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Kntered at th Postofflce at Cheboygan
Mich aa Second Clasa Matter.
v SATURDAY. MARCH 27, 188a
Republican CouTentlou.
A Republican County Con vem Ion -will be held
at the Town Hail, In the village of Cheboygan,
On Friday, April 30th. 188(1, ,
at 1 o'clock ri for the purpose of electing a del
egate to thi State Convention, to be held at. De
trolt, May 12tb, 1880, for the purpose of electing
delegatc-a to the Republican National Conrentiori,
tto be held at Chicago, June 2d. Alio, if Seemed
advisable, to aelcct a delegate to the State Conrer
tion, to be hereafter called for the parpoae of nom
inating state officers.
A I do for the purpoi of electing a Republican
County Committee to feive for the ensuing two
years, years, or an til their successors are elected,
and for such other business as . may properly be
' brought before the Convent ion. - . -
The several townships are requested to hold
caucuses and elect delegates to the Convention
The townships w:ll be entitled to the following
representation, upon the basis of one delegate for
each 25 votes, and one additional delegate for each
fraction of 15 or more rotes cast at the last election
for Justices ot the Supreme Court.
Benton 13 Grant 3
. Beaugrand - - 2 Inverness 4
tour. , 2 Monroe. ... 1
Duncan... 1 Taicarora 2
' By order of Committee.
W. CHANDLER, Chairman.
Republican Caucus.
A Republican caucus for the township of Benton
to place in nomination candidates fur the various
townsLIp offices; a'ao to elect 13 delegates to the
County Convention, to be held on Fridaj, Aprlj
30tb.13d0.and for the transaction ol such other
business aa will come before the meeting, will be
held at the Town Hall, in the village of Cbeboy
gao, on Friday, April 2d, 1880, at 2 o'clock r.
Township Committee.
-The crows are complaining of this
weather, and not without caws.
Town election tickets printed quickly
and cheaply at the Tribune office. .
' .". The new addition to the Grand Central
hotel will improve its appearance Tery
much. .' ,
Nelson & Bullen sent ont fire teams
Wednesday to Petoskey to bring in their
stock of new spring goods. .
The large boarding house being built
by the Cheboygan Lumber company is
enclosed and the roof shingled. .
The Tribune office is doing some fine
job work and lots of it. If you want
anything in the printing line call and
see us. .
The lumber camps haTe commenced
breaking up. Two of thel Cheboygan
Lumber Co's quit this week, the second
breaking up yesterday.
Miss Black will resume her dressmak.
ing business next week in her new rooms
over Weed's drug store, at which place
she will be glad to see her friends.
A call for a caucus of the Republicans
of the township of Benton, to be held at
the Town Hall next Friday afternoon,
will be found elsewhere in thin inane.
The Methodists of the Chebovsran Riv
er circuit are going to build a parson
age, near their church at Riggsville.
n-i TT "I t-v - . . j
a. u. imvis, oi our Tillage, uonaiea
the site.
Mr. Adolph Gerisher reauests the Tri
bune to express to the people of Cheboy
gan and vicinity his thanks for their
Tery generous treatment at the time of
his recent misfortune.
Lumbermen are preparing to start
their drives. The indications are that
- all will be got out of the streams with-
, were left back last season.
. ; Hon. Henry W. Seymour of the Sault
is expected here in a few days on his
way home from Washington where he
has been spending some weeks ' looking
after the railroad interests of his sec
tion of the state. - .
? --' Postmaster Ford has employed W. P.
McKillican as assistant in the pestoffice.
Mrs. Ford is going east to Tisit her friends
in her former home. Mr. McKillican is
a young man who, we are sure, will make
many friends in his new position.
During the week the publisher of this
paper has received several letters from
parties from the southern portion of the
state who desire to locate at Cheboygan
There is plenty of room for all enter
prising persons who wish to come.
The Post and Tribune names S.Le-
. Gault; Jr, of this Tillage, as one of the
strong checker players of the state, and
as likely to be one of the "dark horses"
uto put in an appearance and cause
; trouble for. the boys at the proposed state
tournament at Lansing this spring.
The "powers that be" should estab
lish a signal station at this place. There
is no place on the lakes where one is re
quired more than here, and why . they
should be placed at Tery . unimportant
points, and none here is a question that
it would take either a Tery wise man or
' a fool to answer. .
