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T on shun notice all kinds of ..i,.,p
, . Cards, Ilnndbm,.
'Hmphlet. riniiiHrn. ti.l.u
f Posters, Checks. 1 .ki.
V I. A W YEII'8 II It I i n, Ac. Ac.
I . In ahorl all kinds uf
I)ni in n style to give eatisfswwon to the moat
laalidiout, at the Bklmont Ciiaollstt.E OmcE. All
, ) tirilit-sjirornptly attended to.
, ftyrrani-lent advertisements and job-work muat
piiid for in advance.
J v KrAII communication? and ailvertisr-mrms must
H bp handed in btlorc 1(1 o'clock on Wednesday, or bo
aelsta mmum week.
Tho Fair of the Belmont County
J Agricultural Society will bo held in
St. Clairsville, on Wednesday, Thurs
day and Friday, the 3d, 4th & 5th
J days of October.
!Mn. Editor:
Please announce the name of
J). D. T. COWEN as an Independent candidate lor
i'rosicuting Attorney, and oliliun
August 16th, 1851. te.
ng3baThe Belmont Co. teachers Institute, will
fpgs hi- held in Martinsville on the wek
Srw Commencing Sept. 2 llh. No DlIlM will
be spared to make it an occasion of profit la those
who may cumo. Let the teacheis all turn out and
make it a pleasant as well as profitable session.
The usual pro'vision will bemadefer te.i.nli- board
ing free.
It, nrA' nflJm f'nm. of ArnYtflr.
l Jvo. Wkitr.
Miss P. Btuxv.
S. A. CtuTr.Src.
iIILL be held in St Clairsville, on
VVWednesdn Sep 20, 1855, at 10
o'clock a m. tot the sons of "Sarnuil' m on hand
in heir "Sim'i" wins discuss smsrloftii p'iti-iuits,
anil tiiko council tng"li,r upon till) prest ill National
and Mute affairs.
Hv order ot tho btote ten. Com.
Barnesville Forever.
BARNESVILLE Sep. 5, 1855.
Mk. B. R. Cow-en
Dear Sin-
Yon are hereby
iufnnnnd tlint, on tho Hit ult., you were eleclcd
as llortnrnry meniber of the liainesvi le Lelte
Uttrti luceum.
I Parker,
P' Umvi.vs.
H. Hirjion Bali.
I '.mi mi 1 (
Your mofto'jcdient, eenllemen, We tully appre
ciate the honor ot your kind act. Bn assured wo
re not unmindful of this and o'her favors we have
received at the hands of the attache! of the Bnrnus
villn Institute. May your Institute live forever, and
may its present studenis be of i lie alumni that cele
ebrate tha first centennial anniversary ol their alma
mult r; and may t!ie "Belle leltres lyceum" (loutish
Bt long as the Institute stands.
OCrMr. Franklin Bell, residing about 21 miles
East of town will have a sale of much valuable
personal proper, y, on the 13th of October next.
See Ilia Adverii scmcnt.
A friend from Wayne to vnshiu says the Re
publicans down there, are not only not going to vote
'T.unble.but are not going to vole for auy body thai
is ing to vote for him.
The li rm of T Sweeney & Son, so favorably
known to numbers of our readers have Just received
their full importations, which, as usual, ate the most
complete ever offered in the west. Their stock of
Git isware, Queensware. &c, will be found to em
brace everything desirable in that line,
OJrWhat a pity the "Know Nothing Council" did
sot consult the editor of the Gazttte beloro locating
their crossings.
KrMr. H. O'Donnell has left at our residence a
fin i large head of cabbage weighing 9 lbs., Ibr which
we tender our thunkt.
rWe are pleased to learn that tho efficient
Board of Agiicjlture have obtained the services o
- col. Harris, of Columbus, to deliver the Annuu
Address at the approaching lair. Tho Col. wil
make an attractive and useful Address He is alsc
made chuirmun of the committee on rrmai.
E juealrianism.
iKrlt will be observed that the Pcizi list this ten
fjrmr Agricultural Society is -imaller ihan it wo
thought last fall it would be. This arises from lb
heavy loss sustained by the society in the fire c
last winter, It requiring between lour ond five huu
dred dollars to replace the etalls and lencing con
sumed by the fire. Let not this, however, deter un
one from computing, as usual, for the aeveral pii
Merry's Museum. A monthly Magaainepublis!
el by S. T. Allen Co., No. 116 Nassau e:. N. i
Terms fl.oo per annum.
""fhoi September number of this magazine is on ot
table. It is edited by the well known Robert .Hcrrj
We warmly recommeni it to OJr Him le as a papsi
which will be a lavorite wherever it goes. Do nu
epend your money in foolish trifles for your childre
but send it to Mr. Allen and get something that wi
laji forever.
COrThoae of our readers who. ire just comment
ing the voyage of matrimony, will hi pleased
have pointed out lo them a sale harbour, to unchor
Itime of squalls. The best harbour tor such persoi
w. know of is J. C. Harbour, N . 1 1 J .Main strei
Wheeling. In thut Harbour the nowly mariled r
af.dy u our their l-ark while tin y li y in a cargo
Carpels, and other ''paraphernalia" of Housektepii
Head his manifesto, in another column.
Viniin and Bsautiful Exhibition. The uoiti
attractions of Circus and 'Menagerie in one lei
with a double company and a ai.igle price of i
mission, seems to tsk the lead in the shows t
teaspn. The proprietor! Messrs. M) ere Al Mudig
nd 11. B. Huwes. have advertised their oorubir
xbibiiion to be i Sr. CLAJBeyiLLl on Wednesd
September 2fiU.
Tb Menagerie, imoa g other wonders, oon'.a
Lariag Uiraffe and ttbinoceroa the only onet
their kmd now on e bjbition. Hi-sjdes the beami
quesutaniem of ill liusu Mt4igap and the ori
nul drolleries of the QQWn Mtert, the Manag
have added new Paittoniiui culled the Miser
Bagdad, got up in magnificent etyle by Mr. J.
Or-Tha Wheeling InUUigmctr learr.s tl
Mr. Fatttt hie concluded to accept the P
idenc ol the (?. Q. 9,. U.
Th co-nnrlnrrship herelofnre exitlng tindr the
name of A C. Martin Ik Co., was thW day disolvwl
by nmiual coneent. A C Martin having iorehssd
ilni rniira interest of Thompson A Pstursun. The
';u'l""ss will I continued at the. old amm) by A C
J Martin. Those having accounts, will please call
and settle, r
TMOMMON a. pvh'ppui im
nt ualrevllle (). Sept. Uih M, 3w.
The Committee on Summer Fruit
Acknowledge the receipt ol the following article:
From John Otr, somn Cucumbers measuring 111
inches in length and, 1 1 inches invcircumlerence.
Kiom Mrs. Williamson a cluster ol cucumbers,
nine growing in a compact cluster, and blooms on
the samu vine
From John Goer-, some pcimons of tho Magnum
Bonuin Plum, messuring 6i inches in rirctimlerence
Kroin Joel Elliott somn Magnum Bonuin Plums
6l inches in circumlerence.
From Ur. Henry Lysle. of Hunter, Wayne tp.,
some peaches measuring !)i inchea in cirrutnlerciii e
These petetM were reiseil on trees two years old
Irom the hud.
From Lewh Boyrr, of the same piece, some
peaches measuring 81 inches in eirrmnterence.
From Mrs. Morrison some seedling, Urecn
Catharine, and Morris's Rare Ripe peaches.
I'roin Junies Thompson somo very Isrge pears
name not known.
F'om Mrs. (,ce Denham some encumbera 151
inehe i n length.
