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anti V’luta
A Merry Christmas for Poor Chil-
To the Children. ~Surely the children of the rich
and the hoppy will be glad to wake at least a few' days in
the year pleasant to the children of the poor. And on
these merry holidays, when around many a cheerful fire,
aldo the children gather from far and near, they will
think of those who have no fireside and no home. Our
Newsboys were disappointed of their Thanksgiving Din
ner, so we propose—if parents and children will give us
the means—to make up for it on Christmas Day, by caus
ing that to one of the happiest in the year for them,
with a good dinner, plenty of shoes and clothes, apd any
ether presents we can give. The poor girls at the Girls’
Lodging House are to have a pleasant time, and the little
Germans at the German School, and the poor Irish and
colored children at the Cottage Place School, and at all
other schools, if we receive money ox; shoes or clothes or
• food in time. Remember that we have some 1200 poor
children. But some of you would like best to give a
• Jfifoww to a street child. We mean to send off a Holiday
party of orphan and destitute children to the West, per
haps numbering fifty. The total cost of each child is
31140. Who will make a Christmas present of a home?
The gifts can be sent to the Children’s Aid Society, No. 11
Clinton Hall, Astor Place, New York, or the money to J.
E. Williams, Esq., Treasurer, Metropolitan Bank.
C. L. Brack. Secretary
Cor.. Seaton, tho veteran editor of
the National IntabutMe,-, I. still hale and hearty. A cor
respondent of the New York /toZty'Owimercethus speaks
Of him : “On the 14th of next month, Col. S. will be se
venty-eight years of age. I met him on the Avenue the
other morning, and he was looking and feeling as hale
and hearty as a young man of twenty. Knowing that he
was in the habit of spending the greater portion of his
time in his office, I expressed surprise that he should be
looking so well, when the secret came out that he was
still in the habit of having a day’s sport •on the moors?
Even during this cold weather, he occasionally leaves his
"bed before dawn, rouses his splendid dog, and, accom
panied by a single servant, drives oft some fifteen or
twenty miles to parts unknown, and, after bagging a dozen
or two of partridges, returns home to a quiet dinner, hav
ing taken exercise enough to use up a score or two of the
effeminate snobs who strut about the streets with nothing
great or striking about them but their breeches??
iiin Chinese papers e’ive some par
ticulars of the death of the American adventurer. Ward,
formerly a resident of Salem, but lately the leader of a
well-disciplined force of Chinese on the imperial side in
China. It appears that Ward, with the help of two Eng
lish gunboats, had repulsed- an attack of the rebels, kill
ing seven hundred of them, but that while he was view
ing the fugitives through his glass, a bullet struck him in
the stomach, inflicting a wound of which he died the fol
lowing day. He made his will, and appointed our Minis
ter to China, Hon. Anson Burlingame, as one of his execu
tors. Speaking of tho death of Ward, the London Tints
says he was a brave, reckless, unscrupulous fellow, who
amassed an enormous fortune, like a filibuster as he was,
and died like a fearless soldier of fortune. His followers,
however, as soon as he was de ad, deserted to the rebels,
for their business was plunder.
A soldier named J. G. Hilt, of the
First Michigan, deranged by love, recently threw himself
out of the hospital window in Washington, and was se
verely injured. A short time since it was necessary to
amputate his arm, and he informed a young lady to whom
lie was engaged to be married of It, and released her from
her engagement Inasmuch as he was now maimed for life.
She, however, replied in feeling terms that ho was now
dearer to her than ever, as be had suffered so nobly for
his country. Her fidelity in his misfortune prod****** a
profound impression on his mfcd, and the. thought that he
was not worthy of her love completely unnerved him,
although he had hitherto borne up with good cheer, and
he lately gave evidence of partial derangement. Fortu
nately he is likely to recover.
A great number of Merovingian gold
coins have lately been discovered in a field about aleague
from Fcmtenay-le-Comte, in La Vendee, belonging to
.Baron de Maynard, and near his residence, the Chateau
de Be a tightere. It is reckoned that ten or twelve thou
sand of tli'ese coins have been found, but all, except about
one thousand five hundred, have been sold and melted
down. Since 1811 the Imperial Library has received
sixty five of Ithese coins. One of the last found bore the
inscription Suessonis fit on one side, and on the other B*l
tomo, with a globe surmounted by a cross. Most of them
were coined at Nantes, Orleans, or Paris, but all are Mero
vingian, and of the same value. Antiquarians have not
yet been able to give any plausible explanation as to how
or when so rich a treasure came to be buried in the field.
M. Claude Bernard has published in
France a memoir on the effects of a short or quick death
on the eatableness of fish. The observations apply to ani
mals in general as well as to fish, as M. Bernard finds in
al! the muscular tissues a substance analogous to vegetable
starch. This substance, which is accompanied by certain
azotized matters, disappears when the process of death is
Blow either by disease or by .slaughtering. Prolong tlje
agony of the animal, and you destroy this matter, the pro
duct of good nutrition, and spoil the meat. The same
effect is produced by overdriving ; the flesh of an over
driven ox parte more readily with its juices when soaked
in water than that of an unfatigued animal. As regards
fish, M. Bernard states that cod which die in water are
worse than those that die in air.
The exact spot on which Burger, the
■ilerman ballad-poet, lies buried, has for some time been a
matter of speculation. Chance has brought it to light. The
sexton of the cemetery went before the Weender Thor, at
{Jotting-. n family to look for the remains of one of itamom
berr. In deciphering the inscriptions' of old tombstones,
he found a monument close by the little mound which has
been ri garded as Burger’s grave, entirely grown over with
Shrubs, and covered with a thick crust of moss. When
this was cleared away, the following inscription became
visible : “ The Town of Gottingen to the poet August Biir
ger with the dates of the birth and death of “ the poor
inhabitant below.” The monument consists of a Doric
column, bearing an urn.
The Historical Society of New Eng
land, on bearing of the general sending of old books and
pamphlets to the paper manufacturers,by persons wishing
to realise tlie good prices now paid for such matter, held
a meeting in Boston on Wednesday, and voted that every
member be requested to visit paper mills where practica
ble, and that agents’should be appointed for the same pur
pose, In order that old papers, pamphlets and other docu
ments which might prove of historical interest might ba
saved. Some very important documents came to light at
the paper mills.
The Boston Post says that “ Hum
mlng Bird” robes are tho newest and sweetest thing out.
They are of salmon silk ornamented by sprays of foliage
»ipou which arc represented birds and butterflies, it takes
a C spot to secure one. The Post also describes a new
head-dress as consisting of slender wire, bent into a
wreath, upon the front of which is perched a brilliant
little humming-bird, surrounded bj- a small court of deli
cate lace, leaves, small points, and cherry velvet bows
oddly arranged. At the back there are velvet bows and
arbes of black lacc, which descend upon the neck.
A NEW lecture, entitled “ Sketches
of the Noted Men of New York City,” will be delivered at
Clinton Hall, Astor Place, to-morrow (Monday) evening,
by Mr. Francis J Tucker. The lecturer intends sketching
Fernando Wood, Geo. B. Cheever, F. I. A. Boole, Arch,
bishop Hughes, Horace Greeley, and others. We fancy
that tho lecturer will have hard work before him in delln*
eating characters so dissimilar and incongruous; but as he
bears a good reputation for ability, we think his hearers
will experience a rich and racy intellectual treat.
Prince N. ituo puuiisficd
tho first part of “A History of Sacred Music in Russia,”
in which he declares that the race of Muscovite amateurs,
who flourished till within a late period, and who figure so
characteristically in the history of modern music, is rap-
Jelly dying out. "The amateurs,” he says, “have disap
peared, Ihe orchestras, solo-artists and choristers are dis
pc reed ; and of this prodigious quantity of musicians
there remains to-day only my orchestra and the choir of
the Count Chcremetiff.”
The printers of Paris, who were
.Condemned to different punishments in consequence of a
strike, have made a unique present to their advocate, M.
Berry er. They have printed on vellum the orations of
..a j, avo nroduced a book in a style of magnifl.
cencesaid to be um»qual’.ca tor vpvgrapmcni
In order that no other copy should exist, the forma were
immediately broken up.
A very satisfactory and almost un
preccdented fact as regards the health of Faris is that, on
the 11th of November, not a single death took place in the
Ist, 2d, and 3d arrondissements which contain a popula
tion of 240,000. The circumstance is doubtless owing to the
•works which are being dally carried on by the city for
improving the sewerage.
John Dean, the hero of the romantic
marriage with the daughter of one of our millionaires,
some years ago, is now engaged as an expressman, run
ning between West Hoboken, Hudson City and New York.
He resides with his family at West Hoboken, and Is rep
resented as being happy, prosperous, and at peace with
all the world.
A gentleman in lowa has obtained a
patent for making wine from sorghum, which is said by
connoisseurs at Washington to be equal to Madeira. It
can be made so as to be sold for twenty-five cents per gal.
>lon. A fine quality of rum is also made from the same
An article in the last number of the
Edinburgh A’m'ew frankly declares that England lias no
interest in the preservation of the American Union. For.
tunately for our country we arc abundantly able to take
care of ourselves. This fact the aristocracy of England
•will some day realize to their sorrow.
Judge Michael Connolly is already
»nuo::nced as a candidate for Register next fall. It Is un
derstood tl>at this place was promised to the “ big Judge”
by the inside managers ef Tammany as a consideration at
Ms backirg down as an independent candidate for Comp
troller at the late Charter election.
A Billiard match for S2OO aside—
SOO pointe, carom game—came off on Thursday evening
last, at Braisted’s saloon, in Fourth avenue, between P.
B. Braisted, Jr., and C. O. Connor, resulting in the success
©f Mr. Eraistt <1 by 55 points. Very lively interest in the
match was manifested by the amateurs present
Cardinal Antonelli’s mother is dead,
aged ninety. She was a relative of a famous brigani,
and never liked the luxury of Rome. It is said shade
tested the splendid carriage which her son kept 'or her,
and her delight was, whenever she could get an opportu
nity, to take a ride in a market cart for tlie country.
