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The Weekly Perrysburg journal. [volume] (Perrysburg, O. [Ohio]) 1861-1???, February 22, 1867, Image 2

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- It per rear, la AJraieti
1f1imWWTTpTtn,a fa cUnalof JTiif. nA
CtPf 1 (f publi aWanseats Morally rxelved.
he mirttn 1i t Diembr nf th feathered tribe,
ranking among th (Wallow species. It nukes Id
appearance In th rly spring, continue with u
mm Art or six weeks, end thru disappears. The
Ohjo Senate, however, If inllleted wllh a Mabtin
nf aonlewhst different character, but, lik tlio bird
nf that name, w tak him to be uf tlit tifnllon
specie also. A thnrt Una since he brought him
cvlfintoiiowspspcr notoriety, by entering tho arena
asltt champion af foreign Insurance companies.
I.onking opna tlia newspaper press of Ohio, g i
loach or cormorant upon tba body politic, Hit dia
tingullhed Senator lias made herculean effort In
rrtem ftdm ft bloodlhlraty rapaciouaneaa theae
foreign Insurance victims. He evidently regard
It far belUr that few dullara should be aarod
to the coffers nf few prosperous and reliable In
surance eempanlesj and that the people nf hia own
8tt ehoatd bo Imposed opnn and swindled by
unreliable eompsmVs, to the eitent nf many thou
aids of dollars as tba price ol title economy,
Woadotful foresight! Disinterested rhsmplnn
of foreign Interests t Moat noble Senator I Ureal
service merit great reward, and the Inanrance
eompsnto aforesaid will be itdly ungracious If
they neglect bi mke the lion irable gentleman a
fitting award for lilt effort inlhoir behalf. He baa
shown the will to toady, whatever may be tho ro
toll of hia en luarore, and U not the less entitled to
The oourae of the Honorable Senator, hnwmrer
has-oatted forth anme evr denunciation from
theae leeches, wan with type, preaa, Ink, labor and
brains, are Hvfng ofTllie falirf the land, and drink,
log Hp the very llfe'a blond of all foreign insttr
a ice companies, of one of whlrh tho afnrcaaid
Senator la ah humble agent t What presumption
on tho part of theae vempyres nf the preaa I It ia
certainly (not to be endured in silence and act
thinkt the flnnnrable Senator, fur he has written a
letter, published In the OKiu Slate Journal, In de
fense nf hia course, and indulgoa in a train of Sen
atorial denunciation, which aliowa the will , if the
power accompanied it, to eweep out of existence
ef jry nawspapor, printer and editor In tho Stat.
After the pubtio it Ion of that letter, hi continued
hoitilitv to newspaper does not aurprlee na, for, aa
the JomtmoI well asyi, by It publication !ho Hon
orable Senator M hss damaged hia esse beyond
what all the attack by the pre of the State hare
been able to ace nipllsli." On the subject of the
publication of insurance statement every busi
ness man, ercrr sensible man, every mm of aottnd
jti lguient an 1 foresight, will agree with tho Ohi
A lit Juxrmil when it aay t
The truth ia, very eompiny which in able to
mike a fair allowing, not only would publish the
siatcni'iit without any rn,uiriment of law to that
elTjct, but it Is their otistom to make this a'atoment
fie bie for rooomm'n linir thimiclree to the pit
rontlMof thn piiWie, an-i It la published In the
largest of display type, an I made much of by
anun I eomjiauioa. Yb reliable and
projpaivui eompanius eeuk aa muah publloitr as
jumible for their sUtumouts. It ia only the kiting
enmpanlea whioh duaire to hide behind a certificate
that roquira a vlait to the county eat on the part
of auy on deairing to inspect it.
In the letter alluded t,the Honorable Senator,
with a fltnoas iu keeping with the tnannor In which
ho play the Uck -y to foreign inanrance compan
ies, bandiea denunciatory epithet agaiuat the
press, with all the glibneat of a Unwery boy, and
all the eoar.4eneRa of an Accident President. We
are happy to a.iy, howerer, that the number of
newipapcra hayo not diminished In conaequenoe
thereof. Passing orer hi complimentary in
vectirts, In which " oorruption," venality,"
sinister motives," and like terms are freely
biutol at, we gire t!e following attract frim the
latter portion of the letter. He aara t
It ha been laid tint the enet of publication !a
not great, and conies from o many insured partiea,
that It is not folt by them, while it benefits the
pros in targe aegree. 11 us are i in 18(10, there
were M Companies nf other State doing business
in Ohio. The eheipeet publication of any nf theae
atateraeata in ear eoetnly ufthe State would not
be Una than $20 annually, while in Colnmbua it
emta from Hi to Take the averuge coat to be
9U0.inevery oouotrnfOhiu. We hare R8 counties
4 CAitnpaniea, at WO for each rompany in each
ominty , makes an agitregntai oust Ur publication ol
tm.itiO annually, every penny of which Hilda its
way iuUV tin dsaVer at the newapaMir men of
Uhio, wilhnut in any aonae biuwfitling the insured
parUe who pay It to the oouipauiea, and the conv
Jioiiie to (lie prea. Tliia cnorinntia aunt is a tax
upon the people for the benefit of the press -ia
)MrttolUnjot-uslcM, and a diagraoe to the
grrat State of Otiio.
According In this calculation 1,20 would go
into the " drawers " of one newap.ipvr publisher
in ech county of tho Suto from Insurance advert
tiaing alooe. And we are just blood-sucker
noiyh to fool aorry that the fact doua not warraut
the calculation made. We do not tleny the proba
bility of there bjing eighty-four foreign insurauce
cominie doing business in this State, but w
do deny the assertion mtde, th it these eightr-four
foreign companies do buaineaa in every county in
thev Slate. From ton to twelve oompanica to
county, we consider a fair average, yielding about
$300 to each ollce an publishing enough to anp.
ply an office with a fair calculation with white pa
per aboot three months. Tliia brings th aggre
gate figure for the entire State to less than
f 10,000, in lieu of the Honorable Senator's f 22 1 ,700 ,
which he n-g.irJs as an ' eitormma burthen"
upon the people, forgetting lint iu diacuuiug an
o'her br.uich of the subject, he haa declared in the
most emphatic language, that " Competition haa re
duced the rates to i tol ;wiW--inrfe, neci iear
li - iiy pojT"g i Oio Aa Ike actual nxt nf
taMrtiace oetr me iraiMe roNMfy.
Consistency i a jewel which tliia Honorable
Senator and Insurance Agent would find it an ad
vantage to wear, if he de-iires to succeed in gull
ing tbe people in'o the belief that be is legislating
for their lutcrcsts.
