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Belmont chronicle. [volume] (St. Clairsville, Ohio) 1855-1973, December 27, 1855, Image 4

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Mfrayrf - ' .
'Tl,ll"Wl I-' U..IM,IW .. M
Ifc I.) tli, UitiUat.. n u . i.M i
Minearli iiiM-u ill i ,ul.i nr.lfWe.
Farm Work for Winter.
W Lavs a word (o lay la you, Mi) i
Fritr, lur whi, h w ask yuur very emrn
cat at'- t m We ask it lintli lor ycui
vn m reft ami ihe int. rent ol ibis ovci
buroViieif, punter riJJ 'ii riijr. Yum r in
rstfi.lur j radio- of hiriii(f In allium, r
lboir Iruio the city, bolli mm and wo-ftn-n,
II Mich wag,- m yu may) mid ol
till we do Dpi Complain it ia your rigrilj
bill it is lot right iligt y iQ aiiotiU employ
them ot uch Mfniai oriiy . r to itsd
4i ilotlir- tluir liiiirv durinij warm weath
er, and it toon at JtVinter approachee tend
them Back rr i-y'tj fee J Ifoie in tin; city
till Siirinf. bWich ia tht rise, und Jeter
ha boon, aiti.-e th grtit influx of fireijjn
Immigration hi centered in New York.
We ntfeno doubt thit i.'ii thousand rier
i eon who haft Ulsor.'il in ihe country the
Ireat taa SutvWr will rflurn here to W.ntfty
littery U, frttt - or starve or Iiv. s "best kprVy
Ml iffftmlM i) ch tri.y aoup unci W.ir.'l rj.faf
iii ii. stiv by ItaM miwt to live or dfeft ,hey
lie attempt to pro',; ,-v.r, when tu,yhl, , n
ur.p:'f. Wi;,or"
Aud Ihousan.'s v..,i n. Taj'Tjt KVlhing
arhiitl.he can (jet lli-hotiae cnil and
tht prectri .ut tuujisttiiijc obtained by lag
ging or tlttnOrlng around tlie wurd-n liel
imip-kitf hpn. x nd breud-aii'l-inoat dispell"
tarira. We think we apeak within butindu
when we any tblt (hi cnlli of beart at
our ba.einei it door have overum-d ten n day
for tin' l.-t year, end, yet, tl.cy were uni.
yOflly rtfutttl, bL'cauQwr lank upon al
filch tin. a giving ni an many causes fttb.fl
thin curea of euTering dur.iiit. Juat. at
Kong aa that clalt "f women and children
wh.i rNtii'.r lur hr.' id and mftl eun Owttil
it ao easily , just, ao ng will the hllfnbt
tpcrffftM In ilia tlarrnlng degree it ban (ion.
for a year past in tin city. Now vie d.
not tik the ftrmert to lake iwny (lie,
tltrdy, liify btggart and topporl tliem, but
wa do ask lb. ui to keep th.:ir Summer la
bjrert through '.ho Win-'-r. Wo do no
tk this ti t furor we clnim it na a right
VVt iriitiut upon it that no labor' r l as an;
legal or tiural i iglit to return Ir.im th.
Pountfy to bo wintered in tht C tlf uui
thott who diipehio chtrlty rtoold do wel
to iriiune into every etna and rigidly., ell
oil' every ont wli tkf far help tliil Wintt
)iw lived In Ihe country dUTifig t!ie Kirn
msr. Tin- ntimbfi .. 'd ptobthl lurprlt
every one tlist pities th. poor. Wi Jeon
tttid ill t a m ti or Womt'n who baa bee
bit) to wotk lor waget tuch wsjgea, tot
tl r.'o.e. hat 'to rijht to utk fu
ehanty in tht nt xt tta momht. Ii a farm
er .aunoi afford to pay wf lu Wlniei
h can atlor I to '.! hi- Hunmior liboreri
tnd he thou I I dt ll iiwtt til ol aiachargiin,
no I lendl g them buck upon tht city I
is a mlaltken na i n bl u a more, nnn
Ai d tiuployiiii-iit i r I b'jrurs m W.n . i
In toi- in llUdt lu I o ehnll tin- dtyi i
4li W.i t'f ii. on lit trt i d Working llity
and iv tl . hi x tlena lb e 'hpul
bo Iw time.
Mow I ut ,. vriiiit then i 1 r ftrifftr
to do ,u W M r. I. . in- flnjl pltcf No
fmlHr i (tt'iffslla nnt ol lilt bdal m:k
I e noiillis in tht yea., yel w j e
'" "f 'ft' all your hirel nt, rrsftf n
ferfist, from the ) they are ll i i; u ' In
tt ilio roiy. Why noi keep then tt work
Lt. us tea a. wh.it. Uion I. i.d llm tt
tjuint to be rleuitd ol alune, oU und di
th" . i ot, or uk' r loose ontt together,
that whin a light -.now falls you cm ,il
more hauling in one day than )du could i
three days upon dry ground,
During the winter you wi I have nnn;
good dayt to luy theaa atoflei Dltu all.
Tbit ia one ol the boat ui.wilhs in th
year to trim your orchard; and upon m .
ol your it, i i as good t month at .my to m
out trees, either fruit j tliacle or limber.
Every good day in November aliould I:
Used by every owner of clay land In plou
ing, beciiMe ol exposure of il.o toll to tl
.Witter Iru.u it ua good as a fair reitln
of manuto
Any luriner who uflVrt I'hrlatmej to con
upon him httore he hut got nu lee-hout
ready for i he lira! good time In till it,
lacking i;ood common hunse. There arc b
ftw firms in America where an lcehou
would not be Wttfth double the coat ol fi
n r an. I keeping in repair .'and intere-t npi
the eott.
The work that should llwiyt be dent
Winttr, but is in.iat neglected, it gfltln
home tnd cutting up a Bummer tupply
wood To neglect this, ia ptrhtpt tht wol
ol all farm enton.y. ( itlng out tnd till
ing teneing Itoff is mother kiiul of pmpi
ti inter fork. All the lumbal hauling dhfeu
Bt done in snnv.-y cour.trltl upon the b
bill it ollen neglected btCtUtt lliu farm
hit no "fcerdtmi i."
s . Hoa ul the fence buildinj; should beMn
0 lo Winter, yet it ia a kind ol work that
reett tirgiecird, btcauta uantcaiaary io i
ttiain cattle.
We cont. io that en barn should ever
built with' nt a cellar, yet iiiuety-niiit
V every hutdred ire m built. To n ine
this, go to work in Winter, and din ii
wall y Our btrn cellart. As soon aa this
f U'O .', go to the nearest murk bed and di
ceiltr in tl al, tnd htul a portion ol ii
f your new burn cellar, to cumpott with yn
mamitn heap.
II... . io' niaouie hs tnothei kind of W,
ter work; but uund .n.d tut drop it in I tl
heaps to bleach tnd . ibfvugh snow
rain. Pile u up to at much sa possible
ahta ram, in at ma tonvi n nt tp.it,
btul upon tht laid vi hen y ou wani it.
Kvery.bsrn, 100, should In a cUtvi
. '.Winter It ihe nine Io il.g it. (II i out
you but nnr ti w al you house. v
hate nti, you ire unworthy to be called
good farmer.
If yen natd t wi ll and Holt farm '
eeed POf more dig it in WniUr. )
too, entry ctllacor other eicavatioi tl
wlll he needed lb Sio,... . r, I rf Miu.ii
r , ceravt.
rm j Above sll tblngt d'p niutl-. I) g duel
r ajTcr drtiiiii.g taj.d, whenever you r .1.,
with, ii' too JKOBSSi in l."
iuigifn9'Sp wood Ui
. "ratli.u ,'lti ik
f' bif, ' riMf 1 sUsOj1'I,k S W 'I' io ,
sfgtjt Ir'jtfWt. nrWiff juutUi'ii, t :
, . -2ga molWfVls ti.ng himM a ii ...ii supi
flour iIBt Irijliorja Uedlo mn
1,W ' ' TmjtT ' " k'1Pl
H ! we butt not poi'-'cl c ut work rnouj
?- ta thow you that you ran liet p ymu tni
nerhirellnga thimr o , Winter, wo
0 gtgtiii. Kut .. tl-rtV.il
if - S ' .. U-
! '.' ; o,mi tikiil,i ' wnnldu
1. . I. . U jsfV suoUi
u yfii rtsaf T,r sn mid s'tiiy law
rbU hity, ii not profit .tly, yet wiibont
nj iivi lots to yourselves, gm! rniploy- j
tnenl Hi Winter for oie'li laborers it you I
re HOlrf in Hnmtier. If all would do so, It I
-uuld relieve tins city of a great burden.-
If. Y 1VAMM, j
From the Church Journal.
