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Teachm b not dltcouragerj, yours, it tnlt
Ion the glory of which the present esnno
wtesl. but which when the vile of fulurltj
it removed hall be to you o source of un
I' anealtalili inv
September 10th, 1855.
f ' !
TIT E are ,trepared lo eieeute, m tha best style, and in
TT on abort notice all kinds of
Hnnbl. f ' n . l v Jim.
' - ; I'-.
- 1 Pamphlets, Circulars. Tirti.ia.
l'..Mr., Cbeekn, Lafeels.
I'rogrammes, Bill-Heart, Blanks,
LAWYER'S llltli I S, c.. Ac.
In ahort all kinda of
! Done in a stvle tj give aatiafaclion to the moat
raaiidiotm, at the Bei.most Chkonicu Orrici. All
orderi promptly attended lo.
lO"Transient advertiaemeata and job-work must
be paid lor in advance.
(MrAll communications and nrivertlaementa muat
be handed in before 10 o'clock on Wednesday, or be
delayed another week.
, Me. Emtos:
I Pleaaa announce tide name of
D. D. T. COWEN aa an Independent candidate for
Proaecuting Attorney, and oblige
I Auguat 16th, 18M. te.
Rba the Belmont Co. Teacher Inetitute, will
iMSj Iw Iwld in Martinsville on the week
saT Commencing Bept. 24th. No pains will
. be apend to make it an occaaion of profit to thoee
who may come. Let the teacheia all turn out, and
make it a pleasant aa well ea profitable session.
The uaual provision will be made for female board
inn free.
By order of the Com. of Arang.
Miaa P. Biiley.
Jno. 1. Thompson.
I 8. A. Craft, Sec.
IMrSornobody, without proper aenae of the dig
nity of our profession before lua eyes, has perpetrated
an atrocioua joke on Dsjncan.oI the Bell-Air Timet,
Duncan's first name ia Robert, which the bnrd hoe
curtailed to Bob, in hie veraea. The poetry, itself, ia
miserable stuff, not aspiring to the dignity of re-
tepectable doggerel, even but notice the first letter of
each line:
B y yonder glorious stripes sad stare,
ur country'a er olorigus 6ag;
B j all our father's bloody wars,
D yede-od with patriots' preeioua blood.
V p, froemen! for the fight prepare
N e'er be it said you felt a fear;
C all freedom from her mountain air,
A nd place her in your van.
IV ow by jour newly-riaen sun,
I n glory clad, aa with a robe
8 ay, would you aet, if onse undone,
A martyr to noble cause become?
91 ow gird your armor for the fray
A powerful foe before you stands;
I 8 ee where his charger's, caparisoned gay,
S tand, hungry, feeding on the wind.
If it is true, aa the first letters say, it would have
been more becoming to have let it be found out by
others, and not publiah it bimaelf. Btb, by this act,
makes himself e veritable Dogberry, end writes him
self down "an ass,"
Chanoi, Messrs Fawcett & Day have puichae
ed the "Goshen Mille" at Belmont, from Messrs.
WaioiiT i.Ct is Tie The flour from this mill atanda
as high in the Eastern markets, as the manufacture
ot any other eatablisbment in the Wsat. Our friends
will undoubtedly make it go, and will maintain tho
high reputation learned for the mills by Messrs
Wright II Curtis.
Parbt Hew, Esq., has left at our office some
Millet, rsised by him the present season. It ia over
aiz feet in height, and the heads are , fourteen inches
in length. This is, no doubt, larger than the millet
would grow a ny other eeaeon, but it is a good crop
at any time. It is said lo afford an excellent fodder
while the' aeed which ia similar' in aiae to a muet.
ardaeed, makoa very good meal. Judging from
the specimen before us, we think (its cultivation in
thia neighborhood would be very profitable.
Mr A great place for Dry Gooda is the store of O. )
W. Haiaaau. sk Co., .in Wheeling, and they are
"piling up for the fall trade" in a manner truly as
tonishing. In snnther column may be found a "cat
alogue" of some few of the articles. Give them a
call, when you go to Wheeling.
OSrThat waa a delightful serenade we were fav.
ored with, one evening last week. Such treata can
not come too often. Call again
tTU waa an expreaaion of Dr. Holmes, we bo
leve, that
"Man and Nature scorn e shocking hat;"
and the expression is remarkable for its truth. Noth
ing sets s msn off so well as a flylish hat Speaking
ol nets reminds ua that Mr. A vxav, of Wheeling,
, whose advertisement graces onr columns (he present
werk, keeps slwsys on hand a splendid assortment
jof lallest fashion of lists
&-The fences and buildings on and around the
Fair Grounda have been repaired and fitted up. the
horse ring has been very much enlsrged. and it is
now almost reedy for use. Let every body make
preparetiona to come up week alter next, and see
what ia to be aeen.
II a f vi st isovis the fair on the Island .cornea off
next week, end thia is a eeaeon of recreation gener
ally. No doubt during the next few weeks rosnyof
our readers will visit Wheeling, some to aee the
eights some to enjoy themselves generally, and
others to see the fair, Now while in Wheeling it
would be e capital idea to go to Fatia' Dsguerreen
Gallery, No, 1JO Main street, end get your likeness
put up in one of thoee superb cases, a splendid J as
sortmant of which he bee just received, Don't lor
get it, now, while you ere in Wheeling, I
An Ordinance
yupplementsry to an Ordinance entitlec
"An Ordinance establishing and providing
for the regulation of the Markets in tbi
incorporated village of St. Claireville. "
StxTiorj . Be it ordained by the eounei
of the incorporated village of St. Clairsville
that nothing in section No. i, of an ordinanci
entitled " An Ordinance eetebliebing am
providing for the regplatiofTof the Marketi
n the incorporated village of St. Claire
villa," ehall be ao construed as to prohibit th
eale of peaches and melons at the Marke
House on any day in the week.
( 3. That the provisions of the eaid Sd eec
tion ehall not bp construed to ejttend t
i 3. This ordinance to take effect and b
in force from and after ite paseeie.
Passed Sept. 11th, 1855.
D. T. COWEN, Mayor,
E. G. MORGAN. Rec., pro tem.
we give below telegrephlc despatch from
Missouri which telle ite own etory. We are
not the least astoniahed, however, that the
Gov. ahould have made euch avowala on his
speech, for e man who would vote for the
Nebraska-Kansas bill is ready for anything.
