i.. W ipsAnti ;U Knul hi li.-s botw.-i-u
the Given h'lo.x.upiv, .,, ix ' t anl thu-line of the
ab ive in- .pn ..-.). I,. i t. J AC0II Gt.'NDY, 1'efr,
Wa-iiyi't Vonlc.i.,M.ireli 3J,fl2 tS-i
- - - -
; oiiio.
Samuel McCrury, plaintiff, m. Jacob McCrury, Jim-
se Mc('i''ii , Ms: ih.i Fo; .1, Albert Ford, Miirv A,
Mereer, I launah R. Martin, Matilda Fought v,U.jo.
M. f ungi, v, .t. len lants.
.r.,,.1. A .. V,.,v r ik. ...,..... v:: e......
........ ... v ,., ,1r ,-,i,VlV1 Aiign'irni. .'inrv
4 ii t. i.o : . ..... .. ., i i
.1 ...... eel , ui ii."iiih .iliuisil II . .11 a 11111 , ol rol",-
... . . ..... 1 ... . .. ....
water, Riuic'.. ooVi.iy tMieh.naii, and Jinso Met ' oiv,
ivlcsii pi-.-:- -iit v'.i'hii.-i- U unknown, will take n'j-
. . .- , .. '.
t","i". li.it .i.Miiel McCiiu v.i.f W'.Hiil tuuiiiv. Ohio.
ifi. 1.11 lue 1 -.tn nay or April, l it)
Ho, tile ,.!s'iu-tii;or
in the cmrt of c.t.iia ni pleas "i.ond eoct,.t
Ohio, again!.' tiiem, togcthrr w i ,i the tilW'sr ubi.vti-
lumen liefim lauln. !:..lii'X .oltl on the 0th
lUV of A' .il, 1,sjj pla.nutt i..'r.i I into a writtea
Jei.it Mi
loutr.iet with ore) J,.l.u MiCtury, late of Wood
county, Oh'Sti '' deeeaaed. w iierebv said John
. . ..... j.. '. . i.r . .....i...:.t ... l ... ..
,i..,l1.lii I t-'i'i w i. annul i"j i'.'llin '..ill Ol ii.lUlU-
WW quarter seeuoi. "ti.i lowiuni; , n runev niiNi
!wr ti e:-,st, e iitamiiv. SO acre t if U.el. and bv
t in-: of w'-'sli aaid ji.hu MeCin y agreed lo'exo-cnt-
au l jijliwi' na(d pbtiiatitt a"g'i.t ami sulli-'.'i'-'it
.vui.tiii -luu't upon, k pnym.,,1 by plaintiff
of uuj llioium I dollars. u wanner ua th.Wm stip
ulated, mo I avering that plaUitlu" has paid said pur
rbiistf ip.ui) iu Cul!, aul entirely p.-rfnruied tho
c ivliti tut of al 1 e"ut.aet bin ling on him, aul
that ssid John McCrtiry died ou or ab ut December
It'll, I tii I, L'Sving tiw dltell lints his heirs at l.i w.
and ir.ivlli t!nU the defendants bo dnrieed to exu-
cute and deliver
au.t iietivci' to pluintitr a good and sunicient
ivarruiitee deed, ntthiu a shoit day ; and iu default
thereof, the sail order mil decree op. r as sunk
deed, mid v. -at in plaintiff a go.,d an i in lefeasiblu
e-Htate in fee simple of said premises. Tltij '.'I'.l'
an! ere liolilied tftal thev V.i V'-a.'eW d V Siiiswei
I "' Wtl. 'u' V',J,' S",l"',1.v'
....t. ei.C ll.1. Ikiiiun: A V k , ....
t " ' ' I Tv"mt ',tJM ... ..MM,
AU'.vanir pl'lff.
T ' i v. it
II A It I) V A It K
mtcYsr rit'i, o.
The kubscriU-r w ocl i li ipe; ,itii announce to
. ii-. . . i e. :. : .:. .
f tlio V'uL'VB W;""1. ' tt,V'l"i"ir 1' mitus tuat
V'X '. WWkW ncr ..-..a o. isnasn ,
i are k pretarad toluinUh almost i virytLiiig lu
their luw at
I'l. It 'KS To SI IT THi; TIMES !
Otu aiiAk now touaisls of
House Triiiiininea, ' ll nrow Teeth,
Nail and OUss, Tiiha an I I'aiU,
Cable Chains, Cl.ntiis,
Lug Chains, Strap Hinges,
Mattocks, ilii's.
Sho"ljj 41.1.1 Spades, tjiiudatoues,
(.'iLpeiit'el'S TlHlls, Plow IViutn,
ll.i-.U'.i Trimming., Mows,
Cross-cut Saws, Mill Saw..
