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The Lake County star. [volume] (Chase, Mich.) 1873-current, February 26, 1880, Image 3

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Thla U tha ahlp of Marl, which, pooU teigm,
tha uihuovid main,-
Taa vaataroua bark thai flinga
Oa tha imt loomir wind its purpled wiogi
la fail aohaatod, where tha Siren ting,
aad eotei refa lie bare.
Where the old aca-maida riae U ian their
atreaming hair.
IU webe of Urine gaoia no more anforli
Wrecked ia the ahip of pearl!
Ad every ehambered eeii,
Whare ita dim dreaming life wu wont to
A the frail tenant ahaped hia growing shell,
Bafnra Dim liaa ravta.ld. .
IU iriaed eeiling rent, ita aonlaaa orypt un-
Tear after year beheld the ailent toil
Thatapread hia loatrooa eoil t
Still, aa the spiral grew,
,ln 4f L7? dweUif ' the new,
btole with eoft Una Ita eEining archway
Built ap ita idle door,
Stretohed in hia laat-found home, and knew
the old no more.
Thaakafor the hearenlj areaaage brought by
Child of the wandering aea,
Oaat from bef lap, foriorn!
Frum thy dead Upa a olearer note ia born
Triton blw trom wreathed horn I
WhUe on mine ear it ringa,
Tnroogh the deep eavea of thought I hear a
wice that inga: ,
BaUd thee more stately mansiona, O my aonl.
Aa the awlft aeaaona rolll
lare thy low-raalted taat!
11 each new temple, nobler than the laat,
Bhnt thee from hearea within a dome more
" vast. '
Till thou at length art free,
Unit Cotton Ooodn.
a t -1 .11. .... - . .. ,
found them nVriea wncn n? m wHd neIhs and h not dls
LTln.K' Rnd .cn wverrl appear until the roll of thedrum called
Quickly lin When knit shirU and drawers wera
irire wi tli V The Indiana had anffered auch dam- first Introduced. alge V&nSlZ ot
tommZirtSS?. ..iw tokUl the substance of the goods waa wooL
mpi'i ui.i ti. uwido iui hicji oujuigB Mirmenioras soon as flay- roe great extent to whirh iwtsm u
?very fine MlntX!l??f r' M f Lnoted ugh We had hereto- now used In 35 mwutatuW ofknU
every line point about the majestic an- fore been held sacred. He waa heard undergarments make "tSStildSu-
"You mlht ...f ' , own wniie nignt lasted, wus to speak of these articles of anna.
thousand?7ep led the scout That Sain TsthL T?6 ,n H M " now nearly fifty
Virehca can no almost years since the first successful nower
k t'Z.Z khuu, mm i icieuteu at, Blent or the stromr llmhi lknlft.no. mohi., -i- i
mar lsnia woir in t ha kii uu. i miii, ...ui4. . , . - . tunuc. adu rr"" "wv "c vuiiacuuences.
wi.ii. t it j.:. . iT "" . r" nj( w; tnj uimsuoK kuw ufovucu BUST'
L".u'w u uareo nem the attack to remark that, although a hand mach. gestlons: If you start to walk imm.
oA kiKo 4 I 1 , m I frrm O tAm .dl ...
ranse which mn amaii hi. .- im
as quiok take the Job of cleaning out
filt!dsinArl2ona M ot catchln
the White Devil. See that fore foot
go up! See them ears lay back! He'll
c?aW the hull crowd in less'n a min
ute P
Before a word of warning could be
spoken, the horse made a dash upon
the men, screaming out as a troop
uurse aoes wnen badly wounded in
battle. The soldi a rnuiiMi tnr ih
gate. One Of thfi hlndprmnaf wua a
private named O'Meary, scarcely up to
wu iCKumuon neignt, and run down
with sickness until his weight did not
to rest and brace up. , She exerts hei-
Self too much in hfr trill n.l 11
would save both breath and expense if
wicm nereaner aone Delilnd
the scenes by. a boy with a dog-whis-
To Avoid Taking Cold.
Dr. Beverlv Itobinson. lrSR 1wfnra
on "Clds and their
Agricultural IuVentlona.
shall. C. J.: "Well, unfia i t..
atUAk her6-nt vou v get an ax.
mwvumuwuuuB or mesa mniinm
"fw u i puu mrougru "Cer-
So much has ltfWt wlihU w
t . u . IfjiiinfJ it... ir-iC-ii Vl-P.T . Vr P "w years -auout brta? n!r caw
er and cultivator xl umC i- . "rrjT back your sulk v out V Tha 'r ."I'V.r?. c.fcUI,7 ocoapiura
-v. uw tii wio aeu uroppiug appll-1 juugrueni ana wr.eels
new ca uo reaaiiy uetached and the Fccuea wunout further hin
machine adjusted for use as a cnln v I ce
. . -
UV Dranclnir nn and Hnwn un.i
ing his heels about.
Separatinir into anunHa nf tan tttA
rea men rode nut nn in nmiri.
- -1 mWMBU MCM.Vt iUHbU"
lne had been in use in K norland fnr
nearly two centuries and nunerous
euorxa naa been put forth to adapt it to
White Devil atmwl aftn ura n i t.i. AmArioiT. . j j m. ,
?S uv dow n. and one forefoot At first, as we have said, the material
"7 - jf cu mrco ot ine uaeu consisiea largely oi wool, it was
Si?f8 w.revWiJhln PIsto1 8hot thy not untU after several years that it was
h?aTi ttb,rfcy rills covered the found that one half cotton would make
uawo luuo iiiirNH. wiiua riiAtr nrA. o itauI .nri.i.i.i i a. 11 .
i?JJ?y tratered his feet like a ever since it has been customary to sell
cat and dashed at the nearest horse- these knit undergarments, wherever
mmm af1""1 riV!? ana, r5He7 of M w.len tob,1cs,. The expe-,
en nf i ii v i .Diruc: 7 ucea nouseiceeper, or ladies who pur-
wui a uuwn-iown omen, and rim
your coat on your arm because the
wuiKing maites you reel warm, you are
liable to take cold. Therefore, don't
uuiu ii you snouia take the
walk after eatini? a hAArtv dinn
full stomach would be a protection
V?r wrauxer distributer, tnnabltanta oi Britain 20 oon
atented by Mr. 8amuel U. Everett, of v " . ,W1U 'uo
lacedon, N. consists of a box in Yeft A
which a SDoked whAPi la fwvivni I . .."
izontaUv.lv suitabla m.ni ...Kf fta.n ?r Caverns- waa the
j . ' T. 7 . . uu- DuurecL nr laSUl nio-ht'a T .ariIam i a..
ur uingea Mjustauie shelf or cut-off tution lectur:wh?;h r.vr,Y" 58"
tnat direction, that thm nnhlU ff.
uraliy feel incredulous when any
i railroad is projected. The trouble has
been that these new roads. brL!!.
luuneis. parks. boulavarda.jid th
sand and one other magnificent scheme
I for enriching and hfiautifvin th rir
of the Straits have been trotH. r-r.
veyedandrun generally by a fetrea
terprlsingnewsDaDerranorter withnut:
consulUng the capitalists, tax-payers.
