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"tithe 1ELMIT ffiLL
Office on Nortli m.c of M:in Strrrt in
Ike New Masonic Hall, n l.w doors
Ktut of Hi; Cowl MonKOf nnd
lew doom Went oftholvortoa
i ( Mottle
Tift Hi n vi fiscnir ftofl
If ri WhlllH three inmitliP,
. ' 1 1 i ant after that time, KjoO
j Papen tfltcotiiitttiM only MttMOptton oflbt Mhtor,
l vhtln nrretirai s ore ittts
ii nqunrc, 1 i iiima or ij uirw. WWH 5 1
J'very Additional ItltertlOlli 'J.i
VfjAli) pilvfriiveinenlK ope Co1llBlft r'1 1
flnll column. 14,00
Mm rti-r mhiMMi, mjB$
I'roftmlowal 1 trai M pf r tin mini.
I IT' -A" '"Hern ninres'nl id the n'.ltor iii'.it he pniil In
I ffij re fttttltOflOI
JTTNojIftpOf (iiscntuiiiiicil until !l a itch rag are
JttUu unless at the ontloii ef the wftofQI
tl '
I stand Upon tlm river i VStgO,
. Its wave! break at my et
P And can the roar of this dark surge
It Bound in my ear so aweetl
Higher ond hlgherswetla its wave,
B Nearer tlm billowi conie
M And can a dark and lonely prove
H Outweigh a long-loved homel
TIs not nlonc the billows' roar
n That falls upon my eart
IB Rut mui-ic Irorn yon fur-off shore
K a waited sweet ami eleartS
For an:'.-l harpa .re tuned to cheer
V My faltering human faith,
f ' Ami angel tonguea ore shantlng ihera
f Triumphal bopelndealh.
Though dim and fullering grows my Eight,
It rests not on lb gravi ;
It leea a loud in glory bright
Beyond the darkening wave;
The gales that toss i is crest of foam
Come Iron) that far-off shore,
They whleper of another home
9 j Where parting is no more.
The everlasting Hi lis arise,
Btight m immortal bloom;
The radiance oi those sunny skies
Illumine! e'en the tombj
Ami glotloua on thoaehilla of light
I see my own ul-ode,
r.'en now its turrets are in sight
The city ol our Hod!
Lovi d laces look upon nir- now,
A1.1l wsll-knswn voices speak!
0! when they left nie long ago,
Ith tught my iieuri would breakl
1 They bi ekon mo to yonder sirand,
M Their bymnaof triumph awell,
l I see my own, my kindred hand,
' Earth, home, und time, larewell!
f Welcome, the waves thatbaar me o'er
A Though dark and cold they be!
To gain my homo on yonder ahore
J I'llbtave them joyously,
I The snowy, blood-wasll'd robe I'll wear
f The palm ol victory!
1 Welcome, the waves that waft me there,
t Though dark and cold they he!
AVw York Observer,
Execution of Andre.
The following i3 from the "Kdilor's Draw
er" in Harper's Magazine lor August!
On "Independence Day" we took steamer
for the county ol Rockland, determined to
pass the Fourth in peace nnd quietness, and
desirous of refreshing our putriutism cniidsl
fcenes bellowed by the sacred memories ol
the ..evolution. YVe visited Washington's
Heud quarters ut the little village ofTappi.ni
the "Seventy-six House," where Andre wnB
COnfinedi the place where he was executed,
the grave where he wee buried, und whence
lie w as exhumed. We conversed with a ven
erable lady who pave him lour beautiful
peaches on the morning in which he went
forth to die. "He thanked me with u sweet
smile," she laid) "but somehow or 'nother be
didn't seem to liuve no appetite. He only bit
I . one of 'em.
Standing by bis prove, we could see ncro&s
the brood Hudson, the very place w here he
was orreeted by Van Wert, Williams, and
Paulding, and the gleaming of the white mon
ument erected to their memory; the place
v hero Washington stood w hen Andre wetii
forth to die, and the stone house whence h(
Was token to die upon a gullona.
The following account of Andre's excrti
tiun is one of the most minute and interestin;
that we huve ever rood. It wo furnished L
I r jjr Wlllium G. I'stselbratbi oi Rocklam
County, the history of which he is engaged ii
writing, Ii wbs leken down (nun the lips 0
aj n soldier in Colonel Jeduthan Baldwin's reg
imenti u part of which was SBliloned a shor
N distance from where poor Andre sufll red:
i "One of our men, wliose name was Ami
f-lrong being one of the oldest and best work
men ut this trade in the recimenl, was selecl
to moke his coffin, which he did and paiutE
it black, os was the custom at tliul period.
"At this time Andre was confined in wlv
bs called the Old Dutch Church a sma
stone building with only one door, anJ closi
ly guarded by six sentinels,
"When the hour appointed for his exec
lion armed, which was 'J o'clock in the ulte
noon, a guard of three hundred men were p
raded ut the place of his confinement.
kind ol procession was formed by placing I
guard In single fi'e on each side of the road.
Iront were a large number of American I
ccrs of high rt.tik on horsetack. These wt
followed ly the wagon containing Andn
coffin, then a large number ol ufTicereon lo
with Andre in their midat.
"The procession wound slowly up n mod
stely rising ground about a quarter of a m
1 to the wiBt. On the top was a field withi
any enclosure, and on this was a very bj
U I gallows, made by setting up two poles
crotchets, and laying a pole on the top.
