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Halifax, p-o ft. Th AlhM snivel
Id port Ibis iiirt)iiif with Liverpool elate
to the 2 lib ult. She will bo due at Boston
to morrow it noon
Tho LmiiIoh have nbundan' pence;
rumors. Aiming Uii 10 is on that Ihe Rus
im Envoy bad an interview with the Cl ir,
nil obtained k Content tli.it Prussia shall
inform t!ie Wesiem nower thst lie in will
ing to tret fir peace, Thi rumur in con
sidered tfoobtfal. It is also reported t lint i
04 IK Canrubert line Concluded a treaty .
with Sweilen, Which binds Hut sower In'
join tha Western alliance in tlio spring
nnd to aft fit by land and aea. The al
lies, it is Mid, on their part are to restore '
Finland to Sweden. It in rumored that
Denmark will follow tlie course taken liy
No active, hostilities in the Crimea or,
Asia. It ia rumored kowttrtr that the Al
lies luvo determined to bombard the Has
position at Bebeatopol.
Tho King of Sardinia is i-r. Paris.
Liverpool Cotton Market, Njv. 2?.
Cotton market j dull nt a general decline
upon last week'i quotations, realizing in
aome cases 3-Sd; safes uf the week 3i,000
Bresdntuff in limited demand at slight
decline. Wheat fl I ) ,ucr. F.our ar.d
Curn 5d. Provisions unchanged.
London Money Market Continues Otrlngint.
Coaeula 8fl 3 8 .
The diftjculty between Greece and the
V U. ia Mttled,
1'lie Steamship Ariel from N. V. arrived
at Ha. ro on the I9ihi and the Hermann
reached Southuiiptou on the same day
Both the allied and Russian armies in
the Crimea arc now 1 uder cover, but the
former are Mill apprehensive ot an attack
It is reported that the contempleted
bombardment of the ntrth side ot sbastn-
pol, is to compel an evai nation, so thai
the aiiied fleet can winter In th; harbor.
The toun of Marieupolc, on I he north
cast of t he ah a ol Aof, e-ni bombarded
on the 3'J.h 0t. sad set on lire. (11 tin
midst ol t' e eieauh the Austrian tnerchanti
hoiated their iinj over ilu-ir warnhouaaa
u bea tb flring ccaeed,
A Urg illi -il inreo had embarked at
Eupatona and tailed westward, the deatlna
lion of which v.a not knovui
Asia. No imrr intelligence received fron
Cars. Ouur i'aahu's vaiijimd had reach
The Baltic Adinirala Oundai and Pen
ard, with pari ol the allied fleet waa 11
tha Hay ol Kiel, An allied steamer wu;
watched ir an American clipper, auppoaei
to bo in toe Baltic with a cargo oi revel
llreal Dritain The London l'.nt contra'
iicu the atorji m the Lot don Times aboui
0MI. Canrubert'a treaty with Sweden, nm
demand! adhesion t the All.es.
Tha rumored diapeaitien ot Ituaala t
make the Rrat advances towards peace i
coatldered uaionnded. It is confidently re
ported tint the Prussian envoy to .St.
Petersburg!! visited the Czar, while at
MiculuofT, with the view of inducing him
to reaagniia certain conditions lor peace
negotiations, and that tha Ctar listened
favorably. Tne Prualan Cabinet made
known the Clar'e viewi to the Western
Powers, who declared them insufficient, but
Russia and rrus.-.i.i aro still proceeding!
and the Court of Berlin i making till
greatest effort to induce the. Czar lo cousenl
to tho terms of pence.
Heniy Ltbotlcheria has been appointed
?irretary of ( laloales,
m.oou Uanohoatcr eperativea ware 0:1 a
ainke, hut behsving peaceably.
Fitiact. The King of Sardinia had net
with a favorable reception in Paria, The
Pope's Nuncio left tho city tlu same dsy
in order to avoid meeting him.
It is reported that iim Emperor had in
iied the i'ojio to baptise the exoected roy
al itsant.
All the French 51m boats anil mortar
vessels were wintering at Cherbourg.
Turkey Letters tr.-m Constsntlnopls dc
seriho a bad usiu of sffalrs, Murders ami
robberies occurred in Ihe open streets, and
thure ia an increaaing fanaiicism sgalnai
the Christians, ai d especially against the
French, 'J':.' Allied commanders bad cal
led on tho Turkiah Government to prevent
further outrages under thrests ef takingtha
police regulations Ol the ally into their own
RPmiia Dltpiteh from Merlin states that
the Russian loan from the German capitalists
hid lietin sonaluded.
Lewurs from fit. Pi tsraburgh :ute il.m la
aeneequenco oi the facilities sITorded by pusi
it is balievad that great quantities ol linsusd
will be exported overland, and that general
eporta alter Dec. would he sufficient to
came a rs:lr in ln ratei of exchange -Orest
quaatitiu of sulphur, ssltsetre sad
atbar eantraband artiules continued to bo
sent over the frontiers from Mens I.
The Caar srr.ved at St. Pstersburgh on
tho I9lh alt,
Bpaln Reinfereen nl 1 ' trosp had been
seat toSars(rroia,vie rs fu th n disturbances
were a prti d I, The Spanish Govern
iriii la raported 1 1 bs unsulin m. is favsr af
tailing the alllanoc , but it is i!sj;i rred for the
pres' nt
Danmirk There is geod prospect ef the
Kued Dies Convention upanlng at Gopsn
flaxen. The K issl 'i ia il ' enly power that
1 . m sending special envoy; the other
Govavaaeau aoaavding tin .r resides I Am-bsaatdara.