Ot tne Wind. ThA hnraa horl a Arm
- v vw iiuu c mui
grip of clothing and flesh, and keeping
his head well up he swept over the
Learing thine outgrown tbeU by life'a unrest. ? , 6 Bol(lier held almost
tog aea! 7 ' unre,w perpendicularly before him. He.was
i TO tl l lOUr nf ronirn Kaa n V 1 i j
exceed a ThunrirAd J ,nd. wi k 1 , , uf 18 ' ne naJted' reared up, chase their own dress materials sufflc- Therefore don't sit
XKi .iifcSl1S?lS?? TWi'"? hook his beautiful head in an asonS 1 ientlv to become somawhat a
r."'w Ul u me uacK, Jiuea or pain, and fell and di.d ,i,rtr.f I TOithv,flm-" V " " I iTnia- S .-
mm on ms feet by a toss, and wten groan. The Inrf ian, D "7," I v ?ulf I 7:'. cuuar
me soiaiers next looked n'AfHArv w I tmt 1 L vuu, i kvw iww ui.ir, oui -v ' vuo wuuiuuhd, ju buuuiq uue a I cause them fcn wnrir Haonn. Ii,VT
Bide- t w r"1 errrr...r "vv ,4C . "w .e. ." "rr. . warm waier. rarther from tha rnwa n niaf-
T.tV-"vy auovuer; uowever, we venture to say. who sud- a luaK oains in caia water are not re- Ur tikTI" V, c,: ."''":
- ----- ' ' " fwawa V4
ivu ji uu rrii . . . " .
ally and vertical! 7 over the Ln"R?w?- 'rom Detroit
their Pitch. It m k L 7J , r4 .T vaiiey m the direction of """nrinau.na 9wngtoadiCer.
cive th ninwa on 7aZ2i- . . . """"n, we snouid see a dense forest CUfc ciasa OI engineering. The business
!..TlV? P1??8 any desired pitch to of oak. ash and snh SJM l.i W men have cot hold of i?aad th-SSS!
. I. . M, BUU VI1C I . . . . . . . Mvivr .
course or tne Thames marked by
ui , wiiiowa huq aiders. A few
mm cuuimns or amnira riin
bupa U4 me trees WOUld marb- thai
tlons are that it is to be sometbiBj
uu o buui a iuttu on paper, x ne object
is. of coursa.to irafcftnnnAAflon with
Wabash system of railroads and draw
Aa homeward cornea the married nn
. He'a met by wife at door, ' ,
With fond embrace and loving klaa.
And "Baby throat it auret
"And did yoa think to atop at Browa'a.
And get that matabout
I ordered yeeterdaj ? And, dear,
. Fred'a boota are ail worn oat!
Tm gUd yoa are ao early, John t
bo much I miaa yon dear
Fto bad a letter from mamma;
fjhe'a coming to lire here.
How Tery glad yon look, dear John ;
I knew that yon would be
The flour'a out, the butter, and
Yon muat aend home aome tea.
That plumber haa been here gain
It yon dont pay, he'll a net
And Mr. Prendegaat calied in
To aay your reat was due.
"Fred'a tronaera are half cotton, John,
Yon thought they were all wool
Ohl that rtminda me that your aon
. Waa whipped to-day at echooL
fThe roof baa leaked and spoiled the ruga
Upon the upper hall
And Jane mut gc, the eareieaa thing,
t Iflhe let the mirror falL -J
"To-day, aa ahe waa moTiog it,
; A rhe largeat one. dear John),
. Of eonraeit broke; it also broke
The lamp it fell upon.
"What makaa yon look ao grare, my Iotc?
Take off your thing, and wipe
Tur feet and only think, to-day
; , Jane broke your meenohaum pipe.
' "O. John I that horrid, horrid word !
. Yon do not lore me, dear;
X wiah that I boo-hoo were dead
. You're oroaa aa any bear.n
. . Boaton Tranacript.
iUw0' ran8e before anybody could
up a gun. i nere were a dozen or
fifteen horsen at. tho rfa f and In Awa
minutes as manv men had monnt.d
them and Wera orallnnlno Dirav in n-
suit. 3
White Devil and his victim had dis
appeared over a awell. nhmif a niiA
from the forL A a
ea the crest, thev fmmd tha daod k..
of their companion on the grass, bitten
aim nuuupea ana Kneaded to a bloodv
mass. Tne norsa Mf-nnd fDAn i .
I aiaviiiK VAACAJia
forty rods away, as if he had waited
ior mem to come up. As the remains
were being convevAd fn tha
eral hunters came in, and in a short
lime a force of t.ntv nnnj
left the gates, to try and effect the cap-
He waa bravAl Watn i.t. I n w "T.-u:," ". I rv.., . "..u.r . .1" . I Jr. lucnerson W.Soencer.of Va nn. UYy I wK..;v. 7.
ii. pib uu " fuiuuosjuK bute iroous. i """'"""uou, u ci i, u ci is it necessary to Trfnrtn r r i i. i . " i wo ntses wouiu mark tho l "WHBicmuinui
r.uu.c uu uur war shields, and the tnev are buvinor fabrlna with ahainto- aDolv-the snono-n hath nil rrr"BVVM ! y Utt! paiemea an icainninor nla nf thA to this citvnart nf rhatro
i is really poay.uccaslonal Turkish baths are tors bv which both Sa. ,in!fore8t wUd mammoths ?Ped byToledo. The first plan was
i wuiviuoi atvuu Bjaiag vajua nio uuiiuu inu
Dodv ahull lu. KriA.i v i mii.. t i" x l : " . . 1 1- j . , . . . . ' r
rf . w uum wo wwveu i y w hwi m mem, x et sucn is really I vccaaionai turKisn baths are tnri nw oii.i. uiu 'tll - ,MW,,r ' iureat wu
be cultivated at th- Vo"" " " r." nw.roaes, wild
ronaiata if.,i - v. r: " " C1M woma meet our Atas
This Is the year for maiden efforts.
the case in a large proportion of the
kwus maae. it is Dronabla that fnllv
one half of all the knit shirts and draw
ers made in this country are manufac-1
Brightest wbea it's btuest-the k 'If1 ftom "i1!011 dTlT. and, you against taking
Cheese has advanced Hib3nK l.TiT1.'''!to,."'? SKaR-W.?"