The Students Club will meet-: at Mr
Walton's Monday evening, at which time
the readings of Julius Caesar will be
completed. At the last meeting it was
proposed that the club should ad
journ after its next meeting until an
other winter, but this was voted down,
and it was decided to take up Othello
Capt. J.W.Brown while setting the
engine bed of the propeller Mary, last
Saturday, had the end of the third finger
of his right hand badly mashed, the fin
ger getting caught under the bed-plate,
which weighed about 600 pounds." This
makes the second finger of the same
hand that has been shortened for the
The political excitement OTer the Til
lage election at the Sault seems to have
died away as suddenly as it came up.
The week following the exposure by the
News of the attempted Democratic steal
of the presidency of the Tillage, that
paper comes out with the announce
ment that it is prepared to print elec
tion tickets for both parties, in a man
ner which wiU defy criticism or words
to that effect.
The county of Presque Isle has erected
anew township within its limits and
named it Krakow. 1
Rev. Richard Bross, rector of the Epis
copal church at Alpena, died last Tues
day after a short illness.'
Work on the new Episcopal church is
progressing finely. It will show up as
a very tasty little church. '
And now comes the season of the year
when bets as to the time of arrival of
the first boat are in order.
Spring goods are beginning to arrive
at Nelson & Bullen's. Four loads came
over from Petoskey Thursday night.
McClure & Co.'s express will run this
year as usual, upon the People's line
of steamers from Detroit. Charlie Farr
has been re-appointed agent.
The second story of Weed's drug store
building is to be finished. It is under
stood that it is to be occupied by Miss
Black as dress making and millinery
II. A. Blake is doing a rushing busi
ness. An increase of his force arrived
last Saturday, in the shape of a young
machinist Weight ten pounds. Henry
is happy.
Mrs. Chandler was elected vice-Presi-dent
of the State Missionary society for
the Cheboygan Congregational confer
ence, not foe Cheboygan county as stated
last week. 4
A meeting of the temperance workers
of all organizations is called to meet at
East Saginaw on Thursday, April 8.
Every temperance organization is enti
tled to their delegates.
The Board of Registration meets at
the Town Clerk's office next Saturday,
April 3rd."1 If you desire to vote at the
coming election, don't fail to see that
your name is registered.
At a little practice shooting yester
day, Mr. Herrington broke twenty balls
straight and Mr. Hodge eighteen out of
twenty, and Messrs. Humphrey and Ford,
each, fifteen out of twenty.
During the last year, 14930 acres of
agricultural college land and 1,577,75
acres of swamp land located in this
county was sold by the state. Only in
one or two other counties was the acre
age sold so large.
A call for aRepublicaniounty conven-
tion appears in another column. Let the
Republicans in every township hold their
meeting and send delegates. The proper
organization of the party in the county
depends upon it.
The Presque Isle County Advance says
that Mr. Wm. Hagen, of Crawfords Quar
ry, is about to start a store.saloon, church,
postoffice and blacksmith shop at what
is known as Blake's corner, in the town
of Belknap, in that county.
To-morrow being Easter day the servi
ces at the Town will be as follows:
Morning prayer, Litany, with sermon and
Holy Eucharist, commencing at 10:30
a. m. Sunday school, 12 m. Easter cel
ebration of the Sunday school at 7 P. M.
The stockholders of the Black River
Slackwater Navigation Co. did not hold
a meeting for organization as was ex
pected this week, owing to the absence
of some of the stockholders. It is now
thought that the meeting will be held
sometime next week.
It was rumored on the street that
John Mulvaughwas fitting up the sec
ond story of his building, over his har
ness shop, for an Odd Fellow's lodge, but,
from the way it is being arranged, we
would not be surprised if it should turn
out to be some mated fellow's lodge.
The economical management of the
Western Union Telegraph Co. have stop
ped the salary of the efficient manager
of the office at the Sault, on account of
the breakage of the cable. This only
conforms to the management of the line
in other respects up in this country.
The new gang saw for Thompson
Smith's mill is nearly ready to put in
position. It has been made entirely at
Mr. Smith's machine shops at Duncan
and will be a machine equal to any
made anywhere, and in some points it is
claimed to be superior to any others. r
We haTe received from the publisher
of "Andersonville, a story of Southern
Prisons," about fifteen dollars worth of
advertising which they wish inserted,
for which we will receive a copy of the
book, the retail price of which is three
dollars. The request is declined with
Detroit is still hammering away on
that Butler railroad bonus with very
little more signs of securing the amount
necessary than a few weeks ago. Those
fifteen residents of the city worth fifteen
millions of dollars have not beeflCheato1
from yet and probably will not be. The
Adrian Times suggests that "Detroit
wants a railroad bad a little one for a
cent,"' and that's about the one she will
get unless they manufacture a little en
terprise down there.
