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He ilinl liv the plough w. uM thrive,
Hiiusell mum rillier hold nr drive.
Ruta Baga and Turnips.
The Ilnta Bc or wediari Turnip Is a
valuable article for feeding stock in winter.
Tlie roota are ino'e nntritious and keep much
better than common turnips.
Ii thia clim'ite Hie seed itouttl be sown n
bout the last week in June r the first week
in July. The toil beat ndnpted for the crop
ia aai dy loam, but a clayry loam will MM
wer, if mellow and rich. A good droning of
stable manure, plowed in belorc Bowing will
be found bi'nefii'.iul on most landa.
The teed is usually aown 111 drills or rowa
about 7 ' feet apart, unA the phnta thinned
to 10 Of 12 incites apart. One pound of accd
ia aul'Gcient lor an acre, if aowed evenly.
The seeds should be covered very lightly
with a rake by hand, or wah a brush burrow.
Aftor the planta are up ao aa to make the
tows risible, work the groundjwith a amnll
cultivator or harrow, and pull ur how out the
Common Tt'RNirs may bo sown
fnm t ie mi HUflthlf to the middle of Aug.
U'e prelir the laat week in July, il the
weather ia nut too dry.
Almost every farmer has patches of rich
row ground, where the young corn ?iaa been
destroyed by the wot weather of the paat
.Month, and such ground ia generally well
edited for turnips, if well plowed and pulver
ised. Or what is better still, clear up o piece
f new ground, where free from graaa and
weeds, and after plowing or well harrowing,
tow the aeed at the roto of one pound to the
ere, and cover with a brush harrow.
BoCK WH BAT may bo sown from the
IClh te the 20th of this mouth, about three
peed of seed to the acre. The ground
ahould be well plowed, and rather sandy than
clay. This crop should not be grown where
il ia designed to plant coin next year, as the
jraina scattered in harvesting nre apt to
vegetate the next spring, and cauae liouble in
Time to Cut Hay.
f not red in the last number oftho Cultiva
r n Short (,'hupter on Hay. reeo.nniendin
the cutting of hoy green, A.c. I beg to pro'
aent the views of quite a numerous, intelli
ge.it and experienced clans ol farmers. Thej
aay that it atunds to reason tint a ripo thin;
is more wbolcaomo a:id butter than a greet
one. Tin t liny cut niter it hus gono out 0
blossom, juat at the tops begin to turn slight'
ly yellow, (before, it gets dead ripe nnd as dry
stick, of courts,) it more nutritious
weeter and every way belter, than liny ru'
green. They know it because they huv(
tried it to their" aatislar.tion.. Where tin
two It I It da are. ptn in stack In the aiuno field
hortea aliow their prefe rence by eating tliu
first. liny cut as above suited can bo cuirt
in much less time than the groan bay, am
the quicker lior can bs cut and put into the
barn inpMtl order the better. O, Cultivator
Tun Arm: CHOP. The Rochester
Union Hoyi thai a benutilul crop ot apples
will be gathered in Western New Ym k
The orchards nre Baid to be laden with fruit.
The Union thinks that the apples will be au
plenty that the interior qualities will not be
gathered at cll.lhut is il the prohibitory Uw
puta an and to the making of cider.
WoMDBBfur. Habvbbt in Kentucky
i un i.oui.-iviuu i iibi iniormation iron
Il lections of tiie State, to the effect tha
there is evry reasonable prospect of a hurves
unparalleled in ho history of Kentucky. -Every
epeeiee uf A.rtin has grown with th
greatoit luxuriance. The orc hards are howe
down with their fruitful louJs. Hemp prom
ise to be a fine yield, nnd the tobacco wl
be lar better thnn last year.
WtSVlt, in Rb. A (Hand lsi
ret ui to inquire oftho farmers througl.ou
Iho county whether the weevil wheat midge,
ia ever found in the Ryo. Will the editor
of the Cultivator and Farmer plttN nuswei
if possible, and if not call the attention 0
their renders to the question ! There is i
kind ol white ryo grown in some ports g
tha Stute which il suid to make u very gooi
ub at it ui i for w heat, and If the weevil do
ttroyt the wheat .ind Dot tho rye, the cnltiva
tlun of this srtiele may bo an object. -B''mont
The midge Wl rm is occasionally found ii
rxe, but only when the grain it later thai
bmiiI in ripening, whin the insects art) ire
abundnnt. In this rlimsta rye is commrnl;
too far advanced before the niidge is ready II
depotit itt eggs. Another reason why tin
crop fi mnicinly escapes, is probably tho ub
tenreof sutlkienl ibstfon the gram lo pro
tect the worms troin trie weather. F.Jt. t)
Pmcftiira OtocimEa Vines,
bad narrow botes' r, not more than two feel
and a half Hide, un the edge of a paved yard
eiicioaed Sy a high Vnce. planted llirei
rucurnber hill in thr border, and laid boom
amah (inch itusrd for peaiiuei.j between
i hem and f.e fente. As toon is they crepl
up to the top of the brush, I pinched oft tin
n .. ol the vine which thickened rapidly a
ion nd the rootaand in every dirertion throw,
ing nut the most vigorous loinge ami a pro
, I i. ol flowers.
'I did not allow the cuciimbera to grow, bul
atched them, and aut h at I withed to re
serve for the table, I picked toon at the)
becamo of proper size; til the real wert
touched by the frost. Some judgment ear
be formed ol the value ol this prsetiee what
I add tint more thin btrrel of pieklet wert
made from three hills, besiJet allowing sup.
I ly for the table.
Whenever t leaf began to look rusty oi
yellowiab, it wu removed, and'every cucum
ber and leaf wit cut off with Urge iciaiori
o not to ditturb or wound the vine.
There i an tdvtnttge in hiving them run u
on a brfah inatead of trailing over the ground
because they are much injured by beinj
Sodden on, and by being kept law on tht
buthea they cm be easily and thoroughly ex
mined every day, which is essential, btcsuti
if one or two cucumbers are overlooked, 'tin
jtrowverylirge.it all Be iho yield of tin
vine. Cor' lluiliculiurial.
From the N. Y. Observer.
Did Jefferson Die an Infidel?
Your list issue calla attention to the fart
that the Congress ol '64, distributed Hire"
hundred copies of the work of Thomas Jeffer
son among several colleges and other literary
institutions; and that theso works contain
infidel sentimentB. It it much to be regret
ted that the author of the Declorotion of In
dependence should have ever en'ertained or
publiahed "infidel gentim'nts." We cannot
deny tl e fact. He to identified himself with
infidelity, while he held exalted positions
and his expressed opinions to the world were
such as to leave no doubt of ".ho fnct that
tho Pjtriot, Schola", nnd Statesman, was nt
one time an avowed infidel. But there is
one little circumstance in the history ol
Jefferson which I do not think is generally
known. It is thin: In his old age, when ha
had retired to the quiet scenes ol Monticello,
he visited one Sabbath, a country church; it
happened to bo communion day, and when
the invilation was given to the communicants
lo come forward and partake of the eacred
emblems, this won, who hud given the in
fluence ol his high name towards extinguish
ing the light of Christianity, and obliterating
the hope oftho world; this man csme humb y
.orward, aid meekly kneeling at tho ultur,
received those preciouc remembrances of the
death Ol Christ, which afford so much comfort I
to believers. It it bomelhii g wrested from I
: the poWerB ol darkness to know what a mun 1
j ol Jetftrson's mind and firmness ol character,
should respond to an iovilution like the fol
lowing: J
I "Ye that do truly and earnestly repent of
J your sins, Hnd are in lovo and charity wiih
yutr neighbours, und intend to leud anew
j lile, following the commandments of (Jod,
( und wa.kig Irom henceforth in his holy ways;
i drawn near wilhm'M, and take this holy
mh ram, -ui to your comfort ; end make ynur
humble confession In Almighty Ootl, meekly
, kneeling upon your knees."
