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New Yd:, J "ii. Sj -i-The Pacific arrived
with Liverpool dates tojunsnry lilh.
Dennistown report silra for the week el
64 000, including fiCOU for tpeculs'inn and
t0UU export. Orleans Fair 5J, middling 6
, 1-JP, upland fair 5 3-8; middling 4 l-G. In
' 'good deansnJ and pricat advanced 1-8. Msr
ket cl.ieed In fair demand and holder are
6rm wilh moderate ailca.
Liverpool, Jan. 18. The demand for
'"" Breadstuff for IpscuUtion hat ceased, and
' th omifthn been beayi but improved
: eligh'V f cloie. Veatern Conal 40ta4l;
Ohio no- tinklljr t 4-2a43f. White wheat
IUs6dsl3 6d, red Hs edsllsbd. Curn, mix
ed 42s 6il; while 4Ja-15.
C auli9lf
A srirsn stock. Moderate and unchanged.
Iron dull and unchanged.
Freighta-st Liverpool "ere unchanged, and
depressor! to Slew York.
f.iur".",reru"or"f ,mftniiat LivtrPuoliTllE
New important. The tur uncendition-
ally aeeppta tli! four guaranteed, but hit ain
cerity ia doubted. I
Hovtilitieo continues unchanged. Sardi
nia ha joined the Western P. were.
A dispatch any Jk'llor, Ilcthcrtvn . Co.,
have failed. I
TheEuttrrn question has aiatuped an en
tirely ne-v and moat iroporUnt phaae. The .
Czar hi accented l it or.ly tho lour points j
of guaMntee, but also the interpretation!
thereof as riplind I'.ntjWnd, VratKe
Austria, but no arniittiee grunted, con1
quentiy Hostilities centtnue uuauste. " 'V
yet doubtful whether Russia's said acccp-
; .... , .... . .
tan.e is unconditional or with uniiiiBorlant
explanations. Tl.a immediate effect wui t
raise Consul 2 prr cent., but afterward fell i
Sardinia Lira formally ji nod the western ,
alliance. I
Prussia elaimt to Lite.hera in the r.egotiu- J
tion, br.t decline for the prxncr.t tu increuse i
her army
Omer Pail;a his one to the Crimea.
The Rusriisni) tvivj recrussed the Danube,
invadftd Dobrud rlia and re-taken the cities
of Tull'jfhis end Cibndagh.
Tho reige of iv.ljulopul remained unchan
ged to tii 2d, tlihioHi repurted rumoraof
its capture.
TKarj has been terrible iiiumlationa at
Latest. Vhe rcperte1 invasion of Dobruds
cha U probably doubtful,
The Pacific arrived nil' 3andy Hook at
6P.M., and laideifon account of the anew
atom. tM bad ii prssrnirsra
Th. P.ffifir. arrived o..t on ihn Oil., at l.t !
P. M.i and in riiiiiiiiiff un Merseveran into !
the brig CYrinlliian, atanchur, Sound for
Calcutta, with a ruro valued at (i'Jil,l)0U.
The brig win sunk no live lost.
The loss t.f t!,3 linr Georjru Cannirij; was
confirmed. It is stinpnsrd nil on haurd prr-
ished, li.O in puinbi'r. Part of the liajrmje i
was washed on ahore near Heligoland, wliii Ii
ia all that is known ol h;r.
A Pari letter says that Mr. Mason's health
is improving.
The conduct el the Prupsians and (iermnn
ir Stale in anil eu,uiveral.
Theallies.it is said, will insist on the
Russian nawl power in the Black Sa being I
placed n a level wilh ether powers asal
proof of that p.iwfr's sincerity. Their sue-
cess on thi point, it i fxptatrd will split ihe
negetialiona, a Russia, will on no account
assent .e it.
Several heavy failures sra reported,
. ., i, . ., ... .'
arrongat them Keslven Druthers, Abbott,
Nolhingham Sl Co., Shawl imirchnnU, and
Meller, Iltliiertou
& Co., Loudon, to n
lorpe tainnnt. j
The new French loan raetiuuss to bn ta-;
in Kngland at a premium ef'J to a per ;
The Russians have again Invaded th j
A dispatch from Braillow, Jan. 9, says that
Russisaj had craed the Danube and
invaded Do'orudscha and had taken both i
Taltieha and B.d.dogh. So. li.k P..l, de- I
fended Talticha as long as possible. j
Prussia had ans-verd the demand of An- '
suit for the snobilstiation orPruian army '
by refjielnK tojlo e.
The Intrat ettieial dmpitch published by the
Eriii.ii Govfrment ills tho 35th of ne-c,",r8
cembr, end enibr'.cts snly what has alread- 1
been received.
A diapalch received at St. Petersburg on
tne 3d ol January irom Henacliikon saya that
nothing new na ncrur.'td; that he continues
tosnnsy the ensr.iy at niyht by sorties; thut
in one of these he nude ten priaener.
The westber rontinee vnriuble.
The rsilway from ftsUklsva to th ramp
i to be commenced atone-
The fire ef the allies rentlnued very feeble,
doing scarcely any danmgii. Sickness on
the increase i th garrison.
J lie garrison ,s cuiiflruciinjr n briHo of
.umi" iifiihuhh. ill v ui ocuasiopill W III!
the fort en In nerth side.
It ws repeated in Pari cn Ilia IQlli that
Sebaslopol had Ulleu. It did not gain gnu
eral belief.
Omar Pascha embarked on the Irst for
Balsklava, he lis tnken eirsii U briny a
force ol CiOtlO men and DO gui.a into the Cri
mea. 10 tCO 'l't il, have alrvaily lauded at
Menschik. fT is rePrted te have called iu
' ell hi detached corps.
Oaten Ssckrn is wjtching the Turk at
F.upatf ria.
'I hi 6th r fJth or Jaeuary ia looked upon
e the time when the assault on Sebatupl
will take p.'ace
Odessa Ltttera to the Ulth mention that
for eeme day there had been dearth ol
supplies at Hcbastopel.