Load I Saturday iitm. It ia aouflda)nt
stated tost Lard Paltasratoo has datertaia id
apou the .muksd ate dissolution of Parllamtnt,
aud that sau Parliament will Laealled to-,
gr-ther In i'eh'y.
Lad Bmaiine Stewart Worlley, died .,
Bavraut on ibe 17th ult.
Wir Colin Csinpliall returns to the Crimea
at the ai.d oi ins leave oi sbsanca,
Copeutiuca, Nov. 8i-Gaa, Canrobari is'
expected here to-moriow, tu rsmuin one
we k.
Cosstawinoii.s. Nov. 12. The l.ii o
counts (ram Asia repreeeal tJmei I'ssha aal
axpssting a b.ttie, Uan. Mauriauiaaff hsvmjji
Ustacbtd dlvisloa .t Sis army .which was
making (arced marches to Kular.
NEW YORK, Dec. 10.
The stram ahip Aritl Irani Havre arrived
tb'S inorbiug, she ssiled fru, Havre on'
the 23d ul'. und Iclt Conn on the uiiru-j
If g af t,e aith. B'ie br'ne Ibe saccond 1
idition of Ilia Lot d.n TllMI of Ssturday '
ihe 24th. I
Consols qnotsd in Load in on Bstarday 1
at 8i for monoy.
A Inter from Katniesh, Oct. fSd, states
that lami trifling eiij(n(;enioiis had taken .
plica at Kertch between the adtance ol
ihe Rnailafl forces under ViS(le ai.d tka
Anglo Turkiah sontlngant, ami that tha
latter were hard prafsed nnd hud sent to;
BalaktaVI for reinforceinenls.
Klnburn is new protested iy a Hnadron 1
of the allied frigatea, and the t'natiaj hsl
teries in addition to Ihe p"rnnti"nt fortifi
Cltiona, Tha allies fear that the Russians
srIH make an efl'ort to retake it as aooa .
as the river freezes over.
The Vienna correspondent of tho London
Timet states positively that the preliminary
Itepi towards the realization of the 1st it
4th guarantea points are about te be taken
tha ftrft point rillttl to the principalities,
and the other to tne future position of the
Christian population in Turkey. The cor'
reipondence in relation to tho recognition
of Moldavia In Wallachia, would begin as
soon aa the Austrian envoy, Huron Pre
keseli reaches tho city.
The Berlin correspondent of tho Times
Males Ibst it is rumored thst the reported
Bwaeditll alliance is doubted there. The
same corroapoads.nl confirms the failure of
the harvest in Russia, lnrrro quaulilies of
corn being imported by the llusian GoV
arinnsnt Irom Prussia. The sains corres
pondent slates (hat the U. S. Government
has given .1; orders te a Rhenish house
for the lielivery, next apring of bullet proof
CI ira'sne.
Tiia l!e!((ian miniater of war has do'.er
uiiiied upon increasiag the defences of
Antwerp by building noveral additional
Gen. Simpson ami suite arrived at Mar
seres on tho 10th ul November.
A writer in the London Times lUggeitl
tin.- employment of fugitive slaves in Can
adi ou the coliou plantations of Jamni a
as a partial remedy against England's !"
pendence upon America, fur the neaaaacr)
lUpplil of cotton.
The Loudon Times of Saturday, in a
' eily article dated Saturday evening, enyf
that consols for money opened at SSj
' wheuse they advanced 10 88J, butsuddanlj
relapaed 10 isj which was ihe hut. ofllcia
' price.
Central Ohio Railroad.
Tha embsrrssamanta of thin company art
generally known, but iia true position has
rot been clearly defined. As In all busi
ncss mutters suspicion even is often fatal.
( The worst should be known, that, if with
I in the reach of saving aid, it may bo oh
And Sio let us say from an accurate
knowledge ni the reeources ol tlie atmniiai
t it lonchea, nml tb connections it has al
I randy received, aa well tbeae rapidly
innturitig, that no road in Ohio has a bright-
( er future. 1 1 Hie worst COmCS tO p'iss, il
th ' intereatl ol ihe stockholders are totally
lacriflced, the road will still work out ill
that its most sanguine friends ever antici
pated. The best counsels, tha largeat ex
perience, and the most decided sclion, are
now necessary, Il is not a time lor pallia-
' tion. Whatever propositions ore decided upon,
iniMl lie instantly carried out. Cuitccsaioni
must be msda, and any man ol set of men
who will sacrif.ee all lor the cake of wring
; Ing out the lull measure uf their claim,
' should be kllOWU, Il is indeed the height
of meanness sa well us fully to annul aloet
in audi Oaaea lor em-h a purpoCO, und we
trust the Zaneavllle preas will h tus know
ii the Interests of the itackholdors and
I creditors um thus sacrificed. The measures
now in progress open cheerful ai-biiranccs
t liis I the worst Uas jisssed, If there ia a
general disposition to carry them out.
