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TI1UKS1AY, OCT. 3, 1878.
We will tend Uie Bilmost Ciibosiclb dur
ing the Campaign, and to January 1st, 1676,
(roc a mouths) to ad ranee paying ubeeribers
f or Fim Cairo. Send in your namea with
out delay, and get full benefit of tbe time.
B. P. Talbott, Dentist, St.
Office East of School House.
(8 1 lyr).
Da. Fkbisk's Watek Cche, New Bright
on, 1'a. 627 3m.
Ait exchange note that Eve made Adam a
poor wife.
Sext Tuesday H Election Iay.
Cobs is in shock and the fattening of hogs
"is going on.
Plaid silk handkerchiefs are to be worn
arouud the neck this winter.
Lat in your winter coal before cold weath
er acts io, and while it is cheap.
- Tuesday I lie Stli, is election day.
Tua Fair at Newcomerstown begins next
Tuesday the 8ih, and continues four days.
' Tub clamor of local politics which is rising
higher and higher, will culminate on Tuesday.
M Orm.
Sam. Hillks is the right man to transact
business for the people in the Sheriffs office-
, m i .
Kcptiblieana, poll every rote ou
Tuesday. i -
Dux't permit the urgency of your business
to keep you away from the polls on next
Tin Jeffersonian says that the recent floods
drowned nearly one per cent, of tbe sheep in
Guernsey county.
Mbs. Rachel Hesby, wife of Rezin Ilenry
of Bridgeport, died from consumption on
Sunday morning.
Etikt man who would check tbe rising tide
of communism should vote the Republican
ticket op next Tuesday.
Tote (he Republican ticket as
it is printed.
Examine your ticket on Tuesday, and ace
that no other names other than the Republi
can nominees are upon it.
The firm of R. M- Bishop & Co., have ar
ranged their affairs with creditors so as to be
able to resume business again.
Buisa along your Job Printing. We are
prepared better than ever before to do neat
work on short notice. Call in.
John W. Geai, formerly of Sloan's'Stotion,
Jefferson county, has rented and taken pos
session pf the Wegee Mills this county.
The Globe House, Bellaire, was opened on
Friday evening, with a grand ball given by
Council No. 15 Junior Order Ut. A. Mj- t
Woulds't it be a good plan to have one
Republican on the Board of County Commis
sioners ? , Welsh would be the right person
to seledtf
Gov. Bibko lias commuted the sentence
of RalrJh"Wmtergil, convicted of wife mur
der and sentenced to be hung in Columbiana
county on October 5th, to imprisonment for
The surviving members of the 98th, resi
dent iu Steubenville, extend a cordial invita
tion to all soldierl and sailors in the 18th
district -to-a genera! reunion at Steubenville,
to tie held on the last Thursday of August,
1879. . , - .
Patronized by the Ladies.
IV. Price's Special Flavoring Extracts are
used by the. most, intelligent ladies in this
country; !j .'few. cents additional cost does ,
not deter ladies who are mindful of the health
of their family, from procuring that which is
klriwn to be pure and wholesome.
Dos't, fiT ;ct to goto tbe polls early on
Tuesday morning. Vote yourself and spend
the day to secure competent county officers
and in the interest of good government and a J
sound currency; i - ' ..
Wm. Earl Kokiini.kix, two years and two
months of age, an interesting son of Henry
and Martha J. Koehnlein of Bridgeport, died
on Saturday morning from malingual fever,
and was buried at Jit- Zion cemetery, on
Hiimhiv afternoon. .
The Gems of all Odors.
Dr. Price's Unique Perfumes surpass in du
rability and natural flowery freshness those
made in this or any other country. I'crsons
who think perfumes poor uLless they come
from abroad, should try Dr. Price's Hand-:
kerchief Odors. They are really exquisite..
Dr. UrDEGuAVF was always the friend of
.the Union soldier hence the Crknda of D,T
L iwson, true to his teachings and 'example
during the rebellioti, -abuse tbe Dr.- for his
liberal friendship to the soldier now.
Some gander from Martin's Feiry In the
last Gazelle says : twe liope there is no
foundation tor the rumor that Dr. Updegraff
intends to withdraw' from the Congressional
race in this district.'
You may console youraelf to the thought
that be will on the second 1 uesaar ol uclo
ber. leaving one D. F. Lavison about 3000
votes in the rear.
Hoon Fkkochos, a resident ,cf Morris
town, died at the residence of Eli Nichols,
early on Saturday morning, .after a lingering
illness from ulceration of the stomach, aged
seventy-nine years. Deceased was a mem
ber of the 1 'resby tcrian church, and was
tniich rejrjected bv hiu neighbors arid friends
The funeral took place on Sunday. Inter-
- ment at Crabapple.
Tback-laytso on the B. & S. W. Railroad
has been carried forward as far as Dixon
Myers' school house. Bethel church will be
reached in a few days if nothing happens,
and it U thought tie work will be carried
ranidlv forward now as the contractors are
delivering iron as fast as it is needed. Bealls
ville will be reached by the end of tbe year at
tbe rurthest, and most likely a whole montn
sooner. Bellaire Independent.
The Wtllsville Union of last week has the
following in reference to tbe new M. E.
Minister at this place:
It -v. J. II- Con Me, after three years of
very acceptable service in connection with the
M. K. C lurch of this place, goes, as per ap
pointment of the Eistern Ohio conference
recently in cession at Alliance, to St. Clairs
ville. Under the ministration of Mr. Cockle
the church his enjoyed a season of unusual
DitHneritv. BDirittirttly as well as temporally.
and the best wishes of a host of friends go
with him to bis nevr Held of lawr.
The barn of J as. Hutchinson, two and a half
miles north of this place, was destroyed by fire
about dusk on Saturday evening seven hun
dred bushels of oats, fifteen bushels of wheat,
twenty tons of hay. a mower and wind-mill,
were among tbe contents destroyed. There
are different suppositions as to the origin of
the fire : one is that It was the wotk oi an in
cendiary another (hat it was struck by light
niug, and this last is supported somewhat by
circumstances. The fire was first discovered
in the eave of the roof of the building, and
there was a flash of lightning discernible in
that part of the sky just before the fire broke
out. liOss about ipzuuu or (ouw, axu umu-ranee.
Vote the clean Ticket.
Hilles will make an excellent Sheriff
IVext Tuesday Is Election Day
m e si
Jambs F. Tallman is down for a good
round majority. ;
Tom CoonRAS is betrstinsr Democrats to vote
for him. In 1873 be begged the l'rohibitiocUt.
