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After i'0 Jry inipurtnnt. matters,' discus
iua arose batwern Mr. Ut'iijauiin and Hew.
ard, ir-apr-cling tha late meeting of ship ow
ner in New York, regarding the bill pro
viding fur thf carriage o( paaaenria in
atcaoi and olhor vciBfU.
. Mr. C arose to ir.ike apt rsonal exrla
(nation in relation to Lurd Clarenden' speech
io parUaineot inwbiuh li.'d declared lhe-1
all.aiKe of France nut only perfect, but a
eenfirriiation of policy willi regard tu both
X. Bennett' bill, granting lands equally
to the several Slates for railruad purposes
was laid 4a tlx? table.
A bill fiissej amendatory of the gradua
tion law of last session, providing that nfli
davila of person entering land msjr bn made
before any properly auiiiurier' sflicer, under
iueh rejnlorions as tb Serstary o' th lute
rior niay prescribe, without, as nuw, n'tiir
iiijf ihetn to go lo the land etfice fjr xUul purpose-
Tlie House went into cininitle on tli
Civil and Diplomatic appropriation bill.
The kill was tlisrussad at some length and
saverul enieiidinsnts adopted; one among; otli
er appropriating SJOO.oOo lor the enlorje
ment of the Poslufike Department, and an
other ODpropriaUng a Kite sum to the exten
sion cf the Treasury buildings.
Tba committee then arose, butwithoutany
cV-finitu action vn the bill. .
liouii tiiiji urned.
Mr. Stunrl from thn committee of Confer
ence on the bill rlatin0' to swamp und ovr-
cU Lint!), ret) jr:"d tlinl the committee
, . ,
-VT" " " wh-ravy tlio
ei'vem! hutes which have r,,vej ed sueh
loud?, shsli within 'luce month notifv th
Unitud Htm titles herealler, nmy not con
flict with vho Ulute titles made in iuminnce
of a lonricr law f Conrnss.
Mr. Ksbiistiatl cbjucUd to the bill buing
amended as pmpid.
Mr. St'.uirt rzpluined.
Air. June moved toltiv it en the table.',
. ... . . ,,
,.cr rpecu. uuainess ol ll.u
Vi. i-i. . . . i. i '
Mr. ...ua.t ., nted taley over the bill 1.11
to-iimrroA laid aver.
, . . , ..
.,!r. Rusk Iron, tt.e commute of conler-
ncc, !!,,., the dii.gr.en.ant r the two
louse. Uiwii tha lex.s ere, .tors' hiil, renor-
i r.Tn ' "UJ fi,,y
in.msjna uoi are as the compromise.
ftn.idw.bla debate aros, upon agree...?
to the rep ort.
A.trr some remar'.r of Mr. Chasa in nppn-
moil io me uim tne report Ironi the ciniuit
teu on confer nee was cancurmd in. Ilofli
Houses hnvc.tl.erlore concurr.d and tho bill
goes tot he Picsident,
The bill extendin; credit on the dutiea on
railroad iron was limn ajfiin tuken up,
Mr. Crodhemi opposea snJ denaiiuced tin;
coux,e wf the. friends of the bills an abiiu
lasiRitiit' of the principle of a revenue t-iir.
The bill was debate.! until adjourned. .
Mr. llrecUnridgfl frsm the comtniltoi! of,
conference on tlje disagreeing votes of the
two !t(it)e un tho amendment to ill" Texas
I'reJiioj bill, mude repirt. Tl o S.'tute
bill upprup-Mted AVidO.uuO. The House
reduced this t ,iij0,(J00. The conference
agreed lo flit the sum at $7,7.'iO.UOU. Mr.
Uri'c'ienririge said th tho Senate receded,
from nil it mendiiienU except to tho mun,
mid in tl.Is It fall. S7.i0,(H)l), 'i'lie auiei.d
ment. requiring IVxas to ubundoii u'lher
claims is rotsined. . After a long and patient
Oelibyratieti the com. had agreed lo recom
mend this adjustment. Ho repeutrd it in
lus brm belief 'but ijns is
1h hewt mittl'llil.!
idiiistnifelll.f 'lhe Bi-rnlexed n,iolin.
Mr. Cutting cuquired w hifther it was to
put ul rol now mid (aruver ibis matter bo-
iween wio u. I, and t ext's.
Mr. BrtfckenriJge replied: And the credi-'
tors, In the present condition of our legis-
laturo It was i.iipr.rtsnl that this adjiislaieiil
bliould receive the ejnrurrnnce o!' all the par-
tie Interested. Tho dUiitiMiiilied Seuutor
from iexun, Mr. Rui.k. has linally roiiKenteil
to I e proposiliou, and pledge d Ii'Iiim-U io ob
tain tlie ruii.i-nl vl'Texi to the uieuauro.
Alter ftirth'er dehii'o tho report wua con
fiirred In 2i tu 77.
Tho House then went into committee on
the Civil and Diplomatic appropriation bill.
Blalfy am.'ndtneiil were proposed and dis
cussed, hen 'ho ronituiliee arose.
lluuae adjourned.
Mi. Wlfwart preseuled a resolution recom
mending tho erection of buildings in Michi
gan fur the reception of prisoner confined
by authority of the United Sliitea referred
tu com. on Judiuiaiy.
Mr. CIubd presented severul petitions
from rilim-ns of New Voik, in fuvur of a re
peal of the fng.tiva slave act, and tho sboli
lien uf lneryiii the District ol Columbia
the pruliibiiioii tlirreof in territories, Sic , and
moved they b referred lo a select committee
in order that I be p-aycr of the petitioners
may bo properly considered, and that the
views of thosit) niei(iber ol Congresiwh') uro
ktigmntised asfjnui.es, amy be correctly un
deratoud. He asid the sections of the coun
try which held confl ctiug opinions tipun the
subject of slavery, would thus understind
s-aelt othvr, and the loose representation and
uiiirepri'itfuUtiou upou tlii subject would
Mr. Wllr Xbere are but eight legi!
tivo daya Veil in thia aasslun. The Senator
from OUio, has aid tba petition in hi pos
tessiu'u for a leng lime; it i wrong lo Intro-
jce at th stage of the aessian, when wa are
pressed with much lauportaot publio busi
ness. I nva that these petitions lie upon
the table. wliet I hop thay will fjnd that
icep4hat knowa na akiiig motion agreed
to, yea i'j, naye 13.
6q oiotivn of Mr. Hunter the Senate resu
med the coasiderstiou of th invalid pension
bill a repotted from ibecsm.en Com. with
tba rjcammeiidstion (hat the Siinata concur
In I be 'louse amandmeet to th Senate
mendauLs of lb bill. . i
Mr. llaailia beped the Senate would not
concur in the report of the coin, of Doin. but
inaist upon .lie former, sine oilmen t Uoui
amendairnt agreed to, which passed the bill
yee 10, Day 19. . .
'lie. ,Clar f allad up tba bill extending the
credit en tfatiea on railroad iron.
Mr.Taarca oeaoiei tbf bill. Ha did not
HSk$ idefart freai one . rvno'sytnt to
f rani temporary relief te railroad eampanies,
and protract the aame, when we can manu
facture better and cheaper iron than we now
ge( from abroad. American railrasd iron la
oow 16 percent, better tl.nn foreign. We
injure by this bill the establishments for the
nmniilacture or railroad iron in this country
these amount lo a consid table number,
and come ol them sre very extensive.
The report of the joint com.nittye of con
ferenao on the diasgreeiiig amendment of
but I home to the bill for the relief of jiur
chassra and lucutor. ol'swa'np and overflowed
Ion Is wis ad t d.