"The wagon that contained the ceffin
'drawn directly under ti e gal!oWI, tfltlhoftl
time Andn stepped Into the hind end of the
wagon, then on his coffin, took off his hat and
laid it down; then placed his hands upon his
hip:s, and walked very uprightly nock and
forth os far rs the len .th of the ivnpon would
permit, nt the Minn time casting his eyes up
to 1 he pole o'-cr his heed, and the whole seen-:
erv by which he was nirrounded.
"He wns dressed in a complete RMish uni
form. His Coat n of the brightest rrarlet,
I faced and trimmed with the most beautiful
I green. His under clothes, vest, and breoch
I es, were bright buff: he had a long and henu
jli'ul head of hnir, which, rgpreesbly to the
I fashion, WSS wound with a black ribbon and
hung down his back.
"Not nieny minutes after he took his stand
upon She Coffin, the executioner Stepped into
the wagon With b halter in his hand, or. one
end of Which wns what the soldiers in ihoSS
days culled 'a hane man's knot,' which he at
tempted to put over the head nnd around the
neck ol Andre; but by a sudden movement of
his hand this was prevented.
"Andre now took off the hati Ikechief fro.n
h.s neck, unpinned his shirt Colli t, nnd de-1
liberutelv took the cord of the hnher, put it
over his head, nnd placed the knot directly!
under his right ear, and drew it very SUUglV
to his neck. He then took fiom his coat
pocket o handkerchief, and tied it before his I
eyes. This done, the officer who commund-i
cd spoke in rut her n loud voice, und snid: I
"'His arms must bt tied.'
"Andre nt once pulled down the haniiker-'
chief ' hich he had just tied over his eyes,!
and drew from his pocket o second one, which j
he gave to the executioner, and then replaced'
his hsnkerchlof,
"His arms nt this time were lied just n
hove the elbow, and behind the hack.
"The rope was then made fust to the pole
overhead. The wagon wits very suddenly j
drawn Ironi under the gallows, which, togeth-i
er with the length of the rope, gave him a
most tremendous swing back and forth; but
in n lew moments he. hung entirely Still.
"During the whole transaction he seemed
as little duiinted as John Ri gors when he
was about to be burnt at ihe stake, ullbough
his countenance was rather pale.
"He remained hanging from twenty to
thiity minutes, and during that time the cham
bers ol death were never stiller than the mul
titude by whom he WSS SUtrounded. Orders
w ere given to cut the rope and take him doivn
without letting him fall. Tlrs was done,
and his body carefully laid on the ground.
"Shortly alter the .guard was withdrawn,
and spectators were permitted to come for
ward to vioiv the corpse; hut the crowd w as
so great that it was some time belore could
get an opportunity. When I was able to do
this, his coat, vest, and breeches had been
taken oil und his body laid in the coffin, cov
ered by some under-olothcs, The top of the
coffin was not put on.
"I viewed t lie corpse morn carefully than
I had ever done that ol'-uny I union being be
lore. IDs head was very much to one side,
in consequence of the manner in which the
halter had drawn upon his neck. His face
appeared to be greatly swollen nnd very black,
resembling a high degree of mortification. It
w as a most shocking sight to heboid.
" "There were, Bi this time, standing at the
foot of the coffin, two young men ol uncom
mon short statue. Tliey were hot more than
Hour feet high. Their dress was extremely
I gaudy. One. o! them had '.he clothes just to
j ken from Andre banging on hi irm. I took
j particular pains t" leurn w ho 'hey were, und
j was informed that the were his serve n s,
j sent u? Irom New York to take rare of his
clolhes-but what other business I did not It am.
"1 now turned to take a view of the exe
! CUtioner, who as still standing by one of Ihe
posts of the gallows, I w alked near enough
to him to have laid my hshd upon his shoul
der, und looked him directly in the face. He
I appeared to be about twenty-five years ol
age bis beard of some two weeks' growth;
Itnd his whole face covered with what ap
peared o me to have been taken from the
outside of a greasy put A more frightful
looking creature I never beheld. His whole
countenance bespoke bun to be a fit Instru
ment lor the business he had been doing.
"I remained upon the spot Ul til scarcely1
twenty persons were left; but the coffin was I
! still beside the the grave, which hud previ
ously been dug.
j "1 returned to my tent with my mind deep
' ly imbued with the shocking scene which I
' . hud been called to w itness."
1 1 Ji Splcimkx Bbick. During the
I balloting ol the late Republican Convention
"! for a candidate for Judgo of the Supreme
f I Court, (to fill the vacancy,) it was discovered
' ithat tome person hud taken upon himself to
I respond in favor of a particular cm didato for
I the delegation of all the several counties as
H they were called in their order. The dele
"j Tution being occupied in ranvasslng the mer
' I its of candidates, did not, for some t me, ob
serve the trick by which their volunteer org a I
I was doing up oil the voting unauthorised
" At length, the chairman ot a delegation win
-wa8 fully posted as to the views of his as
d 1 socistes, end wide awake to his duty, find
i ing himselfunticipated by a rivul spokesman
II j t nknown to him, culled the attention of tin
" I Convention to the interloper, when it wai
3" I disicovcred that the latter had curried th(
joke so fur as to cast the vote of some nvelvi
u-1 counties! Of course the ballot was re-taken
r-! The rascal was found out to e t regulu
a- dyed-in-the-wool Locofoco, of the Fierce on
A Douglss stripe, a rcsi lent ol Huron county
lie in which he hud held a high office at lit
I" hands of his party. He had no seal in th
1- Convention and did not claim to ti'.ve, hi
re took this miserable mode of producing who
l's imp oyers most unxiously ueaired a him
ol, u). When his ruscaliiy was discovered ii
made " "Straight wuke,' lor the door, wil
r- about the epeed and figure a Bheep-steuhi
ile dog would exhibit when discovered in ove
"it acts We refrain from giving Ihe naine
fh ' his HonorO) outof pity for his lamily friend
or How is "Democracy" fallen. since it has pn
I sd into the keeping of such miscrcanU1
va Sanduity Reg.