I have this fuel from a minister of the M.
E. Church, now over three-score years of
j age, who w us born, ruiscd, nnd spent tie
greater portion of his life in Virginio. If my
I recollection of our interview it correct, he
received the account from tho servant of
Christ who administered the sacrament.
Some ol Jelftfrson's old manuscripts were
published, I believe, alter his decense, by an
infidel relulive. Is there not some reason to
believe thut ho would have retiucted them
i publicly, had ho lived a little longer!
The 'Old Chief" and the Organ.
A friend has kindly furnished us with an nu
' ihentie account ol an incident whloh occurred
during the latesesbion of the New Jersey Con
ference, Although not down in the "books"
' as a ptfr; of the regular conference proceed.
ings, it is quite tuo good lo keep secret. The
i conference, aali known, held, in session in
f the Central Church in Newurk, one of the
most costly and magnificent houses of worship
' I In the Country, and not surpassed by any
, i other in our connection. Among the tecum
: paniments of this church ure u fino largo
! organ, and a welltraincd choir, and hereby
' hangs the story. Rev. Jumes 11. Kniley,
, u ho had lieen making a visit to several cos
t J tern cities' and was present at the confer
I ence, was appointed lo preach in tiiis church.
I , 'J'ljtt lioou.. ijf vrJir . (inf, ti, ,', tti ,110
his own expreaeioi , he did not think he could
' preach or pray in it. However, he conolu
jdedto try, and, nothing dauutod, gjvo out
I tho first hymn. The org'in rolled out tho
symphony, and then the choir struck in; then
Came the symphony again, nnd then the sing
j ing, and thus alternately throughout the hymn
; until brother P., to whom ihis stylo of sing
ling in a Methodist church was entirely new,
' fell thut his patience was nlmust exhausted
At length they pot through, and then follow
ed tho prayer. The "old chief" determined
. not to be bored again in 0ns manner, and.
1 alter reading the nt 1 hymn, and before 'ho
t organ could be brought into action, he struck
t up the tune himself. A look ofturprits) run
- over the house, whii h soon settled into u
! smile; but tho preachers present (about tw
i hundred) went with bin, and then the con
- gregotio'i joined in heartily, and such a burst
I uf old fashioned Melhodistlc singing us wen
up Irom that congregation never bcluri, pet
hips, had shaken the walls of that fincchcrch
"j Meantime the choir oPMClOUl that their oc
1 cupution hnd gone, sat guzing in mute a- ion
Ishment, (ui te old man said "lik e ducks ii
la hallaterm,")aoarcely comprehending tht
Isceno befoe them. Il proved to be a gr icioui
' time. God blessed the pen lie, and they bat
1 a most glorious shout all over tho house.
1 Cintral Christian Advocate.
A Beautiful Summer Song.
The following beuulilul hymn we Inks
from an ancient writer, whore productions,
doubtless some of our readers have t slight
acquaintance with:
r "Thou muk' tt O Lord, the cut going I
. the in Tiling nnd evening to rejoice. Thou
t vlllleat the parlh, and waterest it; thou
( greatly enriches! it with the river of Cod,
which is lull of water; thou prepared them
cora whet thou hast so provided for it, thou
wnlerest the ridge thereof abundantly, thoo
makes', il soil with showero; thou blesaost the
springing thereof, Ihou crown st the yeur
with thy goodness, thy path droppelh fatness.
Thy crops are upon the pitln of the wilderness,
and ihe little hills rej ice on every side.
' The pasturet are clothed with flocks; the
! valleys ulto fe covered with com; ;i.-y shout
lor joy, they tlso ting.
"You Forgot Me."
A good joke it told ut tho expense of one
of our church-going citizens who is the father
ef an interesting family of children, and
among them a brig it-eyed boy numbering
lour or five summers, tha pet of tho house
hold, and unanimoualy voted the drollest little
laahicl alive. On Saturday night he bad
i been brib"d to keep peace and retire in
hour earlier than usual, with the promise
that on the morrow he anight go with the
lamily to church. On Sunday morning it
wai found Inconvenien to put the youngster
through the regular courte of wishing und
dressing noceucry for hia proper appearance
it the tinctiitry, diihe family tlped off with
out him. They hid not, howtvir, more thtn
. got comfortably teited in their pew when
j in walked the youugtter with nothing on but
1 t nlghl-wropper und a cloth cap. "You for
' got ma," iid ha in a tone loud enough to
be heard all over the church. The"feelingi"
, of the ptrentt can be more early imagined
tbll described. Lafiytttt (farf.) Joutml.
Attorney and Counsellor at Law,
Nnshville, Drown Co. Ind.
N B Pnnicular attention will be given to the w
follectiun ol Claims, &c. i,
Plti. 2, IMS.
JETER TALLMAN, Attorkev ani
I CijSLoa at Lw aso Somcitos is CitAKrtnv,
lUrcialrsvlllt.Oiilo. , .
IT7 Oincc In Hie room formsrly occuplert Sy trie lid
mom Bank. aut. W, 51.
W J. W. GLOVER, Attorkev at l
It I Law aso Notasv Peaue, Bi Olelrsvllla, Okie. J
JO",OKflCE tip tir over l.'ollinn' l"i iiore.
Parllclsr attention paiil lo the si-tlleiiient of eutc. f
Powers of-Attorney mot oilier convevaiicins eirculril
promptly. Ai knowleitseiiienls of Deeds, Tuweri ol j
Attorney and Morlfoces taken. .
Ali-o. Aent for the Ohio Life Iiisursiice Company. f
Life Pulieie iisned on the utual terms.
June M, Isss.tf.
L. HATCHER, Atwmit t Law
1 V I It. ClslrsvilleOhlo,
rr Offite "liloon es-it of ihc Court House.
Ptptsnhei in. ip.'i3 .Bm. pit.
DT). T. COWEN, Attorney ant.
Conssti.oa at Law, RounTOR is Ciiasi sit
Ann Notary Pustir. Hi. Clalrsville, O. 1
v niPFioi oeaeiltetha Aawritaa Reaasaaaejat j
O.Troll'tttata. apr..'S3. tr.
DR. J. ALEXANDER has removed to
the Semllinrv properly Ht. Olslmvillr, adSlnln
Ihe re,lrtenr.e Of JSS OOWtn, Ht! Office lias lljaWI
romoveil lo Ihe snine i o ildms. pr. .'. (
Merchant Tailors, JQ 1 j
jr. pit"', okio i I
Hnre on hand full tesnrimetii d Ctottlt, (.'aii,ueret I
Slid Vtins, which lliey will iiisketoonlcr in Ihe nest I
SAt Hylr am on the most reapoiiaMe irrma: Jan:-2:l I
F.iiKlish Amcrienn Table Cutlery.
JUHT rer'd direct from the manufacturers, an exten
sive aasnrllnf'iit of TAI1LE CUTLEItV of variom
styles and oualitiea, which for cheapneen cannot he
cipialledlnlhecity. T. "WEEN EY WON. I
Wheelilis, June If, IP.1S.
! irT nil!,. WINTER 8TK, I N Ell M ACHIIfEU OIL;
l) Warrai-teil lo aland the V,ot w eallier, willMOl I
Chlllliis, sllhe Low price of ISI cle. per (iallon. for 1
aleal J. W. COLLIN'S
Drua more, j
I Nov. 4lh, 1PM.
Kets Cluoiniiali Pure While Lead.