There wa inether tempest on the Illark
Sea, twe ship of th British fleet auflVred
greet damage.
Greet Britain. Varioua rumor are afloat
in regard to the change u the Cabinet. It
is comidered a only e rumor.
On tbe 13ih the Liverpool and Amtrioan
Chamber of Commerce presented address
( la ltti Elgm for the part he had taken in
t j ' the negotiation' ef the reciprocity treaty.
LordLlgin mad a complimentary apeecS on
te ajeceeion, and prepeaed a kiediatioii ol
.or uuiwa oiaiee. ana rxcuca oiucli les
ettentieo than wight Jiuve ben supposrd.
" ' . The London Time tr the imrsiion
with much teudor and fairness, and submits
that the United States inu.t aliuw that such
"., ofTer of medistion uity be de.ilie any
epecial case, and ne disreepsct be nnpl td.
It ie free to cne pnrty tu oiler ite friendly
eervices, end teua.'y a free to not accept.
Tbe nrwl from Frsuce ie deveid ef interest.
The EAporot revle'vd1 the detn'cnmenta ol
the Imperial Guard on the 9lh. .prctoua to
their embarcailon.to the Crimfca.
There la rnnor that the Emperor of Rua
aia hna sent the Emperor of Frnticc ati' auto
graph letter, milting prupu.! of peso.
The French army of occupation in the
Romun Stall will not be reduced below
3i00. .
Letter from Vienna y ".lint tli4 conven
tion between Austria and Franco for secur
ing tranquility In Italy ha not been signed:
nor will it be unles the treaty of December
aecond ahull result in an offensive alliance be
tween tba powers mimed.
Very Latist. Hy Telegrsph Puris I
o'clock, P.M., Ruturday. A courier from
Bucharest confirms accou.ita of the war on
the Danube being re-coinmcnced.
The Russiuns crusted above Tolaclia, de
feated the Turka undtnok town the and are
no Jniarching on Kutchen.
The Aussriane da not interfile aud the
re;ioil caused avme consternation.
,.Llcrn, Hoattalatr to every form of lyr-
nnnv ver the mind of Jlnu."
Thursday Morning, l'cb. , 1805.
The editor of tho Wheeling Uatelta sum
ming up the capacity of the work for the
manufje'uro of nail in that city any they
"liave works which produce, unnu.liy, Ijl,-
000,001), and employ CjO cieti, supporting a
population, directly ,of ubuut 3.000 persons."
.... .. , ,, , . '.
Wheeling and Hie country round about, on
cl,llt'r iu'3 ol r'ver- po"- advantages
for manufacturing not excelled by any city
or country in tho world. The same is true
of Bpm,)nt roUnty. For fuel the hilli ore
, , ... .
fo" of 11,11 b,4t 1"ality ,,f COttl' wl"d' can bc
!'" 1 f"f ti ille.tliu climate id unsurpassed for
healtlifulncss, and the soil is capable of the
highect (lugrco of cu'.tiv 4tion. This is emi
nently truo of every part of our county.
ll. ii.is to our rauroaus, we are now wiu.in ;
but a short dixtance of the best market In 1
the world for all kinds of manufactured arti
cles, on t there i a dnniiiu! lor all such
gooi.'s. '
There in but onu drawback to a practical
realization of tliea buve epiuiuii. Wu is-
fer to our present rotten nroti i tive svstem.
1 1 -
It is utterly impossible for domestic factories
tu pr"P"'y supported under riisting tnr-
ifl rmtulationa. Men of in;iitul and cni-rzy!
inay build thoir rolling millo, their glass
works, thftir woiillen and cotton factories al
Msrtiiisville, ot Uri Igeport.u t licll Air and '
"all ii I.iii r shore" hut it will bts liko Don I
Uuixolo fighting tho wimliiiill. They nro
vninly endeavoring to coinuMo with Hrilih
' or
f nclurier", w hose operative are paupers, and
whone lahor cot is but u sung. Frio men
Americans will not work, and they should
not work except n t a lair remunerating price,
. nr.nri.m-. . .......t rr....l ... ;.,..
jj ,
It may be that in the course of a year or
two, W'hcn a majority of our Congressmen
and U. S. Senator have soeu "Sam" that a
better slate of things will ohtuln. Much, at
, , . .
least, is our heartfelt desire,
Mr, Mitchell recently lollowcu Col. Sc.houlvr
from Cincinniiti to .anesville lor the pur
ken ,, uf c, Uu i lljr ,;m t(, morta eoinbil,
b,'',HU" '" Col. had stated in the Cincin
Principalities outi Uaietle thut Mitchvll violated his parole
of honor in escaping Iruin the British gov
the crnn.ei t. Col. Schoul.r ahowed l.imaclf
",an "f ,0" K"d t0 tc'"le'"'nce
"urh proreeJin. Ho replied promptly that
'I bo was in error in hi statement, it waa
not intentional, and he would givo Mr. M's
d(,nia, ominrnt , pullli,lllioll ,
. . '
hhd ric,iv'u- fc-penking ol Col.
ii' ,luu,L'r remind ua that we should hove men
y tinned hi in before in coueection with the F.d-
ituraal Convention. Ho waa tho life ef the
Joii.t Mitimiki.l vi. Col. Sciiuclku.
Social Banquet, and h;s noble, honest face
had a smile and his h in.l a warm grip for ev
ery nnc. Hearing as wo did, hi chaste and
rloiiicnt eulogy on the inemury of Fjiank
ms. and hi jovial laugh, and musical voice
ut 'he Centre out, we lilUo thought that
but a few minutes before ho had received a
"polite note" from the "Irish Rebel," who
WHi rVen then in the house.
May tho Col. long be spared to be the
choice spirit of tho Kdltorial rtunumn, and
may hi lusty shadow never grow lea.
