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Old Time U the drollest of wap.
And puzzles tbe world with bis rulea:
lie ere all to-day to the wise,
Tmnnmw he promised the fools.
At first he made nought but to-day.
With its Joys, its successes, and sorrow;
Then to keep od good terms with the world,
He promised he'd make a to-morroui.
Tbe Idle rejoiced at tbe news,
Put their hands in theirpockeU and slept,
Believing the promise of Time
Would be most religiously kept.
. They never conceived that the rogue
Had promised to-morrow in fun,
80 quietly went to decay.
Leaving all to-day's woik to be done.
At last they woke op but to find
To-morrow was really a myth.
And thought what they'd do when too late,
If they had the time to do with-
They prayed old Time to return,
Twas merely the wasting of breath,
For tbey found, as he laughed and flew on,
That to-morrow was nothing but death.
T Harper's Bazar.
The Playmate.
Tbe pines were dark on Ramoth Hill,
Their songs were soft and low,
Tbe blossoms in the sweet May wind
Were falling like the snow-
Tbe blossoms drifted at our feet,
Tbe orchard birds sang clear,
Tbe sweetest and the saddest day
It seemed of all the year.
For more to me than bird or flowers,
My playmate left her borne,
And took with her tbe laughing Spring
The music, and the bloom.
She kissed the lips of kith and kin,
6 lie laid her hand In mine:
What more could ask tbe bashful boy
Who fed her father's kine T
She left us In the bloom of May;
The constant years told o'er
Their sessons with as sweet May morns.
But she came back no more.
I walked, with noiseless feet, the round
Of uneventful years;
8UU o'er and o'er I sow tbe Spring
And reap the Autumn ears.
She lives where all tbe golden year
Her summer roses blow ;
The dusky children of the sun
: Before her come and go.
" There, haply, with her jeweled hands,
She smooths her silken gown
No more the homespun lap wherein
I shook the walnuts down.
Tbe wild-grapes wait us by the brook,
Tbe brown nuts on tbe hill,
. And still the May-day flowers make sweet
The woods of Folly MilL
The lilies blossom in the pond,
The bird builds In the tree.
The dark pines sing on Ramoth Hill
The slow song of tbe sea.
I wonder if she thinks of them, .
And how the old time seems
If e'er the pines of llainoth Wood
- Are sounding in her dreams.
I see her face I hear her voice;
Does she remember mine?
And what to her is now the boy
Who fed her father's kine?
- What cares she that the orioles build
For others eyes thaa ours? ,
That other hands with nuU are filled,
Aud others lays wilb flowers ?
- Tbe winds, so sweet with birch and fern,
1 - A sweeter memory fclow; -
Tnd then in Spring tbe veeries sing
The song of long ago.
. And still the pines of Ramoth Hill
Are moaning like the sea
The moaning of a sea of change
Between myself and tbee.
J. G. Whittier.
"Mother, you are making me misera
ble very miserable, indeed, aud only
a month ago I was unutterably happy."
"Your misery is ephemeral, my dear
son. Tbe time will come, perhaps,
when you will bless me for my interfe
. rence that now you consider unwise and
The soft summer sun, delicately tem
pered by clouds of pearl ; and gold,
would have shown on a pretty and
peaceful scene of nature only for the
. human passion that marred it.
On every side were green meadows,
thick with clover bloom, and fields of
wheat and corn yellowing in the sun.
In the center of the scene stood theSev
erne homestead with its tall walls of
pale-grey stone, its lofty observatory
with glittering glass windows and its
shining, brazen weather-cock, and with
its wide, handsome portico, the slendet
uiaiuie puiars ih wuicu were wuuuu
with rare vines, heavy with Sweet-scent-
ed flowers.
From the broad, high parlor windows,
open to the balmy wind, and flung ajar
to the low, antiquely-concreted floor of
. this portico came those earnest,aggriev-
In the middle of the room, in a quaint
lyKSushioned chair sat Mrs. Severene
a proud, matronly-faced lady, who was
Rwifllr nenrino- her thrpA np.nrp. veara.
