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"Vr fev
He ibM bf lh plmifjti would thrive,
Binuir iiuMt ciihcr hold or drive.
Orage Orange and Bine Grass in Illinois.
Mr. Wright, the editor of the Prairie Fur
, ener, ns knn travelog1 ovor purliuii of Il
linois an1 iyt ofOrang lied;:
Th Mnclur IIoJO litre, only linos
th truckvf the road en either aiile, hut forms;
! will aoon form, the dividing line butwecn
fields. Theyer? of all t'."n Irom tin lira!
eason's ettinir, to a standing of f mr nr five
yaan. Many tithes larrrur pircos arc nuw
. tht only fenre, anil n fi rm aiiinml venmra
the trial of rtxsKinj them. Cuttle, h res,
nolo, ihrep, r.iJ ho; ill drcid '.hem as they
would a ied of serpents, and nre glad to keep
tbtir onn aid). Oitu ur two of t lie new act
pieeea are properly cut hack; but of llio lar
ger nes scarcely a tingle pee avis heeu
euitakly thickened at the bwUimi. This is a
matter ei groat importance, nt.dsnineul tliuin
will yet hive to be cut to tli grotim!, ami
thickened ovur uuew. Thia ni;iy he easily
don with nny poorly prawn Maolura llnle.
The culling should b in the riiijf belere
the pUnts start.
Of B:u?Gra-s r. says:
I find the I! ue (Vriisa to bo in pr?at reu'o
in this part of tl o Stuie, especially fur win
ter feed. Is .nuch fij'.vi) in the groves and
open tinil'tr htid. whrre it fi'iurialies finely,
and forms a rmst elppur.t pasture. I was
informed hy Mr. W. JJ. Tiio:ni.-oii, uf Virgin
ia, la.g t anility, tlii-. having seeilil u grove
to it, the cruts lat si'aeoii .lud obtained
large growth b?!ure inter, when hi colls
and calve were luni d in. A there wna no
anew they rf.imined a. I tiu. ivi.iler, mi l tame
eutin the spiing sen I fat, without having tas
ted a particle ol tood exeept v. hat tiny ob
tained in the posture. This is 111 uncummon
occurrenr. Muy not this hit duno further
Not th than ll is! Ohio Varnxer.
Abuse of Horses.
Horse are aften seriously injured by the
neglect, or liince of owners. This ia also
true of nthcr ilamestie nniuiuls. The golden
rale Plight to be nppliol in the trentmrnt
the diitno bes-ts; I ns you would bo done
by." Tnn "Couwry Ueiitleiiien siya: 'Ma
ny ewntis of hoites, pniuubly, hlmt them
in a rinse, unveutiluied, and peihup dark
Stable, w ithout its mice ricrurriii'f to tin
that they am thus iojurinfr the health, 11
destroying the comfort of their auumiM. The
stench and purwenry which meet one
opening tf?e ainbW luor in tho m irniiir, rniht
mike S'lins think of this mutter, who ! not
seem In. If they were shut a night, or a few
hours, in their ami atnhlv, perhaps they
might. A barsn cannot breulhe the atmos
phere of many stahh' without injury to bin
eyes, and especially to his lungs or reapirato.
ry organi. As thi is the euson wheu hor
ses are alibied, piituring brinjr ul ut over,
it would be well for inuuy horses, and for
their owners, ton, if th.-y would see that their
stables ars provided with moan of ventila
tion, sad that every source of pungwnt ar.d
foul smells b rrmorrJ as early and effectual
ly a posaible.
raorfTH of Fwls. Bradford Packard,
West lirid'ew atr, M ua ,tatea in I lie l'low
man that he kept fii arrnrate nernunt with
twenty fowls, (eigli's. n liens and two cocks,)
fur one year, from Jnnuiry lat, 18t'J. He
obtained 343 i'lf, the averngp price ol wliirh
was 14 rents per (Uiin, muking $23.1)0;
raiaed twelve r liii ai.iis, valued at U.'i cunts
each, giving an apgn-gate of $31,1)0. The
foeJ th fowls ate during this time was fifieen
bushels of corn, which cost $10,8, leaving
et profit of J J 1,01-
Winter Gardening.
There are a lew golden rules to bo obser
ved during the winter, of whii'hjuiny be enum
erated the' f.illo inj;: W.itor all pluuls tint
require it in tlu morning; leave no water in
the ssucer of any plant slier the whohi Ilis
beeeme saturated thronjh, never water by
drops, but give the wlui.e a pood snakimr,
the ronseioenfe o'ten is, that the top of the
mould is wrttej, while tho lowvr, contuiiiing
the roots, is dusty; a point, il aliek, mi
once in i a lule stir the sin Cm e of the soil, but
but not deep Jiionjh to disturb the roola; this
act the same part as hnein;? in summer, mid
tends vastly to the l eallli ol the pi. int. (jive
each pl.int a,ace enough fir air to cin iiluto
around it, if possible; Ut it have tho benefit
, of a little pure fresh air ut times. LxcMmjt
(tr- Older, System and Economy ilh
oul these, no tit it ll i'uii Im Ntii'cesaiul in C ll
ducting the liuainens of his farm; but a those
subjects kave recently Ihtii diaiuaed ut
some length sud with nine li ability, in the
pages of tho Cultivator, I nhall only make
remark er two enneerning them. I1' a in in
neglet la tin ae tiiinya.eitpilal will heexpemlrd
without a eiofi'.abh- return, and evrn experi
ence will ho of littl-i avail. That inuu can
not expect to prosper, who leates t'vjry thing
st odds ct nds. Ifgiainik sow n,''i nd catt'.e
pastured in adjoining fields, with little ur no
fence around tlimn, in all human probability
the grain will be destroyed. I: pigs are al
lowed to wander about a. inun's yard, and now
end then to get into hi g urden, it is not very
likely be wilf have many vegi'tshh a for bis
tab lo and so too of a bundled oilier things
which might appear very simple to be men
tioned iu a book or paper, but whitli ure
nevertheless true, tiuch things certainly ex
hibit a want of order, a lack of ayateui, and
very poor ecsnotoy.
Winter Fud tot PusaniNu Ewts Uu-
tlljtwo or three weak a preceiling lambing,
Is ly necessary that breeding t iea, like
other bep, be kept in good pl'iinp onlim
.condition. ,Nor are any aepurstu arrauga
t , wenl nsciasary fur them, alter that period.
la climate where lliey csn obtain succu-
n . lent foed to provide for eroper secretion
jallk. lo backward srsssns, In th north,
where the grass dues nut start prior lo
laeiSing time, careful flock masters fsoj
twe rhopptd roots, or roots auis J with
er pesl meal. This, in my judgment, i rx
i. eelleat economy, for tho ell'-tt ef the vari
ous esauleo's oa quai.Mty aii quality of
sjsilk, a Liig's Anioial Clieuiiitry.
How Two Men Ereeped from Slavery.
We read with admiration of the daring
deeds of the early settlera 0' this country, and
.r,i. i,n tn trilile. ainrv ihe memory ol
thoae who struck a brsve blow for our inde
pendence In the dark H ivs of tho American
ttieolntion. We c!ori;y Cept. Smith for
loving bisej;nJpprcs?or dead at his feet, and
m'skintf his eseanei we profess to sympathise
with the oppressed everywhere, ana yci we
remain indifferent to the miny in our own
country wl o brs elyri-k their lives for the
.ike of freeilom. and shnke off the letters ol
lav(f Just mull fn edoiK aa we love, and a
worae slavery than our f 1'heiS resiste.l.