3 IIMs Llnsetd Oil.
80 cal. Parlor White, lust received and for sale at
lowestcakliprii ea March 8.", '33. IkMWt W. OoMim
llV.fron lc finest silk, down to the cheapes
palm leal. Al (apr. Is.) FKINT V NAOLE'W.
everynualily, for 4alc cheap hy ,
Sept. VP.
! " Ji winria, Dollars, Cravats, Sprint, do , potkat bdk'fs, ;
Clovea, tloOS Huipeniler. t or rale cheap hy
: s.p.io. I" NAOLE k. CO
al waj s to he had. In larirenr ainall ipianliticK, at ;
I tnt tl, H. AliiXAWDBR'a Drugaltort,
lirand positively ohl at WhBtjlnf pflMS, at
apr.21.1 IL ALEXANIlElt'r Drill! Store.
B BANDY Ma ,su, nt,puriulcratllwa rrpe
(lire, Just rec',.n. (Weill;.) aiA Al.
J)OTA8 11 A superior article just
receiver! hy A.C MARTIN Ac Co.
May 3d, IS.V.
CTraVATB, PK'T HOK'FS., gloves.
t Hotltry. Busptndsrs, Gloria, Colart, fec.consunt
ly for tls hy ( Ap. 18, W) FBiW'I'Jt NOI.B,
aMVr and far talaat Ap, 19. I. THOMPSON'S.
FlHB plane to procure n nice jX
I. nniv ftslllonsd "love of a honnci" LFlMJj
ff.'jpi" rr"" S3ffic f
WissNusnii Ka Pari,
' VVhosfl shop Is at ihc West eiol of St. 0!alrsviJt,t fttw
toort wtttorilttOAXBTTS atC'ITIZBN OtBcv, wiie
hnn couata-ity on linuil and lor aale al vVllttlllllprlrst
I Itisi tstnrtinnnl al Donavia, and aiknoiA ofBoiitivti
Trlitintlnft, iir loillnf a terelully selestsd ttotk ofrtuw j
its. Parlu illar alti'liliou ii. paid al a1 lime, lo iron I
mini ami llltklns Bonnets, in Ihn vury laws! Ityttl, and
tlvary rttaonaari ioili-a.
I St. Clalravlila, A ir- It. 's.1.
S:it;ii Nicbti nnd Know Nothings
UUTitM tajittniM en Method in Rldgtli notblng 10
llic atVWendOttl exnleun nt at t lit' Hutiv rouia ol
I Who hM JuM rtmrnvd trwn iha Willi rp hm
ortntciit of Dry floodit wutii br UAlleoti. Lftwnti l)a
i.aiir.n, llfrAifl'M, b'WkH, panCOi'l tvnd UIWjI'IMVIii Ji
ljp 't ol silk Bonntti iuoit nh tv k. tr$
1 liiiofQhiiptnd Hititti Boiinetit l&nglUti iftW'MiiaWi
Bonnetf tnd ItftUs Bonnvt irlmiulngii RiobOaii ol nil
kiutiH of th moot i''ttitiiu htrlti
, A shci ut ui l.t-ettmnii s.m, in,i' -, for mimmrr,
tin- lait st il lo. ibui, a lot tf I.Hilii'ft iliitea iaitern.
' i .' ii h i ii 1 i - All k i ii al ami quaay ol MtlvUtlli and
, all Ihol i IIOtOMWry in tlia l)ry Guoili AM! clii'aui'r than
wit boforOi
t flao a large waortmont of RBOT NedDI t'aO
thing loe Oopfi BooU anil afhOtl. Cluilm. Ctoil
mtrtitOoftliteut, uMtlng riotiia, oil khhN of atttMniei
vvtwtr in Iho I'M'i c
uf rll 19, leUi
Miss PrisoUla P. Aloxandor,
I EBPECTFULLY BunouneM ( the L
dlOt l Sl (Vatrivilln and vleiolty, that she in-
OHdl In t an y till Dip M linrry btltlnOH o,
in a1 III vanuna hranchei, unlit iu ,Vji
ihoto of pttliflo polroQtgo, norticuloi ui rv
lentiitn V M htt pivtm to lanry work, -ffi
Tr I hi inin v and inak llt BonnetH ; in ihti Vtry In it1 ft
Ht Ih, ami at Vi-ry roaxniiahlo prlctl. 1 1 -r ro-itli-mt
at Win Rttl t ml of 0t, UfoirtVHlOi IM thr (ioiima of Mr
Jomihh aSutlori naorty option I te 4itibroiter,i t roeery
Ht. Utairivlle, April WW,9m. pd
1851. 185-1.
i s.i i. lull Trntlr. is. i.
No. 65, Mais Ktbkst,
n.WK just eotnmeneed reviving their fall
iniiorl atioiia per ah i pa "Scioto," "Cai oine" and
'Oranteatl,M soniprlslai si' the aicwi atiiua oi
adaptrd in Ihm niarkrt.
Aa ttipy IiaviMivoi lilX'ratP in tratmit, tnffther with
Ibelf etaffill OH hand. Thw iratlt can ir.'v ituon Ptlinu
a Tnl an an(Miiiuiit aa in Ut HatPrn ntarkut. ami at
prUte ftitay w. Indeed, l put thti inaiter at real,
lliry will dMpilOott Eaiteru bili purchaaed nti.ee tha Ut
ui March ait.
E7IRINT AND NAOLIi would inform ihe
I puWic that the hava Juil racaivtd their atuck of
NpiiilK ami Kuiliuior t miiun,
Wlnrh ihey oflTer at eMremaly low ricai for C aiii
Their itock compriaaa every variety ul' t'loth, t'Mii
Miore, Caaluiiariii, Tweed, Jtaf i, Alpaca, and i.inoii
faun. Silk. Marieilei and .men VeU, Black and
Fancy OoealotOfe Panta. Linan, lu .a and QottOH
Our itock oX t'fnthi, UeullDtrM, Vui and Trim
mlttfe, la uiinniay aryo and very clicap, Tu thotte in
want nt a good Bttll we wtmd aay , Juat ilup in and exatn
M otu stock ul piece gnodaand you Will ve money hy
riU duiujj.
lj PS. ot the richeal stylet wood plaiu's
Vr 50 ia. French aleriuoa, a lull supply of Thih
Ma. ito Uaseri. Madaina", lie t.ainea, (iinnisnia anil
Prlatei la word, ihs moat comph-le alork of llreaa
tlwHlauvar troutht, tu WtH-elni. ami si uiiuaiitllv low
srliea, tl STUNK 4 TlllIM AS',
Nov. 'Jit. I?t. Main si. Wlistlini.
Caiefully preptrod tad ucaily printed, for ailt '
tlit Cluoiuclt orlioa
I AS removed hM Barber Phoplo the naaeiuent Story ot
I lilt
here he will he pleaaed to aee hie old rulomer, and a
i.i nl new ouea. and it will at all tlBSM sirurd him the
-eateat peaaure tt
Tnke them hy the nose,
And cause the " ilderness" of heard,
"To blossom as the rose."
Pnn't to shout the atrerta hairy, and "hearded flkatht
ard" hill step In to the aaloon in the liaaeinent ol Ihe Na
onal, and heenme trsnamotrified lnl a alei kfaced l not
inithlared) membtr of the body politic;, and you will
ever regret It.
I would call the atlentlon of my tnatotners and nth
ra, io my slock of Ooloinc. Hair Oil, Poinntnina, Bpef
larrow, Hhavlm Oreaine, Rarher'a foap. Tooih Pow
ers. Phavini Bruahea Tooth Hruahe", Hair Bruahea.
atorasud Itaser Plrnpe, niaeklnit and Bruahea, Vr:.
or aala at mv shop in the Basement of the National
lotel.m.f'lair.ville. LEWIS RANBUM.
hi. Olelrsvllla, April I. ip.i.i.
cw Stock nnd Now Stales, at Re
duced Prices.
