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The Ohrotliolo office has been rc
.novcrl to (lio now
MASONIC II ll l m il tini'
. ' . I. ,
A WW door Cut of the Court House,
und a few doors West of the Norton
riir. rnisT or april
BS.t . i m . a
"eing me isnai nine lor HlOfllig we hupe
thote person who clistirre their residences
lh town will inform na, tlint our carrier boy
may mnke no mistakes. Persons at a (III
will please ernd ua word where to direct
their papers to in case of removal.
afflcy '? will hold its ai I mealing ni ilie
Mmm Norton House in St. Cl.lravllls un Tlnns-
,1. lOll, in.l .1 in ,.',.l.,..l. A kl
April 5th, 1855.
. m itwig uiiauni iu mienu ins renin ci -tlene
of the pupils of the public reboots in
tow nj last wei k, hut limr tlu mwtll spoken
af, k being well conducted am1 very inter-eating.
Moved. W'e are now snugly fixed in our
new ofice where we w ill pleated to see our
friend, and accumuiudute thrni with any
thing in our line. We will yield the palm
to no one in all this section of the cottn'ry
for ths neatness and benuty of ourJob Work.
Call andaee fur yourselves!
0O""'A penny saved is a penny earned"
sail Dr. Franklin, and how applicable is the
proverb to every uvoeation in life. The me
chanic, the speculator, the professional man
realize its truth every duy of their lives. We
knowjof no place where it is mure f irciblyillus
trated than in the single item of daguerreotype
likenesses taken at Fsrls's G.illery In Wheel
ing. They are almost as cheap as dirt.
Read hia advertisements then give him a
(J-Tha Inscription on the mysterious box
mentioned in our last piper has been deci- ;
phered. The individual we mentioned as j
handing us the account ol it succeeded in de.- j
ciphering it an the WL lliet, It is thus; The i
inscription waa
1 A F
Commencing in the centre at the letter A
and proceeding first to the left, the letter P,
then upward to the right, it read "April
(&Young on the Undtntaniing This is'
the title of ork that may at all times be
found in the basement of the .Masonic Hull.
Mr. Young although no doctor, is a capita
hand on fits.
Norton House.
Our friend Norton of lh Norton House in
this place introduces himself to the readers
of the Chronir.lt this week, in our advertising
columns. Jlr. Norton has been a caterer to'
the public tastes fur years, and during his so
jonrn in our village has proved himself a first j
rote landlord. His honse is well supplied '
with everything that makes for the comfort
of tho traveller, and the accommodating land
lord may tt all times be found to wait upon
Ms customers. He is deserving of patron-'
age, and we hope he may receive it.
QrJacab IJeyman has just returned from
the east, and brought with him n. large and
splendid stock of Dry Goods, which he in
forms as he in .determined tosejl cheap. For
particulars see his Advertisement which will
appear next week.
Town Election.
ine L-orporauon election on Monday last
resulted as follows. Mayor, Wm. fan'; I
Recorder M. I. W. Glover, Esq; Council
E. G. Morgan, Est., C. G. Hubbard, Joseph
Butler, Amos Albin.B. R- Cowen. The ma
jority for the shot ticket was about 17.
Township Elections.
At the election fcr township officers on
Monday the following officers: were elected:
Justice of the Peace Henry B, Bmilhl Trus
tees Edward ShallcroES, U. G. NiliaWtDatTa
Henry NefT; Clerk Jas. W. Collias; Tress-1
urea N. Hillis; Cointublee -Win. Rice, I
Wm. Evans. The abiwe were all run by
the K. N's except li e last named. The ma-
iritice varied from 3U to 65.
f Wheei.inc Tt. UnUu Anti-Know No
ihing Justice by 30 majority.
j Colersim Klects a Know Nothing Jus-j
Goshen Elects Know Nothing Justice. ;
Smith Elects une K. N. and one Ami- I
Know Nothing Justice.
I uwissiT Elects two K. N. Justices, by
large aiajorities.
York Elects K. N. ticket.
Mead Elects three K. N. Justice.
Uniok Electa the whole K. N. ticket.
PiAst Electa the whole K. N. ticket.
1 OirWe hear that si. me person or persona
have been committing depredations on the
hin roosts of some of our citizens during the
past week, We believe a love for a good fat
foffl has been implanted in the breasts of all
men, but these violators of the "peace and
dignity of the State of Ohio" seem to have
received mere than their share of that love.
-The days and nights are once oiore as
suming the "etherial milda.ess"of Spring, ad
mirably suiting them for juat auch serenade
as we received Irom a company of excellent
prTtfraerB on Saturday evening.
Sao Niciiii. We have It from jjsod au
thority that a Iidge ol Hagh Nichls (Say
Nothings) win organized in town soring the
past week, ami by persons who profsss to
look upon a secret political organisation as a
heresy to he expiated only by political death
We presume Miainas and Sawhucka have
met together, and that the two wings of the
luti Demorrutic party have kissed each other.
All we have to aay is let them grow and be
come exceedin oly strong, if "the people" are
the leaders, but if corrupt politicians, and loa
fing government official manage the ropes,
then Confusion la ihrm and theirs. We
could tell where the society met and who
were the Dishops, and priests, but we wait
j for further developments.
OT.U tho April session of the Probate
Court one man was .sent to jail for a v.olatiuu
ef the liquor law. Several cases were con
tinued untl, the May session.
New Orleans mails of 1 ucsd iy have been j
The Know Nothing victory ll complete, '
'there being but 4 Democrat elected. Good j
order was preserved
Cincinnati, April 3. CViutni.isioner Pen-
dry decided Unset tR tree, and she was imuie
jdistely delivered to her guardian. The com
missioner decided) thai hating been bm'i lure
by her owner she came under the operation;
ol Ohio law and was therefore, not a lugilive
Irom hbur.
. .
Levi. la N i '. April a uusuie, mo ii.iiow
! Nothing candidate for M iyor was elected o
I day by about oUO over Ex-Guvernor Wood,
I democrat, Too Know Nothings i re victori-j
ous in Columbus, and Hie Ann Know Noth
ings in Toledo.
Antl K. N. ticket probably elected in Cin- i
clnnati, Much fraudulent vutirg was an-tected.
New YORK, April 3. Later returns from j
Cuiiecticut indicate that the State lias gone i
tutUAdniiniistrailun, Ahluugli there is no j
electinii ol Governor by the people, lugra-,
ham apparently leeds, hard pressed by Minor.
Hartfobd, April 3 Returns not all in
yet. 'i'he result will be nearly us follows: j
Ingruhatu U7,oou, Minui ao,uou, Dalton ,
'J.UOO. f
Of the Senators 10 or 20 are K. N. whigs
Of the Reprtsentatives the K. N 's have 1
probably 130 out ol 834 Tney have also)
tarried all lour of the Congressmen. H
Independence, Mt,, March 31st. The re-
turns from Kansas show the election oi the ti
pro-slavery tickei. Hull Creek, Lawrence, ij
Douglass, Doniphan, Tecuinseb, Shawm e P
Mission, Leavenworth, and atHookey Point v
the majorit es varied from 2 to bOO. The '
election was conducted with tolerable order, ti
The editor of the Kansas Freeman was ill
doeked in tin.- Kew river by a mob, in cult-
Sequence ol his speech.
There are no anli -slavery men elected to 1
the Legislature.
On the 1st ult., by Itev. D. Trueman, Mr. I r
CHARLES Uarnes and Miss Joanna Moke- j
land nil ol Belmont County,
By the same on the 2'Jih ult Mr. Wm. J. '!
Willy and Miss Mauv Ann RicilNEB, all ol l
lieimoiit co. , ci
On Thursday, March 39th, at the residenco !
of his son, II. W. Beovern, Esq , in this p
place, Mr. Wm. SOOVEBN, aged SO years. i "
The deceased waa a native of England, but ,i
for a few years past has resii ed with Ins
children in this country. His remains were!
taken to Ziuesville (or in'ernient.
Eggs, 10. Butter, IS. i lour, 9,25. Hams
10. Shoulders Sides, 7- Corn Meal, I
75. Sugar, 7(?8. Cufioe, 14. Molasses
31fi33 Oats, 37(3-10. Clovor Seed 5,00. i
Timoliy scarce 3,2i3,50. Dried Apples
1,00. Nails 8a!td 4,87. Buckets 25 Salt
per barrel 2,55 Lard 9c. Potatoes $ 1 ,35.
market quiet.
Flour 8,75a8,S0.
Provisions quiet and unchanged.
