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bn copy, one your.ftl.ftO.
' ' bn copy, six months, 79 cents;
Ons copy, three months, 40 conts.
Advertising ratos mmlo known on applica
tion. . .
. . . , i.. ..,.,.,,, .. i, -, . ... i "
- :y KS, C - I Crv
O.IL Sweotknd, U. D.
Pliyglclan and Surgeon, Chaso, Mich.
Dr. H. B. Peck,
Dentist, Ilced City. Twenty-four
yearn' practice. Olllce, over the lewel-
, ry aiora rormeny owneu iy Jitmuartf
' Tito's Smurtliwaite,
Attorney at Law and .Solicitor in
Chancery. Real Estate nnd Insurance
A?ent. Offlce In Uourt House building,
Baldwin, Mich.
Money to loan.
Jieardslcy & Jmlklns,
r.A.W"3THFlS. - - - MERSEY, MICH
. J. Q. ratter son,
Heal Estate sad Insurance Agent,
Reed City, Mich.
- Millinery. '
Mrs. K. 8. Patterson, Upton avenue,
v led City, Mich. ,
A. W. Tonkins, M. D,,
Homeopathic Physician & Surgeon.
Office and residenceonSloaMohAvenue,
Reed City, Mich
Chas. K. l.adclilTe,
Notary Tuhllc. Will atte nd promptly to all
business entrusted to his care. Address.
Village Lots
' AT
1 Unusual Inducements
those who want
For Prices and Terms, apply
The Johnson Revolving Book-Case.
Lmmyer, . Clergymen, JhyrteUmat
Editor, Ranker , Ttachem,
Merchant;; Student,
and all who read books.
Wnldg mnro 1 ooks In Wi upa than any other
d'-vl" i;lat ki a flnr'n iuch Slif!lr ad
jiivUibls at liAiKhU desired Each sUclf Is 16 inches
1 1 mr. holding a sot of Appletoa's Cyclopipdia.
lfli-on, itcannotwarpor wearoiit. Ik'auli
fj!lyornainnUd,makiiira han.lnomsand novel
r : of fumitiirfi. izw for table hold 1 or 8
' mot bool-;t.esforn.Krl)olfl2, 8,or4 tlersof
1 okH, as dtwinxl. Hrnd for dnscriptivs price list.
H-nl W cntr oonr N m hwnn atd Cat ixxii a,
r lib ovor 0 Illustrations of Zklusational and
. linrful articles.
DAKKIl, PBATT 4c to.,
CtDool rara!tihrr, siid Df alcn la tTerjiklns la tk
' , ' " CooW sad StstioDfrj line, . ,
143144 irmu SC. Kmw Turk.
Manufacturers of the
Oiipaland only Genome
.', Tcrpsldn Iron Cylinder Pump!
; iParm Pump, Wood Eavo ;
Trough, Tubing, &b.
. Also, Manufacturers of the . '
Tor Tumping and Turning Light Ma
' chincry.
All onr Windmills are warrantod, when
j'i.periy put up, to stajr and do what wa
(iImIiii for llini
Heml for IlluMrntcd Calalonua and prices to
,.'- rqvELi. & douqlas.
Wnukcgan, 111.
CHR WEEK lw nr own town, and no ep
UU Ititl lirkrd. nn run tfvv the lniea a
li l ii itlimit cxpvnaA 1 T ho ljot oj'irtirilt er
t"t. r d for tl a lillnR to k. You IioiiM try
' fwihtnR ! antll yam re Un jnmrll what yoa csn
clf it ihi hiifiin' e o(T-r. K rrmni to cinia
h rc. Yon cn dToti til yoiir I'.iiin or only ymf
prr tlnm t the tttinnoas, aKl n)k (rtat py ff
every hi"tr lhf tii nk.. Women tbhIc at much
nico. fid rr !( lal prlt ifrmi and ar-
- in(j"iKal Vh rirtllfre. t Out flt free. I.n't
i Mn...',n f Imrd tlm- MI yoq hara tnrli s
rimiKV.. A.i.'.rean, II. 1ULLETT A t'0. I'ort-
4.i'i, i.'iIZ
Last (Wednesday) night was v one of
the coldest. .
The open weather is very discourag
ing to some of the lumbermen.
A chandelier has leen added to tho
furniture of the Kplscopul church.
The regular social for the benefit of
tho Episcopal church occurs 'lhursuay
evening, Feb. 20th.
The new minister and his family are
at Weldon Creek and vicinity tor two
or three weeks, visiting.
A rousing railroad meeting was ex
pected at Manistee, last Saturday. We
have not learned its to tho result.
Any person wishing to trade a team
for land can perhaps find a chanco
with D. Laughllu, of Yates township.
The regular meeting of North Star
Lodge No. 1821), Knights of Honor
occurs Friday evening, Feb. 27th. .
Wo received pleasant calls, Wed
nesday, from Wm. A. Peuress, Evart;
C. II. Holden, Eq., Reed City, and
R. U. Sheridan, Hersey.
pleasant time is anticipated at the
Washington Birthday Party to be
given by C. W. Fuller, to-morrow
(Friday) evening.
Rishop Gillespie, of the Episcopal
Church, Is expected to be at Baldwin
next Monday, and conduct services at
the church, in the evening.
SherifTOvlatt did a good Job in his
line of business, last week, which wo
expect to explain hereafter. We feel
safe in saying that there's no better
Sherlirin the State than the one above
It. B. Sheridan, the Well-known mer
chant tailor, of llersey, was in town,
Tuesday and Wednesday, taking or-
lers for suits of clothing. He expects
to come again next week. Mr. S. is
thoroughly conversant with his busi
ness, and has the reputation of doing
first-class work and giving good satis
faction to his customers.
Rev. Wm. E. Sillcnce preached at
the Episcopal church, hint Sunday
morning and evening, to good sized
congregations, lie will conduct ser
vices uguin, at the hours of 101 u. m.
and 7 p. in-, Sunday, Feb. 2l)th. At
the close of tho morning service on
that day, a meeting of the church
members will be held for the purpose
of cliKiing two deacons.
List cf Pttlit Jurors.
