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Wk Sr. ,rrra. In etertite, in M , aast nir.mil is
oh short unlit, nil aimls ol
Books, nrd, llnnslbtll.,
Pamphlets, Orcein, Ticket.,
Foitcra, Check., l.nbi I-,
t'rof ramnirs, It 1 1 1 -1 1 . n ,1 ' , III, ml.-,
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In thort MHAaii Bf
job prim nmu.
Dane In. alvl login .all loll,, IktMl
One. t III. bcr.nriHT CMelMlfcl Ulrica. All orders
I ' MM
loTrinNuoi kuvvrtltftntnu ind Job-work must
lie puiJ lor in a liitii,
tyl cnmmnnirsiioii. nml nilverlUemi t.t. mini
be linnilod in Muro 10 o'clock uii Wetim-wliiy, or be
delayed innlher week.
February session. Mmduy Feb. 6tli.
'Die first case called 'vss
The Stale of Ohio i For violation oT every j
vs. section ef the Liquor
Charles Ilegsey. ) Liw.
D. D. T. Cowen for the State, and Gen.
Weir for Defendant. Verdict: Guilty, De
fendant gave "try bail."
In the case of The State ot Ohio v.i. Jus
fier Robinson, for being intoxicated, the De
fendant plead guilty, and wa sentenc ci to
iimprisontient in the county jail one tlnv and ;
. jisy a fine of S?5.
i State ofOhio )
91, Gelling intoxicated.
Henry Roach, J
p D. D. T. Cowcn for Slate and VV. S. Ken- j
V ii for Defendant, l'lea of Guilty. Fined
TfiO.OO and costs, and imprisoned 1 day.
'licsHiy morning. Tlie firt cast Called
The State of Ohio For violation of every
vs. f Bection of the Liquor i
James Wilkins, 5 Law.
1). D. T. Cowen for the Stute, and Win. ;
Ktnt.i'n, Jr., for the Defendant, Verdict: I
Nut guilty.
State of Ohio 1
PI ' Riot and Assault.
Kbcnezer Coss, )
Joi n CN f, and Geo. McPlimon. I
1) D. T. Cow en for State and II. Pennington-for
Defendants. Riot count, vol.
ros'd. Plea of guilty of es.-'ault. Fine of
. 5 and coets.
P. S. On Wednesday morning, Mr. Hes
kv ns rt?-rreted in Barnceville, by officer
1 ipib.! and bttuglit tack to towtii when the
i onrt sentenced him to be IniprUonod ten Jay
r nd fined iJL'j und costs.
05The following are the names of the
rand Jury for the Spring term of the court
r fComuion I'leus, cotiiniencinf on ihe 12lh
i .tt:
n'ltthcw Giffin, Vurk township
( liver Taylor, Union "
J hn Mutt n, Somerset "
Israel Taylor
I hos. FBItoh, l'ulinry "
it. U. Andrews-, "
; ii A. Wilson, Wrthlngton
. hn Irwin, Mead "
i i llmlgen, Waeren "
v ','o. McAd.itux, Flushing "
I. el Hobtnsock Ptoao "
! ixoll Myers Aloud "
V nt. Tnlball, Kirk wood"
I hn A Ray, Flushing "
I benf zer Taylor, Washington
Petit Jury (or the same lor IP.
I ilia Ramsey, Washington townnhlp
r'phraim Thumsi Somerset "
t Bam Thomaa " "
zra Kinsey, Colerain '
t . Ill Kinnis, Votk "
Nathaniel Taylor, Wheeling "
Wm. Nichol Richland
Win. Emeraon Wayne '
Stephen Wilson Warren "
Jtobt. Hcaney.Jr.
Win. Warren, Mead
Thos. Fred, Goshen "
(7"Ve have rec ei.ed frum the Pretdd'nt
of the College' a cutulogue of the Officers
and Students of Mudison College, located at
Antrim. Ohio. The summer term eomniei.
cea on the llith ef March, next, and ends on
the 26th of July. We an; happy to hear of
the success tins Institution is meeting with,
asit is deserving of all, and more. The mo
ral training of the student is uttended to
atrictly, and his deportment must bo good.
ill trim is a pleasant, healthful village, in
good community, and we know of DO belter
place fur a school.
fjr We would like to know -hat consti
tutes courage in the code of our Uellair co
teinporary. Persona ideas of that qualifica
tion differ muteria'ly for instance we do not
, think it is evidence ol courage in an editor
to make his paper the medium of persuiuli
tiea and abuse.
QJ-Bullard's Pan oramc of New York City
which exhibited here on last Saturday even
ing, is truly un excellent work of art, giving
one a graphic view of that enormous jile u
brick and mortar. In a word, the obscrvei
had an excellent opportunity of aeeing the
elephant without being hurt by its tusks.
fJ-The stage froaa the Bust on Monday
passed through town on runners. A capital
idea for the eleighing is extra sujier.
OT-The farm belonging to Nathan New
port situated in Colerain township, and aboui
midway between here and Wheeling it offer
ed forsale. It is a most excellent farm liei
well for farming purposes is under good cut
tivution and has on it good buildings. Sac
fj4fPrintcra account are said to be lilt,
faith, 'ihe substance ol things hoped lur, am
the evidence of things not seen.'
- ' m. "V.V 11 j "
fcyThs Itelmonl CVlilkeV ooBMf lo us with a nsw
rnl BJBVIiliille nnrnrn-l ha,l W er. not hw
msnf ttfw hisndi I lis editor gsm lo ihe paper If he
iloss nstgcl a new hf-ad fur the llluud - U'hertinf
Gilt, it.
" hero's a hand my trusty Her,
And k"' hand o' thine."
0 '""or d I asked us a day or two since
tho lollowing:
f llultard't 1'annrnma should be destroy
ed by fire why would its propri.itor be an or
phan! Nut knowing we couldn't suy, when
the suuty imp made answer "Uecausc he
would hnve neither s pa-nor-a-ma (Ponora
fna .) After the atrocious pun, the d 1 was
promptly dischurjred, and the police are this
moment in pursuit of hi in .
DCrTM Editor ol the Wheeling Argus
says they have nn ordinance there "to pra
wn t the III front getting on tho pavements."
We heartily wish our ordinance makers
would extend that "institution" out here,
and enjoin the elemcts.
07" Dr. (J. Price Smith is now sssociajed
with Mr. Wharton as cditorel'the Wheeling
Oaztftc. Mr. Wharton has dono enough
work for three men in the lust year, and he
should have h ! c Jicicnt assistant Lng
OirWe were prlMttt at the late examina
tion of the pupils of the Wheeling Female
Seminary, and were very highly pleoaed wilh
all of the performances. The younjr lad ic j
showed by the clear and thorough knowledge
they had of ll e various branches of study,
that they had been under the care of efficient
teachers. We tuke j lessure in again rec
ommending this school t parents wishing
theirdaughiers irc.7 educated.
(C-The yard at the New Steam Saw Mill
is rupidly liliing up wilh logs. The snow ol
the last few do B has been favorable for haul
ing logs, and many persons are making the
m st ot it.
RbEIVALI. ll will gratify the friends of
religion to learn that re vivals are now going
on in the Methodist Episcopal Churches of
Vienna Circuit, Cincinnati Conference, Sum
' pton's Prairie, Ind.; Fairfield Station, Iowo:
I Delaware, Ohio Rockport,lnd.; Br ookvilie,
I Iud.: Camden, O.: Fulton, O.i Jamestown,
0 : Orangeburg, O : Tern Haute, Ind.,
Way nesvi'.le, O.i Dayton, C: Sugar (irovc:
Pa : Allegheny City, Pu : Pittsburg, Pa.:
' Portsmouth, O.: and Chlllicothe, Ohio. In
ul! these places there have been h.rge tCCCS
: sions lu the church.
fjThe Richmond Enquirer is busily en-
gnge l in defending the resolutions "of the
Ohio Slave Democracy us promulgated on
the Sill of January. It ad mils that some ol
them are nut so much pro-sluveiy as they
should have been, but that the convention
adopted the Baltimore Platform, which is
strong evidence that they are on ihe side ol
i 'he South. All they said la favor of fro tdom
was clearly ewascul sttd"' by what they Said
ion the other side. The Enquirer triumphant-
ly asks, what northern Whig or KnowNoth
I ing Convention has gone so far to sustain
I slavery us tho Ma Jill ol January Co.iven
' linn !
