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' THartdnr Morning, Feb. 30.
JLMLm!" '--
a .'AU toraiMMrMioM Intainlcd. for lnwnioii lit tha
farm, ar tpon bwtmM relating w lh oiTea, ihmilrl ba
UnM4 Belmont Ckmn-1. f'.lnM. Ohk.
op wirt that Fix' rat h .warn on llie air!
TWwHi lathar.' ara eold in lha r ,rav,a
Ttof kail nanaa thai eouUI atrika, thojr hd emila
own nitrc.
And UMir aula ware im Bom Ut ha tlnm.
t' no! with that banner! wlwr'ec II may riall, m,
Ownllliom ahall rally .rounds
A Miion of Freeman thai mim?nl .liall fall.
Who. Ue Mara ahall ba Irail'd on tint around.
"The Army and forever.
Three cheers for the Red, White and Blue!"
The following joint order was issued by
the War and Xavy Departments on .Satur
day. It is ringing with tho fiery zeal and
patriotism of the chiefs of tlioso Depart
ment. God bless our, patriot Army and
Navy I
WASHINGTON, Feb. 5, 1862.
' The President, Commander-in-Chief
the Army and Navy, returns thanks to ling
nnral Rurnniila and Fluff Officer Oolda
borough, and to Brig. (Jen. Grant and Hug
Officer Foote, and the land and naval lorecs
under their respective commands, foi their
.silent achievements in the capture of lloa-
uoke Island and Fort Henry. While it will
be no ordinary pleasure for hun to acknow
ledffe and reward in a bcoomiim uinnnor the
valor of the living, lie also recognizes as bin
duty to pay a lifting honor to the memory
ol the a-a ant dead. The chano at Kon
noke Inland, like the bayonet t hnrge at Mill
Springs, proves that the gramilo und sharp
oteel of loyal and patriotic soldior must ui-
wavi nut rebel and traitors fofliuln.
The late achievements of tho Navy show
that the flag of the Union once borne in
(lory around the world by naval heroes will
soon again float oler every rebel city and
stronghold, and that it shall forever be
honored and respected as the emblem
liberty and union in every land and upon
very sea.
By order of the President.
EDWIN M. STANTON, Sec. of War.
GIDEON WELLES, Sec. of the Navy.
' The following is from a recent number
the Wheeling Intelligencer. It is true,
very word of it, and we commend it
some "Abolition" ahrickers hereabouts
' It ii very trite remark that itiero are
olten several wars of doing the name thing
of accomplishing the same end and
way ehoseir is matter altogether of eircum
ataueas. There are mora ways of lieing
disloval thmi of Dulilisliinir a paper in Itich-
monc or Norfolk, or being a soldier in
secession army or being an avowed seres
fionist in Western Vimiiiia or elsewhere.
As much harm can be done by indirection
as by open co-operatinii. A newspaper,
inttt ita,tbat sets itself rewjlutely to work
misrepresent tho soutiiuent ot the loyal
section of the country to destroy the con
fidence of people in that sentiment,
wbiob day by day appeals constantly to
their lower jirojudices, is capable of much
mora mischief than though it openly
assuredly declared its secrot sympathy with
the enemies ot the government A paper
that can find no better use for its columns
than dishing up evorlasting never ending
old balderdash about "Abolitionists,"
of lendinga free and goiierous support
to th struggles ot the nation to preserve
its life, is lost indeed to any patriotio con
ception of the dutv of a journalist in times
like these. The uifluenee of such a paper
is to array old louds fuetionize the people.
divide their sympathies, withhold their
means, and give moral support to tho more
opea enemuis ol toe government.
The Cumberland River.
' Tb capture of Fort PonMsnn will giro
very strong hold on tho Cumberland,
become a base for operations further on,
in time, probably, to Nashville,
CspitaT of Tennessee.
- The Cumberland river rises in the Cumberland
mountains near the boundary
tween Virginia and Kentucky, and pursuing
ft Westerly or Boiith-wostorly course enters
l-Q.-.. Ir n i .
til. uiaw ui j eiiuunnco. AUtif nn rxiunaivu
sween to the South it turns North -west-
wardly and Northerly, and enters nnd crosses
Kentucky, entering the Ohio 1 1 1 miles Kast
of the mouth ot t lie Tennessee river,
69 miles above the mouth of the Ohio.
ntira length of the river isnbout 1100 mi
and it drains a territory of 17,601) niunre
wiles. It is navigable for large steamers
and vesicles to ISashvillo, 203 miles to
mouth, and far boau of IS tons !HH) milos
runner. At certain seasons of high water,
Testel of 400 tons con doscond tho river
400 milos to the Ohio, and for half its length
boats may navigato it all seamiim. U is
ieoond river In sue which enters the Ohio,
being inferior only to the Tonnossce. )
low Nashville, the river is deopand narrow.
There are on the bordors of the Cumber
land nineteen furnaces, nine forges, and
rolling mills, producing annually 44,600
oi iron, valued at I,6T3,UW.
The Tennessee Negroes and the Gunboat
crat, who was on board on of the gunboats
whisk ascended the Tonnesseo river to Ala-
baau writes:
Sat few ncirroet are found in tho countrv.
moat of them having been run off utionour
approach. Those who have remained mani
fest (reat intorest in regard to everything
connected with tin armv and the North.
The first person met by the officer oi tho
vumt wnuiDga. (its tun, atior lis nag DSU
been strnak, was one or these contrabands.
tvttn mingled joy and eonsteraation uu-
Iirinted upon his countenance, and with un-
itled arms ha exolaimed, "Alore God. sir,
' TlU Memphis Argus of Jan. 2 and 6,
handles Jeft Davis "without gloves," and
atvlea him and hia mock Cabinet ''illes-al
welders of authority." It oouviTiuienu
, the United States army, and admits tliat
i.t i.i i ft- n i ..
in reueis arw osiuuieu in ; uu an aiut- vg
superior force.
d.Ommcnsc Loss on Both Sides.
Generals Euckner ana
Johnson, are Prisoners
Tho Tail of tho " Grea
Anaconda" in Motion !
Rebels Skedadling in Every
toad us
tending the
ClNftNNATT. Feb. 17. Fort Donclson
was taken ycxterdiiy, with I6,0txi prUoners,
including uueknerand Johnson.
