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The Weekly Perrysburg journal. (Perrysburg, O. [Ohio]) 1861-1???, April 24, 1862, Image 4

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lad thsrs ther sst a popPin corn,
John Stile and Hiitnn Cntti
John Stiles as loul ft nn 01,
And Suaan fat as butter.
AnJ ther they sat and helled Uit corn,
And raked and itirred the Are,
And talked of different kind of oars,
And hitched their chair up nigher.
Then 8un h th popper hook,
Then John he shook tho popper,
Till both their face grew ss rod
A saucepans msd of coppor.
And then they shellsd unit popped snd ate,
And kink of fun-a-poking,
And he haw-hswed at bnr remark,
And he laughed t his jnaking.
Anil ttill ther popped, and ilill the ate,
(John' mouth was iiko hopper,)
And itirrod the lire and ipriuklad an It,
And hook aud shook the popper.
The clock atruck nine, tho clock struck ton,
Aud atill the com kept (sipping ;
Itltruok eleven then struck twelve,
And still no sign of ilopping.
And Jidin ho atn, and Suo alio thought
Tho corn did pop ami putter,
Till John cried out, " the corn' afire I
Why Susan, what' tho mailer ? "
Said ahe, -John Stile, it' one o'clock,
You'll die of Indigestion ;
I'm ick of all thia popping onro,
Why don't you pop tho question T"
Thoughts for the Farmer.
The 'fijii.isfi Tare on ,iyi.r. The
1ill now l-i-fore (.'onress pvnvidin;; for di
rect taxes, levies tlio. following laxin on
pii'iinoux and malt li piiiix :
1. A license cti eacli distillery ot 91 00.
'J. A t.sx on each gallon of distilled spir
it of 1J enntfl.
3. On rae!i barrel of 31 gallotu of nle,
beer, pol ler, &c, ?l.
4. On wliiilenalo iloitlord in liipioi H, 9"i0.
5. On retail dialer:! in same, IjfliO.
ti. tin rectiliern, 8100.
Any jieiHon Ntdlin in ipi.intitics over
three gallond, in a wholnnaln dealer, and any
one helling under that (jttatdity is a retail
TIiohc are heavy taxes. So far nn they
liiny HiipprcHK tho improper ttno of anient
Hpirita, no one should regret thoir opcraiimi.
hut an they lire laid for revenue, thoir prob
able effect ii a "jnention or intercut to all in
ik present condition of tho country.
All interests connected with a trudo gen
erally feed any reKtrictiotm upon it. The
producers of corn and barley will hnvo to
iharo theso ilitties with the coiiNinnern ol
Hpirituotm and malt liquoiH. .Mlhoiih
thera ara fjw tuxen in tUi bill that will
affect tho fanner diroctly tho farmer, yet
uiany of ;hciu will indirectly. Theno liq
uor taxeu more perhaps than any others.
Will thoso taxes bo too groat ? ' If two
iraJlons of whuikey nro made from a bushel
of corn, it will pay a lax of 30 centi, or 100
per rent on the ordinary market prices. In
England tho principal liquors consumed are
muTt, nnd tho rovemio in that country on
limit alono w:w, in 1 ."(!, .i:i,;iN,71.r. The
malt tat is equal to nearly 70 cents per
biibhol of barley, yet great as this in, the
poorest laborer swills his beer as if it were
t cheap aa water. Ilia average wa ;es is
10 contu a day ; still ho can utford to drink
by donyiuo; himself and family of what are
Loro ro:rloil osaontial comforts of life.
In 160 tho wino, whisky and malt liqotirs
iniinifacturoil in Ohio woro ?l),2Sl,7H.r, uml
tho heavy taxes that .State- will pay under
tho bill tu it is can readily be seen.
To tho above taxes may be added that of
0 cents on each gallon of vinegar when
inado vf any other material than cider or
wine. As it is made almost entirely of
whisky, which takes about one gallon of it
to six of vinegar, tho tax on whisky through
it will bo about III) cents per gallon. Sul-
Idiurio and nitric acid vinegar wiil now
lucomo more common than it is, and Con
gress should afford soino protection against
flieir uno. If it will levy such a tax on vin
egar, it should guarantee a pure article.
1. Jlinptho drain Vropsnrcnow Lik in.
lietter than 1 recollect having ever seen
them in March. Tho winter has not frozen
tho grain out any, even where sown broad
cast. My ryo and wheat, plowed in com
ground, look as well as they did in the fall.
They have sominonced g'owing, and with
warmer weather will go forward rapidly,
until tho tiiuo of trial from It v and mist
comes. As to tho amount sown, 1 do not
thiuk Ihoro is us much as usual. It can
scarcely be otherwise, from, tho great
amount of labor diverted from t'.io farm to
ilio armies.
5. A)ril Hoi. The months, nf .January
February and March have been the most
unl'avoialilo fur farm work I have ever rx
lierienced. The necessity for unceasing
labor until tho crops are in. becom.'s the
greater, No plowing bus been done this
spring in February or Match, nnd hence
that for oats and corn must bo done in April.
Manure must bo hauled out, fencing repair
ed, gardening attended to, early potatoes
planted, and all tho other matter connected
with tho itock and work of the farm. Not
one hour can b lost.
6. V'At VV'iWj B mis. On nianv trees I
find but few not killed, whilst on some oth
er trees there eeeiuB to bo enough left. I
no advantage a to highness of localilv,
for tho cold weather which destroyed them,
7 degrees below zero, was windy. In calm'
nights, such as thoso which give us spring
trusts, highness is of most decided advan
tage, for then tho heavier col 1 air settles in
tlie lowest places; but when strong winds
prevail, tho colder aud warmer bodies of
uir are completely mixed. Present indica
tions point to but low peaches, even should
ih b!osoi)ls ea.-apo tho ordoal of siuiM
fiosts. 1
7. Almost ii S,vri Duty. Take care of
the lambs. Much is said about raisin,- ...,t.
ton in tho Free States, but our indeneioloii. e
us to clothing material lies in taking care ol
iho lambs. Wo can uso woolen us easily
us we are now doing our various substitutes
lor coffee, brazil, from which we get coffee,
taxes our exports to exclusion, and tho cut
ton growing States are taxing our country
t the rate of a million of dollars per dav.
Uso our own clothing material, bo inde
pendent, and thus wo shall be prosperous.
JJely upon it that our (Jovernmont must
levy such duties on foreign woolens as will
givo our own woolen manufacturers the
patronage of our own markets. Our Hocks
of nheop will whiten our hills, nud to this
most desirable end, take caio of the lamb.
8. JitU lfolai anj (fat li: An agricul
tural paper recommends, that gas tar be put
iu tho rat holes, as they can not endure it.
and says the tar can bo had at anv gas man
ufactory. The greatest gas manufactory is
t Washington City. Still, we do not know
that our farmer frionds can get thoir sup
plies there, for an old farmer, unci Abo, is
so troubled with rats that he consumes most
of the tar iu trying to drive them from his
cribs. Even his vessels of transportation
are riddled by thoso hugo Norway rats.
PlisniriAN once succeeded admirably in
entrapping a noisy member, who was in tho
habit of interrupting every member with
vries of "Hear J hear I " llo took an op
portunity to slludo to a well-known politi
cal character of the time, who wished to
play tho rogue, but had only sonso euutigh
to play tho tool. " W hero nhall w e find a
moio foolish knave or a nioro knavish fool
than this If " " Hear 1 liiar I " was iustantly
bellowed from the accustomed bench. The
wicaecj wu noweu, maimed tno gentleman
for his ready reply to the question, and sat
down amid tho convulsions of laughter of
all but the unfurtuuato subject.
A oooo work is being dono through tho
agency of the Sanitary Commission, of Cin
cinnati. Last week several steamboat
loads of articles wors sent tu the relief of
the, 1'ittsburg sufferer.
Tv?o Dim of Christian itircnts were ro
turning from tho buttle of thaliiasville.