Cheese has advanced a littl
Adam raised Cane, but didn't maka
About all the money some folks can
btao tu cuuxen is sancti-mony.
good, but those who have not taken
tnem snouid De advised by a physician
wiuio brymg inera. warm mufflers
worn about the neck do nnt. nrntonr
you against taking cold, but on the i
extremely liable
horses, stags
just a small proporUon of the total weight of to take cold as soon as you take them havine tine? ESt' ,iKf,!g for nuumber of reindeer and a few
. off. They make the throat tender. Kiafn &7 tS-!
But. with the aubHtitntinn nf Anttrsti
' for WOOl. the manufartnrAra hiiva m.
stantly been making strenuous efforts
bu pruuuee gooas wmcn would look as
whannot be UesoS 0,X0
Mr. Edward N. Orlfflth f th?.."l of Northwestern
Irgh knlTe1dVrw& malUin lt:habi In the r
under-clothing than they now do, if one to 5nt id L ork may J6 w.ere otters an(1 leavers, and the
may judge from the articles one see? fik? the PlLe kade idmrtt0 Pjr would be startled by the a
hangingin the show-windows of !We 111 addition of the hippopotamus in the reach
An Ohio newspaper speaks of a man th they were made of wool. Great 8U01- People take cold from inhalfhg Mr. charlek A i?in t ohi the Thames near Brentford. Beasts of mli8, le" vl
being bruised by "emphSffesture? of attention has been paid to the bleach- cold air through their mouth oftene?, Ohio as nafenVad .nJ?,811118' Prey 11180 oounded-llous, leopards. Buffalo than
a mule.- 7 emPhatIestures of ing and dyeing, and. in making perhaps, than by any other way. Ladies ffi L1 henM rs, wolves and SSS .whhlch J
It is alleged that no Amn ,at .WuhJ .AW0 01 three particular dress themselves up n heavy furs, go coMtroctod If wepenetrated to one of the camp
can mairt gntiMon,.. ououm w wmw are given to tne lao-i aK m meir carnages, and when I ami thm t, i. rj-v,Bv iMCd Wo buuuiu nave seen the river
can mans so hideous a noise aa a Chin- rics. according it. L dA LZJtrS thev o-et hnmA wnnAL !t. ' . I rale .ttie.m om diit, clods, etc and drift hnntArrhinnin.!;:i-r:
e tom-tom. I r. r 7R.rr : ". r:' ?;rJ-vT.v,...w".uv " "V1 ""5 K"i- aeposit them In a box nr haavt . I u " " L7.1 ' a . V " W1 buio oi
to use the Detroit Uilladala and Smith.
western road as part of the line, but it
la now proposed to build a new rued
112 miles long from Detroit directly
southwest, via Adrian to Butler, where
the Eel River branch of the Wabash is
reached. This will be nearly an air
line, and the grades are said not to ex
ceed 37 feet to the mile. The distance
f r .. "wa
ex- ,'tusprb,wnere tne Jttel Hirer
iwm leaves tue Toledo Una nf tha
ture of the vicious animal.
ese tom-tom.
A good many people pretend to be
had lassoes, hobble and ropes, and the
uuu ucuuus wnra m nriva h i,
from the nefchhnrhrw? II Vi m ,vi,i
be captured, lie stood on the ridge
and looked down nnnn tha koi.J . tt-
left the fort. The four lassoe-thrnwAr
rlcs, according as it is desired to repre-
ooiib uxbb, umo, or uamornia wools, i
bC. in tne avelnc nf nnlnrAd nrrvtda
mat coia. it was bv taking in tho
ia i j .v. .
Tha I r TT r,. . 'M'""U u ait mo ujfomj ui coiorea gooas, i vyvu an, uuu hi us exposing tne
andhS at tllaii td wlUbe trumped up to be the dyes used are especially intended mucous membranes of the throat The
uc3b prubugtiun unuer sucn circum
stances is to Keep the mouth shut If
at the lrst day. to give effects which might lead a cus-
ft haa riaan A ta.A.f...J il.i il . I lITIIr trt annnAas IKa A m . i .
Dutch baby cries for its mudder and of wool an colors which will not take
its fodder at the same time. wel n cotton are avoided. Of course.
Mr. William n ii:. :r" . ejuae nut implements which lie
111. haainniad 'bT?IU? .on Kvels along
complanters for drnnnin od w"? the animals which
iug the corn in rrf.wir" " 'Ane 'lver-drift man, in
The attachment K aaT: "5 W wu
Wabash, to Buffaln. u fmm on
miles less via the
Buffalo than by way ot Toledo, a fact
i immense imparlance to
that road for tha atam
markets. .
The enterprise is substantially in the
hands of seven well known capitalists
and busluess men of Detroit, vie
James McMillan, James P. Joy, Allen
Shelden, Bussell Alger, C. H. BuhL O
W. Balch and R. V. nnu
-Mamma, what are twins mad a fnr 9 18 ct to be supposed that those who
rode directly at him. while th rt A? "er precocious brother replied. "So .DK!e" goods are deceived.
the men separating rode to cut off re. Il181 wnniDals may eat philopDanas."
treat by wav of the mmmtain
When the first horseman was within
a hundred feet, White Devil, who had
been standing like a block of stone,
threw UD hia head and atnrfad tr .t
sharp trot Ten rods beyond the first
ridge was a second, with a little green
valley between, nido-en and
ran straight away to the west for twen
ty miles, and as the horse headed that
way, one or me nunters said:
ine oeast is for a long race. lie
oome Deome never knnw whan tn
stop. The editor of the Buffalo Adver
User writes of "a very deep hole with
out bottom."
next table-
set up Black
be color blind.
w wwcicu Kv;uiburaiir i , v aicviauio juuuor
that the surest way to get rid of the "on of wool in them. Scientific Amer-
vvmm iw v aajaa,a t tun ninuiiw. i nil
people must keep their mouths open in iaDtetion n thaffS??!! Pf01!1 the man of the caverns, like him a Ktiemen pledge themselves that the
a chilly atmosphere, they ought to erlS which bwS thteS!. plant h'ter. living on the saie ammals rc shall be bSlt, equipped and op! '
wearafilter. K l afe arean oi?a? ated on condition that Doit pva' .