From Mrs. It. II. Miller, somo fino Isabella
HISRORY, organization and transctions of the
Ohio Editorial Association, during the
years 1853, 1854 & 1855.
We have seldom seen a better executed
specimen of typogtuphy than a book just re
ceived, bearing the above title, printed by
0, S. Journal Company. The pamphlet con
tains the poems of Kinney and Chester, the
Addresses of Mansfeld end Cox, and the
Essay of Coggeshall. Col. liar is is entitl
ed to the credit of thie publication, s
superintended the work of it. Lnngrmy the
"Ohio Editorial Association" continue its an
nual r-unionj.
fjTGon. S:olt has received notice that the
back pay he is entitled to by the late eel of
Congress has been witheld.
(KrReturns froai Vermo.it, from all the
towns except eleven give R yce, Republican
candidate for Governo , 8900 majority.
i (lirThe deaths in Norfolk on Monday of
Inst week were 66, on Tuesduy 53, and on
j Weu'nesuuy 4o. On Wednesday 50 new
j cases were reported.
years 1853, 1854 & 1855. For the Chronicle
FLUSHING, September 14th, 1855.
Mit. Eoitor : As a member of the Repub
lican purty.I leel il a duty incumbent upon
me to coll the particular niientioii of that
party to ihe acis, P elinc und sentimonts of
1 certain rntiJIdates for office. Mr Chase vns
fairly imniinaled in Coniemion at Colum
bus; he wop, and is, the choice of the people;
he U the exponent of Republicau principles
shall we then lend our aid Biid support lo a
! man who is using all the influence thai he
i can exert lo accomplish the defeat of L'Aase?
jWhat pusition does Mr. Swaney occupy!
.Many years ago we find him a Calhoun sla
very man oi the most bitter charict-r more
j recently we find him advocating the Nebrne
, ka fraud and now we see him attending
Tiimkle meetings, and adding what little
force he possesses to 7Vt'mWe' suoport;
and yet Chase men are called upon snd ex
pected to give thin man their support. Beau
tiful coiisislency! Uphold the man who is
openly against us! How stands Col. Niff
upon this question? Thero can be no doubt
that he whs in favor of the Nebraska bill.
It is also eqti iliy certuin that he is opposed
to C.Sise ond in lavor of Trimlile. Are in
tel igenl Republicans to "le forced into the
support of tuch men! Are we to be hrow
Ibeuten into silence! and are we going to
permit these men to boll and repudiute our
nominoiiiin, and yet vo'e for them! Or, will
we, as men ol sense, have an independent
spirit, nnd reject these aspiring office-seekers,
who scorn our party and oppose our candi
ilttes! For one, I shall resent the acts o.
these double faced gentlemen, and endeavor
to show them that " honesty is the best poli-
We find the following telling article in the
Wheeling Intslliyencer of the 8th inst. Friend
: Taylor is a capital judge of dimity' and he
I therefore called at HeiskelVt.
Hliskei.l Piling up the Fall Trade.
, I When a :ian w ilh peculiar capacities fort
j particular department of Business, devotet
years of aeiduoUs attention to that business
ever watchful lo impruvd IiIb capacities, am
discover the want of those it is his aim ti
s accommodate end please, it is impossible the
II he should not become skilllull an 1 proficien
' in his business, and worthy of public patron
' age. Such a man is Mr. Heiskell. and sucl
' men are his partners. We have olten hi.
' occasion to reier to the extensive Dry Good
establishment of Messrs. Heiskell Si Co
and have always, properly, relerred to it a
u one of the firet class.
We stepped in thero yesterday and foun
'ali hands up to their eyes" in business, dii
" pensing from their very large Fall stocl
' goods exactly suited lo all the various wan
r of iheir numerom customer.-, It "would I
' impossible, were we to occupy our whole p
5 per, lo enumerate one hall of the fabrics thi
iia?e provided lor the fall and winter fa'e
They huve all that men, women or childn
.. can possibly desiie in thb dry gtods line -to
For the ladies, they huve eiiks, de iaint
in calicoes silks, gorgeous, plain, modei
is unique silks "mori antique" and more e
it, modern ail manner of mat--i iais ever dream
an o for nut'l-le tire, sew wi n aiid Without Hon
l ce, and the n.o t U ve'y embro.der.es, i dgin(
iR- fcc. lor those other dresses whatdo you ci
them, inside of outside dresses, ribbor
,d tail bonnets, robes, Paris mous in de laiui
, embroidered collars, undefsletve-, cit.'iic.
u). sll unsurpassed fur richness and beauty.
his For gentlemen, they have a splendid assoi
an ment ot clothes, vestings, fcc, end lor bout
ied keepers and etery bxxly else, they hate sua
sy thing that will be certain to suit them i
of which will be sold as chesp is ihe sai
things csn be bought in Uncle Sani's domi
ious, or any other doLiinions under t
When we had got ihustarln the Inspecti
j f Heiskcl's stock, the customers beifnn
as wade in so fast that W deemed il p udent
wade out. For futther particulars, we m
it reler our readers to our sdertising colum
re and to the corner of Market and Un
streets, Market Square Wheeling.
An Ordinance
I PrOfWHilne tn anna, ,rt ,i. .e ,ar,lt. tlu 1..
lorpoieted Vilirueot llsrnesvill. sasjaj Heot ltd.
" I
Be it or. I aiiwd by the Mayor, Recorder, sad Trus
teemil Dm Ineorporated Vlllsg of Barneeville. thai
the quesiiiRi shell be submiited to the qualified vot
ers ot said Incorporation, on Tuesday Ihe fth day
ol October, nest proposing to annex, sueh .eontigu
ons territory, thereto ss msy be embraced In the
following tie i. V I n.l viz Commendng at the
eouth weeiern extremity of Main street and running
thence with thilwunds ol ihe coipoTaiion, to to
H. W. comer thereof; thence In seine direcrlon ten
rods; thence by s line parallel with Main etreet. In
an Kasterly direction, until li Interesects the west
sm tuundai y ol 1 1 milt's addition, thence with me
western boundary thcreol in a southerly direcrlon,
to the southern line ol the C. O R. Rood; thence in
an easterly direction, lo the A W corner of Wm.
MooreV lot; thence with the southern boundary ol
ssid lot, eastwsrdly, to the 8. K. corner Ihereol;
ihence by a due pariilhi. with main street, eostward
ly, until the MM intersects the east side of the
Bomsfton Road tin nee ftotth wiih said road, lo a
H)ini one rod sovlh of Ur. I Hoover's stabi thence
eastward!' hy a line paraleli wilh main street, uolll
ttie satin ia rsecis the western boundary ol 8tew
rii. I Morn. 'a land; thence in a BjOltherlf direction
with (he division line, hniween the lolsof Thoniss II.
Wil,n, anil Robert llodgin, until the same inter
sects the norlh.-rn line ol the C. O. R. Road; 111. 'nee
westwsrdly to thi N . F. esirernity ofllugcr'e addi
tion to suld corp.rrauon; thence wesrvardiy in a )
srrsightdireciion ol the N. K. corner ol P I.kw'i '
Orchaid; ihence with tho north iHiimdary theieoflo
IMMi VV corner ihereol, ihence hy a lint- parallel
wi h main streel, westw .rdly until the same inter
sects the eastern boundary ol John Cole's lot( thence I
in a southwatdly direction with ihe said boundary
ol said lot to the d W extremity of said Incorpora-
: lion.
Sec. 2d. That the vote shall he taken subject to
I the flUei arid regulations governing ihu elections in
j incorporated Villoges. and those in isv.,r of said an
nexation, shall volo on printed or written ticket,
"For annexation." and those opposed thereto shall
vole ptimedor written liekets, 'against annexation'.
