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He llul (t the p'onuh vrnuld llirivo,
Itinuelt1 ilium tillier hoM or liiv.
Orchards, Apples, and the Market.
''David' I am Cuing to quit the nursery bit
ainess. In twenty-one yours Iruit will bo a
drug, in Now York city. Why everybody is
aottin? at I orchards. , Just'lojk annnid this
neighborhood! There U deacon Jones lii
just act out SUO treed; Tom Smil'i 400, Mi I
hia brother Jim will have l'JUt) next spr ntf,
and so 011, at thut rale all over the country-
bruited fruit, too none of it fur cider. No.v
what do yen suppose is tobecotno of nil these
apples!. I tell you what it is. Diviu, we
must wind up tlio nur.srry biisiniMi or we
ahull break fl.it. Every bin) y id .v g r.rtiy
about fruit. Eicrybuily will gro it' but no
body buy il a few year hence.
This prognostication wa.i mutle more tlian
twenty yours n;ro, by a sensible nun eiiuu'ed
In propagating choice fruit lor sale, in Cen
tral New Yo' k, and n j dtubt tlio npuaker
honestly believed the duyn nf the nurseryman
wero well nigh numbered. Uruthcr David,
however, was of u dili'ircnt opini n. Ho did
not believe it win o e.my to over.i'.or.k the
tnurkct with such fruit in no oilier than Ame
rican soil and climate can produce. lie did
not believe cro twenty jvurw' time would
elapse everybody would havo nn orehard.lhe
product.! of which woul I be no uiialeii'.i!e,:iud
the btixince. so miprolitnbli', the owner could
have no denire to plant 11101 , or heller, or
newir varieties of trei-s; rurni'qn'iil ly ho ur
jred that tlio bniii'iM nhoulii bu pi-rnevi'i-iiig-ly
continued until the dnvniugol' the evil
clay wu tiiore visible in liii horizon.
What ha.i been llieic. ult! A Kilo ol -a ij,-
000 npplo trees uinl 7,0(10 of other Irnitn, du
ring the planting avaiion of tlio liihl year
and tht prospect fur the ne xt .iually jjood.
The veiy man w ho had pluitij .VXi, have in-
1 reaped 100'i, mi l soni'i of tlii'in have diuii-
I.I.I.... I ll I .., , .
1.,-u mat teni .i.i; aun yet ine in iritet is m iur
no v iiinn il ev.-r was Uelnri;, or all Hie
choice Varieties ol the product nf orehanl
vineyard, or garden. Tin-market is not v
glutted, our can il be while millioui o( mouths
t-ontinually water l"r tho luscious Iruits
which contra il si udv.iiitiigiMiuHly with' tho
sour crabs, '-five to 11 pini," vvhieii lilled the
market twenty years ago. Tho market can-'
not be 'glutted with such fruit, in liiu No-!
ton pippins, II ixbury rut 'et i, U'i to IhI.uiiI
greenings, llu'dsvins Hell, flour, H.vu ir, Duiii
ine, and a great var!ely of oilier excellent!
winter keeping upp i-b; while tho luxury In-!
ving mom li of nlj Mnglaiid me wilhiu two
weeks (w e have ilmij eoiiiil.iii,' di.-lance hy
miles,) of the fruit heariu;; Inlli of No.v ling-
land. Nny, not only New Knglaml ami N-w
York, but the ever hn ii ing I roes of ihu rich
plains of Ihat onee Inr n ay we.leni w ild,
known in our boyhood us New C.'iiiiiiei'tii iil..
Hut still the market is mil glut led, nor will 1
bo though nil Ohio, Mi chimin Indiana, Illi
nois, uud Wisconsin will pour in their gold
en treasures of golden pippins Ir.r.n lln-ir un
bounded plains of Iho richest fuiit hearing
land tho world ever i;aw, win1.- that same
World full of p -ople poti-oss tho lasto they
now do for choice, dolicious fruits.
Our advice, tliereluro is, as il has nlways
been, t evo-y mini who owns tin Hereof land
plunt trees . Don't he ntrniil of overstock
ing tho market with any kind of Imi ; except
audi as your fathers use. I to grow, mid some
of you still perpetuate; because tlio relived
and improved luntes of tho world demand,
and will have, if it is procurable, tho bent
that can bo grown. N. K. Parmer.
Orchards, Apples, and the Market. Farmer's Prospects for 1855.
"Watchman, what of tho night!" This in
quiry is on tl.e mind il not tliu lips of most
men at the presanl lime; und us the micron
of the ' Fa It, Mf.it lies at the foundation of the
success of nil other prolessioas, those who nt
tempt to answer the inquiry, must scan the
liorizsn of the farmer's prospects, for any
"signs of promise." Whnt then nre the
prospects ot the farmers for the coming your,
as i ma prouuuio crops 11 mi pricus! In our
opinion, good in both respects.
first, as to rroifi; It hat always boon Hanid
that a aouron of suvtre drought has a benu'i
cial effect on the r.oil, o thut bountiful crops
nre pretty surd to be obtained tliu following
year. Resides, the drought of tlio past your
. taught soma valuable lessons in regard to
tho importance ol doeper and heller tillage,
whicr most lurut-TB vi. I put n practice iho
coining season, ill 11 tlio hurj times have
had the ell'i ct to diiv.i lue.i back ti their
farms and to industry, who before imigiued
that they wrro rich enough to live more gen
teelly, urimart enough In I i vo more easily nt
ether employments. This, together with
the cheaper cost of Ichor, and the continued
high price of Itirtn products, must tend to se
cure a large increase of c.-opi in present
year, supposing iho season proves ordinarily
lnvurable; and in regard to the great staple,
wheal, already in the ground, its present up
pearunco is quite, as good, we beli -ve, as in
lio avsrago of seasons.
Second, as to prir- for tin routing aen-1
ions; we think there is but hula prospect ol
any declino from present rates, 11 ml much
1.I.I....I. .. I. . ..
prouaoiiuy mat prices will aJvnnee, i-sp.ci-ully
of such arliclf-s as are suited lor export.
Ol court it is unjiossible at this time 1,1 p,-t..
diet what will be tin extent of tint war move
tnent in Kuropo the coming season, or to
what extent these movements w ill create a
foreign demand for our products; but from
all that we can see at prsasnt, we ureal the
Opinion that all our surplus hresdstull's nnd
provisions will be wanted to feed I h uriuirs
and th aurl'criiig poili of other countrici;
and if our crop are ahuuduut, tke ii lu u ,1,1
and silver that ha for '.he past year ,, ml u
continuously 'ro-n thit caunt-y, will be re
versed, and with Its return wiii come n re
turn of prosperity, and tin resumption uf our
public improvements.
Such aro ur hope and expectation fcr
th future; but these result can only be se
cured by Industry and frugality, so vve mii.it
II learn to labor and U w.iii for "good time
oming, boy!" CM10 Culliwtur,
FoiaDit CoUtiH. Take of powdered
(timaubie half an ounts: li .iorico juice half
cunc. Dissolve th gum first in warm
water; queze in the juice of a lomjn, then
add ef paragarle two drachms; syrup of squills
a jrm ' Corlf all in b itil.j a., ,.4i;e
well. Take one t-peouful when tho cough
! trobloon.
Blaming the Clergy.
A laic number of Frusicr' Miignstitio clo
ses no article on the ' Church union jr. the
Chimneys," with vome sensible remarks on
the dixpuHiiion to hold the cleri'y rcsponsi-
ible lr everything. ,
''flit? fault of :he clergy! Where nre the
clergy I How glibly do euvh impression
i unit) from the I ipa,j even i! wen, who, by
pii-ccpl mill example, nre iitnluiiij nil tliul
the clrrgy ore utirmptiii in do! There ia
not a groveling penny a-liner who cannoY'f
tr rising in tlio iiiirning tti a drunken
btnincmii inquire on any exhibition of a pop
ulai.igiiuruuce, 'Where tire the cli'rg)
There is not 11 mob inoutl er, as he mum's
hia tub ultor thrashing his wife and slurving
his (h ld.'f'ii, whc. rinm.it oak, 'What is the
clergy doing!' There j not a 'graceless up
start member of 'the llo.itc,' who cannot,
tftef leaving his heiirtfess ruvorilca. exclaim
with well-feigned nttouisliinent, on any ap
propriate occasion, 'Win t are the clergy do
ing!' There is not u lazv, iiPjrliijeiit inanu-
fnr.i uror, who cannot, after refusing his live-
shilling piece to the national school, wonder
in the midst ol tumult, 'What havo the clur
y bren almiif !' Tin' clergy hnvo not. dune
i veiyihin;; it iatiue: but Ihey have ilolie
1 Dili.s'r bay Iil:iil.i:s." Tlio 1,'itiis
viile Joiirnitl relules the 'i llowin oneedole.