From the Republican.
Dr. J. A. Weyer.
Dear Sir: I haste to reply to your letter of
the Oth, published In the Independent Repub
been and Osteite, requeuing me to hnswer
certain inquiries. Rehire doing so, I will
Mate thnt I do not intend to continue a poli-
Ileal controversy thtough the ptpen thoo
w ho are pleBSt d with such a situation or oc
cupation may, I have no such w Uh.
I have been aware that yeti are in lb habit
l Mteellng whenever certain persons take
stiun", for some time past. I know of no good
reason why you should notsoertell you wish
to lo so, but Dr. I have no belief that you
and t can enlighten all mankind on any sub
ject, but especially political principles. It is
amusing that you, like most aspiring men.
claim perfection in all things and those with
whom yen differ arc in error in nil things.
But, Dr., should your fsce blush belore I dose,
it w ill be your faull not mine you commenc
ed it not I. You seem to intimate thut you
und iho e With Whom you net are oil free irom
error or blight, sa the dewey freshness of a
morning rose; this I would expeel of one ac
tuated by the motives you are; and doubtless,
Dr. you will, by the purity of your political
character, and ability, dedicate to immortal
hy the nam and fame of all those acting
wiih you less than Ihut could not be ex
pected of yon. Yourself and friends, with
ull your perfection, have one thing to watch. I
lest an expected los may take place, and
lhat is. Dr., do not sneeze so much when
your friends take Scotch, least you might go
iff to purer atmosphere than this, your loss,'
in Ibis and coming Campaigns, would be
Intel, for you are u first rate drummer, no
Dr. I doubt not you represent the stern ;
dignity of the Fierce philosophy and intellect;
your pride seeme to be to flatter the Demo
cracy by sarcasms against what you call
Know Nothingism. In lhat office you are1
decidedly brilliaiit-none can stuud your over
whelming demonstrations; for the wisdom
you display you doubt'ess will receive I lie I
most beatttHul nnd sw eet drink that ever grew
in the Valley of flowers. Dr. what can be,
the troublel Did the Know Nothings in the
Burg, where you joined them, ptomiso you
office, and fail to carry out their promise! Or
did the scamps run you through on the lo
ple't live, and not let ou assume the dictator
ai d have all things your otvn Way If thpy
did either, do no', blame us silly fellows, here
at a distance, who hearing you had become
one, thought it must be the garden of F.den,
otherwise you would not have entered the
citadel, and passed the flaming swords which
nunc but the pure in heart could pass. Fri ni
the day I heard you had become o member, I
supposed it the vi ry temple of D mocracy,
and that you had went up to the highest pin
nacle, tor certainly you know Democracy in
due d ii. any deludea fellows to follow your ex
ample, Now, Dr., if someol us cannot get
ha, k into our old parties as SPon us yourself,
please deal gently and merciftily with us.
f will stale some objections lo the profes
sed principles and actions of 'the Democratic
party. They profess to be willing to be
rovemod by the majority of the people law
fully expressed, and they use the political tl
moral force of the government to defeat that
majority in the freedom of their elective
Irauchlse, Your press, and scribblers like
yoursell, slarder and brow beat freemen for
voting for their choice, so fur as it can be
defeated by personal abise and threats, call
ing tbem traitors, seansainsi perjured acound
rels, und nil such s'.r.ff.