See. si. That this ordinance shall take II ct ,V
I he in force from and otter its n. isbssm. Attest.
Doltlmore, 8ep. 15. News from Norfolk
I is better the number of new cast s has
diminished during he past six hours, ending
' at noon ytsterday Deaths at Norfolk were
39 ut Portsmouth deaths for the same period
were 12. Among the deaths at ihe latter
plr.ee are Mr. B irtlett i nd Miss Patterson
the latter a nurse from Philadelphia.
I On the Itth inst., at the St. Clarr Hotel
In Pittsburgh, by Rev, John Bro-vn, Mr. L.
B, McLain, local editor of Ihe Wheeling
Argus, and Miss Emily Cotts, of Wheeling.
Success til ye, Lirryj but we can't see
what use a married man has for Cotts,
Stale of Ohio Belmnnl County, SS.
"rVTOTIi E is hereby given, that the firllow
Lt inn named AdBJIInlitratefl end Guardian, have
held their ascollits an. I voucher in niy Ulhee for set
tlement lo wit:
M. Penulngto Oearrllse efs. A. a, Siisott.
Join, N. L'nnsril Adiu'r of Mark Watssti dee'd.
o. .i.swstiey OttardlaM ot Oes 0. Neiswanjer,
I Jiiiaii WsUou Adiu'r ol fetor BsMsrsen dee'd,
I in-.- Lasb Adoi'r of Ahraham I. ash dee'd.
I .lames Price, Adm'f nf PrsSiClB Pi ice dee'd.
TbeaiSS HltChst, Adm'r de bonis nun of Thomas
; Rsmey dee'd.
Ablsail Wlker snd William McCracken, Adm'r tf
! John Walker dec',1.
j The Aral i.'iu aUi.ve iiamed accoiii.t will he tor hear
iti( and veiMenienl on the I9l!i, and ills fnui last . on the
"" ? DAVip HABRII,
Froliaie Jude.
SeptemhcrSOlh 1PM.
There will he sold on
SATURDAY, the 13 day of Oct., 1835,
at the rei.tence of the srilmcriher livincS miles East
nf tit. Clsirs villc, Ihe lollowmg described urupeily
COLTS, 5 MILK COWS, a number of
One four horse Wuy.in, Plows, Harrows,
Culiivntors, nnd all the usual farming im
plements, els 5 set of Waion HurneM, Hay in tin
titcli. lloiiKehold and kitchen tarnltwrs, c.
Terms niHile known on day of sale, bale to com'
men cu at 11 o'clock A. M.
He,.. SO, 155. F- BELL
1855. 1855.
1355. FALL TRADE, If 6 5
No. 05 Main Street
Are prepared as usual with a heavy aiock or Queen
ware, I'liiua As., Irom the heal I'utlerieri in Enulatid 6
Prance, which they oiler to the Trade at tauten
II s amoot aesalssi to remind the public that the;
are ready to lilt at short notice aatr order lur
' Out, Blown or Pressed Flint Glass
j waro.
The Trade and others ars invited to call and cxauiin
their stock.
, Wheel...': Pep , so, less.
Ja rll3yir
Nu. 143 Main Street,
s Carpets Ruga, Oil Cloths, Lookini
Vilusses & Upholstery Ware of evr,
d I diseiption.
Bes leave lo inform his f iends an'thsiiuMlc rem
(, ral:y iliftl ne hasjusi ismrned Irum the East, and
,g I ,.u receiving the laraest ami iuomi desirable slock
fiiruuliliis soods ever olfered in lllis eily: u . . :
ie of over W .COo yard l Carpels of all grades Irom
I Osi. sper yard to Urn tlnusl quality of Uruaeels an
s " Ve.v... Mse KefS and till Cloths in sreal variet
.y also a very large vtock of liainak and lace cur.
Voodv, losether with the iirsaleal variety of huu
- Fm BlshiMf t;ood in Hits city. This stock hse hai
, ., seected with iireAl care loth as iu the style and Bffc
Thoe In Want of gmida in my Hue will pleane call a
ezaiuiue ttie lies, alrinrlcd and warreuled lo be t
cheapeal ,iockoffe ed In this city.
'" J. C. II I HIM I It
it. Wheeling, Sep. SO, IHU. lis .Main Mreel
Barker Shop Poetry,
i Am-' Her. Bolt."
ig Oh don' you re ne ither t.eiv Re Sim, friend joe,
Lew ha . in t e Barber uptown,
is, VV iu sMiltssJ m Ub deii.ht, when you give aim a call
M And due up his shaving so bruwii.
Inlbe ueatbsrher shop on Main tl.eet.friend Joe,
. it. n at., ins old green house au i ,
Ha naa fitted u,, lua -lie. ve eh aoaps of svsry see
e- Aud lbs striped psle is his sign.
. Upon his sotl cushioned chair, old Jnei
III Thai apfea4ta wide us anrii for us all,
n Together we've sal ill the noon-day tune.
And moused whits lie shaved ua so well.
ht Many Bail eta have triad in tain, eld Joe,
Hut their elfori can never compare
For the cuatouiera fleck around the enop to see
u() Uow tastefully he clips o.f Hie l air.
to There's a change in lbs times I know, friend Joe,
Tney h . cnang'd Iroin ine old to the new,
tv An i 1 le. I tu the dspthsuf mv pocket the truth
u . Thai prices dowu Ijwu ul hats chsng'd tao.
I,f Four years have passsd, or more, old Joe,
ttince Lew Hansom's nan e wee rirai liail'd,
ion And his shop is Seemed a hlessiug in truth,
For to please he has never yet failed.
Bt. Clstrsvills, September, SOIh IMS.
Jeel Nlchnta, pita. I flefore Jsiaaa Kelaey.aJes
stsleai S I 'lira ef the Peaceef feilqey
rttWt Dancen, Sefl l Township, BalsaeM County,
Of. the I .'.it. day sf MesSemher, A. I. IDSft.aalS Jastira
leened an order of aiiechineet In the ahnte actise, for
the asm of slaty two Sellara with mlaiest frow tte Bib
day of June IBM.
Peltey Towmhlp, tSB1. Wth. 1
'PIIF parteerahlpherelnfrrreellstlnt htweee the un
1 de, alined si Hunter, isimntit Coetity. 'line, under
Ihe Arm nsme nf Onion s Boyer, difsolved on
nei.lrmlMir ivth. IS.VV
r Oriaon la auihorlsed to rolled all c'aimt in farnr
or said arm, and le pay all demand's srsliw the aarne.
Fl.l.wnnn rmirtON,
I nil' ROVF.K
NplSBjllSfi Sfrth. tMV, tjM.
o. M. HstaBBLL, I. A. Frrsta, F.. B. BwnaiS'iis Jr
WIQSlllliLlL &
WHEELING, Virginia.
stock of Rich ami deiirftMe roods, 'fv r
lit.ti of which mi iinpnrUii hy them llftM IrOtrl Y.n
roi, ni. .I thr rMftlMfff of ihrir mock !. i' l in
Pmti4tlpB.il ami Nw Vork. from IM most rMtnt AT
rivals tiy stiriniers and nihrrwI'M, TlMjf art daily r
ctvmf additiuo of New a l drslrahte roods, and will
at KM ItfHM lake pleatire in etliihitins; tlictt Koudi, to
all who will lav mi us wilhacad.
Moirp aoliqiis riilks, Bfark White at Colore!. F.Vfint
i Faticy Colored fllks, vrry rich BisrholT'' and H-mnn's
I Kek Bilks Plain, Ptsured Rek.Hilks in eleirant and ei
ii:py new designs. F.mhroider'd Pilk Rohes, and
I Muslins, Moire antique .Mouiins and l?MMMrMi
I M. Do. Bege. l'oniins and Mohair I-trea. PUtfl dn
Fi-imrd Motisltus, in freat vanrty, FreucfT Merinoes
in all Colours, at ' l s isons prices
Mt yds Frencli Mfllth and American Chintss and
Paramettas, Alparcas A Rinrhami.
