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St. Clalmilto, 0M, Kut. 10.
Local Matters.
The Largest Circulation of any paper
published in Belmont County.
published in Belmont County. The Vote of Belmont County.
-f5 ?
' 1 ' :. I' 1
Sri r
3 E.
117 ; is-
,. 97 0
173 5
142 13
209 20
325 11.
38 17
44J 2
l'.il " 10
248 8
197 8
'257 2
95 13
15G 9
142 4
IG7 11
r. rf.
.1 !
Oschen ,
, 390
.......... 20H
..: i
' i Painerset....
' Smith. ..I..?.'
Warren ......
id 4
3350 90 Ci
Cenrjerhesd tnninrit' R01
, , Union gain over lowest majority at Octo-
m election, 32: orer highest majority, 68.
" ''
! i 1 1 i mm a. m
' 1 WOiJH Union Club bad very large
". fend interesting - meeting on "Friday and
Monday etcnings. Capt, Hoge, of the 1 20th
, ; 'Ohio, spoke at the first meeting, and after
lie had concluded Gen. Weir and others
',"y ere called ,.out.' ."
' On Monday evening addresses wore de
livered by Col. Poorman and Capt. Danford.
Both moetings were enlivened with patriotio
TBongd. ' The Chairman, (Judge Cowen.) on
Monday evening, at the close of the oxer
. ttieea.ipoke of the efforts of the Janitor of the
,iJottft House, Mr. Alex. Williams, to make
!uthoouj comfortable and to preserve or
der'i md, on motion ef Capt. Danford, the
Club adopted a resolution of thanks to Mr.
The "Club adjourned with the understand
ij, iDg'tbat another meeting should be held on
' next "Friday evening, to rejoioe over onr
) great Viterie.
, SrJoDQB Okkt in a New Role.
. Judge John W. Okey is a queer man.
: .'.Sotuo fef years ago there lived in Monroe
County one Dr. Steut who enjoyed a not
. very enviable reputation and who hap
pened to be a candidate for the Legislature.
Stout was a great Democrat, but Okey
couldn't support him, and wan by no means
stinted in his abuse of him. .
last Thursday the Judge presided over a
Copperhoad mass meeting at Barncsvillr.
Dr. Stout appeared on the carpet as the
principal orutor, and was introduced to the
' auemhhtge by Judye Ohey! Ye Gods!
wouldn't that have been a sight to witness!
Wonder if the Jndgc didn't glove his hands
and hold his nose while he was handling
this corrupt pieoe of mortality ?
SWThk Election passed off here quiet
ly. The grog shops were closed up, and
consequently there was very little drunken-
' ness. - We did well in this Townihip, as we
did at the Ootober election.
It was very amusing to see how the poor
Butternuts reoeived their sentence. Jo liny
lleaton, when the vote of this Township
was counted, said the country ha1 1 "gone to
' h 1" if the balance of it voted in that way.
We heard anethor Cop. remark, "Wo
didn't guite!) get up to 200!" No, not
quite !,
:, , 'Raw ferOld Abel .
ICtT Veterans at Home. A good many
- of our friends in blue are at home just now.
We have seen Lieut. Sam. Wooduinnxce of
the 9th Cavalry, Geo. E. Nichols, of the
- 43d Infantry, and others from the front, and
". our jolly Irish friend, Charley Cryuible, who
X has, been oa duty at Camp Dounison for
.,' Borne time. '
oTre Tableaux last week were do-
eided successes. The Church was filled
- both nights on Wednesday night it was
fuller than we ever saw it before. About
$150 were realised.
"Friend Thomas Fawcett has pre-
' tented as with some fine cabbage, for whioh
be will accept our thanks. They are very
. large. .-
?. KaTWl understand that Rev. J. M.
' Tboburn baa agreed to preach the Thanks
' 'giving Strmofe at this place. :
' ' JOrTSx Soldiehs' Vote, at the October
; felectjon, will be opened ani counted on
' Thursday evening. -
.; ' i i i '
. .
JWCODRT.The Fall Term of the Court
of Common Pleas commenced thia (Wed
- Jiesdaj) morning, Judge Okey on the beneh.
. 'w ' ili -- Mfcrfg' '
A Young Hero.
k pona ,nt f tne "ew or Times
titu v"i:,c.u"hl,,f: wh0 b,ew np
' fei- ndinr Pvt of this narrative
ilft'S ft to youth of OBly
Uthat the hero v age, with a record
, .toady fummed up 4 Wfa Reduced
'Wds would be preud. 4na fact
withtiui franV, open eounten.,.noJ1 r. u f."B
rethrown wildly back hu b ears,
'Jouking like some student just oH '
ioUege for a little frciho, was the m.,nr"!
watneieiilready. and to justly, pro.'nlen'
'teforethe public. ;' Apart from the k"lory
hioh such episodes thette throw arou.""1
the oharaeteriof our navy thls destruction o.'
the Vebl ram Albemarle u a really lmpor-
' tant affair. It has, for months past, kept
employed in watching and at bay at least
five .of our double-en Jers and some five or six
? etbef vesiels, which will now b released for
t,ny Other kind of duty. .i .. .
' " JfEW. York, Nov. 8. The Tribune's City
v Voiirt oormpondent eayi of the attack on
Saturday nigh tua '" taheK mde
" chare t" 3J division of the 2d.corp8, in
- Utr,. Mt n jht i about mid-
- Iwith. dreadlul
daughter, U wjW eit
iliKht. u8 CopTOTea awu w
. ......... mi iirfm
Victory! Victory! Victory!—Let
the People Rejoice.
Grant has whippod LfcC, SSIitrman ha
thrashed Hood, Sheridan has sent Early
whirling up the Valley, llnsocruns has
driven 1'iico out of Missouri, and now tho
peoplo, tho glorious pcoplo, the intelligent
people, the patriotio peoplo, the loyal peo
ple of the country have utterly annihilated
tho great Northern-robe l-aid-socicty, tho
Chicago Copperhead party.
In tho future history of our grand old
Republic the Eighth Day of November,
1804, will bo regarded as tho duy when
Truth triumphed over Error, Liberty over
Despotism, and Freedom over Slavery ; and
those who have aided in tho accomplish
ment of this glorious result will bo regarded
in tho future os the champions of Freodom
and the f'rieuds of Civil Liberty.
The result is not fully known, but enough
is known to satisfy us t'lut Abrahnm Lin
ooln, the candidate of the yrcat Union Par
ty of country, is elected President of thoso
United States beyond all doubt, and (ho
indications are thut ho will recoivo nearly a
unanimous vote in the electoral College.--
Let the people hejoiob !
Arrival the Kearsage.
Eohton, Nov. 8. Tho Kearyave arrived
here lust night, She brings as prisoners of
. . 1 ! . i i ...
war i no cnini rmuneur anil pnarswain or I lie
Alabumn, end the surcenn and 15 men of
the pirate Florid.- The Florida arrived at
Bohia Bay, Sun Salvador, on tho nhtht of
the 7th. The WaohiMsetr was also in the
harbor waiting for cotil. 'Capt. Collins
determined to sink the Forida in port, and
at 3 o'clock steamed up for her. hitting her
on the qnnrtcr without doing imieh danmue.