Ahnvaaii iw of.,i i... are a"nged on each side of thetonmie tlnfiifo in iu-,XXZ i. hmn. nt ann.A T77,.
so as tn rAt niuMi j ...v. wo i.umBo ui ume tne w ww,vw ouu Aariau. ana
g?o?nd wh?ch rPunne VffluK tb cave ma dIsaPPared, the climaie and other cities along the line show a reiK
connected to J ?uH?n r blades are geography of this country become al- onable disposition to aid the outer
and terminate fn? rSrGiJT. m08t what it was now thThunter Pri8e Toward the Detroit
nmSSSSyS ge ot clv,ll"tion was superseded by Board of Trade led off with
3pP"t8?dlD ?ro.m the seed boxes, that of the herdsman and th fuT: J a subscriDtion of aiooon and Jjl
whkhsDoufi ?Wn?nX?. dand S6 ?round the manufTcturer of after doubled the amount. TheMer-,
5aBnHJi???!4. Neolithic Age. From the Neolithic chant' arid Manufacturers' Exchani
iouowea witn vo.ooo, and appointed a
AnmmlMAflM nvum fn.nl....l..n
r" .:r . VA,J "j- i ..r.'" cr,c Mr. John w. Fields, of Khm.n i n "yiu m i rr.--.::-::: . -wuUni, -
Ti. i 7, . "wwwr meae gooas nave D""u as you get unaersueiter. They Texas has invented da JjvTT.V 47i,' "u "rope. ana tne present xuo "vassiug uas oniy oeen carried
It is now discovered agriculturally gannenta with any appreciable propor- wrest all evaporation through the nlvin? wSar and ? r was on a few days and many leading busl-
at the snrAflt. vav Af .l1 tlonnf wnnlln tham RttZ aL I nnroa nf tho laakA. n.i. .... " r1,l" .WBWr Bna air tO the face and I to ha lnntod nnssn .....u nwu mn l,n will J?
ir 6yv " v v,wv mr,- ir:,rt ""r.""04- vuin-BUicB re iana side of a mould hnad wsa rj . . ol
unless it may be araontr the small deal.
ers ; among those who wear the goods,
however, we doubt whether one in
fifty would acknowledge wearing un
dergarments made of cotton alone, and
must oi tnem would be extremely in
Above all. be careful about
in cold, damp weather. Have thick
soies on your shoes, and if caught out
iu ram wmcn lasts so long as to wet
through your shoes despite the thick
ooiea, put on ary stocitings as soon aa
you get home. But in cold, wet slushv
lORer readinr nrnnt nt tho I irnonf nf tLI. i . . . I nrcil.A. J li V .' . .7. V I
: " fv. uo i ..6uuw nw uoTiug bUlB IttCb UrOUgnt I "cowii,uuumecaUgUi OUt WltllOUt I
. The ami; Tir .rau: r'v::r- , .""uwu.cf ""j. om one to the other of said "m.e the
i urn loine lerr. nnd imfm-o m
- - - uwuu will
he back here, returning on the fort
side of this first ridge. Three of us
Will DUSh him alnntr aa fa of a. A
to the end of the valley. The rest of
"Young man," said Mr. Daniel Rice,
uu you want to go down to a drunk
aras graver -Well," replied the
young man, -i don't care if I do.
wnereauouts is your family lot?'
Artemus Ward said in Enirland it
.One niffht in June, ton van rm
dTfftithfethehMf a horae ve him a last push." 616 10
n "Haiti Who comes there?" ramr nut Th n-i ..
th rhnllonrro l,f ,v I tt ,7 "Vioo wuuibCU DUrSUlt. ... ui.wi. xuo CJbbltt blUie
tne challenge, but there was no an- Half a mile away, he was racing up wa8 Pen in waiting for his hearers
It was a starlight ni.ht T and down, throwing his heels into the to take the joke.
threVnunSred fef t awil the SinS S5J H0rti a,K? pa,win tte sodIn bl8 "John' won't he potatoes
caiStafiTf riwu impatience to be off. With a whoop enough for dinner, with so much com-
SgUmat a Si a yelU three lassoe-throwers starf pany, what shall we do?" "Tel I them
eSatt!hoh?Mfen he P"" They were almost near we've lost our potato masher, and the
itZiTJlSl aito i. horse fiSltojumonthem. TheTwo'n't
horses and still wilder m, .7. Zrt?"aJ ney couia "k Aur ttny saxajonn.
All the preaching about stimulants
and about the proper variety of foods
to be taken has produced a very cu
rious state of things in society. All
kinds of fanaticism have their de
votees, and the high priests of the
tOOK him an hour and hulf f r lollvo I croddess ITverMa. havo o n
the lecture which he got through in in Thus it is by no means an un
an hour in America. The extra tim common exDerience at a di nnar narrv
i. . . . i i -11 . . . . . j
wm.uBH a iaay neiore whom the
butler solemnly seta a clam
toast and water, while she will kindly
favor you during the meal with her
views on your prooabie fate if you
venture unon nieta (in mnin.it.tjt n in
Jieuevue, while Instant extinction
awaits you if you are maniacal enough
pores of the leather.
good invention.
When VOU OrO into the hnusn nr vnnr
..Mm - a a.
omce, aiter oeing out In the cold, don't
t;u at once ana suck yourself by the
register.-but take off your coat, walk
up and down the room a little, and get
warm trraduallv. Warm in or vnnmoif
up over a register just before going out
ui bue com is one or tne worst things
you can do. Never take a hot toddy
to warm you up unless you are at
home and don't expect to go out of the
uuuse again uu me loilowmg morning.
In short make some use of vnnr mm.
mon sense, and thus emulate the lower
land side of a mould " uAun tfte . of a
idaJSffHSl .n'KS? .ed race. -the oldrde?
board a water reservoir and a piston
and pump or other device for forcing
water and air through the perforations,
so as to lubricate the faces of the plow,
and thus prevent the adhesion thereto
of earth. '
ler. London Times.
The Latest Marvel.
Honey for Market.
Dr. II. E. IJrlr nf ld Cr.,fi. ti.i
hem, after three years' labor claims
mat ne nas periected an Instrument by
TTMiuu luriiis ana colors can be sent by
Progressiva ho.t-oo yo ?arae as words are sent. lie
the last Taw vl -Z"t"i?Z instrument a diaphote. The
unrlne all honev nrr L.W.016' r.rom the Greek, dia
their honey rut ud in 7Th EE1, VI fDg.
their honey rut ud In a markotohio f VLl.rPugn' ana P signify- 8"on, aoout midway between Detroit
The Boy 'arraBt. and iuracVvf JSSot Whe? i Placeof an;
ThSrhifor o. J?-! oyer Ms shouldeS
ha ram ll?aV " .7 1" V.",'1 ? .wave .OI "am, and his massive
r ni,cu uo iJneu ue i uiu streaminir out Hk a tiar tha
wu nninvrtan roof rr- v. . nn n .. vuw
-.v. tvu.vskuuui nio Kuaru. i v niie uevi i nrrofi ia
effect has been ia hard dofX " ""'" l?at ine . travelled
oppprtun.ty.to wiuh th, "marie6, "to KMS..2S?LS?
f . vuv ICVClf '
ness men who will undoubtedly cdn-
buvubq w mo i una, are assent from
the city, still about one-half the amount
required Is reported as already pledged,
while some who have subscribed will
increase their subscriptions if neces-1
sary to make up the 820o,ooo. The
committee have the names of thirty
five estates and individuals who they
think, ought to subscribe $5,000 each.