The UiulergruunJ Railroad agent in this
eity lieeesssrily become acquauiu-u uu
mny of .heo intere ing cases, and through
bis kitwlnes wear permitted to give as ma
ny pnrlieuUr of soma of these aa it would
neeni preuer and judicioi s to publioh.
Isjiic and Henry wtre owned by the same
master, and wero taken to a public house to
be sold. They were soon disposed of, and
their new masters put them logemer,
mying, "I suppose, by, you will not multe
me my trouble I" I-sic, a large, nou e-ioo.
ing Cello v by tho wy, anawcrcd very meek
v -oli no, we came here without any
trouble, and we menu to go wny without any
The new owner (a trader) was satisfied wi ll I
the answer, and loll them. Noaoi ner was
he gone tlun the t vo slues carried out their j
threat logo tway w.tliout trout I : anu 1110
'unceit;i in riehes" t-f tho new proprietor
walked oil' in the woods. The mtxlus meran-
Ji of their living here it inihl not be altogeth
er jiuliciou-t to expluin. 1 heir residence in
the hut they built waa or two week duration,
Then they were discovered, and a party uf
armed men p.oceuded to capture them. The
slaves were busy at breakfust when they were
semtnoncd to surrender, and told that if they
c inie out tliy would bo shut dowu on the
Isaac seized a broud-oxe and Henry a dirk,
which they hud obtained by hook or crook,
and dualled out. TIiot hutwa on the 'bunk
of a st renin, und into the alreuni tlicy plunged
The purty tired on them, wounding them
both severely. Iau.it' aim wai fill d with
hot, und the w eupon dropped from hn ll 1 net
- ....
lint the spirit of liberty wos not yet quench
od, und they ullemplcd to escape, pursued, of
course, by the rapacious ni 'ii-liuuters.
Alter u long and uoblu effort to escape,
they were at length ovcrc imeby fatigue und
numbers un i retaken, and ul onee conveyed
to the jail, where they were confined in th'
second ht'.iry. Sad inaeed was their cuuji
Hon. Henry wa. sick from Ilia wouiuU, so
thut be could do nothing, und Isaac's arm
was so iiijiin d that for two week he was un
able to uae it. There tvnn, it seemed, no es
cape but in suicide. Hut the spirit that
burned in tint bosoms of our fathers burned
also in the oosuins of these black men, and,
as soon as ItiiueM in in eoiild be tisi'd, it wua
sot about executing tho . Its its that their
heads had conceived. Here, ii;raiu, wu leave
the readi r to ao:ini-e the modus ui'EitANDl.
Suffice it to any that, ullor two weeks ofal
niu.il inecHsjnt labor, they were again brea
thing thu nir hI heaven, fciixleeii long and
weary miles did they walk on the night of
their escape, und again took up their real
dence in thu woods. How deeply could
thvy reuiizu tho truth ol the sentiment thut
man's greatest enemy is mun. Tho habita
tion of human beings were shunned und
dreaded mure than death; ilu-y auught and
found aafoty in tho deep alienee and dark
abodes ul uuturo.
Thus, when men are unkind and opprcs-
sive, Uod's paternal hand is over us, and in
his presence we feel there is infinite lovo
and mercy. They remum in reireat for two
months, und intend to pass the winter in their
residt-nco; b ut they found that, I'rum curtain
iniliculioiis utuoiig tho poultry yards, ths
slaveholders began to suspect thut thu woods
were inhabited by the unking uegrees, und
determined upon a ''drive" i. v. a man
hunt, w ith dogs and guns. Tho negroes
were to be "taken at Ural eight" i. o. shot
dead ns auon as seen. They now thought it
best tu lesva their winter residence in ths
Mouth, believing thut a colder climate would
be more congenial with their feeling.
On a plantation near them wua an old
mun named Kit, who had a perlect Legrve
fur a muster. About this time he hud recei
ved two most tnnnc rcilul flaggings on two
successive days, and lie began tu be "discon
tented with his lot. Ho applied to our hc
roia far counsel, and became a hero with
'.hem. They ull remained in the woods over
Sunrliiy, und on Mm day took up their line
ul march. The usual method uf night-traveling
und duy resting was pursued; and, niter
three week's eHsrge'ic exertion, they reach
ed l li c depot in this city.
hundred allot
Henry nhowed more than a
in his body, und l-inac boro honored wounds,
or wounds thut would be honored if borne by
a lluiigariun in the sumo cause. They nre
liow beyond ihe reueh of Amcricun Republi
canism. Ilouali lor the U. R. Rl
Warning of the Early Patriots.
Our enemies, (any the Huston Patriot,)
ur lieipientiy diaporud lo doubt authorities,
quoted by M ilive Americans, in support ot
tlieir principles. A short time since, a wri
ter iu thu l'Uiludelpl.iu Deapatch qiieaiiuned
thu authenticity ot un order emanating Ireui
Ueurgo Wushiugton. A trie 1 1 d has for
warded as a copy ol '.he Histcry ef the Ame
ncuii Revuiuiien, including tho must inter
esting letleis and orders ol His Excel'ency,
lieoorsl Oeoi go Washington, by Uenedicl
Huerley, Norihumueilund, IV, iSOi. Un
der the head ef Lieneral Orders, psge 3j4.
thu fallowing wi.l be found as eighth e, dor.
The G. nurui has greut reaiou lo bo and
is highly d.spltased with Ihe negligence snd
inatluiiliou of those oflloers, wh have plu
ced a sentries at tho outposts, men with
whoed characters they uro not acquainted.
He Iherelure orders that, lor the future.
No man ahull be appointed to those Impor
tant Stations, who is nut s native uf this
country, or ha not a Wife anil Family in
il.towlioin ho ia kuaw to be attached.
This order is to be considered a standing
one, and the officer are to pay ebedieace to
it at their perils.
The assertion of Luyafette, ala.i, (If th
lib'Ttiea of the Amer'can people ere ever i'e--itroved.it
will be by the Rjinntl Priests.)
lias been dally contradicted, but the follow
ing testimony, we think, will banish every
From the Presbyterian Banner.
Ths inquiry has been repeatedly made, on
what authority Is Hie remark ol Gunsral Lafa
yette made. T!l following anawer is given
on the Oth usire of the preface to the Con
fessions of t French Roman Catholic Priest,)
Published in the year 1853, by 8. S. Taylor,
New York. . - - 1
It mv iHit bn amis lo stale that the de
claration of Lufayette, In the niott In ques
tion was repeated to more than one Ameri
can. Tb very bet Interview I had with
Lufayctte on the morning of my departure
from Paris full of his usual concern for A mo
res he made the soma warning; and la a let
ter which I received from htm but a few dsys
alter at Havre, he ulluoVd to the whole sub
ject, with tho hope expressed that I would
iiiuke know the real atate of things in Eu
rope to my countrymen, at the same time
charging it upon me as a sscred duty as an
Aaierican, lo acquaint them with the fears
which were entertuined by the friends of re
publican liberty in regard to our country.
If I hove labored with my success tn arouse
the atte lion of my countrymen to the dan
gers foreseen by Ltfayette.I oxe it in a grout
degree to huving tiled in conformity to hi
often repeated injunctions.