Prawn fur Match term, IfcM) of, Cir
cuit Court for Lake. county:
Louis Keller Chase
Dm i i el Y. (ilugrich ' rinora
Iouir;mi J. Jticu J,llv.rlh
C. K. Kiwlclinb Pleasant Plains
Jivk Ackerman , Chase
Samuel Wolf rinora
Hallow Jtyuin Ellsworth
Isaac Grant Pleasant Plains
Charles SlottO Chase
Francis M. Slaylon Ellsworth
J. P. Jewett Pleasant Plains
Christian iHitels Chase
Charles Randall Pi nor a
A. 1). Buwlick Ellsworth
James H. Welch Dover
James Barrett " Glencoe
Newman Terry Jr .X'herry Valley
J. U Allen Yates
H. N. Jenks Pleasant Plains
Jehu V. Quick , . WebUr
Francis Bartlett Eden
Clatk E. Burchard (removed) Elk
Henry S. Jenks Jjako
James Fisher Chase
Edward Mclaughlin PI nor a
, . Ninana Items.
Nirvana, Feb'y 17th, 1880.
Editor Star: -The outlook for lum
bermen gets gloomier each day, as the
continued mildness augurs a general
J. J. Pierce returned, last Wednes
day, from Frankfort, where he has
been working at his trade for several
weeks. He brings favorable reports of
the town.
School closes Friday of this week.
Mr. Form an, who has successfully con
ducted it during the past year, intends
removing with his family to Frank
fort. ; '
We are glad to learn that the hard
cider and pigeon-hole institution which
has been such an attraction to many
of the boys, and such & stench to the
moral part of the community, is soon
to 1 dried up. As long as its pro
prietor stuck to the legitimate meat
business he was respected, but now
that ho "corns it," "we'll none of it."
We asked 1dm for bread and ho gave
us a stone (fence). . "
The concert, Sunday evening, proved
a good substitute, for, the regular ser
mon; both' old. and young acquitted
themselves In - a manner pleasing to
all. i ., ; ', ; U..TEU' '
.- - Chase Items. -
Chask, Feb. ICth 18Sd.: 1
Mr. Editor. Chaso is ak lively '.go-,
ahead place, It is getting to be a busi
ness little town.. ; ? .. '' I
The F. & P. M. Co; are laying a' sido
track of about' 2,000 feet, In' addition to
that already down. " ; J
. We havo 12 mUU, allx)f which ship
their lumber, shingles, broom handles,
Ac, from this village. y ' 1 . ,
Henry Joiner Informs tne that ' he
will erect a planing and 'pump ; tubing
mill soon, . ' 4 " . . . . , r
Slnco the fire there has been built 1
dwellings from a $3,000 mansion to a
rough board shanty. There : will bo,
quite a numbergoingup, in the Spring.
Vlllago lots are Belling at from $ 20 to
$30 per lot. . , . ' , . " , - :
: Wo are to have a new school house
as soon as practicable, as the present
one is altogether too small to accom
modate the scholars. ' -
The Congrcsatlonal Cliurch is 'pros
"ixiir j finely. Throush the , efforts of
the l-Jes, the church wr.farnl:.';ed
MitJi pews, orpaii. carjct and bell.
Tho Lr;a have to fchcll out the moty
j for fried cako socials, pop-corn pic-nlcs,
oyster sui)pcrs, and dear knows what
Chaso is a peaceful, happy place to
live in; healthy as the nights are long.
No one Idle; all at work.
. The McGiuley Hotel Is a bee hive for
business; "Leo is getting fut and Jolly.
Our little pet, tho barber, Is mowing
a largo crop of hair. Ho gets a quar
ter for every crop gathered.
Brown & Holland ure putting large
ami costly machinery in their mill, and
hauling u large amount of logs to cut
up the coming season.
Mr. Thomas is putting up one of the
best mills in this part of the State. Mr.
B. Smith Is, also, doing the same; but
not on ho large a scale.
8. L. Bachant Is getting out large
timbers for a store.
Now, if some one would build a flour
ing milll We havo a splendid site for
one, and it would pay handsomely.
We need a new depot, badly. Now,
if we expect Ge i. Grant to mako us a
visit, next Spring, we don't want him
to see the nuisance of a shed wo have
here. It is not large enough by half to
accommodate the wants of our citizens.
Sincerely yours, .
Hardly Ever.
Weate Report
The following weather report was'
prepared and furnished by Lee S. Cobb,
of Yates township:
18S) Feb. 7 n m 2p iu b p m AvcruKO Wind
Huii 21 . 30 17 Z'rfi H W
Mori -JO '2 1(1 tt V
Tiu-8 10 JK JW 15 2.1 V
Wed 11 27 4S Irt 3:', V
Tliur li Vi 84 81 Ml S W
Kit 13 27 ' :l) 'tyl V
Kat It 18 27 lil AA V
Weekly average, 'i".2'J ftljove tero.
Itotiotea vitrialtie.
Hnlninll for work, 1.0 1 Inches.
Hnowlall, 0 luehes. '
WcHieifcl Cures.
Rev. F. W. Bucmioirz, Waseca.
Minn., used the Sr. JacorsOil in tho
case ol u laiiy oi nis congregation who
had Urn led-rldden with Jihr.unuttimn
for Herenteen year. She used the St.
jACona Oil lor tiiive days, and was
able to leave licrbcu.
Mu. R. SiiAKi'Kit, No. 81 Brown
street, Alleghany City, Pa., hud the
JiMnmudKUt Jor :ijht j(.'arjs, and hud
used every known medicine without
relief. A single bottle of Sr. Jacobs
On. cim-d hhn.
Gi-hTav A. IIkilman. Esq., Editor
of J'ittnlurffh iJttiln I.'cpitblicriii, Hlf
fered with Jinvni(i(!)ii fr two ytar,
and lay many a night iiuaiilu to slnp
on Htvount ol ttnil'Ie pains. Jwo
bottles nf St. J AtDlH On. cured him.
Mr. F. Wii-kh, Lafayette, hid., re
isirts a euK wlu re u man siiih red h
iKidly with J;.'.n:itt(itimi iitot viJti
not uitit r. 111' !.rs were swolu u, aiid
he had theiuosl ternlIe pains, twelve
liouis after the first application of tlie
St. Jacoim On. the pidns were gone
and the swelling had disappeared.
Mr. Hknry Scmavi:, Milleihurjr,
Ohio, was cured of Ith'"tmatini in Ihc
''ihr. F. R. Witt, Cleveland, -Ohio.
fiftcutnitfMiit in the ley. Cured alter
three applications.