Copt. Collins now called out to surrender,
or ho would sink her. The first Lieutenant
o( the Florida rrnlied that under the
oircumt-taucc he would surrender. The
Florida was towed to sen, her captain and
hall' her crow were set ashore. No lives
were lost. Twelvo ofiiocrs and 58 of the
crew were enptnod.
Fortunate Escape from Poisoning.
New York, Nov. 8. The Herald's Mor-
tinsbnrg correspondent sajs:
Gen. Sheridan, nccomnanind bv C.a.
Comstock, ofGon. Grunt's stuff, Capt. J.
W. Moore and others, while on a visit to
Col. Edwards, at Winchester, were suddenly
taken with symptoms of poison from a
corrosive sublimate. The most nocessary
antidotes were administered and at last
accounts all were doinir well, thoiiL'h their
cases were at one timo almost hopeless.
Tho poison is supposed to have been
contained in somo ohcese, of which all had
partaken ircei. '
Gen. Sherman's Movements.
Now York, Nov. 0. Tho Times' Atlanta
t-preial says:
"Atlanta has boon comnletolv isolated for
several week-'. At onu timo it was fenred
provisions were giving out. but now no dan
Iter is apprehended from that source. Tho
forage for i niuials failed some weeks ago,
but expeditious into thoMirroundiiig country
supplied all the immediate wnnts.
The late-t dispatches from Sherman stato
that the road is clear snd rail communica
tion re-establisht. lall.i iea, Ala., is re
ported Jo be Hood's depot. Hood is
threatening tho portion of our flank, evi
dently to induce tho withdrawal from At
lanta, hut he has no ironeut of sueeess.
Kflie 20th Corps hits not been idle in Atlnnta.
INew ntid extensive formications have been
erected. sticiiL'thcnimr the del'en-es of the
city, and the depots will therefore beet t listed
to a smaller force than wus originally
The quivtio i of Georgia's return to the
Union js widely npitatcd. Meetings held
at Louisa and Atlanta resulted in appointing
a committee to proceed to the capital of t lie
State and visit influential men, with a view
of counseling tho immediate withdrawal of
the State from tho Confederacy.
Death of Gen. Ransom.
NewYohk, Oct 31. Brig. Gen. T. C.G.
Ransom, commanding tho 17th Army Corps
in Sherman's Army, died at Runic, Ga., on
Saturday of dysentery.
A hot; escaped from his owner at Pitts
field, Mass., in June, and has sinco been
mining wild, and lives in a swamp, and
uigs potatoes and kills sheep lor living, lie
has killed four tsheen a simrlo duv. and fhu
dollurs is offered for his capture.
A rebel officer writes from Charleston:
"We have all the liquor we can drink for
$95 per gallon, er $2 per drink." '
Death of Gen. Ransom. MARRIAGES
FARMKH IIOLLINUsiWOItTII. (Iii the SOih ull , by
Kev. JiukO. 'i'nylcr. Mr. Jonnph FnriHrr and
. Miry Li. Holliu8w(irih. both oi l-'luthiiig.
KP.RR COWKN. ) tli 3a iiiM.. Iiy It. H. Park.,
Hon. Julia C. Krr. of Dniuii Vulw. IlnrriKiii ?o , unit
Mrs. GruolU Coweu, daujrlilvr of Hsv. V. TujiBurt.
NlCIIOLHOX-llEXDL tlK.-Wi the l.t inl , l,y Rev.
Jut. C Taylor, Mr (ii-or,'t K. Nn-li.,l.ii and Miat
Mary Jane Ueudure, nil of lietin-jjii Cuunty.
New Advertisements.
Bellaire Property For Sale.
LOT numbered sixteen (10), evenleeii (17), eitclitrtu
ilti), iunettiuii (lt, and iwtiiity in lliock nuiu
bored iwaiity-thrve (') in I lie town of licilHir ull
fenced in one loi, wiiti h uood bnanl ft net-, and having
a very counormLilt) UU'lU.INCi KUCHi; ilirreon. will
be old tti privuic wila, on iplicalion m un utitcu.
Administrator's Sale of
Real Estate.
IN PURSUANCE ol ah order (runted by the Probata
Court of Hviinont Ouuuiy, Obio, 1 will oiTer for
i n ult lie auction, on Oili dujt Hie Uth of iUU tuoniii,
iw'4, betweea tlie hour of itt and 4 o'clock, upon Uie
firemiMtt the following described real emate, aituute iu
liie Coujity of lieliuoiu and Slum of Ouio, lo wit
Trra Kouth half of the HouttieAtl quarter of Hoc I ion
93, Tovuiliip s and Hange B vun'iaiiuiig e0 avreinore
or " -
TI.KM3 OP BALK: One tliirtl in band, one third hi
ne year, and one-third in two yrurn from the day of
tale, with inter c it ; ilia payment to be tecuJed by mort
Irk ' upon the prcnuVi old.
Adra'r of Win. Ciriiuoa, dee'd.
' No .'0, IRM.-fiw
s apecially Uuue about t coiumriice
Jtsr Housekeeping ! 1 -car
, . will fiiJ an wcallont aaaoruueutof .
of alMrfuda t HAKKWi TIN Hffoi. North tide of
Main ftirevt, a I" aoori km m muiteiia aueet, 91.
LnrtHVM If, Nov. O. Th Nashville elec
tion gives Lincoln 1,307, McClellan 2V
Tho (Hiiii soldiers give Lincoln 47(1, McClel
lan 01. The Republican ticket is elected
by a very Inrgo majority.
Tho jouih.Yillc election passed off quieter
than known for years. The Union l'rc,
Lincoln organ, estimates McClcllan's ma
jority in Kentucky from ten to twenty thou
sand. Tho Journal (Pern.) claims 2.'i,fKHj.
The Democrat (Mc('lellan) says that the
Slate has gone for McClollanbv a very large
tMsjority it is impossible to tell how larxe.
Ouseiwr (l)cm.) has 50,000 majority. Our
own opinion is that Mctylcllan n majority
will come within tho figures of the Onion
Press, but the returns being tHcgro, and
tbo remote counties not being heard from,
it is almost iuinossiblo to ionu correct
Portland, Me., Nov. 8 midnight.
Ono hundred and eleven towns givo Lin
coln 2y,7yt, and McClellan il.'J'r,, showing
a Union gain of 734 ever the September
election. Tho same proportion of gain
throughout tho State will give Lincoln about
18,000 majority.
Concord, N. II., Nov. 98 a. m. The
vote of 182 towns toot un Lincoln 25.748,
McClellan 23,J87. This indicates a huud-
sotue Union majority on the homo veto.
JIautpohd, Copn., Nov. 93 a. m.
Liincoin h majority in Uonuccticut, in all but
13 towns, is L'..'!'J4.
Nrw York, Nov. 9. Tho Trilmno claims
fnew I'.iiL'land. 1 ennsvlvania. U.-hnvure.