It ia a pity there waa no reporter on hand to
take down the Hon. gentleman'a remarks, &
transmit them to posterity.
t. Louis, Bept 10th. Gov. Shan
non arrived at Weatport on tho 21st
utt., and was serenaded in the even
ing. He made a spceoh in which
he said he regretted to see a disposi
tion in some parts ol the Territory
to nullify the laws of the late Legis
lature. He regarded that Assembly
as leg il, its laws as binding, and he
should exert his authority to enforce
them. He said he was for slavery in
In Press, and soon to be published, Mrs.
E. D. E. N. Soulhuorth'$ new work, enti
tled "The Deserted Wife." This work will
be ready for delivery by the 93d inst. We
have received a sample sheet of the first 24
pages of the work, which for quality of piper
style of type and mechanical execution, ful
ly suetans Mr. Peterson'a reputation aa a
publisher. Mrs. S. ia so well known aas a
writer, of unqueetionable geniue and origin
ality, that the mere announcement of the
fact that a new work from her pen is in ptess
will be sufficient to place the literary world
on the qui vive for ite appearence. 600 pages
neatly bound in Cloth, for 91,35, or two
volume e in paper for gl ,00. Address
102 Chestnut st., Philada.
" OirTne Gazette calls our attention to a
slight error in the language of Clay which
we have quoted for some weeks past. We
have corrected it. I f the Gazette man can
deiive any ccnaolation from the change, he is
welcome to it.
Suppose now he answers our inquiries in
reference to Utah, and our articles on Fin
ance, &c.
03We are under obligations to Rev
Alex. Young, for a baaket of fine peaches, of
deli cious flavor, and targe aixe. A rare treat,
even in tbia year of plenty.
OyGen. Boswick is the Republican can
didate for Common PJeas Judge in (ho Harri
son district. Judge Means is the Democratic
candidate in the same district.
OrHenry Kennon and C. Follet 'are the
democratic candidates for Representatives in
Licking county.
Hotels in Columbus.
Neil House, ....... ff$ 00
American, .... ... 200
Capital City House 1 69
United States Hotel .... 1 00
Buckeye House, ..... 1 00
Railroad Hotel, ...... 1 00
Central Hotel 1 00
Montgomery Hotel ..... 1 00
Farmers' and Mechanics,' ... 1 00
Burroughs' Houso, ..... 1 00
OiTMr. Fassett declines the Presidency
of the C. O. R. R. Company, and it is said
that it will be tended to Solomon Sturgesi of
On the 3d. ult by Rev. D Truman Mr.
Grcenbury Waters and Miss. Emily J. New
man. By the same on the 30th ult. at the Natio
na Mr. George Dent and Miss. Eliza Jane
( a the 3d inst., by Rev. J. W. Case.
Edwin Sears and Miss Emily Taylor.
On the 6th inst., by the same, Tomoi
Lucas and Conerma Ann Sheldon.
On the same dny by the same, John A.
Grove snd Miss Mary E. Dillon.
On the same day by tho ssme, Josiah M'
Dillon and Mies Eliza E Armstrong.
September 7th at her residence in Jefferson
j County. Mary West, aged 70 years.
Warner Park & Co.,
McKay & Co.
BY virtue of an alias Execution to me
diiecled from the Court of Common Htu'.ot Bel
mont Coontr I will offer for eale at Public Auction on
The 34th day of September 1655.
between tba hours of 10 o'clock a.m. and ao'elock p. m
of said day, in the town of Barnesville in said county,
tthe Factory of McKay fc Co., in said Town, the fol
lowing described Goods snd Chatties to wit:
Three Cardial Machines, 1 Dickey, Peeller and
Spinning Machine one Corucleaner and 00 filplndls
RolsrsABack 1 set of old carding .Machines, f Bull
Card, 4 Carbogs of Dye Bluff, one and a halt Barrel ol
Dya Stuff, 1 Storing Machine, 1 set of Press Papers ons
Blanket Loom, I Janss Loom, one Bobing Wheel, one
Dink, one Lot of Beat Papers, 4 Power Looms, 1 Dub
ber, 1 pair ofBcales, 1 lot ofBhecket Il Bobing,! Large
Bsikcts, I dos Reeds, 1 Wheel Barrow, s Heals, rive
wooasn Boxes, I book, I smal lot of Verdegress, I pair ol
Sheep Shears 'i Pair of Boots, I Chair, 5 pounds of Blue
Vitriol I Warp, i keg of Potash, I berrsl of Dya a luff,
, and one Largs Dye Kettle.
1 Sheriff's Office, Bep. 13th, leas.
I JOliN C. N1UUOLB, Sheriff.
J -ii.e?
More men wanted immediately.
' A FEW mere enterprising snd aetiee young man
iVican find immediate employment by which they
I can aaaify skS00 or a 1000 a year u act aa ageau
. for several new and popular works. Just pubfiebsd ai
eiusivefy for agents, and not for eale in ihe w.k,i.,
, We bava a great number of saents smploysd many ol
whom are makinf from all to tso,a week. TasMe win
w tab to engage in thia pleasant tmt profitable busi
. aess, will, for particulars, requisites, die,, addrane
' C. L. DERBY dr Co..
t Publisbsrs and Wholesale Booksellers
aadaskyCHy, Ohio
Editors of newspapere, oy giving the above and thi
following three insertions, and calling attention lo it
' gnil sending s copy containing II, will receive any :
9 of the fullowing works:
Life of Jo-ephlne, by deadly, x (K
" Lafayette, "
" Napoleon, " i
Wild aceaea of a Hunter's Life. , .
Livee of Mary and Msrth Washington, 1,04
Odd Fellow's Auiular, (
Any eeison wishing any of tha above books car
have Hem sent by mall, free of postage, on the recaiol
of Ike above retell price. Address
&( . 9 Jjf,BY d. Co
I .
O. M. HareaatL, 1. A. Pe-rasa, I. B. wasaisaas r
WHEELINO, Virginia.
stock of Rich and desirable goods, a large pnr
tkn nf which waa Imported by them direct from Eu
rope, and the remainder of their stock selected In
Phtladslphis and New Vork. from the most recent ar
rivals by virtmers and otherwise. They are dally re
cevlng additlonsof Newand desirshla goode, and will
at all times takspleaaure In sihlbiting thelf goods, to
sll who will taviur ua withacail.
Moire antique Bilks, Black White at Colored, Elegsnt
Fsncy Colored Bilks, vsry rich Blschoffi' and Bonne's
Rek Bilks Plain, Pigursd Rsk. Bilks In elegant and en
tirely new designs. Embroidered Bilk iekea, .'and
Muslins, Moire antique Monslins and Cashmeres,
M. Do. Regs, I'opltns and Mokalr Loetres, Plain
Figured Mousllns, In grssl variety, French Merlnoes
in ell Colours, st test sessons prices-
SOU yds Frsuch English and American Chintaa and
Paramettas, Alpaceas St Ginghama.