Mr. IJknry Li:ar, Patroit, Ohio,
had such jxiUin hi hhuuhhr that he
could noc move. St. Jacou-j Oil
curel him after u few nppliutions.
Mrs. Vuioxa Guoklmanx, uged 59
years, living in Rochester, N. Y.,
JihcutHatixm in leg: could not walk.
Used bottle of St. Jacous Oil and
felt, as she asserts, like new-born.
Christian Hanni, Esq., Youngs
town, Oliio, is full of joy over the
wonderful cure of his wife by St.
Jacobs Oil.v For tu-tlve lour yearn hc
had suffered with Ncuralyhi in ihc head,
and often had the most terrible pnius.
Haifa bottle of St. Jacoiw Oil cured
her entirely.
Mr. Wm. Rkiniiardt, Elmore, vVis.,
reiorts as follows: Sr. Jacobs (Jil Is
really u wonderful remedy, for I could
mention dozens of enses where it has
proved Its magical influence. One
case in particular I will state: . I know
n man who has suifcred Willi Iihetia
titim for the lant twenty-four yearn, and
of late could hardly move around.
Alter using u few bottles of St. Jacobs
Oil he was entirely cured.
B. Seim, Esq., South Adams, Massa
chusetts, writes: Allow me t' inform
you how much good Sr. Jacobs Oil
lias done in this ntighlorhood. A
woman had the Rheumatism so badly
that she could not even attend to her
wash. Threo applications of Sr.
Jacobs Oil cured her. Her Joy seemed
to have no bounds.
Soli Mer a Mtive Guarantee
That coughs, colds, consumption,
hoarseness, asthma, whoonlng' cough
and particularly croup anu all throat
and lung difllcultles can bo cured by
Hamilton Cough Jlalnam. If it falls,
return the empty bottles and wo will
promptly refunjljhc price naid. .Sam
plo tattles, 25 cents; largo ize, 60 cents.
Sold by WA. Burnam, Bald win, Mich.
Daughters,. Wives and Mothers.
Dr. Marchishs .Uterine Catholioon
will iwsitlvcJy euro femUlo weakness,
such as falling of tho Woinb, Whites,
Ceronlo Inllammatiorl or Ulceration of
the Womb, lncidentiil Hemorrhnge or
flooding, Painful, Suppressed and Irreg
ular. Menstruation, iVcc. An oltl nnd re
liable remedy. Send postal card for
a pamphlet, with, treatment, . cures
and certificates from physicians nnd
patients, to 1IOWARTH & BAL
LARD, ' UTtfTA, N. Y. Sold by all
Druggists $1.50 per bottle.
'; A'Batn la GiisEST
Kyou arefclck with that Jrriblo sick
ness, that most depressing disease, !)
pepaia, you will find a "balm in Gil
eadV In tho use of lirmclec' Great
Dyprynia Compound. It is tiie exper
ience and testimony of all who have
used this remedy, that it conquers the
dlseiwo and restores the patient to
strength ami vigor. Price, $1 per lot
tlc; wimple bottles, 15 cents. Sold by
W. A. Burnam, Baldwin, Mich.
" L.' A. Carpenter has a stock of hand
some engravings and chromrn, With
nice mouldings for framing; and you
can secure those pictures to adorn your
homes, nt very reasonable figures.
Or anyrO.r iin4, yon flU jriiafiiiti onr
) t.m to (hat II will cut kitt9 th.n
3 tr. 11 luatliwlll all r.m.ln of .it. nt
,.. $. f t irm on f a.o tn.ny
I-tfCli in ihMi. Iilo.iiiU.(l CirmilraV.
. - v. fcon1'.l ef ltt.ra frm win !d
A cough.a cold or a sore throat should
be checked at onn. li alloweu to con
tlnue, a icrmauciiC throat disease Is of
ten tliH rnsiilt. . Hamilton' Omni
Troches reach directly the seat of the
disease und give almost imincaiaic re
lief. For public speakers, singers, ami
those who overtax the voice, they will
rentier articuhition cosy. Price, 25 cts
per Ik)x. Sold by W. A. Burnam.
(Corrected, weekly.)
Baldwin, Mich., Feb. 19, 1880,
Flour per bid 7 00 (S 7 50
Wheat per bushel ....1 25 f 1 4oJ
l'otatoes. new .......... 50 to O'J
Pork per lb 8 to 0c
Apples, Dried per lb 10 to 12Je
Beans per bush 1 25 to 2 00
1 00 to 1 25
25 to 30e
GO to 75c
2-50 to 3 00
0 00
75 to 100
1 00 to 2 00
common.... 0 00
Onions "
Turnips " "
Hye " "
Timothy 41
(Mover " "
Buckwheat 44
Shingles per M,
Lumber 44 4 4
Corn 44 bush CO to7:
Meal 44 cwt 1 50
Chickens dressed 8c to lOe,
Fresh Beef per cwt.. 5 00(78 00
1'ggs per loz i to zwc
Plaster per bbl. 1 50
Butter per lb 22 to 25
Cheese 44 44 15 to 18o
Wood 44 cord stove length 75 (a, 1 00
Feed per cwt 125tol 50
lirick per ssi li w.
Lime 44 bbl 1 50
Oats " lmsii.... -(" )C
Hay 44 ton 22 00 to 25 00
Salt 44 bbl..... 1 75
Oat meal per lb 5c
Phrenological Journal
Is wldfly known In America nnd Europe,
Having twin ix'inro me muling worm lorty
yt ms. mid occiipylnH a pIikh in lltcriiltiru rx
1ihvcI.v 1I.h own, via: the tttutly of HUMAN
NA'l UUF. In all Hh pluisos, including Phrcn
oIiikj', rhyMiisnomy, KthnoliH'V, t'iiyioloay,
t, tifitlur wlrli "lill-: Ht'lloNCK OK
11 DAI. '1 If," and no expense? will b Kpnifd to
tnalco it t lie lnHt MillU'iitloii lor fi'iioml rir
culailon, Undidu always to niulu- nun bMtrr
pliysii-ally, nifiitully ami morally. Parents
hlioiild read ho JoLltNAl. tlmt tln-y may
iK-ttt-r know how to govern and train their
-!ii!dmi. Yotuu ptopli Khould read tliu
JoeitNAL. that they may inakx tho most of
tlii'iusi'lvcH. To en eh nulMui'lhar Is given tho
Phrenological Bust.