He Giveth his Beloved Sleep.
Pa. 127; 2.
As from ihe glare of busty, feverish day,
Wt turn with longing to the holy stars,
Fetl the soft tir of night around us play,
And bless it for the respite from our cares;
So In ibt i;ravc tbo .in I Christian torus,
Wiar of sin, and ataiurd witli maty tears,
So hie pear bruised heart within him burns
Willi longing fur his covert from bis ftars.
A we hear musie, in the hush of night,
Souiuti.'ig fur oil", as if Ihe angel hunds
Were IVfe. ping harp strings ol the slar-bcamt
Close by the door of heaven, with skilful hands
(to, through the awful stillness of the grave.
The Christum sold. it lu i.rs the glorious psalm
' Of those blest souls his Muster ei,me lo save
And i ho,thr6f!lfn,rlavt won tbe victor's palm
i As weary ehililren lo their mother's care
liasUn, like bir.ls unto tin: pur. nt nest,
Kneel by htl sldjU and tay their evening prayer
Then fall asleep, clote nestled to hor breast.
Even 10 Ond'a ehi'drcn,, coming to the eve
(II Ifftf lust weary nyi pray llim Id keep
With Mi. kin.l earlhe denr ones they must leave
i ilnd tin n "Ha giveth His hcli.ved sleep." . M.
I .
Parallel between Deism and Christianity.
1 amty.
I 1. I Imvc never met a man, woman, or
, child, who hud been made better by embrt-
ritio dfitllctl tr nt inii'ii'8.
I luve mat Vundrtoa of persona who bnd
. beta made better by embracing the, prin
I i Iplct of Chrittlanlty.
2. I baVC F.een lliose wl o, after ibtndon
f ing the faith ot their father l tKoUgh the
, sopltir-lry of t.l.e infidtl have delivered lhem
I tdtvet up to the most (ami ili'viations from
the path of rectilude: tnd 1 ju.le;n of deism
( by itt finite.
r I have, tsoo dtisls who, after liavinc
. ' IbMldMli i 'thMf maXhni Of infidelity
, through 'he prrachinj; pi the word -have
. app'ie.l them Plfet lo the practiie of the
I moat djttlnguiahfd irtuea; and I judgt
i tJbrislianitv by its fruits,
r 3. I do not remember to ! av met with I
. deitt who Could assure mn that hia belle
rendered him pptceful and happv.
if I P member to have seen a great tmmhpi
oTT?hrtfTuii who hive assured me Ilia1
t tin y owed to their religious lentlmontt t
i pence thai pitted all uqderatanding?.
4. I luv" no Where Irtund a deist whosi
I fttlnhi wire reu'lv directed by belief it
l re i irds and ptinishmerr) beytid the prove
ii The dtltl tnvs be believes in a life te come
el sets us thnugb he did not.
s have no -elioro f. und a truo Christitr
wh pa w.tlnrit were not governed bv a be
Hff .n rewjirds and pnplthmentt lereafter
u fo. fb' llan nok onlv sais, h it al-o efincei
by lis tCtinnt, that he believes In Ihe lift
- of the woild lo r. aie,
fi. I fiWe een mnnv dnlsls. at the hntll
of dttlhi ith a horrlbFf detptlf, totutini
a ihemtalftt with hiving Bamnletely fnrirnt
' ten the rommtndmei ts ol Cod Hell be
" (leged their dying couch with all ill hor
! I have ssen mmy fhr:stia is rojoleing a(
the hour of death with ineffable, joy, am
blesinji thai Lord who had hrouL'tit then
, tfl the kr.oWledgt of his mercies and eoio
. mindmenit. Heaven britrbtaatd their dy
Ing bed with all its L'lory.
if And I Slid Deism ia un incomplete re
,. I if Inn . an error ol men Chrlftttnlty is i
ia perfect religion, t revelation ol God. I.
g Sfmeur.
Path of the Just—Its Radiance.
' The path ol the sen is n rndinnt rntli
" It ia not only tih.rious. That expresse
Jl ; but half Ihe truth. It ia glnriou-i lieenuse i
1J is rtdlfnt. The mn it not. like the moo
" a meitf reflect ort ;!ilteriii(i with borrow
" e.l light. od his given it lip;hl In Ittell
' and therefore il shines, and cannot bu
thine, If the mountaloi . ..!.! bu lifted ui
" until Ihey should end. is it, like a Wtl
and th" clouria, itaanding ftom the moun
' i tains, should cencdntrtt'e iheir matset, in
' o. i-uili il ike u roof it wnuf.l shine atil
r Nay, modt the more Inttnttby the caufini
J u. tut. it would turn the mountains ii te din
' luojidf, and the clouds into crystals, an
1 r i flush through ill. 'in all, and fill (he worl
: with new iplendon,
n" Ho with tbe path of kht just. Hit gloi
" It from wlthlr, lt It a radiation I'
I him Where you ill, he shines, and caniu
( bUI rhino. God ma. t him to shine. F.
' instance, ImpFUWIi Joseph und hi) Wi
" iblne out on Kpypt, eloudleta ut the sk
' lo re the r ilu never falls. Imprison Dam
' - nmi tin- dmled lions will return to iih
lairs, and tht lungs come forth to worthl
ut hit raiting, tnd all Babylon bless il
'" beauty oi ihe brighter tnd belter di).
Impriton l'elei and, with an tngtl f
I hia harbinger ttai Im will tpreid hieiura
ii, in the loin. tains of the Jordan to ll
' n, I n ol I'd rsheba, tnd btcnk like I
"' roorqlng over mcunltln and tit, Impnsi
'" Ptul and ihWt will be high noon ov
Ipll th" Koiiiin Kinpire Jiuprison John-
und the isles ol ihe A'. . n. and all III
" ci "a around, will kuulle with aunsi
i visiuiis, lio gnrgtfiaM t" be described, bi
i.i iii to be . oi Men. ii boundless paiiuran
oi urophrcyi gliding ran sky tu sky, at
nvlianliiig ihu natiiinji " Willi oprnings i
dojhetvrn, iratmlti ol taims and unuls. an
Igifihf i.ltini.ie glory o'the city and kings'lfl
at of Odd, 'Not no y to, lor mudtm mm
itfiheve timiltr jaiples exuu pl. a in III
chnreh, Itad rpitffplei in Ihe slate K.
HI muti, iii f, bpry Ltlhei m the depths ol il
t Ilia. I. F. iif.i uim "ihe Mgtl tbtt dart
In in the bush" will honor bun there; li
tinea around him frill bum like th ft
d, ruby, md bis gl iwHH'- orb lo. u, u ,
j round and rfnr, nt the ligh. at all Bufiatl
ol ;'f:U'l lSlllllill Ii IO thn . looti ol 1,1 ill CM
ngjall and it he ..it bis tirtd of b
l kaaBa, tin nnuky loo z n nt Bti'sin
"ii Hsu.e Willi It. ry ul I ". . cls4ll He in
id lelaa" tad celtitllai uisiuhoui w tu hoi
pjlgflmi gfouprd on the golden Inilt,
(h bauds ol kilts, ioiii.iIj gates u pi Ut
I.- hastening io Jjfclagjpi(tvlp,.i hoipe.' T. i
LL Bacaitn fJV W ' t
T i :
" tt
-- , , i i -
CuRMH Ol- MAIN k gi'IN T SIS..
J.T.I.pip'y rioiicha. suit Poll t!tm$ , Btrt pioiif,
IStabWe pi'vuglw, I'M nt Leror ctutl lion iWoiijtli, Mr i
Brynion Grain Pilli. thf hit in utf, Oidrr Milf".
rhain Ttiup fixtnrea. Uhnin fump Tub In, Chain
I'u in i Chain, LnumvlUa and cnmmun Lime, rlaatrr. 1
(uano, naBrrr'a itpnrnhqiItp IJnie, Charcoal in lump
and fround Aoap Htonr arfunid, White iHand;
La go and small Corn OTiketi.
tOt Corn It till ami May cutlrra, Rrire Pcy-Uiaa, Wira
hnuae and Miller 'a Trscla, Thrrmotnalar (Niuma,
Parrrl ClturtiM, Tavlnr'nl'liiirnK, Danlirr Churn. Kork
llaudi a, I I! nt! -, Hrouin llaudlrn. Corn tihcllera,
Urush Rudtea Shovels,
Ppaden, Wanuro and Hay Fork, Hickory and Com ;
Hrnniim and Whips; I(HHrind nOQM und Oriml tt(ur ,
hanging, IMatlorni acales warrautad. Washing ma
ahine, RolHns Pina, Clothca Pina. Tub and
Buckets, Teach Baskets
t Yoke and Bows, Heavy Hama. Cow tlaa. Bird
Cafleat.BIrd iSSl, ric, Arthnr's hcM flaaling Cani.