It Is proposed to fund the floating debt,
not otherwise secured, by converting it in
to preferred i-tock, healing 7 per cent, in
terest, payable seoii-enuually. The amount
will he about 1 ,1UU,(JI)U The Company
has the privilegf ol issuing B 1.300,100 ol
Income bonds. Thu citizens of Baltimore
propose taking the difference between theae
iwo amounts, visa; jt-uo.uiiO, at par, advanc
ing the same at once to put the road in
good order, with ihe rinuisito tolling ma
chinery to do the largo business that is
offering. Fifty thousand dollars w ill cancel
the pay roll, letviug a liberal balance for
the purposo above named, A committee ol
creditors in SSanesville, where u large ma
jority of this fiustillg debt is held, Il acting
in concert with u committee c f the hoard,
' and the Eastern creditors generally ipprove
the niovenient.
The linaucial condition af the road muy
be (bus a'.iitud in round UUinbcrs:
t'oa of the road, B8i300,000
( Slin k paid in, 1 ,00(1,(1011
I'n .t mortgage bonds, 1,0(0,000
Second do du i,ooo,ouo
Third, du do l.uini.eiK
Floating debt, say, l.liUU.UOil
Perhapa one single fact will nutisfy the
most incredulous that the "Ohio Central,"
'.under any oircumstaacea, will ba a dividend
paying road, Tlie most sen, him diflloultlea
'under which III" ro id nuW labors is, that
fur two of three months paat, the great
tunnel has been gmdully caving ia. Can
tan) eflorti have been made to mnedv
I ibis, but il is slow work. I'dSawngorH and
fieijiit ireltraniperted in stsgea and wageni
around ibe tunnel, nad y. t the earning!
lor Uotubsr win quito forty thousand dol
I lars.
As all through freight was declined as
t.ir u poesible, tbeaa flguras show the ca-
pacillea oi (lie road under the most sil
! verse circuins: iiicea. It was the opinion
of Mr. Clark, the efficient Bupeilntendent,
and whose loss to tho road we shall deep
ly regret, that under ordinary oiroumetanoea
III - Bguraa would have liuoii doubled. As
il was, the nail earning of (he road, in
eluding 1 ho large extra expenses for pas
sing the tunnel, wore than paid the in
teiest on all llu bunds.
Tha Beawood connection, the Wheeling
lajunotien being at aai dliaolved by the
higheit legal tribunal ot Virginia, will
greatly facilitate the trsnaportatlon of both
freight and psssengera. Let us hope that
the present discusaions will result in mine
harmonium and efficient .novcmsnl, that
will aouu releaai tho roud from ita nresenl
diffioultiai and in ore a inure promising
future. O. H. Journal.
CoMMiaci or tiu Wlst The St. I.ouia
Intttliginetr gives tha following interesting
pnrtlaulart relating te ihe commerce of the
That our readers may form some ides of
he commerce ot th" Wrst, we pive the
(illowinf table, 'ahoWlng iho number of
mats employed on our livers, their tonnnge
1 ml their value:
No Tonnage. Cadi
mats on Warn, river, - 1 k :t a 1 :s l9,Mp,ooo
l.iclu-rs on do 4om 116,940 l4f,IM
jieamers on Lskes ItD M,4 00
Prepcller do lis 41,000
llnrks do 40 1 1 MiO
Brijjo do 211 bl.o19
Sabooners do ijoti Ua,jfg
Sloopl ami BsoWS eudo Sen 111,140,
Tom lanasBt. ITTrIM
Ueai IC,l9a,4l ,
Ainoiintiu in the St-Krejtnto 10. 3.',.'T,.M7 i
Hew hi the enormous su n Jof thirty-five I
millions of dollars Invested in the steam-'
h inting interest of the West, and yet we
are told by the DemOSratlo expounders ol
the Constitution that Western commerce
bei'ig an internal affair, and Western riv
ers internsl strenms-tho ene connol he pro
leeted nor the other improved.
Of this thirty-five millions of money, two
millions, or about one seventeenth, Il an
nually swamped, as a sscriticj to sings
und rocks, which might ba raved if tho
snags and rocks were removed. But the
; President vetoes river and harbor improve
j meit bills, sePs the government inig hunts
' lciivcs our stonmboiits to be pnaggeil und
sunk, nnJ our Internal commerce to bleed
, to the amount of two millions a year, while
nil the patronage of the government is
j given to build light houses on the sea const,
, construct Collins steamers, nnd foster for
j cign cjtnmerco generally.
j Nee. 2S The following II the note Mr,
Buchanan sent to the London Timea snd
which that ji urnul refuse. I to publiehi Th"
Anrarlcsn M nister present his aompllmenti
to the BdltOrl of tho Times, and ossure.
them tlint they have been misinformed writ!
j respect to the expressions and conduct, nt
1 1 tributes! to bi n, in their lending article o
this morning. Always mindful of tha neu
, trality ot bis government, which ha lull
lapprovea, it was With deep regret ho lear
le d as he first did, from Washington, lbs
attemptl were made in the U. S. to recrr.i
soldiers for the British nruiy, becsuse h
1 felt confidant that iuch ittampti wouli
lend to weeken the frianda rol.it i-n bi
tween the two countries, which it has boei
I his ardent daalre ever since his nrricsl ii
j Mnglniid lo cherish and promote. Thi
American Minister enn of course enter in
i to no diecueaion, In the public )ournala, ol
, the queslioni between the two governments
or state what is not COUtolneS in uny cor
, I reipondence which may have arisen out o
this question, hut he has felt it due, botl
, j to Ihe Times am! himself to make thii
. prompt correction.
