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, . TERMS OP fcUpsCUimONi ,
Ona Copy, ona year Jfl-M.
6na copy, tlx months, 75 cents. '
Ona copy, threw months, 40 cents'.
. Advertising rates made known on applfca
lion,i., i .... ... .
Juslntis -if aria,'
. A. W, renting, M. D
Homeopathic Physician & Surg-eon.
Offte and residence on Slasson A venue,
CO. 2.' Sweotland, If. P.
riiy&lclaiiaijd Surgeon, Chaae, Mich.
DtIst,J Iteed City. . OVenty-four
ytanr practice, fmlee, over thefevrei
ry trior formerly owned by Hubbard.
, : ' WSmurtliTralte,
Attornty at Law and Solicitor in
Chancery. - Real Estate nnd Insurance
Agent. Ofllce in Court House buildini?,
Baldwin, Mich. . :
. Money to loan, f r , , . ' '' ,
JJeardsley &'Judhins, . ,
J. Q. Patterson,
tltal 'EitiU . and Insmnca Agent,
.j .j. , ;;: Reed Hty, Mich.
i ' lira. E. 8. Patterson, Upton avenue.
; Clias. KrJUdcHffe,
i-' Notary Fubllc. YUlfetteiid promptly to all
Dal nets entrusted . to .his cwre. AddreaM,
ialdwln,kJlch. v v w . . .
Village Lots
tlriuisual .' Inducements 4' to
?' llios who want
' A TTVT - a.-.';
;v - i?iir Prices ninl Terms, appl
. - WW Ml ' . ' IT Uf Ul WT Li r
? ;''!,i : ' tri'siee, .
. ' v : k Km', .
twryiw, CZrifirnf,' " Thytcians,
Mditmrt, . Hanhmn, Twhtrmt
MertMmnts, - , BtudanU,
and all who rad books. -Tf.
Xtrida nor Vookt In Iam p than anr other
rtTl Kur m a flnror'a touch HhlT d
J tbl at h AtliU docl nsd Each ahelf la 1 0 iuchna
-jnar, boldh a act of Apptoton'a CyclorvpfllA.
ml Iron, it cannot warp or waar out. Baanti
t'Wf ornainaatad. inaklnj a handaoma and norel
tea of furniture. fclzre for table hold 1 or S
rt of bnoka ; aitea for Hoof hold 9, 8. or 4 tlera of
t oka. aa draJrad. Hnd for deeciiptlve price list.
d 3 cant f or onr K a w IlU'btm ao-o Cataloock,
. wHh orar S00 Jlluatraiioua vt duatidnal and
Lawful article.
' . . BAKEtt, Pit ATT 4c CO.,
tiaaal raraUhart, aa4 IHalara la aTartklBi- la tka
- . Beak aa4 SUtloaary llaa,
' . 149 A 144 Ormnd St.. Mew York.
If ahUfactarcra of the -
Oriilnal and only Genuine
-TaTmPump, Wood Ear ;
nvftinrri. Pntinar. co. "'
. A Im. W.n.hilnmH nt tha
,J Cliamplon WINDMILL Power
For lumplng and Turning Light Ma
chinery. All onr Wlm'tnUla are warranted, when
profi i y pet np, to at ay an4d what we
claim ht lUrm
fcrr.U for IlluaratM CataJoirne and prlcea to
V. y ' 4 ' Waukegan, III. .
C rs A.Wf.KK la ronr Own town, and nap
k VJ O l'al rlkfd. Y'nn can clva the hameeM a
fil.tt wlihiMif aipaa The knit oppnrUintty ever
t ff'f-1 r llioe a II H off to work. - Vn ahoGld try
f..f.lrr ' nail I ym mi f yonmrlrahat yoa ran
,' Rt tr humw. ofl'r. No rnnm ta riplaln
I'T. dtrta alt yonrtlnw or only yonr
k r Mai to ihc I.Bini. nil muka rat par for
t vrrr Ur llinl run oik Wowrn nakaainarh
Pud fVr rHl prlTr.tnn at:d par
Tilr. aliU h ahllfrrr. fAOutflt frre. ront
( "ii i laln of Imrd timr lill T'ai liar u li a
thmi.te. AfUliTM, H. 1IAL1JTT CO., Iirt
I, nl, Maine. , . -
Foot new subscribers slnco our last
issue. ; '
Fourteen and a half inches of anow
in February. . '
It Is only a few weeks io annual town
meeting day, and candidates fof trvn
ship officers are being talked about.
It is very mild and pleasant. The
Intenso cold Winter has been an utter
Geo. W. Collier, treasurer of Pinora
township, was in Baldwin, Monday
eveniug, and gave us a pleasant call.
Kphrlam Page and Bcth)Veeder.
have been chosen deacons of the con
gregational Church of Bald win.' Jv
Amos Flandt, of Cliase township,
gave the Star ofllce a friendly, call,
last week.
The amount of rainfall during Feb
ruary was 8.85 inches the greatest in
any corresponding period for many
Last evening we received a pleasant
fraternal call from W. . E. Holbrook
traveling correspondent of the Nation
al Globe pt Tby City. J.
"Rev. W. E. Sillence conductetl ser-
vices at the Episcopal Church lost
Sunday morning and evening. The
congregations were quite flattering.
The item comes rather late; but here
is, nevertheless--a boy "weighing ; 11 J
pounds came to Charles and Katie
lilgelow, at CUbb'a camp, Feb. 13th.
There was a change in the time table
of the F. & P. M. Railway, last mon
day; but it did not effect the runinngof
trains on this end of the road.
"I Am King o'er the Land and the
Sea,'? Is jtfio title of a beautiful bass
lr, sent us by W. L. Thompson
& Co., East Liverpool, Ohio; , price 35
cents. ' .-..
We learn that a mass meeting will
be held at Chase, this (Thursday) eve
ning. A Reed Cityan proposes to open
a saloon; the people dont want It; ' and
hence the gathering.
J. P. Jewett and Mrs. A. Thompson
have been chosen delegates to repre
sent the Congregational Church of
Baldwin, at the Confereucoto be held
at CI arc' TiWsdt'y nnd Wednesday,
March uth arid 10th.
By reference to a card among the
new.' advertisements In this. Issue, It
will bescen that.l Ks-Vithey, Esq.,
has opened tin ttfilee1 for the practice of
law, in Baldwin. Mr. W. was former
ly a resident of Bangor, this State, bar
had some three years' practice, and
comes well recommended.