Her only child Leo, stootl beside her.
He was the son of her youth, and the
pride of her long widowhood, and the
only reminder she jealously held of
her dead husband, except the fair and
goodly estate that la- so smilingly in
the summer sun.
Leo Severne was nearly forty, and
people marveled that he had remained
unmarried, whereas he was handsome
and winning, being- superbly framed
flkflfl nnhlv fnt.iirpri finelv ivlnpfttivl nnrl
j , -v
highly eultured, and had airays been,
moreover, the favorite of all women.
"Why have you never taken a wife,
Mr. Scverner maid and matron had
asked him; "surely so kind and amia
ble a man sho'd have done so long ago."
."When I meet a woman whom I can
love more than my mother, I shall mar
ry her if she will have me," the devoted
son would always reply.
But the question was never asked him
after dark-eyed RossieLynde had"come
to teach the unruly boys and mischiev-
nna crtrla rf t ho x-1 1 1 a nro ai- 1. rrl tfVit anmw
" ' ""o """"1
gossiping spy thereabout knew and
talked of the change that had come up
on him since that spring morning when
he had found her amone; the winter
greens on her way to the brick gothic
structure where she was expected to fill
young minds with old book lore at the
rate of two dollars a head for a term of
three months, and found her weeping
bitterly because among so many strang
"ers, no one seemed anvthing more than
strange. And all these watchful gos
sips knew and talked about the gentle
way with which he had comforted her,
of how he had walked, and" rode, and
sung with ber, and of the great bouquets
of roses and lilies that he had sent to
"He is bewitched by that girl," said
the gossips, with comments that refined
senses shrink from hearing.
Perhaps none would have been hard
upon the friendless girl only for the
sneers of the rich and popular Mrs.
Leonie Chisholm, who was a permanent
boarder at the Severne mansion, and
usually had her will with the aged
mother of the bachelor renegade.
.ulfj.W!. L.I II 1- - T . . ,
jirs; vjuisuinm wuuiu ue just me
match for Mr. Severne," they assented:
"she is about his age, and certainly he
could not find a finer nor more elegant
This was just what his mother tho L
and this is just whr she had brought
herself to reason with her obstiuate
son on that sweet, summer day.
The time will come, perhaps, when
you will bless me for my interference,
that now vou consiuer unwise anu
"What objection have you to Rossie
to Miss Lvnae mother, as my
wife?" asked her son.
"What objection? IIow can you ask?
Do you does any one know anything
about her or her antecedents'? It is
true that she was brought to the village
by an apparently very venerable and
respectable person. Her certificates of
character and ability seemed to be ev
erything irreproachable; I admit, but
not one of us not one member of the
Board of Education had ever before
heard the names of the honorable and
reverend gentlemen whose names were
annexed to those certificates. They
may be forgeries, and she an adventu
ress; and indeed, that is the general
opinion since you
"Since I have openly expressed my
respect for her, and publicly announced
my intention of making her my wife,
interrupted Mr. Leo Severne.
"Has it come to that, my son?'
Her son was deeply moved by her
hurt and reproachful voice.
"Mother !" he said in kind remon
strance, "I love Rossie Lynde so well
that unless 6 he becomes my wife, I
shall never many.
"And you have repeatedly said, my
boy, that you would never wed a wom
an whom you could not love better than
the mother who idolizes you. U, Leo
If you disobey me it will be my death !"
she cried, in anguish. "If vou must
marry, why not turn your heart toward
our dear Leonie. Indeed, my boy, I
have long had my mind fixed on your
union with her."
Leo Severne gazed at his parent in
amazement for a long moment.
"My mother, j'ou must be out of your
senses quite, he gasped. "Do you
know her record
A faint flush wavered over the with
ered cheeks.
"Do you know anything more than
mere rumorr she inquired, huskily.
