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; ; ' i
( -
Ls night I sat and thought.
For work I hd no mil ;
I tried O f . -, . tru to vrib' i "
I rrict i- ir' hatamr.dq'uite,' A
ItipIv UM r'"'l 5 - 5
A f pell upon me there seemed cut.
x Wove of the threads of other
Ami faces came and dwelt with me,,
'jbat I bare known and loved to sea
lulL.it tar time so lore fdnce fled.
And by tno Keapcr gartered fast.
'! Or
01 all the throng that hauntC. rae,
"Wa one houi 1 can not descii'jo;'
t.,Trrnr7rrss-tf rat -3 '7. rttf?v
Inadequate my words must be.
Agister dear, I would she were,
To me 6he always seemed as rach.
To beauty's mou?d slc pwc&no debt
r that frrUto:?rre fcood forrt
Bat froan'harrytstf elearVslftiey
An earnest soulrooked more than liur.
Nor i it on occasions rare
Q r4daoe ton herface hr-tbrlTe ;'. T
,C" VJi ito lerf 'then perpiixeal flglt I d .L
My rn?gcd way, and doubt tho rights
'inat pe&cetuiiace nam come.
And banished half my care.
And thus I feel Hwill'ererf :
Her face 1 know IYie'er can tee
Except in fancy's lofty flight;
To guide my errinsr leet aright
A beacon lght she'll ever be
To lead me to ciernjjjy, A
oij cons.9
rrom the Lansing Republican.
. it is more than 20 years since I saw
him last. -. . -' .s--ii;
..IIe was one of the few friends of my
lie wa3 faithful and true, "old John''
) jXiq'itnJLrs'aw Lir&y
. That familldr cogndrrirjn was his from
the first. : r .
He was always old John" VoTinpAxO
If it had not'becu for him I should not
now be writing tlicse lines.
He saved my life once.
And where are the friends that .we
-qore all thrtlnff oT ptirMUe 'till 'death," if
it be not the1 frichcU of our childhood ? '
When that childhood has the back
woods for its home, as mine had, isn't
rTvKorvft Vtr tre. warm o nc, th atthr few
fcieutf iul tll(rj fi.m tlie Imllslof
Yea verily, so long as the heart is a
very human "heart.
uOld John was one of my few back
Woods friends 23 years ago.
He wasso good and so faithful that I
have been ashamed of myself, these many
lon years, because I made no public
record of hii-virtues; - '
VButlltofetciVr. forgotten him. ?
"Tie ha alwaj-s had a warm place in my
lie was one of the best farin-hands my
father ever had. . .; . .
He never complained of the tasks he
had to do.
He never asked for more pay.
"old John would go right about it and
do it in his own intelligent way.. s,
He never got lost in the woods.
He would pick his way safely over the
worsrXHcK In TM'narkest'. hightf fjitlt.
lead -all- safely throtTgirVho trosteiNtcr
his sagacity.
S-a not xi professor of re
Jle had Ahoinely- ort-of-religion - of
his own
He alwaj's useil those well who were
rIfilTeHlUl iit nt nlj"t!t223 objerve the
golej rltC.U w.ifi not' his fault.
He lived up to it according to his con
dition and capacity.
That is more than we can say of many
people I have known since my old IVJeml
assed in his clieck3. 1 1
He has been dead more than 20 years.
did not see him die.
i could not endure the thought of
losing my old friend; but death respects
noue. tfv- rY V IT f T
The old antlhrririrr enrs die.--Ilie
grave and the gay go down to the
silent halls of death.
The infant and the innocent, the vile
and the criminal, all die.
"Leaves have their time to fall - - --;?
And flowers to wither In the nr-rth wind's hreath.
But thou, Viou hast all seasons for thine own,
U Death 1"
"Old John died.
, And now, more than 20 years after his
Qeatu-hij memory i as; fresh a til greca
lnnJ)e4riiitVa3 Uieo. '. ii C
I remember all his kindness to me,
just as weil a3 though it were only yes
terday. I am troubled with a good memory.
I always was. - -
Wc have traveled many miles togeth
er, "old John" and I.
He often relieved me of weary burdens,
and helped me over many rouh places.
4Xwycui Lever4brget thaday that he
savd mr life'? r- ' -a -
XAihsfikevf' that that 4ife Woiitd
ever be of any particular worth ?
.Yet he thought it worth saving, and
he siived it.
, Wonder not, good reader, that, boy a3
I was1 whejLrescued. from the,periV J
llungtnyltrmsiiround hi3 sturdy old neck
tnd kisse(rhlm again and again. " ""V "
Dear "old John."
He didn't seem at all amazed.
. He submitted to my caresses a3 a mat
ter of course.
After'thatii"old John' never lacked for
any favors that I could grant him.-1 I'-r
He never had to ask for them.
He never would do that, but he was
always thankful for fat -prs" r V
He never said so, -but I knew-he was,
just the same.
The day that he saved me from death
he was in the road near by a field where
I went to catch one of my father's horse3.
