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C XL ItACLiFK, Publisher.
at Albany, U arch It i tb Iiaaeefaueette Vr
publioaus at Boatou. April 1 and the Penn
sylvania Ureenbeokers at lUrrlsburg, gara
CP'. ArchtUldlllllikuO. Addison Bom
and . W. Boa were drowned Wednesday
night at Providence. H. I, wu iwtwj
to board a vessel of tb trt named dariaj a
The Re. Edward Cowley, UU niuc of
th Bbphrd' Fold," New York, who
rioted frnllv iromtlag the jtnlni
children nnder his ore, wh arraigned Friday
.fTTPfTTflAW I morning lor mowqw. eww uu.ji
XUClUOAIf. the extwm penalty etth lew. ono yer in
A Voeng nun named Fallot we accidentally I tb Huu prUon and two handled ami fifty
sii i ry saw m " " T I aoiian nn.
Hc-xlm county, Saturday
XI -rj nro 18 now salt well being aank In
tzj tcaiy and at Uidlaad.
a tm nn awav with A. P. Carroll at
CUro oa too 11th, raanlag into a stomp and
Tushlnc him oo terribly that djath followed
in a f sw hoar. .
for a year past Lenawee county ha had no
toaaloa of too oironit ooart, owing to the ill-
of Jadgo Pratt, At the request of Got.
Urtawoll and the aoliciUtion of the local bar,
jeJ- Uooley, of tbo Bupreme Ooart ben oh,
ooaoented t hold the February term, which
oposui Tuesday with a heavy oalendar. la the
aeos nf Armstrong, Lawronoo and Biser, ln
4144 for Baanalaaghter in oonnootion with
tho trend stand ealamlty which canted the
death of 17 eonou last October, the last
' aasei pleaded not guilty and the two former
were lUowed until next week to plead.
TLs body of Mrs. Morris Gates was stolen
froa a oemotery ft miles north of Howell and
sabeeqooatly fonnd at Ann Arbor, where it
'Udbeen taken for dissection. Dr. Oratk
rtvffv of Howell, was arrested charged with
I rrav robbing, and mora arresU wiU probably
Tha larva fire storv. iron front building 884
Broadway, N . Y burned Friday JinwS
losses are estimated se follows i Essen. Todd
& Oo, importers of silk, tWCOj Dieksrhoff,
Rafflaner ft Go, tailors's trimmings, t2M,Wj
James Wilde. Jr.. Co., manufacturing wnor,
unknown. Darin
........ t r.
awv uicuvu a mi a -f - M . -
l .V..I. II aaa H f&llinV thrOOSh UlO tOOf B'
to the burning building. ,
The total Talue of Imports during the year
187 wsa tol3,746,78 ditto dnring 1878,
t4Sl.8ia.i8i. The vain of domesUe exports
ia 1878 wsa 754,48,788l the Talus of sx ports
U 1878 was 1729.02838.
Ths Hadeoa rlvsr is open its enUre lenguv
meat would make sn edvane for Ireland of
X7W.00O, instead otZ&C0,CC3,s originally intended.
Tbo Duchess of Marlboroagb, la a letter to
the Lord Mayor of London, on Monday, says i
"The danger of famine appears to bo over. If
the oharity ol th puoiio continues, no penvn
la Ireland need bo allowed to die for lack of
food. Bat the committee, to bring their
labors to a saooeeaf al dose, most pond over
4(VC3 oar week for six weeks mora. There
U oonsiderablo suffering among ths small far
mer ia Ulster, who are too prood to complain.
Yevar haa SDDcared la soms district la the
oath, la Tipsrary ami West Cork, to oo
qaenoe ol oeautnuon. neuex ui amm
ht u has come Into, and Is of no kind salted
to the sufferers."
Th pm has lasnsd aa encyclical In favor
f Mmaval ft the rlU of DUtfriaM from
.ii w lariadiation whatsoever. It trac-s the
history of marriage from patrlarohal to Oath-
olio Umos, ana aooiaiws ni '"
ittm. umfflat which oulv Hia church oan
oa to
nd or
loos the marriage tie mast be resisted by the
whole Oatholio world.
Another daring attempt hat been made to
Maw no the Out of Bassla. At about 7 Tuee-
dav arvnins? aa explosion oocurred ia the base-
meat of tbo imperial winter palao. nnder the
principal guard room, by.which eight soldiers
oft tbo Vindlaad res im ent of the guard,
ktuoo. ana to u-
larcer badaeoa wan don la It than for
aom lima part, partloularlj in Aus
tralian, teoctxtiona id America iur rea
wlntsr ar UU aboT th lorei or thU
market. Thar was act Ira Inquiry for
tnalxo at about ZSa. Salaa or EoslUh
wbexUast week, 13,160 quarter, at 43
per quarter, against CJ,CJ quarter at km
Lose on buUdint60,(i Inswanee mioiater. The atUmpt made nnder a
Daring the piogrsss ot the Are, ailM the modern spirit of ineligic
a, T. L. Dougherty and J.F.Ossaidy, b obaoh of her right either to Bit
. j .ii i.... .m mkmM thti on dntT. were
AU" '""' .."7: " lured. The flooring of the guard room
lost oil Cape Hatteras.
Four man were buried by a anow-auae near
Fmnktown, NTn Saturday morning. Wil
liam Foul was rescued bedly injured. Bamnel
Kennedy. Alsx; MoLane aad John Barney
were not found.
MBtrtolnea were dam seed
ded was filled with dynamite
"Blower" Brown, Ha sal and Day started
in th iv.da.v Mro-aa-Tou-DleaM ma ion xor
The Tillage of Morley Buffered the lose of
v:ii- K Sm TnMiiiT mornins' at ft
rrwm - I -r- ' . . . - . . . i l I k,n hjum inlli
o'eloek. The principal sufferers are uanon i tbe cbamptonsup ox jutgiana ocii J'- V"Tt
Bros, grooertj A. Ohsptn, general ""l "ar tural Bsll, tionaon, at i " i n..mwf
aeral store i . u rairouuu, i morning. I r 5i ' i
. u Pika. aeneral store t
v ...... .nH Walworth, harness.
- oes is about seventeen thousand dollars;
A partially inaurtd.
Dr; WUllaa
woods south
found the body
' dead n number
composed and partly
The grand lodge ot Michigan L O. O.F., met
la session at t o'clock Tuesday morning in vne
representative hall at Lansing.
Wednesday morning, an old man named io-
The Santa Orui, OaL, Bentinel states that
"Dr. Baboookvt former resident of Banta Ores,
and the inventor of the SaboooK are exun-
and several
The mine rxolod
and gun ootton. The train eaa be traced to a
oellar in the Inner oourt where a quantity of
fuel was stored.
Vnrthar nartianlars of the attempt to blow
up the Ciar shows that his escape was accident
al. The dinner ler tne imperial ismuy w
.nnnintmt tar o'flloek TuesdSV CVeoinB. If
it liLl not haen aooideotallv delayed, all would
have been seated at the moment of the explos-
tbeir escape was very narrow.
aooomDanied by the prinoess
of Hess and Bulgaria, was about to enter the
Jiain hall throatrh one door, end the other
member of the imperial lamuy, exocpteu uv
empress, by another, when the explosion took
The Wisconsin leslskture U at pres
ent discussing the adv liability of hold
ing biennial sessions Instead of annual.
! The State department of that Bute,
under Instructions, recently seni a re-
I quet to the same department of 21ich
C""7 niOII selling our Bobber rrintnrSUar
i Saniplee free. Ooos h Bt si I, Oeyelaad. O
T yANTKIK HUuaUon ae governeM or lady
etHvaanton. Address carrier 14. Detroit, Mtob.
Importa Into the united klnjfdom for the I ean ora gtaterventof the length and
wJTk andlnw Fahraarv 7.S1S2 hundred I 1 tz. a-
a encp c? joy in evetht
rLCMiMOToM, luntordun Co.. JK. J.