A bill whs passed orif inir. ttf the District
of Columbia lusun luslitiilion.
Mr. Middlesworth Iiietlectuitlly appealed to
take up a pnssed Senate bill giving tUlitiun
al lundu lo soldiers ol tho war of ltH2.
VV'a.thing'.oii's birlhdoy would tlnis be patri
otically oumineniornted. He gave notice
thut Im would u Tuesday next, move tho
cxiisidorutiuii of that bill.
The bill grant ng Lnd to Alabama in ui-
ding railroads iu Hut Suite was tabled 'J7
ogai nst 73.
The Birth and History of "Sam."
The Rev. Mr. 1! rook 8 delivered a leolore
at Georgetown, D. C, on the Temporal Pow
er of the Pope, in .reply to Father Bernard
Maguire. At its close, he said he did not
know '-Sam," but ha thought he knew his
history. Sum" was born in tlm garden of
Kden, wni'i) the world was deluged, he rode
out tho l od with Noah in the arkj ho was
present at the building of the towtr of Uubct;
he wandered with tho children of Israel io
the wilderness; lie wan with Miriam in the
inspired song and datice;he blew the lui lust
U.ii tn.inn.-., fl.n It- - C f...!
.iiia iiviii viuitipvv niivii cue Willi gi rfCI'
cll0 Ml. he clotl(!(, Jonn lla liirt MlJ
w wiln hirn lhe bank, , ,ie'
t,i.i .. ((l !,.:. nro.i ...t, i a
ol righteousness and judgment tu come before
Agrippu. He had a hard time with the Popes
and tho Inquisition, but it waa lie who poin
ted the young Luther to the dust covered Hi
b!c on t!io neglected shelves cf llie. old mon-u-tery;ho
brought Unit liiblo wilh him across
the ocean, in tho' M.iyllower ; he luid the cor-
nni lI.iih ..I'll... Ar.t .... -U .. '.. : ..
. n.u UlBb I IULCDil bllUi lill III
lie t,,mit. ,nj lt Wili ho w,10 B0 ,tirj.eiJ up
the old and the young, the rich and poorjiigh
ttlJ , , lhe'0iprefwd coonie ,lut cvt
, , ...
'the mountain boys knew that "Sum was a-
rbo.,t.,' II,, introduced Patrick Henry to the
lllllim, , ,,, Vl ,nj, of v'tv ,
hvh(n wiUl ,U Mu, overll(Kvi w,'h the'
Purest patriotism, and his voice clothed wiM.
hn power o t,,un,e
r.gnve utteranco to those
ilH rt.l words, .till echoing i 0Ilr eUrs-
, ., , " , ..
.'(Jive tne Liberty or uive me D-alh."
Whattt IIoriiinox, a Scotch clergyman,
wus'a mun o!' great wit and humor. On one
occasion be emrea'ed un ollicer at Fort Gear
'gti to pardon u poor fellow who was sent to
Ihi? hultierds. The ollicer ofl'ttred te grant
his request if ho would, in return, grant him
the first luvor he would ask. Mr. Morrison
u'reud to this, uud lhe ollicer immediately
ilviiiauded thul the ctremeuy of baptism be
lier'ormed oil a uunnv. Thu clerirviimn
agreed to it, uud u party of miiny gnnlletuen
!""'"'bleil tu whiishs lhe novel bupliHiu
Mr. Morrison desired thu ollieir tu hld no
the dug, us was custoinury in the baptism uf
children, and suid: ' As I urn a ministe of the
Church of Scotland, I must proceed accord
ing to the ceremonies uf the Church."
"Certainly," said lhe major, 'I expect all
the ceremony."
"Well, tbon, Major, I begin by the usunl
questions you neknuwldge yourself ilw lutli
er of this piij;iy !" ' ' .
A rour of laughter bum fioin th crowd,
and thu ollicer threwjho candidate for bap
tism invny.
A Biblical Reputation.
One ol tho Maseum's old and valuubla
'"i repoiiden(s .Mr. Lord, who is now resid-
. . .
Mug m Illinois, was ti short tune since Irav
l'ng trom Jacksouvilla to Psoria, in that
htute, and as lis wus passing a small hut on
the routl-side, he noticed a ehaggy-headod
buy, of about eight year of ago, with Lrire
eyusund mi hat, dressed in a worn out puir
ol tuiliei s truwsers, trying tu balunce him
self on the splintered lOj of a hiukerv
M ire f.ir thu purpose of breakings the
iiiinioiiifiy ('riling nil dny without apeiiking
th in to gain inluiinutffti, .Mr JLird reaigned
hi. Ii ru up to lhe i'eiue,uuil vxcluinied;
".My little boy, cun ymi tell me how far it
is to Smig'iuiou ll.iltoms!"
''II. .ut nix miles, I n clioit."
"Duyou live in tlnit iuu,e!" inquired
"I rerkoii," was the reply.
"Day m enjoy ymirsell out heroin the
woods I"
"What nils yur punts!" says Lord.
"Tore e'ui," wii lhe laconic answer.
Finding he had hold of u gcuiu that
ru.iliUi'r be puqiped,, Mr Lord turnnd his
horse's hesd to .depart, but In hi turn wa
aow hailed by the boy, who, in a comical,
hnlf-reliii taiu tone, exciaiued,
"What mout )our name bel"
''Liud,"wis ilia reply.
Yua seem pleased," said Lord; "perhap
you nevef heard lhe name before,"
"Ye, I have .'"ropliod the youngster; I'
heurd pup reud uhout youl".
Laid put spurs tu his bursa, and any thut
even theaaciad thought to which the inci
dent gave rise, were not ollioitnt to keep
biin trom snickering throughout the rest uf
bis Journey.
- '
Have you got any Nails!
"A tall, ganky-looking countryman, du
ring the height uf the business season lust
fall, walked into one of th largest wholesale
dry goods house on Ilroadwsy, and entirely
Disregarding the invitation f the nuniarou.
saleaiiiwa to Inspect thair latest patturua, he
strode into the counting : room, where the
heads of tba estublihiniil were titling In
solemn eonelave. After taking a eureory
glanc of the rouin, and surveying attentive
ly tha faces of ' occupant, ha aked with
so unctuous Yankee nsaal twang:
"Say, yeou gat an naiUl" ' (: .'.
'Nail, irl aails!" repeated the most dig
dlfied Duinbey of the kt, 'No, air, what
should w do with nail!" ,,
Wa"!, I dunno thought maybe you tirfght.
Ilaintgot no nail, ebl" .
'No, air,' replied Dorobe again, with an
emphasis, and pointing t j th door,
: Xba individual In search of nails took hi
lime about it, ait left tlia'counting reein. , Jn
torn ha aaketavery clerk tha ism quaatfeoj
and received tli Informstiep from all, that
"noils" formsd no part of the stock of the
' 'Well,', avid he, Roinjr towards the door,
,'di n't keep n til hre nohow !'
The principal salesman, whose dignity was
,urt by the idea that any one should uppote
that un establishment where he held a pram-
inent place, should keep nails, headed the
countryman o!f a lie was proceeding toward
the entrance, and asked him abruptly wlfat
hu wanted tl e e.
Wsni,' eaid the countryman, a cool as t,
cucumber, ;1 want to know if you've git any
nails!' ......
'Nil,no,sir. You've bren told ngainand
again that We've got no nail so you'd bel
ter go.' '
Van bnt you really ain't got no nul l!'
'No, sir, I've got no nails,' .thundered the
principal salesman.