Cincinnati. Feb. 17. This morning'
Cnmmoi'ciul has tho following:
On learning that the rebels were evaoua
tinir Utiwlinff Green, Oen. Huoll ordered
forced mnrelics bv Oen. Mitchell, to save
possible the railroad and turnpiko bridges
on l!ig Uiirren river. They bad, however,
been destroyed whon Mitchell reached the
banks of the river. The brigades nf I i reek
iuridue and Hindmsn were until Thursday
evening at Woodland Station. The rebels
left nothing at Howling Uroen except a tew
old wagons, l'urt of the town, it is report
ed, has been burned. It is believed that
thore are now no rebel forces in Kentucky
Kant of the direct road from Howling Green
via Franklin to Nashville.
Crittenden is trying to organize another
army at Carthage on the South bank of the
Cumberland. This is the only rebel force
on the line from Howling Ureeu to Nash
ville. ;
Ureckiiindso and Henderson a brigades
have fallen back on Ruasellvillc, whero
Buckncr and Floyd's brigades have been
stationed for some timo. llardoo and John
ston were also boliored to bo ut that point
on Friday. It is presumed that with the
exception of the ubovo brigades, the whole
rebel army has been moved to I' ort Donat
ion and ClarkHvilla. What movements may
have been niaclo hy the rebel forces since
Thursdnv. can only be conjectured, but tho
i lm.; . . ...J
prouuuiuiioH are iney iinva ouiiceiii.rnteu
their whole force on tho Cumberland. If,
however, they have nntdonosothe divisions
of Nelson and Mitchell will be ample to
cope with all they may have between Bowl
ing Green nnd Nashville
It is believed that the divisions of Mu-
Cook and Thomas embarked at the mouth
of Halt Uiver on steamers for the Cumber
land Hiver Saturday nicht and yesterday.
Tho troops thnt have been in camps of in
struction at llnrdstown were at Louisville
vosteidav, embarking for the Cumberland
river. Three Indiana regiments and a but
tery of artillery leave New Albany to-day.
Tho aggregate of these reinforcements
perhaps 40,000, Gen. Uuoll, we understand,
goes with McCook's Division, to take com
mand in person on the, Cumberland Hiver,
where our force will by to-morrow night,
number about 80,000, Whilo ho prossos
the enemy in Ciuuborland with his tremend
ous force, their Hank and rear are menaced
by tho heavy divisions under Mitchell and
rlincc writing tho ahovo, we learn that ton
regiments now in Ohio camps are ordered
at once to Cumberland.
Loiiihvim.E, Feb. 15. Thore is good
news from Howling Green. Tho telegraph
ing thereof is expressly intordiotod by the
commanding General of this department.
We will give you everything pnssiblo as soon
a tho interdict can be mourned or removed.
Washinuton, Fob. IS. Tho following
dospateh has just boon received at huau
tiuurtora :
Mitchell's divUiun, by a fnrcod march,
reached the river at howling Green to-day,
and are making a bridge to cross. The
reueis burnt the bridge ut 1 o'clock in tho
morning, und were evaouuting the plucc
when In) arrived.
I Sinned I D. C. liCKI.L.
Major General Commanding.
Loi'lHVM.i.r., Fob. 10. Mitchell's troops
have crossed Barren river, and are in pos
session of Howling Green.
Forth Monhok, Feb. in, via. Bai.ti-
uohi. Feb. 17. Bv a ting of truce to-duv.
we hear that Fort Dunolson surrendered
Oen. Grant, yesterday, Saturday. Geus.
Pillow, l'loyd, Johnston and Buckner wore
taken, with 15,000 other prinoners.
We are also informed that fighting has
beon going on near Savannah, and that that
city probably captured.
We have learned, from a reliable aouroo
since the receipt ot the above, that positive
advices of the taking of Savannah, Ga., have
been recoived in thit city. Editor Wukel-
St. Lout, Feb. 17. Dispatches from
Gen. Grant to Gun. Ualleck auuounoe the
surrendor of Fort Dunolson. with 15,000
pnsouers. Including Uena. Johnston, Uuok
ner and Pillow.
St. IiOPia, Fob. 16. A apodal to tho
Missouri Democrat dated Cairo. Sunday. P.
M.. save: Commander Foote reached bore
at 13 o'clock last night on board the gun
boat Conestnga. 1 le stormed Fort Donelsou
Kridsv P. M. with the gunboats St, Ixiuis.
Iiouisville. Pittsbursh. Carondolot. Tvlor
and Conestoga. After fighting a little over
an nour no wiumrow. t uij rmr were sill
ed and wounded. Our sun boat pilots.
Hiloy and Hinton, of the St Ixiuis,
among the latter. i;ommanoer roote,
wnue standing in the pilot nouseor the Louia
(his flaa shioi was sliifhtJv wounded.
The St. Louis was hit sixty-one times. Two
gun boats woie aoauiea, j ne Tyler und
Conestoga remained ont of range of the
enemies gur.a. The line of battle waa as
follows : J he St. nn the right, next
the Louisville, then the Pittsburgh, and the
Carondolet on the left. The enemy's Bring
was very accurate. They hud throe batter
ies one near the water, one fifty feet above
this, and a tnira ntty teet above the second.
The upper one mounted four 18-Dounders.
This one, was held in reserve until our boats
got within four hundred yards ofthefnrt.
uur tire whs directed principally at tho lat
ter battery. One of the enemy s guns burst
and a number were dismounted. - The en-
einy could be seen carrying thoir dead out
of their trenches. All the gun boats wore
left up the Cumberland river, excopt the
Conestnga, and she left there yesterday
morning. A rifled gun on the C arondolot
bursted, killing six men. The rudder of the
t'lttsburgh was shot away.
the mortar boats lull hero yesterday
llie above statements ot tho tight were
received from gentlemen who were aboard
tho Bt. Ixiuin during tho engagement
A gontlomnn who left Fort Donclson yes
terday afternoon at 3 o'clock and reached
here this noon, says the fiuht had been cl
ing on all day. The right win? of the enemy's
fortifications was taken and tho stars and
stripes were floating over them. The forces
wore breast to breast and the tight was to be
St. Lot.is.Feb. 17. Fort Donelsnn sur
rendered at nine o'clock to our land forces.
The gun boats were present at the time.
An immense amount ot war material,
&o., are among the trophies ot the victory.
rivju bauiadu aiiBy ineuigiib uuiurw llie
The gun boat Carondolet, Capt. Walker,
has arrived at Cairo.
Large numbers of our wounded have been
brought to tho l'uducuh and Cuiro hospitals.
This city is wild with excitement and joy.
The news wusrcadut the Union Merchants'
Exchange, causing the most intense enthu
siasm. The Star Spangled Banner, Flag of
Our In ion, and nod, White nnd liluo, were
sung by ull present. After which they ad
journed and inarched to headquarters twelve
or fifteen hundred strung, wheie three rous
ing cheers were given tor tiallcck anil roote.
