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I h4 a little Oaaghter,
And lio was Kivt a u. ui -
To lea I me setiiiy ! ,--rar.l
To tlio llfuvwi.y : . -
T:i u I, by BSS Rase - oJ iiiiir.iv,
Th-.iepiii if his infinite patience.
To Wis way ward, jwialoi -
I know n it h nwotl -
AB,1 h"i V.. -1 -V" r"
s .H i.nV-edaa . - oedio her hair; ,
Fori' w i ;.s wavy and - a
As til.' 1V..I loW itt -.lil-i.. ! ;
On tic saauy L-ed-wl a hr .-.ii.
To what cm I Ween bar t-olUns
Upon me. her kneeling love.-,
Howu I.M3.-itroinrrcr lips loiter eyelids,
ii j i-.uo'e I .i-r r.imy over.
TiuWoai'strelca I I utl smiled also.
Ana I almost seemed loses
The very heart of her moti er
SeuliuiMiu thio bar vJvsome.
Bhe had ber-n vsltb tin scarce a twelve-month.
And it hiuviy ser-ins a day.
When a troop m Wandering angels
Sio.e ray little daughter araj : j
O- pfiiiais i - .. beat easy -: - "
j:-.-.t k. : 1 the I imp - trh - .
And ariMa they he I "! " r ae-door,
2Iy little bird u.-ia - ' " :-T-
Bat they left in ber stea 1 a c-ii-nseliu-;
it little angle child,
TUat seem like her trad ;; Jul! ...
And S:a-i!e.s as -Ho never smiled.
When I waste lathe moraine . se -t,
Whcesrio bf ways Ssed to i.e
And I feel i.s weak : - . .:
Alone.'ucath '-'v.- hwml -T.
As weal: vet as treatM. ah o,
1 or the whole year tone i eea w
All th. wiiu'lmol nlthfu Mature,
81111 worked for tbeloveofme.
Winds wander, and dew drip earthward,
li nn falls; sans rise and '.,
Earlli whirl-, and all hut lo pruspar
A poor iu'.ioioiei.
This child is not mine aa the lir.t was,
i eauooi sing it reefc
I caii'iot lia It op laabeny
And klhN a uii .n in., art I.
Yet it lies in uy tml oue's er i He,
An.lR i.siii ihj UtUeouesclieii,
And tueliKiit "I tiie hcavee BbeSgune .o
rraaLhgures its gulden iiair.
A Thrilling Adventure of a Detective
in Search of a Murderer.
From the Memphis Avalanche.
At-out fourteen mouths ago a com-'
alaewea muriier was euitMiittod in Coa
homa coun'y by Mr. Ooorge 8tcy- Mr.
Slacy kiilctl a Mr. Bm ii pwn licit!
while iie was at rock. Uii:i were jilaii
ters, and we mink neighbors. They
leaded east of Friar'a Point about ten
nii es. ,tacy w -s ai ic-tcti, indicted fat
murder, ave h na for iiis appearance
on trial, ran a way an 1 ! .- t his la.iids
niea an.l Ftiret;.--J i Ige Harrison i; id
to p.ty tiie boa i. 'Hie circuit jmie
prououiidcti jd'i-re nenl as iid.i for
.$11,000 about six monUia ago. Tiie court j
gave BaM to lite 1-t d December, 1879 j
to brini; up Um (:risi.:; r or pay I Ik- I mid.
Tiie prUoarJr wan not to I round. Judge
Beid aj.piieii to ail tlie poiiee efllcen
and iliariBii in MitiisBippj and Arkan
g as. Uoairplied to tlie deteetivea in
Mempliis, but all to no put ;-ie. This
was a it Calculated in make .1 i Ige Bead
cnwfhTfiitilr. for tlie 11 ret of December
was rapidly anpmaehing, and tbere wa
noesca:d bat lo pay the bond. Abo
tea day ago, however, ileid,- ul Uiein-j
stauce of a friend, laid bis troubles ; . -fore
AiV. CnuKBer, of this city, who
hav not all tLe points, promised (;
do the best . he could. Raid returned
home to 1'riarV Point in better spirits,
but tiio lt-t of Deooaaber haunted lii.u.
Six tinuand dollars security money to
be paid just nofr is auoagh to make any
body b'ue, and miserable and wretched.
The Ju-lge wns r.t bappy.
O.anmer, whoo spirit of adventure
has carried him Vo California, oe the
plains, and back to the States, went!
Timorously lo work. ii ,-.-.t point for
'Cranmer was Lite faf. thai Ht vy baa :. ;
brotb-.-t jehidiu., iB-Jaekaoii ,Miasiaa ppi.
Cranmoi pisHed Jacksprt, became inli
mate wit t .dr. Stacy, ipeat atoi ey
freely, and wormed i bf bi i enou ..
to satisfy t'.'rauui t ths (Jeorg Stacy,
the murderer, was residing ih-.i; Hun
Ungtpa, t'.in-oli couuty, Leuuessee..
CrasHber eetarned to .-i mpbis, wrote to
Judge lieid that tie desired him to cotue
np, ae ho was connUeut that Staey was
alive. A it-w ago Craomer audi
Jude ite id started Cur SicKenaie, a
town a; the Junction of the atempbis
and Louisville and Xorth western -Bail-j
road-, al odt 16i mill ss ;';jm Menspbis.!
Here Jmie Heid was requested by Clan-1
nier to teanin until he returned, audi
without iaierMiag Lteid of his purpose,
CtoMaer departed fai if uiUngton,eoun
ty seat of Carroll couiuy, on the train j
poiu ;o Hashville. Craamer arrived I
tbere the night af tbe 17ih, and early I
irp eaeminjr hi lured a horse. In a!
very curious way Cranmer learned U:al j
a Mr. Clark Justice ol the Peace iuj
Hunting' n. k..ew Stacy and where he
ceadd be found, bat Mmt Clark would
not g ve any tnf nnatioa uuiees foreedl
to d i .-o. Cranafer found CI ark, who is a
grayb tin d .: niiv man, of pio.l iic .i ug
busyiiih -fio.it u.- i uaiUng on the
broken paiiiu of a feace. ' Squire Clark
I sup o e. ' said Cranater. "Yeavsir.'