Professor Jtlorse, who is the discoverer or
inventor of the Telegraph now in use, la tho
authority of the mrttu. There cun be no
doubt about it having been the remark of
I.nfavette. Every American th it came into
his company in late veers, could not leave
without le irning Ins anxiety. Waa he Igno
rant of the spirit of Roman Pricst'-vas he
iuriorant of Ihe desires which they had, to
have our liberties overthrow til lie spoke
from knowledge. May our countrymen re
member hit counsel and warning, and be
ware of Roman I'rieits as they would of
men who are conshiring at their I berties
Liberty is the price of ceaseless Victt.
Ksjw Nothibos in viroiiiia A writer
in Ihe Now York Herald, from Norfolk,
In the city of Richmond on tho 21M of
December Inst, the Know Nothing; rolls nunn
; lK.r,.d twenty-three hundred and fifiy names,
' a ,,rge uiiijority over tho aggregate Vote of
the other purties combined. Hore, as in
. . .
o;h ir p iris of the S'.ate, the loilgea are night
lv crowded with new comers; ond ut this
time the Knew Nothing lists uf Richmond
will 'oyt up three thousand quite.
As regards their power elsewhere in the
Stale, I can say with safety that towns' and
cities everywhere nre keeping pnee equal
puce with l'eternburg ond Richmond. I
havcheaid from some of tho eouiitierin Wes
tern Viri'iniu, down ubout R ickennack ind
tho rnnnri is ituit iilmoHt Avprv American vo-
, r
ter there (very few lor Igners in this CC-
lion) hus already seen "Sum," and nil are
pleused with his uppearonce, ond with a heur-
I ty good will cultivate Ins uppcararco. In
i lie I, .Hep ii-Hi-k of Deneinher records from the
1110 lain r wetK 01 U CI inoer ri to. us iroin uio
eilliro OlUie IVcril aiAiy-OIIO lllllliatllll I uio-
..r.t s. i:-
er a strong purty for the Acomuc lire cater
In null airinnat. I lie entire nonular volu ol
the State, o( ull parties, is something, I be
lieve, leas than, ur about, one hundred and
t h ir y thousand.
A Fowl Question Fairly Decided.
At thu close of a lecture on physiology be
fore nn evening achool, a few night since,
the lecturer remarked that nny one waa at li
berty to ask quealiona upon the subject and
he vonld answer them as far as he was able.
A young lady, with much apparent sincerity,
remarked thut she bud a question to ask,
though she was not certain thut it was a
proper question; alio would, however, vun
turo to ak it. It wua as follows:
"If one hen lays an egg and another sets
on it. and hatches out a chicken, which hen
is the mother uf thut chicken!'
The lecturer said, "I will answer you in a
Yankee style, by asking you a question: If
a little, pretty, whito, genteel; native pullet
sets on on egg of Oriental extraction, and
hutches a great, homely, long-legg d, splin-tcr-shatiked,
slubsided, awkward-gaitcd
Shanghai, would you if you were that little
white pullet, own the great homely monster!'
No,' said the young lady, ' wouldn't.'
'Veiy well,' said thu lecturer, "thut settles
tho question, for it is a principle lit physiolo
gy, that all hens think and act ulik iu all es
sential particulars."
Kansas Pi.Eurr or Slaves Therb.
tho editor of the 10 intern (Fa.) Argus, who
has been on a visit to Kansas Territory, pub
lishes in hi paper a long account of th.' new
land uf promise. On 0110 topic, which just
now absorb ao muuh attention, he says:
"The'vexed question of alavery w ill cause
sumo trouble before Kansas becomes a State.
Here are now quite a iiumuer u aiuves in
thu territory, and have been for vears. I saw
them as fur up aa Fort Riley, liO miles from
, the river, and likewise noticed a hand kill
upon a tree on Roclc Creek, offering a female
ialave lur sule. Washington Star
Look Out run Them The Doston (Mass.)
Telegraph publishes the following warning:
Two men have been going through the city
tukiug in persons after llio following manner:
They go into a store and Inquire fur shirt but
tons, huiidkerchiofs or other articles, and ouo
siys to tho other.
"I wua tVifortunate lo lose
my handkerchief' or othur article called fir.
The other says "there i no such word as in
fortunate, it is unorfunn(e;" and thereupon
they get up a bet with the aturekeoper. The
dictionary is looked up, and the best decided,
always in fuvor of tho sharper, aa the word
may bo found there, though now in disuse.
I WILL offer fur Sale, on the 13lh day of
Fsliruary, helnslhe first day of Courl, my whufs
stuck ol IliioTe) a. XIIOKrt, Leather l.asis, Hoot Trass
and t-'i imping lluards. Alto A large ut of Pese ol
itiriureiit sisi's.Hhoe Hparaldes, Hhoe Thread and a gen
eral aiturimvui uf Findings uefougiai lo the Hoot and
Olios business. II. MITCH 1.1..
Tnllnits Ihsl havn unseitleil ascounta eiandiny an my
IliHiks, I nivs llisui aaollmr chance lo coma and aaltla
sillier hy paying ma what is my Just dues, ur fiviue
lliair N'ulu, uu or hviora lliasuih ot Fehruary neat, alter
that lima, my Uook and aocotinia will ha In Ilia hands
uf David M. Iiaviee, Esq., to push anil colls cl without
respect to parsons,
"The Laborer is worthy of his Hire."
Bl. I'lalraville, Jaa.lt, IH4J St. pd.
and a great vai tety at other articles lor sale by
J. I . M UTT.
Ost. IS. 1 ef Na. l&T Main aU., V kallHg J
' HIE largest stock or Silk and Satins
1. ws esse ort'er.d la th. nuhlie, cuulainlni at least
tn,ta.'0 ydc ol .very atyl. and .qusllly. Urucsde, Ag'd.
idem and ilaus and siriuea, embraain Ihe greatest
naraaiiia w. .ver houaht. IMain cliai.isskls. worth
Ijtl, Iruin'.J loSOUsi r H'd and plain d... worth I.KI
to l,M3. al iO lo"ln.; a few pieces lert of thoss fia'd,
lanry and hlack Vilka, worth (I lo ol which we
hara suid'eo many in a raw weeks, at 31 la ft eta.
tsw iivuui. 9 suow insm, at
. eiunaaTnuass',.
No. !. T, Mala . W'halih,
The principles upon which itiscleimedlliallheChalns
piodueo their inarvalnna rures arc, ilret that all Ner
1 youl are al.,rd nrt ,,ro,uced hy a deficient
. Wh,MWMhBsl.aa,sMM. ... 1-nPD..
rT.l. lis n " ''
and M oihsr articltt nd bf pslnlcrs, lolit at
i r. a 1. :
always I h lit, lnlsrsr iinllqusnmisi.al
Casitrn aiaks, at (JausS) iTONK TUOHAB1.
1 he Stcnuicr will Arrive,
Louded full of Dry Goods.
HEREFORE I will Sell my Stuck of
Uuode, t'lioapar tliao svr was sold la Uis Western
voantry. .
I will sell m niack Pllk, I yd. wide, far s,
Min. wide ' '
1 Bilk uf all oilier clore at any
' . , n 1 I ; j .1 . t -.r....k V.ialiah
I nave a lsar snn opienma ciwi v, w "g
anil Anienran Alerlnnts.