"Jim," sniil otio brother to tlic other, " what
nro JoU thinking about?'' " Jack, I un
thinking how wo j;"t fT, Utilittrt. 1 tU
'titt, it wm (JoJ'i tnercr ami our pim-nts'
prayers that wftwJ u. I think we oiilit
t bi'jin a now lifit from thttt tbiy." " Well,
I va. thinking nbotit tho mime) thlntf. 1
wiwli 1 wurt n Christum. I hIiiiII try mnl tiu
otio from tit is dtiy." When they roivcln'd
their rumj) thoy sought the t. liailain's tout,
toM him how they fult, find hskcii to lie
prayed with. Thny nro both converted tucti
Tmk trim sot-rot of puhnt hikm'chn, suys itn
exchange, bus been woll snid to lie, not in
pi'H(M) of manner, nor richnoRH of voice, nor
lullncHU nf tnitttiT, nor oven nil theso chiii
bined, I til t in that indoHirilnilili' tinrtion
which is olilaiiicd hy prnyer, by jifofoinid
meditation upon divine truth, by it deep con
viction of the ovui'U helming importance of
etnml things to Hpcakrm and hearern.
Thin in tho inellalilu nimiiiliiie- of the Spirit,
which no man coniileil'cit, mid which no
people can lumhikc.
1 in un extraordinary fact, but not tin;
lens true, that there Were living tit the same
period two John Wieklill's both born iibotit
the same) time, both educated as ecclesias
tics ut Oxford, nnd becoming thoro the
heads of houses tho one f Canterbury,
tho other of Haliol both prebendaries, the
one of Worcester, tho other of Chicesler ;
and both dying within a year of each other.
This is tho mora remarkable as tho liauio of
Wickliff in a local one, and the only locality
bearing the naino is the village about six
miles from the town of Richmond, in York
shire, where, the llcformer is said to have
been born, in or about tho year 11121.
.. .
Tiik late venerable Hev. John Angell
.lames, iu a volume on "Christian Jlopo,"
says: "In the seventy-third year of my
lite, and the lifiy-lhird of my ministry, I
have no need of a special revelation to as
sure mo that ' I must shortly put oil' this
my earthly tabernacle' by the coun.o of
nature this can not be far oil'. The sha low s
of evening nro gathering fast and thick
around me, and I liud it most consoling on
the border country of Iho world unseen to
go forward into whaljolher wise would bo n
dark unknown, guided and cheered by u
hope full of immortality."
A max who has been redeemed by the
blood of the Son oI'MJod should bo pure,
llo who is an heir of life should bo holy.
Mo who is attended by celestial beings, and
who is soon he knows not how hoiui
to be translated to heaven, should be holy.
Are angels my alti'liilanls'.' ThenshoM I walk
worthy of their companionship. Am J soon
to go aud dwell with anjiels ? Then should
I bo pure. Are these feet soon to tread the
court of Heaven ? Is thht tongue soon to
unite with heavenly beings in praising (iod t
Are theso eyes of mine soon to look on the
throno of eternal glory, ami on the ascend
ing Redeemer ? Then these feet, nud eyes,
aud lips should bo pure and holy ; and 1
should bo dead to the world, and live for
Heaven. Albert Jinnies.
Write Letters.
Si'Aitcni.Y anything better can be done by
parents for absent children, or by friends
for those far away, than to write to them of.
homo and tho scenes they havo left behind.
Tho restraints of homo are powerful on the
conduct of all, and ( specially on the young.
All tho statistics of crime show this fact,
mid all wo know of mankind confirms it.
We have before our courts in America, and
in our prisons, hundreds and thousands of
foreign-born, charged with crimes they nev
er would have committed iu tho communi
ties where they were bom. They would
not disgrace their families where known :
they would not grieve parents or wives,
sisters or children. .Soiiio people think
them more inclined to vice than our own
people, lint nf tho samo classes they are
not ho. Look at our people when away
from home ; follow them to the Western
wilds or the l'acilio ishoius; go with them
on ship-board to other lands, or in their
travels through tho cities id' our own coun
try, and we see w hat a decided change is
wrought by being ul home or among strang
ers. No parent who loves his child, ami l;o
friend who cares for the uprightness and
well-being of a friend, male or female, should
forget this ; ami they should seek by all
means iu their power to keep homo fresh
and green in their numnrius. tlive to them
gift.) thai will remind them of the past
the pleasant, happy, virtuous days of child
hood and youth; give them the daguerreo
types of those they love, that they mav be-
I hold them with the appearance of life; and
I w rite to them often, reminding them of the
i father's adice, the niother'n prayers, the
j wile's love, and the sister's kindness. Men
never go astray with such impressions on
their minds i they do not commit crimes
with the eyes ..f their parents on the deed,
or the sweet voices of their own children
, in their ears.
Fveiywherc there is a necessity for the
separation of families. On the seaboard,
as with us, these sepaiations are frequent ;
but never m tins couirfry were
so man v
iciames nun lueiuls ilivided bel'oro. The
army lias culled u hall'-uiilliuii men from
home. Most of them are young, and all of
them aro subject to peculiar bunptations.
Let lis say to all. that us they value these
joting men, ami would have thum returned
!. "lill -,-. ...... .... I ...-I
n , '- ou ttsei.ll l.vcil, Ho Hot
MOVi'l- 111,. fi..u tli-.l 4 .1 ...
v wv" .in. ."iiiin i llteiv Willi llOlllC.
il nesi nianv ut theni i 1 1- ,.,.ii...i
to vield life
llel ninny ui ' .... .1.
i.l . . . . . - ' '
oiouen iu nealtli, iiu.l unlitted for ordiuarv
, 1 1 l- UM' UOt H'in'1, most.
A thousand times worse niiv it lm for oth-
vis, e en t Dose who have lelt their Itanit
on church records, and ,,,. ri1... ....
ara to the camp, but who havo gradually
earned to love the did a ium uf iiitoxicitioii,
to lilasphemo a name, tiiat bol'mo thev used
only in prayer, and to plunge into all man
ner ot liocntioiisncus. OU. how terribly
strong is the tide tlm( nihll( H ,, ti( d(.;.
tmctton. I o many, .. row i.,r i, and re
reutauco a,,,) ,,, vviU ono j
tliey will be weak a.al erring. You have
gMVen to theni tho lldilea that Honietimos
hring back the thoueltK r other duvs ; vou
Havo given to them ,.;.,,. ,;, ,;Vt.,j
ones that they carry i t.ieir bosoms, and
at which they hiok, with learliil eves and
only hcii-rcproois: fll nv them
i..roi.:;n tjie only nie.l.uni left, and let them
eau wonis ot uimtiiess an d atlection traced
i alt.V' I . I Vr . i '- . w,"l"-'venioie
Ill' V'lMll' iwt'.i 1 1 . ...
. .i.. r. ' . " v1
""I ih ileum u an t shiel-ls
against temptatioiis moio .Ungorotni than
sword or shot i.r bhell from the eiiemy
TinitTv-oi.K th Id and stall" ollicers of the
rebel piisone.trs have been rem.ivod from
Ump Chaso to. Fort U'anun, HU; txv ,.
ilred t.j Kurt Johnson, War Sanduskv.
1 hero are still twelve Uuiuired riaoiicrs at
lamjithase. . .
jot'HXAi. iMiivriMj oiiiti:.
Hiving ri'pleniihed our ofliee with now typos
hroui(liniit, we are now prepared to s seen to Job
Work, such 01 Poster, S-.ile HilU, Programmes,
Inritalioiw, Carls, ' !.Tul, Pamphlets, all
klniU Ithinks.ae. In the moil sntisfnrtory maniH-r,
Orders flllnil at short notice, and on r. j onlilu
AnvRHTisiNO, liv lm Sin flm Um
Dnes'iuuro .f 2.7i 4.00 6.0"
i; column If.il) 0.00 H..'0 11.21 l.V"0
' column iU M.O') 18.00 22.00 DO.OO
()iu column O.iO l.'i.OO 30.00 4 i.OO CO.OO
A deduction nf 5 p.-r cent, from the above rates
will bo m.d.' for Cush.