Sugar advanced . , j
Molasses held ut 11, with pales at 30.
sales Howard st. Hour this morning at 9,
25. Wheat, red 8,3030 j white 2,30.2,40,
the highest price fur many years.
r eur tnlle Ingher, witii sales o! 350 bills
good Ohio at 9,G2ul0; Southern 9,37al0,12. ei
Wheat tii'in, Soutliern white 9,40. di
Corn higher, sales of western mixed ut J?(
l.OtlalOI. II
Pork higher, sales of old mess at 1 4,83 a
15, sales of new mess ut 10,9617.00,
Beef firm, with sales of couniry mess at
9,50a) 1. and repacked Chicago ut 14,50a)5,
95. Lard unchanged.
llama better, with sales at B$nQ.
Groceries firm. Linsepd oil 79.
Corn atiffer, but not quotable higher, 3.000
bales of N. O. Middling sold at 9jJ.
Stocks wenker. Money unchanged. Vir.
ginia 7's 93.). Indiana 5's 85 . Cumb'd
CoslCe.SU. Reading 34j. N. Y. Cer
tr.il 93$. Missouri 5's 94 Peun'a. Coal
Co., 1053- Erie 533. Clevelund di Toledo 1
M. 1
M. R, CnrtCB. PtStOr, John M. littnkin. Pub.
lie Worship at 1) o'clock, A. M Sabbath .Vchool
ut ti o'clock M. It. K.Caiuitulrs Sttprrtntemttnt. .
I'RLfUV ikKiAN Cm lull. 1'astur John Moffat. J
I'liblic VVi)rBbii at 11 o'eluck, A. M. Sabbath t
iSuhool tt 3 o'clock J. M. (jtorgt Andtrion, 6iiier- l'
AssoeuTi Ueiosmed Ciu aeit. Pastor, Alrrnn- ,
iier FoMM, 1'iiblic Worship al 11 o'clock A. M --
Hililn Class, instructed bv Ihu Castor at 10 o'clock 1
A M-
Taswell Pi Marlin,
Ilirsn Smith.
rlHB above 11 siu d Dekndant will take ,
M- sstles ihstnn iheSM ity af 4srll, ISM, lbs s'stes
nsmee plalnim hi.i a iiemion assi'inl hiai is ih Voai
NMiii rlsas Coerl or mM Tflonly, ssklsi i. ssljeel hia 1 ,
'iniinh intjrei is seesa ai ! ..1 land 1 ilia p. c. ihu ,
ul inc. XI, Tn. K.4insan1 unltilv, to Ills m rirnl ol ,
llt,M el.h lirierstl rromJasss'S 1, ItU, llis Mlants ,
wf thfl atircttasa tnmiay dneoti sstS lssil from iii dssitt ,
asm in Hie iilalnltfl sMfnes si Peter Olrsr, Ths j
plshilin will a-k lur m )odf infill soil dacrea attt rdiajfly
by Msy ll. ISMi As order. el Ailsalimant lis ' .
sead In ssid csas. P, D. T.I.'OrVKN, ,
Aprils, lt SW, Au'y 'or Klalnttlf. ,
Thomas S. Evans,
v: J
William Maiden. i
In Partition. s
flY vtrtne efss erdernr SaftHn ttis dirtMid from ths ,
' "'inrl l Oommetl Pfastil Relmonl l.'nunty.Olilu. I ' i
WlllOflsr !ar alc al PetlliS Aur.tion, un .j
Monday, the ith iay of May, a. D. is:,5, i !
between th heiiti of iu o'ciork a. M. ami 4 eeteck p-! t
m. of said ds st the front Uit of ths Cesrt'Hoasc In I '
jt. LWslrsvtlfe, In tiit (,'nunty, ihc rnlownig iieerllnd I
Isiuta ami Isiitlnsnta, Bit Data vinj an. 1 Kalni in tne 1 1
County of Betntoiit and State of Ohio and iMianeed t,nd 1
dtacrlai'd asfbllnwatowlt: siiuan. in ids town sfBt.lt
Ulsirstllle, in said couuiy, the same iicms i.m nisaiy I
nine ami a t r 1 1. iwelva fVst erida sir ami ihsessl
side of l.nt numbar alshty one on ssid town yit on 11
wnleh srs erectml a I'ramr dweiflng lioata and otliai
liiilldlnS,and a Tanner f stalillshmsnt Hie rnmiii , 1
nf III almva Bale wit Iw a- rollnwi: On'-llilrd of ths
parvhas monay in hand on theiiav nfBatf, OnS'third In "
one year anil une-thlrd In tiro years, with Intension I1
Ilia dalerrsn pnvniomt. t
BharinNOInc, Bt.rialrtTllle, April !hh, mss, I
JoilN v. Niciioi.M, BhsrluT
Aprils, MM, ta.ro s
Executor's Notice. l
OTICK i hhroliy (rivrn tlmi st the Pr.i- I
hat Court far Rtlinoi I County, Hit undarslened
wera apuolnti'd ami quslinnd ai Rteculnrt ..1 n,e Katata ?
ut Hie. 1 Smith, Ian ut in in mil ly, IVcfaasil
All um.s Iniliilited 1 1 aaldesiata are requeatail to'maks "
iminndlala payinanti ami thoss havl claims eeainai .
aii Batate, era notified to present ihsmniisMi ani
within one year from this dsle. 1
JAMBS WEtl and
jllJ. gsesetors.
T H OS. Y0U1F'
WAVING remnyed his lP)OT and SHOE
Shoo to ths hatsinetit slery nf ih ' 1-
NiW Waionic Hull, J
llrsctly under the ( nansn i.r otlitf, ho i nrapare.l to do In
ill Simla 01 wo'li in liialir.,., on short mines, 111 ths bust In
lyie, andaa cheap as the cheansat, I ci
April 5, lei,'). I kj
B K L M 0 N T C O U N T Y .
jillE undersigned propofes, provided suffi
I clent ennouresemnnt be given, to contract and I
uiiliahalarye ami atcuraid Map of Belmont County
rmn nuuat alireeys. 3
Every road to 1 carefnly surveyed by course and
ilanc..; anil the locations given i.r all the lull.., uouill 1
iraaim, ron,i. railroads, nulla, churclssa aeimois '
lores, workebops, dwelling., and oth r olilecta of imoor. i l
Mice ami Interest, Kainesol Prooerty ownerathriinth. 1
ut the county in he inserted In their proper pieces
al.lea ul distances Irnui village to village ami .iaiiticj ' p
rihoagriculluraf, g igl.-af, mechanical, andniareau- I en
ie retoiircen and condition of the cneuty to lie given in
lira plans of all ths principal village In the county la
ii an enlarged scale to be added In ha mare in Im ii,
"Mpeetlve views of some ol the public ami oilier linpor ! an
intbiil dlnga,ec. The Map to he engraved In very an. o
rrior stylo liesutifiilly colored, varnished, mounted on ; SI
loth with roifere.aml lurnished to siibscrltn'rs oufy at
Spar copy. No labor or ospenae will be aparsdto in ike
in work vafitane and beautiful, ami the man liberal
etronaiiaarthecitlnena Isegpected iu enable the nub.
her to carry out the work,
II UNO V r wai.i.im:,
prlJ IR51 Eiiglnter of MasiaehuMtts,
ion T il ii ii i m: . '
(Smith Stile ol .Vain SI , SI. CtainviUe.)
nsLg a ajeiut tSSt or me eoCRT no: as g
IVIIE Proprietor of this popular home ha t'.
J lug rei awed his lcae P'r a uuuilier ol years, ami '
au'lul lor the pttmiiage lie Ima received Irom the pub- !
e, would again respectlully solicit a coutmuaiiee uf f.
icir lavora. Ilia houae la lergo ami BMlllludioue, well I',
ir mailed, ami rmuloi lal.le in evi-ry particular. Ilia in
nler la liouiilirully aupplled, and hia table Itiruishod He
Itn all the duliceeles m u season. His long esperi. be
iieiniin, hiieiness or hotel keeping, enables him lo hu
laraiine to those who faviir bim with a ceil highly iui
ttisraetory accemui'idailoua. ra
MISv ITAjlLEi ;o;-
re large and convenient to the house, "
t i'",'-"; "- ' TP " d lor the .heluiinii
l veh clus, !yb&lthe wholu under the u" aii
rlniundunce f rlWulma ixpcrliuctd boat- ea
r. eSMjiaiBgaB of
Hoping togreelhlsold cuatomera, whenever they vis' ?!
Bt Ulairsville, ho remains, as ever.
, , . .... J: K. NOBtON. o
April j, gJ3, i
"'", ,.i Waihniftu , I). (.'., liurenhSdi, u,. ,
tf '"I'nieptstocomuiandiheservlceaofona
ollbeuiesl able d eiierlencod.8urvoyors 10
of tii j fUhlicsuiU in the United 8tate,le .
direct the Location uf lup Warrantei and .'
aie uepglid lo I le.ent aanlu ntloea lor V
fB UeUllly Land, PeilalolU, Ac.