Front. a friend In Chase township we
learn that a few days . ago Nicholas
iloskin lost one of his oxen in the fol
lowing innnner: He was hauling Iog
to Ringler's Mill, and while parsing
over the dam ufthe 'mill, the bridge
over the waste-go tej?ave way, preclj
Jtatlng the oxen liX the water, ttaud
before they eould be renctied, one of
them was dead. Mr." K Burleigh,
while nsstlng the rescue, met with a
very painful accident . in dislocating
'hi 'shoulder. The rescued ox was in a
badly1 bruised comlitlon.-,The loss of
the animal is a serious one to Mr.
Hoskins. "A ' .;
A few. weeks ago, a 11-year-old son
of Ed. Holford entered the dwelling of
(Jeo. North at this place, one evening
while the family were absent. He
then put out, and the next thing heard
from him was a report that he had sto
len same 10 or $12 from parties living
In Ovlatt's house, Chase township. A
warrant was issued, and Sheriff" Oviatt
began to trace the fugitive. . Monday,
he received word, that the boy was at
Midland jail, and from thence Oviatt
brought him, Tuesday night, and he is
now lu jail. It is probable that he will
be sent to the Reform School. Sheriff
Oviatt informs us that tho boy at Mid
laud, In broad daylight, unhitched a
horse attached to a buggy, and drove
several miles into the country before
overtaken by the ofllcers. Also, that
while In Midland Jail, a fellow prisoner
missed some twenty odd dollars, and a
search revealed tho money in Hoi ford's
bunk. The unfortunate boy seems ut
terly lacking In a proper sense of morality.
.Weather Report. .
The following weather report was
prepared arid furnished by LeoH. Cobb,
of Vates township:
l$M) Kvb. 7 a in 2 p lit b p in AvcruHO Wind
Hun 21 20 30 80
Moil t M m 23
Tnek U HI 44 44
Wvl S 44 54 SA
Tlitir 29 34 4$ 41
IM 27 tl aa u
Hat 28 at iW 41
8 W
8 W
Srtaoa items. .f.
Nirvana, March 2d, 1880.
EDiTOTt Star: Yesterday, at about
1 o'clock pi the dwelling of Joseph
Ferrington was discovered to be on fire,
and before a sufficient number of men
and buckets could be mustered the
building was entirely wrapped in flame.'
The fire probably "caugh t from a defec
tive chimney, in ; one of the upper
chambers, Anr whep discovered had
made such headway as td! render ac
cess to the room imposslblei Nearly
all the furniture etc., irj the lower story
was saveu, um 9101m ng ana oiner val
uables In the upper 'story ' were con
sumed. The loss hi about $500, with no
Insurance.' ' Mr. ! Ferrington Is Indus
trious and will , soon, I hope, - recover
from his misfortune. He has 7lot a
pleasant home which was well supplied
with all the comforts and tome' of the
luxuries of life, and he has the jfyropa
thy of the entire community'. 4
Communion service was held at the
Hebool bouse yesterday; the M. E. anil
II. B.'s Joining together in 'the' solemn
service. - . v
A Temperance Concert is in prepara
tion by the Sunday School. s
Our greatest need as a community
I next to the converting grace of aKi)
1 a suitable place of worship. Strong
hopes are entertained for the erection
of a church building soon. A united
effort by those who are Interested In the
progress of civilization Is all that
requisite to cure this end. "
Lee Ferrir-rton Is oonvalfscent. V. :
bus tcr.l X ---I throu"!i a t:vere t.
tack of tjpM rwimvAA.
Weekly avenue, :ms" above ecro.
Denote variable.
TtHlnfall for wook, 1 Inches.
Uaowriill, 13,4mcIiob.
" HaleaWoriBs.
When you want something to attend
strictly to business, and cure car tic he,
sore throat, ualn in the chest, (luinsy.
pleurisy rheiunatiHin, etc., get Jfcrwie-
ceo nun aut jjiiiuiivm, uie , grciicu
pain destroj'er known. It Is warming
and penetrating. As a family liniment
it meets the wants of every household.
A fair trial Is all that is necessary to
prove the astonishing curative proper-
lies 01 tins invaluable rcmeuy. ha tu
ple bottles, 25 cents; large sixe, 50 cents,
Sold by W. A.Dumam, Baldwin, Mich.
$1,000 Forfeit!
Having tho utmost confidence In Its
superiority over till others, and after
thousands or tests or tne most compli
cated and severest cases we could find,
we feel justified in offering to forfeit
One Thousand Dollars for anv ease of
Coughs, colds, sore throat, influenza,
Hoarseness, bronchitis, consumption,
in its early stages, whooping cough,
and all diseases ol the throat anu lungs,
except Asthma, for which we only
claim relief, that we can't cure with
est's Uough nyrup, when taken ac
cording to directions. Sample bottles
25 and 50 cents; large bottles one dol
lar, (jenuine wrapiers only in blue.
Sold by all druggists, or sent by ex
press on receipt or price. JUlirs t.;.
WEST & CX)., sole proprietors, 181 &
183 W. Madison St., Chicago, Ills.
Ladies, why Suffer?
Wlimi lir r.r.'l,lsl'M ITtoitnA PA.
THOLICON will positively cure Fe
male weakness, such as f ailing or tnc
WomUf Whites, Chronic Inflamma
tion or Ulceration of tho Womb, Inci
dental Hemorrhage or Flooding, Pain
ful, Suppressed and Irregular Menstru
ation. &p. An old itnl rlialIi wine
dy. Send postal card for a pamphlet,
wuu ireuunent, cures anu ceruncaies
from phvslciaus and patients, to HO
Y. Sold lv all Druecists 31.50 ner
bottle. .
$500 Bowardl
Wo will pay the above reward for
any case of Liver Complaint, Pyx-p-la,
Sick Headaclie, Indigestion, (Con
stipation or iTistivenesM we-1 cannot
cure West's Vegetable Liver Pills,
ii .. li i.t. H
wiicu me directions tire biiiciiv coin
plied with, 'l hey are purely vegeta
lile, and never fail to give satisfaction.