"Such a rumor is quite enough, I
think," he answered. "Two cousins,
possible heirs to the will of a capricious
uncle, loved her: she schemed to marry
the richest. Believing that the uncle's
choice was made, she made every prep
aration for her nuptials With the puta
tive favorite. On the eve of her wed
ding she learned her mistake and
eloped with and manied the true heir.
The deserted bridegroom went mad, and
killed himself. When tbe deceived hus
band learned the truth a year after, be
took his baby daughter and left her
forever, assured that her sordid soul
would be consoled by the fortune for
which she had married him, and which
he left subject to her control for a time.
A few months after, the tidings came
that the husband and child had been
lost at sea. That is how Mrs. Chis
holm became a rich widow."
"You have almost a fool's faculty of
exaggerating things said to have occur
red years ago, and a thousand miles
from here. Indeed, you speak assured
ly," responded the lady, with a bitter
ness that ill became the sweet old face.
"I speak knowingly," returned the
agitated gentleman, with quite as much
bitterness; "and if not, mv assertions
surely could be no more malevolent
than those of these village croakers and
nonentities, who are only invidious to
my Rossie because I have refused to
take a help-mate at their liking or
among them rather. Oh, mother dear,
do not oppose me in the dearest wish
of my life. We could live so happily
together1 you, Kossie and I.
"We will not discuss this matter any
longer to day, said Mrs. Severne, set
ting her firm teeth sternly upon her thin
white lips, as she dismissed him with a
gesture of outraged dignity.
As the door closed behind him she
arose from her luxurious chair, and go
ing to the window watched him passing
down the walk.
"He is too good a son to marry with
out my consent; and that, he will never
have unless he gives up this girl for Le
onie," she mused, and then she grew
strangely pale. "The Severnes have
never yet stooped to sly deeds even to
gain a worthy end, but alas! I fear it is
left to me to be a diplomatist My son,
I shall become an intriguer for your
What she meant was in that moment
only a chaotic idea, but it found shape
and form the next day in a laconic let
ter sent to Rossie Lynde, without s
Rossie was sitting at her desk when
it came, and her weary, dark eyes grew
troubled as she broke the seal, for there
was something ominous i to her sensi
tive perceptions in the very perfume of
the envelope that bore her name in
quaint, heavy, and nervous strokes,
bhereaa swittly, taking in every
word with a clear intensity that was
the pain of pains.
"His infatuation of many a girl like
you has lasted but for a day. With
him "what's won is done.'- The only
lady he will make his wife, is Leonie
Chisholm, to whom he is betrothed.
Go to her and ask her, if yon will not
believe one who, though friendly to
you, must remain unknown. His moth
er despises you as you must know al
ready from the manner with which she
has persistently ignored your presence
in the place. Take warning and leave
the village if you would not be nndone.
Ut course you Know what they are
saying about yon here in consequence
of his secret and doubtful attentions.
Many things little slights and hints
from the watchful villagers came now
to her memory, and these things seem
ed to exaggerate the subtle poison of
the letter.
She would go away at once and for
''I am really glad that you have re
signed vour oosition and are coins
J . jr o
away, Miss Lynde," said her landlady,
standing on tne tnresnoia 01 her nar
row doot and curiously watching the
slim, shrinking figure; "I would have
advised you to do this long ago, if I
had thought you would have taken it
kindly. You see it hurts a poor girl
young as you, when rich bachelors, not
too old, take a fancy to them, 'special
ly, miss, when it is all secret like."
"I do not understand you," was the
proud and indifferent answer.
"I am afraid Mrs. Chisholm would
pretend not to understand, too," was
the last significant and cruel thrust
"I will send for my baggage," re
turned Rossie, quietly, as she walked
That afternoon when Leo Severne
came into the room, he found a dainty
KttU ..it;,. ,:.., a :
tained Rossie Lynde's farewell. As he ,
read, his keen lover perceptions caught
the guarded anguish of every line, and
he knew instinctively that only the
grossest of falsehoods could have
wrought so Budden a separation.
