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The Clironiclc office has been re
moved to the new
mammc iiaMi ntiii.niift;,
A fw doors cast of the Court HousOj
and a few doors West of the Norton
ffl i-T I III P.. Il.'li III.' U II ii II I V IM
Kr i "ml, will meet In the school holies In ilie
la)- West emi.ol Br. Ci.AiMvit..fc, onSatutdi.y
Ma; 5th, 1835, nt 10 o'clock A. M.
Hv nt.l. I ill 1 1 if ll.iinl
D D. T COWEN, Clerk.
Map of Belmont County.
We presume there is nut a single individ
ual in this county who is not desirous of
knowing every thing it is possible to know n
fcout Uelmont County ( the relative situation
'ol her sections, ami townships, the course ol
her stre ama, and the situation and hearing uf
Iter roads. This information must ccrtait.ly
he sought for by all, and until now fought
in vain. Wo liuve before us now n mnp
which places our County before us, and at a
single glance all the information necessary
can be obtained. Ii is got up in excellent
s'ylc printed on copper plate, by our fellow
citizen, Hugh Anderson, who, as an engraver
hos few equals. The map contains all the
section linca, together with the number of
acres in each section, the township lince.antl
the division by ranges s The courses of the
streams are plainly marked, together with
the coursejof the Ohio river which washes
her eastern border. The location of the
towns, and the lines of all the roads are
plainly marked.
The people o( Delmont County are indebt
ed to the enterprise and energy ol dipt.
Charlesxeorth, our present" efficient Auditor
for this excellent mnp. We speak for it a
cordial reepption. Rev. D. Trueman is at
present ergaged in canvassing for the map
in this County, so far, we arc glad to learn,
with excellent success.
OTTlie Belmont County Teachers' Insti
tute is in session at Loydsville. Wo hope
there is a good attendance, for these Insti
tutes are productive of much good among
the teachers who profit by itieir sessions.
They are a kind of literary exchanges, where
each tells the other hid i xperience, and the
result of his experiments in teaching. The
teacher's calling is a lubtt one, a ntl let them
improve never to fast,they can never advance
beyond it. There is a wide field open for
them in th B ecl.eol room. May they profit
by the present session ol the Insthute, s our
bi ncere desire.
We have in our possession si (evl packa
ges of the following seeds:
Lee Corn, Silver Corn, iSpnrry, Navet Tur
nip, While flour corn, Silver Duckwheat, Im
proved Swedish Turnip, Bwfttft scented ver
nal grass, White globe turnip, Hungarian
Spring Wheat, Cussabar Melon. Neapolitan
White Wheat, Sut.inur Spring Wheat,
French licuns, Green gli be turnip
They are put up at the 'Patent office for
the purpose of diffusing a good quality of
the various kinds of produce through the
country. They will be given to any person
who applies for them. Call soon, or they
will be gone.
07 To young Mis tin, and eke aspiring
wains, the business ot buying and selling
Jewelry, and trin kets ol all kinds must ever
bo an object of interest. To all such the
atore of Mr. J. T.Scott. o;i Main street in
Wheeling must ever prove on attractive
place. There the most lustidious in taste
can be suited, and the most varied prices cir
Mjea uiid. Any ono calling on Mr. Scull
RniKt help but be accommodated, as he is
obliging and does his bett to suit bil FUStQ
fjCrOur friend James W. Collins has jus
laid upon our table a gross of Messrs. Blon
zy, l'oure &. Co's steel pens. He assures us
(stra' gr though it be.) that notwitbttandin
tlacse gentlemen make people steal (steel
pens they do right (write. ) Wj know thu
'they do write too, for we are using one e
preeeni: Sir. Collins hug lots of things be
aides iteel pens, too, for a large stork u
Drugs may at all times be found on h
.halves, also, a goad supply ol splendid Den
'-ui and surgical Instruments.
QirThe report that our former fellow citi
zeu . I'. Clark was seriously injured on
railroud near Cleveland turna uul to be
lionx. Some unprincipled f-oundri'l wro
to his friends in this neighborhood that 1
waa hurt, which subjected them to uiut
trouble, care and expense. There is a pla
prepared for such scoundrels us perpetr:
such practical jokes.
Harpers Magazine for May
At Martin's Drug Store.
Broils re r the Million, Just rceiv
by A. C. Martin At Co. another supply
Miscellaneous, and School Books, Memurr
duiu, Hyinu Books, &.C., Ru lin'e History,
ii Vol. Josephus' Works complete in v
Vol. Nevin's Bibl ictl Antiquities, Heath
Mythology, by Dvight, O ven on the Hi
fc'pirit. Napoleon and his Army, Sketches
Jefferson, Hamilton, Jackson, Clay and Rj
dolph, by Baldwin. In doors and out.or vie
from the chimney Corner, by Oliver Opt
Faithful XoUwr'l Reward, Human', Mooi
Longfellow's and upper's poetical worl
Youstt oo the Horse. Arnold's Writing P
id.. Lindon manufacture, the best in tjoe.
1 For the incorporated villngc of
St. Clairnville.
An Ordinance
BsUbHsbllM and DtetMlnjfor ilio regulation of the
Mnrki is in I In' Incoriii.r.itril Village ul m flan.,
Si c 1. Be It ordained by the Council of llio In
corporated village st St fjlsirsvillr, 'I lint it shall be
IBM .liny ol ilia m .rlmt muaier to i . k . . r. ul ill. Mar
kit IJuiiSo in said Town, to keep iha aamn in nriiprr
order, hv ih.iruuuhly awia,iing out anid Market
House, the day previous to each market, and it shall
be the duty ul said market master to attend at s-iid
market huiiee on levers regular marki t day, and
Open and close Ilia sild market houre at the iioins
In r lnaft.'r nam id I. r the opjuing and c'oeing ol the
Market. Hi ml! rei eivc an allowance lor his sum
0S1 nt the dlretStio i if t o Council of raid Village.
Sec. 2. That from and alter the Mill uajr ol May
A, P. I8.'5. th re ahall be established a Maiket to
be held at tliu Mniket house in said village; said
urn km to be held on TsjsadlJP and Friday of each
week from bollock A. M. until I o'clock P. Ml Of
anid day.
Sec. J. Thnt no person or persons shall be permit
ted to sell or deliver nt retail, fresh umnt, provisions
or vegetables ol any kind in Bnid 'I'own, on any d ly
preceding the market days) nor shall u.iy person or
persons Bell or deliver at retail, any I'resli meat, pro
visions, or vegi tables ul any kind within the Curpo-
rats limits of said sillsgeon nhi Mnrket days, ex
cept ul the Mnrket limine in a lid vil Inge; any nrsnii
or pert ins offblldinfl under thu provisions ol this sec
tion shall ue lined lor every such offence, upon con
viction, any sum nut exceeding er nor less limn 01.
IScc. 4. Thai SSch and every person occupying a
stall in sin I ntarkl tbousc (or the purpose of retniling
meat Hum in shall pay in advance un nnniial rent
lor the asms, li e Blnoilnt shall 'o a by the Colin
ittll for the prBesnt yel r, in the in mill ol May, and
iheruitter tiiniuully at u slntcd meeting in said
Sue. 5. That any peison or persons attending Jiid
Murket lor the luiposs ul Balling Iresh; rtltiot, pruVi-i
idUS Of SegStSMSS ill any kind, and uftcring ilie same
Mr sale ill a putrid ur Unhealthy condition, shall up
on conviction Ibereot be fined in any sum notexceu
ding $10, nor less than $1 to bu recovered in a civil
B0I1INI bulure the Mayor of said village, and the maia
kel muster of aid village ia here by authorised and
empowered to immediately seize und ri move from
aid Mniket iniy such poind) or unhealthy meat or
vegetables st the cost nt the oWn?r thereof.