(ion. 1 lulled; appeared at tho window,
thanked the people for this hearty demon
slrution and said, "I promised when I came
here, with your aid, to drive tho enemy's
nag from your Mate. 11ns has been done,
and it is now virtually out of Kentucky,
und will soon be out of Tennessee." (More
cheers fur the Union.) The Star Spangled
Banner was then repeated und the crowd
Judge Holt wept fur joy when bo ljcgrdli'
me news.
Munv stores are closed, the city is boing
decorated with flags, and evidences of irroat
joy ore everywhere maniteit.
Uov. Kates, secretary Hatch, nnd And
tor Dubuis, of Illinois, left for Fort Donelsou
this morning to look alter tho wounded Illi
nois troops.
A requisition has beon made for all the
steamboats in this vicinity to be held in read
iness for the transportation ot troops, gov
eminent stores, Sio.
Indianapolis, Feb. 17. The greatest
excitomout prevailed to-day on the rooeption
ot the news of the capture ot rort I'onolsm
A salute nf 100 gum wus fired. Every do
iiiniistrution of inv was lminifcstcil. A
special train left at 7 V. M. for Fort Donel
sou with physicians, twenty-five volunteer
nurses and alurgoaunntityot hospital stores.
A citizens meeting baa boon called to make
arrangements for taking cure of the wound
ed tliut will be sent here. Gov. Morton
leaves for Fort Donelsou to-night
PiTTBHttKOii, Fob. 17. The nowso) the
capture of Fort Donolsnn was recoived here
with intense delight. Business was partially
, , i n i u , . ,
suspeniiou, pons rung, Him nags iitspiayeu
on various .business houses and public build
ines. Tn-niirht tho Post Olfice. Custom
House, the Dispatch newspaper, and ether
uuuuiugs urv uniiuiiiuy iiiiiiiiinuiuu.
Cincinnati, Feb. 17. News of the cap
ture ot Fort Donclson roaclied hero at II
o'clock this morning caused intense excite
nieiit and joy, JMiUiusiasm on (Jhsnge un
The steamer Alton Collier leaves to-night
with twelve surgeons and over one huudrei
boxes of supplies for Fort Dnuelscn.
Three thousand dollurs were subsuribod
in a short time for the relief of the wound
The Unitod States Sanitary Commission
telegraphed Gen. Ualleck to send to Cincin
nati as munv wounuea eomiers as ne saw
proper, saying tho oitiiens of Ciucainati
would most irladlv provide for thorn.
To-night thero will bo a general illumina
tion with bonurcs and firework.
A national suliito will be fared from th
heavy guns on the fortifications around the
citv at noon to-morrow.
Troons have been passing throuKh the
city all any en route lor uuuibonana nvor
Gen. Lander at Work.
Wasiiiniiton, Fob. 15. The following
dispatch iioiu Gen. Lander has been recoiv
ed at headquarters:
Paw Pav?, Va.. Feb. 14th, 8 P. M.
.Wiii. r.Vn. a. Ii. Me.CldhiH!
Tho railroad was opened to Hancock th
morn nil. i Also tne tciegrsnh.
Wo had on nnportunt forced roconnois-
anoo last niuht. which was cmnnleted tn-dav.
Wo broko up the robe nest at Bloomery
Gun. We inn down and cantuted thoir
commissioned ollieera ; among f hem, t'olon-
els, l.ieut. uoinncis, uaptams, iVe. e en-
gauod them with 400 cavalry. Our infantry
were not noar enough fo support the cavalry
and the enemy wore retiring. We have
nil 75 prisoners and killed 13 of the enemy.
We lost 2 men and 6 horses at their first
fire. I led the charge in person. It was
oomplote surprise. Col. Carroll, command
ing the 6th and 8th Ohio regiments, made
darinir and suoocssful reeonnoisanoe imme
diately afterwards to linger a store. Major
Frnthingham is entitled to great credit tor
building, under uiy direction, in tour hours,
in the dead or night, a complete bridm
ananas the mat Caoannn. at nn unfrenuantr
ed mountain road. Two columns of two
thousand men eaoh have marched 32 miles,
and one column 43 miles since 4 o'olocl
vnatardav aftornoon. besides bridaina the
river, l apera mai were taxen irom our
Srisoners and my own reeonnoisanoe to the
outh prove that the country is clear
and Jackson and Lorinc are in Winohestor.
We occupied the liloomery Uap and i'omt
.i i , r i : rt ,
Mills on ine Deuei uy inniriiiauoii irom ae-
serters that Gen. Open s bngade was there.
Gen. Dunnini- has just arrived at Ne
OrMlt from Moorefleld. forty miles south
Rnraney. lie baa oaptured S2o beet cattle
and broke up the guerrilla haunt there. Two
of his men were badly wounded and he killed
several of the rebels.
The snomy has thus been driven out of
Brig, Gen'l.
From Missouri.
From Missouri. [Special to the St. Louis Democrat.]
SrniNariELn, Mo. Feb. 14. Our army
under oouimnnd of Gen. Curtis marched
artillery trere sent forward. The battery
from' Lebanon on the 11th inst., formed in
three divlsons, the right under Col. Jeff C.
Davis, the left under Col. Carr, and the
centre undor General Sigcl, six miles from
nnnniMIB II. Ilnthallh aakirn.ah .mV
place between cur advance and a party of
!.l,. : c .1 i . .
iuivin, ii, v-uiuii umo ui tuv taiccr were
killed. One of our men was slightly wound
ed. At sunset on the same day 200 of the
enemy attacked our pickets, but were driven
back with a loss of 80. This was retarded
as the commencement of the Vmttln. and
3000 cavalry 4 infantry with a battery of
was pluoed On an eminence cninmamlinir the
supposed approach ot the rebels, and three
shells were thrown, to which no response
was uiaue, and our torce retired leaving
strong nivkot cnard.
During tho night continuous firing was
kept up by the pickets.
At three o'clock on the morning of the
13th our army advanced in line of battle,
and at day break the third division, headed
by the 4th Iowa, entered and took peaceful
possession of the town.
Price had left at 2 o'clock on the same
morning, leaving over 600 of his sick, large
quantities of forage and wagons behind him.
lie had 12,000 eilective troops and SO pieces
Yesterday evening battalion of our cav-
airy captured 100 wagons of his train, and
iasi mgni nnng oy tne picucta was nearu in
the direction of the retreating foe.
1 his momma at 6 o'clock our whole force
followed the enemy.