1.000 Beautiful Collars, our varn Importation, TOO yds
Jsconet At Bwlis Edgings, Inserting!, Flounciiigs, and
II sad Laces.
Hsbila and Sleeves in llonetnn Laee.
" " Maltees Lace.
" " " Valencienesdo
" " Ouiseare do
" M Swiss. do,
Bonnet Ribbons' Rich Belts, Mobalr Bracelets
Gauntlet Gloves, Topsies Trimmings ace.
Our stock of staple and Housekeeping goods Is com
plete. It ia impossible to enumerate and particularise
the immense Variety Composed Inourstock.
Bspt.13, IH35.
tice ia hereby given that at the Probate Court for
Belmont County, the undersigned wss appointed and
qualitled as Administrator of Win. Balilerstou Dec'd.
lateol Belmont county,
All those indebted to said estate, are requested to meke
immediate payment, and those having claima against
said estate are notified to present them for eetllenienl
within one year from this date.
.. . . JAMES W. GRAY,
Bep. 13- 1855. 3w, Administrator.
the quel ifled Electors of the County or Belmont
in the Slate of Ohio, that they meet in the several
Townships of said County at Ihe usual placea of hol
ding Elections, ineach Township, on the Second Tues
day of October 1855, It helm the Sth day of said month,
then and there to elect by ballot according to law, the
following named officers to wit:
One Governor, 1 Lieutenant Governor, 1
Secretary of Sttte, 1 Auditor of State, 1
Treasurer of State, 1 Attorney General, 3
Judges of the Supreme Court, 1 Member of
the Board of Public Works, I Senator to
represent Belmont and Harrison Counties, 2
Representatives for Belmont County, 1 Co.
Treasurer, Prosecuting Attorney, 1 Coro
ner, 1 Commissioner, 1 Director of the Co.
Aed the trustees of the several Townships in said
county are required by law to return two sits of Ju
ror from their respective Townships one set for the
Court of Common Pleas & one aet for the Probate
Court, aa follows:
Common Pieaa. Probate Court.
Coleraln, d
Mead, 5 8
Smith, 6 10
Washing-ton. S 8
Flushing, 6 jo
Peaa. 11 m
Sonimersst, 7 It
Wayne s 0
Goshen, lo
Pultney, 7 la
Union, ' 7 19
Wheeling 5 8
Kirkwood, 7 13
Richland, 14 S3
Warren, 8 13
Vork, 4 7
108. 180.
The Jurors for the court of Common Plesa are to be
returned to tho Clerk of said Court, and the jurors for
the Probate Court are to be returned to the Probate
Judge; and the Judges of the Elections will take no
tice, that the plots must he opened between the hours
of 6 and 10 o'clock a. m., and closed at 0 o'elock p. m. of
ssld day. Given under my hand at Bt. Claireville, this
8th day of Bep, 1855.
Wholesale and Retail.
R A VERY! . -
AHaa on hand and ia manufacturing and re
ceiving oneof the largest asaortinsota of
Hats and Caps,
conaitting or all Uia varietlea and colors now
in use , all of which will be sold at the loweat rates.
N. B. Hats msde to order at tha shortest notice.
8. A VERY, Main .treet, Nne, 141 At 14H,
aep 13. 1851. Wheeling. Va.
raising or good stock, offer a premium or (5
to whoever delivers to them st their salting bouse in
Bslhont, between the Mti of November and tha 30th
of December,
The three best hogs;
said hoes not to weigh less than 1000 pounds. In a
wardingihe premiugas the itfja of the boss, fstnesasud
smallncss ol hone to Lc the iuIc by which tuey will be
Belmont, Sept. 13, 1855.
St. Clairsville, Ohio.
T ft INOUIRE at the National Hotel. All or
A'- dera kit with Mr. Lewia will receive
prompt attention.
St. Clairsville, Sept. (. 3m.
'"'HE partnership heretofore existing be-
I tween the undersigned at Mount Olivet, nelmnnt
County,Ohio, undei the firm name ol G. M.-Jones dcCo.
waa dissolved on the 20th dsy of August, 1855.
G. M. Jones is authorised to collect all claims in favor
of said Arm. and to pay all demands against the same
Sept 6, 1845, 4t pd. C.T. IIOLLOWAY.
Abel Chalfant, pltrr. tfgsmjfsftttwm JUexander
against aJWK'ttmWvhr !'e ice ol
Hiram W. Smith, deft. ) Riehland Township, Bel.
mont County, Ohio.
On tbe Sath day of Auguat, A. D. 1885, aaid Justice
issued an order of attachment in the above action for the
sum of tureaty dollars with interest from Ihe 3d day ol
March, l5:i, and coma ofault.
John C. Nichols, as sheriff of Belmont County, and
TaswdM P. Martin, both residents of said County art
garnishees! ia the above caaa.
Sept. , . pa). Miller fteoBii-igio'i, at'y for pliff
The best l'sWWve Jars Extant.
rp SWEEIttBk SON, Wheeling, Va.
I sic waufeaJMwMtss Ads' tight Jsr lor pre
, serving fruit, mbewMMfiigbMi lo any of the tin oi
Hell sealing cans naflOLpte. Wis ladles sre respect
fully invited to cattjMHtP Mse Jors before conipletini
their purchases. V
apt. , St. "
Respeotfully announces to tbe Ladies o
Bt Clairsville and vicinity, that aba intanda t
jeBdsV carry on tba Milluery business in all Ita
srTWTA vanoua brtncheii, solicits a share ol jrawTI
sBmP public patronage. Particular atlentloiiVBMff
' will be given to fancy work. Trim- mH
ining and making Boanela; in iba very Je'eet atyles, d
st very reasonable prlcaa. Her residence is at tha Eas
and of Bt. ClairsTills. in Iba houae of Mr. Joseph Bulle
nearly opposite Ambrusiar'a Grocery.
September , 1045.
FRUIT JARS. A small lot of G
Glass jare, for putting up fruit, caU soon at
V7E have just received a fresh aupply o
, w all tho scool books used incur common schools
wbicb will be sold at Wheeling prices. School Teach
' are supplied on liberal terma. A C. M.1BTIN Co.
j -
WILL leave Rr. Clairbville every
morning, (Bondsys r canted , at 7 o'clock;
Returning, Isavaa vv sraaLiaa at M o'clock, t. M. nam
farther notice.
