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f ; 30,000 MFLL-E D!
, . V.". ILttii-AX, Sept. 27. The aieimcr Amri
if. arrived tliia afternoon Irotn Liverpool,
y with European datea to the Utll Inst. The
J eUamer bring moat important newt from
' the Crimea, announcing in full, the fall of
i tSebaatonot ao lcnir and ai xiooalv cxoectcd. i
nnthaih after a bombardment of three !
dsrasnd ail reaulses. Ooe beimr a severe
. eoule of the French. with terr.fic rliuirlitcr
at the Redau fort befo-e the MalakotT Tower,
in which the English and French troon lorl !
bout o 000. and the Ruaiiana mora than i
half that number. The enemy evacuate! i
the town after blowing up 'he defence. einl. j
.ii i (..! ainna mnA ftrii.ir ). aiin I..-...I .... '
r. , ...g .......... ..... ....... w V, ... ,
F- 'i rtoihin but a mnea ot amoulderina ruins.
, i The total loas in thia tcrrirlc affair i more
tban0,000. Five French Generals, iucliid-
i Ing General Bosquet, nre among tho killed,
5 A large allied fore. 1s marching along ihe
VcMt to Intercept "he Inland retreat of the
- Ruaaian. Tne Alilea have captured an lm -
roetise am-Mint of the material of war. It ia
'; etacrtcd ihat the Allied General have de.
manded the unconditional eurrender of all the
Rrnaian troops, etorea and drenre In the
Crimea, including the town ofOJeaaa.
The place waa attacked in four different
'lirpcituna. The Britiih attempted to aturin
l3i Redan. The Frunch and Sardinian
mad an united attack on the central buttery.
Tb attack were all made aimultaneoualy
and with great apirlt and onergy, but mont
eminently aucreaaful. Ono wa mcdn by
General B. aquel and Micmuhon, on Mala
koff Both the Redan and central batteriea
were at one time in the hand of the alliea,
biit it waa found impoaaible to hold them un
der the aocuraie and murderou fire f the
I tie reported that Andria he offered her
mediation to Denmark in her difflcaltiea with
tb United Bialea.
A oiapatch from the aea of Azoffatatea
that tba'alliel are doing iinmei ae damage to
Koaaian veaaela ai d merchantmen almg the
coaai. The-fliheriea are ahnoat entirely de
atroyed, iho damage ia eatiinnte at aeveral
million of franca. Two Britiah ttcamer
ware aacending ih Gulf of Oukliouk to de
atrcy the goteioment atoiea collected on the
nelleman, thn wouM-be aaaialn, i undoubt
edly a maniac and will not be tried, but will
bo aeut to the lunatic ho'pllal.
The Emperor was to leavt. Pari on Toaa
dey, the 13lh, for tho camp of St Omer, to
tevirw th troop declined for th Crime.
A Ruaaian diapatch Irom St. Peteraburg
aaya th Cur in'enJ n ing to Waraaw, on
th 13' h, with Count N''alrode, who it i
aaid will arrange an int-iview wlih ih King
of I'ruatia.
London, Sept. 13 P-ria correapnndeni e
' t sya it ia reported that 25X00 tioopa embark
ed at Balaklav for th north of H-baatpol, &
elan that the Ruaaian forcea were in full re
.'.real toward Perr.kop.
i The Pari pap r are Ji'cu-aing the quea-
tlon w hether S baatupol ia tenable by the at-
Ilea while the Runaiane are uiaater of th
fort on the north aide.
A dispnlch from Dandle, dated '4th, aaya
th blockade shipa are ispected tti be ordered
home Immtdiatt'ly.
It ia rumored in the club to day thai the
alliea have fiKind 1200 gun in S-'buatnpol,
and also tkit th lluasio.ii were lulling back
on Srl.'
Frnnch rinn.ira ay ihe R'laainna sti'l cer
tainly hold tlio north of Stbu.topol, and ill
to the last extremity.
It waa repurted in Pari that the allied a I
miral had decided that it wa not i xpcd enl
to enter the h irbur of H bjaiopol un'il Fort
('onatai tine ia ailenc id. It is probable ihf
alliea will attur.k Frl Conxtanlinu Iroiu Ft.
Alexander and Artillery Biy
- ciitlun not
qnotably lower in consequence of ihu Bank
ul England huviug increaacd us ratea 4,und
a further advance to flva b.-ing rxpectad.
HaI of the wet k 4d,UC0 h.ilcs, including
thousand b ilea lo speculuiiun.
Mrket for brradatutfr generally dull but
ro change in rce. Wneat advanced la.
The weather hua been fuvorablo and tti ac
count from the cropa very fUtu ring.
ia i
Arrival of the Steamer Washington.
! I
Naw Vobk. Sent. 37. The 8teain.-l,ln
W.hinfclon from Sauthampiou arriva l, at
o'clock Ibis altcrnoor., Irmginj dates lo
the llth Inst., from Londonst!- Liverpool
The Washington brings 300 pa. nger
A i ...
Gen. Simpson in a despatch dated S.-beato-
pol Bept, 0. Scbaaiopol ia In the hand of
the allies. The enemy evacuated the south
aide after rxphding their magatinea, aetting
fire to th town, and burning all their ahipa
- f war except 'three steamers. The bridge
communicating with the north aide wa de
' atroyed. A dl-pa'e i to the French mliiUter
of war, aaya Uarabelii'a and lha soulh part of
' Sebaatopul no longer exi.l. The enemy per
ceived our aolid on u, a loo, evacuah d ihe
place after blowing up nei r y all the defen
- eea.
i ne cm;i nonora oi ine uy are due lo
Generals Bosquet i-ud Mrhmatke,
A dispatch from Varna y Ihe MaUkofT
: end Redan batteries of Careening Bay were
carried by dorm.
