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THURSDAY, OCT. 3, 1878.
MILTON BARNES, of Guernsey.
WILLIAM wniTE, of Clarke.
GEORGE PAUL, of Summit.
District Ticket.
For Congress,
County Republican Ticket.
For Probate Judge,
For Sheriff,
For Commissioner,
For Infirmary Director.
For 8urvejor, .
For Coroner,
"A money below par keeps th peo
ple below par," tersely remarks coi
onel Bob Ingereoll.
Hys. Butler has been swallowed
by the Democracy, but he was a little
too much for Thurman at Bellaire.
Bex. Butler is just now feeding the
Democracy on "spoon vittles" and
they take it kindly, and only pout
over the sngar in the bottom.
The touching tenderness between
the Democracy and Ben. Butler just
now was never equalad except in the
linked sweetness.between Balaam and
liia ass Ben being on top.:
Nothing more promotes the interests
of honest capital and honest business
e nterprise and honest labor than honest
money," said President Hayes at Pitts
burg. Bob Ingeesoll is in favor of infla
tion, but it must be the right kind.
He says: "I am in favor of inflation
produced by industry. I am in favor
of the country being inflated with corn,
with wheat, good, houses, books, pic
tures, and plenty of labor for every
body. I'm in favor of being inflated
with gold and silver, but I do not be
lieve in the inflation of promise, ex
pectation, and speculation."
Jim Talus an is doubly deserving
the suffrages of the people for Probate
Judge. He was a faithful and brave
soldier did his whole duty to his
country in the hour of her sore need,
and his long and familiar knowledge of
the duties of the Probate Judge's of
fice, eminently qualify him to serve
well the people in the important du
ties devolving on him. His election
will be a public benefaction.
There 's victory in the air. Re
publicans, do your whole duty at
the polls on Tuesday and make
nsccess doubly sure.
The Democratic press make a fear
ful hwl over Dr. Updegraff's gift to
the military company of Cadiz. Well,
the same Democracy never did ex
cept in the aggrandizement of slavery
like to hear of soldiers being encour
aged. We have only to remind the whole peo
ple of Belmont county of the necessity
of electing a competent Probate Judge,
no a most important and responsible
public trust. The entire people are di
rectly interested in this matter. James
Tullman has had large experience in
the various duties of the office, and is
fully familiar with its workings; if the
people will only consult their interest
they will elect a tried, true and effi
cient man Tallman.
In his Faneuil Hall speech Mr.
Blaine made a good point on the infla
tisU. They say that it is the stamp ol
the Government alone Which gives
value to money, and that hence we
might as well stamp paper as any of
the precious metals. The Senator's an
wer to this alleged argument was
eimnlv to holdup a ten-dollar piece
and ask his audience if it would not be
eood even though it bore the stamp of
the meanest and poorest government
on earth. How is this?
The New York Democrats, at Syra
cuse, Thursday, made a platform with
a hard money plank. It is for coin, and
for paper convertible into coin at the
will of the holder; honest payment of
the public debt and steady steps to
ward specie payment. A very good
plank, that. It is in accord with the
Ohio Republican idea, while it square-
Jy antagonizes the Ohio Democratic
idea. This will cause Senator Thurman
Borrow, but it will make glad the
hearts of men everywhere and of every
party who favor honest money and a
Hpeeuy return to Dusiness prosperity.
Tet Every Republican
in Belriiont county from now till
the polls close next Tuesday eve
ning exert himself to his utmost to
insure victory! We appeal to you
all, for the sake of your party, your
principles and your candidates,
who have a right to ask and re
ceive your support to uo your
whole duty. Arouse to the im
portance of the impending contest
and let all lend his best efforts for
Every Vote!
- We earnestly appeal to our friends
in every part of the county to Interest
themselves to get out our full vote.
Make your arrangements to be on
hand on election day and get out eve
ry vote. Victory is within easy reach
if each Republican will only help a lit
tle. Are the principles of your party
any tht lesj Important or dear than in
times past? Nay, verily, they are now
on fearful trial, and success at the
present azures success for the times to
come. We implore you to be watch
ful, vigilant and earnest In getting out
the vote. One good fire and the day
s curs.
