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.!.. '.. J. w. HI.T.
Tin ix, KninAV, Armi. ?t, io.-.h.
Habeas Corpus.
Or, Tlinr-!ny of )nl nk, Jti'lge
Fjmtililit'K mslo spplirstion to tli f U
prrm four. rf Oliio, fur ft Ifuhrat Cor-
s in f .lec of lliP 21.) "Oborlin Hi xi hits"
now h0l in 'Iurn- tile" by lie U. S,
Mnrslinl t Cli'VelfttiJ. TIip urgiimonl
on tlio dpplirfttion wts ppf nd on Men
il iy, Juilgn Spsmliling sp-p nring for t lie
jirironrr snd Dislrict Attorney Billion,
msist! by N. II. Pwnyn of Oiilumliiis,
for llie United Stales. Judge SpniiMing
nmjn Ungtliy unit Wo argument, go
ing to sHrr tlio iniconttitulionnlity of
Fjijilive S'uve Act of 1 713 and lsn
of 105J, and clniming that tlio prisoners
wcro tllfgnlly bold. Judge Hidden re
ftied and wu followed by N. Il.Swayne.
Tba opinion of tba Court, wliitdi will
probably be given to dny (Wednesday,)
is awaiiod with much inlorflst.
Scene in the U. S. Court.
I,st we.'k, llie Deputy 8lieri(l" of Lo
rain county appeared In .lie U. 8. Court
room at Cluvnlaml, with a warrant for
lb arrest of Jennings and Mitchell, lbs
Kentucky "niggr catchers " Those
men have been indicted in Lorain county
for kidnapping, or tn ing to kidnap the
negro, John.
When Deputy Sheriff Whitney, inform
ed the persons, above named, of his inten
lion, a Deputy Marshal tppel up and
ltld iti t' h.'M them by virtue of a
bench warrant from Judge Wilson and
rufusnd to l t them go. This miserable
farce wai perpetrated by Judge Wilson,
io ordor to screen these (lave catchors
from Ihe laws of Ohio.
We may well ask, have free white men
in Ohio any rights, which itava-calcor
re bound to respcc.lT
Steamboat Disaster.
The steamer Si. Nicholas, Captain
McMullcn, bound from St. Louis to New
Orleans, e vplodcd at St. Francis Ulstid,
below Memphis, on the night of the 24 ch
killing A seriously wounding about 75 of
tlio passengers it erew.inoludinif the captain-.
The boat subsequently burned to
tl water edge, together with the cargo.
The saved and wounded were taken to
The Sickles Case.
This case has not yet boon duclded.
All the pvidenoo has been tnlan and the
counad hnvo spint two or three dnys in
arguing ih case, previous to instructions
from the Court. The rase will probably
bo decided this week.
Lathi The cae wont to tl r
1 uesnay, who, after being out forty min-
utct, returned a verdict of Not Gcutr.
XtT Messrs. J. it II. Miller have sold
out their interest in the Ohio Slut Jour
nal to it. D. Cooke and C. C. rtill. who
will cwidnvt it under the style of Huiiry
D. Cooke'ife Co .The Journal baa proved
eminently successful under its new man
The Wellington S.alea grants that
"under the most auspicious circumstan
ces, "Pennsylvania would probably sup
port the Republican candidates, Divi
ded botween two rival and iiiiinic.il ruc
tions, the Democracy have no hope of
ascendancy in the Slnte."
T .D. Jonks, the Sculptor, we learn, from
the JlegltUr, is now io Sandusky, draft
ing a model of the Perry Monument, to be
erected on Gibraltar, at Put-in-Buy. He
ia acoompsniod by a Cincinnati artist,
who is nutting aki-tohea ot Put-in-Day
Antioch Collkcb. This institution has
been entirely freed from debt, and pur
chased by it old friends, with a new
'harlor which secure it porjotuilly to
the Christian deuominalion
Xif A great flood i prevailing in tho
Lower Mississippi, in some places ex
ceeding tht of lest year, ciuking breaks
in the levee and great damage to the
adjacent plantations.
Extraordinary a it may appear, says
an exchange, a piece of brown paper
folded and placed between tho upper lip
ai.d gutn, will stop bleeding of the nose.
Try it.
JTiTThe city of Quito, in South Amer
ica, ha been destroyed by an earthquake
and 6CO0 of il inhabitant buried in the
f Luciu A. Bower of Franklin
counly has commenced suit for $15,000
damages, against three persons, for alien
ating hi wife's affection.
Sir Judge Wilson, afuir "cooling
down," consented to a new Jury in the
case of Langston, whose trial i now go
ing on at Cleveland.
t JT The Columbus Gazette hoists the
name of SALMON P. CHASE for Presi
dent and Edward Bates, of Mo., for Vice
l'rest.iu 1000.
JOT We understand (hat C.S. Ham
ilton, formerly of the Marysville Trilune,
will be a candidate, before tho Republi
can State Convention, for Auditor.
tST The jury before whom the crew
of the slaver Echo, were tried, have ren
dered a verdict t-f acquittal.
The foundry of Henry Davis, at Ports
mouth, O., was burned on the 21st inst.
Mr. H'-ed, American Minislor to Chi
na, at Isst accounts ,sd arrived at Paris
by the overland India mail route.
JttT lion. John Letcher, Democratic
candidate for Ooveruor in Virginia, is
said to bit lying dnngsroiisly ill,
Kansas Constitutional Convention.
A despatch from Leavenworth snys:
The oflieia' m -jority in favor of a Con
stitution is 30111.
Gov. Melaryliaa isued a prnrdama
lion for the election of di legatee to a Von
stilutional Convention, to assemble al
Wyandotte in June. County conven
tions lave been called through
out the territory to perfect parly organi
zations. Kflorta f.re being made to con
solidate the opposition to the Democra
cy, which will piobiihly bo successful.
Illh parties will nuiko strenuous efforts
to obtain control of the Constitutional
Letter from Kansas—Pike's Peak
IOWA POINT, K. T., Mar. 26, 1859.