"Stiui.c dark, y.-u know where George
Stacy can be found, ; :i I 1 earae lo-. i
the lafoiasal ion "Who are you?"
brJsQed up the old gentleman. "lam
an oilicerof liie United olate.-," puU-l
ing oat a badjre whicii happened to'-be j
a shawl pin; tmt the i. ' officer of
thcjDadted State,'f spoken with a fuilj
voice an I rather imposing military air,
had itsefl'eet. ,-l teil yon, sir," said
Clark, "this is a desperate community,
and you;- iifei- in danger You bad
better le- v." "Yes; but, Sqaire, yon
need not o a! meed, I've been among
that or. of poojde. bel :. If on mast
tell me whe t I can Sad ( leoi . Stacy.1
MI can't da it," nays Clark. 1 Pheo, ir.
aeaeatyoa and will i; epyon t.il you
at ar tejj iase wheie G orgs St y can
be tbaad." Tai-. forcible speech of Ci::n
mer had the desired .;.' ct, A broad
shouldered, f .ll-biLd-li 3, u :,u, tie feet
rifti'j inches,
ISO, dark ha- i full eyes, thick, short
neck, broad Cboe, of weather beaten
rmlwr and an officer, of i he United stat t s
with a ping hat and a double-breasted
overcoat-made aii Impression an Esqoue
Clark. The eommuuity, to bo sure, was
deeparste, and if the "boys" learned of
Craaaser's presence, his ;i;'o would not
be worth a BToki g but Clark was
not g 4ng lo rr. in prison. "Weil Mr.
O.iid-r, I sup; we 1 he i o t Ii, but if it
is found out that 1 have told you, my
life will be :;i iiai.. er."
"Never mind that; get your horse and
come ;iio sir, in a hurry.'' 1 hey rede
lour miles couth of Huntington, and
sad about 0 a.m. cattle in sight of a mill
"There," said Esquire Clark, "on the
the hi!!, Jnst beyond Hie n ii, is I In
housa wiiere Stacy li p; in li,c mill he
is perbaj s no v i:.ii;o i:o n:;her.'
"Very v eil." eaid Cranmer, "1 sni
obliged to you." i ranui -r dismounted,
tied his horse ab- ut a qutii it r of mile
from the mill, and started. He crossed j
the nrJU branch on a i it Ug above the
mill, nd run a! a .; id a ait, but just ss
be as asceadlBg the hiQ in its fear and
sad few yards off, Stacy was just ii.
the act of jumping out of a hole, cut for
the purpose Cranm r drear Ins revol-.,-r::.l
told him to stop. The mnzzie
of a navy rep ster peomadad Stacy n-
I i jump. Cranmer t utercd.plat-e l haud
eufis on bia, and wcat to the boose, 1
few yat is off, to !ct ready fr the trip
While at the hotfee, Stscy s Dbthrj
brother in-law r.nd ctusin came up from j
the mill, aralking in aa ordinary gait;
but two eftaem had ntles on their
Hitouldcrs-a tight l .at Cranmer did ni I
like; it eras cal ulated to m ik him reel ;
I tacly. aiuong strangers whose chsrac-1
ter was not altogether gaad for nc ee-l
fnlpurantts. But a woodchopfer cone
lo I ue bouse to relieve Cratimcr's aox
tety, and as he wont ant ef the ba k
door of course Cranmer felt doubly com
:o rtable.
"Who are these mei.?'? t;-k..d CnaflJ
"One is my Irot .er, another my v.
rother am! 1 1 tisiu'.'"
Aliu! Areiheyiu the babtt of car i
lAirg thee rideet"
,"No they are haaUiig." uAh!'
Presently they came up to the bonce.
.Cranmer reminded Stacy that it eras
time to wo; Stacy was ready, but Cran
i mer was not. He it-rmd to (he geatie
,i with the rillwS and iiu the same1
emphatic atanner with iliidi he ha.,
overawed Squire Clark K.iu: "Jtr. Stoej
and myseli arc oatiy toleavts, but vi
are not W move step until you
.e.tv. . And tin Urid n an who makes s
motion to take hi- nfie on ins shoulder1,
I will shoot Liiroagb the heart.' And
with this he draw his navy. 'And,"
continued C ranmer, "1 want y."u all tc
march to that yonder hill (about three
hundred yards off) and if you don't
move d n quick 1 11 commence Bring."
They moved and when they got to the
place dt-iignaied Cranmer and Stai y
mounted a hoiseof Clark's; Slacj Qksl,
Cra&mer behind, bound for the raiiri a.,
iiie nain foi Kaahvills came fitst, .-.ii
us Cranuier unsferrcd a rsilrnsd cur,
goinganywhereandin any direction,
bavingia charge a desperate ,mau, ii.t
leader ma gang ol t utiaws. Before
gelling iu CVauuiU locked ins wrisi to
sl liaiiutuli on Stacy's, guar nug against
escape. They returned toward McJvea
aie early the next motniug met Judge
ileid, the aai surprised and ha piestol
men. i be cd II Were no. to lie pal ..
enough lo relieve Kcid or any f.ihi.i
Ucuige Stacy cow in jail hi Friart
Vbiat; will ne tried, tbondguiliy of are r-
dtr, douhtless, sad hung, uli.s lie es
capes or is rescued. AttugethM the r-j
ic&t of Staeey is one of the most remark- j
abx- and dalii;;; leals that has ever been j
pci formed iy any "United Statt i officer"
ir any other sort. JaugeB idhasbecn
saved Horn peeunuiry rubs, and justice
baa not yet been defea'ad.
A Humorous View of the Farmers' Club
—Mark Twains Report of the Proceedings.
[From the Buffalo Express.]
Bx -Cons table Quinn d sired the club
t'i inforni him bow to make bogs riot.
Dr. Slow had bt;..n a practical farmer
lor I i iast six weeks, and in sli his
parted agricultural experience i.ostieh
article as bog'a-Foat came under h
notice: What was it? Was it edible?
orasefulin any way? or was it, as he
suspected, another worthless humbag
devised by the sharpers to defraud as
practical funnels? Ho kneW not whetbei
it vas propagated by feeds oreottiags,
bpt be would advise T.lr. Quiaa lo be
shy of Bogd-r not, especially if it was a
new langled or high-priced taber.