After to-day but three working dn
remain before our election. It is tiro
that Republicans should examine thoir
organisation and see that there are no
weak points. Republicans mint not
rely for success on the righteousness oi
their cause alone. There should be a
thorough organization in every town
ship and a personal canvass of every
school district by faithful, intelligent
men. Every voter should be made tu
feel the importance of the election, for
in a lull vote lies our only saiety.
The peculiar nature of the issues invol
ved will brine out all the worst ele
ments of the Democratic party, while
our reliance must be upon that class
whose business cares and daily toil are
apt to keep them away from the polls.
The industrious artisan, mechanic.
operative and laborer who earns hit
money and desires to keep it, who
wishes to rob no man and is determin
ed to be robbed by none, is vitally in
terested in the success of the Republi
can party at the election next Tuesday,
and it is high time that more vigorous
work was being performed to secure a
mil vote from this class and from the
the mercantile, manufacturing and ag'
ricultural com muni tity. The ticket
put forward by the Republican party is
such as to command the support of the
entire party and of many thinking
men of the opposite party who recog
nize the high Standing ability and tit
nessof the men whose names are upon
Republicans should remember that
this is a year when every vole is of con
sequeiice. They should know the
strength of their adversaries and have
the means of insuring the presence of
their own forces at the polls. Jwery
Republican should see to it that his
own duty is raitniuii y aone. 11 any 01
your neighbors are doubtful, go to
them with such statements and appeals
as are calculated to remove such
doubts. Win every vote, which can be
honestly won by Vigilance and labor,
and a Republican victory will be assured.
It will, perhaps, forever remain a
mystery in natural history, whether it
was swallowing Ben Butler or Allen
G. Thurman, or the presence of the
Bella ire Democracy, that made Sena
tor Tbiirmaa sick at Bellaire Monday
Updegraff always contended for
the integrity of his country's credit.
Lawson didn't, but preferred its de
struction, and the supremacy of the
grayback credit.
Updegraff has shown his fidelity to
-his country and its money always.
Lawson never concealed hla abhor
rence of his country and her credit, till
he couldn't help it.
Updegraff was a friend of greenbacks
when they needed friends.
Lawson was their enemy.
Updegraff always contended for the
appreciation of the greenback.
Lawson opposed them and sympa
thized with the friends of, and advo
cated the grayback.
Stand squarely by your colors. Yon
have a first rate ticket, and it deserves,
as we trust it will receive, your hearty
and unqualified support from now till
next Tuesday evening. Give the rem
nant of the canvass to the work of se
curing victory.
Come Out,I2exublican.s,
And fail not to make an earnest effort
to bring out every vote on next Tues
day. Why will you not do this? Are
you any the less devoted to your party
and its principles, or less desire their
triumph? we think not. We know
of your fidelity in the times past we
ha ve confidence in it now. Quit you
like men come up to the rescue of the
men on our ticket with all . your best
energies, and victory is assured.
Laboring Men!
Sam. Hilles is one of you, in
full sympathy with you, because
he knows that only by hard work
comes his daily bread. He is
justly entitled to your sympathies
and support on next Tuesday.
Vote for Sam. Hilles and you vote
for a worthy, honorable man.
Farmers, and all who may have
business with the Probate Judge's of
fice, we ask you, as Intelligent men,
Is it not batter to have a competent,
experienced, capable and accommoda
ting man fill this office, than one noto
riously incompetent? Surely, your
better judgment says yes! In James
Tallman you have ooe already fully
familiar with all the duties of the of-.
fice, and who can well subserve the
public wants. Jim is competentand
courteous, and has proven himself most
capable, and should be elected.
Vote for Sam. Hilles, because
he is a careful, prudent business
man, and will make a first-class
Sheriff. Vote for Sam. Hilles be
cause he is capable of doing his
own business ana clomp: it well.
Vote for Sam. Hilles, becausa as
an honest, sober, upright man your
public affairs will be most sacred
ly watched and honestly executed.
Once more we ask you to carefully look
after the interests of our party in the
remaining few days of the campaign
The Democrats, feeling not only thb
unworthiness but desperation of their
cause, are lustily crying to the Nation
als "help me, Cassius, or I sink!" but,
unlike last year, the Nationals don't
dance worth a cent Nothing is 3urer
than that the Nationals are hourly
supplanting the Democracy, as in
Maine, and nothing is more certain
than the final overthrow and rout of
the Democracy, and if trie Republicans
do as well as their friends in Maine,
victory is assured. We know there is
not much excitement, but we a-k ev
ery one of you to make a special effort
to labor till the end of the canvass la
bor earnestly to get our friends out.and
victory is certain.