Wo remember that sumo ye ira ago, lloger
Al.tilnriiiuti and l'erry Smith wero (paused
to inch other Hi advoeutes in an imiioitaiil
ciimi! be'ore a court tf justice. 'Smith open
ed the case with a violent tirade ngamsi
Sher-.iian's political charueler. Hlierniaii
rose mid very coiiiposedlv remaikeil:
"I sli ill not ilixcu-H puli'iin uiih Mr. SmiHi
lii foro tin ('iiurt, bul I no: oi-rlectly willing
to argue iptestiuiia of law, to chop lojic, or
even to hplit Iniirs Willi him ''
"Split that then," said Smith, (tithe kiiiim;
'iine pulling a kIiimI run ;Ii lonking hair from
his own head, md humliiig it over towards
l.ilii'rin 111 .
' Jlay it plciii-e the honui nble cottrl," re
torled tilieiiiiiin, "I didn't say biillerf."
L i
I.i.oal Intichkst in 'rnii Us1n.11 States.
--In twenty 0110 0!' tliu titatew, the h-.n.l rale
j of interest is six per cent; in four Sla'.es it
j is tVi-n per cent; In Texas and Aliihania it
I in 1-ight per cent; in Lotiisiuiiu it is II vo per
' cent, and iii'MiiiiHsiiini it. Im Iiiii imi- i
I ' II V . . ... ..
' ( :i;;r,m, ja lM s,iry utt-s. j;llMi((;r.
lo-aiuo says " 1 here ure various States
tliaL neriiiit u hi-rher ratri nf 1 11 1 runt nil snn
I I .1 w.,.v ....
t ' I-i:. I run I t'lii-.ts. oiy- In Vr.-i-iuiiiil uou..,.
ci-ut may bu ch irged upon raili'ijail bonds; in
Ni-.v Jei.'t-y, seven percenl. may be charged
in Jersey city and in the township of nbo-
keu;in A arylund, tlio penalty is n mutter of'
iiiime douhl, i 1 cofiieiiieui:ti of a lulu decis
ion nf Judge Taney, which does not, howev
er, meet the as.eut of iho bar of Baltimore;
in Arkansas, ten per cenl. iciiy be charged
on special contracts: in Illinois, the banks
may charge seven per cent., and ten per cent
111 iy be ch.irc.ed between individuals, on spe
ci.'.l contract-; in Iowa, leu per ceiit. is al
lowed nn i-pccial contrails; in Louisiana,
fij 'it per cent. 111 iy he charged; in Michigan
an I Ohio, ciiiiirueis in wriiing nre legal to
cliiirge ten per cenl; in Texas, twelve per
cent, may be charged on tpecial conl.i acts.
The penalties for u violin imi of the umiry
laws are liifi'ereut in m ist ol the Slu tes.
0 y 'An editor's lile is (-pent in ushering
clever pnoplo into deserved tvlebri'y ; he sits
us charioteer Hillside tl.o vehicle in which
I'odigious titleiils are driven to immortality.
CO"A youn f nrnty i Ulcer writes frnin Con
tit'inliiiople: "This is Iho place; fur tlio pul
try sttui of ;th() per year, n man of moderu'e
desires may live like a prince; commodious
hiibiliilion, the hesl of wine, tho most gloi i
mis lubiiceo, three beautiful wives, and no go
ins to church!"
Lir.nn:, the (Icnn.in chemist, having mai
uiuny experiments, recominenda the maliiiiu
ol wheat mid rye bread, by using u pint of
lime water to livu pounds of Hour. Uu urjicM
the abandoning of ihe use of salaratus in rais
ing bread, und to siibstittite'puro bakei'syeust
und limo water. The Scienlilic American
si:ys cream of tartar und carbonate of soda
are fur in.'t-nor to common yeunt in making
healthy bread. The lime water is prepared
by stirring sumo q tick linio in cold water,
then, ulter allowing the sediment to st'tth;,
draw il ull'ninl put il in liott'.cs for uns. N
curs is required about the rjna utity of lime, as
the wuU-r will imbibe on'y u certain ipjanlilv.
Tin: 1111:1,1: R.ii.iioAii(,'oi.t.isiu-i im 1 r-Ssow
Siou.M A Man's IIi:aii Cut Oi r nv tub
L ii'om.itivh A furious colli.-Ijii belweeit
the freight train and tho night express train
from 1 1 01 u-rsvilla took place nn Suturilnv
morning, between Attica ami L'nden, on Ihe
New Yoik City road. Thn engine of the
Ireight train had hsun Klopped in cruise
iuenco of the lire-pan filling with snow, and
exhausting the HtiMoi. The train standing
on 11 partial curve, and iho wind and snow
blowing u gale, it whs not discovered ly the
express train until nearly upon it. The en
gineer blow u terrific blast from his whistle,
bul the nl inn was of no avail; they run into
tho freiohl train, breaking u its passenger
cur, killing a man by Jthe name ol Uuigley,
ami breukiug tliu arm of nnotlior mini. No
alher injury.
When the whistle was founded, Qulgley
ran 10 tne iiuor, ami was In act i looking 011'
upon ilia coming Irani, when Mho locoinotivo
caught him us it swept forwurd, culling his
head ofT, and casting it some distance on the
other side of the track. II was in lbs
employ Juf the road ns truckman. The
broken car wss removed from Ihe truck, tho
boiler supplied with water, an. I both train
were sou under w ay. Tlio conductor of the
freight train had s.-nl buck hi lliigmrn, but
tlis air being ho full of snow they were not
seca.flwj''ud liojm''lu; Jan. 2
Rourl'inu a I'i:iuoii A uliscriber In
(hi) West, remitting his annual subscription,
Hjipi'llll till! follllW'il'o;.
H iiire J rt-ci'ii'ly n-iiro tn roproatout
lliid (iluro in thunt'Kl hooiniuutre, & in luin-s
nl' ulituiiiiiii; (tut iiiiniiiiuiloii, lio Mt-i.ud ill! Ii.
voritbli) iiii.ii'timilii- lu mlilioait llm luilliuna.
A few nijlitii since) llinro wu u cniii'u nt
t lie nclioul hoime.wliun H iiiie J dulivtirt-d
una of hi ll'iwcry Bio.'diea, which tormiiu
ti'd ax fnlUiwD:
"I uny ftllmy citi;tniH, tlmt tho itm'ioniible
rijflita ul mini uro para mount onJ ratitmuunt
to all otlic-ra, and lio who cmi itit liiu hand on
hid heart, und thunlc Ood that i othinj; in
r i ii k 1 1 ii ' within, di'orvi' to lio in bud in
a bed 1 nn;', gcntli-iimn, hi diifrvc to lio
in a hud in a bed"
"With crm'-kor crumbs iu il," ahoutcd out
shrill voico of a pcrsnn anxious to round
period. The lnugh was tremondou, and
U dutibfiil if the Squire g cts the nomina
tion. It iKKiippuflCd that Hi e r.rnckcr crumb
iiinn in tlio lutlier of a f mull fnmily, mill hut
experienced tlio dulihta of mch ft bed.
WILL offer for Sale, on tho !.1tli day ol
ivi.rnarv, t.rhitrthf tirM dnv of I'oiirl, my mIium
nick ol Dm ITS tc HIIOHlt, '..father Lasts, llnul Tieer
(Kill Crinltin4 Hoard. Alini A laJI nt ol I'l'BS ol
iliiri'riil hi."-. HIi.K! fpsraMfs, fllioo Tlircail mid n n
oral tt..(fluiritl ui Pindiiti! beoliir io to tlto llonl mill
Htiut liu.incn... II. .MITt'lll.l.l..
i Uli LAh'f ( ALL.
1 11 tlni.il- that lmvcviuottlrd sccniiiit!" nmtiillnj nn my
llnul... I Hive tlif in Kiioiliur cltancr to cuiimi 01111 sottlf
nlii-r l.v imvliii inr what li. mv liiit ilura. or aivlntf
Vif 't rnl., nil iirlnlora IHnMlllll ol I cnnlnry l-l,nm r
tli.it llitie. mv Hnok niel acciiiiuis will I o In li linmlw
11I Dm ill M. DavhM, to pimli niul col led illiout
rt-iiccl to u-r.jin s.
"Tliu Iiab'jrer is wjrlhy of his Uiro."
II. MITCIim.li
ft. Clalr.ivillf, Jan. Ill, ItM-M. nl.
iiHMiim. ami l-'iirkt. I'ni Ki
ami a "it M variety of vUivt rlicMi
lor mle I y
j. T. i-rri'l T
M. 13.
No. ;1 .M11 in ft.. V'liriliii!.V
' piIH lurgfst Kloik or Milks and Kutim
I wn i-vi-r (illiTi'il In tliu inl.lir, i;iinliittiilil! at li-ii-t
lli.uoil vtl nl fvciy l)l- ami quulily tlioiiiili-, lis'il.
1.I11111 mnl iluiil niul tri-i , rininai iiiB tlii grrnfi-t
tuir 01111N ivr i:vi-r lon-illt. I'lain r.lmn:M!lilile, tMirlh
iJl.iHl. nolo '.' tot-llrts; l'i:!'il anil iluiu iln. wotlli l.nl
in I Ai VI tui."iuia livv iid:i-i lilt ol tlions liu'il,
Inn. y niul Mack Siilm, wnrlli SI to l.'.MI. ol wliKti f
h.n.' s-ilil mi iiemy inn fi'iv vi'i-kii, i::H tn ti" n..
