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. . . , . .:r-'T v " - - - - - - .t SUPERIOR l . ; " ' : ' ; : ' ' . . .
NO. 10.
Oo copy, one year, -
t)ne cpy, six months, - - . -
One cop, three month, -
Z2 oo
l ro
Subscriber witfun. Cheboygan county rill re
teiTe their papers Ireo br mail, and those living
outside the county will have their postage pre
paid by the publisher.
Ome-half inch soace (six lines Nonpareil or
Ussl. lor one insertion ?5 cents ; one Inch space,
for one insertion, 60 cents; lor each additional
Inch, one insertion, 50 cents.
- For subsequent insertions, or a larger space,
rlrM will La riven at the office.
Local notices 10 cents per line for the first In
sertion, and 5 cents per line for each subsequent
insertion. .
Canls In Bu?inesa Directory, five lines or nn-
Cer.tpcr year; each additional line fl per
Time Tables.
AND C.( R. & F. W. R. R-
' "CtEISZ3"rai CA29, MAT 33. 1875.
4.U0 A M
4:1 4
5:17 44
5:42 44
6:10 44
Richmond - ...
Ilr.-D1K. 10:30 A M
11:33 "
HuW evi I lr .............
Vi 'M A. 91.
Decatur. .......
Ft. Wayne
Ka la nuaK, ..........
12r24 p. .
VA-i 44
5:33 44
6:4t 44
7r80 -
9:35 44
9-.VJ 44
135 44
2:55 44
5:30 44
6:44 ,4t
9: 5 4
9:35 44
11:53 44
U6 A. M
1:44 44
3:15 44
4:41 44
6:58 4
8 4
8:44 44
10-.15 44
G4. Rapids j
Howard City
12:30 p.
TJp. Hig Bapidd..
Reed City . .
Clam Lake-....
Traverse Uity
2:t 4 '
Brio 1
yetoskey '.
Traverse City .
8:I0 P. M
6l 44
4: io A. M 1
-. l ton..,. 1 1:4 5 i
.. Clam Late.....:- J2;45 "
5:00 a m
Keed fty . 2r23 a. m
12T2J P.
1:02 4
07 4
4:15 4
4:: 4
W '
6:44 4
6:-23 4
7:02 4
Upepr B Kapid4
liovrard uxty.
Gd. Rapids J
-Knlamnz .....
Miircis . -
ru Wayne
4:07 44
6:15 44
8: -8 44
9:14 44
l:l5 4
ii::o 4
l :39 4
! l:-6 44
ftO" 1. M.
. I 3:18 44
4T23 44
4:55 44
7:o a. M
7:23 44
T:.V1 44
80 44
9:10 44
..'c 7 44
Newport ..
6: 5 44
All trains run dxily, Sundays excted
Gen. Tass and Ticket A Kent.
Th5 h(HrtrSt. qi1ckf t and nvst reliable route
V wl -from 1 arut. T.'u1k fJ;Vula:id, Uincin
' etnnatl. agltia an t R iv Uity
n and after Snmlay, Ju y lt, trains will be run
aa fellows, Detroit tim :
lAtdfnjron. ......... ........
ltred City
2Iidland ............... ..
. Bay City
Jva-t Saginaw
Wayne .
.letroit(M C R R)
To!edo.. ......
1 a x.
7 1 a m
9 21 a m
12 23 a m
Mi't Ex.
5 1)0 p m
7 15 p
.1 55 pm
2 C5 p in
3 3 p m
4 32 pm
0 25 pm
4 O.i p m
5 08 pm
10 35 pm
11 15 i. in
12 45 a m
1 52 a m
8 20 a m
4 10 a m
915 a m
10 2 am
, ntpiRT.
Toledo ..
Detroit C K R)
1Uy City .. .
Reed City
Day Ex
it 05 am
12 00 m
12 20 pm
1 00pm
2 28 pm
3 05pm
4 25 p m
5 00 p Ed
8 42 pm
10 45 pm
Nh't Ex.