Aint got no nails, ehl Well, then, list
losk a' here, Mister, if you ain't got ne nails,
what an anfuljix you'd keh in if you' i Rapjxn
to hate the itch!'
The countryman opened the door, dodged
the boot wilh a foot in it aimed at the seat of
his pnntuloons, and left the principal sales.
in rin and alibis satellites to the knowledge of
v.in !act, that for once instead of selling ihey
had all been sefd.
fjTwo boy under 21 year of age.named
Theophilu. Steele &. Jas. Blackburn,-foiight
a duel near Lexington, Ky., lust week. One
shot wss exchanged, and Blackburn as
wounded in the leg. The parties wanted te
take another pep, but their at cunds refused
The difference arose out of an old family feud.
0O"'n the noted case of Frt. the musical
director in New-York, against Bf.skett of
tni Herald, .wherein the former obtained a
Midme(it of $19,000 against the latter for fi
bel, the Superior. Court of tho titate, ha
grunted u new triul, whic"l will soon take
ffCT"It is snnl that dir. Uutneron "nvo a
written pledge to the anti-Nebraska mem
bers of the Ponnsylvuaia Legislature that he
was with them, and would act with the anti
Nebraska mon to th? last. The misfortune
with him is, that the people have douals
about his integrity. -
03The Governor of MusssachuHetts was
arrested inBnston, on the 15th inst. He
is a member of a mercantile firm whlc'i had
violated a city ordinance by leaving boxes,
&c.,.on the walk.
Young Ladies and Gentlemen.
f ly HE Fourth Session of this Institution
I will loninipncton Mosdat, April 'id, IBM, and
continue M week: ,
Viiiins (ipiitlf iiicii,'vililnir loiludjf civil enjineer
me ami utruy inc. willhava a loTomlilu npiiorlmiiuy,
ilurinu ilin Kurins anil Hiitnnmr eiiiana. Hi ilia nranrla.
Urn Imvn prucureil all Hit ill'trumoliU uccamiary for
Mpccial aiiantlnn laglren In till. Inatlliiiian tu thors
winlilni; luinalily lliitmaitlvna aa titaclMTH.
Tuitiiiil Icpiiare muiliiratn. and avary care la takan la
afliird lo yiMiiu l,ailianil Omillrmrn lljn niaana r ae
qniaing alliuiuui(li Claatucal and MalheiuaiicaJ educa
tion. For lurtlitr inrorinalion inquire of
narnaarilt, Kali. S9, Ifii.
For 50 daya at llic l?eo Hive Store,
Wlici-lintf V,
i)EIN(i desirous of reducing their present
J Hti:ck an nnicli ax ponrtililn ha. V V.-- 9
lure ilin bpamntf ol H.iriiin 'I'miio,
vviI'.i.Iit mi CAKII tlii'imiliroslurli
'af IV niiar fioinlii, ai l.'OST, tiniiri
siuu alill llio l.arsrsl ami iift diMi.
rnlili? Binrk in tl. City. Kuibra-
cina in pni i
III) l.oini anilRnnsrs Brarlia Bhawla.
IISH'tnaka and Manilas ol Valval, (.'loth and ik.
BIHM.nn( and Mq. :lolli Mawl, amliracin. loniaorili
ricin si iiiunin nnnwiaaua vioaaa, IniimcliiU a I no tli
halaiiciMil'tliair Hlnck or
Wool, VVonl and Ullk and Wool and ration . Dram
nomn, nains alill Ilia mo.t dasiraliia ainnrlinont of
nam i uui i aainnarrs, ail wool llalainns nrliilrd do.
falimarea, .Meliueu Oloakoi L'loll.a and Irimmin-a,
Uniinaia anil Rililiona. Klannnla. I.iiisava. Ac. arc. w
also wi-h to call atlaullun to our (null) lar.a aiock of
r.un, niiinraciiiH luura man iv.nuuyiia. 01 aviiry ahaile
aiyla anil oialily, whli.hloaolluir w.Uiafiill variety of
Ueods, will unaltered si greallv rcdiirrd nrlra,.
at'OiMK TllflM AW,
Fab. IS, 1H55.
17tf Wheel i ii a.
NOTICE la hereby given that a petition
will be presented lo lhe f'oiiiniinainuere nfRel
mout County, Ohm, at their auaaion coiuiiiaucin on the
lira! .M.inday or March, lf j.1, Tor the eilaMi.lniiii .! a
mad at a uraile not eireedliif Ave desreea elevation.
CoiBinencIn at (lleiicne stalinn on the C, o. Hail Koad
riiiiuius up lhe Mouth hranch or MrMahou'a Creek to
near the nioiilh or Kings lliiu.'thenca up eaid Uun to
where it furka, thouoa Hie neareat and heal route to the
Itnilie acroaa Capllua Creek at Arinslronu'a Mills,
thence lite nearant and heat rmne lo Ilia conutv -line
or near Ilia farm or David Mduney. Anil alio that all
oilier roads and parla or roada ruudored unnoceaaaryhy
Keh.l,lHM4t. pd. ' t ,
Eatato of Dr. Jos. Ilowetson, Deo'd.
NOTICK. i. hereby given that st tha Probate Court for
Helmutit County, tlie undor.igniid wars apiwiiiiod
audiiualiiied aa Adinitiisiraiora of the estate ul llr. Jo
aeph llewelsnti, dee'd. late of llelinont County.
All ihnan IndrhteilHiaaid eaiale, sis requested to stake
Immediate payment-, and those having claim, against
said esiale, are noliiieilto present them lor etilement
w ithiu one year from this dale,
JllMLl'll UOtlUS, Adni'ra.
The bonk, and account, may be found In my hand, af
tor the llllh lust. . , . Juab I'll HOUUtf.
Peh. 1, IS4J. ,
IN pursuanta af diractiona roDtained" Iu tli
Will of Samuel liiinn, Deceased, th fuilowiii
ltoid Esttito
Will be oirereil at Public dale, by hi. Administrator)
A tract ol laud containing
off the Fast end of the South East quarlar or (feclioa
S, Township, and Uange d. tha line ol division run
am Norlh aad South, the entire width of aaid quarter
Heel inn. Thia Hart la situated about I Mile Waal or
HAS.asvii.i.s, on tha road Iu r'auvlew, and anon It I. a
neat COTTAliU HKSIaiENCK, calculated lor four
ii... in. on uieiiisi usur, ami partly iinnntshad: there is
s Wsutcouvenlaul and a Hsas, th laud ufexcellant
Hiiauiv amiiu ou or ,u Acres elesreit and turmerly
owned by Henry tirear The preimso. will be shown
by tlie tenant iu pnaaeaainn tft auy uu wishing tu ex
amine. Pals on the premises,
Weduradny, Murrli Iltli, IN33.
Retween t!ie houraof 10 and , slwhleb tiais III l.rnis
will bs mads knuwn.
Or tli South waat quarter of Section No. T. Tp. 10,
Kaue U, iu the Sleubeuvill district. Thia tract isou
six mill Hun, a branch of SrittWATsa aud within one
nilt.i vfCuljaaai.Aiu'a w Wuoo'a Mill and about 7 mile
Nuilh west 01 the Town of rLUaiUH. ' Th Laud la of
goon quauiy.nnaiy i iinnar.u. aj.uul Hi acrea ol it DO '1'.
TOM LA Nil and about u acraa cleared. It haaoalls
email ft' A KM litilSMand SAW MILL adjuiua the
prsmlses. The Land will b ahowa by Hubert Pun a
hu reside, on it.
