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Local Matters.
Local Matters. TIME TABLE---Dayton & Mich. R. R.
11 all l'rl?l,"
Mlltoa, ,
. -
' . II SO A M. ana V.DOP.M
ll.M P.M. and . P.M
08 P.M.And lll.(P.M
S P.M. hd 1(1.55 P.M
8S P.M. ihd 10.86 P.M
5.5P.W. andD-M A M
S.H1P M.andtTO A.M
K it P.M. nd6.M A M
6 0S P.M. and fl A.M
tnofy, v" j f
Rail Prairie, -rerryebarg;,
Toledo. ' '
ft.MP,M.aaaf 6A.M
Toledo', i8 4SP.Mv
Perryabu'rg, ' .ln P.M.
HaH Prairie, 4 40 P M.
Tnntofany, S.n P.M.
Weiton. . S.fVO P.M.
Milton, A.M
' j ' t.to A.M
Tontarany, I-0 A.M
HU Prairie, , 919 A.M
r.erry anurg, o.
Wood County Official Directory.
kr .A. tatty.. Judge of Court ef Common Pleas.
as. Taller .....Judge of Probate fiort.
Oeorze WeddMI Clerk of the Courts.
Alexander Brewa Proiecwtlns Attorney.
Gee. N. Parsons ..
i. A. Bunnell.....
O, W. Bvers....
Rtenhen Merry. .
leviS Donaldson
..County lior.
........ .Treasurer.
., Sheriff.
, ..Surveyor.
.. ...Coroner.
O. C. Balrd
WaUw Davidson
Ad.llton Lanadal
8. W, BU lohn,
t, S.CaaBeH, , )
Tt, A Avery, (
J. W. lUin. '
..School Iitmlni'i.
TWoiium BaVery-M. & R. I.. Dewey.
Statement of the Metropolitan Insurance Co.
,ook to You(.Tjtl;8-Pa Cook.
Road Nntice-Jlaryr Petitioners.
Auditor's Notice to Township Treasurers.
(Kotic-a-W 8. Ebcriy.
Presbyterian Mite.
The Presbyterian Mite Society will b Tield al
the rawdanca of Colonel F. R. Miller, this (Fri
day ) eYehing. An Invitation U cordially extended
to aV witlwut distinction of creed. No more
pleasant reunions are- afforded our citizens than
these social gatherings.
Metropolitan Insurance Company.
This sterliug Company of New York, for which
Robs Ooor are the A Kent In this Act, ap
pears Una wt-cV with the statement of Hs condition
fofUie year 1807. Itsdnsncinl bnsis is a strong:
tnie, and parties desiring to .eflect n insurance,
can not invest in a more reliable Company.
Real Estate Bargains.
Owing to the crowded state of our columns Inst
ock, w ware unable to caU attention to the ad
vertisement of J. Rjcketts.' The lands and lots
lie offers for sale -re therein fully described, to.
KetheV with tfc terans of payment. 1 Many of these
lauds are t the very best that can bo found in
the county, and constantly increasing in value.
Morton's Gold Pens.
desirt o call the attention of -those who use
a pent) the advertisement of A. Morton, the cel
ebrate! Jotd Pen Manufacturer, of New York. In
this Iw has justly attained a world-wide pop
laritjr.' In finish, durability anS genc'ral oseful
ncss his pens are un(iia!ed. He has brouplit the
art of! making jrold pen.4 to the highest perfection.
W'o have recently received one Troqi his manu
factory, and, pronounce it, without hesitation, to
be the best gold pen we have ever used. We
can, therefore, conscientiously recommend to all,
the pens manufactured by him.- They are incoai
p.r.ibiy the best Jens tnado. '
Report of Sub-District No. 3, Bloom
Township School.
This icllohl commenced the 3 I of December,
186(5 j,vurairo attendance tliii-ty-fi ve. The fiJUnv-
ing scholars will please accept me maims oi
thuir caiihtw 'fur exemplary couduct w.liilo at
school I , ' "
Mary Horjll .Tumeji M- Whitacre, Samuel Whit.
Aero, -I)luV Whiiaere. Lewis Whitacre,.AIIrt
I.oe, James II. I.oe, Mary line, Am inda I.oe, Hnrah
I.oe, Nathaniel l.oe, Frank Smith, (leoriro O. Smith,
D.if riraUh, Martha Cr.rw, Mary E. Crow, Alvin
tVow, Huruli J. .Suckhous'), Owen Slackhouae,
Henry. Horst.
Rest scholars ill Arithnietie James M. Whitaere,
Santnel Whitaere, Daniel Whiucie, Albert Loe,
Frank Smith.
Rest in Geopraphv Henry West.
Best in Grammar Samuel Whitncro, Daniel
Whitaere, Amy At Whitaere, Albert Loe.
llesttiii JOrthoRrariUvT-Saiiiuul Wbitacrtf, Albert
foeJDMAtfl Xft'itat-re). ; j a ' ,'
GEO. F. WRIGHT, Teacher.
The Premium Bakery.
The caFd of Messrs. M. i R. 1.. Dewey, of
Maumea, Qity, will, be fuiind in iur advertising
columns. The, people of I'errysbuig have been
long .imiliar, with the esccellenco of tlieir man
ufacture of jt bread, crackers, Ac so much-so
that 'couimeodiiitloa on our .part la wholly su
perfldous.;', Put, w know whereof ve spea
when" lay that in their line they can not be excelled.-
If.tbe chiHrea of Israel, dining their pro
luugad journey through the wilds of Arabia, had
been Supplied , with the ltKWKVa' bread, manna
would hart been a superfluity.
Those who desire something nice in the cake
department can not fall to be suited at the Premium
Bakcryv . All orders lor weddings and parties will
be promptly attended to. We are not much on
Cake in the abstract, but the remembrance of one
of his pound" is certain to produce a dowinoss
about the mouth,; easily aocounted for by one who
lias tasted.'
Teacher's Certificates.
Thefollywiug applicants as tenchers were ex
amined, at Wenlon, Friday, February 1, 1867, by the
County. Bpariof Eiamiuera, and har Jh-eti
nwarJea rtifictc as follows t , t! ..; '
iVb. oi .rvJVim of -
1 .MiiH Alice Mann-..4
.r.Miss Margaret Aller-4
0 , ilitn'A attii-Cli amllur 4
ll.'.'MisirKra I'ngh 4
l...Mr9 A. E. (iilmore-4
IS-".. Miss Fannie linir .... 4
H-."Mi4s Marr Scott 4
if-.. Miss Evilalla K. Koss-4
14.. Miss I.nnUe ev. lugh '4
Ao. of
- 0
na 11)4
No. li withdrew.