It is roDorted that Price is merely fullina-
back to meet Mcintosh, who was coming up
ith reinforcements: and on his ioining
in, ho would Mtnrn and give us battle. The
probabilities aro, however, that he is in full
rCtrCat. -
TL- 1- ' 1 J c ' . (1 1.1
iud iiwiino iii biiij uruunu oiiriiiueiu . A"
press nhbounded satisfaction at the nrrivul
of our troops, and n gonoral rejoicing is
mumlest throughout the Southwest at the
ro treat of the rebels.
Rubicon Crossed-The Passage
of Gen. Mitchell's Division Over
Green River.
A .correspondent of tho Cincinnati Ga
r.etto gives a glowing description of the
march ot Ucn. Mitchell 8 divisions over
Uieen ivivor. we extract trom it :
W hen the army was fairly in motion, 1
am sure that, in Kentucky, the sun nevor
ooked down upon a more brilliant scene.
he long lines of tho soldiers stretched away
both toward the front, and renr, much fur-
thcr than the hills of Hart county permitted
i i nil . i.i i . ..
10 reacn. ine urifimiy noaraeu
tho eye
i..... 1 1 .....! :.. .!.
lliuaailin UIIU L'UVtrildn kiilkiiitm iii iiu duii,
a;....:.. . i:..V. m.n
Dl A. vaiwy,- tHTOWinir 11 oui irom
amongst the trees, and now sending it back
to the eye of the baholiler from the crest of
. distant In II. Uuv music Hounded at inter-
uU alomr the lino of the miirchiiiKhost. and
the waving banners flouted proudly over
their heads.
But before the crcnt mnss irot in motion
scvoral incidents occurred loss wife than
iiicturesauo, and loss profitable thnn either,
iuan? ol tne mules ana norses nna neen
standing around a long time, and had be-
come ruthor unused to labor. 1 he brueint
air of the morning hud put extra Rpirits
thorn. Home ot the teamster evnlontiy un
deratoofl their buHiness impertaotly, and
i .l Ii.
irom tne oommnva lorce 01 mesu causes
rosultod a numborof upsets, runaways,
oto. There goi-8 a two-hprso toain tearing
a hill, and threatening to make a fear-
.. I 1 I 1 .1 I i.L
un onhiuugur. upon me mints in ine riujoiiiu
bul the plucky drivor holds on
totiiarcins-nna DringsupuionorsesagaiiiMUhe
a tree, while the wagon, thus suddenly
checked in iur onward progress, turns up-
side down. Away through the fields,
t)ie vicinity oi the Tenth Ohio, four frieht-
enod liorsts are scudding along, dragging
miur iiiuiu a vuvuruu nu'u. . unuua r1
start nut on foot to catch thorn. Tho
runaways turn this way and that and double
on their track, in order to avoid their pnr-
suora. Kvery instantwe look for the wagon
to fly in pieces. At lust it strikes a stump
und noes down. Tho horses continue thoir
flight with tho foro wheels of the wagon still
hubi iiiuiu. uuimiinaii mm iiuu puiio
pursuit, is evidently dismounted, for his
animal, saiiuie on oaca, is soon running
company with the others. More horsomon
now take up t ho ohaso, nnd but the bugle
sounds, and I can watch tho fugitive team
no longer. As we move along a vicious
mulo suddenly takes it into his head to ex-
hibit his vieioiiSQcss and kicks his single-
trees, his gearing and hisown legs to pieces,
Here a wagon broken down in a gully
there is another stuck in the mud; but
lanl an tha oUslarlps in-tho vicinity ot Ifncon
Creek are passed ; we have reached a high-
way ovor which but few teams have recent-
ly traveled : all seem to bo surprised at
goodnesi of tho rouds, and the march goes
bravely on. Uy the time the Seventeenth
ungauo is imriy unuer way, uowever, it
nearly noun,
Nothins of snecial intorest occurred nnnn
tke march. The rocky hills beeomo bolder
as you approach thn river, iho head
tha enhiinii reaehod Muntnrdvilla ear v
the afternoon, and immediately began
pass the bridge' The pontoon bridge
boing in order, or, as some said, being
"nlavcd out." the wholo foroe crossed un-
on the high and narrow railroad bridge.
1. - r..:l.li..l . . . 1t.
bridge is only about nine feet wide. It is
thousand lonir. and. in the middle, a hun-
d red and twenty-five. feet from the water!
Ovor this went men, wagons, mules
horses, in a continual stream, hour after
About five o'clock in the afternoon, I took
a nnaitiriM nn I haa mitianna hiv a l.ktln niwiia
ya'd.lil which the honored dead of Colonel
Willich's Regiment repose, in the midst
Ueneral McUook a camps. J? rom here
scene ws indeed impressive. The white
tenu of the tboiiaands in McCook's division
wore spread out thickly in overy direction;
its regiinanuwore formed for dress parado;
...a .v,..,k n t mia. a f .i,a ....
MI1U lUlwuM iu nviuvm v KliW tun.,
w ndina- in amonept the tonta and the
merous regiments on parade, the dense
umna of soldiers, and the Ions trains of
gons came, moving on. There was no halt
ing here. The river wag to be orossed,
steadily they continued marching down
ward it. i ne bridge waa in sight trom
position, ana waa nued with armed meu
: : ' ....):i ,.k:u
other aide, the asoent from the river pre-
j ... .a .;.ki .. .k. ...:ii..
atreaiabroka for the first time, and thova-
rioua regimonu filed off in different direo-
ra lUBu . t ; grounas.
.The passage continued until far into
night. I rode up near the end ot
bridge, upon the arther stde, and watched
the passage after nightfall. 1 he moon
ahimng.-nnd jbhtly too, exocpt that,
oa&ionally, a thin fleecy eloud Mod across
j no . .uu luu.i.u - iruou oi
light. As there was nothing at the aides
the narrow bridge but aomelight temporary
railing, a loo. or two nig,n, it seemed in
mnniiliuhl. aalf thn movins maaa oflnnnan
-.7-....... .
UUIll(a wm auafjvuuvu , u sir.
time ocoupiedin the passage waa occasioned
hv tha wasona. of which Oiuy a oertain num.
bar were pejruuUed to be upon the bridge
While I look, the enllant Tenth Ohio.
the heroes of Carnifcx, ooroe riling by. -
hxcont the dead lolluDon that field and tico
sick, they are all here, end-all carrying their
muskois. The sturdy Fifteenth Kentucky
next advances, anxious to try their strength
with the traitors who have desolated their
homes. Here comes the Third Ohio, whose
brave and hardy veterans have fought with
the rebels at Kich Mountain and at Wk
water. If the structure thrown across the
river coiim be shaken, thoir firm and steady
tread would do it Just as the head of the
: . , . I . . , t I
regiment readies ins-center ox tne unuge,
some one exclaims. "Look yonder." and
point upward to the moon, around which
a circling halo shows the colors of the
American flag more delicately defined in the
moonlit cloud than 1 ever saw them before,
"seel the red, white and blue I" "Thnt
plainly indicates that heaven is on our side,"
says another J the sentiment is not entirely
original, but it appeals no less thrillingly to
the heart for that As if by a sudden in-
spiration the band strikes up "Yankee
Doodle." and as soon as the foremost pla
toon reaches the opposite side, I hear a
private soldier enthusiastically exclaim.