We w ould like to MO sumeNurlhcrn Ed
itor answer that question.
(p5The monetary panic in St. Louis is sub
siding, end mnre money is depoosl ted than it
tvithdrawn (mm the bank. It is confldentlj
said that the piivate Bunks, which have
suspended, will shortly resume business.
1 Statistics of thu M. E. Chit. cii. Th
1 Christian Advocate uml Journal contains the
returns for the past year from the several
) Methodist Episcopal Annual Conferences in
: Ihe United States, which exhibit the follow
ing totals: Number of members 67U,282
mid probationers 104,07(1, being on increase
of 30,732 members during the year. The
i number of travelling preuchers in the sever
! ul conference s, is 6483, of which 4S14 or
effective, the remainder being either super
numerary. There were 42 deaths among the
. traveling preachers during the year. The
J number of local preuchers roported ia GI49.
I The total amount ol missionary contribution!
! reported Irom the Conferences is $S 239,049.
I The largest amount is from the Bait imort
Conference, which rnlsed 829,234. Tht
! German missions ol" the Chun h are alsi
j prosperous, & report 12,145 members, whio!;
is an increase ol 13138 during the past year
i The contributions of the Germans, for reli
giOUS purpose, likewise show a handsome increase.
This is the name of un invention the cuv.
eat ulreudy filed in the Patent Office, by Mr
Fulton, of Princeton, New Jersey, which ii
to be, if successful, nothing less thun a steam
I ship propelled on rollers or wheels, that are
1 to go over the water instead of under it. Tin
J wheels are four hollow cylinders, of boilci
I iron, air-light, anu forty feet in diameter.
Thesearelobe Eire ngthened by means 0
' compressed air, forced into them by an ui
I pump attached to the main engine. The in
j ventor claims that ut about forty-four revo
I lutions per minute his machine would bi
I propelled a mile, and undoubtedly would tea
I things and astonish even the sea monster.
A letter writer siys:J
"He has on hund a working model of ihi
, machine, eight feet in length with six-incl
. cylinders, driven by a small engine, thut, lo
a diuiinuilive pattern, is one of the swiftest
It was tried on the canal the other day, an
but lor some intervening trees, would havi
pane l company wilh its proprietor forever.
It pays no respect to sandbars or shalluwi,gc
ing over either with equal facility."
We were just going to laugh a little a
Mr. Fulton's inventions, but closed up quick
ly, for we remembered just then bow gen
erally, or.ee onj a time, his illustrious name
sake in the steamboat line was grinned a
t by the wise. Cin. Enq.
. fjCTVirginia hss beaten tho Yankees a
their own weapons. John R. Rollow, of Fred
ricksburgb, Va, has invented a maohjn
I which will husk and shell ourn at one ops
ration. The ear with ho.-k is thrown int
its moitb, and l the twinkling of an ey
the corn falls at one point, ihe cleon c-j
I coining (.-ut at ,ho Mbff, 'end. Its capaoil
is about four hundred barrels per day . 1
CONCORD, N. H. Feb. 5.
Rev John Moera the late Know Nothing
nominee (or Governor, died suddenly this
Cimrdlbr on Pon.b v . Hon. Mr. (ihsnd
ler, of Philadelphia, a few oays since, In Con
gress, attempted a reply to Mr, Bankt,on the
I'uiery question and Americanism. The
Philadolphia Sun reviews the rpecch, and
closes as follows:
"We see no hing In the speech ol Mr.
Chandler 10 shake our firm convicti ins tint
Papur y is a desolating curse, and its creed
I antiigoiiielical to humon rights and republi
can icatltUtlOrbj, Our convictions sre those
of a life-time, 1 hey have grown wilh a growth
and strengthened with our atrenSlh his do
not belong to his stock, theyjwere engrafted
in his Inter years; ours, are native-born his
huv.' been naturalized; ours are thone Which
drove the Pilgrim forefulhers 10 Plymouth
Ruck, the (.'avliera to Virginia und the H u
genols to the Curuliuas his stood on the
shores ol England and continental Europe,
either to arrest "heir flight or to Immolate
them to the Molock of Koine, ours are those
inculcated by Christ, taught in ihe open Bi
ble, and scoltcred through its blessed iiifitiMi
ccb his are those propagated through the
terrors of ihe Autode Fe, the Guillotine and
the Inquisition. May we not, then, with
Mr. Chondlir, and with equal solemnity, say
in conclusion wilh my hand on my heart,
'Hfd my eyes towards heaven, wilh reverence
I 1 appeal to Cod to witness the truth of the
I assertions I have made, wilh the conviction
I of knowledge and the credibility of the testi
mony I have adduced from othcra."
TothkPuint. One of our exchanges.
I the Crusader, well remutks:
I "What! have not the United Slates head
( and hand enough to procure ua excellent
I wool, silks, and oilier kinds! Do we not see
I every day articles manufactured In Ameriaa
exposed to public sight, with a label purpoit
j ing to represent thuse goods as coming from
1 foreign Countries, as if the tradesmen were
1 a neii . t their national industry. It s
lime that tho people at large should think
j more like Americans, and feel as Ame ricans,
God has granted to this country all the ele
ments to become a powerful und flourishing
nation, and If we begin lo see misery aruund
us it is much to be attributed to the practice
of milking America the grand emporium of
foreign uianulucturies."
(X5"Thc German liquor sellers of Cincin
nati have resolved to disobey both the State
and the city laws on the liquor question.
1 They are circulating u petition to the Gov
; ernur, calling upon him to convene ihe Leg
islature, that the obnoxious temperance law
; m;:y bo repeated. It won't win.
O. S Journal.
07"One ol the Texas papers remarks that,
'at the recent silting of the court of San
Antonio, thirteen gentlomm were assigned
place in '.V Penitentiary."
Chicago, Feb 5. The Legislature of Ne
braoka assembled on tne Kith ult.. und recei
ved ihe message ul G iv. Cuinniiiigs.
Both Houses organiz-d 011 he 15th. The
choice of officers is supposed lo be favorable
to the idmiliisitrstion. The course of the
1 Governor w ill probably be Curtained.
Am Unpleasant Fix. The telegraph an
inclined the following lion Chicago on the
"Another fierce storm of wind and snow
has occurred. A train on the Chicugo and
Mississippi Railroad, with a large number o
I passengers, among whom are several mem
hers ol tho Legislature, is frozen up on the
prairie in Hourly eight feet of si.ow. TI101
have burned the curs und lobbed the expres;
I car of a consignment ol oysters, to prevn
, themselves fruin starvation. The y remuinei
there at lust sccounts, Relief was sent then
Saturday night."
The Limber trade. The amount of lum
her received ut Chicago during the year ltio
I was 280,000,000 feel an increase)! near 37,
000,000 ovr the previous year. In Alhanp
the receipts were 31 1,000,000 a decrease t
, 2,000,000 feet.
1 On the 31st (lit., by Rev. J. MolValt, Mr.
JoiinHf.wetson and Miss MARrE.OsnoRM
On the 25lh ult.. by Rev. N. C. Worth,
ington. Mi . JaaVe H. Hoover and Miss E1.1
1 ZA Jane Periiv, all of Belmont co. O.
' Eggs, 12. Butler, 18. Flour, 9,00. Ham
j 10. Shoulders ".J. Sides, 7- Corn Meu
1 75. Sugar, 7 ft S Cofl'ee, lT. Molasse
1088 Oats, B740. (.'lover Seed 5,00
. Timot iv source 3,2j(3,50. Dried Apple
,1,00. Nails 8u9d 4,87. Buckets 25 Sal
I j per barrel 2,85 Lard 9c. Potatoes $1,25
, 1 Fru. 5. Dusinese is very dull. Floui 7,
. 95u8,00. Corn 57u(i3. 0ts4Oal. Whis
. ky Dull ut 25. Nothing done in provisions,
pi Eastern Exchange al, premium.