The sp ice occupied by t-n lines of the type com
posing tho body of the advertisement will bo a
All Tr iiMlent S'lvcrlisenuMits must be paid for
in a Ivanee to in Hire piiMica!ion.
Advrriis 'iii"iitM iiis 'rtn l wit tin: ni.u k "If," w ill
be charged for until ordered out.
When ye irly advcriis-m uili nrelnsirtod four or
inure changes will tin allowed.
I'l'nl.lSnKIl ASl PllOfltlKTOR.
II It It AY A S 1. II V I
Will attend promnllv to all bcirul business cti-
triiMlml to their euro in Wood c lUnlv.- OHioe in the
IVrrysl.urg Kami building, PcrryslmrK, Ohio, tf
a. II. DOIXIK. . It. TVI.KH.
o i) u i: & t v i. r, it,
ArrnitNKYs at Law. Piirrvshiirir. Ohio.
Particular attention paid to Conveyancing and
Notorial lliiHinuss. Also, for sale, largo (inutilities
of Land in Wood and adjoining counties. MiO-tf
J, 9. I'lllCH. It. W. JOIINSOS.
I) V I O 14 J it H X O N,
I Attounky at Law, IVrryslnirg, Ohio.
Will promptly uttend to all Law Itiismess entrus
ted to th:dr ear.'. I Live for sale large iiauti(k'H of
bail I, inelud'-"? well Improved farms, which will !i
old oil CilHV I'TH:. 'OO-Hf
ii o it (i i: sriiAiv,
It" Att'uinhv At La', rcrrvslnui;, Ohio.
Will alien I lo all business cnli'iintc 1 to his care
ill tho several Courts of Ohio, - Ollico with .bihn
IlatoH, 2nd trect. '00-1 If
CtOOk ik n I'. I. I.,
Will attend promptly to nil basin -ss lutrnstud lo
their car.!. Oil'io? over Hitchcock's store.
IWyn'iiiig, Oct. a:d, bell,
I i : . ii ' a o v A M ,
tl Att.ihnkv at Law ami Notaiiv l'l'iu.ie.
Olfie.. with th. Pr.ib.it Judge.
:rj,'rtl. Perry sluirg, WikicI County, O.
I, V A X lS .1 14 I-' 14 It S O N ,
ArroitNKY at Law. Pwoivshi iki, Ohio.- Otlicc
in Kast end of llair.l IT mse lluilding, Will attend
promptly to all business entrusted to his care, tf
Dlt . .1 . II H 14 I. Ii H i
Howling tir.'cii, Ohio.
D " v,
It . M 11 I T II .
HoWI.INO tlllKHX. Wiki I Countv. Ohio.
All calls will lie promptly n't 'tided lo, both day
and night. ' 'liD-ltf
Will attend iiroiuiitlv to nil calls, illy nud nit; lit .
Hcvsid.aiee mi :!nd street, a lew doers north of Louis
iani Avenue, I'errvsbiirg.
Jec. oth, I sill -1 .11 nly.
I t) II IV 14 . CASS,
f J ArroiiNKv A Coi.ssi-.i.i.oa at Law,
Tontoganv, Woo I County, Ohio, .
Wn.l. attend to all business en'rusteJ to bis care.
Also, Real l!late Agent, Soldiers' CLiiins collected, I
etc., etc. Charges to .suit the limes. lml'J.
Jiw. W. Scott, Jas. W. Hoss.
St: O '!' T At KOSS,
OkI ICK, lli-t Sl'MMIT STilKKr, ToLKOO, 0.
Will attend to buying auJ selling, also, leasing
and renting of real prop.Tty in Lucas, Wood; and
adjoining I'.uintijs. Ilusin iss s.ili:ited.
'.ii i, March i, '02.
j) A T V A 1 vTsV,
Thesithscrilicr.il former resident of Oneida Co.,
New York, now of Washington City, will alt u t to
obtaining new patents, or trans tetany other business,
either ill l'.ie Patent or Lan I ollie ', or the colleetioti
ef damn of unv kind. Chatircs moderat.'.
JOSlAlt ti. KKJ.l.Olitl.
Washington, March 20, 1SiI2.
yJ ATC II 14S, V l-Ot KH,
J 12 W K L R
Car.'fully repniivd by
W . V . V O M i: K 0 Y
At PF.ill'.YSIH UO li lSK Hl ll.niNC.
A I) 14 ,
T 1.
por Practical
Cll lliTKIlKI), uiv, IS:'. I.
No. 170, Summit Street, Toledo, Ohio.
For further particulars, address
V. llltEaoKY, President.
J I V n li Y S T A II I. 1! I
i . itoi
IKL'KKISK I AC 'l H MOIl.lTltlNS 1 YtPKi. "W7.T.'
U. C. I.AWRKXCE still keeps hi.-i Livery Kst.io
lishment open for tho accommodation uf the public
ul the
Corner of Front utt.l Walnut streets, Perrvsburg,
l'lirntslied nt reasoii..bb prices at all hours of the
dav or night.
lUviittr made lar-e ad luions to bis barn, be is
now able to otl'er to all coming to low it w ith teams,
w tilt
Men are alaavs in attendance, and no pains w ill
be spared to irivc ftali.-.factii u.
Oct. II, ImiI . II. C. LAWHKXf'K.
O It T M i: I ti S N V It S K K Y .
As the seamen Is appiMacbing fiif the transplant
ing of trees, Ac., we beg to call the intention of those
interested to our large and well selected stock of
Trees and Shrubbery,
Consisting iu part of Apple, Pear, Peach, Plum,
Cherry, Am-.eols, Ouincc. It.isnberries. ltlackbei res.
'""'socnies, t nrrauts, I to -riant, tirapes, Ac.
c naieii inn assorinieiii 01 i ruit. I'rnamenlal
and Hvergivcii Trees, which we will sell ut war
price1!. 1'OMl.KOY - MHO'S.
Oltice at the Perryshiirg llauk lluilding, Perrys
mifg, Ohio, (live us a call. ISwt'f
l)l,.ltHSUCK(; IM.AMNti Mil. I..
1 and S SU FAtTOKY.
Manufactures to order, an I keeps constantly en
I I .. I I.. . 1
ouii.i.a co.M.ii Miopiy ot
I'oot's, .-s isli, lUin is and tu low Shades: !
i in.1. 11 noe.Vibi.i ...ul .:ii i it.li
t'ino and Whitewood D.iors.
kinds of I'umvi done to order. Order; j
JoMinplty tilled at Toledo prices, or, in some case
l'1"" "' '00 tf
OCHOOI, K X A M I N K R S" N 0 T 1 (
O The Hoard w ill bold their next regular sessi
for the examination of Teachers, as I'oIIowk!
First Tuesday in March I 1802 ). (iilead.
' " May. West Millgrove.
" " " June, I'crrvsbun;.
" " " July. Port'tire. '
" . " " August, Pr.' eport.
In ad lit ion to the usual course. Teachers ill here
after Ik- examined in American History.
Kxamina ioiis will commence ptutctunllv at V
o'clock, a. in, J. V, Wooiuu hy, Clerk
'ni i: v i: it l m i m.s
With new and Impr.ived nnehinery, are now in
i pertect coinutioit to ilo your grinding of
ull kinds, iu the best m timer, at tho bortct no
tice. With inauy years' experience iu the business,
: the best of machinery, an 1 experienced and com-
nuller., e will not fail to give gkd auti.
faction to all who may favor us with their patron
age. And, while we gratefully acknowledge the
generous patronage extended us during the past
many year, we assure you uocflbrt liull be spared
to merit a coutiuuauee of vour favor.
J-tT" The highest market price at all times paid
3'f JVumsim tViy, iVli. 1 1, 'C2.
