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k WE SUPERIOR r.-. .Hi . t-
fit A
HI . VW : FEB .-aiBfflBtofefe.-. , .
I 1 H I . I x I I Y I I I
- i m mmvw m m i i i iJ3;i
, ' HIV L2T
. -:V:V jf
y ! . - ... . ..
t -
Ose copy n year,
Oae coij, three month?,
12 00
I to
BttbcrilMT within Cheboyjran connty xyU rc
eivc their papeM4r?c t w.iur ".t"
ooui.te thecountyiwUIl.aveaheirl.aCigc re
faid by the publidhcr.
Ome-hal inch snace (six lines Nonpareil or
leas), lor on insertlos, 55 ctnts ; one Inch space.
tlTone inaertion, SOcenls: tor each addiuonal
Inch, one insertion, 50 cents.
For ohsequent inserUonfu or x larger space,
-prices will be given at the office.
Local aotieea 10 cents per line for the first In
sertion. nd eenU per line for each subsequent
Insertion. .
Cardt in Bas1ea Directory. Are lines or n
ler, J peajtw JCciu.adlitionaU)ino U -per
Tim? Tables.
AnDC.R.&F.W.R.R. .
Richmond ltt.DP.M.l
4:00 AM
4:31 4
5:17 44
5:42 44
6:10 44
NewDOt i IWl 44 I
10:56 4-
Winchester ... 11:3 44
RideTillr. 102 a. m.
Portland ll 44
Decatur. 1:4 44
Ft. Wayne '. 3:i 44
8torjrls . 44
Vicksbur& 6:41 44
Knlamar w.i.....; j 44
It: 8 44
I2r4 p. .
itr 44
a 44
5:30 44
6:S4 -6:44
5 i44
9.:tt 4
11:53 44
l :i-C A. V.
I 1:44 44
&15 44
11:36 44
25 r xi
43 1
C:58 44
GL Rapids
Howard City
Up. Bis Rapids.,
lteed Oity..
'lm Late.-
120 r. M
1UW 44
&I4 44
S.5 4
i 8:44 44
Traverse City. .
fetoekey- J.
Tni verse City
8:O0 P. M j II SQ A. I
Walton ll:
Clam t'.r.jA?.tf fc
KeetLt iWrl
11:43 44 1:3.
f5;0O"A K
:il -44
i.' pepr i k uapiu
Howard City.
j 1:01
4:u7 44
7: 4
4.RapMaj 5
ft-V 44
Kalamsz kj...
Murais . -
ru Wayne
JHxatur .
Newport I..'...
j 9:14 44
.ri:i6 44
...J 3:H 44
4:2S 44
7:0 A.M
7: 44
7:W 44
4:-Vi I
.'-5:7 44
. 6: 5 44 IfclO
All trains run daily, Sundays excepted.
J. 11. PAGE,
Gen. Pass and Ticket Agent.
Th'S short- st.'miicWt and m et rellablo mute
t o
al Xconu liirEt. T.lelt; Ci;Veland Uinei.
iae;nAk'ii B iv uuy: V ? ? U,V 1
t'ttfand aiW tgiiii-tav. Ju v LS. trains will be run
ns fellows, Detroit tim :
Ludlnjton ...
lt-ed Ciiy .
Midland . ...
lkiy City
Kt 8.11 n aw
Flint ;
Holly .
Detroit (M C R R).
7 15
0 21
12 53
1 55
r m 5 t0 p in
am! 7 15 p -n
am 10 18 pm
4 3J
y m
p ra
11 15i.m
12 45 a m
1 52 am
8 20 a ra
4 10 a m
6 25
4 05
9 15 a m
5 OS imjl0 2i am
Day Ex
Nh't Ex.
8 20pm
9 25 p m
10 10 p m
3 25 a m
5 00 a m
5 44 a m
Detroit ( U C K B)
Wayne . . .. .
Kast tainaw
Bay City ..
lted City
l.iqdlBgton .. .