New Yoii. MurvUnd, Ohio, Indiana, Mich
igan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa
and Kunsas, for Lincoln. Total 1U0, inde
pendent of the 1'acifio Sutes, whicoitsays,
have probably chosen 110. Lincoln electors.
It claims over 10 000 nmjority in this State,
and that Members of Congress enough havo
been gained in the Union to secure the to
uuisite two-thirds in the Houte for tbo pro;
hi hit ion of slavery by constitutioual amend
metit. It makes the New York Dclecatiun
stand 32 Uiiion and 9 Democrats. Tabor,
Dcni; elected in the 1st District; Radford
and Winfield, Dem., in tho 10th and 1 1th;
Ilubbell and Goodyear, Duin.. 13th and 14th
to the present Congress. Delegation, 10
Union, l'i Democrats.
The World concedes Lincoln's election,
claiming only New York, Kentucky, New
Jersey and Missouri for McClellan, with
Pennsylvania, Delaware, Oregon, California
and Nevada in doubt, but most likely for
Lincoln. The Times' cluims 133 voles for
Lincoln, with the probability ef all the rest
except Kentucky, Missouri, and possibly
Now Jersey.
Baltimore, Nov. 9. Baltimore city
gives 12,000 majority for Lincoln, a gain of
4,300 over the October vote. The State has
undoubtedly gone for Lincoln by a consid
erable majority on the home voto, and elec
ted Swann Governor.
Col. Phelps is elected in the 3d Congres
sional District.
From C'liatlanooga.
anapolis Journal says, an official from Chat
tanooga reports that Sherman returned to
Atlanta early last week, with five corps of
his army, leaving two corps in Tennesseo
under Thomas, to watch Hood. He de
stroyed the railroad from Chattanooga to
Atlanta nnd is sending iron to the former
place. Atlanta was burned and Sherman
is uow mulching directly lor Charleston S C.
Jollification Meeting.
There will -be a jollification meeting at
St. Clairsville on Friday evening, Nov. 11.
Come up friends from all parts of the couu
fy and let us have a good time of it. We
hnvo gained a glorious victory and wo havo
a right to rejoice.
Tax iVotlce.
I have received tho Tax Lists for the
months of July, August and September and
they niut be paid before the 30th ol
November, or teu per cent, will be added.
D. 15. IIoyvkll,
D-'pty Collector.
Bridgeport, Nfcv. 8, 1804.
OOU11TSFOR 18(33.
WE HO Hl:Ui:ilV fix the lime, of holding Court,
in ill'- I'umIi Judicial District of Ohio lor Hie
yuux ua follow.:
Dl.li-lct Csnrt.
Muskingum County
NoliVe . .
Mimroe '
(iiit-niHty M ..
.Maiulity, Si'liMiuber 4.
Common Plaae.
Noble eoniiiy, Tuertday, January 31 j Tuesday, Way
M; Tuesday, October 3.
MoiKiiti, Tuetutay, February 7; Tuatday, May 0,
Wednesday. lctdliur II.
Mutkinguin. Monday, February 13, Monday, May 15,
Monday. October
Monroe, Tiicadny, February 14, Tuesday, May 2,
Tuesday, October 3.
lielmoiit, Tueiidny, Februury 21, Tuunday, May 0,
Wednesday. October II.
Ournifiey, Tuesday, Murch7,Turtdav, May 3,Tuea
day, October '24.
llarnmiii, Monday, February 0, Monday, May U Moil-
day, OcUber 111.
Tu mi a raw a A, Mnnduy, February !20, Monday, May W,
Monti a v, October 30.
Jeilcr-Aim, Monday, May 0, Monday, June 6, Monday,
November 13.
iJune at Steubenville, this iltli day of September WH,
pieinoei, ih
) Judges
in nail
, ) District.
OKO. W.McllA AlNR,
A true copy, by order of said Juibrae.
Clerk ol tlie Court or Common IMeas of Jcllersou Co.T).
CtEitaa Oypica, 8t. Clairsvillb. O.,
October 1H, IhW. (
I certify (be sbove to be a (rue enpy of iba original
furiiiti"d tint odice. J. F. CllAIll,i;s'(lt 1 1.
Clrrit of the Court of Oomimm l'leua of iieiuuml Co. O.
November 1U, Jrti4. Cw
3L- C3-. THOMAS,
HAVING bouirht my Good during (Ik nanlff, I un
bt (o kI ui much 1om IbauiUo regular pricca.
i ..... - -
on SATUH DAY, OCT. SSb, to which,jua tiivitea Uia
ulieiiuou tJe lwiUo. . ouM-itm
3 M'cr Cent. 10-10 Itondt.
Intereat aia1 Principal payable la Gold.
DEIKItlATKn lK.tfiITRr Alto ri
D AM 11. AtiKXT OK T h,
fpiMX Uai ll lh nere.sor In Ihe Il linmil Ilr.neh of
L the Hlatc llniik of Iflno. and i now doing a rn-
rral llaiiRi (.f norllfHl ana uriiaiiica hu.iaee.. Ilia
v1" " " " 1 " " "
l'lie.eil,..rilyfrr,mtlirJlrrof lb Trra.ury te
,Kr,.t ..r,r.i,, , il, lu 40 loan auUMHicd by the
eral ll.nki g. I'ritVrliful and lfliaiiire bu.ine.. It i
of Murcli ,u. lA.
TImhit bonds are datril VirrJr 1st Hr)f, ar frdrm
a.ie at lb p'sure of the overiiment afrr lea years.
end pnyeMe Hi years from date, in cut, wuh inieraat at
i'"ff'iii :r stMiurn. In ,.
hidrf rilrrs will rerfive Rrirerf or Conpon Bonds.
" thuy runy prlfr. Ri"ir-d Itondu will l isurd oi
th 'IritimiiimfKiii of Hl'si. .At. ,ini. mm, and
f (f iHjijMijwxiUMiiUofV; tn.S.VJ, rii fK
The line e ton it.-.A ami 9Ht bonds rrrtst-rd
and eoipm-ie p able annually on all othcis ernu
atiiiwnii. .
Tlie Umi'N bsr nilffpnf fam Mafh 1st. anil tba ac
crued ititcffft Irom that duy to ihe duic of subs' miioi
rnut be (Mid in com, or in I'nited Hietm nnd .Nniiorinl
llHuk note-, ad'lutir thereto per cut. prnniium until
fiirtner Hofii-e ; or. bonds will be ll.l .Iraw inar iiiterej
Irom the tisy ol u, r.j.iion. at the option of the sub
scriber. Irejral fencer mt stimal fTnnk nnt. or siffM drafts
on .New 'ork and Fmluib lpina. payntde in Nsuonul
(Jiirrenfy. will be rc ived in fm.-ii( of subtwnpt on
All bond ulscril-rd frjf at tins agency will be deiiv
er-d at tbi Ibink free of ej)eiia.