8 20pm
9 25 pm
10 10 p m
325 a m
5 00 a m
5 44 a m
8 00 a m
12 30 a m
5 55 a m
Connections maue at Toledo with the Lake Shore
and Michiaran Son t hern R R for Cleveland and Chi
caso. and with the C 11 and D R R for Cincinnati
and the South. Also, with the T W and W R R to
jand frem We South and Southwest At Wayne
with the Midi aran Central R-R for-local points
-"east and west: at Detroit uith the Great Western,
Grand Trunk and Canada Southern R'ys to and
from the East, at Plymouth with Detroit, Lansing
and Lake Hich, R R; at Holly with the Detroit and
Milwaukee; at Flint with the Chicago and Lake
Huron; at East Saginaw with the J L and S divis
ion of the llkhigan Central; at Say City with the
J L and 8 and D a' d B C divisions of tha Michigan
Central; at Reed Ci'y with the O R and 1 it R for
the north and south, and at Ludington with steam
. ac John Sherman for Sheboygan and all principal
point m ' Wlsco sin and innesota; a so with
steamboats for Manistee, Fentwater, Benzonla,
Lincoln. Ilam in, Frankfort. &e.
J. P. KOUR3E. Ga T-ckct Ag't.
Mackinaw Summer Resorts.
eemiERCiAL. .house,
FELIX CADEAUX, - Proprietor,
18 open for the reception of guests during the
season. The nearest hotel to the landings, and
Will be keptin first-class style. . , r no?-ly
Headquarters old
American Fur Company,
VTEWT.T renainted and refitted this season.
XS In close proximity to the landing. Liyery
and boat, 4c, Ac, turnif hed at a moment's no
tice; Eith rooma, billiard
rooms, Bam pie rooms
and barber shoo attacnea.
Wagon artd BlacJzsmith Shop.
0. . CLARE,
And manufaenrer of
Wagons and Buggies.
Orders for anything in either' branch of buai
nesa proiriptly attended, and
All kinds of wagon and carriage repairs a
specialty. . f
:EnopadJoiniBg Bla&e'i foundry ""
fcoltf - OS.CLaBK.
noltf Cheboyjran, Mich.
M. GEROW, M. D.,
Office at City Druir Store. Professional calls
promptly attended. noltf
fjl A. PERRIN, 31. D.;
Office in Central Drus Store, sizn of the Red
Mortar, Howell's block. noltf
F.S. ABBOTT, Pronrietor, . .
Cheboygan, Mich. Good fishing in the vicinity.
excellent accommodations tor the traveling
public noltf
Beat Estate.
D sale and houses to rent by
nolOif R. PATTERSON, Cheboygan.
Pleasure Yachts.
The Steam Mail Yacht
Will make ln-we kly trips from Mackinaw to
Cheboygan Tues lays, Thursdays and Satur
days. .
Fare each way 50 Cents.
From Mackinaw to Point St. Ignaee 25 Cents.
N. TJ.-The Eva English can be chartered lor
excursions at reasonable rates.
ju TUUbtuiT, uapt. Kiiey, is pre-
I ared at all times to take excursion parties to the
nland lakes or other points of interest. Charges
reasonable. no2-tf
Corner Main and Efm Streets,.
Puie Drugs, Medicines, Varnish,
Glass, Oils and Dye-Stuffs,
Will alwaj s be found at
A large and carefully selected stock of
Careful buyers will find it to their advantage to
give us a caii
A. M. GE O W, proprietor.
Teas, Coffees &c.
v "AND " 1
Manufacturers of -
Ground Coffees,
Cream Tartar, &c
Proprietors of . .
120 Jefferson Avenue,
Orders solicited,
teed. .
Satisfaction guaran
Grand Social Festival.
The ladies of Saint Mary's Catholic
Church at Cheboygan, will have a social
festival in . M. Wertheimer's Hall and
serve refreshments on tlio lower floor of
the same building on Tuesda', Wednes
day and Thursday, the 23, 29 and 30th of
this month, for the purpose of raising
funds to finish the church. To this fes
tival the public arc respectfully invited.
On the same occasion there" will be
ruffled for, forty acres of valuable land,
laying in, the vicinity of the village
donated by Mr. . John F. McDonald to
finish the church.
Tickets can be obtained at the stores
of Mr. A. Fexer, 3Ir. Jos. Cueny, and at
the foot of the bridge from Mr. Cornelius
Galagher. One ticket, $2, three tickets,,
$5. Caroline Newton, Secretary.
The Harbor.