TncKilay the 8lh, is election day.
W. R. Snedeeer, of Uniontown, left a rair
of one October cling peaches at our oliice last
D. T. Lawsox. never did take any stock in
Union soldiers, hence bis henchmen now
bowl with rage when L'pdcgroff helps tbem.
The east-bonnd passensrer train over the
Central Ohio Road was delayed for several
hours on Tuesday eveuiug by a freight train
wreck near Cassell's Station.
Go to the poll early on Tuen
daj-. Vote and then work for the
Itepublican Xicket.
The WoodsBeld Spirit says that Mr. Thom
as Shot well, aged 82 years, died at Somerton
on tbe 12th ulL .Mr. rhomas bimmons, of
the same place, aged 66 years, died on ihe
22d ulL
The talk about the trading of votes wss
started by one of tbe Democratic candidates
to create a sympathy In his lavor. It won t
win Thomas, t here is no one ever thought
of proposing a tiade except you and some of
your friends. ,
Charles II. JonxgTOX, a well known nailer.
died from nailers' consumption, at his home
in Martin's Ferry, on Thursday. Deceased
was one of tbe leading spirits of the ftaMonm
party when it was organized in this county.
Make arrangements to get out
every Uennbllcau vole, bend lor
absentees from the polls after 2
Georg t Steexboq, a son of Daniel Stecn-
rod cast of town, while romping with another
boy on the way to the depot, on Monday eve
ning, was thrown off the board walk and bad
his collar bone broken. Or. Alexander re
duced the fracture.
Poor Men
Will vote for Jim Tallman be
cause Jim is a worthy member oil
their own class and knows how to
sympathize with and accomodate
them. r
4 . -. .
During a recent visit to Martin's Ferry we
looked in upon Conrad Long, the StoyeJ and
i in ware dealer, lie has one oi the coziest,
ana nea.est esiaousiimcnis oi tue Kind in
Eastern Ohio and one of tbe largest and best
stock of btoves and House t urmabing goods.
Mr. H. F. Barmm the manairer informs us
that 15 Bands and over 200 musicians will be
at tbe Band Tournament at Iiamesville to
day. 1 he t olumbus Barracks Band will
give a concert, and the Coruet contest will
occur in the evening. A special train will
run east of fiaruesuille after the concert, to
accommodate visitors. - ;
Tub Guernsey County Republican Con
vention, Saturday, nominated John S. Wil
kin for toanry'J'reitvinfri The comfnittee
on Resolutions ili-miiCtJ .the defaulting!
I rcasurer, and commended him ti prose
cution, with all those concerned with him in
pervertina puHic money ftom its lawful usei"
ana sueir report wiis applauded. .-
. . - m
Advices' -eceivea rom- the parties -wita
whom the young man Latin, who committed
suicide at Walden Worley's, recently, report
mat ne was aa orpnan-iatl been well ral ;.
was simply wanderer, bad been absent from
borne, as he considered Mr. iliisted'ain Mich-
ltran, ior over a year, was last Heard irora In
Kentucky, till he was found here. ' His life
is nearly as. muclva mystery aaver. -- - -
Tub yearly meeting of the A.Vflbcr Friends
began in thpir . eomniodious new jkleelint;
House, near Barnesville, on- Saturday. A
larire number of persons were in frttendance
on bumtay.t Buu .lue- exeretscs were of more
than ordinary interest. . Among tli preachers
was hlkerton, ot I 'jujadelphia. . Over seventy
of the Friends from' Iowa are in attendance.
and many ethers from ' different parts of thr
country. -. ; i -
. ' - m :.'.: .
Don't the, Democracy howl be
cause of--Dr. Updegraff's friend
ship for the soldier? "vll" for.
yea?s past, t!iey;. have, had only
bitter hatied foi- the Union Soldier,
and have none the less now, 1 '
Qt'Ei: : Wli will- Trien stnoke commnh
tolucco, when they: can tmy M:vrl)Hrg lint.
"Seal of yV'ij'A Vunuliua? at the ' same
price,?" , ,., , j, , fl3 U IV.J:,;
r .
Th great llernocraMe rally so 'cxtcn&iVoly
advertised f f Mirtin's ' Furry, on TifcwViy
night, waa a frit failura.: Tom tt'itigYlii-
ered liiinself rf hisiiireouback tnuli-.tcr.au. au
dience of not more than three cr tour huudsed
people, which dwindled down befure the
che to less than 150 people. Lawsou'o a'-
tempt at a speech us a ' miserablc'sick $
alHrtion and tlisgusted his intelligent lrcarenr.
All that is necessary in this district to rtefiui
Lawson, is for him to show himself.
Mits. Sakah Ravk-is wife of '.Ta ltnnkin
residing north of town and' sistej iofHW.ri.'
Oampbeil of this place .after many rears oi
nfHTttion, fromJRhenmafism died on Sunday
eventng, aged 73 vcars and her remains were
interred in the Union Cemetery." Deceased
received an injury by falling Irom a horse
nineteen years ago, - since , which time she
was a cripple and for the past twelve ye:irs
was entirely helpless,- . She bore her afflic
tions with; great fortitule and patience. -
Spanish Merino Uucks for sale hv
Johu Watson, of Wheeling township. To t
office, St-'Clairsville, O.' J-2G. 4l
Thisyfear'is a good time to take
tickets straight. It-is- a luxury
that some' well-meaning Republi
cans do not, always indulge in
j can afFord to try it next week.
Mk. Editoi: Please announce the name
of William O. Kinney as an independent can
didate for Sheriff of Belmont county.
- By request of Many v oters.
A distinguished ' physioian says "Afier a
careful exan.ination of Dr. Price's Cream
Baking Powder; J am' satisfied that it is a
wholesome preparation. ' 1 have introduced
it among my. patients,.- and hajreyet to learn
where a aonvalesccnt patient could not in
dulge in warm biscuits made with it, and feel
the better for il .' ,.- i - . . .
Trade Dollars at Par.
The banks and many merchants are refusing
to take Trade Dollars. -' "We will take them
from you at par for goods no change will he
given you must buy even dollar's' worth.
Hush them in at once this' is your chance.
