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VOL. 2.
NO 4'2.
n covy, one year,
onoopv, aix months,
Oae copy, three month3.
12 00
- 1 00
anhi.rihera within Chpboviran COUntV Will re
ceive their papers tree by mail, and those living
outside the county will have their postage pre
paid by the publisher.
e-b.alf inch space (six lines Nonpareil or
taSltoroofl insertion. 25 cents ; one inch space,
tooneiation, 50 tents; lor each additional
hioh, one insertion, 50 cents. ..
For subsequent insertions or a larger space,
price wil? be fjivenat the office.
Local notice 10 cents per line lor the first in
,erS5! and 5 cents per line tor each subsequent
insertion. . I ,,
Cards in Business Directory, five lines or un
der, $5 per year: each additional line SI per
Time Tables.
AND C. R. & f. B. R.
WU:2SZD HHS CAS:, NOV. 26, 1876.
No 7
No 3 No 1
r? AO
.0 35 I 40
II 4ti 4 iU
P !
i i 5 ti
r m
l 50
110 to
il 0
in m
U -1
3 H
4 Ml
6 J
fi i
H &i
7 14
7 4o
Kidgeville J
tar ...
ft. Wivav.
tin ...
Ked'H illc
. i ti. A L -r...
V icksburj;
I rte...
I fti
I f.o
7 l
7 05
s :.
! jl
9 .-a
I 66
A iV
.- n;
I 1 1
i A I'l 22
b as u i
7 .; il 4o
7 4 11 4
S 17 12 23
I 25
1 u
t 40
i n
i I
7 24
8 -.'7
10 41
8 00
8 27
10 0 10 00
I 10
L Rapids
10 91
7 10
v M
1 Inward City..
Bi4 i.apids..
Ueed City
12 10 0 3
l 14 m
1 .in 10 49
2 15
flam Lake
Trit verse City
Petuskey 4s H 2.1
g ;o
I 4-V
No 2
No I No 8 No 4
i s
(5, 1 M ;
0 S4 5 401
e m i
13 f 7 25
1 14 S 02
2 2:9 3i
4 10 10 50
Traverse City
Ciam Lake
R 30
! 1 01
4 40
Keed City
Bi Rapids
Howard City
5 50
: 7 4m
7 20
Rapids J
j ue.
4 30,11 10
y M
G 05 12 I
G 35 1 25
G 5ol
: n
I i
3 00
9 30
9 311
'0 09
10 4"
11 171
11 45;
p v !
il H
1 00,
2 20
6 11
4 m
5 OH
6 32
9 .v
1 i ar
Kalant oo J de
Wasipi, A. L. crosMUK
Ft. Wayne l m
I de !
Decatur - - i
si de:
Winchester . J
7 58
H 3
9 0J
9 52
11 20
1 4-i
3 2'
4 05
t 15
4 40
5 50
8 55
7 m
8 (5
9 23
9 55
11 40
1 5 and 6 at For Wayne with
Ty, t eanT7ronr m.burg. Harrisburg . BaltL
more, Washincron. Pnii tuei in ----
JfM. 2 and 3 at Fort wayne nu rVl
trains on T ledo, Wabash A Western rail
road, to and from Quincy, St Louis, Kansas City,
and all points In the aou hwest.
Vos. 7 and 8 make dir Ci connection at Kaiama
.00 with Michigan Central R R- to and from Chi
cago, and at Reed City with F & P M Ry. for
No. 5 at same point for Ludmarton and kast
Saginaw, (Fay' stage lineLu lington to Manistee
at 7 a m and 4 p m daily, except Sunday.)
iVo. 8 connects at DAM Junction with D M
railroad, a d at Grand Rapids with M C K R for
Detroit and a'l points east .
yy 1 3 and ft connect at Richmond with P'ttsburar,
Cincinnati & St Louis railroad for Indianapolis,
Louisville. St Louis and all points southwest. Also
xor Uavton. Xenia, Columbu, &c.
iVos. 5 ad 6 have tnrough sleeping and chair cars
between Cincinnati and Grand Rapids.
b Oo saturd iv iu;ht train No. 5 runs to
Ridgevil e only and train No. 6 to Fort Wayne
1 Daiiy except Saturdays, t Daily except Sun
Uy.. IDly. j H. PAGE,
Gen. Pass, and Ticket A Kent.
ijHElBQY 3 , MIS,
a. General Banking, Exchange and Col
lection Business Transacted.