SALE ON Tile) 1TTH OF MARCH NK XT, between
thadieura of it and t.uutht premise., wlisn ths Tsims
will he uisds kauwn
ISA AC II. CD ANni.RR, Adm'r,
Wilh th Will anu.iod of idmuef Dunn, Oas'd.
Fehrtury Ii, IcAS. (.
MM- - " 1 " 1 S ,
AfoVnry aa9 Couu$il!of , Lu,
: Naaavllla, Urowa Co. Ii4.
N. B Particular tiention will ba lra ta th
Colleoiioo ol fclaisus, Jtfl, , . ,
fab. l, lM.
. Whits Waah Hiastaas.aold at
apr.Kl.) II. At.GX ANDP.H'8.
and all omar articles uaed hf aaintara, sold at
apr, xi.; . ALtiAIMirU'I .
V r alwaye lo be hid. Iiilarfor mnillnuaiilllira.at
aprSl.) .
M, ALaXANDEa'd liiof Hiorav .
Eastern make, at (June:i) ai'ONK di TIIOM A8'.
The SteaatM t) uili Arrive,
. Loaded full ot Dry Gooda.
f THEREFORE I will Sell my Stock of
L Uoode, cheaper lliau ever waa auld In the Weatern
I will icllgood lllsck Bilk, I fit. wWe. for ' t'h
" " " " twin, wills ',3
. . " " " Silk of all oilier colors st any
I have s.Lars and dnlmdld itok of French, English
Slid American Merinoaa.
. will Ball the haat Hue Merlnoeaat t (0
" " " American Kiicli.h IronitlPJ to 37
' Engliali Mfrini.es al 3;t
Pnch as noU'cfltru Merchant ever ssw liefor in this
I haveM) piecaa or Alperss of all colors and etale,
which I will tell cheaper than ever oiFered in thin or any
other market. I have a aiilemlid Hiock ofDel.anpa and
(.'aminierea. Plain, Kinirnl, Siripeil, Barred and all col.
ore, I will kII the hem quality, at s.,c., I have one of the
lieatatock ortiiiiffhaine yoscveraaw, twill aallOim
haml at III en. per yard, audi aa sella per !!, I liavcissj
pieceaol lhe lirnt Calitne,ymi ever new, I will fell at Pc.
m h aa I have hereiolorepold at 1'Jl, I have s lsrs aa
aiirtnifnt or Phawlr, or all kind and color. I will fell
KhawliOt yda Ions at ea.lKI, and nlhera almoet at any
price, hnve a lame. Muck ol Klamiol ol all colon, I will
ell lied Klaiinelii allium 1 rtl wide lnr'J.1c.,l liavo a ve
ry lan,aiockol itiinlina, Hleacheil. Unhieacheil. (Ilar.ed
and of alleolora for .in ml. I havesr, mer.eaor rai.
nierea and 1'ai.miiein. I will acll Cmniiieu ( r a pair of
I'aillk Inr a 1 "J I mr..,A ... ...I I ... .. .... ,
will aell a Rood arlieln of Coat patron trimmed for
e,liO. I have the lament alnck ol Keady ,M adenoiditis I
ever hail, which I viB sell at aliiioul tlie pnrchu-er'a o.
ri-r,I have nirnod aloekor Hoot, Hliwm, liata. Cape, and
a urn maud oilier arnc.ea toa vedioua lo inoiiiion, wh'ch
I will aell at lhe mine ratiia. I want all nOny old rumii
mere, and a tlionaand ncwvias, to come and examine
lar tlieinaelvea, and they will Bet liral rnlo llargainal to
llieir aaiiaikciioii, at lhe Ilry Oood Wore of
N. H. I liaveaHplemlid Work ortfilk ilonneH, or all
colore. 1 will aell Mime ai low an i,!HI. and any oilier
pricea toanitthneiii-tiiiiier. I have a lieanliliil Mock of
i.neinir.eii liuiler aleevea and Collar, which I ill anil
cheaper than ever waa olliired in thia .Markot. Any
thins I have in my linenflmKiiicaa, 1 will eschaneror
all kiiiilaori'nuntry Produce. n. K.
ei.C'laimville, Nov. 10, IKH.
OirV'o Persons out of Umphimrnt.JQ
The most Elejtm'. and Useful Volume of lite
Scars' Great tVork on 'Russia.
)UST published, an Illustrated Descrip.
lion ol lie UCDJIAK EWI'IHK. Bein a I'liysi
cal anil Political History or ita (foviiriiiiieuta and pro-vince-.,
I'roiliictioua, Resources, Imperial liovernineut,
''out rce, J.ileralure, Kducalmnal Means, Hcliion,
People. .Manners, t'ualoitt-Jiiljiitiea, etc., elc.,lrom
the laliKt and mot iillnTrrTsoii reoa. F.mlieHislied
with ahflut -jliu Knr ravins". "d Mana Ol Kuroiean and
Asiatic Itiissia. Tha whole coaipleln lit one larne octa
vn volii me ol ahniil iIKi panes, elegantly and substantial
ly hound. Itetnil price, S3.
Tins work has heeii aeverat years In preparation, and
will, it is tmlieved, meet in the IuHchi acceptniinn or
io word, the waul so universally felt lor reliable, infor
mation on the history and internal resources or a coun
try occilpvnij so lame s portion of the Kastem lieu.
phere, and holdim; so rormidalile a position at the orea
ent lime to the real ol i:nroH and Asia: hut ol which U,
less ii known tlisti of any other European naiiou.
irr"A'o, adeeplv Inleresiinf volume. entllled'-'TIIR
PLItUOjMri," eiiiivaciii tlio Uotnatilin Iticideuia and
Adventures in the Lives of Sovereigns, rilatesiueti, tieu
erals, Princes, V'arriora,Travellera, Adveittitrers, Voy
agcrs, dc. eiiiineul in the Hislnrynr Kurope and Amer
ica, iucludiu Hkelclies ol over fitly relehruled heroic
characiers. Itcauli fitly Illustrated Willi numerous en-
ravings. One vol. -lull pajca, royal Miho. clutli, gilt.
Price, 81,
The suliscriher piitilishea a nunilierof most valuable
Pictorial Hooks, very popular, audol suh a uiural and
religious inlliienre thai n inle uiid men may saluly et.
gaue in their circulation, they will conler a ei bmo lieu
ctii, ami receive a, air i-ompi:nsation lor their labor.
H'rT" men ol enterprise and tact, this business nlfcra
an opportunity lur pfulllah'e einployiueiit Mt.duui to he
met wilh.
)C7"l'ersona wish inn to eiieace in their aaln.'will re
ceive proiiiilly by mail, a Circular Itotilaininn full par
liculars, with "Hiroctioua topcrsotia dis;Hised tnactaa
Aneuu," together with terinsou which they ivillbe fur
nished, by aildressnig llieKiihicriber, post paid.
IIOHRKT HKAHH. Pulilisliei,
Williaitt dtreet, New urk.
I'oh. S, KA.
Ditmrigctl, slightly.
Q PS. Twilled black French Cloth, "Bour
O dentu make," worth in a id per yd, of much finer
Qiiaily than usiialy lindn lis wav lo this market sliclil
ly wet ny sinking of a eteamboal, lull un injured other
wise, lor eale.a! a a real Mlrritire Also. J.tKHI vds Tweed
Caasliuern, lor cluhlren'a wear. Unit u-nnlly sells lor
37 tu AO, aliulnly spoiled, hut purine! in texture, aiti yda
lor a dollar, at
every quality, Ihr sale cheap by
FttlMT NACt.E.
tepl.SS. a
NsAa SviBssva (.cah. vVorss.