1.000 Betntiful Collars, our -iwn importation, arm yd
Jaconet A Bwlaa Kduiligs, I naertinga, Flouncnigs, and
it. s Laves.
Habits and Bleeves in llenetnn Laee.
:. lead Lace.
. " Vaiencienea do
. Oiiimnire do
" " " Swim. do.
Bonnet Ribbons' Rich Bella, Mohair Bracelet
Gauntlet Gloves, Toilea Triinmines Ste.
Our stock of staple and lousekrepinf roods is com
plete. It is )mpottjhlo to enumerate and particularise
the i micfnee Variety Composed inonrstock.
Hept. 13, IHU.
tice is herehy given that at the I'ruhate Court for 1
Belmont County, the umturxirnrd tvi aiiKinted snd
qualuiud as A ll n I tl I at f AtOff ol Wm. Halderstou DocM.
mi fni Belmont county
All thoiic Hulelited to said estate, are requested tc make
immediate payment, and those having claims araitittt
suld (state are notified to pre-ent them for settlf-iuent
within one year from tin- date.
dep. 13- 1P53. 3w, Admii istrator.
Froc lam at 1 on.
; tlteq.iaitrtPd Klectora of the Cnunly of Befmonl
in the State of Ohio, that they tneel in ll.c BBVsral
Towiihip of said l.'ount y si tne usual places af hoi
dins E selleae, in each TosynsnlB). on ihefbjcenil Tsss
I day of rictoi.er IHAS, it bstMS INS Oth ftay or aatd Manlb,
I the., snd there to tecr I by ballot according to law, the
j lutluwlng nanietl olfuer, lo wil:
One Governor, 1 Lieutenant Governor, 1
; Secretary of Stiite, 1 Amlitor of State, 1
I Treasurer of Slute, 1 Attorney (ieneral, 2
I Judges of the Supreme Court, 1 Unruber of
j the B iard of Public Worka, I Senator to
I represent Beltnon ami 'arris, in Counties, 2
Representatives for Belmont County, 1 Co.
Treasurer, I Prosecutinji Attorney, I Coro
ner, 1 Commissioner, 1 Director of the Co.
A-'d lite trustee nf the several Townships in said
county are leqiured by law to reltirn two a -Is of Ju-
ror Irom their respective Townehipa one aet f.,r the
Court of OossttlOS rieaa dc one set for the rrobaic
Court, as tallow:
Common Pleas. Probate Court.
I Colerain, 4
; Mead, 5 '8
I Plinth. S 10
Wahiiif Ion, 5 e
I'ln. Inn". 6 10
I'eaa. 1 1 18
rininllierset, 7 12-
Wayne ll 10
tinKheii, " 10
I'tiitucy, 7 13
Union, 7 13
Wbeelins S H
Kirkuood, 7 13
Richland, 14 93
Warren, H 13
York, 4 7
j 11)8. ItO,
Thejnrnra forthe rottil of Cnmmoii reaa arc to be
returned to the Clerk of said Court, and the jnrnrs fof
the Probate Court am lo le returned lo Ihe Probate
Judge: ami the Jtuices ol the Ec.-tinn will take BO
i lice, thai the plola nWH l.eoi.etied between the heurs
1 of fi and lOo'clock a. in., and ehMSrl atfio'cork p. m. of
; aaid tiny, tiiven under uty hand at ril. Ciri-vilte, tins
ttll day ol Bee, 1853.
Wholesale and Retail.
Js? Has on hand anil is anttfatttHnf, and re
4 ceivitiijoiinol thelanjesl a-sorliuanla oJ
Hats and Caps,
consittinf! or nlf t) a vnrictips and colors nou
in u se. a f which will he told al the lowest rates.
N. U. Ilat:i made to order at the sloriet notice.
8. AVERY. Mam .trett. Ni, UG 4c I4i,
sep 13. Wheel ing Va.
1 J mi-1 in.' of irood stork, offer a premium of $
to whoever Atlittrs to them at their sa'tin;; hoiup fl
T' Bki.mont, hetweeu the :0tli ol Nureiul.cr and the 30tl
ol Due ember,
The three lent hogx
said lio'js not to weidh less than 1000 pounds. Tn i
ward in ft the uriuiumslhe t-izeof the bOft, Ktnessan'l
smttllnessot boue tobethe rule by which they will b(
Belmont, 8ept. f3, 1655.
Bt. Clairsville. Ohio.
' VI? INUl'IRE at the X'ational llote. All o
iu Is. Jj. "dera lelt with Mr. Lewis will recen
se I prompt attention,
li I 8t. Clatraville, Bept. 8. .tin.
ti, DisuluUoa.
' I 'HE partnership heretofore existing bi
I twrcii the uiidersineo al Mount Olivet, Belmn
County, llhio, undei the driu BSHIS ol O. M. Jouea dtC
was dissolved on the 39th dsy of Aiitut. ISM.
(I. M Joucs is authorised to collect all claims infav
ofaaid Arm. and to nay all demands aralntt tits aame
Sept , lRVS.stpd. CT. IIOLLOtVAY.
Abel Chaltent, plio. ) rjefore Andrew Alessndi
afainsl 1 " 111 of the re ice
Hiram W. Hmith, deft. ) Bicliland township, B
uionl Cnuntv, Ohio.
Outhe Suli day of Ausus A. D. ICM, said Jnati
iiaued an order ofniiathnieni is the shove action lur I
Ml, aifirf of twenty dllla. a with Intereal rrom the 3d day
March. Inn, and coats of ailli.
John C, Nirhoia, as sheriff of Belmont County, a
Taswctl P. Martin, hoth readetiis of said County i
aaruiiheed in lite shove case.
Sept. , 3li pd. Miller Penui iiO'i,ai'y for pi
WE are now in receipt of our Spri
Btosk or
Wnll Paper,
Comprising rli the newest snd moat desirable aty
from Ihe Kastaru Uitles.to wbiebwe invite the silent
oi ihoae in wsul.
1 17 Main etreel-ahove Mourut
April, isjv
CnEUIf JAR8. A sinalT lot ot I G
I II Olassjars, for puitias up liutl.caU soon at
Tho linst PfSSSfYS .Torft Extant.
f1 HWKKNKY, ti S()N,Wheelin, Vs
I e areffianefactnrluff aOass Air tlffM Jar for (are
aerv.ns frail, whteh ia far auperlnr lo any nf ihe Un o
Self Beating r.aaa new in aae The ladles are reapec
ruf'y Invited to rail and see these JaraMSsrs completm,
Iheir pnrehaaea.
Sept. I). H.
KnfMTFtfftfcff nnotinCeN it ihe f,adtPi of
Ht Clairsville and vicinity, that h intnd
jLsW Mfff on the Mi.lnery Ihipinsi in all Ms ak.
Cfx vsri'tin hf nches, soiints a share nffln
WMP f it, ptttrnnaf. f'sfplicw tar sn"it'inRp
9K wi' he fivii to fm-v work. Trim
minr and mshlnr Boa 'et-; ! the very a et stylt, A
at rett reamahle price. Iter retidtrre i- si the t.
end nl Ht, i;iatrivi'le in the h"iie of Mr. Joseph Butter
nearly ntrMiMi Amiru"itr's Grocery.
HeptemherO, lrj'.