'-No tioiiile to iiltoiV lfii:tn." lit
Nov. 1.0. I". I, .Main t. WlKiiloiK.
D It. A S T O N
f j 'EN DT. ItS his l'rolWs!oii!il nervices
I till: Hi -i.'iH O . IlKl.l.AiUK mill V IC III I Ly
Nov. 1:1, I-..I.
Jewelry, 1'uney Goods, NotioiiH, &e.
isani:svii,m:, 0:110.
Jl' r Wnt' lii.:' anil C'lnrku n i'.in-il to onliir. anil war
rnutiil. I l
Kl:il. 1.1, iy. ill.
ltOAD N0T1U13.
J OTICH is henhy given thai n petition
lit l.i- iiri'.i'iiti'il lo tlio lainiiiifssloni-rs ol llel-
liiont roiinlv. Illiio, at I'niir hHHSion roniloriii-iil'i on Int.'
liiHl ,11 iniltiy ol .tan:ll, ni'io, Pir tlio ewlaliti-liiillt of a
mint 11I 11 iriniln not i .t riii-il in liii U'-arri'!. i-li-vnlioii.
t.'iiniim'UciiiL.' at litoiiroii titatioli on tlio ('. (I. Kail Itoail
rnniiltii an Hid Hmilli lirani'li or MrMiiliou'N Creek to
hi in tin1, i Hit ol K iims linn, ttienro lii i-.iiil Itnii tn
wlnoi! il lurliji, llnoiri! tin-ni'oiiMt anil ti.oil ronti.' in Iln
llriilirn u-riifM (.'i!ilin.i IJiitI. at A rmiilriiiiil's Mills,
tlii-niai tlio ni'piri.-.it ami lii'.-t rnnli! to llin comity lino on
or Hilar Uin larin ot llfviil .Miiom-y. Anil alio that all
oihcr rn'iil ami iiarls of roails rtin'.luriitl unimtuiisary tiy
mii ill mail In- vacnaloil,
full. I Ic.Vi II. nl.
(fO'V'o I'lrsnns out if Emjiiiyvicnl.J
in j:vi:ii v huij-i iu.m hk tiiuu. isi'A'i nti.
Th : mn;t I'.hyanl and I'mJ'iU Volume uf the
Sf.ira' (-ileal Work uu Cnssiti.
JUST published, un lllustraled Descrip
tina ol tin- lillHKI AN I'.MI'lltl'. Hi 11,.. t rbj.i
cul anil I'oliln .tl llintury oTils lloviininn.-nlH an:l eio-viiii:i-,,
lnnltic inns, Iti'iiiinrros, I mii-rial loivi rnii.unt,
I'niiiiiiori'o, I'iti-ralio'ii, K.liii alinnal Mi-oiih, Kcnyion,
l'i'iii:i, Miinin.rii, laitonis, .nlii'iiiii.s, i.-li-., i-tr... lion,
tliu l.iii nt ulnl inoNl aiiilii'iuie Konicos. Ilntlu-llisln il
Willi nl.oiii -jell Mnuriiviiii'.ii, ami Mai'ii ni Mil ioican unit
."malic JIilMiia. 'i'lia wholi' linniiili li' tn imu luro ot.la
vo volume ol alum I 'nil ia-!rK, eli juiitly and siili-iiuiiiial-
ly I n I. Ili liOl iirici', ;:i.
Tin work liim lii-ini si'Viirnl vi'irs in ni.'iratloii,ainl
H ill, II Ik In Ih vi iI, int-i-t in Iln- liillcl tti.i I'l'lniiuii ol
to ivunl, i ivnnl so iimvnriially ti ll Inr icliiil.li' inli.r
inal ion on tliu In story anil iiiliimai n-Huitrti'-i ol a rooii.
try ota'iiii hoi no linuo a imiiiioii ol thn Cai-lorn Hoi,
plirri-, ami lioliluni --o liinni.l.ilil,! n iio.iii. ion al llm
mil l l-i tin: imt ol l'nuiio anil Ai-ia; lull ol ivhicli Im
li'i.ri u Known llianol any nltinr lliirnii.mi imlloii.
"m, n iicf'.lv intiiri'nhiii! vu'iiiiKM'iiliti.i-l 'Till;
itKvf a k uii.i; a i i;'n;i(i:s ik :i:i i:iiu,ti:i
I' iin'-riiunit tliu Kom an tic I ntl-ti-MiM tui
Aihriiliiri N in thi! l.ivi-.- iilHnvoriiimt.', Huli-smcii, lirti
1'I .iIn, riiin t', W in i ior,-, Travt J h'i rt, Ailvunlilirir', Vuy-.
nvM'rH, tv. cntiih iit in the History ol' Mnrii:( uml Aiiut
ii a, i im hiiliiii! HUctiJii'rt olovurVilly ri'lfitratfil licroic
tit fli'ltTH. Ili-.'iiiiitulv' illnstiiitcil Willi iiniiifruiid vn
I'liiviiu'N. (in.: vol, luii'jm-.'K, iiij itl I'Jni.i. cliilh, (-il t .
Tiirtt, ,-J.i,
'I'lKi n i jlK'r n1il isho.-t a itiiiitlfr of moM mliiuMc
TiiUii ml MiimKh, vt:iy ninl:ir, ftmt ol mich iiiokiI anil
M'll'ljiiiif. llillut'lh'f Unit win If Htmil iiii'H in-ity nalrly i n
i!'t'( in tlit'ir 4 -imitation, tiiry v ill ronft-r it i' ut.k' lien
iitit, jrihI rn I'ivu a i--. t it roMi'K.Nrt-muN lor their lalmr.
Il rTo iiicn ol ftticriti iNi-aiwI larl, tnit I tiMliMturt oiIVth
am otptii'tiiiuty ur irullUili'ii cm iln juc-tit ri;liliou to he
UH'l W 11(1.
i" I'orsiniH wirthimt to C'lman fit tlifir toilc. will re
niivr irnniHiy tV mail, a (;uciilur "toiuttiiinii! In" at
tii'iilurn, wiili " Hiring in ih to iiirrfiiM tli-iMit toa.t m
A'.'ciitx." lojdtliur with irnimoM wliicli tln-v will ha dir.
ni iiK.'u, iy aiitiroMiiii Htc Ktni:nitiT, poNt iant,
KiJiir.K i it. riihri.siim,
Inl Williim Htrtint, NW York,
I'.iii. n, I,.,.
NTIIitho 1st of March will be givm in
11-iiiliH. II ii the flli'.t of Alnrrh I
H ill i.liije my IniHiiii-iirt. 'riioinl
wlio iv.int i In. ni, IVutiheit ami
Ii y will iln well lo mil. Hoi-
II f iiIh will Im uttmiiln.l to tl:i-
ni.( Un- niontli ol Match. TIkhii
who h.itv lull VVuli!hu.4 lor rnpairH
Mitinil.l cull In r llieni hniinit thn Ut
ot March, ih thotn not -tm un-il
win im mihl lor charijiK. A l-iiy -.'I hour, an I Kiuliulav
lot kit on tin ml. v Ii I ill will Im H.i'il Imv. Watclma ami
Clockacnrelnly iiipuin il .ill thu Imi nl ,lati h.
U1 , , J-H. WtLMAM.-t.
Hl.ClnlMvill I ch. I, If.-iS nt.
.1. Kaaturn iliemioii; one anil iimeierallii. It Is num..
liiH alleiniuioiliiiaiiiMi the tai l lhal thn war in Ihnoott
miliily on accountol tettani In.ul a, i , W,,,.,
havo rtent into ihu Iiu'moiii Lmin. ,,i
k iiill Ihi-niailvani ethe iiloa Ilia it wan iinnalni al In ahavti.
Un imitlit aa wellarmin-lt ia uniiulnral lo tlulhu our
anlvea. Aly a.lvii'.e in ilia pri-miHoi ia
Nlutvu tlio COmhim-Uk,
ami llin war will eaaan. Aa a iri-venti,iivii in any l.,..
lunreut ile imtraliona in ihia part nl Ilia uh.l.,. nr
"-v i"vii e lonhnvi- Hut rliinaaml Inti-niil all who inuv
ilunrti to iiiiiluioMiia i. h r i nt iitiiixi iiic opuration.
I woiilil cull the alltnilioii o mv iiisiiinn ta anil mil.
era, lo my alock ol l.'olojne. Hair ml. -oiii,iionM ,.f
.........,,.,,..,. , ,,ai,i, ,,ai,.iT . noap. rooin I'tiiy.
.li-ra. hhavmii llrualina 'rootli lit, -, ll,r llrnshoa.
nioraanil llar.ar ttiropt, llia,ikinii anil HriiM,... .i..'
aall iny aliop eurutir l Alain fc Market aiVneta
Ht.Cl.ilrvi,'l, Keli. I, IM.VI.
Katiilt! of Dr. Jos. Howotson, DocM.
NOTICR i. hornhy uiynii that at the Pro'iato Conrl Tor
Hiilo.ool t oniiiy, in,, 1,o,,.r., .,l w. a,t,.M.i,.i,-,t
anil inalilleil aa Ailininntraliira ui the (..ui. nl II- Jo.
epll lliitviilaon, doe'd. Lit. nl lleliiuinl Coimlv.