Haniucl U. Stone vs. Ilei tamin T. Itobins,
lly virtue of in order of sale to ins directed nnd
delivered, from the court o1 common pU'ns of Wo d
county, Ohio, I shall etbir r aala at public vendue
at the door of tint Court Home, in Pcnysbni g,
Wood Countv, Ohio, on
' Saturday May 10, 1H!12.
between tho hours of' 10 o'clock a. in. and 2 o'clock
p. in. of aai t day, the following il.-dcribi-d lands
unit ten. 'in ills, to-wit t The oast part of the south
we, I (mart t of section number nineteen, (I'.M.
township ( i) north ot range eleven (11) eJst. An I
the east half of til tj south west quarter of tin north
west iiiarter of section munbor oiglil, ( H) township
huiiilHir three H) north of rangu It cut! contain
ing Sij uer.'S in llu til t, .1:1 1 tho seeon I 20 acres.
O. K. Ol VKR, Sherin'.
Mi hhay A- Si.rvin, iitl'ys.
April U.li tr,2 4Jw"'i;) 01.
Jam s Armita(( vs. Merrill M. Vmmg.
lly tirtue of u it order of aale issued in the abovu
cause by tli.' clrik of thu court i f cemmon picas of
iVikmI ciainty, Ohio, mid to lue directed nnd leliver
cd, I will oiler for sale at public vendue ut the door
of iho court Ivius.' in Perry sburg, Wood county,
Ohjo, oa
Mutuiday, May 10, IM2,
between the hoics ef 'ln a. m. and 4 p. in. of that
day, the following describ'd lauds and tenements,
to-wit: The west IU Nl-lOU acres olf the wesl side
of that part of river tract number HO of the reserve
of twelve miles square nl the foot of (he rapids of
tho Maiiini e river, w hich lies north of the eliaiuul
of (Irnssy Creek, and bounded as followsi On the
smith by the center of (irassy Creek, on the west
by the west line of said river tract number 80, i n
tli' north by (he .Maiuncc river, and on the cast by
a line drawn parallel to the west line of said river
tract number HO, ami distant from Hai l west line 8
chains and links. Also the l'ig!-.t of Way .10
feet w ide from said 4'J H4-100 acres to the Pcrrys
burjt and Oregon road. Said lands being in Wood
countv, Ohio. Appraised at ijlliKO.
J. K. GCYER, Sheriff.
I)oniiK A Tvi.kk, ntt'vs.
April u, leitia 4Uwui4,H9.
I will offer for Male at til" door of tho Court
House, in I'crrysburg, Wood county, Ohio, on
I'riday, the 2:id dav of May next,
a part of section 10, tow n i north, range 11 cast,
di i led uml appraised is follows :
l."t I, Acres II. 1 1, Appraised alue, l.l.i.:.:!
41.0i ,
1 ,
1 H,
Terms, nne-twelftii to be paid at the time of sale,
nnd th.i iviiiiinder in eleven equal annual inst il
ments with annual interest. Annisos Smith,
Auditor's otlieo, Wood ('o., O. Auditor.
rrvsbtirg. April t), '02- Iflwfl.
tliKKlrP'S SALK.
Horatio N. Peck Vs. Frederick Pr. i(jco ct id.
I'y viHui! uf an order of sab- to me devoted from
the court of common pleas of Wood county, Ohio,
1 will oiler for s tie at the door of the court house in
Pcrrvsblirg, Wood countv, Ohio, on
.Saturday May 10. A. U. IH02,
tit two o'clock p. in. of said liy certain lands nnd
tenements Iviuir and situated in said Woou county,
Ohio, an. I described us follows, to-wit :
South w est quarter of the s. e, quarter of section
number seven 7 township number seven (7)
north of range number twelve (12; east, containing
10 acres; also the south cast quarter of .section mini
ber seven (71 of township number seven ( 7 ) ninth
of Miigo muiiber Jwulvo (12 ) cast, except live acres
sold to I'miliiie Xni'lon, hounded as fo)oit s to-wit :
lleginnitig at a point twenty (2u ) roils south of the
northeast conurof said quarter section, thence run
ning west 10 ) forty rods, thenee sotilh twenty (20 i
rods, thence cast forty (40) rods, thence north twen
ty (20) nils to the place of beginning, also the
north h:if of the south west quarter of section
twenty one (21) ot township number seven (7)
north of range number twelve (12) cast containing
HO acres ; also the north eastquarter of section num
ber twenty-two (22,i of township number seven (7 )
north of range number twelve ( 12) containing 100
acres also the west half of llo south west quarter
of section iimiilier twenty-two (2J of township
number seven 7! north of range numb er twelve
(ll.l east containing eighty acres: also tin south
east quarter of s 'etion number twenty eight ( 2H ) of
township number s;vm (7) uorji of range number
tw elve east containing 100 acres; also the north east
quarter of section number twenty -nine (20) of
township tun.. ber seven (7) oonh of range ioOIi'i t
twelve (12) cast containing 1'iJ acres; also the
north half of the south cast quarter of section num
ber nine (0 or sum - town and range containing HO
acres. Also the undivided one thild of n strip of
land fourteen rods oil' of the westerly side of tiver
tract, number eighty -onu (SI) running from the
.M.iuitiea river back to (irassy Creek. Also, one
undivided third part of all that part of river tract
nuu.bei clgluy t0) lying between (Irassy Creek
and the M.ttiiiiee river, also the undivided third
pari of a piece south of .Crassy Crock in said tract,
number eighty one (HI ), inclii.ling iu the last three
descriptions all of n.tid Prentice's interest in said
parcels which is one third uf about Irti acres of
land, said list pare Is being more particularly des
cribed as follows : Commencing on the north line
of the Dayton and Michigan railroad where tin' east
line of a certain tract of H 4'i-IOO acres meets the
t un e, theiioo easterly along the line of said railroad
Vol-IUO chains; thence north on a line parallel
with tho i.ouh at.( ii tilth liqe of sai I tract numb t
eighty one ( HI j to (ir.iesy Creek, iheiiee westerly
along Crassy Creek to the cast line of said tract of
H 10-100 acres ni.d thence to the place of beginning
containing 12 10-100 acres tu described in a deed
from Kloise La. Id iiu.l others to Prentice recorded
ill volume P. of deeds, p igJ forty-four ( -U except
the following sold t.i defendant Mcrritt M. Young,
viz: lh' west 40 4-100 acre of .o, I off the
west side of tli.it pail of river tract number eighty
(He) which part lies north of the center of (Irassy
('reek, and bounded on the south by sai l (Irassy
Creek, on lit west by the w est line" of sail tract,
number eighty (HO) ou the noi ih by the Mattm u
river, the cast by n line ptr.illcl with the west line
of said tract and cl;lt ennuis an I seven and one-'
third links distant theivrivi,, and n),;;, (he rieditof
way 30 feet wide from said 4') 4S-10J acres, n the
Perrysbtirg and Oregon read us sut veye I by N.
M'ult.'l), surveyor. If slid lands above described
s! ill not pfuduc i sulljejent to Day sai l judgment,
interest taxes and costs 1 shall proceed to soil fust t
T't parcel of said river tract sold to Men-lit M.
Young, us above described, second the south half
of the north cast quarter and the north half of the
north nant quaiter of s.ietj.ii) number twenty-eight
t 2S of township number seven ( if) north nf range,
number twelve (12) east, being the pirc ds sol I hy
Prentice, N..thuu K. Oravea, nud Levi p. Wan; r.
third, the live acres, sold to KmeUii.. Norton, un.l
above act lo.th and described, fourth, the northeast
quarter of section number twenty (L'Ojof township
number seven, n n th of range number twelve east,
sold by Prentice to Oravcsai l Warner, a1 it the
north west quarter of seci. n twenty -one ( 21 ) same
town and r tege, lii'th, the west lull' of the south
eastquarter of section number iwenly-iwo (22) of
township number a.ven(T) north of range number
twelve ( 12) cast, sold to J. V. Place, and the east
half of t'.ie south west quarter of section number
twenty -two i22) same town and range, sixth, the
smeli cunt quarter of the south cast quarter of sec
tion number tw iouy.one t 21 i, gam.' town and range,
seventh, the west half of the north w ut quarter ol
section number twenty-threo ( '.iJI, same town and
range soi l to Dran S. Manlv, eighth, the north
west quarter ot section nomlwr twenty-nine (20)
same tow n and range, nud the south west quarter
of south east 1 J s 'etion (20 same town nnd range
sold to Samuel Smiley and Wm. II. White, ninth,
the iu rib east quarter of section tw;ntv-on (21)
and the north wet quarter of section tweutv-two
V 22) same town and range, sold Win. Picke'nsgill
and M. Il.tn un r. Tenth, the north east quarter of
tl.u south east quarter of section mr&ihur seven (7;
same twu mid range, soil tu Carlos 1). Sluniun.