The anti remedy business seems to
have struck this town forcibly. Last
week a manufacturer of anti-fat remedy
receiTed a list of the heavy weights of
the Tillage, now comes along an "anti
slim man, and it is proposed to send
him the names of H. C. Lower, Robert
Robinson, A. McCarty and Will C. Whit
ing, lest ere long these gentlemen will
evaporate entirely. Some of them are
said to be pine-ing away more than
usual this winter, and they are all about
as "thin as the wind" and this article.
Either some measures should be taken
to keep cattle from running in the street
or parents should keep their children at
home. A few days ago some cattle in
the southern part of town came across a
little child about two years of age, and
commenced tossing it on their horns high
in the air, and before J. D. Smith Esq.,
who was at some distance could rescue
the child, it was thrown up four or five
times, and sometimes as far as ten or
fifteen feet The child was rescued and
it could not be discovered that it was
much injured, although it was a wonder
that it was not
Fire disposed of a small house in Dun
can City last Saturday.
Attention is called to the of "Money
to Loan," in another column.
It is now announced that the Erie
canal will be opened for business April
We are indebted to Albert Kitchin, of
San Francisco, Cal., for late California
The stage came in yesterday on wheels
from the woods. Mr. Littlefield reports
the snow going lively in the woods.
Thompson Smith has lost several of his
horses during the past few days by a
disease somewhat new here, the hoof
The mail carrier, from Mackinaw re
ports the ice in the north channel all
broken up and thinks a west wind would
clear it out. ,", ' . ;
Very persistent jingling of the tri
angle failed to secure anywhere near a
full attendance of a fire company meet
ing last night
The dredge dropped down the river
this forenoon to the Cheboygan Lumber
Co(s mill to commence dredging around
their lumber docks.
The Saginaw Herald has a terrible
wrestle nearly fevery week with the
name of this paper. Their last attempt
made it the "Western" Tribune.
The population of Duncan City is in
creasing. A recent arrival is a fine boy
in the family of Capt. R. H. Mosier.of
which arrival the Captain is quite proud
The ladies of the Episcopal church are
going to decorate the hall for the Easter
services to-morrow. From a knowledge
of the ladies who have charge of the
matter, we are sure it will be well and
appropriately done.
Nelson & Bullen are busy taking stock.
The inventory will be completed the first
of next week and then they propose to
open their new goods, and promise their
customers one of the finest displays of
goods ever brought to Cheboygan.
Bro. Steerefof the Chippewa News, has
been confined to the house some time
this winter with divers aches and pains.
He has our sincere sympathy and wishes
for a speedy recovery. Is the trouble
caused by his taking too much or too
little of Dr. Meyers' celebrated remedy.
Mr. Paul Fasset has been appointed
keeper of the Cheboygan light house, in
place of Mrs. Jane Barr, who some time
since tendered.her resignation, to take
effect the last of this month. Mr. Fas
set received his commission last evening,
and will assume the duties the first of
Wild pigeons put in their first appear
ance, in this section, this season last
Tuesday. It is expected they will soon
be coming in large numbers, as the crop
of beech nuts in this section is said to
be an extraordinary large one. Some of
our home trappers are already looking
up their trapping grounds and trying to
effect leases of the locations,
The Detroit Post and Tribune copies
an item from a Petoskey paper in such a
way that the general reader would infer
that the Northern Tribune's statistics
of this season's log crop for the Cheboy
gan region showed only 5,600,000 feet,
and that the product of Emmet county.
It might be well for the Post and Tribune
to take their news from headquarters.
Detroit is somewhat alarmed by the
rumor that the new steamer which was
announced to runbetween Detroit and
Lake Superior will be run in connection
with the Lake Superior Transit company,
managed by Buffalo parties. We fear
that Detroit will secure an independent
line of steamers about the time she does
the Butler railroad when that city de
velops a little more public spirit.
Last Monday morning W. S. Humphrey
went into his mother's room to regulate
the fire and found her sleeping heavily
and was not able to arouse her. Dr. Ge
row was sent for, but for a long time it
seemed doubtful if she would ever arouse
from her lethargic condition, but after
persistent effort for about twenty hours,
she roused up some andha3 been con
stantly improving since.
Capt E. A. Bouchard has exhausted
his tin mine, on the north side of Bois
Blanc island, not, however, until he had
recovered about all that was thrown
over from the Badger State. This week
he recovered 97 boxes and 9 pigs, that re
maining in the lake is tin plate, the
boxes being broken up and the tin scat
tered so as render it impossible to recov
er it .The tin recovered is all on the
dock at Mackinaw ready for shipment
- During the week J. F. Molony, C. A.