Tlilx hust is nnule of I'lastor of Purls, nnd so
lotton-d a lo Miow thf exact locution of each
of the l'hmiolo,uui Oi'tiois. Tito hrad In
nearly MV-si.:-, and very ornamrntul, drwrv
Iiik iv place oit Dio ci'iiter-tahli or mantel, In
parlor, ottlue, or study, and nuiil recently has
Kddl'orSd TWk, with the Illustrated key
which acenninanli'K each Bust, and t lie nrtf
clen puhllKhed In the Jorus ai. on "Practical
l'lireiiolony," will entlj!e li reader to beconio
a fucct'Mtul .tud( i:t t Human Nalnre.
of ihus Ik'iuU rliould lc in tl.c liaiuis of nil
who would ki:ow
TIUM.S: Th i JoUU i.vt.ls now published at
a car ihaviti ; l u ri''i:t-l ffimi si Ilo
mi. nl), rr. M i'viiij. When tlio l'romluinM ir.'e
si nt, iiceritsextnimtil lon c.lved with eaeli
Mibserlption to p. iv postage on the .loe: Al
and th cxix-iixe of ho.xiiiK and parking tlie
Itiiil. whU'li will be h.'iii by ox press, or .so, -J,
a miuIUt size, will ho sent lv mail, post-pidd;
or wo will Hnl the new vok l'rc iiiiuiii, llo,
to KntCATK Tit k K j : m: s ani Akkkctios.
Send fir dcsel lptlv.) clrcul ir.
Se:u amount In P o. tinleis, Drafts on New
Voi'U, or in ll-Ks(erel Lellels. I'osliiire
stumps rewlved. Ac nts wantisl. Send ten
'iits for f-jteclmen ntimber, Pivmltini Lists,
etc., or send address on poMn.1 card Torn back
nam her, as tsniiiple, whlcli will bo ncnt free.
S. It. WELLS & CO., Publlsors,
7o9 Jii oadivay, Sew York.
We have Arranged 1'orri.unniNn the Piiukn
oLxiiCAl.JoiMtxAMiud Premiums, as nlsivo,
which will be furnished with tho Lake L'ouh
ty Htah for t-l.'Si.
Shtfiiirn Sale.
out of and under the wal of tho Circuit Court
fur the I'ouuiy ol Osccolu and Hlute of Michi
gan, to m? directed und delivered testei on
thoSlth day of December A.D. 171) in favorof
John C. l ord and aulnst tlin gfKxInMiid chat
tels and for want thereof llien to tie made of
t he land nnd tenements of Mars T. Chnso and
Julh Itu Lincoln, I huvo levl mI uKn all the
riKht. title unil interest of Juliet In Lincoln,
one of paid defejidantM, In nnd to the follow
ing dtriHTllMtt real estate ultnutefl in Township
Mo. 18 North, of Iinge No. 14 West, Luke
county, M ichlKnn, described u ftdlows, to-wlt:
All that tract or pnrwl of land on tho KaM
Ono-half of Hnutfi west One-fourtli of Section
No. :ti, Ivlntr south of the Flint A Fere Mar
quette Kail Itoad; ami also, Ave acres of land
on the north side ol lh above uarntd Hail
Koad: the same lu'lnn on tho above named
one-fonrth Hectlon No. 'M; eompiislnir nil
that tract or ni eel of land sltuatei between
tlien)Kvo named llall llond and what Is
known as Kin no Crcelc west nnd wiuth of the
unwind) now atandioK on tlM nbove named
Creek, which 1 bhnll kcII at publlo vendue to
tliehluhesl.bldder nt thu front door of the
Court lloiiMo In tin) Village of Baldwin, Luke
county, Michigan;1, . .
On the Thirteenth Day of March
A. D. 18KD, nt nine o.olock n. m.
Dated tills 2thday of Jauuary A. P. 18H0. .
(sheriff Luko County, Michigan.
Notice. ; i
U. H Lawd OrrtrK,")
JUki) t.'iTT, Mich., '
January hith, issu. ) '
Complaint having been entered at thl Of
flce by Adellje.rt Thompson against Horatio
N. Crow for nbandontnif bin 1 lonieteal En
try No. C.V27, dated ApillSoth, Ih7,uihi) the N.
ij,H. E. U and N. V..l of H. V. 4 Keetlort :t0,
Township in North, flatiKe 13 Went, In Lake
county, Michigan, 'vlth n view lo the cancel
lation of said entry: the said parties are here
by summoned to upew at this Otllce
On the Second Day of March 1880,
nt 12 o'clock tn., t furnish testimony cori
ceriilng stvid alleg.-d nbandonnieut.
Edwamd HrfcVKsoin, Keglstcr. ,
' W. 1I.C. AIlTCUKLb, Keoolvi-r.
Probate Order.
Plat of Mie hlgnn 1 B
County of Iike J m
At a sesjion of the ITobnfe Court for sohl
County or I Jike, holden nt the Probate: t)Hleo
In the VlliHgeof liiddwln,on Wednesday, the
isth day of January A. 1. ls0;
Present, Walter A. liurnatn, Judgo of Pro
bate. In the mutter of the Estate of George W.
Hrown, nn Insane person; on readluv and fll
ln the petition duly verified of Augustus
Towner, guardian, praying that he may bo
lieeiiHctl to sell the reul estate of said Insane
person for the purpose of paying hi debts nnd
expenses; i -
It Is hereby ordered that
Monday, the Eighth Day of March
jext, nt ten o'clock In the forenoon, at mid
Probate ofllce In the Village of lSaldwin, be
appointed for hearing said petition; nnd Hint
the next of kin of said OeorKft W. brown nnd
all person Interested In said estate appear be
fore sold Court nt said time nnd place to show
cause, if any there he, why a license should
not be KfHiited lo said uardlan lo sell real e
tfite n inayrd for in said petition.
And It is further ordered that A copy of this
order be published five sueosslve weeks pre
vious to said day of hearing. In the I .a KB
(Vunty Star, a newspoiw r prlntvl and clr
CUlating In said Coticty of Luke. , , t-
Waltkii A. UrnxAM,
(Atruoropy) Jndge of Probate.