I have just got in from an interesting
hunting rxenrsion, and finding a few leis
ure moments al hand, I have concluded
to drop you a few lines with regard to the
rU-0'9 reck Humbug! It is highly Inter
esting, if not exciting, to see and mingle
with the thousands of eipeotanl gold
stckors, who aro daily arriving, and out
fitting for a trip over tho plai.ia. I hare
spent a few days in each of the cities of
Kns t'iiy, Leavenworth and St. Jo
seph. They aro all crowded to ovciflow
ing, and large par. ins are arriving with
every ooai. i ne emigration to 1 iko s
I enk is immense and will reach by the
fust of May the enormous number of
KM), 000. The present rush will justify
these figure.
With regard to the real merit of the
"newly discovered gold fields," 1 have
had peculiar advantages for obtaining re
Unhid information. I have sunn sovernl
psrtiea who have arrived from there with
in tli6 ltst few week some of whom I
know to ho truthful and disinterested per
sons. Thet all concur in saying that
'Tike'a Pcnk" ia a humbug, and that tho
many favoiable reports sent to tho Stales
are emanation of town lot speculators,
who are reaping rich harvests from tho
credulous masses, who believe thai it will
turn out lo be a now El Dorado and that
fortunes may bo made in a few short
months. I have no doubt but that irold
exists at Pike's Punk (the opinion of Dr.
Vaughan, and other eminent geologists,
who have prospected thecountrv, lo the
contrary notwithstanding,) but il is found
in such small Quantities that il will not
pay to work tho mines; in conclusion, let
me say, thai all who have comfortable
homes, and loviny friends, in the Slates.
had better remain there: at least, not emi
grate to Pike s Penk. with any expeola
lint, of bettering their condition: if ihev
do, they will most assuredly bo "Ukenin
ami dona lor.' It I now lli si lioyrtsv
wnn border trading poinin, unJ tl,yi
reaping rich harvest. The men on the
border, hero, aro peifeotlv nuiet. mul n..l
tho lirnt one is otitlitiinir for ihe mines.
This, of itself, ought lobe a volume of
rdvico to those w ho are not regularly in
From the State Journal.
Republican State Convention.
pursuance authority vested in
th em, tho undersigned aniiounco that a
delegate iiom i n h I i n tr ('onvontion will aa-
se nili In in tlio City ol Columbus cn Thv.r'
day, the Second day of June next, for the
purpose of nominating candidato for
(iovernor, Lieutenant Governor, Auditor,
Secretary and Treasurer of Stale, Supreme
I'ourl Judge, mem'jer or lha lioard ol
Pub'.io Worka, and Commissioner of
Common School.
We earnestly hope that all, of whatov-
er party, Republican, Americans, Dem
ocrats, and of whatever birth, foreign or
native, who are prepared lo join in a com
mon effort to deliver our National Gov
ernment from the control of an arrogant
sectional Interest; to arrest the spread of
Slavery beyond tho Slates in which it ex
ists; to prevent the ru-opetiiiio- of Ihe for
eign Slave trade; to maintain the rights
of freemen, and ihe interests of free labor
to rebuke the spirit of extravagance, cor
ruption, and misrule, which characteri
ses the existing National Administration,
and lo briiiL' back the Government to the
control of the principles avowed in the
Declaration of Independence, and reaf
firmed in the Federal Constitution, will
unite in attendance upon the Counly
Conventions, and in the selection of dele
gate, and through them in the noiuina
lion by the State Convention of candi
dates, worthy of the support of honest
and patriotic voters.
The ratio of representation will be one
delec-ale to each five hundred voles for
Judge Peck at the election of 1C58, wilh
an additional delegate for each fraction
over Iwo hundred and fifty votes. In
accordance with this rule the following
will be the number of delegate from each
of the oountie of the Slate:
(According to this apportionment, Sen
eca countr i entitled lo four delegate
The soverat county Committee will
call their county meetings for the selec
tion of delegates at such times and places
a they think desirable but we suggest
Saturday, the 21st, of May, as the most
suitable day. Sufficient tiu:e shouldelapse
to givo all the delegates ample notice of
their selection.
Win. Dcmiison, Jr. 8. A. Kaviuoiul Toledo.
Columbus. W. (). Codius, tlillsboro.
I.urisn ttuttl
J. I'tlicrt, l.rti.inun
Wm. T. liiucuin
R.N. It-irr, "
N. II. Swsjdo,
J. II CouIut, "
(. M. rursons, Kt
Kor llieSfslost I.t;
J. K. Il.it.l.fll. IVUwsre.
II. L. .McKku, Tillin.
J. fc? i I v y . I'liillicothc.
W. K.llt'ntr, i.sni'sslpr.
J. O. T onisua Hldoiiitivl.l
e J. V. l)i'wc v, Normslk.
J. It.Ciililinpi, JcO.
J. W. Siiih, AsliUiid.
W. It. Ksnn. Ui. Venmn.
C. U. Smith, tin
I'ur eucli t'inii;n siloii.tl O. Anplipatc.tni svilltt.
DiMrict J. C llmiiiUs C.'niiiil.i i.ljo.
T. C. Pst, Cincinnati. N. V, Ium'Iiui', Akrun.
h'rancis Julisun, ( in. J.C.tiniiiniss, Cli'vvlnnd
Win. iK'ckett, lldiiiiltiui. C. K. Hunt, Whitoii.
E. R. Eckley,
COLUMBUS, OHIO, April 20, 1859.
For the Tiffin Tribune.
The New Territories.
Mr. Kditok. The question is frequent
ly a.-ked, "Where is the Territory of Co
Ivna, XavaJa. &o. For the purpose of
gratifying that portion of your readers,
who may not be acquainted with the geo
graphical locality of :ho proposed Terri
loties, we give Ihe following information :
Coi.ona, is to be carved out of the
Western part of Kansas and tho North
Eastern corner of New Mexico, embrac
ing the newly discovered gold reioni.--Pikk's
Pkak, the Aurevle Mountain, is
tho cen'or of attraction in this Territory.
LanAMta, will bound Colotia, on the
North being cut out of the South West
ern part of Ncbraka. Ft. Laramie, on
tho North Folk of I he Plutto U'vir, and
Eaat of Laramie Peak, has given its name
to this Territory.