4Noel WnuKLlNO. Va
k) Vt tmrclNii. Va.
complete setof tools
The suh.criber having prorured a complete setof tools,
consisting ol Plauea, Lathe., Hceew culter, etc., of the
ate now prepared to '
sisaible manner an,t
. .
latest anil must appruved natlerna. are
do work in llieirliiie, in tli best puss
ou low tor in..
Iloriaontal Engine, with Or without cast iron bed
Upright Knglues, all kinds ol iron planing, (having a
very large machine,) ecrow eutting, bulls and nuts,
heavy and Ughl turning, shaftiug, etc., aaud repairing.
Castings lurui.hod at lowest loiittdry prices.
We have constantly oa haul or can furnish at short
notico, ceuienled, coiiiier riviied leather helling aim
hose; equal lo any made. Wa aell at inanniai-iurere
pricea, and make no charge for freight or commission
of any kind.
We respectfully ask those having need of anything
in our huh, tu give us a call, believing we can make it
their intorea: tu deal wi th ua.
aug.lS.ly.) . JOHN MOOUE fc CO.
NOTICE is hereby (riven, that a Petition
will he presented to ths Commissioner, of del.
mom County, Ohio, the ith day ul March next, for the
.laying out and esiabli.hiug si a grailed road, commen
cing on the National Koaif, at tha r.aat end ot p'airvtew,
ad running in Pnulherly direeliun, tho nearest aut
best ruute'to intersect the graded road, running West
from Uarnesvtlle, in lireers lane, where the present
foait uuw iuieraeclsaaiU road.
Jan.llnh lit 11, ' ...
Dissolution of Partnership. v
NOTICE is hereby given that the Tart
nerahip hereioliirs exiailug between Ilaiuea it
laien.r, in Luydsvilfe, was tin. day lliiwolved hy mu
tual consent. Alllhoso indebted lo the said linn, will
please call and settle their accounts by Nuts or other-
Sis', ,
The business will lc continued hy Haines end ttroth
er, in the same place.- Tbauklul for past lavora, the
proseni ilrm earnestly solicit a conlinualiou ol Hi. aauie
Jan. 10 3t. pd.
Estate of 'James Scott, Dec'd.
VTOTICE i hereby given that the Sub-
acrlher lias been dillv aepolnted and qualified hy
th. Probata Cattrl or HeliHoal f'o. Ohio, sk Aduiinialia
torufths kUlale ol James Scolt, Uec'd, late of eaid
vi. ii ii. y.
All Ihon knowing thamaelvss Indebted to said "State
are raqunaieil to make .immrdww payment, and thus
naving ciaim.wtii preaeaitiiem nuiv a.unsiiliral.d lor
s.viiuaiaat wuninoa. year iron tins Hale.
Jan. II. I. 31. pd. i
I. ti'asleruaue.liou: oiia inaenarable.-.l is ansa.
Umu attempt lodisguiae lhe fact llialth war in Kurupe
ia solely on account uf certain heaibeuish notions which
have crept into the hirsute brains of eoni yerona, ma
king them advance th idealha it was unnatural toahava.
v a, night as well argue il is aiinalural to clolheaur
Mlvss. My advics in ths premises ia (
' bhave the Cosaaeka, ' -. .
and th war wilt case. As a preventative lo any kei
ligereut daiuoneueiione in thia part ul Ute glebe, I altar
my services tuahave thecbluaand lacaaof all wl may
deair to uudergothiachrlalianiaiug opaiaiwa.
I would call th attention al my custom. r. aud ath
ers.to tujr .tuck ufCvlogne, Usir Oil, Pomatoma, Bee I
Marrow, Shaving Creams, Barber's Ssap, Toolti Pow
der., Shavins Brushes. Tooin Hruahee. Hair Brushes,
taaoraana nasar Biropa, Hlaekliif an Bru.bea,
rutaahiaiiuy shop,raf iimm Market .IreaAa,
U, t lausvilla. .,',- t
. ... " ' L8WIB RANSOM,
t.Wlairavills.r.k. I. le.W r
i Sn
. , JJ'M' l"0""'! lre, to tne room one door
raator V, HnhLard, and nearly npptotte llarria' 1'in
hirp, where he has a laraa aupply ol tlllDCKHIKH or ev
ery variety, mull aa Hnaar, Afolaaaea, Teaa.eal -v
Cotlee, Hplrea, Tnhacro, Seaare, oap, Clh nl(9l JLJ
every kind, Uueenawara, Kartheuwre,Umd KiliSa
enwsre, Mine, Hlmvela, Kpailea. Ilnea, Forks ol eveTy
kind H't. ( Hon yarn, Candle wick, DreelulT, lail
der. Alum, Indigo, Rh, Nails, tc.
- And every Unfit senerally kept In Crocery "lores.
All ol which will be diaimsed ol at His very loweat rales.
And also preparea lo take in Country produce al'cash
I......7-. ap, i. iras.j
IR3t. Tall Trnde. issi.
(No. 6.-,, Mais rnm,
HAVE just e.ommenced receiving their fall
imiinrlations per ahipaMtcialo," l'Cnrole" and
lremweif." comprising a1 lhe latest atpfesof
adapted to this market.
As they have over Ml Crates In transit, together with
their stock on hand. The trade can rely upon felting
as rutf an assortment as in the Kastern market, and at
price eunariy low. tuiieeu. to put una matter at reet,
they wi duplicate fcasutrn bils purcbaacd since the 1st
oi Aiarcll last,
JACOU HETMAN would respectfully in
form the cltizcnn of aft. latrfvlll mid ih hut
rniitidinif country that hn ha Junt returned Trom the
Kbui with thu lariiuot mock of l)ry rininh and Clothing
tin halt ever uil'uml tolliu nulifics Ilia Hiuck conaiats in
(tart of' . .
Ctfricoei, flinclmmp, Itf I.atiru. C'alimrep, Coliun
(Voih.Frmif h .Morimtc!, Hi IK, Hlcachcd Mijsl in, Brown
Mutlih,Hhavhi, alarffulot of Latliei Bilk Mantilla,
llftmlkcrchicrfsanfl iiutionn ol alt kintH, Trimming) for
In once. KlaiMien, Tailr Cloth. Lad iea t I iocs ol all kiiulti,
ftiBoaiargu aUtorimmor
Coal. Paul, Vrt, BhooH, Jtooir, CariM-t Sacks
larjrr aitarttiiPiit of Until and Cap. CinlirfiHat, and a
trfiat varioty ol t"anint(!r, CafrHiUrtaml Jfana, ;lot lid.
tJhcckd.Coiiilorto.and all othyr article a usually found in
well ki'i't, Ury Mawi nr Cloth injr Btoren. The whole
st nek will lie no Id ( th loir en t prices,
JCr Ladies just call and ace the beautiful Calicoes at
only 5 cent a yard !
lPfAII kintUof Country produce taken in exchango
at i i n- rucnci pricpa.
JTfKeine mlier, in Alhan's property, Iraiuediatcty op
ponitR Ackew'i Saddler Shop.
HaTpt.ijVrl, IH.4.
(ills, aoldat
apr. i!l. II. ALKXANOKR'B Drugstore.
Just ree'd and for aalehy AIuConaiikt Kcllt.
liridge)Krl, March l.tli, 1.
Jl SliirtP, Collars, Cravats, Hpriutr do., Kcket lulkTu,
(Hove, llosc-Buspeuders.
For (tale cli4an liv
aep. ,w.
K. N AtJLE ic CO
''JJHE subscriber has on hand a large stock
Junt rereived and manufactured eiprestdy to order;
embracing aH Uie varieties of
(at'utloinonM V lloyn Roots and Shoes,
and Ladies and Mmha, Fam t Fnmt-t Atn Raitkrs.