The Republican State Committee of
Massachusetts, in their address to the
people, condense the true issue pending
in mat estate in mis single sentence:
"Shall Massachusetts bo true to the
faith of the fathers, that honest debt
shall have honest payment, that honest
payment, mat honest currency is based
on valve and not on flat, that at any
cost or sacrifice the national honor
;suau oe maintained untarnished, or
shall she, bound band and foot, be de
llvered oner to the champions of dis
honor and disgrace?" Put Ohio In
place of Massachusetts in this sentence
and we have the issue of our own Stat
campaign stated exactly.
The Republican who votes for
Win. G. Kinney for Sheriff, casts
a part of a vote for the Democratic
Up to date there have been
deaths from yellow fever in Memphis,
more than one in ten of the remaining
population. In New Orleans the total
number of deaths is about 2,800. We
are probably within bounds in esti
mating that 8,000 people have perished
in the South since the plague began.
Arouse to the importance of work.
We only fear your indifference. Only
a lews day more and the canvass is
over. Lend the good cause your best
efforts meanwhile. Come out yourself,
and bring all doubtful or indifferent
voters, and success is ours.
The secret of one Dani. T. Lawson's
opposition to National Banks is hot
entirely political perhaps. Daniel's little
bit of experience in banking in Pitts
burgh, taught him that Banks were
dangerous things, when a batch of fel
lows conspire to play smart and bring
up in a police station or county jail.
Republicans of Belmont county
you of the "Old Guard," how can we
properly awaken in your minds the
desire that will bring us victory next
Tuesday? Need we appeal to your pa
triotism to your p"t achievements
to your unflinching fidolity to princi
ple? All aro before jou the same un
scrupulous foe confronts you the same
great issue is unsettled. One fire more
and the day is ours. Arouse friends to
the importance of the occasion turn
out and bring out every Republican
In Sam. Hilles you have as fair and
honest a representative as can be found
in the county. Sam is not a rich office
seeker but an industrious honest labor
ing man, and as such has no money to
play the arts of political tntriguery.
He comes before the people for their
suffrages only asking that his claims to
public confidence be tested Dy ms repu
tation for fair dealing and honest
It is not true that inflation brings
better wages to th'e laboring men
Larger wages are not necessarily better
wages. In 1SG1 the average pay of
skilled labor in this country was $9 a
week. In 1864, when the currency was
inflated the most, the average was $ 14
40 a week, but that represented only
$6.51 in gold, and had not as much
purchasing power as the $9 had in 1861,
Good money, not cheap money, should
be the workingmen's motto.
Don't suffer yourself to be mis
led by Democratic roorbacks on
the eve. of the election for election
evening purposes.
Can we ask less of the noble men
composing the Republican party of
Belmont county, than to remember
your past fidelity to principle, the
same that brought the nation up;
through the fiery ordeal of a terrible
war and now as we have about reach
ed the goal of our complete triumph.
having redeemed the country from the
thralldom of slavery, war and all its
terrible consequences, and restored the
National Credit till its notes are worth
there lace in Gold can we not ask as
in times past that victory shall be ours
through your ejforls and votes.
The only danger to our cause in the
county and State is apathy. We im
plore you just to buckle on your armor
for the remaining hours of the conflict,
and do only a- little of your old time
work, and success is assured in both.
Nothing is surer than success if all ex
ert themselves in the good cause. See
to it that the vote is out interest your
selves in getting every man to the
polls, and have him vote right.
Allen G. Thurman, we will ask
you what did you or your party ever
do in or out of Congress; since green
back money was -invented, to entitle
you to a whit of public confidence as a
friend of greenbacks? Didn't you and
your party persistently oppose their
issue? Didn't you and your party, in
every way try to discredit them and
denounce them as 'rags' and 'vaga
bonds,' while through all your opposi
tion the Republican party has persist
ently contended for their good name,
till to-dv they are worth as much as
gold? Allen, apply your 'bandanner'
to your chin and answer.
Vote for Jim Tallman, because
if the people want their public af
fairs properly and legally attended
to, they must have competent of
ficials. No man in the county is
better qualified for Probate Judge
than Jim Tallman, and the people
will consult their own interests by
electing him.