I "We have crossed the Bubicon, and now
victory or death ! "Yes, replied a com
of rade. "it was for oneor the other that we en
listed I Such a scene is witnessod but
seldom in the life of any one man.
The War in Kentucky.
Letter from 15th Ohio Regiment.
Hart Co., Ky., reb. 13, 1802. I
Dear CnRONlcLC: We have lust had
the following oider in the 15th Ohio :
tlTvnintno ttmi. immnaniAi anit rannrt trt
I ....... .v., ...
. r. l , I 1
t,ie aurgeon an your men who are noiauie
to stand a pretty hard march ; draw seven
days rations ; oook four of them, and be pro-
stirring times in Camp Wood this morning
The half sick are well, and the whole sick
VinlP wnll
w9 i,ave i,aj an exoiting week in enmn,
pared to march at soven o'clock in tho morn
This order, we understand, has been ift-
I sued to the whole ' of McCook's Division
and that we all start Dixieward to-morrow,
On Monday rooming the whole of Oen.
Mitchell's Division came here from Bncon
Crook, and encamped on the other side
tne river : last niirht Wood'a division, from
r ,
Tjebnuon, arrived here ; and we understand
i . , .... .11 t
that a part of Thomas a division, will
nurc una availing.
We know nothing of our destination. Wo
know that we 170, and that we are expected
to do something in a few days, and this
enough. "Hurrah for Dixie I We have
men enough in tins Division to meet
simile Division of tho rebel army in
I The health ot our reeimcnt has imnroved
thirty por oont. since we received marching
I orders.
1 will write as soon as we make a halt.
The City of Nashville.
Tn a ulii-irff. .1111A if nur nrmtpfl nrnirrau
the West an enorceticallv as they have done
I . . . . J ... . " .
ot late, JNashville will become a place or
terost as connected with our movements
thB Cumberland. It is connected with Bow
dowa linl ilnn hv rail marl NnahvillH w itu.
.1. 1 P . . .
ted on tho lott or the west banx ot the C'um
KentUcky, berland river, some two hundred miles
course of the stream from its mouth;
oxo miles northeast of Memphis; 260 miles
Uouthwost of Lexington in Kentucky,
in 684 milos from Washinston Citv. Manv
nf llin nrivnta rosidances are ereetid nn
scale of palatial magnitude and splendor,
I and rue puouo uuuuiugs exiiiuib a corrcs
ties ponding ohuructer. The suburbs abound
with mcturcsnue scenory. enriched with
beautiful' groves of cedar. The city
originally luid out in lots of one acre each.
I wit, a reservation of four acres for public
hiiililinir. Tha hntimhirios have sinm luwn
cnlurgod. s Tho new capitol, which stands
im on a comiiianaiug eminence one uunurod
and seventy-five feet above the river, ia
in ol Mm most nnb o. mairnihcent and en.t
structures in America. The material is
limestone, which was quarried on the spot,
Und nearly resembles marble. The dimen-
Lions are 240 feet by 185, and the estimated
cost 1 .000.000. It is built, as it is stated.
entirely of stone and iron, without any wood
about it, excopt tho plank on which
; cornier rooting is fastenod ; the floor and
at nor walls are of diessed stone. A lunatic
uvliim on a large scale has recently been
orectcd in the vioinity. The Stato Peni-
tontiary at this place is 313 feet by 50, con-
the taining 200 colls. The University of'Nash-
ville was founded in 1H06. The Medical
College connected with the University
is openod in 1H51 ; it occupies a spacious build-
nig, and has upward ot ISO students.
I here aro also a number ot iemalo sennna-
rios,the largest of which is attondod by more
or than dou pupils.
in I Thoro trme fifteen newsnnners nublished
to hore, six of them doily. Nashville contains
not three banks, with a total capital of 5,)82,-
500, and fifteen churches, representing
various religious denominations. The min-
oral oabinetof the late Dr. Troost contains
,1.. I..f.ai nMimla Anll,rinn in Iia
a I States The city is lighted with gas.
Cumberland river is crossed bv a maimifi
cent wire suspension bridge, built at a
of $100,000. Water is supplied by
raised trom the Cumberland river,
railroads now center at Nashville, affording
communication with many desired points.
I 11 IS IHO Wi llllllUd ul fjllO J.1 im.TIl T 111Q
Chattanooga railroad, 150 miles long, whioh
of was finished in 1852, t an expenw of about
the '"""i"""- . ,
'I ho road is bui t in a vory substantial
mmnar, and completes the connection
Charleston and bavannah. ' Ihe commorce
ol Nushville is very extensive, amounting
J annuullv to over 5.000 tonnaoro. com nosed
OMU ' . . . .L L 1
nu- "" v""'""""1
river, engaged in the conveyance ot passen
gers, and the traffio of goods and produce.
Extensive manufacturing establishments
are in successful operation at this place.
among whioh may he mentioned the powder
mill, the rolling mill, tne lennessea
Works, just below the city, on the Cumber
land river, whioh are as extensive and
'? C"Pty ny'? the United States,
foundries and maehint shops. Ihepopula-
h''0" of Nashville at the present time
A intelligent refugee, late from
the Orleans, states that the Union men of
the 8outh (and they are still to be found)
ly ftm the proclamation issued by
was tel, Th,y Snl, received it through
oo- 8ou,terll papSra, no oopiea of the absurd
document having been nermilt to
me Bb0r4 dirept from the absurd Ueneral
of ,nd it WM believed to ba a Beoeeh lie.
,vmn.thi,.ra with the Union cause contend-
the e'd ;nd doub, they were right, that
' ... . .j .1 ??...
.. oeoosn naa inveniea me prwuamauon.