IpaYj Those n ho may he entitled to Land War- "u
rff, raina. Pel elons, Ac. or who with Laml a"
Ht J "'errants traiod.ean apply to M, J. v tb
Vpl I OliOVEl , at it, Ciliirsvllls, Ohio .
IIlJ April 5th 1855, 1855. in
jy 3 moutbgi j tii
Iah removed hia Uarhcr ihou lo tiie Basement story or
hero lis will lie llaaad to aee hia old CUStOIIISrS, ami a
ihi ol new one, ami it will t aii times afl'oid him the
eateal peaHiire to
Take ibcm by ths noae,
A'ld cause the "w iljei nef a" of heard,
"To blossom n the ruse."
llon'i go ebimt tho ulreela hairy, sml "bearded ikethe
iril'' hot stepin lotbeaaluon InthehaseuteutoltbaNa. ' th.-
iiiglifaced) meniher of the 'body politic, 'ami 'Wfffw'fll ' )'
iver rugrel it. ft,
l would ca'f the atleullon "t my customers ami nth. iic
s, to my stuck ufUuluius. Han oil, Pomatoma, nef lal
arrow, fhaving Creams, llarlier's toap, Tooth puw am
Ta. ihaving Brushes Tooth Brashes, Han Bruaba, ' Br,
u7.ora ami itn 7.er Strops, Hltckiug and Bruehea, Sjci. I ru
irsaleal mv sbep in the Baaenieiitaf the Kalional 1 m
otel, St. Clalravilta. LEWIS RANBUM. I coi
Bt, Olalnvill. April S, lPSS. i qr
D'atiA Qscyucllcan atcty
Nearly oj.j.osiie the Suspension
I C COUlrall l'l'Uiailt I.OI llllOil, ra
Tog ether wltb ClSSS peraonai attention civea hlag con 1'f
SSNCS pleaaing hi. p altona, gs lite r -i nia'eriata are I
aed and pictures warranted y plagae, We wuuhl call
ttantion psrtlsulsrl1 of tiiuae aysntlssi Minlstarsg ol V'
hlbJrsn.si tliie lsiuainoHfsvoraiila,sSJHH. ,
ay rayui'raa e tfrtnttur tv vn a k rig hi iuy nlrr noaa.
Executor's Notice. '
VJOTICB la hereby given thai at the Probate Court 11
S for nelniout COSSty the umlcraiguud were appoui al,
'), and qualilieil as eiecutor of tiie eatate ul iclu on
abl t.'ole, late ef Itelniout coouly, deceai-ed. w.
All thoae iadelitcd to said eatate are requested lo make lot
inuiediale payment; and llioae liaviug Claims again! Sa
aid estate, are notified to nreaeut them for aettleuieut w-i
r its iS one year I hum Una dale.
. JOHN' COLL, Eiecutor.
M rch t, mi." Hi pd.
J"ulin NjIuh
0. W. Nelen.elsl.
hV irtne nf sn order nf He'e le n. Slrsslsd from lb
i 'enrt ad laawsess Pfsasol in-hi'mt i ouuty , fiam,
ill oiler lor rt'ti al BoWIg Am ton on
Monday, the Hth day ol April, It,
etwees lbs hSSirg nl lO n'tloek. M, and I o'elesft r
d., oteeM SSf . on tie' prsmlsss h poaae lownalun, ii
aid'ounly. tiie MlsWing detr.lhed Isnda aid WM
umite, aiioate, lyiuir and being in na tounly l Relmnnl
nd date of Ohio bemr In ieethn , Ip, f, and anr
I, eomieenring mi lbs eaaLiOnndot at g (inst west of i
,,r .e rail oak, end m ar a glSSlI rin; tbenc a,".! I')
infi in a ion arhiis m., Btean a i . i -. f pr, fl1
dd atuuip, the v:n) '.eJU'.' rnwehea in a hr.-c i,
heneo a W , MJf In n aab; u,rnr . e.',J,eS.:
.'rcneatoabee.il tSsncSVJgk ,et.l irrjies lo ,
gluts walnut; IheiitaeftSf S( p parches loebwsl
ml, theses S SMS. a i.g lagrshesto an elm, ihenCg i
ii ( a perenss m a syessors, itiSnee i t'i , i
I.S psrehaa tos layesh thencsalge,g m.. Mrebegtt
I pnplsrlthSSSSgSOS, git nercleg to a ssgsr ira...
hence a les.atn.g nsrefnts te apo.t (basrlug man
valnut, u 41 w n imha; Ihfsnein eu -, e r'j nsrghel
i raie.'e llnej Ihence n 10.1 prrrv. ti, tbe place of le
iiitiini', contelulng nn acr'-a. r..id, yn.u.i perches,
ALSO AnilllCt tract leing u tbe ame eectios
ifiireasiil, srd de.erilaftd sa fellew, to will liyi'inntj
l the ii e cor m-r of eaul If Set, at a, o'd gtums; lISni e i
, e la.4 perthesi thenr.sasl',gai. perches lo I
oeh, ihancssvH, Ii Jf percmsto en aabttheasei
H,tt.t perches lo a lerC;. iheticesBII -wel
irches to a chestnut; thence n3 , w P0airebes la
(alley's rnn i Ibeuc n ls ,s fpsrehesto a stake;
beneenSTi 'if lOserchesto stakei ibenean 14 s,
r lid) parches I' gwllfotv, t;.cu "4 , c e ertiica,
hnncen eg I ,e M nerchesi tssncnll , lo Bercav
ettheitesnjhl ' ,w 4 psreheai i.a.ice n9i ;,w
arskeethnoenl , w 10 perimsi thence nffl s"
r :t.'i nairhes; thsucee IM.lpaehet In a white
the place ot bsgln.ilng, contaliing It sens, i rood.
'li pi icliea, 1
ALBo Another tract bam. in he samsseetles e'nra
aid, ami descrllHVl loiburi, i riii Bejlnnint ai tbe
a comer nf .aid tra t ai a hoealjiheneai si.j , s Its)
erclic. to a wliila walnut; Ihenei s tt s. llparches
is idack walnut I theses sJtl,e7.1 perekeg to In
lmitnneg . m - ,e M.tHlelMaayeammt,thenee
tn - a ij..' perches lo a heaeh; thence stt ,e D n
er.-hes Is a ponar; theses e(S ( BetehSS tm air
a.; ihenrn at-, egu.t perehes o a post (hearing to a
'hits walnut n gt e , tvet l inks) thiiee s r.oi o sytjo
B perches to Bsiley's rsnttiinrMntl .w is perciiea'
lenei n s , w IS a lierclieei .abi nrs n e'i e ni
Sri lies; I 'cut i, 3o, s . wtaefc' a,;,hei,ca,,Si i,, o
rrchea) ihenee n a , w id pjebe.; thanes n tv , e
I :i peri Inw; Ihenee a Tt) -, in parches to a chestnut
ee; Ibence a, oil , el iers la . ba.ch, to ths place
r,"e Ing.cnutainingt scesa, rooii.ii parches
Ihecondp aoitiie ahnvefsls, will 1st as loMowa to
"' ' In be ol. on lie .lav ol Sale. Una Ihlfri IS
ie year. One third Intwoyars, with Interest on tbe
llerred pat luenta,
rihenlf. Olfice at St c1irvitlo. March a. IRVV
March S, n.,.v-,,,,oJ "IU'"Vll'"',l'"'fl""1
J. E. Umve
Ann B Pool,
i ) V virlue of an ordej ol Sle to me direc
) leilf ruin iheCipirl pfOsrOflion Pleas ol Belmont
.mutt, Ohio, 1 will on; I loretale al public tie liun on
Monday, the r,th dcy of April, A. D.
.VVtnrtivoenilii! hours of 10 o'clock. A. M, endt u1
ock I .M.el said day at tie Iruul door ill the Cnurl
miae in Fit Cfalrrvllle, HeluhntCnuiity, o m. tbi mi
Wltlgdl pcrllmd Ian Ja mil luicdiniltatn wit; .- ,; , 1 1 .
g Sml being in the Coiiutynf Belmont and Bute '
no, ami hounded ami dekrllml aa folhiwi; i.m
'one, lour, and luonty l thl, in the town oi the
'eat eati'tn in said cOiintf,
BhernY'sOflice, Bt.Clslravllir, March tiie ttth (RIM,
JOIIK O. WCilOLff, Bheriir,
March Uilh le'.'.t. 83.11(1,
Henry Capehearti
Owan W. Whltr.