All lhoe indelilrtl to .mil .-,iale. a.e reqnea.ed to mako
I"" I""" liaytni-iu; anil Uin-e Itavmit linnet a-aiiial
an ealnlu, iu noltlieil to pruaonl litem for e'.llmiietit
iiinn oiio j ear liuni il!i dale.
i-tviii:i.i, 1 1 k tv rr.sov.
Jmi:ril litiiiiis, Adm ra.
The l ook, ami accoi.nla may ho f.iiiml i-i ni. Ii.iodn ar
lei -il.. link i in,!. Jti.si;,-!! iiiKAjj,-.
Fell. I, IMS,
spills lino Farm
.1 Newtmrl. &l mile.
helonjfiiiir t0 NttH,a
Went ol tV'liiieliinr and :l
t'ttli ol ihu National Koad I
al unvalu Calu.
mi rami contains a1. out
130 Acur.s,
w..r", "'"!"' rllent .l.leof enllivjllon, well
nalureil and imoroved, with a food and Ural llivelliini
lot,.,. Ha,,,, hi.IiI. w.,u a, ,-.,., ,u..i.l!
niHK Hon.,, ami oiher onl liouaeaoii the preimae.: Al-uaiiKKai-
vtiiiiry or Kami-. Tho remainder i well
iinliereil, ul, u. liml.erea.y nl aere...
l or Inrlher paitunlata empiita nl Nathan Newport
rib. !' "' w' NCM "" at- t'l""'l'l-
I. Wklto Wash llruslies, sold nt
mi l nil oilier articles ni-ed I.v naiiiliTH, mM nt
aiir.il.; . Al.l:. A N lil'IH'n
V lws to l-r linil, liilnriiinr-iiiiillinlililltH'
II. AI.KXANOKIl'H llrnii flnrii.
..n:.li tn mt.n, at (JuneHj WTiiNK V 'I IKl.M Af)'.
'I lit MtaBiM i' will Arrive,
Loaded Hill of Dry (Jowls.
fl ''IlCnKFUUBi will Hfll my Stock ol
1 timid k, iiittaiivi thai' ivtf waolil in Hit- tdHrrn
I will iM'lljtootl Mint k HitK, I yd. wolii, lur HU
Ii'j to. with' ';
" Kilk o ail othrr clorn Al uny
1 liavrn t.fiTi' Mol Hpli'iitliil took uf I'li'iicli, tiiiilitth
ml Anicriraii AlfriiMM-p,
I Will (Til XUV. lilH -MlTilMiri t 1 ft
" ' AnnTifrn iV: Kiiiiliwh froniJIHj lo !H
" u Hiitfhr li McrinoKti al
Hnrli oh no Wtbli rn Ah rt liont ovr oaw If-fore in Uu
I luiv! H(l rtl'-i rn of Ah'fn ofall colurs aihI Mvlc
Wliii Ii I W ill fHI iH iiiH i Hid II f'VPr oli';rctl IM till.- or Ally
otht't iintrkrt. I loivt; a c !t-ipiil Stork of U l.itin fi ami
CitH-mnen'. I'iain. I'l-jlirnl. Strii.nl. Iirrril ftml all rol-
orx, I ill mil th'Mwsi ((iiahlv at'J.ic, I iiavooiilmm tor
Im.-1 st'itk o (iimihaitin ymi cvitmivv, i will ni'lldin?-
lo'iio (it lit rtt. fur uril, fitch tin i-'li ur Im, I liftvi l'iju
.ii-nso ihf lifjl 1 nliLocnyoii ever caw, I will H hi He.
hoc It as I have In-rMolorr t-Mlo" l l'.'l. I c n In if if Hr
Ktiritmiil ol HhawH, io all kiinH ami rfilori, l will kimi
Shawls ;i; iK lotiff At v.l.lnt, ttiol others nhuoHi at any
(mho, I hiiVc a hirydfttn.k ol I'laiinrl of nil coIoin, I will
:ll Ikil rimiiii'lf a! t I il w iilo ittf.'it., I havi- a ve
ry lane flto.k ol' .Mn-lnif. IUcfuln-1. I'iiMi avhi tl. :!...cil
if'iHl ol nil colors fur U l-lio l-.'i. I havo .i pitTtol rc.Mfi
iiioN-! dii'l t'aHin'.'lt. I will pv t'aft iin u lur fl pair ol
I'aiitri lur 5 1, Vi, itSLiooil m wan rold i ' jchrhir I
will fell a kmmI uilitlo ol n t'oat pnlrtoi ii i in ji il tor
ii,)li, I liavr llo' turci'fti ninck m' Iti ioly Mum t'lolliiiiti I
i.viT It ml, wlin ti f will ht'M al ahiiorit tint ptirrhitM-r's o
It, I have a 'niul hturk ol l!oot:, KIhs, liult', ('itpr, anil
u tlioioaml 'tilnT iiriith',4 tuu loilinuM tti iioMition, who; It
I will h'-II at tht! i-iinif t nit;. I .not all ol my olil custo
nii:n, ami a tliisutHl nt u intt'.-t, tu uhiic ami f'.vaniiii"
lor tlii'iiifi lvi f. ami Hr'y will Ht lirrt ratt; liargum to
Wicr riLiftiuctioii. lit tin. Ury (tuotltori! of
N. It. I l:r.vpnSilrii.li(t Hlo-k of Silk In :t,ol all
tiilorf. I w ill h 1 1 .ln( n low nf i,-"tt ami any othor
prices to unit tin; riiitoiMLT. I liavt- a lii-atiti'nf tock ot
riicmi.rtl iimiri-clrcvt:.; winl 1'ollu'H, w hii;h I Will toll
clirain r tlmn vw.f wan oltWi'd in this MarKnl. Auv
linn; I I avi- in my limMtf Immiirs, I will cxcludi-M-glor
all kimlsol iMintry rrmlnrr'. r. K.
iHl. l. luirrtvitlii, Nov. Hi, K5I.
rjHitow physic to tub J)()(;s.-
S riilvfrtoailici V Hvilro r.lcutric Voltaic riiaiii.
1 roil ii l i nif nistuiil ri'llf-t hum tin: moft acute pain, anil
pi.-rnianoiitly curing all NiMiraltric tlijo-nur, Klmliuu
tiMii, pninlnl ami ; I " Joinltt, Kmiralia ot
liio I'flto, lvalue, IHimlmft, Hi, Vitus
jJancn, Palpitation nf thn llcurt, prri
od itftl Ih-ailat;!!!!, 1'aiiiH ui tho rUtnu
ach. Imlnri'wliOii, hyMp"int U
tifNlH! I'aillrt. I't ruIViH, t'tC.
Thrsf t lir.itii wro lirnl ni.ioiluc4 tt hitlin city of Now
Vork ic.-n liiuiioiif! yea; (iiK(,,aml alter l-eimt (Hilijccliil
tf thorough ti u. in v!ry hospital hi thn citv, hioI ftp
i licil 1 1 y lr j. V-Llciitintj Mott, Cat iiorhan, Van liin tii
ami other, it was ftisroveml that thry p(Msi?ss 8tranir'
ami wondorlnl powt'r in Hit! rt liel and euro ol thn atnv!
clai-M o diseases, and their Halo, and the Biicceni that
hart All'-mh it tin ir iho in itiiparallelitd.
I'reviotis to tfieir introdiitiLion into thin country, they
wore iift d in evui v hospital in Kurniir, and mil m tnred
hy poll nw in l-'raitcn, (.'erinany, Aiihiria, l'ruHtin, ami
ii' la ml ; ami ft Imi hi the L'niled Hi ales.
The principles nprn which it ifi claimrd thatthehalnr(
produce their iitarvelonn mren are, lin-t Ihnl nil tinr
vnitH ln.-.caM ate im cnti. d and pi tihin!il ly u il;(ii,ieiil
supply o' nervoiiH ilnid, nod a'i a-jent that reccinlili rt
clurti-t) cli'cii iLit y, or electro iminnei ifm; and serond- -th
it the Hi't-iro magnetic rhaiio, t-y heinu wurn over
and upon tint pari ami oraii diHeaf d, tiirnili to the ex
haoU it m r oiik lliud wlnih in r qniml to produce a
healihy nction Ihroiuli the on tiro HyHtem. No diiMHliui!
nostriini is allow'oil to l e taken whilo iikhi thn chains,
hot a riiiid ol!ervance of the L'emrrnl laws of health nre
re-piired, llrik liicii-Mi upon the part diseaed adils
miii'li to the c He cts ol tliu cjiainit, hy iuci cud in tliuir
magnetic ptnvt;r.
One TlxntHiind Dollars
will he civen lo any person w ho will produced nomy
ell iuhIk -iiticntcil ctitiiltatcs ol cure, I oth I rum le.l
liiient paiii'iits and pi iintilir. pli sii iann, an ht vel tii
rilerte.l hy the use ol rulvcrinacher'it lllertric tJhains.