C. K. tit-vsr, Sheriff.
IUkku A Cou.iva, Att'vs.
April lith, Ise2-t'lwj?iy,l3.
William He hn iii vs. Kliabeth Miller.
Hy virliij of an order of sale issued in the above
rase by the clerk of the court of common picas of
n oo.i county, tnuo, ami to me directed aud delir.
crol. I williOl 'r for sale at public veitdue at Uu
d.or id' the Court House, in the town of Poirvaburg,
Wood countv, Ohio, on
Saturday. May tilth, A.D. 1S02,
U tu eeii llie boors of and 3 o'clock p. m. ef that
ilay, llu-following dcacrilH'.t lands and tenements
to-wit : The north I alf of the south west quarter
of section number twenty-two iu township number
four, north of range eleven, iu Wood county, Ohio,
containing eighty acres of laud. Appraised at
i ktks i.ki.i ,
Master Commissioner.
Pltu i A. Johnson, Attv's.
2liKlUlF'S SALK.
Marshall Key. !r. ct ul vs. Holier! McMahan ct nl
Hy virtue of un order of aale issued in the ubovo
rase hy the t lerk ot the r.mM ef Common Pleas of
Wood cottuty, Ohio, attd to me directed and deliver
ed, I will 1 11. r for sale nt public vendue at the door
oi un- t ouri nouse, in lite town or rorrvsburg,
Wood countv, Ohio, on
' Saturday, May 10, t2,
Ih'twis-n the lioitrs of 10 a', m. and I o'clock p. m.
of said day, the following lands and tenements, to
wit : The north part ef the north-west quarter of
the soufh-west fraction of section mi, township 4,
north of range II cast In W.svt county, Ohio, con
I. lining I'."! acres of Ian I, ni'tv or I ess-. Apprais
ed at 2.l0. (. t. til YfcK, Sheriif.
Pit ui: Jl Johnson, att'v.
Prrjsburg, April V, '01 -K53,2V.
Kdwards eV 1.1 lings rs. William Foartui lc ct al.
Hy virtue of an order of sale issued in tho above
ens . by the clerk of the court of common plens of
Wood county, Ohio, and to mo directed nnd deliv
ered, I will offer for Sale at public vendue at the
dis.r of the court bouse in the town of Perrysl.m jf,
Wood comity, Ohio, on
'Saturday, May 10, IRC2,"
Mwccn the hours nf 10 a. ni. and 4 p. m. of laid
day, tho following rtsecrihed lands and tenements,
to-wit I Thu west half of the south wust )i of sec.
y, tow n 6, north of range 10 cast; also cast of
a uilh cast i ofs"C .Ii, town ! north of range 10
east; nlso east half of west yt of south east )i sec.
3A, town & north of r.mge 10 east, iu all, 200 a:re
of laud; appraised nt $11000.
O. E. Otvtii, Sheriff.
Dotios , Tvi.mi, ally's.
April Vts, CM2 4Jn-.:j Oi.
John Hates vs. the linecutors of David Lsdd, dee'd.
Hy virtuu of an order of sale issued in the above
cause by the cletk of the court of common picas i f
Wood comity, Ohio, and to me directed and de
livered, 1 will off.r for sale at Public Vendue uttbe
dvi rol the court house in the town of Porrys.bn.rg,
Wood county, Ohio, on
" Saturday, May 10, 1H02,
bet a fen the hours oi' 10 n". m. nnd 4 p. m. of said
da.. , thu following described lauds and t 'iicmciiU
to- wit: A part of the river tract number 81, in town
sh';' 3, 1". S. Ueserve.in Wood comity, Ohio, bound
ed north by the Muiuuee river, east )' the cast line
of said river tract, south by grassv creek, nnd west
by u line parallel with the east linn of river tract
No. 80, and distant lliurcfrnin easterly 3 iO-100
chains, (excepting n tract containing jM-100of an
acre, described as follows: " begimiing at a point
where ti e lust above described line crosses tho
Pcrrysbttrg mid Oregon road, thence north en said
line H 02-tOO chains to s lid load, theneo southerly
along saiil road to tho place of beginning,") aai'd
lands containing K7 acres of land more or l.ss. Ap.
praised ut :tHHO.00. (1. K. (iCYRR, Sb, rill.
April ll-4'Jw j4 67.
John Olmstend vs. Shafcr A- Young.
Hy virtue of au order of sale issued in the above
case by the clerk of the court of common pleas of
Wood county, Ohio, and to me directed an I deliv
ered, 1 will oiler for sale nt public vendue nt the
door of the court house in the town of Perryshiirg.
Wood county, Ohio on
" Saturday May 10, 18 .2.
between the hours of 11 n. m. and 2 p. in. of that
day, the following described lands and tcncni.-nta,
to-wit : The w est half of the south cast quarter of
Section No. 21, in town three, nf th Ciiited States
twelve miles square reserve in Wood countv, Ohio,
cent lining 80 acres. (I. E. OrvKn, Sheriff.
K. HissKi.i,, Jr., Art'y. ,
April "th,-10w lS2.j.
David John .n n l!;,.l,,,l l..l,.,.. ... ..I
In pursuance of an order of salu, issued from the
court of common pleas of Hancock county, Ohio,
and to me directed in the above cuso, I w ill expose
to public sab!, on thu premises iu Wood countv,
Ohio, on Monday, the ";(th day of April, A.D. ISO'2,
between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon,
and two o'clock in the afl.'ruoon of said day, the
following real estate, situate in the county of 'Wiwid
an.' slate of Onio, and bounded nnd described ns
fol' r.vs, to-wit : The south-east quarter of section
fifteen (13) in township thr-ee (3) ninth of range
eleven ( 11 ) east. Terms of sale i One-third cash
in hand on day of sale, one-third iu one, and one
third in two vears from day of sale, the deferred
payments to be on interest, nn I secured by mort
gage on the premises. CLOYS It. WILSON,
Sheriif of Hancock county.
1- , ...... r
r.. i.iio v., mi y for pi III.
I'indl.iy, March 27, fsel
id! l;T nt-' rniifiv pi imo w-.wm km
"I 'W '"- ' i.'i....i...i i 1,1,,1. M MH
Hhnda 1 limits vs. Jerry Tibbits.
The said Jerry Tibbits, win se place of residence
is unknown to said plaintiff, is hereby notified that
said Khoda Tibbits did, on the 29lh"Uv of March,
A.D. 18-12, (tie her petition iu thnoUl 'et'f the Clerk
of the Court of Common Pleas, w ithin and for snid
county of Wood, and State of Ohio, alleging, uninng
other things, that she was married to said defendant
In the county of Huron, Ohio, about the 2."ith of
December, lHiO, and charging him with wilfnll
absence fiom a ild plaintiff lor more than throe years
next precee ling the filing of said petition : and ask
ing to be divorced from said Jerry Tibbits, which
petition will stand for hearing afthe next term of
said court. KHODA TIHHETS,
!! Menu IV & Sl.UVIN, Utt'VB.
March 31. 1S02-IHwO --!;!. 07.
E. Pollock Plaintiff, vs. Freciinn Johnson, James
Johnson. Matilda Johnson, Lailiita Johnson, Dcfts.