Single ic Double Nkovel fo' lifulill
Just Ihe thing fur ibe com field. A great variety
Vif :;hel' hardware, lxi numiToua to mention hen.-,
which we guarantee to sell at Toi.r.po fKti "is 1
All kies, - Nail Rod. Sprb.r 'iJ -Slab -".
. Th'uuhleshiie.-
.- Lli'l't wlu'l.-r...le or l.'lall,
T'ILW-m i'm.ul liWSTWICK i LI R'S.
ii7 Tin IV'i-. ' ''
A Ursa iinu.ls r f Cloves, conipiising some
r,s,4e e.. r.iU u.ttUrut ot the lalea'. iupl-nveui.-tlla,
.... : V ... . ... .' T... ......... T . .11
WHICH we i.i... oner m lui.rim r.i.tr. v . i. .n"e
who d. ubt our word
ill this respect, we would
r.ispe. t.nlly aolicit them to compare, ju ices, uud
give ua a call before purchasing. Vie mean just
what wj say, an . furl-iurinor;,
; . I ', '
JlUt wi)a W'U .''udCkit Ih. m tw be.
SfAi.r. KispsokTih ami Cornea Jos Wobs
done ou short notice, and ul reasonable ices,
RA(i:i aud OLU COPPER taken iu i-xchaiue
for Uoods or work.
inmwiCK A TYLER.
1'titKViJuiRj, O., April Id, 'tii. io.
a ........ . . a A I 1 ' I t I 12 Si
I l' ' Ik I . .B 1 d '
1 im.l -it IiiVV t '. UlllCM Will CILllUe
I .. . , . . ..111
i US to Sell tholll at l'IC tlUttWl.l
j ii u y , ,vo,. , CM.
" ,lu " . .
0 can wm Will BllVC Oil Jt hllTV.l.
j ron'mro if . hlV tl UH
801110 IIT CCll JI!I" U J "'I U.JT 'l n
. a ll 111
, Pailv tho nowf it loming in
jon us of tbtlk 'oi I he l 'iirtn
moil in ll tlintlion4, ami Of the
cettninty thai llto Vchflliun will
f toelil v Le t ruhhttl. This U glori
ous now iiKikeil, viii.ih evi'iy mm
woiii:t!i til' child tint is lor the lrnion
(till t win U uot ")
I. I 41 . I"l V
At the Kiiimt timo there U newt
ol' 11 ililhmit ktntl which we me
'thout to tublish, vi : Th.it we ntf
rei'eivmg mnl lutvu iww oa Latul,
ScatomM GOODS!
tti 1 ft ... i. ..It . .
wituu we now 0111.1 iu uu t'tuj,-
J(IJ Hutll S Ut I'lici'S tllt ishllll be
" V t
soi" laliU'tUt'V We "l.tttel' tiUl'SelNOS
th at wo hnv5 houuht our liootl ut
the ii"ht lime, ut tht right jlaoe,
We tlely oompe'.iiion, .'iul solicit an
s- a A 1
cxninin ttion ol our liooiis hum on-
No chttrgo for showing t-ioo'U
Y. II. MlI.hKU & CO.
BAP..SS GOODS,--Such us Dol-a
a meres, Silks. Alpaoeas, Coheres,
-4.1 rtliitl. 1...1.-... Ill
Doljiiti a, t'.ish
I '.in is 'Ilea,
Illicit iU
etc.; ci K
F. R.
Mll.I.hll U CO.'S.
. . . . . (VeachuJ and uu-
I JKIAI,- t;iiighaui, Muli. U,.Tkkjij;a,
u...ai-.wu, uill IO 11, Vq ,
i'lills, Snip.s, eto., a (J
Ry the p.. mil, a ctonl baigai I
r. If. illl. 1.1. K A CO.'S.
(CLOAKS, Ant .Shtiwls. Clu i Siyli-i. Cluvip
.1 at F. I;. Mll.l.KU A CO.'S.
YMim: UOOJS.- i'riiuminKs ; nU. Madame
DuL-ioivst'a liuop i-kirw and CuraeU, -the
nai is
run MAi:ki., at
l;. mii.Lkj: i.o.'s.
Ij bl
ANN ELS,- Ho xU,
R. MILL.j:
anj I'lider-
m is, m r.
i LOTUS, Cusmiii :i .i, Saliu.-tj, -V-aiw, Heavy
tot juaue, lou will iud i .". b uJauee,
"; 1.. MlLl.hu a, t ::
j ' f.f ,-,-',
,7, totuuig,
Hl,"' tit
VAR1KTY- Ot" L'jadv Mnde
M. ti mi l I'.ovs, i i now to Ih.
F. R. Ml 1.1. Lit CO.'S.
A ji-oat (ii.mtily hoJ
l.i urvthing ii waiT.int
MlLl.KIt A CO.'S.
a. v,iiaer tuan i.vr,
'i in lliat Liiu, nl f. I!