They i.evor lail lo peilorm what Ihey aro advertised tti
do, and no pt-rcon however hcen discutilicd w ho iris
jiivi-n them a trial.
more than our hundred permanent cores of Prntap un
I tei i Imve hcen eilVcted within the Ihsi year hy the use
ol thene chain. Hy applying one end oi thu chain over
tho rivj ion ol the al'ilomeii, and the other upon tlio spino
jiHl nl.ove the hip, tho lunul sevoro syinploins incident
to i Ital dine use arc al once removed.
RldOK orTtfB.
The rtiain should he inoiytpneil lieforo turn Willi coin
mon vim".ar, (ind then out! mil of the rhahi lioiild ho
applied direi tly to the neut o thn pain or dmease, und tlio
oilier emi oppo-eti 10 it.
UK NOT liKCIH VI'.IH Tho Rlectrie, Clmins Are
not tti c ure all dietses; hill lor N:rvons Diseases il is
chinned that Mi Medical Atrent in Ihu world has pro
ilnred mi uiuny r.nrea In thu last year as iho lilcclric
I NSTANT Itl'.I.I KK from Ihn most acute pain, is
rpodnneil al the inoineiit of appiuilion much uioro ef-s
Kh-t tnally than can lu proiluicd hy opium, in uuy oi it
C'allMml ohtain a pamphlet (-j rut is.)
J. S I IIINMUT, Hole Agent,
MW HrOiitKvav, ct. I'rinceSt.
Fold hy II. Al.i:.AMi:it. HI. flaiibvillu, Ohio.
Jan. iif, 1H.VI. ly.
Diiiniiyctl, .liliily.
l'S. Twilli-tihliirk l'Vi'iu-h Cloth, ''llour-
lli'i n x llike,, wo -til A til S 14 per yil, of inn til liner
Mlaily than timinly Iteen it way In tlna market allchl
ly wcl ny Hiikiii-J nl' a k.e.iiiiliiial, Inn linuiinreil tnher-
tvim-, Inr kale.al a m i-l sin-ij Ure A Iho. y.Olill yila Tweeil
riNsiineiii, liir r'i'il-e i'a wear, that iiHinlly aella lor
Hi to .'ill, alitil'lly tiiot.eil, tin. per lec t ill texture, miiyila
lor a dollar, at
Hnrreaaora to Itlioilea tt Onleliay.)
Furwartlinrr &l (onuniusiun Merchitnts,
And Gitoral rroduco Dealnra.
Hninuiii'iinT, Ohio.
J II no 30.
tiyery quality, for Hj.v cliean l-v
r in it
Sept. V!.
fc AfiI.B.
o.rui) Wmkki.ino. Va.
ThrnnlRcrlli0r tiavio? piocmcti a i omnlrtietol tools,
ronrt'n.iturol rittne". Lai iien, Hcri'W ti'lier, tc., oi tho
latent and in ok t anpinved pailrrtiit, ) now prepared to
work i i r.tfir hue, in v ia unai poatrimtj manner ami
low to "iiii.
Ilorio.iit i i.ii'.'inflij with or without cant iron lied
Upright Ki", im all kintiK ol iron p'imina. (Imvinix a
very lat-.!e mat h auraw cu.lin'j, Imltn ami ihiu,
heavy and Mvht turnim.. ti'iaA iit, e,c, a nd repairiiiK
i aritmii lorniiiocoi'i. 'owet louin'rv ourex.
W'f) tiuvi) coiixMntH on la' I or c jji Iithih'i at dhoit
luitleo, cim-'il''tl, fo-'prr r.vited Tralher hclthirf and
hote;rtpinl t anv mado. Wo relt rt inaniifuf.turer
nrirea.and make no cnar ro lor liei-'ht or coiiiiihkkIoh
ol'any kind,
Wu rettpeciitiuv a-K inoxo havina need or anvth"iii
onr line, to niviuna call, ho'iuviiitf n ca-i inako it
their iiitcri'H.ttiderl w th ti.
au.ld.ly. Jtl) jociu: fc CO.
NOTICF. Ib hereby given, that a Tetitinn
will lal iire.tenled lo llin Coiliiiiiaiinnera of tVI.
inuiit Ciniely, Oliio.llic Sih day of Marclt next, for Hie
laying out and eataldiiihln of a pratletl road, t-oinnie,i
emu nn the National Itoad, at the Kiit end ol Kairview,
riitiiiniK lo Kotitlietly ilireelloii. Ilia tiearutit and
heat route lo intt-rat-t'l thn uradetl road, rlllininii Vei.t
Itoin llai ni vilio, in tirei-ra lane, whuia tint pre.unt
road nnw inti-raeri. i.aid ruad.
Jail.l'.Hll--Ul pd.
Dissolution of Parlnerbhip.
jVT OTK-K ia liprcliy given that the Part-
1 liorliii liiiri'lnrnra rsiatluc lelwi'Pll llainra A
llalrlli r, iu l,uyiUvil, waa Una ilay lliaaulvi il hy imi
tiuil toii.uut. A ' i llni.ii IuiluhUul to thn a ul 111 in, will
pli'aau tall and act. In lln'.r acctniuta by Nute or other.
Tliu liuainaa. will he coutiulioil l y llalura anil llrolh
iu tliu laiua lni'. Thauklul lur hl lavora.llm
irn..iut llriiinariirblly aulivlt a cniitikualinii ol tlieaauiv
iatruuauii. ' 1
Jan. Ill lit. inl. ,
Etitato of Jitinos Seott, Doo'd.
NOTICK ia hereliy given that tho Sub.
crllmr haalivun duly aiiuiuteil and qnalllled hy
rinlml. I'onrlul lloliuuni iu. iiinn, aa Ailuiiiiulia
lur ul ihu kjlaio ul Jauita Bc.iu, liuc'd, lata o( eaid
All Muuekmiwlini tliriuielvea indrliti loaaiil V.taie,
rviUinu,l lu inaka .iiiiin'iIimo payment, and lliiwa
haiui claim, will iircaoiit llii iu duly aililieuticated lor
ettleiuvat wllliiuuMe yrar Irum tlua dale.
. ,o I'KICB COit.N WtiLL, Adui'r.
Vl:ll III. (Irnvsry Hlnre, lo Hi. room lino Am.,
I'Hrtl ol V, (liilil.anl, niul iionrlv onoiimlr Hni riH' -I'm
ulinp, wht-rlin lin it lurt-c mipplv ol (; 111 il ; I i;h m (.v.
cry vmii l v. mil ll k Cmmr, MiiIiihih-ii, Tm, ,
roll'i-, H-ii r, Tolinrrn, Hoiir, A1nii, I'l.ll olll jt
livery kill. I, lliini inin uro, r.intlli nw.ni, Wooil UtSSl!
i-imnri-, l.iini', HIiiivcIk, Piimli-a, llu, !, Korku in i.mh
kiml Hot-., i.'iiuoii nrn. ('aiiillo wick, Ityaatiill', Mmi
tier, A limn I ml mo, Kiii-, Knilf, tic.
Antliivnry lliinii iii-ni-riillv kept in Uroenry Piorim.
All ol Vi liir.li will lit- ilmi-oiieii ol nt tin; vol v iow't-Mt idti'it.
Anil uUo hrnpsren tn tnl. In Country inoilm o at t, imIi
ap. I.
I S3 1. Full 1'niilc. IH.'tl.
T swhkNjoy &. SON.
tN'o.0.1, Main fTrtKhT,
HAV'H jtist t'onimonrt! rccrivinij tlicirfull
imporiatid'o i;r ship "Hcitn,M 't'aronHj" und
(,'romwe,1 comprisinj a the iilf t nipon of
adapted to I hi market.
, 0 lh-y have over l.m i.nue 10 irnnsu. niyfiour wun
their r-tock on hand. The trade can rey upon etninf
art lil an a-iortni('iil ai In the Knntern niat ket, and ul
nrir.eK npuuy low, I nneen, to put toit inciter at h m.
they w ii dnpicatu halern Uulu jnirLlianeil mnce tin J si
ot .Mured tn'. .
)ACO IIKYMAN would rcsiiCi-trully in
rorni the titi.eim of Si. Clairiiville anil the t.nr
riinmliii'j ci-iinliy that he ha.i . lout retlirned limn the
I'.uti with the larnei-l a'ocli ol llry tloinls anil rlnlliinji
lie haft ever oll'ured lo the ;m!,ic. Hia.tock tonnifla in
purl of
falicoe-t, flincliaiiii, lie l.anea. 1'anlnoert-H, ('olini
('otli.l'reni li. Met i noes, Hilkn, llleachetl M nulin, llrnwn
.MiKliii.ChatvlH, a lur.-lot ol' l.a lie.t Hilk Miintlilas,
linn. Iki' ii hu la. niul nnlions ol all kinthi, 'I'ri inn Inr
llresneii, .'lanne., 'I'lt'-le l.'lollia.l.ailieaHlioitaul all kind,
aUo a luri-il utifortiiienlor
foAirt. 1-aitiH. VeHiH. Hhoea. Itonta. Carpet &'ackti
larie aKHortment of llnta anil Citpf. Uinlire! tail, anil a
rent variety ol t Ittnnlmerea. I'm jiiii'ltn anil Jeans, t'lolliK.
i-l,i.r.kM.I'tii'nfortH.aiiil allothor ArlicleM usually lonntl in
well kept. Ir v (lootl or i'lothinu Hloreit. 'j'lie whole
Mlopk will lie sold nt the lowtttt wires.
jnr'l.adlna Juat call and tee the lieanliftil t'allcoea at
only 5eonlfi a yard 1 !
i"'.AII kimlaor Country prniliico lakcn in excliango
at the hmhetii prirt-H.