In the Board of alderman latt eveniui
the committee on lumi determined to report
, in favor ol Mr. Cutting's proposition ti
. irect n Washington Monument st the Bat
1 icry. i i propoeed that the Monument
. shall be all hundred feat high with n statin
of Waahingtou twenty three feet in height
upon lie summit, the whole to ho eonatrucl
cd nf iron, Mini to he finished in ten yosrs
Itanium has sold the American Mtiseun
la Groenwood und butler, nnd is tnakim
arrangements to build n large ilruiuatlc ea
tabliahment on the plan of A tlcy's in Lon
don, with n zoological garden attacked. A
lare pint ol land baa already been bought
for the purpose.
! Si' Louis, Dec. 6. The Kansas free
Bute pspere give the following account oi
, the difficulties in that Territory
I A young man 22 yeara old, named ttorr,
while ul a blacksmith shop, where several
border ruffians bud congregated, was deliber
ately shot by one Coleman and an attempt
waa made to arrest the murderer, hut through
the aid of hla abetter be escaped to .Missouri.
Ainccting 01 the citizens waa convened on
the spot w here the murder was cmnini tted,
and on inquiring Into the facts of the case,
they prono meed it a cold blooded murder en
the part of Coleman, 'and aharged Hague,
Burklay, Moody und Waggoner na acces
sories. A aeries of resolutions were passed, in
a committee appointed to investigate atill
, further in ths search for the offenders snd
devise means to bring them lo justice.
Sheriff Jones arrested Jacob llronson,
at whose house Dorr lived, for security of
the peaco; but while proceeding lo Locomp
ton he, llronson, was rescued by a party
of his neighbors. Jones then sent a Paw
nee to .Missouri for aid, declaring that the
Governor had assured him of the aid of
j lo.coo men if needed.
Sr. Loris, Dec. Accounts from Kan
sas state tluil an officer of the inil'y organ
iaation ol free atste nu n was captured at
Atchison, nml written orders to burn tin
tow n and murder Laugh lin'w ere louiid in hll
I poeaeesiun. Most of the male population
had gone lo Lecompton under order ol t lie
Governor. A request was sent, to Weston
lur sasistance and a parts left last night
A diapatch from Jefleraon City says nu
I election of Senator will take plana this
session. Tho Benton und Achlson men
cannot fuse.
The Illinois Democratic Central Com
mittee have called a Suite Convention lor
" the first ul next month.
EaoMail Htxi.voi.LNT Soetinta Klihit
Burritl bus compiled n table uf Ihe amount
contributed to the Eagllah Benevolence So
; cietiei for tba last year. This duel not
J include the Scotch or Irish.
Bibln Sacletlea. JJ230,iiiti
Foreign Miuiooariei, 144,001
! disk .Mis- a, 42,1-17
Home Missions, 168,604
I Educational Societies, 7a, 612
Uenevolent Sooleliaa, i27,i:i(j
Mieoellauiee, 7b, 1137
Total. Xl,Su6,644
Tin amount, more than six millions ol
dollars, contributed in Ihe midst of the ex
penses of tho war, in which Uuglsiid is
now engaged, is a Striking te.liinnuy to
tba hold which these grant benevolent ea-
lerprieae have upan the iritiah mind,
Gov. Sham. on in his Iste speech as Pre
sident of (he i'ro-Slovery cunvenlon in
Kaiizsi said tho free Slate inovcmsnt was
treason, that resiatance to the acta ul the
late mock legislature waa ti anion, that the
Governor at Washington waa determined
to a'jpparl iho late legislature, and that at
tho next Presidents election there will be
but two parlies in the field, thu "Unionists"
snd ths "Black ltepublioans." Wonder if
any body yet doubts who e Gov. Shsnnon
stsndi on the slavery rjaeitionl
it. it. COWIN Bejrm
Sternal hmtHity in every form r lyr
Uaiy over the muni al Man."
Tliursilftv MiMiiinj;, Dec. 13, 18-Vi
Cattail of the Locoioce prints of the
ds) are pefeel infidels in regard to gao
graphical lines, .being almost as abusive ti
Wlrdl them as the notorious Lord Jetlieys1
ef whom it is related that he d d the
North po'.e and spoke disrespectfully of the
equator. Theie modern imitators of Jeffrcya
curse the party of ihcNorthA, ssc most disre
spectful langnnge towards the equatorial Ma
sun's Dixon's line. They say never a word
in referencejo n sertiotinl parly South ef
that line, hut they st'nor as tho grsatest
of uil possible evil, eny ahow of section
alism in the norlh. They sesm to think
that the question of slavery extension only
concerns Southerners, and that it is nil
j right and proper for the South ,ta agitata,
I but th? North must not.
I In tho name ef Liberty wo ask, will they
suffer slavery to march on und polluto with
unholy foot Ihe soil that was ones dyed
with tho blood of freedom's mirtyre? The
Xtanilon of slavery involves tho destruc
tion of freedom, lad wc certainly sro in
terested in that question. If it is right for
' the South te interfere in Kansas affairs,
I unquestionably the North has the aamc
' right. If it is right fur Missourians to gc
' over in crowds to Kansas for tho avowee
'purpose of intimidating the actual settlen
; by threatening violence, it ia undoubtedly
I right for northern men to go there and
' having pcrmanrn'ly settle 1, tote as thcysoi
proper under the circumstances. And yd
, i il" we in the North dare to utter a WOVl
I I In remonstrance agnlnst the proceedings o
j the monocracy of Missouri, we nro met" 153
1 i the cry "Sectionatiem" "dissolution of tin
I Union' fcc, Bitch 0 cry may hove eom
j effect in frightening tervous women, dough
.face puliticinns, slid demagogical olTi-i
Beckers, but tho trua lover of his countrj
M heeds il not. He has heard it too often
land it has losl its effect. It is the rat
I 1
I I head and bloody bones of southern nulli
' Here, end diiunlonlatii snd signifies nothing
' This glorious union nan never be dissolved
"lit is fixnd in the heart s'-of twei.'.v millint.