I will sell I lie Iwst line Merinnesat
' American A Bullish: (romllPJ to S7
" English Merinni'S at S"i
Bnch as no Western Merchant ever aaw Kcfers In this
country. ,
1 nsve fu nieces 01 Ainsras man enion pnnwn.!
url.irl, I m-iII ii.ll thssner tlisn ever mrnred III this or allV
nthcr market. I hsrs a splendid Hiurk of Pel. sues ml
i :..!.... IMsiii.Fieiired. Strined. Uarred and all col.
ore, I w ill tell the host quality at Hie, I have one of tit
hmt .inrk ni li itieitsiiifl viiueveritaw. win sun, tins
hsnis at IU els. ter yara.sucll as sens per mi, i usvcvw
piecesol tn iei t ainoeeyuu ever ssw, t ii
such I lisve liereinluresoid at l'.'l. I have a larse as
snrlilient ol Hliswlt, ol all kinds and coin's, I will sell
Shaielt.il yds la alSJ.no. and mneis anunst at any
price, I have a Israe stuck ol Flannol of all colors, I will
Mil Red flannels almost I yd wide rnri!Sc.,l have a ve
ry larLS stock ol .Mutlliis, Hloachad. Unlileaclied. dated
andorallculora fur 0 Hu l.'l. I haveavi piacesorcassi
mnrrs and I'ansinelta. 1 will sell Caasineu lor a pair of
fame lor l,.yi,aegund aa waa sold last year for J.H0, I
will sellayoud article of a Coat patrnn trimmed for
.ail.lKI. I have Uie larrest stock of Knaity MaileUlutliins I
ever had, w hich I will sail at almost the iiurchater's of.
fer, I have asuod ttuck of Hoots, Hhoes, liata. Caps, snd
a tlinntand utiier articles too tedious to mention, which
I will sell at the same ratea. I want all of my old custo
mers, and a thilueand new onra, to come and aiaiuina
lor themselves, and they will net first rata Bargain a) to
their salislactiun, at Ilia Dry flood more or
N. n. I haveaflplendiri Block nfHIlk Bonnets, of all
rninrs. I will sell some as low aa 2..'iO. and any other
prices to suit the eiittoiner. I have a heautiliil stock of
(.'lirunflt iiiider-tleevcs and Cnlla'i, which I will sell
cheaper than ever was on'ered ill this Market. Any
thins, I lisve in my linonf laisoiesa, I will cachaufiiiiur
all kiiMlsol l ounlry rrnuure. o. iv
Ui.C'lairsville, Nov. 10, 1854.
rulvorinaciier's Hydro Electric t oitaic mania,
Piuducins iuslani relicl Iroin the most acute pain, and
permanently curing all Ncuralfititieara, llliehm
limn, pninlul. and swelled Joints, Neuialgia of
the Face, lieatuess, lllindneHS, Bt. Vitus
Lfauce, ralpilaliona of the Heart, peri
odlcal Headache, Pains in the moiu
a';li. tuilireatlnn, dyspepsia, U
teriuc I'aius, I'.iralysis, clc.
These chains were first introduced lathe eity of New
York less than line yea-, since, and alter twins subjected
to tlioroush trials in every huapilal in tile l-ilv, ami ap
plied li v lira. Valentino Itlotl, Carnocliaii, Van lluren
and others, it was discovered thai fhry possess strange
and wonihirtiil power In toe relief and cure or the ahovc
class of diseases, and thoir sate, and the auccesa that
has altendrd their lite la uniiaraHeieil.
Previous to tliuir iutroiliictioii into this coantry, thev
j wern used in every hospital in Kurnpe, and are secured
! hy I '' oiFrai.ce i;ern,.,.y Ausiri., t'ru.sia, and
j Uiiglaml; and also in the United Biates.
. ..think ci.fiBE AND TONIiER WELL."
supply ; llftrvous iiiiiu, snn ail sueilk Hist rtitriiiiii.;.
cliniely electricity, nr electro uiaKUetismj and second--
,, , el0CUO ,aKtic cii,oi.,"i,y hems worn over
aim upon tne pari sun ur;an iiiseasen, nirnitii 10 uie ns
liaiitsU-il nprvoim lltiiil whitli ii nnulrrd tn nrorlncK
licalihy action tlirnimlt (hr antirii ivtitciii. No diii-atniK
iinslriini U alluwcit to lv taken whiltt nunif thn bhaiiid,
InitariBid uliMtrvance ol' tho rre.iinral lawn of liraltli are
rtH-iiirii. Hrittk fricti.in iinn the pari iliapattl iltln
niiicIi 10 the rjlncu ol the eliaina, hy incieaamg their
manclic power. '
Ouo Thousnnd Dollars
will hr. (tivrn to any porpiin who will rrnrlti Cftl inniv
vll aiitltentUntrtl e'rtthtt of f urc, loth from to I
htfeiit paiicnta anil vctrntitie phyirianp, aa havflrn
eitcli)il ly the imn of Fiilvermachcr'a Klertric Chaina.
They i.ever (ail to perform what they are arlvtniiffil to
ilo.anil no perstm liaa ever been dtiMtiiiheil who Ids
given them a trial.
more than ont hundred iiflrmanttttt enrpi of Prnlapnua
Uluri have Ihmii enetittii waUtiii isant eAr iy use
ol llit'tte ciiaum. iiv aiMiiyint one ena vi tne cnain aver
the feu Km ol the alMlmntMi, and the other upon the aplne
Jnat alHtvu tho hip.theuiual evert syiiiptowa inciileal
to inai uiataae are at once remove.
The chain liftntd lie iiiolatenei before ue with com
mon vintar, end thn one end ol Ilia rhain ahould he
appheit directly-to the seal ol the pain or diteaae, tndlhe
other end nppiwvd to It. 1
HE NOT DKf EIVKDI The Electric Chains are
not lo cure all iliene.; dut fur Nervous Dlseniua it is
claimed thai NO Medical Agent in tht world ha pro
duced no many cures in the I a I year at tht Electric
INHTANT REIsIEP from the mom acute pain, is
rpoduced at the ntouient of appicaticm much mora el
factually than can be produced by opium, in any of it
Call and obtain a pamphlet (uratis.)
J. PTK1NKKT, Pole Atent,
5tW ItroAilway, cr. Prince St.
Pold hy II. AIsE.XANUKU, St. t'lairaville, Ohio.
Jan.7, 1K".4. ly.
Damaged, tliyhtly.
PS, Twillei! blnck French Cloth, Bour-
desua make, worth S to BH per vd. or much Itner
iiiamy tiiati usuaiy nnus us way to mis insrasi siisnt
ly wet ny sinking ot a ateanilmat, hut uninjured oilier,
wise, for sslnasl a treat sacr idea .Also, li.Oial yds Tweed
t'assimere, lur clnlilren'a wear, that usually sells fur
S7 to SO, sllahily apotted, hut pur feet iu tenure, at 0 yds
for a dullar, at
a. r. anonaa. ft. w. aaoois,
ItllODF.! A IJHOTIirn,
(din-censors to Rhodes DRlehay,)
Forwarding & Cummission Merchants,
And 6naral Produce Dealers.
llBmaFpoRT, Ohio.
June 30.
every quain, lor araia choan by
r um r rvAULK.