Nevada, is the Western half of Utah,
I) ing between Salt Lako and California
bounded on lha West by the Sierra Xe
ymhi Mountaini whence its name.
A RI7.DNA, is a combiration of tho South
art of New Mexico and that Messilla
Valley strip of land, "Uncle Sum" pur
chased from Mexico, in 1K54. Tho lat
ter is, at this tiaic, without a local gov
ernment. Dacota, Is the Western half of what
was Minnesota Territory. When tho
Stale was formed, a line was drawn
through the middle of the Territory from
North to South. The Eastern part ba
canta tho Slate of Minnesota the West
em half is unorganized and without a
UNToNAiioa or cruaioa comprise the
peninsula between Lake Superior and
Michigan, tho greater part cf which, now
belongs to Michigan.
The molest thine from
Piko's Pok
that WO have .ecn, la the following from
a letter, which is going th. round, of , be
a letter, which is jroinir tho rounds of lh
"In Arranahoe eonntv there are from
In Arrapahoo county there are from
eight lo twelve hundred poor dovila, like
, it ( . , r i
mj self, hunting gold, but not finding
any. Al present, we are preparing to
skin the spring emigration, which is lo
be done by dii-posing of town '(csand
bad whisky.
-kr N.M. J Art m Mil KR, '
Bpw 49 3 M i.a r liaa tWil and I ktbii Uoaa,
W hmv t Ii prom I it- of an
AlMiiiilniil llarrcMt)
nil tvtry F-(mtr ihuuld huv
t ,
HEAl'Jilt fc aiOWKH,
Tho Itoflt Comhinod Machine, for cut
ting Oram and (J runs, i tho, World!
Iti ftiljmlnlilv innlitiff art) null tlint th 1 1 R I V 1 : ft nl
t'M.I.. ran rnue mitl lowvf the riillcr Imr, o to otit i
Hi) oliatriis-lMHta, Wllliiiiil ktoppttif th Irnni.
The innt tiihft nr ill WHirnnivrl, mil nit whn ai Itirm
il I Ht'iiMI Itirv writ nmilt) linlli l-'A It.M Lltr I HII.
Il ii m lly nml Milhmit ttoultl.
The riirmt-r'N illiirliinr,
tlmtitHtiiU nf rKriltlrnitit ftrtnt ih timet x(ier.fncr(I
ririiltiirNltlet in our Hlrsiinri MillelM.w,
It line rf'iMl tnitra !'rnii iliie: nnd ini'ilnli tltnn ny
Mnt lun , ami lias Un iiiro by tli t ni
rliniiii'k in I tie wnrlti.
T aiTominiMlfir th rniiiniiiir, lit pr-M-ricior
linvti lqtililintrnl nifrnrire, in all Mirtinn rii Niai.
I ha ,lriiiiie ninv sfrn ami amintl, al Mr. lln
liAtii'a.in 1 t.l.MoH K, al tl ft nn ni ih unilrml ?nsil
f) A R Milk nml limit r'e mill, on llunrv cre?k, thr.-a
mil1" writ of Mi'lmcirt.
All ara invited ami urgml to o1l HnA xmin fot tltam
In (lurihililr nml worttinamhiti tliay ir tl aaott vatu
ah'a Mm hinat In ilea. Thry ar manulactuod at tlta arral
wr of
tUl.iwin, lawUl k Co. Tlavalanil, anl eulil hr
William limiK;
Attorney txX Xjirtxv,
General Land Agent;
Wnulil rtiacttillr inform lha iublloUiat ha haa ennttril
with bis jtiauitca a rviiliir
tki plam.
Prnn wUhin to ho I.aiult or Town tti, ill flml
to lhair atvanlHf to atamtna hit oiihi of anlrirt r
iHa(inn. nrioaa, tartnt, Mtllae, ami lhna wuhltif to
rllhftvv hrr a raiW maitinin, hy leaving tlioriitluu ol
mM"ii v, trrim. tin., tor anirr.
IVOihV in hhiwhiaa'i t.'ora mo trial llloah. ovtr iht
Itana n( Tttlin,"
Pure Old Kjc AVhiKy!
Pure Old Bourbon Whisky!
runs iioll!nd gini
All wsrrsbtcJ tsbs fool SKilpurc snil for ! hy
i?1 Hsv.ltr', IUo. k. 1'iihn, illiio.
. 371110 Oxxt
II i:VIAts TO 11 ceo.
TIIAVK lutt riil s lolnr Kins Cul Clt.win TithsorA
s til r .nU'l. ili.n I .r tTor. mM. Ii I. front
Ih. ni.iiiilK.loit ol M.WI-'U.l.ll ii CIIUK, ll.lr.ll sail
ju.lv" hail bailer Itjl II. J. I'. IIVKHIS.
S'V HsjiWr", llhicli.Tiain.dliio.
Xontal Oxiraory.
R'paolfillr tanltrthtir IV.faeiional trrvlcai to tho la
titat ami (teutltmen of ihu plat , and vit i(f r. Thr ar
waaiatl lo Mrftrm all lha Ofaarttiont con nested Hillitlta
aviaoca of
pon tha moil tm pro vail antl clra'itir piiwripWa.
rr (Icairinn it wil! Iw watte-.l .toon at lliair nnlrncai,
Aliorttrrt will rt-ia proaipt altraiioa.
All Work will bo Y.ii-riwiloJ.
t"",n1iO in room formerly orattpivil b lr. Bt'NTIKu
corner f l aahinxloa ami Mnrkat ulreatr.
Tirria, Ohio, April VVVh,
Sale or ltt-Kl i:mie by Order of Court.