Sei-i g. That any peraoiii or persons attending said
Market, ari I sellinii any Ireh meat or provisions ol
any kind by we ight, are herein required to weigh
lhc smile on bulauce scales huving ilio Slate seal on
the weights tliereol. The anid Hulunce scatvs It) be
subject ut all times In the InSpCQtlon ol the market
master; and any person nr persons selling any pro
visions or vegetables ol any kind by measurement,
in said unttk t.thtill use a mensure, or meSSOreS lor
thai purpose, having the BtatOSspl thereon, subject
at all times lo the inspection ot the market rnseten
any pomon or persons found guilty ol using any lalsc
weights, of measures ill the Weighing Or msssure
msnt'Ol any meat, provisions or vegetables sold in
said market, shall be fined in any sum nut t xi cid
ing tf . or torleit his or their right to the Use uu.l oc
cupancy ol said .Market house, at the discretion of
the Mayor. Provided, Tint nothing in Ih.sotdi
nance shall be so construed as to interfere with reg
ularly established grocers or in j.c.i ul s, 111 the
sale of provisions, at retail.
This ordinance tu tnlte elluct und be in forcu from
and alter the llibduj of 'May A. D. lHj.'i.
M. J. W. GLOVER, Recorder.
AN Ordinance
Providing lor lb leasing 01 Hay cules, and tor the-
kppoininient ui Vvelghtnasier c.
Se.:. I. lie it ordained by the Council el the Incor1
p rated Village ol fc-t. OloirsVll e. thutthe Hny scales
: Uilollglng to s .id village be lasted In Hie highest and
I Usl bidder Itom the Ulh day ol April A. D. 1M55, to
ii.e l lib tiay ui April A. I). is.iC, und hereafter snuu-
ally lu the month ot April the ssld hay seslss shall
i be leased as nlori said m be blghsal and best bidder,
and payment on the tamo tu be made quarterly in
equul insialme nts.
i else. 2 'i lia: the lesse of said Huy sealsS shall do
all weighing on the same mid svpsrinlend all mesa
j Ulillivi Cuul uitdi r such reeulatious as ilie said Vil
, lage Council by ordinance or otherwise shall pre
! sci the.
I See-. 3. That tli- said lease shall be fined or remo
ved lo? gn.ss ccglcet ot duty us the Village Coun
cil may presoribsi alter ten days notice shall be
' given,
This ordinance shall take effect and be in force
: from mid tiller its uasaiie.
Passed April 27, 1855
M. J. W. GLOVER, Recorder.
An Ordinance
' Providing lor tl.o appointment of certain illage Offi-
ceis therein named.
' See. 1. Be It ordained by the Council of the In
corporeied Village oi tit Cluiraville that annua ly
heiuiiiier ut the Urst regular meeting ot said fjouii-
icil otier iho annual bilection ol Village Ofhoera tin
id Village the suid village Officers shall appoint a
! village Tieaturor, a village Marshal, and a village
VVcighmastcT, each ol whom shall bold bis uliice toi
lone year and until his lUCCessor bhull bu Bppointtll
uiiU quulilitdi each ul whutu shall within live duy
atlei bt iue noliHod ot bis appointment! lake an uutl
' ui t Iffica and give Uund 10 the village ol 8t. Cislrs
. ville, cOnUiuoued auoording to law, with such secu
tity, and atliounl ass hull be approved by the Coun'
cil aforesaid) The said officers shall at till limes In
subject lu removal by the stud Council liir neglect 0
duty or Other sufficiei t causa, und shall severullj
receive SUCb compensation for their service tisllu
j Council shall by ordinance or otherwise presenbt
und allow.
Sec. 2 The Trittsurcr eball receive ell money
belonging to sold Village of si. CiairsvUle Iron
I halt vi i inuice del iviu. and shall pay the same ou
I upon the OldetS ot the eillngc Council, attest. d b
ilie acting Kecoldcr, and shall annually, on the Itts
I regular meeting pi tl.c village Council, preceding
the annual bill clluti tu count and si ulu with the suii
I village Council, sod tor that purpose on ibstocoa
I Blon. ii required by lbs Couucil any or all ul In
1 1 Ilivial Btitks. Vuucbtrsaud papers, and undeiuani
I shall duly deliver the fcuuie ovti in said Council ur t
i bis successor in nllice.
See. 3 Tin village Marshall shall perform all tin
' duties pertaining to ibat office as prescribed iu th
Statutes ol idiiui "fcjntilled an act tur the regulstioi
ni Incorporated Villages," and all acts or purisi
acts amendatory Ibsielu, and shall pcrionn the uutie
usually pertaining to the oilices oil Btrtet Commii
'ami Marks. Maslei asslitill be prescribed am
r. gulatl d by the lave s und ofdmniiees ol suid villsgl
i nc 4. 'I lie Bond ol tbe Treasurer ahall be in au
I sum not Use than MUD nor more ihaogiOO. Th
t lioiiel ul ihe Murshnll us ulurcsui I shall be in an
aiim uoi lers tliau 300 nor more than is-'Oo. An
' , Ihe Uund ut the Wtigbiu&sler thttll be iu lite sum i
', This Ordinance eball take cffiicl and be la fore
g from and slier lis passage.
Passed April 27, 1855
M. J. W. GLOVER, Recorder.
An Ordinance
' i Entitled an ordinance regulating ihe weighing
j-1 bUWeCosI, lluy.io
. i Se c I, Be itordalusd by the Council of the Ineo
' IHirnieil Milage ul Si. Clairsville. I hat tin: inijiiilai
weight ul n bushel ol Hluna Coal in said vMioi
Blml be !al inuiids avoirdupois, and Hie siundai
unasure 1 Iu u.e.t .U1:- cubic inches.
i tec. '.'. That cuih und etety loud of alone coal.i
I bay, bi ought m it bin ibo corporals limits ol said vl
. I lags lor side or delivery, or having been sold, lortl
: liw ry only, before lbs same la unTosded, or d live
II ! ed .hall be Weighed, or it stone cash weighed
measured st the option ui tlu parly delivering ii
a i aire; und the n raon, or persons Balling or detivern
to 1 the same shah pay the piicu ot weigbitig or nieaeil
iug lite same. i
10 fci-e. :t Tbtii the price for each draft weighed i
I Ihe village Scales, kball be as lollows. tor 6S
losd 01 slune coal not exceeding bixty bushels
ce i cents lur each loud over Sixty buslw. la 15cts.
hor tnch load ulTlay 10 cts. lor uny number
lie Hogs nut over live 10 its., and two eel) Is per head
nil over live. Kor any number of Cnilie not oi
two, Hi cts., and five cents per head for ull ol
'.wo. Koi any unit. I . i ol Sheep not uver ten, 10 ql
and one cent per heael lur all uver ten. The pr:
for the laeasuiing uf each Iu id ul stone coal shall
liity eeuW. and upon lhc receipt ol the prices spe
tied, the We iglmiaslcr shall deliver to the person,
eu persons lor whom the service was modeled n lie!
designating the weight and number of bushels
of each load, or the weight of soul Cattle, Sheep,
Hogs with his nemo signed thereunto, who shall
the rime ol the delivery olsaid Coal, or Hay. or oil
in articles deliver the said ticket lo the pttrehgMl
leave it at his or her usual resWettBst or plfioc uf b
'0 loess ill said village.
Bee. 4. I'luit any person ha .uing hay, or coal
other ailicle fir sale or delivery lll'soiJ villa
ily may have Ms wagon weighed and the weight the
ui Uiaik' d thereon by the weighniaster, wliich wei
Ol 1 ., bjsjIii' may be loken as the Irue weight ol
r i i '-luag and marking the wei
r" m, wcl' Wl'f- . uovuS that it
master shall receive 2j cents. . nn i.
s weighmastei shall be satisfied thai any j5fBai
tutore weighed and marked be enrreel, IM wei
ic, so marked may be regarded R 'Uo uu. wr'aM-
8ec. 5. Tba( nc, lff(SMx ttl mm t Vrsu,
receive by way o ocJuv or kkSR slisns c
v. "r hay, wyliu) lbs Corporate lirnjis pl'sajj villa
unless thu same shall luivu been weighed Jr inea
ed in pursuance oi the provisions of this' n'r;liiin"OI
Sec. ii. I hut sny person, or pyreunsviulniiu-', ,
ul thepioM-ions ol Qiii ordinance,' any ,o (JufJ
I any sum BOl eseeeding tSi nur leas than OMsMhl I
for each and ef ty nfniioe, to be reeufersd f.y mill
tu. ii beforsths Msyef oi . n. i Town
I 'Ibat Ibis urdlnsoCS shall luka eflmt and be in
1 furee li.mi mid nln-r iti BSjOMSUl,
Passed April 27, 1855
M. J. W. GLOVER, Recorder.
An Ordinance
F.niitlei! an ordinance regulating ihn rtmnfng ai
large of Swine within Ihe corporate limit of Hi
Sec. I. Be It ordained by llinConwefl oftlw hteor
porn tod village ul Si. Clsirsville, thst no one fantfly
shall lie permit ted to have rur.ning at Isnre within
the Corporate limits ot "Bid villngn mors'ihan two
Hugs at une and the same time and that Said hog or
hogs must have an iron ling i,i their snout, and be
marked, and said mark entered of recoul iu a II. ...k
provided for Ihat porpOSS by the Township Clerk,
and that no hogs, or pigs under five months old
hull be perinitied tu run nt large in said corporation.