A niece of the French General
Goyon, who is a Sister of Charity at Naples,-has fled from
her convent and taken refuge in tbe house of a Neapoli
tan lady, because the confessor of the convent refused her
absolution on account of her firm resolution not to pray
for Francis 11.. and Henry V.
Gottschalk, according to an on dit
in Richard Storrs Willis’ O/ir» a 3!oM,l» engaged to be
married to a Miss K ,an heiress of New York, who
passed last summer at Saratoga. The ceremony will take
place soon.
The Treasury Department has de
elded that the measure of a ton, in making assessments for
the internal revenue, shall be two thousand two hundred
and forty pounds, in all cases, under the excise law, un
less the contrary is specified.
Dr. Zanetti, a French physician, has
extracted a leaden bullet from Garibaldi’s ankle. The
wound was doing well at last advices. It appears that
an English-surgeon declared that Garibaldi had no bullet
in this wound, and received for his services $3,030.
Postmaster-General Blair has re
moved all restrictions as to the transit of newspapers
through the mails. * Treason and patriotism are to be put
nn nn po”" 1 *’«*»♦**»’.'-Acaiter. This is one of the results
of the late elections.
Father Passaglia, having fallen un
der the ban of the Church for his movements in favor of a
relinquishment of the temporal sovereignty of the Pope,
has been forbidden to continue his Advent sermons in San
Carlo’s Church in Milan.
If any persons who are obliged to
take offensive medicine would first take a bit of alum into
the mouth, they could then take the medicine with as
much ease as though it were as much sugar.
The Massachusetts shoe trade is so
flourishing just now that the demand exceeds the ability
to supply it, and the manufacturers are refusing to take
orders for spring wear.
Hall’s Journal of Health advises
personi&iven to constipation to cat ripe apples freely. An
apple, says the writer, will digest in one hour and a half,
while boiled,cabbage requires five hours.
Twenty thousand soldiers have been
(tiechargeu from the Union army, on Surgeon's certifi
cates, according to the records of the Pension Office.
The Milkmen propose to raise the
price of pure Westchester and Orange county milk to
seven cents a quart.
Oir List of Lodge Officers.—We
shall this year and as early as possible give a
more full list of tho officers of lodges, &c.» than
wo have heretofore placed before our ma
sonic readci’s. It will probably comprise nine
tenths of all the lodges and other Masonic bodies
of this State and many of those of New Jersey.
As W 6 pnhliwh them from tlmu tu IIIIIC, CTFOrS
may be detected, which we should be pleased to
correct if notified l so that when finally giva.
thorn to our readers complete in one sheet they
will bo as nearly perfect as may bo possible.
ST.. JOHN’S, 1.
Frederick F. Lockwood, M.
Joseph C. Jewell, 8. W. Stephen E. Gardner, Sec.
Oliver G. Brady, J. W. Morton C. Tomlins, S D.
Charles L. Church, Treas. Frederick J. Lowndes, J. D.
Leonard Ring, Galvin B. Lockwood, M. C.
George B. Mclendy, John M. Brown, Henry Glosser,
Edward White, Tiler.
Every Thursday, at Odd Fellows’ Hall.
John H. Anthon, M.
Chas. A. Budd, S. AV. (’lias. A. Cook, Sec.
Edward Coward, J. W Henry D. Walker. S. D.
George N. Gardner, Treas. Asher T. Mills, <l. D.
Edward A\ilson, J. C. Warner, M. C.
T. AV. Iremonger, W. 8. Manning, Stewards.
Joseph Hoxie, Perley D. Whitman, A. Eroal, Trustees.
Fred Ewer, Frank Remington. Chaplains.
Edward Miller, Organist. J. L. Hatch, Marshal
Sewall Fisk, Tiler.
First and Third Thursdays, at No. 817 Broadway.
Augustus Bowers. M.
John Fonda S. AV. Allred F. Chatfield, Sec.
Jacob Vissar, J. W. Solomon Hyde man, S. D,
James F. Crosby, Trcas. 11. P. AVallabcr. J. D.
William Juested, David Anderson, M. C.
I, G. Bancroft, Marshal. Alonzo Crosbr.’Tiler.
Monday, at Masonic Hall, Albany.
Jotham Post,M.
11. S. Taylor, S. AV. A. W. King, Sec.
C. A. I.'apallo, J. W. J. J. Townsend, S. D.
M. B, Spaulding. Trcas. 11. S. Fearing, J. D.
Second and lotirih Tuesday, at No. 8 Union Square.
Hampton C. Bull, M.
S. P. Skinner, S. W. W. H. HiH, See.
Chas. 11. Spencer, J. W.
At New Lebanon, Columbia county.
Lyman G. Dart, M.
Charles Hilton, $■ W. Thomas J. Way, Sec.
Stephen Mcknight, Jr., J.W.
At Albany.
. J. D. Brinckerhoff, M.
P. M. Van Kureii, S. W. Joa. D. Baldwin, Treas.
William Myers, J. W. Rufus B. Coppin, Sec
John B. Willis. George A. Hunter, Jus Richardson, Trus
Greenfield Pote, Tiler.
First and third Tuesdays, at No. 8 Union Square.
Joseph Blumenthal, M.
R. B. Atterbury, S. W. Isaac De Brave, Sec.
Meyer Joseph, J.W.
First and third Tuesday, at No. 8 Union Square.
Thomas C. Duxbury, M.
Daniel Witters, 8. W. William J. Surre, Sec.
John Debevoise, J. W. IraH. Moore, S. D.
George N. Spencer, Treas. William W. Young, J. D.
Thomas Taylor, Jr , Robert Faucett, M. C.
Max Korotoeky, James C. Donaldson, Stewards.
F. Widdows, Organist. George Skinner, Tiler.
Second and Fourth Wecjpesday, at No. 8 Union Square.
John H. Gray, M.
James Shat p, S. W. J. F. Browne, Treas.
John Prentiss, J. W. W. 8. Eaton, Sec.
Geo. Skinner, Tiler.
First and Third Thursday, at Odd Fellows' Hall.
Judson Joslin, M.
Thomas Richardson, S. W. W, W. Crosby,Sec.
George A. Kinyon, J. W. A. H. Sheldon , S. D.
John L. Hoard, Treas. Wm. B. Gates, J. D.
Win. T. Sheldon, C. H. Joslin, M. C.
Wm. T. Sheldon, Trustee. Edwin Adams, Tiler.
Every Tuesday, at Masonic Hall, Frankfort, Herkimer
UNION, 45.
William Harman, M.
Freeman Gilbert. S. W. Franklin Carter, Sec. .
F. S. Stevens, J. W.
Lima, Livingston county.
UTICA. 47.
Zenus C. Priest, M.
Wm- H. Estes, S. W. Edwin B. Ross, Sec.
Simeon E. Mayo, J. W. Robert Horsburs, J D.
Henry a. woohbuji Treas. Daniel N. Cronao. S. y.
Edward W. Premiss, waiter v. North, M. C.
Wm. H. Bstes, Simeon E. Mayo, Charles E. Barnard,
R. W. Ezra Barnum, Historian.
Rev. Dolphus Skinner, L. J. Huntley, Chaplains.
Horace Barnard, Marshal. Thomas L. Morris, Tiler.
Second and Last Monday in each month, at Masonic
Hall, Utica.
Sewall T. Fisk, M.
Chas. L. Mvere, S. W. Wm. Blythe, See.
J. Baskerville, J. W. Jno. J. Dunn, S. D.
Owen Haley. Treas. Benj. Walker. J. D.
Richard Edwards, A. Lichtenstein Stewards.
Wm. Schwalenberg, Marshal. GW. Barney, Organist’
, Sewall Fisk, Tiler.
First and Third Mondays, at Masonic Temple.
James Van Allen, M.
James Sheffer. S. W. A. S. Miller, See.
George Eyckes, J. W.
Schodac Centre, Rensselaer.
SCIPIO, 110.
Coral C. White. Jr. M.
Hick Anthony, S. W. , W. W. While,Sec.
Erasius U. Hussy, J. W.
Aurora, Cayuga county.
Charles F. Kingsley, M.
Burragh Rice, S. W. William p. godgwick, See.
Samuel Scott, J. W. Sidney B. Secor, S. D.
Charles H. Barrow, T>eas. Alfred P. Allen, J. D.
Anthony L. Underhill, John R. Selover, M. C.
John A. Nichols, Tiler.
First and Second Wednesday, at Bath, Steuben county.
Stephen Brayton, M.
Ilenrv Hartman, 8. W. L. G. Ripley, Sec.
A. J. Peck, J. W. C. P. Jones, S. D,
O. Tousey, Treas. R* Wheaton, J. D.
F.. W. Patchin, F. M. Perine, M. C.
Merrit Brown, Chaplain. L. Gottschall, Tiler.
First and Third Tuesdays, at Dansville, Livingston Co.
George F. Bnrn, M.
George French, S. W. Nelson J. Fairchild, See.
Hugh Leonard, J. W. Edward E. Welton, S. D.
Joseph Mason, Treas. Melville A. Rice. J. D.
William E. Eno?, Edward Tousley, M. C.
Jeremiah Welber, Historian. Rev. E. G. Bush, Chaplain.
Tbos. H. Greenly, Tiler.
Wedne-rday before, on the day the moon fun.?, ut Hamil
ton, Madison county.
McNeil Seymour, M.
James Yeomans, 8. W. Moses Camp, Sec.
Henry 11. Scoville, J. W. Walter Humphrey, S. D.
Loien Coy. Treas. Jud L. Thompson, J. D.
John 11. Bodine, Wm. C. Nash, M. C.
Loren Coy. Historian John H. Aurr, Tiler.
First and third Moxdays of each month, at Mount Mor
ris, Livingston county.
Geo Baker, W. M.
Warren B. Race, S. W. Augustus Willard. Sec.
Frederick L. Martin, J. W. Marcus M. Wood, S. D.
Wm. F. Lyon, Treas. Daniel S. Gardner. J. D.