Ladi.'M winliiiitf to supply tlit'iiin:vcf nro requttt'd to
call and exaniinu he font purclmxiii eli-ewhi're.. lie in
ahio prnpared lo do Ct'ajroM Wo an, with tieatiess and
I.kth:r anil uniuno, always on hand.
All the foregoing tiiock, together with a large assort'
lianirerrd for sale, Wiioi.ctiAi.K or RitTAir.. for Cash.
The suliscriher he i nil d!Kiroualo clone his husinesw,
oifers hih entire stock Cor Hale, on the most reauonulle
A nniCK HOI'riE AND LOT on Main Utreet. 81
Olairnville. 1'he Mouse containing two good liuaiiiem
rooms, ami nwouiiig.
Slain cross atreet. ft. t'laimville. Terms made know
liv callins on Hie Htilurrilier. - ; ?' '
II' not sold liv Uio 1st March next', the premises will ti
Tor rent, tor a lorm of from 3 lo A yeara, from 1st A prif,
, , JtlCIMtlU a. UVAN.
TT7Ar .tersona knowing themselves indebted to the
iiusicriiier, are rciiucstvii to call anil settle at aa early
nay as poMsiMc, u U It
oct.irr, te.n. ?'
Pennsylvania arrived at the Port of Wheelino- on-
ilieum, urltiging the lollowing valuables:
Ampuiaiiiiir, llissecting ami 1'nckela fn-
.irumeiila; Harris's Pat. Foreiie; Spring
and fliiin Laurels; Pcarilicatllrs'; -Tooth
i' ilea; caws and k illers; Kxcavaturs and fSJ .jj
Rose drills; Mouth Glussos; Gold
and Tin Knit; 1,'uld, Silver and French Leal; Vellow
" reen and Hed Brnir.e. And also a largo amount i
Pure luiporled llruKs, allot which have been pnrehaai
and now for sale by- JAS. W. COLLINS.
St. Clairsville, May I'ith, 1K"i4.
I 1 ily.from to finest. ilk, down to thn cheapea
paiuueal. At (apr. H.) t HINT ft N AGLl" S.
- Cheap Turnishing ; Ware Roofns,
Xo. 1,11, Main Street,
Where tuny be found a larro assortment of
l'umtttiie, Chairs. LookluK-jUlHsaeH,
Clucks, cVu.
On tha moat aecomirtodattnj term.'
Wheewi.Va..Ke. fe y.
a. : for butter and table tiaealwsys on hand al
NO T I C Fa .
Mettrr. Httttri Ir die rat
I wish you, through tha medium f vonr valuahla n.
paper, to ililnrin lhe good ciltaeua of tliia vicimlv that I
havercceiveda LAUCiUaud WELL SKLLCftl) stock
vyniea will ha sold on terms to auit buyer generally
aiiu reapeciiuiiy request a call Ironi the good, buying
D. . AlJAMs.
at. Walravm, ap. 10, m.
wa. axinwiTS, . ' wicaoa asssvr
ka;EIUVlTZ & ASKEW haying pur.
bj ehaeod th eriablishmam at u i...- a
"""''I respectlnlly itiloriu the cmaeuaof St. Clairsville
..... hi. urruiiiiiiiug euuniry mat they will constantly
keep on baud agoodaaaorliuemof . .
Saddles, Bridles, Havnesa, : Collars,
and every otlwr article usually kept In ear line
u.nis. usr won will M anasl with
liealne.. and durability, aad in anv alvla de
sired. Vt e would resperilully call llie attaniinu of tlie
Rublic lo our mode of making collara a we think we
aw a pattern tut is proof against galillng th s lion Id
er. ot any horse. We have also an extra quantity of
Leather Wagon Whip.. All ..f which we intend to aell
ww. rieaaa give us a sail aad see lor yourselve.. .
1 " 1 NOTICE.' " ' .-V .
I WOllM Inst say to BIT frieuda and add eaatomara lb..
owing to lb Mat of my health, I have disposed f my
ahupio Vr. Wiu. Seidwiiaaud asy aon Wil.oa.and the
bualneaa will ke cemdusled y them at iy old eland,
teal in thankful loth public for tha liberal palreiiaae
beatuwed upon uie during my continuanc In buaineM,
would say that air. BeidwHs baa been ia ny employ
several yeara past, and feel uo hesitancy ta racom
sxeadins him to thauublia aa a aoed warkwau who Mill I
InaLirA A Ikm ...
I""".; l
", le.iav acnr.
L Oali.vlll, Way It, 14.
, -selisraisaad tfsraaasrrisf rtmiltt.
It aland pre-eminent
for its ctrMlve power.
In all the aeseaaea for
which it i. recommend
ed, usually called
l''eiinile (om
tit these are r(ii.rsi a
I'raai.ot Palling oftiie
VVosib; f'l.i os jli.si a,
ir VtUlle.j Oiiausii'
I rf.Att nation an:, I'i..
i ss anon ovTiianoaa;
atuoa, wr Flooding!
rAiaii-i., Hi I'Prkshrii,
asd lnaoircR Mas-
ai RI'Vl ION, dr.c, Willi
all thi-ir ai-riniijisoyliig
evils, (Cancer except,
ad.) no matter how an.
Verc ol how long stand
The t'atholii an far uimassea other remedies, in being
more certain, leas eg pi naivs, and leaving Die system In
s lietterconditinn. Let all interested ca'l and nhtain s
pamphlet (tree) contain ing ample proof, from thn most
respectable snnrcas, ol' the benencial results of it, ut-e;
together with letters trom highly experienced i'hysiriana
(wlio liave used it in their practice, and .peak Irutn their
ewn observations. ... ,,,
. RRrttRSrgs. .
P. B. Peckhsm, M. I)., I'tics, N. V, -
I. . I. Fleming. M. !., t'anandaigua, N. T.
' M. II. Mills, M. I)., Rochester, N. V.
II. V. Foole. M. I).. Syracuse. N. V.
Prof, lumbar, M. II.. Baltimore, Mil.
J. f.Orrirk, M. II., Baltimore. Md.
W. W. Keese, M. II , New York l ily. ' . .
W. I'rescoit, ,M . H.,roncordfN. II.
J. P. N'ewland,' Jl, ll IJtica, N. V.
Itev. V. H. Beard, (ilenn Hprings, H. r.
JlTO-eller ail.lt.isscillccareol Mr. Curtis Halch, agent
at Itavenna, Ohio.
To Dr. Mari nisi: I hsvs been tea yeara troubled
with Female Complaints nrolapsnb uteri, and all the
attending difficulties; at times rendering my life moat
miserable. I have had the attendance of aome of the
iiysicians, with tint little success: tlie moat they
could do was to relieve a cure waa out of tlie question.
For five months herore commencing w ith your medicine,
I had not been able in perform anv labor, could walk
but a few steps at a time, and FCarrltr went outof doors
in short, I waa complvtcly prortrated, lioth In body
and mind, and expected Is ilrr out the rest of my daya
iu euireringaud mjsery. But, reading your advertise,
ment, I wra induced to try your invaluable medicine
called Uterine Catliollcou, as the last rvaort I hail not
used it a week liefnre I felt like another woman. By lhe
nse of lliree bottles I was enabled to perform all the iabor
for aix in tlie family with ease, and could could walk
anywhere in the niglilKrhond without injury. Nothing-hut
a sense or ipy duly to you sod to the afflicted,
has induced me to state my case to the p ilule. I can
safely recommend the preparation to all Dions aufleriiiB
like myself.