IV virtue nt an alias Elecntlni to medlrerled irom t! a
' l.ourtuf Common Puas oi Itoliiirnii Coamy, tifai i,
grill oflef Bir Bala at Public Auctiuii on
Monday, the 1CM day of April,
SJ, between the hours of IA o'eluck A.M.andio-.
'ck p. .m of said day at the iron, 'mi, rot the Conn
nine in st. Clairavilla, in said com.., , ihe following
ids and tenements lo wit: Situate it me ami Issiug In
i' county ol llelniunl ami State ot Ohio, ami hounded
il deacrlbl'tl a" follows In wil; l.ol Nuinl er CO in the
"ij ' heeling in aaid county. Appraised at
Slicrill'V Oliice, March Ulh, 1P55.
10HN c. NICHOLB, Bberlil'ul ll. c. o.
March 15, l3A, s:!.uu
Mahlon tireoo;
tig; ,
John Iv. Fetler et al.
In 'rtrf.Vfon.
Y virtue of an Kxei ution to me directed
) from the t ours ol Common Pleas nl Beiuiout Co.
i I will oiler for Cale at Public Auction on
Monday, the Mtk day of April, A. D.
15, between the hours of lOo'elllek, A. M. ami t o'clo;k
M, oi said daj at ibe rrontdoor oi the Court llouae
Bt, Clairaville. in said County, Hie luliuwing
cribeii lands ami lenementatn wu: Bltuate lying ami
ug in the county of Ueliuoin ami Clale of Ohio, Slid
uuded ami described aa fotlowgi 'rue lirai tract ba
; pari ol Hie weal hall of acctinn ii, township 7, ami
lie 1, liegluning fort lie same on tiie lull hue between
land (thai ia the land of Aimer Uregg at the time
making Ina WlI) ami Btepbeil Oregg l a atone cor
r 10 Jesae Meteall ami running thence due west 161
rrhca lo a Untie on the Una beln ecu mv faml roiil Ah
r Oreni! afureaaid ami niiarp'a atlhe lime ol the w ill
iraaaid) thenee with the aaiil line heing tho section,
t lift perches to g slake being llir ninth wast coiner
the lauds of John tire, j, thmie north 79 e east, ti
rchee, to a -'lake theme .1,3 t, pi-rchea lu a lake,
ancs north 46 east '-'1 yerches to a etaks, llience
Hill 77 enpil CP, perchea tn a post llience south eT
east It perches to a post on ths aforeaaid ball sertlou
ii', lieine Hie suutb west cornel Ol the tract of land ile
rfbod to John tircL'c aa aforeaaid, thence With tiie
If section line ami lamia of Btophou Uregg ttloreaaul.
ii lh to the pi ai cor beiilnnintt, containing one humlieii
ree nut: rnoiljaiul eiclil polea,M surveyed marked ami
Itteil by Jcplha 5jia;u o'j ghOili day u( the 7th
Milt A. D: 18IC "
Alan one lot or parrel or land in aor.lion No 0, town
ip No. 7 ami rauue No. o liegilllling at tho miu.Ui west
rner of said section No. C, tlignce north 131 perches
tt at. .tie, Ihcncc east 74 perphes to a alone, llience
mil 131 perchm lo tberouth hue ufsald section tea
me, thence west along said fine 74 perches to tne
ice oi beginning containing Oil aciea two rooosand
perchaa; containing in all one iiuuilisd and sixty
rea of Ileal Lalate. TPS aliove prsiuiSSS will lie sold
hi act to the dowor of Hanuah tirep haretofurs sat oir,
d also suhjeet to the life staM ofjolm K. Peeler in
e one fourth pai t.
1'lie condltiona of the aheva will Le one third srtha
rcha.e money in hand un the day of Bala, one third
nuclear ami une Ihtnl m two yeai a Wlih UltSrSgteS
' deferred payuieula.
Bheriff's office. Mar h CO, ItM
JoilN C, KICIIOLB, Blieriff.
Uarsbtt, lass. t7,5u.
Jusopli Pcrklha and Wife,
Isaac PerkilUanil others.
In Partition,
V TiiHU' of an onler ofSjlc itiiiie dirrclfit Crom tlm
t'uurt of L'M.muii IMcaiiol Buluiont County, ulno, l
t otl'CI fur Hit at PutlJc Auction on
Monday, ike 30 df of April, A. IK
i5, in lwuM Uioliouri ol IU'sLH 1 ll. M . mill 4 oN
W t'J.Hftlll lltlV. t lh t .1 .'.I'.tasr I.OIirlllOHM,
liTrirvTrw, niMld I'mmry, tft (ultowfiig i.u.u
j oteiMiiijt 0itiiftto ly f ii .tiui i.i-inj: )u itm tuuiii of
lllioilt ttiiil :Uiitt ni (III to, and lioiiihli'd and rtttait rilivd
ottowef to wti: fiHi vraft tiom nit's) p qutrtor of
lion 21. 'I'i. S and I 4. COMt7ling :t9.T 1 (00 At r
lording io n pan-iii is--.utfil on. 7, HH and to wlilfli
i-rniittt in Itei a niatft. pkconp tract ltittl Hia i "
artor tf Hip n a ijr. fi Koction tjii. To. .'i and itanf j,
tt 1 Stts9U.il 0 aoraa. Thiro ttact being tlia n
ol Ilia 11 0 qr. ol SiTiun Si, Tii. S anil Ktnut 4, con
iiiii" 40 aciaa moroor leaa. roc htm fraet naiiitf ttia
1 ball of Hu-in-qr. ofaactiovVIhil K. j, oi Tp.a, con
niiii; r ti acrai mora or ft mi irnci liojui itart
iim Wcl hall of lilt: N. V. iiiarlr-r nf Him lion No. 17,
'J'p. ft. and Uange 4, contali intf It) arraa uinra ur iaaa,
i 11 tract pabig tta n r qr. oj the e qr. ofaoaVlt
ud Kanga 4, cottUiuiiig 3tt 70.11)0 acrea. tfavKNTii
ict I'eing tan aaraa frfuqnaj Itroadth urt'ol t ha wvm
I ol tin; ii w qr. ol tllf n if qr. 0'8ag, 5, 'Jp 5, aild It-
UtONTH uar. i bottia ilia a w qr. of aac. D4, 'i' 5 and
4, coniaitting 411 ; o. itm arra. Niai 11 ira 1 batiig hi
J tiartM'lit: I -1 artel being rt ul tlia went hair of
n it qr 01" (tec .4, Tt 4 and K 4, containing Ij acrcn,
Wu4 parrel being tha tl and oMlia waai liatfoftlta
1 qr. ul aC kri T(l J and Kanye 4, coiitarinij; 4U acrea
root le?i.
K1.Evk.Mi1 tract hflnf tit MM half oftha 11 w qr of
Is ti. 5 and H 4, ruiitainiiiK 7u r, mi acres).
.Ki.mi trart lifjiig tlta qr. ( tlioneu'.of atec'JU,
saad R4,conMltilii ItOju.Khl acraa. TaiaTaaaTn
tt balug the 11 v qr. uf the n qr o aK Utt, tl - aiaf
ice 4, f onuuimi! eWslull mrca, KocaTttaaTH 1 art
Ug 441 at-not ol equal hreadUi till of the iioilh rod ol
eat hall or the 11. w. qr. oi i -c. II, raue 4 and tp.
l.oiN No I "J iinrdl?aM- a raiaed Jointly atlhe
mot 9tfaQ0 41it1 w til M aMM tuettier aa 0110 tract.
i No- )3 mappiaiMtd at frtMl ad h mild aa one
ct. J.oik No 4 and 3. an- )iiaairrd at lha aum f
1110, untl will I.e. Hold aa out1 trart, l.ota No. H and U
1 aPHraiaad at tlta um oi.siowjami wili he void aa
n tract. Lola No aud 7, arc uipraiaad together at
I fiiin ot f.iimand will he aitldaa one trad. Lot No.
iaapuraiaed al $1,000 and will he aold aa one tract.
il hot No. 14. a aiprait'il at $(m, an' will he an Id us
1(1401. The above daacrihtO tantla and tentinenta
II lie void rean uf the Power of the widow, 011 the fol
vinir condltiona. One tlii.d 111 hand on the da u
le, One-iliird in one year, am: One third in two yeara
th Intereat on tlte deferred MSfiuetiti from the day al
Khenn'a oifice, MairhSMh,
JOI1V V. Mt'llOH.ihrrirT. ,
MaifhCP, IP51--5r.no.
AlexatiJrr Aruietrouf
Alexander Mall n,. pgrry Wilkiniuii.
'! I 3 Y virtue of s 2nJ alisa Kxecuion to rne
j I s SlfesteS ffesx tasi Csajrt of CesjiBjsgg pi..iof p'
I SlStit l.ouiily C ill, ii. I Kil'.H.r fur Sal. al PuMig .', If,.