' On seain th French eigle floating un
'. the MalkufT, Gen. De Salle made two at.
upon the Central Bastion, but failed.
' !nce Goriat hakoft tvifgrapba on the 0th
,' Sebaaiupul, alter ualiiilng a ui-'t in-1
' t M fir and rrpulaing ix eui-reetive as
was taken. We found we rouid aot
JdrWiribe ear my Irom the Blal -koff, pf abich
'v they bad possession. Our brave troop re
f elated to the last rxtermlty. The enemy
' .V tovni nothing in the soul hern part of lb
. town tut blood atalm d ruin.
" When Intelligence or the fall of Sebaatu
" A reached London at ihe provincial cltit-,
J tnonstration of joy were manirsld at all
(Uie thastres and place of emueeinont.
if" When the fact waa officially announced at
'. $ eh place the bands a truck up the oailooal
i anthem of England and France.
VC Tbe newe of tbe evacuation of Petropo'o-
1 eyski by tbe Buaalaca. reached London on tb
K. : . .. .
.; ("'The life of tlieEmpewr f the Frenca
attempted on the night of the lOlh.
when none perron fireAtwn pistol tt th
carriage In which he auppoefd the Empcroi
in, The eesin waierffted, hi mnv
U Belltraan and he la evidently maniac.
Arrival of the Steamer Washington. From the Ohio State Journal
Who are the Friends of Trimble?
7b rte American Party in Ohio:-'
The conduct of the Ohio 4iiman Its
character for many year, under it present
manager I ao well known, that few will be
deceived by the. atMemcnt that tt ha been
rec ntly making, in regard to' th American
party deserting Mr. Cl.aaa with the intention
of euporting Mr. Trimble. In such 'slate-
mrnta I it not a shadow of truth . But the
aelf-evident dismay of the Lueoljco party, at
certain everwhclnvng defeat on the
aecond Tuesday of (October, instigate the
learlers to any falhood, and to make any as
acrtion, no matter how bold, to secure a ample
vote, no fcrncss ana oarciacea le me tmio
Statesman, that at one time It abuea and
villi'.e the American party, tid at another
lime attempt to glorify them into the aup
port of Trimble, asserting that Mr Chase ia
nnnnsod to the nrinoinlea of the American
- , r ---- r ---- r -- --
party. But the whale metier ia well under-
etood. moat espeeia.ly In thia region, and
jhia no effect. It will not have any effect,
Here, In Colnmbtts, Mr. Chaae has bitter"
vlmMciive opponent. The ediiorof the Ohio
Statesman ia one of them. He was once the
friend orM. Chaae, and lauded him to the
lakice, So he ha been the friend and enemy
of Mirtin Vnn Buren, Lewi Cas, Judge
Spauldlng, Thoa. L, Ilamrr, and many oilier
of the beat men in the country. Whenever
he faile to bring men to hi own view, no
matter of what party, he abuaea and hunta
them down with a vengeance "fierce aa
ten furiea, end terrible aa" Sum Me-
ISut wha are the friend of Mr. Trimble?
Sot thi American partyl He wa nominated
bv a few dianflVcted member of the American
party, combined with a few more old fogiea
and a'irehead, who InaUt upon clinging to
the Whiff puny I and aome of tlieae aelf-aame
old fogie took part in thn Republican Con-'
which nominated Mr. Chaaet Thi
ia the honeity and eontulencyut theae Trimble
menl Aye, and many of them have In lime
paat received nominatioua in Convention
Let the American pony come to Columbui;
and we will show them who constitute the
acting Trimble party here. They are few in
number, and the few of that number who have
ever been inaide of n Council of the Ameri
can Order, have, by their conduct, ahnwn
themselves ur.fii to be ranked aa American.
You can see them, almost any day, in close
communion with the rankest L'cofoeoa in
Ohio aaiiociating vilf. the very men ,who
hive renounced tho American parly as assae
.in.s, murderer and villains! 'And why ibis
association) What is lttobject! Why en
deavoring to distract the American puny, and
lea. I it from ihe auj port of the Republican
ticket the very ticket which Ihe American
party nominated! fur no one has cvr dared
to asert thai the Americana did not control
the I3'h of July Convention. And these men
who wants to be called Armrlcana, would
glory In the election ol Mediil over Chuse!
and aome, beyond any doubt, will vote for
Miilill the man who every day, from the
. lump ia denouncing the American Order
with a malicioiiablnernraawithi'Uta parallel!
These, be It remembered, are the men who
conxlitme the I riinbi party!
I he Statesman ia now ubirym oyer "an
extraordinary circular, laaued inin the head
qi.arter of the American Order," and which
It ia pleased to head '.' base denerted by t.ie
Ainerir.ai, Parly!" He made such an asser
tion lnnn since. Nor is this flrst circular that
haa appeared. None of them; however, ciimc
from the American parly. No one has the
courage to sign name to any circular, nor
to give any of them a public circulation.
They aro nil cNndektinely iaaued, and bear
evidence ot Lcoforo dictation and Paternity.
The nuibors are ashamed and afraid to attach
their namee to audi villainy infamy! Can it
be oosiible that any one who haa ever acted
with Ihe American puriy would be an treach
erous aa ti ondenvur to betray Americans
ov. r 1 1 M -dill and the Loco'bcn lirkotl We
have had A rntJtU, and they may have descend
ail's among us!
Li t the American party bewrre nf all cir
cular that do not bear the tignatu'e of the
olAV.cr of ihe State Council, or tne Executive
Council, None other are genuine. All
otKr.re are forocries. And remember, alr-o.
thai we hav no organs, have no authority to
speak tor the Anir'ie.an party.