Sec. S. That nil hogs, or pigs running at large
within the corporate limit of said Village in viola
tion ol Ihis oruinnnco, ahall he impounded, I ntl If
not redeemed by Ihe owner, or owners thereof by
paying all expense Incurred in keeping the tame, ui
otherwise, together with the Marsha IN lees, and ihe
cost of Impounding shall iftef three day notice ol
such hogs or pigs having been p isled up in three of
the most public plat i s in said village. I s' wild Inihe
highest and best liiilel r by the Marshall of said vil
I Inge.
I Sec. 3, That any person. Or p-rsons permitting
any hugs, or pigs to run nl large, within the corpo
rate liuiltSOl said village contrary to the provisions
ol this ordinance shall be Ii .i d in any sum not mors
than t5, nor less than l, lur each and everv such
This onlinance lo nke effect and he In force from
...wl .!., . 0... I'.iL ,i.... ,.i . ,
Passed April 27, 1855
M. J. W. GLOVER, Recorder.
An Ordinance
Regulating. Shows. Exhibitions, &c.
Pec. I. Be it Ordained by the CMnell uf the In
curpnrated village of Si. OlSirsvllle Unit any person,
or persons wishing to exhibit within the limits ol
the Corairaiin any exhibition ol wild beasts, or oth
er animals, every Puppet show, l.'ircua. or (iymnns
lic feats, ot any shows or devl c, a by slight of hand,
or otherwise, such person or poPMM before ihe ex
liihiting or performing the same, or any of them
hall apply to ihe Mayor ol said Town lor a license
tor the special putpese; for which license the party
or parties so applying shall pay not more ihsn ten
dollars, nor less than one doll r nt the dioetetlofl ol
the Mayor, according to the character and quality of
the exhibition su offered.
Sec. 8, That if any psMndf persons shall exhibil
or perlurm aiiyol the aforesuid allows or exhibitions
without procuring " license as aluresaid, such person
ur persons shall .orli il and pay tur each and evety
such off. nee, a HriO of not more than gjgU i.or less
than S1U to lie recovered by civil action belore the
Mayor ol anid Village.
t-'ec. 3. That the Mayor shall have paWst to pro
hibit the Cshibltiim within the limits ul lit Corpo
ration t't any ol the aforesaid and mentioned shows,
performances, or dc vice s, ii in his opinion the safety
of the villag. a, or the preservation ol public order or
good morals require it.
This Ordinance to take cfl'cct and be in force, from
Passed April 27, 1855
M. J. W. GLOVER, Recorder.
. -. .
On Tuesday evening, 2 4 til ult., Bt 3Iorri8
tU'.vn, by Rev. Iloyd, Hon. IBM! llAitrow, of
Parmington, and Mrs. J.se rjTox, of the
former pUce.
Here's till ye, .fudge, and may the best of
luck ever attend ye and yours.
On the 12th ult., by tier. N. C. Worth
ington, Mr. Thomas M. Tkimmkr and Miss
ARE VlHQtXM Hill, all of Kii kwood Tp.
Belmont Co. Ohio.
On the aad ul ., by the some, Evep.itt
Heskktt and Airs. Matilda WHiTAKM, all
ol Belmont County, Ohio.
On the 84th oil., by the samei Hamilton
MVRFHY and Miss Hannah L. Opeer, ull of
Belmont Co. Ohio.
On the lUth ult., by Rev. D. Trueman,
Mr. W, Howard aud Miss Eliza Jane
On Ihe 82d ult , by Ihe same, Mr. Nicho
las Wilson and Miss Lliza Ann I'nvoR, all
of llelmunt Co. Ohio.
On the 21ith ult., by Rev. T. A. drove
Mr. Uriah T. W'yomn'iiv, oi ' Bllnabetbtown
Hamilton Co. U., and Miss EiLISA J. Lock
WOOD, DIHies Bottom, Uelmont Co. Ohio.
Dollar Times (Cincinnati.) and Marletli
1 Intelligencer, please copy.
On tlee 18th ult., by Rev. 1'. G Edmonds
Mr. Simps jN HoLLISTEK and Miss M.M'.v A
Lvsch, ull oi Woodstield.
i At Uniontown, Belmont County, Ohio, oi
! the 24ih Inst., Mrs. Rachel A. Tiiomfsom, i
) the gsd year of her sge.
1 1 -
s OirFi iend lirannum uf the firm of tfjrdil
' i- Brannum of Bridgeport hue handed us i
Now Orleans Price Current, from which w
L. leurn that Sugar is advancing i n price,!
jj much so that the quotation in t he preser
publication has advanced J cent per puum
! Hales of Common ut 4i4.J. fair to fully fal
' 4:a5; Prime ujaoi; Chiicc B Claritied 5
e a7j ; ReQned Ba7f,
u ItnlMH bgj slightly itupruvid in price
'' though not very materially. It stood ut 2'.
-J4 fur fermenting. Prime Uo.'uio', and Ut
Mess Pork ha- idvinCCiofSA to CO c1
on the bbl. Uncoil bus also advanced siigh
ly. No change worthy oi nete in Coffe
Rice, has advanced in price, selling nore
r-' 64al cts by the tierce.
JJ We are entirely without udvices OH ll
(d Wool MarVe' ol the present season.
ir can form no it'eu ol" I lie probable rale oi tl
' present clip, but presurne wc will not loi
; be without Information. It will n i doubt
,(. below last vears quolatiuiis. We will Wat
' ' the market carefully and report the first i
I formation we obtain.
I Eggs, . Butter, 20. 'lutir, 10,60. Hai
of! laj. KlMnihlers n. Sides, 7- Corn Me
J 7. 8ugur, tCt.. Coft'ee, II. Molats
rwllfaVdO Oats, 370,40. ;tuver Seed 5,C
I Titiiol ly scurce 3,25(iii3,jO. Hried Appl
I 1,00. Nails 8a'Jd 4,87. Buckets 25 Si
ci-' per barrel 2,55 Lard 9c. Potatoes $1,1
"r Dried Peaches 2,75.
April 30.
berj Fluur uull, for good brjnd 9,70 and ext
I Frof iuioivs, tftrie? swVes- o bseun at 8c
or I gides and (j.iT.I fur slVtuWer; 6C hhei bi
hams sold at 8c, and I0OU lb) bwlk ci'dss
glu 7; mess pork dull'at 15ul5,50.
"j Lsrd, II cents;
Ifo Groceries n no, sugar fiqCij. molasses n
re- held at 33c.
a"1'1 Corn 75u77.
Potatoes dull at 100aI40.
April 30.
Ll Flour declined, good Ohio st 10,23al0,
Uouthern quiet at 10,43all,75.
Whes declined, limited demetid, Houlhern
.vhile Ijilll
Corn lower, sales western mixed I in.
1 Pork unsettled, old mess st 10,50 and new
si ifsMtlTeM and prime I4,25al4,50.
Reef firm.
t,rd dull with e declining tendency,
Rio coffer firm at I0)sll.
Niig-iir snd M olssses firm.
Linseed oil 84j85.
New Stock and New Bt)lt at He
duced Prices,
JT. SCOTT rtfptetAitljf ItlvlM ihe
Uci.iinn of the tltlMM of lleiniuni tml aill'Mn
Nf couittici im hi Nff ami vrry ex;eniva asiorimorit
of fioM and Silrer Watrhn, and r-N.