I n ivuhril ant and o)irn bobhiir fund in a fldnciHrr
rar,a.:,tyih.lo.n furin.hes penii.ar wl-r It ,'.
af-f a d prof.mi.le.' 'p.e int-reat le-inr pujd in Oo.d
iiiakea it e ftiei lo an per cent ii)V!im-nt,
Many pr-oim o'rtrt lo the tune the honda hnva to
run. rim 1 no objeeuwi. Their mrket vnlne can be
realised at any time without the mterv iilkm of Jndiret.
Lawyers. Jurie. fherir-, fte.. whieh often occurs in
Uie oubectiori of lofnt made on real estate seeunty.
Come ou, then, witn o-r subaertpt ons.
Bridgeport, April 14, l-M -if
XJ. S. 7-30 LOAN.
rpilB ose'sry ti Treasury f tree nolUa that auk
si-ritiotia will L reoeived for Coupon Treasury Sol's,
payable three years from Aug-. 15th, 11, with erraU
annual interest at the rate of eevrn and Ihr-e-tei.cha per
cent, per siiiiuin, pmipil a.ul iuterest hbiii la Le pala
in lawful money.
Tlieee notee will he conrertil.la at tha ojalon of lit
holdrr at mntnrily. into six p.re'iit foi Uarinf bonds
pa) aid? not i-.. than five iu,raiore than twenty yaat
Iroin Uieir dnte, as the Uovtrnmenl may elfct They
win be i..ud iiid,omi.-.tioi:softxi.tion
anC 5HM, and all suh.criuiuiis must ue fur 6fty dullari I
or tone multiple el Say doliara.
The noies will be uajiunirUsdto the owneas feea Itl
tran.poruuoii charges as arn afier the receipt of the
original Cernnealea of lejioeit u lliey au prepared
As the note, draw imerest from A neon 15, per.ons
making deposits siihieuent to that dnta must pay Ilia
interest arxpued from dale of luxe to date of depa.it-
l'linis. di-pn.itiiig twenty-five thou.aud 'doliara and
upward, for tln.e notes at any ono time will It allowed
a coniniixion of one-cpitner of ene pe e:ntH wluai
will he paid l.y tke Treasury Department upon tlie re
ceipt or a hill lor the amount. aestiOed to by the oflou
witii whom Ihe det:t was made. No deduction Utx
rommis.ion. must lie made (foul the dupoius.
Snocbd Advnnt!rf&nrfhf&l.nnn
It ta a Nshosal fvtoa Us. ofterina a l.i-.-i.e
rate of intereat than any eiher. and Tin tut wereirt. ,
Any .avinrs l.ai.k whieh pays It. depotUfle. to L'. S.I
Notes, oousidcu that It u nayiuenn the U.I cif-u:.'.iiir I
... ' . ,. ,
medtum Ol U country, and II CA.wn, . m anytlnn, .
hetir. f'jr itji own ti.set.iue eit'iePJ in ynvrr.unenl secu- i
rilie.nr iii not.-, or Uu;d r.ynl le in rovenmient paper
i. - i.
It e(iul.y c.,ve-,,,., ., . temporary or perman.u ,
invcMmeiit. iiotf can a'wnj rt b 'Jid for within a
fnit tif.il o their fuct and aecuirnilat'.d n tvtK-L and ire i
en vrruiu) vart iii.iii9 n COi.airrHH aratrCtiJlU. I
r-'i) (Jolrl IloncU
ildition lo tin? v'-r.'f Jura tfil-Tt on the noti lor
ihrre year. tl.i priviki oi aunv r.iou ia now woiih
about tlireij pr cent par annuni. f.r lb current rote for
BoH'i ianoi lu thmi nine percent pre mi tun. and
before the war tin premium on fix per rent. V. S. Hooka
wm orer twenty per cent It will ba tern that tba ac
tual pro Tu ou tlii luan. at the pxcenj market rale, ia not
lest limit ten per cent, per annum.
Ila KxmptioQ roxxi ftstta) o
3MinLtii Tftxm ion.
But aide from all the advantage we have cuumrrated
a ffpeciu! act of Comtra tuxMPn all romm ad Tbkas
lut R.rrics Faun uk al TAXAri?t. Ou tlie average. Uiia
ext'mptiou is worth about two per cent, per annum, ac
conling fo the ruit ul uualion tn Tar-ou Jparu, of flio
It i believed that a ctixittea ofler so ffreai iiatuzrv
ineuu lo leiiilora an thoae lMicd by the tfove minor t. Jn
all oilier foruit of indi btedneM, tha faith or ability of
private parti , or stock companies, or aeparnie commit- !
uiiics, only. IP picd-'f d for paym- i;L wbiie the whole pro- I
perty of the coun ry i held 10 aecuru Uie drchara of j
all tlie obiiiiaticiii of Ihe t'niicd tftaea. I
While the goviTiun. ut oif-ra the most liberal terms for
U loans, it relieve fl,ut Cie vet iiroi.st uppaJ will
e to the loj i'Jly unJ patriotinin of the people.
Duplicate et-nificutr will be issued for all d"poiu.
The party ibpoitin mut emlorse upon the oitroi.fAL
certificult: the denomination of notes required, and
whether they are to he nued ir. blank or payable to or-
der. When ao endorsed it must be left with the oiTicer
receiving the deposit, lo be forwarded to lha Treasury
.Subscriptions will he received by the Treasurer of Uie
United Mates, at WmUuiftr.u, die several Assistant
Treasurers aud deMuated Depositaries, and by the
First Nulionul Uuuk of Bridgeport, O.
aud by ail National Banks which are deponimria o
public money, aud allresnectabla Banks aud Bankers
rou ghoul the country will give further information and
afford every facility lo ubcrihr. aull
Executor's Sale of Ileal Estate.
I N pursuance of an ord'
ernnt'd by the P rebate
Obio. i wi.'l nder for sale.
I Court of llelmout Conntv.
nt public aut-tlou. on TLKfDAV, TDK -Jteu DAY Of
NOVhMIJl.lt. 1 at I'J o'clock m . upon tlie preimes
tbe following df srribed real CsUite, siljalu iii said touilty
of Belino.rt. lo wil
Tiie I Jit half of the Southeat quarter of Action LM-.
Townohip 5. and rlmiire 3. bounded on the l'.ast hy latiU
of James IJoyd and George Mclliirv ; nn the North by
h lids oi in. Nieliol, and oh tlie West a'"t Soudi by
lamls of Amlrew Kuiff ; contain UJ acres, laore or less.
Terms uiude known ou day ot Kale.
Ex1! of Jlcnry Oweus, due'd.
Lowest Prices for Cash!
J j-
ARMY and Country Mysiiwi,aMara, Pullers. and
Geiterut Dealers caui tnns.ttfiiiusiua roliu upon
small investment! i V
Jewelry of any pattern or noamy al4 'yquaithy
made to ordrr. Kslunatas for any cia M&ptprk tur
uihhed. Tarticulur a'tention paiu to supplvftik Aueiion
eers, l'rdlars. fnditm 'Praderw. and Anny J'tu'ers.
Any siyln of (toodiHionulaciufed, auchas InvaiiiK'Hs.
etc., at short notice. Good OaCnvassiug t.'lerka, wi'h a
small capital, can find couMaul eitiplo) meu: ' JUuitra
ted LifsaiKl hill particulars free.