Heiiininlier, in A Ihan'a properly, liniiiciliately op-
poHile ahm.'W'k natiuier rsnop.
Hfil. li-d, ll-.il.
J (lila t-ijlil at
apr. ul. II. Al.liXAMir.U'S Urns Hlnre
lJ Jin-' rec'il and for naleliy Alt Conaiiuv 6t Ktii.i.r.
I'pnrt, March l.'ilh, IKi.'l.
5 Hliirtu, CollurH, I'ravata, ypriiu tin., pocket liilkTu
Ulove.t, ilimu iiiieiMlorti. for aole rlit-ap hy
wp.:n. n Atii.t: it co
Mil subscriber has on hund a Inr'rc stuck
Jimt rnreived and manufactured expressly to order;
einiiraciiit an mc variciied 01
(iitk'inon'M Jioys Hoots ami Shof,
ami Ladies am) MiM'-r?, Fao v Piiokhand fA!'rt:iia.
I.adiert wihIihi to fnply thenirievitM are reqin hted t
can nun exniiiine iienoe pnrciiai'iiiK ei. twiieic. i;e ih
alti) prepared to do Ciktom Wouk. with mat lies s and
liKA'riiKR and Finoino, always on hand.
All the lore-joiug ri.rck, together with a lar-jo ahtiort
G II 0 0 13 11 1 E S ,
Isolfered Tor wale. Whoi.kh.ii.k or Rktaii.. for Oanh.
'ihn milmtriher Itciny deniroiiM tti cIokb Inn hnsine.
oiVerit lib entire stock lor fulu, on the mooi reattonaidc
also, roit SAI.U,
A llltlCK IIIIIMU AMI I.IlT on Main Htreet. PI.
Claimvitln. The llounu containing twti ood luihineiia
rooms, ami ilwellimr.
A I. fill 'I'WII I.IU'S AND inVHI.UNIi lldl'SH
Main crona Klreel, t-l. C'laiitiviilo. 'I'erms muile known
liy callini' on the Hnhttcriher.
I f not aolil hy the I Ht March next, the premiaea will l-e
lor rent, loraleriu ul Ironi J to .1 vearit, iroin im Ann.
ItlUIWIll) U. UY AN.
TVT'V iternonii knnwini: llieinelvea indeliteil to tho
Hllucrilier, are reijnei-ted lu call and Mettle ut aa early a
iliiv aa poMnihlo. It u u
tlcl. '--7, If.'i4.
C Peiinaylvaui. arrived al the I'ort of Wheeling on
inelith, liriiiriii the lollowinit valualiteii:
Amiiul.-iliiii'. IliHMerl tnr anil rtiLketa In- ..-nrw.
tilruineiila; llurria'a I'at. l-'orriet; rSpriiin
and Hum l.aurelH; UlcarHicatora; 'I'oolii
("ilea: Pawa and Filleta: Kxcavatura and
Rose drills; Mutith CiliiMses; Gold lL.-
and Tin Foil; Hold, Rilver and French l.eal; i cllovv.
l.'reeu and Hetl llr itixe. And aUo a !are:n aimmul ol'
rilre Imported llrlllli., all ol wlileh have heetl pitri'liaaeil
anil now lor uall-r JAb. tV. CU1.LINH.
Mt.ClairKvllle, -May lSHi, IR.'iJ.
itv, from to finent ailk, down to the cheap
palinleai. AL (apr. 14.) FKINT iSe NAtil.UU
Cheap Furniisliing Ware liooms,
No. f,11, 32a in Slrect,
Whero may be (mind u lnro assortment of
Funiitutv, rhnlrp, IiOokin j-CIasac.,
On tho most accommotlatinij terms.
Wlicrllmr, Va.,VrTT. lo y.
a-. for liulicr anil lAhla uanalvayt on iiaml at
ia".') J. JKI'HUN'H.
1VT o T I C F,
JL 1 Mrsnrg. Hunard Core:
I with yuii. ihruuuh the iiieiliuin of vmir valuahle na
iaier, to iiiiurin urn uuihi viiixouaui itna virinitr that I
have received a I.A1U.K and WKl.l. HE1.UCTHU alock
Which will he Kohl on trrma to milt huyern generally.
Ami renpertlully requvit a rail iroui the goods huyiiis
coininuniiy. )f ADAMS.
t. Ulairaville, ap. to, JM3.
WKIUWITZ & ASKEW having pur-
IkD chafed the r btnlil iah miit of Mr. Ibaao Arkkw,
would ri'0itlnlly uilorm tl e t itieim or Ht. Clairnville
and thu urrtiuudiuv country thut they will ioiiavlaully
keep uu hand a muu atornntnl ol
biuUUes, liridlcH, llaruess, Collars,
and every other article usually kt'ut In our line
of mittinesi. (lur woik will he made with
lieatueoii tiiid durahilitv. And in auv uvltf lie- It'
fired. Wu would renpertlully cull the attention or the
riuhlm to our mode ol' innkitiR collar a wo I.''" we
iave a i4iiern thai ia prof aaiuat KahliHS the fc'ould
era ol' any homo. We have alo an eiua tiiantity ;f
i.catner aion h iiipa. aiiui wuiuii we luiuim to aen
low i'leaef yita utf call and ace lor yuurwlvea.
I won Id Juataay to ley friunda aud old cdntotnera that,
owing to ihe siate o. my liealili, 1 iiave disposed or my
ho to Mr. Wui. tfeidwitvaiul my mon Wilton, and tha
InutiieM will ue couUuctesl by them at uiy old aland
FeeliuK thankful to the puhhc for tha lilutral patronauo
hesiowed upon m dttt int my continuance in busine,
I would ay that Mr, Henlwita haa been in tuy eutploy
fur several years piMt, and lel no lies i tan ry in reconi.
memtiiiK iiim to the puhlia aa food workman who will
Jo justice wthew,
Youre, 1BAAC AKEW.
Ft. t'lairavillt, May l!, If 44
iSlato of Ohio, liohnont County,
Court of Common Vkns.
NuHutt Evam
rinu lre Kvatiri.
i n ' i " J'" JJworrr.
fy ii a
.y dant, ii
U L K H M V A N H . dufVn-
in tliin ie. It, rienl v noulied that a mtl
tion wa nled in t: e ul i.ve iit ii.td rutin. H "i mhi r id
,rVl, y Hinii Kviiiif Mn wile, fimmit t! t thn parliea
!. lii'Mit men led. Hat tht reifl t.aifn hit the Paitl
Hiim.iii, niuri: ii. an three vt dtp uu., wiihiiut cniin',
nnd hrt- iiVrr rntri' i iihillv nWiut'd him. ell l;uni he .
fitiil pi tititm prtiyxiiirn divtrte, the cniid.v ul Othti
hveiiM. un I ti I ti ut r-ou nl ll, e pnrtn-n tmd nt l i ii.tin y .
H.H.ruWKN, Ait'yftit ittiliiiner.
Her. H, IrVH-fiw.
r. J. u. MAUrinsi'S r.i;Li:r,itATi;J)
For the re tiff and Cure of mtjferiitf frinnha.
It Plaint pie uininrnl
ftir it ciiroti pnwera
in all the oheatefl l'tr
which il tn iccoinnicnd
ed, iiMi.tlly cttlh
Ft'innlc loin
Ofthem' are I'li.it.Aiurn
lTKfl, Ol Fttllllllfol tht!
V'o.h; rt.tuit Wi.iii
r V hiif!; i muomi
Inii.ammatkin an I i i..
lN'llKNlAI. IlkMMl;.
itiitui:, or Fhiiriliti:!;
I'ainu i,, Hi rrito-Fii,
AND I lilt Kill ,AH illl.N
H I III" A'M'iN, iVc, t - il It
ull their ri iHi-nny intj
;viM, (fin-fir except
cd.) no inaltnr how h
ver )!' how long Ntnnd-
The ('iitholirnn Tar nnrparte8 other remedief. In l einu
mure cRitain, h'rt i xpenive, and leavinji thu fiymeni in
a l-(;tltr cnmlilinn. Let all inlereted call and ohtain a
pamphlet (tree) cnnialninir ample prnnl. iroin t!n; iniiNt
rerpectulde wnniTjc, nl'the I enelirial rentltn of It um;
toL'elher with h ltt.ru Irnni highly experienced I'hyaicittiia
wh'i have iifi il it in their practice, and pcuk Irumtlitir
own ol ervQtiuii8.
T. n. reckhain.M. I.,l'lica, N. V.
Ii. I). Kl-'niin:r, M, I)., Cuiiantlnii'ua, N. 1.
M. II. M ilia. M. It., UochrnUT, . V. '
ll. V. Koiito. M. I., Wyrar.B. N. V.
Trnt. Jtiintmr, M. 0., Ik'.ttimorii, ld.