Tlie American pirty, ae such, la united
the Republican ticket. The party will
act In bad faith, by deserting Mr. Chase,
oi any one else upon the ticket, because all
were honorary nominated by a Convention of
which they had the entire conrol. There
m"y " "'"' Py
':ilUt'. and ihey ultimately go over to the
f nvK1i hK" ,l""r ntu,,l " lead
,n concloilon. we asiuro Amerlc.na all oyer
Oliin that here in Ciiliiinboa Iba lekdrra nf,
4"',u l"at nere in uoiuinoua me leaurra oi
th' T,,,"ble htiio.n nc,"r ,,,d ',aim ,o1
imauniii iiiiriivmniifin Kinoiiru
all claim to memberahip to the party by their,
conibinsllon with lha Licofocos ta defeat the
A Glance at the Past.
The Lebanon Mar call attention to th
fact that ia October, 1824, when Gov Trim
ble.waa a cuidid-ite for ihe Governor.hip
against Jrremisli Morrow, lb vole lu
Una: county stood;
F.r Murruw,
For Trimble,
Morrow's mj-,
The Star say.
The vute in Wsrren the same year waa
tbvia, a owing the hgh ealeeui in which Gjv.
M-rruw wa hdM at borne:
Marrow, 9.370
Trimblei M
Again, in 1838, th vote between him and
John W. Campbell wi aa lollowal
CtmpleU. Trimble
Highland, 1033 ' Hi
In Mr. (Campbell's county, (Rrown) the
yule a'oodi
Campbell, 1673
Trimble, an
X, fjCrThere waa something rf a gathering
in tow n on Thursday,- drawn bilher by the
announcement of an animal show and a Trim
bl meeting for that day. Our friend Iljine
no doubt attributed the gathering to the I at
ttr. Mr. Thompson, a soa-in-lsw of Ex-Oov.
Trimble, wss the speaker upon tlx ecrision.
ZanivW Timet. (InJepcndont )
OCT VVt find to the Ciocinaatt Colvmhian
the following , 1
Gov. Trimble's Letter.
We are permitted to make the folio-wing
xttacl from a letter receiied b Mr. Stork
on, at Williamsburg, Clerwcut county, from
Jov. Allen Trimble!
"Hillsboro', O., Sept. 14. '55
"Joiir B. Sti'cktor, Esq. Dear Sir:
t t .
. "Although contrary to the
cot: I had pretcribed for myself, in relation
'o political meeting, I bad determined (for
reaaona assigned by the committee.) to be
with you on the 18th, aa desired; but Mr.
Norton, of Columbtia, informed me thia morn
ire, that a crest number of mv old Whip
friends, and other from different part of the
iJtatc,' had informed hiio by leltor, and per
sonally, that they would attend thn StateYair
at Columbus, on th 18th; 19th and 20th.
principally for the purpoae of aecing me, and
judging for themselves whether I waa really
laboring under 'great bodily Infirmities,' 6Vc.,
&c, a repreaented by our opponent.
have therefore concluded to attend the State
Fair next week, and if poaaible. be with my
Iriends in Clermont, at their meeting In Ba
tavia on the 27th, which will afford me the
opportunity of txhibiting more txkntively my
'great bodily innrmitiea.'
"Pleaae preaent me, moat reapecllully to
your committee and my friend in Clero-
mont, and for youraelf accept aasurat ret of
atump and be ore the people. He can an
vention awer for himself. If he wiil aay that theac
chnrgea uro not true, either a i ugly or in the
aggregate, and will deignate which of them
. are false, we will pledge ouraelveato have
the crushing evidence againet him forthcom-
The Statesman, in n paragraph, faintly at
tempt to deny the charge we have made
ngninat Medill. The evidence of hi conduct
at Baltimore U in the hand of a diatinguiah
ed gentleman in Cincinnati, now a member
of Congress. It i the journal of the pro
ceeding of the Ohio delegation in caucue -In
that caurua Medill voted agaiuat the Ohio
reaolutiona on I he subject of slavery, and in
the National Convention ho voted for the pro
lavery finalities of that body. Thi journal
wa kept by a gentleman now In oraVe, and
candidate for re-election. Medill ia on the
j ing, or; In default, will -withdraw the charge
aa publicly as we have made them. Now,
let the issue como. . Lnt Medill, in a public
apeech deny them if they are not true. We
hno caught the Statesman in too many fulse
hood to pluce any reliance upon any clinrge
or denial it may make. Governor Medill ia
of age let him apeak for himself, anil we
jehall soon see here the. truth Jiea. We re-
iterati the charges. O S. Journal.
Sept. 28, 1855.
' fi,.er- f .cted, wou'd advocate certain
Lea-urea in which the Bishop waa deeply
,,f rested. The Archbi.hop gave the com
upon 1 tnUwe )roo, )ie Cllllj control six 'lion
not I ilim lvk0 mdred votea, and the committee re
tjred perfectly atihVd.
j Tllt) Archbishop haa rome out in a card,
ami tliya ,her8 , n, a Wlird ,,, lrul, j ,,e
Dear Chronicle
Something funny has trans
pired aomething ridiculous something vil
lainous. P.-rhap you don't know Major
Johnson. Wo.l, just put your hand in your
pocket and hold on to your purse during Ihe
proces of introduction. He ia an individual
wno has courted notoriety , and when a politi
cian bang himself and hia chicanerit a con
apicuouely "on the outer wall," he becomea a
t,.w..A. m, ...liinl. Il,n m.lilin mall ulmtil nil !