No, 2. 3, b, 6. T, 8, 10 and 14 failed.
T lie re were 18 applicants. Certificates granted
aa follows t Fourth class, ft months 0.
D. A. AVERY, Clerk of the Board.
of Examiners lor Wood County, at
their ekamination for the county, oh the 1st ri:ir o'
February, A. 1). 18A7, decided that all applicants
for cert lit oates should be examined In Mentnl
Arithmetic. Applicants (will govern themselves
accoriugly. Uy oruer nl the Jiard.
D. A. AVERY, Clerk.
WESTON, February, 2, 1867.
ttetl Estate Transfers iu WoodCouuty.
The following are the transfers of real estate in
Wool County, as shown by the bookc In Recorder
MitRHir'e Office, for the week ending February 9,
leu l .-.
N. Reed to J. StuufTer; pt e sw see 98, tp 6, rng
II, zn acres-!!).
N. A. Crawford to 3. Staffer; pi side e sw sec
23. fb S. fanira 1L 10 acres S230. .
C. W. Carpenter to J. W. Ovitt; lets 3 and 17,
Hull Prairie 150.
W. R. Trusdall to Q. Z. Avery; tavern stand,
bowling G;eo-$3,0. - .
J. Walker to W. Walkon s n j s sea 11, tp
, ranger W, 20 acrea $400, '
O. Cmoper to I., Marshj pt n DW see 28, tp T,
range II. 80 acres (300.
L. Hafer to i. Taylorj e pt nw see 3, tp I, range
11, 50 acres $2fl0.
A M.lrn toj. K. Hordi sswaea SB. two 4.
raore 11, 80 acres 1200.
if. Shoeuiaker tu I). Traevs pari river tracts 80
nd ol, about 100 aerea I3,D00.
A. L. Huxbinson to M. Hubbard: lot 41, Milton
CenUr W0. ' , .
ho. of transfers 10; total value 11(1,710.
The Great West.
Homes of the sturdy farmers who look about
them over the broad prairies, and see for miles
then lands and granaries, are often rendered deso
late, by the death of a beloved child from the
ravt'gsof the deadly Croup. Coe's Cough BhI
sara never fails to core it, and is also the best
remedy in the world for Colds, Coughs, and all
throat and lung diseases.
Coo's Dyspepsia Cure is the only remedy known
that is seriala to cure J)jiepsia, Indigestion, and
Id faet all disorder proceeding from lbs stomach
sad bownlf.
We are reliably informed that J. II. Clo'ss, for
tnerlyof Bellvue, Huron Conntt.Ohio, and for the
last two years near Rloomington, Illinois, lial
bought the- farni formerly owned4 b MOstMA
TrasoN.of Ita'skins, for $52, ca.-li in hand, per
acre. It speaks AU for oar cMntiiy andeepecially
for our neighboring village, when such men select
the place1 ftir permanent residence.' After s care
ful investigation of the advantages and disail.vat,-
tages connected with farming on the, Illinois
prairies, as compared with this tncalftyy owls' sat
IsAed that enr Wood County lands are not s whit
behind the Illinois, lands . In quality ao.l,, ht
greatly the ldraataff in markets Weiaift wanted
more than anything else, now. is s liberal supply
of such men men who have capital and energy
who appreciate the advantages or our soil and lo
cation, and have the means and ar" willing tain
rest in a thorcHigti-system' oT untler-grouud drain
ige, which whett once inatigii'ratcd will be generally
appreciated and adopted, and wilt work a grand
revolution in the present system, and will very
sbortiy double the value of lands ' thus drained.
Thepraiiie abnul Raskins furnishes excellent op
prrtnnity for drainage, extending as it does almost
to the very verge of the Maumee River, which
dashes along over the reeks sixtt feet below the
level of the prairie, furnishing ad' excellent outlet
and inviting the farmer lo dtaeharge'airiho surplus
wsterof tho country through underground chatt
els into its capacious bosom. In a few years
hence, if Wo mistake not, as Toledo grows to be
more and more of a city .these prairies willbeoome
the garjiin to supply her markets with small fruits '
and vegtabtes, and will be considered the most
valuable lands in Northern Ohio.?' a .. t
Th'o people of Raskins have occasion to rejoice
over the present indications f futnre growth and
prosperity. - , I .
Evidences of activity and energy in business
meet yon on every baud notwithstanding the genr
eral depression and stagnation in business, owing
to the tightness of the money market. '
In a period of ten days, Amej & Wokth have
received at their mill aud elevators about 0,000
bushels of com, and they are daily shipping meal
and feed to supply Toledo and other markets,
while the roads leading into the village are lined
with teams loaded 'with san -loga, lumber, wood",!
grain, Slc, each awaiting their turn lo load or un
load. ... .-.,., .
Watts Son's saw-mill is completely block
aded with saw-logs, and the mill is struggling with
might and main lo convert tho fast accumulating
logs iuto lumber, and turniug out from uuo to two
car-hiads per day,
Fkaui.es A Ci-MutNO have just opened out their
now store room, which is without doubt one among
the finest stores in the county. The R. R. Co, are
about to erect Depot buildings at this point to ac
commodate the rapidly increasing business of the
station. A firm has recently been organized and
have commenced the manufacture of ste A plows,
which they guaranteoshalt bo eipi.vl if not supe
rior to to any iu use. .,'
Mr. J. W. Cr.osu, we understand, is expecting
to put in operation machinery for tho manufacture
of wooden ware of various kinds. There is a gen'
eral outcry for more dwelling. Every dwelling-
house in town is occupied, and crowded boyond
endurance. New settlers nro coming in rapidly
and there are more changes nad conveyances of
real estate than has ever been known before in that
W. H. Hollepbeck's Wagon and Blacksmith
Happening; by the nbovo establishment, we
paid it a passing visit, and were gratified to find our
young friend doing a prosperous businoss. From
specimens of workmanship wo saw in the finishing
shop, we do not hesitate to affirm, that in quality
ot matoviat used, and style of execution, the
wagons and carriages built in this establishment
ni u among the very best. Tho late firm acquired
high reputation, and the present proprietor as
sures us that he will Bparo no vfljrU to uiainUiu
and increase that popular sentiment. .