J. r.Ornrk. M. )., lUMiniore, Mil.
VV. V. Kprtue, M. II., teew-tto- K Tlly.
V. l'TPWcitt.M. I., ;un;iHnrrN. M.
J. I'. ort hind, M. I)., 1,'lica, N. V.
I(ev. H. lleurd, (ilenn Hirint!n, r. (.
J"f 'Letter ad.lrf UHed tccarcol Mr. Curtis llatcli, dcnt
nl Itavennr. Ohin.
'lo Du. M aim ii ihi : 1 havo heon ten years trnnhlrd
with Teniale Cnijtiaiiila prntnpsna nterif and all tins
atleiidinL' ditlicultieii; at times HMMlerini my tiln inirt
inineridile. I have had the attendance of hihiio tif the
heHt phy doiaiM, n ilh hnt little miccewi; tho inol they
nnild do was to relieve a cure va out of the iiieiiuii,
I'nr live ninnth lielnr.TCOHinieiiciiicwith ynttr medic hie.
I liad not liecn ahle tn perform anv lal nr, could walk
hnt a lew fcleps al a lime, and ccarctly went out nf dnura
inhliort.l waa coinplvtely prottrated, loth in hmly
and mind, and expected to tlriijr out the rest of my ihiya
in millerim! and miery. Hut, reading your advertise
ment, I wra induced to try your invaluable medicine
called t'terine dtthollron, am the last resort I had not
lined it a week he lore I Iclt like Another woman. Ily the
npe ol three hnlllea I won cnahlcd to pcrrorm all the lalmr
lor Rlx in tlio family with easfi, and could could walk
anywhere in tht tinchhorlinoil without injury. Notlt
i ii if hut a tteiife ol uiy duty to you and to the aflllctej,
lias induced me to PtRto my caKe to the pnhilC. 1 can
anfely recommnud tho preparation to all thObQ buiH ring
like myell.
(Hi.'iied,) Mna. Pata-i Jl. Disnor.
Fruodonu Portcairn, "o.. Ohio, Hec. ii'i, IK8.
ir?'J. U. MUt'!M91 CO., Proprietors.
Central Uepot, 304 Uioadwnv. N Y.
MI'MrilRKY Li;XMH;it, rfgent, Diu-gim, Hi.
Clairrtviile, Ohio.
Jlt co'd hy John Mrllean, Cndi7.; II. n. Fawrett, Mt.
levant; J. W. Warliehl, Pairview; Hreutlinarr tic
rmtroiifr, WheeliiifT, Va. apr. 7, IH.i4. Iy.
.JL pertfully Minimi their friends and the public (iciic
fa'fy thai they have jml received a lafe stuckof
Spring and Summer Clothing,
wliirh will he bo hi r.slow as can t.e purchr.&cd cltcwhert
in thin tie'ti(in.
Alo, a full line of Cloths, Caeniiurreff, Vestinca anc
Huiiiuier (;hm!h m nerally, lo v hit h the) wnuhl pnrtiC'
ulftrly invite ihe attention ol tl.otit w ithii.g cny rticU
in their line. apr. 14.
mi. rout. Hoaaisos
I'liysiuiiin niul Surgeon
Of lite Ami rial n llrformvtl I'rncticeof i'riliihus.
t5 prt'piircd to attend to nil wlio may call
ilimu him, at alllinura, whoa not iiruljsaioually ati-
N. n. Dr. M. cures Canrrra without the line of tlio
Kniln, the only reineily Ium etiifin r Kniuvn.
(llHeo niul rrsiilenru on l-'iont Hlrcul, 9 Tonra bclon
CriswcH's Waru-llnufP.
Hell A ir, Si:.t. VII, I.' ,")!.
.1 ciiitim and linen ra; lr 1. HXiUiX
" 'IFtIIIglbT'"
J OUI.D rcsprrtfully inform tlio public
t V ifeuernHy,tluit they have just received a larjje
atldiUonnl puiij.Iy uf
llnihracinn ( ver t'onta of cvorv ilyla and quality,
I'rench, Hfick.ainl Ihix do. Black and I'anry CanBiniere
I'ant. t'avinett, Cord, and Ji ant do.,tt,iliu, Hilk, I'hmh,
and ('hith Ventn. AIno A lot of Common do. Ail of
whirl) wit! he en id at the lowest posnil.le ricen Tor Cash
We have nliu a lare and carTully pclerted ninck of
( loth, ventinu's, CnamineroH, CnsiitfttP, J rimnnn!ft
tVc which wo will make lo order in the hem style-und
ouho most ro iHitiifthle term.
Thankful Tor the liherat atronape of thn at year
we would renpRctfully ak a cnnlinuancn of lhexamb.
hi. c uirbviiio, toit.Vi, ih.h.
AT my instance an Attnrlimcnt srns this
d.iv IbkuoiI liv All". McMillan, a Juntire nr ilip
l'oar.e of Iticliland Townaliii, Uvliiiiiiit Cniiiity. (Ihiu,
ainiimt tho iriiiurty ami ull'ecta ol Aii liilialil' 'J"lioni
aon, aiioti.rpHiiltintnfuaitl tlnunty, fur the auiii of Nine
liullara anil four cent.. Tllia ttd duv nl January lrl.'.r,.
Jan. Is!, IHji. NEI.PIIN VANt'lS.
Hardware, Quccnswarc, &c,
'"J-'AKKS this opportunity of returning
JL. thauka to hia numerous ciintnuutra for tho nalrun-
aun which liaa licrutul'ure hiuui oitr'iiilcil to liiui. Ile ia
; aiiow riiciuviui; alarijo ami well I'lcrtml stock
l'S"jLi.J 'U"oil in hia line, in every reipeci ailaim d
2isIlito the wanla of thia cuiniuiiuiti' Ilia uiiipk
hall, hy lri'iiii ut aiiililioiia, he kept lull w-ar3jTT
auu cum iii'in. am ivi I lie ( ifiHiaiul til al : .VCi?
sucU ruti's aa will meet tho approbation ol all whs
favor him with a call.
Ilia atnek cunaiata in part, ofnracerlca of cvory va
riety, Hardware, Uueeuswaro, (llnaware, and ajfenerul
aHi.rtmi'iil ol Pruviaiui, ore. ore.
He ia prepared tn aicuiuiiioiUlu the puhlic Willi er
eryllliliu iiauatly kept ill (Irocery Pturea, Call and pi't
your auppliui, at the "old corner" ol Main ami Marietta
Hi. I.'lnlrarillo, A pril T, 1851.
1 AKK riSU.a5 half b!s. 0 whole do.
JLJ juut received and ior sale tv
Hrhljjepnrt, June 10, 1H.VI.
, Stale of Ohio, Belmont County tSS.
NOTICE ia hprci"iy givon thnt tho follow,
inn named Kxeetitorit, Adiu'iiistratoraatd Cwsr
diaiis havti tiled their accounts aud vouchers in my OJ
lice lor tieilleuient to wit:
Kvzia Knkway, Uuardian of Mary Kidnway.
JaineH riiilips,i;ua'dian uT Samuel T. Irwin.
Itavid N'aiswauiter Adui'r of Jacoh Neisvauier, decfd.
Henry Koriu r Ad u'r nl Christian fictiucharililec'd.
John Anil, AiliuVoi Frederick Wult, lereas j
'J'hornhurK Courow, Aiiuitnistraior of Jaue Cotirow,
, Jacob llendershol, T,, ofirhoia Monroe Itv.'d,
KI i Wiueuiait, Adm r of Taumoii Nitliols.dtt'd.
NaacTa'sa t, F.x. of Jostph IIiilsedecM,
Ti e (Wst threu almve named accounts will he for hear
ins aud settlement on the I hi, the next three on Ihetfud,
and the last three on ..ie:ddavs ol Fehruary next.
LAV11) liARUlii,l'rol.at Judse,
Jan. Wttt.
J. tin! ana lllue Ink, tee'd and for .ale
Nay Sli. 1. '1 HOiirsOV. .
X. hrariil poaitlvely aold at Wheollef prirea, at
apr. U 1.1 ll. ALtAM)KK'tt Druj Btera.
A f f the richest atyles wood plait!'
JL .f 5i pa. rrencli Mariana,
full supply of Tli Hi-
cmi, no ifaiioa, Aiaiiaiiiaa,
I)e Laiues, UiiiEhanis and1
'runs; in a wnru, tne mopi cumpiew siuca oi ureas
liondsaver iituujhl, tu Wliceiiiir, and al uuutiially low '
IT I, Main Bt. V luising.
rrHflntwuiilBtaitkeU. W. P. APIUTRY,
NO. U'i Piani irr. t i mti m m. v
f:itaoNa wi.siiino to I'Urciiask
I any artirlin nnually kaptal Drill lorm will art
lln lr inuiiff liark ly lalllni! nl . . .
i.r. (. II. AI.KXAMiKlt'K Drng ""l.
EANAWA i'.Al.T, alwuya on hand, and
I XL lor aalo atlhii l
l'l nl.air.villu, JimH,
'HAD AND IlERIUNO, iliri-it rrnrrt
llalliinr,l,i.trl'i rin'il anil fur aalo at .