But we hare already dcroted ton much time and
apioe upon this Maa-riv, anl ahull dismiss tho
eubject for the lirenent, with the promise that in
our neat w shall have somolliiug to aay concern
ing bung and spigot " h-gulalora.
in no senate, on tno uili, a li II was
passed lo authorir.e all incorporuted vii
lageg of 2.80U or' nmre inliabitantH, to bor
row rooiiev to ftiiroliasu steam tiro ttijinos,
A reeoUlion wis adnpte4, reaoinding res
oiuaona naaea in ibu.i, iiiatrueimx our
Benatnra- and requesting our Rei rssenta
live in Coiigres to voto against the i ink -
raul law.: A lull wua inlroduoed to nre
veut ooiidIj auditor, treaatneia or ree rd-
era, enpaginu to the praottco of law, or con
la Hie rienato, on tbe 14th. a petition for
tio passage ot a law allowing; railroid lo
collgvt double fare 01 aaeugera who do
not purchase tick! lfoie aUrttng on a
train, where ticket oAioe ar noon 30 min
ute before starting, occasioned a l ing and
apirited debate, on a motion to refer it to a
committee witli ii.atruoii.ina to report
against the prayer of the petitioner. Hen
atora geaentlly avowed their purpose logo
againirt each a law. It was anally referred
without inatrnctioii.
A bill wa introduced to provide for let
ting printing (or counties, by cm tract t
the loweet bidder, iu the 'manner that the
Slate printint; i done.
AUo, b II limiting tba power of taxa
tion for ooustruoting diaina. ditcliet. Ao d
adjaocnt land, to DO cent per aore, and 6
oeut per acre for repaira. AIo, a bill au
thorising count commissioner to aaaea
damage accruing under aaid law.
The Suiut also paoJ a bill J) oiiJiiig
that ptireon wlit bar i-rreadr pai I tuxit
for free tumpike, hall ooly be taxed pro
rm-t lor eotilinnanceoi tii feaiU
v In tns riewia. fli rVut fdft fW fhe relief
en eiirrtleaOl toViisttltp fiTTioer. was pnaseil
and ia a law, 1ta41thorlr.eg.iho attreile of
justice ol the peace, Cdiiatalilr and town
blp treasurers, In notify th Irnatop when
they wish to b rrlaatud from tlMir botiUst
ml if n w aitrctiea are rrnt funaakyl,' tlii
nicea are in or? cntie.noreii racniir,
" In th TToitas), very Inrgej nunilier o( r
monstrance agaitMt ant division of tli
Agricnlltirai funil, wrr prvBtitml ami re
furred to the Committee 011 Agriculture.
A bill wst paaarnl proviiling for the pay
merit of fee of county dork in caaea where
the Htate fail, Alno, a bill requiring pro-
liate luilgii lo Keep recurila of luea in oaaea
licfoie titrin. A Iso, a bill aincn ling Jutt
cea cone a to allow e.HW to lie recov.
rred in replevin cane. Alan, lueinlinir
Enccutot' and Adiuin elralora' net so that
action can bo lrotiiclit within one yoar after
disability ia removed. Alan, Honate bill
iirovniing bmiiity of 100 to veteran vol
unteer credited to State, district, or county
I large. Also, providing that transcript
ni judgment tomiorcii tiy M iyur slmll bt
filed with Common Picas clork, and jtldir-
incut be lion 011 real oslulu of judgment
tle.btor, kc.
A bill w Intro In-oil to aitllmrire County
Cotiiuiisaioiiora lo olTor reward fur the ar
r at of orituiiuU, an 1 to employ euoret do-tetlivee.
Thx itewn from Mexico in clieerin to the
f iends of tho Liberal. Tho Kxpeditiotinry
Corp ha flnully left tho VAty of Mexico for
the seaside. Max in a Mexio uniform rt
view hi Mexican folc.ee. MiRAXcN'aarmy
Il ia lioen completely routed in a great bat
lie. Ji'arkx wae net esnlured nn retiortod.
(f.ate Ilrcvct-Colnnel U. S. Voluntoers,)
"Wnr Claim -A.soxxt
roslnffico Address Cast Tolnilo, Ohio.
AIA4 Honest Claims agatnat the wovernment
can be oollocted. Manv nf the lute rilioora
and soldiers nf the army, and also widjwa and
heirs ni nueeuaed ouicera and soidicra, do not keep
well Informed nf the laws relating- to them. All
elaimanta for whom I transact business are
prnmplly informed, by mtil.of anv laws afluctinir
them. I-tf.No oharge made unless claims are
successfully prosecuted. -J 43ss
rpllOSE knowing thomaclves indebted to tho tin
JL deraigned are requested to call wilhnut delay
and settle their accounts, aa it is necessary thai
inr books should be squared tip very soon.
J have an assortment of Wools and Shoes, which
I am now offering at coat, and they ran be had at
a bargain upon earlr application.
rcrrysburg, February 20, 1HU7. 43d
TPqv anlo.
PWO miles esst of Haakins, Wood county, Ohio,
L on TCESIUY, March i, lHfi7,a Hoe a Ulair
Cheese Vat, holding VO gallons.
One 1 ret -rale Stallion (if not sold before) & yeai
old, weight about 1,400 Ihs. ; and manv other ar
ticles. J. It. Ul Ul'Id ll.
February 19, 180T. 43b
rr Bale bjr Slcvin At Parioni.
K 4 se qr section 31, tp 5, range 11 BO acres.
N Js sw qr seo 31, tp 4, range 11 80 acres.
Notice to lh Qnallflcd Electors of
Hood lonnljs
TOTICK I hereby given Hint the question ss to
i.1 1110 pmprietv ni purelinslng a f nun anil erect
ing thereon a COUNTY INFIRMARY in Wood
county, will be aubmitted to the qualitied electors
01 saia county ai in nest Annual Mprtng Election
All those who will authorise th County Com
misaiouers to levy a tea not to exceed four inilh
on the dollar valuation of all the taxable nrnnertv
in said Bounty, tor that purpoae, will indorae or
otherwise place Uion their tickets the words, Fr
iiprmargi 1110a opiosea, ute sunt, .tflwt In
Uy onler of th Connlv Commissioners.
GEO. N. .'ARSONS, Auditor.
Auditor's Offlee, Wood Co., O.,
Forry shurg, February It, 18(17. 1 i.1f
The Cohiboi School Fond.
Orrtcg or Stat Commisbionkr or)
Common Schools,
('oM'Mstts.O., February 14, 1867.