I had an errand miles away, and took
the saddle along, caught the horse, put
the saddle upoii him, led him into the
roschlrythyfencpaiid, mounted. r
ilbysAvlici-areiictaLcnoligh do the
same thing yet.
I always like to go on the gallop.
. I was a sort of a get-up-and-getter, you
BeC tm r
As soon 1311 was vastritKMiny oi-mem
they were on like a shot.
This time my little bare foot, slipped
throughthe stirrup, and an un lucky-leap,
threw me to the groundori my bacl
under the horse's feet. v "
. 1 Wasnotmnr-h lmrf linf T mw ilpflf.K
o rid
was rescued.
I stole into the barn that night like a
thief and gave that horse an eStra neck
of oats. 1
father often wondered how it was
that that horse kept so much fatter on
the same quantity of grain than his
mate; .
, I knew henvii was, r. .
rlhatfeftipflhe secret nearly' 25 years.
I may venture to tell riow.
I did ft with my little hands.
I'-txt only fed'hinV extra every day for
years, but I curried and rubbed and pet-
tea hirtjTmtu that- horsc'lcrfetf me With
an alrioa liumai'aflectibn. wJ-jL
lie knew my step.
He knew my voice.
. JEIea3thesame month in .and month
fOtiti snmmerand.v1nter alike; .
Nomattcr' what he was asked to do.
"wyrfltheborse should ruu
rKrVfiP YPPal deaf -old bellow
r "Via JOnnnaMnpnVil ? T,M
After th&t accidental was thrbest boy
thatorsc-tvcrkneTZ. V-l.w
I have .since seen many people who did
not know rqe half so well as that horse
did, orlove me half so. much. ' .-,
WJicit "oltl Jehu" died I wa3 not the'
only mourner who, followed him to his
last resting-place ; but none hall half the
friei in ineir iicarts mat 1 haa
"UklJohn ' was' worthv of my tears.
Good reader, what shall I say more ? i
"Old -John icas one of my" fathers
hones. . . . .
When I dangled tinder his feet with
one foot in the stirrup, I said "whoa,!
whoa! dear old fellow." He stopped
Halk-.'stilh JmIife(l.roirmtOrIcfahcl
no ver. stirred a foot Until IHia J extricat-
Therefore I say, if it had not been for
"old John'vthese lines tiad not been writ
ten. - .'V J
"Th lovc..qf ,Uiti liyy ib'r flirinj is worthy
oV the man, and Ievelils memory still.
His soul lias gone to the good horse"
heaven somewhere. - s
- ,lr do-tiot even. remcsii'jier-he. rolor.of
"old- John' that I was .unacquainted
with'. . -v-- ' ' ' 1
He had morfc humanity, in him than
score "of people! I - have knowit t4old
JohiVM'iad, ' - -
It is flattery- to say of some folks that
they uhave ood horse sense.' ' '
-;01d Johu'Miad that. " 1
He thought my boy-life worth saving,
and he saved it. -.
Dear "old John."'
Etriirsivi: oticAtinV
The Iioitiance of a Dining Room Girl who
,i. .j-Broke a Butter Dish. r
' AbUt the year 1S02 a girl named Mar
garet Shiel, employed in the dining room
of the Talmer House, had the misfor
tel at that time charged her with the
cost of the entire set, and took the amount
out of her wages. In leaving the house
Margaret passed through the dining
room and tdd the other girls that she
had paid for those dishes and was going
to have them: ; She- accordingly took
them horco with her. This coming to
the ears of the landlord he consulted the
Prosecuting Attorney. Mr. James Sweet
ser, and caused -him tor-,institute a - suit
against the girl for lilj-cenv, -The case
was tried before Esquire Fisher, and the
facts being detailed it was universally
agreed by all that there w..s no case, and
the girl wa3 discharged.'. In leaving the
court the landlord called angrily to the
girTTand told her to bring back the
dishes she had stolen from him. Mar
garet then brought suit against the land-
lord.on two counts-for malicious prose-
-.-1.1 1 f I .1 t '
ciu:cm ami lor siimucr aim u iriai. wa
awarded a verdict for 0700. The ca
was taken to the Supreme Court, and the
decision reversed. On the new trial a
verdict of $1,000 v.-as awared for Miss
Shiel. Tho court directed that she re
mit $300 of the verdict or he wo'uld
grant a new trial. She declined to re J
rait, and a new trial was ordered. The
landlord took a chancer of venue' to Hen
dricks County, and--dismissing his f for
mer attorneys, employed Major Gordon.
lue cae came on lor trial Porter, "Har"
rison and Fishbacklor plaintiff, who had
in the meantime married and changed
hcrvname--and a verdict of $700 wa
awardeil'dn the malicious prosecution
count. An appeal was again taken to
the Supreme Court, and tho judgment of
the lower court aiHrmed, not because
there wasJiot. siiliicuiut -error, but be
cause the defendant had exhausted the
amount of new trials to which he wes
The- plaintifT iisippcared before y the
ayiodnt of Uiq'iigmeht . y.as 'paid in,
and for several years it has been await
ing her order. Quite recently she has'
been found, and will receive the money
which has been waiting lor her.