Dan. T. Lawson, what did you ever
do for the honor of the green back, when
it needed assistance? We answer, un
hesitatingly, you openly sympathized
with its enemies, acted well your part
with the party notoriously disloyal to
the Union, and in open hostility to its
currency, leaving nothing undone to
destroy it and its money. And now,
Daniel, don't you think it very cheeky
in you and Thunuau to go trudging
about the couutry, trying to r.veigle
the people into your support? D tniel,
to yourspiggot! You are not needed
Says Senator Blank: "In all great
struggles in the political world, issues
become generalized and details are left
out of sight. So it will be. with the
financial question. There can be but
two sides to it; one for 'honest money,'
the other for 'wild inflation;' the one
for maintaining the faith and the hon
or of the Nation, the other leading to
the verge and possibly leaping over
the preei pice of repudiation; tho one
composed mainly of th'ise who stood
by the Government in the hour of its
tritti; the other deriving its chief
strength from those who sought to
destroy the Union of me slates, in
the party for honest money there will
iu the end be many Democrats and I
am sorry to aimii tht irredeemable
paper has found some of its ablest ad
vocstos in the ranks of the Republican
While men are clamoring for re
form in politics; we ak them to care
fully contrast the capacity and fitness
of the reppective candidates for office
In Belmont" county, this fall. Sam
Ilillea for Sheriff and Jim Tallman for
Probate Judge, surely need no enco
mium to commend them to public fa
vot. Elect these men, and the public
faith is most properly bestowed. a
No more false or silly notion wa
ever advanced than a large volume of
paper money can be kept at par with
coin without redemption by the simple
Sat of the Government. The feat is as
impossible as to lift a weight with a
lever without a fulcrum to rest the
lever on. Coin is the fulcrum that
gives to the lever of paper money its
power. In 1S62 there were $150,000,000
oi greenbacks issued, pledged to be re
deemed sometime. They were worth
about $147,000,000 in coin. More green
backs were put out, until in 1864 there
were $450,000,000 afloat, but the value
in coin of the whole amount was only
$145,000,000. The volume was increas
ed threefold, but the value was actual
ly diminished. JNow, under the in
fluence of a fixed date for resumption,
the $349,000,000 of greenbacks outstand
ing are worth in gold $344,270,000. It
is proposed by the Democrats to put
out at least $320,000,000 more, and to
repeal the Resumption Law. The
evident effect would be to lesson the
value of the existing greenbacks one
half, and to inflict upon their holders
and upon the labor of the country a loss
of over one hundred and fifty millions
of dollars.
In his admirable speech to the farm
ers of Maryland last week, Senator
Bayard, Delaware's Democratic states
man, spoke as follows of the attitude
the agricultural classes should take to
ward the wild schemes for making
money out of paper promises and for
cing them on the people by the fiat of
the Government:
What answer should the farming
classes, the land owners and the hardy
yeomen of the United States give to
these strange, wild cries we hear going
up from the political conventions oi
parties with new names, that no more
rent should be paid for land, no more
interest for the use of money, that the
precious metals should be discarded,
and "absolute money" ordained by
law should replace and measure all
values and be received for all dues?
Who should so strenuously resist all
schemes which tend to lessen public
reverence for pledged faith, to weaken
confidence and to cripple and destroy
public (and of course private) credit by
agreeing to plans for the indefinite
postponement of the payment of public
engagements according to their terms?
What portion of the American people
need credit so much and so regularly
as the farmer who has to wait six
months between seed-time and harvest
for his means of payment? If a man
would enjoy credit let him denounce
all schemes to weaken credit and insist
upon all that will give it strength. To
the poor and honest man who needs
credit and is compelled to - borrow
money, I earnestly commend these
What portion of the American people
know so well as the agricultural class
thc great fact that all values arise out
of labor, and that nothing of value can
be had without its share of labor?
To whom, therefore, can the fallacy
that wealth can be created by empty
promises to create it, be more apparent,
and by whom should it more scornful
ly and promptly be rejected?