12 00 m
12 20 pm'
1 oopm
2 28 pmj
3 05 p m
5 00 pm
8 42pm
10 45 pm
8 00 a m
12 30 a m
5 55 a m
PAnnMM Tni muds m.t Tolwlo with the Lake Shore
and Michigan Southern U U for Cleveland and Chi
caOi and with the C 11 and D R R for Cincinnati
and the Soatn. Aio, witn toe t w ana v iv & io
nd fr te fiftUth.and, Southwest. At Wayne
with t. : 1 1 ikian Centril R R f.r'looanp0uit8
at aK-rUatXWtnitAith tWGcuat WVeaum,
Grand Trunk and Canada Southern R'ys to and
from the East, at Plymouth with Detroit, Lansmg
m,A i.,ka TWlrh R It ? at Hftllvwith the Detroit and
MilwattkeeTat'Fllat with' the Chicago- and . Lake
Huron; at J&aSL eaginaw .wiui ine.diJana o aivi$
tnn nfthm If irhlurjin Antral: at Bar CitT "with the
J L and 8 and D ad B C divisions of the Michigan
Central; at Beed City with the O R and 1KB for
tne norm ana soma, ana at iuuin a wuu utejua
r John Sberraan for Shehoyganr aadall principal
point 1 11H Wato3fnaji4 Minnesota; jusqr Iru
tWaL boats for llanistce, Tent water, Beneonia;
Lincoln, llam'in, Frankfort. See.
8ASFORD KEELER, Afls't Bupt.
J. P. NOURSE, Oa .'1 T.cact Ag't.
Mackinaw Summer Resorts.
eemsERciAL house,
. -07:,
FELIX CADEAUX, - Proprietor,
18 open for the reception of guests during the
season. The nearest hotel to the landings, and
will be kept in Ant-class style. no?ly
Headquarters old
American J?xr Company.
NEWLY repainted and refitted this season.
In close proximity to the landing. Livery
and eeata, Ac-, Ac. turnif hed at a moment's no
eat, dtC. &C. iurnimeu m iuvmcu -.
JCuh rooms, billiard, rooms, sample rooms
i t&seT abop attached. not-lji j
TFagon and Blacksmith Shop.
.0. S. CLARK,
And raanfacurer of
Wagons and ' Buggie'i
Orders ior anything In either branch of husl
ness promptly Attended, and
all uonii UAcnnriTED.
All kinds of woa''ant Carriage; repairs a .
- . specialty-. a. . . v
!iop adjoining Blake's foundry
uoiu r'.i.j k ..- i t ;.v .ii
Oifl. CLARK?.
' -nMtf : ' ' f Chcboypnin, Mich.
31. GEROW, M. D.,
Office at City Drug Store. Professional calls
promptly attended. noltT
Office in CentriITrny Store, siirn of tfee Retl
Mortar, Howell's block. noltf
F. S. ABBOTT, Proprietor,
Cheboyjran, Mich. Good rnhinjr. in the vicinity.
niceueni accommodations lor tne traveling
public. noltf
- ... : , Pleasure -Yachts.
The Steam Mail Yacht
- - i MVLTSXITELOTT, Miister,
Will make tr!wc--klv.triD8 from Mackinaw to
Cheboygan Tuesdays, Thursdays and Satur
days. ,
Fare each Tray. 50 Cents.
From Mackinaw to Point t?L Ignace . 25 Cents.
N. B.- The Eva English can be chartered lor
excursions at reasonable rates.
TRUSCOTT, Capt. Riley, is. pier
fatel at all time to take e cure ion ' parties to the
nbmd lakes or other points of interurt. Charges
reasonable. no2-tf
;;;;;;Eehrest BROSrr.:
Corner Main and Elm Strcsts,.
Puie Drugs, Medicines, Varnish
Glass, Oils and Dye-Stuffe,
Will al waj s be found at
A large and carefully relected stock ol
Careful buyers will find it to their advantage to
give us a call
A. M.GE OW, proprietor,
Teas, Coffees, &cm
i i TC'if'V r"'T4
t.t-" Manufacturers of
Ground Coffees, f
"Spices, ; I ' '
4 v w Mustard,
Cream Tartar, &c.
Proprietors of
120 Jefferson Avenue,
. r 'vl -DETROIT, MICH.
Ortlers solicited. Satisfaction guaran
tet. f ' t r i no3-ly
NO. in.
; u - ' '- - i ' :.. s
I'he natural advantages of Cheboygan
and vicinity have been,- of late, so thor
oughly canvassed that it only remains in
this series to' notice its detail, the varie
ties of vegetable?, fruits and grains.;vhich
may be successfully produced.
The spring opens ou$ liens at n some
what later date than in the central and
southern parts (of the state. A compiV
sauon ior mis exists in me iacr, mac, in
this region, the. depth of snow remains so
constant und uniform during winter that
the ground seldom freezes to any extent."
As a consequence, it quickly warms in
the month of May and crops grow rapid
ly until matured.