Where is John bliermnn 7
Jons Floyd & John Carroll of the region of
Hendrysburg, were arrested last week by
deputy U. o. Marshal .Mitchell, upon a charge
of selling liquor at the Smyrna Fair without
license; a hearing was had before ti. S. (Jon.
missioncr 1 timer at Cambridge on Monday
and both of the parties were held in tiie sum
of $500 each for their appearance before the
U- S.District Court at Cincinnati. Carroll gave
the necessary bond but Floyd failed to give
bond and was taken to Cincinnati by Marshal
Mitchell on Monday evening.
Last Friday evening at seven and a half
o'clock, Mrs. Louise B. Frazier, wife of Kev.
S. It. Frazier, of the Third U. P. Church,
Pittsburgh, and son of our fellow citizen Jai.
Frazier, Esq , died at her borne from paraly
sis of tbe In-art Up to four o'clock she was
in good health and spirits, and there was no
premouidon of ber sudden demise. Deceased
was the daughter of Hon. John A. Bingham
who . represented this district in Congress for
many years, at present U. n. Minister to
.lanan. 8he was a ladv of brnad culture. I
lady of broad
lovelv character and was a zealous, warm -
hearted christian. Two children and ade-
T0ted husband are left to mourn her loss.
Oall'on your neighbors Itetwceu
now and election and urge them to
the polls on Tuesday.
Candidates are busy whooping up voters.
See the appointments for political meetings.
The Commissioners advertise in this pa;er
for propria to build Children's Home.
M- Tasxeaiix, wife alid family, of Con
fluence, Pa-. re the guests c.f Mr. Thomas
(.'lark. Mrs- T. is a sister of Mr. Clark.
W.S- Wbiit, of HcrdryrlNirirh, has been
appointed Cate-keeper at Gate No. 3, west of
St. Clairsviile, in place of Mr- Nelst-n, re
signed, and removed to Cambridge.
Judge; of election cannot ajourn or re
move the ballot box, before the ballots are
counted and the returns made out.
Vote for IsaacCowgill for Infirmary Direc
tor, lis is the constant friend of the pxr
and unfortunate-
Voir for Welsh for Commissioner, he is
competent and honest. There is no better
Foe Corner Capt Garrett should receive
every vote in the county.
Dawsox is a comiet'.-nt sur e or. Hi!
election will save the people trouble.
We omitted to make mention, la?t week, of
tbe death, after a lingering illness, of Mrs.
David Navlor of C'olerain township, on the
15th ultimo, of cancer of the stomach.
Whes Tom Cochran ran for Prosecutor in
18T5. he ran 350 voles iiehind his ticket. Not
such a popular fellow after all, eh?
Toe sweepstakes pacine nee at Barnes
ville was easily won by Woodmansee's 1-a-trol:.
Had a Republican, speaker been as unfor
tunate as Senator Thurmau w is ut lielia.re,
the entire l)em;ratic press would have Culled
him drunk. Senator T. is not in the habit of
appearing iu a State of intoxication before the
. Bxv- B. F.'Beazki.lk knd family started
for their new home at ML L'uion, ou Wednes-.
day. ltev. Beazelle during his three terms as
minister to the M- E. Church in this place,
hy his quiet, energetic labors in behalf of bis
people, left his congregation stronger than
when he came, and drew around him may
warm co-workers in the service of the church.
Ilis charge were loth to part with one who by
faithful, zealous cliristian work, bad endear
ed himself to them all. Our people, univer
sally, wish for him in his new fkld of lalior
the highest success.
The Commisieners at their session on Tues
day awarded contracts for the repair of the
the two iron bridges on Wheeling Creek, as
follows: I he abutments to Wm. llarkins,and
the iron work to the King Iron Bridge (Jo.
The iron work at Uardesty's bridge will cost
933, and Cadiz Pike bridge, 840. I'rus-
tees of Smith township were authorized to
repair bridge at Lewis Mills. -
Tn s Barnesville Fair last week was a suc
cess in ever-thing Uitf the attendance. On
the last day a pretty large crowd was on
baud, but not as many as the magnitude of
the exhibition merited. The bad weather
and some other gatherings operated against
it- I he d.splav in all departments was nrst
rate and especially so in the sheep, hog aud
ealile departments. We are sorry we have
not space to particularize, owing to the press
of political matter. The trotting race ou
Friday was the chief attraction in the ring.
There were1 four entries: 'Honest Ben,' EIar-
aer.' Uoan Jim' and 'Black George.' The
raec was taken iii!lhrec slraiirht heats by 'Har-
kerj" a Cleveland horse; 'Honest Ben' 2d and
'ttoan Jim' 3d. Time 2:4(U, 2:41, 2:374.
WVhope that next year our friends at Barnes
ville will have.clearer slue for their exhibi.
hition, whfcll i4 always good. -W
Hon. DavtiiJ Wagkxeb, we have
missed .thy gentla ; voica io thq cam
paign. ' Oh. how refieshidrf it would
hm bet-n to Lave heard your gentle
aurTflulcct- enroll i n sr9 on - the- beauties
of D'-mo- ricy Eferierally, and three
fingered Jack O'Connor pirticulsrly.
The D-Miiocrntic candidates for Sher-
Iffand Proiiatq Judge are playing the
ol J game of promising to appoint dep
uties in a!wni-L every township in the
CuHiity. Jiumember, that a candidate
whonakes such promised before the
election, intends to deceive. 'Tis only
a .trick to get votes.
"1 - 'Strayed.
: One" white cow with a cut nearly healed be-
tweenileft hip and rump; one KUed Cow,
both fresh; and one brindle heifer ah. ut two
year-sold. . Left home Friday evening, Sept.
2?thV"Any information regarding their where
abouts will be thankfully received, aud $ j re-
ward paid tor their return.
- Address, V- ittsiDKSSTKlX,
J 10 8 3i J., . , Bridgeport, OniB. , '
In :inrgej nuipbers alljjover the
county, knowing the utter unfit
nesjof their candidates for Sheriii"
and ' Probate Judge, "will not sup-
poTt tiiem, due openly aeciare
Jhey,.will vote for Hilles and Tall-
itian;' The people sometimes do
riscr libove; party fy.r; the public
goodaiid the present seems to be
one of these propitious occasions.