Who knows the reality and necessi
ty of steady, continuous manual indus
try better than the American farmer?
and who can better attest the falsehood
of a system of currency which instructs
men that pieces of paper, upon which
is printed a promise ot payment never
to be redeemed, and which can be
multiplied iudefinitely at the will of
any accidental majority of Congress,
can ever be a stable and reliable meas
ure of the value of those crops upon the
production of which so much human
toil, anxiety and care have been been
The pretended mysteries of the al
chemists have long since become the
subject of humau pity and derision
and surely the attempt now to revive
the greater delusion that a printed
Government certificate of value, not
convertible into anything of value, can
take absolutely and permanently the
place of. and peforru all tho functions
of value, will speedily be discarded by
the "sober aecona thought" of the
American people. .
Republican Victory in Colorado.
Denver, Col., Oct. 1 Tho returns
thus far received indicate the election
of the entire Itepubllcnn ticket by a
majority, over the combined Demo
cratic and Greenback vote. The third
and fourth wards of this city, by
cou nt of the heads of the ticket, gives
Pilkins a Republican majority of 468
over Jjoveiana, uurnocrat; secona
ward Pitkin's luaijority 150. It will
be impossible to give the i-xact tally
before midnight, as the tickets are
very lone.
The chairman of the Republican
State Central Commute clnims the
State by 2,500 mxjority and two-thirds
of the Legislature. .
Democrats of Belmont county, take
courage from the glorious achievements
of your brethren m Maine. Gazette,
Why, yes, your brother Democrats
in Maine only lost since last election,
29.0U0 votes! Certainly, sound the
. ..
The Trade Dollar.
Some Democratic demagogues are
trying to throw the responsibility tor
losses on the 1 rade Dollar upon the
Republican party and Secretary Sher
man, wheruas the responsibility rests
upon the Democratic party. On Feb
ruary 12, 1873, by the act of a Republi
can Congress and thesignutureof a Re
publican President a law was enacted
of whicii the followiug is a section:
"Ssctios 15. That the silver coins of the
United rjtutcs shall be a trade dollar, a ball
dollar, or nfty-ceot piece a quarter dollar, or
twenty-live cent piece, a uiuie,.or ten-cent
piece; and the weight of the trade dollar 6hull
be four hundred and twenty grains troy:
and Sii'ul coius shall lie a legal lender at their
nominal value for any amount not exceeding
tive ilolUrs in one payment."
On the 8th day of May, 17G, Samuel
J. Randall, of Pennsylvania, present
Democratic speaker in Congress In
troduced into the House a bill, the
third section of which read as follws;
Sko. 3. "That the trade dollar shall not
heareafter be a legal tender; and the Secretary
of the Treasury is hereby authorized to limit.
from time to time, the coinage thereof to such
an amount as he may deem sufficient to nieet
the export demand for the same. '
On the 10th day of June following,
uon. s. a. (jox, oi iew xorK, a Dem
ocratic, reported Mr. Randall's bill
back, from his Committee, and urged
its adoption, and on the zzd of July.
187b, without moaincation, or a word
of opposition from a Democrat in either
House or senate, it became a law.
It will be seen that the legal tender
quality was stripped from the trade dol
lar, leaving it subject only to bullion
value, by the Democratic party, and
when Secretary Sherman discovered
that-certain busiuess men were bring
ing them lrom the Pacific States they
were originally coined for export trade
with Chins and illegally paying them
out as legal tender, be ;made use of the
authority vested in him by the law,
and stopped its coinage. The Demo
cratic party took away its legal tender
character and relused last winter to re
store its legal tender character and are
directly responsible for all losses sus
tained by the Trade Dollar.
rt'itQEOUT the Morbid II u mora of
the Blood, by a dose or two of Ayer's
Pills, and you will have clearer heads
well as bodies.
Of Belmont county in Sam. Hilles you
nave a wounded comrade who rsks
you for your suffragrs; as in the times
that tried men's souls on the battle
field when you stood shoulder to
shoulder in the contest each showing
fidelity to principle and to each other,
o now we ask you again to stand by
your old friend and present next Tues
day an unbroken front in his support
Sam was a brave, efficient soldier is
tu honest man and as such we ask you
to support him most heartily.
The Trade Dollar. Falsehood!
Mr. Thomas Cochran and some
of his friends in Bellaire and else
where, are whining around that
Jim Tallman is trading off all the
candidates on the Republican
ticket for votes for himself. The
charge is basely untrue. Mr. Tall
man wishes it distinctly under
stood that he would rather be de
feated a thousand times than re
sort to sucn means to secure an
The direct road to honest money is
thought the defeat of the Democratic
Oca friends in each township
are requested to send in the re
turns as early after the vote is
counted as possible.
