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elmont (Elwmtk
.sr. ; citf8Tiire, oifo, Xqy. io.
.All reaviaanteatiotis intended fot Insertion in lh.
ire . f wper, or upon .mutes, saluting to th. office, should he
.adOrrevw. VBeWuoat frhronicl.. Pi Clairsvifl., Ohio."
J '
Flag of th. free heart', hop. and.aem.!
By angel hied, to valor given !
The .tr. have lit th. w.lkin dom.,
And (11 thy huee were born in hesven.
forever lost tul .tandard hoot !
With Freedom", toil beneath our feat,
ad Fr.dom' banner streaming a'l
Wb.r. breamee m UWI
r reel,
n a'.r nil
A Proclamation of Thanksgiving
by the President.
WASHINGTON, Oct. 20, 1864.
Tho following proclamation was promul-
ritcd tliisattciuoon:
By President the United States of
It has pleased Almighty God to prolong
our National lite another year, defending uh
with li i.-a guardian corrj against unfriendly
designs from abroad, and vouclinafiing to us
in hi mercy many and mgnal victories over
tho enemy who is of ovir own household.
It has also pleacd our Heavenly Father to
favor as well our citizens in their home?, as
our soldiers in their camps, nnd our bailors
on tha Bcas with unuHiinl health. He has
largely augmented our frro populution by
emancipation nnd hy immigration, while lie
has opened to us new sources of wealth, and
has crowned the labor of nur working-men
in everv denartmeut of indnslrv with abun
dant reward. Moreover, ho lint been iloaed
to animate and inspire our minds and hearts
witb fortitude, courage, ana resolution sum
eicnt tor the great trial ot civil war into
which wo have been brought by our adher
ence as nation to the cause of freedom
nd humanity, and to afford to us reasonable
hopes of an ultimate and happy deliverance
from all our dangers and afllictions.
Now, therefore. I, Abraham Lincoln,
President of the United Slates, do horoby
appoint and set apart the Inst Thursday in
November next as a day which I desire to
be observed by all niv i'cllow-citizprn, whore
ever they may then be, as a day of iliuuks
civirig and nrayer to Almighty J"J, the
beneficent Creator and Uuler of the uni
verse ; and 1 do further recommend to my
J'ellow citiKcns aforesaid that on i lint oc
casion they do reverently humble thi.msolves
in the dust, and from thence ofl'ci up penitent
anil fervent prayers and supplications
to the Great Disposer of evonts b.r a return
of tho inestimable blessings of prn'ifu, union,
and harmony throughout tho lniid which
bus pleased lJim lo aRsign as a dwelling
plucel'.irourHelvesauJourpohturity through
out all generations.
In testimony whercrf I have hereunto
pet my hind and cauxcu tho scul of tho
United Stairs to bo aflixed.
Dono at .the City of Washineton, this
2Ulhdayof October, in tho your of our Lord
1 8fV4. and of the Independence of the
United States the eighty-ninth.
By the President.
WN. H. SEWARD, Sec. of State.
Sam. 11 i d aii y, editor of tho Coluni-
liiis Crisis, tliod on Monthly.
Tub trial of Col. North, the Imllot
stiiillng; New York Sluto Agent
Washington, hits been iiostjioned until
tho 14th inwt.
Union meetings nre being held In
various parts of Georgia for the pur
pose of urging tho withdrawal of tho
State from the Confederacy.
It is rumored that Gen. Meiub will
noon lie relieved of his coinmnml
the Arinj' of tho Potomac. Gen. Kobo
eruns is spoken of an his Hiieecssor.
Maj.-Gun. liun.nu assumed coin
mnnd of tho forces in New York
Monday. " The Conqueror of New Or
leans" is tho chnp to preserve order
among tho New York rowdies!
It is stated that the large number
captures of blockade runners off Wil
Miington is owinj; to a new method
which has boon inaugurated by tho new
commander of the North Atlantic
blockading squadron, which thus far
seems to work well. What the method
is Admiral Porter keeps to himself;
but the plan has the desired effect.
Robert L. Stkwakt, Assistant Pro-vost-Mnrshal
of the Fifth District
Ohio, was ambushed by a party of Cop
poi'heada on Wednesday of last week,
near St. Mary's, Auglaize county, while
returning to that plueo, in company
with two-soldiers, in charge of a de
serter, whom they had arrested. One
of Vlo soldiers was mortally wounded,
nnd it is feared the Marshal cannot recover.
The prisoner was carried
by the assuHHius. A eultleieut forco
has been sent to the neighborhood
arrest the villains.
Soma hoyt were playing tnarbloi in Fifth
trct, Cincinnati, a low day. ainou. when
geulleuun Hepped on a marble, and slipped
against a lady, who loll on a hog, which
between a mail's leg, wba, falling, clutched
kiU-itriog, bringing down tho kite beforo
pan ol homed, wuioh took flight and ran
down an alley, alarming a man in a carpen
ter's ahap.Ao that ha dropped a match with
which be waa lighting a cigar, ameug a pilo
ofabavinga, which United, firod tho store,
caused an alarm of tire, and brought out
eagiiia, which ran oor a fiieuiuu, breaking
kit arm. Boston Post
-"' Thb uiioJa of scholars art hbrariea; those
bt antiquarians, lumber room: those
portiuto, keuubls: .hot of epicure, lar
der and collars; and those of young dam
els tb play grouud of bowhmkcied oav
aliaw' i
Pres't Lincoln Re-Elected
by a Sweeping
Ofn'o will give Lincoln 40,000 major
ity on the homo vote. B. tt. Cowen.
rainesville Lincoln's majority 883.
Cleveland Scattering returns from
Ohio nnd Indiana indicate large Union
gains over tho October election, an4
indicate that Lincoln has carried the
two States by heavy majorities.
Xcwhurg Lincoln 158 majority.
Sandusky Co. Lincoln 100 majori
ty, gain 27.
Zanesville Lincoln 72 majority.gain
Springfield Lincoln 97 majority,
gain 84.