(Signcn,) .Mrs. Raraii jf. Bishop.
Freedom. Pnrteago, Co.. Ohio, Dec. H7, IMS.
JIj'J. B. JVMItl lllSI & CO.. Proprietor.,
Central Depot, I4 Hroadway, N. Y.
III MI'IIRI'.Y LKXNVER. gent. Drumist. til.
Ctairaville, Ohm.
-nd aoidhy John McHean, Cadir.; II. B. Fawcett.Mt.
leasant; J, W, Wariield, Fairview; Breutliuger 'dt
rmstrong. Wheeling, Va. , apr. 7, IH54. ly.
pert Hilly Inform their friends and the public gene-
'iy mai iiiey nave jusi receiveu a largesiocaoi
Spring and Summer Clothing, -
which will tie sold as low aa can he purchased etvewhen
hi this section.
Also, a full line of O lot tin. Cassimeres. VcstiiiFi ain1
SunMiritr (Inods ireiieratlv. to whith thev would uartic-
iilarly Invite the attention ol those w idling miy rticU
in ineir line. aiir. 14.
W Ift n ntsfclli II ah i in ii it '
llli. NUT. MUU
Physician and Surgeon
Of the A mtrican llrfiirmed Prodtire of Mctlicint.
IS prepared to attend to all who may call
. uiion lieu, at allhotira. when not professionally ah-
sent. , w
N. B. T)r. M. cures Cancers without the use of tlie
Kiiire. the only remedy heretofore known,
oilice and residence on Fioul Street, a Doora helow
U'... II
lie 1 1 Air, Sept. .0,1634. '
JL cotton and linen raua ky
WOULD re pert fully inform lhe publie
eenorallv.thal Ihev have lust received aJarre
auiiiiioiiai sujipiy Ol .
nintiratiiis Over Onatu ofeTerv ntvTn and oust It v.
Kreiich, Hack, ami lloxito. Ulackanri Fancy '(.sinner
ranm, i. an mi ii en, ioni , a nil jean tio.,isaiin. tiiM, I'lnsh,
ami t'lotli Vtn. . Aim A lot of Common do. Allot
IV 1 1 Wii' Im Hdfil fit Ilia. I lata-a act gwiyctil.la vr Is, fnrl'...
We haveatitira large and cart'lully cefertfil Block of
lioiiib, vfHiniftHl (.ahiiMirett, i anmiiMit, rrimniini!,
lVc 7 wtiicli wa will make to ordor in lhe heitt atylu and
onhn moiiit rnitinualtle turinfi,
TliaMrtfnl fur tlie Hlioral iatrnnfj of Hip tat yrar
wewoiim rfippcuniiy Mk a continuance ol Uinoamo,
HI. t'lairnvillo, He.t.il. 18."-tK . - -
AT mv instance rtu Attachment was thia
dy issued by Alex. .McMillan, a Justice nfllic
ream oi iiiT-niaini Township, Helmont t nunty. Ohio,
against the property and ell'eci. of Archibald Thomn
sou, a uon resideiitofsaiil i.'nuuty, for the sum of Nine
IHiiiara ami lour CC'ltla, TIHSUdilav of January IH33.
. Hardware, Queensware&c, .
'IAKES this opportunity of ' rPtiirninp;
J., thanka to hie ntimernti. customer, for tlie pntrou
aiie which lias heretofore len extended to him. He ia
ISTmI receiving a large ami well selected slock
tevAsV000' 'n hie line, in every respect adapted
AisacjB' lhe wauls of this community. Hi. stock
abalirtiy frequent atitlilums, be kept f"" ssffTTTii
and complete, and will he disposed of atAr""i 'LKS
such rates aa will meet, llie approbation ol all wlie
iavu. uun w uu a C.ll.
linstock conaieta ill part, ofOrocerica of every va
riety, Hardware, Ducenawaro, (ilansware, and a general
wn.M tiufrnt in rruvisions, slc. ere.
He i. prepared to accommodate the . nublic .with av
erylhiug usually kept iu Grocery Htores. L'all and get
your supplies, al the "old corner" ol Mam and Marietta
HI. Clairsville, April?, 18M.
LAKE FISH 35 ball bis. SOwholetlo,
Just received and for sale hy .
Bridgeport, June IS, I8SL
' State of Ohio, Belmont County, SS. -
"M"QTICEia bereiy given that the follow.
ing named Kxecuuirs. Adiuinistraliirsaml finsr.
dlan. havetilrit Iheiraceouul aad vouchers-ill my Of.
III. itir .ni.ivuiriik iv wit; - ' .-
Keaia liidgway. f.uardian of Mary Ridgway.
James t'bilipa, Uuaiiliau of Kamuel Irwin. '
I lav id Neiswauiier Adiu'rof Jacob Neiawanger, dec'd.
Henry Knruer Adm'r of Christian chuchard c'd.
John Aull, Adm'r of Frederick -Soil, deceased.
Thorn'iui Cuurow, Aduuuistrauir of J ana Conrow.'
deceased. . . - . .
Jacob llenderskot.Kx, of Nlchoa. Monro lec'il. .
Eli Wint'iuan, Adnrr of Taiiianu Nichols, dec'd. .
Isaac lauga i, r.x. oi Joaepn liuis sec'il.
Tie drat litre almve named acciniula will ba for hear-
and seitlement on the 1st, tlie next three on theSnd.
the last three on the :id daya of February next.
uaviu UAHKie, rroiiete Judce.
Hcd Alii. Him hik. reed aad fur
May -ju. j. THOeVrFoy.
. brand positively sold at Wheeling prices, al
apr. SI. ''. ALE.XANUEU'rt Drugstore.
tO PS' of he rioht aty lea Wood plaid
tVf 4(1 p.. French Merinos, a full sunnlvor Thil,.
do Bagea, Madamas, It Lainee, (.'inghama and
Print.; lu a word, the most complete eloek of llrena
Looda .vai bruughl, tu Wheeling, and al unusually low
174, idaia . Wheeling.
aNTILthe t of March wilt beaivcnla
W'atrllAA lmimhm miiA
Books. Oa th Aral of March I "
cloa mv kuaines. Tbosa
want aheap Watches and ' '
Jewelry will da well lo call. Bel.
tieoMutawilt ba attended to lu-
lhe month of March. Those
have I ell Welches brreoaira
should call ior them heihr the 1st
March, aa those not elaluia,!
ke sold for sbargea. A few a hour, and Ki ehi da
locks on hand, which wiH be cold hw. Watches aud
lck.arfuflr ep(rd lill th 1st of March.
irf beat weal Blasksl.. W. P, AfBI'T.
0.1 No. 1 Hals itreel.rvsssliag.
. any article, use ally kept at Praf Blare's will
Iheir money keck by lalllng at
apr.ni.J Hi AI.KX ANDFR'a Drn WiSrs.
lANAVV'A HALT, always un haml
for .ale at the lovrost uric at
J. JEPaON'l. i
ct Bl.ali.ville.Jiisell.
c:had and
HKRRINO," direct ' from
kv? naltlmors, Jnst received fnd for sale st
lie st
i. jErsoira.
ri. cyiairavine, June x.j
DD. T. COWKN, , AtTonaitT
a Cnrn.ai.oa at Law, foiirimR tar CnASc.gr
ash Notatit I'vei.tc, ft t . Clair. vllle, O.
, IO .ll'FICF. opposite th. Americas Unas and ov.r
C'.Troir.alore. . ar., '63.-tf. '
1 .W.
fj iid Bni.iriTna is CnASrgsT, at. ClalrsTllle, O,
ILr Office opposite the IVm. Peim House, frb. 8 'is.