Senator Thurman voted for the
election law but he is opposed to its
enforcement in Cincinnati.
ii wmmmT
Under the law candidates and
three of their friends can be pres
ent in the room where the judges
are during the receiving and count
ing out ballots. Let some Rep ub
lican be on hand at each polling
Look oct for illegal voters.
Place fearless challengers at eac L
polling place. .
Clothing from Thomas
Hughes & Go.f
1st Because they buy In large quantities,
have unequuled facilities for luj Inn, and,
therefore, can afford to sell for less than those
noi having such advantages.
2.1. They have a large corps of FIRST-CLASS
CUTTERS, and you are inure certain to gel a
ui buwi any wuere tusc
Sd. Tbey sell only tor cash, and do not
charge you anything for lomes they would
nave 10 sustain lr tney were doing a credit
business. We have
Reduced the Price
Of everything in our line, and propose to sell
First Class Goods as low as lliev can be Fold
anywhere. With increased facilities for man-
niaciurmg, ana wun a Complete
of Spring Goods
Now In store, in connection w llli the very
low prices at which we propose to sen tnem
we are assured that we ran make it L'reallv
to the advantage of ail to favor as with a call.
prices marked in pialn ngnres. .
Thomas Hughes & Go,
Merchant Tailors,
2m. CiB Twelfth a Water 3
These gentlxmeu have put In store a fine
supply ni Cotnns, Caskets, Ac, which tbey offer
at exceedingly
Thoy are prepared to attend funerals at short
notice, having In eonneutton with their es
tablishment a good Heirse. sate Horses and s
Corel ul Driver.
Cor. Main and Pulr Uroand Streets,
M arch 9, TO ly.
Ana u o removal oi nis
He Is now prepnied. In hi new auarters.
one door west of tbe Chronicle office, to man-
Suits to Order
In the Latest Styles and at reasonable rates
Transient Cuttinr promptly attended
Especial attention trlven to rennlrlnz and
cleaning old clothes. Satisfaction guaranteed
in every case.
411.-7S ly JOHN HAGUE.
Barber tHair
and cr Dresser,
(Jutlor Nat'l Hotel, St Clairville,
Curls, .braids Switches
and Wigs.
Prepared In be La toot Styles and on short
notice. HAltprepared at 50e per o'xnce.
S now prepared to attend to his official; du
ties, and wishes all persons addressing hire
o furnish Township and Section where sni i
veyl to be made. Fees $5 00 pe day.
Ar lisp St.Clalrsvlllo Belmont comty
CAPITAL, 100,000.
a-Ttnnk onen from t A. sr. until S p. M. Bis-
onnt day Tuesdays, at 10 a. m. Money received
on deposit. Collections made and proceeds re
mitted oromptiy. jbianauge doukui ana soiu
IMrwsor Oonard Troll. David Brown. Joseph (
Woodmansee, George Brown. I
I S. T. OOWEN. President I
In purniinrt of inr, I, HAMILTON EATON, Treamrer of Belmont county, Ohio,
herthy give notie to the Tat payer of mad county, that the taxe levied on tack HUNDRED
DULL A kS TiUwition of Taxable Property for
1 oirnsups and Corporation, are asfouuv:
the year 13 U, for atl purpott me menu
State Levy.
Sinking Fund 05 eta.
General Revenue Fun J. .......... 04 cts.
Asylum Fund .. 10 eta.
School Fund- .............. 10 eta.
Total 29 cts.
County Levy.
County Fund....
12 eta.
05 eta.
08 eta.
10 eta-
, 85 eta.
linage Fuad ....
Poor Fund
Building Fund..
Townships & Corporations.
Flushing .
Flushing Corporation .
Flushing School District
Goshen ...
Kirk wood
Fairview School District
Fairview Corporation
Mead . . .
Pease . . ,
Bridgeport Corporation
Bridgeport School District
Martin's Ferry School District
Martin's Ferry Corporation .
Bellaire Corporation .
St. Clairsville Corporation
St. Clairsville School District
Smith . -
Morristown School District
Morristown Corporation
Warren . . .
Barnesville Corporation .
Barnesville School District
Wheeling ...
York ....