Oro. .V. Vrsont, Auditor H'umf AwN'y,
Vrryff.Hry, OMo I
Diaa Sia : Your attention isresiieetfiillv called
to that provision of Section 24 of the' School
Law, aa amended March 2ft, IHitJ, rehtlitigti the
forfeiture of the School Funds arising from the
ntate levy. 1 no Attorney-General liasdeeided that
tho Clerk'a return of tho aversire number of weeks
schools were In session, is to be taken as prima-
facie evidence of the tarts in the ease. If, there
fore, the report nf the Hoard of Kdueation of any
pirticdUr T.iwnalilp or ecp.irate SoIiimiI Districts,
in your county ss msde by the t'lurk of such Hoard,
shows that the schools there were not snataiued on
an average ni twenty-four weeks during the
school year endinir Aniinst 31, 18l, the nnsumn-
tinn la, in the absenreof riidenee In the oontrarv,
that the pmviaion of the law alluded lo has been
violated, and that the school funds arising from
Ihe Ststo levy, are to be withheld from such town
ship, or eeparato school district, for th current
It is respectfully suggested however, that be
fore declaring such forfeiture, and proceeding to
apportion the lunds thus forfeited to othor town
ships and separate arhi ol dUtricta aa the law re.
qnirea, that both equity and the be.sl interests of the
schools a. bisiiiI, that your drciaion should bo gov
erned by the farts in each particular rase, rather
than by the rcturus made by the Clerks. To this
e id it would seem proper tlial each board of edu
cation intareiled ahould le notified of the probable
lorivinire, ana oppoiiuuiir given mem lo show
cause why th funds should not be withlicld, aa
the law provides.
If upon investiKslion of the facts, it be found
thai the report of the Clork was erroneous, and
that Ihe schools were sustained on an average the
length of time required, or that Ihe board of edu
cation had "Biede the ncceaasry provisions for
Ootitiii'iing Ihe schools " iu oKr.tuon tho lime re
quired, but th failure wa ouae I by oirouiiiatan
ccs brjoud the couImI of the boarl, then iu
either ease the funds evidrntlv eujiht not lo be
withheld. But alter a full ami fair inveatieatUn
of the t'arta, you should tin I thai in any particular
case, ine ooam nsn wiiiiuny or negligently tailed
lo discharge tin ir duly in tliia respect, ss the law
requires, you ar hereby advised that iu aueh
caars. you cannot authorise the dialmr.icnienl of
the school tunds srising from the Statu lew lo
such township or separate school district, wltimtil
becoming pvreunallv liable for the funds thus il
legally tiiabursed. Hut since this is the lira! year
in which the proviaicu of the law e luded to, haa
oecomo overaiive, pemuasinn la anked to suggest,
that the law should be liberally construed, and
mildly executed.
From the following townships, origiuallv report
ed by you, iii your Annuel R turns, dalcd Novem
ber 6, ISOo, aa having failed to suntain their
achoola, on an averag twenty-four weeia, during
th (ohool year ending August SI, ISM, amended
returns have been reoeived al this olllce, selling
forth Uist th reluras, aa susde to you by the
slerks, were errotieou, and that th protiaions of
the law have not been violated 1
A . JVu. trarte as A e, .Vo. tsects m
Nam s4wwa if ortyt. flint ty imtmd-Tim-Aipt,
mi lurl, rrurl.
Middleloa tl W 16 t
Ijbeny 11C4 tn
I'laia 1100 Jt-lt
The records of this otte show thst tha sbovo.
nsaied lowaship bar complied with th provis
ion of lbs law and they aru (bereftw sntnled to
their pro rat of Hi fuud arisisg faun lb Slat
tax for school purpose.
Very respeoiully, Ac,
tasiewrr a tioeaiu aytaeve,
II will readily b sees thai according l the above
inatmetious Ihe roouev sruina from the SuuCora
mou School Fund, thai should be distributed to th
tnwaahip of Foiiag, C.rry, Xlilton, Henry and
Jackaou, will hav to b withhuld uulva some x
plaiialiiHi is msd within Twenty Days from thia
date th Clerk of said l nships having report
ed their schools s having been taught loss than
Iweoty-four werka during ttie rear ending August
tl, IH. Tbe townships of' Uiddleton, Liberty
ad Plain hav corrected tlieir original ruru, a
will b aeea by th abov latter from th Slat
School CommlsaHaoar, and ar thereby auluofued
to draw their porti.xi of aaid fuada.
. GKO. N. PAKSONS, Audit..
Auditor's Offioe, Wood Co., O.,
l errt sbuig, Fsbmsry 1, 107, 4;iU
. r- e T
tt WORTH ar prepared to efe 'tifrfntn
X Urimllng lor In farmer or Wood eownlv
snore prwaspily shavswywWvTSvtvts)tlito vrettiHf,
Always on band and for sal of ehaag foi
Orale,. 1 . - ' , ! J I
Cor)nl Fine Meal, -Chop of tnif Hotfr. 1
AMKS WOKTIIar always in th market
rillylng an kind or Urain and Farm rrodoc, and
paying belter price tliaa aay other market In
vvooa eonnir,
W i: R I W IT 13 AT.
A SI ICS Ai WUllTII.efUaakias. Wood coon
ty, O., ar prepared In supply the Karmers of tlii
rrtinty, ami the surronrnllns; country with tbe
CHebrntrd Trie Whenl
For seed this Spring. This Wheat commands
from Miller for flnarinaV about fort or Klftr
Cents per bushel vr than nrhef Spring WhestJ
and has a tipton repnUUcrti as a hardy and large
Yielding kind of Wheat 1 and being imported from
Northern Iowa, the change from a more northern
climate, aa all esperieneod Farmer are aware,
win improve tne quality ami qnantlty produced.
The Farmor ha I better pay two price for this
Wheal than sow th when! raised In this country.
We ar also prepared to supply the Milwaakee
Club, raised in Wisconsin. All those who want
Wheat of aa will piuaa notify us soon a pos
sible, eo tkst we csn make our arrangements for
the proper smmint required.
W are also prepared to Bell or lon Flai
feed, to supply all th Farmer In tlii countv.
Haskiii, February 15, 1807. 43is
rpilE subscribers having fitted tip
1 an establiahment for th manu
facture of Steel flows, ar now pre
pared to attpply the Fanner uf Wood
connty with the very best
Having hsd msny years' experi
ence in manufneturing Flow In Mit
chell k Sona' Flow Factory and other
works, we are cmudvut we can turn
out a
Better Plow than any in the County
Done promptly and in the most thorough manner.
f Y" All our work warranted satis- .
factory, ur 110 sal.
Hasklns, Februsry 20, IflAf. 43 :
A largo and complete assortment of
Dry Goods,
Hoots and Shoes,
Mats and Caps,
Farming Tools,
Wooden War,
Tin Ware,
Sum Ware,
Glass Ware,
Patent Medicine,
School Books,
Ac, Ac, Ac,
Our Goods hav been purchased st the lowest
CAKit prices, and purchasers will Aud it to tlieir
interest to give us a call.
in Exchange,
For anv or all of thca.t. wo want V.trtra. Ttntter
Lard. Iteoawax. Feather. Old Hraaa. Conner and
Iron, I'apur, Rsgs, or almost anything you have to
sen. uruuacxa nui retuseu.
ITsakins, Februsry 20, 18A7. 4.1 i
MY House and two lot, on Front-street, Perry-burg,
Ohio. For terms, inquire uf F. A
D. K, Uollrnbeek, or nf the subscriber.
DITCH PIOT1CK. Notice Is hereby glren U
all those oonoorned, thst there hss been a pe
tition filed with th Clerk of Ferrv Towtuhin.