J--wc!ry bf all ifiiallt if. COHnj. 3tdW
ling or Hrfaxt I'lnn, Kar l)rf, ffC
Finger Rinya, tt aret, I'n 1" Tf-C
j Tina, Armleta, CfMOa. QoM J 12 WJ
. Chtlna. Soala, Keys I'tnciln, iff V ''WR
I LoCkttl. C'ullar ami Hterve lltit - ii r "MlSt
. tutifi, (stili) and Bllvrr iccisclaa, vf I laflHI
j TIltlNUMi nd I'cMa, 4c. Ac. V ijbjjfgg
j ettMt t ecived, a larg MMttMtM ofHilveir iiflrtrts,
j anil citra tine ilimhlc Utfd IpOOAl and Forka Aho,
Untanla Ware Hiirveynr'n 'fiiniaaea Cut'ery, Pi-lni.
j RernlTera, I'orie Munnies, Card Caaea, Work Bmet.
I Drnxhea, Co-mIh, rerltunery and a freat vdrlet ofoiner
, gnoug.
lCr"riie iiahty of every article told witlhe fgry
ntflied. and warranteil aa repreiittited, anal erery P
j aonalile eii'orl made 10 give aatiflaclion to my ckatu
m tft,
rarlirntar attention la Inriteq! to my
. Immense Stock of Clocks.
Bring the i. t.t.' MMftM ent in Wheeling -enhra
cing about Fifty rii:lerent paUern. in Alahatter,
I n$i Ftpitr -Maiche, lion, till, BrOOMi Mahotany,
j Ktifcw niid And Walnut Iramec, aoine 30 hour Horka
an low as m,H centsi and c'd ft day time "iecea, warrant i
ed to run well, Trom 63 to $. "i each.
j I'n rcliancr art ear ncstly llif itd to cxaminr my rtock, I
; a (tin aMe and ilftleniniii'd ul Agl! at the vkrt lwet
I rRHUn's
Jf'r'VVatcheii ftint rim k- t'drefully repalretl and war.
No. 157 Main Bt. Wheeling.
May H, 1833.
The Ml. Pleasant IJronch, of the State Bunk
ol Ohio, at Mount 1'lcasunt.
Wilson Muddox, W. V. Jones and Ueuju
iniu Hoyle.
BY virulent nn bIIak fixer ittin" lo MSdlrSCISlI fnint 11 1
Uoartof CoaiMan Pleas ut HiLtiiaini Laiiuui),Uhi I,
I will oiler for bale tin
Monday, the 14th day of Mnu,
103), list tssea the hoars of 10 o'clock A.al.aiiif i .'
Stock P. M. Of sale dey oaths premises ot Mm IbiiiIii
lloyle in MarllnBVllls Peass TOtvasbla, Bslaiu ii niia
ly, (liilo, tiic roltowlng deScrlbnl ttootla and ctiBltMa tu
wti: iix Nashlnsl known as Tlifsshsn ami iNusiiBra.
Sher llfa OIDcb. May M, leM,
JOHN 0. NIUUOLO, Micrill'uf 11. t'. (J.
May Id, ISU. Sl.'Jj
Coleman, Ilillimm 9c Co.
Tliumas 0. Theakcr, e' ll.
BY virtuoufu venditioni exponas Ui me di
rected from Iha Court ut Common Peas of N'dile
County, Ohio, I will otter tor Hale on
Mumlai, the W.h day of Mayt 1855.
heiwcen the hourti of IU ti'clOCk - ' M. and 4 o'c.ock I1.
I M. ofaalil day on the ir in si a ol Tlinmaii C. '1'htaKer,
in Paftaa ToWDtbipi in tlelmoni tounty, Ohio the loj-
lowing goo (I a ami CbtlioU, to wii: I --- of uteain Kh
(Inn I'attenn, 3 rain Fill Oeftring Paittrito, twenty
pattfrna forinall gearing tor Mill, taken adthe properly
' of Thomas C. Thtnker, el el.
fhorirTi omre, Mny :iit,
JOHN Oe NICHOLS, Slier iff.
I M 3d, IMS. I.UO.
Dissolution of Co-Purtnership.
NOTICH in hereby giveh thut Oie Part
nernhin hcrlofore existing hetwren Ororgp Itur
ton, and Wm. P. Aplmry, uttdaf the '''in name or Bur
ton and Ahbnry, wisthittday dinxolvcd hy inntnal con
aunt, an 1 lit liiidinemj Will he conducted hy QforRO Hnr
t ton, at the old etanit, av llta (sosnrti meeting houne, ahoni
i ' thrnt) HI Ilea cant ol llornthVille Par anna Knowing them
i leivea tndalitadi lo the late 5rm , or thoite having etaltui
' ; against it will call iuiutodlataly and aattla the Fame witl
. , Ceorfu Bur.on. UBUROB BURTON,
WM. P. AHlll'ltV.
I May 3d, 1055 It. pd,
NOTICE is hereby given that n petit inr
will r nraaontad to the Oomnilaaionan ofBal
niont Comity, oino, to vaeatn inch portion of thnroai
tanning rrom the Iota roaidanca ot Jas. Coopar, llacd.
paat the raild' nea ol laraal Bid wall as paaaei thrOugi
' the Landi owned by David B. UpdagraJT, and it, Blavh
lord, and allow it lo e doled. -May :t, lHjj.
I jVJ OVV ready lor dlttr!butlon o Coppe
m 1 1,1 Plata engraved Map t( BalttrantCdiiiniy, angrava
hy Mr. ll. Anderson and Dnlalied in ilia heat at via, ik a
I tndispeneible directory, Joel wlitl the people of tin
County want, towing toe original and preaant Towi
! afclp Uaaa. Section linen, No. of A crun, NO, ol and ra
i gea of the original Tpa-, Towna, Niii-, treumn, it a
' Uoad-1. 1'iank itoadtt, principal Highway, fcc, c.
I For nale hy the suhacril er iwh0 will viii Uie peopl
I ol (Ilia c Hint y tllll tfprlug ami r'uiuuier) ai d at the Ai
e ! dltora OIHea. o. 'i Uck.Max.
; May :t,ld53.
I County nenrfspteaae cor y ImoMhaaitd charge th
t ! (nine.
WK have iu&t received direct from lh
hnportaraa new itoeh of h4rdwar i . such i
Maud Bawe, Tenant fawa, II ill saw, Drosi cut, ai
l Hand Saw Diva, all llaeo. liraert and bitte, Aug)
Bltia. fflackla Angara, the beet made. Dooi Lock a ui
liatehes, iieti Caatnra, Oonln Hinge and Screw Bu
i- Hinges, Table do Date do. Mahogany Kuoie, Fowari
Carpenters rulee. Broad Ages, Stewart warranted eha
;i ping dga, Hand Avra, Hatchets, Socket Chlsala, Finn
l jo. Draw i hi Knives, with ntiniaious other anirt
lunally found in fJartlwure gitfrgS, Will Im onld
I reasonalnterntei of.C. maktin A Co.
a May 3d, If .'.'.
I' 13 OTaI li A superior article jit
1 rereive dly A.C MAftTIN ec Otf.
C, I May M, IBOV
II j I I Q U O ft, S French Brundy, Po
I I A Wine, and Holland Cm, for Meditinal purpOOt
; o-nji, warranted pure, furaale by
10 j May, 3rd, IBM, A.V. MASTIN4 Ch,
I PROPOSALS will be m-eivcil ot the A
ilitor's omce. until F.I Tt.'RO Y. Jntm IS.'l (
la (Sr.aailittf ths 'ail. Bwinty eifficii anil Court ilou
with ,U00 tittaNvIs eflhs bsal qiisflly efUosl.
h ' All pru)iosals mast I'l Ifytbsselii Iiobi which i
' Coal will lit taken n ml tlm rata I'ltr lluiilirl.
Hay I, IMS, far. Oaaat, AaSlue
S DBCaiVagfc (he Utiittlinj of n n
, I V MsllSlfltBI Clnrch on ihn eld Ills at I'.alon'a 1
NartM, Hini.liiii in ke ef Brisk aad ii by Is last
e8 Bid, I'nr tin1 Mainnrv anil Caricuur may he-Bparair
leasiasr to sen Ceairasiois. Vn partie-uiar n-qmrc
i j. ii. m am.
lit AAllllN' r.'l'ON,
r, I S. II. Mi Mil. I. AN,
i Aprils, MU. ielMlBfOo litlas.