Said James Johnson is hereby notified, that E.
Pollock, Plaintiff iu th' above entitled caiise did on
the 2ftth day of November, A. D. 1H01, file bis pe
tition in said Court of Common Picas, of Wood coun
ty, Ohio, setting forth that on thu Milt diiy of April.
A. D. lijiitl, said d. 'fen hints, freeman Johnson and
James Johnson executed uml delivered to plaintiff a
mortgage deed, of the west half of northwest quar
ter section 20, town 4, C, S. H. of 12 miles square
in Wood county Ohio, to secure the payment of
cipr promissory notes, payable to plaintiff in 1,2,.'!,
L , '. 7, and 8 years from their date of April. 10,
18'.), wi-h interest payable itmiuully. That .sai l
note- were given for the purchase mime v of said
Lin Is, and that, M itil.la nn 1 Lodinn Johnson, wives
of said Freeman and .lato.'s Juht.soq, by the terms
of ;.uid dj .'d, quit claimed their dower 'interest, in
the said lands lo pluintill, subject to the condition of
the same. That Said first mentioned note, is due
an 1 unpaid and that interest on nil said nrdes is
due nnd unpaid. That by the terms of said mort
gage, de'endnnts bound themselves not to cut tim
ber on said Uu Is, only so far as they cleared the
wine up. Thnt defendants are cutting limber on
the sanic, in violation of their said iifrecmeiit and
that thereby great and irreparable injury is about
to be done plaintiff. Said Petition pru'ving for an
order restraining defendants from cutting timber
thereon during the pendency ol this suit, and on ihe
final hearing of the sum , for a decree nnd order of
sale of said lauds, nnd that the proceeds of each
sale be applied, put to the payment of said note
airl intercut uotv du an I the bil.tiico bj brought
into Court to be applied in payment of the remain
ing notes anil the interest thereon, as the same shall
become due. Defendant James Johnson, is hereby
require.) unswer by Saturday, May ad, 1862.
' i n . fxt . i. .ti'cvi i-ii
March 1 1 t!ivOit fil.
Attorneys for Plaititiff.
1'llII.AllEI l-lll l.
tor the relief of tho Sick nnd Distressed, af
tliei.i l wlih Yin,lent tiipi ChjMnic pwuitkca, and es
Ieci.i!ly for the Cure of Diseases, of tho Sexual
Vledieal Advice jtiven iimatis, bv the Actinir
Valuable Uenort-r nn Sp. rnutorrlia'a, or Seminal
Woakn-ss, and other Diseases of the Sexual Or
pins, and on the N'ew Remedies employed in the
Disp.msary, s.-nt to the ntllictcd in s.-ale-l letter-envelopes,
free of charge. Two or three Nt.imiis for
pohlaere will bo nccojifal.lc.
Address D11. J. Skii.i.in HurciiTos, Acting Stir
peon, Howard Aisociatioit, No. 2, South Ninth
Street, Philadelphia, Pa. , ftinltt.
'IMIK t'ONKi: -Sioxs AExiIKNCK"0t'
.M. A SUH-111'.ll,
Published as a training, and for the especial ben
efit of Young Men and those wdm antler with Ner
vous Debility, l.oas of Memory, Premature Decay,
etc., etc., etc., by one who Itaa cured himself bv
simple means, sttor being put to great exiiense and
inconvenience, through ihe use of worthless medi
cine pre icrihcd by learned Doctors.
Single copies may be had of the author, C. A.
I.ambcrt, Ksi., tfrcenixiint. Long Island, by enclos
ing a post-paid addressed t-uvcloH. Address
t'l:arlc A. iaiiubert, Ksi., (ircciipohii, Long Island,
j 2"'4'1-
'PO Consumptiveii: The Advertiser, having
X been restored to health in 11 foiv weeks, by a
very simple remedy, alVr having suffered several
year ith a severe Lung AlVection, sud that dread
disease, t'uu.-,uiuilioii, ia auxioiu tu make kuowu
to bis fc How -suit, rers the means of cure.
To all who desire it, he u ill aeuJ a copy of the
prescription used, 1 free of charge,) with tho direc
tions for preparing and using the same, whieh they
will liud a Sure Cure for (Yuummaiju.h, .Uirwo,
Jti uHihitu, eta. Tho ouly object of the advertiser in
.ending the prescription U to benetit the slliicled,
und spread iitformalioii which he conceives tu be
invaluable, and he hopes every suft'erer will try his
remedy, us il will cost theni nothing, and mav prove
ablesainjr. Uuv. KDWAUU A. V1LS0N,
Sllli-I. WHlinnuliunj, k'liijt (tu,, -V. .
""1 O A L OIL,
The b'st thnt can be bad, is now sclliu; at the
"Pome all and try it,
And you'll t-Vr buy it."
' . - pECK 4 HAMaTOy.
tAwfV&V,! ' Art o tkk, fold, an,
' tf I'rf rou..lnliih.t(t Ira ii out o'
TrTi"s'r'l rtt,oC1''' "' Snii ik
- J.R IC k IA1 1 ceii.furluOlat Theiif kviiik
f-tMitH'AUKi cJt7 touts are oni'ii me pruiieta I
Bi 'l al P?AX I'loll lllltsu. tiuiua til I.I
mrTZi F sli'liiiaa laerarphig spun yon
f rJe-M and almuld Iw ..ri.-.l l.jr ;
V VVrSjf' ! timely " "ft'"' ''KM '
I Vj'V rfll LI'I ' U viau.iau ...I. n.n iiia-.i'iai v "
Cbv'breJ. J, ;VvT ''" l"n ify ' llmwl, an.
L 'flbtf? rf.jl l lh OiitOa muta ou unl.
ttf V P" i i Vvrf1 ml l'i l.osltk kIii
'ItsattV'Si ton boJv Into riKon.ua r
tlvily, puiifv lh ttalaui hen.
m " tin. olaai u.-11'Hia l.lrll uu.k.
dUesw. A coM tiles aoinowliuru III UN" Iwily, and .!
atnicls Ita icliir-1 ruii' tioi.a. 'i'lieaa, If nut roliund.
react upon tli.inw'.ros nnd tliv siirrmiiMliiig urnin, o.,
Oin-iliR Ki'lleral "HKiavatioll, ailff..! in, nlel lliwme
While In thi roiiilitiolt, opivai'.l ly III" ili'raiiir.'iiienta,
t .ko Aynr'a I'llla, nml um Ice 0i.tly Ihajr rnaiore Ihu
iialurul m ll.m of tlie nyMeui, and with It tlm l.ie.j mil
R.ellnrf of hoaltli nn On. What l Inv mid " aiTan tit f u
thia trivial ami cinonu coiiiilaliit, la nli tutu In mar..,
of tlio-.lee. . ntnit slid iliiiiaeroiis itilenii(M i). The hiiiuu
piiritntirn etfTt mnila tlimn. tau-d hy alintlar tliKtl .-.
tiona and ilii aiiieiieuita of tho sal anil fitnctiom c f ll.u
liedy, limy nr.. ri'IOIy, nu4 many of tliviui auruly, ctirw.l
by tlioKamu no. ail, None wli.. Iciiumt Ui.j virtaua of tlie
I'lIU, vlll tiejcteet to employ thuin whrii atitrerltig rrom
Iho illaotflcra they cur...
Htnti'iiU'iita r. ..in li'udluK p1i.vllaii hi aniuo of Um
ptliii'liud cities nud from uthev woll known piiblia pir
aoiia. i
From a brivardi'iv Afcivfiant if 3. louil, fit). 4, lSliO.
Avsn: Your I'ilU aro tin) paraxon of all thnt Ii
great hi medicine. Tlt,.y hitva ctiivt my litllv tliuiifhter
or iilrcroua aorea upon lir liaads mid fuel that ha I prevnil
Inciirnlilo f.r yenra. Ilor mother has liucn Ioiik Krler
ounly utll ictoil uilh lilotcliui ami plmpteaim liar aklu and
In her li-iir. Alter our chil.l .vat curod, alio atw. Iricd
your I'llla, and they hnva cured Iter. -
... ., . ., AS.V MOKORIDU&
A n Faintly Pliyilc. .