No. 157, Mnin Street, 'Wheeling.
JT. SCOTT lespectfully invitea the
a attention of the clll.ena of lli-lrnont and siljoin
nt couriliea to hia new and very eltciiaivo aaaoruiieut
if (told and Silver VV'atchea, snd tr
lewelry of all qnstlliea. BtinllS' & if
me of Ireasl Pin., Kar Drop,, Hi
'nicer Riiiia, llracelela, CutT jrCfl
'ma, Armlets, Croanea, Gold ifTl TWrfr
Jtltlns, Seala, Keya Pencila, Ii '' V 'WW
l.ockels, Collar andPleeve But- I F ? "WOK
ona, i.ild and Silver Hpetlacles, T , 1 tvfc
l liimhlea, Cold l'cua,:'',. die. Z.2jBMr
Juat received, a large aiaortmont of Silver Spoon,,
ind eitrn fine double plated apouiia and Forka. Also,
llritania Waic Purveyor's Couipanaca. Cutlery, Pil"la,
RtVolVtrS, Port! Mnntiea. Card C'aaea, Work lloiea.
Brasbtt, OombS, Psrfaattry and a great variety of oiner
toSait. , , , , ,
JCr'The finality of every article aold wilt' he Tairy
tiled, and warranted as represented, and every ,ea
onahlc ellori made lorjive aailmaciiun lo my cuaio.
l'arliriilar attention ia Invited to my
South Hide or Main St., St. Clairsvillc,)
ii a Lr a srABS s a,t or ths cocrt noi sa
r I ''HE Proprietor of this popular house linv
I Ing rentwsd bis Isttt fur a number ofysirt, and
tr It eft I lor the palronase lie Una received Irom the puli
rit, would aoaiii rsapeclfully solicit a contiunance of
Iheir favors. His house ia Inroe and commodious, well
furnished, anil COanforttbll in every parlicula-. Ili
larder Is liiiiiulilully supplied, and In- tabic furnished
With III till delicacies Ofthl season. Mis lOnfSIptrl
enctf ill the business ol hold kspln, enables him to
utrntM lo thO SS who favwr hlej with a call, highly
satisfactory acromiii'idalious.
nro Itrgll nntl Avk convenient io ihe hnuftr,
with i f tVf' ly TI Hln-ila lir the fhjllrlng
of vehicloei fjU the whole under lboeii
DeHntetidene! i riu&ii expetienoeq bott
ler, wmmm
Ifoplni to ercri hlibld enelOinert, wlicnevcr Ihey via
U 01. flairavillc, lio retOtlUI, ea vr NORTON.
April 5, m2.
Near rSwaiarir'a Gi.am Wurkk.
(North) VVHurt.iNO, V.
The inhecrlber iiaviiip procured e complete eet of toole,
eoneleitniof Plonoe, beinee, Strew cotter, etc.. ol the
lateit aimI must up proved pattn ne, are now prepared m
do work In their line, In tiie tieitt posaiuie monner und
on iw aorme.
Hnrliontel Englnet with or without rnst iron heil
Upright KiiifincK. a'l III tnli ot iron planing, (having n
very large machine) itireir sotting, holti and nuta,
heavy ami light tor g. ihaftlog, etc., nnntt repairing.
Caatiitgi ntrnlaheil at lowest loumlry nrieee
Wo have conetantly oo nan t or can nirmeh ot nhor1
noilcfi, cemented, t opper rlvlted leather halting ami
ho SjUal to any made. Wo null at uiniiufni'turers
pit ea, tnri make no charge fbr CrOight ni commaeloti
Of any Kind.
VVo reepoctlOUy aek those having need or anythinti
In our line, togtveueacallabolioviiig we can make n
their Intcres . tu til at w th un.
ang.lH.-ly. John MOnfiB & CO.
Immense Stuck of Clocks.
BUI jh Mesa lnant aWlHIIII Ut In IT llf'M I " it -riiltira-
elngahoul PiAy different1 pattern. In Alahaeter, f "lsl
un. Papier MaiehOt Iron, Ui.i, Bronae, Hahottany,
Rosewood and Wsftnut iramfn, mime ,iu hour Ulocki
at low an '. cents and OOd H tlay time places, warrant
v io run well, from Cjgta S" sash.
Purehaeers are romoaily Invited to ef amine my -it nek,
nt I am ii .'in i dele, mined hi tell at the voav utw aai
y ' Watches and OlOOkS carefully repaired and war
No. IM Main Ht. Wheeling,
May 1.. 1839.
Physician and Surgeon
Ofthl American Reformed Practice of Medicine.
IS prepared to attend to nil who may ml
upon hlntt at all hours, when not professionally al
N. It. Or. M. ruren ('aurern without the urie uf th
Kit He, the only remedy beretofoi e known.
ufflce and residence on Pi ont Street, 8 Doors heiu
Orjswells IVorwHooea,
Hell Air, Sept. N.18M.
1ANO FOR BAliB. The aubacriber ol
J lera for aalf HI X HUNDftVO AND FORT'
A 11KH ol land, lyiiiit in SOCttOO No, I, (Jrct'ti towunhi
Hocking county, Ohio, There i on the prOMlcOS tw
c.MiiN HOUSB0. About Ibnrocres are elearod at eat
cahlli, The laud well titiiheieil, a lartte iuantily ol
being poplar. There in plenty of OTONB COAL an
MtON (MtKonthe land. Hnid land Ilea 0 miles IVoi
LOG A N , one irmu the IKON PU RN AO R, and on
hall mile from au RXOBtleSNT HAW mm. I I.
lenas enquire e IJobvfm Woi.r, living ii nuien irom ti
land, or ilia nunacriher, living near rAIH', llnrriau
county, Ohio. HA .Ml' Hit HINKH.
Oodia J one 24 IP49,
r 4 i k BHAWLfl, every jrade nm! style
J.J9 lona and square, Droebe, Thibet. Olntl
Cashmere, Hiih ami BlaZkete, eomprtsiogthe bast itoc
svor offered " Wneenng. A ino, a lull variety o
t'l.i I A KH, Tnlinan, Mantillas, Yoked ami Tapn, msus t
velvet, sill , cloth, satin aim) menno. Aim, Oloaaln
i'lotlm ami tr i hum i h t; ki tu melt h, verv cheap, at
BTONR ek TllOfcl AH',
Nov. ?0. l't. Main nt. IVbeollOg.
I s. mum & 1ST
raafA aUseaasiwviua, o.
jtTjf BEALKltS I It
SfJJ BookB. Stationery and
Also all kinds of
TXr tliBli"l irica paid for irooil clran tta,a. JJJ
Ann! t. H.V
ma at ea. tsi : bb Sajai Q 9
Jewelry, Fancy (ioods, Notion, &t
AHJtMVILLB, oiiio.
Tp7 VVaUheatiiu Clocks rtuairrd lo Bfaer, and ivn
raiili'd. U
Knii. IS. ly ii
I HFt lurosl m.n I; of Silks and tall Da
1 wt ever oilered lu lha puldir, rmitaiuiua at Ifasl
IP.IKH) yds ol every at) le and quality. Brocade, gg'd
plain and tlaula and glrtpOB, eiutirattiig the graatem
nargaiuS we ever huuglit. I'tAiit clianveanie, woitl
$ I ML 1 1 ''in .1 UiHtKii, FuM and plain do. worth il.il
lolaVA, at 50 to "5 'tn; a law piece la II of tho Fis'd
i.ui. t and Idack Hilk, worth $1 tu l.'.tl, of wl Uh Wl
have sold ao many ma paw wefikaj, at ;i6i lo bU fit
" No troublo to mIiow tlieui," at
TON al av THOfttAeV,
Nov. .0 ITdJa Mam it. i .