"Williams & Co. now have two dredges
at work upon their contract. Not over
three weeks will elapse before they will
have one cut clear in. This will give a
channel without any doubt thirteen feet
deep. Another cut is being brought iri
as rapidly as possible. Doing the tow
ing for two dredges is about all the work
that the tug Eliza Williams dan get
along with comfortably, but she docs the
work, but it keeps her busy "early and
late. Geo. D. Greenfield is captain and
Chas. Marcox is engineer, and it i3 safe
to say that they enjoy very few leisure
moments. Was the tug not well manned
she could not do all that is required of
Shipping: Notes.
The shipping business was very light
during the past week. A vessel was
loaded with cedar posts for Roblin, and
one with lumber for Nelson, Strohn &
Co. A number of Vessels were loaded
at Duncan, there being four there at one
time. The bad weather prevented sev
eral vessels which were chartered from
putting in an appearance on timo. It is
probable that the business will be better
next week.
Bears Killed. We noticed last week
the trnpii of a young bear noar Mr.
Schaimcnck's and-the escape for the time
being of the other two. We how notice
the killing of the two. Last Wednesday
the two pons of Mr. Schannenck in com
pany with Michael Smith, were out hunt
ing, and getting track of them followed
them to their nest and shot them, an old
one and a young one. The nest was
made by three trees which had fallen to
gether. Tht boys naturally feci a little
elated over having killed three bears in
a little over a week.
To be "Well" Taught. The children
in one of the school districts in the town
of Grant have a prospect of being well
taught the coming winter. The modera
tor and assessor have engaged one teach
er, and the director has engaged another.
There seems to be a littft clash of au
thority among the "powers that be," but
with such a prospect ahead, surely the
children ought not to complain. We
would advise the school officers to decide
the matter without a quarrel, for such a
contention once commenced seldom ends.
Schooner Grounded. The schooner
Niagara, which reported here on the 8th,
ran on a sand bar off South Manitou dur
ing the storm on Thursday night. The
wrecking tug Leviathan was telegraphed
for, and left for her assistance on Monday
night Arriving on the ground it was
found that the Niagara had got oft" with
out much injury. The Leviathan ar
riy l back again Wednesday afternoon.
iiE'VrATE Fair. The State Fair
1 opened lasJ Monday at Saginaw with
iitueh bett-r prospects for success than
ast year. The display in all departments
was exceedingly fine, especially cattle.
The entries were'-largely in excess of
those of last year. The two days of bad
weather ' decreased the pm-oss reooinu
somewhat. The pomologV-al department
is said to have been the best vcr seen in
Michigan. '
To be Withdrawn. The steamer
Music, which has been running from Fe-
toskey to Mackinaw during the season in
connection with the U. II. and I. Rail
road, will make her last trip Sunday.
The season 13 so far advanced that the
travel would not warrant the road in
keeping the boat longer on the route.
An Old Vessel. The schooner Iro
quois, ot Detroit, which loaded here with
cedar posts for Mr. Roblin this week is
twenty-eight years old, and although she
has been rebuilt during that time she
still retains her original spars.
To Look After Trespassers. Land
Commissioner Clapp has appointed D. J.
Evans, of Bay City, an agent to look
after trespasses which are being commit
ted on state flands in the northern and
middle counties of the state.
Organized. The school board for
thi3 district held a meeting on Tuesday,
and organized as follows: Moderator
M. W. Home ; . Assessor, A P; Newton
Drrfcetor, T. A: Pcrrin;
Two Propellers and a Barge Sank on Lake
Michigan Thursday Night of Last Week.
The Equinox had been chartered to
tow the Mayes until the close of the sea
son. Arriving off the Manitous, on this
lake, on Tuesday, the Maye3 was left out
side while the propeller went into the
South Manitou and wooded. Coming
out Tuesday night the Equinox again
took up her tow, in doing which the two
crafts collided, the.'nopeller having aii
ugly hole stove in her port bow by the
Mayes' anchor. The wind, which was
northerly at this time, freshened up dur
ing the night into a stiff , gale, with
heavy, violent spuns at short intervals.
Toward morning the gale increased in
fuiy, and, as the Equinox was behaving
very badly, little progress was made.
