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The Chronicle.
the Largest Circulation of any paper
published in Belmont County!
Local Matters.
' " WUTekohera' Exaiuiuttioe It the urail
' place on Saturdty, March 1, commencing
at 9 At M., precmely.
' tsJSoH. John A. Binoham wilt tccept
our thank", for a oopy of his very able ipeech
. on the Treasury Not Bill
WASHiNOToN'a Birthday. Dsy
after to-morrow (Saturday) is the anniversa
. ry of Washington's birthday.
: IPMabtin Fink proposes to have a
shootinpt match" for a live deer, at his
.tavern stand, a half mile East of town, on
, Saturday.
- - iSRspiiE8!TATivB KMNONhas sent
hsaconvofthe valuable Report of Quar
tcrmaster-Oencral Wright, for which he
iwill accept our thanks.
1 t-A Pliasast Thohoht. The stars
and strines now wave over the sou of every
Htato in the Union, except three Louisi
ana, Arkansas, and Texas.
10-The Belmont Co. Agricultural Socie
ty will hold their Annual air at St Ulairs
Ville on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thurs
day, the 23d, 24th and 25th of September,
1ACol. R. L. McCook, the heroic
Commander of the 9th Ohio (Germun) Rog
intent, is visiting his father at Stoubonville.
CoL McCook is still suffering from his
Wounds at Mill Springs. -
We have roocived an excellent reply
to "Veni Vidi's" attack on our Ohio school
teachers, which appeared in the Chronicle
of last week. It is written by one of the
hst teachers in this section of the State.
It shall appear next wock.
Ma-Jon Phintino. The nublio will
. please bear in mind that wo are at all times
vreDared to execute all kinds ot Job I'nnt
ins at short notice, and ori very reasonable
terms. Blanks of all kinds got up in better
style than at any other office, in the county,
ByPUB. Docs. Representative Ken-
nou has sent us a great pile of publio docu
ments, to be distributed among his constit
uents. We will take great pleasure in
" .handing them out to all who call for them,
They embrace all kinds of very valuable
Reports. ' "
. t&'A Good "Goak." When the news
pr Burnside's victory reached our boys at
Munfbrdville. there was terrible yelling all
Wer cams. Capt. Askew rushed out of his
St bareheaded and Inquired, "What is
nutttc?" . Hanoe Haves replied, "It's
the eleotioo returns from York Township!'
. mb-Don't Like it. That tioble and
"'"Tearless paper; the .Wellsburg Herald
nitohes into the Virginia Sonators, Messrs.
Willey aud Carlile, in a manner that is not
to be mistaken for their votes on the expul
eion of Bright
Wharton, of the Parkersburg Gazette,
Ian iv' the Virginia Senators to under
stand ttat "Western Virginia has no af
finity for even half traitors."
BSftJf nit Act fob tub Relief of Fami
14ES of VoLONTEEttS. The.Leg'wlaturo has
oassod a Uw authorising County Commis
sioners lo levy a t;ix not exceeding three-fifthi
oi a mill on a dollar for the relief of Volun
tam' families. The law authorizes the
Commissioners to borrow money, or appro
priate any funds in the treasury, except
Soheol funds. They are authorized to act
immedietoly. Our County Commissioners
should act upon this law at once. Many
families ars badly in need of the relief af
""v"Torue'd y this law. ... Come up at oncei gon-
tlemen, and give it to them.
', iguTEKHiBLE Accident. Mr. Josiah
Pickering, of this neighborhood, met with
a terrible aooident on last Wednesday even
inc. - He had been threshing all day, and
while1 "cleaning up" his right hand was
-caught in the side gearing ' of the machine
and so badly injured that it was necessary
to take off all his fingers and thumb.
Ha was operated on under the iiiflu
enoe of chloroform: He suffered tern
"M ; hnt. notwithstanding, had the for-
titurla to walk some distance to the house.
alter his hand was released from the
maohine. He is now doing welL
9rA Belmont Bor killed in Bat-
TLB, Mr. Samuel F. Bigger, a member
t!apt Carman's Company, 1st Virginia
" tavalry, and formerly a citizen of this
Township, was killed by a rifle shot while
gallantly charging the enemy in the front
ranks of Wseompany, t Blooinery Gap,
Vs., a the 14th: iost i During the short
period of four months which he had been
in the service he had by his congenial man
ners and true gentlemanly bearing endeared
himself to all his companions in arms,
' kn hi. true aoldieilv bearing had won
confidence, admiration anif esteem of
nffivtn of the Regiment and Division
which he was attached. He was aged about
IS years. .
The following Order was issued by Brig.
Gen. Uander, on learning oi nig aeatn :
Division Hiadquartibb, 1
Caw Chase, Paw Paw, Va. J
jpicul oBtiwt (no. 67.)
Mr Runnd F. fiieorer. a private of Cant,
Carman's Company D,. 1st Va. Cavalry,
ti.vins been killed while caliantly assisting
his Captain to capture the baggage of
hnamv. will be escorted to bis former
aeaoe, and the body delivered to his family
with tbe compliments oi toe commanding
General. His last words were "i am lolled,
M'lnuil iu hut no on." .
Capt Carman will detail two true soldiers
and bravo men woo werw who nuu in
Wit. as art escort. The expenses
inrud charges Will be paid. Had this
Kved he' would have received promotions
Brig. Gen. LANDER,
H. G. ARMSTRONG, As't Aj't Gen.
More Particulars of the Battle
at Fort Donelson.
Cincinnati, Feb. 18. The following is
the account of Saturday's fighting at Don
elson i '
On Saturday mornine the battlo was re
sumed with renewed viitor and detormina-
tion. The 8th, 18th, 20th and 81st Illinois
occupied a position above the fort They
were anout preparing a iiuieioou, wnon ink
rebels opened upon them with a fire of uius-
Tno line of battle Was at onoo formed.
and the storm of leaden hail roturned, por-
contiblv thinnina the rebel ranks. Tho re
bels, from their advantageous positions,
showered upon our ranks most murderous
volleys of musketry, grape and canister,
killing and wounding our men almost by
companies at every round; yet every man
stood his eround. Brsvoly. dotenmncdly.
and without flinching, these tour regiments
held their ground, dealing death, dying and
fighting against appalling odds, and in the
face of every disadvantage.
The 18th Illinois seems to have resisted
the severest storm. Against their ranks the
rebels directed their heaviest fire, but in
stead of fulling back they advanced to the
very face of the enemy, and thore stood in
the very jaws of death, with scarcely a pros
pect that a sincrle one would escape. For
three hoars these regiments, numbering
scarcely three thousand men, hold their
ground against the whole rebel garrison.
At one time the 18th, being partially flunked,
was exposed to a cross fire of both musketry
and artillery, .but our right wing securing
the rebels lett, at once relieved tnem.
At this critical moment Col. Laiulcr fell,
Capt. Bush, acting Lieut Col., assumed
command, but was soon wounded. Capt.
Uruse was shot dead. Uupt. trawler was
mortally wounded. Lieuts. Munsf'ord and
Thompson wcro killed.' Capts. Dillon and
Wilson and Licuts. Kelly and Scunlun wore
wounded, so that the during Kgyptian regi-
ment stood before an overwhelming foe al
most without officers. They fell in heaps
of dead and wounded. Compunies were
bereft of Cautuins and Lieutenants, aud
Captains almost bereft ot companies. The
other three rcuimenta did tlioii duties no
blv. Colonels Oirlcsby. Marsh and Logan
du.hcd along the ranks, waring theii hats
and cheering their men into the contact.
"Suffer death, men." cried Locnn. "but
disgrace, never I Stand firm!" And well
they heeded him, for many fell dund ami
wounded. Among the latter wero Logan
and Lieut Col. White.
UKienbv s and marsh s regiments fought
desperately, lotiug, like other regiments, an
undue proportion ot omcoin. Uolonol Ugies
bv displayed coolness and couruire that
have elicited the highest f raise, and served
well in stimulating his men. iNcver, per
haps, on the American continent has a
moro bloody battle been fought
An othcer who participated and was
wounded in the fight, says the scene beggars
description. So thickly was the battle field
strewn with dead and wounded, that he
could hare traversed acres of it walling al
most every step on a prostrate body.