The other diiy we Iot)keil in upon that busy
.hive -f industry the tna Mill. They are
Ttiualhis itouhle time, with more men lhau
fince its establishment iu 1873, ami are pro-'
ducinga much larger quantity of sheet and
har iron than ever before. The Elna is one
of the very few mills in the country- which
has kept its fires ahiaze continually during the
depression in the trade. It is under the su
perintendence of Mr. Lewis Jones, one of the
nest iron men in the country, and be is ably
seconded in the practk-al work of the mill by
sueh sturdy men as Wm. J. .Howells, one of
the rubsl competent engineers in Ohio, and a
host of competent, couteuted and happy op
eratives. .Us bu.-iiie$8 and fiuaneiiil manage
ment ly it President, vV. VV. Hollowsy, and
Secretary Wilbur 'lallman, are of the first pr
(i. r, an'd to tiiem aud their co-workers the
.Etna in a large measure, is in ebted for its
success. , -
Democrats. The Right Man for the Place.
"Tiie Republican candidate for Slierill Mr.
Samuel Hilles is oue of the strongest men on
a strong ticket. Some of the best years of bis
life were given to the defense of his country's
flag and ber honor.- He emerged from the
struggle of war, a scarred and wounded hero
and now for the first time at the urgent wish
of friends, he is before a grateful people ask
ing for their .suffrages. His is a case where
the office sought the man. He is a superior,
(active businessman, having the confidence
esteem aud respect of the business community
where he resides. 1 hat is tiie kind of mau
the people of Belmont county want for
Sheriff. It is a business office and the voters
have it in their power to secure a business
man to fill it. In it, Mr- Hilles will display
the some integrity tne same economy and the
same industry, which he displays in bis own
business. V ole for him, and ask your Demo
cratic neighbor to encourage the J placing of
competent men in official station voting for
him also. :
Seldom has there been an election
that has more business in it than that
which is pending, and seldom has
there been an election of moro interest
to the country at large. The vote,
thoreforp, should be for honest money;
honest payment of the debt, and hon
esty in all things!
LUKE BJROWN On Wednesday evening
the 25th tilt., at tiie home of the bride's pa
rents, by tuo liev. 1 ung. Hulpli assisted by
Kev. J. 13. Johnston. U- 11,. Mr. U. Wai
, lace Luke, of Minneapolis, Minn., and Miw
Maniiie IL . second diuigliter of -David
Brown, Esq., of this place.
CATTELL LE WI S On the 25th of Sept
at the house of the bride's father, by the
Kev. ltobert Alexander, Mr. Edward D.
Cuttell.'of Martin's l)'erry, aud Miss Emma
J., daughter of Mr. Israel Lewis of 4I1 is
place- j '1
tOLEM AN BEUItY Sept. 0 In the
Town of New Alliens by Kev. Jas. Doy.
Mr. John VV. Coleman and Miss Mary K.
Berry, both of Beluiout county, Ohio.
Down the dauk valley.
"How still and peaceful is the grave.
Where, life's vtin tumults past,
Tbe appointed house, by Heaven's decree
Receives us all at last."
Mia. Ass Armor, of Mr. Saiu
u 1 Armor, diei on Saturday mornio,
Sept. 21, of typhoid pneumonia, at the
residence o ikt crni-uaugn.er, .irs.
Arna B'tfuell (nee Porter), in St. Lou
is Mo., ami her remains were brought
bi-re for iiterisent, HCcotapunieti by her
n. S. W. ArLior, , the only nur-
vivint! member ol a lar'e family ar-
riviuir at tbe noue ol ur. jonn camp
bell on the morning ol the 2Uh, aod
'.lie funnml took place at 2 o clock P.M.,
Kev. Kobert AriSitron?, conducting
ihe fuiirrai services, and li. It. John
ston, E-q , ihio sfivievs ttquisile for
the interment of the body. iSo ex'
peue bad bi-en p;ir-d, nna the funeral
inrorations wero t leimt in all tlmr
appoiutnir-nts a:i. tiU wa- mo-st noti
Ci nbie in the brnutPul ewket providrd
:.ri'eeive the f n. that would sm)u be
laid nwav trnru hUTtiati fight lorever.
Huv. Armstrong read a pi rlion of the
UOth IVdm, anuou:iei the 631th
hymn, iimi sp'.U brit-fiy tf the char
acter of tne deee:i-ed that even in bis
earliest rememhratico she had been a
pr!'s.seJ follower of Christ. That she
loved thetrood and pure, Ac. Mts.Arrnpr
waa well known to the citizeus of this
community, having removed to this
place about the year ls, ana nt aeatn
waa aged 81 yr:ra. During her Ions
rsidt nee hero she proved a worthy
citizen, a goixl neighbor, Hn ont 'hat
wifh-d to se) th.) cause of religion pre
vail. If sli" espou-ed a principle the
wiis tirni sacrllicing friends and pecu
iirv mlvantnrrs In i?a defense. Mer
aim "was, amid maDy trials and difficul
ties, to rtMr her family so aa to D-come
comfort tr her in age, nd she hl
tbe satisfaction of awing those who
were sj-ared to her, tiding plucea ol
honor an. I trust. One daughter rests
in the cemetery at Ore. tieastle, Ind.,
and slio by theide ol Iht hujtand,and
with the rest of the family around her.
'bleeps the aleep that knows no
Mr. Hugh Fekgusos. sr., died of
ulceration ol the stomach, ou Saturday
last, at M jrrlslwn, Ohio, and his funer
al passed through this place on Sab
bath. Mr.'F. formerly resided near
this place, was n successful farmer, and
a man worthy of respect. He was 79
years of age. Was a member' of the
Presbyterian Church, snd was well and
favorably known in this and Harrison
Mr. Beam has been up looking over
the damages resulting Irom the fliad
to his mill property, and with his
characteristic enterprise lias decided to
repair and improve. Tnis is one ol tbe
best mill seats in the county, and a
good mill kept iu repair would pay
Mr. Conley, the present miiler, wil
removo ou Wednesday to Dickersou'e
mill. '- :
We uxbeiistakd tht a dispatch
was received by Mr, W m. Hons, an
flouncing the serious illnes9 of Mr
Robert Koss at his borne in Iowa, and
that his father started at once to visit
MR. W. Is. Campbell will remove
West this week, and Wheeling town
sh!p"wilt" lo.-e a good citizen. Mrs,
Merritt, who has spent the summer
here will accompany his family as far
atf'hcr own home. Mrs. M. will have
the best swishes .of the many whom
she has wfon, as frit-nds while here, and
they will n gret her ueparture.
A LARUE amount of fino stock has
been bought tip- by Mesr?. .Shepnerd &,
Blair, mid driven off. still, they man
age to secure good cattle and hogs, and
tho wonder is, t bat so many are yet on
School commence;! on Monday, Mr.