Wood County, Ohio, praying the Trustees of an id
township for the locntton of a ditch, drain or water
course, in ssid township, commencing st the south
line thereof, st Ihe southwest corner of tho se qr of
ine se or 01 section iiitny-Dve (), and running a
northerly course about one and one-half miles;
thence west about 20 rods; thence a nw ooursr
about 60 rods; thence a northerly course about 100
rots, 10 the east branch or Portage Hirer.
Said petition will be for hearing hy the Trustees
on the 4th day nf Msrcb A. I). 1817, at 10 o'clock
A. M., at Ihe Center Scliool-ho.iso, in said town-
shin. Ml.MI'rtO.'M JU.Mv.H, Township Clerk,
i'erry Tp., February 1J, 1887. 43b
Sale of Real Estate by Order of Court.
I)Y virtue of an onler this day Issued by the
I I'mbnto Court, witiiin and for the county nf
Wood end Slate of Ohio, 1 will offer for ssln at
pulilio vendue, on the SOIh day or March, 1847, be
tween Ihe hours nf one and two o'clock, in the af
ternoon of ssid day, on the premises, the following
real estate, aa ine property 01 vt 1111am Uuimea, de
ceased, to-wit :
The south half nf (he southwest quarter of sec
lion 10, township 9, north of range 10 esst. in
Wood County, Ohio, subject to the dower of tbe
Terms of Sale One-third cssh in hand on tin
dsy of ssle ; one-third in one yesr thereafter; and
one-mini in two years trom mo day of sale. De
ferred payments lo drsw interest from the day of
ssle, snd lo be secured by mortgage on Ihe prem
ises sold. S. II. AIlliOTT, Adininislrslnr
of the estate of William Holmes, dee'd.
Slivim A PaneoNS, Attorneys.
Feirysburg, February 18, 1867. 41c$7
DITCH NOTICE. -Notice is hereby given that
a petition has bfn presented In the Trustees
of Ferry Township, Wood County, Ohio, praying
for the location aud establiahment nf a diteh, drain,
or water-course, the Rial commencing point being
at a achool-houae, on Ihe northwest quar'er of the
southwest quarter of section thirteen (13), town
ship three 13), rang twelve 112), in Ferry Town
ship, Wood County, Ohio, on Ihe section line be
tween sections thirteen snd fourteen, snd running
north on or near the section line through the Isnda
nf Moses Frees, deceased, Elisa lljllatwngh, Wm.
McEwen, Justice Sl'srna, M. I'. Skinuer, the
Colnia land, Albert Ford, Miry Daot, Simttel
Mct'rory, Swop snd William Itmnn, to the
north line of Terry township, aul there tcriu'e itc,
on the northwest quarter of section nno (1 iu
I'erry Township, Wood County, Ohio. Tho branch
thereof omnmeaoing oa Ihe center line east and
west ol section thirteen ( 13), m said I'erry Town
ship, Wood County, Ohio, eighty rods esitof the
first described ditch, and running north along or
near Ihe line, of the hslf quarter section, through
the lands of William Mckwen, Daniel M. Smith,
Jauwa Ilcnnett aad M. P. Skinner, to th center
Hue east snd west of (oction twelve (111; thence
wl on or near th line or the laads of M. P. Skin
ner and Albert Ford. Iu the Aral described diu-k.
The other ditch petitioned for commences oa Ihe
eaat line of Wood County, about ninety rods north
of the southeast corner ot section on, in Perry
Tewnahip, Wood County, Olii.s and nine a aorta
and easterly oourae through th land ot Eiachea
and Fun Cramer, and tormiuatea on tha eaut lis
nf Wisid County, on th lands of Euo Cramer,
b lng ihe notheast quarter of section on (1) in
Ferrv Township, Wood County, Ohio ; and that
th Trustee of (aid township will meet at th
chonl-hnuae at th Starting poiul of the irat
detchbed dib.-h.oa TKCKSUAY, lb 7th day af
Uarch, 1887. st 10 o'clock A. II, to laka actiou in
Ihe premises toward, locating and establishing said
WILLIAM Mo It W BY, Principal Petitioner.
February III, IS 7. i:b
tllKUirr!! VALE.
RoUeca Al.dor, eiT
Patrick UcVlanni. f Coeaesoa Flea.
By virtue of an alias executlna Usaed In Ih abov
caua b the Clerk of Ihe Court of t'coim m Picas,
of Wood county, Ohio, and lo me directed and de
livered, I will oifor for aale at public vendue on ihe
promt, s or ttie said I'alrtuk itoMnnoi. la lilouiu
tV., , , UMU (-.-Mill T, 'nil. H
Tl'KSDAY. March . 187.
Bctwean th hour of 1 and 1 o'clock P. M., of said
oar, iie following deaortbed property, to-wit 1
Klva head uf ealllo, I four-year old cdts, and
1 yearling ei.lt, taken oa exeeolioa aa the property
of Patrick McMauuia. '
J. K. Hot, Atlorney fit I'lainUlf.
IVrreWg, Fsbruary II, l6f. 43UI1 $0
mt C9nT,tAVA.nAncA$
. to oa ro
BOSTON, ' . v v,
PITTSBURd, ' ' 5
e- - BALTIMOUB, and
This I the only Root to th
Oil Iteglossi of rentjr vaal I
tA9eI!lW8 who wish a Qtatck and Coatfortanlt
Trip will sppreclst U Smeeth ssd Ptrfeet Track,
She f.aiurloes Dsy Csrs, snd Ih Msgnlflef nt Sleep
In Oeaehes, th sellnt Dlnln Halls, with aaiiile
llro far Meals, aad Ihs Prompt XI Be sad EarsUea
sections r us
n..iia a. n . - - IT- a . n.is.
Ailauut uirsi itrsiciu iiaiinaj
Fare a .ar asssd Time Qsjlak a
er "r wsaior Itwsstw.
1 nronnw s icscn una iiaggngn neeus.
Ht. 98S hroadway.Naw fork; Me. It aute-slreet and
S Rehnol-slreet. Bostanl Danot and Unlea OBIeaa.
Cleveland; No. OH b'lark-slreet, Ckleage; In Vlasla-
aatl.al .is. ev neat rouriD-street: . c. eer. '
wa and front-streets; 1 15 Vlne-atrrst; al 0. S. Mall
Line ntsamers banning root or via street, sad st
New I'asasnger Uenol of th Cincinnati. Hsaiiltea di
Dnjtnn Railway In Lealsvllle. at 8. W. corner Main
snit Third stravts, anil ifi fourth street, and at Ihe
Offices of Connssting Lines.