GCrOur neighbor i arwused, aud evident
l uneasy about aur not being williig to
vote for u man who onda upon the 8l- of
January plutforur Keep ceol Miephn,,
ia a liiiie, wlun principle arc looked to, and
.hough ynud men should alway be up for
responsible offices, yet great deal, iu our
estimation depend on their principles.
Put in relation tu that man Sfalumon J',
Clmst, you svk about; why, who i Hulomuik
I'. C'aan ! We know of no such man iu
Ohio. Ah, perhaps you r'er te ytur own
V. H. Senator, Salmon I'. Chat, but then
one would suppose you knew the name ol
your standard bearer in the Senate. Strauge
passing atrange! We will suppose, howsv
er. that Nu.'wion J. Vhat ie referred to.
We sro asked if we will ' follow in the
wako" uT sundry paper wlia have hoisted
his jiauiu lur (.'oiwwor. W'e auwr, unhes
itatingly no, for the reason that we shall
not make the s!i;hlct effort to forestall pub
lic action on the subject of a nomiiiiitlen.
Hut this much we will say, that Mr. Chas$U
elected, would make for belter U over nor
ihtn Mr. Midill; and if he is uominsted by
the Republican party wo will vote for lilm
ii, out cheerfully, pue that satisfy the cu
riosity ol our neighbor) If net we will go a
little farther, and ask him louie question.
Would you net be willing to support Mr.
Chftl for ofllcel Ar)d why ere yon and Mr.
(TTTui j oceupying diflerehtplelT!irW, while
iti 1848 you tend upon the lame! lt,i" ef
mitted. by every one.. Uia( Chase hn acted
consilently;with thai platform tbo.i why
have you bnckecl nuM f V ' '
' Wo' answered yutif fntcrrogatery prompt
ly, plensc do as much for our.
In accerdance with the call published in
the Vhrvniden last week; quite, a spirited
mertinjt waa held in the Court Houe, on
Saturday laat, for the purpose of consultir.g
on the probability of securing the route of
the Mt'ilina It. R. over this summit. Ac
cording to a aurvey by Gen. Di , we
learn thnt the route i not enly entirely prac
ticable, but that the coat will be less than up
the Wheel ng creek valley. This being true
all that is now neccsaary ia that our citizen
bestir llieinaelvva and subscribe liberally.
This is, no doubt, the liatihnt.ee. Should
this toad (which by the way, is certain to be
nude,) be built up tho valley ol the creek,
we are in a terrible state of betKcmity, or,
the question of railroads, and it is not at all
probable that another read will ever be made
through the county. Tho meeting adjourn
ed to meet again on neict Saturday, when the
tonne on which stuck will be siibscribeJ,will
ba laid down, after which books will bo open
ed, ttock asked for, &e.
frThcre is to be a State Temperance
Convention held in Columbus on the 32d of
February. It is hoped by the Central Coin
iiiitlno thut all the tainpcrance organizations
in the Htttn will be represented, a busi
ness of importance i s to bo discussed.
OOWe learn from the Zancsville Courier,
that the Sir Edward Lyons who succeeds
Napiur, in the command of tho Daltic fleet ia
a brother of Win. M. Lyons ef Zancsville.
Mr. Win. At. Lyons was formerly a teacher
of ,,e Fieoch language in thia place
Jan. 9.
Mr. Steward presented a petition fn-ni
i nil f. Ill I u iilu n f flt.tnrin ftml Afuiliumi ..iiii.
. t v i .i . .i n r
(tics, N. York, praving that the e Idiprs of
lu, w, 0f j83 be mi de beneficiario ol
bounty lunds.
After a few unimportant petitions on mo.
lion of Mr. DadgtT, the Senate went into a
short excciil ive session.
Mr. Sh'eid moved tho arn.v anuronriution
bill he taken up-
Mr. Cooper obt'cted. Ho wished to make
some rem irk on his convict and pauper res-
..I.,,: ... ...u.. i i.... k.. i:...n..
, , .. . r ., ' . .. . J
eluded to Gofer them till to-morrow.
Mr. F.vans objected to take up the expro
priation bills.
Mr. Shield Biiid thut the apprepriation
bill are never protracted when the chairman
of the cummittee says they should pass, and
referred to tho cam. of tiio internal improve
men1, bill. He said I don't like te risk every
thing else for the army bill though I should
like to see that pass.
Mr. Hunter sr.id that something should bo
done in reference to the Indian disturbances.
Tlio appropriation bill was finally taken
up. -
The bill waa emended, and umnng others
an item was introduced for the employment
of dromedaries for military purposes. Die
bill was finally laid aside.
Mr. Seward, frsm coin, on commerce, re
ported a bill to curry into effect the provis
Tho resolution was passed cloaing the do
bate on the French Spoliation bill. The
Houso wliil into cumuwUeo on thai subject.
Mr. Benton opposed tho payment of the
claims, and spoke in strong denunciatory
terms of tho speculator who had hunted up
and purchased the claims for a trille, and
wsro now importunate for full payment.
Mr, Biauey advocated tho payment of
claiins, m thought it called fur by every prin
ciple of justice
Mr. . Chamberlain followed, opposing any
offer of niodiali jn by the United State in
the European quarrol; the freedom of nations
! u . .1 . t. ... I. . . II! . ..I II I - l
retjuiroo 'iiai. uiu jriugercuia annum us ai-
luweil to liglil il out. Alter lurtner ucbate
the cumiiiillco rose, and the House adjourned.
A message was received Iro ii tho Presi
dent enclosing a communication from the
Secretary ef tho Intcrio-, asking appropria
tions in rrlvronco to Indian mutter refer
red te committee on Finances.
Another containing information relative to
post offices, custom housrs, and sites in dif
ferent cities wa ordered to be printed re
ferred to committee on poet office and post
Mr. Seward presented a petition from citi-
ens of Gvnessee, N. Y., remonstrating a-
gainst (he graduation bill of lust session and
tu favor of the homestead bill.
Mr. Cooper presented aiurmorUl from Dr.