Pi. ClalravlIlP, JillinS.) J"
1 ). I.'l.l'
T. COWEN, Attoukkv ivd
.Kli N'i.-i .1, l'i ni.i, . Hi. I'lfliiavilln. O.
3 f iil'I'ICI.: iiiiii!iili: llm Anwricaa llnnii anil nr
C.Triiir.alnill. apr. , 'S3. If.
W. NKWl'ORT, AnoKMir tt Law
9 inii Hiii.tr nun in I'Iiani Kiir, tl. I'lalrai Ilia, .
IT") llllitf iiiiili! tha Win, I'cnn tlonaa. fcb.8'j3.
AND l''OR SALE. Tha subscriber oC
VI MI'S nl land. Mini in mulun Nu. I. (irnca lowualiip
Him klnu cmiiilv, Olii i. 'I'lifro fn un the prfliiilaea tw
I'A IHN lli)llrK.-l. Almiit riniracruaarerkaritJ at oack
laliin. 'I'lin lanrt la well liinhnrril. a larpr quantity ol it
lii'inir ni.lar. 'J lii rfl ia plrutv nf H TON K CIA I, nn
II1HN lUli: un Ihe lauil. Haul laml lli'K 0 mllea froa
l.i KI AN, our mill' from llin IIIIIN hi: II N ACE, anil una
hull Unit- Irnm an llXCI'.l.l.ll.NT HAW Mll.l,. Kor
liTiua uuipiire n I .Iohk-I'H Wui.p, livllitr II mllca Irnia tha
liiittl.ur Un; HmiHcrihcr, liviua near CAIH., Itarrip.a
luuuty.l'hiii. HA.ML'f.L. 1IINHS.
Ciiilu Juni "Jl. IPM.
Sc lilostnyci's rultit "(iuttu Tercha l oat-
riWlft puliiirrihpr f( ntreut for Ihfae rintti, Th( natlti
X repistH Aifiia PnrtiH, and prevent oxidising in tha
ink. Hold hy urnMi or dux. The Trade and Teachers
Fill-plied on lil.erul term. J. 11. Wli.LlANH.
Be.. IT, IH.VJ.
Between St. Clairsvillc & Wheeling;
Tha Muhxcrihcr wilt run Inn upland id new Omnihup be
tween Wheel i n u and ti.Clair yi ?ch day, as In I loirs:
lieaveii fii. Clairaville every morninc except Huuday si
? o'clock A. -M., and Wheeling at 11 i o'clock I. JM. The
Onint' iiH it one of in; heKl kind, and iniml approved fie
inh .and pcMona ri tiitift in it will Hud it eiual in every
respen lothecily 'bujtui. ti. LLWIH.
Mt. Clairavillv, npr. 1-1, 1H51.
kUook t?turc. Constantly on hand a good stock
Clocks ami Watches of every variety.
ewelry of oil kindu; Filver, and C.crman Hilver Tea A
Tabto Hpoonn; HpeclucleH, Cold, Hilvcr, plated, and
common; School ami Al MreJIaneous lltiok;
Watchen and Clocks carefully repaired,
A kilful hand ran hRHeul t thu country to repair
timepiece;, on ihe Khortcrl noiire.
lpoouK and other articles neatlv lettered.
Bt Cl.alrsville.auff. in, 1K"i4.
pETER TALLMAN, Attorney and
IL C(H Nki.oii at Law and SoLirrnm'tM CiiaM'sry,
Ht. ClairHrii:o,Ohio.
"'(ulir.e in tlic room formerly occupied hy the Bel
liiont Uiink. au. 23, '51.
R. J. ALEXANDER has removed t.
the Seminarv nronertv't. Clairsriile. idlninius
the residence of Judire L'owcnT 11 is Oilict lias also been
removed lo Ihe aame nuilding.
apr, l;t, ViD.
stock orciof.ua, eiiilnnciiic 30 to 10 cliil'rrcnl i at
terns, in AltiHaiCi', iiino, J'npier Jlmche. Iron, tint,
llronze, flinlio2ny, TuFewood and Walnut frame,
for Kale as low aOne Uollar and upwardn.
No. 157 Main St. Wheeling.
J:X JuatcM anil r.ir aalohy J. TIIOMrSO.y.
Way 'M
ILT A V E just rorcivetl from Pliiludiljiliia,
a. JL the largem and heat seli'cteil atuck of
eviir hrniilit to this ilaritj anil will sell clinapnr Tor rash
than any iitlu-r iu tho West. Call anil cxuuiiiia Ucloro
luircliashi!! eluoivlicrn.
Loydsvillo, Nov. 3, 1951. if.
Watches, Clocks & Jewelry
No. 157, JTain Ktrce, Wheclirtsf
'PHB undcrnicned ha now on hand anew and vary
J- Ur;'i! (tnMrlftiiit of Waiclirn, Chicks, Jew el ry, 0.
A rMrf wnich he r.iHpectI'ully invites the uttentius f
ih c.ti.eiiri oi II A mem Coii.ity, an I solicits a call be
lorn piirchAHiui!.
Every .tritcle wi II he fairly repreHented, and wasxan
TKD AiS HK!'RC!CSTi;. J. T. t'CD'l'T,
No. 157 Wais Street, "WhccliSff.
Oct. 13, 1F.-I.
L. HATCHER, AiToiiNty at Law
Ht. CtairvilleOhio,
)! illirc :t iluurn cast or the Court House,
goplcmhcr iG, lH.":t. (im.--pd.
J. W. GLOVER, Attohnf.t at
I. aw amd NoTAttr Pt'DM'-. St. Clniraville. Ohio-
V r Oi I'M I'j up stairs ovsr Collins l'riijt Btore.
Partirular attention paid to the aeiilement of estates.
Povern-or-Attorney anil other con veyanciui executed
prniii)t!y. A i knowludseuienld of i)i:od, Tuwera-ot
Attorney and AUntuiinee lalten.
AlfO, Agent for the Ohio Life Insuraucc Company.
I. ile ruliciit- if-tueti uu Ihe Uo-.ial terms.
June ii:', 1KV1.U.
CntefuIIy nroprired and ncutly printed, for eoU at
the Uhrniiiclo uliice.
i'EiysioIogy lor schools and laiuilies
Culler'a riiyxioloiry, lare and small, with the platetu
mounted and pajier. A Iho, (JiVi'nleaCa arUhinaiica. 1
havo foruiMi au acency lor thin Co. for thene important
works, and can uive them to the trade, tihoola and fatni
esuon lavoratiie terms,
School hooka Generally on hanie'.
J. 11 IVJJjLtlAftlS
Rreaaof the war In the East,' and tha axaitaaiea
o I Americans on that question,
till continues to bcII goods at hia old stand ehcap and
noun. Ha lias just received a new stork, or good anal
i UUMnUfd Hill nwcally rfilurcil cjiccs.
ATI kiiiclaat (,'umnaiy ririlncj m'Kisii ni cichange.
TTAVE just recieved frcm the manufactu-
a. I rera an invoice or the fluent TAIII.C I i l l.l.ur
ever In imi a hi lo this city. In addition lo theirlaree and
varied assortment, they have a lew aella of from t to aa)
pieces, cnrini'd In flue Mtahnirany ca.iaa,to whio tliaalt.
ti-uiiMi l Indus ia particafariy iuviud.
epl i
Kens Cincinnati J'ure While Lead.
3 HI'I" l.inneed (HI.
fill iral. I'arlor White, Just received and for sale at0-
loweatcasii prices inarcii va, m. jamls tv. ioli ins
St. Claiftilll, "
Have nn hand a full assortment of (Jloiha, -'asiiihierag.
and Vektinus, which they will inaUeto order in the real
est styluaud on then.ost leuaonalite terms: Jan:$r
. aaaoriineiit, emhraeinj! every article neccasarv to.
Lhe cnmplellun uf a Kentleaiail'a warilrulia, at
apr. ii. ruiNT ic NACLE'?.
Kiigliah &. American .Table Cotlery,
JU8T ree'd direct from the mannfaciurera, an exten
ive anaortn t ol TAI1I.K li 'I I.KKY of rarioua
atylea and iitialltiea, wiiich fur rlieanue.8 cannot b
eipialled in the city.
bit iilSN tlx Il BON.
Wheeling, Junelri,
Warranted lo stand the I'uld weather, without
1'hilline. altho Low price of IMI cts. per t.alloti, for
salt at J. W. COLLIN'S
Drue Etora.
Nav. S4tk. .
VV mcnt.
1'rcparad and sold hy
U. I). TUMLINSON, fols Proprietor,
LtoioaviLLa, O
Tn whom all orders fur the ahove Liniment aiii.t ka
atldresseU, either liy wholesale or retail, or on eoutnila-'
This Liniment la well know, and IiIiIiIt r.coremea.
dedfcv Veterinarv riurar.ns.anil Fannersof eioerienca.
tliromjlionl tue Plate oi iinio; anu aa tne i.inimem uaa'
dean fairly tested and acknowledge' he
he aa eood aa
reconimended. I will nut atlemntt ' t ive tha pohlic a
detail al wkt wonderful cure il Aa failermod, lut

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