"I will find you, my love, and make
you mine if the world opposes me," he
But albeit his firm determination,
he was very desolate. He wandered
into the garden, and from thence into a
parlor fitted up exclusively for the most
favored guests.
It was a beautiful rcom, with ex
quisitely rich walls and ceilings painted
as his own quaint fancy had suggested.
One standing at the entrance would
imagine a bower of living foliage and
flowers, behind and above which were
glimpses of a blue summer sky touch
ed with rosy clouds. The carpet was
like a still amber lake with golden
pet aled water lilies strewn over it in
natural confusion. Only the caived
table, the ottomans and chairs, the
vases and the ormolu clock with .its
ceaseless ticking on the mantle only
these things could dispel tbe illusion.
In this room he had meant to bring
Rossie, and ask his mother to bless their
But she was gone, and unless he
found her, life would never be the same
He threw himself in a chair and
buried his head in his arms upon the
chill, cold marble of the table.
Presently a little rustle of perfumed
air swept over hi in.
He did not hear nor heed it
A woman, magnificently beautiful,
came through the length of the room
toward him, but he was unconscious
of her presence. Neither the fall of
her dainty feet nor the sweep of her
roval train, made a single sound as
thev crossed the rich carpet
And yet this woman was beautiful
perilously, magnetically beautiful.
Her hair, black as night was bound
in great, lustrous coils about her small
imperial bead, ana held there by a
diamond hilted dagger. Her skin was
colorless and satiny; her eyes, like
burning iet were veiled with lashes of
lovely length; her lips were like a cleft
cherry ; her every feature was perfec
tion. She wore some queenly dress of
purple velvet minglea with satin that
had the glint of mther-of-pearl, and
diamonds and pearls blazed on her
bosom and on her delicate fingers and
Many a man had knelt at the feet of
the haughty and peerless .Leonie Cms
holm, but none had stirred her heart
as did Leo Severne in this hour as she
saw him there, bowed low in his sud
den miser'.
"I have come to comfort j'ou if you
will listen to what I have to say," said
the fair woman, tenderly touching his
bowed head with her jeweled hands.
ne lifted himself and looked at her.
His blue eyes darkened with resent
ment "Whatdoj-ou know of my trouble,
that j-ou can help nie?" he asked, al
most sternly.
The woman could not command the
skill of her coquetry just then. His
steady eyes confused her, and she for
got the prelude of the pretty speech
she had coined for the occasion, and
like Vivien, she used her hints inop
portunely, and faltered forth a quota
tion: "of some who prized him more
Than who should prize him most."
And, like King Arthur, the gentle
man gazed upon her blankly.
I would never have run away from
you in such a secret and cowardly way,
Leo," she continued, in a nervous frenzy
of ardor and embarrassment
"Please speak plain, Mrs. Chisholm,
and tell me exactly what you mean,
said Severne, with a shadow . of vexa
tion and disgust creeping over his face.
"UU, .Lee, 1 thought you knew, an
swered the woman, in the random of
ntter confusion. "I have been led to
suppose that you only fancied that
creature, Rossie Lynde, and that you
really loved me. Oh, I did believe it
indeed I did!"
Her hard, black eyes grew soft with
weak, pitiful tears, that another man
might not have resisted at such a time.
But Mrs. Leonie Chisholm as she
looked upon him knew her doom.
And Mrs. Severne coming in hur
riedly, saw that one of her dearest
hopes was wholly, frustrated.
"Come away, my dearest Leonie,"
she said, "you have visitors.
-I ! Who?'
"Ah, that &tupid servant! They have
been brought here, returned Mrs.
Severne, stepping back politely, as a
grey-haired, sad-looking man entered,
followed by a slim, shrinking girl
closely veiled.
Mrs. fJuisholrn looked, and with a
shrill cry of liorror and alarm, fell for
ward upon a couch and hid her whit
ening face.