PROUATE court.
Slate of Ohio, Uelmont County, SS.
ra , "NOTICE is hereiy glVfn Hist lhc folio
! -1-1 iU BBUlSU BSSSatOrS,aad ruarJian, liaf. t
, Ihelr aecutmiia .mil vouclmm in my Ullrc e for SlUlSU
IS't I lo wil: . . -
.Ik Jnlin Twin. in. CassrelSSI si the minor BSfrs of
E liaai UrsB. s . a.
at I Viian Ms Avov, 'r nf JBtim Mc Avoy. itac it.
Mary parkSSS, t,ariliau ot linuTge. BaSJItfsl, 1
i Ann ami jiIi FrklaS.
I c'liriHtupliur Uafttchor.Cluariliaii of W ill iam, thai
' Juhn A, Unhuiali, Kisaaar and BMSahstbualtssher.
uw e harttts l.itwu, Oasrdiaa a, Madlsy M. Boa
Tliumaa UaaiSSlafSi fatu Uuaiilian ul Tulnllia t
'I'r.e hrat three above named account! wilt tie tor lira'
Hid Mltti'tueiil on th. Stat, and the llneo last mi Hie
dava ot May I - St.
JiVVlD IIAltnlU, I'roliale Jud(
April Hi. 14.
"''ii AJ Heelery, usaeadars. ftMs, OSMara, fke.saaal
jy tut sale by ( If. I'.'. '.) tti? it Ml
yo for iiu
I) KlftO drsirous tu Itiove West, the Snh
LM .. rikareSJOH to, naibsttil brill tH Ml roinwin.
rlM- iM Sral K.tal.-
- 4ltl.MH I I Ml.
Iitnat In ItlcnitBil 1lw.hla. BMiri'nl t'o. llhin. and
-it tti. f,' IVAriiByfrom Lnyilavilla In the Central Nail
fenari. IfXrty rviiaaart a half nillo. from AMi sSace, ISB
ASISS . ' -"t l.afid all in a f no.1 atat of eultivatii.n.
Bod W41) 70 4rrn nf 11,1a lii ffaa. Tbera it on the
frrma nMiilfnl aiin.ly nf Wiioli and l.riAI.. anl ae
Bf ItlMH, Mieain. of VI .f I KM m er.ry Aeld on tin
There l on the plare a Aral rate FARM Ifnt'Sf; ealen
fated for irtiii r'aunlii'4. It neceiaary, and all other ne
rw eary NllldlaBS, with a larre tupply oralnnrtt
W nery kind or KSI IT T It V. VA adapted lo the
jaWcln iate. A einilli TVff.Lor '.VATIIR by Ihe
"ajlithen Don , and a m.led riprlnt or clear cold
tparkiiif water w ithin thirty alep. ntthedoor.
An; p. .... . wi.liiua to pnrrhaae a farm would do
went,, call at my ItdNab and Jnd lot tlwinarlvea, and I
thr I'm,. nrr,lr S ilt liamadn an ommrmtllnf . I
I 1 1 1 ael the atim preinleea dli IkaiSraakle ternia. ,
aiidie MSI I all.
Pit.. 1.1. IKS,.
VT our instance an Attsclitneht v,s
IkH day lea id fri.in Iks dfCkSl nrWitti'm Till
iia i, a lasute of Uia Peace dr RumWidrl TnKn.inp
it. in. nut Cmaty, pkla, Setlatt trie eiTetii nt Uraei j
I'Suier, a iim.i reMid"iil nt naid codiily, hff ilie ,tnl rj' '
,""""",o:l dST"",, aaaeaauwi: :
I a rj (Mi l..-,
IT f5ri Wright Oennine kdlhliWBi f.:l
MMSITiM and estSftSftM hlllhlll dllf Iji'l i
i-alua'.te preparslloii prevruta tin duett M (ItTHllJIlT tl!
tin; balr, ilfitattrsnftb ajidvlfoi to tHe jHdtl; IffOTrlell
l brilliant yrnwlli, rendera it aufl and urdlt)-- FlllkfiVBS .
PaadrblT, Keepa it fraaa tarala t . y. K,: rile, Itt,
r hatlla. Fur aate by
April f, V.S A.C.fdABtlN dll rf.
Dumngetl, hlij-htly.
8 PS. Twilled hiack French Clolh, "Bout--'
BSiNJ matte," worth H lo $14 ier yS. or mUth finer '
quilflly Itian Ssnaly lindu it, way to thin market aliffbl- I
ly wet ny Slltkili, dr a tteamli'ial, bat uninjurr d mher
wiee, for sal. "t a rrralaacriticeAlao. S.titai yd. Tweed
CSSsfatSrS, faf eklhtrsa'l wear, that untally aril, tor
BI lo 50, altplllly .polled, but perfect ill texture, eeG yda i
(Ur a dollar, al
soldiers; attention
U.J.W.GI.OVKR, of Al. ClSlrStlin, Ohio, and K
ill Hatch, Fjq., ef Wasblagte , D, C, have made ar;
rati. eineiita to command the aerviceaorone
al the Bias! aMeaadagesrlsaeedJsrtpsyara
of Iba Paldle Laads la lbs VaHaa Btaws.td
M dlrSBt taa Lbraitoa af Leap Wsrtsatsi aad
rrt etr i end .0 prerrnl application, tor
yjSyrl Boatlt) Land, t'enmulta. ckc.
' jg. Those ate amy ba antttled ta Lasd War.
IWI' ranta. I'eitatOBB, Ar. or who wi-h .Land
W t arrantu l.oralril.ran apjily tn It, 3. .
lKj I GLOVKf , at Ul Cllnlaville, Ohio .
IJ April 5th 1835, 1955.
yu 3 siaalraii
Ka.lern make, at (JuueS) BTONB cV TIIO.M A S'
W Is ci liiius Vis.
Uooks, Stationary Wall Paper
I Agsntl tor all the jio (Hilar
Patent ;H cti ici in s.
Farmarly ksMby is..,c B. P ATTIUBOW it CO,
So.3:i, Mutirue !t.
jprll 1. IP3.1.
WK .ire now in rerc'nt of oul Spring
Stock ol
Wall In,H!r,
PaatpriSlaa 1 1 Hie naweat and moat rtealrabla at
i from the KS.tern Cilia 4,lo WbicUw. invite Ilia BttSntlO.
ol Ihoae iu want. ,
117 Main Btraat-Sbbtra Monroe.
I, (1. MiRTIls Sl (II.
, ji'L:teEa-sa-msiiSTB-",s
: -.mrfL si. Clatrsvlllc, o.
lSoiikS; Btat-onery and
1 Also all kinds of
I JTJ7- llighBat price paid WfgOod tlcai: Bats QJ,
' April lfl,U5S,
C'OD LIVER OIL A fresh ripply 0
' Rasktaa. Clark & Co',, celebrated C. L. i)i'. Jul
received t. AC IMRTIN dtCO
April It, IBM
H ORM SUGAR OROl'S llarelut'e'
Worm tutai Drops. alia best Vermlfufe for ifi
" iiroylniaod eiiwl litis woraianow iniiee. torsale by
! ' " A.O. MARTIN at CO.
' : .''i't'l I
FRINT AND NAGLE, wnuhl inform th
pelilielkal the) have juat received lltelr Slack of
1 iprltiK ttnd laminct lolbinv,
" Which tbSy offer si sitferosly law 1 ricea foi cu.