Mr. Philip .Ridkk, who is well knonu iu this
region of country as one of the very beat and
most reliable mechanics in his line of business,
is foreman of the Carriage Department, and Mr.
.losKra (Untuck has! charge of the lilack'niith
Shop, which, combined with the acknowledged
skill and ability of the proprietor as a painter,
furnish their customers the best assurances that
every branch of tho business will be managed in
a satisfactory and -workmanlike manner. With
its present prospects we shall certainly be dis
appointed if,Uoi.LKNBECK'8 Carriage Faotmy does
not become a largo and highly profita'ilo estab
lishment, i
The Perrysburg Literary Society.
Tho m setings of the Literary Association a 'o in
creasing in iuterest. A largo audience -wtls in
attendance last Friday evening, .mid .the-, faetf is
fully established that tho public: will.readily attend"
and give encouragement by their presence. The
success of the institution ow depend upon the
members themselves,' and in proportion to the in
terest maniles'.od and oflbrts put forth by thom
will the society approach the maximum so earn
estly desired by those, who are Its friends. The
questh n relative to the perpetuity of republican
institutions was participated in by Messis rimiu,
Brown, Evjjbs, liwixo and Edkhi.V. Recitations
were also given by Mies XteuB Kkowx and Master
H.ATH8 . IiV ,J'i. t if.';;.
This evening the Veto question will be discussed
by able disputants, and recitations and other ex-,
orrises be given. The publio are cordially in
vited to ha present. ' . :,...
Pioneers' Festival.
Let our readers bear in mind Unit the Pioneers
of h Maumee Valloy .hold tif r' sfminptfuM
Festival, on. i'rjday. i next, I February lit at - Uie
Court-hoose,'iu Pwl vsbuig. .present imiioatin'iis
point lo a larjjo gathering of our fathers." ' Tho
main feature of the occasion s be the address
of W. V, Wat. Esq., who will give an iiitoit-sdnp
account of the first session of HieiCotirt of Conimon'
Pleas, -uclil in Lucas Conntyt and' in connection
therewith A number of interesting reminiscences
willbe given ofthe ''Michigan War" of 1835. Wo
hare beeu kindly permitted to ppiuse the- address'
in question, . and can assure tlioso ' who will be
present on tho occasion, that it will repay their
attention. , r
Our friend, C. W. Noiiton, Fsq., will got u.i
excellent dinner for the Pioneers. ,':,!' .
Examine Your Titles.
We would direct the attuution of those owning,
or about to purohase, real fcstnto in Wood County,
to the advertisement of Ross A. Cook, iu another
eolumn. Enriy attention lo this nwitter may be
of the utmost importance, . Prop) licir statement
it appears that s very Urge proportion of the real
estate in this county is defective" iu title, and such
being the case, it behooves every one, hi Justice to
himself, to see that his litfe'is perfect, by calling
upon Rqss k Cook at once. At great labor and
expense they have fluiUy complctcj a most per
fect set of Abstract Rooks, by which s complete
chain is given to the, title, of everjr part aud parcef
of land throughout tho county, ,Kaiul their sd-4
vertisement for'psrUciilsrs;
Beadle's Dime Publications.
Iu his series of Dimo publications BKAinr bas
struck upon a new patJl-T-Ttt 6ncijt excellent and
original. . by this-jouans he. has Lright much of
the v ery best of our current literature, Within the
reaeh uf a'L His pub'.icutions embrace History
Iiiographyi Adventure and Romance, and nothing of
a worthless or immoral tendency is issued from
his presses. Bead the advertisement on the second
page, and send your orders to IIkaoli St Co.; Noi
118 Williams Street, New York, and they will
meet with prompt attentiou.
JOUXSON-STliPIIENS. On Wednesday eve
niug, February o, 18o7, at the residence of John
Fu.-kerson, by Rev. O. N. Thornton, Sir. KfnRMS
Joenson ana Miss Is iuei, SitruE.xg, all of Alid
dleion, Wood Oouiity, Ohio.
morning, Fbrury 7,
186, of typhoid ferer, iUvu.HA, cuosnrt ot Hubert
'Slfi if "'Jrburg agod al years, J months
sad 20 days,
PERRYSBURG, February 14, 1867.
Arri.Rj - Given lu J"e ; dried 2 2i.
Hkkswax - S0c lb.
HrTT-2oii:,c lbs rfwi,!!ft;(2.V V itos.
1'i.ni'B -12 Wil 'iltji I harrvl.
tlRAis-Corn shclKvt K070s V bus In ear i
tt!c. Oat Soo340e. Rve 6ic. Wheat 1
1 V bu.
MiATS-ltams 12'(.Til Sc lb ; Shoulders ltd)
Win; Dressed llng I 00,0)7 60 H)' ct.
J.aro 12.Sc lt. u .
' ' I'otatoks iOncftOe V bushel,
SM.-ibanr.l.' '!"''' W
WoojA-.40r7Pi W Ml'. '.J-
TOLEDO, February 14, 1867.
FLOUR Fin, 7 0t47 M; Superfilje.? 80(55
8ftJ; Extra. 0 J0(H1 lid; UovlbleKxlrs, andVahry,
12 00(,tlS 0(1. Rve Flour, 7 60.
UUA1X0I Red WhesllfOAcn amber Mlckt
ganoid, J-rSdi new,vi7J: new white litfe." Corn,
t!4o. Oats, 4l(i444e., Rye lflic. ... ,. ., ,
PORK Moss heavy Jl; light 18 ; bnlts aud
rumps 17 60. .
LAKD Prime, in b'ols, t3c; do. kgs, 11 c. i
REEF Mess heavy fid: do light 14 00; prime
12 6. .
POTATOES Neshannocks 70c: Long Tink
Eyes, 70o; Mercer and Cartels, Iio CooinuMi
and Mised, 0e. -
TALLOW Mutton 8c: Reef 10','c.
BUTTER Fresh roll 23c; iu keg 20c; common
POULTRY Chickens dressed V T1 12!i'c:
turkies l.Se: duck? 1 l(j?.12r: geee lOifflJo.
(IK()Cl':UlK--Colf,-Rio 23(2tc: .tava 37c;
Syigars raw sugr 10(ffllc: crushed lnYoMft'c ;
granuiatcct m'e; Aconelo';e: U notTee M'e.