AT my atabla In Bt. Claireville, I aas prepared to far
alsh, at all times, horses for harness or saddle, bngg las
or harks, with or witboat a driver. Riding parties ac
commodsted on short notice. Terras reasonable, gts
bles in the east end of town
Bt. Oleirevine. April. Mb. ' ty. ,
Sheriff's Sales.
Abrer M Gregg- Mai,
Nancy I.nyd et al.
In PartitiM.
BY virtue of an order of Sale lo me direc
ted from the Court of Common Pleae of Belmont
County Ohio, I will ofTer for Beta cm
Monday the 34A day September, A. D. 18&5
between the hours of Uto'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock
P. M. of aaid day on tha premises in said ouaty the
following described leads and tenements, situa a lying
and being in the county of Belmont and State of Ohio,
and aeing a part of section 33, and Township 7, and
Rente 4, and bounded and described as Mfows to wit:
Tin- firs', described, beginning for its, boundary at a
stone st Hie south East corner of the whole ol said
estate on the south aide ot said section, snd running
thence North07 48.100 rods to a stake, thence Weat In
8U luuroda toa stone, tkence North h , W. g7 84 00 rods
to a atone, thsnee N. 27 west, 4 16.100 to 'annja stone,
thence N. SO roda to s stone, thenee west eVl.HO rods to I
, the line between Vsulsw end Bpencer, thence N. 3.08
I rods to the South Esst comer or Rsbeccs Edwsrds Lot
thence South H3 1 a west, 78.ee rods to a stone, in the
I road, thence South 12s weat HI. 73 rodsstong aaid road
I thence South 84 weat 17.18 rode to ihe South East of
llogues Lot, thence Sooth 76 west 35. wi Rods to a stake
on Nichol's line, thenee South 9H .28 Rods, thsnee west
5.83 roda, thenee South 8.36 rods to a atone, thence East -167.20
rods to the N. E. corner of Shall Crose'a line i
thence South 74.B6 rods to a stove aa the section line
thence Esst 44.80 rods to the nteu of beg miiig, let
acres 1 rod and 7 perchea as I, aed saocs eg leas.
The 2i.d tract beginlng for its boaadry at the South E. '
corner of Hogues Lot above mentioned, and running
thence North 12 -, East 40.79 rods with said rosd thence
South M c west 9.5 rods, thence north 611 west 13 rods to
the National Road, thence South H4swest 6.M rods il
; thence 8out, 6 Eaat 13 rods, thence Beutb B4 west I 1
; 64.20 roda to a stake, thence south I2 west s.0.73 rods '
i to the place of beginlng, conlaiulngd scrss 2 roods and
I 3 .48 perches more or less.
The 3rd trect beginlng for its botsnds-lea st the N. W ,
I corner of the aeetion, and running thence E 120 roda lo
astakeatihe N. W. corner fThaakers Lot, thence 8. .
! 84 rods, thence S.83o W. 80 rodsio the N W. corner
i of Mslnnies lot, thence B. 6 E. 40.30 'rods, thence 8.
84 W. 10 30 rods, thence 8 ill K 12, 65 rods to the
: National Road, thence S. 83J W. 12 feet thence N. U W
12,05 reds.tbence N. 49 rods to the N. E. corner of Wm.
Walters lot, thence 8. 84t W. 81 rods to the range line,
; thence N.37, 48 rods.totlie piece of beginning cnulanlng
30 acres 3 rod Sr. 37 perches more or lesa. The 4th, tract
known as ihe Seminary lot beginning for its boundaries
on the National Read at the 8. E. corner of Edward Wat-
ere tM, snd running thence N, 13. 65 roda: thence N. i
Ml - V. .-. rods: thence 8 6 E 12.65 rods: thenee B83,
CW4. 40 to the placcof beginning contsnlng 46JO per
ches more or Isss. The 5th tract Ireglnningfor ita bound
ary on the National Road at the 8 I corner of Dr. Eatepa
Lot and running thenee N tij w 12, 65 roda: thence
N M 0 E 4 roda to place of beg inning, contsining 50,60
perches more or less, the first dssenbed tract being 182 1
acrea will be aold auhject to the dower of Nancy Loyd
heretofore aignedby metes and bounds and appraiaed
at the sum of 4600 subject to said dower the 2d described
tract is sppraised at B355. 3d deaeeibed Irat at $1440
The 4th deacribed tract appraised at (500. and the 5th
described tree! appraised at 175- the 4 last described 1
tract, are clear of bower; all will be sold on ihe follow I
ing conditions, one third in hand on lb day of aale
oue third in one year and one third In two yeara with
interest on the derered payments from the day or sale.
Aug. 23, 1855 10,00.
Alexander Armstrong,
vi :
Alexander Hall and Perry Wilkinson. (
BY virtue of a 3d aliaa Execution to ir.e
directed from the Court of Common Pleas or Bel
mont County Ohio, 1 will oiler for Bale at Public Auc
tion on
Thursday the 30th day of September 1865. 1
between the hours of 10 o'cloefc A. M. and 4 o'clock
P M. of said day at tbe front door oftho Court House in
St. ClairsvUle inaid county, the following Landed-,
teneinenta aituate lying aud being In tbe county of
Belmont and State of Ohio, end bounded and described I
as follows 10 wit: Lota numbers J 11 12 15 1617
18 19 20 21 22 23 and tha E. part of Lot No
24, in the town of the Great Western in said county. 1
taken in Bxseulinn at the auitof A'exander Armstrong. 1
Sher ufa OoUe, St.Clairsyilla,
ang.ae, tms. as. ...X , ,
MAY be found a large assortment of:
Steel Plousbs, Bub-Soil ploughs, Sod ploughs,
stubbie ploughs, Pneni Lever and Irou ploughs, Har
rows. Seymon's Grain Tt ilia, the beat in use, Cider Mills.
Chain Pump fiiturea. Chain Pump Tuheing, Chain ,
Pump Chain, Louisville and common Lime, Plasters, I
Guano, BeBeri's stiperphoafale Lime. Charcoal in lump I
j and ground, Soap Blone ground, White Sand;
Largc and small Coin Baskets,
100 Corn stalk and Hay cullers, Brire Scythes, Wsre
house and Miller's Truoks, Thermometer Chums,
narrel Churns Taylor's Churns. Dealier Churns, Fork
Handi s, Hoe Hsndlea, Broom Hsndles, Cum Shelters,
Brush Handles, Shovels,
Spades, Msuure and Hay Eorks, Hickory and Corn
Broums and Whips; 101) Grind atones .nd Grind stone
hangings, Platlorm stales wasiauied. Washing lus- '
chines, Rolling I'illS, ClMhes Pins. Tubs ami
Buckets, Peach Baskets,
Ox Yokes Slid Bows, Heavy Haines, Cow lies, Bird
Cages, Bird Heed, etc., Arthur's sell sealing Cans
These cans were thoroughly tested during last summer
and their contents alter the iapae of a year found un
1 changed.