HAVE just relieved from tlie inanul'ai tu
rsra tu iovoica ot Hie Aural TAUI.I. UUTltUl
avar liiouslll lo Una illy. In aridiliou a llialr ISM, ami
varied a.aortiii.nt, lliiy have a lew sella ol Iron, -J lu .
iiecea. eiicoard In (lite inalioa-any raaaa, lo v lutli Hie a'
IBMtlOa of ftdiss l. iiarutufarly liiviled.
a vat., ahlrts, Collar,, Neck Ties, Pocksl Uandkcr
clilefa, Bcails, Comforts, Kid tud Btck.kiulilof ea, Bus
pciideis, Ar . ate. A cuiniilcta taaortiiianl at
I -HIM IV MM.l'j
aat it.
Set: X.
OKISBRMailf ANDQLINI T mTi, nun eiroTS.aco.
rotpihMf 11 1 : 1 11 ' 1 1 A e Ts
IJor the sate of Ploughs, Harrow Corn
nkitltrt ftfOej COffSff, Cidtr MUt$, CAiiran.
Shay's Smut Maekinf, Straining Tile, ami nil Jtrin-t
(KfOl and Horticultural tnplimrnf, Michunic'g Too,
Sed unit S'nti
June 14 '55
rft invitei lo cal Sl set a largelot of Reapers
and Slower.,
Grain Cradles,
Grn:n and Gross Scythes,
liny Forks,
Hay Rakes,
Bertha fcitinrH,
Bey the Snathes, &c.
Just rrrpived and lor sals at t lie corner of Main and
Uiiincy itrsttS V livelin, 'a ly
K. D, RUMBt.L.a son.
K V. I'll' ( '( )()I7a ND (jAY.
a nt rooeived, via H a o. n. n., on consignment, come
,1 fine nainpleit Water I 'oolrrx ami Ire ' n'ain Freczera.
a i.io, that fast lot of flower veuda, and no Vurehojiiaa
in bloom, for aale al
Corner of Jtfaiii & Uulury its. Wheeling Va.
I tCMQAti Sub Soil Plough, Patuxent
1 T.I ii.S''ll Parpriiu.! PIOOgbetOg Vokes, Corn ahellcr
" llowx. Post AOfOrS, I'hainii.Chain Pomps, Cistern
I'uinps. Iron I'u Trousha, llarrow'a Cattle Tiea atraw
cotters, f ornstalk eOtters,Com and l.'oh CruMtiPra, clover
and Timothy aertl Harvester?, with avreat aaoittnent of
seeds, Fruit ami Ornamental Trees and I'lauta, for aale
at the eotnnleelon and Agency Ware it. mm, corner ol
iMatn Uuiucy et.
Intrrnnl nnd BxlrBa1 Pilcfl.
Illtltf Liniment hae been long need only as the prlva
J preserlptlon of an eminent Pbyglelan. it iia, been
used In tills way mors than eight years, during the
whole of whirh time, althnuifh prescribed in a preat
nombet of ;:, it haa never, in any inntanre, hceu
known lo fail.
I Many Of thO caaes which have heeii effectually cured
by thia leinlnHint, have been of more than thirty year?
, itanding, censing great suffering ami producing consul
erahle ravage upon the gymem. These ch'Oiue caaei
hava yielded as readily to the vtrtuee of thle remedy ai
thoaeof more recent date , Kiperience warrants tiisas
sertlon that there cannot he a ca-e of Pifee, nnoonhoe
tetl with other dieoaeee, which will not ho forced l
yield bolbrethe welutested powers of this medicine,
Warranted to cure, where the directions ara etHttlj
followed. Trice $ I .
Hold hy A. 0, MARTfNl&CO.
Hole Agents lor ttetmontCo.
St. Clairnville, April IP, 55i
For'50 days at the Bee Hive Store
Wheel ii;; Via
BEING desirous of reducing thoir prescti
Hlcck an much as possible, he
hire the t pen ma ol Hpriotf Trade, (a flfifca sMsn
w i i i i. ii l ' SH theii entire atorK ' y$fatu
ilng atlll the Largeet and ilmatdesi "JjfelfcMa Jr. j
I ill ijc r ll it'U III I! If C'liy. i-slltlifU- R.
fl me in part
;tu Long and Bom are itrochc simuis.
mid Cloaki and ilantles oi Velvet, Cloth ami Pik.
liiKl laong ami Hq, Cloth ilhawls, embracing some of th
richest H roc lie Ilhawls ami Cloaku, imported alao th
balance of iheir titock of
Wool, Wool ami HHk and Wool and Cotton Pre?
Goods, hems atiti the moat desirable ejsortment (
Plaid vrool Caehmeree, ail Wool Defeiuee printed d
Caehtneree, Mnnnou Cloak tng Cloths and trlmmln t
Bonnete and Ribbons, Flannels, Llnaeye, A-c. vc. W
also wish to call attention toour (atillj large stock i
IStlks, emhrscitig more than lO.OUUyds, iif every nhadi
I style and quality, which together with a full variety
Goods, will be ottered at greatly reduced price.
Feb. tft, IHfiS. 178 Wheeling va.
r tl rd'-rs 'ut'd ii., nt his stand OppO
s site the A neaicas Hoihk, a complete atock
rrt-sli IlrtiH ami MeiticillMi
io winch he Invites the attention of the public, ba
eoilfldeilt that lie ran give atttlsfaCtlOU colli eaSOJJBgL
I in price ami quality be is ilmer mined no r y
' to ii k unosKsota liy soy Drug Btore In tins f
nactioti of the country, Patient Maotrisec, i a
al way a wer ranted genuine, as all are receiv
ed direct rrom tlie legal manufactures. A h 9
large CtOCk Of all kimlal Of Hn -i:k- alwav on han
Paints dtOiti or every dee ription, afwsys on hand, ai
positively aold roi caah at WIIBU Mi CA8II PIE hi:
Il ynii don t believe thte Come ami examine for you
I selves
A general assortment of ItABDWARB always
j i hand Thefollowlng are n law oft he leading artlrlei
Cross'OUt ash ntso saws, Dong Looas n lianots
' Htuel and Iron muares, pud Castors, Ctilssts, Carps
tsrs rufss, ItOi Mann's celebrated A is the oulyoi
w orth buying, sold at ths low price ol $1,15,
' i March IS, 1655.
Har4ware, Queensware, &c,
IAKKH litis opportunity of re turn In
I thaoke to his nomerooe customers for the patro
" i-.'i- which ha heretofore l eeu satsnded to him. lit
" fj) Sjanow receiving a targe and well selected etoi
j Ha, V " ' oods iii his line, m every respect adapti
fWliaa to the wonts "f tins community! Hi moi
shall, hy frequsnt Slid It tone, he kept ill , aail)u in
ami complete, and will be disposed of .:
sin Ii rates as will meet the approlation of all wl
' I favor hint with a call.
i Mia stock consists In part, of Groceries of every v
riety, Hardware, Qjueonsware, Glassware, and a genet
i ! assortment of Provlsloas, a. esc.
(j j Ho Is prepared to accommodate the public with e
, i erything luuaiiy kept in Grocery Stores, t ai i ami c
u vour Supplies, at the "old CO) USI " Of .Main and Manet
Ht. ClslrSVlllS, April f'2, lKi.V
VyCTOULD respectfully inform tl.p publ
v v generally . that they havojust received a lar
additional supppy of
Embracing Over Coete of every otyto and quality.