"She knows m, it seems," said the
visitor, in tones that rung sardonically
through the beautiful room. "You
may have heard something of her hus
band and child who were lost at sea
years ago. ion may nave heard now
she appropriated the worldly goods be
longing to them, and left her native
place leaving no trace behind her. I
shall say nothing of that part of her
history that made her life hateful to
her in her old home, for I am that hns
band, and this is her child and mine.'
He lifted the veil from the face of
the reluctant girl, and Leo Severne
looked upon the beloved face of Rossie
Mrs. Chisholm uttered one startled
shriek. '
Look at your wronged daughter,
madame," said her husband, sternly.
Look at the child, whom, but for my
timely discoveries, vou would have
slandered into her grave, for what pur
pose only your own guilty soul can
know. . After all these years of search
it was willed I should find you to save
you from a sin greater than all. What
have you to say i
She tried to speak, but her few words
were faint and broken.
God forgive me. IIow could I
know?" she gasped, and then was si
And that silence was the silence of
The living could not have judged
her then, if they would, seeing the bit
ter agony of the man whom she had
"I loved her once fondly and wholly,
Rossie," he said, "and you and I will
forget her faults.'
So the evil she had done was "inter
red with her bones," and her name
was rarely mentioned, and never by
Rossie Lynde Chisholm, who had nev
er known the care nor love of the moth
er whom she had found but to lose.
In all his wandering, fortunes and
failures, after that disastrous ship
wreck from which they had been saved,
Willard Lynde Chisholm had never told
his daughter anything of her 'mater
nal parentage, until these late and ro-l
mantic developments had forced him
to do so.
It was then, for the first time, -that
she knew that her father had a right to
the distinguished cognomen by which
he had refused to be known for so long.
But Rossie Chisholm was just as dear
to Leo Severne as Rossie Lynde had
been, and at an early day he told her
A grand and joyous wedding follow
ed after a becoming time, and none
congratulated her more lovingly than
Leo s mother.
And Rossie never spoke of the cruel
letter that had caused her flight for
she well knew who had instigated the
And so well loved did Mrs. Rossie
Severne become, that the most inimic
al of the villagers found it the fashion
to copy her virtues as well as her"gar
menta, and those who had once reviled
most, now praised most the whilom
little school teacher.
c a.
C -I
O. B
D 53
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4 g.
S 3! 5
tr 2.
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SB i
Chronicle Printing Office.
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VOL LA lio vautaaim of Taxable property for
lomuupt and Corporaiwne, art at fouove:
BATON, Treasurer Belmont eounty, Ohio,
tne year1 lo 3, for ou putyoee t ws mmra
State Levy.
General Revenue Fond .. 04 ets.
Asylum Fund 10 ets.
School Fund 10 ets.
Total 39 ets.
County Levy.
County Tund 19 ets.
Bridge Fuad 03 eta.
Poor fand - 08 ets.
Building and . ... 10 ets.
Totals 81 ets.
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Colemin . .
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The following are the provisions of the act of April 3d, 1839, with reference to the Semi
An Dual collection of Taxes:
Kkotiob 1. That each person charged with Taxes on a Tax Duplicate in the hands of a
Countv Treasurer may ot his option, pay the
Twentieth dav of December, or one-half thereof an or before the Twentieth day of Decern
ber, and the remaining half thereof on or before the Twentieth day of June aext ensuing"
Skotiom 4. When one-half of the taxes as
Duplicate in the hands of a County Treasurer shall not be paid oa or before the Twentieth
day of December next, after tbe same shall have been so charged, or when the remainder jpt
such tax shall not be paid on or before the Twentieth day of June next thereafter, tne Coun
ty Treasurer shall proceed to collect tbe same by distress or otherwise, as may at the time be
nrescribed by? law. tocetber with a Density of five per centum on the amount of taxes so de
linquent, and in all cases where such half of any taxes, other than on real estate, shall not
have been paid on the Twentieth day of December, the whole amount of taxes, other thaa on
real estate, for tbe current year so chargea, snail oe Que ana QeiioQueni, ana snau oe couectea
in the manner and with the Density in this section.'