Farming LtimU For Sale. ;
' A rare chance In Lake county. Cluy louni
oil; aerow, In pnrcels of fo acres or more,
price, i.7A por mtn. No adranco payment
rejulre. of Hetn:vl settlers. Ten ytttrs' time
given If desired. Fr ileserlptlous, Ae., In
quire at thl oitlce; or address
. , C..C. TnoMpso?r, .
,,. ' ' Victory Corners, '
i , '' . Mason Co., Mich. .
Arnns noi
V vv frt. Ai
rtTHl iizvt j riirrtzi
IHrt IMMnl.llKlCw.ilnm.
II. B. Sheridan,
i . : i .
. llcrscy, 3lich9
Keeps constantly on hand a
fine ; . '
and Manufactures to order, in
the Latest Styles, and Neatest,
most Durable Manner.
in the business enables him to
give . the best of satisfaction.
Oar QnlUu List
We will furnLsh the Htak with the
publientioiiH named below, one year,
ut the loiiowino; rule:
Peterson's Mnaxiuo.
Heicntilic American
Harper's Monthly
" weeitiy
" Tia.itr
Detroit Tribune
Hcribner's Monthly
St. Nicholas (Juvenile)
Western Rural '
American Aprleulturist
Katurdaj Evening Post,
Farmer's Iteview
Young Folks' Monthly
National Weekly
Wile Awake
Pa by land
Chicago Daily News
44 Weekly
Michigan Farmer
Toledo Plade
Phrenological Journal
3 00
4 25
3 00
4 70
3 1H
"3 00
2 50
2 7.
2 r,o
2 2Ti
2 50
3 00
1 75
3 50
2 00
3 00
Michigan Pine and Farm
ing Lands.
240,000 A CRES!
Oflercd by tho
Six Hundred Million feet of
Well located on Trrc Marquette, Little
Mnninfee, Dig, and Utile fiauble, and
Wile Divers; nhd on tho lint of said
For Plats, Intimates, and further in
formation, Address,
- WM. L. WEBBER, '
Land Commissioner,
IllghCRt Medal nt Vleiinn and Phlhulolphia
e. & h."t an'thonV & CO.
501 Broadway, New York. , i
Mnnnfaeturern, Importcm It Dealers In .
Velyet . Frames, Altas. -Brapteccjes,
And klndretl goods Celebrities, Actrts:tcH,f to.
Phot'graphic Materials
We are Hcadonarters for evcrvthlnir In tho
way of
Each style U the best ol Its clas In the mar-
kot. .
Ilenutlful Photoxrsphlo Trnnsnurencles of
Btatuaiy and Engraving" for the window.
l;onvex uinss. ninuufnctitrers ot Velvet
Frames for Miniatures nnd Convex Ula-ss lec
tures. . , . .
. no
Chtalocues of Iaii terns and .Slides, ith di
rections for using, ou receipt of ten conU,
7-38 Cmos . j
.500,000 ACRES
Splendid Haiti Wood Lands for sale
by the Grand llapids & Indiana It.
II. Company.
' V ' '
Michigan Offers Greater Advan
tage io Intelligent Farmers of Small
Meaiis than either the West or South!
Bend for Pamphlets English or
German. Address,
Land Commissioner,
Grand Rapids, Mieh.
jT'SSfK ,isn Remedy. Is gffx
rvt Zyk nn unfailing
cure ror cihi
mil WeakiH'SH,
Hpermatorrln a
all other i)is.
eases that fol
low, ns n se-
Boforo Taking-.-r hhj Takins,
of Memory, Universal lassitude, Pain In the
liiwk, Dlmm ss of Viion, Premature Old Age,
and many other Diseases that lend to Insaul
ty or ConKumiition nnd a Premature tirave.
fcrt'Full iiurllculurs in our pamphlet, which
we desire to send free by mall to every one.
r?"Th Hneclllc Medicine Is sold hv nil drug
gists at $ 1 per package, or six packages lor V;
or will h sent frco hy mall on receipt of tho
mone y, hy addressing
No. 10 M chunks' lilock, Dkthoit, ificii.
"Sold In naldwln hyall druKKlsts.nnd re
ry where by all wholesale ami retail dealers.
A Magazine or Choice Literature for the
u" -,
W. Ii. M35KSIION St CO.,
Ill Proadway, N. Y.
The nuhllshers of this Pomilur fiiL'-
n.lne hnvt determined to Rive more
Kood, interesting and instructive Tead
iii&C matter to sulf:criUTs than can he
obtained anywhere for the same price;
they have, therefore, eniiKed tt num
ber of regular contributors well known
to tho public, for the year 1SS0, who
will present through the columns of
the Mairnzine. Orlirinal Articles, eon-
.tlsthij; of Hiogrnphles, Travel, Natural
History, worus or r act una i" iction,etc.,
. Notwithstanding the incrensetl out
lav of monev which this renders neeoM-
sarv. the suhscriution nrice of tho maur-
azlne remains the same.
Ouu Tkums. $1 it year or 50 cents for
six months.
We send ft trial suhscrintlon ( thrco
months -with a handsome nrcmium for
30 cents. 1
A cel. Is wanted In cverv town. Ktoadv
employment and jjood pay.
iui minimi iiu ir ui.iin uiki iieiiia
terms, scud stamp to the publishers,
Ill ilroadway, N. Y.
And for Purify Inn th Blood.
It h been In uso for ') yearn, and hn
proved to o thn Ivst pirrnrnUon In tho
Market for II I2.V1 ACI PAIN 1M
niw f;iip. on hack, i.iykit com
plaint, 1 IM PT.Bn O. i niL FACE, DVO
rU'bIA, lll.Vi, ard ail Jjitoaaci that
urise fiom Ilsordcrfd tJvcr or an im
pure blood. -I'Lotisands of ottrbest peopln
take it nnd frn it to their children, l'iy-
i liatia tM-cyxn-itMi It dull V. Thiuut M lian
it one recommend It to others. ' . j
It is msiic nom "i ei:oT uo'.s, iionTp
tfU 3ftrspar11l, ATlld f Vrry, HUJUn(ri.i.
Dsndrllon. Bassnfrai, V iitorrnent and
ether well known valnahln IlooU and
Ilerbii It I atriotly vei,-etAbls and onn
not hurt th niott oolicnti onrisutnr.utn.
It Is otiV of lb bet metllclnca In us
for Itexulntin tho Dowels.