The present administration, since it got
power, lias given away sixty millions dollars'
Worth ol the people'.-, land, to henrth ss rail
road companies, and refused a home to land
less American dticens, leaving the public
d main tu be bought up in large quantities by
the wealthy put'ingOUt of the reacli of the
poor laborer to obtain a home. The foreign
ers can come in with gold and purchase large
quantities, and the sons und grandsons of the
pairiots of the revolution purchase it of them
or remain Isndless, This ,administraliou
cat and has prescribed in- n und turned thou
sands out of office who voted to give them
place and power, lor no other reason than a'-
expression ol manly Independencei thai they
wished to see the American principles carri
ed out in this ountry And then their press
es und eribb!ers raised the shout that the A
mericans prescribed men for their religious
opinions. This administration lias for the
first time in our government, demanded a
uueitiVS acq oicocr n , c iii u'l thtnge Jono by
the party, as a test worthy ol office com-
mencing the work of prescription in the
Slute ol Ne-v York, carrying it on to tlit
I most distant frontier from the high minded
talented Folk, of Washington city, to t
journeyman mall agent in the swamps o
Oregon, And in fi view of ull these things
i you, Dr., would wish to act the part o
j Charlotte Corduy, the young Frencli lady tbu
recked her venguneo on Marat, thinking the
she would save her party and give herael
some distinction in the world by hor deter
mined course to sustain her friends. You
J sir, like must fiery politicians following ii
i leading strings ot the eight by ten pensions
J pi esses, claim every victory gained by th
j Democracy as a vlt lory of the people. Ru
, i w henever the people by majority, defeat you
wishes and the puny VC-U ue.t with, then it i
i corruption o'.' the basest kind. This is yoi
attempt no v to show that the Amoricun part
j is the most corrupt party on earth, II the
would advance your favorites into office, the
' they would be the true Democracy. Then
B lure, Dr., I consider Ibis Administration
t extremely corrupt. Di , 1 regret that I, i
t this public manner, have to respond to Jf(
e ' in yuur true character the Cuts ptw
e certain men in St. Olslrsvllle,
n II you, Sir, hud a sympathy for humanit
t, w Inch bus no limits but the possible of R
rl pubhcunisui, und your gr-,nd aim was .he d
I btruction of despotism Irom Indus to the ore
. from the Palm tree to Ihe Pine; then S
ta your administrations would be ot some i
poriance. If you, Sir. were Detnosthei
, inuring Athens sgainst Philip, and utlerl
words which Ifflvkl l.kc spenrs, iskolng I ke
; the clash of wurrior's swords in conflict, voir
publication could not be more dietaioritl
lliKti it is. If your oratory were the eloqu
encc of Patriotism it .rould be received and
treated very differently by nin or were you,
Kir, like Putrick Henry, fired w i'h the gran '
.idea of true liberty, whose eloquence War
the offspring or ea-tiesl nei IS, "and round the
massive shafts of whose logic the light el
enthusiasm played, like sunbeam round the
s'ntute ol Aleinn-n,"-it would be tre-itr-d With
the ut must respect by me, hvwever Widely I
would differ from it in principle. Rut I lm k '
upon it as the offspring ot vanity, Intended
aa the party lush of alieartless clique, who j
have themselves, nnd by their Satellite,!
strivi n to Inflict a weitnd on me with a pois.
oned spear, more deadly th.mcVer was tipped!
by the Apache or Delaware, Rut by the
generosity ami good feeling, of honorable
men I had, and applied, the anrMojt, nnd!
stand1 with deflanca on my lips t greet their
I leel astonished that you wish to inform;
all the orid, and "the rest of makind," thai I
you and I were, by the goodness of friends.'
once entrusted with the .power of helping to
make Laws, because it looks like consum
mate vunity and Will be so treated. You say j
that you are prouder of the high ind enviable
position your party occupies today than you I
ever were. Well, Dr., your pride has Doth- j
Ing to do w Ith the subject you wish to m-ike
a display in. I have set n n en proud f th rgs
which were a disgrace to the human family,!
ut d to your pride end vanity there never was
any limit. Your party has glvi n away sixty
millions of the people! money, by a corrupt
mismanagement ol Democratic leaders. They i
have beatowed on u bloated set of Rail Road
Co in panics 00,000,000 acres of the people's!
land, without one dollar in return. Ry the i
lame principle they have defeated a bill
granting a portion of the wild lands to the!
insane paupers of our common country, for a j
support in their BlllicMons, while tho guar- i
diun nngel of Columbia'a land fled from tiie
contemplation of such inhumanity, and tl e
pulsation of ever;- heart throbed in sorrow
throughout the whole union. Of all this
you are proud! No honorable man envies your
pride. If they do, their friendship would nut
be sought by me. No, never. Tins last net
of blistering shame was done under the pre
tence that the Constitution had given no such
political power. Rut these same patriots
luui d power lo swindle the people out of the
above enormous sum of money "Oh, shame,
where ie thy blush!'' What wrongs have
been done undee the pure nam.-, Democracy. ,
The next abomination to be noticed, Is I be
omission to do what was promised bv this
Adminialratior, Of course you are also
proud ol that, fur you seem to delight in op
pression ot all hinds. The Democratic parly
Irom Maine to California, from the eastern
shores of Maryland to the Northern lakes, in
all their public meetings and resolves of le
gislatures, the voice of the landless poor,
Irom the valleys und mountain tips, Irom
the work shops ol cities und villages, from
every log cabin in the union, w afted upon the
passing brerae, hymns Tor the landless citi
zens. The parly gained their unequale.1
victory upon u promised lai d hope and expec
tation of the whole people of the union. The
children mid grand children ol the noble men
who gained our Independence, believed the
day and pear had arrived that the poo- heart
broken wives and mothers of helpless child
ren, by the intemperance of husband and
lathers w ould be' placed on or given r. spot
of laud of shelter them Irom pitiless storms.
The aacrednets Ol such a home, and the gen
erusity of such u gilt wculd raUo up warriors
for their country supejior to any of those so
!amed in history, w ho were inspired to such
deeds of renown by Alexander and Napoleon.
This was expected by the eleciion of the
preaent Administration, Urn, Ala;, what a1
mistake. As son as power was given lo
ibis Administration, their honor anil con
science (II IhuaJiad any) swung round from
their nioor.ngejrwid tho lust link ol that ad
amantine chain winch bound millions of pa
triotic hearts to the Democratic parly, melted
like mist belore the flame; and that great
principle of elernal justice was trampled un
der foot With impunity. You are proud of it,
Br., no doubt! Had the party Iiav3 dine their
duty and perlorraed '.heir promises their star
would have been the brightest that ever
shone down on the clils of fume. Their
monument would have been built by strong
hands und warm hearts, lowering up lo heaven
lib ihe snow-capped pinnacle of a lolty
mountain, vast, grand, and indescribable.