I AND FOR SALE. The ubscriber f
AUHKP of land, lying in aeclloh N. 1, Ureeu tawu.hl
Mucking ColllltV. Ohiu. Thera la an Ids mml... w
CABIN IIOU8KH. About fouracre.sreeleared at eac
cabin. The land ia well timbered, a large ffnanllly af it
lieiuiimplar. Titers ia nlentv of ftTONR criAi.
OKh! on the land.
H.-ibl' land Ilea a miles fran
nan nine rrom an KXCKI.LENT SAW MIL!.. Fer
terms enquire I Josrrn VVoi.e, living 11 mile, from th
land, or the .uoseriber, livin near CADIZ, Harris
county, Ohio. SAMUEL 111 N 9.
Cadis Junes. lain. -
Schlcsiugci's rntpnt "(Jntta Percha Coat
ed Pens." .
THF. subscriber Is agent Tor these pens. Ttis coaling;
resists Aqua Koriia, and prevents oxidising in th
Ink. Sold by gross or doi. The Trade and Teacher
supplied on liberal term.. J. 11. WILLI ANB.
Kept. 17, ICSir.
Between St. Clairsville & .Wheeling,
Th. anhsoritwr will run hlsaplendld new Omnimj. be
tween Wheeling and St.ClsiraiUt ch day, ..follow.:
Leaves St. Clairsville every morning except Sunday at
? o clock A.M., and Wheeling st 31 o'clock P. M. Tha
Omnibus is one ol lhe best kind, and moat approved ft a
ish,andiersonsiiliugin Kwillhnd it equal In ever
respect to the city 'tatscA. 8. LEW!
Ht. Clairsville, opr. 14, 1S54. - - . .
lUook Store. Constantly on hand a goad stock
Clocks and Watches of every variety.
ewelry of all kinds; Silver, and Rcrman Silver Tea &
Table Spoon.; Spectacles. Gold, Silver, plated, and
cm on ; School ami Miscellaneous Hook..
Watches and Clock, carefully repaired.
A skilful hand calf be. ent to tlie country te repair
timepiece., on ihegshortest notice.
Spoon, ami othcrarticlca neatlv lettered.
o ; " ... ' J. H. WILLIAMS.
Et Clairevillo,ang.:i8, IH34.
CorssKLOR AT Law ASD BoLlcl-roa'IH CHASeiST.
St. Clairsville, Ohio.
Jr' ifflcc in the room formerly occupied hy the Bel
mont Bank,- , aug.93,'l.
DR. J. ALEXANDER lias removed ta
the Seminary properly et. Clairsville, adjoining
the residence oLJudge Cowen. Hi. Office liaa also heea
removed to the same euilding. tpr.13, '3S.
K stock of Clocks, etnhiacius 30 to 40 different pat
terns, in Alabaster, Chine. I'apier Maiche, lion, Gi t,
llrnnze. Mahogany, ltnesotn and Walnut Iranica,
for sale a. low an One Dollar and upwards.
" i . - J. T. PCOTT,
' o. I.i? Stain St. Wheeling.
jiislc'il and for .ale by J. THOMPSON.
May SO
HAVE just received. from Philadelphia,
tlie largest and best selecleirslnck of
Dry .ooi).s ANDt;uocr:itiEs
ever brought to this plaee"j and will sell cheaper for read
than any other in the West. Call and examine belor
purchasing elsewhere
Luydsviile, Nov. 3, 354.tf. .
. Watches, Clocks & Jcwelrjr .
AT ' ..
No. 1ST, Miiin Street, Whceliiip;.
riillB undersigned tins nntvonhamt anew and very
L litrge assortment of W niches, Clocks, Jew elry, dee.
tc.,of wnicll he rMpectlitlly Invites lhe attention af
the citizens of llijiticiti County, and aolicita a call be
fore purchasing. .
Kvery nrtiole will he fairly represented, and wariam
No. 1ST JdaineUreet, Whesliac.
Oct. 1.1, 1834. . - -
L. HATCHER, AnoR-NEr at Lavt
i Si. ClairsvifleOhin.
TnToflireSilnors eas t of.lhe Court House.
September Id, ltU3 Ilin. pit. . '
J. V. fiLOVER, Attorkky at
Law asd NoriiT Pi-tt.ip ctt. tf'l.irKvlll. rihi
11. j ut r ii iv up-siair. over Collins' Drug Store.
Particular attention paid to the settlement of estate..
Powers ill-Attorney a id other couvevanciiii executed
promptly. Aikiinwledgemelilu of ilecds, Power.f
Attorney and .Mortgages taken.
Also, Agent for Hie Ohio I. He Insurance Company.
Life I'lillcc issued on the ua-iai lerina.
June S3, lS54.tr. .
Cniefully prepared and neatly printed, for ssl at
the Chriinioleiittie.e.
riiysioloicy lor tclioolsaud families.
Cutler's Phyaiotogy. large and email, with th nlatea.
inoanted and paper. Also, Oreenlial'a arithmatlca. I
nave loriniu an agency lor this Co. lor these important
works, ami can live them to the trade, ehoola and fami-
ealion favorable term.. School books generally on hand.
g res of the war in the Bast, and tha axe.itaniaa
a 1 American, on that question,
still I continues jo seU goods at hie old atand cheap and
gaud. He haa just received a new atoak, of gooda and
is prepared to aell at greatly reduced orices.
All Miid.Bf uuuvi proWKe eikan m eicnana.
HAVE just recieved from the manufactue
rera ait invoice of the finest TABLE CUTLERY
ever kiought lo ibis city. Iu addition to tlieir larx and
varied assortment, they have few set la of from V to SB
pieces, enclosed tu hue mahogany cases, to which th at
U'litiou ol ladies i. particularly inviied.
aepi -
KagaCtui-innatirure Whit Lead.
; 3 Hid Linseed Oil.
SO cal. Parlor White, lust received and fer eat at
lowestcash pricea March SIS, '53. Jisu W. Coliids
L Merchant Tailors,
&t. oiaif villi, rrrr
IUvt on hand a ftitl MMnrtment uf Clotlu. Vimtrm9
and Vestings, which they will makeloorder in the neat
at aiyld aud ou the most
it reasonable term.: Jan;iJ
assortment, embracing every article accessor lo
completion ol genllemau's warriroh, at
lr. ia.) , HINT at NAGLB'B.
Ensllsh & American J Table Cutlerr.
JU8T ree'd direct from tlm manafacturers, a exten
sive assortment uf TAULE CUTl.tttY of varin...
styles and quatlttea, which for cheapness cannot b
equalled In the city. 'f. BWtKNKY Of BON. '
bliiig,Juaei8, -
1 ' '. i
Warranted to stand lb Cold weather, without
Chilling, at the Low price of 80 els. per liallon, for
m. oaa. - ' .. .1, lr atoia.
J ansat. 1 .....;
Prepared nd .old by .
1.1. TOMLIN SOW, Sol Proprietor.
. ' fi LLOToavitL. O "'
To whom all order fbr th abov. Llniaaent Must a
addrsaeed, eiiber by wholesale or relail, or oa aoiaaii.
ion. .
This Liniment is wsll knows, and highly remta
dee ky Vetarinary rlnrgeans, and Farmer. of ipariene.
throughout the Blaie of Ohio; and se th Liaiaieul baa
fait ty uateil aad akaow lodge) be be a good a
roeoanmeaded. I willaot ailsaspuig ive the pubJi a
gailelwhat weadarful cares 11 As prfraxs, kst

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