The impression on the Mayes after they
had been in the blow several hours was that
the propeller was leaking that she had
considerable water in her hold. When
she rolled on cither side it took several
seas to right her, and Capt. Lusk felt that
he would be safer away from the Equi
nox than with her. However, the two
crafts continued together. The seas
were long and heavy, but the gale i3 de
scribed by Capt Lusk as the most severe
he ever experienced. It was pitchy
dark, and there were continuous peal3
and flashes of thunder a"nd lightening
At about 2d -clock Friday morning, when
about 10 miles off Point SaublS, the crisis
came. The Equinox, which now seemed
wholly unmanageable, took a sudden
lurch to leeward and then to windward,
and broached to. Then the first word
heard from her came from the captain's
voice : "Cut that line." The order was
obeyed, and a moment later it was seen
through the darkness that the propeller
was in the trough of the seas. Laboring
a few seconds, wild cries were heard, and
the Equinox was engulfed. She did not
pitch, but settled straight down, as near
as could be made out, the waves closing
over her, and all lights disappearing. On
that terrible night of course no small
boat could live, and not the least assist
ance could be rendered from the barge,
which M as hard pressed to take care of
herself. Undoubtedly every soul on board
Ihe propeller rjii ihil-, The Mayes out-
ltvcu me sionn aim arriveu in tjtucugcron
Saturday m rn'ng, bringing the first news
of the terrible dL-a-ter.
The propeller iVpcre arrived in Mil
waukee on the 21st, and her olU. ers give
a brief report of the foundering ot the
steam barge Mendota. The Mendota.
with the barge Morning Star, was sailing
along the west shore ot Lake Michigan,
Thursday morning, and at a point nearly
opposite Ppint Aux IeC2 Sfcies, Iionzie
county, Mich., foundered raid was soon
sinking. The crew and passengers num
bered 20 persons in all. The life-boat
was launched, and SCVcn of the persons
on board gdt into it. The rcmaiug thir
teen went down with thd boat. No par
ticulars of the disaster arc given. -The
captain's name or the owner's name is
not mentioned and it is not known
where she belonged. She had on a cargo
of coal, and was bound upward. The
son of the owner of the boat was on
board with his wife, and he managed to
get into the life-boat, but his wife failed
to do so, and he jumped back on the
sinking boat and was drowned with her.
A dispatch from Milwaukee of the 13th
states that the crew of the barire Eve-
ig Star " arrived there that evening.
The barge, while in tow ol the propeller
Mendota, foundered, off Big Point Au
Sable, at noon Friday. The crew took
the small boat and lauded at Amsterdam
Saturday afternoon. The Evening Star
was laden with 1,200 tons of coal for Chi
There are other disasters reported, but
none of so serious a nature as the ones
above reported. It is exnected that
there will be somo disasters 'resulting
from the storm thi3 week, but as the
winds was not as strong or as sudden in
its rising, it i3 hoped nothing very seri
ous will result.
Perils of Conversing With a Preacher.
The young men of this village must
heveafter exercise a litttle caution re
garding whom they are seen conversing
with, or the results may prove unpleas
ant. The following instance is a case in
point : A young gentleman of the vil
lage who shall be nameless evermore,
was seen by some of the fair sex in con
versation with one whom the Lord has
chosen to preach the Gospel to the wild
and wicked of this world. , Soon a pass
ing reporter heai-Q&e-of nhe- f. s. re
mark: 'Sam (that isn't h'fs 'name), has sowfd
his wild oats and is going to get spliced .
"At last ?" said a second f. s. ,
"Yes," said the former, "see for ;dur-
self. It must be so. Well, its time,,
In less than two hours it was 'CurrAlS4.
, . . , w ent-
ly reported that ther young man :
shall be iiamlca. wtkiroino'tn matpVt
a o "me
young woman happy or miserab1"
case may be, for life.- Af
man referred to is str
; J instance shows
large stories grov
Neighborhood News.
Traverse City Odd Fellows have fitted
up a very fine hall. - -
T. T. Bates, Esq., is said by the Tra-1
verse Herald to have the best farm barn
in that county.
3lr. Irdfeless Blayney, a prominent
real estate dealer in Fctoskey has had all
his property seized by his creditors.
The Traverse City Herald wants to let
out the job of editing its local columns
to some of its complaining subscribers.
The citizens of Petbsfeey are anxious
to have a brass band. A meeting was
held last week (Wedncsduy evening) to
forward the project.
The Petoskey -Democrat states that
the Lansing excursion party experienced
the pleasures of sea sickness on their re
turn trip on Thursday last.