. Fi-uix Vi -'. II". LXaylKTiyUlf Amu Oilcam.
Your l'itla aro tha triiie of ptttKea. Thai. exrultcnt
qualities aurp.-"-i any cnthuilie wn pnia,wa: 'Tltoy ara
mild, hut very certui.i and ulfi.etiml In llo-lr artlou un tl.t;
I.O'.veU, wl.ii Ii inakea tlwiil iuvaluahlu lo ua In Ihu ilnily
tleatlllvnt of ili-teaio.
IIcndacle,SlckIIcni1n clio, Foul Stomach.
Vviii r. Ahtiio d toyd, llitltimorc.
Tl ; in tin AvKnr t cannot nuiovcr yon ivhat complntnh
I Iii.mi co'C with ynnr I'llla buttur tl. oh to any all Uml wj
arcr tit; ( with u )mtftntivt inHivvu. I Am-e great Ueprii
fh'iiee un nn i.iVooti.al cathartic In my itatty content with
.haei.au, mid tHillovin nt 1 .1.. that yuur I'illa atlurd ua thu
hest we havu, 1 ufeenrao valuu thum highly.
fimiiimn, Ta., Mnv 1, ISM. '
Vn. 3. 0. Aviai. Sir: I havu Imen rnpnalcillr euml cf
thu wer-it h'tttlanti any liu.ly rnn Imvu hy a dnae or tv.
cf your Tills. It aeeuia to uiiau from a foul atotiinch,
Which thny clealiHu ut oura,
T.jiiis with great ruict, 1.11. W, lmKIII.K, -,
t-) ' ,aicr t'lurivs.
1)11 toil Disorder I.I vtr Coauplalu t.
i'lnm th-. jlieulore Hill, tf iVdii lort CJy.
Not only nro your Pills luhiiit ubly A'tupled to Ihotr pur
posn as nn aperient, hut I llml Ihcir henellrlal alTi eta npon
Ihu I.tvur very mtiiki'il Iii.Iu.hI. Tiny havu iu my pmc
lien piovuil ii'io tilTiiOl tinl fur tho ili.o uf btlimit em
ptiii'iUa limn any one runmly I van liiiiilien. I aincvraly
rejulee tiiat wu havo at length a piirjjtaiivu whtrh ia wor
thy thu cuiillduucv ot thu piureaiunii ituj the i-.i'le.
DlkPlllTMIlMT Or Til I.NlSiltlOR,
W.uiliiiUjti.tl, I). L'., till Kel,., 1S.W. (
Sin) I hard tlteil your I'illa iu my mi-nil and limpttat
pi:u ticou.ol t-itiio yuii uuidu t hem, ond can nut liuaiii.iu to
say they are thu best valliattie we employ. Their tn-gti-luting
action on tho liver It quirk and itixliltiil, runae
qtivully llicy mu an adii.iriil.J,e romeily fur UcmtiKUiiiuutt
ol' licit iii'g.iii. Iml. oJ. I liavo m l. tout fuiiuil a case of
bilitiut disrate no i tntiuata Hint It did not ruiulily yiuld lo
them. Inaurually yuuit, AI.O.NZO HAM., .11. J) ,
Jliitkiau cf tht Muritit ,,j. idit.
Dysentery, Dlari'liorn, Relax, AVorm.
I'rum Ui: J. CI. (JittH, ii't'ii'cej;.!.
Your Pi I In ln.vo hud a long 1 1 lo I In my pniitleo, and I
hel l II. ( in in (Mucin na ono of llie heat nparliuila 1 l.av
ovot f.nuiJ. Their ult.iintivu illert upon Ilio llrcr tnukea
them un excellent reineily, whun givon In tn.all dosed fur
biliviu (yriiory ami OeoWioe. 'Jlu-lr iiigiir-ciaillug
makea theni very act. ptaMo aud conveuivut tor tho uaj
. uf wduiuii and chitilrun
Byspc1al, Tuiiirlty of Ihe Blood.
iVnm far. J, )'. Ilimtt, Ihifor oJMciit Oiurc'i, lloilon.
Dr. AYita: t have used your Pills will, extraordinary
ii(Ti ill my liuiiily nnd .....oi.,- tliotu I am culled to visit
in iliatrcns. To leiiiilntu Ilio orp.tia of digestion ami
purify the blond, limy arc Ilio very bout remedy I bnv
evor known, nml J cult culifhh'iitlv recommend llicin to
my lileiKls. , , Totin, J. V. UIMES. ,
WiiiE.iw, Wynmhig Co., N. Y., Oct. 'U, 1S65.
Ptin Pu: : I ion iikinu; j.iur Cullmrlie l'i 1 Is in my prao
Ike, and find them an enrol lout purgative to cleanse tbu
ayatvm aud j:iu il)) Hit Juiiiilnint uf thr lilm!,
C'oimtlpnt Ion, Cost fvotieaa, Milpprcsnlon,
Ji.hr MiuMtxui, Uniit, Kcurulicla, Utoti
uy, I'aialjaly, Fit, etc.
I'n in I'r.J. I'. Joiiym, .lo i, dd.t, dmad.
Too Hindi cannot l.n anij of your I'llla fur tho euro of
si'iliieiM. ll'tdbcra of our fiitluriiily l.nvo (uitul ili.-m
us eftica. ii.ua ua I linn., they aliunlil j .in 1110 in prorl.ilm
initit fur the lu lu lit of tho multlt.tdea who miller from
tiiat complaint, whirl,, allhouKh bad eiloiiuh in itwjir, la
ilio proi niliir of itliura that uro worao. I la-licvu cvu
tivtimt to oritrlii.il.- In the livor, but your I'llla affect that
uigaii nnd cine tlt iliajitiu.
Fnim Mrs. I:. Stimrt, Voyskian and WJwife, Daiten.
I find into or two lai jo des.'8 of your I'illa, taken at Ihe
proper lime, al e exv.-ll.-nl prein.it ivi-a uf the uutiunl Here
lam hi-u wlmllv ,H- partially ti.priB...l, and also very
.-ffuetttal hi clniiins tbu jfdn.iK.7i ami j-;n-l hioi-imi. They
are o linn Ii Ilia heat physic 0 havu that locoiiituend
no ot.ier te my piitii-nta.
from the l!et: Tr. rr.nvT.-tf, Hit 3trttmlitl Kpit. Church.
I'ri.tsKi llnr.iK. Saiauuah.tla.. Jan. fl, lSf.n.
llo.vof.i-i) Jin: 1 .-li..ul.l lm it 1 i;r:i i..r.il f.r llu relief
your skill ba. bmlulit 111c tf I .lid net rcjwt my i-a-k- to
yuii. A ci.I.l h IlLd in my limbs and briaiKlit b'u i-xrru
ciating ti. io n'ii.. ;oii, wf.ieli em!. ,1 In rhrm,i.: 1 ,oiui
tain. Ni Iwlilul Ol.tliiK I had tliu I.m-I of phyahlnna. tlio
likuace Kiow wnro mi l 1e1se, until by the advice f-f your
ex-i li lit iiL-ant lii l!all!nii-r., Hr. Mar'tioiuie, I tried ynnr
I'illa. 'I heir imcls were slow, but mud. Hy persevering
In thu iiau of thi-in, I uu now entirely well.
Sknate CiiAinirn, tlntoii ltoitflte, T.n., 6 Due. ISM.
I)n. Ayku : I havo bi-i-a entirely clil ud, l.y your I'llla, ot
Jthnamitie Gout a painful ilisi-aBo Hint Iiu.l unlk-tet 1110
f..ry.nrs. V1NCKXT SI.ILIEI.I..