Th Droohetie ltussell, in hia last
to the London Times, tbiaka the Burnside
expedition too 'small to effect any great
' To Iictttint.
rpF.prrt, manufactvrkd by joni-3, white
a niaiiVKUT, lor cair at
mm t. wuui.i.irir" iiniir wnrf
Central Organ of the Union Party I
The Ottelnl Org-aa at lha Ohio Lagialaturs
THE PtMII.ISIIKRS of ll.a Capital Cm Pact wonM
Inform lha PnliH'e lhal thm papar I. lha only nna In
the Stata lliat piitilinhea Ilia nrnoial pmraarlinpra ot lit.
Ohm LAgtilaliira, ronaemi.ntlr 1. th. only journal fawn
which Ilia rlointf of thai body can b. rorrrrlly gathered.
Th. Fait Alioukl br mail hy every voter in lha Slnla.
during the ar-Mion of lha preaint xjeainlalur., a. much
duaiiicr. ni general lniMnauca haa tiaeit aim will M
Tli Fact will aitvo contain full tHi-fmpmr rftporta of
the procf flings in Conirrrt. m wr II at all War, Uumet-
The Best Family Paper in the State!
Tie Best Family Paper in the State!
TnM8Tafly. W per annum.
Weekly, fl fiOperannnn
The pame rntai in proportion for nhortar periods.
A lilrrrnl dirotitit atllowtd to Club.
Hperimen euptea aeul un application.
rublitlierg, Columbus, O.
H. B. Editnra rlvlnr lh ahnva anrithia note an lnnr-
tion. and ralltiift a I lent ion to it rditnriiilly. will rareivit
the Daily Fact during iIm atuion, on forwaitlitig a mark
ed copy to Hit office. f6
TIIIS is one of the beat Houses In tha itr. well U
I caid. with largu and wall furnUhati rooms, lighttrd
Willi gn. c.
The Table is well supplied with all the dalieaoia of tUe
h aon.
Oood yard, barn and statdiug attached to tha houaa.
with trusty Ontiers conslaully in ntleiidanoa.
rasseugfrs and UajrttBKe carried to and from lha oars
and boats krkb or ciuanB.
Try us when you come to the city. Wa will spare no
pain to make you conil'ortublu ami ai home.
wiir ominous win imi at every tram ana boat uut into
no oritur, tliereby saving your (piunr4.
XJA I o m Oil A il I. H T .
Cleveland. Ohio. Nov. 7. 1861. uo70tu
Iriuinis und cii-ioiiiiTs tliui 1 mil nunm at mv do it at
y old stund on v ueeimg t-reK. and un nrenam
Cloths, Cassimeres.Cassinetts,
Stocking "V a rn v Stco,,
ml will weave Ha r Woouta CAapBra aavd iMtmu
U7"(ood Yarn warraitted, if Wool ia preaarael p ara-
J bone by careful attention to business to merit a Hear
hure of patronage jeU It 1. iJICLw
thore up
.. ,
(Oppoaita lha Treaaurar'a Offioa, Main airaat,)
WOVLD resn?etfulty Inform Iholr (riaudi aad tha
public iraiierally thai they katip eoiiataiilly an hand
larga ani wvll autectutl atrck of
which tliey vitlij1l aldie Inwevl eih jn-ie.
Jradlty -Votlen Yarn,
of every variety, alvraya un hnnrt. Aiwa,
Centre Lever Plows,
at Pimhiirvh uriraa, freight adilad. with CAST1NOS tbr
iiib .uiu ai an uinca.
Butter, JZiffft, Rttffi, Lard, Baemn, (to. fr.
lakaii tit axcliaiuja forUroceriaa. ,. . ,
lluleiilod lo rua will plaaaecall and asttle iiimiailinlaly.
ki jtjn.B jiai -?ij.b.
Franklin Book Bindery.
JT. II. RHjE ColmnbtiH, O.
11HH imdeniKiied haa eonneelad a r'lRST ('DASH
. IHH)K IIINllKKY witU the lX)K AMU Hl'A-
rillNKIlY UUSIM'S. etubli.lied in tliia eilv IwenlT
yeur. a,ro. orailiiiB; hitn.ie.ll 01' tha buat modern Muohuiury
and Slcum Fower ior
lle-hiii'.linff PnliUc ami Hrlvata Ijihrartni: nrnvirlintr. atto.
roinplota facilitie and lha ImU atock and jiahiUTwau
iur man Luactunii
13 lank Books,
riz : Duplicate. n wnl. TVcket. lwtfran and Jmiraata,
anil alt otlier wnrk lr Couniv Oinattra. Railma). Baak
tr. Unniniiiiiioii and MnrruiitUr Houaai, rcnvrfully at
nrimnrtitiraiQr mien uooki anuanicivioi ini.oa stunoa
) rrquired tn tho wveral daparinMiita.
K IHMiKM nilmi lopattarn, ami hcartmr pj
A Ktorkof STATION KHY. tha lanraM in Uta Wast, of-
frinirn variety of tylea and qunliiie to tclaat nmtn aqaal
to the Kaiieru Markt-t.
Hooka andartialea of fftiitimiary warrantad at toaualki-
nd prict't, tha lowfiatt govomhiK-
rurKiraicr aouurney in orovnna" nianr nonita. n in auc-
gnfttml UiHt a Ih( b tuken from thti bark of the book
10, hy which mcun tha n.a, onlorol pannr and putttiri.
f ruljujrart otMatnd. marking on tha leaf llm unuNor
ttfB andletleruiK) io tlatiuv whetdi'r with or withoui
itfox. JOSKI'H If. UnS.Y,
TtonkflHIerSlfttlnnffi-y. Printfr and iilniter.
N. W LKFAVOK, Hup't Fmnklin Uindfry. oolO
HVevr ArransiinentSi
Wholesale and Rutail Dealer in
Law, Medical & School Books
Window Slindcia,' Window Cor
nice, and Curtain 11a nd a
and Pin a.
, MaKuricTDaia
LnuoQBAi'ino Work, . ...'j
In Notes, Checks, Drafts, Letter and BiU-
lleadings, isonds, Lortiticutas,
Diplomas, a to. t
Fine Cutlery, Gold Pens,
Superior Mathematical Inttrumentt,
Paintings & Engravings,
Portrait & Picture Frames,
OUt it Rosewood Moulding
ita to panaas roa
Duplicates, Records, Dookets and
For County Ofiioeni. Bansara and R. R.' Oa.'
HLiA.!"! BOOKS ' '
Priakul sdiI RaM va order. '! oelt6ss
House-Spouting; & Gutters
MABSJ lo ocd-t, ol ttaa aa maiarW, w
pst riARHis' Ti! mor.