TMSM cana were tlioroiiKhly touted durintr lait cummer
and their eonteutn after the lapao of a year found un
r.lianc d.
Trem aud Planta, In their Keafon our a r ran item en in
! are made for a nupply of Fruit trees of nil kinds from
, olio of the heit New Jersey NuraorleN. Secdn Tiinoihy
j need, CJover aeed, Flax teed. Orchard Grani need,
Kentucky t ine (.Taiitteed, MlMeU, and al other aeed
houf(ht aud Hold. .-:-", Corn and e,oh CruHhem.
For the purchase or sal 1 of Farmat unimproved Landi,
Mill propetty, city and village property.
($JOJficp al tht Agricultural Serd Store, near
MM H. tf-O. R. R. Depot, Wheelinp. V.t.JQ
lSTE have just received a fresh supply tf
f f all llio scoot hrtn h R limit i n 'nil r COOimoil schnftts,
wliirli will I,.' sol. I st Wlic-cliof prlcss. RclifA Teach
ers Ifpalltd on 111.-,.,, terms. A. P. .MfRTIN J'n
fjUtUlT JARS. A biiiuII lot of J Gnl.
Ulass jars, tor putting up fruit, call snon at
A. 0, MARTIN ft Co.
"iTtuirTliiuiT!! fruitim
17H have now, and will continue te
ft 'fs, on hanils, a full saeiily of Fruit Jars, all
ki'l And stylus, Willi corks lo suit.
A. C. MRTIV cV Co.
f f always to lie lisd. in Inrireor imtll tntntltltt, al
a.r"l.j II M.I l M .- I. , .
hran.l positively sold at Wlienlig prlett, si
1 ipr.l!. H. ALEXANIIKR'a Brag Btoft,
iSsortmsbt, tmhrtfilni every nrtirle BtCSSStry ti
tie coiiii. xioti o a ttittltaitn't wtrdrobt, at
sur. 14. KRt?IT St NMT.nfl
. f tils, fli'irts, dollars. Neck Tliaa, foakat ftiindkaf
cblsni, Scarfs, Onnifbrts, left1 sii.l Un. Ikin Cloves, lius
I atudtrti'Ae; mc c ,.ai)i tele ass." i n. -nt st
i , KHIN I' cV NAW E'H.
Seut. an.
' 1 Merchaut Tailors, !Tj
St. C'l.ilSsui.Vr, thm
Hive on hutirl a full assortment or Cloths, Casalmara
, and Vsstlmis, trbti h ihsy wilt diakstoordti m u,e aetl
SSI lylr anil on Hi, nin.l ri'AmiliAlile HTIni; JtlllJII
ll l.u httll a wrondtr It manv ami In mine man
tnsn iii.,s in the trade how Sl'ONK & TllwMA
I -snaps to sell and rfset rArBoe ,,i Coo4s, i,ut Hi
m tUny will kt soon aolver, ir yon !, in ,rl riami,,
I -tni vo.irs.'lve., Tli.ir Treineml ,Mrk ami l..iv
erltes wil.oviiiwiinyon that, hiiiom with theeasli
' wil alwst's make a ir.eal dlmrtnea i'n HIInt, ami tin
, aaakltl nH la tlolnt Ins Itiuflitudt for aluile money
. vl T A T i 9 N E R Y
. 7 ft. el IVna. Ptnellt,
wrltlni Fluid, Cap ami Li tter I'aiier,
Knrelopss, Nine do
Visllltitt.'arda, niauk Uooks,
I ' oetel Meiuoi Ai.ilnuis, dir
ky A. v. HARTiM
0 I L S;
, t INBMD. Fi.h, H,.,.rm, Lard, Castor am
I - twsalOil.justrcetlvtdby
. frABBH shad, direct from BaRlmori
B. Ibr sain Ily
' 'ti I " "' tlie ri1,ll'Hl H,yei wood plaid
1 .1.. si ?,iT'Tnth MathMit, a tall supply ol Tblt
,."' ? IMfftt, lie bsinas, clnnhAui, a.,
eroil.,,n word, the moat cotapltM stork ol llrei
,,','!' ,V'V'.' I,r""l11' l" Wheel, n, and al nntsutlly loi
""fit' ?' HTONfi-THOMAS,
F IT4, Main st. WhaelinR.
, PLOWS. The subscriber has madi
"lt-satiUikttpon htuo at all time., a hillaaaoi
an in o t , nier ever i'iw, conslStrni id iron au
wdtt lli'M and left hand, which lie will aej ,
i lltsburi ,v Wbatl'ni prices tt
joiin jfcpaoMi.
n Permanently located ut
tofSfflilft Beisssni o. o.
1 A inV,!!.? " N ,.K "' ?aMa sataraJth
1 &LWtiSrEyu& ,n Htstu ait kinds o in;'
I.,. re.o,..j. . ' tt'.'". sml miourwi
; smmXS! tatoM "'",k w""""1 Mltalral
, J'',""' h,vi"i' lie. syed leelli would ptrhtat do wel i
u I nyilHn,.. May l-t, IH.lS.-ly.
A """' at sytttai ot i h.. (or asilnntrs i
fct study ol irv. Uamalltd rrtin tha nasi a,
y nt ie. i ;",! ':" ""
; sft!xi :'" '4j
" in.vr a NAOL8,
I I AV,'; J"M r.ieeived a lnrku. and ei.miilel
I 1 tttartuitnt ol
It I Ol eve, y Markl anil qnAlity, aninug which msv he hun
1 Flits atk, Cloth Mass thrtrUoaia, n, Li'otii. e.t
MliHU.. Felt, ami H lunnl i'un
HI His. k Brow a Olotli F , h, Hark ft lloj. do. Ill u
Couili d Saloo i l i, Monkey Jarklsc.
Hiik, s.uo,,. -.oi,c,, Pltth UMintti tattti
lllk ft I an, y I'Mtliiitrt I'ains. Katliiel. Cord 4, Jea
Paula Also a oi .11 Utta ajttklaa, iiai, caps. ,
' I nil,.,,, a lull ,.
Ct Also an unusually lams nock 01
Ui.Ms riittWaillR- OOOMi
atKh It ft htja. HuHtrt, Cravats, Pot k SI Mumlkenhii
niovss, lluii.1) i.'oiniun., fu.iieiis. Under .Inn
id lirswvis, to ., a.
We have al.t s lu line ol Clulha, Caatlttttt, Hall
" !.(, . .lo... rrluiUllHSt A.ci which we will make
J order in the Leal t) I. ami Ontht IHOat rtatonthla lerm
All ol Ihe abOVS ill lit Sold al Ulillai,aly low Plic
n nu oash., ' 1
,a Ottobtt ft, IIM
lie Mlbaofibti oilers ior sale tbo mill un
It ftn " winch ht rttldts anoaisd mi t. MtiKin
Crepk, mi Fu nis) t ,',is,n. lie I eooaly Oklo,
iiiraT Ohio Rai mad, ulos stress ao.ii
. vi -,,ii allot visual t htsilnt Va
v tllos ol Bel. aim City, (uu Ihs Uhl
il. lata r)4 iitiii, 4
' lUU urrrs of land one half of
d wbMk la ftktttt, 'I'll mill la within tllty yards of ll
. t . il. K- H il la a food liouae lour alurlss htfh, one i
.tons iMf) l . ,-eoi Ii'aiuu iliiy iMtt in length fcy Amy i
II si.ltbWtth W .fu oi'inia. 'I'he ila.o ia huiltol alai
. -oi a en. k , , ,. .i i . . . ,, The.e ia alaoou iha preuiisv a
ai.uudaHi ot cool, and a young hearing orchard i
V Irtiit Irrasof sl .acs salriAlon. , S
. Fi.iiurlhv usrWrii ara oi.poia o th yiianafka't o
' i i u,n..,vi by isitri atbiruiasdAsi iKn.i'r, Bfoioi
ii i, i.oio. r
fl'ackly Wlif Wt Ctiam.coiiy lolheamctlal r thn
,i a . ,1 , io w1 tariatar) aud a kill la this urtu
' " aft. .