French, rack. and Box do. Dlack and Fancy UaeOlmg
Pants, t'asswirtt.l'nrd, ami Jeana do.,Batiu, Hits;, i'lus
So4 Cloth Vevla. Also A lot of Common do. All
Which Wll!kO sold at the lowaat Hisaihlo prices for Cak
Wa have also a lare and caretully selected stock
Oloths, Vestlnge, Caseintoroa, 'asinetts, Trimmlni
iVe I which we will make to order in the hest style ai
on be moat reaaonable terms.
Tkaukfol tor the liberal patronage 111 11 r poet ye
we would roopectfOlly ask a coittiiiuanre uf thensiue.
1 Ht. L'lairatville, Hept. .0. iHjt.
r AVING removfil his 1V-OT and IIOl
I 1 HhjOS tn thg haeemeut itory if the
N w MgUaglgtli II11H.
directly under the PoaoaKbS office, ho i-s nrepared tu d
nil kind Ol WO k in Ins line, OS Short notice, in tlia 1 1
nit if, end a rheap a-, the cueapeet.
April , N,W
VBD hi. Oroiery lore, lo tlie nioin one eat
aalof HulAarit, anil nearly oimaile lltrna' Tl
simp, when he ha. a Urse suiily of ORIM'KKIKH ol ei
srji va'tstT.tatb as Biisar. Mola.aee, Teas, VY'
1 '.ul, it, epll es. TstNMte, tesars. eotBt, r"lah ol Jsl--t
vi-iy Mini, Uneeiiaw are, Earthenware, - oii saaSI
. nware, 1. 11111', (hovela, tlparlea. Iluea, Forka ol ever
Kind Hope., foiion yam. Caimle wick, DytsturrT Ma.
tsr, Alum, Imliiio, Rice, Nails, ttc.
Ami every thine (snerally kept In Grocery etorei
.III or which will he di.ioal of at the very lowest ratei
And al.o prepare, to lake In t'ouatry product at cas
pricea. ap. 1. UUA
I J Oil. sold at
tpr SI -1 H. Al l.. Ml.H Pru, Biore.
UT E have just rpreivrij direct from tlie
Imnertsrsa new stork nf hardware, aurh as
llanil faivs, rtaanl Saws. Mill Haw, llroea Oat, anil
llaml Haw fill a, all air.es. Ilrarra and hills, All.nr
Bins, Slack's Aiuurs, Ihe heal mail". Ilonr Locks anil
l.atche,, llrd rxliiri, I'oflln lliuees and Screws. Hull
Hints, Talile ilu. Gale ilu. Mahofaiiy Kiml ., Pnnsree,
I'arpenlers rules, llroad Ae s, Htcivarl ivarranted chop
plSglll, llaml A tea, Hatchets, Socket Chisels. Firmer
lo. Ilrawint Knives, with imineioiia other srticlea
Staalls rot ad In Hardware stores. Will he snhl on
rcasiiiial.lt- lenns. .c. MARTIN at Uo.
May 3d, Ipj5.
iprlns; find snrnmrr niptliruic In
i In World I !
Medicines contaii ins molaanet or liquorice , like the
huaetotl HarBapanliaa. rrquire many larue hntllna to j
prodnea tha jfltbteet ahania m hpaith. The furrit
Wink m altuirr'tlier a iliflr rent article, Il rontauu no I
pyrupi u live it consistency, imt tcajalras exrtiicnt
flavor, ami power ru I medicinal properties from ihe eag j
Otable plauta ut' which It ih ciiuipuieil. The Forkht
Wink comtiincH the virtues oftho
Willi therrf niniiiioii, Yeiiow
UoiJi. tlitfl Sili s:B:n ill;i !
with other valuable plants whose properties are still
more ellective.
Itw Ii ix Ii concentration rentiers it one of the most effi
cient medicines now in use. Sometimes less than a
Single bottle restores the MiiKcring patient from weak
ness, debility, and sicknass, to strong and vigorous
health. Every dose shows its good effpcts or the con
StltatlOAi and improves the state of the health. Tlie
Poaast Wink is recouimeudcd, in the strongest terms,
lor all complaints of the
(T'Stomachi Liver , Kidnegt, Xervons Disor
tiers. Bilious Affections, Dropsy, Dyspepsia,
Is)ss of Appetite, Jaundice, Female Com
plaints, Scrofula, and a'l Disorders arising
from UAL) liLOOD and impure habit of the
Saved from Death!
Testimony of Mr. Nathan Mathkwb. a highly re
I spectftble and wealthy citizen of Newark. N. J.
j J)k. fi. W. HaLStYi 1 lieieve your rarest Wine and
I Pills have lieen 'hemetneof saving my Mfa, When I
commenced taking them I laid at the point of death
with Dronsy. I'let. ami Asthma. My physicians had.
given me over as past cure, and my family had lost all
nopeeof my recovery! while in tins dreadou sitae
I lion, your PorOat Wine and Pills were procured for me.
j and before I had (.niched the firht bottle or the Wine
. I and box of Tills, I experienced great relief, HIV body
( and limbs, which were g'eatly swollen, became sensi
bly reduced, Hopes uf my recovery began now to re
vive, and after continuing the use of your medicines
fur Snoot a month the Files and Aftlnna were com
I pletelf cured. The Dropsy, with which my life was
placed in audi great danger, was also nearly gone. I
have continued the use n your med ICtUCS until the pres
ent time, and I now enjoy as perfect health a ever I
did iu my Me, sithOUgll i am Btore than aixty yeaia of
$mm. Yours, reepeotfhtlya
Newark, N. J., Dec. 10, 1847. N. MATHEWS.
Great rate or Liver ouiplaiiil ol
Tela a eai-N Maiidiu.
New York. elan. Oth, iP4f.
Dr. If 4LSST, Dent Fir: Having taken your Forest
' Wineaud Fills tu removea disease of the Liver, from
which I have Mill'ered severely fur upwards of ten years;
and having adhered closely to the dire lions which nr'
Company the medicines, have recovered my health
notwithstanding all who knew mo thought my case in
j enrabfe. Previous to taking the Wine and Fills, I had
I I recourse to the best medical treatment, beat continued to
I grow Worse to an alarmiiiL' degree. Home of my friends
j spoke despairingly of my rne, ami tried to persuade me
, i Irom making use of any advertised remedies; and I
' dnubtnot.but what there are hunt reds wh aretlissna-
! ded from taking your excellent medicuiea, in conse
' quence of the deception and Inefficiency of many adver
tised remedies put furth hy unprincipled men, iu Iteming
advertisements. Hut, what a pity it is, that the deCep
ttoAttsedhy others, should he the means ofdlsrueding
many lohortnx under disease, rtoin making trial ami be-
n tng cured by youreicellent remedlea. Humanliyaepea
e king, they have saved my li'e; w hen I Commenced ma
king Bee nf them, 1 was in a w ret died COtiditton , bin be
flgan to gioriencetlielr good efTects In fes than three
days; and In sit weeke from the time I purchased the
' ? mdicinee,te the great surprise of u my frtende, I was
i entirely rured, ami bad increased fiiteen poonds'lll
1 WClt lit, having tftkn nne box ul the Pills, and two I ot
''I ties Of the Wine. VVottlil to God that every pour sutler
'i I er woubi avail liliuself of the same remedlea.
Yours, dec, JAMBfl WILSON.
Nervonej OiHortlern
Are diseases of ths mind as well n of ths body, are us
uully brought on by troubles ami affliction, and an
most common to persons ul delicate constitutions ami
sensitive minds Low spirits, melancholy, frightful
dream. ami tear fa J anticipations of evil rrom theeligbt'
eii eaiiaee, generally secoiunany nervous dlsorderc.
The Ports IVIlie and I'ill are an energetic remedy 11
. ' th- e complaints.