.?ugur ( Kited. Large Isixes, contaln-
ini' Mil ilTi ifiit Wir nln tiv till
DrugistSi l.lcware of counterfeits and
llnitationsi Thegenuinemanilfaetiired
only by JOHN C. WEST CO., "The
Pill Makers," 11 & ls.t V. Madison
f., Chicago. Free trial packages sent
by mail prepaid on receipt of a 3 -cent
As Ice Disaueafs Umler a jaly Sid,
So that hacking cough di.4tj.fpcur
under the use of HamiUoiVH trot
Halmni. It sooths and heals the mem
brane of the lungs, it rcniedies the
night sweats and tightness across the
chest, and is universally declared to U
the best balsam extant, 'flio.se having
wwles; tried many other remedies are
speedily relieved by thin. Humple bot
tles. 25 cents; large size, 50 cents. Sold
by W. AiBuruam, Baldwin, Mich.
A youno man by the name of
William Kolta, cotchniau for Mr.
Charles McClellan, came to my store
one morning complaining that his
feet hurt him very badly, and express
ing fears that they were frost-bitten.
He had in vain tried, to get relief by
consulting physicians, and had en
deavored, without success, to e:iso the
pain by rubbing his feet with snow and
Ice. the remedy applied lu such c&sesi
Being exposed a great deal to the cold
by his occupation, his' feet got worse
daily, until one day he fainted in the
street. A few days after he again came
to my store and showed me his feet.
1 have seen a great many sores In my
life, but nothing to equal tills, and
was afraid the poor fellow would lose
his limbs, lie asked me for St.
Jacobs Oil; but at first I refused, as I
did not wish to take the responsibility
upon myself, not being a great admirer
of so-called Patent-Medicines. How
ever, some friends, who happened to
be in the store at that time, begged me
give the St. Jacobs Oil to the sufferer;
so we rubbed his feet well with the
Oil, and he took the remainder with
him. After nine days the same man
again came into ray store, perfectly
well, and requested me to write to you
of this most wonderful cure; he also
stated,' that two other persons had
been cured of Rheumatism by the
same bottle which helped him. .
, ..'- JOlIjrliKNZEN.
Avon, LoraUe" Co.. Ohio i Jan. 17,
1870. ' -,.t;,,y.
' . , . Don't Forget. -
If you are suffering from any of tho
numerous diseases of the stomach,
bowels or. liver, is j'our own fault if
you rcmalri rtt, when you have at hand
ftirniefcc' Blood lHrtJler, a sovereign
remedy in all such ailments. Price,
$bpef bottle; sample bottles, 15 cents.
Sold by W. A. Burnain,' Baldwin,
;:,v()iir MtorM..
,;We will furnish the Stab with the
publications named below one year,
at the folIovViiig rates!
Peterson's Marlne 3 00
Scientific AWrtean 4 25
Harper's Monthly 4.70
' li Weekly 4.70
'Baear. 4.70
Detroit 'rriHurwn 8 00
Scrlbner's Monthly 4 70
St. Nicholas (juvenile) 8 00
Western Rural . 8 00
American Agriculturist 2 50
Saturday Evening Tost, 2 75
Farmer's Itevlew 2 30
Young Folks' Monthly 2 25
National. Weekly ... 8 50
Wide Awako , Y . . ' 8 00
Baby land 1 J - ; : ' -' ' 1 75
Chicago Prfly New ' ; 8 60
. Weekly t ' ! 2 00
?Ilchl5ti Farmer ' ( 1 ; 8 00
Vcicdo Bl&da ' f' ; 3.00
l;r:-c! iraUournii- ' ! 8,00
( "7"is.' i rvc-"l rrrrttta ar iiiii 1
V i I CUekBiKkrMJOlnlmat,WrtaBe!4te
it. iwM wMk Kr, Dr. 1. 1. Ttkr, tu LaoMi Ma
'He Art cfMoM life; .
Sickness and premature death are
anuost always oue to yioiaiion ot mo
ntws mat govern our -pnysieai uein;
It it strange ro jnani pctmle, will sull!
wlrli ilvmuinylii Imliir.tvl foil, mtnsflll:!
tl n, Mjur stomach and gem'ral debility,
wliii . 1 itinrltf) it I itmtirmtift f W;i
jvjuh.I, that great remedy is to bo
found In every drug store, hample tmt
ties, 15 een ts; large size, $1.' Sold by.
t V 1 ..!. I. ..I.. Ml. -
. jiiiiiuiu, jKiiiinin, in i vii.
L. A. Carneiiter has u stock of hand
some engravings and ehroinos, with
nice moiiUlinex for framini?: and you
can secure those picture to adorn your
Homes, ui very reasonaDiu ngures. .
(Corrected, weekly.)
Baldwin, Mich., March 4,1880.
Flour per bbl 7 00 0 7 50
Wheat per bushel. . ....... .1 25 $ 1 40
I'otatoes. new o to u)
Pork per lb .... 8 to o
Annies. Dried nor lb 4..10 to 124c
Beans per bush 1 25 to 2 00
onions" . 1 bu to uu
Turnips 14 25 to 80c
Rye ;.- k GO to 75c
Timothy " 2 60 to 3 (K)
Clover " w .6 00 to 0 00
Buckwheat 11 75 to 100
Shingles per M .1 00to2 00
Lumber " " common.... 0 00
Com " bush C0to7u
Meal ' cwt.... 1 50
('lil kcns drf ii Be to 10c
Fresh Beef per cwt 6 00(8 00
ttggs per doz. io to yie
Plaster per bbl 1 50
Butter per lb 25 to 30
Cheese 44 ...V. 15 to 18c
Wood 44 cord stove length 75 (a 1 oo
Feed per cwt ... 1 25 to 1 50
Brick per M... iu uc
Lime 44 bbl 1 50
Oats 44 basli 45ji 5,rx;
Hay 44 ton 2200to2.r)00
Salt 44 bbl ,1 75
Oat meal per lb.. 5o
. Phr'enologicalJoumal
la widely kuown In Aiiicricu nnd Kurope,
liavliitf lMen before tho ri'iidliij; world forty
y-rs, ami occupy iiik R piaca iu iiicnnure ex
clunlvclv II own, viz: die wtuily of HUMAN
NA'lL'JtK lu nil lis idiHsci. lru ludlim I'lnt ii-
olony, riiVNioxiiomy, Kthnolopy, I'livHloltipy,
lc, tuKt-tlier wUh "T11K w'lECK Ul
HI.A1.11I," And no exponao will lie hpnrcU to
iiiaKo li I no iMttt miuiicuiioii ior sciiei ni eir-
etilatlou, t iulliiu nlwa.VH to make men better
nhvhlcully. ineritaliy nuii nioiiiiiy. rnrents
kIioiiUI . 1'itul the Joi uxAt. Unit they may
Ix'tler know how to irovern ami tratu their
clilldirii. VoiinK M-oplo Miould nuil tUo
JoruxAi. that fliey muy make tlie iiiokI of
tnrinsc ivch. to enrii suosei idi t jk given ui
Phrenological Bust.