. i Their (tec Ii eatunrlse. every twisty of Cloth, c-
mere, L'SllniiSfM, Tweed, Jetim, Alpaca, itnd liitll
e Coals, , ,
Satin, Silk, Marseilles and Linen tests. Illark ai
S Fauci Oasallliero Pants, Linen, Urn' and Col. 0 11 im.
ir our alockof CotU', Caaaluiere., Vsstfiisaud Irli
,,t atliita, is aiiusaavl'y lares and vary cheap. To tlroaa
II want of a jood suit WS WOBW say, JBSI fli p in ami eiai
(i iue our BtOCk 01 I'ltcc- Slid you will an. nisitey I
p'. bo doiny .
dBVF and lor rate al Ap.lt. I. TIIOMMOKU
" Stwt NIMH liiow lloililtfVft
vil'Ttba excHantaot i'n Matho4lai Ridgala wdliim
' J u M, fHtuilun ivv-itcint-nl ;il Mm Siiirc rooir Oi
Wts baaiu't r.uirnsd from ths I last wni a Isffei
aortaicnl at lirytaouds, auch a, Calicuva, l,awur, L
Lams Barasesi Sika. silencer, and aaarslaatsa.
11- farm .it of Si(n BuiihsH ai a LMoer aKV raict. lar
,r ut ol tin iipami ui ant Baaasts, Mafllsk auaw Miai
sn Buaaaw and flats, u 1 lriaBiias, Hiaboas of 1
ktiulb ul the meat tieauiiiuf elyii'a
he j, lar,e rot ol Lean. uul S.IK Mauiil.'a. fer mniim
llieleiestst ie. Jiao, a Art ef Ladles sbaas eaitars
Uuiklni SlaSaoa. AH bind and qnafily of Mn,lni. a
' all Ural i aSSSSSSiy rn the Dry Ooodl fine, cheapei lh
AWt a laree aaanrlmonl of REfllV M.fltn Ci
1 THI NO Hale. Caps, Boot, and Slmee. Cloilia. Ca
ateres.Casstnetts, lasslfai cimln.af kiudu ui .Sjm..
w w eai 111 Iba piece,
.j,, .,pni it, laal.
West Aleiauder, I'a.
f I MIIS Institution is situated in Wflsbil
1 L taa,Co. Pa, clasod us Utiet tsskiaa ea Tlutrai
I Marab tstk. wftb Mauarias prsapesta. The lesslion
I poa.auland In allilul. TIM n.irty la ci oil. Bo,
I Tuition nd liilit BtBrkt, wssblnt s:t,5u. lumi
' Ataaion cuallNBIIcas ArstWsdaflsday IM May.andilo
IBS laSI Thursday in SsptSWber, I'stafosuva giv
lirilher 111I01 iimIuiii can be lr,l by applviiiii lo the I'l
sat ttpai. MsUIH lefMitOk
j pril tJ. Wii.
JVew Millinery.
Miss tliioitla P. Alexander,
leal j ESl'ECTFULLY bBBBUBCM to the 1
ini! !J die. ol SI. Cair. villi' and vicin.l) , lllal aba
S3 lend, lo carry 1111 the Mi'mery buaineaa
,s3Sa t" SB in varioua hranehce, BOllcRs ajSO
' ftspahara uf pabllc palrouai..e. uattiCUtV al V9
I ;-eJ tmiiiou will be uiveu to fancy work. Im
TrlaTaalai and iiiaanut BaaaaSs) la the very I.
.wj 1 aiylee, and al vnry reasouatde price.. Her retideni
'H' ! at Hie Kael end of ft. Can.vile. 111 the house of
anl j Joseph iliuler; nearly oppasits 4aibrasier' Orseerj
tl. I BI. Clalr.vlrfa, A rlltfS, U,-Sia. pel'
Ill I Wl F.I
W! 1 L Btt Ht. (;lajkvili.f. over !
twtfunt. anti'lftv rfrpltil , t ? otlocli,
V ..-'1.. :- f Wnskubh M oilnck, f. M. until
hirihM ii'ititp.
AT my MaMe m i ClailtfMIt, I am prtnarfil to far
ih, u all thiii, Im f Bf for harneiii or Band,, huff ttl
ar liacka, Hhar HfcwtiaVirtr ftiiiini partiaaac-
t ontmtr,att on nhorl notir. Ttrmt rcaon4lil. fta ,
Mat in ttV cam and of town.
9. LKWIfl.
H. OMlffff iilf, Attfit.sHh, ' l-fy.
RKHI'FCTFLlsLV anriotmrea that hs
ojtfiifii a hoot Ar iflOR Maaa(aetaf m in
tmmL room rtcetitf ocruftiotl y Mr. sv
WP ' aytntl, 'fherr im hii intDrilion IV
i kf-' . i oiitinimlljr on html anl
icoo i s a Miom WW
of flic i ' ai materia'. He hai XUt flrnt quafity of f rem It
anl rintilalpliia ' ll Hkinl. lie tmploy i, ic hutllie
ln',t or firknitn, whoie work i warranted to wear
!!; ' mH io the liail of IxiMtiny, l.ni Iip i1oij not
Mattaia lo toy twit Ma work wlti wmpin teaf Jlf j
with anv ot'her et8,l.uilni,nt.
Hi; dulcrlt1 a nhare ol patronajc, ami hop to f ive en
i'r' tatiiiattion to all who may favor him w ith their
v- wtm.
t l;!4.r,rlt, prllS 15,".,
Totht crtditOfF of Kvao floinan rlcreavej.
H N ihe 30th day ot March, A. IJ. 1855,
V lift Prhnte (.'ourtof Belmont County, Ohio, de
cltred the iiate(t Kran Humana, dec'il. to t.-. Btajki
hly, IsavlVaNi. L'reditora are therefore required to pre-
wi thair crahwa ag ainat tfca Wtiai itba Mattataltfttd
for aliowanre. within an nuniht from the time aotlve
.iientioni'il, or thav will nCt he entitled to payment.
If AtftttOM O. K'lMANr
Aaipn'f uf Evan Romans, det-'tl.
it. C'lairsv,!!-. April It, Ii3.
Lllia I'. Moore, liemandant.
a yaint
Benjamin M'-orc. Ileii'y IfoOra J'neph Oaaat, ai I He
bac a Oaat hia wile, Matthew L'la-n atnl Harafi hi
wile, Jatnea l!. Moore. John It. Moore, and An it
Moore, rfeleiulant.
ON the 12th day of April, JdSS, the un
dersijftied filed Iff the Clerk'a Office ol ihe f'otirt
of COttaff.ff I'lear. of I 'ii.t-nt Cofffftjr, In the Male of
, Olno, a petition, in which Loort the Iffaaa it fivw pend
! Ifff, item and ing that partiton he mnde ol s i,erlain tract
Oflaadtlf Vhlcb Jamtl Moore, '.teaaert, died aeizid,
hpuiir a pari of Nctioti 18, Towaahlfi Kan; 4, ntu
ate ititiaiit ctiuttty, ant Mui.ded ai Iwlbwa, Mlilftlff
I forthi name at the centre Bf aaid lection, ami rtlfftilnf
ittwnca north HVidaa Baal 74 poJaa, ihafffea Sootfa i def.
I EiM 1 19 polea. thence North CJ de. Weat )4 polet.
thence .No'th M df-ff. Kait Ci"lea thence North N dee.
K'aat 5 H pofaa tuaffca North S 4ft, West 34 5 polea
tothe paca of baaiffalfff, coniffialHf St Acres moreoi
le, an folloWi: One balfof aaid land to aaid Ellia P.,
one tenth iheraol toaach oi aaid dafatadattta, BanjajnlR,
Henry, and Ann, anit one tenth to the aaid Uoott and
wire, antj one tenth toaaid Clark and wire, at the Sep
temher term of taut Court for aaid year, application
Will be made for ei.orr'er for Mch partition.
KLLIS P. Moonn. hv
Arini" in.'jj fiff, U. B. UOVVBrt, hu Alt'y
Boots, Slioe.s Ilatr, Cup,
' l.fiiihcr 6i Bbocnakvra1 lladingB.
r W 1 1 utidereit'iifJ orT"ra for SaUf, to fiie
e It liana o v. Clalravlfla and vicinity In iha room
fom.crlv ocrt.pied hy II. M. B. t'la lar.d, a taW rtoora
taat of Marietta .Sire'et, and noarly oppoaiia tha PoatOf
lice, atl nine y new and w ell aotactaa atoc k uf
BooUt Sho., Hats, Caps, LtttthtTt and SltQc-
maker's finding.