0 n ft t. IflliTM ti .:n v AOKIMIt) Oil
'l A sr. anted to au.id lie t'"'d Wttthtt, will. on
. i imt. sMtie l.nw piles of f" ' i . p' uailon, for
islsai j. W. i i.l I. IN o
Drug atoro.
Nov. tlf.h. R.-,4.
Jl H lor la, Collar,. Cravat a. Sprint do , pocket htlk'ft,
llnvea, llnss Ptisnsnders. For isle cheap hy
ssp.au.l G. M.l.f fc CO
ily, front le finest silk, down to the cheapea
palm leaf. Al (apr.14.) FR1NT & NAOl.F'H.
I JOINTS to suit all of the above plows
alws. a on hsnd al
W 7 and for aals hy (.p. It 'M.) J.TllOVrflllS
A FKW hill side plow! of a very euper-
JT. r quality for sale by
, i
J splendid saaortmjnt of Turkey Osrostlng ad
Matting Carpeting and Stair Carpets Oil Clothsofall
kinds, at all prices. A anenrliii ssaortment of Ruga
ehfaper than they can be had this aide or Philadelphia,
for silo at J. HEYMjIN'S.
p. 13, '55.
r"HK Largest and ninut varied assortment
ol Hats everultored lo the public ia at
"Ap. lil,'M. FRINTfcNAOLB'S.
C10D LIVER OIL A freth aupply of
Roahton, Clark A Co'a. celebrated C. I.. Oil, Juat .
rec-i veil hy A. V. MARTIN at GO
' Apr' It, l55. .
WORM SUGAR DROPS. Bardotte't i
"orm Sugar llropa.the best Vermiluge for de
oyingi I elueffmg wornia now in use, fnraalehy
A. C. MARTIN kin. I
ori'o.s!Ti: tie tour ttOVtlSi
st. clairsville, omo.
P MCi:b LEWIS has taken cha-geof
r!m'm tbla Inrga and comi lioua I ne. and 1h
i p 5iHH ireparcd to ar. oiumodalc ttie put, tic.
I lW lleliaa re rnnilhe,l His principal rooms,
1 sf9s BAiid in many otlinr respects added lo tli
I comforts anil conveniences of the house.
HIS TAtLE Will at all limes be MppJIad
with the bealthe market afl'orda. Il is hia intention,
and shall hs his coiiatnnl care, to render 111 bouse in
every rcapoct, all Hist may M desired by bis guests
HIM ST kit I, I. IS urc Itrgt and will be in tlie
rare of attentive hallda.
He will also continue the
tptt a arals of convenience and erntinmy that cannot
Ia.I lo merit 'he apcrohatiou of tlie public. Allorilcrs
lor UORSBS, CtRRI AUF. I, ite .. left at the Office of
the. National. will I, e promptly attended to.
TUB (OIMBI'S Icavistbe National daily
1 esceilHnmlav hir Wlieclinc, at 7 o'clock. 'A. tt.
Ft. Claireville, Aug. 1, ICjS.
s. LB WIS,
tVVERY family should have Bt least one
f 'Clock, and there i mk. rlace where n Uriier and
i f i . , i.u4, ,.J, ,, at kkaWr'a - ean Jowelry
Wo 1ST. Main ttueni VVbseling, Va (land see.
X'O. 1 WTTSBTJRG SALTinnet bbls.
i, s j ed and lor sale at Ihe lowest prices at
Would you 8oe, the Great Rattle of
, Alma Figuratively Represented, go to
M ' m " MLM B IS 2
' VVIhto Constant Fighting is going
1 on ibr Cheap Goods.
I Y .'lock, which U nil hourht for cpsfi, I
I cuarahtcpto In-larattr thaai anv nthar in this city,
nilinif liuth itoriatt and has lu-on welacted with the g rent
aatCftrft, I lake pleasure tlifri-fore, in nnaoiinciii lliu:
nQtwitbatftDdini tlu-KaTity itf .-.".I I am wtahlcil
o allow my auatbmvri tt Hi' iuiiiir KeiH'nify, ona orthe
hunlri' iiM fi h!iu k l DrMM (iondti ihey jiav ever aaw,
miiiHiifi.T i , . . ,, I- wiU at.f-r a
pfiikililt' ( numerate ari ot my 004 aafullowtt:
I lt.000 yanla of Driaa Silk, frmn M conta to (1$ ptf
yard, or a dit-rot inittrru irAiii 3 tu :!)$. I have in nar
tii ulttf aayoral plaaotffrary t loh ami notniflctttt Hatiu
9tV f pad HolfO At(qli all colore; very heavy watered
i INiiili du Hoile; asupertor artirleof II roc ado Hilkn, with
nathi nlri Mi and Mum Of hII eolon and tie very latCHt
Ntyen. TiirkHalitiN al reduced pncen. Blk mIK- oil
lioilt d, for 75 canla, worth one o1M neverat piucertof yrd
wide do. at low meU ol tilnck Ribbed Hilkx, f liave a
lew ploeOi which caiiuoi hv hem. In whorl, (.ailiex who
lavor me with a rail. Mltttol but lie natiHlled, an I am da
lermitied not to heoutdone by any one.
9 In addition tothc ahnvn, juNt rereivedom caae of 51)
cent nilKri.orGt a drafts pattern, which 'h worth doulde
il ; the money.
t In Clonks and Mantills.
I can nati-d'y even the noal 'adiditioua, havinr? on
hand over IWM the very rk hewt Chilli ,aud ilk Velvet
Ooak ever oil'ered, or every rollnr and descripnonH,
t enihroidereil or with uimp and rihhnn trimming, to -n.i
the fam y of one and all, anion? then are a few '' Morie
l" I jfiitipie ('oflliM', Monnlliniir rich aud rare, I will Mil a
ft Una iwiile.i Cloth Cloak, rich trime.l and xllk uund Un
'l St. A Ian mi haml now, a few lined and irltned fiirS.
With Fino WoTstetl or other Dross
1 canaaliafy avry one, of whtcd men ion; BQ pittea
of nil wool paoh,hr I .ml i-h nml UHlMran! ilinn-e!.
the nicest itumU out. Urn rteen of l'r BCh Mim Inooa of
a! Colon at prlCM per rent lethao am- OthOr hOUia
can Nat Ihem. Itoin! tXinett, the Kreatent borfftilMi. I
I have tevoral l Cai Ol -'ril i LvplOUl Hnmlacine,
; uoith atualy iflon rur i.
' Alpricearfat all ir1tt rartliiattka. a rerv lar e a--Mrlment.
if a 1 mlr aiil pTtceaj aotiif very good
j doulde w idlh 1'aiamattn at J t nt i per yard
II mo Looi n' " ?haw warranted all all. ami woo:
y latiltina ma m act tire ,T i:: no- id
prochfl Kqifara S!iaw;. h a u-fd to et for I?,
10 for 7, Mv iHtui iitt-ii a to Inn , aquara, i lam, ian v ai n
ambroldfrcd Haua .f.awi- i- r plate, coonfatina ol
nearly flOd, l el vradra ind tv ine, frttm AO centa to 'joe,
ol Krnpire "tale, II iv Stat., W.tterhei , ami oihui re
. now ned iftaonia rtOfwa,
Ii.-U.'iii'N. tJui-liaiiir. ami Muwliii do l.ainea, a uenaral
C a 1 i c Q e s .
804 (lec-a of Me- ri 'ta-k tv le, warranted favt COora!
n ttfluute. 900 pa. ol -4 I French Ob mil at liii ceuti
,. per yard.
J M u 1 1 i u .
I itstt tashlaashst Hulls, all trim, sm.i q do, n
i( atrjrtit Ttrat btlta of yard trldt in,' .a iie.l at a
tanta, Alt arl ii- a Muaflt mi. I I. men iii.r pillow rah.',
an I ahti'ta iron, 4 4 tu iv 4, aaluw ai i ',
1 nan 1. it, I. in,,, 1 aSt.l 1 1. lti.it flia ,-r, I'raatl, etc. , 1
larta tssttlttal .
t Isi.iiela, all artol, aril wide, 7 etatti Tittinas
Utttkatot Pbniat atrlaaa. aarttl variety.
Of fltha,,Otaahutrtt tatl Vatttatlls, 1 very tarsi
aloLk.Stall prlreaanil DOlort,
B niro i d'e r I e 1 ,
Klae neeille iirl..',l lattt.Oolltra, Hlrvvea anil Ohtttl
f aastts.alaunilirf collars and Dltttaaillnt Ifttdla werksd
ILiiiderrlilel. et. j plan d.i. warianli'.l all l.llio.l lur I'J
ceutaa plttt,OI 11,98 a dnsen
Ii 0 n n e t .s .