Salititville Lincoln 211) majority, a
cain of 42.
Columbus Four Wards cive 40
Union train.
Cincinnati Hamilton county gives
about 5,000 Union majority.
Cambridge 143 Union majority, a
gain of 30.
BOSTON, Nov. 8.
Tho voting proceeds quietly. Par
tial returns from several wards in tho
city, at noon, foot up for Lincoln 1107,
McClellan 358. In the 3d and 4th dis
tricts, Kico and Hooper (Reps.) for
Congress are elected.
We have returns from six wards,
which stood up to 12 o'clock as fol
lows : Majority for Lincoln ld'J7. 1 ho
same wards in October gnve a Union
majority of 1514 at tho close of tho
ERIE, Nov. 8.
Union majority 284, gain of 72.
Buffalo city, N. Y., gives' about 500
Democratic majority.
NEW YORK, Nov. 8.
Philadelphia, all but two wards, gives
10,200 Republican majority. Partial
returns from fifteen counties in Penn
sylvania show a Republican gain
A private dispatch from Philadelphia
says Delaware gives Lincoln her electoral
vote. Pennsylvania conceded as
gone for Lincoln.
Oswego The city and ten towns in
the county, givo a Union majority
1,702. The remaining towns will pro
bably increase this to 2,500. There
a -r 1 . il . i
were three union memuers oi uio As
sembly elected.
Buffalo No ofllclal returns received
here yet from New York City, but it
reported that it has gone about 30,000
for McClellan. Albany about 2,500 do.
Rochester gives 02 Democratic ma
jority, a Union gain of 120 over last
Albany McClellan's vote in tho city
7,542, Lincoln's voto 5,0(50. Majority
for McClellan 2,470. Seymour's voto
7,5 1 1, Fen ton' 8 5,078. Seymour's ma
jority 2,403.
Troy Democratic majority of 758.
NEW YORK, Nov. 8.
The total majority for McClellan in
tho city is 30,013. The vote for Lieut.
Governor is : Alvoid 35,054, Jones 73,-700.
It is reported that Humphrey is elect
ed to Congress from Brooklyn, also
that II. J. Raymond Is elected to Con
gress, nnd tiiat Fernando Wood has
been defeated for Congress by Darling,
1:30 a. m. The Indications are that
Maryland, Indiana and Pennsylvania
have undoubtedly gono Union.
Xew Haven Thirty-one towns, in
dueling New Huvcn, Hartford, Bridge
port, Waterbury, Norwich nnd New
London, give Lincoln 1,159 majority.
Two counties give Lincoln 5,270,
McClellun 5,047.
One hundred and ten towns in New
Hampshire give Lincoln 22,395, Mc
Clellan 20,291. Tho Democratic gain
of 2,050 alone embraces nearly two
thirds of tho entire vote of tho State.
DETROIT, Nov. 8.
Tho city gives 1,000 Democratic ma
jority. The Republicans claim to have
carried tho Ktato by 15,000 majority.
Election returns from all points
heard from show largo Union gains
over tho October election. Lineoln'8
majority will be 80,000 to 35,000.
Ohio soldiers' vote here: Lincoln
202, McClellan 13.
LOUISVILLE, Nov. 8, 10:30 P. M.
Partlul returns from 28 counties
Kentucky, including Jefferson, Lin
coln 250 majority. Louisville, ofllclal,
McClellan 4,873, Lincoln 1,849.
Lexington 012 Union majority, Cov
ington 001 Union majority, Purls
Domocratlo majority, Cynthlana 120
Domocratlo majority.
CHICAGO, Nov. 8.
Complete returns of the city glvo
uuooin i, no majority, iho republp
can Senators nnd members of the Log
islature arc elected., . ...
Returns from 34 towns show nn In
crease In the vote of 2,970 over that of
September. The vote stands to-day
10,930 Republican, nnd 3,240 Demo
cratic. Tho Republican gain since
September Is 2,200. ,
. Montpelier- Fifty towns give Lin
coln 14,004," McClellan 4,889; Union
gain over September 8,741. Vermont
is good for 30,000 for Lincoln.
11:50 p. m. One hundred nnd seventy-six
towns in Massachusetts foot
up Lincoln 90,000, McClellan 30,031.
- Essex county has gone Union by
over 150, making a Union gain of over
1,000 over last year. Tho Legislative
delegation is six Union to three Democrats.
MADISON, Nov. 8.
Intelligence from this State shows a
Union loss on the vote of last fall,
when the Union majority was over 10,
090. Experienced Republican poli
ticians estimate on recent returns, that
the State will give 10,000 majority on
the homo vote.
PORTLAND, ME., Nov. 8, 9 P. M.
There is a very heavy rain and the
telegraph works badly and thero has
been no returns received from the
eastern towns. We have 28 towns
which cive Lincoln 13,204, McClellan
7,994; Union gain of 380 on tho Sep
tember election. The vote of Portland
foots up as follow : Lincoln 2,875, Mc
Clellan 879; Union loss of 0 since September.
ST. LOUIS, Nov. 8.
The returns' nre monger. The Re
publican estimates Lincoln's majority
in this county at between 4,000 and 5,-
000 on the home vote.
John Ilogan (Dcm.) is probably
elected to Congress from the. First Dis
trict, over Knox and Johnson, Union.
Henry T. Hlow, (Union) present
Representative from the Second Dis
trict, is re-elected by a large majority.
A largo number of refugees in the
city voted for McClellan anil the Demo
cratic State ticket.
Lincoln will undoubtedly carry the
State, and tho election of the Radical
State ticket is regarded as certain.
Wilmington gives 800 Union majori
ty.,' A Union gain of 600.
Ohio County Lincoln 140 majority.
Cranberry Summit Lincolu 100 ma
jority. Jlnwlexhnrrr Lincoln 200 majority.
Mnundsrille. Lincoln 629 majority.
l'arkrrslmrg Lincoln .V22 msjority.