" 1 1 1 ST'
mX7 I have just rereive r a Treah supply n'
TV aii Um sssert keeks seed Is. net rsjrssoei scheelH
which n-ill he ayld at Wneetlng price.. Hcn.il Teae.h
era auppliedon nigral lerma. A 0. MafSTIN St Co.
Sheriff's Sales.
Abner M Orcgg ct p.!,
Narry Lofd ft lli
In Partition,
BY virtue of an order of 8ile tomedirrc
le frtiin the ''on rl of fJonnnon Heas of Uuiuion
t:Miuty OblO, I will olfcf for Hale on
Monday the HAth day Septemkr. A D. 1996
iietwceu the hours of H o'clock A. M. and 4 o'e-loci
V .M . n said dsy 011 th' prewlMfl in said ounty Ike
IbltOWlttl dencrilped laud and tenement, sltua a t. in
and hemr m IM rouniy ol BelMtlH and Htate Sfoibhl,
and r-einr a part of section X. "-d Toirtiebll T, air.
KaMsrp 4, and htun ed and tlesc. ed a loliw to wil;
Th tirs. dsprihed. bffftltfll for its. Ifonnrlary st a
stone at the south Kast turner of tlf 'vliote ol pad
rstate on the south side ol said aectiM.i. anr fanning
ihence North67 41.1(H) rods to a ia thence West Id
N loortpds toa itune,tlMnce PfOfMl0j rod
to a atone, tl ie!f. f7 ITtfi.4 W.Mifi 'to, a stone,
thenee N. Oil - tu a stone, thence west 0M9r4t1l Ml
the line between Vantaw and H,enccr, thence N. 31
rols to ths Hoiith Kal mniff of KeVcca Kdwards 1:
thence liouth r3 went, 7H lirf rtnls to a stone, in th
road, thetire roiit!i It fVeel it Tf rt4tlN9ft nald mad
tlH'tice totllh 4 c west I .16 rorts to he Honth Kast VI
Hoboes l.ot, thence Sou til ''Wtffl 3..r0 Kodisto a stake
on N ichoi'ti ine, tbeiice rViatb trtJB aaUnlt, tnetiee
5H3rodi.iiiener! jfatuili f.30 n.dn to a tone, hence East
MTsfl rodsmitir N. K. ctirner or Hhall I 'iwi'i line,
thenc Soiilh74.,.si rod to a stone on the section line,
thence Kan 44.MJ rotts to the nlace of hOttftlMfs l
atfe rod and 7 ttttClMi of Land more or less.
The ir.d tract hegtllii for its Ui.indry al the South E.
corner of llrp-.'iies Lot a'-ove ment ioned, and nnnim
t hence North t1,' s , Ka-t W l ro M itli rM rod Ihence
ioutlill4 west".') rodK. ihence north nu wf!stt 13 rorialn
the National Koad. thence Houlh Ml M rod-,
UteniM Attn KMI IS rods, ihence Haulli 04 west
4 flu rods to atake. thence p.oJtli I", 5 west 4f.pl rod
Ht fie pttxe of beflatnts I OtrtltittHlg 4 acres 2 roods and
3T.4A nerches more OtWel
The3nl true begirt tni, lor i hounda ieattlie. IV
corner of the se :tion, and runnmj thenre E 120 rods to
atakeat ihe N. W, corner f I 'Muwtri L-t, Ihence H
"4 mils, tneiice rf31 W.pii rdsiu the N W. corner
of Malnt.ies lot, UienCe f. G-B. 4h.3u,rnds, lher.ee 1.
MOW. 10 30 rods, thence P if s I Iff, W rods to the
Nalhit.pl Kt'id ihence H f3i W. li feet thence H.M W
I'j.o.i re4etbeace N. 4i rod - to the n . E. corner ol Wm,
Waiters lot, thence rl. t-4l W. p rode to the range tine,
thence N.37, 4J rodr,to tiie p'ace of iw2 minor eoejitning
33 at:res 3 rodi- Y :i7 peTcbneMsOre or lew. The lib, Iran
known an tfaesemlnav lotberlnnlMg (hr it hounttmriei
on Ihe National Road It the S E. corneror Edward Wai
era Lot, and running thenee W, 12, o. rodei iiience s.
:f L U rode: thenee H -E 19, ItS rod?: thence P Ki
w 4. 40 to the piatce of ieginnlaa control ng 4$jto per
ches more or lta The Mb tract Nwlnnlngfor Us bound
ary no the National Road a: the S E rorm rof Dr. EsIphs
Lot and running ihonee tii3w g, e rode: thenee
n '31 5 E Irodate place of beginnings containing B0.6H
perches more ir lera, the Arat dertribed tract eotni
! acres will ie roldau Ject to the dotver of Nancy f.o.d
I beretoftf re signed by uieteaand bonnda and appraised
at the su in ol 40OJ mr ect io raid doorer the 2d detcribod
tract is appraised Kt giaM. 3d lies.-nhed tra' at 01440
The 4th deacriled traci appraised at f M0. and the 5th
descrihed tract annrahted at 3i7.i the 4 last daecribed
trael. are clear of Dower; al wil he sold on the tflftuW1
ihgeondttlonr. otte third In hand on the day of sale
I one third in one ) ear and one third in two years with
; interest on the riclVred pcytnenta front the day of sale.
JOHN C. NICHOLS, Slieritf.
Atie.23.1?5.'ph0, 1 0 .00.
Alcxandt-r Armstrong,
vt :
Aloxnnder Hall and Perry Wilkinson.
HV virtue of a 3d alias Kxecution to n.fi
directed from the Court of Common Pleas of Bel
mont County UhiO, I Will OlWf for Sale at Public Auc
lion on
Thursday the 30th day nf Septemter 1855.
between the hours of io o'clock A M. uddo'etotl
P Jtf, of said day at ihe Iront door oi the Court Iluiiiip ki
St. Clairsville in nail county, the foilowiiiit LandsA
j tenements situate lyina and being In the county 0
' Itelmoitt am) Siate ol Ohio, nd hounded and dercflbei
! as I'oIIoas io wit: Lots MUOlberC 0 11 12 !." 1G 1'
i is IP B0 81 22 23 and. the E. pari of Lot Nc
! 24, in ihe town oi the Great Weetern In eaiti county
: t.ke!i in Rsaeatio i al i:ih rilitol Alexander .rnietiong
Shcrid's Oli'CP, St. Clairsville,
eug.10, i?55. 9?..
Warner Turk & Co.,
McKay & Co.
BY virtue of en alias Execution to m
dtiSCtsd from llifi 1'otirt of CotnBKNI Peaa of Be
mont UoMMtJi I wi'l oiler lor faleat PakllC Aiiclion o
The Hth day of Septtm'ilir 1855.
, lifUvpen Hi baurs of III o'clock a. in. and .o'clock p. i
ofesitliisv, in the loWB of llarnptville in aid count.
ait'ie ta. lory or McKay It Co., In sail Tews, ins fu
lowtnc Ssscrftsd OneSi ami chatties io Brill
Tlircu PsrSlBI Machines, 1 llirkey, l'cilfcr an
Bel nntnf MaehlnS One Corn cleaner anil 'JUtl Pplnoi
tollers 4t tfack I sst efold earSinf achines. I Uu
l ard 4 Cstliof S Of DS BHorT. otic and a I. all barrel, i
Dve f BIT, I itoiiB Jaacbltie, isn oi Pnss Papers on
iltlaiikei boBBJ, l Jsmss Loom, ons Bshing WUee, eli
Dink one I ot or tcsf rj.i-re, I Power l.on I Dul
I her l pair ol Stales, I hUofBHOCkete BoblHt.S l.ar
) Baskets I do?. It.-rl-., t Wheel Barrow, 9 Res s, fi
' sroosei. Holes, I Look, . sinal lot ol Verdern, I pain
51 f heap f hears l! Pir oi Biolstl chair, 4 Bouada of Blu
.-, Vilnt.l I Warp, I kes of Pia.h, t Imtcl ol Djo r-tul
i : and one Larte live Kelt e.
aim one M t Baerirs OHes. bVb. ltk, ISJA
JOI1N C. NlUllOLS, SlieTSt".
t- ' Ub ELL'S
P(L(S)(yM' DliPOT,
MAY be found a large assortment i
fire Plouuhs, Bnh-Poil poil 's, Sod plousli
Utuhlile pluughs, Patent Lever and Iron piuuhs. He
feynion's Grain ft ills, the heel in use, Cider Mil.