. .
Of Hanta an., you can find cv-
L orvthiug that iw need.-,! bv Fr.-mers, Luildcm,
.., . ... i... . ....
iwii siecuhiin s, ai
K. MIL;, lilt i t.'O.'S.
r,'(t,K''-r5 Y, And Hause-ki-'pinc Woods, In
V.V (Juanliliui!, stylo mid prion that will pl.-asc
PVery LoiiHe keepci, at
- M'LLUt
i CO.'S,
and pretty style,
Warm anl Coni'ielablo,
F. R. MILLKf! ,t CO.'S.
ROCKKIKS.-Imu, Nuils, (lias.
Also Salt
V.J by the itairel ir sack, at
F. R
HALF BARREL-0l' CMi lper Uke
Fish, at f , . MllLLR 4. CO.'S.
Fa- un'is of Wood Co. run! Vicinity
; The plec ( aul the only ojdi- C U low' when
j V'H tH t4l
i' .
Fwyuiir Oriln and PxjJucj, U at . . .
i .
V. ..MLI.K A CO. 9.
Wo have aw?l alorage ra: tn for y imanUly
train;-lso coru lo the oar. You will rind
always ruAdy to uVe la yeiur aurplu Oia.in,
jf" Xulice oiti' M ukst retpt41s iu to-day's pap.
We buy and sell Ui aeojr.linoe with tk prices
Ihet given.
Perrrsburg, December 10, .
Tl.e lamest slocks of toods ever oT eivd In
mitket, t'lubitiviug au n ll.a.' vaiiety of mticl. -s
1 tlu. .,.l..ctlon of whi-h u . e.Tat has ..v:i sp.ir
to render It as attr.ictlf a a !:, U ww bj
. . ,
. . . .
ClLL at fBI itu( Of
.1 . 11 1 tc ilooci:,
If von want In av fr- r
IN MAXIMO CISd I t'f.CffAlsrf .'
cm fat rnv noons si civ,:
of W.J. Ilitehccl, . n thecrn 'lolKl-'ti;
i.'oini Avenue, IViy.burg, Ohio.
JI'.VL:TY is the RKST TLST of CHKAJ-M.i.
In.p.'cioti mi 1 Coniiiilisu will prof. i ti.at ir v.i
li. lv, el g alive, riol.ii cheaptiea-t, heamv and
qu.iiitity, I. ds st.a k is tin -w: p i.ss.'.! by . Iiv n.e.v of
fered ill till- M eat.
In tl.t s d'-p.lltliosit ge-kt . Mlt.'K.'
w 1 Lv clmeeasli buvers, fr. m Hi.- ii
lllli i' b.l ll'l u
,4 to: W,
l..e ea.it. I u U
1 g'eV.
I nil u at il utzA '.lll:;.n l tii'JU. I' low o
lost wl.sl it wSl.i I VtV,'"'.! '4'jn;
')ili I in M'l! ' ttj
MVCII I.ftWt.U l l.H :
"' Ate Ken r ill V Slid, whirr, i. -:i
tliini giv. .. 'to t'. p s.pleof Wi.d conn y.
e .it im iv ntmt, Wtit.ik it. m k'.-
; m or
A sul'--.rv;--
flici.'iit in due.
I'll g IS ' U.I ll!l-
i: i:itY m.wk il-.
In ll-.is U epsitmo r, v.- h ive thcl. -Cot::;
1 -l e.-h rtmeii'. i l Xoilhei'i Ol .
ai-it'r.hiii-1 - the Intent I .shicr-i : u! it t
stami.il piaenet; wamint vjl t. tii-e . "n
xatiHl'iKitioii, ,ii- no ml. 4
. 1,1. St
j le v i
c- st sal. -veir
h r
'''h.M.' w -i-di'iiv topu. eh i:v nnvthini; i'i Cnv-. h'ii
veill lln.l liu their v'.iii.ntHietii ti- mr Stj.o a ii, i
lie '' t iiurciuvsii'.g e!s wl.ur.:, 1 he u't. ntion t,t t;,e
nulilic ii respei-tivelv inii'Ovl I' mv oUei siie a.k,
ierngnsiii-ed II will betiuie pinlithlv ip.-ut.
5'flflVii.luo.' taken lil L-Xc!i!i::ge f ,r jma'ie.
w. j. iirrciicocic.
rerrysbiirg, January 2 ',, Hill,
Low Pihi' itiul It:id- I'ay
Viivinir yiirchaHod the entire slock of 1I!0 LR
IhiS P.i latai Iv cwned by Geo. W. Hull. i.iMjck.'i nUI
continue Liisinesx
Where, htiving rcpl
nt.sl.ed the Hsm-k wiij: a Lige
V. N T IRK N K W A ti S 0 R T M Ii !s T,
I am now prepared to supply tho ciiia.i.s rf rVn va
Luiy, nnd dtti-is.iiuilirg cwuutry with
frorui-itsi and i'ruvi'aict-.