Dr. B V. PI Rues. Uuffaki, M. Y.i
Throe months ago I was brutes out with lance
procured your Qoldea Medical IMseovery aad furgn
I am In good health, all those nrly ulcers asTlng IOC mtJIONfRY, WfiQQ words,
healed and left my akin In a natural, health eon- I Mfl Dr-'oofs Ilealth Monthly, one year Met.
oltlon. I thought at one time 1 could not be oured.
Although I ean but poorly eapress my gratitude to
you, yet thero Is a drop of joy la eyery word 1
Tours truly, J AM Kb O. UKLLlti.
i I rr Xll'rKTlTK MKMOrJCU. Ae M
lrAVVVeAeril tmtit cttrwt Bnd etamo.
OIANT HTBTBM MKU. CO.. Clevelsnd, O.
WUUtlve session from 1871 to 1879
inclusive. After considerable exami-1 Never despair of eradicating malarial poison-
nation of reports, etc.. the f ollowing "Jgi S ,
was given. It Includes the pay of 7
nomiToN anH Afflfjont. milMiffA. atailon- oAvntoe Bamu Bnotrmx? This is a ques-
uciuoiieMf yv-e 1 T X ,hrit f oountryj and wl
Ths tAft nlitnt In Iwil 00 aurwjuifulW
Aliew XOTK laajaia uasmngion I naDer for tne journals, out. now me earnestly advise every one to take Hall's Bal-
l!1 on Mondavevenlnir wore diamonds IcnHfc at th f uel. iras. or printlnir and fr Oonghs and Golds. Warranted to
Murray Hill Pub. Co., I M. Ith St, New York.
'tnoreased four fold. Mo satoky lamps.
Sample eonpound for trial U eta, Agents
wsnted. Address JOHN HWKUMCtf. Wayne, Mtch
C Tlin "rr," WirrH leu
J Jlmi la. J.KTitrHicMK, lbsrum. OM-
worth 1 600,000.
The prayers of the Maine Legisla
ture's chaplain are described as "full
of practical suggestions." ,
The gross earnings of thirty-five of
the principal railroads of the United
States, for January was $8,005,305.
The second national cat-show will be
biding of the session laws:
......106 Days....
M - M..'
111 M
14 "
,..M....11 " ....
. 140 ....
MMMIM.lll " M.
188,07 14
19.191 T4
...M 97.884 73
It, 171 M
... 101.V90 0T
108,118 OT
..... 114.809 tS
The sessions of 1872 and'1874 were
Is the title of a valuable little pamphlet, sent free
to any address for one stamp. Address Butter Im
provement Co., Buffalo, N. Y. It tells you how to
Increase amount of butter from sir en amount or
cream per cent., Improye eualUy of butter 13 per
cent., maae "rut-edge" or golden colored butter the
year round. Kvsry farmer and dairyman should
send stamp for It.
held at Boston March 1-6. for which special. In which members are limited It "Going to the Old South Church, Boeton.
all entries must be made by Feb. 27.
Five new monster propellers.capaclty
ten thousand tons, to cost $700,000, will
be built this winter for service between
Chicago and Buffalo.
At Cheyenne, recently, a coroner had
to hold an inquest in the case of a wo
man and impanelled a jury of six wo
lie bis ek akin 01sests
tall in vrlM. Ir. V. K. Mna.Qoluav,Mlat
flP MCfl'Mrt fsierrsphysnd'ssr
UU l.ltlJ 40 to IOO s month
,very graduate guaranteed a psjlng titustion.
Address B. Valentine, Mssager, Jsnesvllle, Wis.
fATOUM'S Ueltable Intelilgenoe Oflioe. All
-A-ktnds of help furnished. Situations obtained.
FKK ONLY Jf CICMTS. 1W Urand Elver
Avenue, Detroit, Mich.
OR BAt J.A elean stock of Boots and Hhoee
at 16 per cent less than actual value.. Htore for
rent or sale If wanted. Keason, going west. Ad
dress, STOCK. I ox 89, Pontlso, Mich.
MriHHlNtt to go out of business, I will sell my
w w stock and Business, consisting or a bright sew
stock of dry goods, groceries, boots and shoes, eta.
No better point In Michigan to do business. Come
end see. or address I. P Dewbv, Bancroft. Mich.
aTU10N HALE ot trotUog-bred young stal-
lions, road and carriage horses, 1 miles south
east of Poetise, reb. 14, 1880. Bend for catalogue.
Also graded cattle and thoroughbred Berkshire pigs.
A. (J. Diwir, ronuae, Mich.
filCiitflTUBE, Upholstery
to 20 days pay. In the first instance ib?4w.?le?Ittll ?n aru' Astronomies!
the session waa continued i oeyona mm u'fZSJM
limit to allOW the Senators time tO re- tAmltvi by many thousands of the oitisens of
a. I i L J 4- II..I. l,.l. I j i - .1 . . . . . .
turn nomtj a m ttbtciiu w men uur aucnigaa a u ring mm monins i nngnst ana i irruvirirrtr:. trniu,i.t K.t.i.n.h ima
ness before resolving themselves into September la it, while on exhibition la Detroit, I X' with best of city custom stock worth tU0 will
- lmnoQpt.minf frtr fh trlnl has been suooessfnUy presented to the people sell for 1541 oasht proflt H.loO to II.1W a year.
n tuun i iiutyv..-v... .v. ...w I ,f Ohioaao. Mllwsnke. TiiImIu anl I)tn I HatlsfaotorV reasons for selling. Address 'MTU.
01 tjnaries A. JUimonas. in iuo nw ohlo,wiU soon oooupy a piaoe inside the walls I N1TUB." carrier 10, Detroit. Mich,
ona instance a nine mure uuw m olinti historic Duuainx known as the Old I rwiMK Detroit News Comnanv. T fort Btraat west.
A. Detroit, keep In stock a complete line of the
leading plays of Samuel rrensh Son, New Yorkt
Unton T. Dewitt, Mew York) Ueorge M. Baker
Boston i Usppy Hours Co., Mew York. Bend
ThX M h l,i Hraf f L needed by the Clerks for Closing Up the Bouth Church, Boston. Thla quaint old editioe X
. TtiS is Said tO be the first le- hll.lnpRaJ0f the session. In both cases, bad its birth with the Pilgrim Fathers. It was lead
Jury on record. S!S 11
' I n .ii however, the -pay Of members Stopped Lf5Tidentuily saved from the recent ounfla. t"
SO Years Deforo tho Public
Pronounoed bv all to be the most Puue
sirr and nrrioacioc remedy now n oan, for
tbs CTJin or Cocobs, Cols, Cbocf, Boansa
a aas, tickling sensations of the throat, whoop-
fog eongh etc Ovxa a Miixion aoTTLas aou
WTTBUt THB LAST PBW YBABS. It gives relief
wherever used, and has the power to impart
benefit that cursor be had from the eongh '
mixtures now ia use. Bold by all Druggists
at Its eente per bottle.
are also highly recommended for earing liver '
oom plaint, constipation, siok-heodaohee, fever
and agu, and all diseases of the stomach and
liver. Bold by all Druggists at 25c per box. ,
XL E. SELLERS tc CO., Props.,
Pittabnrgh, Pa
An EnfflHh Veterlnsry Burgeon, sad .Oien-Ut, now
trssl sir Is thfs coun ry. says M in" or me nore
ssy-thst AhMi-iiUn's Condition I'owdsntaie slklub-ly
pars and Imrae aiuBmw. ix.nmi ..