PARTICULAR attention to ejections on
Chboyjean, Duncan City and Mackinac,
and remittances made 00 day of payment.
Taxes paid and aases&aients looked alter lor
nun residents.
v . , coRRRwoxDKSTS.
cnemical national Ban, jVew lork.
Mechanics Bank. Detroit.
W. V. Aldrioh's Bank.wrand Rapids.
German xVationai Bank, Chicago.
We represent the followinc
Fire, Marine, Life and Accident Insu
rance ompanies.
Home, oKe York, assets...
, . . . ui a XI llptmit
t 6,000.00
... , r :m . V,w Tnrt
liprroir m. u" '
Manhattan Ll. e .... iu,',m o
Trapoter'AeiAt,Hanford 400.000
Manhattan LifP,e; J ork
arRatc6aslow as is consistent with absolute
seeuoty. n-ly
Thia house is situated near the dock, and
commands a fine view of th lake. Snlendid
accommodations for summer visitors. Good
rooms and liberal rates. 45tf
Cheboygan, Mich.
M. GEROW, M. D.,
Odicfat City Drug Store,
promptly attended.
Professional calls
Office in Central rrug Store, sign of the Red
Mortar, Howell's block. noltf
Physicain, Surgeon and Accouclmr:
Can be found at his residence, on south side
ot Division street, between Main and Huron.
5 tf
Real Estate.
sale and houses to rent by
miyt R. PATTJUttOJr, Cheboygan.
.real Estate and Collection Agent,
Chebovgan, Mich. Desirable bouses to rent at
moderate rate. I also piy taxes lb non-reai-iVnt
parties, for a reasonable compensation.
no4 -:$m
State Monumental' Marble Works
Foot of Butler Street,
Orders for Monument and Head Stones, Tomb',
O l.eks, &c, either in Native or Foreign Marble,
Seo;ch or American GraMtc.or Freesone.wi!l be
!.. mptlv attended to. Parties rorreBponding by
u i 1 will have plans, designs and specifications
- r on eoMeiatious to Thomas Launuy. Port
Huron, Mich. J
Tonsorial Parlor,
Mr. and Mrs. W.'ll. Allien,
(Shop on Corner of Main and Third Sts.)
II air and WkUken Vycd Light Brown,
Dark Broicn.or Black.
Hair Switches a SPECIALTY.
Ladie-, we would say a word to you.
Don't Throw Away Your Combings,
For they are valuable, br ng tbcm to us and we
will manufacture them into
In nny f rm desired.
There is no need of your turning your collars
to be economical, f.r we have received a line as
fcortmer t of
Collars & Cuffs,
Which we will sell at pricet tiiat will aston
ish JUU,
Real Estate,
10,000 ACRES
O 15
Choice Hard Wood FARMING
A small payment down and the balance in
easy installments.
TliESE LATDS are all situated within a rea
sonable distance ot Cheboygan, and are
among the best in this section ot the state. It
is cheaper to boy choice land near town, at a
reasonable price, than to take inferior lands for
nothing. nol7;lf
Two Meetings Important Business
Transacted both Even in frs-Geo.
W Bey Elected Village Attorney
New Rules Adopted The Standing
Committees, dec.
Present W. W. Strohn, President;
Trustees McGinn, McKervey, Hull, Far
rell and De P113'. Absent Trustee Per
r;n. Minutes of the previous netting of
old Council and first meeting ot new
Council were read and approved.
First order of business being the elec
tion ot Village Marshal for the ensuing
year. On motion, an informal ballot
was taken, the Clerk acting as teller.
Whole number of votes cast 5
M. W. Home 3
Joseph Allaire I
Geo. B. McVulay 1
On motion of Trustee McGinn, a form
al ballot was then taken :
Whole number of votes cast 5
M. W. Home 4
Joseph Allaire 1
Next in order was receiving proposals
for engineer of lire department, but as
there seemed to be a question whether
the present Council had the right to re
move the engineer, as be was engaged
for the term of one year by the old Coun
cil, on motion, the Council rescinded
their former motion for receiving propo
sals lor engineer.