The proul to the rfuirter is very lai'gc ! . .
A wholesale sup). ly cau be curiu-d in a knapsack,
hund vlist), orcHtiet dog, and ,l0t De like books
bulky or inconvenient to carry from pkiCe to place.
HememWer anotht-r Uiiug ! hi b-uets is slrirfly
honoruble! There is no need of Nii-nipr"eiuimr or ex
airneratejn?. Our Goods show lor tuetnclvus, and jirove
themsxlve ! !
It is a buine iu which an ample and sat
isfactory equivalent is given for the money received,
and an eneourutfing pndit is pocketed at the same time.
U i an ot euj'iuiu'i in wlneh no iwreon need be afraid
or aslmmrd to csiivhm tho sauid lb-Id a.'aiii and ai:mu.
for where once our goods are introduced, a permanent
and continued demand is creat'-d
To Sold urs in tiie Army, or those at borne disabled by
tha hardships of war. to Clergymen uuiwf heultn, 1 aeh
rrs. l'o-tmasif.rs, or any eroii who wishet. ciiiio local
or an active occupation, and oue thai Lri,tpi vw itit it
(ir'Hi recun-ur)- lmlucwuieiits. litis pri-mnts un oppor
tunity sehiom met wiih. 'J y if! und or you i-se Ives!
I'urefuliy sclecird lots oi" Jewelry comprising our
newe-t style1 atd ine .t saleable vuri.'t) of Guotis. w ill
ba ffiit anywTi-'ro iii the l.oyaj Siut.-.. We lire ciiii"
stonily iiliiui? orders froin permits ltMiviitfr the choice ot J
Gi.mIs wholly with us. 'lo sued wo promt- Vie-m :
xeicie of our iate aud jii liuent, and from ou.lonjr '
expetieiiee can ansnre sntiatueuou. VV'e nk rm pay in :
advaiioj; (-lata what st !e ami quality of Goods are I
fmitcd, ajul we wiil oei.d tho iuw und collect Juyby
xpres a lb end n( the route.
Gold and Silver WaKMic. 9od movements aud miin
ufaettifdd in the beat rummer, ol pure n-niftri!. all ur
ranted at prices in ui (f:u t.i U v euc'i. Kent
au where pay od ei led l.y Kxprta. Sui.st'uMu,..
(ruariitiKfadl All WuAci.u at nrst uices; they uutnv d
our own importaiioa. ' 1 . . t i
Cirta,aV fse t !v at ut! fVnd for tl.;in '
T. ii 11. GAt'till AN. Maimlaeiurnra and
ac'J0-3m linuortera, 710 U road way, New York I
tllirrlrMI A
wHluUil A UllLuUllluLII
Ilatejunt opned
A Full Assortment
ft 3. c?C
Purchased since tho De
cline in Prices I
Whichthe, will sell.ineoniiKtion wilh their former atoi k !
w. iokua!.. . MPLLiirrta.
1. 1. roWKLL.
And Dealers in
Flour, Grain, Hay, Grass Seeds
Lard, Cutter, Ecrgrs,
Green .Apples, &c, &o. 1
J. A. ft G H liNvenpon. Woc. field. Ohio: S. I..
Mnoney, Woodfieltl. : Jidin Koiind. Muiimi'rlii-ld. O.;
Head tc MelKur, rm-l.ur-li ; Wilson, t'orr k Co.
I'iil.liurirh: Juiikms, I'.rai uiu i. Co., Uridenon. O:
.Martin Ijani. Caldwell. O. uc i
Woodcock & bro.,
Plow-Points and Landsides,
all kinUa in ye, j
Railing ST Vcrttndah IV. rk, 1
Amalgam Bells 4 sizes, 1
wtxtxyw WKintrr. cku.au nATrva fire
aUUlCK, lKa4'll i;US. AND KOU.NUUY
WE rail particular aitrntion to onr Improred No. 9
llncii'a Tuteiii CiMik Move. U u very bcuvv
ami in peri or to any other in une.
- Our 1J low TouiW are WLirrAiitedualrvw
Vc wnitt furmers to try otiritnproveil.aWiikaLa9t
i iovt, wiuiDui pay u iiii it ffivt'c ealiniaL tioi
Old metal tin
tMhPit at W hreliiiir inrea.
Give u a call.
tuprJI -Oiuj W'OOIXJOCK & BRO.
School 13ooks.
RIcGbffcy'fc lie Ice tic Headcra,
llay'a Arithmetic,
. ... Kuy'a Alcbra,
Mitchell . Moiitictti and Cnmpf iicosraphiea,
1'inneo'a and CJtirlk'a (iraiiunara,
luvi' Ijffndrf ,
Bullion"! Latin (irunimar ami Hrwiler, and a full asiort
nicnlof Hfiiool liooi.. H!anlc Booki. and SiHiionnry-at
Wl-ra, Oppotita Lewis How.
Excelsior Planing Mill.
HAVING filled up my e.talili.liincnt wltli the Latest
Improved Machinery. I am niiw prepared lo tur
lli.hat iiiyullice in IIKI litiP.i'UKT. (I lie same that wn.
lurme.rly occupied ly Stewart & Keelme.) Houu'i und
Worked llourds, l-'luorinir, Weailier-Hoanliiigr. lKir,
ra.h. Htiin?les, Shlviinr. torniee-Hoard., shinier..
MoulilniL'.. I'aliiis., l'aiiuel Slulf, Frainea, and Liuildiuz
Materials Generally.
All work del'vered free of c-liaraes at Uie Cleveland
Pittsliurvh K. R Depot, and also at the Kulliiiiure
Ohio and lleuiphohl It. R. Uepols, excepiiua loll.
UT'Orders promptly atleuded to.
Formerly of the firm ol blcwart i. Keelinr.
Bridgrport, BeLuoiu Co., Ohio. jelA-ly
Administrator' Sale of
Real Estate.
IN pursuance of an order pranted by the Probate
Court of Belmont County. Ohio. I will offer for sale,
at public auction, on lha IStb day of November. 1-414. nt
o'clock J., trpou tho premises, one undivided third
(Tart of the following d scribed real estate, iniimte iu
suid county, lteing part of Iraelioual Section :J. Town
ship 3. Raiifre St, distiuiruisbed as Ixh No. 1, in a sub
division made by floury Keuiiou, as Master Coiuniis
aioner in chancery t Beginning for iu boundaries at the
N. Reamer of said gecitou, on the bunk of the Ohio
River, and running tin nee 8. t7l deg. W. IS poies;
thence W. to Fleming' Run; thence up suid run to the
North boundary of SHid Kecliou; aud thence bast wih
said boundary line to the place of bcgiui.intr. t'ontuin
nifr l?i acres, more or (ess. and being the same premises
conveyed by Tlioinu T. Howe aud,wir to Win'. IVrtcr
aud others, hy dned dated Dec. II, IMti.
Terms inude known ou day nt sale.
Adin'r of Win. 1'orter. dee'd.
Oct 13, 19G4.-0W .