Frank V. Lurk, Marcus J. Hotchkiss, M. C.
P. B Rathbone, A. H. Smith, Wm. D. Purple. Trustees.
W. F. Lejon. Hi-torian. Seth S. Beckwith, Chaplain.
F. B. Fisher, Marshal. Varniim Watson, Tiler.
Thursday next before the full moon at Green, Che
nango county.
Amos 8. partridge, M.
Joseph Thom] son. 8. W. Samuel h. Palmer, See.
James C. Spencer. J. W. Bennes H. Vary, S. D.
Nathaniel Lewis, Treas. Allred A. Paige, J. D.
W. Sylvester Gilbert. M. C,
W. E. M. Holbrook, W. J. H. Falrchfld, Stewards.
W. Joel Mack, Chaplain. Frederick Ccady, Tiler.
Every Monday, at Ogdensburg.
Norman Gurney, M.
William Smith. 8. W. Lorenzo Root, Sec.
George Butt. -field, J. W. .1 L. Coulborn, S. D.
John Wulin*- Treas. Wm. L. Payne, J. D.
William Gains. Charles McKee, M, C.
Andrew J. Lields, Tiler.
Even Monday, at Sackett s Harbor.
MEXICO, 136.
L. H. Conklin. M.
C. D. Snell, S. W. A. F. Kellogg, See.
J. R. French, J. W. H. F. Butler. 8. D.
H. C. Peck, Treas. Lewis Miller, J. D.
C. D. Porter, J. J. Parkhurst, M. C.
Benjamin Gregory, Tiler. :
First and third Mondays, at Mexico, Oswego county..
OTSEGO, 138.
R. C. Doubleday, M.
W. G. Smith, S. W. E. B. Crandal, acting Sec.
C. W. Tomlinson, J. W.
At Cooperstown, Otsego County.
CATO, 141.
James M. Allen, M.
J. Frecaman, S. W. Elijah P. Baker, Sec.
George A. Rich, J. W. Ambros Dratt, 8. D.
Archible Dallas, Treas. Elias L. Dutton. J. D.
Garrett Farrel, David Freeman, M. C.
George R. Rich, William Hager. Israel-Jakway. Trustees.
Geo. A. Rich, Historian. Ezra Northrup, Marshal.
Stephen S. Wallis. Tiler.
Every Thursday, on or before the full moon, at Cato‘
Cayuga County.
J. Warford, M.
R. M. Willis, S. W. R. G. Young, Sec.
A. L. Flinn, J. W. J. Hendrick. 8. D.
A. J. Wing, Treas. S. N. Reddish. J. D.
W. S. Babcock. G. Palmer. M. C.
Master and Bardens, Trustees.
J. Hendrick. Chaplain. E.A Wilson, Marshal.
U M. Crandall, Tiler.
, Every Thursday, at Belfast, Alleghany county.
Charles T. Hammond, M.
George M. Brown, S. AV. Abner I’. Gilbert, Sec.
Charles H. Kimball, J. W. Zelotus Wood, S. D.
Reuben Rice, Treas. Peter K. Bossuot, J. D.
Lyle Bones. Adam Sterling, M. C.
Wardens, qscio. —
KHASest, Historian. A h K .<-, vriaplain.
Melvin C. Rice, Marshal. John Lainphear, Tiler.
Alternate Thursdays, at Carthage.
John Chappell, M.
Stephen Washburn, W. uu.u.-< I'reston, Sec.
Constantine King, J. W. T. J. Gon ton, S. D.
Hamilton Baker, Treas. Burton W. Lidle, J. D.
Edward Andrus,.Lucitis Viber, M. C.
David Brewer, Tiler.
Wednesday preceding full moon, at Schuyler’s Lake,
Otsego Co.
J. LL Tracy ,AL
J. E. Tripp, S. W. H. A. Case, Sec.
F. 1). Fifield. J.-W. W. J. Stevens, S. D.
A. L. Stone, Treas. C’. S. Stedman, J. D.
J. Foskett. F. M. Fields, M. C.
W. Shepard. Tiler.
Wednesday preceding lull moon on each mouth, at
Camden,-Oneida county ,
George ri. u’insor, M.
Austin 11. Humphrey, o. W. Harris Scott, Sec.
.Joseph Jutland, id, J. W. .Terumo B. Sands, S. D.
Richard AV. Juiiand, Treas. Nelson A. Humphrey, J. D.
AVilliam VV. Davis. M. C.
Joseph Kirby,Chaplain. Hiram Schrom, Marshal.
George A. Smith, Tiler, •
Wednesday, on or before the full moon, at Bainbridge,
Chenango county.
Marvin T. Streeter, M.
Nelson R. Streeter, S. AV. Henry Newell, Sec.
Oscar S. Pratt, J. W. Simeon 11. Marshall, S. D.
Isaac S. Amerman, Treas. David Straus, J. D.
John H. Weston, Henry Straus, M. C.
■UaUh D. Smith, Alen K. Hathaway, Hiram L. Darling,
Milton Streeter, Historian. Alexander Streeter, Marshal.
Charles M. Rich, Tiler.
Tuesday on or before the lull of each moon, at Borodi
no, Onondaga county.
George W. Pennock, M.
James Yoran. S. AV. L.Gaige, Sec.
A. L. Hosselton, J. W. S. M. Kyam, S. D.
Joshua Main, Treas. J. E. Phelps. J. D.
P. A. Spencer, Charles Wincn, M. C.
Mnnd*v ana two wevw
thereafter, at Chaumont, Jefferson county.
Thomas B. Harrison, M.
w. Fmitii. h. w. Charles AV Sy. Sec.
Herman R. Sear-, J. W. Ellery Denison, 8. D.
James O Powers. Treas. Jos. T. Thorburn, J. 1).
Peter Eager, James E. Weir, Stewards.
George F. Brtetow, Organist. George Skinner, Tiler.
First and third Tuesdays, at No. 237 Green street, corner
of Fourth.
Chas. Kelly, M.
John R. Wheeler, S. W. Edwin Sissen, Sec.
Edson G. Stetson. J. W. Martin V. Covert, S. D.
Wm. W. Bowom, Treas. Samuel Almy, J. D.
A. H. Gregg, Chas. M. Covert, M. G.
Rev. 11. Boughton, Chaplain. Ira Almy, Marshal.
Nathan Lewis, Tiler.
Every Wednesday, at Farmer, Seneca county,
DARCY, 187.
Solomon Latz, M,'
Wm. Hyams, S. AV. Simon Cohn, See.
N. Cohn,J.W. A. Magner, S. D.
M. L. Christeller. Treas. J. Dumble, J. D.
J. Cohn. L. Posner, M. C.
AV. Chuck, D. Lindo, J. Keller, Trustees.
B. Passman. Tiler,
Every Thursday, at Masonic Beinple.
MUNN, 190.
AVm. Barret, M.
Thos. Smith, S. W, J. O. Leary, Treas.
Farr. J. AV. John Goin, Sec.
Thos. O'Brien, John Richardson. Gerard Percival,
E. White, Tjler.
Every Wednesday, at No. 51 Division street.
Francis Hemsley, M.
John R. Curran, S. AV. Robert S. AValdron, Sec.
Hugh Thompson, J. AV. John H. Copeland, 8. D.
Allied AVocciham, Treas. AVm. H. Shields, J. D
Charles H. Aklcy, Frederick S. Aston, M. C.
C. Y. Kerr, L. 11. Hopkins, Wm. Kinley, Trustees.
A. C. Barnard, Tilor.
First and third Wednesdays, at Odd Fellows' Hall.
YORK, 197.’
Edward Frost, M.
AVilliam H. Small, S. W. John McCollum, Sec.
John AV. Fraser, J. W. James White, 8. D.
John Fowler, Treas. Edmund J. Hutchings, J. D.
Henry L. Wheeler, 'filer.
First and third Mondays at the corner of Fourth and
Green sts.
William G. Ames, M.
George Van Vliet, 8. W. James P. Jardine, See.
Simon Ilackes, J. AV. A'ernon Jarboe, 8. D.
Levi Goldenberg, Treas. Samuel M. Schafer, J. D.
S. Schieestern, Louis Cashberg, M. C.
Jacob Bernheim, A. S. Herman, B. Schieestein Trustees.
Simeon Gutmann, Chaplain. Richard C. Collacot. Tiler.
First and third Fridays at Masonic Hall, Nos. 817 and 819
William Braid, M.
Wai. .Sinclair, S. W. Wm. H. Thompson, Sec.
Wm. Gaskill, J. AV. George 8. Smith, S. J>.
Joseph S. Peacock, Treas. Robert Campbell, J. D.
George Elliott, Joseph Spein, M. C.
F. C. Thompson, M. C. Tully, Walter Koack, Trustees.
Alex. A. Lander, Tiier.
First and third Mondays, at Odd Fellows’ Hall.
William C. Gleason, M.
John Ross, S. W. Amos W. Cushman, Sec.
James Patten, J. AV. William Hanna, 8. D.
Elisha Hollister, Treas. Samuel Chevalier, J. D.
Washington Wooster. Edwin L. Webster, M. C.
Sewall Gleason, Chaplain. Nelson Wiley, Marshal.
John McMaekin, Tiler.
Wednesday evenings on or betore full moon at AA rester
ville and Trout River, alternately.
H. L. Conklin, M.
A. S. Rhodes, S. AV. C. H. Russell, Sec.
A. E Norton, J. AV. G. L. VanNameeJL D.
H. J. Allen, Treas. „ _ —<’• D.
j. uiiienbock, O. AA Illiams, M. C.
e. c. Bruce, Chaplain. P. Chamberlin, Marshal.
George Draper,,Tiler.
Tuesday evening of the week that the moon fulls and
the second Tuesday thereafter, at Gouverneur, St. Law
rence county, N. Y.
ROMAN, 223.
George AV. Baldwin, M.
George O. Bicknell, S. w. M. D. Gardner, Sec.
Edward L. Stevens. J. AV.
At Rome, Oneida county.