The appointing of Village Attorney
being next; in Order. On motion, an in
formal ballot was taken, resulting as fol
lows :
Whole number of votes cast 5
Geo. W. Bell I
W. S. Humphrey 2
J. J. Brown 1
On motion, a formal ballot was then
taken, live ballots being cast as follows :
Whole number of votes cast 5
Geo. W. Bell 2
W. S. Humphrey 2
J. J. Brown 1
There being no choice, a second form
al ballot was taken, resulting as follows :
Whole number of votes cast 5
Geo. W. Bell 4
J. J. Brown 1
A motion to continue one of the nigh
police until ordered discharged was lost.
On motion of Trustee Hall, Trustee
McGinn was appointed President iro
Proposals lor doing the village print
ing were received. Bentlev & Brown
proposed to do the printing at one half
of leal rates. The Xorthktix Tnmrvr
proposed to publish official proceedings
free ; advertising, 25 percent, discount
on legal rates, and job work 20 per cent,
discount. On motion of Trustee McGinn,
the proposals were laid on the table un
til a tinanee committee was appointed.
The committee on location of village
pound reported that they had conferred
with Lorenzo Backus, who offered to con
struct a pound on his lots between Huron
and Dresser streets, and rent it to the
village at the rate of $30 per year, for
one year, or $23 per year, lor two years
On motion, the report was accepted and
committee discharged.
The Street Commissioner being pres
ent, reported that he bad carefully ex
amined the various streets and sidewalks
and found manv of them in bad condi
tion, necessitating a considerable amount
of work, several places needing grading,
ditches to be opened, culverts to be re
paired, bridges to be fixed, &c. On mo
tion the report was accepted, and re
ferred to committee cn streets and side
walks, when appointed.
The committee on Street Commission
er's bonds reported recommending that
his bonds be fixed at the sum of $500.
On motion, report was accepted and com
mittee discharged.
The committee on the fire engine re
ported they had moved the engine from
H. A. Blake's shop to the building which
it formerly occupied. On motion of
Trustee Farrell, report accepted and
committee discharged.
The Clerk presented the bond of the
Village Treasurer for the sum of $10,000,
with A. P. Xrwton and John Wylie as
sureties, which, on motion, was read and
approved and committee discharged.
Committee on council room reported
that they had consulted with J. C. Mul
vaugh, who offered to finish the second
story of his harness shop and rent it to
the Council for $4 per month for six
months, or for $3 per month for one
year. A. P. Newton offered the Council
the rooms they now occupied at the
same rate per year as heretofore. On
motion, report accepted and committee
discharged. On motion of Trustee De
Puy, the present 100ms were retained at
$5 per month, for such time as it was
the pleasure of the Council.
Committee on street lamps reported
they had called upon the fol'owing par
ties who Mgnihed their willingness to
supply with oil and take care of lamps
at their various places of business :
McArthur, Smith & Co. : Nelson &
Bullen, at their store; Porter M. La
tbrop, :n front of his store : Mrs. Smart's
hotel. Devinc & Allaire's stable. Smolk
& Bazau's stable, N. W. Lyons' store.
Benton House, A. P. Newton's store.
The Council decided to place one on
the east end of the bridge, one in the
center of the bridge, and one at the
j Main street entrance of Humphrey's
dock. Mr. Brace would keep one in or
der at the postoffice if the village would
furnish oil. Also, Messrs. Post & Van
Arsdale would maintain one at their own
expense. On motion, report accepted
and committee discharged.
Trustee McKervey moved that the par
ties named be furnished with lamps, the
village to place the posts in position and
put the lamps on them. Carried.
Committee on ordinances reported ver
bally that they had examined the ordin
ances to some extent and find they can
do nothing without the assistance of an
attorney. On motion ol Trustee farrell
the committee were given further time.
On motion, the President appointed
the following committee on finance :
Trustees De Puy, Farrell and McKervy.
On motion, the proposals for the vil
lage printing were referred to the finance
On motion, the Clerk was appointed
On motion of Trustee McGinn, the lo
cation of village pound was laid over un
til the next meeting.
On motion ol Trustee Farrell the
President appointed the following com
mittee on streets, sidewalks, drains, grad
ing, sewers, &c. : Trustees McGinn,
On motion, the President appointed
the following committee on nuisances :
Trustees Hall and Farrell.