Fka. 6. Flour unchanged with sales o
' I good Ohio ut8,759,i2; Bouthers 8,730,19
. ' Wheat unchanged wilh a i in it ed demand. -Corn
higher, western mixed nominal, am
yellow lOOalOl. Pork firm, an upward ten
deocy, old mess $12,50, and new 1 3u 13,25
Beef unchunged, country mess 8,50. Sale
of GOO bags Rio Coffee at 9J-1 10 J Sugar ani
coffee unchanged. Linseed oil has decline
j to 78. Lard oilsteady. Lird unchangod.
Cotton easier, but not quoti bly lower.
m N. O. Middling 8.J.
Stocks improving. Money easy. Virgin
ia 6's 96; Indiana 5's82: ('umberland 36
. New York Central 90; Erie 47; Reading 74J
Mich. southern S5.
I M, t". Chiucu. Taiitor, John M. Rankin. Pu
lie Worship al 11 o'uluuk, A. M. Sabbaih .SV-lio
at tt o'ulock P, SJ, Uuvid Thoburn, S'lptriutende"
P PKiVim . n ChumM Pastor JsAb Jlnfut..
Public Worship at U oVlock. A. M Sabba
0 .Vulukil at 3 o'ekickf. M. (enig Au.i , .,,, .j,
iuti-nd.int. ' ' 1 '
,' Associatz ritipBHLn Church Pi)sor, iv,.,,
0 iter Young. un)o Vorshii ul 11 o'clock A. M.
v Bibla Cltss,iiitt:;n;led by ihe PaitOt al 10 o'cloi
A M. :
ill ' ll) for ihm n-rrifi. ilinsaMS, Catiel's Xftti
inh Mixture ia lb only npcifio.
Ttis nroprtaists liavi- in ihrir pnnni',ti ever MM
huii'ln il crtilieuir ol the mosl sairaurdiiiary tur r
. II . o .' by il.
We rob-r lolhi- certlflcala of Riehard Ad, mi. Ill
High rlherlsToi KlobmosnJ, Vs , mi-i Barton Com-
mlsnloiisf ef the lUvenua hr Rlehm.irel Meneral
tVeleh, of ths Msrnmnili Cirefle, tr Mendley, of J
Wnnhiiiglon Cltv; Mr tVin A. Matiln w, and C.l
ii Leek, Man., i KirhnuMni, Vs., Mr. 1 Bufjen,
lsriau,;e liuti I, V a.; tirnl n liQit ! olhef, win,
hnve netm cam-n ol lbs wars! dsecrjoiion curedb,
llarler'n rfpsui.h Miauirn. 'I'lb f all r. roiy Ih.n 11
m the e;rea test paftmr, of ifie maud known.
Ml alvi rllSseaH 111 -Vati.Ub, Ifj,
I ''Tim mosl eonlirme'l csnnt oi ihe uiot dutri-t nijf ,
I dlseastic. oltlin'is urises trom iraiigesiion. All ol as,
Kara or less, ire treirlilsd wi'h iritt annoying strait 1
I nun, s ill salt i cnsriil th If, wn do inn slUrmol '
I to nsfjiite omll soit.etMng strioui Intervenes. We
would as a bubli moniior warn all our rea li-is
j nijni.ial the sin of neglect, and at tin same lime re
leommrnd lA their sotlae Dr. Iloefland's Usrman
Ihtn-fs. tb original priaruuuus seepared hy l)f.
:. M. Jn. kson, No. 1st) An h itreeCltuMelpMa,
Wf li(i en euri 1 ll etsd Ihroacb its tatHnmea,
Se advsrthsniMt. .1 w. , kly
j KbvS-ifw,
I riii miM. '
1XHE fit.c Frirm bc!onginj to Nathlfl
Newport, .ri intifn Vpt of WtiNiHiig iid V, 1
j N Wlh vl 1 Ik- NfettotttV U(l II oflered at ,-nvaLaj iftlt.
J Tina Kn. iu cunlelitin aIjouI
M Acren under an excellent uttte of tafcfritlon,, well
I Watcrmt and ininroi -ul, with a a-i and MM. 0. liint;
' IIOUMi Mam, Stable Wa-un and Caritac lu . Uutuc
I Mnk linn and other unt httuitcsi on the umnin': Ai ,
I M a ok tar Vakikiv r'mn. The r-titindar u well
Timbtrttl. With tli' tnnWr vaiy ol aceeaa.
j Tor further nariiuilar nttM of .Nathan Kewturt
!oiuhe p9tolai$, Of J. W. . n tn, m. ClalrrUle.
I Fed. 0, If .vit
QZrTo I'ersons out of Employment. jH
I Th& moM Eteyunt and I 's ful Volume if Uiz I
svnrs' ;. W Work on Kiiii. j
JUST pubtUhed, en Jlluatroterl Dtserlp
lion ortho RUMtAfl BMPIRB. Bin a Phyil
ral and I'ohiii al llmtory of iu - .1 . I pro
vince, Production!, Rofonrea, Imperial Oovernnifnt, 1
UotniimrCO, Literature, Kilut alional Mtrantt, Ueintmni
Puoplr, Mainierti, Ctnlnrnn, Aniifjuitir, ctr., tt6., front j
the latNt and moil authentic. aource.H. H tlitfl I lOtHWrl '
With about 900 BliirevlluT, antl Mana 01 BttrOftOon tnd
AllatlC Ruifta. Thi whole COmpMtte In one Ur-v iu n.
vn vol nine ol ahout "IHJ paze, elegantly and -.1 -. .
ly hound. Retail price,
Tbll work haM hcen Hcveral year in praparatinn.ntiti
will, it irt tii?l ic veil , meet in the futh'Mt accepta 1 t !
le word, tht want ho universally 1'elt for reliable i -ination
on thw Mftory and internal rMOOlXM of a ttmn
iry occupvinf ko lofge a portion of tOi Karieru 11.
ihere, autl lioldi.it; no rormltlftblii 1 UMtt ion at tue pr
UAt tune to the rei ol Ktiropo ni. 1 Aata; hut ol whith U.
laot known than ol any other European nation. .
jr'J'Aio, a iieeplv inleretstiiii Toluine. r ntitled "TI1K '
PBBBON8," ein' raiiuaj the Romantic lutldOpU and
Adventurer In the Live ol PovercigHf, BtOtMiutn. Qan
crain, Princu, tVorrioro, Traveller. AdvontHrnra, Voy
aers, Ac. eminent In lite Miftoryof Europe and A mer
it a lUCtndlni Hketrhea of over fifty rrlehrnif heroic
character. Menntifuly illustrated with nHuwroui cu
roving, One vol. -luo'iiaserj, royal ISaOO. cjoin, gilt.
The mtbecriher nubiteltei a Romaarof meet ealualite
Pictorial RoOke, very nopUtr, and of itlcli a moral and
reHliotta Influenee tliet wbMa food men may aotaty an
tfasi in their circulation, they will Confer a roattfi btll
elit, and receive a fair compensation lor their labor.
I Ji'r'To men oi cHterprlee end tact, lull bttelneeaoflara
; an opptirtttuity (or protllablc employment m-hljiu lo he
met with.
I JCJPPereoae -wlehlai to annate in tUair eale, will re
aalve promptly hy malfa Circular fxontolnlue (nil ia
tleularn, with uliiraotiona to pereone aianom to act is
Ateuts' to.'eih-T with tcrniaou which tueywlllbe fur
niahed, hy addreaelni Ihe inbacrlbur, pot pani.
RODBRT BE ARB. Publlaliei,
HI w illiam Street. New York.
! Fob. , IM5.