Section 3. When one-half of taxes charged against any entry of real estate, shall not be
paid on or before toe Twentieth day of December in each year, or collected by distress or
otherwise prior to the February settlement, ss authorised by this act, a penalty of fifteen per
cent, thereon shall be added to such half of said taxes on the duplicate, and if said taxes and
penalty, including the remaining half of such taxes shall be paid oa or before the Twentieth
day of June next thereafter, or collected by distress or otherwise prior to next August settle-
.1 -W 1 II 1. .i . . - J ; A 1 , V.! , Ar ma'.A .nr1 4K. ..nniinl nf Wm
UieUli-, LUC (MllllC JjeUIUlJ Blinil UUBnCU UU MUU UUI IMUl POIU IIV. biuuu w vuv
whole together shall constitute the delinquent taxes on such real estate to be collected in the
manner that is or may be prescribed by law, and if the amount of such delinquent taxes and
rwnnlrv trwetlipr with one.hjlf of the taxes charired on anv such real estate for the current
year, shall not be paid on "r before tbe Twentieth day of December of tbe same year, the said
delinquent taxes and penalty, ana the wnoie oi tne taxes or tne current year snan oe aue anu
be collected bv the sale of such real estate, in the manner that is or may be authorised by law,
and in case tbe first half of tbe taxes charged upon any real estate shall be paid oa or before
the Twentieth day of December, as provided in this act, but the remaining half thereof shall
not be paid on or before the Twentieth day of June next thereafter, or be collected by distress
or otherwise, prior to tbe next August settlement, as proviaea in tnis act, inen too same pen
alty shall be added to such unpaid taxes, and the same shall be treated as delinquent taxes as
provided in this act, and with" the taxes of the current year collected by the sale of such real
as tale ss atoresaia.
I will attend in person or by Deputy
the purpose of receiving Taxes:
NEW CASTLE, Wayne Township, Tuesday, October 1.
ARMSTRONG'S MILLS, Washington tp.," Wednesday, October 2.
POWHATAN, York tp Thursday, October 3.
ALBRIGHT'S SCHOOL HOUSE, Mead tp., Friday, October 4.
CKNTERVILLE, Smith tp., Saturday, October 5.
FARMINGTON, Colerain tp., Monday, October 7.
HENDRYSBURGH, Kirkwood tp., Thursday, October 10.
SEWELLSVILLE, Kirkwood tp., Friday, October 11.
MORRISTOWN, Union tp., Saturday, October 12.
ROCKHILL. Flushing tp Monday, October 14.
FLUSHING, Flushing tp., Monday evening, October 14.
UNIONTOWN, Wheeling tp., Tuesday, October 15.
MARTIN'S FERRY, Pease, Wednesday and Thursday, Oct 16th and 17th
BRIDGEPORT, Pease tp., Friday, October 18th.
BELMONT, Goshen tp., Monday, October 21st
BURR'S MILLS, Goshen tp, Tuesday, October 22nd.
BOSTON, Somerset tp., Wednesday, October 23rd.
SOMERTON, u Thursday," October 24th.
BARNESVILLE, Warren, Friday fc Saturday, October 25th and 26th.
BELLAIRE, Pultney Tp., Monday,
I will attend at the Treasurer's Office
until the 20ih day of December next to
maining unpaid will be subject to tbe
Certificates for labor performed on
Taxes, except when whole tax is paid
It is absolutely necessary, to avoid
tion be given in each and every case.
reasonable to satisfy tax-payers, yet no
close collection.