In the line of vegetables, nearly all
kinds grow abundantly. As being prom
inent, we notice potatoes, beets, turnips,
carrots, parsnips, cabbage, lettuce, celery,
pie-plant, asparagus, onions, caulillower.
squash, peas, beans and cucumber. Mr.
Wm. Smith, who has resided on the Che
boygan River for about eighteen years,
says: "All garden vegetables do well
here and are more tender and crisp thau
those grown in the vicinity of Detroit
and same latitude." Mr. Smith is a suc
cessful gardener and horticulturist, and
kindly presents the following list of .va
rieties of fruits with the information ap
pended. His experience, vithah''cn
thiisiasm for the culture of fruits and
flowers, entitles his statements to a ready
acceptance. Respecting fruit trees and
an J small fruits, he says : "The follow
ing is a list of the different kinds of
which I feel confident will endure the
severity of our northern climate. I will
name none which I, have not tested. Of
apples the following. can be successfully
cultivated here: Red Astrachan, Telof
sky, Calvert, Duchess of Oldenburg
Gravensfein, Jersey Sweet, Dominie,
Fameuse or Snow apple, Red Canada,
Ben Davis. All varieties of Siberian
crab apples r are hardy. .The following
named varieties are among the best, 'both
for ornament and for use: Trunsce.id.'iit,
Hystop, Yellow Siberian, Rsd, Golden
Beauty, Oblong.
Of plums, the following are reliable:
Green Gage, German Prune, 1 1 idling's
Superb, Smiths Orleans, Onlin's Golden
Gage, Yellow Gige, Columbia, Purple
; ' Of cherries, the following are approved
varieties:" Bell Magnitique, Early Rich
mond, Late Duke, May D.;ke, Reiuc llor
tensc. " ' '
Summary, of varieties Of apples, ten;
crab apples, six; cherries, five." Con
cerning otlier .lruits, Mr. binith says:
4With pears 1 havenot had much experi
ence. Dut some varieties will uo well
here. I have tested twenty-six varieties
of strawberries within the past nine
vears. All stand the climate well except j
one, the Agriculturist, which sun-burned. J
I believe we can raise as good strawber
ries nere as in any pan oi tne state.
Five of the best varieties , in my collec
tion are the Jucunda, Wilson, Russel's
Prolific, Triumph DeGrande and Ken
tucky. In this connection it may be
well to remember that our crop of straw
berries mature at the' time when thesup
ply is running short in our large cities.
With the completion of railroad facilities,
there seems no good' 'reason' why the
strawberry crop of this region may not
find a profitable market in Detroit and
Mr. Smith also raises a fine collection
of flowers j He says: "Rose3 of' every
description flourish here to perfection.
Of the annual and per annual flowers, I
have tried about two hundred different
varieties wfcicti have a thrifty growth: I
think the time is not far distant when the
hardy sort of grapes will be successfully
raised on the shores of our inland lakesT
Red raspberries and black-cap raspberries
are hardy and produce ell.'V; "Raspber
ries, strawberries and blackberries
abound hi a wild condition which' 'is' &
guaranty that they1 can be : successfully
cultivated. ' ':
The following varfetles of field 'crops
grow well with, as nearly , as can be asr
certained, the following average per acre :
Wheat, 22 bushels; barley, 45; oats, 50; po
tatoes, j200; peas 35.- Ryepvill probably
sustain its 'proportionate average.' 'The"
earlier varieties of com are easily brought
to maturity in favorable locations, r ,As
illustrating the remarkable growth of po
tatoes; the writer would, mention the field
belonging to Mr. Allan Smith, located . on
Mackinaw street, in the west part of the
village. The ground was formerly covered
and" filled " withr cedar stumps, logs and
brushwood. The hills look as if ready to
burst, and will probably average each
from 20 to 35 good-sized potatoes. Each
hill ha3 but one stock which is very
thrifty and is grown from a piece of pota
toe containing but a single eye. In pre
paring potatoes for seed, thi3 fact is worth
remembering, as it is claimed that more
perfect potatoes can be raised from such
sets. ; With these facts and results ;before
us, is it not safe to predict that the raising
of cereals and graius will ere long become
a leading pursuit in'thts region? . ;
' A Singula Freak of Lightening.