Chnksburri Lincoln 155 majority.
Oraftnn Lincoln (1ft majority.
Fairmont Lincoln 154 aiajority.
Jiuchannou Lincoln 401.
[From the Hancock Jeffersonian.]
Mr. Nasby Loses a Friend and
Writes his Obituary.
SHUN, Oct. 28, '64.
A piller hex fallen I LaM nito, at 10 clock
and 07 minits, p. M., l.snukor Punt,
dekun uv my church, and tho heftiest piller
in mo inniiiuMimi, in ii'.ci mu oniy one who
pado hisqwarteiige rcKlor,dapartid'thilifo.
liro. 1'unt was born a Dimokrat ho re
ceived tho f'uith by inheritance, as his father
was one afore him. And that faith he kept.
He mite hcv bin toloont in2 by and fcrbid
den paths uv whiggory, and ablishinism,
and 1-ieh. but knoin the frailty uv human
nachur he persistently rcfocz'id to learn
reed, and thus made hini.ielf suknor from
the wiles uv uusuroopulus politi.shuns.
wuz a butiful trate in his karikter that lie
wood never voto a tikkit that he did net git
frum the hands uvnscntralcommittco man!
Bro. Punt oommenst his polittikle lilb
votin fer Andron Jax'i, whon he wuz but
18 years old. Tho rigid moralist may ob
gect to this act ez illegle. It wuz obgectid
2 at tho time, and the youthful hero wuz
arrestrd and impriznd, and ho wood hov re
mained in prizn two yoeis bed he not bin
pardoned out by a Dunekrntik Guvnor, jest
aiore tne next uieKsuun. we next, una nun
tiattlin fur Dimomny in tha porsnu uv Mur
tin Van Uoornn. At that olttkslmn
votiJ twice, and drunk 172 tiiiioa. 0z
repeetudly roiiiurkl 2 mo, (lint day wuz
tryin ono. Tim fli'st. liutulrcd drinks wuz
nateirtl the Imltma wuz cxuens, tint hn hod
pledgtl his township I'ur cortuin majority
tho candidates hod given him the mutiny
treet with, und ho wuz dutt'rniinod '2 do
ef it cost him aattack uv delirium trecincni.
lie wuz alluz ready 2 sucriiico kit bowils fur
tho coz.
He manijd to survive Ilarr'g mi's olek.-hun,
nnd wuz active in prnknoriu I'okes triumph.
Ho mourned doorin Fillmore's ran., and re
jobt with eckbeedin grate joy dooriu I'eerso
and llookanuon'H.
In ISfiO ho didn't vole Tor nobody. He
knode Douglia wuz a Dimokrat and o wuz
lirekonrij. He altendid meetius uv both
fuotiona and hooravd vigRtruNly for both,
hut unlbrohiiitly, tlio oummittca who tied
f'urninht him tikkits ier years wuz divided,
one haff for DurMh and tother fur lireck
inrij. He ooodent demde wich wuz the reel
Diuiooratio tikkit, and so on eli kalmn day
he went 2 the polca, and went thro the nio
biums uv votin with a pcexeuv blank paper.
Hut he hod no duuhtu ez to oppv.siu Lin
kin ho knode he wuz no Dimokrat, for
both (Jummittee men told him so. () with
what soy he huerd the noozo uv the Grin en
Fort Sumter, with what eekatany he beard
uv Bull ltun. No man io tha North ex
hibbitid more ability in Bwarin at Liinkin
no one oood retail 2 better advantage the
liea the Suntrul L'euuuitiy dosidid to aero-
liro. Punt crowd low snoritid at tha bat
tle uv Stone River, and kept fuilin az Lin
kin's dorse advaiiHt. He britenud ud a littla
wou Forest killed the uiirera at Furt Tiller,
but Sheridan ana the Injeany eleok'huna
prostraitid him feerfully, and he boeutu so
redooat that bia likker bad 2 b fed 2 him
with a spoon.
liro. 1'unt wuz a consistent member uv
tha Churuh uv tha Noo Dinpensashun. Be
fore he jinod my flook it wuz hia boast that
U - I i . 1 . - t
nn uuu nuvur uin ltisiuu a uteuiiu nouse.
Tbere4 he rejoist at the opportoonity uv
noann a jure gospel, in2 wiott ot the Dig
ear wuz interdoost at all, be wui put in and
held up hand euflt, wich is alluz relreshin
too the troo Dirnekratik niiud. lie dospiid
ablifhu preeohin.
Bro. l'unt'a DimooriHy wui uv a broad,
comprehensive karioter. He fullered the
party. Opposed lo Stait'a ritoi and scoea
fcion under Jam, he wuz in faver uv both
1864. Opposed to alaivry-extension io '48,
he favored it in '60, tod eo on. The im
moiit ooi uv hia doth wui this tvrannikle
Aduaioiatraaheo. Whihky hed get so high
that he wui font 2 diloet It. and at bia age
be ooodent atan it, lie died uv water
the atumio.
I wui with him in hi Uat laomcnoe.
Ilia uiiud. wanderQd, aud htalVaduy goin
! " ... I
wher he'd finelly bev a post orifla. The
dentor whowiig a ablishnisi, unfeelinly re
mark t, that tf ther wui mails in the coun
try he woi goin 2, it wood be nessary tohov
fire-proof mail bags. Like all other" grate
men be hod bis last words. (no member uv
my flock shel die without bevin last words,
to long tt I kin write) I writ emyifterdy.
They wu "her we carried l'onuny Iwany?
my ooppers is burnt out I nut on my
tomb-stun 'he voted eily and often and
novcr skratched a tikkit.' "
La winter is approachin and I need a new
soot ur klose, 1 hov determined to call upon
the brethren fer funds to erect a sootable
monument to tho memory uv this sterlin
dimckrat. Sums uv 10 s nts (wich setico
Vallandygum's spoekelH.shun is the ortho
dox dirnekratik enntribushen) fer this pur
pus may bo sent 2 me. with the assboorence
that it will be faithfully used. ;
Paster uv sed Church in charge.