; liun on
Titnilty thti4(hdtf of April. IM,
!Hwtitha hestra "t I n'livt , m ssrtla'clMl
p M nfsslrlila) at lb Irent gnnr nf the I'Sgrt ftaiiai , ,
ft. 1 itirsyllie in asm senntf, the Mlnwisg tteseriheil
, Sal L.'ale. allnatg lying ami astaa in lb. r.i,utv nf
, it i.nnt gng Slat ef Ohm. .nit gamMSil ant ajasgrihH
, aabibiar MS W II lasts Nmilara 1 1 U' -I', - lu IT
. S IS IS SI tn Sjl A lire R. pan nf l.nt V ..at, ,n
I lb" loses ul in.' Oieal WsaSSfS in tUt -".nnly. lakeu 11,
, Iseetitpsn t hp an it ul Algg miar S.rintreng,
batlfeuflce, es Ltsirsvilie, March It, fall
1 lOHrtC. NICHOLS, Sasnf,
, , la-cl, St. I -gj.'ie.
hi I Kill IT'S BALE.
K. :.an?'e Sl Co.
Baaiutl Ballaslievrjr Thomsi Strain ins Jas.
BY virtue of an onler uf Bala to me Jirec-
ISsl froiu tbe f'.' irt r (.' uniii in plea, of Ua'iu'.ut 1
l uniity Ohio, I will iitrar fur Kale un
I Tmdrf, the 2 UK day of Ap-il, )W,
laetWien ths lifHira sat Iho'af-J A. .M, a:. I 4 n'eiock
, P. M.nt ai t nay ai ths frost Seer ot tin Cssrl
in Sl. ClglrgeHIg in eaul county, tbe MlsWlSgalsrgrPaSg
lande anrt teneateuts, slug; e lying and being Is Uttl
gejunti ni ReinSiit .nil '.ate oi Ohio and nouiekil ami ,
it acitU-il as fullhWS Tn wit: A certain tract or parcel I
Uf lar.it. Stlppneml lo OS I efaS SefS, lemg in 7.aiu 'a astdi !
turn to tin- town nf Martinaeilln in Saul contily and I
1 en i, ,la. I ami described aa foilim-a; un tha H'.uih by1,
Hlttr 'Vt' inii'. laml, un uin t'f: he part of asirf trset
behinelue to salrl Zane, on the North be land belonging
to Johs Cntuibshsr, and os the List by ties Clveelsnl
Put. I urg K,ii hood
SberifT'a Ofltce, at. Clalreyllie. March Ud, ISM.
joiin c Nichols, Kiifriir.
Msrshlt, 1IU.-t3,:t,
Oliver Taylur
Thomas Uirch.
TiY tlrtee of an 4ti) Bxectttteti to ml rll ratted frntei
x the Conn oi i lummnti I'tea ul ttetMOiil Coantf Ohio,
I will oiler lor Sale at I'ulfltl Auction un
Tunday, the 2Uh day nf Aj.rit, lS.ri5t
l-etwceii lie ttOltraof 10 o'Llotk A. M. and 4 o't lork I. ,
at. of and day at the front door iT the Court Itonae in ,
Pt.Clalrevltla maid county, tiie Following rleeefilied
landaandtanementa.tn wu: jotnuinlier III in the town
ol Morrietown In aani county, taken in Bsecution aUtue
' ami ul i Hivei 'i av lor.
NhfritTi Ooli e. ft Clairarille. Mnrri, .'..
John C. MLtiol.s, Biieril,
C. ShalTtT, for use of B. V. Brouk.
vj :
V.cKny h Co., Daniel VV. Williams, JacoL
10. tlrovc and Warren l'ark Si Co.,
jj' virtue ofan order nf Ssle lo Die directed, fremlhe '
I i iiu rt ul i sjliiluuii Pli a. ul lleliiinm County, Obiu, I
nil ouSr ftir fetsitt St PShllg Auction eu
; Monday, the 30M daj of April, A. I) if. 05,
I ' etn-eentbe Itnureof It n'riork A. t. and 4 o'clock,
i 'i ufaaid day, at the froutdeor nf the Court Uooei
I hi et.t.'lal m iiie, in aai i ciiuuty, tbe lollowieg Seeeri
I t-eii auSs and tenements, Situate lying and beingta
j lli. Count) ! Uoluiont ami rHat.- ul Ohio, an.: Iwunded
I and deaerili d oa lolluwa to writ: Hack Lots Number
, iu: ami lis), on me North nf Main street m the town of
I Barnrsvlllc, ni ' aid Count; of UHmom, .mi Al.n, one
' olner unci or pai ce. "I .'laiiil.ir.uaic lying i helug in t lie
. eaul County "i Uelmout and .Slate ol Ohlu and bounded
aa folio erg to wit: tfitnatsiu Section No, 15. Town
I ship No.saiiri UangeNn.tl, beginning for the same at
; nr., ,11,: planted in the division Hue aetweeu theNorth
sudaouthlialvoauf said Baetion, lhauca North tso
j Weal ill boles 10 sioue, ibence South J c Vest 13
I pole to a alone, llience Smith ;s Bait SI poles to a
atone, Ihcncc Nor.li ii K.ai )3 ,,K lo ,ie lu.r f
I tiegliiulng, containing one Acre 1 14 poles more or Ins,
and all lite Uauhinei y end Pixturea iliereuuio beluna
Otsriff a Of.'ue, Sl. Clairaville, .March 2'Jtb 1RM.
JOHN c. NICHOLS, s ueri tt.
fl-Marcli i"J, '55 $4,;j
I'restou Ii. Kennaril.
Jane Kuiinarcl, el al.
In Partition.
I RV rirtua ofan urder uf Sale 10 Ine directed from the '
1 Court sl Common Pica, of Belmont count , oinu,
1 will o:icr lor Sa.'c at Public Auction on
Monday, the 30th day of April, A. D.
IMS, beiweeu tbo hours of 10 o'clock M and to'clock
I P. M. of Mild day, at the front dour of he Conn llouia
I in ll. Clanacillc, in aaul rounty, lb. following dcacri-
I bed Lailda and lenei He, Hitilatc lung and feme in tiie
I County nf llrlmotii anu flam ul Ohio, and hounded am!
I described aa to lows town: Being a part of Section No. i
SO, Townehip7,end ItangS 3, lie inning lor tin- in at ;
I the N. L. come,' oi .aid section, running tvith tiie Kast ;
Iboundarv thereof, ISvsr niles in a post N. K. corner ol
Joaepli millions land, tlicnrn with aaul Dibbons land the
ten following cour-.i, ,Ti ' is mln. W 4u nolss to a
I post, llience BSS E 0 psiches to a Snnr tree on one
of the Northern boundaries of Moses Medcalf'a land -1
thence Bomb gs wi; uereunsto a Dogwood, thence
801 c IV SO perch slo a while Walnut, thence B 41 ,
I 111 pnrcliea to a ll.eeh tri e llience N :. c W m 4 I
1 iereliea m a while Walnut, thence M. 13 w " percln
ea to a while Oak, thence NeTJEfH.) perches to a I
. poet, thence N Til c W to a Kist, llience c lit (i7 parch
I ea to the place of beginning. Containing 101 Acrea 141
. perches more ur ir...
I N. It. The widow 'a holding dnwer in the sl ove deacn-
beil premises haa relea.,',1 ,.r dower iu lne same ami
! the premlles Wh) be old Irec uf IllCUUlbrgncS of aaid !
' dower.
BjajsC O'1" ' Murrli Dip E Jlji. lfoo
1 J 1 1 1 ' I . i HOLS, Slieriff.
Marcli CS. HUB- $3 '.'5
State of Ohio, Belmont County SS:
Courl of Common Pleas.
Uusrnsey Branch of n,. state Hank of oiiio, in Waaii
iiijjtuw IMaintiif,
' TJieiuaa Jnbnalon. Jr.. MIC liaei gwHuy SSd Louis Bay ,
ii.. He igndauts.
Petition. Attachtnent.
'lHF Dr-fiMidants liprcin nam ed are hereby 1
1 noticed that the Paintlfloii tiie 84th dav or Fell- .