; The c:ise is a singular one, as showing
the trivial causi-s from which lawsuits
spring, and the gigantic dimension
which they finally attain through the
obstinacy ot litigants. In this case an
insignificant accident; involving a loss of
not iiJore than 1x cents, kept the courts
busy for years, ami cost the defendant at
lenst ?4,0G0.
It is presumed that the plaintiff still
has the historic butter d;sh, and will
handjt down, as aui heir loom, to her chil
dren. Harding s Herald.
l'rerolum Bread.
Mrs. B. F. Martindale, who was award
Cd the; special premium'of a1 cookihir
fiovclor the Mst loaf; of t hread at4 the
Kent County fair, has sent her method
to the Michigan Fanner, and in order
that all our lady readers may be able
hereafter to. make premium bread, we
publish the receipt : ,
The flour wa? obtained from the Cres
cent mill, and is what is called patent
fiour, made by a new kind of machinery
from the WTickes wheat. The yeast I
used I inad 'myself in-, the ., following
manner, I-pnt in a kettle one quart of
"water, a smair handtni ox Jiops, tour "po
tatoes, not very large; alter boiling.
mashed them, and then added a large ta-
blespoonful of flour. I then pour the
hop water on them boiling hot, add a
teaspoonful jof salt, one ot ginger, and
one s tablespoonful of sugar. When the
mixture is" pretty cool, I put a little
ready-made yeast in it to start the fer
ment. When light I put it in a jug and
cork it tight. To make three or four
loaves of bread, I boil four or five pota
toes, and mash, in half milk and halt wc
ter,made qurtewarm hv winter -but cold
in summer, adding one tablespoonful of
yeast for each loat to be made, and flour
ayneededrri TffTik'e the dough quite soft,
fthcV-whileiils-r4sing,:knead it down two
or three times. When it is sufficiently
light it is made into loaves and allowed
to rise again besore it is put in the oven.
When blinds and doors do not close
snugly, but leaves crack3 through which
drafts enter; the simplest remedy rec
ommended f), Mr.Schnetse, building
commissioner' in Dresden, -Germany; -is
this : Place a strip of putty all along the
jambs, cover the edge of the blind or
door with chalk, and shut it. The putty
will then fill all spaces which would re
malh dpen fttKbepresStliOUt where not
needed,' whileHhe execs? is removed with
a knife. The chalk rubbed on the edges
prevents the adhesion of the putty to the
blind ocdoor, which then can be opened
without I adhei$i, and the putty i3
left iii place, where it soon dries and
leaves a perfectly fitting jamb.
IM. , t
(To retodW stumps from'a field
ld,jali that
is necessary is to have one or more sheet
iron chimneys, some four or five feet
rfgb i Set fire" to the stump and place
the chimney over it, so as to give the re
quisite draft at the bottom. It .will
drawlikeaMovefVrhc stumplwill soon
l)e coDStrmed. With" several such chim
neys, of different sizes, the removal of
stumps may be accomplished at merely
nominal labor and expense. Maryland
Did you eyercomc,down stairs on Sun
day morzung and ask your wife to put a
f.ton on your waistband, but what she
lifted YiPV ITflornn nnri rtfK.
lfialpCA han(Sared you thatvtvhen
cuutnus piu away there was a but
ton ou it?
i Ihad almost grown to be a man then,
: nt my heart was the boy's heart still,
and Icrlacl hsJ)oy sBifltwlio had lost
onooeidsfh(f.fef4entlsh J?
i I anVnot'jsskxricd'to sA it r
tune to let fall a butter Mllih oneof a
et;pf &jkQf$:'t$xeSfc the'jfetraiocr.
The gentremnh whff was keepirtc: the ho-
ilent Men. . i -
Washington never made a speech.! In
the zenith .of his fame he once attempted
it. and Tailed," and gave' it up cortfnsed and
ababfcdi IJLuJramiag the Constitu(lqn,of
the United States the labor was almost
wholly performed in committee of the
whole, of whicn Aeor&05Pton was
the chafmian;.but lie mdTleXJwq -speeches
during the convention, which were of a
veiy feW'Wos eachr The convention,
however, aoknowle4ged4;he master spir
it, .and historians aJUrm that, had4t not
been for liU 'personal popularity and the.
thu-ty-woftUtrf his first leech, pronouno.
ing iMhe lcst f atAcotoe iiqlietl upon,
tho'CoiistitutTou-wciulahave been reject-:
ed by the people. Thomas Jetlerson ne V
ef "made. a 'speech. He. couldn't doit.
Napoleon, whose executive ability wab
almost without a parallel, said that his
greatest trouble was in finding men of
: aslrcd
er his
commander-in-chief of the army in' Italy,
he said,- "by reserve." The greatness of
a man.is lvotmeftsured by thc-longth oi
liis speeches and their humbej ....