FROM GRANT'S ARMY. The Reconnaissance--The Fall
Campaign not Ended.
The correspondent of tho Philadel
phia Press with Grant's army writes
as follows, under date of Oct. 30 :
The accounts of the recent engage
ment on tho South Side road, which
have been received, are somewhat di
verse, and to a certain extent irrecon
cilable. It is scarcely to be expected
that the case could bo otherwise, for
the alfair was of such an impromptu
fashion, nnd was so quickly over, (last?
ing less than an hour,) that there wris
hardly time for it to assume any special
character, or to shape itself in any com
binations requiring particular notice or
description. It was, as I have hereto
fore indicated, nothing more than a
general rcconnoissaiico in force, end
ing in a heavy skirmish. There were
three gallant charges made by the Sec
ond Corps, which managed to extricate
itself from the toils ot a wary enemy,
and the mazes of an almost impassable
wilderness, in a manner to reflect fresh
brilliancy upon the fame .of its com
mander, General Hancock. There was
obstinate and impetuous gallantry, too,
evinced by the Fifth and Ninth Corps,
which, however, bore a less conspicu
ous part in tho affair. There was a
vcr3 high degree of skill displayed In
the rapidity with which so compara
tively largo a forco was transferred
safely to anew base of operations, and
retired to its original position upon the
same day. leyond these features there
was nothing to distinguish this rccou-noissance-peculiarly
from others, and
but little field for fine descriptive wri
ting.. Yes, there was one exceptional
fact which deserves to be rcmarkod,
and that was the steadiness with which
the new troops, some of whom had
smelt gunpowder for tho first time,
stood up to their duty. So much for
the assertion so common with the oppo
sition press, that the recent levies have
only added to the army a set of bounty -lumpers,
deserters and substitutes, who
cannot be forced to fight, but will in
variably skulk.
Although a mere rcconnoisstinco, It
was optional with General Grant to sny
whether or not the recent encounter
should be prolonged to a general en
gagement. Whatever the general opin
ion may be, those who know best are
of opinion that ho did wiaely in iluci
ding the question negatively. Upon
what special grounds this opinion i.-i
based, it is, of course, contraband to
speculate in print. Sulllce it to say
that the movement just recorded is not
the final, but the Initial one of the fall
campaign, if there be any correctness
in the popular cntiinato of Grant's per
sonal cucrgy and genius for " hammer
ing away." What of Uutlor? What
of the iron-clad flotilla on the James?
These may be respectively designated
the right and center of the forces ope
rating against Richmond, and their of
fensive powers nro shortly to be put
to tho test, doubtless in connection
with the Army of the Potomac, or left
J w'w,r of our forces.
It does not inilitato In tho leant
npninst this proniiso of continued ac
tivity that portions of our troops are
making tliemsel ves comfortultlo nguiiist
the variations of thin vnrialilo w eiitlier;
ngniust tho porspiring, dusty days,
wlum the canteen becomes a sine qua
non, and tho damp, chilly nights, when
a douljlo thickness of blankets is
quite us indispensable.
Songs Upon the Battlefield.
A b. avo and eodlly Cantaiu, in one of
our Western regiments, told us his story ns
we were tukinc liuu to the hosintal. Ho
was shot through both thighs: with a rirln
bullot, a wound from which he could not
recover, V line iyini on the huld ho sut
furod intense avuny from thirst. Ho sup
ported his head upon his baud, and the rain
from heaven was nouiiiiK unon him. In a
little while a pool of witter formod under his
elbow, and ho thought if he only could get to
that puildlo he illicit quonoh his thirst. Ho
tried to gat in a position to suck op a mouth
ful of muddy witter, but ho was unable to
reach within a foot oi it. 8id ho, "I never
felt so much the lonsofany earthly b!ov-ing."
Xiy and by niiiht toll, and the stars shone
out clear and bonutiful above thodurkfiold,
and I began to think oi that great God,
who had givon his sn to die -a daath of
agony for mo, and that he was up there
up above the scene of suffering, and
above these glorious stars; and I felt that
was piling homo to meet bira and praise
linn tbere; and Unit that 1 ouiihtto nraiso
Qod, even wounded and on the battlefield.
I oould not hoiD sinsiiu that beautiful
"When I can rand my till, clear
To mansion, in Ui. akiea,
I'll bid farewell avery (ear,
Aud wipe my weeping .yea."
"And." said he. "there waa ft ohriwtain
brother in the brush near me. I oould net
boo him but I oould hear hi. He took up
the strain; and beyond him another caught
it up, all over the terrible battlefield
Bhiloh. That night the eohe was resounding,
and we made the fluid ef battle riug with
hymna of praise to God."
Two of the trcea io the mammoth grove
in California, each toeasuriug thirty feet
in diameter, have been named respectively
"Joho Bright" and "Hiohard Cobdeo'
and tablet with tbqir names placed upon
theoi. '
. . .
One of the largest wholesale clothing
housoa in New York baa thrown open its
stock, valued at halt a million, to the retail
trade, at wholesale prices, , Aa rebellion
near iu end heavy stocks treuiblo.
It a) flesh ia grass, one would think that
tut) bout, war, weapon, must b a acy the.
. a
News from Rebel Sources.
A. H. Sherman's
Proposal for Negotiations
Proposal for Negotiations--Hood's Movements--
Official Reports form Lee.