Ot t'no l.cici-:U 1 hi Is : ii;l at the cui-..a' okj.ia
trices. Tin ee wi.sl.ii g t. pin libaMHavtii ii ; ju UiV
line w ill liu.I it to their advantage U ive u.0 call,
us evjrythinc; 1 soil w UV
I ha i-o on bund, alo, a largj and well stTie-ted
itock of
t hicli I warrant to civo s.itLsfiu.-;i a or u salj.
Ur ! Ick! lcn! 1 bate cn hand a h ige.upr.lv
f choice Luke lee, w hich may be ubtuintd ut ull
ims ru vuiisouable teiius.
I-'ifAII kinds of pioducu liiktui in exibaite f.j-
6da. J. li. W1.I R.
I'onyEl.urg, ot . 'IV, 1SI10-- tf
Stephen El lridge, Adiu'rj Cum t n. Cv
ol'Orvill.' Hiinler.ilec'd, - ofWu.vdCi
"tvui u I f.-'il.t
suiv. Oh.o. .
vs. Joseph t.rane. )
lly virtue of an alias Meier of hate is-uj.l lit m
an id Court, iu tint above entitled "mtau t!i-:-'tn, 1
will oiler nt public auction, nl lue iloor of tb i I 'oc.it
House., m l'virvsbuia', Wood Count v, Ohio, ou
Saturday, My 10:h. A. 1) W!,
lM;!tvccn t!i: l-.e.lir. of an 1 .1 t 'clock, p. in. of said
day, l!ie fiillowiug described lands an I ten bieiils,
to-wit : The isikt half of tho nortli-ws'M ouarter i f
sii'tion thirty -six, town rite not in nl t.tiv . ten aa.-.i ,
containing bn acrcA in n of lessa of Inil, ii Weaei
county, Ohio, Appraisj,! ut ;il ioO,
Orohoc SraAix, nttv. I'toff-U I.ELL.
April 7, l,S IJ 49wo i ',. Master Com'r.
eAl.t .
K. D. Fcik. ut ai. ts. J i... f , tr . L
lit- virtue of '. order of sale Uaued in t..e abovo
cause by tho C'hrk of t'j.j lVtt of k" luuion I'leuj.
', ..,,' li , . .'Iiv',.. 1 f V... .nil ui nn . -
it ,..,.l lui.l ,',rt'..M a.m i. ... ....i.t ;.. ...... i f...
d'H-r of tlie V'oi'rl House, in l'imbui g, hi sitt
iv tint v. ou ,
' x ' Falijiday, May Imh, jyt?, .
between the hcitre of S sn.l 4 o'ch ik p. at. of to i I
day, Ihe following described landk an 1 ten. mint; ,
to-w it i In Li4 Sit. St.ft, iu th town in Pu rysli.ig,
. otKi t onni.v, uiiio. ;
, O. F-, I'VVkK. Sheriff.
Asiikk CxiK. Au'r. Lv Jso. I'owxtts. Ueoulf.
Anril lOth. lS0240wiJi.r.
vliuM I'Qeivvd at . . j i . ! "' '. '
'' ' m! '
- A aplen lid ai tt'eV- At
The' nn'y plce ( tluJ trroeei-tos ti' lha Cnet
einalltv at tlie l"Vet rgure .
W '' PECK eV llAUII.'i'Oy.,
ROAD NOTICE. Notice UhiVj uivvn ti.ul 'ij
petition will bu present" '. Ui the n uii..ioa
ors ot W.aid enmity, at their act I retular livudu,
pmy ing ftsr Ih Iccaltoa and jUU.shuicnl of toea
ty iihtd, cnninusncing n the n t 'leant romrr uf
s'xtiou ti, kiv.il 4, B'-.d manii f the-ave west,, tw 11 li
of a.'iiioq line 2',, w lh Me CuUhiraville toad ai:d
thire teitnioaio, II. H. I on I K.
Apr- hh,tnl-4w4 4. L. H in, -.
4 I) M I Mali K A TOWVs
XOTICE. N. tice ii
V lierebr givra that the uiiderklcHeel le
SputiiiuVet aitiuinistial..r, uv ou .., f tb
of Abraiu .Nller, late ot Ittokl ti l i:tv. Ohio.
d.'cea.sed. All poisons luu-iektcd wilt rcve tn tl cm
Selves aicsdi.l v. Jt. It. JLl.t'VI..
' MKbl, 1Hi-4HbJ. ' -

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