1100 Volunteers Wttilted.
GlsVo. Regiment, Col. Sclilelgl).
ftniionrd al I.anraMer, Ohio, to recruit Company fa
Bi'linont comity. I have urc tired eqitipincnit for a Ooro
pnny. and rot h Volunteer will be dulled iainiediaialy
The wrvtrri will be Hi t nor mouth, and funnd iu every
iliinir. HrinVmhcr, alw. tlmt at lha expiration of your'
aarvioa yi will be antitlcd to a t
Bounty of $100, and 160 Acres Land
As this will prMinbly Im the last chance, wa t a meat If
auk our (elliwcitlxeiis of Hrltiuuit county to respond ur
our call. Hivr ui a helping hand, and fat ns show by
aciK not hy Wmi, that ttus auitoly Keuawliou must aiwt
ahall bo put duwu. '
I.i kit, jirim UArtllhir,
IN c niiinif otfieer. Bellaira.
P. R Boanllng found fpnm time of en liftmen!. fatMw
Belmont County, Ohio Court
1 of Common Plead
Noah Scott. Plaintiff, . ) rflHaB dafendanta.
va. J X Mary Ulrn
John R. Davit, at al. Tefendanta. yDavis. John Waltur
lMvis, Isaac Newion Uavta, and Margnret Jana Davta,
the heirs at law of John R. Davie, decctsrd, who resido
in the Stale af Illinois, arr hereby nnrifitjd that at-the)
! nil n nn, inn, tnuy were made deietuiaitts to a priluou
Hied by the above naini'd plaiutiir against said John Ri
Davis om the untn uay oi Apn.. ltl. in tne l larrs OlUca
nf said Court, the object and prayrr of which petition la
to procure t)m foreclosure of n mortcn ami an order of
sale ol the following described prcniisea. situate th saiat,
county : bcinir pnn oi' the Nonhwet qua ner of faction ,
4, Towiihip 8, Ranire ii. begiunnig far its bonndarifs on',
me ni nna nne oi aaiu twciiou ui a posi, rorunr net wren
snid Scolt and I.Uton. and niiiuinu l hence North W deg.'
WestUvt poles to a post: thence Sooth t deg. West Sj
poles; thence South HO dev. East W poles lo the Jaistmk.
Hnt ; thence Nonh ( dug. Eust tlfi poles to lha heginiiins:.
ontaiuniK o arrs. upon a monHce given hy said Jortn
K. Davis to said Krotr. April 7, JfSo, to secure anrnrrs
other thhnr iho payment of 60 dollars, April 1, 11 witfi
Hi u-rest irom Apni . intw.
The dci'cudants are reuuired to answer by March fy
im. D. 8 AlUMS, Clark.
I D. T. Covrn, Att'jr for Pl tfl. , . ,
Jan. m, iww.-ow . .i ,
m n t , . ,i i , ,
Sal of Real Estate, '
IV umer oi (jourt.
al 10 o'clock, in Ilia town of IIIUlXibroltT, on ha'
prunii.ea. will be aolfl 10 tlw lnirliaia hiililar, um lallowiiuj
real ciaia. a. me pr p nv 01 j imM r.. AlHirwDii, aeceaa
ed, 10 wii:ONB 'lilllkB umllY BKIOK WARS
HOUHR uliiHln between Junkiui. Hratium a Ca anl
the Helmmil Hrnnrl, Hank.
Appritiieil al ii'jiKltl (lwrnt.aix lmnttred dollara).
IVniwof Sale: Twt-lve humtretl dollar. itihaml onlKa
day o( aala, Hie balance in two etiual annual payments,
wiin iiiierc.i irom uib any ui .bi.
Yv.11. Ai.r.Anniinit,
Adm'r of Jaiur. E. AuUeraon, dae'd.
Jan. 1. IWJ.
Ara yon lick, ftwbla, Mid
cnuiiliiiniut(t Ara yon nut nf
ordor, with yonr MTHttiiu d-
rnnitrd. and uur (rtalinr uu
ctniilurtable ? XkM u
tdtim nr (iltfm thf prvlndf it
aariuua llltieaa. bum fit of
atfknna laetroplnf ujuu yon.
aad iImjuUI ba avtrtetl by a .
tiiuuly un of Clia rixki iviu- '
dy. Taka Ayar'a 1'ilK and
olMUwa out lite dUordwrad Im
rnura purify tua blood, and
let tha tliildauiova on nnub
atrut'tad In bualtb aguin.
Tliey tthuuUta Ua fnuciiuua
of Ilia body Into ftfonxw aiv
tlvlty, uui ify tbaiyiteni Itoui
tlia oltttti uclivna wblcU naka
dlavaaa. A twld MttlM aomwlti lu Uie body, and ub-,
RtrucU Ma natural function-. Tlieaa, if not raltara!.
ranet utK)ii thomavlvM and tlia iiiToniidltig orgaua, pro-'
during general amravatioit, RlitTering, aud dlwnM.
Wl.lla In tliit enndittuu, oppraatwd by tha daMgatawata,'
taka Ayar'a nil, and t huw directly tiiay natora lli 1
natural action of tlia ayitem, and wltli It tlia buoyant
fwlh.Korii dthrtirdn. What i truo and m aparcut lit
thU trirlal and common ooniptJrit, ta alao truo In mmmy
uf the dtt-amtad and dangaiuua tUatumitara. Tlia Minn'
purKiUlva (Tttct ax pel thtnii. Canted by iluillar obatrnc
llttna and derail guiutiuU of tbe ualiiral fUnoUuna of tlia ,
tdv, tlMiy ara rai1diy, and many of tlieti. auroiy, ranal
by the entiie uiwaua. None who know the virtuea of tlie-"
1111, will neglect emnloy them wbau tttlTerlng froaa -the
diflordere tlmy cura. 1
8tatmenta from laadlng pliVRlrlnna In mna nf th "
principal oitUie, aud from oilier wall kuowu public per-.
OUR. ,
JVom a Vbnvardktff tkrthant f 3L Lath, JW. 4
Dr. Atrb: Tonr IMIIb are tlia iwragon of ft tliat (a
groat in mndlclue. They have cured luy little daughter
of uloenma aoraanfion bur hande and ut that bad pnTed 1
tucupdde tur yeora, liar mother liaa been long grte
oiwly ah1i:tad with blotches and ulniplie nn Iter eklu and t
In lier hair. After our child wiu curad.elie kIm trieil'
four nikt, and Uiey bar ored ber. . i
, Al a Fnmlljr Phjrale.
Prom Df, . II". lUriioriyht, A'w Orl'ant,
Tnnr I'ille ara tha prince of purgea. Tbelr exrvlln(
qimlityi auriMM any catltrtrtlo we imwMaa. They am'
mild, bill vory certain and jlSftunl hi tiieir artbui on th -'
bowfla, wliU-li luiikea Uwua Invaltutble to ne lu Uie dally '
trratutetitof dteeaae. - 1
IIondnche,9lcklIedacbe,Foul StoMnch.