, Batraet ol a letter from Mr. Jon ph t Fauldlng, da'er
n I Philadelphia, Sept 3th, it if.
nu.fi. W. IIAIeKBY:
, j Dear dir. your Poreat Wine and Pllla hava cured re
wife ofa dread fa I Nervous disorder, with which she list
a been ailected for many yeera. Her body was aluiotf
wurt'-il iiwav. She was i sf 'iently dieturbed In Ihm
eeepbv frightful dreams, swakenlng quite exhausiei
I and covered with peraplrai ion, and at limes laboring un
der the delusion that somathlua dreadful was about ti
happen to her. Dythe use of four bottles of the wine
j and a but ol the Fills. she is now lu perfect health.
j! Bite has regained her Hl-1i and color, and enJoye soelet
J' as wcllas ever. J.O. PAULDINfi.
Hit. David Marvin, a rehiratetl practitioner of Neu
!, York . declared publicly, that one liotie of lekalse. 's For
1 psi Wine contains I more virtues than fifty oftlie fargi
( buttles ui iarnaparilla. Messrs. S. S. Lami'.man tSt Co.
i, ' one of the lartteit and moat respectable Druggists in Hvr
,(. anise, iu a letter, say: "From what they have heard tt
1 seen of llalsey's I orSSt Wine, it is an exulent and gooi
I meil i cine, and will undoubtedly become thu leading med
lelne of the Uv."
The Porsst VYine is put up in large square bottles, wit I
1 D.. UnlBty i name blown in the ulas; 91 per bottle, o
I ix bottles for s- fiiiiu -coated Pills, Cents per box
Agents arc authorised to retail as well ai wholesale ti
I on as favorable conditions as the proprietor, (to, iti
I in- St. curlier of Hudson, N. York. Appoints
Agentin Bt.Otalrsvllle.J. W. COLLINS and suld bj
DrUff gists tbrnnghuut the State
May 17,1830.
a. roll THE CUBE OF
10 , Tl S, W A rr I Mi OP Til F, FL ICS II, NIGHT
ft- Col'i.H.DHTId'LT. OP BRetA THING,
coLl), coliGiia-, INFLUKNZed,
FH'iillStC, FAIN IN Tilt: SlDL,
Dr. HatTs Italitam cuntaius no OftON, OalsOStBi, 0
gny mineral poison, but is composed mostly of tiio
Kouis, Hei bs and Vc'xetalde aulistaucea Which have ,
speciAc inBuence upon the inns and their connects!
organs. ll immsMOiath ktwkc i is to allay all u ritatioi
and gSUtly remove the phlegm and other uiorbnl SSCrs
1 1 uns from the Throat and A ir-Fs.ssaaes, thui relieving
the COUgh, Oil subduing thi njln mutation and OttlsrCaUl
IC SS WhlCU give rise to it. It also stimulates ami i iii pa Mi
a hsalthy toua to the Luutts tbeineelvee, thereby rim
" bling tlifin more tburuuutiiy Ml ruinuvu irom the bloui
ihoee Impurities and dleeased part Idea , winch, if re
lained, do so much mleehleflntne system, and lays tin
louudatiou fur incurable CONSUMPTION. It also eg
1 a decided action upon Urn ekin, and assnts natun
iu fxi'elliug tliruush the Kxhalents, much ol that uior
re i i,i nt alter w lurh would otherwise be ihruwn hack upon
bs I the eUaage tbue relievlaa; them of a part of thirwurk
"! and rendering the aystcm pure and healthy. When tu
ii. Iierclva are forming, it checks iheir development am
of further progress; or if ulceration has taken place, it as
slate the lungs m throwing oir the corrupted matter
id I aioiithes the irritation, heals the ulceialed cavities, am
reetores tQSUl Ogata to healthy action. This medicine
r therefore, is not a patltatirt merely. which unl) relMrVOI
fur the tune beinii, but is a iiiohoi ua cL'Rativb, as i
strikes at i Me very mm m thedisease, and by re pOVtUl
- It, rcntOSCS at onCS alt ill remote and attendant rouse
qUSSCSe. This i us ntsnsui isiieo kaAk tristh j
pioperty pussesaed, iii etpial power, iy no other tntdi
ctneofiike nature, now before the public.
q 8 tj ssss
Are mad- here at home and certified tc by aurh mm
B aaVV.D. WhlGHT. .M, I) , J. Law son, ,M. IK, Win. C
MaiTHa bl. l , I S. Johnson, M. D.,Cait. Wm.Fkj.ki e,
It. S. Mt t roKii, hnj.. and other who are well known
Cltiaeua of Cincinnati.
twd get g pgwplft end read their rt rtiiiealea in full,
and tin must be fully convinced ol ttiu gtaVaOBMaaBI
Mk-itus or THIS .Mitu. lag,
CAUTIO? I Beware pf Or. Hall's Pulninn
ttlaiil aleo, Dr. Hall s Cougb Remedy, which is omea-
times palmed oil lor the gSOUiUI
)l i71 It k urine and ask for Dr. Wm. IUll's IUliau roR
i itK Li nos.
, fie. mm.. e, signed hy O. K UAKEU&CO.
For sale by
J. w. Collins, St.Clairsville.
n II.Mi Heiir, llcndryaburg.
h F. M. Swan, Morriaiown.
Hainks It IU r HKK. l.oydaville,
B Hamky Gkass, Bn igriNiit.
I J. S afNDKKsuN, Beltaire.
y J. F. GaunraL. Jacolwhurg.
! jf. Matson, Ceutrevills.
A. AitMiTaoNQ, Armsirong'a Mil,
n ll Mutt, Barneeville.
U WarAeld Crosten. do.
11 W T. noasttv, Dorscy'a Mlfl.
Dorsey OlCo. Captina.
J. B. alavaiiN, Sewellsville.
. HraooLSk- 4 Mi tJaaw, Martinivills.
i Wh.Bltb- Nicholavillc.
W. P Milks A kok, ajomerten.
March lt55,-am.
a, i . - -
White Wash Bnithfl'i aold at
apr .9,1.1 Hi ALPaXANDGR
Tin fi b it t rt'RtriKR or Tin ilLoon. Atvt apnr
title jf Mercury in it.
Id the Afflicted Read and Ponder!
Aw fgpatttata Rimiot for Fcrofula, Kinc'" Kvll,
Rheumatism, Obstinate Cutaneous F.ruptions, rimple
or Pustules on the Face, Blotches, Roils. Chronic Bora
Eves, Ring Worm or Teller, Srald Head, Enlargement
r.'v Pain of the Uonca and Joints, Stubborn Ulceit,
"VsN f'ic Disorders, Lumbago, Spinal Complainte,
ann ' aseaariilns from an InjUfllCtOUSUN of Mer,
curv. i v'SJSRCe in Life, or Impurity of the Rlood.
iJjrTlilB great alterative Medicine and Purifier of
Blood is now used by thousands of grateful patient
from all parts of the United States, who testify daily, to
he remarkable cures performed hy the greatest of a I
, medicines, "OA ItTL'R'S SPANISH MIXTURE." Ne u
ralgia. Rheumatism, Scrofula, Eruptions on tha Bkin
Liver Disease, Fevers. Ulcers, Old Pores, Affections o
the Kidneys, l)irases of the Throat, Female Complaints
i Falus and Aching of the Bones and Joints, are speedily
put to flight by using this creat and iiiesiimabteremedy .