" Wednesday evening, about 8 o'clock,
during the heavy, rain storm, the resi
dence of Mr. Zimmerman which is situa
ted in the west part of . town, was struck
by lightening. The bolt seemed to strike
the chimney, of the rear portion of the
house, sadly demoralizing it down to the
roof; from which .point it. followed .he
rlclgeof tnfcroof-until itr reached fthe
junction of the roof up n the front pu t of
the hocse, where It iScnerAted, and fol
lowed the valley down, to the eves on each
sidp, that on the south side going on the
iilside' or the roof until It came to the cor
ner pobt, which it followed to the ground"
leaving its1 effect both upon the out and
inside of the duilding, as shown by dis
placed plastering and siding. OirthV)iorth
side it followed the tin valley down on
the outside. until. It reached , the .caves,
whre it.seemed to drop about a; foot upon,
the roof of ale nto addition, going through
the same with"' hut. little; daraaff to the
rof, from which p ace it followed a hem
lock studdhg to the ground, badly bhat
tering It. In this leanto was the pantry,
where the lightening left its mark by scat
tering the dishes in every direction. 1 - v
The family of Mr. Zimmerman was in
the house at the time and all experienced
quite severely the effects of the slip. k. with
the exception of the oldest girl, who was
asleep in a bedroom; Singular as it may
seem, notwithstanding that her bed was
covered wi li -plastering torn from the wall
by the lightening, she was not awakened
by the disturbance. The lights n the house
were all extinguished by the shock, leaving
them to recover Irom their shock and
right in total darkness. It was certainly
a' very narrow escape.
The Theater.
The McKean-Campbell combination
have been here most of the week. Their
engagement opened on Tnes lay night with
Camllle,,to a crowded bouse. The play
was put on in the usuai excellent style of
the company. Oa Wednesday, owing to
the heavy storm,, the company' di4 not "ap
pear. Thursday night, notwithstanding
theunpl a3 nt weather, the house was full
and the entertainment good.
Many citizens of Cheboygan having ten
dered Miss Mclvean a farewell benefit on
the evening of the last-appearance of the
company in our -'village, the same vtook
pb ee last night, oa which occasion the
comedies of Chiimicjr Corner and Rough
Diamond were produced by the company
in:hcir usual successful manner. The full
house evinced ho high appreciation of the
company by our citizens generally. After
the performance, a large number rcmaiutd
and cnioyed asocial dance." All unite in
Voting it a good time.
Miss McKean and Mr. CiRipbill have
made many friends iu our midst, and we can
cordially commend their company to the
amusement loving public wherever tiny
may go.
Excursion Personal. . : - -
-AMr. John bidwav, a . Drommcut mer
chant of Lansinsr, was a member of the
excursiou. ! '
Mr. Harrison, a large farmer of Lan
sing, - expressed himself much pleased
with the appearance of the soil in this
vicinity. '
Mr. Henry Donnelly, of the Donnelly
House, Mason, and JV-D. Phelps, Esq., a
hardware merchant of the same place
were with the party. - U
The Messrs. Parmllie, who are largely
interested in the water power of Lansing,
looked over the water rower nere and
considered it immense. .
D wight 5. Smithof the firm ofTuriier,
Smith & Co., of Lansing, was one of the
many excursionists. He is largely inter
ested in real estate in this vicinity.
non. L. A. Clapp, State Land Commis
sioner, looked over, tlie village as much as
his limited time woiildlillow. iThis was
his first visit, and he went away with en
larged ideas of the resources of the place,
'. ., Cheboygan Planing Mill Compafj
Since this establishment passed into"
the hands of its presentTproprietors it has
taken rank as one of the best manufac
turing, enterprisesof our town. New
machinery havjusUbeeiy addedfbr the
purpose of manufacturing doors, sash
and blinds, a ; branch of ..manufacturing
which was "' Very much needed in the
placei and one which will undoubtedly
pay well. . A few days since twe: paid the
shop a visit, and examined some of their
newly manufactured stock, and we have
no hesitation in saying that it is equal in
Iworlananship. and material to,tha,t made
lumber on hand, and arc prepared at all
times to manufacture Anything in their
line to order.' We "would in this connec
tion call attention to the . advertisement
in another column. ' .'
A Bear Caught.
For a short time past a bear and two cubs
have been committing some depredations
up the river in the vicinity of the residence
of John Schannenck - A- few nights since
they took a young calf from Mr. Shannenck
and this decided one of his sons to attempt
their capture. Obtaining the assistance of
a young man, Michael Smith, they went to
the spot where the calf was, knowing that
when the aalma's were hungry they would
return, and buil t a rough house, and placed
come bait inside, and set a, large bear trap
n the door. - Thursday morning they found
that one of the young ones had been caught
The b ys expect to catch the rest, for they
arc still in the vicinity.
ilhe Free Seat Question.