Ian Mil ttattta tltlleolori and prlcea.iif tlie lateal
1 at) I. a (real l,V3 lufiu.
Furs! Kursll Furs!!!
The very boat assortment ever nlfered, consisting in
part 1'iicli, Ht.ina Mariin, etc; .Mailer ine, Uusa and
Cults at all irii'sa,
,'d Carpets! Ciu-petsl!
In Una Department I rsit nrTer It linif keepera ami
otl.e.a areaier hargaitiatliau heretofore, hi Bruasla, Vol
wl. tliteai ply and ullier I'arpeU. Ilavi n l...njl,l evert
pierelelnw liiailufacturaii iriraa, lam enal.led Ui aelt t
flrat rata; arlieleur lljured rarpet lur 5 rents atari!
s. ,.ry amnl striped carpet In) rente per yard. In Ran
rarpet hearth runs, I101I1 I'll, mile and Velvet, a tew re
1 , aWtd ..t splendid patierua, la 4 Uriisget, several piecei
10 tu Im- low.
' My at.uk, aaaeenahove, ia complete, and hare now
only tu aav.lie iu. k lu s'l aouie nt itioae eitra haraaini
I 1...1 Million l ll.ve, I hawtfaid Iwttire, and ropeal il
. now, thai I am dnlerkiiiied-no! lo he undersold.
, Tlie iiupullant asoda are all lirounlil direct from Im
I'orteia, aiidpart truss laanuracturois; I canlliorelure aa
Country Merchants.
a and tafttft, tliat by lonkinir over, my atork, they will
b bass notion, l,ut I will auarenten toaell thaae flue imiiur
., t,-,l f,A,le Ir.im MA tu '0 per rent, leaatlianlhey csn And
t tliem 111 Ilia Castnrn Jobbing lluusea.
Ha cuuie, ibaa, one aud alt, and atoi ia al
QtJ It, leli,?m tlals e., Wkteliiig, Va.
I V. Ilueierj , lusieiiderH, .SlilrU. 1'u.tare, eVcoHiatanl
i". tale l,y (it. It. .) Kill NT A NJULG.
MKKINllKM. ThibeU, AU-eftnl. ke aasi, Plaid Caah
in, res, ami a lull eauetj, ul eswt si via. of Ladles
II I faahlaniMs wool Dress (laiida, loaelaor with mars An
tbiis sad Flush Trluiailint to match a mark lartei
aJ stock tliati we evei before have opened, and as theap a
7 ever bsiors orTercd. A ten, s few pea of Merino falin da
, 1 Chine, a supers un la Itr Ladies' lliesaes very dealr
' Its, at ITONJi 4m THOMAt'i
W' s jt
Kearhj opposite ihe tiuxpevsion
I'hf C'ciifrnl A Plcnannt Locution
Together with close personal attention givea liim rnn
ndeuee of pleasing his patrons, aaihe beat materials are
attt and pictures warranted to please. We would call
attention partlcularl'' of those wanting Miniatures ol
Mldrtn.aa this lathe most rsrorshle season.
I aaly raostraa a ascender ("ire en ahright rfas neornocn,
Fortvardins V Commiaaion Merchnnts,
HAVR on linnd, and nrc rpceivine
2t Ton of Pittaliurgh Iron at.i. aisss, beat quality.
It " Wheeling "
2110 Ilhla. prime N. O Molasses, Oak RMs.
.VI Hilda. N. II. Hunar, eaiME.
Tt Kara prime Hinlloflee.
Ill Keia 0 Twill Tobacco.
Ill Holes ol Kuaaels and Rnblnsons flat or lump.
10 " 11 various Brands.
01 Boxes Teas, aesorted.
25 Boiea Pearl Starch.
IIK1 111, la Pish, Mackerel.
inn) " '
Ml Kara White Lead.
511 Pr. Steel Hp iiigsiiS sett Iron Aiels, all sizes.
1111 Ulits. Wliile Lime,
And other articles usually keptin Wholesale Grocer
iea, we respectfully request otr rriends to give us a call
May I7.IS.M.
Wholesale Dealers in
No. 6 Wood Htreet,
AG MN take pleasure in railing the at
tention of hia cuntonierf, and country mwrchnuu,
generally, to the larsesl frrU -stock of Hoots aitrl BhOfla,
Bonnet., Leather. Ac, went of the innmitaina, coop i ft,
Ins of over 3t5(HI cases, for Fall anil Winter sale, pur
thnfPil ilirect from the manurarturer, in New England
at the lowent rah . rices, which anahtcts hun to nllei
rare iinluceineiiti' to his euptniuern and rleoterf. eeuer
alty tJreut can- hurt baail ohoerveit an to style, quality
anil sir.es Mich air.ea as are bent suited (0 the Weaieni
con ntry.
In connection with the ahf.ve, he desires particularly
to call the attention lo0oni inanuractiired for hlmseir
in tins city, auitalde for Fariuars, M anul'nctitrers, and
Itailioaders, oonatttlng of Mhn'a, Hoys' and Youlhn
coarse, Calf and Hip. Hewed and Nailed Hoot, aim
Hrocans. Women's, Misses' und Children Gait, Kiy
aud Morocco Hoots, Blakhtt, Jenny Llndlj Ac. Thit
hcing a new feature in his h-llnMat he trust.a to receive
a fiheral accession to his former trade.
)T r" Merchants visitiim our city, on their way Kast
wtl. final their intaresu promote" hy aivuij tin aim Y
nu examination, withthe adverliHer'rJ assurance that In
I willjnot he underaold hy any, either ua-t or west o
I the mountains.
Octoher 3, IMS. dnl
I D1 : N Ma stalls inr.,puraiulcearaatlwa rrpe
! O pure, just rflCVa (Hept lJ7.) nx an a Ai.
iP 0 T A 8 H- A superior article jusi
received hy A.C MAKTINAC'o.
May lid, 1851.
N E W M IL L 1 N E R Y 7
I esfkotfully announces to the Ladica o
I I Ht (Mairsville and vicinity, that she intend ti
,-aJl carry on tha Mill Inery litis inesn in all iii ,0
'.xyV various hr lichen, solicits a share ol jgjjYg
ptlblk patronage. Particular altenlionVPfp
nrlli bi ifiven to fancy work. Trim
I Rllng aud t.i i. Hoii 'i'ts; in the very faiaat styles,,
j alvery naHonahe prices. Her residence Is at the Baa
, end of Ht. rlairsville. in the Imuseof .Mr. Joseph Hutle
ne?rlv opposite A mhru star's f. roc cry.
HepteinherO. IP55.
WE arc now in receipt of our Sprinj
Htock or
Wnll I'aiier,
OdniprtalM r 1 the newest and fflOtt desirahe Htye
from the Kamcrn (?)tien,to which wu invite the attenlio
ol those in want.
117 Main Hlrfet-al.ove Monroe
Aprll9t tWt.
KtfSOInolnMtl Pure While head.
n uiiis i . i it -.'fi! oil.
BQ al. Parlor White, Just received and Tor aale s
lowealtnshpricea March 5, '53. Jiks W. Coli iins
1855. FALL TRADE, 185;
t. s i t n & u
No. iio Main Mm el
j u nr.i:LiM.. v .
Aft preutftd aa tattl .villi a httt'y k ol Qufrni
iatrt,Vbitt . .. rraai Ibt btst I'otterirs in Kntlaau t
frautt, wliikii iliey oirw i.j to. Vrate ai I aeti t
I't l.-ea
It It altMat .ie"dlessto remind the i ul i.- that the
trt n:a i la hit tijlmri notice ti srsfsrs kii
t 'ut, blow ii or I'ressed i lim Glaa
: vynve.
! Th.- Tra.ln a. ..I otiltri era Intiffd to call Did agin in
tlu-ir ato, k.
Wkatlla'i ''ei. , ft), IHM.
Btirber-Sbop Poetry,
I Air -" tUr, Roll."
On. don'i ytm rMtaiktl l.tw llananio, friend Joe,
l.ew Ran.. uu tht Btrttr nt. lot; a,
I i Win. Mil lei with dsllabl, wins ou Hise hun s rail
, And ttaa a p bit tbtt Ing at brawn,
. lulhe teat barker attap on Main st. tat .friend Jot,
HtttAb the ..id iratn tutus,, so tine,
, II he. Ailed ii In-, shelve Willi BOtBt of every aieu
And the atrtptd ptlt is hi. sign.
ftaa his soft cushiuned cbtlr. old Joe,
Thai ad. wide us aims for us ell,
Tuuellier we've sat in the nuun day tune,
And mooted while he tbtVtd ua an well.