Chain Pump futures. Chain Pump Toheins, UfeS
Pump Chain, Louisville and common Lime, Piaslai
' Guano, BeBrrs's sitperphuslale I. line. Charcoal ill luu
and ground Soap btone Rrouud, While Sand;
La ge and small Coin Baskets,
ino Coin stalk and Ilav cutlers. Brtre Scythes. Wat
I hon.e ai d Miller's froths, Tl.eruton eler Chun
r I Barrel Chorus, Tajrlor1sObt.rus Ussiter chums, fo
' Handles, Hoe Handled. Broom llsnd cs. Com Shelle
Brush Hand esj Shutels,
Ppades, Manure and Hay Forks, Hickory and Co
Hi. ...in- and Whips; Km Uritnl stones nd Grind ito
i.aniiui'. Plailorui scalss sArrauteri, Washiiii u
'- chines, Rollins Pins, Chillies Pins. Tutis and
0l Buckets, l'each Baskets.
Ox Yokes end Bows, Hsavy Hamea, Covr Ilea, B
r Canes. Bird Seed, etc., Arlhur's Mlf realms Cans
These c(ns were thoroughly tested durn s issl sunin
and their couleuts after the lapse of s year found i
Tiees and Plants, in their season oflr srrsnsemei
are made lur a supply uf Fruit trees of all kinds Ir.
line ol the bSSl .New Jersey Nurseries. Seeds Tiniol
t seed, Clover seed, Fla .eed, Orchard Grass se
oi Kentucky l.loe grasseed, Mi'lui. and all other si
el. ItoUaUt and soij. sflSO, Corn and cob Crus.iers.
J For the i.nrchase or sal ) of Fkruis. unimproved Lan
ol .Mill ifropeity, city and village property.
ad a H. HUBBBLL.
' O-TOce at the Agricultural Seed Store,m
th O. qu.RR Depot, Wheeling, Y.
)AMES V ATES is oov running the F
tory aiK.nsey'a Mill, Ave miles west or Brn
port, hy Bieaoi Poster, and is prepared during all
on suns of ihe year, to maouiacturc with neatnese ami
patch, the following srticlee, eia:-Cassinteres, B
neiis, Tweeds, Blankets, Flannele.anS Stocking Ya
of all colors, aud in quality not aurpaseed by any ol
establishment, low lor cssh, or the following article
trsde, Wool, Rags, Beeswsl, Tallow, snd eoUiilry Bi
al. Carding snd Spinning, Fulling and Dressing BOM
country customeisto ordsr on lessonal.le srruts,
i. Dcc.Jfl, leJM
, :
1000 Lives lost in me night!
LYON S eelckratsjd rat pills for the cer
lain dsstraeiian of
These pllSsares certain esterasleslnr of the aenvr
.ainerl v.rSBtB. ss they l.sve i,n tknroegbly teswd and
lever knows to fall. PorBalehy
so, IS, 'M A. C. MABTHSd.Cs.
fl-9inlwlr II Iff tolf loiifpnlniinl
Compound Extract Fluid Ruchu,
For Dian of the Bladder and Kidney, Oh
ttrwAim of the Urine. Chronic Uonorr
haa, Stricture, Obeli, Weakneuei,
and alt Disean-i of the Oexual
t)rgaft .
Wlteilicr In Rlato or Fmn!e,
7nm vhatvtr caM tha; may hare origniatT) iml no
. Matter of how lour utaorlina.
II you bava roiitratli'd IM tffff iWa 4 1 taupe whirh.
IV hM onraaratfil ,n id" m. Will iiinly o down
rrofkOlifl iff iM-ratiou lo another, unftsrioInffi2 "if: cor
t ito 'too a4 (potn iti fry vita fl Id of hf,
mi triiat yunrpp.'t in tha hn i "( Qaacki, h" -1 . .,
very i in a city like thU, a''l h!l the mpv.m with .
.'taring lalaeho-ula loo well aakniateil in Hereive Ida
rftatifl ami iboat IWPl ACfMAiAtM wrth iheir trleka. I
Voc f annot fie too careful in tlie fitttion ol a remedy '
n ihee rile.
Th 1 1 ' in BtftaCT StiCffQ hn len pronotincel h j
mlaajfit ih) alclana the v. 1 1 i Rimkpv t - l 1
Kov f. It It a !" : pUaaant in lit lane j
aMvafy Innoaaniia its action, ami vt po ibornnati
a it annihilate every MTtlaM of the rank and BtoM
oiHvirltiP of tlnt drea-llui dieeac aict, mil ihe utii
'enieiJiesi, it itosj not dry 'intliedineaie in Mood.
CMttltattoMl UrhiUty,
roiiflit on I f elf al ne. a aadJM MfflWl itaaMt, hirfi '
naa hrmtf ht ihan4a f tha aamaa racu to mtiaiaij I
raves, tlmi hlavtlna the hnliaut ho.en ot are nip, anil
d trlii tag in the hm4 the Klariaai aaiMtiaa or tuauy a ao '
yonl h, can ba CVrti hy tun I ufai 111 7e Remedy. A rid
i a MMlialai Wiich onitt iKMi. fil everyi ody. Irom ihe
unnly delicate to the lonftned Hit! deepair n-c invalid, j
Ml equal ia to be found, aoling Isoih a a Cure and J
Hi iii.ixiiii s iiiijhlr Conccntr.-ttesj '
Compound Fluid Extract
For Pnrlfv-w tha Blood, removlnj all ttlegaea. arlinr i
from Kxcew of Mercury, ejprtpnfe and iinpriidence
in Uta, run. in', cotiatituiional di-aae, ariemx
from an ini(uretate ofthe Rtowl, an tii
only reliahle m ejfecttial known remedy
for the I'ure of Scrofula, Palt RMVfflf
Rcad Meait, L'Keratiom of IM
Throat aud I.- . I'amt and
welit.r afttoa Bonea, I
, Tetter, PlMBfaa on
thefacp.and all Hcaiy I upiiout ofihe Skin. j
Thiraruc'e now preicnhed hy aoiue ofthe mot .
littif.Miieh(-d Fbyalclana la the country . and haa pro w4 j
i more efh' if nt in pfactl ea than aty irearaiion of tar- j
i siaiiariila yai oJlered ti the public. l-veial cai.-P of ec- i
( n.tdary Hy.itiilia. Merriir'al and trofu!iua diseaei ;
' haveentirely recoTeieJ in the iurufrMe wardtofour'
' Public Institution which had for many yean rupipteri
"very mtde ol treatment that could be detiaed. Thene
caaai Atmiaha riaimaiaaaataa of the aJatcry aflaati
1 i tiiia Maiiclaa ill arreitnii eome of the most inveterate
rllaaiaaa, alter the glands were HfuH and the avaai
, aready alheted.
NOTM.'K. I.ettrr fmm reinnilI Phvfician and
! I'rofehP'srt" of several Merii-al ColteffCa, and ceilincaten
' of cam from patieuta will (e found accompaiiyiiig loili
Prlca. Fluid Extract of Buchu . $1 p r battlt, or 6
; bottle for ? j.