C coffee IS1; il4e.. Teas Young Hvson. lOOtril
175c; Imperial H.1otl75c; Rlaek 0(itl50c;
Japan Tt(lCl25c. Molasses TACtl00c. Sirups
fair 55rt0c; good. 7010800 primo OuYSUic.
Uiee Rnngnnn 1 0c: Carolina lie.
LUMBER 0!ear 95: 2d clear Js.16: box I8:
stock honrds $24; common boards $2(1: rolled rln
14; fencing $20; cull feVclng $14) (Vioi lnp stVfr,s
$t '; 2d do t.i; joist, sonntling and timber, 18 feet
and iindor.f3.ir. Al 18irb tmrtd shingles 6 tA
A i ls-irtcri Hlwed frhlnCTrs 4 .WT ttrtitbh' sawiiT
shitlrrl(s A 75 and 4 25, rlear nnil tti.fnntl dnwtnd
floorinir 50 00; common dressed BoArm 84
comiuon dressed siding $22; 2d and rlenrdrensod
siding $30; dressed stock mnimnn, 12-inch, $25i
dressed commlm boards $10;. .ath 4 80. ,
A Cuugli, a Cold, or a
Soe Throat,
' AND dllorm R CBWMIl). Ir
Irritation nf tlie I.nnif, n
rernianrnt Throat
i ae, or Jotivutnptlon
. " II IS W X S ' I-'
H iving it Direct IuDucnco to tho Parts, , . .
. , Qito ImmeiUato Relief.
For Ilrniirlii tli, Attlimn, fatnrrh,
t'oiiMiiiiplivv and I'll rout Diseueen,
Troches are Used with ahvavs Good Success.
singers and Public Speakers
will find TVooW useful in clearing the voice when
taken boforo Singing or Speaking, and relieving
the throat after an unusual exertion or tho vocal
organs. Tho Jroda are, recommended and pre
scribed by Physicians, and have had testimonials
from eminent men throughout the country. Being
an article of true merit, and having proeej fhejr
efficacy by u test of many years, each year finds
them in new localities in various parts of the
world, and the Trochct are universally pronounced
bettor than other articles.
Obtain only " Bkown's Riiovriiiai, Troches,"
and do not take any of tho Rort'i, Jmiiatimt
that may bo olfjred. Sold Everywhere. 31i
r. Siiienck.' Pulmonic Syrup.
This great nieillcina cured Dr. J. H. BdiKKra, tke
Proprietor, of Pulmonary Consumption, when ft hail
assumed Its most rurniidnble npecl, and when peerty
death appeared to be inevitable. 11 Is phytlelnns pro
nounced Ills cae Incurablii, w hen he commencrd the
nsoof tbis siuipto but powerfnl remedy. II is health
Was restored in a very short time, and no return of Die
tlieie has been .uppreheuded, for all the symptoms
quickly disappeared., and his pi-euent weight is more
than two hundred pounrig.
Hinee his recovery, he has devoted his attention ex
clnsively to tlte cure of Consumptioji, and the dlsenses
wlilch areuiuHlly complkated with it. and the currf
ert'cted b liU.taeilicinelisve .teeA ery nunaerHK
and truly wonderful. lr. (-ntcNrx makes profession
al visits to several of tho larger cities weekly, where
he has large concourse of patients, and it is truly
astonishlng to see poor consumptives that hive to he
Iilteo out or their carriages, and In a few months arc
Healthy, robust persons f Dk. CHJSNCH'S PDLMO-
PM.ti arq generally all reqijlred m curing Cnnsump
tion. Full directions aec nipany each, so lhat any
one eiq .take them without seeing Pr. SrnKscx, l,ui
when H is oonvenient it Is best to Bee him. Ilegites
. dvice ("roe, ont for a thorough examination with his
Rcspfl'onieter his fee Is three dollars.
Please observe, when purchasing, that the two like
nei9esof the Doctor, one when iu the jast stage ot
Cuiitumpliou, and the other as he now is, iu perfect
health, arson tho Government stamp
Sold by all Druggists and Pealera. price tl 60 per
bottle, or 87 00 the half doten. Letters for advice
should addressed to Dr. StiiKNrx's rrinclpalOflice,
No 15 North ihh street, I'hiliideljhial'a.
General wholesale Agents' Duuaa llarnes & Co.
N. Y ; 8, S. llancu, llultin.oiu, Md.; Johu I). Psrke,
Cincinnati, Ohio ; Walker & Taylor, Chicago 111.;
buiuuiuiua., liUUia, aiu, SJ'OUWI'IUUXI
' m
By Heglectlng- the I'lrcnutlons which
liimniou Xnte ltctnts,
Many fall victims to their own imprudence.
Wo have seen the young and beautiful girl, the
hope and prido pf.her pnieti.; Ucr ebeek flsliad
with aiititipation.'and her eyes' beaming with'tlie
gay. dceitms of life. We hare seen all this changed
for s . suroiul, ; by negleoting - 'a common ' cold,
which had settled upon her Lnrigs, 4o. It 'might
have easily been cured, if it had been attended to
ill time. . Kow, whop, your Lungs are; first dis
eased willr the iriciplont stages of Consumption,
you should use Allan's i.unu Ralsau, whieh will
relieve them without fail.
For s ilo by. Psoa .t Hawii.toW; also, by the
Dealers iu F.nuily Medicine generally," 41-
. .ft fcuvss;Tvs. - .
The advert tserfMavlnifbcen restored to health In'a
few wepkiby a ydi j iuiple remedy, afior Uarlng iuf
fered foi sovenil years with a. severe lung atrcttion,
and that dread disease,' Co'usamptton Is anxious to
make known to lit) fijllow-suuerors the meansqf cure.
To all who desire it, he will send a copy of the pre
scription used (free. of change),, wtth the directions
for preparhig and using the same, which they will And
A sdks cuas fur Consumi tiok, Amthmi, Uiioni iiith,,
uouoiid, colds, and all liiroat ana Lung Afrcctiohs.
The only objeot'of Iht lvertlior I feeding the Pre
scriptjou Is to, beuplil the aflllclel, and spread Infor
mation which he- Conceives to be Invaluable, and he
hopes every sulfe er will try hie remedy, as It will
oostthera aothing.and may prove ableeMhg. ' i
P.iriits wishing the firescriptiou, rRee, by return
mail, will please address
ltsv. KDffABD A. WIIiSON,
iill Williamsburg, King, Co.. New York.
r.uQioits r voutii.