Charles C. Curtis, M.
I. W. S. Dey, S. AV. JI. U. Reed, Jr.. Sec.
B. K. J. W. John Knight, S. D.
John P. Cumins, Treas. Gray. J. D.
Jos. T. Graham, George Falke, M. C.
Wm. Marsh, R. AV. Seaman, Thomas Gregg, Trustees.
Thomas B. Linn, Tiler.
First and third Tuesdays, at Masonic Temple.
PIKE, 229.
. . Henrv H. Lvinan, M.
E. C. Skiff, J. W. JLoiTSvAL. Flenagan, Sec.
Joseph M. Paul, Treas. Calvin E. Couch’, J. b."
Charles Dain, Horace Sweet, M. C.
E. P. Sweet, Tiler.
Every Saturday at Hume, Allegany county.
Thomas Johnston, AV. M.
A. A. Valentine, 8. W. James Hyde, Sec.
Alexander B. Reid, J. W. Michael Fogarty. S. D.
John McGown, Treas. Martin A. Boardman, J. D.
Moses Lichtenstein, John C. Clement, AVilliam Blank
man. Trustees.
AA illiam McMun, George W. Haynes, M. C.
Richard Horner, Organist. John (’. Clement, Marshal,
Cornelius Torrey, Tiler.
(Every Thursday, 8 Union Square.
Richard 11. Huntington. M.
Ward N. Emmons, S. W. George W. Grant, Sec.
George B. Nolton, J. AV. Charles B. Gaylord. S. D.
wvcvpil »J. wwi.c. areas. avint w. niitlc, J. u.
Besto Dexter, George Hall, M. C.
Richard 11. Wain m. b.
Nolton, Trustees.
Asa Farble, Chaplain. T. C. Chittenden, Marshal.
John McCarty, Tiler.
Monday evening of the week when the. moon fulls and
two weeks after. Adams, Jefferson county.
Charles E. Everest, M.
Francis Gooley, S. W. John F. Gilbert, Sec.
James B. Dodds, J. AV. Michael Dowling, 8. D.
Pliny F. Dunning. Treas. Stephen Hammond, J. D.
Samuel M. Moore, Isaac A. Dodds, M. C.
George a. French, Marshal. James Henerman, Tiler.
First and Third Wednesdays, at Champlain. Clinton Co.
ORIENT, 238.
Peter Bent, Jr., M.
John C. Wright, s. w. H. D. R. Cottrell, Sec.
Wm. H. Potter, J. W, J. L. Murrel-, 8. D.
Peter Bent, Treas. N. T. Richards, J. D.
Ashley Davenport, G. D. Scoville, m. <j.
8. Lamb. Tiler.
Monday in the week which the moon fulls and two
weeks thereafter, at Copenhagen, Lewis county.
George AY. Dilks, M.
Michael J. Kellev, S. AV. Joseph A. Cook, Sec.
David Sause. J. AV. William Wright, 8. D.
John 8. Lockwood, Treas. Alanson A. Jones, J. D.
Robert J. Brown, James Leonard, John Keyser, Trus
Wm. H. Wilson, Tiler.
First and Third Mondays, at Masonic Temple.
ARCANA, 246.
Daniel AV. Leeds. M.
Louis J. Belloni, Jr., 8. AV. Sam’l M. Cockcin, Sec.
JohnG. Wright, J. W. Richard C. Greene, 8. D.
Charles S. Miller, Treas. Richard Lane, J. D.
Lewis A Osborn, James 11. Sanger, M. C.
Philip Pritchard, Wm. H. Black and Richard K. Cooke,
Trustees. „
Z. P. Wilds, Chaplain. Theo. A. Havemeyer, Marshal.
Samuel Jenkins, Tiler.
First and third Mondays at No. 8 Union Square.
JOHN D. WILLARD,’ 250. ’
Geo. Renshaw, M.
H. Wilson, S. W. Geo. Hollinger, Treas.
J. Bradthaw, J. W. AV illiam Drew, Sec.
First and third Tuesdays at Odd Fellows Hall.
Philip W. Frank, M.
Joseph Sulzberger, S. W. Sigmund Hamburger, Sec.
David M. Koehler, J. W. Julius AA. Rosentein, 8. D.
Jacob Silverman. Treas. Bernard Silverman, J. D.
David Haslflbher, Jacob Steinberger, M. C.
Julius W. Rosenstein, Moritz. Stem, S. Rosenthal, Trus
H. Hlldburghauser, Jonas Heller, Davil Haslacher,
Standing Committee.
Levy Philip, Tyler.
First and Third Thursday.-’, at Odd Fe'lows.
Samuel Lee, Jr., M.
Frederick B. Dixon, S. AY. James B. Taylor. Sec.
Theodore Sloat, J. AV. AVilliam Post, S D.
John Craig, Treas. D. B Bryant, J. D.
A Wolcott, George Schwartzman, M. c.
James Dixon, James W. Millar, Henry T. Grattaoap,
Rev. J. P. Newman, Chaplain. Wm M. Pownell, Tiler.
First and third Tuesdays, at Odd Fellows’ Hall.
Joseph H. Toone, M.
Abraham P. Silver, S. W. Sylvester Sigler, Sec.
John Storer, J. AV. Let a Abbott, 8. D.
Horace A'. Sigler, Treas. George Smith, J. D.
Jacob Demarest, Otto Ah Ist rom, M. C.
Robert D. Holmes, Malcom Campbell, Joseph P. Fee
han, Trustees.
A. S. Cameron, Historian, J. Price, Organist.
Peter Cartwright, Tiler.
First, Third and Filth Tuesdays, at Masonic Temple.
Charles F. Newton, M.
L. Hill, S. W. Chester H. Davis, See.
Philo B. Gilbert, J. AV. John Sheville, S. D.
B. Reed, Treas. AV. M. G. Richardson, J. B.
B. AV. Eickholtz, C. T. Chickhaus, M. C.
Daniel D. Youmans, N. Culbert, Oswin O'Brien, Trustees.
S. F. Storms, Marshal. Laban Lewis, Tiler.
Second and fourth Thursdays, at Nos. 817 and 819 Broad
William C. Bennett, M.
R. J. Johnston. S. AV. J. AV. AVlldey, Sec.
I). P. Johnson, J. AV. H. G. Carter, S. D.
Asa Stevens. Jr., Treas. Elisha A. Crum, J. D.
Charles Bowroson. Edward L. Lawrence, M. C.
Peter Coke let, Frederick Holden, George llenken, Jr.,
Seth Hart, Organist Sewell Fisk, Titer.
First and third Tuesdays, at No. 817 and 819 Broadway.
—ffUE NCEK, 290.
Isaac S. Stanclift, M.
Peter Head, S. AV. Ira Howell, Sec.
Chas. A. Murray. J. AV. Chas. Ennis, S. D.
Solomon Ennb, Treas. Ira Stewart, J. D.
Horace A. Hugg, Asa Nobles. M C.
Isaac Osborn, Chaplain. Isaac M. Osborn, Tiler.
Second and Third Thursdays at Spencer Village, Tioga
County. • . -
AVilliam H. Gray, M.
11. H. Sherman, S. W. G. B. Farrar, Sec.
O, L. Ballard. J. W. R. C. Wentworth. S. D.
AV. A> Short, Treas. O. P. Aines, J. D.
Orrin M. Whitman, A»AV. W eeks, M. C.
Albou Mann, Historian. A. Dow, Marshal.
AVilliam Johndreu, Tiler.
Thursday evening preceding full moon at Malone,
Franklin county.'
M. J. Hutchens, M.
M. C. Jewitt, S. W. AVm. M. Thomson.
A. Cornwall, J. AV. A. K. Campbell. 8. D.
Henry uaiij, Trco. wm. u. Lee, J. u.
Win. T McCue. AValter Fox. m. »J.
Rev. F. 8. Freeman, Historian and Chaplain.
Daniel Root, Marshal. J. I. Evenon, Tiler.
Alternate Tuesdays, at Alexandria, Jefferson county.
R. K. Bourn, M
S. H. Palmer, 8. AV. AV. U. Main, Soc.
11. Alfrey. J. W.
At Norwich, Chenango county.
AVilliam H. Wiles, M.
Jacob Call, S. W. George S. Oldfield, Sec.
Stephen G Newman, J. AY John Oldfield, S. D.
John I. Cole, Treas. John A. Lyon, J. D.
Joseph chambers. Garret O. House, M. C.
A. Edward Suffern, Garret 8. Allison, John L. De Noy
ells, Trustees. . _ , ~ „ , ,
G. S. Oldfield, Historian. Rev. J. M. Freeman, Chaplain.
John H. Stephens, Marshal. Jeremiah Pye, Tiler.
Every Wednesday, at Haverstraw, Rockland county.
ATLAS, 316.
John Boyd, M.
A. P. Bachman, S. AV. George W. Duryee, Sec.
L. Mclntosh, J. AA’. E. L. Vandereot, S. D.
Richard Campbell, Treas. Michael Gerry, J. D.
Charles A. Wight, Albert Horn, Jr., M c.
AAm. S. Napier, MarsnSx.- tt l Wheeler Tiler
Second and fourth Thursdays, at Oda Fellows* Hail.
Thomas E. Gassen, M.
Thomas J. Raynor, S. W. Charles V. Clark, Sec.
D. R. Garniss, J. AV. Jerome Buck, S. D.
Peter Bissell, Treas. G. H. Allison, J. D.
John G. Mitchell, Samuel Post, Jr., M. C.
George Mitchell, J. P. B. Dodge, K. J. Jenkins Trustees.
Gilbert Dean, Steward. Alden, Organist.
Fountain, Tiler.
First and third Mondays at No. 817 Broad way.
M. B. Luther, M.
John Gray, S. W. D. P. Loomis, Sec.
Chancey Slade. J. AV. J. J. Rogers, S. D
A. B. AS ateon, Treas. C. N. Hughston, J. D.
Isaac Sterling, AVin J. Thompson, M. C.