The rebels fought with desperation, their
artillerists using thoir pieces with most fear
ful ettect
On either sido could be heard the voices
of those in command cheering their men
The four Illiuois regiments held their
ground lull throe hours. iN early one-third
had been killed or wounded, yet the balance
stood hrm. finally reintorccuients arrived,
and for an hour tho slaughter continued.
About 4 o clock, our right wing turned
their left, and the rebels fell back into their
formications, and our Aug was planted upon
the position ocmipwd by their lei t wing, and,
for the time, the slaughter ceased.
Dresser s and ochwurtz s butteries were
cnntiired iluritiir the aetioii. but the IStli
Tli ..i. .rii.i J
Illinois, Willi ciuuuea musauis, rucovereu
Dresser's, while the 31st also recovered
St. Lotus. Feb. 18. Tho Reoulilicsn's
Fort Donelson corresnondeut dives tho fol
lowing account of the fighting on Saturday :
ludtenlsy morning, jut betore duyligut
heavy sortie was uiudo by the rurrisou
from the lett portion of their works. Tho
attack was made upon the extreme right
wing of the Uuion army whero it was the
weakest, consisting ot part of lien. DlcUIer
nand's division, under Col. Oglesby, consist
ing of his brigade, which w.isstutioned there,
also Schwartz's and McAUisters's batteries.
The point was upon the ridge leading into
the right redoubt, and was situated just
above the main fort During the niuht the
enemy could be heard busily at work, but
at what it was impossible to tell. a thickets
and woods encompassed the Union troops
on every side, reudminr a view in any di
rection almost impossible. At day light, a
Inrom hmiv nr t.hn piiftmv Riiridnn v nnnenrerl
on the extreme right wing of Co). Ogleby's
command and opened a terrible fire with
cannon from their redoubts, playing at tho
same time upon our forces from guns placed
in position on the night previous. The camp
of the 20th and 31st was most exposed, and
the whole brigade was at once formed
into lino, ss follows: The 13th Illinois held
the extreme right. 8th Illinois next. 30th
Illinois next, then the 29th Illinois sup
porting the right of Captain Schwartz's
battery, the 31st Illinois defending the
artillery on the left
From the firing of the first gun until 0 o'clock,
the battle raged unremittingly, and
with fearlul loss to both sides. Again and
again our troops drove the enemy back, but
thev were often reinforced, while our troons
had, owing the extended lines of the army
and also their position on the extreme right,
to fight unassisted. More terrible fighting
never took rjlaco than that of the Union
troops, exposed to the terrible firing of triblo
their number. Thev stood their around un
til iu some regiments every officer was kill
ed or wounded. At last, and reluctantly,
regiment by regiment then slowly toll back,
leavinir Schwartz's battery and three of
I'lUnillBiVI O guns M IVUW IIHmA ....
a few hundred yards they again made
stand, and Gen. Smith arrived with rein
forcements, and at once drove the enemy
again into their works.
In the nrstot tne oatuewas auo uoi. w.
it t w.n.'. l.o ml. orul.
19th and 49tb : also CoL. MoArthur's brig
ade, all of which trooDs suffered severely.
Upposed to tnem were l.uuu rebels,1 sup
ported by guns plaoed oarefully in position.
Gen. Grant having command of the vision,
drove the enemy back with reinforce
ments, gained the lost ground, and at once
ordered an advance bv Gen. Smith on the
left Chargingnnder a hot fire on a steep
hill, on which as the outer redoubt,
troons gained the breastworks, aud' with
hardly a pause went over, then planting
stars and strines over the walls under
most Eallins Ore. ' Thev formed, charged
and drove the rebels back until thev fell
to a new position behind some batteries,
When evening came, tne union troops
been Victorious at every point, having gain
ed back the ground tost in the morning
guiliuiu una uttrb w iuo cijuutv iruniw
Our troops he,ld their position during 'the
nigai repeHinv repesieu uwuua.
The soene within1 the fort showed1 how ter
siblv the rebel earrisO had suffered, Every
where were yag fragmeuU of shells,
round shot half buried in the earth. Tcufs
were torn to pieces, gun carriage broken,
and blood soattered around. In the Inttor
redoubt, where tho assault bud taken place,
dead bodies lay thickly and abundantr evi
dence or storn resistance and gnllkut attaek
Was visible. On the extreme right, half a
mile distant where the desperate sortie was
made by the garrison similar wienes were
visible The gallantry of the I'nion troops
has been well end severely tested, and they
nave proveu moro than equal to the task
before then, , .,
As the fleet approached the Fort this
morning a salute was fired and loud ehoers
went up when tho American flags were vis
ible. Ho officer in the army had an idea ofl'Vrt
Donelson's dvfcncoi. until thev had been
gained and examined.
nevcrn regiments when outof amunltion
rushed forwurd. and although exposed to
the full firo of the rebel artillery, gallantly
drovo their foes back with the bsvonet aud
captured their runs.
i he following are the namos or some of
the rebel officers captured : Col. (iantj Col.
Voorhies, Col. t'ooiest, Col. Brown and
Col. Aberuathy.
Chicaoo. Feb. 18. The Tribune's sne
uial says the position of the ground occu
pied by our troops to attack Fort Donelson
was such that not more than one regiment
could operate at the same time, while the
rebels could bring nearly the whole force to
bear against us.
The first regiment to receive the rebels
was the 18th, which fought with desperate
cuuragu uiiiii iiiuir ammunition was ex
hausted, whon they were forced to retire.
It was leplaccd by the 8th. They, too, were
driven back after nring the last round ;
meanwhile the other regiments lending such
feeble aid as their positions would admit.
Gen. Wallace was ordered to reinforce Mo
Clernand, and sent two brigades from the
centre. The 31st Illinojs, Col. Logan,
fought like veterans, defending Schwartz's
battery under the most gulling fire, uutil
every horse at the battery was killed, to
gether with all the officers who hud charge
of the guns, as well as tho Lieut Colonel,
.Major, seven Captains and a n'tmber of
Lieutenants of tho 31st had been killed, and
tho Colom-I wounded, uoiug nearly sur
rounded, Vant. lUoUook, who was lett in
command, drew off what was left of the
regiment, not, liowover, until the last round
was exhausted and they had commenced to
drive the enemy belore them.
Tbe Second brigade then oamo un and
took the place of the retired one, and fought
desperately, losing a great number in killed,
but with the assistance of a portion of
ullacc 8 division, drove the rebels buck to
their entrenchments, gaining a portion ol
the lost around.
The object of tho rebels was evideutly to
cut tneir way through our troops.
The General Juhnson taken is Bushrod
Johnson, a Brigadier from iennessee.
Cairo, Feb. 18. The steamer Memphis
arrived trom l'ort Donelson tins eveninir,
bringing a Mississippi regiment of prisoners
and lilty orsixty wounded soldiers, who were
lett at Wound (Jitv.
Eight or nine other boats are on the way
with rebel prisoners.
The rebels who escaped are supposed to
nave gone to asbville, where, or at darks
ville, it is supposed the Confederates will
attempt to make a stain!.
This evening a great light was seen for
several hours in the direction of Clurksvtlle.
and it is supposed the rebels have either
burned the town or their steamboats on the
river, to prevent them tailing into our htfnils.
llebol officers admit that it we take JNosu
ville, tho rebellion in Tennessee is none uu
The prisoners will probably be sent
Uautf, lAMigltM at feluoitgv.
Feb. 16th, 1862.
Bib: In conRidartilion of all the rircumriHiicetf novern
iiij the prukwiil biIuhuou of miiiir. nt llu. .lution, 1 pro
pose lo the coniiuaniliiii' uflieer of lliv Ketlt-rul lorceH the
iippuinliiifiii ol coiiiiiiin-ioiK-Ti to ered uihiii lerm.
nuiluluiion of lite lorcos al (lie o.l un.ler my cominitiitl.
In limt view, 1 fUcfl an ailuuuue until IU o'ultiek to-
I very respectfully,
Your obedient servant,
S. B.
Brig. Gen'l C. S. A.
To Brir. Oeu. V. 8. 0ir.
Com'dtt t. d. fortfu lu-ar Ft. Tlonelnou.
FORT DONELSON, Feb. 16, 1862.
To Rr. ). D. ProRNKB:
Km: Your. of lliu iltitA, propoeiur an armUttce
appninlniint of t'uiiitinloiieM u eetile terms ol enpuu
liition. i JunI ri'CL'ived. Nu lenni exeept uiiCMiidi:ional
mid immediate euiTcnder can be aeccpivd. 1 propose
move immediately upon your worK.