Many llarl.ers have tried lu vain, old Joe,
Hul tbtlr erturta ran never totuptrtl
Fur the rustniiiers flork aruun.l the sliop lo see
How u i, mil v he clips oil' lliu liair.
There's a change in the times I know, friend Joe,
They have rhaug'd from Ihe old to the new.
And I leel in the denthsof mv purket the truth
Thai prices .low a town of have chajig'd too.
Four years have paaaed, or more, old Joe,
Uaet Lew Haus.im'a name waa Hral hail'd.
And hia shop is deemed aklesaios in Irulh.
For to please he has never yel ailed.
. fl. C'lairasille. Hepleiiil.er,iMib lPii.
No. 143 MllB Htreot,
Oarpota Rugs, Oil Cluthi, Lookini.
j1ii3scs & Upholstery Ware of evcrj
I Begs lease to inr.iriu hie friends an ' Iheoudlic sene
rally that he has Juai relumed Iron, the F.aet. aud i
Ml receiving Ihe largeai aud uioai deeiralitr stork a
furnishing gooda ever olfered in Una city: rouaiauu
of over to.000 vardi of Oariieta ol all (radea from IS
Oniiper yard lo the lineal aa.al.ly ol bruaiela an.
Velvet, Made fug, and Oil Clttha .11 great variety
also s very large stock of Dtastsk and lacs curiii
goods, tugethsr with the iiraaltsl satiety at heaia
Furnishing goods in ibis city. Tbis nock baa bee.
elected with great csre hath at tt the ity la aud price
' Tbo.se In want of goods in ing Una will pleaoe call an,
examine the best sseoited and warienttd it talk
cheap. .1 sleek osfoied'in thlscity.
Whetting, tap. SO, 143 Main atreet.
White Wash Iruibe's sold at
J.-fV. Colli ak'a,.
wnoi.i sAi.t: ,t BBTAIt nEAi.v.n in
and the ll.nat iinprnved ,.,-...
nui Saw fii.i.f.i'.s, f.xcavaturp rohf.
PRIM.!. MnoTii onsasa 001.0 asi. aii.vsa run.
TF.E III of every Varletv, r.llld MOUfl aHIVOf,
i:upit, MGvflflT Jt mclaaoi,
Also. OaM PilverA French I.ear, Yellnwflraen k
Red Rrinme. Together w Ith a full assortment of
(r7rtm irnrs f Window (Has
and such other articles eaaro usually found in a welt,
furnished drns store.
The proprietor being conf.nedto the leaitimate Prog
hnlinesi for several Yean past, and having made this
hii constant itudy, flatten himself that he can certainly
due much better part by hia Customers tli? people
generally in the wav or selecting and furnishing Ihem
with PttRF. PRtUlf and filling Prescription! more
correctly that those wlin devote the greater part of their
time and attention 'to the auorn oimi.st II v. ai.eAeaa
mans. II ii drags are warranted pure or no aals, and
the prima shall compare with F.aslern prices, (Wheeling
igAire. not taken into eonnlderation , when the" same
amount of druse are purchased. Call Examine my
stock and prices, all orderi Promptly tilled.
June. Hlh.lBSS.
f I HE place to procure a nice tV,
1 new lashioued "love of a bonllet" nSju).
Miss Siiinn K. Tnrls, gfEfc
Whose Sliop is at the West end of Pt. Clair.vile.afew
doors west of the 0A7ETTB fc CITIZEN llftlee. She
has constantly on hand aud for sale at Wheeling priiea
a larcc assortment or Unnueti, and all kinda of R.uinet
Trimmings, including a carefully ae'ectnt stork or flow
ers. Particular all.intlnn is paul at all times lo trill 1
j nii.igaiiil mtking BonntU, In tlie very laieat styles, and
atverv rea.'.ouallli' pricea.
at, Clairrville, Apr. Ill, '55.
I J Oiln sold at
apr til. 1 II. ALEXANPIIlfS Drug Store.
J I Q U O R S Frcmh Brandy, Port
I 4 Wine, and Holland (im, lor Medicinal purpot.es,
oay, warranted pure, lor sate by
May, :ir.l,lr55. A.C. MARTIN dr Co.
, J. W. GLOVER, Attorney at
, if I I, aw asp Notait Pmtic. Bi.Clalrivllle.Oblo.
JfT-'OFFICE up alairs over Collins' Prug Plnre.
Particular attention paid 10 Ihe settlement uf estates.
Powers-ot-Attorney and oilier conveyancing eieculod
promptly. A ckliowledgetueuts of I . Powerl-ol
Attornev and Mnrtuagcs taken.
Alan, Agent for tlio Ohio Life Insurance Company.
Lite Polieic,. issued on ihe us'jal terms.
June BS, IB94.tr.
VI L. HATCHER, Attorney at Law
it I a Bt, Clairaville Ohio,
JTrOIIire a.loort. east ot the Court House.
Hepleml.er Id, 1153. llm.pd.
DD. T. COWEN, Attorney ane
Coi assi a at I, aw, Sol. 11 iron in Cuanciirv
ANrsNoTASv foattc,-'0t. Ofalrtvrflt, O,
jrpf'FFICE opposite the American llnuae and ovei
1 C.Troll'aatnre. apr. 8, '53. tf.
DR. J. ALEXANDER 1ms removed tc
the Seminary properly St. Cla.rsville, adJonln
f the residence ot JtdftUOWta. HtB Ofllca has tied MStl
rtnovad to Hie same huitdiug. apr. 13, '50.
I JETER TALLMAN, Attorney ami
. Oouasaool at Law asd Somcitor in Chan. irv
I St. ClalriTSltt, Ohio.
rr'Otlir.ft in the room formerly occupied by the Bel
1 j moiit Bank. aug. 93, '51.
any articles usually kept at Drug stores will ge
i llieir nioiiev back by calling al
apr.at.l 11. ALEXANDER'S Drug Store.
r COME ALL ANr 8liEr
VLD hif .itccry Store, tu thn room one ilon
' oa-t -! Ot Ihthl-ard, and nearly opposite Harria' Ti
1 aliop, where Im- hax a l.n -nipply ol OftOCttftl KS ol ev
r t ery variety, such s tuar, Moiasaes, Teas, L:VrVl
t'otl'ee, Bpires, Toliacr o, Heirara, Sonpa, l-'iah of
every Kind, Uut-ensn are, I . 1 1 :i v. ;t rr, W ood 'gggfB
rnware. Lime, H hove In, Hpsilert, lloea. Forks Hi ever
kind Ropei., - otton yarn, C'ainlle wiek, nyctulf, .Mad
der, A hi in. ImliKO, Hice, m;-, Ate
s And every thine peitf-rally kept in Grocery Htorei
.Ml ot which will he difpoeeil ol'at thu very lowest ratet
And hIho prepares lo take in i.'oniitry produce at can
price.. Jap. I. MV,
tl t SHAWLS, every grade and style
W loinr ami ttuirt, Btaaht, Thil.ei, CI, .Hi
l aahniere, Mlk nml Blakels, cOUpiiainitha heat sloe
ever offeree It WbaaTlnt. Alan, a lull variety a
OIaOAU. 'I almas. .Mantillas, Vobta an. I Caps, luaile 0
I velvet, silk, cloth, satin anil merino. A ho,- Cloaktll
I I Cloths an. I Iriiiiiuinga to match, very cheap, at
Nov. :to. 174, Main al. Wheeling.
T.Tlii'li & in.
aift faCJ-rra tf rM9
gfraafo at. lalrfvlfle, p.
L. Books. Stationery and
Also all kind- of
Hi: he-1 prifp paid lor rood cleai. KlifjQj
AprW V, INI)
: 01 PA NAG I
- j roa TMI i'u or
".m mm
e Both Kxttrnally and Inlonially
Vl.T nisi ot 1 in n,
PafU cannot tony tfifM where this in failltfull
03"Oivi it One Fair TrlaKQ
Ami ti pot tin nut tln.t it tu Im ail it is raconieadtd, g
hack lo tlie latnl ami got
1 luH'IM.F. Tl K Ml.l OF HONBV KF.rlMlKIl
rbia oittr 11, a. I.-, k now in r Ibai hai tins Madlciai
baa dutf in Abousajitg 01 cses, it will ,io aiaia.