Major William Johnon i
a candidate for
ihe Legislature. He waa nominated by the
Hamilton Coutty Democratic Convention
whii.h m t recently at CartNge, where, pen
ding tho Major's nomination, the following
iniercBting colloquy occurred.
Inquisitive Delegate "Mr. Johnson, were
you not, and are you not now a member of
the order of Know Nothinga!"
The Mujor "I took one degree, and then
backed out. II . H. Robinson, editor of the
Enquirer, knows the rest "
Mr. Robinsou "I will vouch for the
Hals off lo the Mainr! Mr. Rohison vouchr
for him. and ho is nominated. So fur. all was
well. Hut the Gaelic got hold of a speech
.....J.. I s. si... J. I.;- 4...
net-lion wiih the Know Nothinga; It WM
made in Ctineil. and ia substantiated bv un-
Impeachable witneaiee. In thut apeech,
th Major said that aeveral year ago he waa
one ol a Democratic Committee who waited
on Archbiehop Purcell, to confer wiih him
in regard to iho number ol votea he could
I control, and to solicit lluwe votea, with ihe
1 i.,..i.,j;n,. ik.i iu n
, UIKKLVnilUIIIH ,11. M." W. ....... ..-
1 whole aiory. So an explanation a.eiiieato
be demanded of ihe' M jor. It came. The
Major, in hi card, say he did not repreaent
himself aa being one or the committee who
WaileU thl. Ar,hbi.hop , butthathisspeech
, -ii 1-i.t.i.j
waa lurniahed on a rumor w inch ho had some-
where heard, but lor the life of him lie could
not 111 where he got il. The Majur'ikewuej
y. nr,w tu, , tok tw0 dfgrHt th .
merit an order. And it appears that he made
it hi business to iniorin II. H. R ibinon of
.1.,....- ii ti n
th duinga and secrets of Ihe order-that he
was a traitor il. the cimp.
Tne Major is somewhat in the presHcament
(siys Ihe Gazette) ol lh Iraveler wlil.pur
aued a turnpike uuiil it led him into a mud
road, which led to a horae-path, which led to
a cow-path, which led to a squirrel-track,
which led op a tree. The Major ia now up a
It ia aaid that the Democrailo Executive
Committee, which met few daysagi, passed
a resolution requesting the Major to resign.
But the Enquirer suppressed the prone linfi,
and aiill vouoliee for the Major. - Mr. Robi
aon aaya: G'iii-uin o the jury) my rlient
is accused of borrowing a lea kettle, and re
turning it to the owner minus the spout and
handle. But here are three poinia to which
I would call your attention, Firat, the lea
keiit hud neither apoul nor handle when it
waa borrowed; secon-ily, it had a spout and
a handle when it waa reiprned lu the owner;
thirdly, my Client never burrowed the lea
kettle. In view of these things considering that
M 'jor Johtuon i bul the ty,4of a elas, and
that das the notmneeeof the Carthago Con'
veiil'on, we must exclaim! -Pslenda est Car
thaao" our foe uiuav be vanquished auch
adveraarle richly deserve de eat.
-rTbeeieclion i next Tuesday.
ft. COWEN.
'Ktrrn.il hnvtllitv In every form of tvr
tinny over the mind of.Mun."
rhursiliy Morning, Oct. 4, 1855.
SALMON P.ClfASE,of Hainllton.
KiR LlttTTt!lj(nt OOTtRNOB,
THOMA3 II. FOltD, ol Richland.
for Acciroa or tt,
FRANC13 M. WC1GI1T, of Champaign.
WILLIAM H.GlBdON.oldencca.
roa jctwca or the aurREMc covat,
(For the full tcrm,
For the tacnnci
CHA3. C. CONVERS, or Muakinmim.
F. D.KIMBALL, of Medina.
ALEX. G.CONOVER. of Miami.
"I have anid that I never could vote for It myself
ami 1 repeat that I never can, and never will vole,
and no earthly power will ever make ma vote to
presl Naveryovor territory wheteitdoei not exist
tiunry nar-
fcIn January, 18.W, In ihe United Ptatee Senate,
Hon.S.u.Mo.i P.Chab, being cliarifed with entertain
ins fli'tinion snntlments, anid
"We in the West know of no rule of arithmeili
"by wliltrh lo co'rnlnle Ihe value nf I he T'nion. We
'bok upon it aa we do upon the blue arehof Hesvi n
"-asaoinelhuiK tuat can never break ot fall.'-
5KT 'Sir, whenever iher" isa nibvtanilil (rood to
he done, whenKVer thnre is a foot ol land to be U'e
vanlnl Irom brcomina slave territory. I am ready ti
irraKt the piinriple ol tho extension of slavery. 1
m pledged to it from ihe year 1837: I have bprn
uli!cli!rd to it nL'nin and nnnin.- and I will perlorn
ihoe pledges." H'tbtter, in Ihe L S. Sinae in
Timble Meeting on Wednesday.
According to notice previously given th? !
mns meeting of tho friend of Trimble
in Belmont County came off on the 26. ult.
The day was met at the threahold and usher
ed in amid the roar of cannon and the
smell of gunpowder About 8 o'clock,
a. M-, however, a heavy aliower of rain com
menced falling, brought on, no doubt, by the
roaring of cannon, or the burning of gunpow
der, or just because it could, or for aome other
reason equally cogent. At any rate the rain
fell w hich prevented all speaking out of doors.