! i; I ..::. (2Y tHe Edltorj r :.;-?. ;;r.
I was" considerably interested In K. -T.
Os defense of tlie new renting system in
ast week's Tribune It may be that he
is right in the Conclusions that he reach
es, i Whether Inquirer " has had rnuch
experience in the management of church
affairs or not I cannot say, but I am free
to admit that I have-dot -r Still J cannot
but feel that if the churched; follow out
ini practice those precepts upon; which
their creed is. founded that they could
not . consistently rent seats .. in their
churches,. . I would append the folio. Wr
ing for K. T. O.V consideration : ;
,4i To the poor the. gospel is preached"
'Freely yo" have received j freely : give.'
"Lcti.ihim .-.tliat-heareth r. say .come."
"Christ came not' to? call. the righteous
biit dinners: to repentance." Have not
faith : with respect of persons." . - , .
: : llo ye that thtrot, approach the spring :
j t V here living waters flow, . ,
Free to that sacred Fountain all' ''-.' 1
. . . Without a price may go. j( ..,
Gifts should be weekly according jas
God. has prosncred u?, and not. quarterly,
half-yearlyCf ijearljv whether God has
prospered us or not.' j Yet this is' the pe-
rent theory- -; Xo church, fcan be; made a
church for ; the people,: rich and, poor
alike, where the length of a man's purse
is a qualification for, the best seats. .God
is.no respecter of persons, and should
there in His " house beVahydistinction
made? "The Lord ibveth a cheerful giv
er," but it is not said that he loveth-the
payer of high "pe w rents. ; It seems to me,
that if the gospel is what we are told that
it is. . it should f be supported . by vol-;
untary gifts, according to the . heart and
means, and- not by, obligations .that may
be dictated by pride aud wealth. - What
ever may bo the social distinctions in the
world, before. God they arc naught, and
in God's house they should not be coun
tenanced. - '- SAStlVF.L.
Neiglilorhood News
Petokey has its houses numbered. '
Charlevoix County wants an aricul
tural society,. So says the SentlncL .
Kalkaska has a hemlock extract fac
tory which has just been put: in opera
tion. ."''!
Charlevoix Count' is greatly in need
of new county buildings. , Tlie present
ones are not safe to keep the records in.
Considerable excitement exists at Point
St. Ignace in relation to the prospects rof
that becoming a large city. Real estate
is. rapidly increasing in value.
It is expected that a largo hotel will be
erected at Point St. Isrnace, to be com
pleted ready for next year's business. It
is rumored that M.r Felix Cadeaux, the
popular landlord of the . Commercial
House at k Mackinaw wilt have charge
ot it. '
. ,, "The Wild 3Ian of the "Woode., . . j
It turns, out that the "wiid man" is riot
so .very wild after all, notwithstanding
that his name is Woods. As we anticipated
last week, there was no evidence against
him and he was discharged. Since being
at large, he has exhibited no very - wild
symptons, merely wandering about .the
streets very much as many other men do,
and had it not been for the temporary no
toriety that he obtained by his arrest, he
would, never have attracted a moment's
no ice from any one. . .. .
Sing ul aii Accident. Monday night
the McKean-Campbell Combination ap
peared in the "Sea of Ice," it being their
farewell entertainment at Mackinaw.
The house, was crowded, bein the beni-
jsl r; , ,t' 1 y' ii.'.
at niguit. vi' .ants iucuvcan. . ..in iub. jirst
act there is a broad sword ...combat. , Al
most at the, first stroke of the combatants,
Mri Campbell's sword was broken off at
the. hilt and the blade thrown out inUhe
middle of the hall, and striking a lady
sitting in the. fifth tier, of scats back, on
the forehead, cutting quite a severe gash.
Of course there was considerable . excite-
mentj but when it was ascertained that
the result was" not of a serious nature
the play went on,
: Bound Ovek. Thomas .Dougherty,!
whose .an est for the Post & Van Arsdale
burglary which was noted in last week's
TiUBUNE, was arranged, before 'Justice
Sutton on Monday, and pleaded hot guil
ty. " .The . evidence being quite " st rong
against him, he was held in, the sum of
$300 to appear for trial at the next' term
of the circuit court. , r ailing to procure
the bail he went to jail.
The Catholic - Church. For some
years past the Catholic .Church ha? been
in ah unfinished condition! ' Carpenters
and plasterers are now at- ivork upon it,
and it is the- expectation of Father De
C'euninck, who has "charge of the work,
to.have it finished as soon, as it.can.be
done. ; When completed it will be one of
the best churches in the north. .