It la irnld by ell rcspoinlbla nifrclsti
at ono dollar for quait buttlo, or sis
bottle for nrwdiAlnra. m
'l"boa who cannot ohtnra bnftto of
this medlcln from their drn"T-it tnr
rend ua one dollar, and w wi.1 oilTer ft
to tbam frafl of imy c.'jtrjm,
.r.Kr :r:::Tcx,r -t
fca At., s, ::r trcn.
Oriental Greani;
Tas, fnKcKi.Ks, or Moth Vat uf.s. tYcm qnull-
lies, nthici to the innecene sad lantty ! us nnre
Uients, aiiikei th "Oriental Cn-sia" liuld it pnia
bieni pliuv in public tteem nn th best toilatcom
jiaiilon.. Wt linv
Thousands of Testimonials .
pnivlnpr this, fmm fllsthijniUhel openiilc artisla
and hrllck. Woman klmuld he loautifid as msn
khould ho dutiftil. 'i'he"linm.iafiic'i!ivliia,'h'e
its cluirni if ni l free fr .ni rp t or 1)1 -mlh. Tha
piiri)oH of the "inicrlaJ Cream" i lo accomnlitb
lhl In vcry hi"fa ire. nnd wltlnMil lisnn.- Alb
Peuclr.1 haliHUs." fur removing .tiirr3iious kali
InMnitly, wiihoaf injury. - .
, llir.. M. IS. T. (iOl UACD. 4s Pond St..Y
Bold by tlriigi'l.sl ami fancy jiuoiUiiieu.
H G 9 H V 1 i;""U:n!:lnir.-r Clr,r,ir,l
hi m m n u u
esiix of lon stantlina in 1
T,tinorainrrfin a
dra- SlsbottlA. Soldbr
nllitruRHiii'j. J. e Wii i.su,
R, i i ! i. . nnurugaiii'j. i. roil, i. mi,
I. !., 4ltf Snruea SU-aot. Tbila,. P, Sola Propriiir.
' CAVTtOHWrpp'rolmilUyrllupriniHnhlmtk,
r5 t):nn;n oaui fJAftiiiue
M IllflUW Vn II KltVFl.tlQ
Will SAW .ny lira In sry
position. 'xnou.tDaa m
u. Weight f Ui ornT
ator flora s'l tha work. '
Band for Cilreulara and
fclliS -. zv
Hi rrn-
t-T. ' B. 1 m Vrioaa.
Addrcit TXS. D. aiuaTTNt. L
ouia, iVlo.
. tha rtuir, n-ti.TniisT. RTnoMJiRT
and nai n.vkisa ri)i0K tatfc Vorii.
Vi'9 solicit anp'-'Jnaifa'! mmMrlsoa i wltlj
AUra'aar kls-1. UV RAN f V Kl V. Ill- l.OM
ALliTl eil 1NTTIU5W UXHhAl-intll. s;l
".r,i44ti ftra frr- MtUrartljB. .Uh
f'tur f'.oer for Q IIA i l Alf V
Variety Works;
llhtcksmithiug. Guns Pistols, Bienrs,'
Holderinpr, Pntzinfr. Tools made anil
temjicred. Wood Turn iiirft Scroll Hit w
tnjr, Wall Prackets, Picture lYmnes,
Patterns for Castings; Violins made or
reimired; Machines repillid. All
Work Warranted."
It. A. Carpenter.
- Baldwin, Lake County, Mich.
Tho Sclcntlilc, American!
Thk HcjKNTinc Amkkicax Is n larne Flrat
Clnss Weekly Newsimpcr of Klxtoon Pskcs,
iiilntod In tho most iH-autiful style, prvfiuelif
UluntraleU viffi tyftiirrid engraving, rrpresohtiiiK
the newest Inventions and the most recent
Advances In the Artsund Hclenoes; includlut;
New nnd Interesting Facts in Agriculture,
Horticulture, the Home, Health, Medical
1'roKiess. Social Hcleticu. Natural HUtorv.Ue
lnyi Astronomy. Tlio most valuahlo pmn-
iicji papers, oy eminent writers ill uucicprirt-
menis oi ncience, will ue lounu in tlio tscieu
tirto American. ...-.,-
Teriaa,:U0 per year, flXO half yenr, which
iiiciukh iOMae. discount io Agents, ln
Klo COIlies. ten cent. HOliI hv uli Nowustcnl,
ers. Remit Uy K)stal order to MUNN t CO ,
Publishers, :i7 Paris How4 New York.'
T5 L rPTJ' mTQ eonnectloH with the
JTAlll1 I O. Sclentinc Arnerlcsn,
Messrs. M t'NN Co. ai-o Hollcltors of Ameri
can Hnd Foreign Patents, have had .TA years
exneilciico, and uow huve the lurKst oKtah
llshment In tho world. 1'atiMits an obtained
on the heft terms. A sreelAl not tun Is made
ventlons patented throuh this Apency, wltn
the name nnd residence of the Patentee. Uy
tho Inimcimt circulation thus given, public
attention Is directed to the merit of tho new
patent, and sales or Introduction often euslly
riiiTUM, . .
Any person who has made a ncwdlscovcry
or invention, can ascertain, free of charge,
whether h pntrnt can probably be obtained,
by wrltiiiK to Ml NX & Co. Wenlso, serd jYe
our Hand Hook about tha Patent Laws, Pnt
ents, t'avcals. Trndt-Murks, their costs, nnd
how procure!, with hints lor procuring ad-
vncesou inventions. Aaurcss ror llie 1'aper,
or concerning Patents,
jyiimw & co.,
37 Park Itow New York.
Hranch Ofllce, cor. V & 7th KtS, Washington
v. j.
Is HY FAItlhe host Puslnessnnd HocisHlulde
and HaiiiUllook ever published. Much the
lateht. It tells bolh si x s completely HOW
TO DO KVKUYTHINCI In the best way: How
to b Your Own I jiwyrr, How to do business
correctly nn.t successfully. iiov to Act In so
ciety and In every part of life, and contains a
uold mine of varied information Indispensa
ble to all classes for ontant rvfrrfciice.
AGE NTH WANTED for all orspnru time. To
Know wny iiusnoou' or lii-Ai. value and nt
tractions sidlK better than nnv other, apply
for terms to II. 11. HCAMMKM. it CO..
We pay nil freight. HT. DOU1H, MO.