1 1
of freemen its foundatfon stones oro 1 a i
in the graves of heroes, und i'j walls ce
1 1 manted iy the. blood of patriots.
Squatter Sovereignty—How it works.
. i
1 It ln.s alwnya been Ihe custom of tbl
' Democracy to ticklo the ours of the maeaei
. With high-sounding phrases, which Wert
only aound. ilgnlfylng nothing, With thvai
captivating phrases we reckon "Squittei
I aoferei gnty " than which a greater hum
bug was never hutched in the prolific brain
I of the modern Democracy, It sounds al
very nice, and foolish persona, and person,
over credulous might think it meant just
' what it an ill , and so firmly fixed are they
in that belief thut Eterae'a aruummtum
'"Jlttulatorium would he the best ayitem ol
reasoning that could be applied to their re
iterations. "Squatter Sovereignty" says the oracle
I of Democracy, tho grea' Michlgander Il
allowing tho aquattera in a territory to re
gulate their own domestic, institutions in
their own way. Thut loewi fair it snumh
fair it tmeib fair it faciei fair but it i.j
nevertheless, tin arrant humbug, as the
sequel shows. The territory ol Kansas wat
'erected with "his doctrine prominent in iti
net of incorporation, so 10 speak. " Squat
ter sovereignty" was made tho watchword
in two campaigns in Ohio, and it come off
; conquered. Popular sovereignty knocked
tho hreuth out of it, and, having lost the
prestige of its grsatness, it now shows its
real colors in Kanaaa, There the people
becoming weary of the officious kindness
' of Mi$$ouriant, concluded it was time u
j try how "squatter sovereignty" worked, and
, forthwith took mutters into their own hands.
, This wai '-squatter sovereignty " in Cluneal
! but tiio ruling powers in Kansas knew that
, this principle was onlv intended to he talkail
about, not ac'ed on, nnJ they forthwltl
I send abroad lor armed MM to come in aur
,'ocruvh out" this evidence of "squatter I0V
' irelgnty" in action. Tho squatters nre tc
; bo taught a lesson they must learn thul
th incorporation of tkijt doctrine into the
territorial net was merely intended as n
fUM, and not to bo tnkeu in earnest. Il
: any one ia desirous of pursuing this idea
further we udvise them to keep an eye on
the movement of things in Ksnsas. A more
jltupanduui outrage than is being now per
! petrated there was never seen in this country.
OrHon J amu M- JIason has been re
elected to tho U. S. Benate from Virgin
j nia over St uncus, K. N. by a msjoriiy
uf 4 on joint ballot.
j (Cj'lt is said that the Bank of Kanawha
1 is in a condition to pay all its notes on
QtrTho Urand Jury of the County CourtNil
Ohio Coui ty, Va., on Friday last returned
68 Indictment! against per sons for selling
SDiritmus Inn ors without lie nee .
(; 7" A plain and unschouled (man, who
hail receiven his vilucatiuu principally be
neath the open eky, sn tho field and tne
forest, and who hsd wisldsd tiie axe more
than the pen, while speaking of children,
remarked with true and beautiful simpli
city, 'The little chids are nearest the
From Kansas.
Wo have Out little frnm Kansas in sd- I
diton to whst we gnva hut .wtck. The 1
filloalng gives both sides of the cnae.
Nothing could more forcibly Hipres
ihe mind with the necessity of caution in ,
regard to the ucconnts of troubles in ,Kan-j
sas than Ihe perusal of the following state
ments as to the origin of the late difficulty.
Were it not for the names the reader'
would hardly suppose that they relnted to
the ssme event. The most J'exciting" ac
count had six days' start of the other
ample time to stir up ill-blood, especially
th aughout the State of Missouri. We ,
place them in juxtaposition:
Bf . Lewie, Nov. no. 1 St. Lome, Dec. r.