1 TN TIL the 1st of March will be given in
I Watchea Jrwefrj, ami r"
Beeaa, On the lira ol MnVclit rc"-f
t will close my I uefueae. Tltoee R- s,
I who want cheap VVaubai and yitWnSi
Jewelry Will do well 10 call. St- pjC mdJ
1 tlemeuts wilt he atlende l t-i tin- V 'nkSf
I rintf the 11 th of March Tlumi U f JtJrT
1 who have left Watcliaa for repair f 1 vjfrjfi
' , Hhonht call lor them hnl'ore Ihe let Xl. J&MKlJ
j of .March, as tlioae not elalnifld njmZ P
will he Ktiht lor Bliarvee. A frtW -4 liour, an 1 Ki fht day
f: Olocka on hand which will be "old Inwt Watchei ami
, Clockacarefuly repaired III tlie let of Mach.
, j Bt.Olalrevllle Feb. I, less 3t.
1 ! 77 HEREAS I gavBtwo.prooiiBaory X tee
J t payable to Ateiander I.. Harper 01 order, one
! note dated January 13, iMftS, calling for Fil'.y Poflam uml
j pay able on the lirttt day oi April neat. Alao out; nth
I er noif dated January 19, I8U, calling tor Fifty Dull am
; ami payable in Twelve utoiithi afier date. Ami where-
as Utnae uotee wen franduleutly obtained, and without
. any valuable consideration. 1 therefore lore wartl all
. prisons froiu taking an aaairtnient en lltimi, as 1 nm da-
leriniiied nn: to av them utiles cumpellr il Ity Law
. I II. II, .MoT r.
Barneavllle, Fob. I, ItSS-St. ri.
HoIITateri IJiiGrcw & Co.
Thumai Wiley, et at.
BY vhtue of un alias execution (o ine di
reeted from Ute Court ol Common Pleaa of Bel
I tiiont t'ounty, Ohio, 1 Will Ollbe' lor talent I'ulltc Auc
' I lion on
Monda t the 5th day of March, A. D. 1855,
I between tbe hours oT 0 o'clock, A. M. ami fo1
1 I clnck P. M.of aaid day, at the irom door ol tbe Court
' J Houu. iu Bt.Ctairevillet m eald conity, the Pillow ing
' lands and ttneiuenis, jtn .te lying. od being in
I -aid county of Befnionta ami state oi oii.o, bouuded
am' descrihed a foljOO - to v, it: I.ota KauiberW? aiul
I Iot Number Strain the town 11 Martinaville Beliuunt
County, Ohio. A ppralaad at B.t5Utt.
s I BherltTa OAce at Bt, Ulalravllle, February 1, lev,.
j JUS U, N'lCIIULB.teberlll',
Feb;?, i8. wjn
e - -
ill yikoflVr at Public Sato, on the preuii
E tf Oil
Thursday March $t, 18j5.
The velnal'le Parm on witirh I formerly resided, mtua
t-d m Warrea townabipi neiuioiu County, Ohio, on tho
rua l leadiug from Morrliiowu to Hai m avillc, near (he
, n village of Ml Olivet ami abuut 1 mile from
tin lYn'.ral Ohio Rril Itoad. 'J'he Farm
IttliM ,wo ACKE
s5jflcS2Si iv t r I ' v Ii lire rlraietl, n,l nniti-r
I s'nnl caltisaliaa. 1 l. wi 11 -i n wrl orclmi.t ui ei.ni.-il
Irult.aiid sacsllont buikiin.: is wuil Wslarsa ami
f bssf ily Tl sissrsa'
Plr iiinimr sartioslars laqalra .i Ufa, C, Heiislii riy,
. ri'.Hiiiic i ,mi. olivet, 'for un mail, known ua in. d.i
, or ilia (Tale. Jons iiiam;v.
j Feb. I, 1CM.--4I. pint.
p Rasisrn qiissUoai one .ml IIISSQSraiIS,-ll i. auee
le..'aueniit lu di.cui.ellie Let iliai tlie n nr in Barons
B i. .olcly on .ccountol certain healliein.li noliou. wlilLh
I li.ve crept into the hirsute hrelas of koiiic per.on., ma
kin, them .tit ance the iile.lh. it av uniialiiral to nliave.
: We might well ari-ue it ia unnatural 10 clothe our
tielvua. My advice in the pretul.ea is
Shuve the Cossacks,
ami the war will ceae. As preventative to ny hel
ImerCMt ilemniiatr.lioiiii iu this part of the elohe, 1 ofl'er
. my scrvires to shave Hie sblasaad face, ol all w ho may
ilesire to limlergo this christl.iiililia operation.
I 1 would call the .Itwitiou ol my customers and nth
ers, lo my stock ol Cologne, 11. ir Oil. I'oniatouis. Heel
I' Marrow, Mliaviuit llre.uis, llarlwr's Soap, Tooth Posy,
iters, luaving HriishN Toolh llrushes, Hair llruslies,
Katorsaud lU.er Blrop, III ackin j and Brushes, oir:.
- For sale at my shop corner .1 Main fc Mvket streets,
St. Clairaville.
8l.Clairsville.Feh. I. IR33.
Eiitute of Dr- Jos. Hcv?etson? Dcc'd.
'i VOTICE is liereliy ,ltren lli.l at Hie Proh.te Court for
I ii Belmont County, the undersijned were .ppnmtcit
'. aMlMsliaad as Administrators of the SSUM of Dr. Jo
seph Hewstson, dee'd. I.te ol Balinnut Coiinty.
7 All thos. indtbted to said estate, arsroquestad to makl
" immediate payineut: and thus, h.vhif claims sj.insi
said estate, ara nnlided to present llielii for scltleoiulil
within one year from this dale.
JOrlMtl UMUub, Mwlrt.
l The tionks ami acesuat, unj 6( him.f nr my ha'n'fs f
K tertbe llllh msi. OStlPtt HWP.
4. a'Sll ISj4.
Btuto of Ohio, Iii-lmont County, BB
Parvln t'rlfl Sr1iiieirlnrnrtlie EaUl f Moats
D Oi ve, Iletl.sd
II i. .i. Cove.
In Atlw hmtnl.
riMIK sii'l llpfi-nilstit liiram fiV a non-
M rSSsdSII S Un- r1' of 1 1',,.-. l tal e l.'.ltc .tlisl
a I'M it hmi w. hi. ,1 ill Ihe I I, r , . Of ' C ot Ihe r.,u I ol
f'SJsjMes flea, of sa Ml CSSrWlf M ll ilitoMl 0,, a S,l '1
day ol January lejj. sod that at, STftef tt All.' 1,111 lit
sa.inst the p,,i; r It at sAI f, t.rtsnt Issfssd n lev
s.me ila'.. Theirijei l a-rfl pra).r nf ea,, I'ettlinu is
le ssa.oiaf Jeds stsai sieleslthe rtsfeelsni fa, iheseiii
ol l!i Id , it l.emf one half of ttie j'oht lia'.ilnr 01 the
sol, Vi.ee ft. (Hits, lnie.'id, and te laid de'i-mlsi 1
UH -nliry mitaodiii liu e. against lh.sn, and SSIng
Ihe Niooniit nltlte lla'Mlity ol in. .snl d'e,,danl r lli
plainti f us I i.iiiirilra'.iHT s, aforesaid mi Hi. a)niM,i
el said itoias hy ttn sals alslMtlrr . Adntfnlsirsior s
al eel4l Willi ln 1 nti rSSl f rem, tS datre of as .ev.'rai
Nova, sdarassld. And also uf His , ( e?.."ei h ih ia
II H -l 1 1 '.in the t.l da Aur ",t l-.it. nn in .t 1 rmtit el
set.: il, 1 e.-id s:ainst said dvjMMlani, artilch wasliis
.ml lltlli.ld'.lil the lif, tune af etd di-e, a-i-il . I itl,..
lis Isfliiilsfil isysii .nd sessrsf ly Hie enn dsv r. r
March, A. H. le.',,. , idtilient w,ll he laden as all St liim.
j w. MRwrorr, tu'i f-ti.i.hiu
joiin 11 nr. ITON 1 ink.