A Gentleman who fuffered for years from Nervous
Debility, Premature Decay, and all the effects of
youlbml Indeoretion, wii, nr tbe, sake of si.eerlhg
humanity, loud free to all who heed it. the recipe and
diree,tin,fyisl(ytt tte.e'lmple remedy by which he
waieureij. Stittmrsrs wishtus te. proat tv the 4v.
titer's ifenerieQce.-ean da to hr ndilresiirr
. 4SS i . -.: Ke.:iCkamlMra slreej. New York.
-STB ANCE, BI T Tlttf '
Every yonng laily and gentiemSn lit the United
Stun can hear saiaothlnjg very much to their advan
tage by return mail (free of churje). by aldrslug
the uuderilf-nod.- Thqse having fears of being hum
bui:cd.vlll ebllgs by not noticing this cr,. All
ethura will pleats siiilreia Ihelr obedient servant.
"s S-jl DruaJway, N York.
M'onniiriri.j niiT truei
UlUAiUJ IlKkllNUTON, Hie world-renowned As
tro! g!t and 8omuam'Ullstio Plsirvoj-nt.hlI Iu
elairvcy ant stale, lUlluuHtes the very features ef the
person yon are lo marry, and by tbe aid of an Instru
ment of Interse pswer, known x ike Ps.teHomdtrope,
Biinuitu to produce a perfect Snd llfs llke picture
of the future husband or wife of the Applicant, lh
ditsof marirag,Mettliitlori', leaing ttatts of char
acter, &e. This t no linpoiiimn, i UitloiooUli
without number can asieri. ' By siatlug .!c of
blrih, sg, npealHoo,eolor of eyes and hair, and
nclu.iog fifty Cents, ana mr4 envelope ad
dr.M.d to yourself, yoa will rtrrive the picture by
return mail. toger with ilasirej lof.,rm.t,on.
w;!ir.,'; ,.,u i''1,e. mms uaurauuE fb.
MIJ.OI0JI f.O.BoslW.trsstlioy.W.i-, , J
' ffl wejll !..-- rr , e
i i r
PEitnrsnunci, ohio.
In. soliciting 4ur cusloiuors to Uke advantage
'I'ltlllF'". rr'jr'B'fi.i..
OP o.vr moyn, ,AN.yFApTE;
tfHday, February 1, 1807,
. '. . v ' -. I : ,'!. .3 '1 I .... I '-I
At Prices Rnling. before the If art
''.'.. .,: ' l.r r
... -. ' . .,
TO t.t ,;; k
, 't r.'il ; .,,;; ,! I ;
Giving everybody's chance to replenish st price
chtoptr than at any other establish men! in lbs
country. We will refer yon lo the fallowing sche
dule of prices : ;Y i ., 0 '
6 piece Dish-pans l.
& do -do
- Coc
4 . do .1- do
.' 30c
; i5c
, I0o
10-quart Puna:.
U- do1, do
3 do. do..........
3-pint . . do.,!.. ......
1-pint Basins .-..,......
qunre Pie-pans.........
Round do i i.. .... .
0-quart Coffee-boilers
G v do do bail and handle
4 - do Coffee-pot ..... )0o
3 do , do i ."-..'.ULwi.' 40c
I do do ... . . 25c
Oval Tea-pot 50c
Flaring: '.Tea-pot. (Ftincy) ILIT
Round do do 50c
12-quart Dutch Bucket..
10 do do - do-
10 do Pail
C dpii do V.tU'' .'.
6 do Covered Pail....
3 do do do
2 do do do
.Handled Wash-basins ....
. 40c
Mulce i I; j do. j ... .
8-inch StetjimerS; ; .
9. do do
frniilU Sptiukler; . . i .
Largo- ?do' ' -..?. .J.i
"i 80c
( 50c
Patter-pans, pet dozen ,". . . 30c
Tin-cups . . . . . :i .' . J . . . . . . ' 5c
2-quart Coal-oilCaris . 4 Oc
4 do 9 aa- "'do-r . 6 0c
2 do . , , Sauce-pan3 .. ... , r . , 5 0-
Pofdvefsi 9aW .riv:.,:i: "
12-inch Dripping Pans 30c
L 14 do- 5 ! dd',:' 'iiJ.Vl40fj
16 do do . 50c
Wire Strainers ' Oc"
Strainer Pnils V'.'H-1ir".
2-quart Dippers 30c
1 do do T-F.'::rJ.':v,'i'20o
1-pint do .. 5c
CandleMouTd,; W.'Lt.'-. ' Oc
Pint , Measures. ,.,rfc 10c
Quart-" '" do' J.iV.".'. 15b
Ilalf-giillon do 30c
Pne-gallon cto Oc
Dust Pahs1 L "i .'iV; lit I " '30c
Pint Tunnels . . i . , ,
Qu.lrt'' 1 ' 1 do
Half-gallon do . ,..,.i,
One-guHon do i ,
-f H-i.rf 1 i LV'?1 11?!
- or
Hardware, iron.
At prices that cat not fall lb 'give Wtirk sstisfaci-
ty"Thdnkinlj EVerjoody Tor ilieir past
Jiitninage, ws will still Continue to be on band
ad.-.j.; j t '!..,! '.-) ;i ... I 1
tip to tho Tiiiies and WantiS
Of the Peopla f Wood Cassotr.
4. il ' ' f'fCKj'kiMiLTfJN St CtiS
- 'P 23- A P OLI O Y;
' ' : ' yknit tub' ' " - 4 ' '"' "
..v.-' ' OINOINNATI ''.
' ' 'bWpi'tuV ral' XTp - 8300.000 00. . '
i , Orncit Southircttt cOi-ncr IXtMorltf Syettvrt Vteiniti, Ohl. '' 1
1 ! ' " " "
; ' .' , .piKCToita; ' i- . it -I. .. .. ...
CHas. C. RsAsiar,' of J. A C. tkestlrf. , Joa M.''5Nif, af . M. rWrtrt Co.'
Josarn Kisitr. of ntoha Uollinff Mill.1 '
K; I. !. WurrsTONB, of F. D. W. Wlietstone A Co.
I.. V. HoraiNs, ' of I.. U. Hopkins ao. - .
F. II. Law), . of K. H. bawsnn A t)o.
w. w. UANnr, of W. Y. Manly t Vo. ..