S)it. IS,
iNoa-riii VViiKBLiNa. Va.
The uhscriherhariniprocurudavouipli'teaetoltoole,
consisting ul I'lanaa, l.albes.Rcrc w cutter, etc., of the
latest ami most anitrovad natterus. are now urenared to
dn work tutljeirliue, in His best possible iiianncr and
on low iHrms.
Ilunaontal EnfiHea with or without cast iron hed
Uprht Km iuen.aH kiiida ot iron planing, (bavin a; a
very large mai-hiue,) screw euitim, bolts and nut,
heavy and Im-hi turning, naaning, mc aaud reoainug.
tastiiigk furuisheil at lowest fuundry iiricet.
Ws have constantly on hau lor can fumies) at short
notico, cemeuti'd. copper rivited leather belting aim
hose;iual lo any made. We sell at inauurarturnrs
prires, and make uo charge for freight or couimissiou
of any kind.
WsruspactfuMy ask those having need ef anything
in our line, to give us a call, believing we can make it
their Intents . tn deal w tb aa.
auf.Us IrA J)VN HKXFK li 90.
NOTICE is hereby given, that a Petition
will Ims nresantet ths Commissioners of Bel.
iiiout (bounty, Ohio, the 44h day of March lien, for ths
layuif out and eaiahllshOit ofa fraaed road, com men
ciunn the National Hoed, attha r'asiend or fairview,
and running In Fonlh vidireetion, the nearest and
hesl rout, to interseoi i f radad road, ruuning Waal
from Barnesvillo, in Arnera laus, where the (irsssut
road now Iutersaclsaaidfoaid,
Jan.iuih Ji int. . .
Dissolution of Partnership.
VT OTICE I hereby jiven that th Part-
l 1 nerahlp heretofor. aiiaiins between llainea A
tlaicher, in l.oyilevll., waa Una day luesolvrd hy mil
Hi si consent. A II thus. iudll.d I. th. said Itrai, will
lilsaaa call an soli Is theif accounts by hot or other
wise. Thal.ii.inf.es will he contlunad hy llainea and llrolh
as. hi the ma ulsca. Thank Iu I lor nasi lavnra. the
prutsul nrm ssrnesiiy evlicil a ouuiiouauuo -suis
ualrouega. .......
Kstate of Jamca Scott, Deo'd.
T OTICE I hereby given that th Bub-
11 ecriher haa bean duly appointed an quellrled by
the Probate Court of luiaiont Co. (lino, aa Acluiinislis
lor ol the aitlata .1 Jauiss Booiu Use d, lata f said
aouutv. a .
All mosaknow Ing tSjaaiaalsas IndatilM losaia siaia,
are rauuesHjd to make liuioi'diat. paymeul, and ihoss
having claauawill preaenithaiu duly aiiin.ulicals' for
sslllsuisal wilhiaoaa year from this data.
. rsUCI COIti WBLL, aSaa'r,
, Jaa.H,ts,-ai.pd,
11 71LLIAM
TT VCD his Orocary Btors,
to tn room ona door
sat of '
Hulihsnl, anil nsarlr ppnilis Harris' Tin
Itnn.whtrah has a tans sannlr otdROCERIKf ntST
MT J TSriBiy, IUUI SS DUrili riul..-., Tmmt
I'oirno, liics, Totiacco, 8r(ara, Snips, Fish ol
rf variety. such
pur mr, jioisbbv, e,
iftit Kiiin. uuvpiiswars. r.arinenwsrs. , win
l!Wirr, Mine, Hliovals, Bpailas, lines, FnrkS ut every
kind Rnpes, I'otion yarn, (.'audi wick, DyastulT, Mail
lr. Alum. InitieO. BifS. NailS. SiC.
Ann every flioi generally aepi in frocery nmc,
All of which will I disiosei of at Hi very luweM rates.
Anil also nreuaras 10 take In L'oantry p reducs at cash
prices. a. I. IM3.)
Fall Trade. 1854.
INo.M, Mis 1-TalsT,
HAVE just commenced receiving their fall
Imporiati 'a per ehipa"lcioto," Carolina" and
'Croiuwcff," cnu'ipriaini af( the fateat stpies of
adapted in this market.
Aa tluy have over 150 Crates in transit, tnjrlher w ith
their stock on hand. The traile can refy upon Hit I nit
aa full an a.enrlinent as In the Eastern market, and at
prices eipislfy low. Iniloeit, to pat una mailer at rest,
they wilt duplicate tat la in kills percussed since the let
of Starch fast.
1ACOB HEYMAN would respectfully in.
form ths citizens of St. Clairsville and llio sur
rounding country that he has just relumed mm the
Kast with the larcest aock of Dry Goods and doll. inn
he has evur ottered to the public. Ilia Block conaisia in
nan of.
Caliciea, Glnrihams, Pe I.anea. casnmeres, lonnn
(Vol It, French, Merinoes, Hllks, Uleached Muslin, Hrown
.Miisliu.HliaivIs, alargchit of Ladies Bilk Mantillas,
Handkcrchiefs.and notions of all kinds. Trimmings for
llressus, Flannels, Tal'lc (Mollis, Ladies Shoes ol all kinda,
also a large assortment of
rn.ta. Pants. Vests. Bhoea. Dooia. Carpet Sacks, a
larse assortment of llata and Cape. Umbrellas, ami a
areat variety orCansiioerce, Caseinetts and Jeans, Cloths,
Checks, columns, ami anoinar articles u.iisiir iw, ,
well kept, Dry tiuoo or ciottiing mores, inewnoie
stiifk will be sold al th4 loKttt arieff.
jf7'l,adics Just call and aee Ilia beautiful Calicoes at
only Seems a yard 1 1
rAII kinds uf Country produce taken in exchange
al Ilia mglieei prices.
jnTR'memher. in Alban's property, Immediately op
posite Aftkew's nsauier onup.
Hijpt. Slid, IfH.
M.J Kits, sold at
apr. SI. II. ALEXANDER'S Drug Store,
J J Just ree'd and for sate by
Urulgoiiort, March 13th, IK3
Shirt. Collara, Cravata, Spring do . pocket hdk'fs,
Gloves, Hoaa Buspanilers. Foi aale cheap hy
sep.SU.l F.. NAGLB & CO
' JHE subscriber has on hand a large stuck
Jut reccivcil and manuracturetl axprcialy to onlar;
tinbracing a1 ihe varietiei of
.''i.tlcmei.'s db Hoya Dooln and Shops,
aiiH T.aditM and Mimi!. Fancy Klines and Gaiter.
Itadiet wishmx tn iiiily theitiiicve iirf rcciuctilrd to
call and n amnio hffra nitrctiatiiit H; awhero. He ia
alto pr!nareil lo da C'L'i-roM Wore, wttli neatneii and
deiiiatcli -
Lie at i ten and FiWDma, ahvayp nn hand.
AH tht forcgoinj titotk, tuether with a targe anion
UolTnred for ale.NVnoi'KRAi.B or ItiTAir., for C mi.
The uliscriliar tie i tiff dcniroiiBto clone hii huainma.
utters hisviilire Hock tor Kala, ou the moil reauunalilo
A BRU-X IIOtrHP A.NO LOT on Main fftraet. Pt.
Clalmville. TIih IIoum) eoiiUiuing two good huaitiPtf
roonii, anu iiwnitinif.