During the recess of the Court for dinner,
the Court-house waa occupied, and the peo
ple then and lliero assembled were addressed
by Messra. C. L. J'oorman, of Bell-Aire city,
and A. Banning A'orton, of Columbus. We
did not hear Mr. P. except for a few minutes
at the close of hia remarki, and we reerel
that we did not, for hia appearance ia prepos
aessing, and hia manner convincing. II
waa followed by the Wellsburg Brans Band,
which discoursed some most excellent mu
sic, after which Mr. Norton .arose and ad-
dreaaed the meeting. Ol Mr. Norton's style,
we have to aay that It waa pleasant, end if
his matter waa truthful, he would make an
effective BUimper, but unfortunately ll was
If all our readera were fumiliar with the
columns of the Locofoco organ of this Coun
ty, it would be unnecessary for ua to tell
them from what quurier the orator derived
his cliargea against Mr. Chase. It was but
a reiteration o' all the false charces which
have fiom time to time appeared in the Loco-
r, . , .....
foco popera in the Stale, and which h.Hve
been, each in turn, refuted. For instance:
he aaid that Mr Chute obtained hia seat in
the U. S. Semite thruiiuh a corruut bargain
! enterpd inI beU.een 5J
- I m
Pugh fl Pierce,
" Frees,l member, of the L. gi.lalure,
l7 which bargain the latter were lo vole in
favor of fTie loriner having thtir scats in the
Legislature, if they (Pugh Si Pierce) wou d
agree lo vi.to for Mr. Chase tot Scnuior.
Blr Norton charged thai Mr. Chase wua privy
to that contract Now let u nee how that
matter stood before Mr. Norton '$ speech.
The charge u na made in Ihe Statesman, and
copied in ihe Gwlte; the Statesman "took it
back," and ao did the GatHte. Mr. Chase in
hia apeech here pronounced It entirely wiih
nut luundaiion, and on the aurne evening, in
a public apeech in thia place, Joifx Daven
Tout, E-q , ihe President of tl e Convention
that r.o.niiittti d Inmble, aaid, with a m.nli-'
nee and niiijrnaiiimiiy Ilia' he never losi
i i inu wlich awliy ,of, ,0nf,r,o i.jm
. ,. , . ... . . . '
aa a man, that he believed Mr. Chase to be
. , ,
Entirely innocent of lha charge. Vet not.
A'linsianuing tnt repeated reiutntlon or thi
vila ,ia,er, hete etmiei Mr, Kort0n. an en-
.i,,,,,,, i,, , ,!, .j.,i.
r!" r-r "!
cam this loul libel down our throvs.
Firf The Statesman denies the charge.
Second The- Gatetle denies the charge.
IhtriJir. Chase, himself, denies the
r barge.
fourA Mr. Davenport deniea the charge
But Mr. Aoi ton, in the lace of ail this,
must aland up before an intelligent audience
and reiterate thia libellous charge. Verily,
he must have an exalted opinion of the intel
ligence ot our people.
In the course of hi remark the hirsute
orslor took occasion to turn hia di.linguiheo
ailenilon to 'I ni Belnort Chroriclb. He
also informed u. by the way, (hat the editor
ul ih Chsoriclk wna " a clever fellow" a
fact which waa not by any mean new to hia
audie'.ce ahem! But a 'for hi sympathy
fur t'.ie ( BRotiicLi and is . editor, we inform
Hut that it is entirely uncallo I Tor, and ia nui
wanted. . We are satisfied that our courne
in the present campaign la the only vne thai
could be purauedby a coneialent autl-elavery
man, and a auch we continue in that courae.
The. gentleman may a pare h! (amenta
tiona until he And some individual, who
ataml in need of them. We cn freely for
glvsjbi pitching in" to the CnRORicii.aa
are In
an excellent situation to defend
onrsclf, having not only a majority of bis au-
dince for our reader, but about one thou
sand more. W expect to publish th paper
a usual. '
Mr. Xorton then tamed his attention to
the task of convincing his hearers that Trim
ble waa entitled to tho support of the Amcrl'
can parly. With thia end in view he read
from Mr. Trimble'$ letter of acceptance!
Alien he waa In'etrupted by -
A Votci (inquiringly) " I Mr. Trimbl,
a meeiMr ol tne Urder.'"
Mr. Nortor (reading) " I ask nothing
more, II, when this crisis la over, and an tne
business of life ia done, it could be truly aaid,
a you now tay in complimentary language,
that I have been a true American ' "
A Voice (tauntingly)" I Mr. Trimble
a member of the Order!"
Mr. Nortor (still reading, tvaiitely)
. . " a lover of the Union, a eupporter
of the Constitution, and a well wisher of Free
Institu'iona "
A Voice (perlinaciouily)'' Ia Mr. Tri'm-
ble a member of the Order?" I
Mr. ssoTOS-aaperaie,y, reaaing) i.(
have alwaya been the firm, and, I hope,
consistent BUVOCalO OI CIVll ana retlglOUa
member oj tne uraci l
Mr. Nortor ( mappishly ) " Read his
letter and aee!"
We have since read hia letter, and find
therein the following '
'The nonrna'.ion has been mode without any eon-
filiation wiih me, or the knowledge or eonventof,
any person aathorixH torpeiiltin my behalf; iiauinat
my own personal y. Mies, ami with the lull knowl-
ilge on the putt ot tne convention tnai r waa not a
member ol the party represented by them."
When Mr. Nortor) commenced speaking
there were in the house one hundred and ten
person, all told. A heavy shower of rain
afterward dfove in fifteen or twenty more
hut when tho circus band struck up outside
about half of the audience left.
We are glad to be able to state that Mr.
CAase ia gaining frienda every day in thi
county, and tho people arc becoming con
vinced that the race ii between CAase and
Medill and unwilling to throw any influence
for Medill, they will coma out openly for
Chase. ,
The Prospect.