A lady writer in the American Grocer
says that glycerine- is not used mane
right waV.' - Sie assVrts Hhnt do-rJreserve
the smoothnessAiia"J5hftn(&s Of theiianus,
ke'ei :i; small bottle of glycerine near
tlie place where yoiu 'habitually wash
them, and whenevpr' ou rhave finished
washingand1 before -wiping them,-put
one or two 'drops of thdg.lycerine on the
wet palm and rub the hands thoroughly
with it as if it were soap, tlierf drylightly
with a towel. Household work and bad
weatheir iirnet prnr eiVv-yaur. skin from
"being smooth" and soft if this plan of
using glycerine" is followed. '
A Roman boy a swimming went where no'aod
- .couldeee. ' j: r
Then put his fh:rt on . wrong fide cut throogh
some mistake of he. ; . ' - - . .
Nor saw his error till he fay across his mother's
,; s knee.. .-,' - . . . .. :- ;r-'-.
' When a man revolves much : in his
I mind, does it make him dizzy? '
Why cannot a temperance man kiss a
Jewess?" 'He has "sworn "not" to taste
Jew-lips. 11 n . , .... , s.'-'
'Are there" any f'obls in this city?! asked
a stranger of a newsboy "No; do you
fv;el lonesome? was the reply.
fOriTGAGE SALE. Default havinR been
XVX ma'ie m the eonditiong cf a certain mden
ture of mortapw beariPiC date the i 5th dav of
February, A. 3S73,-maie and executed l7
l'aul raqiun, and lleimetu Taquin, his wiJe, of
St. Ipnace, co ndv of Mackinac, and tate ot
aiichizan. to John it. uailey.of Mackinac, Mack
inac county, Michigan, to secure tho payment of
tio sum ot one hundred ana twenty-nve (5120
do:!sxi, which said mortgage )3 recordeil in the
oflisp of the JIeg;str 01 Jceds for said Purity
of 3I.ickinac. in Liber 4C of roortaages on
paces 107 and 1 OS, on which mortgage and the
note accopanyinjr the same.there is n6v due and
nnnaid. the sum of ono hundred and twenty-flve
(S125) dollars; and intcTest on the same since the
lota day ol February, a, D.. TM at the rate or
ten percent per ancuro,TOeuicr wnn an aiior-i
ney Tee of fifty if 50) dollars, proyided forin fad
mortpapre should any proceeii:i3 tc taken to
foreclose the same; and no proceedings having
been taken cither in law or in equity to recover
said mortgig, debt or any part thereof,: Now,
therefore, by virtue of the power of talo in said
uiortv;e c"ntaicd, and hy virtue of iho etatnte
inauuh ease made and provided: Notic is here
by given that on TUESDAY, THE EIGHTEENTH
DAY OF. JANUARY, A. )., 137-3. at 2 o'clock in
the afternoon of said day, at the tront aoor or tne
court house in the vi!la2e of Mackinac, Macki
nac county. State -of Michigan,- (that being the
place tor holdirtt the circuit court i'or said coun
ty), thcrtrvillue sold atpnblica-actron, to the!
highest bidder,' the premises described in said
mbrtageior so much thereof as may be neces
sary to satisfy the amount due upon said note
and mortgage, tor principal and interest, togeth
er with tbe costs .and expenses of sale, and the
attorney fee provi led tor v said mortgage, said
premises beinp: described as follows, to-wit: That
certain ptece or parcel ol land contained, situa
ted, being and lying in the township of St. Ig
nace, county of .Mackinac, State of Michigan,
bounded and described as follows, to-wit : Be
ginning on the shore ot Lake Huron, between
this lot pnd. ot belonging to the said party, of
the flret part,' gowned and occupied by Pter
Plant), thence West fourteen chains to pnWic.
lan-.Vthence fcur chairs and forty .links North,
thence East fourteen chains to the shore of Lake
Huron, thop.ee along the thoro cf Lake Huron
tour chains and sixty lhiksto thd'plarc of begin
nine; an I being 1 t number eleven (11), as sur
veyed bv fsiac Whicher, Marci 15 h, 151, ccn-taining-?ix
and 3M00ths (0 30-lOOthf) acres, more
?r.?'9, JOHS It. RAILKV, Mortgagee.
Dated Mackinac Octobr-iaih. 1S7.".
Watts SJlUJtrirKEY, Atty.forMortgagec.
nol5-l3t :- . . . vv.
MORTQAOB SLE. Uefault havln5 been
. made la the conditions ot a 'certain indenture
of mortgage bearing date tht.3d day of September,
. I. 1874, made arid executed by Hy-icinth Clio
nur orSt Ijfnac. Mackinac oo3ntyr -alichigan, to
Jo);n it. Hailey.. of ?ilRckinHc, Mckinnc coun y,
Michigan,-to 'ecore thepaym entcf tho st?m of three
hundred and ' forty-eight And ninety-threelOOths
dollars. whicIr;Jd mortag; id duly rfcordedtn th
office of the Register of Deeds for 'pail county -f
Mackinac, m;Libe.rkV C ?1 pf mortgages oa pages 182
and 183, on wlr dismortgage and the notes ac
companying the same, there is now dae and unpaid,
the sum of one hnaoTed and sixteen and' 31-lOOtha
dollan, principal, and. interest, on the same since
May Sd 1875 at the rate of ten per cent per annum,
and also interest on the remaining sum of $ 232 02 of
principal, since the said 3d day of September, A. l.