. TnE State !- i'AiR. The annual meet
ing of the State Agricultural Society wili
commence at Edst Saginaw next Monday.'
Ample arrangiements have been made for
exhibitors, and the premiums offered are
liberal, and-the 'indications are said to
show that the fair will be one of the most
successful ever held. :
; Aiik Broken. A youDg man named
Exito Macy. living in the west . part of
town, met with an accident last Sunday
which resulted m ins . Drfaitmg his .arm
He fell out of. a wagon and the seat fell up
on the arm. Dr. Gerow repaired damages
as far as possible. , . f . .
j " y ' TIB Tf ATIOJT Ali t'AItK.- ' : 'A ' ' '
. ' Matters About jiackiilit ;v . .
"We still live," lw.'.-rt . v'
Weather with 4ts most. deiigliluiL , ,
'A srood nitiiv hay fever sub iects tarn-
with, us, to their great, relief and ftenefit.
A lare number arrivdd do,yn from Lake
Superioi1 per steamer Peerless that coun
ty failing to benefit theni. - They agree
that there, are but two, places in the
country where they, can find relief at
the White Mountains arid 'Mackinaw."'
A"'largb hilrtv loif ; Ceiltfal Aiiciiigaii
people arrived Wednesday ; per steamer
Milsic i from Pctoskey, accomnanied by
the Knights Templar, band of Tiansing.
To-night they have a moonlight excur
sion arotiild thri island and to-morrow an
excursion 'Id - Cheboygan. ' Proljably
many ;of oitf Citizens Will accompany
them on both tnps. . v vi? ; ,
, ' r. hit Dujican City.Pencllihgsr t i-
. Tlie Leviathan i - now. locatett in .tlils
harbor,-,,' .?r -' ..,-.:., in:-:
'Several cargoes of. lumber., have been
shipped this week. "' '? , ".
jir. tiosepn uricc, vug, vi uiu sawvers
inttne larsre mill; lett on tlie rat; .jop.
Thursday for Sand Beach,1 wliero flus
father, resides, y ?,.
Harry .Roberts, engineer. ,, on the Chas,
L.'DeCeuniiick, left last week for, a visit
to his bid home, and will be absent three
or; fbur weeks 'i'': ?...': -.uli x
The rjoal brtsines has been very lively
the past work ; Judging from j the num
erous , wagon loads going toward Cheboy
an we think j our citizens are preparing
in, anticipation of "gentle zephyrs" ere
many days- v-r-. ir
fJTie steam' yacht 'Minnie,' of ': Chicago',
called In last Saturday with some parties'
from abroad, going to Lake Erie to ?. in
vestigate. the possibility of .raising j the
schooner Flora,' of Buffalo,, which sunk
about 23 years ago loaded ' with stoves
and Whisjkey.l One Of j the party claims
to know. very. near her locality. ;,., . ... r,
. ; r, Questioned. - , -
; D. R. Joslyn; of Petbskej a youn g law
yer of much promise in thatcouutry has
also been appointed United States - .Com
missioner Qrdnd Itdplds' Paper. ' , ' '
That's good! Young!' Julius- Cfcsar!
Seventj--fiye if he's a day. v Stooped,
wrinkled and toothlessly. But it is an ex
cellent appointment nevertheless. The
duties of the office wiU be promptly and
efficiently attended to.ChdflcVolti Sc
tlncl. : :..; . ; .
Discharged. Eli Dufrainj who was
ancsted, charged with complicity in the
burglary of .Post. & Van Arsdale's store.
was discharged last Saturday morning
by Justice Sutton, there not being sufil
cieut evidence, to hold him under the
charge, that of burglary, -Dufrain proved
rtn alibi during the .night the burglary
was supposed to have been committed,
. 3Irs Scott Siddons is a keen shot with
the rifle.-' i:i v. , ; ,v;
, Mrs. MacFarlatd-Richardson Is writing
a lecture ou 44 women's Duties v - 1
George Xugustus Sala has written a
work oh cookery In its historical aspects.
It is said that George W", Childs has an
income of$l,000per day, year.in and year,
out. f .. . ', . - .. .
; The old publishing . house of Lee & ;
Shepherd, - Boston,1 has ; faile "; liabilities; i
$500,000. : j..!; HiT: n . . M ;
- The astonishing - - discovery has been
made that not one of ithe - Vassar College
girls knows how: to swim :. . v ; V .