S-M(.t cf tho fills In market contain Jfereury,
whieh, ullhoiie.li a valuable rtuuedy in i-kiltul IihikIs, ia
tlangeroiia iu a joibllo pill, from' tin. di-oatlfnl wina
iliionees thnt frequently follow Its luuaiitliiua uo. Tliet
contain no r.iereury or luliierul utnslaiico wbatorur. :
Trlcse, 25 cents por Box, or 5 Boies for tl. .
Prepared by Dr. J.C. AYER &. CO., Lowell, Vast.
SSfForsaleat Pock St, Haniiltou's Drug Store,
I crrvKinirir. uum, '
October, 17th, IdftL 21yl
May lc consulted free of charge, at the following
times and places :
Fostoria, Havs House, Tuesday, March 18j
ppain, April a,'.
Findlay, t'nsik's Hotel : Monday, March 17 ;
again, April 2M,
Fremont, KohUt Ilntol, Wednesday, March 19;
npain, April 'M.
Perrysbiirg, I'xchange Hotel, AVcdnesday, after
noon, April ; ("e-iilii, .May 21 . '
Are now snd diu'erunt from any one in the United
StateSjiind 1 challenge any one to produce the same
success that 1 have met Villi iu treating Chronic
Diseases. N theory is bused upon the chemical
lierations of the bod v. belicVHur diseases to denend
upon a disproportioned condition of the fluids of the
body, whereby the solids be come unhealthy by
analysing the" secretions, blood, lm., of the body,
and liiiding out what is dclieicut or in excess mid
supplying to the system what is wanting. I am
enabled to cure often by a kiiiallamountof medicines,
W here the patient has boeu drugged with medicines
for long j ears to no ctlcct. . a
J'ow Dysjicpsia, in the great majority of esses, de
dends niaiiily uion a dispMpotiiom d' state of the
(jatitric or digestive fluids of the stomach. When
this gasttc It itiil is pne.ior tinned properh', the food is
thorougly digested unit assimilated. Viewing Dys
pepsia by the rules of Chcuiicopathology, and givlug
trcatmetit aecordiiiglr.I am enabled to cure 4'J cases
out of el', and 49 cases out iO of Coiisuiiipation, As-
tiitna, littnictuiis ami l.uryngitis,aii(l I.ivcr Lom
dlalnt, Piles, Neuralgia,Diiness ot Sick Headache,
Nerwitis Debility and Female Discuses in every
case s cure, and other diseases proportionately.
I ti'"Dr. McMiJUut UN-sail improved Inliahiur In-
ati iiinent for the cure uf t'oiisuuiplion, Asthma, liron
chitis and Laryngitis; by thi we can make, as gtasl
au application to llie diseased Lung and Tluxwt as
w e couivi to a sore uny where ou 14te ectcrior ot the
Dr. M. uses nurv- Cbeniicopatliic and Dotanic Rem
cdies. He gives u mild tonic treatmeut w hich acts
chemically, and aasbis Nature to free herself. Ouo
ounce of as-Utanee to Nature is worth a pound ot
poisonous nrngs 10 me otsease.
on.-nltuiion ami aavtcc live.
Information in regard la inv treatm;nt and suc
cess call ou, op write to: , :
Mrs. . II. Abbolt, Portage, Wood county, Ohio
Mrs. Hubert Jacobs, Kagleville, Wood couiilv,Ohio
Mrs. J esse Ilukell, Drowns Pomersj Wood countv,
Ohio; Andrew Cross, Millgrove, Wood countv, Ohio;
John Cummins, Hassan, Hancock county, (jhio j J.
A. Smith, Klu ore, O tlow a county, Ohio; Ki. E.
Church, Toledo. Lucas county, Ohio".
All enmmunioutions must be directed to Dr. J.
F. McMillen, Cleveland. Ohio.
Doctor Thomas F. Cliannan will send to all w ho
wish it (Tree of charge), the liceii aud full din-c-tions
for making and uing a beautiful vegt table
Halm, that will t'lt'el dually remove Pinudes. lllotch-
es.Tiin, Freckles, etc.,. -tc., leaving the skin suns .th,
.-..ail, nno ocaiiniin ; ntso inn ntrectioiis lor using
IMatreau's Celebrated Stimulant, warranted
itsrt full growth of Whiskers, or a Mustache,
less than thirty days. Either of the above cau b-3
obtained by return iiinil, by addressing! with stamps
for return portage) l)r, Thomas F. Chapman,
i . a. iicn i m-niisu oai croaiiway, joir or.
McbU-45ma. '
cv a ucivc, vvvc voWX"
tuvi oW. W uvW xyvwcv
Aw W TivVvovv m.s.Vvt
Ci AYcs. txwu. ovvWvVvtvc
5ov cv oma, vfA.e,
Sovcvo.c. SveY, xyvvtVi.,
Vo.Vtw v lyoi.iV ixvvawVvXv,
U e. sYOt iY
l$iliou3 Fever,
Fever a?td Jlgue,
Liver 'Complaint,
', Iridi-gestion,
Kidney Complaint 3
t aW. Ae.oics , Wvvtaa
v.t vts., Wvem
core. ve lOO vx, VvvcwA.,
"Ov. S.oitt.c.V
vix uoi
, . i i. .
Oy. "RoWcXOft
.Yvvyc- uxmv ve,.ciYvco.
vwcvViPw "LvCi eooAe.
Ye-vyevv.'vv., "5iVtvYYcoi, "Ova-
Ther.a fitters, are put up in quart
bottles, of which the above is a faa-sinx-ile.
The label ia finely engraved, and
is provided, with a aa.fe-QT.iard frorrh
counterfeiters, ffVice $l,per hsttle, or
six for $8.- -. j-,:, .. ...
G. W. Jobao7c,. (Proprietor, Jfo, 6
East Fourth St., Cincinnati, to ivhorn
all ordera should be addressed. -
The following, iu Wood county: Peck & Hamilton,
I'ei-rysuurg j A. J. Gardner iV Co., (iilead ; E. F.
Turner, Portage ; S. W. Wbitimore, Tontoganv
S. Clyiner, Olscgoi II. li. Atkius, New Wcstficld
S. L.'lSoiighloii,. Howling (irecu; . llauks & Pattor
sou, Pcnd.crvillc ; A. Liuisdale, Frceport ; C. R
Hosendale, West Millgrove; S. II. Kmersou ; Kagle
ville; ami bv druggists aud mere hauls generully
jhroughout titc Uuion. -431y .
EOliUF, W '. 11 U OVS it. C
.-V TV'fc -
i.. . rERRYSBt'RO, OHIO.
Manufacturers of Snyder's Patent Head Blocks,
for Saw Mills; Cast Iron Mullt-ys; Center Issue Wa
ter Wheels, for Orist Mills, and Durfee's celebrated
Pony" Re-arting Wheels, for Saw Mills.
Mill licariug of the moat modem iuipreveuieuts;
either lor , .
..a I II, If:
Brass and Irou Castings of all kinds, ,
tn till its varieties, made to order, snd Warranted.
Steam Engines aud other work done nn the shortest
notice. Also, Longs Improved Plows, Koad Sci-a-perx,
Kettles, Sli igli Sboes,&Q., t wholoaalu or re
tail. School House Stoves, the best iu the market,
on hand at ull times. Order aoliuitcd and nrcntpt
ly filled. - " ' 1 -' ' '
Mr. Wm. McKim pmposes to disposeof ltls lauds
In this county at a merely nominal price.
He w ill sell the south half of the north-west ajuar
ter.of section 20, town 6, range 10, coiilaiuing K0
acivs, for live hundred dollars. Said laud has boeu
thoroughly ditched uud druiued at ou expense of
2451 r
. lie will also sell the south half of the south-west
quarter ofsectiui Hi, towu 6, rsugo 11, ut the sums
Enquire of II. II. DODQE, Attorney st Law, lVr
ry shiirp, Ohio.
Alao for sals a large number nf Town Lots, both
ham und iu the tow n of Millgrove, with aud without
improvements, together witb several Taluabl
Farms. II. U. DODCiK.
rvrrysburg, Not, 10 1851,

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