V. irics.Aiil.rs, osa'l Bant.
S. F. FULL Eli, Gen'l Ticket Agent. it
m. & it. lTdewey,
NOW, as hcrctofor. hsr every facility at thel
com nand for aunnlrine- Maumee Ritr. 1'ar-
rysburg, and the region roundabout, with
Bread, Biscuit, Rolls, Crackers and
Cake of every description,
the excellence nf which Is nut unknown among
their msny patrons on both sides of the Msumee,
io- suvur.ii reara past, uratetul 10 ineir patrona
for tho custom extended in the past, no eflitrta
shsll bo spared in tbe future, ou tbe part of the
proprietors 01 ine
to retain the confidence of their patronage, by fur
nulling, as berctufore, such sn article of
"The Staff of Life,"
aa shall challenge comparison In every particular
without fear of successful competition.
Maumee City, February 9, 1887. , 42m
Look to Your Titles!
IT may nntbi g-nenlly known that the till to
a large IsirtioU of th Kiel Ratals In Wood
County ia defective-but such is the fact. Thaaa
defects eriso from misdescription of the oron-
ertr. Inform il execution anl acknowledarmenl
of conreyaneoa, nnrecorded de-ids, tag aalea and
titles, judgment liens, irregularities in sales under j
execution, mortgages, &c.
Hundreds of mortgages and other Incumbrances
upon lands remain uncancelled on the record,
although th debt tliey wore given to secure, bare
probably been paid. Thousanda of lax aalea have
been made, inoumbering lands and lota, many of
which have been redeemjd but not cancelled, but
a large number still exist aaralid liens on the prop
erty sold. Over 1,500 of the deeds on our county
records sre either erroneously executed, or
wrongly recorded most of tho errors undoubtedly
occur in tho m iking of the deeds, but many iu th
recording of them.
In view of these facts, we are preparing, snd
hsvo nesrly completed, at great expense and im
menso labor, a complete abstract of the title to
every tract of land snd town lot in tho county,
giving the originsl entries and purchases from t e
State snd United States, date of the deeds, kind
ol conveysnce, consideration, full description of
the land, where deed executed, date of record,
book and page where recorded, number of wit
nesses, number of seals, atnouut of revenue atamn,
So enmplcto will these Abstract be, that if
every btsik in the Recorder's Office were destroyed,
sn accurate description of every instrument re
corded there, Could bo procured from our office.
With these facilities we are prepared, aa Ihe
shortest notice, to give all necessary information,
and written abstracts of title, at reasonable prices,
to an who may aosire in same.
With these Abstract before us, we s'sn have
facilities tor preparing conveyances or every de.
scriptinn, unequalled by any other office in the
county, and which will be made nut by ua st usual
rates. We will give special sttention to remedying
uu.cvta line-, roi.iipmp( lavuuiuTRUVCI, pmcunng
lost deeds, gelling original patent or copies of
same, ana penecung lilies generally.
Every owner nf Real Estate should know th
hill history of his till to ame. and that it ia cor
rectly .placed on the record; and every prudent
man will refuse to buy any lands or lots without
first being fully satisfied that the title to aame ia
perfect, clear and iinimctunbcred ; and theae fact
can oe ascertained from us at a small exponas.
Our charge will be a follows t
For an examination nf th title to a lot nr tract
of land, with verbal opinion on same, from 91 lo
3, acooruitig to value and number of tranarer.
For a Aid abstract of the title, with written
opinion on same, tl and over, according to number
ni conveyance 01 in lana, ana labor la making
uui BMine.
A reasonable deduction will be made to appli
cants, for chsin nf title to two nr more trsots, and
also to sttorneys snd sgents who make frequent
busiu-ss rails upon ua. . .
Pcrrysburg, O., February 11, 1887. J7
NOTICE is hereby given to the Treasurer of
the several townships iu this county, thst they
will be expected to comply with Ihe requirements
of the 20th section nf the School Law, as passed
siarcn in, ine. ins taw will oe strictly enforced
with those failing lo comply with said section.
See page 32, Vol. 61, Laws of iKtis.l
GEO. N. PAKSONS, Auditor.
Auditor's Olllce, Wood Co., O.,
Perryslmrg, Februsry 9, 1887. 42b
Desirable Farm for Sale.
We have for sale, the excellent farm of Gen. D.
W.Day, near Hinting Ureen, consisting of 210
ores, nesrly all nnder fence, nver lOOacrea under
cultivation, good buildings, good orchard, thor
ougly ditched t snd is in every view a Arat-clasa
farm, in tho best uf comliliou. Price low and
terms cssy.
T ANTEKNS A tin-ton. new stvlc. coal-oil
lj Olsss Lantern large assortment t just th ar
ticle for family uae. HOISTONS.
CUTLERY and HARDWARE of all kinda at
IN MoM ARAN'S Show-window eaa be aeea th
-- aitlcrent styles or Picture-Frame that ae eoa
slaiitly has oa hand.
UR1E5DS and laTi, eall and see ear Kw
4- ww. . UOtaTOJiH.
CLARITIES. The Drop ar a etewti6call
eoaipoundod tuid oreparatioa, and belter than any
Pilla, tewdera or Nostrums. Being lionid. their
action ia direct aad pooiiisa, rendering thess a r
liable, speedy and certain ipeciBo tor tbe cur of
all nHslruetiona and awpreaioae of aalar. Their
ponularily ia iadteatat by Ik (at that -over 10,
o4 bottle ar annually aold aaal easaas by to
ladies of th United Stat, vry osm of whom
apeak ia ib alraac tawui of praise of their
great merit. They r rapidly taking th plae
nf every other Female Remedy, aud ar considered
by all who kaww aaghl of lhas a th aurent,
a seal, aad aso4 infallible preparation in lb world,
for the car of alt feaial oomolaiiiU. th re mo a I
of all oUtruclioa of nature, ami It promotioa of
neaiin,regniariiyaaisirwiglk. SxpHcildirvtioa
Hating whew they suay be ad, and estdaiaisg
when and why they ahould not, aor ecmld not be
used,witlMHil producing ettecu ewnlrery to nature's
chosen law, w ill b luund carefully fukled anvaad
eaen noitie, wtin in written siguatur of Joust L,
Lton, without which won ar genuine.
Prepared by Dv. JOBS L. LYON, 11 Chpl
Street, New Haven, Connecticut, who eaa bna
suited either personally, or by snail, taeking
aunii,) coueeraiBg all riy"diMe aadluBal
Sold by Druggists everywhere.
1VW- 0b1 Agtata for V. 8. aud Canada
, Stattneat ef tbe Ceidltiva
' it thFfr( ttwr'nf Jannary. A. Ti. 1M7 inaa
to Ih Auditor of the State of Ohio, nurauant
id in xiamie 01 mat piste.
NaM assal Iyatla.
f'lVs' name of this Compsny Is th METROPOLI
TAM INStlRANCK COMPAIY, Incorporated la
18il, end (ocated hi th city of New York.