Tildou, of Philadelphia, offering an uilus to
Mr. Sumner presented ' two' memorials
rrom the cltizeus of Wilmington. Del.,' in
ftvor of tho medial ion betw een tho Europe
an bi'l;lgereut;lulro two more from the same
place in I'aviir of the cheap ocean pottoge.
Mr. l tins introduced a bill for IhtMinprov
cment of nav igutlun, and he made it the spe
ciul order for Men day next. Il appropriates
$200,000, and wiake tho Louisville and Port
land canal Tree.
11'. Cooper addresaed the Senate In sup
port of his convict and pauper resolutions,
lie culled up hi resolution against the im
portation of Foreign pauper U'ld convict,
an I apokd at some length in their advo
cacy. Mr. Broadheed moved an amendment de
nunciatory of secret political socitiea, after
some debate the matter was postponed.'
The army appropriation bl.'l was again ta
ken up, varioua tmendmeula were made 6nd
adopted. Mr. Shields finally (hoved to place
a force of 3000 mounted Volunteers and 000
Indians a', the disposal of the President, for
the suppression ef disturbances. On this
considerable debato arose and an appropria
tion w started te appoint Cummisaionrrt,
conversant with the luiliau character to ne-
gutiate a treuty with them. Witheul cum
mg to i
ing l
vote the Senate adjourned,
Hptrii. TheJ Speaker" lib .before: the
Houtf" messAge" front the President in-ve- ,
sponse to the reeolutjon; of August Isst, rela
tivist o the neleetiottofi e'tei lur lb tew rt
modatioc.f Ihe Conrtl and oatj Ofllcos tf
Philadelia and New York. 8 ( v '. J
Mr. W(lle underatood, from resding the 1
message thst the President does.not deeee It
advisable to exercise tho authority the bill
conferred on him, and sent to the House the
various proposals. He said it is tree the
resolution gives him no suthority to make e
final purchase, but only ihe power to select
sites, req Jrrihg liifci to snbmithi set ion to
the House for approval. In view of this he
moved the subject' be referred to a select
committee. Adopted.
Mr. Chandler made an ineffectual attempt
to call up the Senate resolution authorising
an expedition to be sent tJ th relief of Dr.
Mr. Philips advocated lh bill.
Mr. Orr opposed the payment of the claims,
and denied that Government was respon
sible. Mr. Bayly then closed the debate, reply
ing immediately to all the objections urged
against the bill.
The Committee then aroso and ihe House
adjourned. .
The President pro tern , atated that this
waa the private bill day, and tho unanimous
consent of the Senate was required for the
transaction of fcny oilier business.
, Mr. Huntor asked the unanimous consont
of the Sonate for the purpose of taking up
the army appropriation, bill.
. Mr. Petit auid ho would give his unanimous
consent if Mr. Hunter would allow him to
havo ono little bill passed.
Mr. Hunter said hi consent must bu given
unconditionally or not at all.
Mr. Potitthen said I cannot consent to the
bill for the relief of Capt. Philip F. Vnorhis,
U. b.N'avy. Postponed till Friday next.
On motion of Mr. Mallory the bill lor eet
tlinif the claims ofheira of Richard W. Meade
dee'd., postponed as asovo.
On motion of Mr. Stmrt the bill for the
' ruliuf ef the privatocr armed brig, Gon. Arm
j h! ron jr, was taken up.
Mr, Weller olfercd a substitute authorizing
tho Secietary of State to adjust the claims of
(..apt. C. Rceif, and tho owners, ofheers knd
crew of the Armstrong, nnd pay them whut
' ever is due, not exceedin ; $131,000, tint be-
inr the amount demanded of the Portuguese
Government. Amendment agreed to.
Mr. Clayton and Weller advocated the pay
inent te the claimants of the brig Gen. Arm
Mr. Stuart opposed.
After further debate the bill passed yeas
22. nays 17.
Tho Senate then adjourned till Monday.
. Mr. Fuller from the committee of cum
nierco, reported a r.)olutiJii authorizing the
President to give requisite notice for termina-
ling the reciprocity trusties of commerce
and navigation incase whero the terms atip-
ulutod for their continuance have expired with
each of the powers and slates, a in his npin
ton, the manliest illiuerality in their commer
cial intercourse with the U. States
Mr. Haven said this ought to pass to get
rid uf some onerous impositions on our cum
merce resolution pasted. . ,
Mr. Badger moved to reconsider the vote.
Mr. Fuller sa id the resolution was referred
to the committee on Commerce yeurs ago, and
Ii was iirwcnorvmice Wlrti tho view urtli
State Department. The object is to enable
notice trt-bt. given to tho Danish govern
incut, with which there is a treaty, imposing
onerous sound duties on our commerce going
into the Baltic and elsewhero. Under the
languuge of the existing treaty ilia consider
ed that tho Prosideut was not authorized to
take tho iuitiulive without the authority of
Mr. Bailey hopod tho Boyce motion would
prevail, he wanted tho resolution sent to the
rum. on Foreign it flairs as they had already
the subject before them; it was not so free
from doubt as a casual observer might sup
pose. The House refused to reconsider tho . vote
by which the resolution passed.
The French Spoliation bill was taken up
in committee and discussed at length, all the
unieiidmentt offered were rejected; without
concluding the subject, she House adjourned.
The Senate was not in session.
Mr. Goodwin introduced a hill providing
for the miking of a steam dru dge boat in the
harbor of Oswego, referred to committee on
Mr. Kerr offered a resolution calling on
tho President to in"orm the house, i.' not in
compatible wilh th public interests, wheth
er any correspondeice with the Minister of
the U. S. at Mudriisnd the Spanish govern
ment, or otherwise It it insisted by the
latter that the treat? of 1795, nude, between
Spain and the Unlttd State is not applica
ble to tho Spanish colonics, and American
citizens residing in aiid colonies are not en
titled te the benefit of said treaty.