Vein Or. JMtmird Iktyd, BaUiman,
I lino. Aviitt I ennnnt auawer oa what cowinlnlnt
T have enrivl with your Wlli butter than to aay nU that tea
tw trt-tt with a pitrmcdim uttdiein. 1 plare great 4p4i-dvin-aon
mi alTecta! rntharUo In my dally cmttaat with
illRtiue, aud believing ne I do that your I'ille afford ne tb
beet wa bare, 1 of oouraa value tlwiu blglily. ... . .
Pitt bum, IHl, liar 1 18&6.
PR. J. 0. ATnt Blri I bave bean repeatedly fared of
tho womt kettilttcft any Imdy ean have by a dose of two
of you I'll In. It aaeina to turhea fruui a foul tloinacli
which tby cleanse at ones.
Yours with great rewct, BTV. W. miRLH,
dtrtw f Sttmr Clrim
Dillons Disorders Liver OomplalnU
afVein Dr. nasdnrt JM1, of Nm Ymrk Qhf.
Nrt only are your Pills admirably adeptat to thalr pnr
poaw as an aperient, hut I And their tMiwfMal effect un
tha .tver very markod Indeed. Titer hv In my prae- '
tlua piovid more efTeclual for tb cure of kUietu snaW -pUtiiUK
limn imy one reinody I can nietition. 1 sinoarwly
rrjultw limt we nave nt IvuKtb purgniWa wlilob la wor
uiy iu oouDueuce ot ute proajaaiott ana ue ioh.
IhaPAtrrMBxr or rua Ijrrtiuo,
Washliigtou, D. a, IU. VeU, IttML.
fliRt I have used your 'ills iu in uueral aud boudul
prautiosovar aluos you made tlieiu.ud cannot heattaia tn
say thwy ara Die beat caibartlo w omploy. Tbalr lagaf
latum action on to liver is auictt nuu decUMKl. eoue
queutly tliey are an admirable remedy for derangemanf
of thrift orgau. Indeed, 1 bin seldom fouud a case uf
oiuuu aiHun o oustiuate uwt it aid not reatiiiy yiehi to
tbtuu. iiaUiatiWy yours, ALO.NZO 11ALL, U.
itttOMtte 4ns Aforsas Uotpmuu
Dyoafei7i Piarrhotn, BalnJi W-bm
Jvm Dr. J. O. Grunt Ohioufo, .' . . ;
Tonr Pills tut had long trial in my Mette. 4 I-
liold the in In esteem as on of Uie bast aMMrtana 1 bave
ever lounu. Tiieir alterative eoeol uimhi um liter make ;
them au excel leu I remedy, when (Ivan lu email doaaa fur
biimut dn$nUr$ ojmI diarrhaa Tbelr eiigar-oceUlug
umkea them very accept be) ami Ouaveuleut for lit MM
o( woweu aud clilldreu. . i
Dvipepila, Impnrltr of th Blood). "J
S oa lit. J. r. Miwrn, IXutor o Adixtd Chunk, BotUn,
Da. Atkki X have need your Pill wltii xtraordfMrv
sncceai lu my fluuily mid among those 1 am called to vtsiV
in metres, xo reguiat uie osrgwia w niguwioai nma
pui-Hy tlia blood, they are Uie very beeft remedy I havn'
ever known, aud 1 oau ouundeiitiy recuiameiul tuem to'
myfrleuds. , Youra, J. V. lUMKft.
WAasAW, Wyomhag Oaw, N. T Oat U, 11U. .
Prar Sir i 1 am using your Caibartie I'M I In my ptwa
tfee, and And tbem an excellent purgaUv to tisaaM Iho
yMtsiu mid pttrifll th Jiumtaiut it in blnmt,
.1 . i$mk .
Itbcumntlsm, Osnt, NetRrAJgU, lrop
By, PsurolynUa Sllrr toi , t .
From Dr. X i. Vaughn, ikmtrtal, CbW.
Too mucb cannot be saldaf your Pills for tbesaiwef
tntirnru. If others of our fraternity bavs found tbe
as efllcaclou as 1 have, tbey should Join ms tn MroclalUH
lngltfur tha benefltof the mitlUtudes who suffer from'
tliat aomplaint, which, although bad enough In Itself, is :
Uie progenitor of oUtero Uiat are worse. 1 leiieea eca
fircfiew to originate In th liver, hot your PUJs agsst that'
orgau ud our th diMaa. ,,r,.
JVssa Afra, M, Snort, M9 mdMiiifcBtim. '
I Bod on or two Urge doses of year Pllla, takeoat tho
proier time, are axoelleut pnmiotlves of Ut Mahirul ssotw.
hm liu wholly or partially Mpprsssed, and alao very
ffectual to Immss th stowtaea) aud amaj taenna. TheT
are an muofa th beat physls w hav llit I rungiWii
no other to my patients.
Vxnh As aSea. Dr BmwlmnOtt MUkoiUt WfU. CJutrdL
Polaski Iaan, Bavannah, Guu, Jan. C 1650.
Hooorrd Buti 1 should b ungrateful for tha relief
your skill hsa brought me If I did not report my ens lo
you. A oold MttWd In my II ai be aad iMouxht on zro
elating ntHrttlaiv uattif, which ended tn sAinm rwsiimm
dm. Notwithstanding 1 had the beet of phyaMana, th
disiaas grew woraa and woraa, until by the advlea of yonr'
exaaUeut scant In Aaltimore, Dr. Mackensie, I tried yoor
Pills. TbTr effects were alow, but set.- Hy ysrssffsrlBf
In Um uae of them, 1 am now entirely wall. -
RcNin CniimR, Baton Ironge, la I Tee.
Da. Avnn 1 1 hav beeo entirely cured, by your Pllla, of
Xlummnti ftml painful -diewn that had afflicted mo'
for years. ViNOKMT WUDKLU
OaT-Hoet of th PHV W arlet ovlt Mewury. -
whitih, although ft vauwbl. romedy lo skilful hands, w'
daageroua In ft public Dill, from tn dreadful eonee-'
nuenee was ireauensiv soihtw its inoautmus m
coniatn no mercury or mineral subetanoe whatever.
Prioo, B8 oatttooBriz orY Bom for lit
' Pnpftrod by Br. J. X A TM. V 0f).t IatwaII, Vam. '
And (or twit by J. W. COUJNif, I. Hi tATTEWtf

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