(Is tWVHL dsy .r M.r, . I. ln.VI, st ons o'clork Is
tli. slt.-riUHtn, SI lh il(Hr nf ill. I'iurt Hon.., In llir ,'tly
of I'tllin, H.n.c. I'onitlr, ' Ihlo, ill I.. m.I.I io llw hirlif.t
tii.t.lrr Hi. tollouinjt nnl .,1.1., iIm .nirtir of r.i.i
Morn, s il.i..l Sliil li.lpl.u ir,on. lo will A irwllon of
Imiiiv , r.. 'o h. l.k.n lioto il.. N. K ,r,irr ol lit. W.
on.-li.ll f il. 8. V oo. I'ot.r'h of ion No. 1, Town-
hip 3, Nurh of Ksiif. 17, w iiliin lit llrlso.ro l.ud 111..
lIK'li.tll now p.rlu.l.lly d.M'rili.l SI l.'llow., lo.wil;
4'ooioi.iK'lof ,1 Ih N. F.. cornor of a.ltl lot. Chun lliruc.
fmiih .long lli. K.al litis of s.itllol ntiro.li. Ir.mt
lli.ni'r tVr,l fur .ni.uirh in llit s lis. runmnf North pstal
11 with lloostj K.ml Itn. ol .J liM to tho irlli.r iivius
l.rv Ihorvof, liif.lr..r w till M nini-h of ..id Nortli.ra Imhis.
rl.rr l tiii-'u.lr.l hrl.t., ..lit tin. ,ml llo ..ill K..I
lin. of ..ni M, and th. olnvr tn.on.l.rvo. nlor..4lil ali.ll.n.
rl.M tki.niy .oi.lr. of, sitd 'imoumb.ml by dowtr or
ollirr ur.
lixl or ,ils.
On thiid oflha (Hir-hata monav.raah ih banal aa day of aa:
and Ih rnaiaing two t hir.lt in iwo eual tuataihnenia of
an and iweUa ajiouiha r .prcli i el v, wilh inlrrael therron
lotn day ol ai.
haid deft-ratd payineala to be arrured by
X... 107. AV ACT
To nineml and siifmlfni'-ntflry tn an aet entitled
"an net U provi.le fur the entnlliloni nt and
ffor'Tiiineiit of Itefni iii Seluol," ni il Ai ri!
2, IK.
Meet ion I. He it enneteil ly the Cenersl An-
seinlily of the Slnte el Ohio, " lint the Umnl of
eoiniiiMAiiiners for r forin seliooU are herehy an-tliiM-izeii
to exiM.nil upon tho hnildinii now eree
twl iiHn tlie Hlnle (. fmni Kami, twelve linn
'Ireil iloltnis in ad'litiixl Ui the ainonna fixed hr
law in p. rtion nine of the net to vliieti this is
S ii leinentnry; provided thnt surd additional
.etio slmll lie confined to useful and necegtary
H.o. '2, Any person that shall eritiee any
youth detained' upon the Htnte It. 'form Farm to
eenc, or aid er alx't. him in his cflepe,nrslinll,
afUT his csenjie, tcnointr him telwft fuiitivn
from said Kbile leforni iiirm, harlxtr him, ahntl,
vn Convielion thereof, I (h-.'iiied guilty of amis
demeanor, and and le fined in a sum r'mt exeei-d-litg
one hundred dollars, or Confined n the eon i
ty joil for a jwritiil not exci-cdino: six iimntha, or
ImiIIi, at the ilisen lion of the court.
H e. 3. The Suite Iteforni Farm ia herehy
Jeehired to lie apieinl r ad diali ii-t, and the
ehiefolVieer upon siiid fnrin is herehy vested with
all the powers of a supervisor of romla f,,r said
distrietf Ho is authorised to alter the puhlie
nad upon anid furm in such ninnin r as shall
lie fieiud lo ei flmirv for the ir.-n r,il i.liin n,..l m.t
line of the sniue; provided, however, that no al
V,,",'" , ,'!".' .V' 7
nur.ii r'-ntit u nm n. fmii, or im ir pilule male.
rmlly iner-nsed, or their (funeral use to tho pub
lie materially unpaired; and provided further,
that sueh attentions he approved hy the county
ooiiitiilsioners of the county of Ktiu field.
rVc 4. Tlio city council of any city in this
state are heivhv authorized to apply sueh pe.
cnniiiry aid as they may ih eiu prop, r, hut not lo
exceed three tlnmsned dollars in anyone year
townrda the rstnliliHliiiieiitof (tne or more refor
matories In said city, of smieh a chirnet T as is
Ixed hy law in sections sixteen and seventeen of
the net to which this is supph uientary .
.See. 5. Tnat section six of the aet to which
this is supplementary In? sn nmended as to rend
as follows: H.c.O. The said hoard of commis
sioners shall continue to consist of tho three
ineinlu rs now appointed for the eriod of their
appointment and 'Inr powers ami unties shall
Ic ns designated in this aet. 1 heir successors
hall he apM, inted t y the governor, hy and with
tho advice of tlio senile, one ol tlieir numiicr Im-
; inp desitrnnted hy the appointing power afore-
! B"1-Bt"'nf eomniisioner, and all ol them
oi uicin io unit
! . ' . ...;'i Vi...V. .. . L .1 : ' .
n 'poioi mem,, nun iiiiui ni' ii im w,,iiB niv up
pointed and ipn.l.li. ,1, unless vacancies occur
poluteii ami iiini,u.., uniei
from death, resiirimlioii, or
horn ihath, resinimtioii, or removal, forcauss
herein provided. Kajd co
lafors crih-riiiir upon thcuii
jtllkn an , Jumniin a,
comnnssionera stiaii,
lilies of their cilice,
...... i... .1..
constitution of this state, and nloiive sueli lnd
to (leposited with the trensnn r of state
I lie
aelinir commissioners shall receive a salary not
cxcccdiiiKciithtv-f ur dollars per month, to he
paid quarterly, and to be fixed hy the said honrd
nf coiiimissioiiers hy and with the advice and
consent of the governor, hut no other fi-i'S, per-
quisites. or personal exenses -Ahntever, nud ths
two advisory coniuiissioiiiTS shall receivo rive
dollars per lie in for the time nclually employed,
hift no tinveliiig or other expenses whatever.
'Ihe acting commissioner shall reside on thefarin
'and devote all his timo to the duties of his oHicc.
The honrd may apoint matron to reside upon
tho farm at a couiK'nsatii 11 tint exceeding two
hundred dollars per milium. Tho lioard shall
' meet at least once a month; hut no per dcini shall
I he paid to any commissioner for inoro than forty
five days in any ono year; ami the salary per
deim shall Ih- mid out of the treasury of state, on
tho order of said Ixmrd of coiiimissioiiers IIhjii
the warrant of Ihe auditor of stale.