[From the Richmond Dispatch, Oct. 31. ]
The lei tor from Vice Prou'dotit Stephens.
to William King, the mcpannger from General
Sherman, with propositions to negotiate
is published. The invitation was for the
Vieo President in meet the Yankee in
Atlanta. Afte' expressing his anxiety to
promote tho termination o) this fratricidal
war." Mr. Stephens says:
But. in the present instanco, tho entire
absence of any pewer on my partto enter
into such negotiations, and tho like ansenca
of any such power on his part so far as
appears from bis incssnBe, necessarily
precludes my aeeeptanee of the invitation
thus tendered. In communicating this to
General Sherman, you may also sny to him
that if he is of opinion that there is any
prospect ot our aarecins ution terms ot ail
hutment, to be submitted to the action of
our respective Governments, even though he
has no power to net in nuvanco in tlio
premises, and will make this known to me
in some formal and authoritative manner
(being so desirous for peace himself, as you
reproscnt him to have expressed hiuwilf),!
would tniM cheerfully and willingly, with
consont of our authorities, accede to his
request thus manifested, and enter, with all
tho earnestness of my nnture, upon tho
rosponi-iUo and arduous thk of restoring
peace and hnrmony to tho country upon
principle of honor, right and justice to nil
parlies. This does not seem to me to be at all
impnssib'e, if truth and reason should be
permitted to have their full sway. Yours,
most respectfully,
Alf.xandkr II. Stephens.
ARRIVAL OF PRISONERS IN RICHMOND. [From the Richmond Enquirer, Oct 31.]
A long traiu of Yankees arrived from Pe
tersburg Saturday niirht and another yester
day morning, several hundreds in number,
vnptured ill lho fiuhts of Thursday. Be
tween five and six hundred prisnners in all
have arrived from that field. About four
hundred and fifty in all have arrived from
below Richmond, captured ou the same and
the following day.
[From the Richmond Sentinel, Oct. 31.]
Lomax bag ohased the enemy's cavalry in
two engagements in tha Valley, and captur
ed three pieces of artillery. Pretty well for
an army that was represented by Sheridan
to be scattered to the winds. Vc have bo
gun to got our artillery back, and will have
it all lieloro wo stop.
Tho following dispatch was received on
October 29.
Hon .7 ime A. Seddon, Secy of War :
Gen. liarly reports that tho enemy at
tacked Loin ix's forces at Milford, on tho
L'.VIi inst., with ono brigade and two pieces
of artillery, nnd were repulsed. The next
day they attacked with two brigades and six
pieces of artillery and were again driven
Gen. Lomax reports nur loss very slight.
Col. Mono by reports that since tho ad
viiie.e of the enemy un the Manassas Gnp
ll nlroad he has killed, wounded and enp
tnrod over throe hundred, his loss being
lour wounded and ono raptured.
R. E. LEE, General.
[From the Richmond Whig, Oct. 31.]
V! stated yesterday that Gen. Hood's
army w isttt Blue I'-md, Chemkoo county.
Alabama, on the 10th inst.- This luculity is
i' iriy niilfis from Jacksonville, on the old
"iRe rc.id to Uuntar'a Laiiiling, on the
TVniH'H-ee, and twenty-six miles from the
l?.tier i lint. The Tennns.ieo was reporti d
pretfy high, lint slowly f'alliiiir.
A .'ii respotidt iit of tho Mobilo Trilmne,
at Outre, Chcrukeo county, undur dud; of
tin' ltli inst., siys that tlut urmy hud nl
ivti'ly ero.-srd the river, and was wijll on its
way to liridiroport or Stevenson. Tliisstnter
ment is evidently premature, as wo know
that the iiriiiy was still in Cherokee county
mi ilio ISth. We have no idea, however,
t'nat it remnined ut lilno l'nnd any length il
timo. Gen. Hood could iirri. nlforJ to tarry
there. Tlie Hiiccecs of Lis plan re(itired
mot ion. It therefore can do no possible in
jury, whon cloven dayji have clapi-od sime
hn eneiitiipi'd nt 15lue I'ond, to announce tho
fact that lit) was ut that plneo on tho IHth.
Wo have no do-iht cro now the Vaukens
have iliicoverud his whoreabout. Tho Tri
bunu'ri eorniRpondent. reuuuko :
N i d iitht we will have some hard fichtinsr
in Teiin8tee. The enemy will not yield that
grct g'annry without a severe struggle.
At yet we have uncouutered but little op
portion. 13 very msvonu.'iit has been a stic
Ci.s. That this will continue iininierrnH-
: u.lly would, jiurliaps, he too muoh to hope ;
hut that the enterprise will becrownou with
s uMeH wo do not permit ourselves in tho
least to question, The uiovo, we know, is a
hnld ono. AM military movements to ha
successful must be bold aud out of tint old
bfak'ii track. There is no doulit that Sher
man has boon taken by complete sm prise.
The move was not counted among the pro
babilities in his "calculations," at which the
Yankee nation are proverbially poworful.
[From the Richmond Examiner, Oct. 31.]
The war has been transferred from Geor
gia to Alabama. The Yankoes themselves
ooii HS this. They soy Sherman, on the
7th, was at Gaylesville, ehasing Hood, who
was in lull retreat to Gadsden. We may
easily detect the abaurdity ef this election
eering Yankee dispatch, when wo look on
tlio map and sco that Uaylesviiio is in I ho
Northern part of (Jherekto county, on the
Chatooga, an iiltluent of tho Coota, and that
Gadsdeu is iu the Southwestern part of the
samo county, just whore the railroad from
Jacksonville to Gunter'f Landing on the
lennessee river oros-os tbe Uootw. . A tew
days ago tho Southorn papers stated thai
iieauregard was at Jacksonville with a con
siderable body of re enioicementsfor Hood.
The two (oroes doubtless effeotod a junction
four or five days ago, aud asGunter s Land
ing is only aome thirty miles from Jackson
ville it ia wore than probable that Hood and
Besurogard are now in Tennessee.
We doubt whet her cihorman a whole army
or any large portion ot it, is at Gaylcsvillo.
It ia uiueb more likely that the main body
is U'oving down the Tennessee river in trrii
porta aa rapidly aa they can be steamed ,;nd
that ouly m corps of observation, oonsistin
principally of cavalry, ia kept ia' Hood's
Courtonay James, sergeant in company I,
3d Ohio Cavalry, and sou of G. P. It. James,
tbeominent ICnglish novelist, diet! recently
iu the Mowor Hospital, Chesriut Hill, l'hila-dulpbia.