Their tempi) of fume w ould have been the
I wonder of coining generations standing
proudly, with si ales iii hand, weighing out
I equal and exact justic to the pool und oppres
I ed. A compliance with even this one pro-
, uise, would have given some justice to lbs
I utteranee of your empty words of admiration
l of this Administration. Even then it sliouh
t be ultered out of devotion to correct prince
I pies, und not in a mere party spirit. In i
- National point of view, look ut the adiunf-
, age of donating land to the landless citizens
a Forty thousand people of all ages, ct ndi
J tlos, and eexee wore in Texae in ltsuu'. Tin
e men of thul email number rose up, led by tin
' gallant and immortalised Houston and gal net
r iheir independence, and defeated Mexico
s which ten years ulterwurds cost iho Amen
ir can government one hundred mil ions of dol
y hire, nnd llin lives of ten thousand soldiers
y So much, Dr., for plucing su h an ndniinisira
n Hon in power, which in place ol currying ull
great beneficial principles, for the peopb
is ; reek their vengenco on coun'.ry-loving. un
u j bought and unbuyuble patriots, like the nobl
iu Broiison oi New York, v ho preferred liber',
ul ; und honesty to utiice. Dr-, yuur hunoruhl
! am- g. neious nalure wouid like to use on U
y, ! and others, that awful rod that wan used C
-1 Job for complaining when assailed by brail
e- ; less fopt for these w rongs upon our eountr
un I What a beautiful quaiity of Dcmocrucy y
ir, ; posi'ss!
in- Your mad folly and vanity of parly feelin
ics have invoked a departed spirit from the c
g and silent grave, to make mc appear ass woi
erful prosrrptionUt. I tipp-:" you refer lo
'he late Dr. Jamti Wl heft. Tewaide that
'ero:i I ..an Itfthfully obey the poor) rule to
say no harm of the dead, and violate no pr,n
ciplc of tru'li, OH my purt. Do you suppose,
-ir, that Such atti nipted illustrations will
Listen upon me, or IhS American par'y, with
which I now uct, disre-pent or ingratitude
towards the dead or the living foreigners!
Hatre freedom's lawi given us no right to en
joy otir blood-bought birthright, by catlrg
ear votes v.e chouse without subjecting us to
clnirg" of beef ingratitude towards some
peaceable ond resppctnble neighbor of for
sign birth! Qod forbid that we should ever
be in a condition ol lhat kind, forbid ii for
Iho peace and honor o! our cojn'ry. Most
ihe pistol and bowie knife le used on us for
exercising Our gloriuvs iranrhisc! No, doc
tor, ycur "much lenrning has ma le you mid."
As to your spirit reference. I w ithstood
nil his persuasions and Intucemtnti when ke
and yoalt and others, now In tho high places
were cluing all they cou'd to break down the
Jaekson fltty, op till 1810. Ictulo look at
his spirit now, or yoi or your spirit or o';."r
spisi's, who anted with you. UoW youcouM
look that spirit in the lace I know nit if It
could appeur and bee you exerting pour Influx
enca to give place and pow er to your enemies.
History tell, us that Hamilcar swore Han bal
on the altar of his country, to he a perpetual
loc lo the Romans. Tnat spirit, in its li.'c
time, pledged you, many time over, to be the
political foe ol Judge Kennon. If the spirit
uf the former hero could have returned an I
found his son with the Romans battling the
Carthagenians, it would nut have sstor.ishid
him more, I ban would the spirit of Dr. Wis
lurl he astonished were he to return unJ ree
you iu the company you ure in. Ci vercd over,
as we all know y iu to be with your broken
vows and promises to Dr. Wishurt. Your
coutse, until very recently, was as violent and
ubusive ugainst Ken Hon, a it now U against
the Americana of Ohio.
uu refer to our (ormer position This 1
supposed you would not du, as you left the
Democratic parly a id joined w hat was ca'lcd'
the "People's Line,'' and elected a certain
Associate Judge, an l then again acted with
the pariy. Von speak of I, Simpson, called
myself a "Hoe', Water Democrat " that I,
could Well Jo without bos-ting' una cm do so
yet, for I have resisted all offers ol money to!
carry out the wishes of the St. Clslrssllle
clique. You have not dune so, for you pre-'
tended to be eo enraged at Judge Barton und,
his friends at Columbus, th it you treated him
budly, so much so, that the Judge c-itnpluined. !
Perhaps since that, some of the pire in heart,!
at St. Claii esville, hove put a ripe apple or
pear into your pocket; at least a wonderful
change has com - over your ml ml uti.l leel.og
Doctors will differ as well as lawyers I do n .'.
pretend to say what le charged your mind,
but something lias. Dr., you are, sir, too up-j
right a man to reside in this bewildered audi
pointed L id, with Know Nothing. kou
had belier take up the wings of un ngel und
fly to the only spot of green earth that they
dont inhabit, which la the Holy Lind. And
there pitch pour tent on tli mount of Olives,
and live the rest of your Ii'-. 'midst thebetute
ons olive tree?, so fomed in history There
you can overlook Jeruialem w lere the great
eat deeds were performed th .t ever took place
on 'his globe. At the foot of that glorious'
Mount flows the Brook Kadron, round the sa
cred shores of t lie Garden of Qettuemane.