Thlx bust in miulu of Ploxler of Paris, nnd ao
lettered iin to show tin? exact locution of each
of tho l'luenolotftciil Organ. The hrad in
neiuiy llfe-Mxe, iunl very ornamental. iu erv
Ini a nlneeon tin-e- iitcr-tftblfl or mantel. In
p:u lor, ofllce, or study, and until recently Iiiih
soUl fur Hi ThU, Willi the IIIiimI nitetl key
which aeeotuiHiiilfS each lluM.anu tho arti-
elen publUheU lu the Joe una I- on i'ruel leal
l,lir,r.olory," will -iil;1e thereaiU-r Io become
ii sueeeHMiul HtiiiU nl of Human iiun. One
o( ihuse heiwlH should bu lu the haiaia of ull
who would know
TKRlM!--Th JocknalIs now nubllctlitil at
If.' u year (lnivlim Im-cii ndiieed fromi), sldzio
ntiniberM -jn cent. When the Pri'inluuis aro
vnt, cent extra inuat Urielved witheach
huIinci Iptlon Io p.iy pontage on tlie Jouknal
and Hit- expense ot boxlns; and paekhis the
Bust, which will bs-nt by uxnrcss, or o. V.
a m mi Her xl.c, will lie aent by mail, pont-imUl;
or we will send the new Book Preinliim, llow
Heud for ileMtrlptivo circular. . .
rviiu amouutiii i' u. uruers, jiranaon rsew
York, or lu Ifcrglnterod Lelters, 1'oKt.iuft
Htaiiiiiii reeelvcd. Ai:enU wanted, ttond ten
eeutM for apiclmrn iiuiuImt, 1'niTiluiii .l.lfM,
etc., or hcnd addreMMOii im.mui! curd lorn back
iiuiuiR-r, an sumpie, which win oe aeni ir.
S. It. WKLT.S A CO., Publisers,
730 J'rrtruhray, New York.
W'ehrivoarrnuKed forcLUiini.NCi the Pukicn-
outuicAL Jovhnai. Hud rremiuma, aa ftlmve,
which will Is) furnUhed with tho LAKE Coun
ty SrArt for ttf-'iV
Slicriirs Sale.
outofiind under tho seal of the t'irettit Court
fur Die I'ouutr of Onceohi ami Slate of Allchl-
ran; to me directed and delivered tented on
the SHh dr of lieceinber A. I. l79ln favor of
John (J. Ford and Halnht the niKxlainl cliat-
tela nnd for want thereof then to iw modo of
the IhitIh and tenementaof Mark T. ChaMeund
JnllilUi Lincoln, I havo levlel upon all the
right, title and Intercut of Julletta Lincoln,
one of said defeudutitH, In und to tho follow
ing deft''rlod reul eHiate altuated in lownslilp
No. in North, of lUume No. 14 Weat. Luke
county, Mich I Ran, described na folio wh, to-wlt:
All that tract or rnireel of land on tho Hast
Ouo-lialf of Mouth went One-foiirth of Mectlou
No. :wi, lylnff Mouth of the Flint A I'era Mar
quette llull ItoMl; and also, five ncrea of Und
on the north aide of the nhovo named llnll
Uood: the Maine belnsc on the ftUve named
One-fourth m-etlon No. .Kl; comprlHlnff all
that tractor parcel of land altuated between
the above named Ihill ltoad and what Is
known im Kinne Creek went and aouth of the
anwmlll now atandliiK on the above named
Creek, which I ahuU aell at public vendue to
thehhrheat bidder at the front door of the
Court llouae In the YUlugo of Baldwin, Lake
county, Michigan;
On the Thirteenth Day . of jliarch
A. T). lBHit, At nine o.cloek a. tn.
Dated this 281 n uay or January a. i. wu.
BherlffLako County, Michigan.
Probate Order.
Btntaof Mlchlnan)
. County of like t
At n aoMMion of t he rrobate Court for aald
County of Lake, holden at the Probate. Office
in tne viniiRoor miuiwin.on weunesuay, ma
2Mii any or January a. J. ihmi;
Present. Walter A. flurnam. Judito of Pro
bate. ,
In the matter of the KM ate. nr ueorre w.
Brown, an Inaane person; on rending and fit
Ina the oetltlon duly verlfld of AuituhIu
Towner. Kinird Inn, prnylnff that he may bo
licensed to well the real eatuta of aald iiiHune
person for the purpose of pay lug his debts and
expenaea; . '
it in nertny oruereu mat '
Monday, the Eighth Day of, March .
iexi. at ten o'clock In the forenoon. At said
Fiooate onice in llio V lliaau nr Jiaiuwin, ie
appointed for heailnn mild petition; and thut
the next of kin of aald George W. JJrown and
all ernona Internated In anldeHtaUnpisarbe'
lore aaia vonri at sai tune ana pince to anow
cauac, If any there be, why a license ahooltl
not oe grumeo to miiu iruarninn 10 sen real ra
ta te aa prayed for In antd petition.
And It. la further ordered thnt a copy of this
order bo published Ore aucceaalve weeks pre-
loin to anin day or ncarniR. in tne ijakk
()nUTr Htar, a newapnper printed And clr-
oulaung In aald Connty or lue.
(A true copy) Judge of Probate.
Michigan Pine and Farm
ing Lands.
230,000 ACRES!
Offered by the, ' '
. ; . m COMPANY.
A'ix JIundrcdlMilllon feet of
Well located on Pere Marquette, Little
Manixtee, IViq, and Little Mutate, and
117u7e Jitters; and on the .me ; of said
For Plats, Estimates, and further In
formation, address,
Land Commissioner,
R. B. tSheridan,
Ilerscy, Mich,
"Keeps constantly on hand a
and Manufactures to o.der, in
the Latest Styles, and Neatest,
most Durable Manner. "
in the business enables him to
give the best of satisfaction.