, ruary, Iw.i.s, Af.( a I'.tituin in the Court of Common 1
Pleas of Remout County stating therein iiiat Thoiuaa
Johnatnn, Jr. one of aaul tielendants executed tin note
on tha 3d day or Pee. ISlt, due at GO .lata lur the ail in nf
g'.'.tltlO layaliw tu the order oi Louis (tat ha, one of aaul
Uefseda ita, and endorsed by aaid Bayha and Michael
gwaenei and delivered to the i'ainiiif; wharehy tiie !
said Uefendauts liseouis Haul to nay the I'laintfnT tlia j
I amount nl .aid note with une em from tha lat ut Kahrua. 1
ary ISM.thSt a copy ul .aid note ia tiled Willi aaul Pit !
lition ami alao an afllilavit for an AttaGlituant that 1
lh Flaintid in said Petition aaka tor Jiiiipmctii inriiie1
anteUHt Ol aaul note Willi the intereat agaiHSl tha llefen
j danip ami that said Deloudaute are required loauawar
aaul petition on the I th day ui March, ISM, or Judg
UlSul ill be rendered aeainai llieiu u.,..,, ranu.
MU.i.i;it i'l.NMMfl'ON.
Mar.U I, IH55-6.T. All', for PaiuliST.
4sU . SB. ES J . "Jk rwr'
ic u M u i v .
D It It 0 O E It 8'
tea t tOMStSTS tree er
' CaaghS 4'oltls, liiCiuenzH, Aslhtnn,
Tlllfl Medicine is recommended hr men f tlta hith j
fit etnding in "tir rountr M v JOB L. ' lint k
brother Of Martin Van Ui rkn, Be, F.t-f'rraid.int of
the Tn ilfil Males; I'ROK. II. COX, IHN. JUIK.K WM.
UTAKOUril. t'.SU., ! Cincinnati. II. It. Wl I. SON', M .
p.. UoIUneniinr Parke county, Ohio: n r,. DRAICK, i
PrUlfllai, Xenia, (lino! W. , I.CVIfUN', E-U., Kdi
1 tur V. H, Military ""il Naval Argue, N'tw York.
ltail llieli atetuiiieuta evllipli van lahad ijtaitnioualf v .
oT am Acunta in iaiiiil(l forai.
For saipht
j. W, Coistetae, fi riairaviiie.
ll, MraritT. Heiit4ryahur,
F. M- biv.ji, ilerrletnviti 1
llaiMiiA Mat nra, IsoyaUrlltii 1
llatKf lltttsMi ! 'Wwiaerl.
j. s. Aettiiiaoatsletlaire,
J F. tali nrtt, Jarnharnirg,
a. lleTMHi L'entravUttei
A. AputaiKftKo, A r matron" 'a Mill. ,
li.ll. Mot r, Harneevilla.
Iv 4 ana is Cftoarei io :
W.Ti DoaaBTg !nrary' Mill. I
fleaavf CottCtptiiia. t
J.Ma Muniv, iSw'lavill. g
lrMoei.rv di MiIiumv. Marlieari'la. '
'm. ItsVi, Ni War ilia.
W. T Mu ra 4VfN, KnmttM.
Ma: h rV-ji m.
IN parstisneo f lh" last vrul in I 'IV in
reenl of Hand Millar, dee'4., in. i an , ,,
said ssaea.es need ai the time sl bis di it 0tTei
i ed Sir sat. raid is'm la BltealS l IHil.s Piullh ..I St 1
I t.lairseitle on the ro.d Irrdin tu Ja"diSlrifa, i, ;i !
j ii, 'lea rrtiSitMV U. Sail Read, n Un essnts of lei
I ' J, Olilo.oFOMgl g". IrleS nf goad giiglltyfotl
Less shout Mi asrsa nfsrhlgS a sssd timhsr, n,. T.ai !
Sneg tg in a s'a.d state of rnltivalion. Tin la,.lla;a
srall. ssd is tgerl syatsrtsl, "n Ihearaun m m
I.e. I!,, re ,. lv.o ,,, l,,rta;'lr llwflUi.y Jfr W
II. .... R n lat,'.'.- I,".,,.. ,. , gtom .'..fiS
II" 'a Strong ai.'l neei-r II.I.uBeI;
,r ns ol n iimI .. a'.er ue.r t,, '
I'hcre i. a glsott nfstona .nal an. I tS
I l.lm Stone on the aTSSilses, and Is a hsndsnsts and'
seelrealde situation ies any ores waiillhs aainail faun
II. ail land ia nm sold sl .rn st an'e before Ilia arid
iHifl aid day l-e sSjbV'1 i yu''
- " I ur "... in. a I'jdajPi Ue SSI
isrltair lleitig un ths prenii'.. K l
VM.TOX Hll.i.KS.niieeiiter. I
februtry lat. 'J',ta. ,
est ssd inu-t fashionable .t vi- - STjeivri'. con
ai.t:nr nf Hreaat Pine. Re liioo.l'm .r fnga 'fir.
'n tf nbili, l,'us"f I ie, Ucld PenaiSa sns) Pens, Heel
sis, (laid ssd aitelr Chsiss, Keys, Peals fr ,r
si f j. t. Pron
c' o. lit Mats i . WssMlsg.
J : cert,,,,! arhnara gntltladte Su'iutv landl in . tar
lleeaet j-iat pa. aed I'oagreas sll apply in It. I,. Ighnlugi
srlai has iti grnjie' formu;. i , o''ti a ihans,
et'hitg H'ash Brash, sold st
P' ' l 11. ALCXAXbr.B'S,
State of Oliio, Belmont Coantj'. SS:1
Court of Ciri,m;,n Pieas.
Onernsey Pianch efths mat. Bant of Ohls, is w.sh
Isgtesj, I'aiut.iT,
VI :
T.'.en.aa Job salon , Jr.ll,' l,a'..' g v.ei.a. and LSSil Bay
ha befei "an. a.
Petition. Af. i:n.tt.
' J IIE Defendsnts horelfi nnmcd are t:er-
J by totiAed that the Plaintiff on tiie .":!,
I ebruary, leu, IMeda ptiilon mm as sflldavii fur an
AttsebiuSnl In the ourt of Common I' eaa ol tha tyoiinie
and tate afoteaald, stating llieieln ti..i Thos. joimston,
Jr.. and on. or aaid ISeleitdants ei.' ii .u hit ote ni. the
M dsjr of reh. IMS. due as days aiu.r lbs dalethereol ,
lur in. .un, uf aajaUQ psyahle te the ordeo! i chsei
Pwreenv, auutner oi aa i 1 1 fan.ta-its and endorsed b .
ssid Sweeny and Lou Bayha o .of .ad iielendauie
ami delivered la lh plsintia ; m in ri i". tua ii p-ndanta '
ar liahlg to ;.a ibe plainll i ths aaaount .' ssid notee
S cutty or srh tch sots is msd oriih the lauitioii is ths ,
ca.c that Hi. I'lslntlBS IS -nd Petition ;,ave ohtal ied
aaerdatol Attachment and ag lor Jndgiusai ac".i at
the Itefstidsnte for thaanionut of aaid not. on aiid attar
tin: :t.l il.t o! A itiI !-:,',. Dial a ,ul fleiendanl arr rt-,. i:
r. ii to assser a.i.d i stition on or bsfaee i ,e n.i Piiasilsy
in May 1 .'. or ludgmssl sril hi lauau agafnsl ihm un
on deiash, .mii.i.kk i i.. MNUTfilS,
Mlrcn I. lSg Cm. All'., lor Ph'B
DiLSUl FOR Till Ll (is
r7. the c::kf. or
rndTUtlPTIN',rECI.INE. ASTHMA, DttrtM ii
, J lr. sV..iMf; or I HE 1 1-l.fii. NiUHT
WKATP RPlTTIKfl OtsOOD. iloul! u
- l Oi.W. COHGHff, INFI. I KNZ.T.
DlSEtfidUS ny THb CHfcttT AN L LUNOS.