NEW for
ZOU liOOliH )E ALL IviMiH are fully
represented la our m-w tilt AND I'OM iflNA
TION PKftsi Ki Tl'hllOOK, by sample pases,
and suie'sncci ss fir canvassers. All actually
Htanoauii Prm.isiiixo o.,Mr. Ixcis, Mo. :.
Ail in iKuis paii oy us.
SlterilfH Sale.
out of and nnner the seal of the 1 ireuit Court
for the County of Osceola and State of Michi
gan, to me dli e fed andr delivered tested on
!h" tlth Iny of July A. D. IK7II, In favor of
Hlini-on llunl nnd aunifcrt theKOislsandehftt
tels nnd for want tin reof then to I mi made of
the lands i u i. n. iiieels of Ellshn DuiinliiK,
lli defondant therein naini d, I linv levied
njion ftil I he rlUt title nn' Interest of said de
fendant In and to the following described
real cstato situated In tl:e Towntddp of Pina
in. County of Iiko ami Stato of Mlchtpin, to
wlt: The Norihensi t)uait rof tht Not Ih west
O.UMrti r of s etlon Tw iity-fonrj which I shall
svll at public v ndhe to Ine highest bidder at
the front doosof the I'ouit House In tho Vil
lage of ltaldwln, Lake count) , yiehixan,
Oi the JW nty-Kf cot-'h Doy of I'cbriiary,
A. D. IS O, at nine o'clock a. m,
Dated thU Hth dnv of Jannavy, A. D. lm - -OEOliUE
OV1AT1, Sheriff .
Laket ounly, Mich. .
617 St. Charles Street. St. LonisMo.
A titular gradual of twa Mtxllral CnllrRM, haibmiloKKar
njtmri'd In Ilia tMcial traatm.nt of all Vannreal.Saxual
and uhronlo Dlaaasaa than any othw Phyairlan In St.
lioula, a. city paper, ihow, and ail old raidtata im.
Hernls, or Rupture, all Urinary Dlsaneea and
Syphilitio or Mercurial Aftoctlona of tba Throat
Skin or Bones, sr. traad with miparallelad auctaia, ea
laloM aclentiUo principle.. 6afl. Prian.ly.
Sparmatorrh.s, Bxual TDabllity and Imp- '
tancr. aa tha rMiilt of bflf-AbuM in youth, ariual i
eam in maturer fear., or oUicreaum, and wlilrh pnxluca
aini of tha ftllo inn cfirrti i nervau.ncaa, aenilaal etnla
aluna, il.bllltr, dinineai of tight, defnettva nianioiT, iilmpl
n Ui. faoe, phjiical deoay, .T.r.lon to vnciay of friixijo.
onlutlon of Idraa, kM of annal power, rtr., rndirln(
marriage Improper or unhappy, are .rraaimnUr
urrd. Conaultation at office, or by mail fraa, and invllrd.
When it I. Inconvenient to flail the elty for treatment,
medicinal can be aenl by mall ar expreu .Terrwhere. Cur
able caae guaranteed, where doubt axiala M la frankly atalad
faapMat for Mai, 1 Bump; for Wofflta, I EUicj ;
0rmB, fof noth, SUapt. 4 Ptf,
MARklACE T rtlSa.
VffiS.. I GUIDE.
Xlegant olotb and glH binding. Sealed for 60c
In poatase or currency. Over fifty wonderful pcnjntclurea,
true to life article, on th. following .ubjeet. i Who may
marry, who not, why. Manhood, Womanhood, l'hyalral
decay. Who anould marry i Uow Ufa and huppineu may
be Increaaed. The I'hjralology of Reproduction, and many
more. Thoe married or contemplating marriage aliould,
read It, then kept under lock and koy. rcpulux edition,
Eaa aboee, but paper eorer, 1M0 page., PS cn. by mail,
for the fpeedy etir of 8emlmU weakneea. lxm Manhood,
rematur. Debility, Nervvnaneaa, Ueenannenew, Conftialna
nt Idea., aver.inn to Society. OefiTtlea Memorv. end aa
Lianrdera brought on by Nacaat Ilablra and feeeca. Ang
irnggl't ha. tha lngrelenta. Art dree.,
OR. J AOOU K. W Caeetaat It, , Uula, Mav
rrof. Itaerta, after tnaaf f i era of a'rgy, aUed by thewt ,
Iral reaeaith and eiperiniaiit. tigrtlir wait epereu4
taineU in the treatment of a large number tif caari nndei
nlaearmliat at la.t .umK-dcd in eonmniiiidln an IVf ALt.
I.latl.ia KJ.MADk lor Ute aroarra aa aotitataa atn(
nit i rn
rinor Altni
T?,!. dln-ne. ao rrcvaltnt among m.e., . bni lillla
aadaretaodhy pliT'lrteat. Ita drain .upon I ha ay.tem 1.
eo.xeeelTeaiid HrMlilallng, llial enr Amatlran womaa)
ara rnrldih'rtmlii(f a "race ef InralUW" lne.nble ot
rl mprair rmitiir a -rare i'"" "'i,,'"' ',0"
rradurlKg healthy arT.oelnt, er eiiJoTluR life . plea urea,
ruf. Il.rrl. VaKlnal I'allle.a new rirpartnr. in nwlU'lne,
I aenae rreaimem. pii' aiiwif
t,.al rlopenifle InSiiaHee .erte4
A Ihorolithlf eoMimea aena. trealmenf. piH,' dirreOi
. La Hi. aratof Hi. fliMaM.ana n.ieaine liiBnaHae .ertej
.touea. prnrinlng an liiuiirillal. MxiUiinf ami reatnratlT
efTv-t. The appltralion of the reme.ly la.ttended with aa
pl nr napU naantiieea, and doea i otlntilr wiih Ike nr.
Ituinry pinmlla and p taturee oflile, t Irrtilar i la
trtrrf plaHi envelop e, ae. ii rely aealed t-eta elafaun,
nd renieAr put p Inaeat plain eoaeae) Uirea.ina, wi
fi'll direriii inaiile. INo. 1, (eimn(h lo jait a month.)
ISNi .(enoiiult l i Iaatle0 mnnlhai,4iIJo e.ila.iltg
llirr. iitflnth. anil ample t"t aura, aiaeatlng i) elitorile
raw- giO. Will earn, hot wa eend a lamale Fyriugd
1 .t'lii- i nnir ri l la, a. uariva in IP. reinf-n
?3 5 O S
- ma w
' mm i 1 t
a ..