Main croii direct. Hi, Clairnvile. Teruia made known
liv call ms nn tho Hulmcrilier.
II not gold hy the Nl March next, the premiiei will he
ror runt, lor a ter iu 01 irom a 10 .i yara, irom ihi flnru.
TPr"Ar noni knowing thrinwelvea Indehtfd to the
rtiliacrilM'r, are rtqucnicd to call and leltla at ae early a
llAV M (M-Hannie. li 11 H.
Oct. i!7, IM4.
i LATEST ARRIVAL! The steamer
rentntylvania arrived at the Port of Wheeling; on
tUiHjifi, nrimiii! the iiMiowinif vniiatnen:
Ainiulatinir, Dienerting and Pockete Ir.
ilrnmenu; H Arris's Pat. Fore i pi; HprinR
and Ouni Lanccte; ticarillcalorH; Tooth
File; LSawe and Killer; Uxcavatore and
Rune drills; Mouth GluHses; Gold
and Tin Foil: (.old. Hilrer and French Leal; Yellow.
Orcnn and Krd Hnmr. And alno a (arte iiioinit of
Pure Imported Drugn, all of which have teen purchased
anil now mr aaie ny jab. w. uuiLintf
Kt.Clairavllla, May 13th, 1854.
I I tty.froin lonne-tailk, down tn the chrapea
palmleaf. At (apr. 14.) FRINT A N ACiLt'rt,
Cheap Furnishing Ware Rooms,
Mo. 151, Main Street.
Whera may b fouml a largo assortment of
Fnrniturr, Chnira, I.ookiug-Glasses,
Clocks, Ac.
On th most accommodating term.
W!wathig,r..t. m t.
fm huller an labia use elvers on band at
ueV) i. JI'.l'HON'B.
Jlfaaara. tfewmrf 4V Cmwtn:
I wiah von. throtiah tha mediam 6f TOnrTaliiarde oa
naner. to inform the vond ciiiaena of thia virlnttv that I
have received a LAKtiK and WtLL SELECT Cl) alock
Which will ha sold on larma to anil buyers gansrall)'.
Anil respeeiiuiiir request a can irom ins gixxis Buying
couiui.ni.y. T) u ADAMS.
Bl. Olelre.llls, ap. , WSJ.
M. eaivwrra. wuaoa saaaw.
JEIDWITZ & ASKEW havinjj pur-
sTj chased ths ektabll.hiu.nt of Mr. lasar Asaaw,
would reeiiecllully mlurai Ilia tmaeaaof Bt. Clairaville
anil the eurrvuiiding country that thajr will cuualaally
keep un hand a good aaaoriwaut uf
Saddles, Bridles, Harness, Collars,
an asery other artieleueually kept In oar Una -flL
of Inieiness Our work will be made wlthf,'.
neataaaeanddurahility, and In any aiyla dn- a"ssB
aired. Wa would respectlully call Ilia attentiou of the
ulilia lo our mod of making collara aa wa think a
lave a pattern that is proof againat galdiug lha should'
are al any horse. Wa hare also an sitra quantity of
Leather Wagon Wtiiie. Allot which wa intend to aal I
low. fleas gits as a call an sea (or youre.lv...
y : ' notice.
I would yaataay lo ray friend and old enatonwra that,
owing to the alata of aiy heaKn. I liavs dispoeed of aiy
shop to Mr. Wm. Baldwitaaad ny aoa Wilson, and Ilia
business will no conducted y tliew at injf old ataad
Keeling Usaakiul to the public for the liberal patronage
beetowed upon me during in contlnuancs Iu business,
I would aay ll'sl Mr. Baidwita has been in aiy eaiploy
for aovaral yeara paat, and foal no hesitancy in r.cow
mending (lira 10 the pablia as a goo workaiaa who will
do Justice laUtcss.
Bt. Clalisrill. May IS, ISM.
BUttc of Ohio, Pclttiont Codnty, J
Court of Common PUtM.' '
Susan Evans
Charles Evans.
PtXilion for Divorce.
R L H S E. V A N
ri ii a
J dsnt. in this csie. le Iteretie not iltsd that
tioa was Sled In I lie above naaied cuart, DerrMbrr ICrl
IbM, hy fuean F.eans his wire, stating tl at the partira
base been married, that the aalit Clisrs left th. aaid
rtussii. mora llian Uiim yearaago, wilhnat lust cause,
and lis eeeraihee wlimilr absented himself from her.
said pamion .raya for a divorce, the custody of Otbo
bvana, an laiant sonoi tne parnea ana ror aiin.ony.
a.a.t;uvvan, a y tor pomivner. .
DfS.S.ltUI tm. ,
i li r ' I I
(( tT fSa reis aad Curff ivftrinf ftmuUt.
iieiauo pra-aininent
forita curative powera
In all the alseasee for
which It ia racoinmand
ad, usually called
Female) Com-
ortheaa are I'aoLsrsra
I'tssi, or Palling of th '
1'h Catlioliren far aurnassea other reniariiee, in being
more certain, lees cipensive, and leaving Uie eyetem in
a better condition. Let all interested rail and ohiain a
painnlilet (Tree) containing ample proof, Iroin the most
re.tectalile soiirrae, nl'tlie lienetleial results of its M.e;
tngetlier with lett.ra Irom highly eaperlanceil I'hysiriana
who have used it iu tlieir practice, aud apeak Irumtliair
own obaervatioiia.
r. n. Fackham.M. I)., Utica, 1. T.
L. II. Fleminr, M. D-, Canamlaigna, N. t'
M. II. Milla, M. D., Kochcslar, N. V.
ll. Y. Fnote. M. I)., Hvraruse, N. Y.
Prof. Dunbar, M. II . ilslllmora, Md.
J. C'.Orrir k, M. P., Daltiinora, Md.
V. W. Ilei'se, M. 1)., New-Vork I'ity,
W. Prrecott.M. II., I'nncord, N. II.
J. r. rVswIaml, M. IV. Utica, N. Y.
Rev. C. B. Heard. Illenn Bnrinee. rl. C
TTPlietier adilr.'Meil tccareol Mr. Curtisllatch. agent
at Ravenna, Ohio.
To Da. Mtainisi: I have been ten years troubled
with Female Complainta prolaiaiie uteri, and all the
attending diflicultifa; at timea rendering my life most
miserabte. I have had the attendance of soma of the
best physicians, with but little aucceas; ilia most they
could do was to relicvea cure wa. out of the question.
For fivemoiitlie belore commencing with your medicine,
I hat! nut been able to perform env labor, could walk
hut a few stepe at a limn, and scarcely went out of doors
in short, I waa cotnplvtely pio.trated, both in body
and mind, and eipected ts drag out the rest of my daya
in aiiiferina and misery. Rut, reading your advertiee
nieut, I wrs induced to try your invaluable medicine
called t'terlne I'athnllron, as lha last mon I had not
used It a week before I felt like another woman. Ry the
use uf three buttles I was enabled to perform all the labor
for six in the family with ease, and could coutd walk
any where in the neighborhood without Injury. Nnth
ing but a sense of my duly to you and to the afflicted,
haa induced me lo etate my ease to the public. I can
safely recommend Hie preparation to all ilioaa suffering
like myself.
iRiened.) Mae. Btravt JI. Bisnor.
'rccdom.rortgage, To.. Ohio, Dec. ii, IH52.