I Olt 1.41
Cures tslmost Instantaneously,
CUHONIO 1 ' 1 1 1 -1 .,
SC. 11 AS
.yspersia, weak breast, iiveb complaint
general debility, fever and ague,
canker: oh, sore movth, futrid
sore throat, weak eys,
In tin above naiue.l Dlstltaa, it only needs to he laith
lolly used, aud
A Cure is Certain!!
Ihfostaht to Aoiintii. Acents will Anil it freatl
to their inlsreut, anil are at f til I liberty on first uitro
.luring lr. BAKF.K'H PAIN PANCF.j,, lo givi
back tbe money Ireely if thoao who purchase il are 110
fully SaUtRadlatd may use it in llieir own i ahiuss. l
give a lew bullies t their irieuds, Ihtt llu.y miiy tes1
ll Al ICR ITH over all other tdlCiaee: am
f when un e intriMluced they will find that Ihey can set
large quautitiei of il. 11 Agents writs that when unci
. Intraductal, Ihtitaajat are large Families will keei.
it ... their housei, and will nut bt witlioul it,
tllltllt litnll by O H 11 Ik I'll. M. I.
IPrioe 25,60 and 11,00 per bottle
a foe rlaLS av
f J. YV. Collina, Hi. Clairisilla,
I II. Murphy, llendrysbtirg.
I F. M Bwan Mo riatuwu.
I llaluea at Hatcher. Lloydlville,
llsrrylllssa Bridgeport,
i J. a. Anderson. Bellalre.
r J, F. Crunfel, iecobshtirg.
i A. Nation, Ontrsvilla.
A. Armairong, Ariuatrtng a Mill.
I U, H. Moil Barne. villa,
IV a 1 1, . 1.1 aCrimleu do.
W. T. Horsey, Doriey'a Mill.
Horsey 4t Ct. Caplilia.
J. B. Martin, aewellsvillt.
aeboney a MrGrew. Martiniv.lla.
Wm HIye, Nichulaville.
M. F. JM.lea a Bi,,.e)oiMSrian $
Jni ;l.i, I5S ' :a
V sr k
, 1
r I HEtindrraigned hkt, at hit ttind, oppo-'
X site iejAiasi as llaoig, a eoinplete itock f
Fietvli iki iiics mill lflrdiclue, mg
10 which he IWites (gkauenlion of the public, he . Br
connrlenl that h ranlfVe latlafactloti I....I. ftWKSfkm kW
In prlco and qutltylip ii m i'-rniiited n.it fttTtw tt
to aa 1'tDgasoi.r by sny Drug Slurs In this Vk
lection of the cn.,ury, Vatint Msdiiisss, I TB
alwaya tvarranteil lenulne, Si aI are recelv- Ife m
r.l ilir.'.-i (nnn the legal innnufacliirea. A a
largestock ofall klarla of Bsi'insa always an hand, BM
PiSTafclllJ of every ilesrrllillnn, llivayl on lian.l.siul fAfk
positively solil l,,r cellatVf IIF.EI.INO t'ABH TRICKS.
If you don't bolicve. tblkcoate and asaiulnt for yove St
'''"staeral aeiartmeni.of ilIARDWABB always at Ll
hsnd. Tnr.nr.rng im mtt ufHtt rmMt yjaa1 BP'
Caoss-cri am. iiaso aawirjlona Loess .an JS ' 9kt
Pteel an.l Iron p.inarea. Be i'aitors, Clnsels, taanT
ters roles, tic. Mann's c,i,r,ie,l Aie-the uanBa J
worib t.uy ing. sold st the lot. ,rlca of tl,U.
n. ji.i.v irfftaa. I
March 16, ISM.
HI H T Tf TOYS ! K t
South Sirc of Main St ft. CtoirsvilU,) f
BAtr a aittTAaa aAr or nu tot kt itoi'ia
rHK Prnpripior of'thta pttprlnr house bar
1 ine ranawad lii lijtn rnra nnmbar r yaari, anal
aratrfnl for tlie pAtrnnaill Ua haa facftlted from the pull",
lie, would airatn res prct fully noliclt a cotttituianct of J
their fa v ore. Hia houee In larae and commodiiua, Weu 1
I fiirnialied, and comlortat't Hi every particular. Bla
larder ia Itountirully supplied, ana hl table furniihatfc"
with all UtedflicaeiPB of tha aaaaoti. His loneiparii rj
rnrp in the ImsineBK of hole 1 kfepinf, enablea hiy
Kuarantof1 to i!)ob who favf him With a call, hjr . . '
satisfactory accomm'xlationa. ' '1 nl
I are large and CW convenient to the. hAtv 1
I wilh large felu Wn ahem tor ill" . luhtJlgW V
,. vrlnrl,', Irf VI til.' W'll.i!.' Iliiill-r IlljBM
j. rnii. inl.'iicejgJJJjfof tn experieincedBBBr
Hoping to greet Insolil ciiBloiieTs, wheaerir lhav via- ,
USt.Clairsville,.,. rtotttutif. fvtT 'I
April 5, If 531 4 J
J ICinOAH Sub Son Ploojn.'pQtuxcnt
J T 1 uSelf -nvpnti.c, r I t-.i i 1 1 s , rit Voke-i. t'orn aliclleri .
, Oit Bows, Font Augeri, Cliaina, (Jhai-t P-nipa, Oisternl- ,
Pumps. Iron Pis Troughs, HarruwV CattleTlaa straw w .4
r utter-, cornstalk cutters, (Am and4 'oh Craahara, clorer m
' and Timothy aeed HarvftsttM. with a great aeaoitnient af Wl
1 aeedB, Fruit'and OrnamentnTreea and Planta, for aala 1
. at tha coiniiiiaaioii and Aaenffy Ware Rooms cornaof I
' Main Quincy ata.
Uf E have just receiver! direct from tht
importerea new atork of hardware, fiirh u
j Hand Pawn, Tenant .Vr.vs, M ill Haw, Oroas Cut,
1 Tland Paw tilrs, ll sizes. RrAcra aad hitu, Auguf ,
Htttn, Slack's .usutb, Urn hast made. Door Locks nnd
Latches, Ped Cantora, Coffin Htliaea and Bcrawa, Hi. II
pllinaes, Table do. Gate do. Mategany Knohs, Pquaraa y
CarpentcM rules, Hroad Axes, sfewart warranted coop
I pi up axe. Hand Am . Hntcheta, Potfket Chiaala. Fltmt
lo. Draw in:: Knivca, with nUKtei.nns other artlcra -
usually luuud in Hardware atprea. Wi be aold a ...
reayonahleterma. Ji.C. MARTIN &Co. 't&Y.
j Way 3d, lew. - 9 ?
Ill Mmmw
DR. HALSEY, (of New-York), has dia
covered mciliciual kpropertita in cartaio plaata
1 lound :.mm j wild in the foreata and fields, from
: which he has produced Two Reinfdies which cura tha
1 1 womt loruia of Dirase. The popular reinediea asa
t The Fosest l'iilt. Thvrs art threo tilings 'ri
peculiar to these Pills alone
i 1st. They neither gripe nor wtaken the syitent.
j Thia ia because they contain no Drttjg or Mimruls,
j tun lliat they me the pure virtual ol I'tgnls whicb art
I as wholesome as the foo.l n o cat. ao
I 2.1. They purge nioat wlicii the iloinjatl axt-hasytte t
I alt most niwioui Slid foul, sAerli 111 efficacy en
1, ter the l.looil, anil the process of gmrafying goes on ua-
til all hliu.i.r anil disease are expeSW from Hie cvaleur
-I Hit. A cure ia cer'aiii in all easel for which ihey ara '
r recoiuuieiuled, and they cure withtut aliectmg the
11 l.owcls l.ulaligl.tly. J
ltiBtollytou9cicvereandgrip.nl; porgatlvei; laslatT
. 'drugs yive nam and weakness, wilhnul cleansing tha
J ; HI...11I; l.eiides, thoy injure thoue of the slomach 4
I I bowtla. My principle is ... i. , ft .-. the ayiteiu,
. th ftron l:r the v ita lunciii.iiBABK, uv;r iiava
l- I they tothrow nil diaease '.vi.nlflBBBs hy a rcallgood
j medicine. Hdlts and Castor oil 8BBJB) ti hols category
. :ol pills made of Drugs, answer ut oarpoaa nioru Dim,
i. , purgation. Much drugs neither WaMiihe hlood or hat t
h huiiiur. 'I'h I ilia made ol these MU is a liiileieni
ii.ing altogether. Tliey caiinui haaaSclill.l. yel their
. elllcacy in curing Diseases the Itlood and otiier coaa "
plaints ia certain, and In some casus to which I bavt
jieen eyu w itneas, their cures have Iweti aluioat miracu.