Mr. Mokar, the agricallural writer,
explaiaa A the anatomy of the bog's pro
boscis. I; is designed for sul terrain an
rbiaging, by process vulgarly called
rooting to e-hiih Mr. Quinti's inquiiy
probably it fund. H would recoas-.
mend that Mr. Qui; n wipe l is bog's
Doee. Ifbefindsil ed,fae tay be 8"ie
it is tender a id needs protection by a
loetaiiic shhrld. Some resort to lie
Hralegic device of inserting a wire i'rg
i i ne og's !.o-e,iu bis effima to remove
which lie would naturally t It I list h'3
sooui into'the soil, and tbns root nnv.il
liogly. Thai was playing it rather I w i
on Liae hog, and the metafile shield was!
preferable on the score of fair flralingj
and philanthropy.
.Mr. Greeley exhibited a parapkin of
l:U owa raising. As U embodied his
solitary end crowning success, arter sev
eral years of dianaaagiag raflate in
pampkua caltare, the club surrounded
it wiili uncovered heads and mingled
emolicaa of surprise, admiration and
envy. It was a superb fruit, and when
Mr. &e hat was placed on it, to iilus
tiate Hs skmanO symetry, the bat ai d
paoi! kin seemed BO perfectly "adapted
to each other, and together produced an
Bed so startling, that several enthusi
BStio members sWom tlicy would have
known who raised that pumpkin if 'hey
bad seen ii anywhere. It is to be photo
graphed by Cinney. a' d next year's
Tribune subscribers will receive copies.
The pumpkin was the flattering pro
line! of one bushel of seed planted aoj
the farm iu Chataqua. Soon after bios
mming, the vine manifested an inclina
tion to wither. I was thereupon trans
j l.mied to a lar"e ilowerpotau.l remov
ed to the town residence of its rounder. ;
Por some time i: pined and droopedjmd
they sat Bp nights with it, expecting
that every ntomeut would he its last;
but every moment turned oat not lobe;
its last, and with careful nursing it fi
nally rallied and same up to maturity,
as cherished as tough a pumpkin as
Dr. Sixhamrner. suggested 'that the!
result of itr. O'a. indomitabhs struggie
with this pumpkin showed how every
city family could provide itsilf with
pumpkin pic. He hoped to see tbedsyl
when every window si. I in every eJtj !
would oo adorned with huctifying I
pumpkin j.-ols, and every workman's
cottage embowered in pom kin vines.
Thus. Dodd, of New Bampshire,
.rri.es lo tire club that be is Qfty years
old, infirm with consumption, baa ;
laiye family, ten doiiais in money, and
wanta to know what to do.
Mr. alofcer Go out to Greeley Colony
and invest in our Irrigating ditch.
Mr. L-n man Buy a Texas reaohe or
a Florida orange grove
iir. Sliasbor His health requires llgh I
fi'iinng in a braeiag climate. i,,-t bun
start aa indigo phtntatiea in Alaska.
Mr. Greeley He atuan't come to Ne
York. His $10 wouldn't last a year
tint out West be eau iavestit and grow
u; with the eoautry. if i hud .(,iie
West with $Wt hi age, 'should be a
happy auut-uuw, with two suits of re
spectable garments, an ollice, and a con
science guiltless of distracting tariff
an I farm"! ig essays
Ux. Herring invited thedub-ro vMi
his farm, t! i ty miles no i;,e river, ;: I
We cesdy. and inspect a horse radi'
that he hud persuaded to vegetate. H'
had expended upon that plant on ly
i ton of bone dust, one cart load of ash
s and a barrel of gurno; yet In spite i
his neglect it Lad a niiin :. year git v. a
to the stZr of his little linger. His fere
man would exphuu to tbe clerk the
cniiar diUiculiy of raising this iar exot
ic" He would 11 cat b to a reglllill
farmei's diu:'.er, the erialsfoi . L:
n.- had alrea iy engaged at lUs ciiy n ar
The club accept i a ad - . rned,
The report of the Hon. - RUUibt
Delano, Contmissiom r of Intel ual 11 v
i iiniihiH Inn ii iiaiiii i It.e iitains many
Important facts. Thoag nr. teoril
enao receipts for 1870 is ;1 . j ; - ift i.
i'he toul receipts t.; the si:: montl
of ISV9 is $160, 737,573 i , a gain of ovs r
ten millions over equal ; riod bf 1869,
or a gain of over twenty-five milli
over that of tlie fiscal year of ISCO
Camber of distilleries in the L': ind
.States ifi 0 with a prbdaciug eapuci
of 9KbS5t gallcna laiiy. To! I afclo i.t
of sj.irits produced durin : : t last ii
year 7,42o 3o3. Bev ue receipt h from
tiiis sdurce oyer fifty-five milh.u,.- of
dollars. Beceiptsfr m Tobacco S31;S50
707 -57 an increase nearly $6,000,000.
i'he lepeal of special lar :. sjki ;. srii -takes
place May 1st, IMl.
Sew Vork pays .?J J S t.; si Revenue
lax. Ohio paysclo,' OJ, ; i .Illinois conies
next and then Pennsylvania.
The Po'tmatlcr G nersl - cepprl Is
also issud. Ue Ihinks that :!.;- Ir-p::i;
meat willhe self supporting iu a yeci
or two: Be recomraeitdi the a oliiioi
of the Franking privilege and tbe : ! .
tiou of the c ltd cyst em.
. - '. - i
Boom No. J - K .:. . ; :
it. -oiii . o. 'i .i m j i ji 1
Boom No. I ,vj . k. ) la j
1M..IU Sa.4 ii w I aa 1 17 7 !
Booasaa so !; is
Totals iafiJZM I 91 32
Roll of Pupils Perfect in Attendance.
Io!m Amur isier, iHart- BoroB.
Roaa Clarl:, barlbs v i!it,
John HolTuer, Iffiarils Clark,
Kleogb Herman. MoJie I.-wid.
la vie Jobuaon, Uscar tNrftrnian,
I tarry Rualnsloa, Itaphos V. I.K ...
jesse Troll, Myrtle llartia,
Mtu'ile Alexander, Lena llerritl,
KrfieUnw.s, .Mm,- Pailerson,
-Mn tl.-til iver, N lUeP. rraan.