This would leave only $25,000 to be
subscribed by parties less able.
The people of Adrian are anxious for
a direct connection with Detroit, and
are said to look very favorably upon the
proposed road. The Timet of that
city says: "We shall thus have an
active competition in freights. Our po
sition, about midway between Detroit
ing mirror, the the transmitting wires,
uuwuiuu gaivanic Dattery and the re-
DrodUCillflr aneculnm. Ttr T Intro
ucbaueu account oi tne many experi-
.i ooiuuouii. - it-r . :ir? "w cuuugu Farracrufa first hattlA wo- In
frequently seen f rom 7 t they had The waist of Mrs. tooUiAMiaimu?.
sentinel was rather VSaaM w "S?1" m tne Ter: ?ress parted In the middle while the JFTJPW uchcare phoebe Cherub of tha nHh
rA" ieu curiosity to to the top of their sneed. Head ,,r Zth7ZZ: w .,,fuuN fined to your feminine neighbor. Yn,, -v "nooara roit, ana nave noticed that the
amaJLaa t uuii i.iim mi r a . mr w vmww wuv vvuui iiim alia. iiiii w i a . . . HV rjnnna w mm a viiimrr tart rr t r aA . Bma i a Att stat a .-.
cuse me." nhA aoid h,otn ..i . w" louaoiy ooserve one gentleman had roo iS;rr " ""r i : vr. . . iwisureeu
tMaia Af M f ! J .4C"111a. opposite who asks the footman mn r "i'"iau warrant J8 uie oia iasnionea large boxes,
this la not a part of the reirular enter. rilsrrA1. - u ... 1,110 1.ooiman y- when he waa nnl v o and whA hori oi fr tt a !).., o.r.i. .
tainment" " rousiy ror wnisxey and Apollinaris, ready. at the aVe nf i h "h mZZ.?"L a detaed account of the many exwri-
wuiie anorner cans ror dry toast 0f a shin aa a &miJT mtS..nti. idi neatt undertaken to determine the
hamrine almost to hi 9 ullvlT lu-u1U1.wona", now any journal of this lad. written nt at; llnw .hVn . -o,. Pf? composition aid arrangement
ewepiMtheirrouTand the ni that thT: u.c.A-a.nn.K champagne he had become the mtTt a in7Tf honev hi . trl T."a:"H or me mirror and siecul urn. For the
ku: v ' . na i vwi4vi oco iiiab ue was not usinir an hia I i ; . r .. .iowjw nuwi muuxnuui nost or th Ui... : . . . - -1 otLcunua
TTuiui oa anuw. tiponnn aonnA nia ha... mi i . . . I wuu u nni iwrm r. n, ha nffnanoht k . T . . . . . -
ir"" auvi actib uu d uini nua van. ii. . . . o - j bu. ttt ui tiiiii&iu m iiimaAir n am
U o . - rf i Lnn inuv hx nn wn BnAQ Irlnrr ,,f- I l J i 1 .
. . "rr ..s iwi i uiuviueu uanev water navnrcd with
a stroii, countered her remark that the lemon. When the ladies have .t irll
weatner seemed now to have cleared you make up your mind for a modeat
UP. With the bold asseveration? "Va. ILaJZZI .J!E?!l i.?,? mo(le!P
tt a r.. '."r "? nuiwiem nitea nis feet and nnt .....
MauKuiK aimost to nis Knees, and tail Whii tha. omj.i iu.i.t. waia: witn a troublesome femininA nd. aono " mis iaa. written out after now shall we iniir
n 1 a . . . I " wwvuv vuv Kl OOKOb BttllUl III I UUUOli XlOB I I.I HJ'IM TTllinn DTtflnflAn I ' V . A "I. I . . J wn
would not permit; and beinVcau " ine his generation, we learn the feeling of of late years, resulting 17 a d countrjr througn which
the lady ase wibs sneakloKr he saw the hoftilJ Up which wiU be
ft nfrnll Aniinf.. il . I f ..wtvavu ntui in na nnnraaxh unH ...! mUk Li. I km It- 4. I..--,. .... . .. - .v. B wiuuyunu UI BAIA.
. . " ft viua vilticv
iorwaro. and eyes opened to their wid- ine for the first va miu Znr '
est extent the wild horse stood for a break his pace but neither ,hhm, n
long minute and looked Into the sol- the reportS rifleaCt Wm
SifmnS-thf11 n08trila dilated, his Inseventy 1 mlnutefi ?theWh1te Devil
aii movea tnis way and that, and the was at the end of the vallev fresh oa
uiuacies in nis powerful chest and adafav ,hiio
size on the route, is particularly favor
able for the location of the shops of
the road. This fact has been canvassed
in Detroit, and there would seem to be
no reason why a liberal subscription
here would not secure their location.
Our duty in the premises seems clear.
It is to subscribe liberally to the new
project" - - - ;.;., iv
The importance of this new outlet
to the southwest can hardltr ha over
estimated, either to this city or tn that.
fine section of country through which
leeS BtOOd OUt in hold rHaf Tho .1
.- . ..vy.. JA U QUI-
diera surprise and admiration were so
great that he stood like a statue, mus
ket on his shoulder, and his mind al
most aouoting what his eyes saw.
Not the Iog'a Fault.
A very Indignant man leading a dog
stalked into Uncle Eph's house yes
terday and said:
"Eph, you black rascal, here's your
uog, give me uacic the $3 I paid
mile behind, were reeiri nor and Kl.inm
lie waited for them to come up, and
then turned to the left, struck a pace,
and swept away at such a gait that he
Suddenly, and wllhSnt' Tna'tant u "T w"1?h i mlJte8 to the
the shoulder with huth TaTa "J, tKUVJ" .omin8 straight
him clear off the groun Caud h hhlaieeK BinokinI "VVhat's de mattah wid de d
him right and left if heVi emS themotmV Ph. calm and unruffled.