. i. ilka hlieridn' Coxlttlon l owdr a
1om. ona tmorw nf i U. on pint . no d e rj .
w..ers or sent by mull f.r t Wl t S priit 1V .
city of Boston. Mr. Meter has received many
flattering commendations and testimonials
from the leading Journals and representative
men ot this Keuubllo and the Old World,
of th'. Agricnltural-OoUege. I U.' Th. immediate cause of hi. death I -,T ih. boaiesVt two more Of the SCUlptorlioehm a marble group 2.4.E
S . hn hid hMIB I. ... Jk.tl ilmnbMiiMa uid iIDMnn. I 77. . " . m j - v- .K. nf IK ilTA WnrMnrin(f tn nr tlCH m. iwuuu wuwmuiu wivu.w 1U1 iuthuwj umm uroiutu
of wkVaTit ; badly de- " Z?:! American ZiElttvXZZJtttt rrial IvinVd'ead on the fHrtrtly ot brick. A cistern 10 feet square and te, work on exhibition in
u....Iihl . I . . . " I . - I . , lit daan nrAiiln ra An TtnT. urnlinfl IT. I was oreaieu iui m iuihi nw
eeph Fattenon, while working In the woods I Wsahingtdn.
rjaralvtio. and it is feared must abandon bis
Messrs. Jerome, of Detroit. Btookbrldge, ot
Allegan, and Bpalding, of BU John's, are la
near Metamora, was attaoaed by a tramp, beat-
aa senselese and lobbea ox nnous ou. u
was discovered a few hours afterward and
" properly eared for. The offioers have arrested
a young man named Frank Emery as the
would-be murderer, and he Is now in the L.
peer Jail awaiting trial.
Adam Gees, a bartender In Nashville, Barry
sounty, tried to take his life on the 18th by
shooting himself in the head with a small te
volver. Be wiU survive, probably.
. m...i. n. rwinld a wnll known farmer of
Panafteld township, Calhoun oounty, ws in
'staatly killed Fridsy while drawing logs to the
mill. Be waa walking behind hi wagon,
when the rope broke and the binder was
thrown beak with tremendous force, striking
him squarely on th head, crushing his
lire. Fred Benedict of Genoa, Livingston
sounty. eommltted enleide Thursday, taking a
; whole vial of laudanum. She asked her moth
er for water, and while she was out ot the
room took the fatal draught. It le supposed
--ehe was laboring under temporary insanity.
She wse 19 years otge, and leaves a husband
and Infant child.
Menos Filleou was killed by a falling tree in
a lumber camp near Cheboygan on the Uth.
Ee leavea a wife.
The trial of Wlthlam for the murder of
Qeorge Bhlnehart in November of lsst year
began at flint on Tuesday. Mrs. Bhlnehart
created a sensation in the oourt room by
springing up and denouncing Withaim as a Til
r lain, and for a few moments there was great
Constantino Brumldl, the well-known frssoo
artist, of Washington, died Thursday morn
ing. nsnlan offers to nut no tlXOO that he ean
beat any man in the world five aeooads in
Ave mUes, in Toronto bay, the race to take
piaoe In June or July.
The President has nominated Rowland K.
Trowbridge of Michigan for Commissionsr of
Indian Affairs.
The six days' walking match at London
closed Saturday evening. "Blower" Brown
score 1 663 miles. Bsisel 48, Day 416. Brown
beat Weston's previous reoord by three hours
and eight minutes. -
Prof. Nordenekjold and-wrty have arrived
at Borne.
Feb. 18 In the Senate Mr. Eaton (Dem.,
Conn.), withdrew his motion to reconsider the
vote by which a. biU passed authorising the
transportation of tho body of Gen. Bykee
from Fort Brown to West Point. The bill now
goes to the Bouse.
Messrs. Windom (Bep., Minn.), Blaine (Bep,
Me.), and Wither (Dem. Ya.), were appointed
a conference oommittee en a disagreement ot
the Bonse to Senate amendments to the mili
tary academy appropriation bill.
In the Bouse on motion of Mr. BrsggXDem.,
Wis.) the Senate bill for the removal ot the
body of the late Gen, George Bykee from Fort
Brown, Tex., to West Point, N. T., was taken
from the speaker's table ana passca.
v.mtn .,m1 dintherla are reported to be
decimating the population In the Interior of
Bussla. The provinoee of Baratof and Kief,
which annually export, in ordinary times
enormous quantities of grain, had scarcely any
e-op !ast year. The ealamlty ia aggravated by
the want of iocaer xor came, una peaaanta mtm
forord to sell them. In the Canoes us the fam
ine is still greater, and people are committing
suicide and selling their children.
similar metals are hardened by ham'
mering, rolling or wire drawing, and
are softened bv beinar heated red hot
The ex-Empress Eugenie has ordered puc some apparently uo now um. a j----y r imvic u to become tlue
place his mss-
the city where it
in, that the people
. . AA f ,oii on ra I wno not naa we privilege 01 visiting inis
have 400 square feet of wall, art area kl of clook tj TlBion n M
OlSuriaceoi lOO Square leei Ol wail, object subUme In lU cooo pti .n and iallnite
iaits movements and its ta eaihtiorii. ids
dock wiU be in Bt. Andrew's BsU, corner
Woodward s venue and State stret, Detroit,
for a short time only. No oitisen of allohi
gan should fail to see the great clock.
Mkin. ruu iwi m .v m." . . i . n
danger of a mob attacking the prisoner, out Feb. 17 In the nenaie ar- wmi vt Ho. 5 0 Q40per lb
the lady finally fainted and was removed from Tenn.) from the select oommittee on epidi m- Bu)K&QrMn, j7,'o per lb. j
the court room and quiet was restored. he diseases, reported favorably a Joint resolu- nu,w ikinafVo? 60.
tvovm-Oltj pastay brands.. ....... -8 .SB&o (0
Beoonds..T 4 264 78
Low grades S 75tDB xs
Bye.7 4 906X5 00
Baokwheat 8 00Q8 S8
Wbtuav Kxtra white... 1 Wtffil Si
No,l white 1 SOl 88
Amber 1 10vM ii
BaiXBV 1 S&Qtl 80 per 100 lbs.
Com 42Q44o per bush.
Oan 3842400. per bu.
Bra 65060c per bush.
BkxdCw Clover, t-ia4 35 per ba.
I m ia 50OS Sft per bbk
oaaawax 20 &ii per pound.
BTjTTBa-Prime quality, 18421 M dlam 140
BaajTswUnpicked, 80o)l 10 per bush. Ptrk
ed, fl S5ai 48.
(JsTsaan 14Q15o per lb.
CaAirmKaaixs.--hoioe Cape Cod, ?8 008 60
per bbL
DarxD Anxaa 8S84j eta. per lb.
DaiXD PaaoHxa 164318 e per lb.
Dbkssbo Hoos ft 764 80 per owt
Kims. .Vreah 122B18o.
Fna Whitefiah, $5 85fS& 60 per half barrel
trout. S4 UM&426 per half bbL
Biokoet Nora- OheUbark, 83 26QS 60 per bbl
oured, Id 8c
crowning him.
Blind Tom, when at his Georgia
home, remains alone with his piano, in
a building apart by himself, and plays
day and night like a madman. He
now plays about 700 pieces, and picks
up new ones everywhere.
The Prussian Ministei of Commerce
lately told the Chamber that the Gov
ernment does not Intend to buy up
more railroads. It wants first to see
whether those owned by the State will
be a financial success. The State is al
ready in possession of all lines of strat
egic importance.
The height of fashion at the Court
of Dahomey is a costume consisting of
the blue, gold, green, and red labels
carefully peeled from the medicine and
tickle-bottles brought by Europeans
nto the King's dominions. The labels
are gummed ou to the naked body, and
the effect is, at any rate, startling.
Cured by my Mew Anti
septic Method. No knife.
Come and see me or send
stamp for pamphlet, free.
U. r. UUNTKR, M. D., Holly, Mich.
The Paper Boom.
The New York Journal 0 Com
merce alluding to the action of the
Chicago Times In raising Its subscrip
tion price, predicts that "if the market
value of raw material continues to ad
vance every
and contain 1,000 cubic feet, or 7,500
flraJloiitiof water. A cistern 40 feet
round and 10 feet deep would have
400 square feet of wall, but would
be 12 feet In diameter, and .have 127
square feet of area, containing 1,270
cubic xeet, or 0,525 gallons of water.