Several persons have said to us within tlie
last few weeks-" If I wa only satisfied that
Chase would get more vote, than Trimble in
the State, I would vote for him." We have
no doubt but that he w ill, and we give below
our reason for that belief, compiled from re
liable sources;
A Cleveland correspondent nf the New York Tri
bune says TruHur.E will not gel over 500 votialn tlio
Kuaer e. Oin. Guzutie.
The Editor of the Cleveland Herald writ
writing from Culuiobus Bays:--
Nothing ii heard Imra but apeculationa as to
CliAsr'a majority, his defeat U not coiisi lnred a
possibility, A Clvvlundr gave il as lm opinion
that Air. I'uiMJi.k will not yui over on hundred voles
in Cuyahoga County. I'hnl m ill was a true pro
phet and t no oloction wHI prova it.
A corrcsponi cut of the Columbian say:
Cuyhoga county i Republican by 2,500 or K.U0O
majority if all Ihe sirenyth ol the Irienda of r'reu
dom is at the polls on the Jd Tu- sday of October.
The Buckeye Slate says of Columbiana
Every day brine fresh occasions lo our ranks
from the Utunocruiii! parly. Wu hf.itatii not to any,
that we fchull carry the county by on increased ma
joiily ovi r lni-t lad's vote; t-vi-ryinuiji i-rrnis to in
dicate Unit llii i iIim last lixlit the loculocus will
make uudrr tin ir present oruaniziiioii. We look
i, , t. . .t . ...... .i...
i Ulioil llie lilJUBlluilltlll oi Mini "
I i,XBi lacta
A prominent citizen of Cleirrnaat countv
write to a friend in Columbus, as follow-:
"1 assure you our county must (live (iotn 7iH) to
HKHJ iiiniuriiy lor Ihe Ki-iiuhliean liekel. We ninv
1 vi.-ron Hie liigliuit I'njun-s. I.ui wu cannot lull U...
A Cincinnutl correspcudent ol the Journal
All the candidates on Ihe Hamilton countv Ameri
can '.n ket have taken ground fur Mr. Chase. Mr
I'hasr's liit-nils olithide ol llie Hide- will thrieloMi
unite in kuppori o ii, and we ibiia i here m now
(jo-ul prosptel ol cli'ding lue wholj coumy lickt-t
and ijiviii Chase a mnjniily.
The amiio writer lurther snys:
IIh.vb bi-ui n-cei vine letlrrs from promim-nt men
in nil pullp.ul ihu Mate, '1'lic y i;ive clHiurlni ic
coiims ol Ihe prospi c: in ill- ir coiinlim. A llller
Irom Kaion siuti-a that lion. V IUimui. Lite ),nio
crinic preM liii( Judjiu ol thai District, baa di-ulared
or Mr Chase and llie Ki-puhiicin licki-t. and la now
aiunipiui 1'rildt- mid I link coumiisin up-orl ol
ill, in. Uini. Ulm Uuiwahd, bile li niocruiic ltr
prrti nianve in ilu-Oliio Ixiiislniure. lias entile oul
lor tht'iKi'iuiblit'iiii lit-kei and it- suimpiiii; Inr it. The
prorp. el U thai i'n bin t d Durk rnu-iii s will ive
nvuiw h. lining majorilisa tor the ! -publican lirk.'t
Ol Hainilloii county lor Trimble he says:
"IiMib been thought he would receive in(this
county iOUO or 30U0. but tbe prospect now Is
thut his vote wil not be over 1U0O to 1500."
At Republican inciting in Ashland coun
ty sperchea were made by T. C. Bushnell Si
E. N. Gate, Erq., both heretoiore promin
ent Democrats. They both snj-purt Chuse
Dr. Tom F.dwarda, of Cincinnati, eqnesls
the Commercial to aiale that he ha been
posted to epeak at the Trimble meetings
without lm knowledge it colieent He has
no sympathy with the movement, and rum
plains of the unw arranted use of bia name.
O, S Journal.
Frank Corwin, who line bren adventaed aa
a alumper for Trimble and the Bolters tirk-t,
has not auihonzed the use ul lua name and
declare his inlenliou to vota for Cliae.
The Cleveland Express,'! principal Trim
bl paper in the northern part of the State,
haa died for want of aupport. -t.-tthange.
A letter wri'er from Dark county lo Ih
Journal ssys:
"Chsse and the whole Republican ticket
will carry thi county by a triumphant ma
joritt." . ' . '
Tom Corwin haa avowed hia determination,
to the Editor of the O, S. Journal, to vote
lor Mr. CAua.
' Mr. Ciiasi occupied a seat in the United
Siatea Senate, for 0 yeara. He waa active, and
prominent in th business and deliberationaol
the Senate, and was among the very foremost
of th member of that body. H enemies
hae not yet dared lo censure any of bia acts
ir aneechee while in tbe Benste. ho
wa a
model Senator and would make one o! the
ablest and best Governors. Ripley Bee.
Report the Auditor of State.
05" Will the editor of the CnRo.itct.E In
form ti why he, and opposition editor all
over the Sinte, rsfule to publish the report
of the Auditor of Stale) If it mistatc facte,
let them be pointed out to the people, and it
it be truthful, let the people receive the light
and know the truth.
They will not publish the report, because
they darn not. Gazette.
But tho Gazette asys that we ahottld pub
to itn extracta from the report, at least. We
(shown our reader that the total amount of
levied last year was 89,092 339 60,
Verily, the impudence of aome men ia
alurming! Publish the Report of the Auditor
of State? Why, tho Idea ia preposterous.
That report contains eighty-four heavy octavo
pages, whicb would make nbowtflty-iix col
umn in our paper, or would occupy the en
tire paper, exclusive, of advertisements, for
two weeks, and yet the Gutt Mem on has the
brnzen impudence to ask ua to publish the
report of the Auditor of State. He has never
published it himself.