I aa .
Maj.-Gen. Marusaduko, Brig.-Gca. Cabal
and four ltubel Colonels, captuiod by Oen,
l'leasanton at tho battle oi Osage, loft St.
Louis on Thursday for Johnson's Island.
: A OsonaiA paper desoribei the Confede
racy aa like a singed cat batter than the
looks. A niewsing rebel. .
Therb were four inches of snow on tbt
ground at Fremont, Ohio, lust Friday
..I I i
iiwiiajin ujam
NOTK'K m hrreli) glvrii Itml fttil-rii'linn will I'
recriYct) l Dm '1 rvnfturrr of Iti Lniturl Sintn, lh
ornral AiotMnnt Trfamrrrt nml l)f ifiiHlnl IVjHinim
riftt. ml hy tht National Hunk ilaufpimluil HiiduiiNlitifil
n DrpoftjiMrma and Kltmnrial tf nii, lor 'I rrantry
No!' pnynMe ttira fmr from AunM M, I nit I, bearing
inio real nl tha rni of aavn and thrr-t. nllit per mil.
iter annum, with Mini-annual coupon! tlael.cil)Pnyalila
in Irtwlnt nitjnoy.
The ar note will ha eanvortibla at tha option of the
ImMtT m maturity, inioaix par anl. fold haannif homU,
ri'ilt'tmiihla iilier fiva ant! pa) abla iwanty yuara (rum
Tim IN oi p will heiisnpfl In tha ilPtiomlnailnnnof flffy,
one hnntlrrtt, fi rn hiindrrtl, onn tlmiiitnnd, ami Hvntlioiia
ami dollars), and will he tMiiori in Manic, or payable lo
orrir. a may lie directed hy th uhtrrlhere.
All nitharriptioiif mutt be (or Ufi)"loltar,or lomemal
tinle of lifiv ilollnr
Puplicitip rertitiraiei will be !ned for alt deposits.
The party dVponiliiia; must endurae upon Ilia oaiatxAL
cernnrme mo fienoiniiintion ot note required, aim
whether they are to he iined in blank or p able to
onlrr. When an endorsed it miint he left wilh the officer ,
rerrlvinff the depn-.it. (o lie fnrwtirdt'd tothi" Department.
The nottic will ha iraiinniued to the owner free of
trunportiitioii c harpea n kmmi after the receipt of tho
orifiiml Certificate! of Depoil aa they ran be prrpured
IntereM will he allowed to August 16 on all drpoi!i
made prior to that date, and will be pnid by the Depart
ment npon receipt of the original cdriiflcHifta-
Aa the note draw inleraat from Auituit Ifl. peraon
imikimt ikp itn mibsrqueitt to that date inat pay (lie in
terfnt accrued t'rom date of note to date ot" dupo-.il.
Partit depnthing twenty-fivt- thousand dollnrt nnd
tipwnrdx for tbe note nt m y one time will he allowed
a commission of one-quart r of one per emit, which
will he paid by thia Department opon the rce ipl of n
bill for the amount, ctmihed to by tho oriicr Willi whom
the deposit wan made. No deduction! tor commission
imwi bo inline fnim the depom.
Olhccrft riiceivinif deposit will ee that tha proper eit
ilr.iKtiit!iit are made upon the oriiriual ceriificatea.
All oitiurri nu'lmried lo receive tlrpoit aru reipicnt-
eii to give to appiicantn all dc;red inlnnnntiou, and ul
ford everv facilnr for irjukimr mib.acriminn.
v. i. i k?si:ndkv,
HecTtdury of thu Tr.-ury.
inr-q'I''""nptlonf will be received hy Hip FIRST NA
Hcripiinn received to the Ten-Forty l-'ive IVr Cent. fioUl
ll.-fumif HoihU. JOHN C TAlil.MAN, CuUier.
.Vo. 1st, UaiH Street,
A few door above Harbour's Carpet Sioru.
WF would respectfully announce
He I mo nt and adjoining couiille
to the ciriena of
ilea that we have
jiiia icccivm
A Iarre & Fine Ansoi iment oX
which we intend lo nrll forcnh cheaper than anyoilic
more in im cny. we iiavuitie
Finest Lot of Overcoats
over brought to Ihia pari of tha country. AIo
Fln CuiNlmre Sulfa u match
Coats, PantsVests, Socks
Casaimere, Flannel and Linen Shirts
Drawers, Gloves, Scarfs
to wliich we Invite the ultcittion f cash I uycr gener
ally, a we el anreii thut we can sutUty lliuui bolh
in price and tpiulity.
We buve aiu on hand a Inra uitment of
XJoyw' -Clothings -
ueh na Cnau, Jiu lc-t. Wfim, I'oni. &v '
Country M. irlia-tt vu.i!d do well to call and trnmine
our aiock before purcmiiKinff cUewiirru. cU!
Succpsinrt 10 Weltlay &. Coleinnu.
One Door West of tbe Lewis House,
Main Street, St. Clairsville, 0.
HAV1VO tirrlmf(l the riitir- utork of Drun. Mi-d-iarin.
hikI lijtiiin.'sj. met rrpliMtiAlii'ii the miiiif-, w
woulil hmU dm BUiitif.ii nl' 1 i-it und nil prwutt
wisiliin purr ntitl reiinlilf. (iii:tlitiiif.'. nml rf.iecH'ully
to i it'H n cniiiinuHiire oi hii iiic nui riiAitnier.
Our Mock co'iimiv, in pan, at follow-
Detta nl Rurvical Iustru
meuts, of ihtt !utP i and mot Oiprovfi1 imlfni.
Gold and Tin TToil,
Teeth, of Every Variety.
All of whii ii will ha aolil al iiiuiilifuuluri'M' ii ire. AIo.
Perfumery and Fancy Articles
Of nil kiitda.