1 um, sir, very renprctiully,
Your ooudicut servant
[Signed] U. S. GRANT,
Brig. Gen'l Com'dg.
'' Hbahqvabtbu, Dovbb, Tejtx.,
feu. iu, itMU.
To Dbio. Obb. Obakt. U. 8 A.f
Sib : The distriliulion of forens under mv command.
inrideui to an wiexiecled change of commanders,
tlie overwhelming force uudvr your command, compel
me, noiwiinsiniiiiing tne Dniiiaiit sucruss ol tne (. outtMl.
rrate arms yesterdey, to accept the unguneroua and
cmvuirous icnus wiuon you propose.
1 atu, sir, yojr obedient servaiit,
Sifted 8. H. UUCKNKH,
Brig. Ueu'l C. 8. A,
Detroit. Feb. 17. The news of the vio-
tory at Fort Donelson caused indescribable
joy here. One hundred guns were fired
receipt ot the news, and to-night buildings
are lUuunnutud. Hie fire jJeuartment,
mililaiy and citizens are out in grand poces-
sion with banners, torches and rockets,
obraiing the great event.
THOHURN DOWNEY. Dec. 18. 1MI, at tha
siou hunjratow, Uurcilly, India, by Rev. W. Duller, D.
assisted bv Rev. J. VV. Wautrh, Rev. J. M. Thohuru,
of Hf Imont county, aud Mr. Miuervu R. Downey,
formerly of Data via, Illiuois.
GRKJO-8 TUBH8. On ihe 13ih inst., at the bride's
residence, by W. U. Atkinson, Eq , Mr. Franklin
aud Mi Marina li mood, an 01 ueimont uounty.
KKNNF.V HARH1M. On the 30th ult.. br Rev. J.
Deen. Mr. J sine Kuiiuuy aud Mnt Auuie h Harris,
01 el- ciatrsviiie.
PVA'IT COLKMAN. On the Oth inst., bv Rev. J.
Deen. Mr. John PvaU and Mtss Nancy Cuieuiau, all
ueiiiioiu eouuiy.
FOREMAN- WiNNETT.-On the 9th inst.. bv O.
It . 1 '... ft 1 a, !........ ..J li:. I..1.....
TL1IU91CH14, iu.jiiw. iiaiiirn.Ui rviviuiifiins nub luuniivn
A- wmueit, an 01 Deuuoni county.
DILIsONBENTLEY. On the IWth tilt., bv Rev. B.
Kennedy, Mr. Granville (L Dillon and Miss Masirie
luy.all of Uelmoul cpuuiy.
BRANSON GREGG. On the 30tb ult, by Rev. 8.
Kennedy, Mr. J. P. Branson and Mias PriMuila
all of belntout couuty. - '
DUVALL FINNEY. On the Oth Inst., at the Presby
terian Parsonage, Martinsville, by Hov. Jainea D.
Mr. Eltas Duvail and Miss EliaabeUi K- Fiuutty.
New Advertisements.
NOTICK U hereby given that at the Probate Court
for Belmont county tlie undersigned was appointed
aud uulihed a Kxuuuior ol tne asiaui 01 eaniuei menu,
deceased, lata of Belmont couuty, Ohio.
All ihnr indebted to said eslute are requested lo laolte,
itnmediale payment, and ihoae haviiiffolaims against said-
estate are nouueu 10 preseiu uieui hm w:iuimih
one yoar from this date. .... .1
' , . '. PH1NEA8 W. MEAD,
LM'ifcXD 8. MJVU,
February , Executore.
Administrator' JYotice,
NOTICB is hereby giveu that al tits Probate Court
r... 1..I1.1....1 ..jiuiitv the undersiifiieil was aupoiiiled
and qualified as AtliiuiiistrHlur uf liie eslifla ul llugh
traaeii.ueoeaMQ, late tu twiuiuii. wiuiiy,Miii
All rhoee lnilebteil to said estate are requested lo make
rramediate payment, and lltoaa having claims atf.iiul
said asuBs are itoiiued to preseut Uteitt lur aauieuattt
wiUrhiouo year trout Utia data. ... . , ,
J. B. SMITH, Xim't.
Fabniary 10, IWt-
n t TTHTrtT-TH H A J A 2
Ih r.liftwttiir Hm Krti)t, 1)11 in thr crniMy of
(trlmnnt Mini Hint rA OrftO. VtK; Til WM Mil of (mill
Irif No, NV aiift the middle prt of No. , u. ib low of
hBrrfafiiif. . ,
AH Um ttxrvfl (jrofMrtf Ml
flutardar, march 109,
ill If orrA m pWW 011 tbe .tmt on thai
(Ur.nm sUltin iturrhaM will DtmM rail tm i-
oiiii ttiff prufwrty, mtikn tcruit will li twule kitowu bf
' ' Tniiicwfof i- Mtkil.tl.
Bnmefvlll, fh. 17. trm
TlIAICIT f)IVABTaCrT. Frtj. 4, 14(1.
OI.DRtlfl OK IIUNIM M lh Untiert HiniM tlntfl
Auiritti H. I '4(1. mill i ilire ynr ftni Um.
ant hntAij notified thai previa ton it roie Ur lUm pay-
luitl of Ui '-'iiikii o tt'liH-armifel inlrrral wlil- h tr
i ni0 due on the ibih litNiKnt. in win. ajrrcaljly iu tiKir
uiifir bv lliff I 'pm-iirff uf 111 l,mlecl mmlen al Wutuii
toiuor bjr erlbrrof the AtaivUiitTrvMuaura at.New York.
Uuatuii, aim riina;iim.
All auvli Conpoiia. u-jiherw(lh aeheaalQi howtne
numlwr aiul atdouiiiof at h Cou(un aiwl ir?rviat
itmiuf curb parcel. inu4 if ireMiitrd for ciaitiiiiaiiuti
and viriticaii(Hi fttlaoM IhfM (yll buxiiwM ! Ulurt
lei ) Secretary of the Treasury.
Administrator's Notice.
Nai'lOK IM IIKKKHV UIVKN lliat at Irw Krobattf
Cnurt Ut lU'linuiil county Hie Mntlerii(ii d wii up-
polnlrd and tjtmli'i.-d AilmHHtrsi"r with IM will ih
ueird crfilir eiNina of Immm 1V'iamrf dtecacod, m H
iJcliiioiii etiunty. Ohio,
All 1ho ititj bled to a!d nt1 are r.-quid lo tnaki
lauiiHdiaM baviiiriit: aitdl)MM havintr claim anauui
aid fltttale ara iioliTied to iriml tbem for atUriwiil
wiUimuiieyaarlnHTitiittuatfl. ,
lelJ wttii lbs will mii4.
Literary and NewsDepot,
Corner of Market aad 4,nln)r atiat,
Tin vMlmitnrSnriiWMt.aiiliKiicftpb)r Um yw
1 mouth witli.auv ol lluf Iradlus
ew York, Boston or Cincinnati
Xolilieal Newipopcw,
and all Hie
of the day. HiiiffWj copies h)o for naie.
lit ! nolo ancill lor ino . Vl-.' n i unu, i i.i.n
MKRCIAL. and will furwurd it by tLu viirlieai couvuy
anru n(r publiralnm. wlielher Htujj- ttr Mail.
1 BRMS.- Iy milll. per IIKHR11. tin anvuiicr) mi colli
Pmritoiwreti tl'iir on rithersida of tliv Olno River, or neur
the line of the National RfOtf, can receive it by Nteiiin
boat. Rtiil Rond. or Hui. tlift ln:irnitii alter publivmion.
tuins lliirty-ix column, not ln ttiaa tumy-touroi vtuwh
nn; filled with choice and eon-luliy rt-jiared rnlmn
inallLT 4iuliruciiir all aut'jneli ihu inn km it tlic Urtf-
l mid the Dollar newspaper in the omieu nvatei.
T&hh or Wbukly Oommiaciai liy mull, au)ubic
in advnncc) per yenr.Rl (".
All order punctually aiienaea to. ivcry paper nir-
PLUUtA HUNa, very tow forCuli.
ftJ4Utl-a a . mi nun sj i ,
fe!33w Whaeliii, Va.
Plainfield Nurseries.