Mr. Buily moved t be referred to tho com
mittee on foreign affiir.
Mr. Kerr said ho kid offered the resolution
by the request of distinguished Statesman
who formerly represented our government
abroad. The SpaiiisY 'government .' denies
that courts of justice fn Cuba are open to
our citizens for tollectlon of their dues. It
is a subject of vist importance. Passed.
The French sioslisticn bill ws taken up.
debated and paeed. '
The ExroitttatNT or tux Nkw Ohio Li
Qoor Law. Ii the Police Court vestcrdsv
the Protecting Attorney gave notice to the
court and tne police , omcers mat he was
having prepaird blank information (o prose
cute in Cue foim all proprietor and, keeper
of Coffee hvutet, reataufont, 4c, and also
thote who are I'ubitually ' addicted to, drunk
ennesa. He urg?d the police to be 'en the
alert, and gWn inqrmation of any and all per
sons violating tho new law. The court re-
murked that they would take great pleasure
in enforcing the new Taw and all lis provi.
ion. It was now declared constitutional,
and as the supreme law must be enforced
He hoped Ihe eflk'eri would do' their duty,
and the cum would do theirs. ( Me u in
formed that the polled would receive instruc
tione rrom the Msjor and lifef of 'ponce in
a day or two to the eflrct'lha they shall ar
rest ever; person Violating the new law, and
the court boBed that thev would pruinotlv
exscuietheir instruction, and not be remiss
in their duty. Cin. Oauti of Wednesday, j
. . i I W ' L V I : - i i
' ff mz. m A
sir m IL
. .T In; 7 itraVs.
t Ijl f
The following hrluf history of the uiMinmilsh
ti ArtIM, Mr. '.'). A. Ucti.vun. n i:ikcii t'roin the
American nioifmphieal Mt.mh Hook, an. I fnua
other authtrntie RoiirceS'. The Slt:trh Hook eon
tains the lives f la distinnuilKi !iiiiii, S"U;
etluratci) men, ami in 11 Mi. tiaiini l i prop y
ussiirnvi a eoTMpictious turn e. a lr.-ine .... f
the nolilo few, in our routurr, v. ho uu !. .- .'ir
exertions hceti elevatej from aiiu rsii. w
a hum anil iiotmrnnie renown. ne irowtnnir
work of Art hy Mr. 11.. anil Ihe no which alsive
all others is how winning lor him a vitle uiid
enviatilc farne. s his I'loiomma of New Voik
sity, a Painitnr of rim Iruilifiiliii's him! criec.
bnn, which eosi him four i:ui'.V iiii ossa.. toil,
and was aliunde! null un txpuise of ;vur
U. A IU kl. Mill
Tat born at llownm, Mc' Co !J. T . ;
ta of Fcliruary, lulu. 'lis parents came t:.v.
ttn.sschasetls nnd wero anions tho enri.eal
settlers of Stonhtii eoiiniv. His Inju r a
Arrucr of (f( oil n piiin. When tin- 'a"", died.
tho sutijeet (if this sketch ws J fonnu n wms o,
ae, and ha was uiipreiiiirei. to ihe i.u-ini'i o:
waxoii innkiup ami siK'i pnunini; ; tiiose lir.. 'n.l. -1
t oeinir lieq.ientiv a .iteii. m nuoiv ol on:
villayes. Hi love n r ihe line nrfs m ilm
twakcticit by the ai rival of a porir.iit p.uiin r Mi
.nat pliu-e. luier lo ohlaiu some Un.,w li-,i;t of
th art. tic exer'd himself to il nini'isi to raise
Ihe ways nnd uii'siirt, und sppliinl for in-ii in i'mu ;
but tho urilst refused to .li-il i-e any of hi- pto
fessional seere's At th.it period he wnscurliiveu
years of nee, hnd Ihe pro-luiiirms of tins piiintir
were the tir.l eil p:iin : i nsc-s he h...l ever seen.
Kvcrafurwar.Js, his miml vn- lixfd upon paint
InfT, ard atihoiih ihe wax- did nol then ttpftear.
an art;Ht he was iie'''Miaed u tteeomn W ith
this lew he de-ire,, to leaxe his tiude for the
purpose of otitidninp iustru-iions In snmr r, the
distant cities; hut at the ettftics'. cnm-iifii s of
his mother, uiio i-ouhl nol hrar the Idrii of putt,
inir with him. he ivin. lined Ail his spending
tnonry was triid oil; in hoolts Ini,' heseairlied
In va'ii lor uuv thai favj iufortualiun 011
At this t'l'irfurp. a (rteid of a yrtnnff phy
tien.n. pallenilv waitinir. iike in.nsy olhrs. for
ray hans. ! filial'", him 10 1 iiitiiae.ice. screed
''tt sit t'.r 'jU lil-. oe-s.' lie' wns in h's (jlory.
wirl. a paipir's pi-nril od.ls and ends of
. oi.isn:s. and rite .i,in,ist: a!l io Himself and hi
' siilyvet," he i-oiii:iii ii.'i-d hi- lir-t portrait. It
tins, we pfvum.'. w mm som.' n--li terlifiii a- U:at
,j1 an firaior ni..Kitif; I
debtii. or a general
slioiil lo lU'hl Ins in .l Ii
!e, 'f he poi ii ait was
dcciarctl In lie ei eltcnt. ;ui l to his prultlieiition,
.t was pisimiunei d iris.-arly sitprTior to lliose
Cniuted Ii)- ,he pioirssiou il arti-l. All the peo
ple declan-d tli.it II was like l.le itseif, and In
kTiitL there was no ti-nr of his- l.illinir lino Ihe
ihtlicuUv ol ii-ei'Lai.i ai-iisl, wlio. liMinic paiuied
a Sors.T, thoiu'hi it net e.sm v. for rtie inton;,a
t.ono: lersoieJ noi lu-le- s of the line aris. to ii-
irrilie iiiiiieini-aili Kit- aaiiii.n. " I liw ih a iiv
When of nee; .U. IIiiH""' --"l Al.,-sil. i
ells and Couni-ii'.eul. win re he found friends
who gave him the .'ctiibsm'- instruction lie
then rumiiii-iiil liitsiitcss iu a portrait painter,
at llartioi-d, v..-rii- he mel nub good suci-csa
During sevi-ral snli.rqnent years, he painted por
'.mils 11- Miissik lia.etK. uml in ttiu western pari
If the State nl New Yum
In ISII he m.oTud ilie eldest .lanjhtero: A
A. Oliiistea.1, K . and slorc the winter of IM't
h bus nude .Neu Yuik city Ins bcriuauent phi, t
rf res'danee.