Trees audflaiits, in their aeason our srrangementa '
are made lor a supply of Fruit troea of all kinds Irom
una of the best New Jersey Nurseries. Seeds Timothy
seed, Cover seed, Flax reed. Orchard Grass seed,
Kentucky blue grass seed, Mi'lett, and all other seed
bought and aold. -1'so, Corn and cob Cruatiera.
For Hie purchase or ssli of Faraaa, unimproved Lands,
Mill property, city and village property.
OCT Office at the Agricultural Seed Store, near
the B. tjf- O. R. R. Depot, Wheeling, V.i()
kJTY, 88. Pel 11 inn lor Partition.
Silaa Sheppard and Catharine E.'Bbeppard, demandanta
Christopher B. Beeks (adult,) LeanderD. Seeks. Mary
V Beeks, and Harriet 4 Beeks, (Minora,) and Nancy
Beeks (lunatic) defendants.
The above named defendants will take notice that on
the 3d day of Auguat 1865 the above named dsman-
dants old a petition In ilia Cost, fleas Court of said
County of Belmont, where the cams is now trending,
demanding partition of the following premises situate
in said county, via; The 8. E. Qnar. 01 Sec. 29. T. 9. R.
6. in the Steubenville lend district, also 46 acres more
or less of the East i of the North part of the 8. W, Qr.
of the same section, being the lands of which Thomas
Beeks late of aaid county died aeiaed, aud more par
, ticularly described in said petition. The demandents
ssk that partition be made of aaid premiaes as follows:
To the aaid Silaa Bbepnard four ninths, to Catharine E.
Sheppard one ninth. To Crialopber B. Beeks, Lesnder
U. Beeks, Mary V. Beeks dr. Harriet A. Beeka, Each
one ninth, and 10 Nancy Beeks dower in the whole.
At the next term of aaia Court aa application will be
made by the dsmsndants for an order that partition may
be made die. nf aaid premise-.
1 D. D. T. COWEN, Alt'y for petiiioners.
aug- 9. w
JAMES YATES is now running the Fac
tory al Kirwey' Mill, live Miles wut of Bridge
port, by Bteant Power, abd ii prepared during ell eee
eone of the year, to manufacture with nealneee and die
patch, tbe following articles, Caeeimeree. Bui
f nelte, Tweeds, BJankttls, Planned, snd Stocking Yarns,
, of all colore, and In quality not eurpassed by any other
establishment, low for cash, or tbe following articles of
trade, Wool, Rag, Beeswei, Tallow, and country Soap.
Oar ding and Spinning. Puffing aud pressing done for
country euitomeie to order on reasouslle terme.
I Dec, mi . t, ,
1000 Lives lost in on night!
LYON'S celebrated rat pilla Tor tb cer
tain deelrueiion of
Tbaae pills are g certain exterminator of the above
t named vermin, aa tbay have been thoroughly tasted and
never kuowa to fail. ForBaleby
f ancle.,..., A. C. MARTIN dt Co.
I30TA8H. Another cask of thataupe-rior
, potash just received by
To the creditors of Thomas
Mcaro deceased.
ON :ht 93rJ day of liiftiat A. D. 18fi5,
Ihe I'm', ale Court csf Bsfmont County Ohio, de
rsradllre eststs or Thomss Meara. dre.a-d. lo Iks.
probably insolvent; creditors are therefore reqnired 10
present Ibelr cfslma against the estate 10 the under
algnsd, for sllowsnre, within sig months Irom tba lime
above mentioned, or they will noabe anlltfed 10 payment.
, riNLKV B. McnltRW,
aag,n, luij lw Aemialatralor of eaid estate.
State of Ohio, Belmont County, SS.
"OTICEIa hereby given that the follow
" lag nasaed P.ssrntors, Admlnistrstnrasnd Ousr.
dlsns have filed their accounta and vouchers In my Of
fice For settlement to wit:
John H. Johnson. Adm'r. of Isaiah Barnes dec'd.,
John M . Weeks, Ex. nf Phillip Barnett dec'd.
Benjn yrost Ex. of William Frost dec'd.
W111.U. Bsrnsrd. Ex. or Thomaa Bsrnard dec'd.
Miltaa Miller, Ex. nf liavid Miller de'd.
Milton Miller Adm'r with the will annexed of Barah
Miller dse'd.
Milton Mllar.rinardlan of Byron Miller.
Milton Miller Guardian of Addison Miller.
Tha first four altove named eeconnte, will he for
hearing ai d aettlemeuion theSlst. and tha four laat en
the Kd day of Bept. next.
aug. .ti, 1 Probate Judge.
For BelmoDt Co. for the year 1855,
Are aa followa, lo wit:
Por fftste Common Bch. Fond ISc per $100 1
District sch. Library " m
Psyment Interest on r?tau Debt 10 " ' I
Ceneral Revenue purpoaas C ' 11 J
Total W
Por Co. Revenue purposss 0 per ftfoo
" Poor - a "
" Bridge n ..
Total u
Washington tp 10c perl 100
sVayne tp B "
Balance cf the County 5
(tail Road I olereai, payment of ? "
Coleraln, no levy, rinahtng Se per 00
Goshen leper (100 Kirkwood 3
Mead 4 Pease at "
Pultney s " Richland S "
Somerset S " Bmitb a, " 1
Union 3) " Wayne U "
Wheeling 1 " Warren 3
Waah't'ii 1J York 4 "
Coleraln tp sub-district 3 lcis.
" It Pesse "8 88
Plush ing 9 s
it j
dr. Union 9 4t
7 13i
Flushirg-iowu "8 u
i .. B U
" 7 Lnion .; ,
"3 I
" 8 la
I Wheeing 9 -1
loshen General levy 19,
kirkwood, "9 13i f
I Si 1
f i;
3 Uniou 71 ,
Head, general levy except 9 cV 9 is
" aub-districta 9 as 9 3
'eaae 9 , (f I
S 49 i
8 t. 34 1
9 17
I lei ! '
'ease and Coleraln 8 dr 98
dartinsville .'. .. 00 I
ultney general levy 8 c
lichland aub diatrlct 1 9,1
4 7 '
G 8
19 U '
It. Clairsville 8 19
9 28
10 II
lomerset general levy 1.1
9 II j
5 99
C 129
Smith tp general levy 4
S V i -
9 , 14
10 t 57
'mithctr Richland 8
Jnion tp It 1 37
9 9
3 6
i 24
7 19,
Jnion Jc Flushing 9 4t
" it Richland 19 9
M general levy
tlorristown 18
A'aynetp 1 10
9 10
4 10
5 rT7 I
9 116
10 10
II 10
Wheeling general levy 61
1 I
4 61
Warren general levy 7
Barnesville 46 !