Mar Uona r. iliirj .1. !:a:ii.vev.
Satis Johnson. Ann.e Wlilo
I Otis Alexander, Jiwie Dnviea, -
11-; illlti'-e, ;;!.! 1 UreBOIV,
Mi' v Gregory, Annie Irwin,
Kmura Irwur, UbalmenrCtark
JnUn iobnaon, l. elm i iii,:
Manc'e Locbary, . ArbertKennoa,
Aduic .N.-ii. ' rrai.l: Ittvin,
Bopn atUJfrwetl; kObarlrs J . i. I
i n-.i WocdroUe, ioiin Ov. rl a ugh,
l.i:iui Wuouway, l .!;., Umsloal '
y- . Anderson, Daly Walker. 1
Bejar Wnlle, iMary iu. Menilt.
Ktia t ii di rasa, -Mary Atexinder,
i me Bcwleyi La la Brown.
Ao:t tlcracarner, Maud Uunn
aa:e-r ilns, Kart Meyer '
.mi e l'i..ii :;i in. KtoraUavl Ira
Lime -i: nt on. flioa. Ueviiiui,'
ami . Lewis. : ...j McMiubO,
Jan. suilve I, Qen. eii
sama. i W.. ..I, Jno. A. Woodrolle '
Bella Aadeis .u. .via Davlea
Mary Uverbangb, Uszn Keanoa.
":i Farts, Addison Thompson,
ci.ai lesxrolL
Ellie Wiiktny. luile , .
Btearhetirove. Mary Lorbary,
An la Loebar; , Carrie Woodrofle,
Xe.vell Ke.inon, CUaileshuncU
tVi.i. Ba , i r, luiti Bailee,' '
Mv-u.e paries,. J -iiuy Hauiiooad,
i. -e Jo'iuston, btromaThompKon.
fctva it - e, ROberl Meyer '
ttasb Far s. Wan. MarabalL
ueorge close,-
This list ofthose dnriiigs uioulb,l
luvebeen neitbei abseatnortardy,mi bt
ba doubled, if otberimpils and famffie
would do their duty as these and tbeirj
friends do their .
Many of i lie cases of tardiness are for!
hut two or throe minutes, and often sev
eral mark 9 he. ong io one pi:; ii. As hi
the High School one young lady had six
tun! one of the boys four. The other!
boys had hut three in all.
J. J. BURNS Supt
J. J. BURNS Supt Farm and Household.
Capital Method of Pickling Pork.
For each iinndred pounds of pork
weigh out eig-'t pounds of aal After
the roeat ui cold rnb each piece with a
part of he salt. Repeat 1 he 0 eratiofl
t he-next. day. The third day lake tiie
remaindei of the sal , whieh bhould he
about five ponnas, add fo it two ponmls
ofbrowu sugar, four ounces ofsaltpetre,
tie pint of moiassts and about three
gallons of water. Boil and skim, and
w. en cold pour over I he meat, which
should in the meantime nave been
doai ly packed i.t a suitable vessel i nd
weighed down jnst enough to ensure it
all being covered with tiie I line. Ei hi
pounds of salt, two pounds of sujrar.foor
ounces of saltpetre and one pint ofmcpj
lasses are enon; h to core one nundreil
pounds of pork iu goad style,, aid ii
thiee gallons of water does not make
brine enough to .over it, (which is
sometimes the case when tiie pi. - .-ire
so rough they cannot be packed close.)
more water most be used. In six weeke
the meat should he taken out, ami the
hriue boiled and aklanoed, bo aa re
move the blood. Rinst ;l e meal i.i cold
water and ruMeoat the vessel, I ben re
pack, and when the brine 1 . ols, pour it
over as before, being sure to have enough
to cover all the meat. To this end it
may ho necessary to make Borne new
About the last of March or the first Ol
April, when the weather begins to gel
warm, the brine Bbbuld again b.- boil. .!,
shiSnaed and t in. 1:11 a repli ced 11 In 1
'ore. If kepi in a good cellar it will re
main good and palitablc as fa- into the
sumnserasyou may clioose to si.- it.
and when it is taken out lo cook will ! 1
found .0 look s bright 1 nd fresh a
fresh pork itself. We cure bam- and
fthouhferr In thesamo way, n I.
end of six weeks they are taken out mo!
bung up to dry, and then smojs 1. Bet
ter cured hams we-have never seen. I
Is sometimes convene ut to cure hams
-boulders in I i lectm of pick led porlc all
together iu the same vesBd, in whieli
use. when tbe ham- and dionl .els ar.
taken out to hang in die shiokeliouse
ibe brine left I' the vessel ill beehonirli
to cover the rem lining no tt. ii ahhtnl I
i 'oiled uml Bummed, above directed.
Capital Method of Pickling Pork. Miscellaneous.
yh n?'vri i "
. ,
iu iAviji. .('.
. . .. - 10 ... v l;it. .-
utile Mm.-..-is oseti, a ulu. a.ij.i proportion
.-uii.i. utemoiej i .e Llian any now in
.. .
Buchu as prepared by 3 i ct frtBta, " .- ofaOark
color. Iii-ui unt tbal emus i.- fragraoe :
Ui;i..i,--i fje.hii'.i;. ... Uol er iujireUeotai
I .u... . :.. revent fermentatton; npon In
uou U wlu be foond Sot (a lt ju.etnr
oi iu' .i.i ..Miaue. .o.., kOrln i, t. :- i ,.p
tbereioiecau beuattd.m caM-a v. t . fiev
. ij-i lain .ii .u x. sis. iti li.is, y'ua tiiv
';-.t- : . ... .a. i . diaau and tl.i ii.o
;. W a ..' En V ' it ii ii a f latjia '
typoa inspacUoa U will meet Hiiii ye-ur
a, ii ibation,
Vitii a fi i i. e: .! profobod eonfidesce,
ram, ve-v it.-1-. Uully.
II. T. ulMIK)U,
Cbenfstand Drnggistol 19 y aa experience.