-3jH h9 ap jcn r ft H 3 5? 3
f?ii s- 1 1 1
-5 )r I
3 03 107J 07 ? 20i64 84)
5 02J 05 19J 5 37 64 101
5 02J05 5 6i 83 64 147
5 0205 5 lTi64 81J
5 05 15 10 35 64 96
5 02 05 20 32 64 96
5 02 05 45 57 64 121
5 02 05 45 08 65 64 129
2b 10 30J20 5 68 64132
5 05 25 . 33 64 99
5 10 35 15 15 80 64144
5 05 35 15 60 64124
5 05 70 80 64144
5 70 50 125 64 189
4 10 12 14 1J U 43 64107
4 40 25 U 1J 4S 46N162 64 226
4 10 09 05 28 64 92
4 05 40 S3 81 64145
A 10 40 54 64118
3 10 10 23 64 87
7 10 35 52 64 11
21 05 11 04 2 25 64 89
2i 05 45 2i - 55 64119
2, 45 2 50 64 114
2 07 23 20 62 64116
2 05 50 20 40 20 137 64 301
12 07 50 20 7964143
10 10 21 15 66 64 120
3 10 25 04 42 64 106
5 (03 13 I i 23 64 87
6 10 13 21 60 64 114
6 10 11 123 I I 55 64119
full amount of such Taxes on or before tne
aforesaid, ebaraed Against any entry on Isx
at tho following times and places for
Tuesday k Wednesday, Oct 28, 29 & 30
in St Clairsville, from November 1st
receive taxes after which all taxes re
penalties prescribed by law.
roads, received at the collection of June
at December collection.
the full legal penalty, that prampt atten
While it is proposed to do everything
effort will bo spared necessary to make
St. Clairsville, September 12, 1878.
Main Street,
Extra Inducements to customers In the war of Good Quods for Low Prices, and as
Wardrobes, Chairs, Tables, Bureaus, Bedsteadst Looking Glawt-s, Hut Ie
Picture Frames, and everything else In the Furniture line.
Pictures Framed to
jrompty and care folly attended to.
anerals on short notice. AM kinds of
oonslstlng of Cofflns, Laskets, Shroads ana nariai oooea m hi mimm.
STo. 1130 Main Street, Wheeling, W. Ta.,
Has just received his Spring Stock of Plain and Fancy Wall Papers. Tbe stock la complete
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AImo a large
Queen8ware, Glassware, and Willow ware,
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St. Clairsville.
Orderin Best of Style!
Tvn Hamae anil safe team always ready to attest
UDKRTAKINO GOOUS always on nana.
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Also a tine lot of Cutlery,
The awat celebrity qCT TDfTACI TOIAC
CO naaeaased many lm'tallons thereof to be
Biased oa Use market. Iberelore eaatioa
all Cbawera against purchasing; aoeb. lmlla-
UAUdaalers boytng or selling other p'ug to
baooo bearing a hard or nxaaille label, render
themselves liable to the penalty of Mi Uw,
and all persona violating onr trademarks are
punishable by Une aofl Imprisonment. Hm
Act ef Caaareea, Aa. 14.
The genolne Lertllar Tla Tig Tebaeee can
be distinguished by a TI! TAtion each lump
Vith the word KIBIIUKD (tamped J hereon
Over T.088 tone tobacco aold in 1H77, and
nearly S.OOO peraont employed In taotoriej
Taxes paid Government in 1HT7, about S3.
800.000. and daring the past 18 years, over
JU.OuO.OO). These goods aold by all jobbers at
manufacturers' rales. .
raeoond to none" In aroma, mildnew, purity
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their own locallliea. i-arue-iu
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BTixaoa Co. Portland. Maine.
How Lost,
IIow Re-
Jnsl published, a new edition ot
Dr. Calverwell's Celefcrmted Hmmmy on
the Radical Core (without medicine
of Spermatorrhoea or Seminal Weak
neee.In voluntary Seminal Lomes. 1m potency.
Mental and Physical Ineapaoitv.Impedlmenla,
to Marriage, etc, also. Consumption, Epilepsy
and Fits, indaoed by selNlndulgenee or sex
ual eztravaganee, Ao.
irpPrioeTin sealed envelope, only seeata.