Or any othr kind, yna mi ala wraol wlik our
IV ffnnttinm o Dim it will cut Mtnttmf than
Emr. Th Uih will all ramiln of nunl alio and
ahap. Bmmt ta reejr M1.&Q n any
prtfribal'nit4 8latai. Illmtraii ClrulfV
Vo4 A arM(a aeanf f 4 m arerw mmnIrJ
tity. AJdrM JS. MOM S) UMO., 119 Oa
BJT W bav handrada af Ullara from man atlaj(
ear Uaabina who tay tbty would not taka 3 tut It.
Soma TreatiBtat atlittl Coat
lumal WaakaaM, rioipUi, m.
pnra Blaod, I.oaa of Baarny. rar
lial Impotanaa, IialrMias Might
imiHioai, ana many vuai onia
raatlltiac fram JCnrt Mrrtr aad
iimhmi wlili. if aacUatad. aad la pramaiara da.
Iiaa.traaivd with aaarallolatlineoaaaan aaliralvaaw
prlneiplaa. oOarling mraa in ru awmy day. aa raqalrad
waaka undar old naaaaalinit and dangaroua ramadlaa.
"Traatiaa oa lKlity" and liat nf qaaatlona aaat In
flaia aaalad aavalapa on raaaipt ot twoaa.alamna. Aa
Ff Kyril until aaliifaclary yaaalta ara ehtainad. Ad
ra DtL VLEOO. Ill La StrM Baal, wrtnU, lUa.
Is now the onlj nowspaper ptlb-
ted and published In the countj; is
the pioneer paper; the official paper.
Politics, Republican. Special at
tention given to Local Items. We
are prepared to do "
500,000 ACRES
... 'of : '. ' ' ,
Splcridid Hard Wood Lnnds for sate
by the Grand Iiapids ! Indiana H.
It." Company '
30.CC0 ACfifeS fit LK33 C3U:T H 1 1
sure ;liorsi
no Motnii!
MicTdgan Offer Greater Advan-
ttfjei to Intelligent FanMrs of Small
Means than either the Weitor South!
Send for Pamphlets English or
Gorman. Address,
Land Cuhltiifwqoiier,
Grand Rapids, Mich.
lilaeksmithluff. Ouns, Pistols, Bears;
Soldering, Prti7.in. TikiIs mad and
tempendi Wotsl Turnlnpr,KeroH Hat
ink, Wall Uraekets, Picture Pniriu,
Patterns for (JiwtlnKs; Violins made or
mialred: Machines repaired. .All
Work Warranted. .
. L. A. Carpenter.
' Baldwin, Lake County, Mioh.
iin nemoay. in
an unfitliing
oure for lnil
nul Vakn-s,
Inirwilfinpr nikl
all oilier jla-
raura that tbl- V
If lMr. fl R.T. . ...
Before Taking
of Memory, UnlvrKol IjiKMlturifl tHln Irf tha
Diu'k, Dliiuiaa of Vision, I'remHturc Old Aga,
hikI many other DIwumtm t lint lead to Innanl
ty or Connumptlotj ami a Prrmuturo Orave.
WKull parilruhira In onr bnniphlot, which
we rtniro to Ki nd frf-e hy mnll to every one.
tWTh HpeclHe Metllffnif la a.d by all drug
giMta at 1 per pncltiiRe, or alt pKMcagea for ;
or will Ihi aent fret; hy mull on receifit of lha
money, by imMivkkIiik
No. 10 Met-hautcM Hln-k, linThol r, MlrH.
resold In fluldwtn hynll drufKlstH.und ave
ry where by all wholeaitla and n ull tiealera.
A Magazine of Cboice Literature for tlie
. Pconle.
. Vt ; L. MERSnON CO.,
Ill llroadway. N. Y.
Tlie publishers of thin Popular Mac-
alne have determined to elve more
pood, Interesting and instructive read
liip: matter to suhseribcrs than can le
olitainitl anywhere for the same price;
tney nave, niereiore, enpicni a num
Ut of regular eontributors well known
tu the public, for the year 1S.S0, who
will present through the eihiinlis of
the Magazine, Original Articles, eon
sisthigof Ptioraphles, Travel, Nattiral
History, works or r act and rictlon.ctC;,
Notwithstandlncr the Increased out
lav of inoiiev wlilcli thin rendprs iirT-
sa'ry, the sufiserlptlon price of the mag
azine remains the same. .
Orn Tkkmh, tl n year or u0 cents for
six months.
We send a trial subscription of three
months with a handsome premium for
30 conts.
Agents wanted In eVefy towm Bteady
employment oiul good pay.
1.' V. it Ji l..t 11.
rnr luniier pariicuinra nnii njcntfl
terms, send stamp to the publishers,
W. L. MFItailOX & CO.,
Ill 1 .road way X Y.
TO 6000 A TRAR, arf. ! SSO a iaj la
yotir own Ica ality. No rlik. Warn. a 4a
aa well u men. Many malct moraihan the truaiat
latcil alVive. No one rna fill I ta maUa money
fart. Ambne can do tha work. Tha ran make
Iront r0 cent to $1 an hur by tlerotinjj jour ara
iilnff ana apnra tlma to tha bnluea. . It rosta
nothing to try tha btinlneaa. Nnthlag Ilka It for
iimnoy ninkiiiB ever ofl'end bafor. Kaaiaea
jilannnnt and atrlctl.r honorable, ft.ader; if yoa
want t know all ihonl tha brt payiag haalae.a
before the Ditblici aend as your addreta and we will
end yen full particular and private leraii free,
ample wort It JTi tlo. (Vee; yoa ran then make aa
your lalnd for ynnrarir. AddreM, CilCORQK 811 N
SON t CO., I'ortlaad, Mala.
7g aM atlllaf artlalM la lk.Wrlt mm.
ri Ad. JAY DnONSON, Uuiit,Mik
AdTertlalnaDuraaaflOSpruoaBtA whoro ojd'orti.lnjg
aoatraeta mtj ba naObfoe ItlSI WUIY XOUK.
Farming Lands For Halo. .
A rar rhanhei In Lake, county. ' tlay lon.ru
aoll; M aorea. In parcels of "0 iwrea or more.