From teetargesl MSoafaetSTiBg (!,n.isis"
the W-orld.l'
Sirember I. 1851.
"ism aeqoainled wlta Mr. II.T. liei.e eM
hpocjupied tba D.'Qg tftora oppiwlts aty rti-i
ttepce,and saasaraHflSful in rood acting t':
btislnena wliereotnerabad not hea eaaa - .
beawoblra. laavaaeeo nvraraMy uapi ssed
wllbbis cliaractd Mid merprtei
Ftrmpf Powers and wcichtmatt, Maanl ,el.:r
1iv r i uii -i Mtataand Brown S-eats,
ffTWTS 3 5 "? f 1
Jli.t5.iIlL.UviJ.Ul b
i'lnid Sstract
7 I f ( ' ? r XT,
For weaknesaarisiag from IndiserUop. Tin
exbaoateil pwet af n.- wtti i nieaoeoin
paoie.1 ii..- so raany aiarru'tiS hymptoms,
... unxwbleh-T. ;e l.-ee l indlspisiliina o
iixerlMui, :.. M -ntory, W-.to ina.s, I tor-!
; c! id-. :)-. . "V I .:. lllers i. ! i!vi!; ill til. -I.i
Universal lisslia .. . PrnafrallfiB, sod tnabill-1
ly i.e ater Into tbe enjoyment pi soeleiy.
!!: ConsSutisn
ooee !ifr.-"O d with Oijfsnie Weakness, rgqnires '
the aid of Medicine to atrersetben and Inriyor-1
tbe wsl in. v. UELAUMlLDf EX
PITAUT BOCHD hararihly rtoea. tfro t ; -;i :-;
v.. iii la submitted to, Cousnmplionpr Insanity
an -ucs. .
r-r j - - T.T'n
B U O H u.
baatfeetiona j eeutti-.r toFSnutea, i aaaeaaled
by v other preparation, an m Itlibiroslx, .rl
ttetcniion, I'aiinuliiesa, r i-npprion ol
t us. . .ma i v EvMcalions,Uicemte lor -clrrbus
Ktateof the CI s, and .1. complaints Inet-j
dental lo the aex, or l he decline t change sfi
ii aljltd jlVyLlLi' 1 '
e-ill rafllraaivexlerininate fi e-, ihes--sti m dis
.:.s..s arisiee from habits rr dissipation, at l.t
t'e eNi. n-. . Ill ' le ..r no - ".i ' d'.-i. no in-eoiiveio.-.w..
or e. M-iir. : oii.'. tely Mi'.-vs l-
inz lhrc enj '.rn I atel la els remCflieS,
Copalm and Merenry, In all these diseases.
riUiU tMiact uUuiij,
Uralldnwi kcs of tai-eo.vii.s. wlietiter.exist
iti .a in. iie or le.ii i.e. t.j. n aoit. v r Citttse
olllllaliUS.l.llUlloiilal!cr . rwwl :s stan.i-
ti is pie-tsaat in tasteand Mor, "tainw
... i r" in act Ion. and i.e. re strengl bealag ilia a
any oi tle preparation ol i .i. ur Trail
TliosesarrriusWoin broken down or deli-
eate c msUiatloas, proUore the ieinetly at otiee
fbe . a u-r ii ! i.- aw.ov liiai. h..-,vever siiiit
may bctlieSBaclioi lie.' above ei-seus. , ii la
certain toad ct ibe bodily healtn and ffif-utai
All thaatKwe diseoseii require the ad of a
Diuretic . l.nboltl'.-. root Ituchu
is tbe great Diuretic
So&bi Druggist t ccrs where. 1'riee
;. " BotUo-, orfl tfoffe for sti. n.
iJvliecred to atg xuMLreitt. JDetanbi
njftnjttomi infi'l ootnmunicaliont
ii. i. iiijiiiOLD,
DiiigaudOiioiiiial arclioas
591 6K0ADWAY, Now York.
.xu i? are i;;:xclxj: u.t'i; tis, ti
tii) iii :! ciHprtrrH wrapjcr with jic
iiUteof my (jiieiuicdl Vun honor, an-i
Xi. i J-iUiiMijOjLD.
Capital Method of Pickling Pork. Miscellaneous. Miscellaneous.
' v. a aii.v. tt. a. asatBAaannv
Kb Id L JUS U j j Vihilli
iEWHiiM, i!Ev7 STOCK!-
Joxr. door Wiisr oi iuv..x. vuxin hoti i..
.W las apt :.-.!, dirt it from New SeefcJ
ll It SUl-. Oi
; '. i.. .;t. Coufct!nt;oi
i . . " - to '-S-TI r- I .-JTT T7-,'T
IJSk. j itiiii-t dii ii-Li. -j
-'-.-"-' -. r - . - -r'
.w.kii- ..J t-V :: . v ii..-.. -.
I LALilt'.s AN ;.il SB .GAXi Ku.-A:Ci.-iUOK.-i
t I Kin i- anil varieties.
An assortment of - j
fdHILlltvKS'S . ii. i.'A'.'CV iSD VLAl-s.!
Taey u-i!lci.ri-. oalhe
ida n nfa c brai i nj
jtuatl l- hrAi.ehy Ct. Doiftia.ti hnvii.-j
baditiifrty .veartt'eap eiircin .a t uraarb i
I tai bn.. uesa teWHCoS etii thai be-cSa rt n-o j
laatbiuicUoii, lieptlr eine!wtlb aearnean
janii diapaick. M. . a o .1. .rei.
ji'aiii: : -X r ili-j
ii. t in. . ' i . . la-it. Ugh! rnniiinp mid tc.Tti
!.-. A :;. t ..i.. . i -ii. ol ally .vlnuitio Oil
ii.e. Il : lb ton ii . , Kje . uver
seains, ai.iu jn-il t. . i.. Jan.- k ial a r. i
Mite In uoTmi. ' . i:.. . s. to fee i
iMtuwira .il-...- 1- 1 4..t mast i.-lc
, . .