There prttably Is no Artist now living, of Mi
Dullard's age, that has labored harder, or applied
himself noro closely tu Ins i-roiC-sion. for the
Inst fifteen years, lie h.n Illustrated net that
bas teen illustrated by a grctt many in.lividu ,is,
-ii : thut God gives ni lnim tu mor'.ais wiihoui
.ahor it is labor thai produces everything
There Is uo doubt of tho fact that it ia tho duty
al every man, mora especially f every young
a.sn. to fin:', out ohnt trado or profession Uod
wuudtd him i n , aot1 then, after acrtaUun
Bullard's Panorama the City of New
We can speak from observing this paint
ing, having enjoyed the pleasure of seeing il;
on Monday evenitg. As a work or art it is
superior to anything of the kind we havo ev
er seen exhibited here. Its execution is ex-
lent; there is no da in about it no glaring,'
unnatural coloring but oil has pn air of re-'
olily, which almost makes the beholder ran-;
ry thut ho ia viewing the street of the Um
pire City, not as portrayed on canvass, but as
they ari;. Al the quay is seen shipping ef
every class; in the streets men in processions
and alone, carriages, horses, and everything
that is necessary to make a bustling city.
So complete wo the illusion throughout,
that wo almost felt ahocktd at the want of
gontility manifested by the notables of the
city, in net bowing a rocognitioti, (althaugh
they looked it.) to the crowds to whom they
wero so favorably introduced by the gentle
manly guide; and had wc been at all tired of
our leiaurely walk down street (which would
have beet, imprssible. wilh the many fine
view en every hand,) wo should hardly have
hesitated to hull one of tho cibmen on the
corner to have a ride through Broadway: hut
it ia now extremely duullful whether after or
dering a vehicle we should . even have been
allowed to "put afoot in it." .-. Indued, wo
first begaa to question whether we were in
the Empire City by one of the JohuY failing
i . :- r.
iu unw up iuu iuk 'Rive a carnage, nur,
wi thought, beckon, ug Bi for . riJ8. , .
... ... ,, ,,.,U
It .. no HlirsBOo, but M wll worthy of thf
immense patronage that'll everywhere re,
coives, and to those who would eee New
York but are unable to undergo two days
railroad rido, we sny see Itallsrd f anorama
t hree thousand person ht visited it
4 l .. n u'nn i
lliu. ipeakathe Columbus Dally Journal
thia work,' whlfiii exhibita here in the
eihotlist Church wi Satprdat Alter-'r.
of thia
Methodist Church next Satprdat - Alter-
loon and Evening, Feb. 3, at 3 end 7 o-
07" An old woman named Jn M'Mullon,
when intoxicated, set fir to Jier tenement
Zauesville, on W,i'dr,esday. ', The building
was partially destroyed, and she was so bail
burnt that she soon, aiigr dietL... . '
General Wilson Ihe Know Nuthin;; candi.
date for f.pnator, was elected by the House
100 ruujority.
I rlniru:' etl ll.cin.clves, has acted upon this prin
own nipl-.. Knrly in life the idea was stroncty Ira-
that fart, to devote the whole powtrt of ait mind
to tho accomplishment of ifcal oris object, vis: to
r.rof in that irsile or profession. It makes no
dlifiTcnce whvther a man shoos a jorse, mokes
a hoot, shoves ihi foreplano. pa''.u a plctnre, or
pr.-itrhcj n sennon-" wliateror jo does he should
' r-U. Mr. Billiard, like Ml men who havedis
t'rs'en iinon tin mind nun oon rnvm n,n
piv.e'l upon his mind that God m.vls him fir
an Artist. I'ruvious to bli settling own in New
York city, to ili.tiiicuifth himself, ua nsd piiistr-d
the ; rlratt uiriyht bamtrrd dilfcrcnt lndivlr!i. ,s.
It i- the vast amount of Inhor that Mr. Bullare
has t"-;rormel. and thut only, that has earned fct
h i. -1 " jlaiion he now enjoys, of bcins: on
of the -.rifsl'iest Jewels of tho Amcr'ean School
of Artisir He went to New York witn the de
Ictminstion to dlstingnisli hlmso'.f In n.t profes
ir.' allhoiu;h ho was not known to a single
innivtduRl in that city, he fortneil a renolution to
ir for himself, in time, a rvpulation that should
hi-world-wide. The vinAfuil ws uo: found la
Mr. Ilnllnrd's dirtion.uy. .
Alter jpalutiug the portraits or orer one nan
,lrol dilitreiit Individuals, residing in New Tori
city Mild vicinity, he believed he could do more
liond by painting works tluit should carry a
moral will, them. Tho most of his works kav
been those thnt illustrated the manners and ens
torn, of American Life and History. Ilia Brst
v'rvat painting was "Tho Last Blanket." Ali
hIio are familiar with American History, will
p-colle-t that, dnrlinr the Revolution, when our
army vr.ru suilennir f r clothing snd fond, at
Vailey Forge, lax gatherer were sent by Gen
eral Wsshlnton 'to collect of the people what
ever they could give, for ths- fupnort of the urror
t prin one oteu .ion, one nl these tax gatherers
called upon a widow woman who hail one hsb
that batie was asleep. wrappd In the widow's
only blanket, but such was her interest in th
i-Huse of American Inilependeneo, that she took
fr -n her shoulders ht-r only shawl, wrapped her
.'Had in it. and handed her only blanket tu the
tax aiher,:r, to carry to the soldiers of the
Itevoliitiotuiry Army That scene was the sot,.