Washington general levy 10 1 1
8 98 '
York general levy 10
York ck tiwitcerland, on John
Oneacre, 1P0
J! j 'I'm1 Buh. District levies are all In addition to the
Geueral levies lor School purposes.
Bridgeport ISc per f luO
Bt. Claireville JO "
ToiaLauiouutof the above levies in each township as '
ft Hows:
Colerain.SPc; sub district Na 3 74perI00
8 86 "
Balance of tp 58
Flushing tp, tlV sub district R
or " town 69,
" tp 4 655 6
9 69
9 63.18
dt Union 9 645 6
7 795-6
7 795-6
3 64 5-6
6 6HI
Flushing & Wheeling 1 Oil
Goalieu 7:1,
Kirkwood tp6lc 9 74
3 119
5 66
7 P9
Kirkwood cV Union 3 7P3-4
Balance uf p, 61
Mead tp 2 (St 9 65
Bsfsttceortp 80
Pease lp,611, 9 V4
5 I tut
6 li'.i
0 7f
H 78i
Pease dr. Colcrain 8 8i
Martinsv'e 1911
Bridgeport 0j
Pullney 7lt
Riell'nd 60 1 69
4 67
6 68
Bt. Clairtvi'e.OOc 8 89
9 96
10 81
Somerset, 751 1 HI
9 Mi
6 1051
Balance of tp 751
Bmilli64i in.
9 7cJ
10 MM
Pmithdr Rich and 6 791
Ba'anceoftp 641
Union lp, 63, 1 100
3 65
3 69
4 65,
5 67
7 75t
Union dcF'ushing 9 67
Hicll'and 19 73
Ba'ance ol tp 63
Morristown 791
Wayne lp 6it 1 75
9 751
4 75
5 15St
6 1734
9 18l
10 75t
11 751
Whae'ngoS, 1 6T,
Ba'anceoftp 65i
Warren 68
Barneav'e 197
Wsshington 77, 8 1 ,,
Ba'anceoftp 77,
York 79
John Oneacre 109
August 93, 1655. 4t. Co. Auditor.
1 will attend in person, or by deputy, one day at
ihe uaual place ol holding elections, in each town
ship, lor the purpoea ot raccivina Taxea, aa lollowa:
In Pullney township, on Monday, Sept. U; in
Mead, on Tueeday. Sept. Id5; in YorK 011 Wednes
day, Sept 26; in Waaliingtot, on Thursday, Sept
27; in Wayne, on Friday, bept 28: in Smith, on
Saturday, Sept 29; in Peaae.on Monday, , Oct let, in
Colerain; on Friday, Oct 5; in Wheeling, on Satur
day, Oct 6; in Somerset, on Thursday, Oct 11; in
Warren, on Friday, Oct 12; Goshen, on Saturday 13;
inUnion.on Monday ,Oct 15; in Kirkwood,on Tues
day Oct lb; and IntFluahing, on Wedneeday, Oct 17.
And I will be in my ortice, inSt. Claireville, Irom
ihe last named uay, for tha purpoae of receiving
Taxes, until the 20th day ol December. 1855.
County Treasurer.
Treas'e Office, Bel Co, Au$ 20, 1B45.
kTOTICP. ia hereby given that at tbe Probate f'nnrt for
ll Belmont County, the uridsireixued was sppnlnted
sndoualifled sa Administrator of the muis nf faaNa
WcMi'len, dec'd. Isle nf Relmnnt QaaBtf.
All thoae indebted 10 ssld ealsle, are requested to make
Immediate paynsartit; and those having claims against
aaideatate. are notified in present them lor settlement
wilhin one year from Una date.
"" Admlnlstrstor.
Ilclmbold'si Highly Concentrated
Compound Extract Fluid Buchu,
For Disrates of the Bladder and Kidneyt, Ob
structions of the Urine, Chronic Grnorr
hen, Strictures, Gleets, Weaknesses,
and all Diseases of the Sixual
Whether In Itlnle or Female,
from whatever cause the, msy hair originated and no
matter or how long standing.
If you have contracted the terrible disease which
when once sested in the system, will sorely go down
iromone feneration 10 snnther, nnderininlng the con
atitulion and sapping Ihe very vita fluids of life, do
not trust yourself in the I, ami. of Uuacka, who start up
every day In a city like this, and fill the paperawith
glaring lalsehoods loo well calculated to deceive the
young ami those not acquainted with their triefce.
Von csnnst he too careful in tbe selection of a remedy
in theae canes.
Tbe Pitie r.iTaarT BrcHrr baa been pronounced by
eminent uhysicians the CaasrasT Rsmsdv svaa'
Knows. It is a medicine perfectly pleasant inilslaste
snd very innocent In its action, and yet so thorniigh
that it annihilate, every particle ol the rank and poison
ousrirtoe or this dreadful disesse; and. unlike other
remedies, it does not dry up the disease in blood.
Confttitntional Debility-,
brought on by self abuse, a most terrible disease, which
has brought ihoussnds of the human race 10 untimely
craves, thus blasting the brilliant hopes of parents, and
blighting in the hud the glorious ambition of many a no
Me youth, can be cured by this Infallible Remedy. And
ss a medicine which must benefit everybody, from the
limply delicate to the confined and despairing invalid,
uoequal isiobefouud, acting both as a Cure and Pre
Ilelgnboid'a Hlghlr Concentrated
Compound Fluid Extract
For Punfyingihe Blood, removing sll disessea, ariaing
from Eiceaa of Mercury, eipoaure and imprudence
in life, chronic conetitutioiial disease, arising
from an impure slate of the Blood, an I Ilia
only reliable k effectual known remedy
for I he Cure offirrofula. Salt Rheum,
ricsld Head, Ulcerations of tha
Throat and Legs. Pains and
Uwelfings 01 tin Bones,
Tetter, Pimples on
tbeFsce.snd all Scaly Eruptions oftlie Skin.