TTPJ. li. AMnt'lllHI dc CO.. Proprietors,
Central llepot, 3111 Boadway, N. V.
IlL'MrllRF.Y jfl.LXjlNUEK, jjgeul, llrutgist, Bt.
Clairsville, Ohio.
.Snd sold hy John MrRean, Cadis; H. R. Fawealt.Mt.
Irasant; J. XV. Warfield. Fairview; Bretitliuger as
ruiatrong. Wheeling, Vs. apr. 7, IH5I. ly.
paclfully inform their friends and the public gene
rally tliatihey have Just received a lame slock of
Spring und Summer Clothing,
which will be sold aslowaa can be purchased elsewhere
in litis section.
Also, a full line of Cloths, Caeaimerea. Veatines an,
Summer Goods gi aerallv. to which they would partic
ularly invite Ihe attention ul those wishing any rtlclt
in their line. apr. 14.
DR. UOBT, M011!1ISO.,
Physician and Surgeon
Of the American Reformed JVus'ur of iiediritir.
I S prepared to attend tn all who mar call
J. upon blui, at allboura, when not professionally ah.
N. n. Dr. M. cures Canrera without Ihe use of tho
Knife, the only remedy heretofore known,
office ami residence nn Fiont rHreel, 9 Deare below
vrisweu s vrare-ii.uise.
Oell Air,Hcpl.'."J,ldM.
JI cotton and linen raga by J.JLP60N
7 OULD respect rully inform tho public
generally, that they have Just received a laige
auuiiionai auppiy ot
nmhracingf Over Coatu of tvpry itvla and nnalftr.
French, Hack, nnil Hoi ilu. Blftek and Fanry t'aisimrre
Pantx, fanin?tt,t'iiri1, anil J.-ann i1o..Ratin,Pilk, l'lu.h.
anil Cloth Ventii. Al S lot of Common do. AM of
wliirh wilMBot1 at ttielnwet nomitile nrirra for Cash
We have al no a larse and carefully aelertori utock of
Clot hi, exlinirN, l aiiinerea, "amn?tii, l rimmlna.
the which wu will make to order in the heit lyle and
onha inNt remotiahle terint.
Thankful for the lihrral patrmiaye of the pant Tear
we wimiti ret.ieciiiiiiy avk a cnntiuiiance of ihtnania.
Ht. Ctairnville, Heit.9t, IHM.
AT my Instance an Attachment was this
. dtiv imiiied hy Alex. McMillan, a Justice or the
Peace of Richland Township, Belmont County. Ohio,
axaiuitt the property and effects of Archibald Thomn
on, anon rrsidfiit of naif! County, for the ium of Nine
lollaraand four cents. TliiiVddsy of January li.t.V
Hardware, Queenswarc, &c,
flWKES this opportunity of returninrr
1. Ihanksto his ntimarous ciietmiiers for the patron.
age which haa heretofore Leen attended to him. He ia
irtfc"sw receivtna alarga and wall eelected slock
lUofgooils iu his line, in every re. peci adapted
Wtaian iff in llin ivauls uf Una caminnnity. Ilia .lock
shall, I.) frequent auditions, ha kept lull , oiSlsaii
and complete, and will tie diapotcd or - ffy,
such ratea aa will meal the sipiohation ol all who
lavor nun Willi a can.
His atock consists in part, of Groceries of every va
riely. Hardware, Uueeuaware. I.laaaware, and a general
assnrtiueni ol rrovision., etc. Ac.
Ha ia prepared to accommodate Ihe nuMie with ev
erythiug usually kept in l.rocary Stores, fall and get
your supplies, at tue um corner" oi atatii anu Marietta
Hi. Clairaville, April T, MM.
AKE FISH 35 half bis.
Jual received and fur sate by
Bridgeport, June It, IBM.
Sttttof Ohio, Belmont County, SS.
""OTICE i berby fjiven tliat th follow.
ing named Eiecuiors, Admin istratora and finer
diane have tiled their acrounte and vouchore in niy Of.
fke fur seiilemenl to wit;
Kaaia Kulgway, Uuardian of Mary Ridgwejr.
James Plnlipa.Giiatdian of Haiiiurl T. Irwin.
David Neiewauger Adiu'r of Jacob Neiswanger, dee'd.
Henry Korarr Adm'r of Christian chuchard dee'd.
John Aull, Adiu'r of Frederick -dull, deceased.
Tharnbuia Cuurow. Adiuiuislalur ol Jajia Uium
Jarolilleiulershot.Ei.of Nichofae Monroe lea'd.
, Eli Winemaii, Ariui r of Tamson Nichols, dee'd.
IsaacTagga of Joseph llulsedec'd.
Ti e Bret three ahova named account, will be for hear
Ing and Mlllemenl on Ihe 1st, the ant three oa Ihe Sud
and the last three on the 3d dat a of February nasi.
unvtu siAHuta, rrobate Judge.
Jan. H, IMS.
J Red and Blue lak, lee'd sad for sale
MayM. J. TUOMF80N.
liraadoailively sold at Wheeling prices, el ,
f.rq II. ALiaKANIiKll'o Urag Brash.
A O IS' f the rich1 'ye wood plaid
J7 Vf 40 pa. Frensh Merinos, a full sunnlvof Thlb.
eta, da Bages, Madaiaaa. U Lainee. Uiaekame aud
Prima; in a word, the moat couiuleta ator a nr
Coodeever brought, to Wbeollng, end el unusually low
e l 9 luaa a thumab
nor,, rTI, Mala al, Whaojsjje
Womb; li.ioa A Lara, I
jr Whltesi Cnanaie ;
InrLsansTioa o Hi..
ces.TioaorTHs woas; '
laciDaarai. Ilaaoa. i
nuns, or Plomling;
I'. iar.it., Buresassan, ;
aao laaaurisa 4U. ,
BTacsTioa, dre., with
all their accompanying
(Cancer esccit-
ed.) no mailer how sa-1
vereof how long itaud-,
AT COST AND CARKIstqtl'tt pair
! of beet wool Blaakata. W. P. AJlittRr,
a e. TJ. f WO.IBIW.in.-.,""rr.,n.
I any aMIelee usually kept at Drag Bwres will get
their money hack by calling at . -
.-r.SI-j't II. AI.P.X ANDER'B Ilrng Biors.
KAN AW A SALT, always en isnd snd
far aal. at th. towset pries al I. 'I BFBON'B.
. Ct Bl.sirsville.Jaac.
SHAD AND HERRING, direct) from
Baltimore, Jmt recelred aed tor esle at
l. Clainville, JuoeS.) , I. JIPBON'S.
D. D,
a Coca
T. COWEN, AttoitHiV
Couassi.a t Law, BotiMToa is, CSsacaay
sav Nor.av ruBLio. Bt. Clalrevltle. O.
. jrroFHCE oypositalha AaMiicaa Houm an avr
CTroll'sslora. apr.B.'M. If.
W. NEWPORT, Attorbkt ti Law
san Bomi itos ia f'nsaiaav. Bl. Clalrevltle. O.
Ryottic. apposlla Ihe Wat. Penn Home. lab.B'U.