Fi t.. I, lev,.
ptirfttitncB f tfi9 I flat will iftdT-feU-I.
in'-nt i.f Havid Miller, deade tt farm on which
aaal dfc lead lived ., ih' Uaec ol btaeVceaaei it affai
it tor an't . paid faim It mii lie U 11 Itre Fot lb H nt.
leiroaii la aa lie n d leeaiaa u Ja ol u a, d 3
nuka Iroaj iin C o. Rmf Roao la tt coonty ol fto1
I. on , Ol.ir irr iilft'titr t rt htttp ol f to d ajnalNn ol
i.jjrri aui.t Uacreoloyhirh Ii ntod liaafers I he ni
anre it m a cmd I atf Bl (?vAiVatieei The laiid laVI
tvell, and in ajreHI wiur I. tin the eretni a
pi!K tin n: id ivwj ctniihirta'da hwrllin ySb.
Iluu i , Ham Uli Ir, iirchftrd and Atoitf! OB
is r i tt ar llonte, ever a atrong and never lli BBJ
laiiiny . ; th jLtx jJFpBl
IrtMlH Theri hi a plenty nf atm eoal and
i.imf Btonc an the nreenleee. and u a haiidnomp ami
ileal rr able iitnat ion tor any one want ma eenie'l rami.
1 1 vaidiaiid ,m nut n'A at orivetv1 tale kefeve iba KM
t ay ol June in t, it will on raid day te f-tt'orcd at u'-
lit ftAic on the pram la ea, ret leraM alyta the pu'i
tenter living I'ti ti.r prcaai'oai
MILTON HttLKR, txeeajar,
I in Ut. "U'tXm.
I eet and Bioat lavhioMahti t i of Jevrelrj too
i-i.'i; of Itrfai 1'iiin. Kjr llrojw, Knijtr ltin', Kraf.r
let. Cfnleti, Cnif llaa. teiid Cenclia and laera. Hork
ate, Gold aaeBll vatf chain, Kay , Beala, lie. Ac,, tor
aale hy J. T. MJOTT,
li. n. No. IM Mam Bt., Wheel inf.
salt: salt:: salt:::
ALT peraoni in want oft1 iboas article,
wilt pleevo take notice that the Bnbeetlbaff ha
j nft roceiven aeupply nt tha very heat ijeattty In n-t
Bhta,, whitO he lelltug at tVheoling priceti
per Bbf.) at his atore in it. ClalravHIe.
V. H. A larirc lot Ofillia rait in fatka, 'nr Bn tier and
Ta' teuae.jnat retelvtdby lOlIM IKPBON.
N'ov i;4 iBf4
' HE Bubaerlhtr will offer at Public Sale
,1 Oil
9l;lural0f' the 24th dy of V brnnry,
I .5, . et warn the houee.of fO o'clock. A. M.and 4 o'
r!.,L k, V. M. to he o!d on the reniie in Ooahea Tp.
Ittiittont Connty. Ohio, tho inn tWvetiy owned by
Timothy Ulekett, I acd cotttalultm
IH'1 ff ll! rnt.
Thin Kami lay .1 mttei Bonth-Weal r f Hfnrrlat wn,
and I hail tnlte North ui the Central Ohio rail Boart.
ThM Farm i-i in a pretty food tatr nf cultivation, erell
W ax atod) Fruit in abundances Stone Coal rilli r
Dwrllina llouae, ll am, etc, Tne blfheat hldder the
buyer Temil mailt: known on the da v f Bale.
IV P nd if not t-rild on that llay.lt Will lie for rent.
Jay. IQlhi I0U, 4t. pd, la. 11
! Sale of Real Estate by order of
ON SATURDAY the 24th day of Februa
ry. . i. IHSJ. between the boon of 10 ocloch
I A.M.and 8 o'clock I'. M. nn ihe premleea. will heanh
jiotlie hitThnat bidder, the Ibtlowlna riaaerlned Beel Ba
tate, aatlie proicrtv of Itat hel Bhanbln, an inane per
j on, to Wit: The Baal half Of the Booth Waet Quarter o
; Bee. No, 1ft, Townehip No. C, Rane N'o. j, contain in;
f0 arrt's more or leaa.
Bald property I if m Wayne Township. !'.-..'. Co
i O., aid adjoin lauiU i J . PowelPa bera. Tboaae
I Uutchrr and n'heri.
) TERMS OF BALE One third in hand; one third h
, one ear. and one third m two year with ntercet oi
tbadelbrred paVnieiiti frort the day ofHai.
JOHN Mr nichoi.b,
Cucrdian ol Rachel BbamMin.
! S E M I N A R .
TIHB next Besaion tho WheellnB Pe
i I male Bemlnary. will commence on Wsonv-aeai
Pebrnary tli, ami routlnuiug Ave tnontbeiWllI cloae t'i
j lat Thnraday in June
j Wo are now prenared to BCffttnnioda!C a Inrse nn-liHf
i nfBoardera an well ai day puptla, and the inch chaa
Iter that the Bchnotnow aawe hope, iievervdiv nn
I taiii, ioe: Iter w ith Uie facility with which IVInOltn
1 is reached from all direct, one, render it hiahly elia;IU
1 to i crinii with tni to iend their daughton irom home.
pj1Terui(i heretofore.
Wbeellnj. Jan.-u, 1833,
.1 . .1 E P SON
! 17 OULD respect ftiHy announce to hi
v v old friend-: and the public generally, that Ii
haa returned to hi. Clairaville ami opened aV- a
I t ficery le Ihe room formerly uccn- B. jl
pied hv 'RejvjaMiM Tnonaa, where bJ&Z&
SiIf'S Inteinia keeping ahout the Hame kind of a atoc
BaeaawB nn he (ormerly kejit in thin place, consisting of
QrooeriBRf llurdi arr, QttrcnsAvar, dbc
I And where he hnjtea hy ntrict .attention to Imame l
; merit a s!ia c ol nuhln paironai'e.
joiiv 1BPBON.
p s. NAILB ofthe beat quality for aete hy tbe be
at Wheellni price, with addition of freight.
j bi. Clairaville, apr. tl. IW4
uxFfor mi
r ''HB Subscriber, residing at BltJtMvilld
I J w ihhrs to .til out
Tlil'i'e IliHKlicd Acres
I oi uouii i. a ui, nasi s.'ii Tttwa.
i Jea.MildH.
OF the County Fuml Commissiuners, (o
iiie i. 'on uiy oi Dsliaunl 'i lialsal ouio, fur Jai
I miry Ikii. accordiui iiie lialiils iii sucil cases Had
.ml uruvidsd,
Amount receiveil fruin Hlate llr.tUj
' utf. t'laie an ti Ian! Rsaart, 40,OA3,V t
sriasipal in Co. Tim') V$ijM i IO,l0,Tt
Da'anf s ilue HUlo ljS43,t
XUm ftsttowlei are i u, ssms loansd q inAieiileal. .
tl rutt nt '. per eerjt.uar annum, HI tliti Mvsrei 'I'otVl
: llip. Ill Iba UuUMty, anil secureil a. follow:
I Hlvbland 'l'i., ilortesjss olbsr Psctorltis. sl,5!i.f
Flesfeiei - " d
Me,l " " " M
j Vurk " " " W
Bank Mock i" Bsluioiil b.nk of ?t. Ctelrs-1
rill. Va?'2'
Pfautiiiutand lalsreslpaidaii Bank Stock lu
same t ,'?S?,"?I
Individual nulcs secure,! by MlrtfafC laken
Irom H.nk in p.nneiu a.uM.oel) ...G3,r
Amount of iiutit iilu.l loans '
I Deilncl fur Interest reliiaueil :l,W12.P!l
" Ain't.. ilraiic.nl ti) County 4,416,31) MOtl
Amount on whicli iateiM is in .rre.rs $tHd,l
Am't o' Caslion lied IM. IW4, fST BM Sfl. F. Illfi.-I
rrniriii.l rticaivcd since lut Re;.orl I3.J
leiarest JJ;
Amount i,l for use of Sd.ool Fund IMj
.. C lor Priiilina Keport !.