Petoskey is somewhat agitated over the
prospect of having a permanent Metho
dist camp-meeting ground established
near that place. Tlie G. R. and I. R. are
to donate the ground for the purpose.
Mr. W. G. Illnman, of the land depart
ment, has been looking over the ground
preparatory to selecting the site.
The Petoskey Democrat says the Con
vent farm at Crosse Village is really the
only farm in the county that is farmed
in a workmanlike manner, and is the
only criterion to go by of what this
country is able to produce when worked
as it should be "worked. Their grain this
year has been harvested in good shape,
and the yield this year of the , several
crops is as follows : Winter wheat, 35 1-2
bushels per acre ; spring wheat, 3G bush
els, and oats 53 bushels.
Duncan City PenciUngs.
George McAulay has sold his yacht
Blackbird, and now sports a gold watch.
J. B. McArthur arrived home from
Detroit on the Oswegatchic on Sunday
night. 4
The bur cransr which broke down a
couple of weeks ago commenced run
ning again on Friday.
The propeller Mendota, which was
wrecked off Point Betsey Lake Michi
gan on the 9th, called at thi3 port on the
The boat race between Ilial Jackson
and George McAuley came off on Satur
day morning. The race was wou by
McArniay: iirwaswiinesscdbv a' largo
number. ' . .
A numocr ol the lnuiana excursion
ists visited the milts on Wednesday.
They seemed to be pleaded with every
thing. The splendid harbor attracted
much attention.
The propeller Dean Richmond, on her
way to to Chicago, ran back to this h r
bor on Thursday the Oth for safety, from
tha heavy storm. &he is one of the
largest propellers on the lakes, drawing
over fourteen feet, and it consequence
had to lay at the wood dock.
Michigan M. E. Conference. Dur
ing its meeting last week at Battle
Creek, this body has transacted a large
amount of business, but little of much
interest to the public excepting the elec
tion of delegates to quadrennial confer
ence next year. The ministerial body
has chosen Revs. Geo. B. Jocelyn, J. W.
Reed, B. F, Barns and F. D. Ilemiugway,
delegates. Revs. J. W. Robinson and II.
W. Joy, were elected alternate delegates.
The lay electoral conference chose Wm.
Allen, of Sturgis, and J. W. Stone, ot
Grand Rapids, delegates; and John Lew
is, of Greenville, and J. A Knapp, of
Jackson, alternate lay delegates.
Rogers uity. The excitement at
Rogers City is reported to be subsiding.
Molitor, who was shot there recently, has
been taken to Detroit in charge of a phy
sician who went from that place after
him. lie is lying very low and doubts
are entertained of his aecovery. He
seems, however, to be improving slowly.
A New Wheel. The North Star
came over Monday and was hauled out
for the " purpose of putting on a new
wheel which she brought with her, and
which it i3 calculated will greatly in
crease her speed. She remained until
Wednesday about noon.
The Frost. The frost on Friday
night, of last week, was quite severe in
some sections of this country, damaging
corn and potatoes. In other sections
nothing at all was injured. The frost
area was large, extending over the whole
state. ; - -. -
Lost Her Deck. Load.- The propeller
Tecumseh, from GodericK, arrived in
.uuncan riuay, naving experienced a
very rou;h passage She was loaded
with salt a deck load of wood. The
severity of tne" veatheTcompelled .her to
throw eck load overboard.
" v,tion Sale. Mr. C. IL Comstock
will offer for sale at auction the furniture
of the Ruby House on the 25th, prepara
tory to leaving the place. Those in want
of anything in the furniture line will do
well to notice his advertisement.
' A meeting of tho evangelical mini3
frs of ' Chicago was held on Monday
v" "-wivj; -Yas resolved to extend an
' "vly and Sankey to go
urato revivalistic
The Vihit Globe is now published as a
A man named Chas. Smith was drowned
at Jackson on the 13th. v
D. P. Wilder's saw and shingle mill,
near Midland, was burned on the 13th.
No insurance.
A railroad route has been survcj'ed
from Elkhart, Ind., through Cass county
to Lake Michigan.
Ella Jackson, a cook on the tug Ontario,
fell over board at Port Huron on the Oth,
and was drowned.
J. C. Orvis, of Pontiac, was placed in
jail at Kalamazoo on the 13th charged
with false pretenses.