Cko. D. Wi iiKit, ofU.O.Wine!iell,L'psoaCo.
onif t'. uiniik, . oi Itiuue it-loner.
L. 1. Watson, ' of 1. 1). Watsoa : Co. '
uso; v, Hamilton: of Xlauuitou, tuy m. ' .
C. M. Ransoii, Secretary ; Cn as. C. RaAKiar, resident J Col. II. n. ITaMIT, General A(nt.
l-W Wtri Mr-n should patrnnlxo Western Institnilon t This reliahls Ptort
ComiAnT having boon complete Iv rvorganiat-d under a competent Hoard ol IVrrcroni, well known as
responsible business men, and being the only Western Company doing a Uonrrnl Agency Hui
ncss, respectfully sidicits a portion of public patronage.
C. XI. RANSOM, Secretary. SLKVIN IlROWNSREROER, iterlfi,
Auditor's tXTieo in Court-house, IVrfvubnrg, .
TRAVIS KELLY, Agent, Weston, Wood Co., O.
t-3rlra.U amounts taken on special haiards at tqnitablo Rates. Sa
K. H. Bxasrw, f OartHT, Clioste a Nabvr.
, h. JIrakw, ' ' late of Letthtton, Ry.
Jl. F. Taovmow, of Thnmpwwi, (loodrich Co.
Ill WttWAnT,
of H. Htewart A, Co.
J. II. OvaamCTt,
of H. o ( OvrHlrV.
of II. Kehrader Co,
latt Suite, Ft kstvin et Co.
it. wimr,
'kkd, EcltSTEiM,
Important Announcement!
the tofLE's stout:
t ,.; LtKH .CO.
Wfi herewith aiiuoiniec to our numrrmis frietids
And the publio generally, llmt we bar re send
direct from New York and Uostou, a
. (Ihoitii i i .. .i , -. , : t , , -i
tWhlch we offer t'rednced prices, for RkAnr lAT,
i We hate a full line of tho following t
Dress Oi'Aids,'" " ' '" ' ' ' '"' '' '"
XillihiiifcS M& Euihroiderles. ' ' ''
: ", " . Ri'owri and Uloached Suertincs,
' ' , " ..rjonims, Stripes aud Checks.!
White Goods and Laden, : ,' , '' !
Iiuen, Ciusli and Toweting,
,) , ('taunels and tiiisevs, ' ' ,
, , Illaukels ild Bed Spreads.
Shawls( Hoods,' . '. , . .'
Nubias and Knit Goods, , .
Qluvus iind Hosiery, -
Motions of every description.
Hrudlev's CijU'briitoil Duplex' Skirls,
Uutin iralSKU ts ana rrenuu-w
oven Corsets'.
i' ' Axabiis isbleotioh or .,
Cloths, Casslmcrfs, ' SattlnHs, and
; Tailors' Trim mitiigs.
Boots cvxxcL Slxoos
Never was more complete. We sell th.uj 24 per
.,,. oeut. loss than beforo.
Clo.tlxiilS'for . Meni&j Boju,
"40 pcreeKti IcAa ttian formerly.
n i j hliiui')wi! I '1 ' . ; 1 1 1 r-. ! j
li': 'W a .jiot be sindorsoliU n i L' i
: Oa-QLAS8ks' AlJl) CLOCKS,
Ji.nl i j .'j iM
A good assortment.
SALT by tkcMne! orrSacV '
135" Come aud c.lsrdino Goods arid Prlees. Jf-v
TTTCASir will 1o Paid for PIOIt;CE
at the Illtfiiviit .TlurKft rrtoe.
If. I). From this ' dnte we shntl itjnpt the
RoAdy-pny system, so fur as practicable, lis we
are sutislied tliat jnslico to our customers And our
selves dehiunds it. Wo shall offer, therefore,
. - ! I . . . t
Snbcial Inducements to CuhU Cut6nterB.
, . I ' :i ... I '- ,..
Those nf our oiiHtomors' having unsettled ac
coiintj wjth us will pleiiso settle up. Our Books
mildt be closed before the end of this year. ,
: "V ft. MILLER tt CO.
Porryshurg, Ootober 17, lBBuy. .', 25?.
''' Wlll hi) fouiidia Hood's uildiug, no
.. . .... - i . .. i
Louisiana Avenuat PcrrisaursrtOUlok
Mc'itAIlA'N is stilt .receiving KvwMusip as
published '., , , , , "
" Peeping thioilgh (he Jltiuds ', . ,. , -r .
" The Christian's Hope." , ' "
Th ik rfohff rir Thine." ' " '',;.."
" Thou vAr. Ckhq. Far Awav." ' " ,
JlalaJ DaaW! y ,y ,v, ,',
" Victorlno flcholtische." for Piano.
" Out in the Starlight I'm Waiting for Thee"
a Serenade, whh Chorns. '. . .
A COMfLET"! assmlnieiit of I'eusion, Juatice
U and Iegnl Blanks are to be had at tho New
Hook Store of - M. MeMAFIATi.'
IF you waut ysur I'ictures Frlnd. go In the '
' " ".i H NEW BOOK ST0HK.
1ETKHS' Instructora for tho fiaho and ilelo
deon i also Music Books of different authors,
constantly os hand by
Mc XI AH AN hAs jnitt received a complete as
siirtioerrt of Kqualitatioo liounty iilunks.
I T don't make any difference what may bo sa
' .1 i . V I O....J' 1 ... i ,i.. ,
iwiw ..... rfivii,, I.Tl. in ,.,h) ...li uuiauunr
Librarv ol U. ,McltAlIA il! be Ivmod the buesi
lot ojLjtcraiy ,y o'i ks in Soulier Oh to.'
Should Patronize Its Oun Iutcrests
Ws respcctfliilv call tha atlchtihq'pf the public
o the (loarj uf Directors shown id tiie advertLe
tnobl if the i . .
Cincinnati Home InsurRnt'e Conipauy.
in another column, fembracing the most wealthy
and rrsponaible bitSiness Uteri bf the Western
ooiiutry, and ite fili l jii i!,'hpbif c'isiilinatloii, an
orgunisailoa (hat. Tlis Wisr his long been in
heod nf. Thii limited aeviuiil of risk Is l,U0
thereby avoldirlg heavy losst's, shch as have raised
the rntes of all Eastutn CopH panics flora the l'ort
land Ore. It ouallengts ail ownipanies k'ast and
West as to proifptness nd libcfSlltf Ih Jiailng
losses. " ' ; . , .,
I-fake a Poii'rj of . .