Again. this report is a mongrel production
-uncalled for by Legislative enactment, and
not demanded by any emergency of the peo
ple of our State. Here a question arises
Who pBya for printing thia' report?
i.,., nllhliKhei! rxtrar.. from it. We ha v.
while In other years it waa very much less.
We have ahown that the vxpendiiurea last
year for revenue purposes were $006,850 98,
while in 1845 they were but $201,471 97.
We have shown that notwithstanding Ihe
nnrtr,n, 1n nf tnv-llnn I k a Ututift 1 1 1 , 1. , 1 1
1 '
not decreasing aa fast as it did Irom 18-19 to
,,.. w,,: ,;,, r.,-,,
,ul"i " " e-v """"
in the Stute. We have Bhown that whr.e
the General revenuo expenses, including
those Legislative, Judicial, Executive, and
Benevolent purposes, in 1S51, was' $664,
C87 85, in 1841 it was $193,323 56. All
liis we have shown time and again, yet the
Gazette has the impudence to call on ua to
publiafi the Auditor's Report.
It is useless for L icoTocos to endeavor to
make lux-payers believe that our taxes are
less, or to hide the fact that they are largely
increased; they aoe, and feel to their sorrow,
; ,nat every year i,rjng4 an icreaaei burden
I of taxation. Thev also reason that as Loco-
foco officer imposed these burdens on us
thev are the last to lighten them, and thus
ihey rCs()!v, to ,ppnuitltc Locofoco;4, ln 0l.io,
onJ ,1auj,urata a .w era, commencing on
Tue(,diiy w,ich' sliall be to the people a great
j ,. f , lh(J of
Politics in Monroe County.
Below we give a communication from
gentleman who was present at a Democratic
meeting in BeolUvillc, on Wednesday of last
week. Messrs. Lawrence and Morris were
hurd pressed by Messrs. Sinclair and Ells
worth, on the slavery question; so hard, in
fact, that they found it necessary to read
Go'. Slianm n out of tlioir party to avoid the
Ddium of his Westport Kpecch. Tho Loco
nre mav altemnt concealment as much as
they please, but that apeech is genuine, and
lias hxed a strgina on tlie Ohio JJemocracy
tin I it cannot wipe out. Tne writer of the
lollowiinr is one of the best men in ttelmoi.t
county, and his statements are perfectly re-
liublo. Whut cull the Ni brusku De-nocracy
of this County answer to the questions in re
ference to Democratic orthodoxy ! Democra
cy in these latter days tmiet be terribly fallen
when it differ ao materially in adjoining
counties. In Belmont ihe p.ity swears up
on the Nebraska Bill that Gov. Shannon nev
er muda the Westport apeech, while in
Monroe, they know he did muke it, and ihcre
lore insist ihut he duea not belong to I lie
In regard to tho know-nothing i bargee of
Bro. Morris, against the Gov , we only know
that we have often heard it usserled tl.at
Shannon waa a member ol the Metropolitan
Council of K. N't-, in Washington Ciiy. The
editor of a N;w Y'ofk paper (the Courier J
Enquirer, we think,) says that he has in his
posaession the prool thut Stiunr-on is a mem
ber of the Order. But ne give the communi
cation, perfectly ealUtud that it ia a II correct.
Tho italic in the articlu are our ow n.
For the Chronicle
Wilson Shannon,—Where is he?
M". Editor: Sir I hum-id to be at a
political mei-tinu in M irue t'.-., a few (I live
since, which was addrersrd by Mr Lawrence
ul Gueinsey. who ia a candidate for iln-8 n -
war . l t : . ..a af . ..l
ate, and Mr. -. ll ji -m oi oionroe, pun
lisher und proprietor ol llie Spirit o' Di mo-cr-icy-
Thoe gi ntb-men oo4" strong rnti
slavery ground, and condemned the Kansas and
Nebraska fraud, in unmeasured te.mt Mr.
M'-rri touk ui casioii to resd G-iv. Shannon
plumb out ol the Demucriliu party. He ssid
he believed Mr. Shannon to be a Know Noth
ing, and had communicated this opinion to
Isaac Eato i, in Washington City lust sum'
mer, and had informed him, that if he really
behoved the Governor was a Know Nothing
that ia if he believed hi own opinion he
would ii ao all hia influence with the uvrn-
ment to defeat hi appointment a Governor
ot'Kai.aaa. One thing he was quit certain
of, the Governor waa a Sam Houston man,
anolhei one "e regarded aa equally true, thai
he had been active in getting up thelnde.jendent
Republican, which paper, supported the
claim oi Sam Houston These thing luken
in coniuciion, proved conclusively to his
mind, that, Mr. Shannon was a Know Noth
ing, ami lot a Democrat. The following
queaiiolia here preai m themselves to' t-ie
mind of Ihe pasting observer, for considera
tion. And firstly: wiro not Messrs Law
rence and Morris, entirely off the Democra
tic platform, when they dealt out aneh . tear,
ful blows against alavrry, and the Kansas St
Nebraska acts!
Secondly: nugl t not Ihoae gentleman
have been slightly influenced, by a strong
anxiety to accommodate themselves to the
views of I heir audience, wnicn waa mors
tbin auapected of being highly tinctured with
And lastly; did Mr. Morris apeak by au.
when he read the Governor out nf
party1 Gazette and Citizen or Ohio
Statesman, pleaae answer! W.
Notb bt TUB F.WTon. The Independ
ent Republican industrious'y denlaa that
Shannon ever made the Weatport speech, &
pronounces the published report a base for
SLANDERS—their falsity proved.
We have been informed that a report wa4
circulated moat IndustrioiiKly, in reference to
expression said to have been made by
Gen. Warfel, which will be found below.