Charles Voorheest, teacher. In our last
locals there were many errors in or
ti.oirraphy, of which wo plead not
guilty, Correspondence has accumula
ted, but answers will have to ; be de
ferred for want of 'space." The answers
sent in the "Goose" question were in
genlous an! itty, but only one was
He Takes Sick (?) After Having
Spoken 10 Minutes, and is
Taken to His Hotel.
From our Special Reporter.]
We left Bellaire Mouduy morning enthused
with the idea that on our return home that
erenine we would find our town all aclow
with esciteuienVpeoplo.irt vast, crowds sun;
ug ihrough the slreels, the heavens ablaze
with tire-work!, t'lj an resouent with the
sweet strains of music, while a lunir proces
sion ot torch 'bearers would illuminate the
thoroughfares of thd itv aiiflioeutly tQ renr
dcr our gas lights appear as mere puny dips
in comparison. Such were tho- promises
made us by Democratic leaders wtien we left
in the morning, and loving as we' do the
pomp and circumstance of glorious politics,
its muss and fu, Uie runipnnl. enthusiasm of
the brethren as they assembled to listen to the
clowuiu words Of political truth as they roll
ed from the lips of Ohio's great Senator, aye
the so-called coming rrcsiuciit ot the United
Stales in the near future; but much to our
chagrin as the train p issed over tbe arcade
we could detect uo sign of anything unusual
going on in the cily, no illumiuation, no
torchlights, uo lircworks, not even a delega
tion with music to welcome the ' sixty or sev-entv-five
devoted Democrats who hau periled
their lives on the railroad and expended G3
ceuls for a round trip to this mass gathering of
the.uatcrrifi'.'d-, Br.t at last after much toot
ing and -blowing around town, about H o clock
they gathered together about 800 or UOO peo.
pie, including two car loads from Wheeling,
about 50J of whom were listeners, .the bal
ance consisting of boys , and girls talking
sweet nonsense to each - other, and young
gamins indulging in all the devilments of
juvenility. But it last the music ceased and
order being restored aud Judge Chambers
placed in the Chair, Senator ibiirman com
menced his speech which he continued some
ten minutes when he was suddenly taken sick
and forced J,o return to the Globe House. We
were very sorry tor this, being anxious to
hear the distinguished gentleman, but also
anxious that the numerous Republicans pres
ent should hear him as they were there, for
the purpo6e of contrasting his present views
on finance with those uttered by hiifi six years
ago, and also comparing with the past plat
forms of the Ohio Democracy and the pres
ent, of some of the other States of the Union.
Judge Thurman was followed by Mr. Okey
of Cincinnati, evidently a fledgeling at
speech making, and Alessrs. Arnelt, White
and Pendleton -of West Va. r We heard a
Bellaire DemocraUaftcr the meeting aay to
another, "d d if the Kepubs didn't have the
best of this meeting didn't they?" What he
meant we don t know, but only give it as we
heard it. There was an utter lack of enthu
siasm in the audience throughout the entire
meeting. No outbursts of applause, except
when those on the stand would give it a start
when it would be feebly responded to, and
once we noticed Judge Chambers start it off
with a slow rythmic tread of oue foot, but his
face was as solemn as if he was passing a sen-
tentence of five years to tbe penitentiary on
some poor devil for committing, a rape, that
he didn t exactly believe in. May we have
more such meetings, excepting we don't want
Judge Thurman to take sicki?) again.
The Grecnbackcrs mot Saturday night and
nominated Kichiudson as their eantlidate
for Justice of the Peace. Of the meeting the
ktast Mid the better, for men who can sit and
hear Kearney and Kearneyisms extolled by
their sneaker without resenting it, evidently
need considerable political education before
they oomd be safe voters.
Wjs earnestly implore every Repub
lican Itl the noutity to lienlir himself in
bel.u'.f of the succtad of our ticket dur
ing; the remHihiiiK luys of the envnaa.
We appeal to you lUiutlieHn, every
one. 8e.ta it thaj every thin is done
to Hoi-ura !u'ee!M next Tuesday . bure
ly the duty to you fun only be a jiloiis
intr one to hiive everything necessary
to uet out a lull vote that we may have
. u complete victory on next xuesuay
Mil I! k
Republican Meetings will be held
as follows:
Col. C. L. Poorman,
Martin's Ferry, Saturday Eve
ning, October 5.
Barnesville, Monday Eve., Oct.7.
Hon. L. Danford
Aad OcL QI& FfeGsmaaj
Bellaire, Monday Eve., Oct. 7.
Hon. Alexis Cods and T. W.
Emerson, Esq,
Loydsville, Saturday Eve.,0ct.5.
S. H. Lee and T. W. Emerson,
Burr's Mills, Monday Eve.,0ct.5.
Turn out, one and all, and hear
the questions of the day discussed.
New Advertisements.
Tbomaa C Hambleton
- vs.
' ; Bamnel Ualbraltb.
D Y virtue of a writ ol execution Issued and
Li to tne dlrnoled from tbe Court ol Cora ou
Pleus of Xancarawan county, Oblo, I will olfer
lor sale on tbe premises wbere property Is lo
cated, on
Saturday, October 13, 1S7S,
Rommenclog at 10 o'clock A M. on said day,
tbn following personal property, viz
Tbe three-filths Interest In one lot of wheal
on tne land of Tbos Hopkins, the two-sixths
Interest of Coin on ground of 'Thos Hopkins;
one and - one half stacks of Hay on Bettie
Cash's land; one lot ot Core In ground on
lanas oi ueorge winroa.
Term, of ttale Cash. -
WM Q KINNEY, Sherlrr.
9 2H, 78.
Administrator's Notice.
NOTICE Is bereby'gtven that In the Probate
Court of Belmont county. Ohlo.the under
signed was appointed and qualified as Ad
ministrator of the estate of Isaac Clevinger,
dec a. late of said oonnty.
All persons Indebted to said estate are re-
anested to make Immediate payment, and
those having claims against said estate will
present tbem duly authenticated for settle
9 28. 78-3U. Admr's.
77 State of Ohio, Belmont county, .
In the Court of Common Pleas of Said county.