1874, at the rate often per cent per annum payable
annually, together with an attorney fee of $50 pro
vided -for in said mortgage 6hould any proceedings
be taken to foreclose the same, and no proceedings
having been taken either In law or In equity to re
cover said mortgage, debt or any part thereof: Now,
therefore, by virtue of the power of sale in said
mortgage . contained, : . ana t , by " virtue of
the statute in snch case, made . and ipro
vided : Notice is hereby jrfven that on TUES
Y, A. D. 1876, at 10 o'clock in the forenoon of
sa?d day at the front door of the court house.in.the
village of Mackinac, Mackinac county, t State of
Michigan, (that being the place for . holding the cir
cuity court for sad county), there will be sold at
public auction to the highest bidder the premises
described Jn said mortgage, or so' much thereof as
may be necessary to satisfy the amount due upon
said note3 and ruortgage, for principal and interest,
together with the 'costs and expences of sale and
the attorney fee provided for in said mortgage; said
premises bting; described a follows to wit : AM
that certain piece or parcel of land being lot numt
ber five (5), at et. I?nace, county of Michillmacki
nac, and State of Michigan, , agreeably to a plat exe
cuted by Isaac "Whicher, county surveyor, on the
15th day of March, A. D. 1S51.I which eaidplat ia
recorded in the'Itegister ofUce for said county, hie
ing the same land sold by .William Scott and wife
to Hyacinth Chenier May 8, A. D. 1851. and record
ed by the Reglster,of Deeds in Xjber " E ?' on paires
225 and 22C. May 12th 1851." rAhjo'all that certain
f)ieceor parcel of land, situated at Point St. Ignace,
n the county of Mackinac, and State of Michigan,
bounded on the north by lot number five fo), owned I
py, llyaclnta-Uhemer. Weat, by public Iandsr
Pouth by public landa and'tToaeDh LeUcuaur's lot.
and on the East by Lake llnrcn, being the same
land deeded by David Farley and wife to Hyacinth
JOHN It. BAILEY. MorteaireP.
Dated Mackinac, October dtXh.' 1875.
;;W. S. nMrnnsT, Atty. for Mortgagee. -. - ; y
. nel4-13t-: . . -:
A MORTGAGE SALE.-Default having been
-LJL made iii.the conditions of a certain inden
ture ot mortgage bearing date the" 27th day of
March, A. D.jlS75, made and executed by Paul
Paqfrinand Henrietta 'Paquin, his wife, of St.
Ignace, coHnty of Mackinac, and State of Mlcnl
igan, to J ohn IL Eailey, ot Macainac, Mackinac
county, Michigan, to secure the pay
ment- oi- me- sum or -sixy gfioi -dollar
which paid mortgage is recorded in the
office tt thr Register -of -Deeds for aid coun
ty of Mackinac, in Lfoer"0" pf moitgages on
pages 199 and. 200 oa which mortgage and the
note accompanying the same, there is now due
ana unpaui mo sum oi sixiy aoilars; and in'
provided tor in said mcrtrase. should nnv
proceedings be taken to forclose the same; and
no proccBuiujtu uavin oeen taKen either in law
orin equity to recotefsaia mortgage, debtor
any part thereof : Now, therefore, by virtue of
the power of sale in said mortgage contained,
and by virtue of the i statotd inn stfch'eade; mad
and pro idedi ; Notice lis .hrebv crivt- that mi
JANUARY, A. D., 1S7C, at 3 o'clock in the after
noon of said day, atth-fmntdooroftho court
house Irr -tho 'village -of Mackinac, Mackinac
county. State of Michigan, (that
for holding .the circuit eouitfor said" coiintr"
there will be sold at public, auction, to the high
est bidder, the premises described in said mort
gage, or so ranch thereof as maybe-necessary to
satisfy the amount jdaci ppon aid note-and
mortgage, tor 'principal, and interest, together
with the. cost and expenses. ctf.sala .and the at
torney fee provided for in said mrtc ci,i
premises being described as follows, to-wit:' AU
that certain "piece r or parcel of land f itnated hV
the township of St. Ignace, cpunty of Maekinac,
Michigan, bounded and described as follows, to
wit: The West half,)f tha North West corner, of
tho North West quarter, of the.Sonth Fast quar
ter, of sectiohwo (2), . in township "forty liO)i
North ' of rango Tour (4) West, containing W
acres.: r.o. . . ? -; .. . . ,. . ,
WattsS, Humph bet, Atty. lor Mortgagee.