.1 ii Traemea as Fund Com. K
.i Tlios. Jolinson 1.
Dal.nce on bMl for use of School Tuid M.
rriucip.t ia Ceviti
ttllIAd .lOHNrllN.'rresJurer
..n. irj, tejj.
JAMKH V TKH ll nu running thr- Fac
tors st 1 msejr s Mil'. Are miles we,, ot llmlfe
t-'-'i. Iv Ite.ii, I'oa rr, sert is pr.p.re. rlijrin all sea
SAeS afla yea., to in.iinfart.re with ne.tne.s an,l rtls
p.t'.h. Ih. MieDlee .rlir.l.t, ril -f',.. BUMS. rsi.
, lestls, TwmiIs. Btnk.ls, I l.nti.ls.ind Htcki Varna.
i nt .11 eolors, and In qti.litv sol surpassed af .Mr oilier
srtwishiMin, lea far cIsm, nniie Mioainf .mrieaui
tra,ie. Win. i !! iiee.ws,, i Uleir, gas toaatrj leaa,
j ae,,, ,nit Hi innii-f. fnllir.e nd Hressmi eMM fur
I nornir, eaiisa,isj,ej ,, , . ie,is.
. i'ie. -.-j, Ms,
HiimivFn SALE.
J .hn Nelewittirf
t's .'
lull Ncill niiree.
HV iriii oi an ri,l i.n sv SjmJ iKer, t.-il
' .ni, Hal'sMri n; i .iin.iiiii, i lea. ,,i slaissl
i mmt rime i winemisraa'esi PaMi. is iv.. n
t'rUag, il,' fni ,iy ,,j February, .. 0,
!''''""' lie Iim'- of lee'clesl I, M. isai le'eleei !
i. m ef nil ear a ihe erseUm ot In , , . i
rn.lKMaf.d tr.-,,.ip. It. n,,,,,,, i ,,tv. I,,,,,,. lb, ii
'i"r au, i Mattes low it. Tw.D.yMarea rine
l lirre year M H. fine HI.eh Mare. f,.. r lkH
I ii-ee M,, h Cms, Four bead of i uun I sltla .da lot
, oi M imjt n ihs Rarn.sitaaiMH tola Ta Ann trod i, ish
r ls. eienesCMIcS, M.I la r-ville. Jn, q
JOHN NIVIIOM.ei.irif. i
Jll.. I"1 l-OJ l.l" ... r .... i
' 'i r 1 1 d 1
J. ll. Grt ve
Ann K. I'uul.
I)i tirluc of an order (il Kale to mn dircc
I M Isd fraa, ihs f.'ourt nrt'Ofritnon ll.a. at li no t
Meet', (jinn, I will oiler lor Hale St ru'rfla Asjcl .. ,
, TwfJuy, th 3thday of FMru.iry, A. I).
i-i'i. i.etwee ihslsear. efle e'sleak. a. M .n-' i ,r
lock F.M.ef eniddar at the trail door ..I the Coerl
ii. -i-i. Ulsirseilia.sjsilaseelCaeNlf, l,lhefat
lewlMdi striked laalsaad leas nisio efl Bitii.teir
lea and keiea Is res Uaaaiy at Btlaaat aaj -ta'f
hio. and baaadld .nd daKfibad a- Mlesraj Lai.
KM one, lour. .11,1 t vt em j i.-ht. la the tuv.ii at la,
-mat Weetern in .aid Coahlf , and a!sr ,ther trait
or par, i ui Kud npaeseete bs one sad a haitscraa
l e.iir .IMhat port,.,,. ,.l lad wl.in ., .., .UJ f
Benjainiu Harrelt. Brbiak IMseaath Ol Ih. i ,
the Ureal MeMera la Bei n C'oaair, r, baaed
ad on Iba K,t b lose. l- rarBMrrlt tt, NcOraekea
on thertouth I.) Joba Hbaaaoa.an toe We it , i i n
. ly lioeil, and nn the North by town pl.t oi UwOrsat
; we.tem n. said e arMjr. BberirTaOflh s, Bl.Cldir.rill.
J.nuaiy He izti, hres,
I ia.lM,tm C.CBOM.iWr.a ;
Alexinder ArmiUong )
i Atexrtrrin Hill and Ferry WilWrietm,
I V virtue of an ilia. Execution to me d.-'
; I y reeled rrmn the Coorl of Centaion Pie, of Del
Inn in Uoaat .,io. I artll wler for riale at Pel In. ,ic -i
Hon .'. tl.,- Iron', dour nt tti.. Court ll .lut in i:. Cl.;r.
fills iu e.ut toulilr, on
I Tuesday, the 13(4 Jay rf Frlruary, A. D.
i r.ii the hour, of In o'e'ork A.M. .nd do.
, tmck I. M. al a,,i day, lbs lollop,, , ie..;-i ,., laii.ts
.nd leeeaMrrta, Piiuate Ij i: r.n-t ihij in Un coant
oi BslsaoMaadl Mala of Ohio, and basrMed lad ih-,.rl
I bed a follows to wit: .o;s No. o 111 Ii I-' !", If,
, ii .!ori,. il Sane n, , itha town of then rest
, Viestara takes in Ksacaiiua at the suit ol Alexander
. Aruutron.
j Siieriirs OIT.re. Ja iu.rvihe lirli If-.'J.
I . , lUUNU. NICUOLS.Slitflir.
I ! Jsn U, 1",. S,00.
Baugher, Fiahcr& Cu.
Patterson R. Chapman, et af.
BY virtue ol un order of Sale to mv? direct -ed
rroas the Court nf Obmanoa Plaaa oi Baltuont
, County, Oliio, I will utitT for tiit atVaMlc AactKin
I on
Tuesday, the 13M day rf February, A D.
r HQS, hrtwaan bamn oi Mo'eloak A, M.aad I
t c'ock p. II af mM in tl tba la)t '"or m ttir CViii
lloataa In tfta ClairiTill, m anl chhi.s , tUa fatiotvia
I laiMi ami tt injiucui-d iq wit: Pitaata If Ing an tl leainatn
i the Lt.unty ni LaataaaM ami siau i.fni;iit. mi I ; ..ct.if.i
j and ieaaritiadaa failowa twu: Lot No. ft ai.d tt(in
1 the town of lltMidi jfatmrfli In naid coaati
1 pawria? OeBca. January lau I8S9
J't'l c. Nlrllul.:-. .-:.. j . m U. C, O.
1 Jan. Is, Hit, tn.tm
Tohn Porr
I vs:
Theakcr Mitclie.l Co.
1J V vlrtua of an allai Bxaantlo? u ma iHrpftivl fro tti llii
- court of Coiuuit'ii fiaaa oi DaJaioni County, utol .
jl Will o:!Vr lor fala al I'ul'lic Auction uii
Tuesdays the IZth day of fthruury, .1. It.
1 ' 1-55. I etwen tba hours- of 9o1cloct , A. M. ami 1 'o;'-,
- r. M. of tal i day at tin' ft ont door ol tUaCoun llocai
' in att. ciaitfcvtlts. atalnioat Oooaty, Ohio, tlw loltowioi
j daaeritiod lainta and latMiaaoata to aritj atliuaia mg am
being in tti' C'Miuty ol Hatoianl ww of Unto, ata
I bonndstl and daaei ai laijowa to w it: u. ina a nari
I uf ina Norin liat i.urt- it r b ,'i'fiiiiii nuti.io i' . Town
, I ahip nnaanar and u.i nntnlett v. containing om
third oiati acra of land avith a Ffamc lloaaa on ina inaw
Ming uia hoaaa now occnplad by Vlncont Uitebatl, t
ken in Btaoaiiiou a the individoai ptQQ9Hf oi aaU Via
cent .u. unci!.
chtnT'i (Mlicf, Janua'v tl.f ,:i'i. I.".
John c. KlCUUleat, abaritr.
Jan. 1?, 1-5. 9 l uu
MjIiIl-ii Gic'j
John K. Fealer. et a!.