Ill I I -
Oiipdliut 5.iiUiil -Diill,
Hie oalViBonblt ' .-t' l.. .:.i...i.s r'e.-ii DjEUlfl
1 11 llsO. IL i ii M.l ft, I'-IO. S. .te., ( ,;uiti- i
'ly Well lis wia lit. .ilsoau AJ..1.1 .. 1 II. t:
jHA'a t8$t tVM iiLL. '
las Lt-.t in cm-, baroeia m-a :iiixes oiitaia.Iyai
FlilSaiSfU, JMiiiiOXT.tWtIKiw; OHKk
::. b. maRtijV, ... !
Aggni '.-r BelmOkit M.mr -. QiaC ..-e aid'
flal n.s. n C ';;.;. es. mum ciraotaWi oi' CSS ' j
iXpgiux aul-ti ;
G-ccc hewBi
Why - n- Te--,,tH . j
.'z a i. .-. :
-t" Q ' ' Q
Whin foa dan Hap y I a fa Usebtep; The very b
GO.if) ri.KA 'i rj :u-i'.l'.'.,;.oi.. hJenpto4!
:U 2ESS AND 1. I" . ' I CLOTHS !.r ClJjj-
i ..', 0. i i ' -. j :X-i..'. ., i . ii A i e'.'t I '1-. . i
.; .
.... ...
Dt.tr.n .ri't.. s m r. ::. :. r.r'iTxr.ij
Ad lakaii la exi '.i ing ; all arid sen , I
II ' I i . (
J il Wotf - M Ml ulUmtii&l
II..-. e n aio.eii tcoui I-'.' ManStrecl :o i
T '----' --:- - 0T " T1'
..."x. i . c. . ii k z. . ff 'ii. I J. j
ui ; t, U r, :
jjiiiijLjj- ipm
' And inni'-... t tin u ihronboul in the
LATI-ST .... :. a o .a i VLii
ilae.i, ( it I. V' ;li. i" and ileal. .! :
arraiig. d
Iu tilt1 State, ; ..: u I ). ti:.'Ui betiea
i..ii'o-:.J-r.i?. rojiMplas!
i 'i'i.t- new ;t:itl Itcukil tin' si v't Pii u t yfSA !
i ini:t luci tt iii tbt cfiy bJ u-. aiul um m. t wil l :
fcrefct bUtwrmt A H iire invlicil i call :ie -x-1
I niittnu ..r ttrii. . . i-7--li :
! IN E W --
. da.,
; . . .
II jrai.riv, UCCUpi a 1... .V. ie a., i l. .LI', a s.ijvii '
. .
'tin, sheet ittow ,.i I : i'i: ;.'Aiti-, :
., . . . -
STOVES CA -t'Etf:-; ..: t I. ' e'.: F.I-URN'
. .
ROOFING, fclot'UiNU,
and all kin 1 ofJ; 1 V. Oftki
Also. r.VT. "...-!.:, ei.e.rieiit Time;
Keepers, at .
I propoas work the beat ai tib ii ;.:t;
onalile l rlc. Oivtn t i .
Sncces .,.!. ii:...ii Harris, i
April5S,lSi0-lj j
iiltai i L(i
jiiOUUlio I jj, .... uLU
LI; x Il'-u.
yAli.a '.L, At! 8TR IMl A CO.
I IS BALERS i i Loniber, lath, Bhlhslea, Ac.,'
tJ and ukaantaetnri is of buiidins aiaierlal in
iHeaeral. We keepennslantly on hand a larto
i si ol Dry Lomber and ran srpply bollders
j nd carpel tersou orl aotlea, with good work j
' a( low pi le. s.
! April ll.l-7i-i.
I pOEWtT f.n ITT &. SOX,
I V Ii I. is in
i PAIN-rs. oii.h, VNH VatlNIXHER,
imiTSIII -i. ARTI. i s- ; . i'KUIAtS. 1
SAs.li, DOOiRS, FRAM -n 1 1 I'i 1 .its,
A ed. z. n's : r
FRRNi.fl I'I. A i f HI. ss.
No. His Market si., i doors Ik-Iow Melaua Hoaae,
Dry Goods and Notions.
llUl DJJiia UvililJi
The sua... :il.ers an j reqetviag a seacri
jJTFV li3r00C:.S,
BOOT- -' n'-aSTrlOKS,
J.V? iU3&
wltnalarge as irunaatof-
y. c i-i i -- i--i2
I v tXil ii Jc 1 5
v-;h r. fal as torUnj nt of
1 i Uii V (.-( USER T BS.
v. j. c. it t a son. "
March3l-tr BcUaireyllhlP.
Hew .Goods.
-" !Sr"i'Tn'!.T,Y v.:u.ui.v to his frlrn-
- t;t:.T t ii:i ..-Jin . t, Uii lny I tOOtta tOIU t
;..i and cuiuxwixiioua Lsootu in the
. : : m Bank uiidin g
Atd turn opening a .n-s;i-tipiy of
Spi'i?;- wnd Simniwr
i o
t-n'Vr with
Carpels end Garpet Chain
EiaSC W iAtirTZ3 OjPS.
ms f tocic or
3 c nil eir c r.f..! C k-thc and LCm.
J.-1 S d GoLa)
reiir thte Vfeiry !:-.ti-si ktylca; "aiid of xct'IIvnt
MW tt Ol "- '
-s.i-i-j a. - UObri.
1. .J -a It t-fc.u... j-j 11 jSxla.i. ad.
( :t v't: --- tl'ss -ill' .
' ,- rj
IL ju i Ji JJAOm
I I IjUiiiwO, .'..Ul.y i. - s"
i u.utU Sin G tilirr
Itavius Duie! theli slo.k for cash -when
- i-.'.' ra 1S re at ; : .--
T.i -lit iJjWiisT IN NEV Yor.K,
'V. '.' - ll ftuSai at earn--pondlngly
0 i i.. E s.
;-t:i; f-rijisreat h.v gaini tu
r it potTri ItfiTIUTmHI :-.L UNS,
ii. iM. sTic Goons r no
SJ R. Dou't be par aa ".. I to bay any Undo!
aatll.you have ..erii our
STOCK bp f.r.A.' Tr SILKS.
HMfl 1X3, i.i'ACA.s, WiiiTE GOOSS,
if ;.II ilia-Is. Sti'ieii.'i StetBtOfatl U'.iid.-ciierp.
iy call.. i - ' u iii save liiuaey.