Oh, holy nnd solemnplace of earth. No
Know Nothing lips have ever ooluted the pure
w aters of the Kadron. In youl refl.'etiuiis on
the puriry of your heart, above nil oth r men,
you could. visi' the spot w here heaven's bright
star first shone ils guiden rays, and paid ils
homage to omnipotence. That is the green
spot of of the earth w here you should take ip
your abode lit residence forpttn men and
As to the American party it is a party of
necessity. It grows up from the broken rank
of all Other '4purlies. C-d, only, know s its
destiny. I do not pretend to judge, l.sir,
I see in it a germ which, if curried out pro-
perly, will be ol greet good, if otherwise di
rected, may be fruitful of great wrongs. I
i became a member, nut as you and th'jse yi U
; peceiva have it, In procribe men for their
religion but to help guard our temple of liber-
ty from toreign usages, and hierarchical dis
j plays and influences, and to prevent our
! American system from being supplanted by
foreign priest calt anb kingcraft, owing tv
the greatly increased numbers o' pmpers and
i fugitives arrived from the poor houses nnd
j prisons of the old world- ".bringing will, th.-m
I the eplrit ef 'eudelism and despotism) trans
j planted it here by ihe overwhelming num
: bets; excited to madness, as they are, in Ku
i rope, on I be subject of religion. These i rt
my wishes. Should ihe party fail to cbtj
out these ends, I shall content myseli bj
knowing I have d -nd my duty in making thi
! effort not to take the rights of liberty Iron
one person, in ihe image ofU.d bui to with
hold the right of suffrage from a few tf then
l until we see wo are sale by admitting then
us citizens, und nut, I we see the are lit to b
citizens and Americans, in the true .neaninj
' uf the term. Nations stand tu each othp
i in moral and in law, us luinines do Yo
i would nut wish a man Irom the old wor d t
i marry your daughter until you knelv htm Well
, and if you admitted bun in you family y u, 0
course, would havo a right to prescribe th
' terwl upon wbleh lie should become a mem
b"rof your family, and who ought Ij OanipUi
- of the ooncraeting parlies. We have th
t highest precedent and authorities for ill
', position in tin- world. All acquainted wil
- oi.r hi.-tory and l.tw, know full well thut w
e arc trading in .he fuottopt of the heroes an
y statesmen that moulded end mde our Co:
e stitulion. They foresaw trouble lhat weu
o or might afiee on ike rbujeot, and toperpei'
ate their opluiou worded the Conetliu'ion i
i- follows: "No person .except a natural boi
y citizen ofci'izens of the United Stt's.
Ml the lime of the adoption of this Conetitolll
I'i'iU be eligible to the ojfice of I'resiJunt
fa, Was there one of ihe noblest patriots or tbi
d I sons, who had fought with Washing!
id-l-liofo name is affixed to this same confli
i '
'un, tntt ratfet tbo cry f proscription, nor j
wok ibis act if.ne in proi -Ibe any of h for
eign horoes, not at oil. But it was done to
prove to the world lhat Americans' eon Id go
vom America, fly no m nnerof mean dij
it Meet the dtsapDrobation ol the foreigners'
thnt I hove ever heard Of. Tiiis act el ;iir
fathers Maiuls out to our memory in shlpO
ouiim", os It were, against ike present -nuneiatlons
of the American party it lowen
aloft like come chleled column of m'ique
art, Like some gliterrnf leflrple, wfaoa
in he marble robe, grandly beautiful in in
lofty dignity, Tke deliberations of that
dy of in-r; . lTr.O, nttr ict"J ollenti .n
throughout the world. It war fur them le
gtve mankind liberty by a eonetitntlbn 1
ttnby bsm'ttbal Ind carried the flag ef liberty
trioaplisnl over the blonjdv field- .: the revo
lution. Those were the days of political pu
rity; thoae were Ike men wholoted America
more '.ban they loved 1 tile petty offices,
My heart loves to dw all upon DM txirnplej
Ot us by OW fathers. My mind luvcs to
dw Ils upon the greit principles dc-iel'-pcj
to in by clear Loads and pyre he.-.r'.s
W eit I -.vi-h to do, and ill I desire the A-
meriean party to do, is to control these com
ing to our shore i In sock v-tst numbers, from
thk.wlde'spresd land of mental darkness and
bloody, melancholy chaos, where th y have
slumber-d fur ages under the tn- nial treat- j
eft of the Mother Church, that is sosti u -d
by lhat once greot city on the seven hi Is .
That Church, so srrogant in h"r riaims. cj
imperious in her dictates. Tint Chureh
which has pillaged the ruins of pbilotopyt tint '.