The duties of the Village Marshal as
set forth in the charter were read and.
on motion, the fixing of the Marshal's
bonds were referred to the finance com
mittee, to report at the next meeting.
The Village Attorney reported that he
had received a communication from Ret.
Charles L. DeCeuninek. in substance
giving up his claim to a certain street in
West Duncan, providing the village
would feme the same. On motion, the
matter was placed In the hands ot the
Street Commissioner, to report at next
On mo! ion ot Trustee Farrell. it was
resolved that the Village Attorney re
ceive a salary of 200 for the ensuing
Trustee Hall suggested the propriety
Of appointing a Police Ju:iee for one
year, or for such time as the Council
saw fit. On motion, the matter was de-
lerred until the next meeting.
A petition ot J. d. Lueny lor a sewer
from his lot across Division fetreet into
and connecting with Division street
sewer was presented. On motion of
Trustee Farrell, the prayer of the peti.
tioner was granted.
The Village Treasurer petitioned for
an increase of his fees of one-half of one
per cent., owing to a heavy increase In
the duties of his office. Referred to fi
nance committee, to report at next meet
ing. On motion of Trustee McGinn, the fi
nance committee were instructed to look
up all village property belonging to the
village, inventory the same, stating
where or In whose hands it is, and file a
copy ot the same with the Hlage
The following accounts were allowed
and orders drawn :
Edson Farrell S I 00
btercNae.fi! to, aiiovredut 11 i
H M Airth 3 H
H A. Todd I 00
Geo. Frances 30 ?0
( 'harles Cuslune 36 0
M W Home 4G
H A Blate 5 00
The following were referred to the fi
nance coinm'itte : Northern Tribune.
bill of printing, $23 05; J. J. Cueny
rent of hall for fire department, $20 00 ;
Cheboygan Free Press' bill of $25 20 for
publication of tax sales, twelve folios,
laid over until next meeting.
On motion of Trustee De Puy. it was
decided that Geo. Frances be continued
as night wateh at his present salary un
til further action be taken,
On motion of Trustee McGinn, the
Village Attorney was instructed to draft
an order of business and procure a suita
ble set of parlimentary rules for the use
and government of the Council.
On motion of Trustee Farrell, it was
decided that the first Tuesday in each
month be the time for holding the reg
ular stated meetings. There being no
further business the Council adjourned
time 12:25 P, Mt
In accordance with adjournment,
Council met Thursday evening. Present
President Strohn, Trustees Farrell,
McKervey, McGinn, Perrin and De Puy.
Clerk Bentley. and Village Attorney
Bell. Absent-Trustee Hall.
The minutes of the previous meeting
were read and approved.
Trustee Perrin desired to know how
the vote on the Village Attorney's salary
was taken at the last meeting, stating
that he understood the charter required,
where money was appropriated, that the
yeas and nays should be taken. The
President asked the opinion of the
Village Attorney, who stated as his
opinion that the yeas and nays were not
required, as there was no appropriation
of money.
Mr. Bell, in accordance with instruc
tions of Council at last meeting, present
ed a report of standing rules for the gov
ernment of Council in their proceedings,
and recommend the adoption of Rob
erts' Manual as their guide in questions
of order. Upon motion the report was
received and the rules as reported adopt
ed, and also the Manual recommend
A petition from S. LeGault, and other
residents and property owners on Th'rd
street, between Main street and the river,
was presented, setting forth the condi
tion of that portion of the street, and
asking that a sufficient portion of the
highway tax be expended thereon to
place the same in good condition. Under
the rules, the petition was laid upon the
The committee on finance reported
that they would require further time to
make the inventory of village property,
which, upon motion, was granted. The
same committee recommended that the
amount of the Marshal's bond be fixed
at $0,000. Report accepted.
In regard to the increase of lees of the
Village Treasurer, they reported that in
their opinion the fees paid last year was
a sufficient compensation, and recom
mended that no increase be made. Re-
portjnpon motion, accepted.
They reported that they had examined
the bills of J. J. Cueny and the North
ern Tribune and found them correct,
and recommended their payment. Re
port accepted.