Thir article la now prescribed by some of the most
listiiiguished Physicians in the country, slid lit- proved I
uore efficient in prsctice then sny prepsratiuti of Har
apsnlla 1 et offered to the public. Several cases of see
indsry Syphilis, Mercurisl and Scrofulous disesses 1
isve entirely recoveied in the incureble wsrdsnfour
'ut-lic Institutions whicli hat! for iiisuy years rosiated
very mode of treatment thai could be devised. These;
:ases fbraish striking exasarstes of ibe salutary eneets
Il this medicine in arresting some of the most inveterate I
liaeases, after the glaads were destroyed and the bones I
iready affected.
NOTICE. Letters from responsible Physicians and
'rofessors of several Medical Colegea, and eeiliflcates 1
fciirea from pstients will be round accompanying both
Prices, Fluid Extract of Buchu, p:r bottle, or 6
oltles for 95.
Prices, Flu id Extract of Sarssparills, I per bottle, or
betllea for B5, equal iu streugtb to one gallon Syrup
if Sarsaparilla.
reparrd and sold by H.T. II ELM BOLD, Chemist,963
Chestnut St., near theOirard House. Philadelphia.
robe bad of A . C. MARTIN, Ac CO.
Sole Agents for SI. Clairsville, Ohio.
Wm. S. BELL Millwood, O,
Bole Agent for Guernsey Connty
05" All Letters directed to the Proprietor or
Agent receive immediate attention.m
May 94, 1H55.
1 j-- following valuable Medicines for lale ty
St. Claihsvilue Ohio.
SAFARI LLA. an Invaluable remedy for all
mpuritieof the blood. Scrofula, Erriipela. Eruplloni, '
Kiiifworm, Teller, Head ache, Punplea oh the face, j
Ittoiehea, Biles 6cc. In fhori il is considered one of the
lieit Mood purifiera now in IN, and will be aold al the
low price of 80 cents per bottle or 6 bottlea for Si.
S. M. Keir's Petroleum or Rorfc Oil, A
literal Remedy for Pilea, Rheuniatiam, Gout, Peura- !
gia. Deafness, Burnt At Hcalds. Old Sores and lTlcer;
ind ia Endowed with powers to reliere more human
mffering than any oiler uudicine Extant, aud ma
truly be called,
"The healthful balm from naturea secret aprin-,
Tliebloomol health, and hie, to man will bring;
Af from her depths the magic liquid flows.
To calm our nutierings and aisuage our woes,
for the low price of 25 centitper bottle.
Collin's Universal Eye Salve. This article
is prevented to the public aa an External Remedy, a
voidiug the pain and danger which usually attends in
troduction of Caustics. MineraJs and Eye trashes,
with aaurauce ol ita Efficacy as a curative of the
various dieaie of the Eye, acute or clironi: inflama
Lion, whether induced y Scrofulous orixin or otherwise,
Debility of the optic nerve. Granulation ol the Lid.?,
and weakness ol Vision from any cause, and will
be warranted to cure or the tuuuey returned. Frice
cents per box.
Dr. Johnson's cj- Coys Great American
Hair Tonic, For the preservation of Beauty, I
(Jruwth and Restoration of the human hair; and in the
words of a l'oet who bas proved its Excellent and varied
qualities, it may now be truly said:
Behold a double charm who te potent power
Add a new grace to beauty's choicest dower
Bids her rich curls a silken lustre win,
Heala thelrue flesh, and coolaihe burning akin.
Tbe loosened hair, touched by itsbalm takes root
And from the sculp, new living fibres shoot,
While from Eruptions, it extracts their sting
And with sweat eaae, replaces sufl'eriug.
Call and get a bottle for 50 ceuta.
Dr. Z. Wick's Liniment or Collin's Ex
ternal Remedy. Thia Liniment waa used
with the greatest success during upwards of 20 years
practice by the late Dr Witk'a of Belmont Co. Ohio,
(formerly of England) after his death tbe secret be
came the property of the present Proprietor; and
trom the number of fetters of thauka found among the
late Doctor's papers, respecting its wounderful virtues,
fmauy from the nobility . and one from his late majesty
If illiuM the Fourth of England speaking irflhe highest
terms of it as Invaluable in relieving Tain and Head
acht, induced the present proprietor lo recommend it to
bla friend for Rheumatism, and in ohk wikk many of
them were entirely cured, and all greatly relieved from
pain, and never lias it failed in any case, where it haa
been used as directed, and the Certificates which have
been sent shaking of its wonderful virtues, in tbe
following Diseases, havt? far exceeded Ihe proprietor!
most Hang u i ue Expectations.
For Chronic Rheumatism, Cramp, Head-ache, Tooth
ache, Swellings, Bruiaea, Croup, Quinsey, Sore Throat
Numbness, Frosted Feet, Kervoua Affections, pains in
the Ji'iuta, and is warranted to be superior to any oilier
Liniment or External remedy, or the money will be re
lumed. For Bale By
J. T. Gran fell, Jacohaburg O.
Wafts Hogue, MorristowuO.
J. R. Mitchell, "
11. F. Odd I, Barnesville O.
E. Hollingaworih, Fluslng O.
Linn It Stewart Winchester O.
Joseph Halt, west of Barnesville O
Rose in en Orme fc Co., New Birmingham O.
J. G. Welsier, .Millwood O.
M. Hendershot It Co., Williamsburg O.
Fowler It Ohlinger, Malaga O.
J. a 8. M.Stockdale, Antrim O.
E. Craft, Senecaville O.
John M' Sayer ' O.
Robins dt Bigmon Hartford O.
Dr. 8. McGary "
Samue I Large Mar eantile association.
Should any Merchant wish an agency, or to purchase
any of the above Medicines they will pleas send their
orders to JAS. W.COLLINS, Si. Clairsville Ohio, who
will give tbein immediate attention. He also keeps a
large assortment of all the popular Patent Medicines;
Wholesale Jt Retail. aug. 16, '55, 3m.
HjRTHE subscriber, desirous of retiring
y from the Drug business, w ill dispose ol Ins
yUTW entire stuck of Mtdicixes, &c, togettiei
w ilU Hie leave of bu room, No. I, Waihuiij-
lm ion Mali.
Tint, ,is one of the neatest fitted up Drug EstabUh
meats, Dioaialigtbly located, and doea tha Orgeat pre
scription business, we veuture to aay, than any oiber
two bouses in tba city. The medicines on band are
all pnine and cousist of a vary a eneral aasorluient,
Terms made known on application to
No 1 Washington Ha1
Aug. Snd, 3m Whreliog, Va.
fLOWS. The sub-jcriber has made
arranfenieiitsiu Itsap on hand at all t'niss, a full assort
nani of Oentir nor Flows, tenaisilaa t,f Iron aorl
Woodm HiEln snrl Isfi li-,iri, .... ha will aall at
I'ltlsburg oi Wliaeliiig prices i
, ... JOHN. JEr60N8.