See. 6. Htctions , If, 10 and 20, of the set
to which this is amendatory, are lu ruby r h nl
Sec. This act shall Uikc effect iiHn its pas-"W-
.. .. ....... .
vn.i.iA.i n. viuwiir-.,
SiK-ak r of the Hons of Kepi-i seutativvs.
ilAlti lN WKI.KKH.
l'lveideut of the .Senate.
March 2(1. 1HM.
Ilt It fnnrtrl lv ttf (Irrral ernihfr n"th
Plata of t ttitn, 'I till tha lift wiilion l lha vl rnlillrii nn
a'l lo aeiahliali altt rniitin. in atnla nml f-oiiniy rnriN," I
ami i lii'rahv mm'tnlril to na lo n nil a folloH t: Jro. I .
Thai n II allf rniioiiH l alnta or roonly ru iiUl thnt ara now
or ihitl! hrrenlfrr ho lawliillv inatli nml t nliti -lif si t uliitll
fotm a pnrt nl imtt rout, nmj o nun It ol'lht rriinnl roail
a lira httiwran ihv ioinu at with Ii lha alli rniion nitt r act
ait, or inlrr-t'i l., alctllW ami r innin vm-nn J,
hi. 9. Th.it ihfnrtct ml efi-lioa ona to which this lean
anifnilmant t hairhy r'ital-d ,
Kfr. X Thii act io lake ell ot ami l a in fin- fmrn ami
(Vr iu pniaaxa.
WM.U M R. WOtil.H,
Heikrr oTlha hmi.ft of RcriattlnlivMe.
M AIM IN V Kl K Kit,
s.sBlf ui'llif f'eiiJiP.
Mnr,.li VC
(No. 111.) AN ACT
Tn amanil tha act panf il Mnr-h 17, Kni, )ptmrntnrv
In an art pneail Mitrh".', 113, to pmvlila for ilr lining ami
rot'lainiing rarlala hnaiup ami Ovvrltowail Lanll.
lit it naetail h tha Onrrnl Ara-,hW of lha
Ptnlf of (Mi to, 'I hnl fi-tttin one ol tin net pnen-il M nr h 1?
lt-.Vl, emilli'd"tm act rlrmrnrr tn an ai'l anilitnl an
Hi-1 lo (irovttla f r iW.it mni' ami rt'clniiiiini awn nip nml o.rr
tlowail In ml crntoil toliia ftnta ol (thin hv an act of run.
Irraa apirovii r'apirniht-r v'H, tf-i(i, patavtl Mitn h tf, lh.rII"
Ua o anicmle'il a to rvatl a lollow; tSro. I. '1 hit ilia
run nty itimniit-innrra many county in Ahi.li anrof ant-ti
anamp oruvt'rlto(it lanil may ha eitttatril, ami for t ha
lr'tnnif ami ri' In in a i ion ofva ik h rontrni'ie Imw hrratolura
seen or .hnllhMial,rba lU umlrr lha proviilnna oflha
avt to wtiu h llm kiippli'iiirntuiVt may1 at llinr iliu-rvlion
rvnrw or airnl lha Una ol pi'r1iriiinm'e of tm h rontinrla
I Mhrn lha ismi hav atpira hv th ( ivi tntion rfaatil act,
nKn iht aania trrmea nnuinalty inmla(eaiil ronirncla not
to ha rftia wnl, or thr Hmr ol irrl'irionni a ihvrrnf atlcmlfd
for a ti-riii of mora tlmn it iiiori than mo vanralicyoiiil lhair
I lima of apirntion umlrr ihv act to which tin ia lupplantfln
' tarv.
Hcti. 9, That the Orel tcctlon oflha art of which tlilaa
nirnilatorjr hrmul llie oifia hrrrhy wpe-n Irtl.
H- 3. Thu a. t tvhall takt Hct anti b in fore tVom
aaJ aflt-r tU paunga.
t tiililAi ii. o ntPin,
Hliankttt of ilia ott ol KMirariiiiitiv
F'feakarof ttlU'ltai.
IMnrih 90.1K10.
No. 114
Toauihoria Connty Af rii tiltnrnl Horiritai to aa II Fair
ts round in certain, t t.ti,
Pro. 1. It It rune ted hv tho (Jrnarl Amhly or the
Htaic of Ohio, Thnt wln any rnnnty liciilliiml itM'irty
tn line Htalo, hall dasiw to avll lit aila for hol'linr oountv
fair, for lha purpose o purchaainf another ill, lha ot I
air may tell lha mine tr anch nmnner ami on im h te-rnn at
it may ilveon proiicr, ami lha money arising from lha aala
when iitt, ehall ht pai hy the pir harr lo Iharomi'y
treaiurvr, who Knit noipny it out only upon Ihe oartilicaia
of lit am' let y lhal tli tvrtiricale of lha prckiilent anil arc.
ralnrv l lha oclaty lint lha iam U to ha ueit in lha
purr data or tmprovemol of another eila, which aito am it
certiHcala Ui ho tohnva hrrn pun'Vaaad; ami in coun
ties where aha county liai pan! anv portion of ma pure ha e
inttney ft.y the tile protatail to ho eohl.tha wriltcn content
of the counly cinnnilnrr tJiall tifl hu giveu to lha tale
of tha i a air, nor hll it money ha p aitl out ( (h Iraaeu
ty wllhotit their ronient.
Heo.tt. t'onvn nm e of ground titular thi a.H, which
aw owned xcluilv by any ith lrn, ma ha riacoiail
hv ilia prasitlvnt of iha mti lely aa turh pren1cnl ; ami yon mil
owned partly by lha aocieiy and parlly hv lha eouniv, iay
he tonvevad by dead a tec lit ed by tha prcalilvnl of tha aoci
tv, auch prcaidmt, and h ilia c only comniiaatonera.
Hrc.l 1 liia acl ahall taka otlect Bntl ba tn lore from
nil alltr tia painca,
Hpaakrr oftlt Hone of Reir-aentan .
Al A K I I , V r. 1 a, r. K (
rrrtldcot of lha tfenato.