Dr. Ueil'a Petaani cotit&ini no nr. a, I .a at . r
any ntMtral soteon, livi a Asiuoee6 moetly ut Uioae
Koute Het'a anil aetall luoetanvei wtitch have a
apeciflc Inflnt-neeOuoti Ura Itttiejl and Mietf connectei
m aii tie m a r eta i wtto i ie to allaj all irritation
And pent y reiiMive the phttgM ami ottior morbid aacre
tiona Iroin thi "I hroat mm .-tiM'eeaegea, thua reiievlne
Hit UoUghi by thtdunig tht n i.vntut nn tsiid OtlHtr I Rtlfl
ta winch give rtae tu it. it a au ;iuulati s atnJ imj ana
a heatth y tone to the Lungt i Pntealeea, xhtr . rna
lilnuf fJim moic tborottajbly to remove ltum tu Mood
tboia impuritiea and dircafd perticlre. wt.nJi. it te
tatned . no much inlatlileftn tlia av-tin. anI 'e a .',
routidatlon lor incttrabtecoNSl MP'i'loiS'. It alw ei
rtt a dei idtd action Bj on tiie akin, and aaaieta nature
in MuelUit iitiuugh Uie Kxltaientat luufh oi ium mor
bid wittai tvliicii tvoitldotberwiae lieiiiroivn t-at. unur.
tlx Lunea, thni relieving Uten nfdiart oftlieirwork.
and rendei ing tiie ayctem otireaml va thv. Whn tu I
berclea ere forminfi it cbecJie their tfevgMuiiirnt and '
fnrtt.cr proa ri a: ui if ulceration haa taken place, it ee
ligie tbelungi iu ihrowlng onT tin- corrupted matter,
euotuet the irritatlont beets tbe ulcerated ttevitiesg and
reatorettbehtef kin i" healtiiy action. Tbia meiHctue.
ttirrcfuri', ia ni a .atiartc tnr-rclv.wiii'.'i on rfimvejat
for the time beiugt imt te a m ccaattva, ai it
atrik"5 nt ih- very rootoi tln-tl.va-' and Uy re i (-Ting
it, retuovea at oote all na remote ami attendant eonee
quencea. Tltia ia tta oteTiaoctanKS aaaai i KaiaTit a
property poaeeaaedg tn equal ower, by no other medi
una ofllka nctoreg now before ttie pubirvt
rr.E at 01 Lirr.ios imaSI
Are inaue hf r at i:oinc and cvrtif.l tr by anrh men
aaW.U. VVBIOI1T, M l , J. Lawaow, M. P.. Vm. U.
HattTB, M.D.J.S, ionaaon, M D., Iht. h . t'rr. n,
R. H. UtrLroRp, ISte,, and otbera who &r tvall Kitywn
cittiena of Cincinnati.
And get a pemptet artd rpid their et-Tti! rates in full,
and you n list In; ftilly con v meet. of Hit giiiAOttnii r.i
MaaRiia o' Tina Mjeoit'tn.
irPHJAUTJOf " Uev. ere o.' .r HHf PulmonS
Ui j x i r t aisu. Dr.Hali'aCougb Remedy, erblch ta iome
tjmea palmed uft rof th- genuine.
II" r ita ai Rtand ait tor Ur. W'u. UaLL'l Bxi ron 1
TBI I.L.N (it.
Oenuiue, algned by O. E. BAKCU tt lO.
For ami, by
J. w. CoisUete, Jt.riftiraTiUe.
ll. l.rju'iiY, Heudryeburg.
F. M CwANg eUorrfaiown.
IIainik A: Hat- nen, toy dar Ilia,
HeVRHvObaaa, DrHge.iort.
J. .titN nci;aoi. Bntletre.
J. K. Ghi arar., Jacohebtirg.
jt. Matsom. Centreville.
A. At.k-tp.oxo, Ainiatroar'i Mil.
II 11. Mott, Barr.rfaville.
W'krrield II Croat en. tto.
W T. To set, Dorreya MiI.
liorspy It Co, Captilia.
J. ll. nakTia, Bewellaville,
Pniootxv tt Oriw, Mertlmville.
Wa.BtTB- N IchulavisMe.
W. I' M . l r a Son, Jomcrton.
Mar.li I-, .w55, ?m
'IKNDERS his Profesglonal sorvices le
JL tne titiaSUS o BabLotaS and iciaitr
Nov. 54, Wei.
riHB Hubbard Farm. Grist antl Saw Hill,
I en tVhiingCreek. The Idllla or Farm ititb ha
loolor renteil,aiaratnl)i ifdeairad, Per urn,, anp.y
to ll. I,. JeiiaillgS, or I!.' B. Ryan, 51. Clair.e.i.'e, O, i
May 1, IS.U
J oh n Parr
Tlieaker Mitchell it Co.
BV virtue of an r.nler of Sale to me direr- i
tad horn the Probata i nnrt of Mlaseut nouMi '
;rl"'" '""' Coeuaea Plesa ur Bulinuiit '
i osni) . Ohio, I m ul oiTer fei sale, us '
Ttmiay, tht tUh day of April, l5.r). ' '
between the iiaors nf iso'cleek A.M. gad d o'clock t '
H.orsaid day at the front door of tne Court lloussin
M.I lair.ville, iu aaul county, ihe fulluwlllg prui frlv l
Wit! A cerlai.i I'raiue House, situate in tlia luivn uf
Kirkwooe, Befmont County, Ohio, and un tbe south
west carusr of Morgan sud U'bitoly streets, and on Lot
rVumlHtr 37S as foruicrly laid out and Reeorded in ths
luwii ul Kiikn-nud sfaresaid, ... his proporty nf Vnice.t
Mm lu ll, une uftliebru, o: 'I iu-aber Mitchell da Cu i
r!licrill'a Oilier, (it. ClaireelMe. Harrli Bid 1KJJ I
.March M,.u.-,3,00J"""' K "' "
SIIERIFF'Ji SALE. -ilullittera
'rii"mas Wiley, et nl.
BY tlitueofao nlias aifoution tome dl.l
reeled frem the Court nf f.'ominou rieo. .r a.i !
nniit , ',,, Ohio. I ttill .ITS, fu( r"l' Au". ;
Monday, the Wth day f Aylt, A. p. 18ii,
'iltveeii the liJ"-' I
"neb l" aa "I III t"l"ik, .4. M. and 4 o' I
.. ' .ofisid day, at the frem door efths Court 1
ouae.inHi.Clgirai tlle, in aaid tnu ur, the fullosrieg
anda and ;ien Bills, HituMs lying' and being in
laid county ul Delmonl, and State of Ohio, humid nit
i" detCflPe I aa mllowa to srll.' Lola Vuuibsi 7. and
tt, Intti. Ultra if Marl na.ille. Uel sioni Uuuntl
ikis, (inrsised a: ssitn.int.
SSarifl'a riffl... Mi'ik .h, lat
jf'HK c Mm, ii n akenf
Heirh l Hi. a reel
my i
f 'I'm riggi Feaieiaa i- ia ... Asiess
ln.'a jj Mi ' r u ' " i a i ! . "
im t: vHi ,., n u tj fmdrni
t tM.'uma Rrnaai i.r aareAils. a ssa4 S.ii,
C .. ..in. ,..,. 1,1.. , .,. , .,'.
oi riiatHles oi, i sea, c ",i.,.,. Heils.i'hfoeletirs
teS, Ring tt .,r ..calUll'ail.CiilS'sen.nit
' 1 am..' tin. Ilonee anil iiil,a. .a,f tll J.lf ,
Me niao'dere, I. iim, .-.,. ...,, c,M.,(m,
' '" ' ir., , nli.linieiieeof Iter,
ni i . , ' . i. see lh Lite, in Impurity oi the Rlood
Jt . I sr. at alleratlva Meifleins ahd I'm, tier r
ti... .d". ii'ix u.ni i. ibovasnila ufgraiaSil iistieats
rrninall iiarM'il Hie l.'nlied n ,t, ivhotertify ilail) I.
lie rentarsable cures (vriorm , Vtr rrM-,,.t ,
W'llir, ...... - M;- ;( .... S M.; .,, y , ,... -
rsrtl. Rhenmaileiu.Scr a, KrsHKmS on lha t-
.leer n. i evers ' , nid eutds, A mtetioss arf
HtKldneve, I'laeaaei ., ,i, , , ,, p n,a!eCoBii'lall
islsaand chingnf Uie Hone. and Joi.ua srespredlii
i"V.'" ',''.'i '' ' ?real sud IneaiimaMe resaedr
""' ' :' "' Kiuwil. nothing has yet bees
luii;- .', eom '' w ill it. It eieat set put irt u. u: ail
wpnriiies, acts gently end efll ut y on ll.e' f iver ei
sh aeye, llrengtbens in- Uigeatluti, s ee. Ions la the
nottiach, mates the skin c;. ;rand healtby, and ra
ilores l ie Cnn.tlttil on, ' ieil bv discs o. brake
V the to its prist IIS . aui aed
r ,: l.di. :, .:,.. !it.'5',i.iittr ihsnalllhs
I?'" 1 erueil. A ewd'.araoft'aai'ka'.Ss.atsi
Mm k ta i f remove a a i.ne.e nl romelesHiS
''riagtint fi-e. mantling toilu eek.give etaatielts as
tneatep. and .... ove t ierener.-.i liegnii in a 'emarkaUa
SVSreSj l.vninl a .,.,;,..'. ... r heard of.
' 1 gssninhnriif certifies ', . - nave retel
.enrrom per.oesl awl psru arthet'niKid Slates, is
Hi w evidem . that there IS Bs II mil us slwut it. Toe
if-, hotel sei " ...,,. .,,.!, , ,,. , ,,, sajwia
" I iu.'p tn the n un ty.aii odd their tggti.
ff'BlHI uW" ' x tS'0BT SllittPtl
Call on the An ttaml rslgCircntS' and AlmSSS
'"',""' ooiiderfni cures this i a y greasastel ail
sejlli ue. . . ,,, ,i. , ' ,
Knnege nine . .i flKV VHTT 4 UBKRS
rs.sTo.sri . street. Iticl ,Va.iinrh.