Not for many years have there been so
many buildings in process of erection a3
there are now in Port Huron.
Judsre Marston was to have started
from Ireland on the 12th instant and ex
pects to reach Michigan by October 1st.
There was a bankrupt sale of the
road-bed of the Toledo, Ann Arbor and
Northern railroad at Ann Arbor Sept.
14th. . : . - :
Andrew Knight, a popular conductor
on the Lake Shore road, died ori the train
between Adrian and Jackson on the Oth
inst. ; : .
The body of a sailor named John Hart
ney was washed ashore at Forestville on
the 12th, drowned from the scow Dol
phin. There is to be a baby show at the ; St.
Clair county fair, babies under 18 months
old to compete for premiums of $15, $10,
and $5.
At a horse race in Adrian Sept. 4 an
unruly horse ran into a crowd of men,
knocking down five or six and fatally in
juring one. v
It now seems probable that a narrow
guage railroad between Marquette and
the iron mines at Ishpeming will be built
Jerry Scabring was drowned in Reed's
Lake, near Grand Rapids, on the 12th.
His copnrtnions rocked the boat until
it was capsized
Joseph Brown, who was injured in a
brawl at Rogers saloon, near the Lansing
depot, died of his injuries on the th. He
leaves a family.
meldrian Times says i . "Aid. Clark
brings us a potatoc to-day weighing two
pounds and an ounce, and bearing a de
cided resemblance to a fat hog. Next !"
Mr. Bernard Sneero, an old citizen of
Sngin iw, was arrested on the 12th upon
a charge of seduction. The matter will
probably be settled and Mr. Speero leave
the place. ,
Peter Diermyer, of Palmyra, a farmer,
was convicted of assault and battery
upon his daughter, aged fourteen, with a
neckyokc. on the Oth,.aud was fined $31,
which he paid.
David Decker, of Reading, nillsdale
County, raised this season eighty-five
bushels of potatoes upon a piece of
groukd one hundred and fifty feet in
length by fifty-seven in width. ..
The boys of East Saginaw say that
i4therc isn't a homely girl in the high
school this term." The Saginaw Repub
lican says the boys found that out before
school had been running twenty min
utes. Wolves still inhabit the forests around
Ontonagon. A farmer there week be
fore last lost three calves by their depre
dations. He set some poisoned bait, and
a day or two after found two dead
Frank Lafountanie, son of a prominent
banker in Monroe, very mysteriously dis
appeared a few days since, and the most
diligent search has faiied to discover any
trace of him. It is feared that he has
committed suicide.
The son of c prontinent business man
of Adrian has been expelled from the
high school because his father refused to
let him study Greek and Latin, those
studies being in the regular course. Tile
boy i3 about fourteen years of age, and
his father wished him to give his , atten
tion to the common English branches.
The contractors on the new State Cap
itolare pushing the work forward rapid
ly. The walls of the wing in which are
situated the Senate chamber ane Repre
sentative liall are up, and they are now
preparing the stone for the cornice, the
changes of which from iron to stone ha
delayed them some - considerable time .
they , being unable to get the stone as
promptly as was desire.
The census returns show a population
for Kansas bf over 500,000. :
Th United States can find a market
9 her surplus crop of potatoes in Cuba,
.Hiu ; ;i javiuj permit
Tii Spalnlsh government is to expend
300,000 pesetas to secure a proper repre
sentation at the Centennial Exhibition
at Philadelphia.
At New Orleans the whites of the se
nior class in the Boys' Central Hio-h
School decline to attend because a col
ored man has been appointed professor
of mathematics for that school by the
School Board. ...
The Pacific distillery San Francisco,
has been summoned by revenue officials
to produce their books. In return Louis
Schultz, one of the proprietors, makes an
affidavit that all the books of the con
cern up to July 1, 1875, have been destroyed..
Victor f Hugo's pen has iijbttcd hini
$700,000 ' ; . ,..jv
Adirondack Murray thinks horses have
souls. ' . .
Anne E. Dickenson has traveled 18,
000 miles this season. .',
Nichol, teller of the Canadian Bank of
Commerce, absconded on Saturday, tak
ing over $20,000. . - ,
The Hon. Henry J. Blow, of St Loui
died suddenly of congestion at thfi United
States Hotel, Saratoga, on Saturday;
. The Rev-' Adirondack Hurray is " said,
by a profane - Western newspaper, to
preach next to no doctrine except horso
doctTin.' : ' '
Alexander II. Stephens says that Gov.