The gain in capacity would be 27 per
cent., at no more cost for brick, mortar,
or laying the walL The wall may be
laid 4 inches thick, or with bricks
lengthwise; seven bricks will make a
square foot of wall, ana 111 us z,uou
bricks will make this cistern either
square or round. Brick Is now worth
about $3 per 1,000. The wall and
bottom should be covered with cement,
requiring about two barrels ; the bot
tom should be two Indies tnicic
laying the wall care should be taken to
ram the earth down wen oenina it to
resist the pressure of the water. The
roof of the cistern shonld be arched
.1 UIah, Ka khmiiuI A I tful WunilHra nf ths IiullM. tlhlna. Jl
nuu uvu irev ucivw iu 1 rrzz ":,,-.-.-,, TM-Tk iWlt Vhinn. at our
pail holds three gallons ; a CUbiC fOOt iS we to make monr. lleware of Mcatch penny" Imlia.
DCVCll auu lieu, (aiiuua 1 n vuw.v
fore holds two-flfths of a cubic foot
Solid Gold, Silver and Nick I American
and8wlssWatches,fromtoll60. Chslns
of all kinds. Writ for Illustrated cata
Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.
a Ladles and gents wigs, eiipas wares
sad switches, rnxi ana osos neui
all styles hair goods at wholesale
and retail. Bend for price lUt.
s,KN, 177 Woodward avc, Detroit, Mich.
TpOR SALE Or will exchange for letrolt real
-- estate, a farm of 1 80 acres, two miles north of
the vlllags of Hudson, Lnawe county. Mich.
Brick house, I tarns, orchard, well fenced. Rood
roads, sohoolhouse ou the premises. Address JOHN
H. BiflSBLL, Bank Chambers, Detroit, or Q. W.
uunt, i urttwold St.. Detroit
TWTAlfTED AGENTS all over the State to sell
' W our Burmees Maglo PolUhlng Powder and the
Royal Tooth Powder. None to equal them rn the
world. Bend for terms and sample sent free for 40
cents for beth, or single for 15 oenU. This Is no
humbug, address HaNur B. Unusr, 410 Fort sU
, Detroit, Mich.
IWI-I? i'li65?j
Of th Uts Sna -t R.U t
BUI. Hmmnt W Ml 4 Sna
la Olsai ssS Lrsd Biutan-!
UTbolM.1 UXalt dnlOTtS .
Window ElaPliltta
Sky l.litat.. Cat ! Fnus
jM (Hum, till.ar ftotad
Saafe B.rm. Frtseh a4
naa Laaslca "I.M raM,
-1 ralsls. Mo.
It If Cencreis It. laiL Detroit. Mien.
Rice's Toperanee Hotel cd ResUnraat,
Breech Lnsdlng Shot Oansl'JOto 1300: Pmi Vie Shot
Onus m to 1160: Single Uuns fi to tiOl Bines W to
76 1 Bevolvers ti to S75. Hnd for Urge UlwtrsUMl
pnre catalogue, aaarese uusvi iBaixjkn una
WOIUM, Pmsburgfa, P.
nDiieta and sut lion lie lnato.yor tns great four oi
It O cribes Boral Palsces, Rare Curiosities, Weaitn
sod Wonders of the Indies, China. J span, etc a mil-
Cor. Bates and Oonaress BL'a Detroit.
Within two minutes walk of the Citv HaiL Oners
Houses, rust uraoe saa riaiiKs. uoune just uuiit ana rur
nlshed throughout In Klxgant Ntile with New rural
ture,eta. Tls very best UnsDoluam per day Houset -
americs. 4. u. kicje, propntor
Is the best plsee on ths continent to get a meel for
917 Jsffereon Ave,, Detroit, Mich
Fnuss in 1870. During the past
five years, according to the figures col-
American newspaper collected by the Insurance Chronicle,
Address, National Puslmhiwo Co.. Cbl ago. 111,
Do von wish to obtain gooa and
valid Pu-enlsT then write to or call
upon 3raaos
There were 800 men examined before a Jury
wma finally obtained.
tlxty-elx men have' met their death in the
pin woods of Ulchigsn this winter.
' CeoUmln Varnbam a saw-mill, two miles
, . vst ot Bradley, Allegan oounty, was burned
oa tho 14th. Loss about 11,800.
f "Mrs. Levi Wriftht of Bom ulus died on the
l?th from the effects of strychnine, taken in
linn anthorluinc the President to call an in
ternational sanitarv oonierenoe. Placed on the
oalendar. .
Mr. McMillan fReo Wis.) mesenteu n
lntion of the chamber of oommeroe, Bt. Paul,
Minn for the reauotlon of the tans anty on
steel rails. Many petitions were presented
from railroad companies against tne reaaouen
of duty on steel rails.
The bill proviaing xor oeieDrsuoB to n
too large quantities and administer d by her- I hundredth anniversary of the noognition of
Mnr Oorild of Tomnktns. Jsokson county,
while breaking a young eolt on the 20th, was
thrown from a sulky and kicked on the head,
' being killed almost Instantly. Be was an es
timable yoasg man, only Sk
'r Detroit in Brief.
: tKa ManlllanU, and Manufacturers'
w iuim v.m m. meetins? Mondav evening in the
' IntereeU of the Detroit and Butler railroad.
About 96,000 was subscribed and a oommittee
V' appointed to canvass for subscriptions.
'" A burglar raided Bheiner's store on Ban
i doiph street Ineaday sight and waa shot
throng the leg by a spring-gun placed for his
c '. benefit. It la thought the leg will have to he
amputated. -
' The Miobigaa Central railroad company ia
laying an eight-ldeh water pipe from the river
to iU ear shops and new cattle yards near the
Qrand Trunk Jnnotion. Water will be pumped
- ay the engine at the new aievawr.
.. Joha
the Khak
at the saw
w 7fi Vnrt street
i.th ahontS o'eloek Wednesday morning at
? - the shop where be wsa at work. Ue became
CI n tangled in a belt in some manner, and be
i tan the machinery eoald be stopped hia neck
eras broken.
l The Christian eonfrrenoe which began its
c samtsae ia the fort street Presbyterian church
. Wsdnssday, oon tinned through Thnrsday. It
V' waa wall attended by evangelical ministers
x from different parts of ths State. ,
The Bepublican State Committee have de-
JAmA La a.1 i ihMtsta convention to meet in
election ox aeio-
Amerioan independence by the national exhi
bition at New York la 1883 waa placed on the
Mr. Logan (Replll) submitted the following
resolution, which waa referred to the oommit
tee on naval affairs:
Resolved, That the secretary of the navy be
.nthnrUad to eauin and furnish a vessel for
I tha nunmse of oonveving to Ireland such oor
Ex- I trihntions offered and other supplies asaie
furnished in the United States for the reuet
of Suffering In Irelsnd.
In the House consideration waa resnmed of
the rules for passing appropriation bills. The
pending question was on adopting the amend
ment offered by Mr. Sneer (Denou, Oa.) to rale
31. as amended by the substitute offered by
Mr. Warner (Dem.,0.),and which, in its amend
arf fnrm orovided that it should be in order
Hav alS (XX21S CO per tout baled 18(3117.
Boim Strained, lMlie per lb. Comb, ISO
Omom-uiohigan t4 OOQ 4 60 per bbl.
Potatobb SI 0ai 60 per bbL
Bales from store 40 46c per bush.
Pocltbt Live chickens. S645o per uai'l
dressed, 7e per lb; turkey, dressed, 9
Pvaa Wlsoonsin Bine 91 70Q1 85 per bu.
Field, 70c 90,
PaovxBioirs Pork Mesa, 112 004312 60; Laid
7 O 8Kl Bams, 9 O 10 e, Shoul
ders, 6&6e Baeon, 8e, extra Mis
Beef, 910 003 10 60 per bbL dried beef
11(311 26 per cwt.
Baxt Baffinaw, gl 40(31 45 per Mi On on 04s
fine, 91 45; eearse, tl 85
Tallow-6oio per pound.