I ncee, Flo Id Extractor arparanlla. I pfr lsO'tle,or
1 fi ho'.ttfii for a.i.c.iiii iu strength to one tcaliou Hyrup
; of arpaparilla.
! Prefer d aud old hy H.T. !IELMBOI,D, ChPinitt,?C3
CbattBttt St., near thcGirard House, Philadelphia. j
To be had of A. C. M .RTIV,fe CO.
5uie Acents for S. Claimv.lle, Ohio.
Wm. 8. KfL Millwood. O,
Pt!e A cent for liueriifev I'onnty
tgf-Ail Letters directed to the Proprietor or
Agent rtceiH immediate attention. i) I
I Hay4.1fUl.
A F IF L 7 ID.
The iollowing valuable Meiltciaes for salt liy
J. W. C0LL1N8,
St. Claiksvuxe Ohio,
old dr. jacob townsend s sar
BAPARLLLAi an Invaluable r-irieily tor all
' Imp untie, of the Mood, Bcrsrsla, Err-i,ielas. Erttpti.ts,
! Rinnworin, Tetter, llr'atl aelte, I'liupfes on the fate,
Uiotcliss, Bilss Src, asUortitis coasidsrsti ons ol IBs
t hest hlood pnritier, now in use, and trill teto'rt at tt,e
I 1 low price ol HO cnils per hoille or G totllirj for si.
I ' 9 M. Ktir's Petroleum or Roc Oil, A
I natural RoBsBdv for Tiles, Ulieu.italisiti, Gout, voura
. 1 Igla, Hetli, e-s. "Burns St BcaMs, Old e-orrt and Ulier-;
' ami is fcfadowed with powers t . relieve BSBfS liutnan
. ! SBlfSrrng tiiau any oiler medicine Lziant, and n.&
truly ie called,
"TBS healthful Jnrr. rmrn natures tecret spring,
The hlooui of hcsltll. and llle, to Ma trill BTiUfi
As Irom her deiillis the uiasic liquid flows.
To calm our su.iprn.us and assttai-e oai woes,
,4all lor lite low price of lij cent, per t.oltle.
Collin's Vnitcrsal Eye Salve. This article
is presented to llie pulilic as an txtertial Hcnit-dy, a.
vot.iina me . ant auu danger which usually attends in
tmdnctiou si uausties. Minerals aid Eye ... -.'it
with as-uratice oi its Elhcacy as a curaiive or IBs
3 lurMll3Ulcaes ol the Eye, acute or clironi inflauta
, tioa, whether induced l.y Scrofulous ortsin or SUrSrwiss,
II ' llel.ililir ol the SOUS neive, Gisttulalioii nf the Lids
I ami was Sat SB oi Vision, Irom any catiFe, and - 111
' ba trsi ranud to cure or IBS money returned, l-nce n;
I1 rents per BBS.
I-1 Dr. Johnson's J Co's Great American
d ' llair Tonic, Fur tlie preservation nf Bt-auty
e I Growth sad Restoration ol the human hair; and in tin
I I words ot a I', ft who lias proved us Excellent and va: .et
if qualities, it may now l.c truly said:
e lleltold a double charm who e potent power
e Add anew grace to l.eatily's choicest dower
- ll.it, i.'r n.li u.t1, e .K.-!il..-li.' .T..i,
Heals trie true flesh, ami cuois the burning akin.
,i Thtloosened hai- touched by iu'ialui takes root
e Anil Irom the scalp, new living ribres shout,
While from Eruptions, it extracts their slfllf
' And Willi twssl ease, rtplaces tunering.
Call and (tel a bollle lor 5J cents.
Dr. Z. IVicV'b Liniment or CMn'i Ex
. ttrnal Remedy. -ThU Liniment wss usei
with llie greS'.c.l success during upwards oi 20 year,
practice h the late llr VTiek's or BelmRut Co. Ohio
(formally of England) after Ins death the aecret oe
1 came llie property of the present Proprietor; am
lioui the number ol Isltera ol lliauks loiind among 111
late Lluc-tor's papers, reapeciifie. its wouudernil virtues
fmaiiy from the nobility and ona frnui Ins lata BtSjaSt)
. iiiiuai me 'nariS of BngiSiid t .eskini! iu the digues
leriusoi it a. intalnablc in relieting I'Stn aud heail
B ache, induced the ptt-gent proprietor to recommend it t
' ins IneVds lur Bneumaiisui, and iu osa wtaa many c
IhsBI were entirely cured, and all grtatly relieved f.on
' nam. and never has il failed in any case, tvhtxt it ha
la j,eel , ri as directed, and the Certificates which hav
' be. ti sent speaking ol its wondeifu, viitues, in Hi
p iniiowiug Hisissss. have far exceeded the proprietor
most BtasaBlM ExpeLlalions.
For Chronic itiieuiiiaitsm. Cramp, Head-ache, Tootl
ache, Swellings, Biuiset, Croup, CJuinaey , fore Thiol
Numbness, Frosted FSM, Nernus AtiBSVtMS, rams I
the Joints', ami is warranted m he sa eriur loai.y oiht
".' Liniiiietii ur Esten.al remedy. Or ihs money will be n
" lumetl. For Sale By
J. T. Graulell, JaCo'-aburg O.
Wm. Ilogue, M ornstowil t.
I. R. Miicltell, ' "
m . F. tldell. BarnrsviHaO.
as k. Ilollingstrorth, Fluting O.
it inn 4 Slew art Winchester O.
Jo.epli Hall, west of Baiue.ville O
koeeiuen urine ts Co.. New Birmingharu 0.
J. u. Weltter, MtilwouS O.
rj M. Ileiidersliol & Co.. Williamsburg U
Fowler h liliituger, Malasra ll.
J. ,v 8. M . Blockdale, .nirlm O.
!,, E. Crart, Senecavllla O.
'"' JohiiM'Sayer ' O.
, ttoiinit dl Siainon lltnford O.
, llr, 8. slcOary "
Samuel Large Mercantile SssoclStion.
, 1 Should any .Merchaul wlsn an agency, or to porcha
1 i any dl the fBSyM Medicines tly will pleas tend tin
urdersts JAB. vr.CtiLI.IN8, 81 Clairsville Ohio, w
will site them immediate atieiitiun. He alto keeps
large assorimsnt of all Ihe popular Faient Medicini
Wholesale Belail. Bug. IS, 'is, 3m
STH. tulacriher, desirous of ratiri
from tha Drug kuainats, will dispose ol I
Slltirs stock Of Medicine., t logell
with the leave of bis rcsjai, Ne.I, Wattui
ton Hall.
u out of Ihe BBStest fitted op Artig BstaJ.i,
menu, motieligihly listauwd, and dost lbs Itrgesi v
aenpnen husinesi, tva vautstSB M say, tbaxi any oil
two uotxws in list city. Tha medicines on hand i
c all p. 'nu ami ciwattl of a very geinerad asssslsBiiiii,
Teimsmade Suow u on application to
'ie- F. A. BKi-.M 1 LIM;tT.
ea- -Ma 1 Waaltingtos Hai
"ft Aug. tnd. ta Win-sHuf,'
he'; pLOWS. The subscriber has mai
" "' srranSiiientttv Heap on hand s all times, s full saai
' ,(ni of Csni'.r lever Flows, const. ling uf Iron I
I woodan Right and left hand, which ha will sell
I Pittsburg i Wheeling prices at
j Plllauurg o- , r JO(N ftrtotl(
4rlr nf Ohio, Brimmt County, 96.