Price, 4VI.74 er ncftii Np advuhCe payment
rwjalred of Hctnal attlc-r. len yearn' tlmo
given If tlealrwl. For rteik'rlpllona, Ac, lb
uulrb at this oOlce; or nddrc-aa
. , . C V- Tioimi,
...... , V lciory i;orner,
,' . Msaon Co., Mich.
If you want; tho People ' to
know, yon .Are ;. doing i 'pUSI
NESS, arid prbriaid ; to give
themv 0O0D ; -B AltaAINS;
In good ttjle and will gire sktis
faction in such work as printing
TAGS, Ac;,
L Terms for the Paptr, L6d ber
year, in adfance. ;Addren
NEW for
ZOU lk)OKH OK AI.Ii KINDS aro fully
t I U.llllinA
aainple pagea,
grent variety
nnd aur aiKvena rr fiiiivtutaera. All actually
wlMhlnjt KMI'LOYMKNT, Hddrea for terma,
Htinhakii I'uiiuaiiiKn 0o.,8t. Locis, Mo.
All fn-lghta paid by na.
t,JJ IKMJIvn III' Al.ll ll.
reproKfnied In onr iifw tlltANO
blndliiMS, llhiMtrwtlniia.eto. A g
Only offlc at Baldwin City Mich,
lioeated near to and nofllieast of the
Hliiheat Medal at Vlctinn and l'hllndelplila
, 5'Jl Broadway, New York.
' Manufnotarerai importer Dwtler In
Velret Frames, Albnms, CrapteODes,
Abd klartrvd goods Crlebrl ties, Actrraaca.eto.
Phot'oraphic Materials
Wa itro llwvdauartera for everything In tho
way of
Fxtch aty la la Uit beat of IU cUus In the mar
ket; llcnntlful Photosraphtd Trauaparenelea of
(111 nary and F.ngravlnira for the window.
(Vmrrx Olnaa. Maoufttcturera ot Velret
r'rainea for al lnlaturea and Convex lilaaa 11 e
turoa. no . . .
CatAlojrncwof lAntema and Hlldea, with di
rection for ualngt on receipt of ten i-enta.
p-38 nioa
-, a AaVaTaVTiVaa p.o la witboai ah
eiraatioa tba bi rai la o. a far the care ana
prrnlkn of all aialarlova alrawa aad Uii moat
Wan tar i ul f aI. al aiaary ef tha aaa. , madlclna
raOiilrad. turaa ly aoanryuon. rnn mr p'"F""
Vhlaii Kieo eertifloai-a aitraorai
fbrmed by Uila ra, mau wee .. row vraaa
fortlit Ktyp.la Tad aaa . an J r
one, twin liDlyn e-a by ma'1 aa ractp Of rrloa,
ii. ITH rLlMlM. M Hartal a-rt,
tzrs -frf f tat taS'-'
' 35th"YEAR. ,
The Soleutiflc American! .'
TllE Kcfr.Tiric AsfKiitCAM la a large Flrnt
flnita Weeklv Newxiaier of Hlateen Pasea.
rfrrnti! In the most liwiiftifnl atylo, prnfuDHif
WVMiutea with tpttnma tug raring, if preacntliiK
llmuowiiit Invention and tha moMt rctK-ul
Adrnnrcs in the Artaaud Hcleuoca; luvltKUnu
M-w Him jiiu ri siinir f acta in AKnHiiure,
llortlvulttire, the Homev Healthj Mtillciil
rroirrcaa, Hc;lal Hcleace, NaUiral HlitUry,Jv
",'a.'i Aatronomy. 'Xhi moat valuahla prao
tiiMl upr. 1y eminent writera In alldfpart-
mcnta oirMuenco, will tie found la the ocian
tlHe American.
Tori.i, f.U!o per yenr.fl.ftn half year, whlrtr
inciuiitM poMMtRe. uiacouai io Axenia. nin
fele coplea, ten c-nta. 8old by all Newadeal
fra. Uoinlt by iMialal order to ML'NN dt to
J'ubllHhcrM. .17 I'urk Kow. Now ot k.
TJlvpflWTkTfTIC' In connection with fho
Jk alaUil aWi Sftlenlifla American,
Meaara. Mu.is dc Orfnr Ho 11 trlWra of Ameri
can and Foreign rritenta, hare had W yaara
expcricnot, and now have tne iMrgeat eatab
llahinant In tha world. Talcuta aro obtained
on th last termtj A apeolal notice la ninde
In the HC1KNT1FIC AMKHK AN of all In
vention patented 1 hrounh thla A coney, with
tho name and reslacnce of tho Patontee. nv
the luimenie circulation thus riven. puWIc
attention la (1 reeled to the merita of tho new
pntnt, and artlea or introduction often eaally
Any perHrfh who haa made a new'dlseoTcry
or i nven lion, cun uncertain i jrrt qr rnavge
whether n patent ran prtwihly be: oblalneil,
by writing ta Mr.vs K o. Waalao, aerd frn
our Hand llook about the Pnteot Law. Pat-
enta, laveat. Triule-Mnrka, their rota and
how procured, with hlnta tor procuring; aa-
nc-aon Invention. Address for the Pi
37 Park lUiw. New York.
Branch Omoej con V 7th rits, Washington,
Is n FAll the beat niislheasand HoMal flttlde
and Iland-llook ever publiHhed. Much tha
lateat. It tclla Ixtt 1. aexca completolr HOW
TO ivo KVKHYTHINO.InthelKisI way; How
to h Your Own I jiwyer; How to do llUHlueaa
Convctly nnd Mucett.Hfully, How t Act InMo-
clety nnd in every nun or ure. nnu contains n
sold mine nf varied Infurntalloii lnillKpenmi-
ble to nil fi(CH ftir coniitant ri-Mreneo.
AOKNTS WANTKTfhrnlorHprtinie. To
know why thla imxiK or ithAi.vmue and at
tractions aella bettor than any. Other; apply
lorwrinnio n. ii. MjAAi.Mr.ii.K t w.j
Wo puy all frrlicht; HT. LOl'lHi MO.
Mc6 Flower aui Garden Seeis.
ITevir 5ort3 by Hail. .
Plants ot the newest aiii flhtst im-
IYoved amis, carefully iaekt?d and pre
pared by mail. My collet-tiori of Straw
'errirs ttM)k the first premium for the
lie.st Collection, at thereat show of the
Miimm. Horticultural .Sniety, in llontoir.