One MUe Sonthweat or
tTtllH KL'ltft HlHl.n. 'ihiiuj to clear his
X uroilniU ol tlie tircsem shock til 1 rees
mrU Al'l'l.t-'. 1M.ALII anil l'KAltf. of UN
anil IIKAI.TIIV OHOWTH. anil selected ou.nl
liv nl Fri.h. et H l'.Dl ' ' I'.l) KA'll'.S.
Now is the ehmtcu to Ret 'I'rees cheap. Tall hefore
purcliasiinjclmwlicre. T1IOS. W. FAWCCTT.
A Farm at Private Sale.
rpHE HUBsfC'ttlBKR will ll hit Furm, in
X lifliuo.l Countv. Ohio. NEAR MJYDS-
ID mile WeAt of Wlieciinir. and 3 North of the
OI110 Cenlral It ml Itoad.coiUoiiuiitf uuout
One Hundred and Twenty Acres,
divided hilu convenient Heidi, well Watered bv aevrral
SpriiiK, and all under good fence, with beautiful Meud
owii.aiid a thriving young Applf Orchard ol cltohust'ruiL
The imp rove ni ul are a Hrick Manion House, and two
TcimnL t-loiipten. two Hnrn. Wnvon Hun bp. Com Ohb,
Urutiury. Hia H(ie. Kprlujr Houwe. uiid Work Shop.
A goiHi v Hit 01 v nter oi tuu uoor, auu uio a goou i,oai
uuiik. in szooti onicr.
lie Farm Inve well, and oouitt lie eutiiy fltvmea.
nceeaitHry. It m mrclv eittiute.1- liaviug m oeauutul view
of the Nniinmil Roiul at l.nyiUvill. where there are
Scliool. Uhiirvhea, Moree. isiiupn ana nuns, an 111 view
of the door; which umkf ihf rurm vary demralne.
Any person w ihnitf lo pucll0e can call oil tdA.A
BLTli W CLAiliv, oa iheprciuitef, or adUess,
fe1)w M'ilminjtoii, ileiawure.
Public Sale of Real Estate.
BV VIRTllfi of an order fromtlie Probnie Court
of iicliiiuui County, Ohio, I will oiler at public aule,
Ttb day, th 15th of 8A Month, 186,
the following dene ri bed nreniisfs, in llcltnnnl county,
Ohio, beiinr pHrt of the ft. W.u,iiurtirof Section lo. Town
Nliitt a. und llu'iin: 0. uiul bounded n follow, vii : lie
Knninir at diiik plumed nt the intcriion of tlie 8omh
tundury 01' Church Street, in the town uf Harnfville.
firodiH-ed wilh Ui Eulei houtidiiry of It. H. Uuvall
01; thence wiili aiiid ulrcfl pa ml lei S. 7U de- Faat ii.W
fnH lo a vlHke; ilience nouih 71 dug. west yi.M ole;
thence North 15 deg. WestttWl poles; thence North 15,
deg. 1-AiM 4.l&pok-a. to the place oiht'gintiiim coiilaiuiiit;
15 4 pfrches. nmrfl or less, being tho suuie property
owned by Joseph iStrahi at the time of hisaWath.
Hulc lo bo mude 011 the proioues, betweat tlie hours
10 aud 4 of sun) duy.
Appruiwu ul m. APA GARflirrsON,
Administrator of Joseph Siruhl, deceased.
Second mouth I'Mi, toOJ- feiaui
Thoadore L 9hu I UV Vl&TUfi ai n otdar
v. I-' sale (o madirvcted from
Elizabeth Vail, et at. ) Court of Common Pleas of Bel
mont county, Ohio, I will otfrrfor sale, at the front door
of the Court House, in said county, on
Tuesday, March IS, 1S63,
hMwMit the hours of 10 o'clock, a. H., and 4 o'clock,
h . of taid day, Uie following described Heal Estate,
Tract No. 1, befriiinlntr al lh North West corner
l4ectlou 4. Township V. Itautte o; tnencn outn wun
m-tinn line til nolf : thence South 0- Went, 40.7 poles
thence South BlrWent, 128 polos to the intersection
the Westbounnurr 01 tne nortn fjil quarter leritou
tlieuce south 10 poles to coiner 01 rata quarter;
merly L.
gorald, 111
ilmiiPH KjutOti.1 nolcs: tlience South 6 East 16.1 Holes
llience mm 7l .on poieiiineiira norm n poms 10 sinau
tp. in run 1 llience 8oulh HI East 7038 poles lo
walnut; thence North 1"4 3 East 7U.;J0 pole to a stake
Vet batik 01 Stillwater ureea , inence xvonn ctfr-an
2j.: poles to center of said creek ; thence following
middle ol said creeK nortu an - vtem no poies: ineuce
NoilliJnO Wusi'y 10 poles; l In-nee North mEastlU
if4 poles; thence North 114 Went YiM poles : thence
North OA 0 West 14 poies to the intersection of Uie creek
with the Northern boundary of ISeciiou 4; thence West
with aid bouudury i!7.8 poles tnthe place of beginning,
couiHiuinvU7 acres, 1 rood, UM pole.
Tract No. 9 begins at the intersection of tha center
Stillwater Creek with Ihe Northern boundary of Section
4. Township 0, Rang 0. thence East along said boundary
70 poles to the bouudry line between trncis No. Band
of thiiidivixioui ihutice South along anid last mentioned
bouudry 10 poli thnnce 8oulh 4i West l.:i pole
a stake on ihe West side of Stillwater Creek; thcitoo
South HU 0 West IfikM poles to a hickory a few rod
Nonhof saidereuk thenee Sodth4r West KM pole
ustukeon West bank of Stillwater; thence North Uo
Wetot.bS poles; iheitee North 46.4 poles lo small
in run ; tlience South si Eut 4V poles lo a walnut;
thence North 0 lwit potato the bonk of Still
water: thenoe North Ktf 3 East M poles lo thecantHT
of said creek; thence following Ihe middle thereof North
JtJC Veii'.HJio!''i thence Norib 30 c West S.l poles;
itifiiet- Nnvtii lll Eai 1:1 l'4 poles : thence North 34
Win i;tJ4 polea; ihe ho North 86 0 Wert 14 poles
plBce of bcgiiuiing, couuaning W acres, I Rood,
Tmcl No. 3 herniate point on the Weat bmmdry
aeciiou 4, Township 9. Rang 0, UtMIA poles Weta
the North Eusl corner ol sum section ; inr.icrr.iiM aionfi
at...i...i line 6-1 nolea ! theiite south IX'Eofcr 70 pole;
thmiceNorih &a c East 34.44 poles; llience Eat -0,(1
poles; tlience souih 61.79 poles; llience Westlilo.7sipo.es
to bouudry between trans No 9 and 3 of the pKont
ii..it N.irih with satd houndurv Ul poles to
plana of begiiiitiug.oouwiouigOtt acres, liRoiA ad3vt
poies, t
Appraised as follows ;
Tract No. l,tt.H00;
TnaclNp.9. Vf770; .
Tm-i V 4 Hi Aid
8aid Tract will be aold separately, or all together,
uii purchasers. .-.
i utMH lf oAl'ls una-1 it 1 ni ia nana, ono-uinn
one yeur, andour-tliird ju two years with inienct
the deferred pay menu ffora Uie nay of nle.
P, LOCHARY, WipftlT.
Shr riff's (Nuce. St. ClairtvilJe, Feb. 10, 1009.-410
Sheriff's Sale.. ...
James Kelsey' ' )Ti VIRTCM of an eiecutrMt
v. . . lLjlAiue directed Ironi tlie
Ralph Crozier'etal. l of Cunimon I'lcas ul Uelmuut
county, Ohio, I will sell, ou
TiWiday, iMarcb IS, 1809,
between tie hours of 10 o'clock, A. at., and 4 o'clock,
.nf ..il iShu. ml the front door of the Court liouee,
rl Clitiranlle, ia sskI ouunty, Hie (Olkwini Haal
to will letNo, 3 iutho lown ol llellaiie, Ueluuul
ooualy, Ohio.
Appraised at WOO. . ,' '
rerouaash.- p. tOOHARVi Bherift
f"heriu"B Office, St. Clairsvillt, Feb. 13, 11. -3.
Imported Borghum Seed,
For the Planting of 1803.
31 U 2.1, Main t., WheellnfT,
1st tr,iM, New YurB Vork.
lv Batskels rreiuh rKhaaa ,
from IN w-ll ktv.wn m'A rriw.t.. HI l"rtHA V1LMO
ItlN. ANllltllXX I II.. of I'srl..