WOOD Hiokory, 76(36 25 per cord; maple
5 25; beech and maple $4 CO 04 60;
soft. 93 oa
Detroit Stock Market.
The receipts of live atock at the Mich
igan Central yards last week were : Cat
tle, 744; hoga, 16,651i aheep, 6,209. The
cattle market waa not quite ar active aa
for the raat few weeks, the demand xor
which has reduced Its subscription
price will sooner or later be obliged to
raise It The alternative will be a loss
to the tmblisher on everv conv minted."
The fact Is there Is nothing sold which
is so cheap as the newspaper of to
day. It Is barely possible that the very
low price at which It is bought tends
to lessen the public estimate of its
value. Year by year the expense of
newspaper publishing has increased.
Take a paper of to-day and compare
it with one of ten years ago and the
change is wonderful. With one of
twenty-five years ago there is practi-
ally no comparison possible, as there
is no common ground to put them on.
The labor on the present daily paper
involved In type-setting, printing, re
porting, editing, correspondence, and
the thousands of incidentals, is great
er than anybody outside an office can
Imagine. The telegraphic bills of to
day would have made a manager faint
a few years ago. There has been a
steady and amazing improvement In
newspapers during the past decade
with no increase whatever of price,
and it is among the possibles that
$353,018,250 worth of property has been
destroyed by fire iu the United States.
In 1875 the loss was 878,102,285, in
1876 $64,030,600, In 1877 $08,265,800, in
i. H. Hpretflrue
Jir. Moil. 87 Wt
Congress BU DetroiS Jnicn., Aiior,
neys in Patent Causes. Establish
1 16 years. Send for pamphlet, free-
In Southwest Missouri.
1 AAA A1A a BalL.watj.Mrf (ImW anil tirslria
1878 $64,315,1)00 and in 1879 $77,703,- lands alona the line of the 8t. Jouls Ban Vran-
700. The last year, it will be seen,was oisoo Railway for saie, ai rrom TTanS'
unlucky and only $400,000 better than cu,, pUrPnees. Best tobaooo rwion m the
1875, althOUgn in 170 V lrginia Uliy, West. Short winters, convenient maneta, superior
"Nov waa viaitA1 liv n. hlfl7A which scnoois, low taxes, neaitniui cnniwj uu nwu
HeV., Was Visited Oy a Diaze WlUCn Km. trmniDortstlon from HU Louis to those
SWept away Over $6,000,000 Worth Ol wno purchase land. Send for maps and ctrculsrs to
property. The losses to insurance w. ii. voffin, Land commissioner.
companies last year were in . excess oi i Temple Building, st. iiouis, uo.
THE CLOVER LEAF, a four pee, S4-column I
Fenners' Psper, oontatntna valuable information
on the culture and hsrresUn( of clover for seed.
Sent free to every farmer sendtna us taetr name.
South Bend, Indiana.
w8av where you saw this.
Tho Only Remedy
and tho KIDiJEYO.
This combined action gives it von
derful potter to cure all diseases.
7hy Aro 7e Cleg:?
lAenM thai osoant of moaeT prorided by
--aJ . . X . S I IUI bUV B'HEf WTI TV
il 1 ..J aay1 IMI ff Mil artfl IA I. ej ... s . as
SSS WiT-S3i3. ui." i "253 JSS&'SnJrSSi wtas the generi. rise of materi be-
yea, yi, najs ou. . . oholoe ahippino; atock waa Bold at nrloee gx w senouaiy xtue uy yuuuouvio,
Feb, 19. In the Senate a joint resolution which indicate an advance over the pre- as It soon must, a rise in price may
OI tne I -.!- -V,la Airnrui hnl flsslais nlalm I t.narA in VnllrtOT Tf-WAlllrl nnf. rvA m aU--
for their paper
would be mere-
more 'Which
the losses of any of the four previous
years. These losses amounted in 1875
to 839,325,400, in 1876 to $34,374,500, In
1877 to $39,398,000. in 1878 tO $30,575,-
000 and In 1879 to $44,404,700. During
the five vears there were 55,570 fires.
Poorly constructed buildings, careless
ness on the part of occupants and in
cendiarism are the principal causes of
fires. Am: ntr the several States .N ew
York leads in the figures. In 1876 her I
loss was $14,090,000; in 1877, $11,456.-
40; in 1878, $9,397,000, and in 1879,
$15,703,200. Pennsylvania comes next
with a total loss in the four years of I
828.123.500. Massachusetts lost 20,-
991,300; Illinois, $14,432,200.
n n m rn o isend
Our Illustrated Catalogue, oonuilnlntf full list
of Novel ties and Specialties for I88U. Sent
free with sample of the celebrated "ills
see Corn," the best In the world. Address,
41 North Front St. Philadelphia, Pa.
Bend one, two, three 8r
Ave dollars for sample
box, by express, of the
best candles In America,
put up elegantly and
strictly pure Refers to all
Chicago. Address.
aai aUM,aat kiji. Rest Uuus and Kind
lor the iiHiney lii the, world. r,.,M.,t
mm IM-nu lor istk" niunM.im -""
txn A 139 Waxx tHttmhurth, M-m,
CTTERPaiSl am WOaxs. KsUbUsase isis.
BEST Reed Orgsn for $30,
slmlrabW ailtDted for nne 111
Sjnday Schools and Borne Cir
cles sent ires on mm
mouev neoesssrv till rnoetved.
tested and found satisfactory.
An oproBTtnriTT vzvaa bstoss
BeeauMS we allots these great organs
to become domed or torpid, ana
txritonousAumor$are therefore forced
into the blood that should be expelled
MKIDNF.T t'OariitiaTS, UKinsBS
VavseKM, ;amd reutoua
Mfty causing f orfion of these organs)
and restoring their poxcer to throve offf
Why Suffer BUlou palss sue srhes I
Why tormented wlthl'Ues.Ceestlpatleal
Why hsvs sleepless nlfkU t
Use KIDNEY 0T and rtjoics In
JUaUX. It Is a Crjy uprialle compound ad I J
h package will ataaC six UeT Ucletes. l-
Qst U of po 'r Drug , h Wd tvc&r U
VZLLS, iri-W. CO., rr3prUt;
(WUirsapunixwi.i iwmfMB, VI.
c 3IOHOLS.SHEPARD & C O. Battle Crc:t,m
.1 wa. miihI anthorisina the Heoretarv
urant, lor many r r IT . I Nin to emnlov a naval vessel or cuanr a - immv1 nnalitw makna nn for 1 1 i
spear saloon, oomer ol wauj ana itot the purpose of transporting to ths " Butehertn tr catUe remain 1VK yZvlv v 1 iZ
troets. and well known in th city, VtZ.rJr ollreland such eon trihutions T?0? i!??!",0.8 "Si "SLV" than they Used to. It
aaicid Wedneay afternoon dt I ma be msd for their relief. "h"''- If making them pay for
tumsu . " Mr. McMillan (.Kep, aunn.i presenveu m prw .tr.. they ffet in Weir paper.
Loewer. It year, of sge, employ ea test against th erection of a Driag across t 9V .t'Mra .