":r tock ha b(e1 carefnfy ae:ee;e-l hy an lixpericnceii
haiul, anil we w HI vrt r ant aU our ar tic lea to be ul the
, het iptalit v. and we OfTar them at roao.ia ! prtcei.
Al l kmda ofcountry produce, and an: I claanragata
ken in exchange, dt the hihtat market price.
J. M. UL'BB Utu.
April 2C, IMS.
I l iiAHRfc:iroT" Classes.
AO juat rtcM and for al by J. THOMPSON.
April 19, .ij.
dfi J audforaalehy J.TIlH VPBOB
State of Ohio, Belmont County, ms
Civil Action. Attachment.
Elttobtth Orr, ritnntT.
Thomaa Smith, Dafandant.
Nn T I t r. i hrie'ty fivffa io the ilojaadanl ii
in.- di nvr cflte, who rcaidoa out oftha Plato "I Uhin
thai :t petmoii has I tun Mad iu the gnid Court iu sai.
art inn, on I ehalt of ' j. l plaint iJ', to let-nvr a od(nMrn
afaimt the taid dafeiidCnl for 938tf,U0atid hitareattban
tfn from Jmy I, IM9, and tliau vha laid i!-',inirni irf
qotrad io anawar eaui patitiou on or bafsira iBotiirdny th
11. li dav .it June, 113. . S. COsVLN.
April I'J.lejj. Atl'y lor PlaintitT.
f Dissolution of Partnership.
NOTICE 's liPrc-ty eiven liiat the Pari
norahlp harttolbra mhv.mis batwatn the und'1
ntjiieJ ;.t HocU 11 ill, Belmont CoUttly, Cfhto, nu-ler ll
s Arm of ie Me tStawai ic Co. was diolverf on tlio 1 01
(. day of April. IttfS.
John M . Secwcrt ia aiitlionred to roUect a,'l clam
ri-.c -a d Aran, and la to usv all daminda a-rninst tl
BaaMt,4ras " J.M. BTRWadBT.
tAprif ttt I6S9. t-'-'i'. UOLLOWedVs
To the Supervisors of Roads of Kiel
a land Tp., Belmont Co. o.
'Ol" an' lictohy nonTic-l that ou will not'e allow
COmp naatWD hy tbediy, fur wurk ou the Tub:
Rnadtf m i-aitl Townihipi lor tuiiCrii land in leaa tin
ei:htor ten handf earh dav. Alo. you. who have n
1 ftied yooi Honda nr ltd tha Tp. Ork a raoiirad by la
'" itre rel!eted t'i do m. at oner.
By order ufTruatata of Tp.
" Atteai: ' M, J.W. OtsOVBB, Tp Olerk
April Ktt, l""-
' N i ""Jll"':
Sheriff's Sales.
Marx Graff,
' I i .- :
Charles S. Bam, rt nl.
I V1 rlrtaeafaa order afBa'e ie ais dlrsetad Irenn
in ii Cowrtnf i'uiuainu Plessof BalaiontCeaaty. Olile
ve it) after a, aic ai Pablls Aactioa aa
Motreluy, the Mth day of M f I9b9i
i. bettrecB IBS IHSirsel IB Wslasli, A M. and o'e!d
in I Jj., ofsald day, attoS dean dor ef ilie Comf IIOMal
4 pi. Clalrsvltla, Hi saW taunty, lae ftftlawiaf deserl
as iamb ai.il taaaatBiitSi silaata, lfla ami hrtu ia
MS ; rouiili- "I Beliiiunt ifnrt Sie ol'O'lno. lh, limr ljrlli
,12 ' louiin'i; the town nt Beiiair la sid eoaatf , hala, ia i
j .a ce.'s nf Ie ,1 descritad . fu lavrS. me flrtt Barrel be
Br, 1 tliu oris saaesyed ie the said Bare, hy aaaHlraai l
Maxheti iiy Jeeil licarini dbtn the l?Ui dey BfKoeaai
u i laxssnd Bceoidar., hein, ttiat psrsal lylas Eastnf
an aaillHsr ID in tl' en ,,1 town 111 lie lair, anil liouiuli'tl
Ihe Baal hv the Olu" Hire ', Writ hy Walur Mreet.bt
O. i ii : at aa Water atl aii,. 60 fpi the Rn-eranS rimn
n fraai the said IV atsr straat ta waters af Blf er, the af
i-i irarl I i'iml' the value ss tisd SSau convei cd in the i
I'.am be llotsrt H. O'NaH snd du'trBeeordad aeia
u-rWv fiaal ni i.oe n. 13 la taa tuvenui Bsllalr, I'l
ou feet on ihe river and Be fast tha same on erhieli
.anl Barn Ii ul erected a Warehouse, running fur
said Water street in the Rivet, an,' ailjotn 1112 the 01
parret eo eOMVSjred hy Ilie sent MeMi choli A all Ihe n
privilege., mure particular SSSerraSa 1.' erfid deed of 1
Bfearie. office at Bh. flairaeiBa, Aprifi:(t
I'JttM e'. NICUULB.BIain
Aprii 15, IPW,-e,2J
"siIiatll'T'S SALE.
,ru Joie'nh Scott, Plaintiff,
sea ft)
DBUlel Campbell, Defendant,
BY virtue nf an urdrr nl' da'e In nin direstld frnm
Prnliale 1'nuit nl leeinirnl t'onnly Ohm. and 111
returnable tn UufCriartol IVwaewwi I'leas ni aaa.l roj i
I ivilf infer W dtala at FUsti, Auetion.im
.loiiiiuty, the M day of May, Ic'jS,
hetween Ihaliotirsel HIiKclm-k j. M. and t o'rloc
M. of sals) dae M thsiVoirt dear at taa oaurt Ilou
BUOIelrstrtits. Ilrlinoiil fniinn . uhin, lbs epnlah!
imeal ol n 1 1 .11. 1 in and in the fnlluv. mc de
jS- hed lande and lrneineiils, siliiati yi'm and htiiim ii
11, Uaaalf ef Balasaatt aad Btata uf Uliia, ami baa ad,
oUesea to aritl Jpartof Lai iiaaahsrB, la the to.
nl Uriilueiioit In aaiil I'ounty uf lk-lniinit, eriih the .;
UB nuances lliercuiitu haleBflag, hsias lhc aaine pro;
K 1.11 wtlirli ihe said Uauie Caataaarl aaw reside.,
u sl aralsad St BIIB, ss sul.jcci w mniiii; 111 favi
IS is James Ki-Iev, amnillit Ingtn ahuut flHI.
Mi Susrlfrs UfBos, at. Ulalrsrlfls, afprU 18. ISM
.rnni If, l(s.
SllERIKl' f? SALB.
Thumas S Kvsns,
William Maiden,
fn I'aitition.
UV ,rtlue nl an orrlet rtf Saf. In me directed frnrn IM
I'lilirl rrf (,'aen, innn I'.naan! n.lnmin rnnnly.Uhlo. I
niforTer I'll Mala at I' is I.I .c Auction, nn
Monday, tin llh day of Maf, A. I). 1806,
hetareea the hoii'aof 10 o'clock A. M. arid 4 o'clock P.
M of said dav al the liont door f the loan lloiiee In
si. I'lalreslKei liitiis to'iiny. t'i. r. i..,. .1. ,,i , ,1
landa and lenern.M., .ileal Kin, and helm in tha
1 ..ui. ir nf llelrribrlt snd Stale ot "inn eird l.-nn iied and
descrilieri a. roller. . to eit Siluala In the l,.n of Bt
Clair.Tllle, in .aid county, tie .am. heinf Lot eiihtr.
nine and a atrip twelve fe.t WIS. off and alone, ilieeaat
Blda ef f..t aaajaer sleBte.Hhs nn ssi.i i.,wn pfat, on
whirl, are erected a Frame dwaltlng. Imuae aad olnor
liiiitdiiie..aiid aTannerr ratahlielimenl - ilie cunditlnna
Of the ahiire Safe will lie aa 'ollow.: on. third of ilin
rdirch... money in hand on Itiedar of Sale, una third IB
w." ar ami One third 111 two year., with tnlereal ur)
tile aifbrrrii . sr.. .......