would, if siiO eonld, bend dow n tne eartii t-'i
bet own ir n will) that Church which dshcd
crowns from the brows of k'ngs, and com-
mantled the murm .rings of princes and p iten
tales to be still, and they obeyed, and re-,
mained in mute aub;t:tion, Herw-Ipest- ,
h'Jod have aimed th ir de. I hs!t- St a land . j
on which our pi'grun fathers planted the
standard of fret d on on Plymoth Rock. A
church in her ploody inarch tu giry am 11 ,
the mighty ocean of flimc and broad gi ire of
bu'tung towns and cities, rol ing back from
the shores ol tiie M diterrunr an to go ou' on i
the sands of Arabia, where th" followers of (
the Prophet retreated befoTe tbe hiinerj o' ,
the cross, died in tin) biood of ha mar'f - t
for their doctrines who raised the glue ou t
standard of felormation on the lo ty peaks oi r
the Alps; wherd the blood of murdered Lu- i
Iberians rushed in torrents down the hills of (
Germany, where the piercing cry o: the per- '
seciited Ilucr. jts waited all over Trance. ,
These are the horrors we should guard against ;
lest WO should nave re-enacted here, and'e
j that principle wbiCh would be victory and ;
glory to Ibe Priests of the old world,' 'lou'.J.i
I be Ihe dead ea fruit which turns to Hshes On i
our lips. We should look at those gr-at (
principles which silently but certainly i
3n a government to its ruin, and not be led
ufT by excitements and momentary policies
which pive party lei.ders a kind ol epncmorl
Vou, Sir, have referred me to the acts oTi
Great Britain for age?, toward Ireland.
WoulJ tu God we had no such histjry tj dim j
the pages ol iii rec rded sots of mankind.
I'took bsca through the misty os: w ith a joy
ous feeling to that green Oman's aeir.. ss ihe '
land of my anceatora on the male siue. 1
reid with jo;.ou 'e.-liugs th? brilliant ex- '
p'uits of distinguished talent ofthatimmtr- '
tal triumvirate Sheridan, Burks and C t 1
Well may each descendant of Uie pr- iple
Of the green flelJ uf Erio's sea-gir: Islo, u -
pleased snd grsttfled to reflect over the gal
I axy of brilliant names she has einbilmad rn
history, t'hc bal loid Kinmcts and o'h?r hc
j roes w hose death clad in the sabie habiliments
of woe. What applies to that land of balmy
, bre-zfs, app'ies to the oilier nations whose
citizens fleck here for protection. But, Dr., I
I tblnk It Philip of Macedon who gratefully
I sacrificed to the guds, that u son Ind been'
' born to him in lime to derive instruction from
the great philosopher ArtstOlb). 1', Sir, 6uch
! was the Veneration ol a barbarian warrior fir'
j a he ithrn philosopher, bow muck more grate
I fit! ihoold the poor and oppressed from the
Sold worid feel fur the blessings of being trans
planted from the land of oppression to
! the land ol Washington, and to he taught the
! philosophy of the Immortal Franklin and Jef
ferson with all tke glorious anticipation tori
; their children born in the s ime land with the'
children of those champions o! human rights,
, their children b' ing born in ths same hore-
scope with the childien of Clay, Calhoun and
tWebster, and all the? brilliant names written
; ,,n nnr hook nf fams.
As yon seem to be so decided in your bs
,1 tred iigiinst the Enhsli Government, 1 buj
. 1 pose y-.u would have us all te.ievo that her
, history is one of opprassloo contlnuslfy, ami
. 1 that she 'ins had no friend tu freed mi, nor no
i generous pulsations. You c m And on the
. pages ol history, us great a sirusrjle for liner-1
, , al principles there, ns in one g iverom nt on
. ! the globe. Tiie name of Hampdun, o: Bus
i! sell, of Sidney, will be remembered while
, Liberty has an advocate on sarin. S r. 1 en
1 vy not your victory ior referring to the history
of the psrseCUtiatt of the Catholics from 10 JO
r lo 1S00; let any impartial reader refer to the
j acts and deeds of that Catholic church and let
i, him decide for himselt, and if he is not caler
. ing for Catholic votes he will decide the fault
rl on their side of th-' transaction without fail,
ei As to the request you make of me to not
. still assume 'he name ol a Democrat I reply,
if you and tome of your ussoeiiles are truly
Democrat 1 1 wash my hands clea- of it. 1
s h ivs now disposed of all the quadrupid cl in
I, ' that bsi c ime (0 the door-sill of my liunib $
p coitaue, lor awhile past, making known their
j strength and tu ijic power by the thunders ol
,. their terrible displeasure. My ears, have
i4 j been greeted by the roaring oi anjry lion
j. down lo the howling of the dlmuottlve curs
u I have renained humbly and peaceably with
n' in my little castle, not having anv wish to t-n
al gsge in strife with suoh distinguished char
n ! actert, until it right and proper that I shoult
infllcl upon them a ssvera ch-istiaeuie it, am
drive t'cn from my abodt. lo enjoy a seseui
on ' of quietude. The lions and curs always ai
m accompanied with s aivarrii ci' flics lad t-ce
tils w ingcl insert seep up n buzzing around
my esr; but as they must always be nibbling
It something, of course they ore very little
nr. yince to I hope the physic I have
administered to the lions and curs at diffei
times, may hive the effect of healing their
illseaae, aPhoughft do believe it is a deadly
dy. I: c-jr- d ih"y may yet be useful to
Ih r kind, to which none oogbt to lisve any
ij ition ull the difTerent portions of ere
ition arc Uselut in their proper place. We
l b told by the history that the roaring of the
li gry lion in many portions of the globe,
Kits the p pie with great alarm. So it was
li . in car'y times. But the Americans
have) subdued so mefcy lhat tj cage
tbem up where they can do no ham, bus be
somes pleessnl pa.-: time So moto it b
U'.aaect fttliv.
Dr. J. A. Weyer. WM. P. SIMPSON.
Tai Nsttonsft Know Noth kg Cotnictfc.