Powhatan School District
The following are the provisions of the act
Annual collection of Taxes:
Section 1. That each person charged
County Treasurer may of bis option, pay the
Twentieth day of December, or one-half thereof on or before the Twentieth day of Decem
ber, and the reraainine half thereof on or before the Twentieth day of June next ensuing.
Section 4. When one-half of the taxes as
Duplicate in the hands of a County I reasurer
i civ of npwmher next, after the same shall
such tax shall not be paid on or before the Twentieth day of June next thereafter, the Conn
ty Treasurer shall proceed to collect the same Dy distress or otherwise, aa may at tne time De
prescribed by; law, together with a penalty of five per centum on the amount of taxes so de
linquent, and iu all cases where sucn can oi any taxes, otner tnan on real estate, anau not
have been paid on the Twentieth day of December, the whole amount of taxes, other than on
real estate, for the current rear so charged, shall be due and delinquent, and shall be collected
in the manner and ith the penalty in this section.
Section 5. . When one-half of taxes charged against any entry of real estate, shall not be
oaid on or before the Twentieth day of December in each rear, or collected by distress or
otherwise prior to the February settlement, as authorized by this act, a penalty of fifteen per
cent, thereon shall be added to such half of said taxes on the duplicate, and if said taxes and
penalty, including the remaining half of such taxes shall be paid on or before the Twentieth
day of June next thereafter, or collected by distress or otherwise prior to next August settle
ment, the same penalty shall be charged on said last half of said taxes, and the amount of the
whole together shall constitute the delinquent taxes on such real estate, to 1 collected in the
manner that is or may be prescribed by law, and if the amount of such delinquent taxes and
Density together with one-half of the taxes charged on any such real estate for the current
rear, shall not be paid on r before the Twentieth day of December of the same year, the said
delinquent taxes and penalty, and the whole of
be Collected by the sale of such real estate, in the manner that is or may oe autnonzea oy law,
and in case the first half of the taxes charged upon any real estate shall be paid on or before
the Twentieth day of December, as provided in this act, but th remaining half thereof shall
not be paid on or before the Twentieth day of
or otherwise, prior to the next August settlement, as provided in this act, then the same pen
alty shall be added to such nnpaid taxes, and the same shall be treated as delinquent taxes as
provided in this act, and with" the taxes of the current year collected by the sale of such real
astate as aforesaid. , ,
I will attend in person or by Deputy at the followiug times and place for
the purpose of receiving Taxes: '
NEW CASTLIL, Wayne Township, Tuesday, October 1.
ARMSTRONG'S MILLS, Washington tp., Wednesday, October 2.
POWHATAN, York tp., Thursday, October 3. .,
ALBRIGHT'S SCHOOL HOUSE, Mead tp., Friday, Octolier 4.
CENTERVILLE, Sraiih tp., Saturday, October 5. -FARMINGTON.
Colerain tp., Monday, October 7.
HENDRYSBURGH, Kirkwood tp., Thursday, October 10.
SEWELLSVILLE, Kirkwood tp., Friday, October II.
MORRISTOWN, Union tp., Saturday, October 12.
ROCKHILL, Flushing tp., Monday, October 14.
FLUSHING, Flushing tp., Monday evening, October 14.
UNIONTOWN, Wheeling tp., Tuesday, October 15,
MARTIN'S FERRY, Pease, Wednesdav and Thursday, Oct 16th and 17th:
BRIDGEPORT, Pease tp., Friday, October 18th.
BELMONT, Goshen tp., Monday, October 21st
BURR'S MILLS, Goshen tp., Tuesday, October 22nd.
BOSTON, Somerset tp., Wednesday, October 23rd. .
SOMERTON, " Thursday, October 24th.
BARNESVILLE, Warren, Friday Saturday, October 25th and 20th.
BELLAIRE, Pultney Tp., Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, Oct 28, 29 & 30
I will attend at the Treasurer's Office in St Clairsville, from November: 1st
until the 20th day of December next to receive taxes after which all taxes re
maining unpaid will be subject to the penalties prescribed by law..
Certificates fc.r labor performed on roads, received a the collection of June
Taxes, except when whole tax is paid at December collection.
It is absola'ely necessary, to avoid the full legal penalty, tUat prompt atten
tion be given in each and every case. While it is proposed to do everything
reasonable to satisfy tax-paj ers, yet no effort will be spared necessary to make
a close collection. -.. ..