17 FT nubai?- and then hurled him way, He laid back hirers at their
ustthe.heavy gate with terrible yelV but went straight Zd a
force. The yell of pain and alarm ut- thundering paca , in tonSnntSS thf
- tered by the sentinel had scarcely died men could hardly see him a 2LSX
KJund7m W-wS'lfetA nThe
thVItiSS?? lying in a heap beside same manner, and as the last one was
SJtiW" QDC0rn8ci0U8 andhis uni- reached White DevU changed his ZTe
Sm Therewa8no enemy to a gallop, threw rip his fbeeU PS
to arm and fnr o nnai.t..ni 1 . .....
house eschews it, or you have a weak
ness for Madeira not wholly unaccom
panied with a fondness for tha miw
nut of the period. Of course you can
eat and drink what you like, hut it
you happen to be in the neiirhhnrh nnd
of a gentleman who has gone iu for
wnat mignt be called high medical cul-
buo ue wiu prooaoiv araw such a
Ships approach, and read with hia
quick boyish perceptions in the face
arouna mm the hopelessness of the
case; or the sickening horror with
which he saw the first man ttrn
to pieces by a ball; and of the steadi
ness of nerve Which action at nna
drew out from a bravery in the gristle
mat in me Done was to be the pattern
and the praise of the world. nnHn
the fight he was actively employed
wurymg messages, serving at the guns
and taking a hand at anything. He
was knocked down by the dead body of
- - i
"Tic, ...7... . "rr - was Knocked down bv the dead hodvnf tlal bv the demanda f froV a I ... . uu o- "icb bu bue uaoasn aumonuea tn
-What's de mattah wid de daw ?" V'IJJ.0XX a man, but escaped with some bruises, other change is rardlv7AvT.Q,o S,5HSI5?.! Pro?.uce momentary is the more direct connection with t
wnen tne sentinel rppnvnrtv. .ta
' - i v wa, aaao
senses, and related his ad Ventura nn
one would believe his story, until a
sergeant examined the earth and dis
, covered the hoof prints of the horse.
It was, however, such a singular ad
venture, that no one felt easy until
morning came. Then the trail of the
white horse could be followed far out
on the prairie, and soon after sunrise
the horse.himself was discovered bear-
in(r dnwn n tho frf ,u . ji a,
of the mountain range thee miles away.
A m ik. i A .
a uio aura went rouna every man
turned out to catch sight of the animal
about which so much had been said.
He came forward at a "sweeping, trot
head up, toll streaming far behind, and
. his knee-action as perfect as if he had
been trained on the- course for years.
He swerved neither to the right nor
left, and never halted until he was
Within Distol shnt nf tho -a ,
. . . a. wunu b bUO
. The sentinel had not exaggerated in
his statements. The color was snow
white, and such strength and symmetry,
no nna ha.d r twfro i. . 1
- " dviu in n nurse.
The ears were pointed, eyes aa bright
aa stars, and th sun gJuttned on his
hide as if it had been varnished. For
two or three minutes not a word was
spoken by any man. and the horse did
not move a foot Then a scout and
hunter, who had come into the fort
about half an hour before, said to the
-Why, that's the boss known among
rim anil I. T 1 ..... ... v. . . Y.
1 ve teen him four or five times, and
I ve heard of him at least once a week
for the last five years. He's the ugliest,
siycst, and most, treacherous , beast
tending on four legs."
. Tho scout related that the horse be
fore them came, to his notice about
HV avn hofnro bV.. aw
j aVav, ttiicu bue inaians
Kt-a several attempts to capture him.
Ha wrj sin-led out from the drove and
pursued for several days, and in des
ItLj cf recurlcj hlra, one . of the red
cca tccbt to kill him, so no one else
should cccura the prize. The horse
wta csly rrounded by the bullet that
was t to Uie hia life. He at once
tr raited hlr:::lf frcn the drove, and
fcowed hij tzmzT purrura Ilia a
tw. U9C-l.ziU.to their ccsp
A band of sixty friendly Indians, out
oa a hunt had halted nt. tho
night previous, and they were anxious
to organize a new chase. More than
eighty well-mounted pursuers were
ready soon after breakfast Some rode
to cut off retreat to the range, and
others galloped down the valley. An
hour after they were out of sight the
maJn body made a dash for t';e horse,
which had been grazing for the last
uaiiuuiir. lie bOOK IO thA vallov am
You warranted it to hunt rhioirona
man t you r
-An don't e?"
"No; he isn't worth a cent at it'
"Did you try de dawg?" said Eph,
tailing nis pipe rrom his mouth and
Knocking the ashes from it
"Certainly I did, and he's a first-
ciass rraud."
"How war de chickens cooked?"
"Cooked V"
"Yes, wardey biled?"
"Of course not,"
"Did you roas' demy
"Why. you old idiot thev were allva w" . f ' t ,iarge awe er Ptah and a
-prairichic captain biscuit-iondVm Cor. i7. F.
say oianis ib, oaiu rpu. 1 IttUgnt I p,
dar was sufiln wrong. You jest cook Musical Criticisms.
uo ciucaens ana see now he 11 hunt for
dem. 1 olkS 'SPCCt too much." he add. Tha Run PronoliM P. ftn.
. . 9 I w iwvi9W M. vo WllU VICT Oil T
As it is an admitted fart that tTa raT. lur M,J iailter compound of sele- tributary to It. There will be aome
.Ii""1:;??0. lhat the ready nium and chromium. The teuiiar difficulty in aettinir anitahia d-Tt:
Plushoneriai eensitiveness of iodide or .lifer and cilities in the elty.ud lit A and
shape it i i5S unonX marK?a chromium to light has long been the recent advance in iron and labor
SSwSjsSS FiA-sss'a's: aat:s
How ha"e UkettelV rtLl S2f.thR1,U ?n cetttn 'the divi- and has no reason to apprehend ob.
was a chanM mid. .wifS" Jt "i01",?'. th m,.rr0,r whcn the electric stnictlons from them. As an ladiiee-
Ce I rnAmiAftlvhanfTiia in ft, . 1 Ji I T3a i i. . . .
iso. a
that you will nut down th nntvor. . cauea l0. ft sailor to dodge a a change as Imperath
Do your duty sir;' whereupon he seiz- in the future, buy it net weight, except
ed a pistol aud went in pursuit of the it be stored in very thin, light sections.
icnuw, uub uiu noi nna mm. me
for you will feel inclined to ask the
waiter to tate away the modest pint of
St J ulien or of the club campagne
that graces your luncheon table when
ever your comrade enters the dining
room, feeling sure that he will dilate
on the way in which you are running
your digestion, while he himself makes
his midday meal off a small glass of
next morning he went on board the
I'hcpbe "so mortified at our capture
buai ne couia not rerrain irom tears.
in this condition he . discovered the
pet pig of the Essex in possession of a
young reefer. He claimed him and
was told he could have him if he could
whip his captor. A ring was formed
and at it he went, beating his enemy
handsomely. 'So I took Master Mur
phy under my arm, feeling that
words, consumers of mmh hnr,7. 7, VS?Z Bten U uLe. r
iuia iu me mirror and speculum
Should be acientlflriaHir adinatAwl t ii,.