In regard to the proposals to do the
village printing, they reported that the
bid of the Northern Tribune, In their
estimation, was the lowest, and recom
mended its acceptance. Report accept
ed. The committee on ordinances stated
they were not ready to report, and, as
under the rules adopted a new commit
tee would be appointed, asked to be dis
charged. Upon"niotion, all the fpeeial
committees were discharged.
ST A N I ) I N ( i COMM1 TT RES.
As provided under the rules adopted,
the President appointed the following
standing committees.
Ways and Means De Puy and
Claims and Accounts McGinn
and Perrin.
Streets and Sidewalks McGinn and
Fire Department McKervey
Public Buildings De Puy and
Sewers McGinn and MeKervej'.
Taxe McGinn ami Hall
Street Ope iinrs Perrin and
Printing McK.-rvey and UalL
Licenses Hall and De Puv.
Pounds McKervey and Hall.
Nuisances Perrin and McGinn.
Upon motion, the petition of S. Le
Gault, and others, was taken from the
table and referred to the committee on
Streets and Sidewalks.
The reports of the old Finance com
mittee were taken up and disposed of a
follows :
Marshal's bonds Adopted. Increase
of Treasurer's tees Report adopted.
Bills of J.J. Cueny and Northern
Tribune Bills allowed, and orders or
dered to be issued.
Village Printing Upon motion, the
report was referred to the committee on
The bill of the Free Press for printing
advertisement oT tax sales, laid over
from last meeting, was, upon motion, al
lowed. The following accounts were present
ed and, upon motion, referred to com
mittee on Claims and accounts:
John McDonald, surveying village lot
staking out foundation lor iock-up, and
running level for sewer.
J. C. Mulvaugh, two belts for night
watchman, $1 50.
The bond of TheopiliU Paquin, for
selling liquor, with Adolphus Paquin
and John F. McDonald as sureties, was
presented and. upon motion, accepted.
Moses W. Home's bond as Village
Marshal, in the amount of $6,000, with
A. P. Newton and John Wylie as sure
ties, was presented and, upon motion, ap
proved and accepted.
Upon motion. Council resolved to ac
cept the proposition of Mr. Backus for
furnishing a village pound for the term
of one year.
Village Attorney Bell stated that there
were no blanks printed for the Treas
urer to issue certificates to purchasers Of
lots sold at the village tax sale, and pre
sented a form of cert i ncate'hidi he rec
ommended should be printed. Upon
motion, it was referred to the committee
on Taxes.
Upon motion of Trustee Perrin. the
salary of the Village Clerk was fixed at
$150 per annum.
The Street Commissioner a-k d for in
struction in regard to wages to be paid
to laborers and te.ims which it would be
necessary for him to employ. Upon mo
tion, it was left to his own discretion.
Upon motion, the Street Commissioner
was instructed to place the street lamps
in the places heretofore designated by
the Council. Upon motion, it was agreed
that the village furnish oil for the lamp
at the postoffice and at the Main street
entrance to Humphrey's dock.
A pre vislOU In the chnrter prohibiting
members of Council acting a bondsinan,
upon motion the Clerk was instructed to
notify Mr. Spencer that it would be uec
essary lor him to secure a bondsman in
the place ol Trustee Perrin.
Upon motion, Justica Sammons was
designated as. the Justice before whom
all trials for violation of the village or
dinances were to be held.
The Village Attorney was instructed
to draw up an ordinance and present it
at the next meeting of Council, defining
the duties of the night watchman.
Upon motion, the committe on Ways
and Means was instructed to wait upon
Geo. Frances and others and see what
would be the best terms upon which a
night watchman could be employed.
A resolution was offered and adopted
that a committee of three be appointed
to act in connection with the Village At
torney in revising the old ordinances, and
to draf: such new ordinances as were
deemed necessary. De Puy, Perrin and
Farrell were appointed said committee.
At half-past twelve o'clock, concluding
that they had transacted enough busi
ness for one evening, upon motion, the
Council adjourned.
marine Jottings.
The propeller Maine, of the N. T. line,
was the first to enter this port. She ar
rived last Tuesday morning, bound
down, and landed a considerable quan
tity ot freight at Humphrey's dock for
our merchants.