O. F. AV Crane, Tiler.
Every Tuesday, at Unadilla
Albert Hoyt, M.
John D. Ellis, S. W. John D. Ellis, Sec,
Henry Baxter, J. AV.
At Antwerp, Jefferson count}’.
Wm. B. Smith, M.
O. P. Quintard, S. AV. A. Desmond, Sec.
James R. Elsey, J. W. Win. Paddon, S. D.
AVm. J. Bunce,. Treas. A. Solomon, J. D-
C. 11. Smith. N H Belden, J. J. Nathans Trustees.
J. Fountain, proxy for Tiler.
First and Third Tuesdays, at Odd Fellows Hall.
Samuel Clapp, M.
Peter H. Joslin, S. W. James Tutton, Sec.
AVilliam O. Robinson, J. W. Timothy P. Alden. S. D.
John L Howell, Treas. Henry Kirby, J. D.
Herrick Seymour, Ebenezer Dunham, 2d. M. C.
Daniel D. MpDowell, Timothy P. Alden, Henry Kirby,
Henry Kirby, Histdrlan. William C. Peck, Chaplain.
Augustus L- Smith, Tiler.
AA’edncsday, on or before the full moon, at Niohols, Tioga
Richard Flach, M.
Gottfried Schultz, S. AV. George A. Reinhard, Sec.
John Ruattlander, J. AV. Bernhard Schickle, S. D.
Henry O. Persch, Treas. Philip A. AA’agner, J. D.
Frederich Rickert, John Barth, M. C.
John Greiner, Historian. Kev. Otto Burger, Chaplain.
N. K. Kenton, Tiler.
First and third Tuesdays, at Buffalo.
CLYDE, 311.
Aaron Griswold, M.
Samuel Weed, S. W. J. H. Jones, Sec.
Hurtwell Start, J. AV'. Geo. O. Baker. S. D.
Joseph Watson, Treas. E. M. lioflre, J. D.
Moses Munn, F. AVhittlesev, M. C.
Joseph Watson, Historian. Wm. C. Ely, Chaplain.
AVm. S. Tompkins. Tiler.
Tuesday nearest full of moon and two weeks thereafter,
at Clyde, Wayne county.
LOOT, 345.
Gilbert M. Spence, M.
Elisha Reeve, 8. W. John Van Horn, Sec.
Herman AV. Halsey, J. W. Joseph Breckler, 8. D.
William B. Fragles, Treas. Demarest B. Utter, J. D.
William Booth, Richard A'an Liew, M. C.
Thomas J. Shannon, Tiler.
Monday, on or before the full moon, at Lodi.
Ed- M. Banks, M.
Adon Smith, Jr., S. AV. J. 11. Bennett, Sec.
David B. Howell, J.W.
Second and fourth Saturdays, at No. 817 Broadway.
Benjamin A. Fay, M.
Arnold J. Moon, 8. W. Pliny Smith, See.
Isaac A’osburgh, J. AV. Alva Dutton. S . I):
Joel Coblelgh, Treas. H. C. Spener, J. D.
Frederick Crary. Tiler.
Every Thursday, at Springville, Erie county.
Fenx Fountain. M.
L. W. Miter, S. W. Joseph Sherman, Sec.
John Icke, J. AA. J. t. Rice, 8. D.
D. Treas. Robert Rae, J. D;
Samuel Whlley, Tiler.
Alternate Mondays, at Lansingburg, Rensselaer county.
A'ALATIE, 362.
George AV. Bulkley, M.
H. F. A'anstecuburgh, 8. AV. AValter Miller, sec.
Henry Iler. J. AV. Lewis Gerst, S. D.
Henry A. Hoysradt, Treas. Dnvid Best, J. D.
David L. Lear, Archelius Felts, M. C.
Henry M. Crooker, Tiler.
First and Third Tncmtuy, nt A'alatia, Columbia county.
GOSHEN, 365.
Richard Sears, M.
William M. Sayer, S. AV. Asa 8. Strong, Sec.
Charles Wood, J. W. Rd. Dikeman
E. B. Murray, Treas. John P. Mom-”- v -
t? v Ackerman. N. K. KooCfy, “•
C. H. Winfield,'John C. McConneli, John M. MoneU, Trus.
Rev. Geo. Pennell, Chaplain. V. E. Hill, Marshal.
D. D. Osmun, Tiler.
Monday, at Goshen.
-*vu vnitoT, 331.
„ ..... Al ’ ra .i“ 1 n‘ n. Wood, M.
Henrv H. Segtilne, s. w. James S. Reid. Sec.
John W. Russel, J. V . William A. Brown, S. D.
Henry Llvlnson. Treas. Jesse A. Journay, J. D.
Benjamin F. Lafarge, William De Waters. M. C.
George W. Bills, Richard E. Dubois, James Butler, Trus
, £? mes c - Totten, Tiler.
liret and third Thursdays, at Tottenvllle, Staten Island.
F. Gingi, M.
M. Castellanos, S. W. J. M. .Palacio, Sec.
A. V. Castellanos, J. W. V. Lazo, S. D.
L. Fernandez, Tres. M. Delgado, J. D.
F. Parraga, Orator. J. Giglet, Tiler.
Third Saturday, ut Masonic Temple.
CITY, 408.
Aaron Gershon. M.
R. R. Purdy, S. W. Lionel Jacobs, Sor»
C. S. Trowbridge, J. AV. Morris Phillips, 8. D.
Geo. M. Sherman, Treas. George Butler, J. D.
E. Van AVart, Jr., J. F.' Mostler, M. C.
John J. Davis, Jos. J. Cohen, Stewards.
John Warren, Trustee. D. H. Jones, Chaplain.
B. Passman, Tiler.
Second and fourth Wednesdays, at Odd Fellows’ Hall.
Lucius D. Smith, M.
Moses Bricknell, S. W. Samuel Renshaw, Sec.
Joseph T. Swan, J. W. E. M. Wheeler, S. D.
Stephen Irons. Treas. AVilliam Mott. J. D.
John Jourdan, Janies M. Simpson, M. C.
T. G. Halley, Marshal. Jesse Ferrell, Tiler.
Alternate Saturday, at New London, Oneida.co.
John L. Nostrand, M.
Robert Harris, S. W. Wm. Sec.
James HUI, J. AV. Nathaniel J. Mann, S. D.
Thomas Camden. Treas. Cornelius Cooke, J. D.
James Prichard, AVm. 11. Brown, M. C.
fionry Murdock, Samuel Dolby, Nathaniel J. Mann,.
John L. Nostrand, Historian. Wm. E. Bratlley. Chaplain.
James Denby, Marshal. J. J. Enrick, Tiler.
Every Thursday, corner of Broadway and Yates ave
nue, Brooklyn.
AUBURN, 431.
1 George A. Brady, M.
H M. Drake, S. W. Geo. AV. Leonard. See.
L. G. Wooding. J. W. AVm. Bascom, tk IX
Chas. S. Trowbridge, Treas. Miles Haskell, J. D.
AVm. Brierly, E. A. Bucklin, M. C.
Robert Peat, L White, J. Y. Houghland, Trustees.
H. Robinson, Historian. Chas. D. Lawton Chaplain.
E. N Morgan, Marshal. N. Robinson, Tiler.
First and Third Tuesdays, at Masonic Hall, Auburn.
Charles E. Young, M.
Horace F. Kenyon, 8. W. Fred’k Shadrako, Treas.
James P. Shoecraft, J. AV. D. Kenyon, Sec. -
At Buffalo.
David A. D'Ancona, M.
Baine't Woolf, S. AV. Charles M. Hold, Sec.
J-. Samuel. J. W. Kiely Moses, S. D.
Ogden Donington, Treas. Henry Frey, J. D.
J. Copenhagen. John Mendes, M, C.
O. Donnlngton, H. Herasteln, D. A. D’Ancona, Trus
M. Solomon, Tiler.
First and Tiiird Mondays, at Odd Fellows Hall.
CharlesS. Murphy, M.
Thomas Smyth, S. AV. Horace H. Henry, Sec.
Thnnas Robinson, J. W. George R. McClelland, 8. D.
Edmund Stevens. Treas. Robert Thomason, J. D.
Charles! Platto. John Draper, M. C.
John D. AMlliamson, Arthur Boyle, William Manson,
Henry Mo’gan, Chaplain. Adam Cook, Marshal.
Alonzo Crosby, Tiler.
First and Third Wednesdays, at Masonic Hall, Albany.
„ , Charles F. Grim, M.‘
Frederick Widdows, «. w. 1 4l Croix. Sec.
Samuel Saunders. J. W. Ilcnrv Klleau, 8. D.
A. L. Delluc, Treas. Win. Saunders, J. D.
, , Edward Bedet, F. Oohbart. M. C.
John Saunders, Harry De Mars, Edward Bedcf. Trustees.
... J. Fountain, Tiler.
first and third Thursdays, at Masouie Temple.
Isaac Lea, M.
Charles S. Kuh, S. W., M. Concklin. TreaSi
Stephen Keteltas. J. W. Francis Hamilton, Sec.
George W. Winning, Tiler.
First and Third Tuesday, at Stapleton. S. I.
Consider Ellis, M.
D. B. Clarke, S. W. William J. Fenny, Sec.
Charles C. Parker, J. W. Leander Gaston, 8. D.
Augustus Miller, Treas. Henry 8. Nustan. J. D.
Charles Shepard, John IT. Browning. M. C.
Augustus Miller, F. N. Whitcomb, William J. Penny,
William Stiles, Chaplain. James Mapes. Tiler.
. Wednesday before lull of moon and two weeks after
that, at Belmont, Alleghany county.
STELLA, 485.
Jeremiah Box, M.
Joseph Short. Jr., S. W. James Hependall, Sec.
Edward W. Eales, J. W r . Benj. W. Palmer, 8. D.
Henry 8. Young, Treas. Richard Rowlands, .1. J>.
Edwin Gates. John H. Rhodes, M. C.
Edwin Oates, John H. Rhodes, William M. Shipman,
William Parker, Tiler.