I'or iiif,lii-iiialiMrio... Alio, PURK (illAl-K WINK,
for Mucrauii'iirnl nirni.-i.
liariteiilarly invilnl io rail antl ciiniiinc nur tcwk.1 hiiiI
will fiuil il to llioir uilvanluu iu tuvur u with lliair or
ders We linv. alio a full nnd roinplpim .lin k of all Ilia
of Ilia ilav. ! uvry ntlit-r urliola tistia!!) k' pi in a wull
fiirui.lirtil hi'ii Sloir.
We lmv M.i-uril llic Tvitt.a of Mr .IOS. A. RAM
A(K to till uutl uieriiilviul thn filling of ull order, and
PLANTATION. Holrttir-. Rtihnrlr'a. Hmrlinve'a,
aud liooftnnd'4 LiltiT.. at riCKI''.Ui.(i'a.
QCHUII. I'limt. Smic, Cloth. Iluir. Slmviinr and Wall
O Uriilica,foraiileal I'll.'KI :KI NO'S Uru;; Slore.
TTANCY AND Tdll.r.'l' .
ICI.I'.S Cointia, Hair
L and Tooth llriuliei, TrWN't Snnp. Hair (III". Ililkf.
r.xirucia, acac, at
l'lCKKKIiNO'a Oruif Store.
rjpiHK hinlnist Wht-i-ling prit'ea. iu ch.Ii, will ti. paie
X for Ilidoa and Skin, delivered at my 'Jiiiun-ryii
Si. Cliiir.ville.
Revolvers! Revolvers!
ACIIOICU 1.1 of Jlevolveri. f r ,nr ci,eap Rl
Administrator's A'otice.
TVJTJ TICH is hereby iiven that ut Ilia Probate Court
s Helmont C'ouniy. Ohio, Iha uuderii,inMl waa ap
pointed and oualiG.'d a Adniiuimriuor oi tiia atale
David MiIIm, deeraaed, lata of auid eoumy.
All thova llidfibleil to laid eatale art, Mnua.ted ba malra
ilnmediala payiuaiiti and tlioaa having olaiiri aiiauial
aHid etlala are notified to protein tliout for a.Ulera.ul
wimiu ou. year Irani taia nuie.
BF.OS leave to inform tha puhlia
that ha haa opened a .lore at
I. A Ml It A, (ou the C. O. K. R .)
lielmout County, Ohio, when he
will keep conttautly on hauii a large
nd varied Mock of
and all other articlea uauatly kept In a aauntry
which will ba aold on a. aecoiuiuodatiiif tariua aa tjtaf
can be hud anywhere.
.Give me eall. No charge for allowing goods!
g&"All kinds oCovuT&r Puoduce takm
at cath prices. . apr7-iy
Bt. OlsUr.ville, Ohio,
IB offered for aala. Tkia llou.a haa always bsai
good run of auawm. It Is larg. aud .oauuodioai.
aiw iu good repair.
Tha 13am ia'lSTo. 1,
in .very particular, and will eocoinmoOats So horaaa.
'I'll. Wells and Cisterns ara excellent. '
, Tliia property ia located iu Ui. wum .1 lawu. oiusal
Site Ui. Court House. uvrm'
Vol uuu apply to tha und.rsigned, ",
;'8t.01.(.ill.,O,Jun,!ie: , : r:'J,f.lWJ5
,. '.: - -I -..! : ' .li. !' . i . 0 4 I: "I'
Petition for Dlvoroe and
Alimony. .
Naomy llarf 1 TVTAoMY MARPKR raitwx) horn
l iiimn m hit Hlril in ilia ertlo. (
""n ''"'P"'. Un OlurU of iha Court of Com.noa
Plana uf lli'hriiiil l oinily, Miio, Juna , Hn4, linha
aliipvr narnnl rnn, a-kmij a ilitnrpa anil aliiumif traMf
th ilpfeinlaiii. Ilirnui H.i.t hrr hull. and, fotUiaaauM
of adultery wilh Uartlirna Wiailm.
s.pli.ikm.4. "owKii,4ir,to.n.,a
To Wool Growers.
BUY WilkiiiMU'a boat Kliaep flhvara ' Ta ha hid .1
i. ii. vmt co.'fc
JUST roaelaa at
rPIIB uiulnr.ijjnail Inform. lliapublla Ikataaaala
i- ad a naw . i
Tin, Copper nnlhet IronS(rct
in Ihf linililin ( linmedlataly Wait of Iha Poat Off as
r. i;i.ami y i i.i.i., wnara na will ba hauar lo ano
moilaia Ihein with anythin In .hia Una of liuilniuia
raaaonahla intma.
na. Ify UVftH HAR&I
J. H.WEST & CO.,
DKSIIinUS of nlurninir thalr thanka to
their nutn.irniia euitomari for pat fa-
vora, winh to inform tha puhlia that they
hafa juit recrivad, and ara a.n.lautiy ra
ceiving, frasli auppllaa .1
Dm!, Sladloln. and Par Ch.miaaJ.f
Aluo, PAINTS, Dry nd O round
in Oil anil Wntai,
Dye Mull, Fine TtjJIet Soapnf
anrl everyihinK generally kroi in well rrgllaJ hruj
Plore, all of which they will aell at low rale.,
In contieciion wiih tha abave, wa ala kap .MuftirQf
on hand a complete aaeorlinenl of v
School Ilooki, lllank Beaks,
rZs!sl'-!Jk ' lousahuildera and Mechaniee nead-AS-ZlJ'
J',n nythinfr In ha Harttwara Una
.MiV.-!bJtel Jr -wonlal do well ta ce ui a call, aa
our lock of lAcka. Hiugea, Mechaiuca' Toala, It.., U
varied and complete.
Our arrautremeutt ara now aueh that any article want
ed in our line, that wa may not have on hand at Ihetima,.
enn lie ormreti and lorwarueu at anorieai nouca, wua
out nuy addiiioual expeiie.
JX7Dimi'i fiirceitlie place. Directly oppasile rhal.ewia
Home. All order, hy mail or otherwise pramptly
tended to. , - iyW J. II. VVKftT CO..