BXOltlng and high-1 The Kansas "free
ly important neWtjStafo" papers give:
from Kansas has Just the following account
I been Tcceived. On of tho difleulties in j
Thursdry, Nov. 29ih, 1 tho Territory: A
cear Hirkory Point, I young mon named ;
I three Abolitionists, ! Dow, 29 years of age j
1 armed with Sharpe'e j while at a black-
rifles, went to the smith's shop where
claim of Mr. Col- several ohnrder ruT-
I man nnd peremptori- Hans" had congrega
! ly ordered him touted, wns deliberately
leave, lllowlng him j shot by one Colman. ;
i only ten minutes in ' An attempt was made
j which to do so, nnd to arrest the murder
' threatening to ihoot'er, but, through the
him in caro of re-J assistance of his s
fusnl to obey. He j bettors, ho escaped
immediately left but to Missouri. A meet
shortly nlterwurds re-! ing of the citizens,
turned well armed. held on the spot
j Ono of the three I where the affair oc
) Abolitionists then nt- curred, to inquire In-
I I tempted ta ahoat him I to the case, prone-
I but his rifle missecjunced tho net n cold
I j fire. Column thc:e- 1 blooded murder on
'upon shot h m dead, the part of Colman,
! and Immediately gave ; and charged four men
' ' himself up to the nu- mimed lluus, Bork
' thoritien for trial. A ley, Moody, &. Wag-
mob of Abolltlrnlsta, ner, with being tic-
I till armed with rifles I Ceeeorlee, A series
r soon gathered, and,! of reeohitlone wns
repairing to Colman'a pasted, an & n com
r I bonte, drove hit wife I ml'.tee appointed to
' and children off, set J investigate still fur
jlfiie to tho building 1 ther, to search out
.liind burnt it down, the offenders, ti de
! together with the j vise means to bring
i houses of other pro-I them to justice. She
I slavey men in that'rilf Jones arrested
I I vicinity. Dep. Mar- Jacob Uronson, it
rlahalJohhea arrested whose house Dow
. I the lender of the mob j lived, for the purpose
j nnd other persons .of having him give
' Th( Abolitlontte j eecurlly to keep the
1 1 now gathering in ! peace; but, while
force nt Lecoinpton. j proceeding to Le
1 and have demanded ' oompton, Bronaon
tho release of their WM rescued by u
comrades nnd the ; Pnr,y "f ,li'' neigh
surrender into their ,)orf!- Jonee Bent to
bandi of Colman. 1 Pawnee, Misiourl.for
Gov. Shannon baa nld,daclarlng that the
ordered out tho mil- : Governor ol Uillourl
1 Itla to aid in auitaln- n,d assured him the
1 ing tho lawa aeeletence of ten
thousand men If re
The following are the official Mil atches
j w hich passed between (iov. "Shannon und
the President in relerence to this affair:
WESTPORT, (Mo.) Dec. 1.
I desire authority to cull 011 thu United
' States forces at le-avoirverlh lo preeervc
the pence of this Territory, to protect the
I sheriff el Douglas county, nnd enable him
I to execute the legal process in his hands.
'If the laws are not executed civil war is
inevitable. An armed force of one thou
sand men, with all the implements of wur,
'it is said, ore at Lawrence. They have
rescued a prisoner from the sherilf, b unt
I I houses, and threatened tho lives of citizens.
; Immediate assistance is desired. This h
the only means to save bloodshed. Par
To his Excellency Franklin Pierce.
Your despatch received. A'i the powei
1 1 vested In the Executive will he exertee ti
j preserve order nnd enforce tho luws, Oi
the receipt ul your letter tho preliminary
measures neceaaary to be taken befom cal
1 ling out troopa will be promptly executed
I and vou will then he lullv advised.
To Wilson Shannon, Governor of the K. T.
The PRESIDENT, it will bo observed, has
'not yet ordered any troops to tho Territory
laud awaita lurther information to author. e
tho necessary preliminary measuroe befori
J calling tho military power inlo requisition,
It is possible thul tho President's Mes
sage may give some mora light or. thu
j subject.
Pallida Mors.
'Tie hard to take to heart the lessee sue!
occurrences as the following do teach, bu!
it must be dune; and no exubernnce ol
bliss or depth of won nui blooming youth
nor haarry nge enjoy immunity from thul
king uf terrors who in the language uf an
ancient peel
"Acqua pede pulaat puuperum tabernas,
regumquo turrea,"
I At the residence of the BrUje'l father,
Judge Curtis, uiicar llelpre, Washington
county, tthio, on Monday the IJth loat.i
Afr, JACOS Uakst, of this city, Miss Marian
, CuBTia,
At tho Bpeacer House, Cincinnati, on
Wednesday night, the Uth imt., Mis
Miiiian Durst, wife of Jucub afsrst, Jr.
! "Al above announced, Mr. Durst und Misi
Curtis wore married, near llelpre, on Mon-
day morning. From thence thoy went to
Cincinnati, arriving there at nosn, oil Wed-
aeid.iy. On Wednesday evening Mrs Durst
eonipluiusd of a headache, which she at
tributed o traveling on lha steamboat iu
going to Cincinnati. Abuut midnight she
died without a struggle, and without Mr
Durst being aware that death was near.
j They had been in conversation, when, as
I she did not reply te him, he repeated the
I remark, aud cast his eye upon her coun
tenance, when float the gleaming cf the
fire light, he discovered that something waa
: wrong. At first he supposed she hsd faint
ed aud applied the usual remedies, and im
! mediately sent fer s physicisn. But it wai
too late. Tho vitsl spark hsd fled, and
.'lis wife In v a llleless corpfo before him."
OlreleVllll lleralX.
During sa Cllatence of less than a yesr
the Bepnllian party has cast a plurality of
votes in muiiie, carried New It amp hue nnd
Vermont, Ittllnid the second higher plai n
among four partiei in Mnssai husetts nnd
New York, cast a majority of the vo'es in
Pennsylvania curried Ohio, carried Michi
gan, carried Iowa t nil Wisconsin. It hai
entered the political hold at a ti no when
three or four other parties, in each State,
nil older und better organized than itself,
rere OOateiting lor supremacy. Every- I,
When it bos cither (cine out best, or se
cond: no M'here has It been left third or
fourth in t!-o roce. It is lire only Parly
that is now gaining. Whst its opponents
thinks of its prospects may bs judged from
the fact that ihey ull deem itnecessray to i
lay uside hostillities with each other, and;
unity in ntturking it.
What other new Party ever ncieved so
much in so short a time! What other
Party, having aoheived so much, was ever
so free from internal dissension! Albani'
En nir.g Jcurri"l.
To the American Party of Ohio.