NOTICE Is hcrsVY givi-n that th rMnw
rtsg MMtSSd sVt'saMrs, AdralBlatrstnrttnd Otar
liana havs Slsd thatr tceoviBts and vouehar. In saf (dfjL
Set tar ttst lenient to wit:
John H JohaaM. ASsn'r nf Isatsh (lame. See'. ,
lohnM. Weekt, Ma. "I Phillip Briltu deal,
onjn Fm.i Ba. n' Willlsm TtntA Bsc'..
'Wbi.O. Rarna'd. Ks. of Tnomst Bdrntrd dtr'J.
Mlhoa Miller, Et of Devi Mi'ltr dt'd.
Mirtew Miller Adas'! With the will aaatttdi ef BeraB
Stiller dee'd.
Mllten Mlier Oaardlan nt Rvraa Miller.
MHton Miller Onardlanjf ASdltBti Milltr.
TIM Arts fonr a .tree l amed asesanta. wl'l ks IBr
lieann. a-d .. tl'siuenlon tkaSltt. and the funi laat ea
,.dd.y.f B tvas,. DA.n
eng. SOth 1KB. rruBata Jdge.
WI I L leave! St. CLdtBBVll.LK every
morniur. faundys egrepied ; at 7 o'rlor.k:
Pa-urnlng. leaves U fisgtiss al Hi o'tloch, I'. M. until
further notice.
AT my stalls in Pt. OlSlrSVtlfS, I am preparer! to fttr
nish.at all times, horses for l.srnen nr sadd e, bil6leS
or harks, wii'ior without a driver. Riding psrtieeae.
cesssnodstsd M ShWrttHHIrS, TSf BH reasnnabie. Sta
l ies In llie east end of luuru
0. L r, v IB.
Ptflairseiile, A :ril . 0 b. 'S-ty.
moK wood's
''I ''HIS preparation, although less thsrt
X two rears hefore Wis t-uldic. owlns lo the Wonder
mi effects n- n the liiiman h.ir ai d srs'p, l.ss already
ol.iauied a tsftirlt) and sale isr-rlectly unpcHlsied.
Tballkls prtpSratkttl vrlll actually
Restore Gray Hnif to its Jlaiural Color,
produce Ininriant trrowth Bi.rin the heads of the baM,
pr. ve-.t the liair Iron. falllMtrsT, and w'i?n ued a- s
toilet Srtle.lS prodca S ennilrfffsl flow of the natu al
flu .Is. and thus render the' hair soft, ghe,., and vravey,
destroy diseatesof the sral,. and expel dan lriirT, the
certifi -ales ol dMitifSISItes gentle nci and lad-Ss m
every part of lite country, win, have tried It. and the-e
fore speak wltsl they know, most ful.y al est. That hy
t p'.iperuser.f the rtloroiive llie Pair can he mrfe to1
rei -in its natural color lo almost any age alotted to
humanity, l.y rem ivi.i rtlte StBsa-fnf tfcs diseasie from
ihe sea n- no mailer hw lour atandtog in conenr-r,-nt
ltiniony of ilee pres. and the certificate of nu
nermis resit, cable n.dlvidna' nl boilt sexes leave no
donht Cilru.'art cnntdiuifis ffill particular relatiee
to th. use ot this rural. re. a well ts the reeomin.rnda
t, ons of editors and cSr'iflrate. before alluded io, can
be hail of an aieuts. For sale y
Aug. . 'j. A. C. MjRTrN dc Co
JhL P.KUtTtt LKWtl liat talrn cha'trf " t
TrW ' " ' '' hiu-e. ami i
fill Ivpa ,r' i d o aecnmfiiottata the public.
J JgM Mf -r fnri;- li"'- th" trim -ft I r.o;iif,
dlTUlfM n 1 1 I iu many nlh-r rcif-ecti atiJftl to Ui
ron.lurtsj convan aiiwrCi of itM i:
HIS TABLE Will al nil t;me be supplied
wnii the aaaltba aiarkat atTorda. It in hii intiition,
and fhall lie tin loiirtint cute to raftdar hit liouta iu
evtry re-perl, all tliat rna L JeirpJ b gue-ta
HIS S TAUri.S arc lafga and will ba in tha
itttMfva l.amli.
Uftaltl alio tontlna4 the
utym a fca'a oT convenience and arrfnoiijr that eanntft
fai' io merit he apt to" lion of the j tiSlic. Aordrg
imt HO VIS, CjIKR) Gt: , 4tc. at the OCica of
vtie National will t-e , - aiteiideil to.
TIIK OMNim.'S leavi'ithe National daily
except Sunday for WbaaliltC. a; 7 o'clock, A. M.
Hi. Clatriville, Au. 1, UM.
B. LBWft.
uip it m?m
'IIlAT, notwithstanding the polite ilTorts m
JL of A. C Msrtirl A Co. lo deprive me of my it
S;enctes. I will sell the folio in, I 1
at price, from 3io -25 rent lower than retails.-! fn any M
store in the county. All of the foilowiug warraultsl a ,f
j genuine. I
I Dr. D. Jayncs Expectmnt & Alter
jative soil tit T" cents per BolAle,
jconimou price 1,00 H
Sand's, bullV, Howe's & Eoreman1 J
i Dr. Guj sotte's Yellow Dock ay
Sitrsapariila ,vf
: Erant's Balif.in & ptirit ing i:i
LiellAbold's Genuine i'reperations.
i Carter's Spanish Mixture.
ltogei-s' Compound S) rup of Livera
I wort and Tar.
! Kennedy's Medical discovery.
; Hoofland's German Bitters T
1 . Lyon's Kathariun.
j Wrights 41 t
j Ayero Cherry Pectoral,
i Swaynes Compound Byrup of Wild
Wisfaivs Balsam of Wild Chefry.
Marchisi's Uterine Catholicort
l Rowlands Tonic Mixture and Syrup
of BlaekbeiTv Port.
i Jaynes, Wrigh's, Sellers, McLnnes, . .
Plant, and Poor Townsends Bran
t dreths, Lees, Ay res &c.
McLanes, Sellars, Jaynes, Bardott's
I Worm Sugar Drops, Freys, and
, Hobensack.
' Farrells Arabian Liniments, Meriah
!i I Mustang, Cochran's, VaryVlecks,
II j Tobiaas Venetian, Chiuese & Nervo
' fc Lone Lininicn's, Dr; Stroblcs Pile
Liniment a certain cure for Piles, '
Price 75 cents per Box.
McAllisters, Morehead's Magnetic,
TfSJrk'l Magnetic, and Croton Pile
A general assortment alwajra i.n bend, the (BllowlSe
are a few ol the leading articles iu ibis linav-
"m Crost-cut and Handsales, Door Isocks and
J handles, Mill S. and Crou-cut, Files, Butt;
it; Serenes, Iron and Steel Square, Pad ani
Tid Locks, Augurs shoulder Braces and Bills,
Wood tf Iron Rasps, Bed Castors, Carptst'
ters Rules, Lull and Porter Shutter hinges, J
" A good assortment of Table cutlery. Rotors tj-tv'
er Those wanting sueh articles still da ueU to ex- I
amine my stock. Wm. Mam's Axe heavy 4; '
,h. light, the best axt in urn frit
Also a Ana lot of CAP and T.CTTEK paper I-Jt-
standt, otrol pant and holders, s gessi articls of " Ssu
fur 15 ctt par qui a ae good as cmiuoaijr sold at 16 BB i
it. It it good and chesp t good, f
Oll,BPllNTf ol sJltUasWlMta VTBMltaf p K
' for cash. f
fe i1-' - I h
" I JOTASH .Another cask of that supitVaM i
' L -0,-blur.ca.v.dBy .eKlMh2

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