50,000 ACRES
. ' '.'"-v. of tlid , , ;
In take County, ItichlgAn, ore 116W
-: 50,000' Acres -
Of salct Company's lifthds In
Iu th : ...
Of Michigan, .
Apply, In person or by rnnil,' to
lfi. In WEBRKR) ,
k Land Commisnionci',
East Saginaw,3Hoh
tPlJUU your own locality, Ko rNk, Vema da
as wl aa men. Many make more I linn tba amoaat
Mated rImvo. , No one ran rail to make inoue
ran. Anyone csd do the work. You can maka
Irtun M centa to f J an hnr by (levotliif year ef e
iilnss and spartr time to the IhiMimim. It ro.t
nothing to try the bjialness. Nothlna- Ilka MM
nioncy niukinn rvr ofl'ered b.tnre. tinxUeaa
plcnsant siid siilrtly honornblo. render, If Toa
want tii know all about Ilia be-.tWii.vlHK btiMneait
Isjforo the public, srnd tls yollr lolilrevsartd wa will
end yon fun pnriinilnra and aivaie Icrma Iree,
sainpltM worth alh free: .y(M en liifn tanks tid
your mind for yonrrair, Atlilres., UKuKOK 6TI
SON & CO., Portlund, Mxine
To IuYCntols '& Mnniifntturcri.
Solicitors of Patents SAtiorpys at La !7
Pelican and 'Foreign Pateftia.
No Fees in Atlvnncp- hor tthti! I
Patent is allowed. iYo Fctsfer
Preliminary JJjcaminafiotit
Hpeetui aileftllon glveii ' lo tnlerfereiid
fuses b-tbretho Patent. Oflieo, Infrlnxdmial
Hnlta in the tlitterent Htntes. anil all ItligaU
appcrtalulng to Patents or iavrutlrjnaH .
Send Jump for DainphM of ,Sfrly Pr
629 F SutEET N.-W.,
: "Wauiunqtok, D. 0.
laa.M a . . mku Mtau
A ValnlbU miaaoTar
BaaKaai Iapanr.la M.T. -leal
t.laaca, aa eatlreht
Kaw- aa4 pealtlealy hTmIi
lea Remedy tm the apee
aaa penktaaat Cara af
eeaafnal Kialaalotta a
Impot.nay by U.e aalf
true fray, wast Dlraot
i ' AnnLaaLj on ta taa aia
eipal (aal ef the Dleeaae, acllag by Abaoi p'lon. aaa .aarl.
leg ka apaelfit laflaeaee ea Ike BeminiU Te4ale Kjaaa
alatory Dudta, Preaeata Claad, a4 Vrclhra. Tu aaf
4 lh Haaway it alta.ad with ao paia or lac.araaieaea, aaa
doee net latarhre with Ike erala.rr aanaita af kr. i H la
Juieaiy laauttt aaa anaa aaaarbea, proeaeieg aa luiniH
lata aaatiiiag kad ratlaraliea etect apea Ike aeaa.l aad
" Btreaaa eegaaiaaliaea wrecked fraaa eeirakate a f iaete.
a. ppwg tu. drain fraai 11 ayaicm, raitnrlng the aiind ta
b. aiib a4 aouud memory, raataeing -the Dlmaeae ff
lght, Naryoaa Dekaiity, Confoalon af Idaaa, Arara
aion ta Booloty, eto eto ad the aipaarr.. M premaa
tvira old ae araallv acaomnaaTlna Inia traakla. aaa hum.
leg perftet brxaal Vigor, akare tt kaa keaa eerat.al af
yaara. Tkla nnd. af Iteaioteat kaa ataad Ua tart la erf
acr.r. eaaaa, ana la eew a pronauneed eacceae. Pruga are
Ina rnaah preecribed la IkM. araaWlea,' auJ, aa auny tt baaf
witaaaa te, ilk bl lillla tf aay perm.naat io4. TImt. la aa
hoaaeoae abnitl IhU freparntico. rraclKlekeerttea.aMea
ua to paiilirelf guaranta tbat It wii) glee aaturaation
Duriag Ike eight reara Ifcal tt kaa Wee ia geaerai aaa, wa t.e.
tkoawal el tntimoelila aa ta ila value, aal It laaaw toMe4a4
by the Me-tlral rntaaaioa lo be Ilia noa ratlaaal yet
ritMM4 a e..Ak4na eaa .HrlKff flhia were era!.! Iieila.
Ibal M well keawa la be the f aaj. ct enteld aiUary la an aiaay,
aad aroa whnm quaoka pray wilk lhair awleaa aa.iraa. aad
big fone. 1 k. fi.at.djr la eat aa In aaal kaaea, af Ikree wleaa
HO. I, tenaugn ia la a maatn,) J ri O. a, nuikaieat ta
eaeet a piraaaaaai a are, aniaaa in areara auaaj a( oa. a
(lasting ear llirea atoalka. wiU ala bfctlMtexe aad tMtae
lgie fa Ika want '" ' '' ey mall, aealad. la pV.t
ar.mra. Foil DI KXCTIOHM far lulna Willi aanm.
jiany BACU MOX " . .
Markat Ui fctW Sta, ' ' ST. LOUIS. lAOt
S A VK A DOLLAntTnntaTrrnM
FzTKn Aavy aiu tiv fan la fltnotit ant
- xceptiou tua be Trnl in tl-n for Ilia enraaae)
pri ttO'l'.n of kll ntalarlon. il-ffrt and tha aioai
on loriVil Bittll al rtiwcavrrT f the ka. Monterlleina
."rqiilrt'd. Cuif. iy abeorul-i'i. erb lor pant pblett
which give urtiUcata of aihabrtiiuary eorea per
torinott hy tlala Psj, majlcd f r a. Aak roar l)rngl4
for Ui- I vp la a Pad and tak to o hn it ha lag
pore, I will urn l Jon otic by ma l oo rrceini of Rrtcea
It. JOS! PH fLkMIMI, 84 Mitrlet flirect, tltkf
Qurgh, I's Solo Afa tor tha Vnitod Btatea.
rieminal W e.kne... fSmiTlaa. im
I pare Hiatal, t.(w ,f Knafey, Vr.
"al I m pSnee. Oiatreaalna jl l.ht
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