3 3 S S t-l
- os
? ? If
5- 3
? i
3 o
13 103 107 07 20$ 64 1 84J
5 02105 19 5 87 64 101
5 02i05 5 65i 83 64 147
5 02J 05 5 17 64 81
5 05 15 10 85 64 99
5 02 05 20 32 64 96
5 02 05 45 57 64 121
5 02 05 45 08 65 64 129
2J 10 30J 20 5 68 64132
5 05 25 . 35 64 99
5 10 35 15 15 80 64 144
5 05 35 15 60 64 124
5 05 70 80 64 144
5 70 50 125 64 189
4 10 12 14 li 1 43 64 107
4 40 2.51 11 45 45 162 64 226
4 10 09 05 28 64 92
4 . 05 40 32 81 64 145
.,4 10 40 54 64118
. i 10 10 23 64 87
7 10 35 52 64 116
. 2 05 11 04 2i 25 64 89
2 05 45 2$ 55 64 119
2 45 2 50 64 114
2 07J 23 20 52i64116J
2 05 50 20 40 20 137 64 201
2 07J 50 20 79J 64 143J
. 10 10 21 15 56 64120
. 3 10 25 04 42 64 106
5 105 13 I . 23 64 87
6 10 13 21 50 64 114
lo l0 11 28 I I 55 64,119
of April 2d, 1859, with reference to the
with Taxes on a Tax Duplicate in the hands of a
lull amount oi such raxes on or before the
aforesaid, charged against any entry on Tax
shall not be paid on or before the Twentieth
have been so charged, or when the remainder iof
the taxes of the current year shall be due and J
dune next thereaiter, or De collected oy aisireas
St. Clairsville, September 12, 1878.
Main Street, St. Clairsville.
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All dealers bnylng or selling other p'ng to
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themselves liable to the penalty of the Law,
and all persona violating our trade marks are
punishable by fine and Imprisonment. See
Art tfl'iiiraa, A. 14. I87G.
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Taxes paid Government In 177, about S3.
5no,fluo, BDd during the past 12 years, over
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roar snare time
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at WIS DDaiUVH. AUllldM
How Lost,
How Kc-
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Dr. t'alverOTell's Celebrated Kaaay on
the Radical Cure (without medicine
of Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak.
ness,Involuntary Seminal Losses. I m potency.
Meutaland Physical Incapacity .Impedimenta
tr. Marrlaee. etc-, also. Consumption. Epilepsy
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ual extravagance. Ac.
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Eruptive diseases of the
skin, - Ulcerations of the
Liver, Stomach, Kidneys,
Lungs, Pimples, Pustules,
Boils, Blotches, Tumors,
Tetter, Salt Eheum, Scald
Head. Bine-worm. Ulcers.
Sores, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, - Pain in
: the Bones, Side and Head, Female
Weakness, Sterility, Leucorrhoea, arising
from internal ulceration, and Uterine
disease, Syphilitic and Mercurial dis
eases, Dropsy, Dyspepsia, Emaciation,
General Debility, and . for Purifying the
Blood, i - - u i. - j
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drake, Yellow Dock with the Iodides
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Its ingredients are so skilfully com
bined, that the full alterative effect of
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The reputation it enjoys is derived
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try repose in. it, provp their experience
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raxr askd by
Dr. J. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Kast,, ,
JVoWol mnd A.nmiytiol ChmnUlt.
sold ax au Baoeeuxs srurwHxas. ':
a . KYLE.
Dealer in AMJCRlCAN and
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a ear the Depot,
s-3, ntch Granite Men a ments. Ifarbl and
Si ie Mantels, Furnished to Order.
wt-ns and sample work can be seen at
!rnton's. General Agent, bU Clalrsvjle
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CtmfnwA'a Thnly eoiub'natioa of the.
OalllUrU O true Jamaica Glngei with
choice Asometlcs and French
Cramps and Pains. Ilarrhoa
ISM AIT A Uysentary. ly pepsla,Flai
JAillMIOM ulenoy.Want of Tone aud Ac
) tlvtty la the Stomach and
Bowels, aud avoiding the dan.
gers m Change of Water, Food
r;.... and Climate. Ak for
Uinger. iuferd's Jaatalca filacer.
8 J

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