'1'i.ls will 1. the only feliuli.e ini(ned fofluin, !eed
sold Wes of Uie loi,itMies the co.fi, ,v t)r lt
when Berompanled will. Hie tnotipy. lirutf.pt.y Sited at f 1
per If'jMrl. 'j wi, H i-iru wi.l plunt sn scr.:.
The hest HUlAK MII.M A.NI f'.VA I'flRATOR In
the Uiittrif S'.t.oM eiliibtiMMi at our A.rf aiiursl Ware
nonses Run V4. Slam mr.-i.
FORffS MarriMHi Pic-
'Ml.i r ri'ilil',e lowt
John Wiiirod.r-laiailT.l IIEI
vs. aiM.it r ri'iiii',i(
Itezi kish Cash. tV'fl. 1 siip. H..nvM.o,ii,tr.lii On
the '.'nli day of Nuvein r, Mil . said JnMie i.sued hi
or.lrr of aUM'.hinMi in the elve an.on for the sum of
1 'iirly-Sm Dollars bjhI 'i'weuljr Jei,i.-,ri,l-si-l tu.ti
ruiy uonars. st'll.v ni.,nou;
1-vb. 0. Irttl.
frilB iif.riigni luirmillipubU iliai Um liu op
wti at new
Tin. Copper uud Sheet Iron Store
In ih liuilfhnc (ioioK)iMly f ili Foci OlTca.
HT. ;I.AIK.-V ll,l,t wr,r- h wiiM'Q U. -coo
iiKxlite ihtm with knytniritr in tai of -uin
maHiiilj Ivrms. fe7 Ht'UM UAHU1
UruRRWt, mt. CIalrllle9 O.
nKiiihrn of ti jrul'f4oiiifeii,rQil) for fhir tilrvral
pairoiia'ie fetid part favor, wuuid take pleaaufe ui w
lurtmiiff tbeio thai l has juat TvvV9& a
Frcvti Mplx tmug mud Madleluca.
Ainouff wliic.1 nr 'IIMf rt FM'ID KXTKA'"1'S.
(iAltVU R. IAMOL'ItlX'X ft f'O.'t FHARIAC'KI"I'IC !
UUAMJI.teS AND 1KA(KFH. 'J ir rrr)nryiions)
ar.' ui'ttlutfU lo Uik nit iiT.unatil place in rtierac ultra. .
eiehi!ce hnt alrftiiy flrnntii.raiB;il. and itie iitual
ili4tiiivuihei prui.'liiioiitTi airtre in aHmDUnf. 'lUntr
TillA, (iranuim and Urntrr ure covtTud w ith a couttnn
of anirar. und prMsnl ((''' ailvMi:ta(L' .11 the quadruple
poim of view of Uie exartne of t!i Wrifftit of liie M-d-iriii?.of
its prtcl preaervatioD. iu convenient und avrec
altlt) aduiinitraiion, and. alxivf hII, iu frreutly uit-riaiK-d
TlivreMtic action. Tliee Medic. nea ar-: prcparud by
Mfr fitirnir. Ltnour-ux h Co.. niuiuberi of tbe Col
lege of 1'liarniacy of Pans.
Hpha-alor. ( ivetl AN KXTKNHI VE CPri.Y OF
M'llfjK'AI. M) DKNTAI. l.STRL'MK.Trt. GOMl
TJiKI'lJ, till of winch lie wiii ae!l 011 liie naiatl rcufcinabie
latin. IVlsi
Belmont County. Ohio Court
or common rieas.
Thoniaa Day, Pluiiiiiif, ) Tl IK defendants. Andrew
v. J J. Orven and Princeton H. I
Andrew J. Green. Princeton M.renu. who are tion-reni-1
H. Green A other, drfl. J dent of the Hiate of Ohio. 1
are hereby notilied Uial on the Kill day of February,
1HM. liie ubuve nutn- d plaintilT field 111 the Coiuuion
Plaa fourt of naid county, a petition afrniusl the said
iWlt'iidams and other, the object and prayer of which ia
to injTjeci the tract of laud c.mininiiur aUout tfcj area im
faction 10. Township 4. Rniitfn .(.in tuid county, occupied
by Henry C. Oreeu and WanhinHon Oreru lo the pay
ment of two judmueuu 111 favor of said plomntf avautl
Mill IJctirv C (ircftii. an uhirh tltrre iadix: TM i. Willi
interest on tju 7Mfroia Nov.si5. 15U, and on VII tW frotu
June 4. 1 -01. The utd deleuduuU are ret,uirrd toaiswr
by Ann) ltf. l-'V. u. 3. auajis Clerk.
1. 1). T. Cowi. PklTAtty.
Feb i:t- lcAfcl.Uw
State of Ohio. Belmont l'o.,SS.
Court of C'ominon
lor Xvrtitiou.
Henry Olius
n. Jneph
1. iHitbcila
HE defeml.
notice that on tins
tlav the riaintiif
bleu uis petilion
in the snitl Court,
(letnaiiilmir nam.
injr descriheu
reel eta!e. lyinit
Dixuii. Halnh 11 cat lie ri 11 moil.
Ann Nealut, with fSclmwnuai Nebit,
her husband, tluunnh (J ray. with Thot
Gray, her husband. Jane NiclKiIson,
with her huibuiid. illinuiNichuioir
and Maruret Heuthennirtoii. with
IImIdIi Heiiihrriiiirtou her husband.
and bcinir in fracuounl Section 5fi. TownshiD Kanee 2,
in the Mciibeuville District, beinir two lols nuuib'-red
fivf und six. in a nlat of curve v madebv Charles UeHnu.
on the l-Hli ot" lt-Heinher. l4.i in the suit of Jowph Gill
uuHiimt Daniel Zaiie and other, in all containing ifi't
ucrettnf biiid. more nuriicutarlvdecri(L-d in a deed ot'
conveyance from Dutiirl C. l.il lo Georire Pi x on. on
rrcord in the said county. Thai the said P hunt. if h eic
titUtlloiuoone undivided fnunh tliereoi; th" nuid Rulph
Heiulirriiou is enlitlud to Hie one unilivnied lourtli llivre
of; tual liie smd (ieorxe Ihxou died tized ot the one
undivided hnlf thereof, leaving lo sur vivo hi 111 lit chil
dren aud heirs at law. I-h1cIIu Ann Nesbit. Hmiuub Gray.
Jane Nichohwu, .Marfiarcl lleutheriniitou. Roueri Dixon,
Joseph Dixott, mid ihe md lnulwllu Ihion, hi wiJow,
vvlro is entitled to dower tin ret 11.
The prayer is thai the nid Real Batata be partitioned
between the panic according to their riiltt alon.'nid,
and that thu onc-lourUi fitn thereof bu set oU lo the plain
The Coun will be moved at iu next term to make Uie
aid order of punition.
Belmont Co. Ag. Society.
A LI. PERSON lisrlnr elairus avainsl the BRI
ure reque.ted tu file tlie amount of thi'ir cluims Willi the
TreB.urvr of snid rioeiety OH or belore tlie 1TU DAY
OF KKIlllL'AltY. liu, In order tlial the Hoard may as
certain its iiideblediiess.
jn3U JOHN DUNHAM, 9ecy.
Sheriff's Sale.
Charles H. A rick
1. ) ma din
iiAn! Ihe
an order of sale
Rulph Hcetherington and wife. ) me directed from ihe
Court of Common Pleas of Belmont County. Ohio. I will
otter for sale, at the from door of the Court Uoue, iu St.
C lair v tile, ou
Tuesday, March II, 1862,
between the hours of 10 o'clock, a. and 4 oVIock,
ul iImv. iIim folio wiiiiT deacriltcd real ettUHe.
wit : Situate in the county ot Belmont and Suite of Ohio.
all of tlie said urienunnis ngnt, line, ana inierrn io rrr
min irwrui or narrel of land, described as follow : He-
ins part and parcels of fractional Section it?, Towiihhip
n. :l muA Ranire Nn. 2. and heinir ot numbered o anil
0 on the pint of survey of said section mails by Churlua
DeHas. Couuty Surveyor, in Augul, 145. in the cne
Joscnh Gill uirniunt Daniel Zaue and otln-r. aid plat l-
iiiff bled with the papers in snid cne. Heginniug tor lot
No. 6 ai tha Souihoum comer ul the let kuown as me i
llarroti loi. on ihe bank of Uie Ohio River, thence 8. Ill
deg. W. as pole, thence West to Firming' Run. thence
up said Run to the S. W, corner of Lot No. 4, described
nn au.i.1 nlnr iliMiieft Eimt to said Im Barron' lot.
thence Easl with the West boundary Hue of seid le Hnr
mu lot IB noles to the Soutliwrsl corner of snid Le Har-
rou lot. end thence Enst with he South boundary line
said Le liurron lot to the place oi beguunng; eunuuuiug
In acres of mud, more or le.