The propeller St. Albans was the first
boat to reach this port from below. She
arrived Tuesday, having on board twenty
tons of freight for this place. She ex
perienced considerable difficulty in
getting through the ice in the lower end
of Lake Huron.
The J. W. Bennett came over from
Mackinaw Tuesday, and remained until
Thursday, when she left with the Francis
Adah In tow. To be in the fashion, she is
being dressed in a suit of new paint,
which will improve her appearance very
The tug Joe D. Dudley, of Mar
quette, put into this port Tuesday night,
and remained until Wednesday forenoon,
when she left for her home port.
The St. Joseph arrived Wednesday
morning early and landed a number of
passengers and a large quantity of
freight at Humphrey's dock. Like the
St. Albans, she had trouble in passing
through the ice in the lower dud of the
lake, but by persistent efforts she suc
ceeded. The two iuner buoys to mark the
entrance to the harbor were put into po-
siiiou last Monday evening, but they
have been receiving rough treatment
from the floating ice, Tuesday evening
being carried off to the eastward of the
channel. They arete again set, and
Wednesday were carried to the west side
of the channel. We think, however,
that the ice has left so that il will trouble
them no more this season.
The schooner Francis Adah left
Thursday, for St. Helena, loaded with
The'schooner Dreadnaught finished
fitting out the first of the week, and
Wednesday went over to Bois Blanc and
took gravel aboard for ballast. She
looks very much improved iu appear
ance. The propeller Bobert Holland reach
ed this port Thursday morning and land
ed at McArthur, Smith & Co.'s dock,
where she unloaded her freight for this
port. She went into Duncan before
landing here. We understand she will
run in connection with the Marine City,
in opposition the Sr. Joe.
The schooner Bessie Boalt arrived
Thursday afternoon after a cargo of cedar
posts, and was the first vessel in the
river after a load. There being no tug
at hand she sailed in and with a good
stiff breeze blowing, came in flying.
The gehoonor A. P. Nichols arrived
about noon Tliursuay, and unucrtooK in
the absence of any tug to sail in. but in
doing so drifted on to the east bank ot
the channel, and became hard aground.
The masters of the tugs Eva English and
Bismarck learning of the situation, went
to her assistance and succeeded after con
siderable work in getting her oft' and
bringing her into port. She Is loading
with cedar posts for J. B. McArthur.
Business has commenced In earnest
with the river tugs and since starting out
they have had all they could attend to.
The sehooner Dreadnaught did no
get very far Thursday, when she started
out for ballast. The boys concluded it
was most to breezy t guher gravel oft
the beach and oonolttded to await more
favorable weather.
The Marine City was. advertised to
leave Detroit hist Thursday.
The captain of the A. P. Nichols,
loading cedar posts for J. B. McArthur,
claims that the Nivhols was the fiist sail
vessel to make the passage through the
traits.'He I'auiiHlown through the south
passage and says it was full of ice.
The Post gays the Prindiville paeaed
Detroit Tuesday night bound up the
i raits. She may be expected therefore
at almost any tiue.
The Inter-Ocean's coriepondeot
from Milwaukee stated that tin? Levia
than would h'ave that port for this
place last Monday or Tuesday. Had she
done so she should have been here before
this time.
A heavy northeaster prevailed mos1
of last night and this morning the sea is
quite heavy. Several vessels are at an
chor in the straits, opposite this harbor,
awaiting the cessation ol the blow.
The Bed Ribbon Meeting Lat Night.
Wertheimer's Hall was crowded to its
utmost capacity last night, the occasion
being the meeting of the reform club,
and the announcement that Mr. James J .
Brown would address the meeting. Tie
audience expected a good speech from
Mr. Brown, and they were not disap
pointed. He appealed to his hearers in
such a manner a3 to secure their sympa
thy at once.and at times there were few
dry eyes in the hall. His remarks were
interspersed with suitable selections,
which were read in his inimitable man
ner, winch added much to the enjoyable
ness of the lecture. The speech will
doubtless do much good, and we hope 10
hear from him again on the same sub
ject. We regret that time or space will
not permit us to give the meeting a moi e
extended notice. There were quite a
number more went lor ward and signed
the pledge, thus showing that the good
work is still marching on.
Col. R. C. Duryea arrived on the Si.