Alexander L. Harper, plaintiff,
Fleming Fowlls, defendant.
rTMlE defendant. Fleming Fowlls. who Is a
1 liou-nuiilenl of tne county of bolmont,
and State ol Oblo. aud whutu place of reel
Ivuoo Is unknown
. : . Will Thko Notice
Timl on the 1:0th day .f September, 1S78. the
piulniifl. Alexander 1.. Ilxiper, nieu uih peti
tion In the Cleric ' oruce of the court of (jiu
nioti PieaM within aud tor tiie county ol Bel
moul. ao l SLhU o( Ohio, tborolii averrluii
llial ou the 21st ilay of April. INOK. tbedefeud
n. k't..tnliiir RdwIIh oict4.-i I titl and ilellvercul
unlo him his cerralu proiuissory note, calling
lor the sum ol j0 iw, uu. iu one year alter
the ttalo thereoi, buurlutr, tnutrest al 6 percent
frtint dnt. and (urlbttr averring that at tbe
stiiir tln'e Ihe dcfeuilAUl, Klcinlng fowlls,
in.Kk- an-! Jrll vereil unlo III iu. Ior the purpose
ol "ei'iirli : in3 pay tnetit of said uote. bis
morlu.ii- deed. nuu din inni nun tniTeoyioi
said pu: p"so. con vej unlo lilni certain real
estate, Ian Is and tcuem-nis, situate iu the
township of Warren, county of Uolmout, and
State of Mblo, and knuwn and beluif the
west nail of loi tj, or ho mucii tnereoi as
llts eastof tbeeaKtslope for tbe cut for the
Central Ohio Railroad. Also, so much of lot
No. SO. If any, as tleseant of tbsala slope for
tbe cut for the Central Ohio Kaliroad; all of
wblcb are lu the town of Barnesville, Ohio.
And nrsTins that tbe amount due linu on
said note may be ascertained, and that said
mortgage may be foreclosed, aud said premis
es may be sold as upon execuliou at law. ar.d
the proceeds tbereof may be applied toward
the payment of tbe amount found due lilm.
anu luroiuei icnoi. on.
clminff Fowlia. who is non-resident of Ihe
county ot Belmont and State of Ohio, is here
hv noiifld that be must appear and answer
aid petition on or before 26th day of October,
a r T A u E-j
10-S, "78 4W. Ait'y ior piaiuuu.
tEALEO PUOPa-'Aia will
be received at
the Anrltuir's office. St. Ctalrsvllle. Ohio.
up to TUKMHAY, ROVEMBEK 5. 1S7S, for the
erection of a CHU.DKEN ' HOME, to be built
on the farm recently purchased for that pur
pose, uear Barnesville, Ohio. Bids to be ac
companied by bond with satisfactory security
for the completion of the work bid upon. Bids
will be received for tbe excavation of earth,
lo-jse rock, and solm rock, coucrete stone,and
stone work, per cubic yard; for the brick, and
brick work, ior actual count; for tbe lumber,
carpenters' and Joiners' won. including
nulla holm n . for the tin. sheet iron, and
galvanised Iron work, lor tbe pluinblng,sleara
healing, and gas flttlng, lot the painting and
glHZlnit, and tor the plastering.. Plans and
speciucai ions can oe bwu v omuw "
osl. architect, Bellaire. Ohio, after tbe 20th
of OcUiber. 1878. -
1 be fiiumlsiloners reserve the right to re
Jectanyor all bids.
By order oi tne uouuty tuiumiimiuuci..
9-3, Ts-S-l Auditor.
An old physician, retired from practice,
having hatf placed in his hands by an East
Iudia udssionary the formula of a simple veg
etable remedy, for the speedy and permanent
cure for consumption, bronchitis,catarrh,asth
ma, and all throat and lung aft'ections, also
a positive and radical enre for nervous de
bility and all nervous complaints, after hay
ing tested its wondurlul curative powers in
thousands of cases, has felti. iiis duty to make
it known to his sultVring follows. Actuated
by this motive, and a desire to relievo numan
suffering, I will seiid, freo of charge, to all
who desire it, this recipe, wnn fun airections
for preparing and using, in German, French,
or English Sent by mail by addressing with
Btiimp, naming this paper, W. W. Sherar,
14t Powers' Block, Rochester, JNow iorK.
05 4w.
House and Sign
Painter and Glazier.
Practical Paper Hanger,
t ? , 8T. CIJllltel?llJJ, OHIO. --
Glazinsr. Puintinir and Paporine
lono on short notice. All brunches of the
trade will twoivo prompt attention.
farrOrdors solicited. apl-otf
. j
I EqW id I
i (
; i
i (
) (
1150 Main St, Wheeling.
Ten Pieces
Make from $1 to $1.75,
Just Keceived.
Best Value
in Wheeling.
ation Invited.
Monuments, Head Stones, Mantles, &c.
Scotch and Anierlt-Hu Granite Monuments and Head Stones
Furnished to order. All wo't 'lonein best style, and tnothingbut the best material nsed.
All persons in need of work will hnd it to their
I will attend at the Works, in ist. Clairsville, every Saturday afternoon.
Fuir Ground Street,
8 8, T8. L. L. TOMPKINS, Gen'l Agt'
of a Superior
Eyer Offered
advan ago to give us a call. Satisfaction
New Advertisements. Baltimore & Ohio R. R.
New Advertisements. Baltimore & Ohio R. R. TIME CARD,
IN EFFECT MAY 12, 1878.
Station. Exp. Exp. Mix'dPasu
& t ltHIGUT
10 00pm
3 45a m 4 40 am
5 27 8 20 4
. 7 25 ' I 53 pra
7 54 8 18 4
7 4 5 4 10 45 a m
8 30 12 15 pm
9 30am 125 4
10 0U 3 00
10 84 4 4 25
12 05 pm 7 13pm
1 10 4 8 20 4
L Chicago
9 10am
2 50pm
4 45pm
6 40 4
7 09
7 10 4
800 4
8 40 '
9 15 4
9 43 4
Chicago Jun
Slielby Juno
Mt. Vernon. 11 13
Newark 12 15a m
5 50 4 8 10 Cdmbhrl d
L Columbus...
10 45pm 12 40
4 50pm 9 55 am
4 Shawnee
1 Zanesville...
1 Cambridge.
' Barnesville.
12 30am 2 00 pm 5 55 a m
1 40 4 2 57 4 710 4.