'";''"' r '" ' dies . rnatoi ',. addraseed.
.1 ll 'I -.ir v
it. ii.bx vviii-.f! 8i.ciairi:t.
J; Raker, Wheulfae.
Hrni. ii inliar, I'niontasru,
I. 'eo.i . Rotimi, Kl.,. ,, .,
It. J. Clark, Mm i.'..,",.
I i foil, Ram villa.
Js. i. Mi)., sr Ron, isiiimertnn
..." ' - 1 ' es .vervo-here, Nuv is.
liiinic or '.ti v.ists Drbllitfa
' the K'. ineys,
it! nil ryfoesarw wising
from n l-i .riiiri.l UseTin?
Stouiaeli, ,.,,cii ,. unsiipr.iiiio,
Inward rtles, Knllnoas. or HI -o
InSllead, Aci.ttlvnf tbe !Jnninh, Nsll-
sea. Heartburn, Dhwnsl Fond, Ku!i
".' wwi'iylii in ihi rauinincb. ---iiir Krui-fi'icn-..
-.',,, "I.-,;. ,t tin i';iol tiie
'"mscli.avrimin-.tig of tlig Heail, Hatrried ssJ
attlicult Breatlnnjf, Rutterinsj at tin- Heart,
t 'Sking ir-,;i:o. i tinx: n rati inesrhtinia
sivinePoa ,t ii ii imes.ni v ;:. Do'-or
Vvrdra bi i.Tf t i--u.i". feint snd Uu
Pent in i'.i lie id. j). lifi.ncy id Pure
p.r;:,.,",. V cir.m new rl '!, SIltB ea
Ll' . I'm., in : , , iuck,
Chest, l.imhe, ,,- . tSudileii
rittshe -i Heat, llurnlna n
the R, th. ' Imag.
iitinjf. ui Rett, .'nil gmat
Ue;i,-. .ioii ul' p!r,;s
i csu be aitVcts
cure 1 by
tut, lioor; avi
:elebra;iq gehman ;ttcRs.
No. 130, At . ,S... 1 ii,,r Ulpu Sa,tA, Philadm.
Their ,.i,wer over the nbnve fTI.eaa.. 1 .ut tieta4
If equalled, i au ut,,.- ,,, ,,,,, l.,,,Flt'
bad r iled ""' '" t"c,!'trai-'uiM.jiwaaa
Uiese Bitgars ars worthy -the attention of inoa'ida
Posaeasiiiggreat iirtiies n the raetiSrallnn of ...eeaaea
'. tb Liver and Ii .sergl ija.agereiei iithemoatMareh.
ip powers ii v. sknees and autctinue of tbS digtieS
irgaus.tbs) . aritbal, a.is, caciain and pleaeant.
1' as I' . .. .... .:. meav lie, CI ): Jut',, tggj
Midi "1 writ, to elate fhr your satialaetion, and alas
tor that of others, . ... yeairOeri .. u ., .,
reeoiiiiuend it to lie, a liighlj valualdi i diciue, whiik
I know .".in na. usee : In ray own ur.,l tn my
etlllrea.ti.il ti , : t UMfj j, , , -
saute recouitncndatioi ."
Rtsi-hss a. Mcal-r, Carton, ORio, .Mur 11, ItSS,
sa: "Having ! rd yotii Clerman RitteiS bigblf is
eejnimended from aoursei la vhieb I nlaceil much roafl.
dance, I ordered lour hu.tle from Cleveland bin at
them f gave to uiydaiieblui n , ba. derived ereaibie
e:.i ftoiu ii: twool tin i imniadlately, aa.t I
would :ihe yno loeend in- a snp y .h ,t . -,,.;i
loan Ctaas, Bru sWi . ..... May SS, tsid aaya
our Oeru an Ititurg .'.. proi i aurceeeful in t.sr.
case that baa come la my ).:,.. i .... and lias ..lenM
f'.i Raelfsarestdamanti.
'ia. .a. Un i hroan, i 'ovn cmn. Ohio, l'e sntserfjrtk
IMS, eaye. "My Ife lie- hi , s,f,.: , ,h, Ctl
conaaintand ! a, . n,r a naeihei oivnra ,'ur:..
which tine I have apenl a great deal fcr doetoriiig I' ui
She received vjr, liul, u 91 Iherefrciln.and final -yltha
doctor, saul si ci Id n I be cored. i,ai snrini afes
concluded te trj j om Bill took two hoitl.s and
ever sine taking tbein aha has been aide to at'en,' te
her business eery latelj ;,. - . , sltaeh hat
has again commeneed the Hitters I have eold gaits a
auiiibei ol bottles thi i gh rerommandaiian, .mi
lar a- 1 ecu learn, n has givi n setisfaction te el! "
Pvii;Aaoon Auai nab - " .: ..; Ib remi r 5 te.'.s,
lays! lerniitmete ear teetimo v to 1 he remark able ef'
liraoyof your 1.. man I lleis in tha rut nl Liver
comi'laint. I'. ,.,....., . to taking It, ' was SS
rsrely atSieted-witl disease ol the I.iver, .0 mixta
lhat I did not expect to live, but Ij 1 free -.a. ft:i3it
lere, thanks loa kind Proi idenre, I find mm :r, nurele
reatored to health a.. '. abii- ifi reeuin my ueu. I aan :i
ii.eut." a
'I In Rittera .. entlrel; vegetable and r.r frem ai
oiifllii .liuiulaul and ail iniurlooa iner.dlenu, mild ia
.heirsperai : they strengthen, the system, never otm.
ra:,. ii. 1
I'iiav are entlrel ve.:-.l.:e a'! fie.- frms all Inlsrisms
Sold 1 dealers tu aiedieineeeerf wbeee,
II. AI.KX.4VOEP t Clsirsvllle.
lieu C. Hethel. ' 'liuv.
IrVin.linuhar sia.
P fire.,. 1 ,owi
H . 11. M leargltu
M. e. ..m, Boau, ..
4ndtiyD. rain "u c;" T,',rr!rri
afaeeoil er n i:.
t:.sier make, at 1 Jauetl ST' r it TBO MAS'
I AMES VATESUnov ruDnihtr theFac-
Sil lory ri K ineey'e Mill, live miles wei . Rri'iLga
rt, by Bteam I'ower, ami ia pnu.aieil during ell sea-
tone ofthe .'.,.. t ,lacl t .:,., ul d.
tch, lh billowing articles, 1 1.. --1 ..,. ,,
..ll., I weeds, II ..l..'t., Kiel n. Is.snd Hto, ... Yam..
, ",',',"'"' ,uliV "'" "! "' ' " v any aiuer
letabllshnwtit, low lor ea.b, urlhu folbm-lng arii '-a of
rede, H i. iusj. Heeawgg, Tallow, a.,d m,ry aviap.
tardus amit-p. .!,.... amlPresglng doits fSI
stistr) run sislu o.-.ier on reasonable terras,
Dec. stj, i,.jt .
salt: salt:: SALTIli
A 1.1. peranum in wrm- ..' f g abute ..rliclc.
w.ll plegae tate m4iCs that the tiuhserib. has'
etreceiTgd asupnl -t the ,. ..i ... ,"
lids ..wllieh , fgeolling .1 Wheel,.,, priree, (RiS
er in,,', i ai in. slurs 111 fet, Ulairsville.
IV S.-.t lar,.,.!,,, ,..,, M , .. . , ... ,.,.,., lnl
sli'" 'tOi ' J""V
j. .1 EPSON
V'o!'l.n respectfully annoi i e to hie
v T old friend. end tit puelie irneia!l . thai lie
gg tetltruml to Rt, l'lirsvlli( and ..peneil a
liroeery 1,1 1,,, r.ui Ibriueily ni u- 31 .J
pM piedhv llscj.... 'i n lv br- AraJ
BayajJ tutenns keeping ghoul lb, aan. t ind of astaca
cf lasss a. loruierly t., 1 .,1 this ulaci eoi n nf u.r
Qrtteerlee, linrtiunri', Qmiensvriirst lr
A ad whers be hogtes by a, rut .atient,,.,. la InistsaN :
a,e, 11 a a!. a c al uubllt 1 at'. mage.
jritl . IRrwOM
P MA 1 1.1" nflh ht aualili bo se'e bj tbS Leg
i, ll'seeliag urieea, witb ajfoitienad fieig 1
St rig 'i, l'e. ir: "' ',i

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