The forest Wine. Tha niadicial propaffJ
I tiea oi the Korea! Wine arc dill'erent Irani those ol tbaJBR
a Filli, hut the efficacy ol each Remedy harmonise lo- t
f gx'lher; and in the cure ofsoinc disorders one Remedy
: is as important lo the other as water, aud food as far
g our existence. 1 have pointed out in Ihe following di- at
i reciioua some of the cases winch rciinire only Ilia Pills
and otlMr tasej w hich re.alre l..,,h the WiAo and Pills
lo ensure ihe cure. Toe. combined action of i ..in
j Kemedna have a u.ote puw eriui asy1 scarcliing ellicasy,
nil cure souner Ulan either remelRy slons in all suit
rases as I have recowuesadetl them lugeiher.
One purgative dose of the Foi.KiJ'iiia is warraated
to Hire only Bilious disorder, or aiiyajhaplaii.t artsiiig
from loul sUiiiiace and iuor.,iU i . ..iiSfT..' u.e laisrtll.
U ne or" two purgailve doiei will vtjSfFevcTs
.Uueltoxol Ihe PiIs and a Hull's of Ihe Win! art
I wartime! to break up ami cure tne monieevcre Ci'rfs,
CeuiAi, and fain in the Brtast. (I have never tiied
mi ii. 'inc. iies in the uioal advttotil siege's ill eotltlaft'
lion, aba cannot warrant iheiu m cure it,) hot old and
lealedOOIds, ant U Ii-., and r.,ln ... ihe llraasi, tinue
KniiM-iliea cuie ,umivr t ti all any thn f 1 tjte, anew 0
hearil ol. .
Out litlUlc of tha Wine aiidga Hoav of thelli aia
warranted to cure ill,-Ay.h, n.i, mil a,,u ,,rt caaei to
ijuira ii or,,,
'I ,ic i'orcal Keiue. til l give iiiiinc.liala. relief in Pva
pepsia ami Iiidigestloii and out ur ...o lioi sou .
. , muni Buttles are warranted to cine tfjerti.. at s.c a
j cases ol ilns.iia.renMuu cnmpiaiut.
The eltlcsc) nl the Koresi Ueiucdies in Ubeuinatiiir. ' A
I is very suit mar : soine uf ihe moat disuevln u, a . l 9
' have aval .-a., nave lieen ciiraal l.v iheuian tn or twelve J
day.' tune, while sopae other eases, (apDasai.lly not at
i l.a-t), ii look i.t a. . , , , ,a coi,.,ilajat
I yielded to the eihcucy of iht t . Tills stme- f
'nova uia ne owing to a t.rokeji . own coniiiiuiiou, but
I mole IreaiwnUy V tate kind ol naicutif drua taken..
i at son, e lorn. e i penutl, im J ik.vo aiJHtys e,i it
look lunget to cure pallent who had t9Wiurcui and
. . other ,li, . 1 ,
A!tte a. I'im i huU I Jiilfc3r-'t)f rotwl k
H. n.i'.ii. s in.' tl -I cure in ih- 'Batil forfljatu tat' t
l evel Hue or two noa, ul tlie Pill atltf McsVtntlt a I J
llnllle ol Un tViai', is wai ranted lo t raiOi (be AftUt tut
I cure the patient, Ion the uirecliou vilifh accomats
l Hi. I. ,1 I : ail liet UttBr. ' I '"eve hstadBl
I atenlstvho Waiveiyo'ieb BB
anil liuil'i l.ady swollen from thn elfeAof BBaSlBta
' - 'in ' No i .l i ts , 71r JSow 111"
''ii"' l'i n e I II i,i.,i,, s. Tae el mjBhkvS list '
many apply lur ini Ui mec.eBWS cure tbt naa-itlbcta uf
fuiiiine, even altu, tliey na.l gM.nd uf tbo Ago.
rl Ulcer, built, motcltts. ScuoWd Itlui, Kitt irevNa,
afysyislaa, .sl kittum, hvrr f.vc,, uny totr a .4.. ad .erl ..
ai.e. l nave never whi,, ,B,i i,yi,ii,t 9urSlain antMT
..nnpleteas ine Forest Beluedles in tl.:uie tot IhSK
cuuipiaiol.. liioy II ai lae Iroai onepouiiniui cause
Imiure ,,',.,,- Ueneraly, nuthiiig butane 1'lSJb . n re
quire. I lur lue nu, i,; moataV these Msorders; lo t if
both Roimdies are ue. d.iuw Boxes , i fc'i n;- and ura
or three Hutllea of the tVii.e is wtaataued lu ch.e thai,
very woral cabia, and !lcinieiui2RyMtaa lian tiaif
Ibt qutnllty, s . 4ft
Two Boieaor the Pilla and al many rtoules of ilvi-l-Wine,
is warranted i. out iimVu-i lasatH' jauiiilictsjl
i'sinale Oliatiurlions, producsd Iropi l ad colds srS
weekly cunsliiulioui: a lew du.-ea ol tha iirel Wiuss
I is wairanled to cure the moat divlreSsrug loiiinlaiflu;!
and it ll. ii ine be lolluwed up .a lew w.-ea. t ,e
ratigeiueilta will nut uccur again. -The Wine eiacllir'a f
suns ihe Iciuaie . unstlluliou, aud givea aneligtii, vigkri-
Slid I, I, mining health.
III..,.,. LimaciatUH.Mgkt ttrtatt, tf Wuklu IVuli, I
' kseiiifenea. 'I lie KorestaWaSe la a bupdflL
lemcdy lor all ilieae complaints, olio to three BoltSw
cuie Hie worst eaaea without tbe nata. Put .wlgjrt thaT
complaint is accompanied with louisiiher tartrrfsr
Hie Pills also will l required. t j
Over a miflion of lluxes and llotlAliafe been aelrS''
w ithin the last Ik o yeara ill lliee, lSfie,1 (ttales an,,
tanailas. LeSilers aud cerlihcats IMI amount 'of )
many thousand hate been rei e.vestltaft.lyin tu ttoft
currsaud uod eji'ecte ul these Heu.ednpt '
KL.ADKUI I aever kuew a ingle duce whtia
the Remedies have haen taken acw.rdinffto atiractions,
, but thst tliey produced the uicst dec dad lieaelll kven
in old standing cuinplamu, wtierelbe patient pemmrct
ia f Ara, for a reaaouahle length oi lime, tliey As ve ef
. lecled a Aure in every iuata..,. tttlirii ha. iuuVt ni.'tl I
I kitoiiltdge, witli the aole earviioti wl one. 'fTusvt-as dtit
, a very old man., whoae constitution n aa cooiphtely
gone l.elore lie licgsu to uae iheiu.aiiil loaitft tbana
t to .io more good than any tiling eleATtv It abjuuid "bt trt
' ilei -lourt lliul tlie-e Heine, lies hie ll t inttii ol" dan,,
kepi by druggists, aa all other ,, '..an r ie. i.hs th.
ihu) are proiliiced from tha u.eilieittSxsiiftet of-cer 9 i
-ain planta which nourish aud purlfya.looO as tout
does the body . I wilt lueutiun lor BMA.r'a. ttriee
these plants v, liieli are well kaowu sW lien, i allets
.., ir teridaril a. the othefsa.s lou,.,! in the BjHKgJ
aud lll.ir viiiue. are leu liuiea uioap etfeevtye . tflb .
those I have nnmeaL and were it not JfTuiebmc'luraWBl '
the aeerat ol my tweovery. which flaaturMB saJoe
on, I wuuld hot licit.'.- '.'.. same the. 9qSM
av lllal tha .llieaty ul cue uf ll.eoi wa. diajSsM W
iu curs of a bornhle case of bcroiuja .rtifexsla atttMl
time. '
My Porest Wins ia in fjlfe squaia eottieV fPse,
Hotlle, or III lur (V Foraat Pilla J'eoOly nvtstlir.eatJf. I
Ho, Prooursthe Fore.t W ma a.i.1 PiH oi at) ijutjt ,
l.i adrerliaed Agents, which will I Weejft guatffpA
I cuunterleil and laurliitlt tiloles mKf '
General Cenot No jPdfi fUMltBcwTSH J
prviltil.d Agent .iufft. .pinrst.ilL.jaaV "
1,IN. andsvjd uy lirugvlati n.iui,.nTrtm Mlts.tT
st. . TtJt m. .

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