Joe Wednesday morning, having had a
week's trip of it. He went up to look al
ter affairs on the Sturgeon river, Thurs
day. D. W. Bennett left for a visit to Wi
consin on the St. Albans, Tuesday.
Jos. Spooner and Charlie Lynn have
gone to Milwaukee after a supply of
G. D. V. Rollo, Esq., arrived home
last night from his visit to Cincinnati.
Considerable space is devoted tir
week to the proceedings of the Villa-.
Council. The fact that the new vOnige
irovernment take hold of the bushier
with such energy it renders this necessary
if we keep our citizens posted regarding
thiir transactions.
A serious outbreak of cholera is report
ed Akab, India.
Russia has ordered the suspension if
navigation between ike Crimea and lite
Charles M. Stirling, the Yonngstou n.
O.. murderer, was hanged at that place
at 12.40 P. M. on last Saturday.
An inside detective force has been cre
ated within the New York police force
see if it attends to its duties properly.
Six thousand persons attended the
Murphy temperance meeting at Colum
bus, O. on Saturday, and 5,000 signed
the pledge.
The steamer Alaska, from China and
Japan, brought Uo0 Chinese to San Fran
cisco, with the smallpox among tluu:.
The teasel is quarantined, and the siek
have been sent ashore.
Revenue officers seized 500 barrels of
whisky Saturday, beloiiirinj; John II.
Gatl"SfcCo.. ot Lawrenceburg. lud., lor
violation of internal revenue regulation.-.
Wm. Harrison ami Fritz Dine were ar
rested at Dayton. O.. Monday, as accom
plices in a recent diamond robbery l
Nashville, Tenn. Diamonds worth $lv; -000
were found on hem.
The wheat crop in theOhioand Missis
sippi valleys is in fine condition. Gras
hoppers seem to be counted out in flic
northwest and good crops are expected.
California will give hall a crop.
A Boston telegram says Edward S.
Rand, Jr., on Saturday transferred his
propertv for the benefit of the trust fund
creditors, and on taking the poor debt
or's oath, was released from prison.
The chicken diptheiia, a fowl dUtem
der, rages in Wayne county.
Postmaster Fee, of Adrian, has been re
appointed by the President.
There is a jam of logs extending full
12 miles up Pine river above Estella.
The Michigan state medical soci - v
meets in Battle Creek on the 0th and 10. h
of May next.
Every man in the village of Elsie, ex
cept the lavern keepers, has taken Hi
red ribbon.
The Caroll house at Bay City was dam
aged ov fire and water to the extent of
I I, 500 Mouday.
Geo. Grier was seriously injured at I e
City. Monday, being struck in the face by
a propeller fender.
Nathaniel Turner and Colwell Smith,
of Adrian, aged 82 and 58 respective! K
fought a duel with crowbars and raiK
William Wratson. of Toledo, has been
out to Kalamazoo looking for his wire,
jhe deserted him two hours after their
man iage.
The voung ladies of the freshman cl i-s
at the University had their annual feeil .f
Mayor Cramer's residence on Friday
night of hist week.
A well-known and enterprising El
Saginaw miller has imported somespb-n-did
Calcutta wheat from India, aud is in
troducing it among the fhrebf 111
M. S. Constaniine, an Adrian mn-i.-dealer
and publisher, made an :w-i.:n-
III. 'tit lat Monday to Charles. R. Mi.! .
of the firm of Geddes & Miller, attorney .
Richard Evans, a miner, lay down
the railroad track at Ionia to take a 1.
When he awoke he had but one arm no j
had received terrible injuries elsewh--
James Laforge. a prominent Bay Cny
luraberman had hi skull broken bv 1
pike lever on a Site river roll way M
day. It is reported that he has siiur
The State Sportsman1- association i tiii
itAillieed to mp't at Grand Rapids 011 I
8th of May. Thev ask those whoin iA
interested, whether members or not, t ' v
Mr. Hanchett, the man who und
takes to supply Nile with water, hM
ordered his four miles of 12 inch pli '
from a S.uir.h Bend firm. He cviden.ly
means business.
An exchange says that a Saginaw o'li
cer went to Charlotte recently to capfo"
a prisoner, ffot drunk, and was him-eli
captured and locked up by a vigilant rail
libbon officer of that place.

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