Thursday, at No. 13 Court street, Brooklyn.
John C. Thornton, M.
David Andcison, 8. W. HP. Sampors, Sec.
Y'sidoro Aruaiz, J. W. J. B. Bunce, S D.
S. A. Spencer, Treas. T. Ryan. J. D.
xr ~ a u T r avis, Charles D. Lothrop, M. C.
Ysidore Aruaiz, R. Moody, Samuel J. Hunt, Trus
John H. Hooton, Tiler.
First and second Tuesdays, at Masonic Temple.
Henry A. Nelson, M.
George Myers, S. W. Charles 3. Cartie, Sac.
■ Frederick Neubor, J. W. William By field. 8. D.
Peter Read. Treas. Samuel Brown, J. D.
John R. Wood, Samuel M. Weeks, M. C.
Joshua Cooley and James Vandusen. Trustees.
Nicholas Eberhard, Marshal. Isaac Vanidetln Tiler.
Every Wednesday at No. 68 East Broadway.
William Magee, M.
William IT. Burnap, S. W. Wijliam Wheeler, Sec.
Edward Sharkey, J. W. Philip L. Hoffman, 8 D.
John Cook, Treas. Samuel T. Lapnln, J. D.
John S. Hewson, Samuel .Savory, M. C.
William Sharkey, Abraham R. Welch, Jr., Ezekiel
Vance, Trustees.
Henry Lloyd, Tiler.
Every Thwrsdav. rnmnr of Twenty-fifth atroe.t and
Eighth avenue.
John B. Bort, M.
William W. Seri ver, 8. W. Hiram Paddock, Sec.
Oliver Smith, J. W. D. K. Seabery, 8. D.
S. 8. Clark. Jr., Treas. Oscian H. Stiles, J. D.
S. R. Wyman, Lewis Paddock. M. C.
A. S. Bryant, William V. Derby, D. 8. Coonley, Trustees.
1,. Brown, Historian. William V. Derby, Chaplain.
A S. Brvant, Marshal. W. N Smith, Tiler.
First and third Wednesdays, at Chatcaugua. Franklin
Wm. H. Johnson, M.
James Gorton, S. VV. J. B. Me Kean, Sec.
8. O. Clapp, J. W. • Wm. Henry Marshall, S. I>.
Robert StogfliU. Treas. Cornelius Driscoll, J. D.
Ellas Baldwin, Benj. Z. Worth M. C.
James Mackean, John W. Feeney, Wm. Bauham Jr.
Cornelius Callahan, Tiler.
Every Wednesday, at 86th street, between 3d and 4th
Charles Scholoy, 11. P.
Daniel Wolff, King, J D. W. Brinkerhoff. Scribe.
H. E.Steinliaucr.G. M. IstV. George A. Hunter, Treas.
William J. Surrc.Sec.
Isaac Jacobs, Bernard .ionn g. dovu,
Wolff, John D. W. Brinkerhoff, Standing Committee.
Greeufiold Pote, Tiler.
First and Third Thursday, No. 8 Union Square.
C. A. Budd, H. P.
J. T. Couenhoven. King. E. Bouton, Scribe.
G. Van Vliet, C. of H. J. H. Anthon, P. S.
J. L. Hatch, R. A. C. T. S. Crump, M. 3d V.
J. T. Thorburn, M. 2d.V. W. 8. Manning, M. Ist V.
E. P. Breed, Sec. B. Buck, Treas.
F. C. Ewer, W. 8. Coffey, E. Remington. E. 8. Porter,
E. Miller, Organist. S. Ffek, Tiler.
Second and Fourth Mondays, at No. 817 Broadway.
H. 8. Taylor, H. P.
Jotham Port. King, Robt. G. Remsen, Scribe.
Oscar U. Ferris, 0. of 11. Ed. G. Bradbury, P. 8.
H. B. Sears. R. A. C. J. McCollum, G. M. 3d. V.
C. B. Babcock Jr., G, M. 2d V. Z. Dederick, G. M. Ist V.
Chas. W. Sy, Sec. A. W. King, Treas.
Geo. Skinner, Sentinel.
Second and Fourth Saturdays, at No. 8 Union Square.
A. Boyce, H. P.
John R. Rollins, King. John Lowe, Scribe.
T. C. Cassidy, C. of 11. M. C. Tomlins, P. 8.
B. Cordray, R. A. C.
C. B. Lockwood, J. B. Bouck. V. D. Mairs, M. of V. ’
J. M. Henry, Sec. John Brown, Treas. .
First and third Tuesdays at Odd Fellows Hall.
Samuel Evans, H. p.
C. C. J. Beck, King. H. Redfield, Scribe.
J. H. Metter.Bee. A. Woodham, Treas.
First and third Tuesdays, at Odd Fellows Hall.
Royal G. Millard, H. P.
Wim H. Budiong, King. James H. Bunting, Scribe.
J. lountain, C. of H. Joseph B. Bicknell, P. 3.
Wm. M. Negus, R. A. C. D. S. Hoff, Treas.
E. M. Alford, Jr., Sec.
Second and fourth Thursdays at Odd Fellows Hall.
John Shodlle, H. I*.
Geo. E. Beach, King. Wm. Armstrong, Scribe.
Sara? O. Rockwell. C. of 11. Samuel Edwards, P. S.
S. 8. Pott, K. A. C. Jas. Gilkinsin, G. M. 3d V.
John Beatty, G. M. 2d V. Wash. J. Hough, G. M. Ist V.
Wm. T. Woodruff, Sec. Richard A. Wood, Treas.
Rev. R. Travis, Jr., Chapl'n. Walter Vandcrzeo, SenthxeL
Second and fourth Wednesdays, at. Jersey City.
Though, Brothers I we have built- our Shrine,
Ana rear’d the Altar’s Cubic Stone,
Graved on its front the Mystic Sign,
Known to our ancient Craft alone
Not yet our Crowning Work begun,
The Mason’s labor is not done!
Though Charity hath found a pile
Where breathes the Orphan Children’s prayer,
"Whose grateful hearts, whose happy smile,
Reward our deeds and bless our care :
Not yet our Crowning work begun,
The Mason's labor is nut done.
When we have reared a home for those
Who of their plenty freely gave,
Whom Poverty, at life’s late close.
Hath left no shelter—but the grave— -
Then may we boast a race well rdn,
Then will our Crowning Work be done.
A Monitorial Picture. —We have a
suggestive photograph sent us by our good old
friend, Bro. Clapp, of Trenton, New Jersey. It
is that of a cook m costume, with kitchen sur
rouncungs. He is breaking eggs and finds a
bad’’ one, which emits very offensive effluvia.
The disgusted master of the culinary art is
holding up both hands, with half of the “ bad
egg” in each, wliile his head is turned partly
aside and his tace drawn into a shape indicative
of the offensive smell. It is a rare and very ex
pressive picture. Bro. Clapp, with his usual
adroitness in pressing things into the service of
Masonry, has hung the picture in the ante-room
ft n jl.l?S9ri4U2 l lJ’. or nf entrance: and
This picture, my Brothers, a moral doth teach.
That with profit might claim-the. attention of each ;
The cook (as ’twould seem, by the twist of his nose).
Has discovered an egg, not as sweet as a rose ;
And of course, should he drop- tire foul thing in the bowl
The offensive intruder would damage the whole.
In erecting our Temple let it always be founds
The. material chosen is perfectly sound ;
And let us be caretui, the moralist begs.
For our own comfort’s sake beware of “ Bad Efu/.t !■'
We clip the above from the Cincinnati lieview.
The photograph above alluded to is a copy of a
French plate called “ Trap Tard," or “ too late,”
for the contents of the bad egg have been
dropped into the pan, and the unfortunate cook
exclaims as above, “too late!” Let us be care
ful that we do not become trap tard with our
Masonic bad “ flic's.” Web now a. srcnHozixanwKo
vvjwted to receive certain country bank-notes
in payment of a debt. The debtor assured him
that the money “ was as good as any other
country money.” “ Yes,” replied the creditor,
“ that may be so: but when I sit down to break
fast and a waiter brings me a bad egg, it don’t ,
satisfy my stomach to hear him declare that the
objectionable egg is as good as any other bad
CSS 1”
fig?" Charter Oak o, Ye. 211), F. and A. M.
—The members of this Lodge are earnestly requested to be
prompt in their attendance at the. next regular communi
cation, in Gothic Room, O. F. Hall, on Wednesday Eve
ning, Dec. 24th, 1862, for the purpose of electing Officers
for the ensuing year, and transacting other Important
business. By order of WM. C. PECKHAM, M.
Wm. B. Smekto.x, Secretary.
fi©" Amity Chapter, No. 160, It. A. M. —
“SUMMONS.”—The Members of Amity Chapter. No. 160,
are hereby summoned to attend the Annual Convocation,
on Tuesday Evening, Dec. 23d, 2392, at when the An
nual Election will be held.
By order of
Thos. H. Wainwright, Sec.
Ocean o, Wo. F. and A. M.—
The Members of OCEAN LODGE, No. 156, F. and A. M.,
are requested to attend the next regular communication
of thia lodge, on Monday Evening, Dec. 22d, 18<K£, for the
election oi officers lor the ensuing year.
Per order.
J. N. Handley, Sec.
fi@“ Folar Star □, No. 215.—The Mem
bersof this Lodge are hereby notified to attend the next
regular communication, to be held oil Wednesday evening
next, the 24th inst. at their room, No. 118 Avenue D, wheu
an election lor officers for the ensuing year will be held.
By order of EDWIN BOUTON, M.
W. H. Jfahne. Secretary.
fi®" Masonic.—The members of Mosaic □,
No. 418, F. A. M., are notified to attend the regular commu
nication of the lodge on Monday Evening, Dec. 22d, for the
purpose of electing Officers for the ensuing year.
By order. A. H. WILSON, W. M.
P. P. Vandknhoef, Secretary.
fi@“ the Members of Henry Clay o, No.