. Auditor's OlBco, in Cotirl-iotise,
2fs FAiysburg, Ohib.
. . , .
tit'., i.. r i' i , ; i . 1
- ,j 1
Tito uuJcruigncd rc , iwv oiiuig out
Dry Goods?, ,
' ; Grboeriest,' '
Hats ami Cai-g,
lioots'and Slioct,!
'..;.. t ; ... ., .
Together with such .other classes of Merchandise
as are usually to he found In a
Well-appointed Dry fcoods Store.
Our Goods havo been purchased with especial
reference to this mnrket. We shall make it 1
a butter of most especial cars to
Meet the acquirements, of, All!
' , Who may favor us with an
ItDyi falr dealing snd ."
, small prolits. wp hope to , '". ,.'
,.. merit and secure, the p'ai- ,'., .,,,',',- ,
, ronnte of our .citiiens in ,
, thU'. neighborhood. (' ;
the' HIGHEST cash price
, , "1 . 1 ...... I
i ' - ' Will always he paid for
Every Description or Uraln,
AND !'
Ever) Variety of Fnrm Produce.
H. S. & M. C. BROWN,
Proprietors of the
Hull Priilrle ElcvalorH, ' 1
,. Hull Prnlrlc, Wood Co., U.
Hull Prairie, December 3, lUlSd. . ; 82m
far. J.rti,
' nOAf) WOTICE. Sotlce 1.1 hereby given thai
, AV thoiewers and surveyor 'On tho proposal
eouiiiy ronn, cninnvncing at tne Miiionvltle ana
lluncock Freo Turiipikanit the section lino betweuu
Sections No, Sftand 38, in Llborty Township.Wood
v-.i.iMij, uiui,, luiining menco west on sum nectuin
line until It Connect with n road oh Snid line in
Milton Township, in snid eonnry, thure to terminate,
will meet at the homo of Nelsnn llurkler, in sxid
Liberty Township, oil tho 2Dlh day of Frbmarv,
lt)7 at 10 o'clock, A. M., for the purpose of view
and survey. To which new residents aud others
will Uke notioe. .....
RICHAKIj CHOCKEIl, Snd dther Petitioners.
. January 23, '1,167,' - 89 J
KOAU JillTicE.ljfoiics is I'lerefcy given that
a potitidu will Im presented to the Coinmia
sieners of Wood County, Ohioi at their March
session in 1867, asking for the view and establish
ment of a armuty mad lit follows i Comoiooeing
at the uoitliwoMt oomer of the west U of the
northeast X of seelhinl Jrfown.lilp 6 nchthj range
9 ami riinnini. menco soiiin aoout two nun-
dred mid. sljtv (SflD) roU, Ia Intemect tho road
ranniug from Gilead toJWe.tS Id, and Uinre trmi-
January SI, 18(17. ' . 4ld
T) OAD "OTICE.-S-SlitT ce is hereby given that
V a petition will be presented to tnu Commie,
siojiersof Wood Coautv.Ohio.atthoir ne t regulur
session, asking for a grant for a survey, view and
location of a oounty road, commencing ut the qnsr-r-post
on the west line of section tlurty.tlirea(33 ,
thence castwurdly thruugli (he cifiilcr of sucliuus
thirty-three, thirty-four and o far ia etiMi tbii -tv-firc,
so ss to intersect ti) ro.id rnnuiiy from
WestJleld tu Qiiead, spd thero terroinute. .
. ' MAt PJSTlIWlfEIIUi ;.
Wcsicn, 0., January SO, 1307. , ; 14
ROAD NOTirE.-yottcsTs tcNhv given thl
a petitloa will a ll be presented iho Coninihi
sloners of Wood County, Ohio, at their March aea
f ion, asking them to Vacate tea fori aide en eeh
sideof the following onnntv road i rosimencing at
the Maomee Snd Weitern Reserve Roild, In I'vrrys
burg Township, between mad I far hi hoa. IX and
13, and riiualng Ihvlteu north Snd terminslfngtit the
Avenue road in, said towothlp on the line between
sec'.ions i aiid 3; - It. L; COOK.
Pcrrvsbtirg, Febfuiiry 6,lft7. ' 41d
ROAT) SOT ICE".."NouueTs "hoieJiyViven'thst
a pelition will he pieseliteJ to the Cummin
aioneranf Vtiiod Oounty at Iheir next session, aak
ing for llie efiiiblt.iliti.iv'iit of a oounty road, com
inenHinir ut a road running frota West .Millgrnvo In
FrrnHnit; -tlietiei rs lining soiuh on the qn irtrr
section line of, suctions thivu 3 iau l ten (.10), tu
inlcfHiiol the,- IVi rysburir and iluCuUiliiHii ille Fn-ti
Turnpike , Uimd. ia . Township three (3 ; uurth,
range twelve (121 oimt, sail tlierj terminate.
. , JOHN NOIUUS, et a; petitipnjrs.
I'lBSV TownjUIP, January 2i. ti&i. ld
T-OAD NOTICE. Xolice ia hereby gir.iii that
lk a petition will be Druxented so the uomaul
aiontrsof H'immI Couute, at their west aeasion to
tacjtu a, cobnly road ciituiicuiig lha 'iaia and
Jnhrf llUrU mu.l in WaahinirUii) Towuskiit. ia
said aiiunty, being between the north half and
sni'tli hall of st-ellou live (O), mm nv nnrui i
ranite tea sasl. II. UITMtMA.v
l bruir- 2, 157 '
N33W X13L11L3ISXI.-Sr
I,t rKRItTSUUltCt: '
U . T It O lU 13 JL A.
HAS taken tbe llskery Establishment formerly
occupied by O. Lang, and thoroughly reno
vated and refitted the sni. and Is now nrefirod '
to furaish the pnblie of rrrysbm-t and vieiiriry
s very thing requlid by families la lbs Bsking I1M ,' "
Or sl kinds, will be fnrsisHd krd'r and kepi f a i
ban.1 Hi all tithes. lie warrants his Jlaking t. I.., M
tik titti1 best, and only asks thi public to $i4
it a uM, arf9 b r fonfldcrlt of givlnr' entire sat - f
Isfactfoaisi wk on- ..i l t i i suit
Cak'tor arils ivdllngK, ' 'V
Will be furnished to AMrf, tinnn th sHorlcsf A6
tioe, and upon the sapst hnaral terms.