Cwpiisii. ;
th CspKsf of safd Company aclaslly
paid op to cash is 1,000,000 00
Th Surplus on th 1st day of Janu
ary, mt i 02,R73 SB
ToUl amount of Capital titi gurp1ustl,602.873 08
Amount of Cssh nn hsnd and in Bank 184,186 77
In hands nf Agent and In Course uf
transmission ... rKt.ffOO 00
U. S. 8'sof 1881 108,500 00
II. S. 6-20 per cent. Bonds 10,800 00
U. S. Compound Interest Note.... 6M 00
U. S. 7-30 Treasury Note 600,3V 00
Bank Stocks and other Miscollanentia
Secnritie 9,720 83
Loan on Bonds and Mortgages, being
first lien of record, on Unincum
bered Real Estate 373,011 00
Loans nn U. S. Securities, State
Stocks, Bank and other Stocks and
Bonds, psrable on demand ..... .,716 80
Other Miscellaneous Items 67,41 00
Due for Fire Premiums on Policies Is
sued at Otnco 17,323 64
Due for Marine Premiums on Policies
issued at Ollico 10,393 SS
Bills Receivable for Premiums on Ma.
rioe Riska : 78,485 54
Interest Due and Accrued, but not yet
payable 18,029 15
$1,602,873 V8
Amount of Losses adjusted, due and
unpaid....'.... .................. None.
Losses incurred, snd in process of ad
justment (147,272 80
Losses reported, on which no action
haa been taken. 81,186 78
Claim for Losses resisted by the
Compsny 28,330 00
Dividends declared due and unpaid- None.
Dividends either cash or ecrip, de
clared but not vet due............ None.
All other existing claims "gainst the
Company 280,269 01
Total amount of Losses, Claim and
Liabilities $015,059 17
The greatest amount insured nn any one (first
class) risk is $20,000, but, ss a general rule, the
risks do not exceed $10,000.
Tbe Company hits nn general rule as to the
amount allowed to be insured in any city, town,
village or block, being governed in this matter, in
each case, by the general character of buildings,
width of streets, facilities for putting out fires, Ac.
An attested copy of the Amended Charter or
Act of Incorporation accompanies this statement.
No deposit is made with any State.
Cirr ANDCouirrr or Nw Yoitg.f
CLINTON B. FISK. 2d Vice-President, ami H.
H. PORTER, Secretary of the Mbthopomtam I.n
sumanc Company, being severally duly sworn.
depose and Bay, and each for himself says, that
application haa been msde by the Directors of the
Company, to the Legislature nf the State nf New
lurk, inr an Act legalising the reduction of the
capital of tbe Company to the aum uf Five Hun
dred Thousand Dollars; that th foregoing is a
true, full and correct statement of the allaira of the
aaid Corporation, and that they ar tbe above-described
officers thereof.
Signed! CLINTON U. FISK, SWHee-PretioVsl.
Wat. K. WADSWOKTR, AulaHt crclary.
10c. STAMP. J
Subscribed and sworn before me this 29th dav
of January, A. D. 1387.
Xitnry Public retitling in the City o.Vew i'urfr.
Know AH Men by these Presents, That the Ms
Taopot.iTAM Insitrakcb Company, of tho City of
New York, do hereby authorize any and all agents
that aaid Company has, or may hereafter hare or
appoint, in the St ite nf Ohio, for and on behalf nf
aaid Company, to accept and acknowledge service
ot all process, whether m isne or nnal,in any ac
tion nr proceeding against said Company, in any
of the courts of the ssid State. And it is hereby
admitted and agreed, that said service of the pro
cess aforesaid, aha 1 1 be taken and held to be valid
and aufflclent in Hint behalf, the aame as if served
upon said C mpany, according to the laws and
practice of said State or any other State ; and all
claims or right of error by resson of thrmanner
of suoh service, is hereby expressly waived and
Witness our haads and ceal of the Company,
thia 29ih day of January, 1867.
Signed CLINTON B'. FISK, tdVicf Praidcnt.
Wis. R. Wadmworth, wmIohI Sttrtlary.
. sisi. $1 sTAar.
(To expire on tbe 31st dsy of January, 188S.)
Orrici ov to ArniTOR or State, J
. Insurance Dktartmsnt,
CoLl'MBi's, Ohio, February 4, 1887.
ANCE COMPANY", located at New York, iu the
State of New York, has tiled in this olllce a sworn
statement of its coudition, as required by the first
eclioo ot the act " lo regulate Insurance Vtn
panias not incorporated by the State of Oh'.o,'
passed April 8, 18i6,and amended February 9,1864;
and Whereas, aaid Unmpavy has furnished the un
dersigned satisfactory evidence that it is possessed
of st leastOK HUN Dttr.ll AlJ FIFTY THOUS
TAL INVESTED iu stocks, or bonds, or in mort
gage of real eatate, worth double the amount for
which the aame i mortgaged: and. Whereas.
aaid Company haa filed in this office a written
instrument under its corporate seal, signed by
the President and Heoretary thereof, authorising
any agont or agents of said Company in this
State In acknowledge service of process, for and
in behalf of aaid Company according to the term
of laid law t
Now, TusRtroaa, in pursuance nf the first see
tion nf the aforesaid act, I, James II. Godman, Aud
itor or Miate for Ohio, do hereby certify that said
Metropolitan Fire Insurance Company, of New
York, i authorised to transact the business of Fire
Insurance in this State until the thirty-nrst dsy of
January, in the year one thousand eight hundred
ana sixiy-eigni.
Ih Witness Whereof. I hsre hereun'n subscribed
my name and caused the seal of my of-
Seal. fice to bo affixed the day and year above
J AS. II. GODMAN, Auditor of State.
43c Agent at Perrysburg, Ohio.
Tontogany, Ohio,
ANUFACTURER of and Dealer m Saddles
irncaa. Collars. Trunks. Hri-
dies, Whips, Halters, and In fact al most
every article connected with
the 8addlery and Ilaruesa depart
ment, in the manufacture of which ia used the very
best of stock lo the market.
None but thn best nf workman are employed
aud all order Blind by tin time ipeciSed.
PRICEj LOW, and all work made according
to contract, aa I warranted to five satisfaction.
Carriage Trimming and Repairing
Done to order aad promptly attended to.
A good aaaVkrtment ot
Oa band. Call and se for youraelr before pur.
chasing eUewb.ua.
17" Hides, Grain and almost vry artieU of
tana produce lilsa la xcnang.
17" Good sevt free of oharge to any point oa
the Kailroad. 4ln
Farmers and Uorse Ovrsers !
THE undersigned has reduced pric-s 20 per et,
aad ovr ou Hone-shoeing and Repairing.
Also, oa new on anl two-boraa W imu.
If yoa wish cbap Bargains and good Work,
pwaa can ano try. 1 guarantee or wan anl aay
work that leaves any shop. 1'leas try ) ploaa try.