I grow over hM) varieties, the most eom-
ftLete collection in the country, luelud
UK all the liew, lariro American and
imported kinds. Priced descriptive
Catalogue:-, unit Is," hy malh Also,
llulliH, Krult TrtH-s, nies, Evergreens.
Choice Flower, (i.-irilcn. Tree, Ever
green, llcrh, or Prul t Sccl, 2 packetn
of either for 1, hy riiail.
Cr Tl i b True 'a. in' I oi 1 (Va 1 1 1 r ry,
h1 Mht fiir Upland, iwhitid,
jt or ijinlcn, hy mail, prepaid.
$1 per Hsd; $5 cr l.iKKii Wholeaale
Catalogue to the Trade. Agents want
11. M. WATSOS4, Old C1oiiy Shr
acrlea ond Seed Warehousc,ilMy mouth,
Maw. Estahlished 1K42.
A Valatala IMaaOTMr
aa . Uaaartara uj.
kil IiUmi, aa alirala'
aanaaaaat Cara af
(nal Mm I lima Si
Imooianajr W ia aal
twi t :t a man aaamttj tnte war. via. Vim
AppllaaUon la Ua ana
i i iaoa mi ,,4
r.ra win
hmklf 4iMla4 a aaaa aataraaa, pra..lr aa Imaia
Olala aaathiac 4 riarllta afaal aana lh aaaaal aaa
a.rv.aj ar(aamiaaa arracaaa tnm aan-aaaaa aaa atiimt,
laaaiaf laa drain fraai laa lyMaaj, rMlnrla( lha faln4 la
kaalik an4 aoun4 mmoiy, r. laa Dianaaa at
Siatt. Karrooa Dabiiur. Ooafoatoa efldaaa. Avaav
100 to sooiaijr, no. aio ana iaa iinhim m
aura old aaa ataallr MawaaiaTiaa taU kaaala.ai
ta( aarlaal Banal Vlor. waara H aaa aaaa ke
yaf. Tali m af baaUMal kit 4 laa Im aarf
aairara raaa, aM te aaw a Bfaaoaaaaa' mna. Drca ara
wm aiatk araaarlWa la Ikaia kraaklaa, aaa, a bhtim aaw
wrtaaM la, wtlk kal lillla If aa, panaaaaal fia4. Tttara b aa
tlaaaaaat abaal thla Praaarallaa. Praariaal aarMa aaaalaa
a la aolut gaarantoa Ual h aUI fir atla(aeatom
pariaf Ih tifkl jrart Ikal M kit aaaa io faaeral ata, wa aaaa
IbviiMtHlt af lattiBMnUlt at la IM aiaa, aa4 H la aaw taaitail
j lha Maairal inliuM la ka lk atotl ratlaaal am. fat
iiMWrtl af rataalac taa carinf Ikia tary aravaltat h.atla,
Ikat It wall kaawa la aa laa aaaat af aataM athwry la a auay,
aaa aaaa vkaia qaeka atay a ilk Mwlr aatlata aadraaM aa4
1 bif feaoi 1 ka k.a.4r u aat aa la aaat loti, af tkraa iUm.
Jfo. l,-.aik U Itrt BwatO ! Ka. ft, ItaSWaat ka
IVrt tinaaial aara, aalaaa la a. tar aMtj lit Ha.
(laMlaf avar Uraa BMalkawlU Mi lailnlm aaa taalara
r la Ika war etM..) 7. Mai by all. taalaa, la aM
VrtMara. rH PTRJOT101IB for Mi wl lini
Bony jiuu iivi. g
Oli Iw a D.Mr. nil T Viataklat rlrtu - ' -
iuaairt,iaa, t
ka ar aa
inm w laa
,tl Saalaa for
Market tatf tth tt, r 8Ta LOUIt, MO
Aaof iri foal feat wattw ta f Aa FJtm ew
frrnf. llmrrim' HoomImkI JPnafff lia, tmttmn
fT9n Mjmttmrm r-eeef Votta ffraai
, Itdima. iw4 Hlh, lTt. Th nm. lj aatkiaf aarfadly.
aa aplltytr aaat a-t.kw.tt, far M in al.
1 laaraufklf tvni aa4 ftal S
airr It ttmat kailar.
Ml anon. ttai. M. It7a. 4 ratattW ta aioth bM fraol (U
ta af yaar raaitditt thai I trial la Ita Ihtai 1a taatbar aaaa,
IkW la af too. Mtaalag, aa4 will aaai mom (Maf tary ilraa
Haa tpiitpif ww w..n.y.
. CMrira, Aaj. It, l7a. 1 1
la Tka yaaag t tht t.
wka trt IraaMaa wHb
ra iatarti(a nmf im IkM rar art
wall aaaarnaaa ay fnjm
aarrkwa iiHlti
ttltM aitati. Laa '
ttaarally, ia4
Hi ma aaaa ikt irtaa la aa iKimn ta4 aVaihiailaa that
oar AaMTitta amwt ara riaMia katnaiiaf a M net of lata
IMi," iaaaaibla at araatnaf kttliktarTtfrihf.ortaiaiiaflift-a
" . ata Haatataali Aaallt
irratilt M ika aral af Uta 4 Maua.aad ill iatioa ralutart n
rlta al aata, arwllitiaf aa imait.It.'t. aaMklnc laa trtlartlit
aaVt. Tha irplKH'oi af I I.t rtMirar m iWtndra wilk aa atta
or anrh)MaaiMW. a4 aaaa not ialrtltf ak Ika arajatl, bar
tMt ina alaatam ml iua. 1 aa tratail, Iranuf h la lial a tanttlil
ta ll ka ta attl. alala bona, IVU airLtraa latraa, atwa V
A atrlaaa aa4 taaw Tanla Pilia, at at.liailtt 14 toaaiataal
tat wnh aaak baa af Mia Htinwaf-.
M atwaakf 1tf 4tmiSf. kkl IffiUoaVa kf
f naa,.aMiMtMifcwk TtwatMtMiitMoawfktkta. 1
ant Om ni na it im, Mi ra aeUMiWtlik, bta .. I
Vj'"'"1 ta u. nw ratMUlH. ait ai.at.it kf J .
Market and 8th 8t OT. LOUIS, MO.
Wmr Sail fcy TVrnaYlaaa, sm4 et fey Mail
auay awlatreoa oai reaelw af itieoa
Xirtrmettl fr i r-ttt rtwd
I aai aaaa la ba aMa la tt.it that I akall aaaor awo.
ktaa, I lawk I aa iWmi'i t art4.