Perrysburg, Jsaaery 17, 1807.1
Fall and Winter Goods
. ,.: I l
I ; Arriving weekly at the ?tore of '
AkCS W i Hi m S & Kro i
We arc now making purchases at the East tLJ
will enable us to place before our customers ode of
the choicest stocks of FU and Winter Uouda
ever brought to this plane, which w ta . siapos.
of at unprecedeutudly low figures.-, . -,. .
Our' Stock Is a targe orro snrf well Iclect. fl, Witn
a view to the special requirements o. Ms scxtlol
of the country, and ire come Kcfbre the publi all
the confidence that ,
. t woi.lil be Impossible fh enumcmtiS trticlfi nrtrj
prices. To be appreciated they must be seen, and
nit invitation is therefore extended to the whole'
rooimunity to call and so the beuuliTiil style aud
quality of bttr !l .'' v '
Which embraces all the ruojiilcsirablc quaii'.ltl
to be found 5a the uiafVcl., ' '
We invite the examination hf our ladj friends tH
our magulBceiii aiisortmeut of treks abods,atribii
which may be foubd ""
Silks, Empress Cloth, FrenHi Merinos;
Poplins, Alpacas, - . . Kngllsh Hcrihosi
Peuiueg, Calicoia, Ladies' Hats,
: Nubias, Dreakfust Shawls, Lace Curtains,
1 Cloaks, Hoods', Ladies' Cloth,
Shirtings, ttheetliigsy " I l)enlmst Aet
Hoots Sliocfl,
Joans, sailrttN, , " 1 ',
ClotlK, (Jasslaierrai
JUatilikgTj Carpet, '..'!
Oil Clot Iu, &C, .AtJ ."
' : our stock or . '; .
CUTLKIIV, . ' . , i
;giiocerie3, :
GLAS3WARE; ": ; '"';;' - ' ' ' ;' i
' QUEEXSWAHE, V 'i..".' - i
( S FULL AND CO M P I JfUg . e v.
' .1 iittlVTsTiMilt.iti' t
diti Stylot3 aj?o th Latest '
, 'lil :.. J' V!.--.- (I r: l u- .j J !
Our Prices tlio Loweetl ;
1 A. d. Viiti ins k Seo. ' ;,'.!
Perryshurg, October 15, 1806. .;. .tv , ,
o. 1. isut'UfJ. ; ,' A. it. CUAjtp,Ns)f ,
DitutipiTS,;',;" j.'.f;'L
IIooiI'n KlocU, iVrryslsnrj? Ohioi
, ...... ii -. I ., -
XXMt Uiibsck,, Aycr, lliHleltov and Javne's Med- ,
' fellies, gh jo 1X3(1110 A CU,t .Mr.NEY'b. , u
FOR Win. Hail's lialsnm, and otlu UiilsalfiS .":
(or ti. Luugs, go to , ! i
' . .,; : I.'.'.SCHO A C1U M l'SEY '9;, i . . ,
F yoa 'Want Agno MedlrTne. go to lN'SCHO A
CUA.MI'NKV',S.aild get Ir; CUristle's, liar--tor's,
Hhodus', or Aycr's. ii ' . ,
t'OIt good and reltiililofiooitii; itnd stlow fl"iirc "'"
J call at INSCliO St CHAMPSEY'H.
F yo'i are tioiibted with CsA-vtIi, eall and, et
I Dr. I), n. .Seitlyu's Keuicdy." For Dvspepsu;
get Cott Dyspepsia (!ro. - ''-
17011 Oils and Psintu, Varnishes, Ate., go td'' '
U AIR OILS. We have Burnett's. Wright's!
aud all others. ISrtCKO & CUA Ml'SEY:
IF you want Currants, Citron, Mace. Tapioca)
Farina, Pearl lLirley, Dat Meal, llakjng-powders,
Yenst, and ohoico firoceiies, goto
1.S3CHO & CHAMI'SFY'tf. ;
'"ESEDaV'S .Medical Discovery and riliiooi .
4V, p
naers at l.nsfHO 4 yilAVIl'SEY'S. ,
FOR Uiug's, Hall's arid ieVill's Hnlr HeHlofa.
tire, call a.t INSCHO At ClIAWl'NEY'fcS.'
IjOIlUiindkerchicf Estrn,cts,cllsnl get KigliiS
Blooming Cores, Tenory's Fgyptisa Lnthsi hr V
ilujavirn, tho lutost Minifim issued.
FOp Tar, TurnttHine., Naphtha aud. Mschiaa
- til'"t lyPCtlOACqiMWY'S.
IOIl Toilet Po.ips and Soap for clcaulng silver
; aud taking out c-reaae-apots. etc., rail upon '
' . . -' " f
IF yon have the Asthma, go to INScijo a. .
CMAJfP.NKT'E, add r4 Judsi 1 tv-bitootnVa;
Asthaa Obrs; ., ., ... . r.-... ." it
The fbttnj sliould not delay Ihe hie 'Kf' ' '
M'lien First Attnckcd by Cottsbt ' . ..;
Tho mli4 P will PlrtA Relief
and u Ciiri by iiear a- aitti (tally
this Ulaiua, ,-..... . '
Tlmsc in SfifucWe Uiv ft, Use il, jtnj are ctireS '
lew of sucli easciire mude know n to. the public: ' ' '
Biit.iiiit stirilh Hie poor. Many of his clsas ara
hriuble lo buy medioine.vrequind for. thoir
Tolhis(cla-U ; lime nfwu giveq the medintnp; '
aud invariably ' they have IJieu beuofltti, p nn ,
r!ne instsnoo haa it coma to our knowledge thai
A llcn'a Lintr Itulsmn haS boljiveu pciuianut re
liel or a positive cniei ' "
' XW Fwale bv Pack A HAn.rnN, Perrvhiiritj 1
Lawis 4, .Uno., foitMny j j,. J. OtBi.iff a , . r f
Co., (iile.id i Dimi.y A, Hao , and C Wt, 1l i
do, sod Druggists every where." J7h.
j'do, and Druggists every where
T"0 w.tt ' . ra caif iiivu t c!i aYiioca-;
J TONS BuoUnil Shoe Sbof : ., w . . ,
.i.l i

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