CINNCINNATI, Dec. 6, 1855.
From o conviction that tho present con
dition of the Order in this State, and tho
relation it holds to the National organiza
tion, as well as those of our sister States,
demands an early meeting of our Stutc
Council, for the purpose of considering the
great question now Ft issue before tho
American people, snd udopting auch meas
luree as may best suhservo true American
i interests; and believing that a frank and
i manly expression of the sentiments of the
; American party in this State will greatly
j conduce to tha hermonioni action of its
t wise, judicious nnd ro::ptstent friends
, throughout the Union I. therefore, by vir
lue of the pOWet vested in me by the
Constitution, do hereby order a ipetsiftl
meeting of the State Council of Ohio, to
be convened in the city of Columbus, on
Thurtdny, the 3d cliy of January next, nt
3 o'clock P. M.
Delegates whose credentials wore filed
and accepted ut the annual meeting in
Cleveland, will be entitled to seats in the
extra lessioh, Delegates from councils nut
represented nt the annual lessson, wl 1 be
required to present regular authenticated
credentials to entitle them to r,eut3 nt this
eslion. It is very important that n full
attendance bo had, und it is hoped that
every working Council iu the Stats will
be Irepeaantedi
By the President, THOS SPOONER.
JOHN E. REESE, Secretary.
(Ohio papers please copy.)
f NTcnrsTtN'., Decision. Judge Itanney,
aaelated by Judges Starkweather, Foot nnd
Fitch, recently made S decision in Cleve
land that Is ol some interest.' EliSI Dun
can applied for dower in the property of
Alexander Duncar, lately deceased. It wns
resisted on the ground that she wu3 never
married to him. The testimony showed thut
Duncan hud a wife living in Irelund; tha
In 1847 the petitioner commenced living
with Duncan as his wife.-' He acknowledged
her as such. They had cliildrn. About
six months before bis death neWofWM re
ceived thut his wile in Ireland wes dead
Bllsa then remtned him of his promise
to marry her, when he renewed the pro
mise, but died w ithout consun muling it.
The court decided that there was eucl
a contract of marriage as to came with! I
the common law meaning of the term.
promise to marry in future, followed b
cohabitation, ia sufficient. Wc have no slat
ute changing the common lu.v rule. Tin
court therefore decreed that the was o lit i
tied to dower In the property of Mr. Dun
, can. O. S. Journal.
PtOVIDENCB, Nov. 30 By nn arrival ti
day from Buenos Ayres, we have dates ti
the 2ltd Septi It is reported that arovolu
lion broke out there on tho 2Sth of August
1 resulting from tho resignation of Gen. Flore
1 and his Ministers, The President of th(
Senate had assumed the Presidency of the
Republic till the new elect or in March
' The Brail Han troops stiitiotnd at llucnoi
Acres, for the protection ol iho Govururoen
maintained a perfect neutrality.
St. Lous, Dec, 8. The steamers Par
tkenia. Twin City und Prairie City wen
, 1 burned at the levee between 5 nnd 6 o'
'.clock this evening. The fire originuted oi
the Piirleenia, which wns heavily lodenei
I and just about sinning loUt. Loss estimnt
ud nt $70,000. Partially insured. Tin
steamer Highflyer rendered essential aervici
In saving other bolts. Nn lives hist,
fl Sr.NATK Ml'. Hale Ollhmlftoil rosilutin
r queating the President of tho U. S. t
Inform the Senate whether ho has receive!
j any evidence of such resistance to tho ex
locution of the laws In (teniae, us to requiri
the interposition of a military force I'm
the prevention or restoration of law am
order in that Territory. If so to lay tin
lame before the Senate, also copies ofnni
order which he muy have issued for th
employment ol a military force in thu
Territory the resolution lie over.
Mr. Adams Submitted a rolution, whicl
lies over, fer ihe election of officers of tin
Sennle, next Monday.
Mr. 1111 olTercd a resolution, which lie
ever, referring all private claims nnd pri
vute lolls on tho calender to the Court o
i Claims.
Mi" Ad mis gave notice ol a bill II
' amend the naturalization law. Adjourned
HoVBI. Resumed voting for speaker.
Adjourned uii the 15th balfit without uny
Sknatk. Mr. Hale'l resolution calling
on ihe President for a copy of the tncssuge
Irom lOOterdey'a report, wui tuken up.
Mr. Hunter remarked that it waa unuau
I to make inah calls before receiving thi
1 annual message, which might contain al
the informal. on desired.
Mr. Mule consented that the resolut'oi
should lie over, u id moved that when thi
Senate adjouro it adjeurn to Munday.
Mr. Hunter hoped not, ai the Heun mat
1 ' rgnnize to day.
Mr. Clayton remarked thnt such in ad.
inurnment would iVlay 'In reception of iho
stealage, srhkl the country ia anxioua t0
BsjVeril Senators Urged Mr. Ila'e le with
draw liii motion,
Mr. Hale: fu view of the fict itited by
the Senator from Delaware, of which I
who entirely ignorant, that the country la
wai' ing erltl Inalety for tho Meange, I
withdraw my motion. (Laughter.) Ad
jnurnid. Hoi sc Resumed balloting for speaker
Mr. Whitney withdrew the name or Hum
phrey Marshall as a candidate! House ad
journed on the list hnllot without a
Sf.atk Mr. Weller gave notice of hie
intention to introduce a bill authorising
and facilitating the construction of a rail
read und magnetic telegrsph to the Pacific.