Allen, of Ohio, is "one of the ablest and
j most remarkable men the country, has
J ever produced."
Several New Y. rk magnates, worth
In the aggregate $15,000,000, rode to the
races in one omnibus, but the boys on sal
aries hired carriages.
Hon. G. M. Adanis, of Kentucky; will
have the support of the Kentucky clele
gation for the Clerkship of the next
House of Representatives.
The Alcorn University, designed for
the elevation of the colored man and
woman, has cost the state of Mississipdi
$250,000 in the last three years. :
In the seven years that Dr. McCoshhas
already been at the head of Princeton
College, the University ha3 received $1
250,000 in the shape of donations. '
Gen. Joseph E. Johnson,' it is how sta
ted on good authority, has accepted tho
thrice refused command of the Khedive's
army. The salary is stated at $25,000 a
year. ' ' ' " ' ' :
- Mr. David E. Porter, a son of the' late
Admiral Porter, sailed from Boston on
Saturday, on his way to Egypt, where he
will accept a pesition on the staff of the
Khedive: ! : 1
Seventy-nine of the members of the
Pennsylvania Democratic Convention, or
just one-third of those voting, voted
against laying Mr. Sowden's hard money
resolution on the table. ' ' ' ' .
Messrs. Moody and Sankey have beeii
invited by the Young Mep's fchristiari
Association and the' ministers of Balti
more to visit that city and hold a series
of religious xnoctinfjg,- '
Commodore Perry's flagship, the Law
rence, sunk in Erie harbor sixty-two
years ago, was on the 13th raised aud the
bottom found to bo in a . good state ol
preservation. She . is to be exhibited at
the Centennial. , . . ;.
. Helmbold thinks it is worth about
$125,000 to be shut up in a lunatic asyl
um, and has charged the amount upon
his books against the Kirkbride hospital,
and, sued them for the amount.
One Chauncey Rose, of Terre Haute.,
Ind., (long may his : tribe increase) do
nated $150,000 for the endowment of a
polytechnic . institute and industrial
school in that city. The cornerstone was
laid Saturday with the acclamation of his
grateful fellow-citizens. .
The Boston Independent Chronicle for
March 12th, 1798, contained the follow
ing marriage notice: "At Bedford, on
the Sth iust, Mr. James Wilson to the;
amiable Miss Doily ' Glason, both of that
place, after a long and tedious court-'
hip." -Cap.
Webb swam across the English
channel, from Dover to Calais, on Aug.
25, accomplishing the feat in 21 hours and
45 minutes-i-two hours less time than
Boynton occupied in: making the 6ame
trip with his patent life, preserver. ' Webb
used no floats nor artificial aid of any
kind.? w ' vr ;
The tunnel under the British channel
will be nearly 2,50 feet below the .bottom
of the channel. The channel 13 about
200 feet deep at the deepest part. Sir
John Ha tvkshaw, the famous British en
gineer, thinks, there is no doubt that the
tunneling scheme will be successfully
carried put. . ' : v,
..Two important documents concerning
Shakespeare have been discovered recent
ly. One is said to show conclusively that
there is no substantial foundation for the
scandal respecting the poet and; Mrs.
Davenant. The other I3 a .volume Qnt
talning six plays issued durlnff 'tWof
the poet, including the' .firs.t edition ro -"Troilus
and Ci-esslda, .
The people of England are to enthusi
astic over the feat of Captain Webb In
swimming the channel that they are fish
ing that the honors of knighthood . bo
conferred upon him. In connection with
the proposition it i3 stated that the : an
cestor of the famous house of Buocleuch
was knighted for having carried a buck
up a steep hill for the gratification of a
monarch. -
Ralston, the president of the Bank ' of
Californiawas the proprietor of the Cal
ifornia Theatre, and the backer of John
McCullough, the tragedian. ' Persona
and socially he was extremely popur. V
He was lavish of his money, a liberal pat
ron of talent of whatever sort, and ter
talned like a European potentate,' Next
to the Bank of California the city of
San Francisco was his dearest pride, and
the pains betook to dqthe honors to visit
r r from Eastern States wil not soon" bo
forgotten, either by the recipients of his
splendid hospitality or the city "of hU
residence.- "

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