' The health of Robert Dale O wen is said
to be rapidly improving, and hopes are
now entertained that he- will recover his
reason.5 :- ui '" '-'- : -
t ; Wood, of tie Chicago Journal, is some
times, taken for Parson Brown low, and it
is said that ' he encourages strangers ih
their mistake. ; r" ' -- - :;;; - T
;the Rev,' C, H. Brigham and the Rev, M.
"D. ; Conway .were among .. the .clergymen;
drafted ,in 1803.:. v They : procured a'statpd
supply" probably.. : :;..v). .:
A man with the name of Xerxes X. Groin
is to have charge of the public schools at
Carlihvillcj Ills. ' He will probably be very
'cross" with thefchiidren.P 4 I' . . J
A Westfrh editor," ho Went into1 the
woods to hanhinisef?a'ftdtheii
is consoled by a cb temporary, who. says
that his readers are inconsolable .
, ! Ann Ehza, the divorced wife . of Brlgham
Young, is Working out by the week and
waiting for , that alimonj-. Brigham, the
old hyena, says he?ll pay, it . when . Satan
s arts a camp meeting.;;! f 4 . . ;;;
'1 he bpnngiield Republican suggests the
Uniting 'of the Christian Union and TndA
pendent undera new ' name and ' editor,
thus wiping put all the black marks and
bad ' memories which attach to both of
them and taking a bran new starts''
A Wisconsin woman says slie' will quit
wearing pull-back dresses when , the men
quit drinking and chewing and swearlngj
She's an old, maid, of course, and don't
know 'how necessary i U for a, married
man to cling to ; his constitutional privi
leges. , "
;Rey.:W.lH. IL. Murray, the Bosto .
preacher of Adirondac fame, ls.to haye.a
weekly paper called the Golden Rule. -The
first number will be published in October.
It is to be an unsectarian and family, pa
per, and will represent, the (eTangelical
union idea. ; -s-.'
t M:s. Elizabeth Pope,; the" second female
child born in " Kentucky, celebrated her
100th anniversary a few days since. She
knew- the Lincolns and often held the
ybung -baby Abraham en her- knee.- She
says "he was simply a- baby and a terrible
, ugly one at tliat."- :t1 "' 1 -u : ;
: ;Xuddlngtori 1 had 'a $2,000 fire on Ui3 1 1
; , lVb thieves were arrested Iri Port llur-'
tin ion the 6th. .' - '
! - Grand. Rapids scnqoU employ: r oyer .", ,
seventy teiicliers." .., Vn ; ( , f . Vf . ' t
: Prof. - Bickley of , Flint . h&& 'iSfXfcr. Z
head cabbage-piltchi . , ' ,; ,,' ;- ,-' t
Port Sanilac has .decided to' ballot to : -.j
consider itself a village. r ; '."i . .
:lTherc is talk' of a " naTfrJW rtt3 irdLU :
road between Paw PaW andljawrchc3i '
.rAnn Arbor has followed the" examplb : .
of Adrian, and lias" had a croquet tOUrnris
1 1 0'!
v;il6t w&thgi- is wcateniito'ateiit'' r
last week
ThVndt CiWiVhisfs of 'the drarld Itkpids' V
and Iiitiiana railroad during the last year'
were 4iy,u5U, f n ,,y . ,
A Swedeaiamed.Beeska was struckj vjx. ; ;
lightning at Marquette epn . the: 3JLst ultt, ,(
aud instantly killel. r,. . .v,
Capt Enos Scottj living near f trolls, & 4T
soldier of the war of 1812, died on. Sun-ii'i
day.last aged 101 years. 1ju r. v:y;r '1
,! Anew postonice' called Headaclie has1 -been
established uoh the route between1"'
St. Louis and Midland.1 : V''M' M- ! !
C. Van Mrwyhen,:who.committed In
ccst.on nissistertiioiiana; nas Deen ar-?
rested aVKalaiuoo'.'1 j1 J ""l . ' 'n' ,
A .maii at, Bufr bak picks up the bones .
of animals. aud ships them to. Phijadel-, . ;t
phia. , ,He makes it pay, well..., ,. a.f1
!-One of the coolest evented the season. j
"was the recent marriage of Paniel Janur v
ary to Maria Summer, at Kalairuuo.;r:r--,- j
4 A lumber-mill belonging to. Van Etteh j v
Canapbell & Cov Pinconning; was'-burriedfJ
Aug. 2T.M( Loss,1 $80,000; no insufaiice i
, Whi: Sagle,a young" "aeronaut attached14 ' '
to SillV circus, was drowned Ontthe 4tix ".
inst hear Jackson by descendinglnttr"ra"' '
mill-pond:!!- .u'r --: 'l ' '
v The loss ii ' Kent county, ftlond, from.;
uic i rose 01 Aug. 'it aaa; is esumaieu
at $500,000.;' TheA 'cranberry crop Is eh- '
tirely destroyed. ' T ' 'r '''.