After a brief executive session the Se
nate adj'd.
HotrtB.x-Rtaomed voting for SDcsker.
Alter the 23d ballut .
Mr. Campbell, with tho indulgence ef
the House, said, the couatry ia looking en
our proceedings with deep anxiety, and
every member is leady to ncknowleflge tha
Importance of a speedy organization. Wa
hove now been voting five day, twenty
three votes hnve been taken. I find through
tho partiulity of my friends, that I have j
received in six of them, a higher number
than any other cindidate before the House,
nnd in nil a greater number than any caa-
Idldatfl in opposition to tho administration.
I Yet it ic obvious to me that it ia impossi-
: ble for my friends to succeed, unless I csa
perform ono of two coaditiuns, namely, re-
Ipudiato my wellknuw'n principles on slavery
and Americanism, or make pledges aa to
; the organisation of committee, nnd which
I would amount to a ancrffice of my self re
ipeet, and make me, ,ih my judgment, a
fit object for public, contempt. Under thesa
circumstances, and feeling the interests of
; the country require a speedy organization,
nnd regarding ttieae interest-? ns paramount
to every Other consideration, I withdraw
my name as n Candidate, nnd in taking
i my seat I desire to express to my friende
who have shown so much fidelity, my ein
cerc gratitude, ind to my political " oppo
nents who l:ae given evidence of their
personal regard, my thanks.
After the 27th ballot, with 01 1 a choise,
I the House adjourned.
hf.hate. on motion of Mr. Pratt, Wm.
Heckey wei appointed chief clerk, nnd J.
H. Nicholson resiling clerk.
Mr. Sumner preeented a petition from
Commodore Joi, Smith, remonstrating
gainst the action of the Naval Board ia
' ular itiftr hiaa upon tho retired list,
j p Adjourned.
I House, Resumed voting for Spsakir.
The 35 1 ballot stoul Richurdson 78;
' It (inks 100; Fuller 30; Zollieefer 3, Pen
nlngton a; Scattering U. No choice, and
the House adjourned.
Wash . Dec. 10 Senate On motion of
Mr Weller! of the Select committee on
the Pacific Railroad, appointed la9t aesai on
ordered to bo continued during this, vacan
cies to be filled by the chair.
Mr. Adams' resolution providing for the
election of officers of the Sonate, indfin nte
ly postponed.
Mr. Bayard gave notiee of his intention
; to introduce a bill providing for public
; printing, engraving and binding.- adjourned.
i Hot s'-;. Resumed voting fur speaker
I ( No choice on the 35th ballot.
J Mr. Thorington offered a resolution on
i his own responsibility, that the House will
proceed immediately to the election of a
m speaker, Viva voce, and if, after the roil
-lins been called 13 times, no member shull
- hnve received n majority of the whole
number o! votes east, the roll shall agsin
be culled, und the candidate then re
ceiving the largest number of votes, provi
, neu it bo s majority of quorum shall be de
, dared elected Speaker.
. This fell like a bombihell, occasioning
much excitement. Several members ia
the sumo breath moved to lay the reiolu-
tion on the tuble, declaring that it was the
proper plnco for it. The Clerk called the
House to order the gentlemen standing all
) over the Hall.
tj Mr. Qiddingl, timid the confusion, "esrn
j est ly nppeu'ed to his friend from Iowa to
: withdraw his resolution, le'ivving that
j the feeling of tho House was becoming
J more favorable to Mr. Bunks. Yeas and
, nays were ordered on laying the resolution
. on tlie tuble, nnd tho question wns ruised
, us to whether Mr. Thorington could with
j draw the resolution. Mr Jones of Ten
. t essee nppeuled to his friends Jto waivo
, ill.-ir objections nr.d permit the gentlemnn
, from Iowa, to withdraw his resolution, he
wished to do so. Cries of no objection,
. i agreed. Call the roll.
Hoi se again proceeded to ballot. No
, choice on the 39th ballot, which stood:
Banks 107, Richardson 76, Fuller 28,
I Zollir.otTer ii, Scattering 12. Adjourned.
"I Sknatk Mr. firoadhead offered a reso.
M lution from the committee on Finance, in
r quiring ii.to tho expediency of reporting
I the appropriation bills for the 6tippurt of
' the Government, or adopting other mea
'i sures, with l view to obtain some speedy
' action on them, he would nsk tho Senate
' to consider the question of tho right and
i power in the Senate to originate appro
1 ; prialion bills, his object ,being tto avoid
'.the evils of night sessions.
Mr. Cuss guve notice thst he shall move
' I to-morrow to go into tlie election of stan
' ding committee.
' The Senate then went into Executive
icasien. Adjourned,
M Hovel- The House resumed voting for
Speaker. After the 4Sd ballot, Mr. Stan-
' ton said: It is apparent that we cannot
come to a result. In the present condi
tion of things there seems to bo e necessity
to let mutter real for an out door confer
ence, or ehunge to a plurality, with a view
r of giving the majority one more effort to
, uolie. I move lo adjourn.
Mr. Cobb, Ala. 1 second the motion.
Mr Houston to Mr. Stanton. Do yoa
t think you can unite! (Voices.) We'll try,
I gie us a chance.
Motion lo adjvnri' negatived.
I 45th ballut Richardson 74, Banks 108,
i Fuller 27, ZolliMsTbr 4, Orr 2 scattericg
10 221 votes necessary to a choice IP.
' Adjourned.

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