Min KW, Fi9.
llorc ami Wagon Tor Sale.
IJootl yonng IK r.a, tnteriihly wall brnkej Alto, ft 6rt
rai two-bort i(iii niuir at th atuva at or of
plH-3 C. r. MII.LKK & Co.
T F Yoa wftol totl LkaMii
t that it worth Raving,
X fO to
Timioii Fny'r Calnllery,
in Ht. John's Blok.uppoaiuibvl'ourt lluttao, Wbrrtiyoa
oan (( an
Amlrotifty Daguerreotype 21elai
neo(e lhotograjh
or any atyl of picture known to th rbotiyiaphic Art.
nUar.Tuaioa k Vy warrant lbir picturo to b of
The Tirst Vln,
being unlike tb.ua tiiimk made by o-ft Hoatt Offtft iTORt
who now ml ell tea vouutry. tpKial aiteMiioa ia calhiiito
Tbey aro entirely ow aad bvauiiful, giving ill lha eoloraol
th ilmperv, ftto., trtiaio riainr. l'hv ar a-w ore pure il to
put up Iha.r mimilstde peotutee. In ft aw at morow cat, for
and wnrraat tUrm. In all ruri.io ba neifectlv! it factory,
or no tal. A general lav list ion leaivwa to ItaMh ldieeand
aacailrweft to al and ataniiit our dirtrrvnl ililvl, be tor
going ruiMMti, Kooina MiWt. John' Hloc k .op;ioiie tba
Court l low . ("i ll U TL MrUN It rAV,
Etcnpcie& Slower!
Single Ilnnd leaking Uittpcr for IS.'O.
millH long aatrhll.hed ami v eM known MACIUN'R It
J nowremly Ii ia ao very light ilrint'it and ao rery
eirnn and di r h'e nnd an rli 'hle omler al Ir-irvnTnatanree,
thnt prie la nnnet-eaar ry ; fnr rvrry man that aver ad
New ork Reaper eara it ia tha beat
ii Ai v i : s 1 1 a ,n a 1 1 1 i :
ha aver anwj al-o that lha combined mnrhina will
Cut more r.iin
and mora f rna per dny, wilh ft alnpla tram, than any other
Henperand Mnwrrknnwn. It It aoatrnna and wll tn tit
lhat it ia alwnva in order. Il a eriy woik for yonr hor-e
ami eay Wr rk f r your rnkcr. W K rnrry wilh m no tmall
llioilel" for enhjldlion. n they are cah nlited to perform
mtih heitrron yonr tnhl, than lha nuchinee lh-y rrm.
aent will In yonr fie'riV (hit we ar. actilng np miii liinea,
readv for the fisM, nt the follow inr phf-ae; Tif?'in, Knlo
ra, llellevna, ReiHihhr andat the reidrnre oftha anharri
hor, 4 milea tottth of Repnhliui would aik inr-
niera lo
tha msr-hinca rMfir pnrrrinainf . It wilt ha to their ltrr
et to d't an. I wi II vieil all pnna of tha roitnlr, to rreiva
order fnr t ht a machinal, in tima for the rnminj hnrre,
April If.'iii. jt)HS flVVItiAKT.
liOftd wlintfiomo of our Farmcrfl Bay.
XV m the nndeif ned fnrmra of fcnam ronnty, O., wit
neaaed Iho woThittiTof llie New i ork fomhtrted Kris per
nnd Vowi-r. mnnttf ictitred hv Wnrler. Ilrokiw H Child, of
Hpnnjrl.rlil, l. , urd hy John riwlgiri of Hripin, In tha
hnrveat of IH.V. and ihe prrfn t manner in which llcot Itoih
gtatn and grnaa of nil kinda, jta amira ffrr.lom from cloy,
fin nnd ttt heinjf ao oiailv turned or MUeil np In pnaa over
any nllr,irt ion, and Mrh'erol drnnjrlit tlnn any mnr'iina
we ever aaw, wa cheeifiily recrommi-nil it to our brother
farmeri, aa dachladly tha beet condoned mnchino now
in oa.
Jnim F Hrn.MN
IWN'RL Si iti.
J auk Tvnxrn.
Jnui Kkii.i.i y
MaRTIfH V. Gltr.KW
p W-Iin
Dwin Hoof
Thornton C ui.vrn
Juiin Fhkb.
inotm i:.
Notira ia herehy given, that iht coparinarship lieratofort
avulirg between
doing ftmer. antila huilnaa, tinder tha (Inn name of
haa th I a dny been diaaolred liy mutunl ronarnt.
Tha Hooka anil Notra art In tha pottaninn of
O. 33. Oxiofvtla,
wlio slon, u sulliorlEil lo icttlo lli sITnln n( id. Srm.
Tillin, April 1.1, '511. H. II f.NK.A I II.
to Tin: ri jilic;.
The tintine-a ofthelnlc f,rm of Slirivar andnaatb willlst
romlnctad, lit th oh' aland hy
who, thankful for favor pint, aki tha rotinntd patron
of hia
II U Jnat rrlrrinf ft Inrga nnd well ae Ire ted
which will ha hero in few daya.
Aprils, If-.VI.
V uurl ol Comiuoti Plrna of Xcuecu t'oun
ly, Ohio.
fieorca If, Kylo, PlniniiiT, r, Anthony Chaw nnd Fo.
pbronia AL ttlirm, hia wile, Jocph fliaw, anil AlcDola
hli-mv, Ucfcmlitnl.