Tom Corvvlu. size of the divisions and the resist-
ance of the electric circuit, so as to
avoid any blending of the portions of
the reproduced lmafe. Thla ho
had been the problem whlnh had
DIstreased Ireland.
The Rev. W. It. Parsons tells this
anecdote of the late Tom Corwin of
OlliO! ITA re1i.tAd tn mo nn mw.
. w mj wu vira wwr " - ciuuicui vvuicil il all
sion how in Ms boyhood and youth the caused him the most difficulty, and
great religious ideas that were then which at one time had seemed almost
i in t uuuci xuv hi in. iPHimir in nr. i nun
. . , - ' , iv.v m vay u uo bivici II IT , o
cu, a biie nemieman KicKea the dog nits off the fashionable bosh which ap- ia Bome oegree, wiped out the disgrace
into a corner and rushed out, "dey pears daily in some newspapers aa of our defeat I was sent for by Capt
SpectS tirelv tOO much from da cnllnd miulrAl ond rlramofla1 Arif.iam ft I HiLvar Tof the Phmhe. trt
preached, had enthused him that tho-
had expanded his mind, strengthened
uu muminaiea nis moral nature. "I
shall never fonret" said Corwin. a
At the close of the paper an illus
tration was given of the powers of
tne instrument. The mirror nf thA
White Devil was pushed faster than
before, but he would neither break his
trot nor let a horseman get within a
hundred feet of him. The Indians who
had gone ahead were expecting him to
turn to the left as before, but the wild
horse kept straight ahead as he reached
the mouth of the valley. He ran out
on the prairit for twenty miles, tiring
out every horn on pursuit, and then
wheeled and returned over his route of
the previous da,. Men were wait
ing for him. but be scarcely appeared
wa uub oi sight He was
I had.
meeting that 1 attended in a grove at diaphote, in charge of a committee of
Tllfrht T hod Bmrk A -II J . j (klaa 1 a- - .
...B..v. a. amu nuiAou uoiu au uay ana uuvc, tt ao baacu bu a room in the
people Etdatmanwa,fl iii to Carlott. fatU herselt we repet w. UbliwheCaprPorteTwand mZm ind me nwTth. coniecUw wire? ffld"' Si
Wdathewargwinetoglta dawg can say very UtUe in praiiT Her "kl to take some breakfast, when, whei TtSe were?lnm? the! Sat h2 halls and TstalTwl to th3S.i2l
St: ii-swji. .snhVfl
W. mm, in de mWdl. of de with much .parent aSSSSSf1: S V UtUe fefiowT it wii Urn turn UZT1! 7 ' 22. ?5S2Sfl .SSS.S. !
lefhreaX"- ta Kri'S, SSk!!Z ? 'tirred. by the light of . burntog mnSsinm
before and mn irn .T ' weasqnar in ue miadie or de mllleen- with much apparent net
mie'&fo.hTlmhS'ri?. eVety M"W'to" ftA this. w'Sl-known
fool dat am,
soprano (we
think she is a sonrano'i seemed tn rpai
ize that she atnnd In tho nroaonA t
MEW USK FOR ttir Trt wniinvtr' I one nf thnaa enltnrod or1 c
Hitherto it has been a matter of Francisco audiences we read about
some difficulty to determind the time many of whom have walked in from
of flight of small-arm projectiles, ow Hayes Valley and Laguna street a pur-
ing to tne impossibility of seeing them pose. The result was that her knees
fli T 11 Writ Tn aa aa Aal a a f a la a a o
owaov. att a acnes UE Binflrlrnflnt miOCKBll lilfPLlier Wllh anh formo oa
made by the U. 8. Ordnance Depart- to throw the accompaniment out sev
nient mis amicuity nas been overcome eral times. Her voice had several
by the use of the telephone. The tel- paramount faults, and we will endeav-
ephone was connected with two Blake or to render our meaning clear to our
transmitters, one placed near the gun, unprofessional readers by using as
the other in front of and near the tar- few musical phrases as possible. In
pacing and trotting by turns, and nnt ST "Port of luenrst place, her technique is bad,
until he reached the end of thai ei, tvl Xt f " tZJ'V' ??n ?
miia phm aa . .
left the cabin to hide my emotion.'
After this experiment of the most
stirring scenes of life the young Far
ragut went north on parole, and used
his leisure to B-O to achnnl. TTa
prompt to improve similar chances for
euucauon aunng nis youth, but they
were iew, snort ana disconnected.
Flower Seeds. Most flower sAeda
are good for more than one year. As
ters, stocks and some other sorts are
Worthless tha second aenann Hf a
large number
af varietloa a tnrHt
me gun ana tne souna or tne ban up-1 oesiaes being too small When a brand- wm Emmaie me secona year, but not
on tne target waa measured by a stop- new technique can now be had for $3, a very ni8n percentage, such aa phlox,
watch. The observations, found Ad nnlandairood second hand nna hniim.. verbena and many others. Seeds sav.
" vi Mia
-"VPW'tato a run. watch. The observationV. foundA 'B
ridgeTshck off the ie? 22? SS a Urge number of experiments, never
entered a dark Tin -?uu uinerea more man a quarter or half
t.. Tr-a"rriv-" ? niounbams. la second from each other, tha allcrht.
i neu
t It
determination to wast nnHih.5 w" ?6nd that the time of transit was tie so ea
thirst should drive tha YMTir r"i oy the wind, being shortened marked deficiency in breadth and
Darkness came, midniirht olmA tiZ "I "ar ana wngwenea oy a nead aepm ana tnicxness m the upper reg-
watchers had heard nothin wina.- ' ,, - . later, which does not admit the air
' WJth the soft tread of a wnif
a foe stole upon the Indians
under the walls of tha fort Rtan rat?
step! and a white object stood within
"I took my seat near a dnfrwond am. I wire, since tha run fmm a r. ah
ling. The singing ended and the! dent in actinic power, and slmuita-
preucuer arose ana announced his neousiy on me speculum appeared the
le- uu bo iovea me woria.' The aeconaary images, which lor exhlbl
buouie waa jamuiar, out everything won to me auaience were thrown on a
was new; his pictures of the Divine screen considerably magnified. An
love were so arranged and so colored apple, a pen-knife and a trade dollar
there was such force of description, were the tlrst objects shown ; on the
something so peculiar in his air and latter the outlines of the goddess of
mannor 4haf If nt ft. .til l. T.lliorfw woro ivuku.xl.AJ .1 a i . i . .
nua, a pou, Q kutlll UllUUgU I auuwiij nvio icvu(UiiCM aim bllO (la 149
my whole frame. Every one felt that 1878 was Plainly leo-ible. A vrntth
they were moved upon by the powers was held five minutes before the mir-
tnat are above us. There was a haunt- ror ana tne audience could plainly ner
ing presence, giving visions of a heav- ceive the motion of the minute hand
enly love and purity ; there were bitter on the screen. Reading (Pa.) Eagle.
wuiyuuvmuuo, oigua atiivi giuwu ailU
kcoio 1, lie to wna Krob UlSbTeSS. All J!J .... .