Price rW Hon,e-a homing btnsaflar are a fol
low 1 Old hoa, lie 1 New shoe, lie.
comer Louisiana-avenue and D. 4 tl. R. R.
I'errysburg, February 2, 1M7. Hut
" J irgjrLsTsrs rr "
x. , .
' ' StaplQ arid Fancy
Boot, '
Dye Stuftd,
Family Mftdicincs,
Notions, &0, &c.
Furniture of All Kinds,
at Toledo price.
Of the best quality, at Ihe lowest mill price.
t-T" The above Oooda have been bought low
for CAu, selected with the greatest care, and will
be sold at tho very Lottert Priam. Call and exsm
iug before purchasing elscwher.
and are well prepared to supply bills nf LUMBER
with promptitude, and at the lowest rates.
In fact, almost everything required for Building
Tontogany, February 1, 1867. 41zx
Toatognny, Ohio,
Glass & Glassware,
Pure Wines and Brandies,
(For Medical purposes) '
Very fine assortment of
As low as can bo purchased for cash.
Letter, Cap, Wall an i Window Taper,
' Puna, Pencil, Superior Inks,
And all other articles usu tlly kept by Druggist
The above article have b-en bought low for
Cash, sclecte 1 with great etre, and will be war
rant 1 as represented and sold at tbe very lowest
cash price.
W Physlclass' Prescription Care
fully Cwmstonsisled.
N. B. Likewise Agents for those sterling Insu
rance Companies the llirtford Fire, of Hartford,
and the Sun Insurance Co. of Cleveland.
Tontogany, February 2, 1867. 41
R. r.l. CILFILLAf.'S
Wholesale and Retail
The undersigned ia prepared to xoanafaeture all
kind of ..
Of Good Seasoned Lumber,
and will keep constantly 00 baol a stock of well-
Botlsteads of vcry style,
Extcniton-Tablcs, aud other styles
together with atl other classes of
JJ tJXl.INriTXTXl.Ti:,
which I warrant to be good, and will sell a cheap
as can be bought in Tolodo. Vuu will do well to
give me a cull before g Hng there to buy, a I feel
certain mai a can
Suit you ia Quality and Price,
so th.it you can sav yonr expense to the city
tjTAll order filled promptly and carefully
' R. 91. OIL.FIL.IsAN.
Tontogany, Fcbraary 1, lMf, 41st
Physician and Surgeon,
(LaU Assistant Surgeon ia th 8th Ohio Cavalry)
Tontogany, 1Tm4 Couutjr, O.
Al'IKB assortment of Boeks and Stationery
will be found at MoM AHAN'8.
O to UcMAHAN'S, for Uosie-Booka, 8bt
Music and Musical lualraawats.
PUI.L line of School Books at McMAHAM'3
New Hook Store.
'ULL aiaortsMBt of Boot lud Rhne st
rOB WORK, ia all tyl d color. aeatlyeg
I uidiiB joubnau Orrict.
4A acres of land, a M of e of nw qr, ae tV,
In Ferry sburg, good log d well ing boose, and oihf
Improvement, f 050 prompt pJji or jH,
80 acre, a seqrs'ell.Middletoawgoodlatrs1.
at 10 per aojre ia paymcart .v I Vy V
B0 aere,n U ae qr se 80, Webster, ditchinc
pald for, at 110 par acr In payment.
100 acres, nw qr eeo SO, la Portage, good, land,''
t f0 per eflre i wayment, ; ,.'. S I '3,
148 acres, swsrrtp land, being undivided half ef
94 acres off n pt seo J8, ia Portage, subject to
ditching; Will be told at a' bargain) call and seer
89 cres', y U sw qr see 27,1a tLakV, st s rW
figure, - ' ' - I ' -. 1 -
80 acre, w X w qr gee S, to'o 3?. t aflfce 10, id
Henry, at 13 per aor.
West K nf ont-lot Ho. 1, Pertyiburg, 1'scre
for aale or rent, now occupied by Mr. Wltslef, ,
A 11 n ruber of fine in-lot for sal cheap in Fr- '
rysburg. ,
Desirable land to Laporte and Steuben Co',
Ind, for sale at a bargain.
000 aore of tax till land.. la Wood County, for '
sale cheap.
1 will show any land with pleasure, aad a aN
ing, will make payment to suit.
Ferry sburg, February 8, 1807. 41 1
V V on looking over the series of these works.
to Bud hnw m jch excellent matter Is given for thai
now defunct article, the dime, but still purchasable
at ten cent. History, Fiction, and Useful Work "
some of which ar suitable for School ar to
be found in thi remarkably cheap series of publi-
Ciitions. Uf one tiling we ean assure our reader I
that nothing immoral, or of a laxo natnre,! pub :'
lisbed in them t so, if you want a cheap and geotl
ten cent' worth, get one of Beadle' Dim Book'
Lnnit A. (?eoVy, Oodtj'i ledf'i Book. '
" On of th most successful enterprises nf mod' ,
em times in Ihe literary world was inaugurated : ,
with the introduction of the ' Dime ' publication ,
or the well-known firm of Beadlo A Co.
Their success hss b-en unprecedented but not un
deserved, for we believe it has been their conscien
tious aim to cultivate the popular taste up to a
higher standard or literature than was the case be.
fore they took the field. Yellow-eovered literature '
was theretofore aptly described as ' cheap and
nasty but the publications of this house, though
the c!re.ipet of the cheap, have proved that that
desirable quality is nnt Inconsistent with a high) ''
order of literary m-trit, and an irreproachable stan' '
dara or m utility." Unffi o Oimmerom Adttrlmrt '
Intrinsic excellence characterises each and every
They have obtained their im-aense eircolationj -solely
upon their merit. Only the best woaxj of
the tried authors aro almitted to the list, which
now comprises BOOKS FOR ALL, covering a)
wide rangenf subjects, as Text Books, llaod Books,
Biography, Rominee, eto etc., remarkable alike)
for their cAiniia, their utility ani their iutcrest.
Br thase au.ilitioa they b.tre lived dawn a long.
sUn.ling preju lioo against cheip books, for IheT ,
have prnnen that a book oan be otU Bop am
go id. Thj list now embrace :
t Pime Amer'n Speaker. Dime PialogdiM, No. I. -
Dime national no inme inatngue, no. z.
Itm Patriotic do ' jDime Dialogues, No. t.
Dime Comle do Dime Dialogues, Nn. 4.
Dime Elocutionist. In Pre. Dialogues No. 4.
6 Dime Humorous Sp'kr'Dimj School Melodist.
Oii.13 Cook Boilc. . . Dimi Fimily FhysicisD
Dim j Rjcipj It Hik. - 1 ,Dime Dressmsk cr and
Dim:H-insen-ife'sManu'l Milliner's Uuid.
Dime Book nf Etiquette. Ilime Bak of Verse. . , -Dime
L.'tter Writer. 'IhitM Book of Dreams.