deeds rather. than word?:? When
how hVmaintained liis influence bv
superiors inrtige'and experience,
leruaiiui iue nvdiivsiuvt: meiiaoiay of March,
AVD-., i375, at U 4 rate oX?teit per cent per an4
num.'Vgether with ran attorney jtee'jof fifty ($5I
Legal. ,
MORTGAGE SALE. Delanlt having been
- mde in the conditions of a certain Inden
ture cf mortgage, bearing date the 12th day of
Junr,- A. D , 1875, made and executed by James
Riley, and his wife, AnnTtlley, of the-vtdtge
and county of Chebyjcan, Michigan to Georue
Trucoit. of Buffalo,, kew York, to secure the
bay (rent of twelve hundred - dollars (J ',200),
which said mortgage is recorded In the Register's
office,. of the county of Cheboygan, in Liber ,C"
of mortgages, on -page 154, qq which mortgage
and the first note accompanying the Bamc, there
ia now : due and unpaid, according' to the- pro-,
visions in aid mortgage contained, the!sum ol
three hundred dollars and interest en the
same since June 12th, A. D. 1875, at the rate oi
nine pr cent, per annum; together with an at
torney fee ot lltty dollars, v provided for In- said
mortgage, Bhould any .proceedings' be taken to
foreclose the 6ame: and. no proceedings having
been taken cither in law or in equity to recover
said mortgage, debt, or any part thereof : - Now,
therefore, by virtue of Ihe power, ot .sale in said
' mortgage contained, and by virtue of the statute
in swli case, maae and provided: Notice is
hereby givn that, on 'itONDAY, THE FOUR'
1 o'clock in the afternoon ot said day, at the
frontdoor of the court house, in the village of
Chebcyg3n,Chebogan county, Michigan, (that
being the place for holding the Circuit Court for
said conftty). there will be soli at public auction
to the higcet' bidder tho premises described 'in
said mortgage, or so much thereof as may be
necessary. to catislythe amount due upon said
'note -and r.rovt gage, lor principal and dnterett,
together with the costs amt expenses of saM sale,
and the attorney fee provided for in said mort
gage; said premises being' described as follows,
to-wit: All those certain pieces or parcels of
ancL&ituatod in the county of Cheboygan, and
State rf Michigan, known and described as fol
lows; t"-wit: Lots numbered six, seven and
tight, (f, 7 and 8) in block number seventeen (17),
in said Tillage, Of Cheboygan, according to the
plat thereof ori record in the office of Register
Deeds, for the county of Cheboygan.' Said sale
made subject to the balance to'become due on
said notes and mortgage, of nine hundred, dol
lars: principal and interest on tho same.
"Datsd Cheboygan, November 20th, A. D., 187
GKORGli TRUSCOTT, Mortgagee.
.yi. 8. IluaiPiiRET, Atty- for Mortgagee, t. -hol9-13w
. '. . i. . . . . i . '
SHERIFF'S SALE. By virtue of a writ of fieri
facius Issued out of, and under the seal of the
Circuit Court, for the county of Cheboygan,
State of Michigan, to me' directed, and delivered
against the goo is and chattl s lands and tene
ments of George Laperelle, I did on the fifteenth
day of June A. D., 1875, levy upon and
take 'aU the right, - title and (interest
of the said Georgi Laperelle, cf in and to the. fol
lowing described pieces or parcels of landa, to-wit:
Lot number two (2), and the northwest , fractional
quarter of section Lumbor nineteen (19), In town
thirty-seven ,37J, . north of - range . one - (1)
west,-; state of Elchigan;' ali of; which
I shall expose for sale at public auction or
vendue to the highest bidder aa the law directs, at
the front door of the Cheboygan county court house,
(that being the building in which the Circuit Court
for the county of Cheboygan la held), on MON
A. D., 1376, at ten o'clock in the forenoon of that
day. ... GEOSGE PAQUETTE, SherifT.
Watts S. HcJtr'nkET, Attorney.- ?
" Dated, Cheboygan, ovember 15th, 1875.
nolo-7t .- . . : i ,-. ; -.-
SHERIFF'S SALE. By a writ of fieri faciat
issued out of and under the seal of tho Cir
cuit Court, in and for the county of Cheboygan,
in the Mate of Michigan, to me directed and de
liveierl, agilnst tho goods and chattels, lands and
tenement ot "Alexander Marquette; I did on the
11th day of November, A. D., 1875, levy upon and
take all the riu'ht, title and interest of the said
Alexander Marquette, of, 5 in and to lot number
twenty-eight (2c). m what is known as M. W
Home's addition to the village of Cheboygan,
according to a plat hereof on file in the Register
ot Deed's ofiico, for said county of Cheboygan,
said preane3 being situated m tho village and
consty or Chebovgau, State of Michigan, all of
'which I shall expose for sale at public, auction,
to the highest bidder, as the law directs, at the
front door of the Cheboygan connty court house,
(that being, the building in which the Circuit
Court for said county ot Cheboygan is held), in
the village of Cheboygan, county of Cheboygan,
and State of Michigan, on MONDAY, THE
ten o'clock in the forenoon of that day..