AND FOR SALE. Th subacriber of-
aciiKH of land, lying in aection No. 1, flreen township
Hoi king county, Ohio. 'I'hra is on Ihe promisee lwa
I'AIIIN IKil nKO. About fouracreeareeleared al .ack
cabln. Tin! land ia wall ilmliared, a largo qnantlty of it
wl"l popiar. J nera la plenty or nriiiiis VUAu an
'RON ORB On lha land. Bald land Ilea miles froia
I.OUAN, one mile from the IKON FDRNAC'K, and one
hair mile from en KXCKI.LENT BAW MILL. For
ermsenqiiireiIJostrn Woie, living It miles froia tho
land, or the eanacrther. living Bear CAOIZ, llarrleon
county, Ohio. , BAMUSL, IIINBB.
I'adia Jnnet4. IBM.
gchlciiiiiger's Patent 'ulta Tercha Coat
evils, cl l'ena." ' '
cu e,
'1T1E aubsrriber ia agent for Iheee oens. This cnaliag
"'"rtum rorus. ana nrevems oiioising inme
Ink. Hold by srnsa or des
Ths Trade and Teaehare
supplied on liberal terms.
Sept. I", 1852.
fMMBUS LINE. ' ' '
u - m&
Between St. Clairsville & Wheeling.
The subacriber will run his splendid new Omnibus be
tween Wheeling and gt.Clairsvt'JK tihday, a. follows:
Leasee Bt. Clairaville every morning eacepl Sunday at
t o'clock A. aud Wheelina at 3 o'clock P.M. Th
Omnibus ia ona of tnt best kind, and moat approved fin
ish, and persona riling in it will fiud II equal In ever
respect to the city 'luxii. H. LEWI.
Ml. Clairaville, apr. 14, 1804.
(Book Store. Constantly ea hand a good stock
Clocks and Watches of every variety.
ewelry of all kinds; Silver, and fierman Silver Tea dr.
Table Spoons; Spectacles. Gold. Silver. Dialed, and
common; School and Miscellaneous Books.
Watches and Clocks carerully repaired.
A akilful hand can be sent tn the couulry lo repair
timepieces, on the eiiortest notice.
buooiis and other articles neatlv lettered.
Pt Clairsville, aug.'ie, K4.
PETER TALLMAN, Attorrkt aso
CnuasKi-oa at Law and BoLtctToaia Chamcest.
Pi. Clairsville. Ohio.
II r llllice in the room formerly occupied hy the Bel
mont Bank. aug.WSI.
DR. J. ALEXANDER lias removed U
the Peinluary property 81. Olalrsville, adjoining
Ilia residence of Judge Cowen.
His Office haa also lieea
removed to the same Auilding,
apr. IS, '5.
alock of Clocks, emlnacmi M to SOdifferent i a.
terns, in Alabaster, China, rapier Meirhe, Iron, tai l.
Uronxe. Mahogany, KnseMona ami l alnut Iramea,
for sale as luw asOna Dullar and upwards,
Nn. 13T Main 81. Wheeling.
aate'd and for aala hy i. TIIO.Ml'FOM.
May So
HAVE just received from Philadelphia,
the largest and heat selected slock of
ever hrousht tnthis placet and will sell cheaper ror cast,
than any other in the Wesl. Call and examine kefore
purchasing elsewhere.
Lojdsville, ftov. 3, 1901. if.
Watches, Clocks & Jewelry
No. 15T, Main Strnel, Wheeling;. ,
fl'IIK uiiilereigned lies nowoiihsnd a new and vary
X Urge assortment of Wale lies, Clncka, Jewel ry, Jt c,
Ac. ,of which lie raspectrully invitee the attention of
the ciiixcna of llrliacnt County, and eolicila a call he.
fore purchasing.
Every article will he fairly represented, and wsaaaa.
tib Aa aaraestarsn. i. 'I'. HCOl'T,
No. 1J7. Main Stteet, Wheeling.
Oct. 13, 1M4.
J L. II ATCHER, Attorhet at Law
If I a 81. Clairaville Ohio,
jr'Offire3itanrs eat nfAlhe Court House,
tiepteinlier 18, 1803 Cm. pd.
,v aid Notast Pi-ai.li. Pt. C'airsvilta. Ohio.
TXT'OI-'FICK up stairs nv.r IMIIins llrug rltore.
Particular attention paid to the settlement of estates.
Powers of.Aitoruay and other conveyancing eiecuted
prnmplly. A cknowledgemeiila of llaeds, Puwera-of
Attorney and Mmtcages taken.
AUn, Agul for the Ohio Life Insurance Company.
Life Fultc7 issued uu the us'ial terma.
June ItJI.lf. .
Caiefully prepared and neatly printed, for sal at
the Chronicle nllice.
lMiysiolotr Tor schools and TamiUe.
Culler's Thyaiology, large snd email, with the plate.,
mounted and paper. Also, Creenleal'e arithmetics. I
have foriuau an agency lor thia Co. for these important
worka, and can give them to the trade, shoole and fami
eslion favoralile teruia. School books generally on hand.
Oct. TO. i. II. WIIJ.IAM8
gressof the warln Ihe East, ond the ecaitanea
a I Americana on that question,
eiill C mlinues to sell goods at his old stand aheap aiij
Ha has Just received a new stock, of goo
ta Wia'vral r-tll aealtodusod put.
fl ou.
mi rn ezcaanfe.
All aensaoi arouranTy BToaim ia
LTAVE i"t recieved frc-m the : manufactu-
L J rera an Invoice of the flnest TABI.F. CUTLERY
ever biought lo this city. In addition to their large and
varied assortment, they have a lew sells of from r WU
pieces, enclosed iu fine mahogany raaea, le wills th. SI
leulioa ef lad ice ia particularly ievited.
KegaClncinnatl Pure White Lead.
3 Bbla Linseed Oil.
(0 gal. Parlor White, Juel received and for aale at:
loweetcaah price ; March M, '43. Janaa W. CoLilas
Merchant Tailors,
SI. Clee',
Have on hand a full asaostmenl of Cloiha, Cas.niarM .
and Veatlngs, which Miey wlU aiaketo order la Uie neat
est style end on the moat reason sole tersas: jan:il
. assortment, embracing every article necessary to
Ilia completion, oi a geulleiueu'a wardrobe, at
apr. 14.1 FBINT l NAGLE'0.
RnKlisk de Americrta Table Cntlerr.
JDBT ree'd diseet from Ihe Baaiiuraaturere, aa eilen
eive assortment uf TABl.sl CUTLEH V of various
stylee and qualities, which for cheapneaa cannot ke
equalled ia Ihe city. . . T. aWKENEY as BON.
Wheeling, June 18, IMS.
) Warranted lo stand the Colt weather, with. ul
Chilling, al III. Low oriceef Wcta, per fiallon. for
aale at ' J. W. COLLIN'B
.. lrug Btore.
Not. 4tk, KM.
J ment. '
Prepared sad sold by
1. 1). TOMLJNBON, Bols Proprietor.
I". LLOTa.Tli.LB, O
To whom eH ordera for th above Llaloient aaaat ee
addraaaad, fitiier bf wholssale or tetit, or ea geouiie.
Thia Llalatenl le well kaawa, snd khMy recoaseieai.
ded ky Veterinary Burse. ne, and Far mars of eiparience,
throughout Ihe Biete or Ohio; and aa the Liniment haa
bees fairly Mated and aakaewledgad to a aa ae good ae
recommended. I will not attempt ta give Ike public
detail ef what wonderful care It kss perforated, bat

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