IHOM RTtnt6lN)rt . f o.
1 . ' -liil'li slreet, NVl.eeimi.
- L. J I- . ' ' . 'i
r . T -tfl -fr IK
. fi HI KVb a V?
Di a&gUt cv i"ock oelier.
. Kl-c-s c p8toniLjr on Imiil
All tti.- kia-i.s -.i -ed ill or near Iowa.
T in- tt iiTnnfTfj Bfrfliril
Tte testaetvctlniala Hw foamy.
Wl"L.iTIi-J PAP. M,
r.-jst and Clii-'aptt ir. i ho market.
ljory t!ti-r:n:T. ,i.
;m:-. r i ; i.ul V n", si iteft,
la-ic -i'i iic-i.a, iUatXuk tncU, . ue.
Lle- . .w ' J ry a
waaasaah) wreak and eaaa,
r atm nt M::r)rr.'rNG5,
Tbt most t ipolar lild.. of ; lie day.
No-ie s -al bnS what ars ulri -Uy pcio,
r.:i;:'U:.ii:r.V anh Q sMiats,
Can't be nrpaawd.
SO r -.-Tli,. tti. rfoi-1 i-.'.indiy.-iud t'.Rot use
pain r Strictly pore aa i very eh tap.
TA.8 ilSilE '.All kinds.
BirrtsnEs. v liit. v i.- hhoe, taeta
. . . il Air
xi otice,
"O nil p-rs.-ns i".. : . -. i in tiie N 'viu-atioli
I Ortn " ilo l-iver. In ire-c..rtirrret!.Mi nl
itie liridne. v.-in."'..... Kit rnl Parkers air,-.
rhleti luolInlllmOreaiidtlaia li-iili-pad -'-
.. n.v I- " .. . . : "iil.v ' '"''-,-.
s., hoc ua lusttc.i a. v ,., i.iiu ; "I
. in Cbahnei '-i ein rks.ul a h. -h due
... ler tv . - cit en.
THIS IS '11 tyVTt ' OT1 . . Ihal 'he ahl
Ullde.Spillr.heil -l'l. Vi . ! i .re. r.s.;ell
mnnplrled, rt'ilhn cleat atatac waa --i ' feel
.... el. I tt oei kUtraitt, Ulld .U lc-1
wi n 'i ss av. i.e! 1-ii.i afle NS.N "L
tONlAY. Ure Li" 'i i !! a. ill. laa inlse
i . . w.ii have iM-.-u . aa .v. 1 i. ma wild Sp oi
, ,. . . t i i the ... : I'nauhel -p - a. u.-ai thu
Ijhlosbore, wh ck all b eioeed -i.e. ikUtdaie,
III II ints, ItatlH ii il Co.il S'leeis pr witrneil
10 in iku lorllie Viisinlii iii.iui.cl sp-tu a. lev
' " i!i;"':iy,"l"dA ".ti -I,. ltANDOI.ril.
aoat-aw cioef aaclaaai i, .v o. it. i'.
Clothing and Furnishing Good
Look to Yo ax Own Interest.
I'l'I.i' iy rpt, . t.Vt.fy iafuri. : old cuntuM
t i .,.S:...Ul..i ,..,o.ic .. j.jj , ;.ii Ia4) iattJ
Bunxuvt .. uwluiu ui 6uiifcfa unuyo '
l . Illf III aWTjOiwIMIlallMli .I'-.u-lij! Ot.-t.l-j
Oy C. ji i . l.i'viTi, ; ..ti ...i ii- itsWiiLU t.. i
j v i . J nisi, '.. It I'i -Ltt'ltHi iOu', v.-.rti ;il
I - - l t - iJa.ti..(iii
.lie- . :...!-, II.: lAud' VPN a
, I t . f.i v... .-... LiiwiOltati.t. v.i.,W'i.
I V. : H ill mil tin Clt, J..-. t;. ItUUo lis
s. . . . fi, ui. .vim vfctii i: . uzey. i t&, ? M
' Ualitl il iivMMI iMaajfaiawaiaal MA afKaMft l. lt ;
Ye - -. t.i-.- v-. IftaJ UJ a- ...
m'U bi I..t ia. or ttiialti U Wr ''.Ufci tj lu j
IU tCl t ..ti DttJ; i.:- t.ujj j
eautmtud my siuek ooior uu, fj.J v.,t Lcrt-a.
lam ruiahni toaMiJ .. w .-;.. 1
i. -.i. :.ioi,; iuciiU' uii.t.iio.o...u'.
- QtT i r r-r' 3
atlSlaa iA- SUiaaaal&iRal
Ml D ST i i. i -CKiVJKD
I At one door Ma.: of FRED TEOidVS Drj Ocods
: pari m i..Br-;r- n, r j
ntJUH mst biuir;
Ca.iui. -rt s.
i (Jioths nnd
A' estiiiy;.-
I I f.rnILi!g juos, afe,
j I'liitieiiUiratteution ; aid i.. Costoai Work j
, I.. I'. UU. i NMi:.-'
i T .e best made clothing at
h. r. UOl- KNEK .s.
! on can boy taeebeapesl at
j ' l. v. Bonrwxaras
j Don't fail to ytyeateacall 'sfrtr jbh pas iaa
i. . i'. iito i NEIt.
I Xiiote Ucw : :yler.'i.i. Is at
! ii.i-i Nr:i;-M
i--!i:;vijjii!.diiiii,i,,,,,,! cw.r ,.it. h
.11,1. e.-.s. is (, : (
1 . Cult. I'irj!iTiX J?U T f- MT.
1 " - I i L" l ; j , x j
i aa all kia 1: oi J
wu:.v ej't-ZiEo, J
I ei, c I ;;: ii ssSfi ooi-o-v'J
OhMoaej I.e.. rtaaana,iaiiliallJII"ji
- .-iavs t.e.-l tCre.i WUe of Purge
i f,Kfl! J-E3T.il3AI ' . i-d
iJ- -for:t. &Eo
i.:;nk'.:v : :
a-S" 4 pi " - f. --5 jr , ,
j - - '- - i Ij i , i. , -,.
rt;? " ' r , - - v w
! Tf 1iTr I:-'
.fliirUbil 4liiU It M .. . ti'biu.