277, F. and A. M., are hereby notified to attend their next
regular communication at their rooms, No. 497 Grand st.,
on Wednesday Evening, Dec. 24, for the purpose iff elect
ing Officers for the ensuing year- By order.
James MvuatY. Sec, ’ ’ GRAHAM. M ;
3®- The Members of Independent □, No.
165. F. and A. M., are hereby summoned to attend the next
regular communication, to be held at their rooms. Masonic
Temple, on Monday Evening, Dec. 23d, at 7:30 P. M., for
the election of Officers for the ensuing year. By order.
John Rush, Jr., Sec.A. F. PEARCE, Master.
fi@"- Eastern Btar □, No. 227, F. and A. M.
—The Members of this lodge are hereby notified that the
Annual Election of Officers will fake place al the regular
communication to be held at their rooms, N. E. corner of
13th st. and Broadway, on Wednesday Evening, Dec. 24th,
l<-62, at o’clock. A punctual attendance of the Mem
bers is particularly requested. By order,
A. Bum, Sec.S. ARBUTHNOT, W. M.
i©“ Tlie Mtmbers of Empire Chapter,
No. 170, are hereby summoned to attend a regular meet
-,,Jf Morx Xv Evening, Dec. 22<1, for the purpose of elect
ing Officers. By order of
A'olicto—The Members of Templar
Sublime Lodge of Perfection. No. 3, are. requested to meet
at the residence ot Stephen Merritt, Jr., No. 151 Eighgh
Avenue, Wednesday Evening, 21th inst., for special buff
ncM<. STEPH. MERRITT, Jr j p Q m
Joseph Grimes, G. Sec.
fi@” The Members of Sllentia □, No. IDS,
of F. and A. M., are hereby notified to attend the Annual
Communication of said lodge to be held on Friday Eve
ning, Dec. 26th, for the purpose of electing officers for the
ensuing year. All members in arrears tor one year are
requested to come and pay their dues, or show cause why
their names should not be stricken from the roll.
By order of WILLIAM KERR, W. M
Geo. Hill, Sec.
fi@“ Normal □, No. 523, F. and A. M.—
Membera are hereby notified that the Annual Communi
cation occurs (to-morrow) Monday Evening, Dec. ?2d, at
which time the Election and Installation of Officers fur
the ensuing Masonic year will take place.
- T n A Hint. Ser.
fi®" The Members of Comu>»nwealth o,
No. 469, F. and A. M., are hereby summoned to meet at
their rooms on Tuesday Evening, Dec. 23d, 1.862. when an
Election of Officers for the ensuing year will be held
Phinfas PoiTkn, Sectretary. ’
fi®" The Members of Zeradatha o, No.
■lB3, F. and A. M., are requested to meet at their lodge
room on Monday Evening, Dee. 22d, U6-’, when an election
of Officers for the ensuing year will be held.
By order
J. Windle Fowler, Secretary.
masonic Notice.—The Brethren of
MECHANIC LODGE, No. 31, F. and A. M., are hereby
notified to attend the next regular communication, at the
difp room, corner of Fourth and Greene sis , to be held
Tuesday Evening, Dec. 2.>d, isos, special order of busi
ness—Election of Officers for ttic ensuing year.
r»j unu r. o, J. nn.ot, W. m.
fi®" 'lhe Members of Abrams o, No. 20,
F. and A. M.. are hereby summoned to attend a regular
communication, to be. held at their lodge room, No. 118
Aufnue D, on Tuesday Evening, Dec. 23d, for the purpose
of electing Officers lor tlie ensuing year.
By order of JOSEPH HAZELL, W. M.
Adam Clendentw, Secretary.
Masonle.—The Members of Cyrus □,
No. 2CB, F. and A. M., will please take notice that the An
nual Election for Officerswill be held on Monday Evening
next. A full attendance, is requested.
By order ofHENRY BELL, W. M.
fi@"’ The Members of Commonwrallh □,
No. 469, are hereby notified that the Annual Eljction ot’
Officers will take place at the next rext regular communi
cation, Tuesday Evening, Dec. 23d, 1862.
‘ ; B p^uA7:TE:ux?o^^ rOTnr
EXCELSIOR LODGE, No. 195, F. and A. M.,
In aid of the Widows’ and Orphans’ Fund, will be. held
Music nr Wallace’s Band.
Tobe had at No. 239 BROADWAY, and at the principal
fi@" Normal o, No. 523, F. ansi A. M.—
The regular communications of this Lodge occur every
MONDAY EVENING, at 7)« o’clock, at No. 8 UNION
The members of sister lodges in the city, and sojourning
brethren in good standing, will always be welcome.
J. G. Arse, Secretary.
fi®" Munn o, No. 190, F. and A. M. -
The members are hereby notified to attend the regular
communication on WEDNESDAY EVENING, next, at
7>o o’clock, at their rooms, No. 51 Division st.
By order of theW. M.JOHN W. GOIN, See.
I- -L-A - ?:: 77- -».n j
The Members of Templar □, i
No. 203, F. and A. M., are requested to meet at >
their lodge room on Monday, the 22d inst., at 12 ; •
Noon, to attend the funeral of our late Bro., RICH- i
ARD 11. RYER. I;
W. i*. BYRON, W. M. i
James S. Srirr,. Sec.
fi@‘- JI. J. Drummond, No. 3311. rand st.,
N. Y., manufacturer of REGALIA, JEWELS, ROBES,
COSTUMES. WORKING-TOOLS, and other Paraphernalia
Lodges. Chapters, Councils, Commanderlea and Consis
tories of the various secret orders, of the best materials
and workmanship, and at as lonv prices as any house'in
the United States. The most perfect secret ballot box yet
invented. Patent Sword-Fasteners, for holding any kind
of sword. Rosettes, Badges, Ac., made to order.
N. B.—Mrs. M. J. D. manufactures LINEN SHIRT BO*
SOMS, with Masonic Emblems, in the greatest variety, of.
the best materials, and nnsurpas-ed workmanship, and at
the lowest prices. Family stitching done to order.
M. W. Klngr, the Patent Chair Maker,
formerly of Broadway, is now Agent tor H. THOMPSON.
No. 70 EAST BROADWAY, where can be found CHAIRS
of every character to suit the most peculiarcircumstances
in health or affliction. .This Manufiictiirnr has crcrro*
ucivc<i the iitgiuxt j iu’iic Jwnors aud encomiums. Acall
to examine is respcetl ally solicited. Descriptive circulars
' sent gratuitously.
Wes(€kesf«r House,
N«w’ York.
(Late of the Everett House.)
fi®- tnirersal Masonic Emporium.-
Regalia, Jewels, Robes, Ac., for Chanters, Councils, or
Conjmnnderies ; improvedsword-nangings, Ac., furnished
at the lowest prices. Masonic publications, foreign and
domestic, on hand at all times.
MACOY A SIC EELS, No. 433 Broome st, Y.
fi@'“ To the Masonic Fraternity, residents
in the several counties embraced in the Second Judicial
District of the State of New York :
Having received my certificate of appointment as A. G.
L., from R. W. Geo. H. Raymond, G. L.. I respectfully
give notice to the several hedges in the atoresaid district
that I am now prepared to impart “Instruction” in the
Standard Work and Lectures to all who may desire to re
ceive it; also, that Saturday evening of each w r eek is set
apart for apodal instruction to all who may honor me
with a vldt at my resilience. No. 119 Adams st., Brooklyn,
where all communications should be addressed.
WM. A. KELSEY, A. G. L.,
2d Jud. Pts.
Wedding, Vidting and Address Cards
No. 194J£ BOWERY, three doors above Spring st.,
Between Spring and Prince streets.
Keeps constantly on hand and engraved-to order a good
: assortment of DOOR and NUMBER PI,ATEB, at moderate
No. 101 X BOWERY.
Restaurant, Wine, Ale, Lager Beer
Four doors east of Broadway, Ne w York
11. F. BAUER.
For the Table. —Ladies who propose
inciting friends to their tables during Holi
day week, will not forgot that J. A. Cubbiek, with
his usual enterprise and liberality has been get
ting up large quantities of fancy crackers and
richly compounded plain and decorated, cake.
Do not omit, gentle reader, your annual visit to
No. 205 Greenwich street, if you would have vour
tables look superbly "on Christmas and New
Year’s Day : and if liberally and patriotically in
clined, you can make your selections there for
friends in the army, which can bo forwarded to
the- eamps by the agents of the Sanitary Com
Br an advertisement in another col
umn, It win be seen that the City Assembly
Rooms, Broadway, have been opened on Sunday
evenings, for a course of Moral Lectures by Chas..
C. Goss, i.aot Handay evening the large liall was
filled to overflowing. Inspiring music was dis
coursed by the Musical Alliance. Persons wish
ing to sixmd the evening with proiit anddnterest
will do well to attend.
Holiday Presents for the Million.—
It is an indisputable and acknowlcdged.fact that
the cheapest and most reliable place to buy Holi
day Presents is at the Original 1,. Jacobs, No. KM
Broadway. Such an assortment can nowhere be
found. Gold and Silver Watches. Gold Califor
nia Diamond Jewelry, Plated Jewelry, Photo
graph Albums, Portetnonaies, Accordeohs, Pipes,
Segars, Skates, and all sorts of pretty things. Go
early and secure bargains.
The Holidays at Hand.: —To those
who desire to properly enjoy thenij wo oiler thio !
suggestion: Drop into John MoAuliff’h, No. 43 i
Nassau street, and buy a tumbler or demijohn of
his magnificent Irish Whisky. It is the most de
licious and enjoyable beverage in this city.