-. . li a. v an ai 1 ti a m i . i trv . a iwa.it aiffFnan nw in. i vw av. - a 1 1
nilUHWii v 7. . I vuo viui itc. ''"--- I J u U4 k. at OK nor wt. I
I t nlra
1 juuav
6 irood ateera.av 900 lba. at t3 25 per ewt;
2 oxen, av 1.620 lba. at $3 2ft per cwt;
: tionai debt; also a resolution committing that SoSfl 61baVat! BrcwU2gxod board of steamboats carrying passen- Mark
bill to the committee of tbe wlol, svxid heUera, av 1,115 lbs, a 3 75 per cwt; gers. During the first eight years fol- 0ne in
ing ii a special oider for JJfBJn2i 2 irood ateera, av 1.0&S lbs, at 3 60 per fowing the passage of the law to pro- Dnir
i ; rtatanit If a 11 tar the
tt , gtas to th national convention at Chicago,
- aKs nanlnva. nf the iron and bras works M.Mt. from davto dav thereafter, aatil
ar oa a strike for aa advano of 80 per cent di.poaed of.to the exclusion of all existing
U their wages. orders, bnt not to interfere with spproprla-
f., A neetlaxl of gentlemen interested in the tion bills. Ths resolution wss sdopted.
imposed wsstern transit railway to ran mid- web. 19. In the Senate Mr. Davis (Dem n W.
wsy between the river road and the river from Ta. submitted a resolution directing any
th Michigan Central yard to Delray, was held hemdt Df executive departmenU who hav not
v at th residence of Ex-ald. Heames Fridsy et doM M comply with the statute requir-
. evening, avt waa auuuij -cr" -
p oommittee of seven who shon'.a take the pro
C lee ted into consideration, ascertain all the
teats aecessary, mature a plan and report to
L an adjourned meeting to b called by them
rarnell, DiUon and Murdock, the Irish agita-
Ik. I.kaa
. . ... 3 T Til .,...mr,tmA
a memorial from merchanU and Importers of S fair heirera, av 737 lba, at $2 90 per owl; During the first twenty years of
Chicago for th pa-sage of a bill f or th 1m-1 2 good steers, av 1.1801m, at 13 26 perl steam lake navigation, with sixty-seven
mediate trans poriauon ox auuaoie gww.
VLaf arrayl.
A resolution wss adopted calline: on the
Anrratarr of the TreasarT for information aa
to the need of further accommodation tor
United Bute officers in Detroit. '
Mr. Wood mem- N. YX chairman of the
oommittee on wavs and means, reported back
th bill to facilitate the refunding of the na-
owu 4 good ateera and belt era, ar 878 lba,'
at S3 Zo per ewt; 1U gooa mizea Duicner
In or head, av 928 lba. at S3 per owt; 2 good
helfera, ar 1,010 lba, at 3 50 pn ; cwt:
8 medium botoherlnf head, ar 940 lbs, at
2 65 por owt; 2 rery oholoe ateera, ar
1.460 lbs. at S4 70 per owt: 2 good oxen.
ar 1,836 lba, at S3 25 per owt; 2 oholoe
steers, ar l.oso ids, at w per owt; gooa
steamboats in service, only eight lives
were lost, while from 1837 to 1852 six
hundred lives were lost. Previous to
that date no law had been enacted to
protect life on steam vessels. In 1852
or '53 a law passed Congress, intended
to provide for the protection of life on
owt; 10 good ateera, av 1,033 lba, at 93 60
per owt; o gooa ateera, ar l.ooa ids, ai
3 87, per owt; 4 good ateera. av 805 lbs,
at 15 per owt; o oemmon outonering neaa.
av 800 lb, at S2 60 per owt: 14 mixed
butchering head, av 741 lba, at 12 75 per
owt. ...
The sheen market was Drisk ana
tect life and property by a board of in
spectors, 2,500 lives were lost on the one; Elisha Jones, M. A., three; Victor
The following is a list of the Mich
igan University professors who have
distinguished tnemseives dv aumor
shiD and the number of books of which
they are the authors: A. 13. Palmer,
M.D., one; Corydon L. Ford, M. D.,
two; Henry S. Frieze, LL. D., two;
James V. Campbell, LL. one;
Thomas M. Cooley, LL. D six;
Edward Olney. LL. D., series of math
ematical text books ; Charles K. Adams,
LL. D six ; Rev. 13. F. Cocker, D. D., Cleveland,
LL. D four: A. 1J. rrescott, uve
pamphlets ; M. L. D'Ooge, Fh. Dn one ;
Geo. a Morris, M. A. two; O. E. Froth-
inffham. M. DM four pamphlets ; Donald
Maclean, M. D., one; E. S. Dunster, M.
D-four: Moses Colt Tyler, LL. D
three ;E. a Franklin, M. D four;
Mark W. Ilarrlnsrton. M. A- one, and
Dress : Alexander W incneii, L,u
nine, and one in press; Win. 11.
Payne, M. A- two; Preston B. Kose,
of Clevelend, Ohio, andChloaffo, Illinois, give their
entire attention to tne business or prosecuting
Arrears of Pension slllowed only In claims present
ed before
JULY I, 1880.
A -
Tlaialdaa; ITaxihtnarrajid PevttvU '
and Traotlom TTagllitl.
T1IK STAXBAJU sf sseslpvass isrea-ssal Os wet
"m a'tCHLESS ft Ormls "aln, Tlaw HsilaS, !
Olranlnc, MniH mn4 Thtrtufk Wm. ... . .....
rarta, rVorvaf Wot.lSalUhla, MUfmH FaOafc, aa
.a. a
MARTEL4Ua ft mm msiHir wsrk Is sfl MaJ sf
Orala, u MiMrWiy kawa m Us saaf msshl TfenaBSt
la Klax, Tiaaothy, Clorar, aad nU aikar Haala.
timpU, aalni Hm thaa mn kalf ths wnaal farS ".
a.r a MIR
Address, with stamp,
or Chicago, III.
1 a-ro-VTSnrVCTT VITRABIJS wtnrfutlt
a.aini f THICTISN. aaS ITBlWJUiUKIMl aTKa.M.K!iIE-, wits p--al BMUaTMN rwwm.
Imiir aaa acsaty -atiraiT iiimwi ia now imia, owaar.vww a. 1
, raw (Ims af S-paratara, frira S la 1 anraa-pairar slaa I atTM". laiptavas anim
-- ..a (v.aaa. Radafai k tbU aaaaa. wilhoul ahsBaa ar uaM.aMjaUaa.ar BHaaaa.
.T.n.l A3
DanhUltT. HaJMT
sparajtar a aaaolaH-,
Mai, faraUbaa a Saras gaaraataS k saBarlar goaaa aaa
uuuToa Haehloanr sas smaa at nr
aaaaa aarlaaa aiakara M Saw Sttail.
laJarkw saa Siasgm irananaaa
RftlaUii Pt l beat
tag ta sathl sa4 aalsj a
DKlhOlT. yUJIl.,
OfTeri superior advantages to
Undents. 1'hey srs thoroughly
lied In office work, letter writing
the executing of biwinei papers
hose wiahing a tliorough business
education should enquire of ths bnii-
men of Detroit where it can best
College paper mailed free.
.l a.nlr a 1 . K,i rrti nnl anv KaI. kr
va nnK.- amnloTM in their departmenu. um""" "wi "-a- , -
-h7tw anv of them eaa U' dispensed In quality tnan the previous wee, aa-
,..' tor, arrived Detroit Sunday afternoon, and I th resolution for
- trar seoonea tnrongn ih pnoapau dim nuwumw. .
a nrocession ot civil and military organixa- I taken up, and air
6" . W a t .1 aa 1 - I afaa aaiaLlaiai 4ka
- ttoaa. la ta svenins; uexw waa irn auwi ,or bwuui
'4 irg la th Detroit Opera Hons at whica
Hayor Thompson presided and Mr. Dillon and
.', ot tiers mad speohss. : ' ,
Ina annh offlaers to annuallv report to oonaress
. . , i .... I A
piorea in uiu u,i"nuwa, i
- .r. C:.C7. - -,-atakia vs. wanoed 20u Dr cwt. Bales were aa 101
made Adopted. Iowa: 61, av 83 lbs, at $4 80 per cwt;
n. a toTof 26 to 18 the motion of Hr. 28, av 102 lba, at 6 24 per cwt; 163, av
Davis (W. Vs.) to
following lake steamers: The Niagara,
bv fire. 300: the Atlantic by collision,
600: the Laay Hiigin, oy consion, ow;
the E. k. Collins, by fire, 400, and on
the Keystone State and Chesapeake
each 100.