NOTICE ia hereby given to all whom it may concern,
that the valuations and h wmiumus of Special In
come Tales, lor Income ol' Isthl, in ihe 10th Collection
District of Ohio, under thojontt rt-solutm M CoiiRrett,
for that purpose, approved July 4th, loti4, will rrmuin
on for inspection run days from and after October
I. tli, IKJi. at the following p'aeen, vim
DivihioN No. 1 Tuscarawas county, at the office of
Adam Timerman, Assistant Assessor, iu Perry Town
ship. ' Div. No. 9 Tuscarawas county, at the office af G.O.
Welly, Assiniant Aseisor. in Frank. in Township.
DivmaN No. :i Belmont comity, at tha of lice of A.
P. Miller. Assistant Assessor, iu Gosiieu Township.
Divuuom No. 4 Belmont county, at tbe otlice of John
8. t'rutiy, Asr-istaul AsesMtr at Belimre.
Dirisioa No. 6 Noble county, at irw ofTire of J. M.
Cbaiiiberliu. Assistant Assessor, at CaldweH.
Division No. fi Guernsey county, at tha omca of J.
D. I'iugle Assistant Assessor, at Cainrulire.
Division No. 7 Guerusey county, at ihe office of J.
Q. Morton. Assistant Assessor, in VVills Township.
Dmtuoj No. Harrison county, at the ooUca of Jo
seph Sharon. Assistant Assessor, el Cadis. ,
Division No. 01 larruon county, at lha oflico of Eli
Peacock, Asaiftaut Awcasor,ul Cadit.
. Assessor, Ifiih District, hio.
NeW Philadelphia, O., Oct. 17, IS04. ocW-ivt
nUIANKFCL FOR PAST FA VOflS, would wi.U to
a. tnlaral her c dsluiner. and the puh
.tr that the kaa lacetvad and l. now
A. IrSpsmdid Aasortnieut
ISemtet Trimming,
nsisUaf of FI.O KP.!", FIUHONS
ake and Him ail kinds of aoiineis with ;HIV,,i a)lj
Is prepared to
Attorney at Latt & Xotary Public;
Qr-flCH three eVers r.aat ol tl Court llraaa.
IF.A.WtS m
Drugs, Chemicals k Hardwaro
paimt, r., YEnturra,
8CHOOL E001T3,'
Motions, Perfumery, &c, kc.
DH. J M. FKKR. o. V,nn slrarl. Pl,t.(nirat. a-ar
Hi Cl.ir H.i. al-eiMla in ll, in-aliiienlof all
"" "Mi end performs all epr rations ue.
ce.ary lor Itirir rurr.
Ite lt-reiirUer. Wrn. M.
Taxto Re. Va, A.
faaa a
(Now located in
"w "CW anJ DCUer fiUWJ
P-' be obtained lik'jic.w. of evtsy style and prica.
V- Pict'ire of every kvu rmtnd U order, on short
. i i .
w-i.ee. a ia fl KJ m K i K A P H I C AlAiVnH and CRl
riM-.rjfl oi cei'-hrtiir-fi BUfnvs oft sale.
H j;:oi.iff a few doors v.- iA in Trrasurcr'a Office,
Ft Cl:iirsii.. Rorims oi (ir-t floor.
Open in all kind 91 weatUbr myVfl
THE rn-pii!tAror the MCAO M.RKRV Months
lurirest fto k oi Fruit Trn-i lie VP. a-lVr-trl fita aiaala.
of the ino-t approved inn-He. a,id warranted all to b
what Uiey art rep resented.
Apple, Pear, Peach and Clicrry
in '.'rent al.uudanre.
Tt.e ut. rit--r. atr 40 year, rrwienre. thinks he
wil ie sole te give general saliifaclion to a. I who call
on him.
Ad.lr-... V.-ffe P. O., Belino-i! Co . Ohio.
Mnaiifaetarrrs of
topper, Tin & Sheet Iron Ware,
A"d Dr''eft "'
Hardware, Stoves, Grates,
Plows and Agricultural Implements.
CSioro Room two doors Kast of the Saw Mill.
1 uTwmy h7. ITir in Ol JfWlHjr. a HHY llOfve.
ni turh. a h'tie lame m tii r'it
hiixl but tiMf-l.v ;
oil 'jed, ln ln.iu luot tiucK jaint
bad on a Uitlher l;.ti
f. will ue pau to n-.y o ie ?ivi':x not tea where haeau
b fomul or on ucuvtr; a: inv rn.' (! in Mcll.tirc
oc t ilAKIJ-S HLNRV.
Mury Aun yM,iM i TjH KMIlRl.i; wl,o plaee
V " re..-i,.e is Biik.in-.vu. is
' r.mlr.!e. ) ler-t T m. lined that, on Ih'UTday
o; septeinin-r. A. Ii. 1 l. :!inv A in I'm'.ree. Ii.ed a he-
,.., , Vr,mmr,a yJJ 'ol ", ; '"?!,.
ly. Hnin. uKiinr lor a divur. e. ih.- e-.iM-.o.!y of her miner
""'"''I"-'"- "d rt ao o!tiiin,,; . n.r ti.e rau.e of said
Je..e 1-.it, r.e wi.nil sli-eivi-.- tor t'nr.-e "eur. im I
,.,.,, . ,or w.,ir,,1( ,', ,,t rmS!f $ .
coiumcnui .uvtii;;.t r :j 1 -i. t.
. . . U- t-OU'lV, AU'y for pet'r.
TOTtrr, i herebv
!'.' tli ul tha lot'owiiia named
A !fiu,,tt;.uur, anti (junrbtih
lice iiiTir nccOLii.:) and vouctiera
nave li.vl 1:1 i.iy
lor ?':ii:ifMU. tu wit;
J P M-r.r.iiii. A cn'r of Win. M- Kiulev. dee'd.
Pm nl tioniun. ff-,Hrii--ii oi Kntie.d It liaker.
W. L'reimcu aud J. Tbonuu. Ac:u'r ol JuiaesDreu
lit n. 'Vc'i!.
tnrum Dysart. Gu.irJian of C. S.. D. D. and J. A.
Duiiiel Mu:ntna, A Ira" r of David Wad-Iell. dee'd.
Kc.-iei C Cniuidiir. Aom'rjt ol K.rscy K. Chandler,
ltui he!C. ChauiJ!t;r.i'iiaM:ati of Ira L. Chandler.
V, i. Mortran. (iLiarJiau r f A:ua M.aiiiiou.
J.T. I.yiie and Ci. V. .Maou. ljc'ra of George Ma
son, (ice l.
D. R. vis. Adin'r of Joint Vice, ilee'd.
C. J. r'WMtiry. f.u.ir!ini, of W. r. Seiswnr.jer.
Jjim H. ilt-nder-oir. AJiu'r of Win. T. Hemler-oii,
dep'tl. ....
John I'. Shepher.l. Gaardian of J,etitia M. LaiIey.
Thiio lia I. Ad.-Tr oi Jouua Lump, d-e'd.