Book of Cmqtiot. IB ise Ball Player for 1864
Chess Instructor. tiuide to Swimming.
Cricket and Football.' Curling and (ikatinff.
D.inicl Bne.
Kit Carson.
Anthony Wayne.
L'irid Cnwkett.
Windfleld Scott.
9 John Paul Jones.
IS Marquis de Lafayette
11 lecumsen.
II Oen U. U. MoClellan.
13 Parson Brownlow.
14 Abraham Lincoln,
li Ulysses S. Orant.
8 John C. Frem int.
Men of tho Timo, 1 , 2 S.
Year Book a Alm inacdf Book of Fun, Ifo. 1,3
Grant' Bopnrt. I and 3. . . - - , 1
Shernnn'a Report. . Robinson Cruso, Illust'd ,
American Battles, Xn. 1. New House that Jack B'lt .
" They are, withontexoeatioo. an Isr as we can ! '
judge, unexceptinnably moral. Tbey dot
not even obscurely pander to vace, or cacit tbe
passions." JVorl America Bcrnm. "
Knihr. icing out "the best works of the best- 1
authors' vix : Mrs. Ann H. Stephens, Edward '
9. bill, A. J. H. Uuganne, John Neal.JIrs. Victor.
Henry J. Thomas, N. O. Iron, Mrs. Dnnion,
nr. Ann n. rutier. joiin 9. narner, Koger
Starbuck, Edward Willett, etc., etc. A brilliant
list of writer, whose very name are guarantee '
of exeetlenoe, purity n1 untematioiml interest.
i-yfJ not eonfminH aee worjr wa aay of
tkt HHaienwi srrir ovU nth aaniaW Brite. Order
clearly. BEADLE'S Dim Novels, if you would,
have Hits only. The catalogue now contain: ! tj
1 Ms.laoaka. !
J The Privat'r Cruise.
5 Mvra,Chikluf Ad'i4ii
4 Alice Wilde.
i The Golden Belt.
6 Chip-, the Cave-Child
7 The Reefer of '76.
8 Seth Jones.
8 Tbe Slave 9culDtor.
i Keotlie Raagar.
60 Jo Dwrjeas' Client.
61 Laughiag Eye.
62 Th Unknown.
61 Th Indian Prince.
64 Banger of Mohawk.
66 The Wrecker' Prix.
66 Tbe Hunter- Vow.
67 Indian Jim.
Id The Ifcickwooda Bride
11 Prsn'r of LaYintresse
OA The Brigantine. .. . -.
ov mack Hollow.
12 BUI Biddoa, Trapper JTt Tbe Indian Queen
1 Cedar Swamn.
Tl Th Lost Tranf,
14 TheEraerldNeckPn
pi Th Moose Hunter.
14 The Frontier Angel,
16 Unci Exekiel.
17 Madge Wylde. .
1ft Nat Todd.
73 Th Silver Bugle.
74 Cruiser of Chesape'ke
74 The Hunter' Kscapw
7S iu scout irtze, .
19 Massasoil's DaorkUr
77 Oiindro, - '
78 Tbe Rival Scout. ,
30 Florida, the Iron Will
21 Sybil Chas.
7 Schuylkill Ranger.
22 The Maid of Eanpna.
80 Kagle Eye.
til The Two Hunter.
82 The Mrstie Canoe.
It Winifred Wmthrop
24 The Trail Iluntcv.
24 The Pbca PYtnre.
83 The Golden Harpoon.
2t Brotlirowof IheCoait.
27 D.iugMerof Liberty.
frt The Seminole sjhief.
Ki The Fnghive. -
T is-ing Daraany.
29 Tbe Forest Spy
80 Red Plause. .
87 On tbe Deep.
88 Captain Molly.
89 Star Eyes.
30 Put. Pom'ret's Ward.
S Tho Double Hero
W Irons.
VO Cast Away.
VI Tbe Lost Cache.
ii Maura Guinea, 20 ct.
84 Ruth Margene.
35 E 1st aud West.
92 The Twin Seoul.
93 Tho Creole Sister.
4 The Mad Skipper.'
3D KitlcnJen of tbe Sfiami
37 Godbold, the Spy
38 The Wrung Man.
39 The Land-Claim.
vs tpn I'eter.
196 Little Moccasin.
97 Tbe Doomed Heater.
US Ruth Harland.
40 Unionist's Dang'r 20c
41 The Hunter s Cabin.
42 Tho King's Maa.
43 Th Allen.
44 Agnes Falkland.
4- Esther.
46 Wreck of the Albion,
99 Overboard.
100 Karaibo. - 5
101 Maid of Wyoming.
101 Hurt forever.
103 Big Foot, the Guide.
104 Guilty or not Guilty.
104 Man 10 Green.
106 Simple Phil.
107 Tho Puddter Spy.
108 The Lost Ship.
109 Kidnapped.
110 Th Hidden Home. '
111 The Shawneea' Foe.
lit The Falone Rover.
113 Rattlepate.
114 Ned Hurling.
114 The Son of Liberty.
116 Port at Last.
47 Tim Bumble'a Charge
48 Ooanraoo, th Huron.
49 The Mold Hunter.
40 Tli Black Ship.
41 Th Two Guards.
42 Single Ere.
43 Halea and Loves.
44 Myrtle, Child of Pr'ie
44 Off and On.
46 Ahmo's Plot.
47 The Scout.
68 The Mad Hunter.
1 WTitte Fseed Pacer. "14 The Loyalist.
2 niacksmtthof Antwerp 4 The Country Oanefa. "
I The M tidaa Martyr. 1TI.Meeiife..I
1 Th Marked Bulmt. ' ) Mlaing Jo.
2 Th Outtaw Bmiheet.T Gottlieb Ootrsaock.
1 Th Willing Canity Prairie CWck. . 1
4 The Deer Hoaawrsv Roving Bo.
ft Th DwtooUh Qweea. I
8oeg Bonks, Ku. 1 to 18. rocket Songster, 1 to 4
by all Newsdealers, or r sent premHvl by Mail.
Single Copies, too eeat. . TWe Cbpim or Omm
ituUar, sea prenit lo oaM auiafreas.
Bound Volumes of Song Books.
Th constant eall for theae popular taaofca,a
onllected and hound shape, haa induced Ma pssb.
lisher to prepare 1
Beadle' Dime Hong Book Wo. 1, S, a, 4, , T, ,
V, in ooe volume, muslin binding-, price On
Beadle' Dim Song Book No. 19, II, 12, 13, 14,
14, 16, 17, 18, ia oa Volwaaw, saaaslia bindiog,
price. On Dollar.
Beadle's Dime Pocket cVaigwtew, Ko. 1,2. S. la
on volume, muslia binihnar, price Tkirty Cent.
Bold by all Nw4aatr j sw seal JWtnoMl oa '
receipt of price.
1 414. lit WUUasa-ticl, New Vndu
f it

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