Dated Cheboygan, November 5?h, 1875.'-GEORGE-
PAQUETTE, Sheriff Cheboygan
. Couitr, Mich. v . -
- Geo. W. Hell, riaintiiTs Atty. 'i
H0lS-tf' - - ' ' . . : , ;
SHERIFF'S ssALE.-By virtue of a Vr't: of
fieri facius, issued out of and under the seal
of the Circuit Churt lor the county of Cheboy
gan, state of Michigan, to me directed and de
livered against the goods and chatties, lands and
tenements of Alexander Marqnette,-I did, on the
13th day of November, A. D.,1875, levy upon and
take all the right, title and interest 'cf " the said
Alexander Marquette of, in and to the following
described pieces or parcels ot land, to-wit: Lot
number twenty-eight (28) f M. W. Home's ad
dition to the village of Cieboygan, in tho state
of Michigan, according to recorded plat thereof,
all or which 1 shall exnose A,r sale at public auc
tion or vendue, to the highest bidder, as the law
directs, at the front door of the Cheboygan
Connty court fcoue, that being the building in
which the Circuit Court for the county of Che
boygan la held, on MONDAY, THE THIRD
DaY OF JANUARY. A.' D.,187e, at 11 o'clock
in the lorenoon of that day. " - " -
Watts S. nuvriiRET, Attorney.
Dated Cheboygan, November 17th, 1875.
Pleasure Yachts.
The Steam Mail Tacit
ALEX. LELOTT, Muster,'
Will make tri-wcekly trips from Mackinaw to
uneooygan luesaays, xnursuays ana Satur
days. ' x ; T' i - I
Fare each way.................
From Mackinaw to Point St. Ignace....
SO Cents.
25 Cents.
N. B.-The Eva English can be chartered for
excursions at reasonable rates. .-r -r r
TRUSCOTT, Capt. . Riley, .is pre-
pareu at au times to take excursion parties to the
inland lakes or other points of interest.- Charges
r-caaonaDic. no2-tf
a iiwin in, i b j'tjtjnii m im mt iiiMini im ii
Engraving on Wood.
H. C. Chandler,
Glenn's .Block, Indianapolis.
Estimates chcertully furnshedjon . p Jication
"noltf , , -, .
Terins bfJCouri jfo l87d ajid
hy given that in pursuance" of the laws of
the State, I have fixed and appointed the times
of holding the several terms lor the years 1876
,and 1877, of the Circuit' Court in and for tho
counties constituting the Eleventh Judicial Cir-
i !n the County pf Menominee, on - the fir
.'Tuesdays of May.-' anrl third Tneadara of Sp
tcmber. -, - .'... j - - -
' Anr the u"hty of Delta, on the third Tuesdays
Lflst Tuesdays of September. . ;
. Ih the Cotrnty JoIChippewar on the fifthTnes
dayb of May, and fourth Mondays cf August. ,
' In the County of Cheboygan on the first Tuea
jdays of June, and second" Mondays. of August.
, In the County of Mackinac on the third Mon
days of June, and first Mondays of August.
Ifl the Confiiy or.Wanlton; on the fdnrth" Mon
days tr J ane,- and fifth Mondays of Jaiy.
Dated October 2G, 1873.
no!7-5w Circuit Judge of said Circuit,
" r v DETROIT. .
-i Tr-iT -w . -
SA Up:c, sargicai, Eye and -Ear I
?t "1U " ai uuyKan, at the
tPh cew UU8C, about tho 15th of Deoember,
where he can be consulted free of charge.
r . , Furniture
k mum .& 60
Manufiictorers and importers, wholesale and retail dealers ia , 4. . r
M1 Kinds of; iSrnit
.Cliamber, Sets, .Parlor- Sets,'
Sofas,-Lounges, Chaifs1 1 Tetera-rTetes,:: Mattresses
L :Bedslcads, Spring Beds,; Bureaus,
;i r f n : v : : ; A And jercry tiling
- , '2 ' . . :": :i .1: : 'A'.; v ; ' r 1 , ' .7 . ! .: . -i
Burial Cases, Coffins and Undertaker' Sundries always on hand. .
" A weekly jbmnol,Jde
Uccciallyi and CLebygan and vicinity icrliJulailr. It is iic intention of ihe manager to
liifcke the. NouTMKK Tkibmnu w - . .... . -. -.n
,:'C '
3 3
Vf i-of the state. Having had many years experience in the buVmens weViiwe
. no heaitaiion in saying that -the Tib un will -"v- 1 sf"1
i'i At
Fill a Want Long Pelt' in NORTHERN MICHIAN
.-...';;; .. r; ' 'wl.u AAA .r -.noiiv, f : ! ' :. :
s a Family newspaper the TBiBtrari will not be excelled bj &vyA Its columns will, each
. : week, in addition to. 'y r . v;
The Local and
; ; i::
filled with fresh and
f 1
The o hekx
. :
. ng the space usually occupied in discussing party questions to subject which will -'
Dey0jiook towards the advancement of the local and business interests of the place.
2ST6 1
ThelJ'ORTnEBX .Tpibune will represent this part of .the country in pnch a manner that
"' " " ' ' r will pay to send copies abroad. Tnose interested in
j y'j
.uioil -nr. ;t!; h".
Should remember this.