Tbe seven firtt ituined wiij be h.r bearing and settle,
meat ou tbe 4th, and tt.e htit srven on the 5'u days of
November n-xt. DAA'iD liAUIlli, TroLata Juu'te.
Oct. 1J, 14.
Farm for Sale, -
"iOXTAlXIXG eithty arre. on McMahen's Orcek,
' owe-half mile helow l.ewie MiA. 'iVm. r:rvM..
bnrlt.. At. ply u premises.
jva- Om JXO. C. PARKKR.
. C3, ui Farai is ur.t aold. Wl-n it j. t!n adw
Uwiaem wili be withdrawn from the paper.
Sale of Valuable Real Estate.
T1IK -J4r
F- at nuMir oiutioii. oil SRCIIND mv
ra op tem'H i.ir:t. i-jj .. 1.1
o'clock, noon. uou the prppii-. tin- fuHowiiii? dncri-
.-u id "-voir. .I1UU.C IU CUiCfLill lOW.i.hijl, LiciltlOllt
1 ne I-nnn iutH) m-rupird l- Jane I'.ailey. and own
I hy hrr ami Kicl.urd llailry. ji.intlv. Maul farm is .it.
mil iwo miles h'jiith ui rib.ant Cmv. .....I..
road lenilliij; irntn r.eit.ant tirove 10 rju Cin.rvi:l.-,
amlnhuiit funriuiie. irom :. Cluirirille ; and riintaiiii
ubout llsj acres. Ueinn the Kjist side of the Southeast
uuarter of Bction JO. 7.Wuliii 7. Itaime 3 : begiiiiuiie;
fur its bouinl-iric nt the S'outlirust con.'r of .;i;.l eee
tien. and ranniiia lliria-e North una polt-: thruc Xonn.
Mldrsrt-ra j3 n.iu. U'ealHT.S oV; th. i re Suulh 1C3 i
ioles; thence Knt U7.s poles to Uie beinnM..'. . j,"-.
-Then! are oil tlie prruuvs a Frame lAvclHiij and
Frame Stable. The land is of f uu.l t;na!ity. aS.d ay.
'7l- A patluf iii. wrll liiiuVred iriut'iiullr witUank-.
TisbMs. 'IVo hundred ihi.'l.-ir. aru 10 lj puid mn the
flay ot sale ; uud lbs r iuuii..ler ol huif .,e prify of
the lurin 10 be paid utioii givn:rf tiue.iiHi. wblc 1 ean
lie dun.- imi)ieili:irlvrt x-pl o:. whi-st Hr-lil ol uhuut
emhl artt-e.1 'I ne reiiiditimif b.ilf i. 10 la paid in one
yeur Irom the iluy ol i-ulr. wull inlt-rr.t, eitpl sixlreu
hundred dojiir. wltn h ore 10 remain in the haid. oi
tlie purchuwr. Meured by nmrlatte. upeit which inti-r- .
est is to be puid aiuiualiy, duriii-j the hie of Mnrv Jane'
lie-nieil. . , J.i1II:a MAl'l.'r.
l-j nil .lane Bailey, dee'd, & t.viil fw Uieb'd UiHley.
Bept. Hil.w
St. Ciairsvilie, Ohio,
Iklinont. fi'u-rntey trud ffurriiwni County A-cnrlor
Randall's Prctlcal Slieplterd.
fclinom County Ajjen ifci
Solon Uobin son's Facts fur'
Fanners S the FainilvC'ircle,
Greeley's American' Conflict,
Victor's History af Amer
ican Conspiracies,
Victor's Hisixy of tho
Soatiisra UefcolUcn,:
Pittengor93 Sarins' tul CuiTeriog,
Geer'o Soycad tlie Lines,
Sfieil rial Voi MU u Ccaa. v
1 t -
nnd all oiln?r prominent mn. '
Alt tht- ti'Uiit'At'icti yi.,i t: n ksef tSa M R -Oureh,'.
rmihr lltb'es, 'rjmni.-iitt;fitfr sr ai y goud book tur
uiAtn st 1'ii'rtnt.frs' ( r.e . MM.Wfj.in. ,
etiiMi 1owiaip wait Ci uLoVv Uaji-5 iu5
' '
nuts - "
ft. I 4
B KI WI-KM Hrtr'tK.fl (nil ty,ri..lll.n Xi.mtr
vrmiiit. Iti-l. I.Vti. 'i'U Wat. I, I. .iirr. curvrd
011 linil, .il.-a. aii'l hnft a hirif. .i.ril hmifr'a raM.
I .il ! a r- nl i.( .'Wi.r ilia Waich. It mmy Im
lfi at tl.- r,'itM,.M:i.K oHiue.
vi-J" !' W. R. OMITII.
C10N.l;.MllArr.l l.K H1.1I1 T.Z-U. MalrUa,
I'amily ly I'ulfira, Pal H,, crii Oil lilac..
ai.Hal. KfMcb aiul Hihi l'..lwni. at I'M KH.KINf,'.
Bank Statement.
ClONhlTION "f H Fir-t Ntitional flintt ol fii Dmr:
J vtll, of Urn Mate rrl O'uo, 011 ine inoiuihi of the
brvi iMomlfiy of Oct.. I-M,
nir attn bin nifoanid
FitriMture and ti Hurts ,
Current rxiH'iiMrt
Taire piii. .
K'TmiirtiK e, and oilier caob iirme. ,
lirWnMt KeveniHt flniups
Ime frmn Nntifxinl l!n:ik
U. !. lbHiiUd-nv4iU:d with V. H.'J'reriMirer.to
teure eircnlHtiuff notes ,
V.ft. Ibmdn ha d
Otlir II H. seciiriticf
Ca-ti on IimimI hi eirculMtiiia imte oi ihis Hunk
41,114 w
?'. B7
'At !0
B.rW4 V)
S3,-IS 51
11 no
" ' " " ftbr Nul l H Its
44 14 h fttate flank-.. m
Other lawful money 33.770.
Total Rconrcca I-V.M6 VI
Capital pai! in $OO.n(ii
UrculmiiiK m.ir. r.r'ivel roiii ComplrAiIrr ilif)
hiilividual depoll. 6U.:Kl m
Diwount 2(1 'i
Kirlianua U 4
Intereat 4 W s,
Tnlal linliililj... 9Lf 2 I m I'J
Stat Omn. Hkihitt cot -m. P.
I. II.C. Wr-lilav. I'n.liKr of Ilia l it.l N'alional Hunk
( St. Clainvilln. rin Hilintitjr iwpnr Hint I lie- lil...n
atatrinunl ta trua tu tlie heat of my Ifrir.wl'-.lic an.t lii-lief.
II. Wfliiat. i;a.lnf.r.
Pwnm to and aulm-ritieil liforr mi; tin. l!i T.t .liiy 01
Oct. I j4M. K. II. Okiiiui, Notary Public
fN tba town of Mnniusville, 2 ACKK9 of OIIOLND.
o'i wmcn mere is a
For trtttia. Oliltly to the aub.f-rilwr. on tha nr.miMi
''' -""I liKNJ. . IIAKUHAVK.
Administrator's Sale of
Real Estate.