Uetriniiing for lait No. 0 at the Southeast corner of said
Iot No. 6. ou the bank of the Liver, llience down ml
River South 10 deg el u poles, ihence k dear. vv.
tusaid Fleming' Run. llience up said Run to the South-
won corner ol saiu uoi io.o, io tne pi new oi uegiuiuiis
m,tBiiiii.u ill ni- nl ittna. more or le.
ThM ili'fetidauis inircM in said reHl rtate being
mis. ii,il,iB.lMd kulf of aiie undivided half, and bfhnr
nine interest conveyed by Ueorge ana isuneiia inxun
to ihe Mid Ralph Heuiheringlon, by deed to hnn and one
Robert Dtxou, dated teliruury o, lf-4. wnicn isoi reeuru
i iud county in Voi.iSJ, page luoorus ot weoa.
Term ol sale cash.
Appraised at ?50 37-
" P. IXTMARY, Special Mater.
PherifT's Oliice. St. Claiisville, Jan. UU, L-0".!. 7 60
Thomas Love, el al, 1 11 VIHTCB of
v.. ) 1 J order ul ssle to me
Jane Hf nderron. el al. ) rcctetl. from the Court
Cunimon IMeas ut Heltnont eouniy, Ohio, 1 will odi-r
snle. al the fruut dour uf the Court House, iu bu Cluirs-
Vllie, on
Tuesdar, February 25, 1862,
uetwaea. the hour, of 10. a. and 4, r. at., of said
the following real eslulo, lo wit :
Flmrr Tbsct : Bee-inning at a stake in tha Fast tmuml
ary Una of Hection 21, Towi.hii a Kanae 4. lee) rtouih
freiu the Northwest corner of said Heclion. Iheuce North
I deg. West with Ihe Heclion line at.il poles; thence
tU lire. Kast SSI poles; llirnee rtouth OU Kles to a
..... - i.lt : Hienee North 00 dee!, bast U pelf. Iu
swkcj Uieuce North 06 deg Kal 2 lioley ilieuee Suulh
Ji deg. Eat HIS 8 pole" thf nee gouth 87 iff g. West
.,.. ...., ttmitti nu dev. Weet Oi nolee; thence Nxiu,
Sll deg. Fa 11 pol'l Utenca South 7 deg. West
poles "llience North T deg. Waal 41 poles; thence North
n- Amm w..i ill note.: tlience North 81 dee. West
poles lo tne prseo ui ucgnuiiiiB v-w...-....... 'w-
Rooils, ami U rcrclics.
Te'trr: He iriunlllff at a nniut in thB Kast bound
ary of aeid rleotion H?, which is 70 polesSouth of Ihe
v..t .u,.i tlu-reof. theiioe rloulh 1 deg. tUuil with
line 70 poles; Ihiuce South 77J dfg WesllM polos: llience
Hoiltk I deg. Ko.lH poles; thence pknith 6 deg. Wert
poles; uieuce nurui u.i. 1 .
enM comer Tract No. 1 ; llience Norih 65 deg. F.a-t
poles; thence ttouih 43 deg. Knst 13 5 poles; tlience
Ml deg. KM 1X1 I'olr, lo ihe place oi bejuiuuig.
mining OU Acres. 0 Hoods, anil il7 Ferche..
''list tract appraised at4UJ 04) '
(tecoud tract at tu) 00. .
.Thi. property will be sold together, or separslely,
siiit purohascrs. ' ; ,
' TKUMS OK SAI.K: Oiv4hird ia, hand, one-Ujird
due year, aial one-thirdiri two yes'B, with uttfrasl on.de
Srred psvmenu. P. LO HART, rllien
Shti a . Othcs, St. CtainviUe, Jan. SI, !.-; M
tdminlntratorn Hale
of Hl lCtt.
IM Pt RVHA.3ICE M n ordrt W,M lr tht Pm
ifl()(rtf liw-liounloiA.if, CylO, WiJi tijt-r tut
m!, mi public octwii.on
Hntttranj, rebrvarjr la,
l 10 o'rlrx k. for-noori. rnon Ih prfnir. th followinr
ilit-ril1 real iiitiif hi iIm i tmn:y of IMinoirt mi
Hint of 4ik: bviii'tin Jf tt lruitur. m Utt muh
Wral vw rtr of cikmi 'Jl. To. t, rungs? 4. aIH1 ruiiidnc
trisj.K- n-t tuh fhn s'fiKtfi lift I d iAr , Th"nr m,ni
IriMm; thei.4 Wl pok and thaitca anu.t. ft akt
v i I'nn ui niwMiijf awMiw.a'MiBg Wlsf Mil, HHflS rMt
.VUtlA at
Tnn ot Ha. a, Mta-lhirJ in Warvd : ona-thtrd in ail moni.t
aiM (ViM-iittru m mat? a iiHt.Attt. wild MiWoal.
Atlw'r, of CUrwiar M. Cray, '4.
Jan. 1. t--4w
Legal iVoticc-Probatc (,'ourt
Asa flarrson. Adm'r
r,f the Out.if Milton
V. I'r.ceaitdTh'rtiiaa
at. frice. deeeaw.l,
Harriett M. Prtra. et al
y. C. BAILKY. who
v cmuied 111 the army, utd
wli-n lo-t iienrd from wa in Itie
fMate ot Viriuia. will take ri'ttice
ijat Aa Oeffrtoii. Aiiiniamra-
IViua aid 1h niia H. Price, iteuMwd on liw tfii day of
January. A D. l-V HJ1 bi w l,on u.ll 1'rol.aie' wrt
witluM and frf tie comity of lklut.,irt rhj ( t)Utu
ait pyv iat the perarial aBiat' of taid dceed'-itlM ia u
urt.c.tfiH lo pay itiair deMt. arid tw ctiertp.f of adn.jin
Urrinr tneir akte: ibat ihey dird eeicd 111 foe Kiiut.ia
fjoii.Uyiof Hi; loiiowiiiff d-M.riled rual estate. Mtuate ui
but t-ouiiiy. viz: Fir,l tract. o-ii'iiHir al ?oijhw-i
t'niei ot Hie Sofitl.-t abater uf rV.ciie-n ?. lo-n-hi,.
!. Kiir'ir it Bud rufitiuiir ibeuAa rm id Quarter He'-tio -lice
.North ihiuvv Imh Hi po. dwiict- imxh vti
poirn. iitfuea Wmki pote to too place of ttfii,ii,ig;
eo-'tnuiiMaT I" acre, ruore or Itrt-v
JVuoml tract, txinmug nt i Nortt at eorriff of the
NurtV-art'jurltrr of te iioi 'Jti.'l'o iml.ip t. and Kautfe
o. in iUt cotuaiy of lfe.in.ml. OU10. and ruiiiiinw Houth VA
pole to a K.if at fh e!iit?r of Ui etVireaaid Hection.
ihcnca L-AJrt 4wl ami to a -tone, thence .North M domm to
a none, tiienee kM ;i4 r..le lo ft tione. lhtK-e North A
polee lo a ioti. thence VVVet (mora or le 10
lit place of ocsimiii.y : cutilMiuifiif 14 acre, mora or !
Haid prliuoti will U for heannffon the VI -t H.ir of Feu
1 it' bb A!,A OA.K7l'(l.
Amu r of .Milton W. Pnoa aoil 'iucuims U I'rme dee d
January A, i.ivw
ri'HANKFUI. rXJR PAftT PAVOB8, would wish u
X inform her eueion.i-rs anj the f-sjt- eeffv
' " " sue uu reveiTeu BJHI IS uenr
A. fejplandld Assortment
tlonnet TrlmmlngM,
eensistiiif of FLOWP.KH, RIBBUNft
3AI.L KISOM OP TRIMMING anrl Is preimrl
m.ike ami truu ait Juutis uf Louiiels wiltt neetuess aj,u
Ue.l'ateii. I7M
Xcw Elemenary School Books.