Wines, etc., for thk Holidays.—Citi
zens who open their houses for the reception of
visitors during the holiday season, will find
choice liquors, including brandy, Scotch and
Dish Whiskey, Jamaica and Santa Cruz Rum,
Sherry andMaderia Wines, and inimitable tSchie
dam Schnapps.at tho establishment of Udolpho
Wolfe, No. 22 Beaver street. His present stock
is offered below the present cost of importation,
and we advise all who. are iu want of excellent
beverages,warranted to be genuine, to call and se
cure such of hm importation, bottled before ship
ed as he offers.. We particularly call attention to
his Schiedam They are beyond ques
tion tho best distillation fo- medicinal purposes
extant. The dobilated, the nervous, the dys
peptic, and the are sure to find in these
schnapps a genuine restorative. They are rec
ommended by physicians as the best medicine
that can lx? exhibited to patients laboring under
certain diseases. Those who intend to keen open
table on New Years Day will, we repeat, find, in
liquors, just what their gixestfj will approve of,
at No'. 22 Beaver alwk
Espenscheid submits to the judgment
of the public hid splendid Winter Dress Hit for
1862, with the simple request, that they compara
it critically, as regards style, fineness, mountains
and finish, with the beet five-dollar hats brou°-Bt
out thia season, and determine, irrespective* of
cost, winch is tho fabric that a man of taste,
lasbion and sound sense should elect to buy an<i
wear. The price of the Espenscheid winter dress
tiat is four dollars only, which is merely the first
cost ot the fabric, with the manufacturer’s profit
added—the retailer’s profit being entirely waived.
Espenscheid, Manufacturer of Goqt’s Hats, No.
11b Nassau street.
We suggest to those of the public
who are about purchasing clothing for Winter
wear to call at the largo warehouse of Amos
Clark, Nos. 398, 400 and 402 Bowery, and exam
inc his new and fashionable stock of goods, made
up with especial reference to this market Every
taste can be fully gratified at Clark’s, and at
prices within the range of the most economical.
Garments made to order in the most expeditious
manner and by competent workmen. In the de
partment devoted to tho goods for boysand chil
dren, parents and guardians will find every style
of clothing suitable to the comfort and years of
children and wards,
The rest of all Holiday Presents is
CtßOVer &. Baker Noiseless Family Sewing Ma-
T oi ß ? received the first premium
v lO I‘airs of 18G2 at which it was ex
hibited. Office, No. 495 Broadway, New York.
Lorin Brooks & Son, of No. 434
Broadway, are prepared to receive orders from
gentlemen for their splendidly and fashionably
made boots, shoes, and gaiters. Their dress
boots have always been recognized as ne p 7 .u9
v.Ura i and those who desire neat fitting and easy
coverings for the feet shpuld purchase them at
the store of this firm.
Go to Crook’s, No. 55 Bowery,
for your
Breakfast, Dinner aud Tea.[Ed.
The failure of tho “ Army of the
Potomac” to reduce tho rebel works in the roar
of Frcdericlcjlniror, and so start the traitors on
the run to Richmond, there to be bagged, ha»
cast a damper upon tho sanguine people of the
loyal states. However, tho public appetite ha&
not been seriously affected, if wo may accept tho
rush of visitors to 8. H. Crook’s dining saloon.
No. 71 Chatham straet, as. evidence of their abil
ity to demolish tho viands prepared there for the
satisfaction of the hungry. Tho sleeping apart
ments at Crook’s hotel are all that can bo de
For articles useful, articles orna
mental, and articles really aud absolutely neces
sary to comfortable housekeeping, purchasers
are advised to call at E. D. Bassford’s Housefur
niahing Store, Cooper Institute, Astor Plaee. La
-.i..-..-, to pjujohaso silver-plated ware, cut
lery, or anything necessary for the. dwelling, are
invited-to visit Bassford’s. Skates of the moat
approved patterns in abundance.
Roof Cement. —Among tlie many
articles advertised, and which grow constantly
in public favor, is A. L. Osborne’s Xe Plus UUtxjl
Cement. This admirable preparation can be ob
tained only at No 414 Canal street. No ons who
has ever tried it has failed to bear testimony to
its value. To stop leaks iu roofs it is worth ten
times the amount paid for it. In short, as wo
have before said, no householder should be a day
without it.
Trusses.—Marsh & Co.’s Radical.
Cure Truss office, No. 2 Vesey street (under As
tor House), opposite the church. No connection
whatever with any other truss office of sama
The Holiday Season. —Preparatory
to receiving orders for tho holiday season, Unuir
Andbbson is exhibiting his magnificent stocks of
carpetings, oil cloths, etc., at his ware-rooms,
No. 99 Bowery. Ladies are invited to call and •
examine these goods and make their selections. -
The latest and finest fabrics arc being offered at
the lowest possible prices, and no housekeeper
who desires that her reception rooms should
look well on New Year’s day, ought to think of
making purchases in the way of carpetings until
she has just visited the establishment at No. 92
The Worden House is considered by
all who have made it their home to be one of tha
beet conducted of the family hotels in New York.
The meajs are served in the restaurant on tha
European plan at convenient hours ; the bar is
well stockea with superior liquors and cigars, and
the lodging apartments are handsomely fur
Ihe Tonsorial Art is carried out to
perfection at the Palaeo of Mirrors, corner of Dey
street and Broadway. The proprietor, Mr.
Proch, has his place admirably arranged for tho
convenience of those who patronize him. He
employs only the best class of workmen, who
never fail to give perfect satisfaction. Superior
> bath-rooms attached to the saloon.
The Holidays at Hand.— Gentlemen
contemplating renewing old acquaintances by
visiting the houses of friends during the holiday
season, should notforget the important fact that
at Francis B. Baldwin A Co’s, large, establish
ment, Nos. 70 and 72 Bowery, they can make pur
chases of superior clothing at greatly reduced
prices. The stocks of ready made goods at. this
house are not only suitable to the season, but aro
gotten up in tho most approved styles, out of the
very best materials. Call and examine them.’
Baldwin and Co’s boy’s and children's depart
ments are worthy the notice of parents and guar
I of the dfrelt.
Foreign news to the Bth inst., has
j been received. The English papers publish a correspon
: dunce between Mr. Gladstone and Professor Francis W.
, Isewman on tho war. Mr Gladstone pretests against
being classed among tho sympathisers with the South,
but Mr. Kewraan shows in his replv, conclusively, that
the w hole tenor of the late speech of Mr. Gladstone waa
xn incouragcment to the ’Rebellion. The distress among
the working classes of France is increasing to an alarm
ing degree, one department alone, having about 150,0QU
destitute workmen. The French Government has con
cluded contracts for the supply in Mexico for two years.
An article in the French stating that French
ships of war have been received w-ith •’ lively satlsfaffloii” -
in Now Orleans, was attracting considerable attention.
Ilatazzl, linding a majority ot the Italian Parliament
opposed to his policy, has resigned, and a new ministry
was in the course of formation. The election of a new
King of Greece had commenced, and the prvspeew were
(hat Prince Albert would be elected by an overwhelming
majority.! .
in reply to complaints sent to the
Foreign Oftlce.froffi the Chambers of Commerce of Liver
pool, respecting the destruction of British property on
beard federal vessels captured by the confederate steam
er Alabama, Earl Russell states that the owners of such
property—not contraband of war, of course—must seek,
compensation in a “ confederate prize court.” All through:
his letter of reply Earl Bussell speaks of the Alabama as
a “ war vessel” of a “ belligerentsaying that if British
subjects ship articles contraband of war on federal *hips
they must endure the loss resulting from capture by the
vessels of the other belligerents.
A short time ago Mr. Henry Phelps,
of Enfield, Connecticut, while fast asleep, arose from his
bed. procured an axe, and inflicted several blows with it
©n the head of his wife, Mrs. Phelps finally succeeded in
grappling with htan. He awoke, and learning the trouble-,
his dismay was only equalled by his pleasure that she was •
. not killed. Mrs. Phelps is in a fairway to recover.
A fatal accident occurred on the
New York and Erie Railroad on Friday evening, which
resulted in the death of the fireman, Mr. Calhoun, ani
th<- fatal injury of his father, the engineer of the train
Itoin Buffalo, due in Jersey City at o’clock. The pas
sengers in the train, numbering about sixty persons, had
a narrow escape from an awful disaster.
Byway of San Francisco we have
news from Japan toi the 10th ult. The country was quiet.
The first salute ever given to a foreign minister was given
to the United States Minister on the 7th of November.
'1 he Japanese Government have ordered two steam s1ood«
of war and one gunboat, to be built in the United Stated
to iorm the nucleus of a regular navy.
The Grand Jury of Milwaukee C’oun
ty, Wisconsin, have instructed the District Attorney to
present to them for indictment at their next session, on
the 4th of January next, all persons who shall then be en
gaged in circulating or issuing sliinplasters of any charac-
The French government has made
contracts for the supply of its armies in Mexico for a term
of two years; and the inference drawn from this fact is»
that the Emperor Napoleon intends to maintain a largo
army In Mexico for an indefinite period of time.
The Paris Monitor notices, quasi-of
flelally, the late appearance of French war vessels off
New Orleans, and ways that the presence of the Exnpe
ror’sships gave satisfaction to the entire population of the
city. :
The Jersey City Standard states that
the New Jersey Railroad and Transportation Company
are endeavoring to obtain the privilege of oxtending their
lineto Philadelphia, via the Now Brunswick and Millstone
Railroad to Delaware River.
A white swan was captured iu the
Susquehanna on the 18th ult, in the vicinity of Indiana,
which measured four met from the tip of one wing to tho
other. >
A side-wheel steamer, 240 feet long,
35 feet wide, and 12 feet deep, for service in Southera
rivers and harbors, is now building in Boston, and will ba
launched about April 1.
The Delzcl steam mills at Atlanta,
Illinois, are now running vrith corn for fuel instead of
wood, that article being cheaper and more easily obtain
ed than either wood or coal.
The Connecticut Newspaper Conven
tion assembled at New Haven, which adopted a memorial
to Congress to reduce the price of paper, has joined itself
into a ? ‘New England Associated Press.”
The celebrated St. Charles Hotel, at
New Orleans, has been re opened in splendid style. It is
now’ conducted on the European plan.
Oregon dates of the 9th instant state
that new gold mines have been discovered on the Boise
River, which rival in richness the Salmon River mines.
A small lot of prize cotton was sold
in Philadelphia, on Monday, for 70 cents por pc and.
Some turpentine bought $2 40 per gallon,

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