Tha anid Pefrnilant Jnarph Hhaw will tnka noltra that
tha IMnnliir.nn lha Iv'Uidnvol Aiiril, IhMI, bird hit I'eti.
lion in the iiid l'fort, hrvin. in eiihtanre. he enva: lhat
on the lMli dny of rehrnnrv, 11, tha an id DeleTtdnnl Jo.
arph rhnw, aoi'l ami convyed lo anid Anthony hha wf lli
rrnl eatnla kmtwn a I ho Miinunn lloiHa,' derrihd aa
follown: Ihe knt ipinr'cr of In. lot No. l.MI: Ihe Knai ounv.
trr of fn-h.t No. 13 1 1 a atrip Hflv fa et wide orl ihe Kaai end
of In lot No. IVit and all thnt p-rt of In lot .n. Ivmg
i 01 Miiionrn roail in Kt-puMic, renera ( nnniy, l io,
nnd lhat the anid ill ton v, tlicn hy liec:ima inticliled to Ilia
mid Jo-cph in lha mm of 0 I.VHi and morn
That allrr iardi, on the Kih dny of Kehmnrv, H5I,
rinlutill'nnd and Aniliony cut i re (I into ft written contiact,
whereby tho PUiutitl' vn to taka imncaaum of, and keep
a tavern in anid M.mion llonaa;1 thnt to anon aa Plain
tilt ahnnhl pny onedoilf ol hftl uire of pur-tinea money afora
anid, In losrnb, to-wil, I 4. 'i, llie mid Anthony would ex.
ut c nml I'elner lo er.nl I'lninlilf a deed of f-ncrnl war.
rnty. in tVa eimjila, lor Ih ui.dat idtrd list 11 uj aiU raU -
Thnt riiilniiiT look pnaarainn of nnd kept a Invrn an
anid prt'itmea until Orlolo r lt, Wt nairl tin tba full aim
of fl-175 nnd interest, nnd afii runnia demnndrd ol aaid
Anibooy a cnnvr nnce aci ordir g to the terms of anid eon
irncl, which said Anthony then ami til It rluee to ninka;
thai anid Joseph botda, or pri'lrml lo hold, ft mnrtgnra lirn
upon ibo umlividad iiall ol taitl ruiilcetuta, owned b) tnul
A nthony
'Mint afltir th pnvmrnt of lhipnrchn monoy by aaid
riainlifi.lo-wil, Uciaiiiln'r'.H,l-.',-,ihe anid Anlliotn .forth
pvrpose n( wronging nd drframtmg I'tntntift', ronveyad, by
deed in rbe timpk, to tha lleleml.ini, Mt Dole Hhaw, a part
f taiil real elair. In. wit; aalrni lit It ferl wida nrl of KmbI
endof(n-lot No. 1.1., and eo nun h of aaid In. lot No.M, at
lu-a el of K ifhoorii r oid, in Kepnhlic, (U nrc 1'ounly,
Ohio, nndthtit .nut MclM Hbnw bad lull knowledg ami
noti'-e of I'lninlitV'a riubta.
Ttiat anid Hnphrnnin ia entitled to an iMpectanry of dow.
r in the undivided hnlf ol aaid premiaai, o nad by th aaid
Anllionv, hut not in llinl owned by I'latnlitr.
d. '1 hnl I'laintilf, whila in poaaeetion of aaid real at
tale, with Ih consent ami nfrecmrnt of parliaa, put valua
ble At lasling iinp'ovenianutlirreon.intha iim ot 3 Ml, nnd
Ibrrebv the aaid Anthony hacftm and ia now i ml.htad to
ant Claim iff for oua hall : tier of, in th an in of 9 I Ml,
And pr yt thul ooiivefance from Anthony to Mr Ho I may
b held fnr noutfht, ibat Anthony andhia wlmay b cotn
iled lo convey to aaid Flmntitf ona full eiiiul half of aaid
realettate; that Ii ainy baa partition of hie aaid intaraat;
that aaid Defendant, Joaridi hiiaw, may nmka fullanawrt
hereto; that I in ml iff may Kava jmt)einent agninal aaid An
llionv for f 15ii, wilh I merest aim th I'.'ih day of April
IH.ilt: thnt an Ml I'atilion nut b antwrred on or Itel'nr lb
ejlh iltiy of Juna, A. D. IkVI. or lha aam will be lakn aa
trui ftiitl Jiulgamnl randrrad tbrrron arcor lingly.
L, A, (4l,b and Lb 4t Bmkw vr.
pl3 flw9tl.es Au'yt tor PIVIT.
II Aicnoici), COAX.
This la on of tho beat aud moat roltabl eonwani In
Ih land.
With ft larg anrplna fund.
Will inaur all kimla of property ftt th to writ ratal.
I'ollvlUft isaued w Ithout delay, by
Tlllis.Ohlo, lrrh I.I, 19 If
Proposed .1 mead merit to
the Constitution.
Ralfttiv to an A men men! to th Conatilulioei, proviilmg
for Annual raaeiontoi lli isauetftl Atavu.Liy.
Ratoi.raD, hv th tienaral Aaaembly of th Htat of Ohio,
Three nllht of lb mentben of eai h houi com-urtthg there
in, lhat it be) aud ia hereby propoard to Ih elrsjlora of lb
hlal to vol ftt th ntt animal October Mat atection,
ujkni tha approval or r'a'tion ot Ilia following ninendmenl
' a aubaliiula tut th firtt clau. ol tha twanlv-filih taction
of tba awcoitd article ot th I onlllulum of llna Stale, tu-w it.
All rrajwlnr aoaiinna ol th tienenl Aaaembly ahall com
auc on Ibo brl Monday in January annually. "
Ppeakar of ih tl of Keprtontativit
Afttil I),1H5, fiaaidvntof lb tienat.
('uiA'MHt I, (., inl 7, 11.
I hrhv cartify that th ti rvrome Joint Hrolulion.a,it
lalivaloan Anivnilniam to tba 4'oaatilulion providing for
annual inions ot ine s-rnrrai Atrmtil , It ft Iru copy
iroiu iitvortgmai rvu on ois in uu oiiic.
A. r. Rl'SSKLL.
U Scoiotury ol State.
At'Diioft! Orrui, f rr.v CoriTt Onto. Tirrtn,)
April II, D-VJ. I
I hereby eartify that th forryuing Jnnt Reaoluiion.
'relaii, to an amendmnt lo the ( ontlilution pnivithng
tor annual act tone of lb t.cnt-rjl Auitly, a a Iruo
ropy ruui lb vrjiaei on, ocrlilied toby th tvcratary
E. 0. UOWK,
An J i tor,
April I V 1PM.
Ot I'liia.i, 8u(.r Cans C..J, for -al. Ii.