IN I'L'RSU ANCI-; of an order raiitcd by the Probata
Court of Ik-linoiit County. Ohio. I will ollrr fur .ule,
publin iiiK iion, on HA'I L'KDAV, l)Kri;.Mll, :ju,
lHti4. at l'i o'clock M-t upon the premium., tlie following
de.cnlx-d real c.tnle. .iluuie iu the ounly of Ueimoiit
ami Slate ul Ohio, lo wit : W feet on tlie We.t mil of
Ixil No. M'J. in llarnea' Adiliiion lo the town of Uarnea
ville. aiul (ol No. I l:t in .aid addition.
TF.K.M3 OK SAI.K: One-third in hand, oue-lliirrt in
one y cur. and one-tliird in two year from the duy of
ftule, with iiiter.-at; the pay-menu tu be secured by
uiorlguge uputi the prt-iui.t-a told.
of Henry II. Norrii.
Nov. 3, tbM.-Sw
Took effect Sundajr, Oat. 30, 1804.
(j'oisa Kat. Uoi.a Wmr
7 ? 9
DSt.a. S:I5 r.
Hi 11. 8(Wr. M
, Rakuvillb-
Kt-Ra Mill
I.Ktt'is' Mill-
. 7::tl
. 7: 1 a
7:54 '
7::il 1
Depend upon thia table until further nntiee.
J. WF.I.HH, AirentC. O. R H. Glcncoe.
Bible, Tract and Religious
No. aa, Monroe St., YVkevlinK,
IS now receiving and will keep coii.tnutly on hand a
complete li.l of nil (be late publication, which will
lie itold at the lowest publishers' price., wilh a liberal
discount to Mlui-t!'rh und Snhbuih School.. Order, ad
dreed to .'l-:o. V. STONliK, UcHllury, -MI re
ceive prompt addition. jell-Jin
B00TSAK0 fcJ3w $H0E$,
be pleined lo ro his old ctl.tomera at liil new Hand,
Northwest corner of .Mill und Main atreeu,
Caah paid (or Wheat, Oatt, Uarloy,
llux Need, A;o.
Ainu, Utttsta fat
Woods' Prize Mower!
Price (til at Atorrl.lon tud
For particular, aee llilU and Circulara. ap23-Gma
WE hnve)ii hiiud a choice lot of ' 1'atloil'a Copper
Uuulled Hye Whisky." warranted genuine.
Medicul men or Farmer,, wi.hiiiir a vimhI rtiu ...
retjueitied to call and exuuiiue. F'or aale br rallon or
barrel. OSllOKNU &. KIlARIV
llndgeport, July SI. I.M
Choice Crape Vines and
Strawberry Plants Free!
1WAN r I00.INKI persona to apply to me for eamplee
of tny valuulde uu.riculluru.1 nnd fruit growing pa
per, the Kuhal Amkhica.x. Ulioa. N. V., Vol. VIII. (a
beaulilul aemi-monthly.) w liji-li will be aeut from July,
lBt4, lo Juutiury, Imli, for only nprT CKra, und every
auliscriberwill receive in September, fheb. and poMpuid,
full amount of hie aub.cripliou iu Hi mkllv Ghkat
1'aoLlrlu Stkawhkhky I'lnnn. which a the largest and
mol prolific in eii.ieuce. beuriuu from M0U to JUU berrie.
a .ingle plnul. .ome of which are as large a, lien'e
eggs! Or aubseiibers muy have a fine Delaware, Con
cord, Uiana. Kehecca, or Hartford I'rolihe grape vine,
free, if preferred. My specimen pupers are aent free,
post paid, which irive the full detail, of nil mv lih.ui
oilers, in vines, fte., to subscribers and club ageule.
','l...n i. .. . ii :.. .1.:. i
""- w ".'"i'mk .i mi in mi. mmicr, as i nave an
immense supply of plants ami vines growing on my
infui. iu Clinton. Uueidu Co., N. V.. where all letters
inum be addressed. Money sent at my ri.k, and not one
letter iu a thousand fails to reach me. Twenty thousand
vines and plants were scut free to subscribers last spring,
of which ure growing finely. 1 can furnish all the
be.t varieties of grupe vines by the (toen. hundred, or
thousand, also the Kinsell Strawberry plants, all at low
l'"ce. . u3 T. JJ. MINF.K:
Central Ohio Rail Road Oo.
ACJRISKMKVTi fnrrapiuliniionorihpRfcrT?
debt and stock pf ilio Cent ul Oliu.'i-V' 'Wj
K. Cotnpuriy, prrpurHiory to ils rc-oruum4iUou, wiU
found in tfia bandf of Ilia fulluwulir Boiilieiuen in
Belmont Conniv
Wio. Koniiou, Jr.
J mire II ouner, Agfil
John 'alh, " .
J. K. Hinu,
St. Clolrnville.
He Wurre.
ira van.
All percon f life rented ara requNtd to call and
ainiuti it. It is import ant that all who nranoM to ace
its terms should do so wit limit delay. jyl
Solon Robinson's Book.
"Facts for Farmers."
ALBOf for the family circle. A cmnpost of rich ma
terials for all lauu owners. About domestic ani
mal; and dome ( it: economy, furm buildings, gardens,
ori-hurds and vineyards, and all furto cronn, tools.
Itinera, fertilization, draining and irrigation, llustmu-d
wilh W fine steel eiiKraviiiii. Etliled by boloii Kotini
sou, Agricultural Kxluor of tbeN. V. Tribune, and author
several popular works. A quano volume, pp.
price? 60.
This valuaUa work is not for sale in the book stores.
sold only by atrents. awd will ba supplied to subscri
bers at publisher' rates, by the undersigned, who is the
only authorised agent for Uiii County.
St. Clatrsville, Ohio, Bept. Hh, :ftt4.-3w
Itilmonl Common Mlea8-
Petition for Partition.
Nicholas Cooper and Mury Cooue r, his wife, plaiutitTs,
Addian T.ieff, Martha Kuinae, John Win King', Jan.
T. Kiiiikr. lie i ij win in Conoway and Kulh Ann t ono way
his wife, ami ISilas Tiifrg (adult), end Martha Nitk
olt, Caiupsedl Nickols, tluubelh lSickols and i'boibe
Nickuls tiniuor). defrtidanu.
rilllK ubo4 numed deleudHiits are hereby notified
A. that, ou the day l Hf pi.'iuuwr, lno4, the nUove
named pi iuii litis tiled iu the Commoii Fleas Court of
Ueltuont County. Ohio, a poiition. pruyiiiK for the parti
tion of 7 feci oil the I'mU side of J't No. 1, aitd 4U ft el
tha Wast Side ol Lai No. ii, in lliuoutowii, iu stiid
county. Htid petition will be for hen ring at the next
lortu of said Court
l. P. T. COWEN, All'r for pai'r.
8eH.8D,lH -0vf
nnicK iiou.sk. A''!::1:''
with a irood wi-ll of wiit-r. ami a f?
labia. 'I lii-re are about I t.rau. fer ' ' A
Viiw. ( ami v, ar. old) atl out on tliclg!J -

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