2 40 am 3 53 ' 8 14 4
8 38 4 4 56 4 9 18 4
4 50 4 6 lOp m 10 40 4
5 45 4 7 15 4 1155 4
8 00pm 7 30 am
9 10 4 8 40 4
3 20am 1 45 pm
6 45 4 5 10
A Bellaire
Jiew loik
Zanbsvills Accommodation will leaveCo
lumbus daily except Sunday at 5.15p.m., and
arrive at Zanesville at 8.10 P. stopping at
Stations. Exp. txp. lumbkbxd
New York... 8 15am 8 55 pm
Slops at)
oil Sin '
4 Philadelphia 11 45am 11 53
Baltimore... 00pm 7 10 a m
4 Washington 7 15 8 35
Wheeling... 8 25am 11 35 p m
Bellaire 8 50 4 1150 4
4 Barnesville.. 10 07am 12 59 am
4 Cambridge... 11 10 1 56 am
4 30 pm
510 4
6 84 4
7 37 4
4 Zanesville.... V6 zu pm a iu
8 50 4
10 00 4
A Newark 1 25 pm 4 15
Columbus.... 3 10
5 50 4 Mixed
Shawnee 4 35
0 35 4 & Fkkight
10 45pm Pass'obb
4 25am 5 OOp m
L Columbus...
12 40
Mt. Vemon
8 05 5 24 4 7 18
5 24
6 50
4 25 4 6 60 4 1100
4 Shelby 4 53
718 4
910 4
10 00 4
9 89 4
A Monroeville. 6 08 '
Sanduskv.... 7 00
Chicago June 6 00
600 4
9 40 4
10 58 4
Titfln - i w
Fostoria 7 40
1 Defiance..
4 Garrett....
9 49pm 11 34 a m
11 40 1 aopm
A Chicago...... 00 4 7 ao
Figures West of Bellaire inclusive are
Columbus time; figures East ot Wheeling in
clusive, Baltimore time.
Zanksvillb accommodation leaves ijhikb
ville daily except Sunday at 6.15 a. m., andar
rives at Columbus at 9.15 a. m. Stopping at
all Stations. ...
Fast Express runs daily, express uaiiy on
(.'ntral Ohio Division; daily except Sunday on
Lake Erie and Chicago Division. Other
Trains daily except Sunday.
Thos. I . Uabkt, yy esiern rass t ajh viu-
cinnati. .
L. M. C01.B, Uen'l TicKel Agt, uaitimore.
C. II. IIuiwos, Sup't Trans. Ohio Division,
Ijesral Xotice.
ELI7.ABKTH KIOHIB. of the Mate of llll
1 nols. Kebecea Spencer, of Porlaae county.
Ohio, John W Bell.VO Bell and Fk Bell! all
oftheHlateof Illinois, are hereby "''
that the undersized, ad m1"'"" "i.1
estate of Mary llohhs, dee'd. baa presented to
the Probate Uourt of Belmont coun tv. O bio,
. ... - . ...wm nL aaalbst aald
iaie.arooi.iilln In the aggreijate to Ibe sum of
ai and lhat said claim will oe ior oni
Jnd eia.oluatlon or. the 5th day "f ooter,
AJm'roIMary Hobba, deo'd.
UM 1.4
C0LERA1N, Belmont Co., 0.
Ready-made Clothing.
New and Seasonable Goods
Just received and for sale at low prices.
8 22, 78-ly.
First National Bank St Clairsville,
Josepb Idding etal.
BY virtue of a vendl zponM In tbe above
case Issued and to me directed from tbe
Ohio, I will offer for sale oa tbe premise of
ax Henderson, on
Tuesday, October IS, 1878,
Rommcncine at 10 o'clock A M. on said day.
tbe following personal properly, via:
97s head of Sheen: 109 bead of lambs: S bay
2 bay Colts, 2 years old; S Mtlcb Cows; 4 bead
of vouna Cattle; head of Hogs, 1 Champion
Mowing Machine: 1 Spring Wagon, 1 two.
horse Wagon, 1 Grain Brill.
Term ol Bale Cash.
WM Q KINNEY, Sheriff.
Cowen. Atfy. 26, St:
VM Fan f:: Ik
SITUATED two miles south of Barnesville,
on lbs Harrtsburgh and Woodsfleld Pike,
containing about
Eighty Acres
of excellent Land. I will sell this Farm at a
low price, and on reasonaDle terms, making
It an object for any person wishing a
Farm to purchase from roe. Call en or ad
g-6. 78 8U Salem, Columbiana oonnty. O
Bffx.jfo.vr eoMxox pleas.
Isaac Kichncr
John T. Crist.
above case Issued and to me directed from
the Court ot Common Pleas of Belmont coun
ty. Ohio. I wilt offer for sale at the door of tbe
Court House, In 8t. Clairsville. said ouutyn
Monday, October 7, 187$,
at the hour of 1 o'clock P. M. on said day, the
following descilbed premises, to wlU
Being and known as Lots numbered 94 and
96 In tbe town of Powbalau, Belmont county,
Appraised at 1500.
Terma of Male Cash
lerma m oaw-v q mNNEY. Sheriff.
Shannon. Atfy 114. Soi.
N OTICEls hereby given lhat In tbe Probate
Court of Belmont county, Ohio, the under
signed was appointed and qualified aa Jjt
actor of tbe estate of KUward Heed, deed.
l-.-n ulH mnntv.
All persons Indebted to said estate are re
ouestidtom.se Immediate paymeDt, aod
"'t"iem duly aoTh.utlc.ted, for aettto.
WESTBOUND. New Advertisements.
1 to tall price!! onlr 73
lrlor Oncan, prloeM) onlr
fti. Paper free. I F Bsatty.
Waablnlon. N J.
OC FANCY CARDS with name. lOe. Plain
Ool.l; 1)0 styles; Agfa Outfit lUe; Hall
Uo, Hudson, N Y.
Oft t'fcri Cartlit (ptsrtxct beantlps-. with
tu nae. loc: 'Hitfll lOe; TUKNEtt CARD
jjt Asniauu, ai a AS.
Ear Diseases.
NK.nd Dlsoasea of tbe Ear and their
pre per treatment especially Bnnnlne Ear.
How to uel immffUiUe relief Irom all the an-
pleananinea of this disease; and a perfectly
iiarBilesa and permanent care. A book ev-
' family should have. Sent free to all.
Address V E BHOEMAK.HR, A oral Surgeon,
Reading. Pa.
Parson's Pureatlve Pills make New Rich
Blood, and will completely change the blood
In the entire system In three months. Any
person who will take 1 pi'.l each night from 1
to 12 weeks may be restorei to sound health,
if snub a thing is possible. Sent by mall for 8
letter stamps. I. H. JOHNSON CO.. Bangor
The Antidote to Alcohol Found
Found at I-iitst.
Tbe Father Malhew Itemed?.
It Is a oert al n and speedy enre 4or intem
perance. It destroys all appetite for alcohol
io liquors and builds up the nervous system.