Prof. Beal, of ,th!e Lansing agricultural, '
college, .will exhibit 63 yarieti.es of apples1
at the American ppmologlcal'show' j next: .
week in Chicago'J .' ; r ' v.- f . 'i
iSurihg acbhtiiiucd ,'tim oftb days ahd.T'f)
nights at the saw mill of Woods & Co.,
in Port Cresentj' jiot Ta stop to exceed, 30,
minutes was made. ' ' ' 1 ! li
.- - -:.n r,r . . . .
? John .Jphnson, ex-reasurer of Dundee (ff
to wnshipi is' al defaulter of the town funds .
that amount himself, and jhis bbhdsmah
has failed in business ' ' " ' "
. 'lhe new village, recently-laid. out pafJ
the line of .the, Chicago, . Saginaw ,and ,
Canada Railroad in Montcalm county, by :
George O'Donnell, has heen christened r .
Vpstaburg. ' Eighty .acres '.of land Imvo
been platted. . . .
. The Church of. the United Bretherea-:
in the Conference at Caledouia Station, J
Kent county, paased. a resolution . uot toy
admit to membership of :that church any r,
person' belonging: to a Masoido or other II
secret society. v- yi .r..-!i;a-.-;.i
Great Sachem William A. Palmen of -
the : Great"-Council of Michigan; " 1mA
proved Order of Red' Men, held a Bchobl-Hi
of instruction ' for the lodges of Central cs
Michigan tit Jackson on Wednesday evej'f
ning, September 8th.r'' 'k-u i'1" l-Aiw.s
The house1 of Johh'GrieVch:'atKorthfi,
Laiising was entered Sunday hihtbyi:
Ellas Hoglei ' who commenced a; promts-" -
cuotis pouhduig'of'the inmates1.0 nexya's'
arrested Mbrlday : oil' a charge of assrtulS"
iiid'-hnttpW and -rlVil fe-K.'J -M ItV'-v h:U'
I irhe'Ludingt6h , 'Appeal' ays that oil
!Aug, ; 24.'the ;fishermeiijoYt;tbit'5iace' '
caught 5,000 pounds of whltefish in a
po&hd net about 80 rods from shore and "
half a Jihile south' of thepiers 'o) rthat,;'T
harbon 70 of the fish'.Weighed 14 pduhds' 1
each. ;i ''ftf 'I-'
f ) Pete, Diermyer, a man.living in TdU,
myra, was . arrested Saturday by jSherlff ? ';.
Eldredge, charged . with brutally - wtiifj
ping . .his daughter, . a 3rouug lady T some
sixteen yea(s of age. ; Her screams were , r
heard . eighty rods off, a nd i it is charged ,
that he used a heayy club. He, gave pa
for his appearance.,:- -. . "Cft
! D. Foster, a farmer near Holland,- went 7
hdmiebne day r-ecehtly aher selling hiaM
wheat, ahdwasVlcountinghis'' moheyV
when his little child snatched some of it
and ran off. flTie father jokingly f told j i
the.cfeilct tha.yie- rnpneyj bejlged .to.T
Schiller, the murderer,i for whom tho
"sheriff bffers $400 reward;' and, going
the Vind0wjvhcid ' it out, when' the iden-
tical Schiller appeared add snatched the
moneyand escaped into-the ! woods.' it'::
is supposed that he had1 been' watching
the house. ' --S,?I r-ul ' L
-:.,.:. i y : - - A . Vi
: Gov.' 'Jacobs of -West ' Virglniar.lia ..
ordered an election to be held on Octo
her 7tli to fill the vacancy caused by t& 1
death of Senator Pannell. -': ; ,.; i-'t m;
; The Ko'rth1 Carolina Convention5 4etr;I.
oh the 6th. One hundred and Tenteeu7'
members were present; 'One' Vacancy '
was created by the death of exGoverhor' 1
Graham. ' Two1" ballots '-'for president tc'- ; 1
suited iri 'Ransom, Independent ;DemoA"j
crat. receiving 59 Dockeray,' Republican, 1
30,' the' t wo 'candidates voting scattering f
Iciiy jii jlic) rccU.1 1 undecided.; . 'y' ' Jj';

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