Bl.rirT 1 i.iaice, St.rialrsrille, April .ten UHI
A,r,ll,tfBi H,TIgi'',C; 'im'Ue-m'""T
Ilullister etc. McUrctr,
Thomas Wilfy, et sl.
I J Y viitue of an slias exectiiion fo me di-
IJt reeled from ihal ourtof Cninmon Pleaa of Bel-
umnt Collnty, Ohio, I will oHer for fate at Ml tie Au,
tmn on
Monday, the 2) it day of Map, A. t). 1B5S,
hattreea the hnnr. of :a o'clock, A. !B. and 4 o'
cinch, P. M.nf .aid day. at the front door or the Cod r
11. "isc. in Mi. Clalravllta, la said cou ity, the fhllowin,
lands and ;u.neinenl.. Situata lylns" and belli, iri
said county nl Belmont, and Ptaie nf OI1.0, Imuudorl
anr" descriheil a. folows to wil. Lota Namhei 79 and
id, 111 the town or MBrlln.rillr. Bel moat (,'ouiily
Ohio. ApprSiaed at BtWl.Mi,
fih.rltr'slifflra. Mlrch I Ml, tpu,
JOHN f. NlUIIOLdJ, SherllT.
-fnril IS. ISM. t.COO
Nearly Opptoifa the Suspension
Ihe Central A Plcaaiit I.octon,
1 Together with cloae riraoiial attffiitiuu firaai him eon
fidenre Of pteaaiut; tii pMfORf, a the Imat niaoria'a are
iirtsii and picture warranted tu please. We would frail
attention particular!,' of thoae waiiiintr Mihiaiurea ol
- children, i Ihli iathe ino-t favoral'le ts-a.n.
I ituly rttuirtl a tUomd jt tun t,m a bright day nr muun
HiTeuiont couTfYTom
TasveII P. Martin,
I Hiratn Smith.
r I 'Ml l. nbute iibiii'-'l Defendtut will lokc
I I notice tbiitfl the 3.1 dajr f atwll, lsM. thu at'ora
m 'tie-.I plain till tiled apatltlttn sstrainlt blta in the Com
I atoa FMaa Cotirtaaaia Conat, akina to .-t -t hia
j interest in seven ai.re ul land in tl.a t. I' part
i ol iiec.33.Tp. 7 E. 4 Itt aaid county, to the p)incntof
! 91 IG.CC) wi.h interest from Januay 1, lejj, ih I alatica
Oi tin- purchase money due mi aaid land from tha defen
dant to the plaintiff ta aseienee of Peter Oliver. Iha
. alointitf Vill ak lor a Judgment and ritcraa acct rdinglj
! hv May II, INS. An urdar ol Attachment hat t-een ia
aued in said ca.e It. T.COWF.X,
i April j, l-5 tiw. All y 'ur Daiutifi.
! plandid aioninent Of Turkey (.'arftlnii and
Matting Carprtiii"; and A'tair arpets Oil Clotttaof all
, Kinda, at all prfcaa. A kpeudid aoaotttnent of Ru(i
' rlnaper than they cau be had this1 aide of riii'adaiphia.
Ifjraleat J. iiL',.:.j,v.s
I 4p.t9,aM.
for T COBr Cam un or
CouRh, Colde, lul'lueuza, Astbina,
CO V 8 DHF TtO .
1 i THIfl MadMae i rscaatatsadad hy aasa af tii hieh- ,
- iI slaniinic in nur rounlrj : M JOlI L. VAN HUBEN r
i ' brotbarof fd artis Taa Blreh,. Bse., K'"'rViJ"'
t , ,1,. United Btatasi I'ltoF. II. t oX. HON. DOE' w M.
BTABDUCII, Krtl., af ClBSlaaaU. H. K. ta ILSOM. M.
- U., HMIaaahurg, Darkaaesattr, ohm: H E. DRAKE,
. iiitr-aist. Mnra.Oi.io! W.H. LKVIBOK, WmX, bdi-
tor I". B. Military anil Naval ArgttS, New inrk.
Bsad vhstr atatatnonta which saa as had (jrataftaasfjrj
infonr Agent. hi Baatpblat forat.
I Kor ea'e by
J.W. Colli.. St. OtsllSVltte.
' H.-VlcBruv, llnndrysi.urg.
r-1 F. M- Swan, Mornelov.n.
llaiaasdj llaTcirts. Loydsrllte,
III ILrKY llusse. B idgeport.
' j. g. AsaaaMa.BallauJre.
i. , J 1'. RnrertL, JaculwHurg.
iCl A. MaTaon, CeiirT.-vllla, '
! A. AajtBTaeaa. Ac aisSnafB BW.
ii. ii. Mutt, BamassHls.
W serrate at Oaossss to.
i f. Ti DosasT. Dorssy UUL
l" lloaser ;l.'o.,raptiiia.
J.B. MaBTlB. Pewell.rille.
Betteatas Si.McGrbw, MavUaSfUle
,,i : Wk. tfLYt, XieliolseiUB.
W. F. Mites tSon, Somei
j,, March P. 'IS -3 ui
ar, f IHE Larpe-st anil most varied aeSorUiient
i of Hats ever offered to the pnlific is at
Interim! und Exteriiril Piles
Tuts blalaieat tats base hunt aeedenljf a.tiie priest,
prsserlutMia ef sa eatraaat Fhyslslaa. It bar aSM
I uaed iu thi. way atsr. ihan eiflil yean, durmi! the
wbulB of whirl, time, althnuuli presenhed in a great
tiir aaHibar ol eassc, It aaS aef er, in any instance, b.-eu
biinw n to fail.
Many iff the case, which have hern sBsetaal'F cored
bf tins I. mum nt, havelieeu efaiorsiltas Ulirty yeara
siandm". caasias great sn-rering and predating consid
sralila ravage apoii taa .y.ieui. These cli onic case.
F liavo yielded as readily tu tne rirlnea of tins remedy aa
' la Uuseeol aterereceatddts. Bleerieaes a'Srrsnts taeae
Std ii, that there cannot he a rase or fVes, nnconnee
ted wttli other diseSsee. winch will nn i toned 10
d- vield liefureihe ivel .tested power, of this medicine.
are 1 Wasraaiad ie care waere las dlrectiea. are strlstly
1 ''2 folluivei. I'l n e S I.
Sold by A C. M ARTINIdrOO..
her i Bole A;-1 ieeVr Belmor.tCo.
Lot gt.ciair.rille. April ID, lr-iJ.
on i , a u
James W. VVarfis'ri
in,, es:
','. Tliorrtas Bradslian'.
jjj Civil Action. Att.tlitf.ent.
m' '" A T mv instance au Attachment w s L.n.d on the
.A (ah day of April, 1SU, byissaa Ben sJu.tceof
tiic Peace, oi Wai '-n Town.bfii. Bulaiaat fn. 0.,a,auiat
'f- i the propeitvand trt'ecia of sei.f Taatas. Urad.liaw, e
bob reeldaat af aaid Ouaaty ead Btee, for the aum of
1 1 g.9Bc. upon a nine of band, and co. l of Mil, tor whicll
turn, arith interest, I will proceed tn lakejiidriiieut. be-lo.-cssid
Jlislire. JAill IV. U ARHBLJJ.
A ui ll linh, li-Su at. pd.
l FtHE plsc? fa procure a nie Jflb
I new far ied -love of e bonnet" , 'iSgBSgtL.
' fcWr tlfsa Sosa.i K, Farra, egfST
se in j irS 3''
B m Whose Shop is at the Weal end of St. CairavIHe, a ten
en dooi, ueslof UliGAZR'TE atl'lTIZKN OMce. Bhe
i the 1 has coaatanlfy oa hand and tor aala at tVbeeliur puci a
I as j a larae asaorioieiil of Bonnet., and all kinda of Bonnet
ra of I TrlasailBgS, lacladli g a ceralully selected etoek of Bow
aur- an. Particular altektlM Is paid at all tisiea toiriB
lerty min, and ataaias tl. nun is, la the vary laiaat styles, end"
stp. at very raaaonalde pricea.
M of Bl.CTairavifle, Apr. IS, '45.
t .
ill. nUAMir-Mi a.i iiieBJsraailmBrMi
P piirr.Jint recVo. (rSP- BW d

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