Jeet of his lirsl irreat pi-ture; ami it was sold to
Ihe Aim'ri.'uii An I umn. ami was diawn by
Mr I II llrowit. of New York city.
His i.fottl and probably his greatest work
was "The UaiK'liler Appeal.'' All have read of
I tlotn Allen, lie was a brave and generous mant
but h" was -in Inrldel r.e wrote a liook on
lull leiity. called ilir Oracles of Keoson Tho
i wU'l of l.iiiuu Al'rn wiw; a devoted pious laov
a iremtirr of th." IVe brierian t'hnrr-h. She had
s number M ilaiinktcri all ol whom liellcvnd tha
doi-trtncs their inoihi'r h;td taukht them, with
the exeeption of the e!des. This girl s mind
had been biassed by the influence of her father,
ami she was ini lined to Irrlievu thudoettinoof lil-
'idvlity At the age ol eighteen, she lay upon hei
deaih bi d She sent (ot hei father to com,, to her
I room B id sdilreswd hill in these words: " Fa-
! ther I tiitist die . 1 must u-.eet niv o,l ; now deal
rattier ten me. -hail 1 believe ihe doctrines thai
you have luiighl me. or shall I bclievn the doc
trines iliat my mother has taught in: ' ' Tho
hi me old Soldier t:iai rould faen a rannon a
tnoiiih and not dim h a hnir. wht-n this qiicslion
Hrb. addressed lo linn, hesiiatud, dropped tf
In a l the tears trickled down his cheeks, and ho
sui.l with emphasis " Shitujhtfv. hrlievr. th doc
inn ffHti toother huhtuuyht ytut!" ITiis seeno," The
U ni.'hier s Api.e!1!.' wis Ihe .'abject if his sen
mid invin Painting 11 was sold to rl.r Art Union
and drawl by lleo 4 J Ibu be". of Homer, N. Y
His third great l'ainliii(g was "Nathan Halo,
just before bis Kxeeuiion This was sold to the
American Art Union, and drawn by a western
ni.iii Hw fourth great I'siniing wa "Capt
John Smith, and I'm ahontns. ' All will recollect
the sei ne this was sold to Ihe Art Union.
Ariong other productions are "Judith in the
tent of Uoloferues," " ilorse Frada," and "Sam
He died ta Mew York city on the Uta tt
tobsr, IsU.
The Disbanding of Foreign Companies.
In obedience to tho command of ihe Gov
ernor of Massachusetts, as General-in-chief
of the Mililiu of Massachusetts, Major Uen
eralSulton.ofthe third division of tho Mas -
sachusotts Volunteer Militia, transmitted an
order to Brigadier Uuneral Jones to cause
ihe "Juckson Musketeers" of Lowell, a for
eign company, to be disbanded. Uen. Jours
sent the order tJ Col. Benjamin F. Butler,
Alio commands the regiment to which the
"Musketeurs" are attached: but tho Colonel
refuses to obey it, and has sent tho .following
reply thereto:
Headquarter 3th R-?g., Light Infantry. . .
LOWELL, January 22, 1855.
General: At night on tha 2tnh inet.,
Brigade l)rdrNo. il' transmitting 'Division
Order No. 3,' with a copy of 'General Order
No, ii,' and 'Council Order advisory thereto,'
was received. ,
I am therein charged with the duty of die-
baqding company A ot this regiment. Upon
con an erstion, 1 am of opinion that tho or
der is one not required or authorized by law;,
and therefor respectlully decline to execute
il. ' . i
I have the heuor to bo your ob't aerv't,
... . . , .. .
, will there be convicted of disobeying order.,
l understood that he will appeal to the
B , w of h guu w w
K deciue'u ,he qe.iion.-Bo.on Cour.
Col. commanding 5th Rctr. Liirlu Infantry
To Brig. Gen. Juiuos Jones, Jr.. Commuud-
ing 3rd Brigade, 2d D v. M, V. M.
.The whole mutter will thus be brought
before a court martial, and as Co!. Butler
.'jufty, The Chicago Trihune clas.ified the
Voto upon it thus;" . ,. '
j r ' ' Ye K "'
:: . .. ' ' ' , '
Maiiik'Law, The popu'ar branch of the
IllilUtib 1 .l.irialatlirA liMVi, rm...i1 m ilFiniranl
'"..liquor luw. It was carried by a heavy tu.
Ilopublicau ,. . . ., 27 00
. !., :. , ,.,!'. 10.', 00 "
Neorsska ... . -iJ M . 23
A nti-Nebraaka Democrats t ' I .
Absent, 2 Wui;s, 1 Republican, J Ne
Draikuites, and one Anti-Nebraska Demo-
.- t-..-0' l.. V : , ' '. "
. fjCrB) -vole f lftVe, the Senate V
Illinois pas?eda resolution sgsinslny change
of the naturalisation law; by Congres.
fjrPror. I.'W. Andrew hsebeen cfcosen
lo fill tht chair of President of Marietta Col
Is go, made vacant by the rccetitretigmtjoa
of President Smith. i
For the Belmont Chronicle.