Beat American and Flne Frmoh Tram
ALSO, Ciiiier'a Superior shouldrr Uracea, auilable fo
bglh Iailiua and ftruilemen. for anla at
. WKSr'a, opponile the Lewia HoUJa,
-KAO Ala.
X Painis of all colors, dry and ground in oil
sal. at
J. H. WEST A CO.'a.
AYF.R'8, Todd's. Mclean's, Wright's Joyne's, Moil's
KotTV Robark's. and Cheesemaif s Pills, for sala
at PICKKIUNU's Orug Store, 8l Clairsville.
Assistant Assessor's Notice.
NOTICK IS IIKKKIiY OIVKN to all whom it maf
concern, ttnu any person rejtKlinir in the Townships
of Wa) ite, Soniersel, Wiirren. (Goshen, Kirk wood, Flush
ing. Union nnd Rie.hlnud. tleiriug lo take out a license
for nuy of the trades, business, or oceupalions reouiring
h licence therefore tinder the Kxeie Law. can he ac
coiiiiiioilnleil by Kinliin: iu a Idler tbe oecupalion or busir
nesn Mint nature of sucli lor wltieh they itmy desire liceiu1
ntid I will till blnuk Hpplieiiliou. and send the saute hv'
ituiil fur iliuir sitiuuire, which ttuy can rrturo by raaii
ut Utiliuoilt, Ijcluiout Co., O.
AI.ONZO I'. Wll.l.F.R.
Assessor 3d Division llith Asseswtcol l)tsk OliMi "
al .
"Eureka'' Renovating Fluid,
TTtlR ramoviur .atnt. lar. ereasa. A..,
from elotba
17 wiihoot IU loa.t tniuty loth, fhbna. Preniired aiul
ed an
aa ... vrwt'l
SVdministra tor's Salo
oi' J teal Kstat,
IN purmianee of an order vrwittetV ilia Probau)
Court ei jlelinout County. Ohio. I will olfcs for tale
lit public uuelion. on MO.VOAV. TUK 'J 1st WAY OP
..;Vi:.Ii:l-.k. Mil, between Hie hours of isl . and 4
i'. M on tbe premise. Hie foll.wlng described teal
eiute. si unte in the Html Comity .f Helinoni. lo wit:
The toiilliweNt ipinrler of the Norllieast quarter of
reeiiou ei'jlit li). Township iix (H. Uuiige five (A); eou.
tnitii-i forty (40) acres, raore or leas. ;
Tfhms oit Sslk: Oue-iiiird iu haiwl, one-third Irs a.
year, and one-ltiird in nvo yents fiiMii lite tluy of snla
with interest; the deterred payments lo He avcursaMif
iiioruaite upon thu preiuUea sold. .
. JDHS r.ISI.R. Adns'r
of Jsilui L, Titlow, dee'd.
Oct SO, lH.-Sw m
Howard Association,
PIllJ.AOr.l.PlUA, PA.
DiSBASKS of i he Nivvoua. Seminal. Urinary ai4
Seunl S) met on new ailiS relinbl ttcalioent ia
report ot the llewunl Affaoclitlioir aetrt by Mail ia
ffeule.l letter eriveb .lies, free f elmrre. Addnse, Dr. J.
SKI I.I .IN llot'tiii: iV).. trawant Aseoaiation, No.
S.mtli Ninth Mnm. IMnlatWIiihia, Ta. J)H-V
A T " ARM1SV1LI.F, O, , and aftefOctoW lh,
I. A. L. Binghnin ami K C. l-'.ehs will ofler for sate?
superior lot ol Spujiuu Aleruw Uuoka, iwiaaa. mui.uJ.
from 41 Ml lo:t.imu. aau&Uaf
They will also Kiaiul two Buck, (not for anist fnf
E.w"- "'"' N?T,' 1 "".4. P"''l'ly ine daya Idilirtr'..
viz: '-Hib .ard" end "Tuer," when Uiey will b. tol
lurued to Vermont. ' . ;
" Hibbard wua awarded the First Pfemiom at'th.'
recent Ohio Slate Kuir, and CS.COU offered lor him and1
relused by lh. owners, (hoy intend lo keep him for a
Ktock Buck. ....
Harriaville, llarri.o. fe 0 fM.t,tt4r QtVUm
Brushes. ' -
T- -T neeived. a fresh stock of Hair,' Toelh, CM
Shoe, Whit. Wash, Scrub and House Brushes, M
J. H. WEaT A CO.'r
. , MU Clairavrellev Ulita. - .
diuon of large D1N1NQ HALL and . .
a auiia ol rj.deiiamb.ra, aud sss been tlusr
-u"'7 iffwio ejus luraiaaea. M. nasi r
Claw Hotbt. " Hll'f
The Proprietor, assure th. travslinf euh-JlMf r
lie that they will aimsa na naina or airMnMaKAaisai
lo make tbair ga.su ooaifonabl. aud Uair kills roedaral.
luey have recently .reeled a ...
on. of lh. best in Ohio, which will always a. aitaaSastl
by raretul and aitainiv. O.llsrs. T '""w
THIS IIOUbK was f.naerly .wnad by Bustl. akaidii'
andknawaae lh. "American a , ,. i.3f Trt
Tiorthw.sl corner f Main aud- Mukst Site.', k4oW4t
HiOwis' Omnibus ,
Leaves this H.use .very marniug (Huudara eieenteiU k
WlreeUu, at 7 ,'clwk, Lid returmng arril " Jjj
The Whoeling& Cambridg Oaaibu
'" nu "laily. for CachlWba at It s. .i,
r Wh.eliugat 3 o'.leek, . ic ..,
Kp u mn& and Utr J'" .
Three Year 7-3Q botes.
, ' -i" . i ill r't . ' ...
, , '., Alee, receives subscrjr.uon. to Ife ,, j
- .-3 03 e, . . fg (U H S-Rt-W
2S S H o r
..-is0 i JEi rrn -sis-

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