C8S j'nut .sr., nijai: ia:::,
; Bairiiasadlle, Cftuo.
; : Ail i .t..i';..-...i- K .. ;..t..;r ?!onn-l
I t meat, ai.ai UtadKtone., umde frooi lit'
: besi oaian4, o. a .aporl - toaluiH'r; a. , jj i
. s,.;i :.,., . -p. !..,, . ; onrsrtii m Ui.
I. Mt. : .'ii'Hiis.. pr. oared t - onir'.a ".I,..:; I
.I da.t -l'i'i..l., i.A,n .sui.i.vi.s.aud
I II-rni STosks,ol :i..i "Treealou, i
i . "
Clothing and Furnishing Good Insurance.
! J. JNi. . CiiATTY, j
A '..uliij Couiwit.io .il n.t. i.r..uuj.
? - J ' ' ' , tinifc -lA.vt ;
! .lftlina JJl4XUOCU v. ti . j
i ll.'lui., A.... .,V,-UJJ',U
: NuXUi ...HtlK.., PtaaintieipAllal LMjuk I
"'U'S u i,.aj,.AA-
I i .... ..1....., v v. att. l,-a-vA.;
iuivtiemm tii tMniuieiu :.. i,rt.vaj
: .. jia.wju
jllU Ileal L.lie..MUW lork ,AMJ '
AUiM El. UuU.oiU w tr. Wtaf
tuirtul Ui-H " ...Ot-JU !
j. ail itiWCMtiUI .aUbO.li iatVftt Jl..s:Ul.v.t -...Hj
j 'i.l-Vc.i:ia , tt.ui,,),', 4Ut.t . At'.'liiCu.J . JJtlaJg j
j CUaaoyaUiteJb Wagf niattllfnaaj l tin .iia'.ncul.N '!.
; tr.tci w.itiiuii MilU . .lull i'i" (v.ij Hl-iltJ
till t..c Itlifclb lawVJC1taM4l it.-..; - . j,--.- V. ii ..tll V r
...Ijitiu . .iutt I'.i-.Htii.j, .iUa. ! . t ULieUulUl i
iiiii iiiicrijji a id. if xiiiiAiL.
.1. os. ..iu.iu..i Maieana .t.tt- ajaaa'ial
everj .alWtj u. ..ij ,,.,u Wtaui .., i-a.u-'
biiveratto s,..,.. gold ia0Je, eA.iai..t... rlur.pi
t .si.vci a.. .vj...u ..iij.ju.-j l.i.e..es, cucupet
i ........ .. .. .to,.
uiu er, v.. ...', .Illinois c,5.. ik,
: I' .',.lw....Uy. i USa t I..' j ...
" " . -". oJ
iSuoaoio liiae-pleciM i.,i,t nwsSaoable vaaea.
s....u Wj u la. .... 1 . ., ...i, . . M
aSar.af'v'j y uall luo l, i,c
.s-. ...a .I. .i-...a.iri. , , J. aa ..... ,N t: ,., ;1 i J; , t
. . ......la. s , .c. aa t.i .u u, i nutH tOOtallg lal. V
i IKauloud. ol ...e.i .... ul.oc. ,..l.-c.sl
,e...a.-. Oiaruoud i.-..i... m.ai l..u- a'
i ;-(i. .1... .'-.,.i .... a., c . i-.. ii,
i -o riiQOs'.a, .ifeii ur uauae of any Bocletvl
I in i.. .. ....... i.i.u. i.m. ; tiu arluria
' u . .,. .,....-.. ......y!iiv.riPrijJ'.,Vui.-..u'iie.
' !'' j a. . . .... laat'jO.i ila.e lulled to I'
. .i .j,, ..,...! .... i wo . ii I pi... race !
' ' ' '- 4 i.. .... I .... eojt-;
; tiia iv. i. . ... i.. 'ii .. . , .'. , the or- I'
! ' ' "rti .....u .-.... . . : ,,u invitol
I r'j.':.'.":. " U i V !
; oi i a. Iall-i . a ... a . V... I . eUI in'
. .iii-...:.. ia., ..i.ie. . . , he oi the Uinaiaa no-i
leruaJi . .1
1 '' i a Inc.-ai. a. . ; , ; .van.:- .. C ..ees
. . it .v. .
.... cm t. i it h. ... . k t .examine
; ... lore pa. lua, .
: Price Lisi laeio.iav a.!.!:.-'...
-i i.i.i l . J. a. . a .in: ev ry,; ,y..
- j . - - - j
Xsaaaa ciicl Town jprojcxi
For I:-.;1?.
WlLT.i B i-: : Oe.ler Xiires Mooths.aD.ee
; . in..- Ileal H.ir. a-i" I ef i .':
la.; jl ...!,. ojl ,!; le. .....i... iv kllul 111 lOel
j Nonaiai-i paHoriieiiuoiil couiiiy.O e-j
I Ilia liar. . -n. I I'.t.l rl . lira - Slid alia. 1 1 t . or lia i I
I - ..a. I of . . ir. ,.s . i , . lluxrj .., . . ...iv.t'.l! ..
I Va-s I'.ivia N Knowa ut- oi the i fori
i . 11 ..1,1 i all,. -1. ;a S . ,i .1 ... . .1 IV . ,1 Its e .'a
ii. mi ; i, ruts. paaliM a.::i I hiin r :t avol
j lie lo.v.i ol ii..r.- -i I . i. uudiaodl. I
".. ..in., .a.e.s. ... .1 iaa Jl'i'all'.' U
I I . mi l... i. ad eveiytld . ....... a.'... at .'. in;
.l'.'iiV.fi."it!''i Ip'vrelldBii -'c Itafl RrJtr.lt! !
1 -a.. I il.. ill i -u aa. . a., i a, ill lo.- I.e. a . . ,
. . bj a i t .oi ii ., a. I i . rooai is ..ne of Ilia 1 J
.....si nil in. ..I mailt 1.1 1. ,. kind til 11. sh .' i. 1
tOeruontry. 'in . la a -p n.lal si.M-k ol li-v I
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Groceries and Produce.
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