'IMIIH prr-pamtion, ilthtugh !sa than
I Iwovssrsrirfr.TsthaiMilrllcasnnt lo tha wonrrsr
fill sfrrcts urion ti,. human hair sari a-aip, haa alrsad
olnainsd a cslhritjr and aala prrlactlf uiinarall.isri.
Thsi this prsparstlnri will sclasflr
Rcttor Gray Hair to il Natural Color,
prostata Iniurianl rowtii upon in. Iinsrls of His haM,
prsvsnt lha hair from fallln off, and whaa uso4 a. a
:oil.t artirl. prorlncs a rniitinual flow of tha natural
fluids, and thus rsmlsr tha hair soft, glossy and vsavav,
dsslrnv dia.as.tr. I Ola srali, and aipal dandrun, lha
csrtiflcalea of distinfiiislied a... -Hainan and ladiaa In
'very pari.nf tha ennntrv, who have tried it. and thaie
fore apeak what they know, moat fall, attest. That l. v
s proper us. of the restorative tha hair can I rned" lo
retain its nstursl color lo almost any sir. allotted to
hiiinanity,ty rsrrfrivins; the eauaeTjof the diseaM from
ihe scs jt no msttr-r hnw Ions standlnc the conenr
rent testimony ol the preae and ihe cert, fiesta of nil .
rireroua rrsp.clsl'le individuals of Im.i aexes leava na
dniitrt Circnara cnnlalnlnt fall partienlara ralatlva
to the ttse of this eurativa, aa well aa the recommenda
tiona of editors and certifi-.. before alladed to, tan
be hsd of all snents. Foi aa ' ' v
Ao. , A. C. '.i tin r: sk Co
iatimal mm,
I hk lAMOSt LEWin has tskeit chs-se
tswl",1 this Isrie and commodious hemae. and
1 ' prepared to ar com mod ate the paMlc.
Ij'I'w He iia. re rurniahad the principal rooms,
STaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTaTand in inn n y oilier respects added li, Ihs
comforts and conveniences of the house.
HIM T A III. i: will at all times b (applied
with Ihe beat Ihe msrket affords. It is hia intention,
and ahall he his cotislsiit care, lo render his house in
every reaped, all that uiay , be dealred hy In-mean
HIS I V HI, l. s arc large ami will be in tbe
esreof attentive hands.
Hs will also continue the
upon a aeala of convenience and economy that cannot
fail to merit the approbation of the pnl.lie. All orders
for IIOHfEK. I'jIRRlACB', fcc. left at lha Office of
the Nattonal.wiil he promptly attended le.
THE OMNIBUS leaveathe National dailr
eicepl fnnday for Wbeelma. at 7 o'clock AM
Bt. Clairsville, Au. I, l jl
8. LEWIS).
Dr. ROBERT'S Celebrated
Which stand unrivalled hy any Medicine known for
the cursor Liver Couiplaiuta, and oilier bisesaaa ari
sing from a
A sinsVe.duse Ir'iieves Pick Head jfebe, Gldinesa or
Rwimniins in the Head. Dimness n f giant, Drowsi
ness, Pain, in the I'hesl or Back, Sickness of
the Blomscli, Loss of Appetite, Mervou De
bility, and Derangement of the Boat els.
They are prepared from the prescription or a rhyselaa.
who used Ihem successfully in bis practice for 10 years:
and their effect has been food in many Ihoaasnde ol
caaes. Tha y are therefore offered wilh Ihe greats!
confidence, and will be found lo stiengihen the stomach
and Digestive Urgans, act aa a Mild Purgative, and
tbe seas
Price cts. per Boi.
A tents for 61. Clairsville, O.
July 26th 1645. '
mp it
IHAT, notwithstanding ttie polite efforts
JL of A. C .Msrtin cV Co. to deprive me of my
agencies, I will sell the following
at prices from i to 25 cent lower then rr-tsiled in any
lore in the county. Allot the following warranted
Dr. D. Jaynes Expectorant & Alter
ative sold at 7ppents per Bottle,
common price 1,00
Sand's, Ball's, Howe's & Boreman's
Dr. Guysotte's Yellow Dock and
Brant's Balsam & purifying Extract
Helmbold's Genuine Prejverations.
Carter's Spariiaftlixtmy.
Rogers' CompB Syrup of Liver
wort and Tar.
K ennedy's Medical discovery.
Hoofland's German Bitters
Lyon's Katharion. - -t
Ayers Cherry Pectoral.
Swaynes Compound Syrup of Wild
Wistars Balsam of Wild Cherry.
Marchisi's Uterine Oatholicon.
Rowlands Tonic Mixture and Syrup
of Blackberry Port.
Jaynes, Wrights, Sellers, McLanes,
Plant, and Poor Townseuds Bran
dreths, Loep, Ayres &c.
McLanes, Sellars, Jaynes, Bardott's
Worm Sugar Drops, Frcys, aud
j Farrells Arabian Liniments, Meriah
Mustang, Cochran's, Van-Vlecks,
j Tobiases Venetian, Chinese & Nerve
;&Bone Linimenis, Dr. Strobles Pile
Liniment a certain cure for Piles,
j Price 75 cents per Box.
McAllisters, Morehead's Magnetic,
Trask's Magnetic, and Croton Pilo
A general assortment always on hand, the following
are a few ol the leading articles in this line
Crosi-cut and Handsaws, Door Ixx-ks and
handles, Mill Sjw and Cross-cuf, Files, Butt
Screws, Iron and Steel Squares, Pad and
Till Locks, Augurs shoulder Braces and Bills, jn
Wood cf Iron Rasps, Bed Castors, Carpen- iA
tert Rules, Lull and Porters Shutter hinges,
A good assortment of Table cutlery, Razors dc.
Those wanting such articles will do well to ex-
amine my stock. Wm. Mann's Axe heavy dj-
light, the best axe in use price 61,15.
Also a fine lot of CAP and LETTEt paper. Ink
slsnds, Ueel pens and holders, a good article of paper
for 15 cts per quite aa good aa comsuouly aold,alS5. Try
It, It is good and cheap aa good, .&
011.9 & POINTS of all kindasold at Wheeling pricse 9
for cash.
Aug. , I' 5V Sin.
House, Sign and ' Ornamental 1
SI. Claireville, O. if
Ceiling and Wall pair.'.iniA Oil, Oil Grain- f
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