( In Partition
n I,! V vlrtua of an Bxacutiou to me directed from tin
1 I Court oi Uoumion rira of Balniont Ctiuisty, Uliiu,
j I w il' oiftrfor Sola at PtibliC Auction on
1 Tuesday, the IZth day ctf February, A. I).
' i-55, hotwi-en ll'f houi of 10 o'clock A. M.and 4 o'-
" i clock i' M. ol aald day at iba front dour oi ib Court
ii'i'i-t (a 01 Clairavilnii i.i i-ani countjf tba tollotviag
: daaafihod iand and neatonta in w it: afituata If lag and
. boing hi ih' toanta of Bnlaaaat a id atata of t tlilo, and
boundad ami daacrioad a fullowf: Tba iWal tract bo
t ins part ol tba artat haii of lactlon tnarnahln 7, and
range 5, hogianing lot tba aaaaa on tba baif llnaaatwaaa
my laud (tba is tba laud of ,Aner Oioe at tui- timi
( oi Biaalag bla arlll) ami Kbinbaa Oregg at a itonc cor
nartojogaa Mateall and running ibancailua area! loN
, 1 1 r : ; i to a ataba on Iba I ina hatn aan in) am! (aid Ai
aarOragg aforaaaid and baru,ii aitba tlnta oi tba aril
- alire.-a.dy IbaaM M ith tho caid hue haUg thr m torn
, I aaal ll1n.ralifatoaatakabaing Ut aortb wnat coruei
! of the (and of JotmOrog, tbanaa north 70 eaat( 4
j Ktrchea to a atabo lliouca ifl3 - 4 i-arcltcti i" a aaka
, tuauca north -lO3 aaal Bl yarchva to a itakc, thanc
" ; aoalb 77 aaattai parchea tt a aoat tbeitco aoutb M
i aaat ID narcaaata a poai on tba atoraaaiil ball aactloi
I ina, balng tbe aoutb araal corner ff th- tract ol laud rla
' acrihad i lolaa Bran aa kforaaaiid, tbaaca ariio iht
1 halt taction in. i' and laiedf of Btapbaii Qragg aforaaaid,
aoutb la auiaaaf haginuiug, aonuriulug ona h'ta dreii
t , acrrn one roodgaud fiuht (iolp, nsi surveyed market! and
- platted hv Jantba fcjiiarp .m ibtJOtb day of tba Tt!
month A . 1: laW
Alan ona lot or parent af land ia aaetlpa Na I, tnaya
ship Nti. ? and raagd No. 5 hatiaaing at tbe aoutb ernet
' j corner uf aiM Mawon N-, Utauce naita 1 3 1 peuiipi
lo a nr. luetic! ea.-t ? ! percfioi io a Btoue tbauai
'' MHItb 191 percht-a to be lOUth line OfOUid Ml I ion to
atone, thence wentalonc net i line "i norcbea to tin
place oi bagluatag cuutaluing i"o aeree tata rood am'
m it percheai tontainiaa in ail one banditd and iiat)
- are of ileal Batata, The above preni t)$ trill hn aolVl
j auhiact i" thedower of iitiiinaii flregi boretoftiro aei ulf!
ana alauaubJecttoUiallia iCatata of Job u K.Faalerii
I the one fourth part.
The condition! of the at.nve VT ill be one third Of till
purobgea money in hand on the day of Sale, one Uiifd
I in one year and ouetbird In two yeare with tntereatoi
1 the dliferred pay men I-.
17 aberilTi OoVe, January 12ih a&5,
i JOHN 0. MCilol.ti, tfhertlT.
- JM.U.UII. tM
- Cause ilepeii3iig i the Court of Coiuinui
s Pleas of Belmont County.
4 ) Suduii Kvaus
1. 1 kainst
Charles ii. KviBI
" I "IJOTI''E is he-ehy giveii tliut on l In
11 IMbley of January next, al h' I'llice ef D.ri
I-1 Howell, Bsa-i ll tosri ' irldSrort, in abl rnuut)
hetaeenlhc hours o' 10 o'clock. A. M. anil Jo'clurii
HI f. M.,m said day. .lului IbalMhd.r af January 1-.V
fj I at the Mayur's Oliice, in tlie city ol Cincinnati, in s.i
f3 ' Pun, tuiisraen Iba liourn of 111 e' l ca, A. M. .nd lo
d Llurk. r. M. ol s.id d.y .rteiiofcitiuiii tv ill bet.kcuoii h,
i half ar the nelitinuer in the ahure c.t
Jj. 9. cuv EN. Att'y lor Petitioner.
J Dec . 1SJI.
T all iaIHtS Hllll,kSfle, anrl D. H. C.se
lust ru.kired .d '! .!e l " iluerl in ioe. In
Ko. a: Mi. n a.,, ., i nine.
. "JJJMSJLtl, . JUag3aaaaagsagg-s
1 J Tne Hi . i Pi an n t vn mi n a jVei.ar
h i tw Agti-t-: HtaJami PoMtl
" I t t ffi: v Rraani lor RcrofUla Klng'a Vvil.
Rnantnallam, mi ruinate fntahrona I t niMnri, rirnnlee
ii itfe on Hi Kaca( iilt baa, Hoiie.CiMIl Rira
n . Bin Worm or Tetler.Hraid ll ad. l.niarrmtDt
'i u ofthe Hone and Joint, iniii-on. I'lcerai
y,' Dieordera, Ijueabago, anlnal ooai iimu,
enu - aaei ,ri in : from tn injudir um u M .
anri i.lenea in f.il, or tmnnrlty ol the IinkM.
1 f in. -gnat elf rail Mi dinma und Further of
niortd now 'i I i v liwiiennda of grateflll imiciiii
i out ail parte of tlte ITnlled ltajfoa. arbo teaUfy daily N
borataarbabltt i i m pe'lorm- d by tin ta-t ol all
imedl i i-a.-T IRTI.R'H PV Xlfiti MIX 'I I'RK." Neu
ra n i, aVtetoajialiam.lVrnfttle, P.ru iin nn lha fiin.
I.irei fileaaaOi ti'crera.l?uere. Old e-itH, Arteriiona or
11m K. Iim . . 1 1 Xlii at, Vd'c.ii'el'otnplalrle
Pal and c binge) the h aaaaad .! in., are apwatff
, put to rtignl b aaing tbii treat and lm .)iualtc;reiiierly .
rot airdteeaea af the Bioot. htftbiNg hat yet leea
f' uu i to 'Oral are ar th II, 1 len?i, Ilea -. atem of a'l
Uuparitlee, act gently ami atfteleajtlr on the Mtet and
Kirineye, nirenrthrnM Uf Dteaall ".. give tone to the
aaomacbi naaai iiie ibiii near ai d hralthy, ajirf re
Rtorte tbe ron'iiintion. enfValdad dleeaea af fWMa
: down by i . et km 1 of y .u'.h, to il nr.atiiie vigor and
i Por t'i f. ' , it ii ineoeanutal ly I etter than all the
foameth - ever uaad. A t w doai of Oanraae aVatataai
- in aa win ramaae a'l taiiown1! of romrtleiioa
hrliig toe r. -.". mantling lot he rhrek.aiTe elaitfrltjr te
. an-r Improve tne paneral health ina n iiiarkabla
id ee, w good al t.e mediciuet ev r heard of.
i iarf mtu)V r nf . ertinenfea whh we have reeel
redfrq i pereane froaa ell parte of tba United Htatee, le
the aei e rb nrn thai iii.-rd' na Rnml ag aaeajl t. Trie
preav. Dotal keeeri, m ij.ntrate.. pbyeiabiao. and puhlis
an, a1 a n t. t'- eomtuunitv, all edi their teatt
E t-i a are arfaieilbete ol tbii r;KEAT ULOOU
rr ll 1 1 if n.
Calgan the i tTand rata Circular end Almanac,
ai rl r-ti ihe eondd rfal 'itr tbll truly srrat'Btof all
ttfaaicinaa . pr rairaare!.
Koneri i nleea Plgriod Hi:vi:TTd RPKR8.