After debauch, oraov intent Derate indul
gence, a single leaspoouful will remove ail
meutai and physical depression. It also
nure every kind of Fever. Dyspepsia and
torpidity or tne Liver. Hold by all druggists
Price $ per bottle. Pampblet oa "Alcohol,
Its Ktfecis, and Intemperance as a disease,'
sent free on writing to the FATHER MATH
EW TKMPKKAKCK and Mui'f'i Go: 38 Bond
Street, N Y.
Awarrled ki4;k prxm si CvntMSBT4!- Exponitioa for
mrttr of Mttfjfiutay ufui JLtrorw Tii bvt lubffteco
ar bimI. Am our tlu irip irMd?-Biu-k ta cloMly
itniMttNl on mr.rti'r ptod, m ihU Jaekm't Bmt ia
oa Trj pluif. 8oldhTallU-lTv. 8-nd for Mxap),
fre. io C. s. JAcitMa A Co.. U (r Vvtmntoug, Vo.
Don't say humbug, but judge for
youraelf. Seed for free lithograph of
5-Ton 150 Freight-Paid Sold an Trial
Wagon Scale, all Iron and Steel, Brass
Beam. Address, Jones of Blngham-
trn PlncjhirntAn 1Mat Va.h-
Itensoa's Capblne Perens Piaster Is for
lameness or weakness of tbe back, Rheu
matism and ail local aches and pains,
the best remedy known. Itwaa Invent
ed io overcome tbe alow action of tbe
ordinary Porous Plasters. It relieves
pain al once, and cures where otber
planter will not even relieve. Sold ev
ery wherebyDrngKlsiaPriee25 rents.
In this new volume tbe Ponnlar Author
of Night Bcents In the Bible portrays witb.
viviu anu tnriuing rorce and eloquence tbe
events of Sacred Truth, and adds fresb testi
mony to tbe beauty, pathos aod sublimity of
theutoriea or tbe Bible. Agents will find this
Book wltn lta sparkling thoughts, glowing
style, beautiful Engravings, and rlcn bind
ings, tbe beat In tbe market. Terms IJberal.
Circulars Free. Address J O McCUKDY A
CO, Cincinnati, O.
now ready:
The Uraad Achievements ef
5 lMIlLClONLY$2.75
By Bon J. T. BEADLE Y, tbe Prince of de
ceptive authors. A lull history of bis explo
rations In Africa and marvelous journey
down the Congo. A new exciting book, brist
ling with wild ad ventures and thrilling
scenes of danger; Is profusely Illustrated; tbe
public eagerly await it. it is selling wonders
PAIITinM Beware of misstatements of In
UMU I iUll te reeled parties, but send for
Proof of genuineness and full description of
this work, also terms.
Hubbard Bros. Pubs. Afiante Wanrorf
210 Elm St, Clnn. O.
nubiiw at uti iuu.
PARIS, 1878! At Every
rlANTIAtJO, 187s
Have Beea Awarded the
cahinbt okua?,m.
AtthePsrts Exposition this yer they ar
awardel THE GOLD MEDAL, the high
recompense at tbe disposal of thejnry. They
have also received the GRAND WLI MED
highest awards at AN Y World's Kxpoeilmu.
sold for cash or payments. Latent Calnloenew,
with newest styles, prices. Ac. free, hi Asi N
The Best Teale Bitters Ever levewteeU
WANT Off APPETITE la not In Itself a
disease, but simply aa evidence that
dlawatie exists in the system, wblcb must be
cured before tbe pattent can expect to relisb
what is eaten, or receive any benefit from tbe
food taken Into tbe stomach. Tbe rUUININai
IONIC BI ITERS will restoie the natural aps
peille by curing the disease, not simply excl
unKthe stomach by stimulants, the seconda
ry effects of which Is only to add to tbe cause
irom wblcb a distaste for food arose, but
making a perfect core.
Indigestion, Dyspepsia, and fSck eaolaeAe
Tbeee diseases are more prevalent than any
others; tbey prevail everywhere, and In this
country are all but univeral. A medicine
that can be relied upon as a permanent on
for tbem. Is tbe Quinine Tonic Bitten. They
can be taken w4tnoot any deleterious eOect
upon the system, and will leave the patient
with all tbe exuberant feeling of health. Tbe
Quinine Tonic Bitters have l.eeo reiaarkably
successful la restoring me distressed and de
sponding dyspeptic to perfect beailn.
They keep the heaiihp wetL, tout care the sick.
No one ever used tbem lhat did not praise)
tbem. They will improve tbe appetite, facil
itate digestion, give tone to tbe nervous sys
tem, and vigor to the digestive organs; there
by imparling health and strength. There la
no remedy so good for languor and debility.
Tbey are tbe best aromatic tonic and stom
ach Ic ever made.
FOR LADIES in delicate health, persons of
sedentary habits, and in all cases wbere a
strength giving stimulant Is required, the
Bitters will be found Invaluable.
ITiepurfly 'their composition never varies.
Price $1.00 per Bottle.
For sale by dealers generally, and at whole
sale by Wxst A Trcax. Toledo, Ohio, and by
Strong A CotB. Cleveland, O.J and R Jon ra
ft Botrs, Oolambua, 0. S 2S 4w
Tbe Great Diuretic Compound
Is a sure, quick remedy
for all diseases of tbe
Kidneys, Bladder, and
Urinary Organs, existing
either In male or female.
Aa, Irritation, Inflam
mation, or Ulceration of
the Kidneys and Blad
der, Uravel. Stone in U.a
Bladder, Reddish or
Hnck-dnst Sediment in
Urine, Thick. Cloody -r
Ropy Urine, I aluftil
Urinating, Bedwetttngi
Mucous and Involuntary
Discharges. Morbid imtatlon of ladderana
VTZ eanaTI- wonderful ear..
"VolS .Tt'wTan 1U gloomy
.ttendaru.-Dtlneaa, of Memory. Low
snlrlls Ac, it Is a aovertgn remeuy,
BMOLAN DE Rt BUCUO buoyi i P the en
erraMdVystem, ImparUng new life andvlgor.
SuT Ktlon. tie whole sysuwu beeomlDg
strengthening aud Invigorated.
Re aare sad ask far (tawlaader Baeba,
InsHt upon havluglt, sndut. ? "Jjer
For sale by dealers generally, at wholesale
by Weal Truax. Toledo, btrpng A lOobb
Cleveland, and R. Jones Soo. Oolumboa O

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