The celebrated antbor In this admirable Essay,
elearly demonstrates, irom m iuir.jr j -suoeessrai
practice that the alarming eoose
goenees of self abuse may be radically cured
wlthoat tbe dangerous use of internal medlcl"
elne or the application of tbe knife; pointing
oat a mode of euro at once simple, eertain
and efleetoal. by means of which eveiysof
feret, no matter what his condition may be,
may ear qlmsell cheaply, privately and
rodieaUp. ,
SVTbis Lector will prove a boon to thou
sands aad thousands.
Beat, under seal. In a plain envelope, to any
addreea, on receipt of six cents, or two stamps.
Address the Publishers
I Aaa 8c Mew Terk, Post Office Box 4o86.
Jan 18. 1877-y .
can make money faster at work lor us
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we will start yon. 13
day at bom
made by the industrious.
Men, women.
boys and girls wanted everywhere to work for
oa. How Is the time; costly outfit and terms
Addre-TBUB Co,Anguata, Maine.
AGENTS WANTED! Med. ana mp. awmruea
holw pictorial Bibles!
100U Illustrations. Address tor new circulars,
A. J. HOLMAU A CO.. 30 Arch SU. Pbla.
Want a FARM or HOME
with Independence ana pien
ty In your old age.
The Best Thing In the West
Atchison,Topeka & Santa FellB.
Iranian with Map. giving mil Information,
fee. Address A s Johnson, Ael'g Land Com'r
frpeka,Ea. .
Irdges. Address. J. Bown A Son. 13S Wood
St, Pittsburgh, Pa.
Brass Band. Music.
1 (Twelve Members,) with a variety of Moat
nw prepared tornrnioh ood M uslo at rea
nable rates and on snort n otic r (or srie
ral Fairs. Sucday School and ciitr crieb
ons, PicNlcs,Gxhlbitlona,Poll tHaii d
obllo Meetings.
JtI3. B. H CUIUS S Prea
IO.OOO Agents Wanted to Sell
The Curse and The Cure.
By tbe Veteran Antbor, T 8 ARTHUR. Tbe
and Startling proofs, ever eounined In one
volume. The work of Murphy, Keyuokle, In
ebriate Asylums. Crusades, etc A Marvelous
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HUBBARD BRO. 2I W Sth Si. Cincinnati.
Ohio. OUR B1BIj4,Ju reduced 85 per et,
are selling Fast. 3-21
DD - Dl)
Kit RR
Oils, Dy, Glass,
l'aient SfedlriHen,
- - -.- Perfumery,
uu uu ,
uu uu:
uu uu "
uu ur
uu uu
uu uu .
uu uu
uu uu
Fancy Goods,
IirnshcB, Soup
- GO
I arsre Stock ofGoods
In our LJae, strictly as represent
(hi, and at Mtiom prices.
ss ,
J, B. U O O ,
Dri'SKlst, opposite StXlalr Hotel,
A DAY A"s PreSt ranvaasln ft
.Vtwu IMlicht. Sample free. F
, Kaasaa. A' Y.
Special Oners for
Newspaper Avdertisiog.
We publish a book of III paea
SVo fno aK
vertlenc ) giving special on
rtvlns1 soeclal oners n
ror advertising
all over the eoontry. PHeea lower than ever
offered before. The lent edition sent peat pud
no tbe receipt of 25 cents by CAUCAY A CO,
Printers' Warehouse and Advertisement
Agency, 191 Fulton Street. Hi.
CnvnMt'at The only eombinanon or toa
d&nTOrU Itrfe Jamaica Ginger with
. ehnloa Aromeuca ana rreuoa
Crampeaad Pains, Diarrhoea
B If II ft a and Oysentary. Dyxpepela-Piat-AM
AIWA alenoy.Want of Tone aad Acs
tlvtiy la IM rtnmaca ana
. Boweia, aad avoiding the daa-
era o Change of Watar, Food
r;.... anu CUmnla. Ask ror
biuy8r . luSH'a Jamaica, C lager.
- .

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