' t 4 an baa M ,r rttt.lita aw Wkrtaa. taf tttmnW
Liraa taraJ. bl tbtt ktra taaa bark aa ra aliha-t b a aa
A. I wo) aaaH"l t""r.t t rtr aatittlt, .
u, tn.-iw-i J wa baata ttt
bMrttanlwM IkM ttata will ba all aba aaaat. I ibMi a
wH a wraara rt arattt aa. tar ra bat btaa a"kia4 a aatf
laag Mom. 1 Va Ibaaaatraa ot bat HaabU wtt Iu4 paata M-.
D By I I Uind.Uebtp.UleorMa4
nflU UKewieaTf'." ti"i.ta.J
111 attwaimtnoAiatfrallaf.ariraa
II 1 1 H af Inve aiandrr( In I
II N fl II wawk.ar.doTjInarraatnarB I
v v v 1t?ijJi
Jt. I.,i4hrwo.trrt, bila., a., wola f"rpnat.
CACIIOa r'rarrr tttllaw frn(.4tf Ht'k,
Ib(at4rital.,iri0,awt4 ToatAartatataa,
-a-l Jj pad f& .
50,000 ACRES
of t!i6 ' ; ,
In tako County, ilicliljart, ar mW
FQlt SALE! Alndi
60,000 ACRES
Of taffd Ccrmpahjr't lihd In
Irithtf -f
Of Michigan ? -Apply,
iii jX5raon ttf jy rna.i, fct
' Llind Vommi$$ionr,
Xast 8agtoaw4XXteilf
To Intcniofs X Jinn ii fat ftit-,fa
j'isTAniiiWiEnj im.
GltMORE, SMI'Mt t CO.,
Micitors cfPa!ents& Attcirndjs &tLafr
American and Foreign Patmii -No
Fees ifi Advance nor tfhtil I
Patent Is allowed N Feet ft
PrtUmirtttrlJ linHiHlndlion.
firiedai atlenttttn alren to. fatef fWaewaJ
fanes bafore the ratebt iimtt lWfi-lnafn
Suits tn tha dlflare.lt ntAtes; and all IttigaJaa
appertaining to Patents or Invantlobai
Send 8tmpfor Pamphtd nf Mttj Pf
620 F Street N; W.t
WAgHrxeitorf, t. C$
ial lliST BAallKQ IMWDKlft la (ka tTarllt
17o aallri t aa aavretadlrarl reatDarlaaa will
AXTfttaaf klad. VUAQiltT Ctl VRtK fttOM
warranta4 ta firs parfact aatltfaclloa. Amh
Maanraottred br BTBELL At EXFaTi
Da xmmm
17 EL ChtaAtm CtrfL fit Lbcia. Uk
A ragular tradiwla of tH Madleal Collttfba, bat batri I nasi
agaiaa to tha tpartal traatmtnl rf kU Vonaral,axaJ
and Chroalo Illaaaaaa Uiba any odiar fbyiwla IbWI
iyaia,aiciirpapratnaw,anaaiioia ratiqrnia laaw.
orrhaas. OleeV. Btrietnro. Oreoiaoa
arnla, or Kqptura. all Urinary Diosaeoa aaJ
rpmiiiie or narcunai Anapiiova ortna xorooa
kin o 9onoa. ara braatafl with atflK)aa raaaa, oa
DriTKHDita. oaaajT. rrivaiaia;
rbaa, Bexual Mbllltr and Tmtt-
Umla, city pa part thaw, and
, wpruita, uon
MMaat aMantUH Brlnelplaa. oajalr. fl
. BnormotarrBoo. Bexuol Tat
taner. aa lha rorau of aWf-Aaoaa la aath. atnal ow
(nm m mala par yaara, or outer aaqaaa, aad wblrh prtlaot
iparaof lha following aflarta I waraootaaaa, atatloal aoibi i
Mont, aattUlty. olinnaaa of tight, diftatlta aiiataiy, plraylta
oa boa fliaa, phTtical Macof , atartlao to aocMy at aaina
oanlutlrro or Idaaa, toaa of aaual aowar. ai4 Hoowlt a
VMUTtaaw tmprooar or tuihacpr, ara irraaaaaa I
aaraa. CoaaullaUoo at oflbia, or by nail fVaa. aad Iwaww
Whoa It la Ineooamiaat ta Tittt tha tily fW IfiiIh
BMdlaraaa eaa ba aan by nail oa aaa rata rrt, labtra. Coat
aMa aaaat r'araataad, wbora doubt aakrbk la frankly atir
apt, in wntaa, i Ktafi
Itlalaot olotH and H iindlaa-. Beolod for BOat
t aiirataai
i onaiara or (orranev,
Oaartfly waadarfal oao
to Uibi orticM oa lha foUawlna oalarWi Who atai
ry, who Dot, Why. Manhood, Wemaahoaw, rayfaral
T. Who l Kta Id ajorrr i How IU aad habwIoaH Ml
Iwaratttd. Tha Phrtioloar af Raorodortiba: aod aui
ara. Thoaa atajTrrdT or eoatatnprawrtg hwrrioga ahookl
I It, thoa kept dor lark and kty. rVmilar adlMawi
aaabOTO,ool wonar rotar. M0 aaraa. Wo na. by mil
I twHrlay ot po a.Cf1 aillila IM Aw". .
pscniPTiON -hi:
fat lha roaady aara af trwitatl Wiikawa, Loot I a
rramatart Oablllty, Mmiiaiaati, Haapoodaocy, Cm
oIdaaa.Aaralai la BaFiot. Dartlra klMort.
Plaardata aaowghloa by Saaaat tttkrttaad I a I. ,
J v waka mj wa mw
urn tmim, DKruai,
And for Puritytnjt t Blood.
II baa been rn oa forJJ j-nara, and hag
prayed to be. tha Ye tranarat-'hii trt In
markel fnrbltH ilfcAbAUlB, jfAl tX
riJirNT, l!Ml'UE8 OH Tlth TACX; tTt
rmiA, llhVS, ad ftJ)lMai-a that
ariso) from A hiordrd JJter or Aa Ira-
riureltloorL Tnbtiajujtiartcnr bfUpoople
ale It oM rfve it to lUIr rh.Wrar.: IV-
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