Coudrlch'n new eerie ol Reader
Goodricli's New First ReaJfjr.
(iixxlrich's New Heoonrl Header.
UooJriuh's New 'i'liird Header.
Goodrich's New Fourth Header,
(itxidrit'li'a New Fifth Header.
Goodrich'! Now Sixth Header.
These at anrlard Rpadera faav been artrmted sua
erallt I.) tbe H'l'jIlciciijMis vltruurhuul tneSiBt
rur aaie ai ins
I puutieliorfl prieos. mS
ItfFROVED Paisfil Iron Cmmrr.
Plow. Inm iwBinaiul handle. iateiitNvT
Iron Centre Plow. Meet mould board and JWW
laudide. patent Iron Centrrc iliinad Plow, Wooileo Uui
ide Plow ,
Subsoil JPfoirt,
Improved Piitem Lever Plows, rirhl and left band.
Improved Cenira 1I0 do do
Tm plow took the premium lart fall al the St. C!arTtU
Fair.) Centre Lever plow, steel would board aad laud
side, wood beam and hundles.
Shovel Flows,
ineleanr) douMr: Cultivainrs. expending anil BtAtionar:
llaxruwa) Com rtaulera. Jtr.. (nr sale t.v
fealy Dndvpon.olila.
Copper, Tin & Sheet-Iron Ware
AND JOBBING ol all kimis in ihe above done
Xl with neaineaa ar-d promptnefa and al retia
onable rale, by I'HOS- (i. CLLBLRTS" N.
Main Street, Bripeport, Dhio.
THERS will be A meeting of ihe CointninMonfrs
lieliiiout County hi tne COUNCIL C HAMIir.lt.
BltllXiLl'OH r. on ihelitiiday of February, lirvy, d r lh
mimo; of heariur the n-tiiion of the lucon-ortited vmasc
of Bntff(njrt to annex the town of Kirk wood to snid hi-
cor)ru,ctl viuuge oi uriugeimn. jania
Tin, Sheet-Iron & Copper-ware.
Manufacturer of and Wholesale and Retail Dealer in
Copper, Tin & Sheet-iron Wafe
Martin's retry, Mel. Co. O.
RF.SPECTKULIA infornis the publio that hf keep
cvn'-tMiitly on hand a lanr astHiriineiU ot" Copper.
Tin and Shret Iron Ware. Hardware. Carbon Oil Iamp.
Lnrd Oil. ('arbmi Oil. Lubricaciag Oil, kt which he
u Hi i in al Wneclinir nric
1 have fined up an etMinhmfru lo do the nghl kind
bmdneas, and Bk person to can belore purcnaing rio.
whure. ntante
tsU Clnirsvllle. Ohio.
JL diuon ol a large UKM.U M.U.L ana
a unite of Bedchamber, and hus been thor
ough l repaired aud furnuhud a a Fibjt IS";;
CLASk llOTM, S!l!
Tlie Prunnatnra assure the travalina' nnb L- L
lie thai thuv will snare no nain or expanse
lo make thfir guest comibnahte aud their bills moderate.
They have receully erected a
F'infl New Rtb ,
one of the bent in Ohio, which will always be attended
by rarrlui and aMeiitive Ostler.
THIS HOUSE was (oiwrly owned by Rnwle Umllh
atid known as the American " It is situated un tu
Northwest comer of Main and Market btreeia, luuib.'di
atly West of the Coun House.
Lewis' Omnibus
nve thi llniiae ever)- Trmniiutr (Sundays excepted)
wheL-Ung ai s o ciocii, ana rcturiitUK arrives at Ou clot,
P. M.
The Wheeling Ss Cambridge Omnibus
Ijeave this Honse daily, (or rain bridge at lo, a. m.
lor heeUiiif ut J o ciocK. p. u.
.Id connection with tills Iloiue is
C3BJL which is nrepHrrd to furninh, nt all hours.
BgHOKhht. r.HMIil. I'CtrOH-.S AND
O.M.N Tibbl-4, with or wniiout drtvura, al moderate
charges. f7
rpHE and er signed inkirias the public that he ha open-
-L a
New OabinotMaftker'a Shop .
m the rtxuti funuerly occupied by s H I T tfl
Win. Funs, r , nearly oj.Mjite Ir.r JmTpmmmWtamT
Jolm Alexattfier's resiucnra, in ct. i
Clairsville. ttluo, where he will Ik- 1
happy to accoiuinodHie all his okl 1
riiMtiinem, and Hie DuLlio irenerallv.i
wun ally uiuijf ui in una m uin -.
Uaresaii Bed ten da. Tablea Itandif
JLounsfvatAVArdrobeSf Vc.
made on reaonaMe and a'coinioi!nlintr icnu.
i:NllkHTKIn lie Will hU) holil hiutli in readl-
neaa lo arcotutilndate the piibiw in thi branch oi his
no ui the mt3l sausiactury iiiainier. .
: uelfl AVID H. DOVLK-
ler. N If, Royal Areh
r'riday avrnuig on or gevS
NAOI.E, M. E. II. P. Va
. Clairsville Chapter. N If, Royal Arch
M aeons, meeis every
.I'l.r ihe full niuon.
F.lTtlirNE N
D. O. Natswaaiou, Sre'y.
Ilelroont IxkK'c, N 10. ea and Aeeepted Masoas,
meets every Wedneauay evening on or preceding
full inoou . . W. 8. KliNNON, W.
D. O. NBUtrurora, Bee'y..
Mvstie Indira, No .UK), I. O. O. F.
Bvesy Jdini'ley. evaiiyiu. . V ' '
Wit J. CbIUBLB, Sec ) ,
FOR STATIONS IN BELMONT COUNTY. Took effect Sunday, November 24, 1861.
Ootaa Vt I
Hail. r'.spraaa, Laavaa. tr praas. Meal '
7011 4 x. 7 tinr.il. fejx.i.s IIKl t k, Sp.av
7:14 7;t4 Nsr. nimB lOiiO
?:V9 7:J " UlJl.toB Iirt t-lj
IM " t.M ' H ...... 10-I4 M
7:44 - 7;44 l.swsi Miu.. ..'
?a " 1m " hmMm tu k4
7 I ll.aa.MlLS,.. k:40 ka
11 B:IU " rJtKIoM :M r JM
la " a.i " U.aitussuxa. But) a B-l "
FOR STATIONS IN BELMONT COUNTY. Took effect Sunday, November 24, 1861. C. & P. RAIL ROAD.
Uat Cist.
III. Elpres
M. P. U
..H S
IffMO S-'.M
OotM WSBf. '
Leaves. tiptoes.' ' Meal
B. M. A.BT. a. IB.
HaLuiaa. 4 "0 Irsil
rtaiu.ta-.aaf .-dB5 S-AS Iims)
Xmiurius.MXS tm
Capital and Surplus Xov. 1, I860
The Oldest
RE 4D ta followunf from the Inauranca iUeukor m4
W all TLr:ei Review, for Sept.. into:
"We rint the one hundredth aeini-ftnntiat atalomonl of
the llartlord Fife litauraneo Company. The Ol U
fi mm a i lamutariy caueo. was lacorporawa in IOIIbV
witit a perpetual charter. It haa done a uceafiil fWatv
rul Fire f.iturauce Lumiicm for tialf a century. Its etoaJl
is tyjuVrd hifCher than that of any American company
Wit.uu Uie month a ha aoid at ai id liua pnoa i frat
ty oilemd witwmt any sale of any an Km 1 it. It seari
auiiuai dividf-udf have Iwcome ten percent, fixod faets.
For a diat.ed ataieiuent of tha condition ot tao ahsW
oonipauy. - wnajl cards aj circulars.
insurance may be eticctcd w ith thi old and
uaj company on very reasoname terma.
Uwfiiititf nuHixed tor a tenn of year at qerr low f
dour ivast ol tha Coun lioue. At CI sir villa.
irFor rolirienariDlv to HI-AflY TOI'PLNO. Ajimmv
at the Helmont branch Hank, tindtrenort. o at tha rr nnrJ
(From tha Ohio 9tat Joortml.)