-.7;..; its vo;!rv.r.'
s ussorib
o.r. .-
:: 7,L r.i.Ci..-! , . ... ... .
ii r- ; . 'And receive the paperfjom'the commcnccmet.
.......... ... .... .. 0 . ' fcr -J .li'r:
Adress all communications to the " vi.iA if)
flat Stands, -What-Nots, 'Pic- i
In the .way of j .. : '
1 '
Main street, Caeboygun, Mioh.
a Newspaper.
voted to the interests of
. !.'.'
. ir
;: 1
' ''. 'ill
- (l'A r
; in
. f,
:'iJ 'SI' J '' " ..Ii'
General - News,
:A. I
interesting miscelhiny.. -:
v-.' .ll -.A: i,i - i:i;
A 1 I r::
' -,.! LAi''y) ::-;ui A-i I
!: Willi
r .
TsinuvB wiu
.f. 'a "I .
"be Titlidtit It,
it ' . r .
; : of the .Country
'Al ;: . :'uf'!"l
,ii--fi5. J- ji 1;
' -Am'i ..: i'.irrvi.'f;, J ;';
I.' '
.fl;-.. .
a -I'll
4Mh?'A:nb rs-r. :J vi-' Hi 7 j'a .-i-'i'A..i
e a m-om
' 1 ' ' ' I .
ri b:::: Ai:: '; . AAl
.. r
1 -, . ... ,
C:tii .A - '; .' 0
(OfSe on Third street, west of Our on.
1.. -r 1 ..... -jr ' . ; .
1 ! It (' A T 1 : t
&C7, &C. "&C.
ANYTHIK(; in th's lme.or any kind ofbooks
not in &to'. k. will be furnished on short no
tice at regular rates.
,In an style "anJ -furnished: here t- Detroit
' b; A; BRACE,
1 - i: .-: Stationer.
Planing Mills.
Planing- Mill Company
SASH. - AND -)r6 OR
.):-1. .::
T7r. - i i
.2 a
iTac ufao-' ti rf rr-ef-
Moulding B r a ck fets.
t f
- -
Door and -Windcw Franes'CiHfes,
( -('A i ill's
: . .1:: A Deaiers InAl v,;!j;H :U
. . , f ; , - SWlJSbr, CEILING
-s And Rulldlvio Matcrlat Gcncralfy. 'r
.- -uli iAA'
lj Pone promptly and on reasonable termi.1' ' .
"Complete price lists famished on applica
tion. rf t..;.J;r s r '
B. F. KlC. . g . WlDRIG. , DAN'L BUCKLBT;
'noMtf ; ' ' ,J ;,i " 1 ' -;
Benton Iron Works, .. ..
Benton ; Iron ; VorksV
Perry -jsL rYtson,'PropSt
!.. Wewouldeayto
That we have increased our facilities for doi
, And tre now prepared to build and repair en
gines of all kinds. -
; A.- - AW :Aity. .AM .. ,L:iU.A:i -A
o Farmers.,
We wouid say that we makTand keep constan
ly,on hand of improyed patterns either a At
J r.
Our prices lor castittjrs and machine f work wil
hereafter be as follows; -1 . , . ,
Lathe or planer work A...:.A.l5 per day '
Common casiings;.-........-..wi......i..;..fic per lb
Brass casting v50c to 75o
all work yjAnnnnTED.-,
v h'loti.iai uiiu we wyum eay mat ,vc. prcin.i
doing machine work by the pound or by conJ 1
noltf i'oi:!; ;
Sa to Mills and Engines. 1
r - - r- r pHIS patent poruWe Malay. Ssv UUHi5pt4
" J- t anylocalitT, will mw aoy kind f logs.
JirWjfijfiL id will do wlM raBrh-workpowtr ttffd buiidi Ire '
fAi fif h . Ing coasidered) aa the kt CihsuUr If ilia, lu
' 1 1j'fASl&T'L ' Hie, 4 w kiat parte. t
NKH UtV-pS'. are of tue moat aubatautial aad perma
- iij'jf 1 S titkind, fceiae jaf CBtircb f f a . , ,
?rt-Jii?f j and ateel. It la usually cet tip and
J erted ia fromtM v tw 4 tim.-,
?Ay II KneraUy driven' by tirtiblng en ' "
W. fine, of not xediDg un hora porJV , , J
?Tf-As'-Ar flteuta from 2000 to 4000 feet of inch Inmb erJ- V.
y'A - day. The Mill and Engine may eonrenieatiy b.
y-.-: w perated bj two men. Bend fcr eijxalafr . , 1'.
General Agent ' for -IiicJiijpan , 'n
" , BATTLE CCFBK, illCII. . y r ,
T..:UV-i : Al
The Phcehix Machine VorfeV r;
..!-! ,' ... .r . Ai., : 4A.i
ana rortaoie nines of all ia, ,: r,
All kinds f Stave. Machinery and Pra: Saws ,
' particularly adapted for f hirgle mill a; "
Auuress an enquiries ana oraer to
Gen'l Ag't for Jriehigan. Katt! CWek, Ukh.
3 l
t i. ,

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