Since 1853 the character of the steam
craft on the lakes, except Ontario, has
almost entirely changed, The magnin-
C. Vaughan, Ph. D., M. D four;
Charles S. Stowell, M. Du two, and
three pamphlets; Alfred Ilennequin,
M. A. three: Otis C. Johnson, one in
nress: Louisa Iteed Stowell, M. S.
A pretty American
to examine the Light Running
Sewing Machine. We have Just added several new
features to the machine, whkh will Interest every one
who contemplates buying s Sewing Mschine. Don't
fail to try one before buying any other. It will cast
you aothlag to try It. Machines sent en trial to any
part el tne country, nana or cmwar aw waaa.
Agents wanted la unoccupied territory.
Address, a n a mm
alUUJlSUMa UbAKI. OS yvi
VTer lull aartlewlars safl aa ar Saatera, ar wrlla -aaaJT ' ' " ,
Is u lUaraMtHitmlar, vklck w aimU fraa. AdUrr.a g- J
SlCHOLa, IHXPAUD CO., Battle CrMk, Mich.
. Dr. l'icrco's Ool.lcn Medical Discovery cures all Humors, from the worst SerwrMla to a
eommon Match. Pirn pie. or Eruption. Erysipelas. MaU-rNewn., fr ever Korea, Mrnly or
Rooga rskla. in ' horC ah die--, eauscl ty Wl I.IikxI. arc oon.iucrca by this powerful,
purlfvln. and Invigorntlnir medicine, a.
V tsneclnllv lins Tt m-uliestcl Its potcner Im r.ur.nff Trtter, Itase na-h. Halls. arbaa.
eleC Sore Eye, acrwrnlaws Sores and itwtlUngs, White Bwelllag t-.ltre or Thick
Heck, sihi t.Niargeu .innus.
x Charles Lane, aged 24, who recently jrmovad
to Baiabridge, Pa front Maryland, kUled hia
wife, then gave poison to his three children.
' aad took a quantity himself. Only on child
lives, aad its feet ar so badly f roaen that it
ts thought that It mast die .
Daman, on of th prisoners arrested on
aaptetoB of bslsg eonoerned in th Donnelly
, massaer at Lnoan, On I, was discharged Mon-
t tUy, the cvidenc against him being insuffl-
' ient to warrant bis aeienuon.
crirl in
. . . -A. I
reoonsider th vol aaopung i iuo idb, at ao oo perews iv, v w i cent. nunuiiK pitinucs wuitu uau iuiu- went freauently into ine SCreeU Uliat rmrinn.
to oppouikinTOa vm. -1 9 vow wfcj .w, " - w , i ianeu i,iit9 uiusb lUAuuuus uuvoi luu-u i tended, contrary to tne custom mere, i r
. ha intr.nflaania canal waa I vt 100. aw 04 lb, al 85 SO Der CWt: 61. I a i i triiucu, vwumojij v fc"v"okV . I t-a rTrt r fr m
s-c!aOT r-s wv m u w
, r ' "'J. . I' . a I f fralorhf fhATI rtURRAncrAra. hnVA lAkATl I . , -m v... m .1 Dl..n,,l.l. I 1 I I t J II I I 1 1 1 llllllllll I
. U IM, II l p cwi, m, st w iwi si w ws w.v r-.-v.-57-' ,;- Dieuiuu ot reuuiuug uirui. diwjjiuuu- llll AlAtf r'lr'lMllr'l t
Mr. Bland (Dem-, no i, ttom t m 10 per cwt; 83, av 78 lba, at f4 ) par I tneir place, ine cmei iravensuy rau. herself with a pocketful of cent- r-TT. . w , .
and raoommltted. I i - .Via. r hwa vara nnnriail . . i.vv., .w " - - - WJUl, KI1U W IIQUCYU a Uiau svao mi uci, nim lyirera in iqict -wiin i7 pi.......
ana noowiuw I A few aalea or nogs ware reporteti t I i,ava rviTiHniiAd in about the samel i.t.v. hi. I uke i nil esch night from i to is weeks myi
fjtmata, beaidss various pri: aifilM 40 Wr cwt. "T.I T. .oi Var P""""K w ucny ' -estored to sound health If such s thing be po.iU
m . kiii - " i i a Liu. ik uvea u atfi'vcu, iuvibivivi nrAMi ana nrruAriiiiv AYEPnnm nnr cm .k... u k. n.i r. i .hh ihmM
I i. s. jurtfJMjw & tu, esngor, Ms.
awia a iwaa ..a ii nni.a..Mt. .ia u ri'iinv i . iir nil -ii'-u ' 1 . . m
-..?. I i',!....... I... A a.....l aa If afTorta IXrfClM SrMt HwliC.nl ClirO.
In the cur of ItroNcliltls. Itcvere rmU l.smga, si.- c:irly stas;e of -niloa.
It h "s nsioniahed the med.cnl fw-nliy. ad eniliici.l i.liys.c.aiis pronoitiico It th
greatest mwlical Olscorovy of th age. S.M ly itrtiraiat. - " - '
Vn uae f l.ikliiir i ho iMrpf, rcindnlr. rmttseotis pill. lho
rllet il.ililo lilU sro aearrrly I a rue r than maetarei
In th Bona
th oommittee
urea, reported
Louis. Printed
Feb. 30b Ia the
I a Killa the following
providing for the delivery or auuaoie aruotea
in th malls, and for indemnity for lost regis
tered articles.
The bill to repeal the provisions of the re
vised statutes authorising the advancement of
th aavy and marine ofSoers 80 a umbers la
rank for sxtraordinary heroism.
Tb bill to authorise th compilation and
printing of the naval history of the war sea.
It directs the secretary of the navy to detail an
) vd V3 Z entirely rjrrlnlle, no jmiticiiliir c:irc Is retilre.l
a( v i. m IV- - a. Iri"a "
X ' JT" -a A aa a-, a -a a -ar ,,,. IM,,-
SULrA. I aTY Yf t ...iciii. d vl. or niti.:ili.n. Ki-r .laandlre, lleailache.
O A V ITT-i aV sanatlttntlan. Impnrr KKhmI, I'aln In Ike MiaN.ilers,
V-v 3-0 Via Tlahlia af .m
Taetattle Olaat" CatUartle.
st. IJlsalneaa, Hour I'rwelatlans frasn
reclen mt l..tli ey. Internal lever.
atamach. tail Tnnlt in Rlonlta, IIIIIons allarks. fain Im
(ia:nru imina
Tho English Grain Market.
LowDOW.Feb. 17. The Mark Lane Ex
presa aaya: Tha weather for tha past
week ha bean seasonable, Tha rain waa
not exceastTe and plowing actively pro
ceeded. It is atlll feared that some au-
tamn sown wneat naa oeen iioavea aa
many fields where it should have ap
annaml at a nearly bare, and on
that the law for the protection of life
and property on the lakes has fully
subserved its Intended purpose, and it
may be well for Congress to institute
some inauiry Into that matter for the
Eurpose of ascertaining the causes that
ave led to this failure, with a view to
applying a remedy.
hand and dropped this fifth of a cent
In his hand, saying In her broken itai- agents wanteiv7S to tiso For Month.
Ian, "Hungry, are you poor man? Well, JhfjDOrgUrj7v.Orirv
f iVa Hta an1 hnv anma hrMuW . I r iv m . i y W r ,
,ivv uj w,. i v.iiapuj,OTICAI INFORM ATlOif.
Tka Taaaar Haaaa twair. iiUinC
IM lualia us a. a aaa Saa-aafa WILLS. 1M.
abowt atetnaeh. Bash of nMl to Kal, 1 Ir. Ilerves flcaaant fnrcatlv rallets.