. uwiuiu nnoiuojruuilJXiDgll8aTVOmaU
y v. w.iv iviimui guw iuiik
er than those saved in an unfavorable
As a rule.
' than thin.
i smallAst ara
good as long as any. Old balsam seeds
are generally acknowledged to be better
uian new. iast summer, in tne trarden
unaer mis Tervin AinnnenoA a
common impulse seized every one, and
the great mass was swept onward to
the altar of 1 nraver. For mvaelf t
seized hold of the dogwood sapling in
front of me, and in this way I saved
myself from going with the rest, and
perhaps from being a preacher. But I
was so powerruuy wrought upon that I
ten feet of the first sleener and noorod
this way and that Itwas VVhltnvin
The red men were still waiting in the
dark canon, but the horse had emerged
iroro me range oy some defile known
and used before, ,
The sentinel at the gate heard' a
Shrill neizh. saw the smouldering
brand of the dylnar canp Crea flung
hlh in the air, and next moment the
indizns were vellirj rr.d in
tzrzi, ttriiLlrj tzl kic-lrj, til utter-
-cp. jib ii&9 uccu Bugge8tea tnat these in bad form, and the first thinir she ne Japanese maxe a very curious W.:.-a. . t
tVjwtypes, which can be made very knows oc Tof hei Than 1 will ccmS and handsome kind of coppe by cast- . . Ewcno a JuDOE.-Chlef Jus-
cUN.piymay render great icrvice ih onl and c5?hS thJt! ng it under water, theTeUl being lSZmtJ
thcdj of foreim Ungual for ThenhsrshSn?tht mWh highly heated and the water also beinS Wty of mental abstraction. Rld-
repcat too often when the ainrs. which makes
that her chect ecta mouthy tr.i hxr month
1-T3C' ...
3 F' -3 c .onpy ur, to say nothing of mere artixtic, If
w -'rr.-? cr ::: - v? wcr to crta cnlt ens eld cf her
j. v u u. ncsa-u a una. TfcU rcuii tave
,cfa tzi? .jr; ri r: '.-h7tzrr-Jt:ircfherUcth,iu:d tt
highly heated and the water also being
hot The result is a beautiful
ored tint which ia not affected by ex
pesuxe to me aunospnere.
It 12 better to be nsbiown thn t
tay a r'Tta tht it too mn.-h for
juh to 11 iz c:.::r rcr a pcici to
bctt'.:i tt;n to tzx cr. to tf U
Ins alontf in his sulky, th vehioia
came to a full stop by the wheels run
nlng between two tapllnp. The
Chief, undisturbed, retained hia aulkv
tztt la tha brclli- tun until aa eld
rro trta l:"zzzi. to kr.ow hia
ci"3c::r-',C'.drcz::JhLa frca tla
i;i...j o i ::.ti -r:ii : -1
who, in a church not far from Hoy ton
auauur, ine resiaence ot Prince lieo-
POld. got UP tO forbid tha hanna nf a
rustic couple who were anxious to get
inbo raairimoniai trouble. When the
churchwarden went to enquire what
"Just cause or impediment" she had to
the union, she replied that she had a
very just one. "Well, what la it 7" ask-;
them with saliva fiom a man who vn
suffering from the disease. From
these, after they were dead, It was
transmitted to others by inoculation.
The inference la that caution ah nn Id
be used in handling hydrophobic pa-
uenta, even alter mey are dead.
Our welcome cf a ttransr depends
crca tie tima ha h--n nr-n t
coatee wears :c-r frratrrll ts.a
I t:'.r:t t is iz-ijzi In tlo i-::rr.:T7.
There seems to be good authority
for the statement that over three nun- '
dred thousand people in Ireland are '
to-day slowly starving and can only
be kept alive by superhuman efforts
on the part of their fellow creatures.
Some of them are living on one meal a
day of turnips or of meal. Thousands
more are consuming their last potatoes.
Local efforts are becoming feeble. The
people are looking to the world for
succor. Returns bv counties wham '
the chief distress exists show the num
ber of those suffering to be as follows: ;
Mayo, 64,509; Galway, 43,280; Sligo,
42,930; Kerry, 33,100; Donegal, 28.000;
Roscommon, 26.160; Cork, 23,69a;
Clare, 19,360; Limerick. 7,600; Tippera
ry, 6,300; Leltrim, 6.800; Wlcklow, ;
3,600; Monaghan. 2.800; Westmrath,
1,900; Langford, 1,875 ; Kilkenny, 1,790.
Total, 312,370.
Whatever may bS thought of Par
nell and his land agitation schemes,
there can be but one opinion aa to our 1
duty to his countrymen stricken with
famine. People in Michigan who have
been blessed with abundant crone
should not hesitate to share with their
fellOW Creatures in Ireland vhara
crops .have proved such a disastrous
laiiure. tenopathy for the distressed
is universal, but it should find ax..
predion in material help and that
promptly. t
The Boss Cow. A irood story la
told about Judge Poland, who for
many years was a Representative in
Congress from Vermont " The Jndr
Is not a strict temperance man, and
cannot make aa good speeches uoca
water or milk as he does whan
something stronger. H m itit
to make a speech in Maine, where the
temperance laws are stringent. tk
chief committeeman Irnaw th v
J udge required a little tosplraUcajco be
piaceu twomuTSrSupposea to be died
with milk, on the tab! a hrhln.d wM.-S
the J udge stood to harangue the crowd.
Slyly the committeeman intimated to
the Judge which mug he should drink
from. The hint was understood, td
the Judge had not gotten far oa ia hia
discourse before he became thirsty t ha
raised tha -mlilet. nnafTad It In tV-a .
bottom, and set it down with the c:
tuous exclamation, -Yigodt, tzzt a
cot?r . , ."' ' - '
The bOCiS Which tz C1 r--r-a
those which ntte vca tL'-i ti r
The tzxizzt xtzj cil:-tn' !i tjc"?
rrca a rrtii t: r :v ' ; r -.

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