A Use B "Othern Know Nothing pspef
"The fifteen Southern fltate will be re
presented in the regoiir nominating d-nven-lion,
which is to meet in Pinladephii in Feb
ruary next. Tii?y will not co-ooerato w ith
tho Reading Council in Its proposition. Nor
wlli they acknowledge the representation of
that nullifying body In thst Convention. And
i the ' itf-r's p-nlform be accepted by that
Convention, and by the N irthern Stat"s, and
i Presidential nomination mule upon it, then
;s lUthern delegatedwwill at once proceed
o orgs .iz; lien anat there a sepasave anu
SO . :i'.:;r BoVTnnl AMtmcax OMEI.
r. Is w - the Intention of the Southern men
it Philsdlphil last month, if a aingie anti
lavi ry plank wrs put into the plstfjfn of
! e National Council. As to the slsvery le
ues, ti- S i'Ii will stand upon the Qoofgie
rj p Iphia platformS and if necessary
r.m fnrthsrr 're-soil actioUi the American
.ir'v ol the South will bail their BtatSSjfof
, Sou hern American Confederacy.
Locofoco Swindling.
J hn Patton, one of the Loco.'.ico Commls
,lonrs of H imilton county, b is been indicted
urn brought t' trial for gross miscorbiuct in
iffie ; hs m ids a contract for the building of .
i u.-idi: to the tune e:' 700' Which in fact
; .stsbt t loo: The whole seeret of the gfan
Ing of socb S contract on the part of com
aissi -u.:r Pstlon, was simply this; Tiiecon
i actor told him that if he would letktSS have
U ic';, he would tnaU Kim a present of 100 !
mis shameful Locofoco fraud araf proven in
.pen tou. l by i'u itftndtnVt own witnesr!
Itmilar fruiids to this are duubtiesj the causa
if running up tiie enormous cost ol our new
State House at Columbus. Let the Tax pay
tra of Ohio remember that, under Lociioco
tile, when they pa seven tVundred dollars
tut ol the treasury, thy only get one
i ndr d ouilars worth of wurk djtie
0 CiaZ,
Tir Ml SJCRI Compromise. The National
otell geucer closes a sensible editorial with
his l.n .-.ege:
"It at the end of thirty-three years we,
ivec at t::.' expanse nf sundering valued pcr
lonal and pilitical friendships, sdheted to an
ipinion test d an i confirmed by the experience
it i fife-time, aid maintained by the inviola
iity n that compromise, of which a suppoa
;! party of sections expediency prompted the
epeal, it is n satisfaction to discover tliat
i ur early attachment tolna msasui-e wag COO-l.-med
in sli it extent by the cuntempora
oui opinion of him whose authority wae
-amount in the South while he lived.
Th 'i c ii iromise nvared cil upon the waves
if sectional strife, allayed the irritation of
the two extremes, an J gave quiet and concord
to the country tor thirty yoars. WM good
h-is it" rep:a! ionc! What evil hai it not
The New York pipers state that Mr. A.
BaLXX8E80, of Wneeiing, while walking on
the ttsilroad track near the Harlem Depot,
w as knocked down by a locomotive, and had
una of his legs cm off, and in arm brukun.
He was placed in one of the Hospital under
the charge of Dr. Puontleroy.
A dispatch received in this city on Saturday
by Mr. Julius Rill ub.'rg, a brother of the
unfortunate man, announces that ho cunnut
pis.-iuly recover. W4eifny lult '.l gtn:ir.
fjr-A mm ci- ing bimstlf Cbristian F
Hanson came ti we ci-y on Monday maruinj
touk lodgings ft tt nner's tavern on
Tuesday sftern ion ha git into a quarrel with
on John ti'o ..! Woods knocked him down i
an I he lay insensible until ha died, between
g and 8 o'clock Thursday miming. An in
q 1 1st was held over the bo ly of tiie deceased
uy Coroner BI J lh D iy, and the verdict ol the
jury w is In acc irdsnoo with the ab facts.
Previous to the aff, ay ho ha I deposited a
mall sum of in :iey in one of t e banks of
the ci:y uud had in bis possession a ailver
w-.te o-.d a gun II-- was decently interred
iu the public cemetery In thi place. No
ih ug i- known of liis plaeo of resnleiic.-
He eama tu Wneeiing from Washington
City it .s thought and signiri 'J his inleiiUou
o- going tj En Psnosylvania.
If this meets tiie eyes of bis frie.ids, they
j can gam any in' irmstion desired by addres-
ELIJAH DAY, Coroner.
Wheeling, Virginia.
No persona who feels any interest in the
, prosperity of Cincinnati will vote tof Chase."
, Bo aaya the organ oi a party who elected
' Ibass to the imp .riant and influOUtlal officn
j ,-i L sited itOS Senator, and who would nuw
! make him governor of OMo, ifby so doing they
' could secure the election of the balani:. nf
i tneir State ticker, and retain within their
i grasp the Variotti and tespunsiblti county
u Alias, Of GourM no one has a particl of
' sou Aden CO m the sincerity ot ihe Enquire--'
' profeSiioiib. That tlieet ia aiminj; to creatn
' division, beciu'e its secret. motto is '-Division
; orDelejt." Too mall fragrciflta that still
1 cl.ngs to the o'd line Licofoeo orgtnisstien,
' rtoull hrf nl -rly poa'erlsss ia a eontet with
' thounitdd lute.ii, of the R csn ptr'y of
Oaio. Cm Q.iteU,;
1 J

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