Proprli tore, -.. Pearl Ptreet. Ri hntovd, Va .o w horn
allordi r. for rappliae .nrl efeuc lea aiuat aa addrnaed.
A nd for a!- I v
H. ALEX tnf:R. st.i;iainT,:ie.
laa, Bakefa elinc
Wm. Dauaar. Onloniown.
tivKf. BathetaPto aliing.
K. h. ("'i(. Morrlftown.
ii. Hi Motti Rarnaavllla.
M. V. MileaA Pon, Pomertou
nd hv healeia In Mad lei i ei nvarvahare, Vov. It.
Chronic or lrvM liability.
of 1 1 e Kh.n'va,
and bll l-aaaf a arieanat
from n I i rordati d Livi r r
S'omir'Ii. eri-!i nf 'ontip-tjon,
larward PlW a, Kullneaa. nr III.wkJ to
tlit ill ml. A.i 1 1 y -.i the Htofuncit. Kaav
wa. Keartbttfii. itaaruat for ionrj Fall
mob or wetaht in tire ptomadi, &oat F.tc
tationa. .-in-ti,i'. or Moitarirnj at tea I it at the
Stomach, Hwimming. of tlaa litad, Uurriudaiad
difficult EtoetMftsr, F'Mt rri':tj m tba Heart,
j Cbcdaking erg dHutuao tMun S- ns i'i n Iu n in
a Ivinir Poture. D.ni: e- uf v i j .n, L'oiaor
VVoba before the gini, Teverai ! Lull
Pnin In tlur Ffaad, l. Hdenca ofi'cra
i piration. Yallowneaa ol Urn PJbin &
Eyea, Pain iu Uto Hii!-. Hack,
Cheat. Limba, &e.. Sudden
rlaunaa . t Heat, Burning in
I tht: FUabi Conataul Itnac
i.JHJ-. il Evil, md L'N'ttt
Deprcaaioii of Spiriu,
con Ikj i flt ciu iliy
rureJ by
Vo. 120. Arch St., 1 door Wttxr Sixth, Phitada.
Their power over the a hove ! Pdeeeoa tat ettellai,
, i! :'. lied, i ;. anj other i tralion ia ina tj tilt at ttatoe,
th" enree attcat, In nianj o-t. alter akiiiiiivlijiitiaxe
' had failed,
Tliewe Ditlera are worthy the atuntian of Invaiida.
great tlrtnea In tbe rectification of diieaiee
ofthe Livei and leaaerglanda,ox reieingtbe moetaaarab
! "-' potvcri . b e ia.ni . a.id aifectioai of tim digeet.ve
; organa, they are, wtthal, i a, certain and pi-aaant.
. John Hon m an, Jeron aavllle, Ohio. Map 9Jtb. lUJal
; tiatd: "1 writi to rtate for your atat .auction, and aio
fortbat ofothera. t a: yourGerman Bittere la what you
I reeoataiend it to e, adiablji valnable medicine, which
I know I'oiii having need il in my uu n family lo mv
f entire aatref action. AH who have used it gjve the
aaaaa roco iituondati in,1
. Btuena?) . Maat-r, Canton, Ohio, May U. IP53,
aayi: "Having heard our German Bit:er hlgulp ra
, ' eoutntenUe i from Miurir in wfalcb l placed aauafe roufi-'
I denee, I ordered loir hottlee frons Cleveland One of
j tbern l to luy daughter who Iim derived acaaeean
ettt fro it; two of tlieothera I --di'd intmi diata'y, ad J
. i Would ilkL' joa loaond ine .a I :j ply of it to ell.M
, I Johi l 'r, a , Brui wick. ihio. May 36. leM. aaye:
, , "Vour Oeri a t Bitti ra have proi i .1 ucceriful in every
caao that hae coine . tut know ledge, and baa opetiOd
; for iteifa gri demand.n
, 'J'uouai I.m proao. t ovitfon, OUOa'IlrceHil-ai fTtA,
I !-.":., aa) : l ife iia mm arfected with the Liver
I com ilaiitl and Dyaprirria for a numbei of earn, during
h tiich time I baveapei t a .'.n deal for dor-tonne. Ihui
i she recoil I d vary (itlre 1 em til t here f rum. ai d r. naiu iihe
. doctorsaaid she on Id not lie cored. Laat enriuguM
I concluded to try yeiur Bittere, ilea to.. k two hottlee an
F ever aince taking them i,a. , a!,)o. attend to
; her laislne: t, un.II vi ry lat li he ha ) a new attar k, hat
haa airain commenced the Bitte a I have aold quite a
numbur of liottleathrongli lior n- oiHniendation, and aa
far a I can learn it ee riven vatiiifactiveu tn all."
Having RDOTi tuatinabureT, Obiolaacejejaaar 3, 1P5S,
Bay Is: I rat l nn toliearteBtiinony to tl.p reinarlahle ef
I :cacy uf your Ci man Bittora in iba nre of Livec
1'" ' ar. i re vi on I to taking it, 1 wae aa-e-erely
afflieled with ril eee. of the Mvtr, ao mncb ao
l ai l did noi expect to live, ' ut by a free use tf the Bin
; TB.thaul i to a i " ' Prnvidenee, I find myaelf entirely
n ion d ; i.taitli and able to i eenme my naaal employ
, men;."
Theee Bltti n are nll'ely Tf?rti,l le a'-d frea from Al
' eoholic itiiuoaanl and a I h furloua lucri-flienta, mild in
their ' ration, they at than,luaeyeteaa, never proa
: tra'.f it.
tr ant rely vegetable and free fro at all injurieua
I Ft il by dei'ra in medicine cvry where.
'. I'or a! by
ll. ai.kx sdNDBP Pt. Clairaville.
Oaa . Betnei. int.
i! Wm. t'tnibar ajUi
1 B.Oref.V ' ,uv:
j II. 11.11 .-aeeuil.
Iff, P. V . . . ... Pe rr; on.
jgndbyOa in in v ' cla -rywh?re.
I ; November fl i".t '
i b SHAWLS, every prado and at vie,
long and square, Brocbe,tTbibet, Cloth,
! raahatera, Pllband BlaJSketa, aumprigluatna aaal atock
ever ntfbred In Wheeling. Aleo, a full variety of
I , CI.OAKH. Tal :n a. Maniiila-', Yokea and I'apsi, made of
I velvet, ellViCloth, eat In and nutriuu, Al.o. C'luakiug
i Uluttte and triiuiniage to match, vary rheap.at
t j Nor. H. IT J. Main t. IVUeollUf,
ram e Ceaapeae,
4 'I B. i:i .up. Ohio.
DAVHI I.. J i:-l,;, Aeral, M. riairsrill., Obio.
Qrgailiaod la leM. Oil the Mutual priucipte under the
dlreriii ii ui the lillaaria, IMIvideelsi
Osoaas Nn. i n. Hue, Ri.hin Woob, Hon. F. T.
i lutl'l. Bee, B. U. Olds, .ml utliers. J.u. IS.
ev Y -ja .. , ul -v, i.te ir.se alHier ,
Dental, Surgii-ul $ YcUrinary Instruments
.01.0 anU MLVtK FOIL.
ami nil i.inils of Jt
i Fine PerflltnerieB and Extracts,
u apli Mil I stuck of
Cltlerv, PuBT'MoiAlU, Fine So.e, 4ic,
jaat raa'd al colli. 'S dklo itobb.
ft. Olsirstrltle, v" ll, WM. .
t iBNi'a PuaNiaHiNu goods, cra-
K vats. rhiri..l,.illars. Keck Ties. Porks. Hasdl.r
cblafs, Bsarf.. -eiwforls,Kd ami luckaklnGiovoi, Boa.
1 iieiiileis.fvc. fcc. A coir. i' tun- ..-orimam a
' Bait. 3S.
epi.ENDlD I. t of fi'ilk Velvet Cbske
f 2JZ --f.' tjAC0B "FYMAN'r
.ki, CD
I aeaa;ialkB "" - e, THO si ft OB

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