Thi coming out jnai on Ihe eve of the e-
lection, Is calculated todo bim an injury, and
we are glad to be able lo lay the following
letter before our readers. This slanderous
charge will no doubt appear in the Locofoco
prlnta of the District thia week, if it does not
will be because they have heard that it le
proven to be a buBe slander, and think it may
react powerfully in Gen. Warfel'b favor. Il
hardly probable that he would repudiate
the par'y frienda he has acted with for sot
many yeara.
September 28th 1855.
New Atkfms, Harrison Cointy,
Mr. Cowin:
Sir .
The political enemies of Charles War
fell the Candidate on the Republican ticket
for Senator, are circulating a foul report like
this: That aaid WarfeLX. should have at o ted
that he could be elected "independent of the
votes of the freeeoilcra or Irish." This, Sir,
Mr. Warle.ll positively denies, and his word
will htnud against any other man's in the two
counties for truth and vorartty. Mr. Warfell
haa been fur years identified with the free--oil
parly, and hia nearest neighbour regard
him as a gentleman and a christian.
The denial ol the above ia from his own
Settled at Last.—Governor Shannon
in favor of Slavery!
After an awful amount of fuUifying on the
part of Ihe Democratic Preee of Ohio about
Shannon's speech, il i settled conclusively,
that he did deliver the Westport Speech
verbatim et literatim, as we published it.-
Hide your heads now, ye mnndaciou prints,
il ye have a particle of shame about ypu.
The Cincinnati Enquirer undertook to de
ny that Shannon made the speech attributed
lo him, whereupon the Missouri Ddmocrat, in '
which the report of that speech firBt appear
ed, makes the following reply:
" From the foregoing we . .pcre&'ve ihat
there nn eff.irt being made to relievo Gov.
Shannon of the respotisibi'ity of his remark
made at Westport, that he was 'in favor of
slavcru tn hmsas,' bv question intr the vera-
he n.p('irl ,,-g 8pc.fh it ,DpeBr8d
j t,e gt Luui4 fremoerat. In reply to thia,
we have to slnte thut there can be ioqrJ ?s-
lion as t the truthfulness of our report, und
that it was not only truthful, but taken down
verbatim et literatim ua Governor Shannon
delivered it. We sent to Kansas, as our re
porter, en accomplished stenographer, in or-
der to amid any mistakes or inaccuracies,
i i t ... i i- i
H,iu "'W ,,,s rFPur,s ueen "PPrc
iciaied that they were not only copied by'
nearly all territorirl and border newspapers,-
, we us extensively throughout the Uniied
Sluli-s, but were pronounced hy the member
!of L-gislalure themselves fir more eu-
thentic than any others which were publish'
led. In fact, so highly were tley plnared
with t hem that tlo-y ordered t xtra copies of
the Si. Louis Dsmocrat to circu'ato among
their Int-m's, as a true exhibit of Kansas le-
gislulion. The implication, therefore, that'
the 'pi ijud ices' o! our reporter -oozed through
every pure,' is niaiiiloot iy fulse, "ond especiul-'
ly cuntradicifd by the manner in which hi
rcpoita were regurdid by those whose at tioi.s
were tho subject matter of his pOn. To put
t his iiiiiticr ul reet, however, we have only'
itoreicr lo tlio fait thut. it is not n'one upon "
the utilhority of the St L-mis Democrat ihat
tliis celebraicd exoression of Gjv Sliunuoii'a
Tbe newspapers ir. the immediate vicin
ity, boih in K,iiiuund MUhnuri. which came
to band by iip ni-xt mui! alter we iisd received1
our reporls, colituiued tlio same tiling, and it
was upon that explicit ileclurution thut ihe
Squatte Sooaeiyn look auch friendly hold of
Guv. Sliannoii's bund In reference to the
apparent difference w hich occurs in the re
! port of the Republican and the Democrat,! hose'
wno luxe 'lie tri-uoie lo ex in ne '.lie matter,
will discover that the speech reported in iho
Democrat wos deliven d ut Wi si port. Mis-'
our:, and iiiimedi.ilely upon Gov. Shannon's
urrival there, just as the Irgisb.tors w ere leav
ing while thai reportrd in ihe Republican
was de.ivered ut the Shawnee Missior, to
days alii rwards, We i-y again, Iherelore,
that we can vouch lor. the very lanu.ge used
by Gov. Shann"n, and taken down by
stenographer as he ultered it,& w hulev- r ro iv
be the effect ol it, be must stand responsible
for what he bus said:
OCrLe' every A'eiic.in read tho article'
from the O S Journal in another column,
signed ' Au American." It is Irom the pen ,
of one of the most prominent American in'
Franklin County.
(rThe Grand Jury at it- recent aeaaion
found no bill of ind'u tment against anyone.
This speaks well for lha .norality of onrcoun-
03rA spe.ee by Gen. Wilson of Miss.r
handed to us by a friend with a request to
publish, was unavoidably rrnwded out. We
thought Gov. Rcder' thrilling adtre-8 would'
be belter in ihe present cris s, and we were
urtabie to publish b lh.
The New Governor of Kansas.
G-v- Shannon in hia adureaa to the Com-'
miitee of Welcome, which mt him on the'
border of Kaur is, aaid "there ia no Slate in
ihe Uu'oii were persons and property are more
secure .than In thia (Kansas) Territory."
nn the !ull Tore ur an unmitigated false
hood be carried farther than- in the above re--mark!
Are lives aecure when men are driven'
from the p ill by sn rrr.ed nvb d property
secure when printing presses are thrown in
the river because' thev era made to uphold?
law and ordorl Utn. Columbian,

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