For all diseases of the Blood, nothing has yet been
found to compare with It. It cleanses the system of all
impurities, acts gently and efficiently on the Liver and
i Kidneys, strnnetheus the Digestion, gives tone to tho
Stomach, makes the skin clear and healthy, and re
stores the Constitution, enfeebled by diseaie or hroken
down by Die excesses of youth, to its pristine vigor and
j For the Ladies, it Is incomparably better than all the
cosmetics ever used. A few doses of Cartir's BraNisH
MlXTCUa will remove a'l sallowuess of complexion
brine the roes mantling to the cheek, give elasticity to
the Step, and improve the reneral health in a remarkable
' degree, beyond all the medicines ever heard of.
The large number nf certificates which we hare recei
ved from person I from all parts of the United Slates, is
the best evidence that there is no Humbug about it. Trie
press, hole) keepers, magistrates, physicians, and public
men, weil known to the community, all add their testi
runny to the wonderful effects of this GREAT BLOOD
Call on the Aoknt and get a Circular and Almanac,
and read the wonderful cures thia truly greatestof all
Medicines ha performed.
None genuine unless signed BEKIfRTT ft B8CM,
Proprietors, No. :i Pearl Street, Richmond, Va.; to w horn
allorders for supplies and agencies must be addressed.
i And fbr sale hy
H. ALEXANDER. St.Clairsville.
i A. C. MARTIN & co. ft, ciairsville,
J Jas. Raker, Wheeling.
Win. Dunbar, Uniontown.
I Geo.C. Bethel, Flushing.
' R. S. Clark, Morristown.
H. H. Holt, Rarneeville,
j M. F. Miles fc Son. Somerton
I And by Dealers iu .Medicines everywhere. Nor. 10.
Clii'onic or Nervous Debility.
of the Kidneys,
and nil diseases arising
from n Disordered Live, or
Stomach, sueh nBConslipr.iion,
Inward i'iles, fullness, or Blood to
the I lead. Acidity of the Stomach, Nnu
sea, Heartburn, ))is2itst lor Food, Full
ness or weight in the Stomach. Sour Eruc-
taUons, Sinking, or Fluttering at ihe Pit of the
I Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and
dillicull Breathing, Fluttering at the Heart,
Chunking or Suffocating Sensation" when in
lying Posture. Dimness of Vision, Dolsot
Webs befurs the Sight, 'ever end 7ul I
Painin the Head, Deficieney of Pore,
piratlon. Yellowness of tilt Skin ,t
Byes, Pain in tho Side, Back,
flu st, Limbs, Ac, Sudden
Flualiea uflleat, Burning in
the FIlsIi, Constani Imag
iningtol Evil, anil great
Depreation of Spirits,
can be eilcctu-illy
cured by
j A'o. lU, Arch St., 1 door below Sixth, Philaaa.
I Thslr power over tbe thovt dl.tists i. not etislleJ,
l ifeouilli a, h any milt" preparation In tbetlnitM Elates,
. I is tilt curts attest, in many cases alter. kllUhlobl .iciaot
I 1 hail tailed.
, These Bitten ara worthy the attention of Invalids,
, I PossMlilll cn at irtnrs in the rtltifltttloa of disease!
t ofthl l.iveranillesser:laiiils.e.xerrisiii.tlieinostaearch.
. , my powers iu weakness anil allectinna of the disealive
. OrftDS, Ihey are. withal, safe, certain anil pleasant.
j John IIoffmin, Jeromesville, Ohio, May 30th, 1P53
i said: "I ST r lie lo mate for your SStlsfSCtlon, and alo
- 1 tor that ol Others, that ynur tierman Bitters is what you
j reeouiniend it to be, a highly valuable medicine, which
I I know rrom having uied il iii my own family lo my
entire set 1101. on. All who hare used It give the
1 1 caniL' recommendation."
' I BTSrHBS A. Mkai.v, Canton, Ohio. May 11, 1PM,
1 aaya: "Having heard your (Jeriuan Uitiera highly re
1 j eoni mended from soarcas In srhleh I (ilaced much eoi fl
r denee, I ordered four befttlss Trom Cleveland. Ono or
them 1 ave io my daughter who han derived great km-
etit from it; t wn of the others I sold immediately, and I
1 would lie you toirud me hm pply of it to sell."
1 ( John (Yahk, Itrunswick. Ohio, May -.'(;, 1854, says:
f j "Your Oerman Kitten have proved Kiiccessiul iu every
case that has come to my knowledge, and has opened
lor iuell a ereat demand."
Thomas I.kti iiford. CovinptoTr, nfiln, December27(h,
j IKV.t, nayn. ".My wire has been affected with the Liter
I complaint and Dyspepsia for a number of years, during
which time I have pent a creat deal for doctoring, Ml
she received vary little benefit thererrom.and flnal'ylthe
doctor-i said she could not he cured. Last spring ahe
i concluded to try your Bitters, she took two hottlea and
I ever elnee Ukiag them she has been able to attend to
her bUSiaeae, until very lately she had a new attack, hut
I has airoin commenced the Hitlers. I have sold qmte a
number ol bottles through her recommendation, and as
far a I can learn, it has given satisfaction to all."
David, Abbott Austinsliurir, Ohio,;- December 5, llQta
says: Permit un to Iwar testimony lo the remarkable ef
liracy ol your tierman Hitters in tho cure of Liver
complaint. For years previous io taking It, 1 was nt
veralV afflicted with disease of the Liver, so much so
that I ilid nol expectlo live, but hy a frets use of the Bit
ters, thanks loa kind Trovidence, I find myself entirely
j restored to health and able to resume my usual employ
J merit
I These Bitters are entirely regetahle and free from Al
coholic stimulant ami all injurious ingredients, mild in
their operation, they strengthen, the system, never proa-
r tra'.e it.
1 They are entirety vegetable and free from all injurious
' ingredients.
Hold by dealcra in medicine every where.
1 haLBXJNDBP St. Clalrsville.
jf.C. MjfKTIN tV Co., Agents.
' (leo. C. Bethel. r 'ling.
Win. Dunbar ... ,un wn.
H.Oregtf, V riowii
H, H. H , t ..ruesviliL.
M. P. V jtf ,w Son, Some on.
jfnd by De era in Me Heine: very where,
j November u IHM
ins r.
Coii;hs, Colds, Inriuenza, Asthma,
TIIIS .Medicine is recommended hy men nf tha high
est utanding iu our country: M 4JOH L. VAN UI'KKN ,
brother of Maktin Van Hi:ssn, Ksq. Ei-Presidnt nf
the Coiled Htntes; PBOK. II. COX, HON. JHIK1EWM,
lit r H K i JOHN A. COLL1NH. Kf0.. CALVIN W.
- i v it in t ll, KSa., of Cincinnati. II. K. WILSON, M,
i I D., liollausbiirg, Darke rotinly, Ohio; H. E. DBAKU.
Drtnzgisi, Xenia, Ohio: W. II. LEVItfON, I. u l..i.'
lur V. t. Military and Naval Argus, New York.
Bead t ti t i r statements winch can Itthad (gratuitouslv
of our Agents iu pamphlet form.
I i' sale ky
J V.Cot.LiMS,Pt.ClairsvilIs.
H. Mcariiv, Hendrysburg,
F. M Swan, Morristown.
IIaikksiV IUtciikr, Loydifllls,
Harrt Olass. B-idgeport.
Is AunKHsoN.lleMaire.
J. I GaenraL, jacohsbur.
A. sIatsos, Cencrevile.
A. AssSstrono, Armstrong's Mill.
II. H. Mott. Parnesville.
Warfiilo & Crostrh do.
w T, Dorskv, rtorasy'i Mill.
Dorskv slt,Co.,Captlna.
J.B. Martin, Sewellsville.
HraooLtv di MeOaaWi UarlinsvilU,
Wat. Si.yi, Nirholsville.
W. r. Mn.es St Sun, Sonisrten.
Manh r. I m.

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