KweoR l iaid visit to the Rsrnes
vllle Classibal Institute, this wintr and was
Wglily plenlrd'with tl e orde. ol the echoo' -f
4 ho stu leiits Appeared to obey their te.
rtior tut ii rispeot ; than' Irom feat of pun
illiulent. IVrfecl h.inony and good feeling
i ... i ., . i i i i i i 1 1 .hma...j a
rwriWUt a IIW 'H llOie stiliuui OIIU BU apfraivw iv
be cheerlul anil happy. The scientific and
muthf mntics! department Ii in d r th chsrgd
uf Mr, Tfom'n, fh U,all Qualified tot
, hi post. He ha a happy facu'ty of impart
linirand drmnn. tr.tin? what be wlshe tit
leucH.) Hie rntiii Object hj lelMcJiprlnei
1 pies; and in Arithnirtio and Algebra thtr
nr. rw'uTnr.rrhtln'kl 1 TlflffttWl in.
afruotur1: , The ; ttudeh't ' ihdvo ' to Uemon
si rate and give a ressen for what tliey do; and
their recitations do credit to both teacher and
student.' The English end Classical d.part
ment under the care of Mr. Davenport well
deserve a notice. He is well qualified to
teach all he professr te teach and - givee
' genera! sslisfaclio.t at an able linguist.
The most ef our common school teacher
would de well to attend at least one or two
terms at this institute before applying for a
certificate; tliey rould command higher wa
ges and their patrons be much benefited by
the additional, knowledge imparted to their
children. Those withing to send to acheol,
will do well to visit this institution and see
for themsolves. The coure ie thorough St,
practical and well desrrve the patronage of
Iowa. Notwithstanding Mr. Harlan' e
lectien to the U. S. Senate by the Joint Leg
islative Convention, the Iowa Senate, by a
strictly partisan vote, refuse to outer that
fsct upon their minutes. Did ever party ma
lignancy go further than this ! W. rather
suspect that tht' people of lo'va can dispense
with soma of the sham "Popular Sovereign
ty" expounder composing the majority of
the Senate, of that Slate, after this session.
Not satisfied with their disgraceful effort te'
slave off the Senatorial election, the !wa
I Douglasitcs now protest against the pub'i-
cation of their acts of malignity . Dut it will
I not uva l them. The p- lo will rebuke these
j tricksters mora emphatically at the next elec
tion. IT Y. T' ibunt.
BOSTON, January 23.
A more stringent liquor law is coming b
fore the Legislature than the Maine law, from
Neat Dov. The bill provides for fifty dol
lers fine and four month's imprisonment for
the first offence; for the second, double the
fine and oneyn.it imprisonment in the State
Prison, for the third, no action is to be taken
against the officers for destroying the liquor.
Common carriers are liable for carrying li
quor contrary to law to a tine for the first two
! offences, and imprisonment for tho third.
It iu thought the bill will be adopted.
I 05"A Catholic priest in Manchester, X,
1 II., reftistd to baptize a child, because its fa
ther desired thut its name should be Frank
lin. It sounded too much like an American,
and ton little like thut of a Catholic Saint.
RoHtiysthe father in a letter to the New
Yoik livening Post,
ftrThe Wheeling Timt says Ihst Uejsrs.
Fink &. Wilson have purchased the steamer
Interchange i. . the ferry bout at Belle Air
from the C. O. It. ft Co. and have con
tracted to run all their freight and passen
gers to Wheelingfor three yeirs, this being
guaranteed ut $75 per day.
(fc5"3tent Engines ol a new - nindel ar
now beitiff plsced in 'Im famous Ericsson
vsssel, on I it ia to 1-0 ready for irvic in d
few weeks. The Caloric Eninos, upon
full trial, were found lo be of no practical
A XlbrasiCa Mas Overbiuru The reg
ular democracy of Iho Third district, New
Hampshire, knov nothing'' of the cluitns of
one Marry llibhurd to a re-election. At
their rouvrntiun, which met. at Hanover on
Wednesday, a Mr. Win. P. Wheeler.a Keene
lawyer, was nominated to Congress instead
of the faithful doughface w ho now represent
the district.
On last Saturday a largo number of the
citizens of this place nnd vicinity assembled
at the Court House, fur the purpose of con-
j 8iu''rinS ond adopting preliminary ways and
means to aecure the location of the West
ern Railroad, over the St. Clairsville. sum
mit. .
The meeting was organized by calling
Gen. Weir to the chair, and appointing S.
G'rtusiitciEB, Bec'y. ' i
Judge Cower addressed the meeting. Ha
stuted that the route over the St. Clairsville
summit hud been surveyed and found practi
cable. And thnt the question now comes up
what amount of stock will fio pep!e ef
this community subscribe to securethe rood!
Gen. DrllAss, being' called upon, atated
that, by direction of the Board, he had made
a survey of the route from Crab Apple,' near
Mr. William Patton's, thence by way of St.
Clairsville to Mr. Robert Hdrdestey's, on
Wheeling Creek.' The route was practica
ble, and he thought that il the people ef St.
Clairsville, and along the line, would bo 1 b
eral in subscribing, they could' secure the
road. '.
.The Chairman submitted a few remarks
in favor of taking efficient measures tmrnedi-
a,elT' ." n"el 8 I,beral donat on five
hundred doll.rs to aid in securing the Soca-
tion of the rotd by the proposed route.
On motion of Judge Cower, the following
resolution was adopted: ' 1 " '
Rrso'veJ, That a committee of five be
appointed to report to an adjournei meeting,
upon the subject of the terina.anit conditions
of snbseriptions of stock, by the 'citizens of
St. Clairsville end Ite vicinity.- ' -
Judgo Oowen,: Judge 'Alexander. Judge
Corother, J. E." Orore, and Wm. ' Booker,
Esq., were appointed said committee.
On motion, it wa resolved that when this
meeting adjourn, it tdjoarn to 'ftieot on 'next
Saturday, ot' 1 o'clock-, ar the Conrl House.
; On motlm.the rroedingwof thie meet
ing were directed to. be publrshed, and' also
notice ef themeetfngon Saturday next, in
the town pape ' - j..,l
On motion the rn-et in jr adj rnedi'
OirHt country eicepU Fiaace, utssde ef
Italy, seal a larger, number or. prelate to
Ihe late Feaat of th Immaculatei-i Concep
tion al. Rome than th United Slate.-.
Frano sotu eleven, the United Statsa.' aix,
England six, Ireland six. The other states
were represented by a smaller timber.,
Russia iert none..

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