U. a. Ul'.KIRK fe iRO.
(R 05 S.
fVcw SpringGoods
New Spring Goods,
New Spring Goods,
SMIRKS .i.v7 s.ir.i',
IJcrcgcs, Ilobcs, Laivns, Challics,
EmbroidcrieSj Trimmings, &c,
enroll' i on ( tsir,
ciiE.ti' ron c.tsii,
No. 4 Sliawhan's Block, opposite
C, M. Ycrk's Stovo Emporium
Tiffin, April 8tli, 1S60.
Tfik thla method of infr:ninf their frlenda ftidold caatom
rrathftttbay are anil taking Umia inimitahl
piot tj:xl m a x
Thow who wnnf s food .rmrn lift. tik. nirtnr, tf Ihom.
rlv... or fri.n.l., will t sccoma.oll.d by JiTinj oil
SI our Mammoth
G- allory !
Whrs ws srs tsklnf ths tsls.l snrl mml fn.rijonsbts tl,t
of Ficlnrra, at pries, .ailing lo ths hsnl tiin.a.
Special Attention
lacsllad lo M. M.GRIl'WIII.n'jlcl.lr.l.d
Thl. uyU ot ricmrs look th
at tho Stato Fair, at Sandusky City.
It puccls all other for beaut Bratncssand da
A ronll.l Inrlmiina I. riros In l.s.li.. snrl Rsnllsms
to rsll and ommins oo. litFrsnl tfyle, of I'i.tnrs,.
Room. In Pliawhsn'i Block.nppoiil. J. M. rSsrlor'i ll.rrl.
wsrs .tors.
C"lnlnipllon ln in l)i Artos rssionshlo t.rmi.
Tiffln, April Hlh, lf59 lr ch
In IPvill Ulnst.
Clothing and Furnishing Goods
TP- bur jnat received onr aloclt or now and aVgant
T V P print and Hummer tJooila, and are bow betlar re
pireil tbnn over locibibil to our rnatomera, anil lb oill
.n orMrntti County generally, on of tba moat auonalr
and variil
Com prl ing all l bat (
Ilich in Fabric, ahd new in Style,
ftnd wbioh w are making Itn tn order In Ihe Wat and I teat
raahinna. Onr atin'h, f r (inantltr. nnalitv ftnu richneaa.
cannot b anrp'ial onta.d of tba ciliea.
Va hav nf ftverr ahade nnd rnlnr. aannna wblah ara mt
lb int F reach, Knglub am) Uumiin annaalaaiaraa.
Wa hnr of verT mak and color, black and eolarvd Do
XVm hav Pilk. Putin and M.ir.eillea of Ih finlt ftftd
moat benntiful at) lea vr brongtit to thia market.
Francb. IrUh and American 1'rilla and Oocka: Hla and
llloua Linrn;tsenoa Crri,atc, in sreal vnnet .loaetbar
witb ft complat alock of l.enta' Fnrnuhing Uooiia.
A larjf ick nf Kndy Mad Clothing for (prlng and anm
mer. r."erv known atylo of ( nnt antl Vaat -i anil fronk
ilia Iilita to tba favhionttbl wid leya.
Hat;, Capsniid Imbrr lin.
fn our lint and Cup department we feat rrmfldrnt that wo
will be able togiv aatiafnrhon both in tonality and I'rio,
The tli If. rant aty!aand coloraof Uata ar too nuiucrou to
tTTcraons In want of olothing,rai1v mad orotbrwlaa
cannot roit In ba auited. not only in gumU and prieo. but
alao in nink, Ha w hav all onr riot lung made hv eiperl
nel wnr!.nian. Our atork lalnreeand varied, and alt wa
ask la an exnintition of our gmnla be for punbaung ola.
wner, inr will
In Hlnger'a II lock . one door North of Hobb'a old Bland.
Titbn, April Ut, If.V.t tf
Tlio Grcntcst RctncJj ccr Known
FOR T1IK Cust or
Dyspepsia and Ilcndaclic!
No fluid or medicine haa aver been di covered, which aa
nearly r aerobic lha lift trie Jnir or Hnliva, in decompoa
Ins; IimmI and tranjrtlining lb organs of digtion,aa tba
untcrti aiiii tuiubuw nicuicineanu
Pure Wines and Brandies,
with a 1 moat vry articlt nanlly told fft ft ilmj itoro, aro
kept eoitatftntly on hand and for a I by
A. R. VAN D00RN, Tiffin,
Fonr dnora Pouih of th Wlr Dridgo, on th West sidt of
I'rire of i 'annun'a niitert SO oenta iter bottU.or tlx hot
tUa tor $ J -50. aplH-lr
Patent Jletniic Tipped,
For Bojs, Misses and Children.
Til F.P E Rboei are fbnnd by actual Mat to ont-waar tbreo
pair of lb old alvl.
Waar th toLK OWNERS of th rifhi to mnnafao-
tnr mail all for Haueon Counly, mod hav received an aa
aoriment, whifb w oH'er fur sale at ONLY A riMALL
ftdvnnr abov th roal of th old atyle.
All who have rbildren to iboe will find it to tliair Inter
oat to buv th vIbtauo Tircao Hhoi.
VV will aUo diMia of part of our territory on reaaon
ftbla tanne.
W likawii keep on hand and oiftnufartar to order
AH Kinds and Stvlvi of Boots & Shoen, fur Gen
tleuicn, LaJius and Children'! Wart
All of whii-h wm will all obeap, ftt onr a tore im Snydert
Bl Kublr'a Ulock, Main atreei, Tifbn, Ohio.
lubll A. & B. KUEULER.
Wall Paper!
I am now opening tho largest and
best selected stock of
Ever lirought to Tiffin.
IVircs I.oiver than Ever!
I am resolved to make this tho
I'aper Warehouse of Seneca County.
J. 112 LAN,
Opposite tho Court llousn. Tiffin. O.
Special Aotioe.
A I.I. rxrusa In.l.bi.il lo TUoms. Ks for Bool, snd
tlio.. SI. riu..l tr mknmr.li.lisr'usnlli
nuat pay hi, rl. bti; snd sll lho.s owinf kin" ''
umr, lor m bin, nrl bo wllloil wllbis 311 ila y..
TiiB,MI.Mllb-svll THO.M.i8BM.

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