A Card Hartford Fire laaaraaoa Co
The Neil Ifmiaa. destmyerl by Are oa the h InaL. wta(
insured for five Uvouand dollars iu lb Hartford Ftro tm
aranoa Company, of llitmord, Conn. 1 bare recalvaa
truru l Aieiandcr. Etu.. General Acnt for aaid ooropo
ny. a fiht draft forth fail) amount of my claim, and itvfta
jfxamt pieaur ui inaltiint kuowu 10 to point the hbee4
ity and priin;-u.i wit.( which tlia Io haa beau adjaavM
and ftud. fefllly JL K. NEllr, triMsa
Tlit Gri( Econorrxwrt of Tmt4 and
lesercrt of Health,
HATB won the hirhest prerniuoia al fha Fait of eSa
L'mied ifttu-- Agricultural Society; at tha Pta
Kamof Maine, Vermont. Connecticut. New York. Naw
Jersey. Pcnnavlvajiia. Viri'iia, liiippi. Mueouri,
Oil 10. Indiana. Illtnou, Ketnurky. ALeLiqau, WlocoiraiB,
Caitioniui; and at the Fair of the Amxncan lastitma.
New Vo;k; Mecnaiuea' AWM:iatiit, Ho ton ; FraitkUa.
1 1111 lute, Phiiadaipb.a: Metropolitan Mechanics' lta
lute. Wasliiiifrtoii ; Mechanic' Institute. Baltimore f.M
cliaiiics' Ami c 1 anon, Cinuonaii; Kentucky ;lnuius,
Isouisvilla; .MecLanical Aaociauon. Hi. Ijouis; Mochaap
ir' lnit.tuta, Sua Fracuco, fjd at imi-Cred at Cbmf
of J
for family ue.
Mil noim Boov OoBwajav, I
9D0. Mulberry bfiwet, Naw York. J
Being in const sj it receipt oi lutjiLnes from our breth
ren repecitna- Sewfni Machines, with retjnet 10 reeewt-uit-nd
and parc)iee thVfH. we have, m onnjimetioa wA
tine la!y ineiwl, careiully and thoroughly aiatain
the vamiiis machines of practical value for family ew
inn. and find tboe made i.v the U'HUtXKH WIL
lOM Aiajiutacturmtc Company io foliy eombm the m
!ii!iai ot' a iraod iiitnaiaeut, aiid ujo a wi eau ejotni
dently recutninend.
Havnuj seeu so favorable raenlt from their a, tn exit
own and the household of oar inend. we ara desiroua
Uiat their lienehta hou!d be shared by all our brethren,
an hence have interealed oursel ves in their behal.
With bett wu'ie. your brethren.
W have persona! It examined the ariooe Maehhwa
before tlie public, witn an anzioiia deitre to place before
our reader relia-v-ie inlormauon. As the result of surhv
eiafninuuon. we Qnh-'Wattnf iy reeomraend WHKF.LEH
& W llO.N d StaWLNU MACHLSE as die Macluaa
lor Umuv um. C. hLNGSLLY.
Editor Western Cbru Advocaa.
For eeoaomr of Dower, ease of manatfmerrt. varterr
of a'iar.tHfon. und speed of execotiuu. Uie WHEELbft
A Wil.eON MACiUNK, uo couht, surpse all ooen
u. v. t,L.na.
Editor Ladk' Hepwuory.
ITil la to ecrtifr that t have used one 'of Wheeler It
W'i,no i ite-win Machine fur eight inu- ths paw, ana1
hv-- tound i: tuUy toanxwf r the recommcndatiun, haviiis;
urd it for ail kind of ftuniry sewimr, from the aijmt to
ilia ooaiecsi tacneft, to iu) enure auai:Uoa.
Wife of Isaac MibaU.
FLraiumi, Ohio, 4th month iTih, XJU.
MoPiixrtaui, Ohh April 11 IS01.
Thi Is to certify that I have had iuuse onaof Wheeler '
A WiUton's mtwuif Maolune fur the past antnKHUha,
and. as for tlie kind. I had vurreepondeiica from diQerent
nuns oi tne ooiuury oeior i purcnaeeu, am l trim am
m hi-tune to be fuliy a poud aa M waa rtcominonded to
be fur speed, durability a-id uuiiagMnent, I rum tha ttnaet
cambric up to the heavieat jjoad: in fuel, 1 wouid t4
de witlioiit it for doubk U aost U 1 could not gt ajMithec
at the stuuc kind.
b JOUi LANTZ- . ..
I do htrebr aenifr that f am neraoiiallv aoauainted
wiili Mr. and Mn Lantz. and know them to be fmnwii
ot sUKt truth aiU veracity.
T. H. LnAn rVUUI.
ltutor lN'otunham Preahjietui. Church.
ruwvt, Ohio, April it. ii.
Tlii U to rnify diet I have bad in u on oi Wheeler
A Wilson's bewnur Machtuaa for about seven months,
and have done all kind of swuif, from the hevHrt
caarimers toha Anrstrauitirioa. I have no trouble with
it and wuuid not pan with m under any cinumstanac.
ll ha okl ma uuhui, except for naadlea, and 1 oau if ,
corumeud it ki all who wiui m buv a mariiinu a belH(
the heat fux f4ituily uo. J. P. JUDKTN8. r
FLcmroro, Ohio, April 11. IKU
This i to eeplfy that 1 have had in use on of Wbeelet
A Wilaon's Hawing Mac tuna for Uie last six month. aX4
hnd that it fully ootne up io tlie various rawmnMndauona -of
it proprietor, and lvll adapted to the wauls ot a
tauiily. In fact. 1 would not do witliout it for thraa tlnuta
iu vuvt, if 1 could ium burchaae another of the ame kind-
AIUS. tlUSU. r . .UflJIn iaU. i lit! Ha.
Fmairuw. Ohio. April XI.
Thi i to eertify that 1 bava bad in iiseaoutlKuyaart
one uf W lice ler A Wi(on's St wing Mnchu;. and hava
ued it ui all kind ol sewing iiedeil iu a huuilv witli Mi
lire aaiifuc:.oii, nnd it has never bean out of onlul, ot
volou oitu tut any thi M esccvioU aud- ut-edlee.
. SUS. ISAAC hOlloway..
. Prior to Ktiss Howe. Jr.. InveutioA. pateuted ut '4ft, all
aUm('U to adopt inarlii'iery baa proved alrtiVH. Hie
I itia lnuiti'ta! alf uecef ul inuebliiea lueirdiffwiu,
however- are utnfititd and imnortaitL Tli eofnrnUiaa e '
ill Aiiicrlvmi) lniiiuiv cln Mined tbein -actuvdiufr io die .
anh-ir.ade end the mjrjHi io whih ihe machine i to
lie applied, in four cfaMce. I at, . 9d aiid 4 th. a. rlajAa
canon uidivauug Uit (Ctitr! order oi me nt and uuior
Class Ut include the TaOek-fMtcH Miwhtne frr family -use.
and lor whim lecturer in ihtaaaie .range Of purpoaa '
and niRttirial. Thr euiiinntttft Ims nfiied thi ce iba
highest rank, on uertHint oi the "ettUih lty, p-mmrw nctt
beauiy and general deMraldeiwaot' th Mtehiiur wara
done. ' and the wide range oi iln appJ'"1"11 At the
hrad of this da they pltue the Vtieler A Wilton Mb.
rhine. and award it the hitrhe! prfimunt. Thl has heait 1
ihe uniform award lot tli tnavchme mronphmii the coon- '
iry fur several yer. and we think no di.tnijrend per .
sou will diti'Utc it justice and proprte iy. rathander.
frWiitn.iili iB Wivaat'a Haw ma Mmt?(E look
thefirat pre minni the laic Helntuirt County Fair.
H. O. MAUTIN atfenl for thealeof the al-ore n '
uwd tuarKiua ft the eountie ot HsrrUou. Jett'ersoa, Car
lull. Two rwii, Oiiet'cwy, Bt unont Monrue,
irT'vi TAIf HAVlT-tJ imkp.k i tAiw. ana sia ny
H. tk MAirn.N, IIOC'KUILL, (Kenauu P.Oi IMhMbisf '
County. Ohio. i--
ftjr-tiitxi, rtm a Ciacane.H ,
1 '
1 .yoh'wam rpaHng dr any kiad 'Ui lb TlXNIfVO'
I. I.irVB done rrdinh and rctonfltiy. cl oaj
- iiioa liAKRia,

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