Sold by ilruvfrists. r'tmni ivpi w'V Tntrt, tssorliTK'V. T-r,- . WaNt" r v ;
Oa Baaday the wife of Adam If array, living odoer to oompile for publication tM aow
- -am w uiaegow. P"""-"";.' I r' rXTTi-th ths I whara it baa appeared It la
'voKwdL ' npTui of"th7 re'-of-bh sxml er stxon nor forward. Tbmihlng
veiopea. u uum . -tKadireetloviof the Boo- I nMAAavia rather more freelv.tboush the
. .eTrrU.' "V si .u7 I rvtarv ot War.7nd to employ three addiUonal ! X,mD unfavorably .affected grain, and
7".J1 ,TwT aio mt!l For th seven I oJerrs ior una purpoae,
. . - TV? ' 'a ttui ttflMltlU,
ss oaths ennea januaxr as, vr' i'i
.Ha-ha advance in Drlot which haa
in in House ue Benasa JV i I taken piaoe Only applies vw uij aaiiijuo-).
A Novel Funeral. A lettejfrom,
Sllverton, CoU dated, Jan. 21, men
tions the unusally heavy snow-falls
there the present Winter, and says:
"Our cemetery is nearly a mile from
Tim Paoer. Clf f f rt, BaaaMfnl Bltidlsff.Splandia Ulna.
ass? ijst''
aalk. aHM JUnSn SOOW. fw,iw iiv I
- t- -- - ... t...n al 1879 was pssssn nnmonsing oaj isvnwj v. I-mat aeaaon S Crop waa nu ueuvteu win town. On vne muuniauiDiuD, iiu is uu-
I'Z&Zl BNT-lf7U ,ZL.fih,tHbUaBuSl a1rold75 oniepParu of th. oountry the ;Seaslbie on snow-shoesV We have
l;wotrU Job. F. Thorny . VnV ofTi g giE lL two funerals, Uierefore, on snow-
eavMBUi at tUndoipb, . H, , burst Tnsjdsy. Swidlra frilly both at EE- shoes, and a novel and Impressive pro-
V : destroy in. the mlllind killing EldAi rge A th expiration of th. mornin. hour the r.ZreS ibn cession It makes. The first one was
vfc ' T 'SuTiIr0 sou went into commute, on ro. of th donid LZhafil especially so. A young man by the
warfSw manarf'th third slana. of ml. 23, which provide, fo" 1 whSj partiJularly Taat MonoVy. of Cooper died in Toughkeepsie
i&,B? fiyLTTw fS tha?LuP1r!,7r involving when a baiidbealT demand wa. Gulchf d his comrades put him in a
t o lor ehLgJaion theppK.hiu n9Jff coffin and brought him to town, some
, UatsehlldrvonvUrte4Wedneaday. eonsidered in oommitt of the whole, having vanoe of Sd to la P' art?r on th weeK twelye mile. oa a sled, the men all
'i rlwLrv west Utterly npoa the announosment been read. Ur. Davt- submitted aa amend- Thla improvement waa da to the leUl- lw"",v" hJ7 Aftr a dav'a
,JT.5tf nntld'nf that that claua. shall not b mat eft of .mail import- a dimTnu. WStlaietak
i : 3 tTtie Toot, ta await ecntcne. .spndd whA th amon.l Uv.lved exceeds Uon Cf stock and the ktctnowledfed delay h WM taken tO .the MmetM J on
a "i,., iwia .Tniosloa at Barton 4 Bab- tioSsL , soarcUy of wheat In France, the mountain-side and most Of the men
- ; A !$-tul PfffiJJS fiTosoar Turner (Dim, Ky.) .abmlttrf aa Towird the oloaa of tha weak there JJ0 turned out U) accompany the
!A$-2rwa amendment providing that hen any bill, WM Uck of animation, both at London Smslns to the grave. About twenty
. . aast hlt bra4 aaa scaiaea tare more. lw LiVTT ITLntZ.. iA it I JZTTZZ ZZa X71?.rl I .iT... .Ma f a Innn-rnt. which was
vara fill I v
Well Series ssd Best
Drillle. MseMees I
Heat Well An art-!
t.lmilara) Free!
TifflN OHIO.
Although many parti, ar andeavorlug U, I 17'
Suan outer aimuar nuaju, uw hmb
y sploy advertismsnt. Dr. Bull's Oongh
Hyrnpttkea th lead and th Druggist er tel
ling more tnan ever Derorr, mo aa oenta.
Ooavraaaotlom Omre
An old nhvslclan. retired from praotio
having had Dlaced la hi hands by aa East
India missionary th formula of a simpl vege
table remedy for the speedy ana permanent
cure for Cons u motion. Bronchitis, Oatarrh
Asthma and all Throat and Long Affections,
also a positive and radical cur for Nervous
Debility and all Nervons Complaint, after
havinr tested it wonderful eurativ power
in thousands of eases, has felt it his daty to
make it known to his suffering fellow a. acta
a tad bv this motiv and adoslr to rellev ha
man sufferina. I will sand free of charge to all
who desire It, this recipe, la Oerman, French, I
or English, with full directions for preparing
and naine. Rent bv mail bv eddreaeiac with
stamp, naming this paper, W. W. Banaa, 149
Powers' Block Kocneeter.fi I- o '
Wanted. -
fthermaa As Gov. Marshall, tfieh. want an
' agent la thla eoanty at one, at a salary of
100 per montn ana znnB para,
particulars address as above.
We art ve j anrtnouoy a Pfjx h - t
worth In narhlnrry flnV.NinV tJ
auri Twolw. aiMl 1on I Ui Z& K W 4Vs
.f'..a.a-.Ma' " "
I'Iim tea lseitafa r
K eaa ray lails to aura. Grass
Hamartiais raiiaL auras aaaaa
TXwsiry esse
PV Tjlrart4
ol Was saaadin la I waa.
w4 nr'w- Ian hi I .
aaTTi U to-t a rls mf 0mm mm4
Vat fall
' Vi ? aft, earrlar and hub end spoke faetory f
trcyelbr tr WadnJAy. i.ossaovvw
Tb rostmest Oenersl haa iasnei an ord
forbidding the delivery of registered UtteTS
srd moaev orders to Cmallcy Ooleae, S3
, : rtrr .-.. r:w Tcci.wto arst!l to be
, fraaiaiant stock rjt.'.
shall be referred to it proper; plee on tae
ealendar. Pending actio on ue amenomens
th eommltto rose.
Adjovned anUl Uoaday.
mainuined. Malae on tha I attarhed to the sled. The ''.stood as near
spot, ewlngr to its extreme scarcity, lm-1 tether as poesib but the long shoes
nVowed allxhUr. Arrival at porta of call I Am Jl aTtanrl wall on to
.v. nJhrLrthr: onV hundred feet. Then, with the
AMiaJ out with
ISUnest. The has besa a quieter I glow and solemn tread. They wert
rsa C7 ocs7a
if V t!- Lw l-wf7U( iai
i.finlll T. . v m. ai ..k aciv U.l.
LajbVjjj OiDi sauier utvwsf as cava, mi
tS, rood Iwratkrtl5.lk. BamplsFBE?.
J. W. Mott1so,42 Jsf. Av., Detreit. Ovip
stratkr Palters la t.ewerU. gaaylf frse
i 1 -,, .-"13
i, lajllM
OB. I TB 17UK OI EUttBr!a caw sroaiai I
. , a av- mt Iw,a4 la Sav I tASa C.UC3. OW1C1 W ai v, .r7 Wapwlw w wv" - - 1 S-N M ti. "
A , - ) . , ' - , . . t
to ts as
v-saca vrr. -vuav
asjcsu ssf-rvsscrat-J opwra
r-ar-sa . I li I save -T.rtai
smW sijcli.e. lityi
L U N a
AmoLL i AXY rxnri
CwBBumpiUn, jtatliamau X3i
Cbltla, arjal 1 alleajiaaB f CM
Tbrvnte p.VBg mm vasn,
av nrn pringipLI..
. ...-...
which do Actually penetrate to the , I . -
. B3LOOB, :.
TRY O.VJC-It will help where all else falls. Write for testimonial.
! a.ta V. rwa.4.la a, aa.a K Ma'l ta aaa ail.4aaaa na rereilrt of Prte. $9.00.

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