Gallagher and Wm. Mulvaugh have de
voted portion of their time to collecting
aid for the Irish, relief fund and have
met with very good success. They hope
before they close their work in this di
rection to . secure at ' least $250. The
cause is one that appeals to the hearts
of all liberal minded persons and we
would be glad to announce that the sum
raised was much larger than above in
dicated. In response to a request to that effect,
Senator Ferry writes under date of
March 23, that he has made personal ap -plication
for it, and has the promise of
the Postofflce Department that very soon
the postoffice at Cheboygan will be desig
nated as a Canadian money order office.
For a long time there has been a
demand here for Canadian money orders,
and this, as soon as established, will
prove a very great accommodation to
many of our citizens who wish to send
money to their former homes in Canada.
If you want anything in the line of
ready-made clothing go to Anspach &
Co.'s before going elsewhere, as they are
confident that their prices can't be beat
in town.
Prof. Sweet will hold his dancing
school hereafter on Tuesday and Friday
Weather Report for the Week ending:
i ! li
'5 DATE. - .
Friday 19 27 44 34 s w cy t
Saturday 20 28 20117 nw vr a c
Sunday- i 5 42(35 se sw c f
Monday...... .ja 25 45 38 w aw c cy
Tuesday 23 36 25 18 w w f c
Wednesday 24 4 11 18 nw nw c
Thursday -5 6 38133 se se t sy
Snow fall for the week 2 inrliPfl mut
ing wnen melted 1-16 inch of water.
In the above tarda M stand fnr mnrn
ing, N for noon, E for evening. In
describing the ronrse of the wind tha
usual letters of the compass are used.
in uescriomg tne weatner c stands for
clear, f for fair, cy for cloudy, sq for
squally, s for snow, and r for rain.
N. B. The above observations are
laicen at sunrise in the morning, at noon
ttuu ai. suusei in tne evening.
6 A. M. . 6 P. M,
naay, 18 . 29.45 29.42
oaiuraay, -j 29.50 29.76
Sunday, 21 29.54 29.58
Monday, 22 ......... . .29.64 29 44
Tuesday, 23 29.50 y 29.86
eanesaay, 24... m.m 30.10 30.01
Thursday, 25 . SO.00 29.85
The largest stock bf clothing and dry
goods in town is at Anspach' & Co's store,
and If you want anything in that line,
why, of course, that is the best place in
town to go add get it.
Some bargains in Dry Goods at McAr-
thur, Smith & Co.'s.
For new designs of prints, cheviotts
ginghams, &c go to Anspach & Co's.
It is rumored thatjthere is a prospect
that our former townsman, W.F.DePuy,
may soon take up his residence in Che
boygan again. We don't believe there
is a citizen in the place but will join us
in the wish that the rumor may be true1
J. D. Smith's saw mill this season will
prabably be under the management of
W. H. Bunker, Esq, who, for the past
two years, has had charge of Seymour's
mill at the Sault Mr. Bunker's many
friends will be glad to see him back here
Ilewi From Abroad.
We are glad to notice that this "neck
of woods" receives some attention from
outside sources although the informa
tion may not be correct in any particu
lar. The American Ship, published in
New York, in the interest of navigation,
as its name implies, has the following
notice under date of March 13:
All along the lakes the early opening of navi
gation has started a new life, and anticipations
ot a prohtable season are most hopeful. The
Buffalo Board of Trade requests the Superin
tendents of Public Works to have the New York
canals in readiness by April 10th, though it is
not Deneved they will be opened before May 1st,
on account of necessary cleaniner and repairs.
The Wehand canal will not be opened before
May 1st. The straits of Mackinaw are open,
and navigation between all the nrinciDal norts
has no serious obstruction. It is thought in
Chicago that the chartered vessels will make a
start for Buffalo by the 20th inst
And under the head of "Telegraphic
Jottings" the Cincinnati Gazette of March
IS contains the startling announcement
that "the harbor pier, lighthouse, and
contents at Cheboygan, Mich, were burn
ed last evening."
How far from the truth the above
items are, our readers well know, but
they serve the purpose of advertising
this region to the big world outside.
A Chance of Base.
Smith Bros, have secured the services
of Mr. S. H. Russell for book-keeper and
general utility man at their office and
lumberyard. Mr. Russell came to Che
boygan about a year ago to take charge
of the books of McArthur, Smith & Co.
He has just produced a handsome "bal
ance sheet" of the books, and has
brought order out of chaos in the sys
tem of book keeping in their large busi
ness, to the satisfaction of all concerned.
He will take an energy and experi
ence into the affairs of his new employ
ers, of value to them in their new and
growing enterprises. His fellow work
ers in the "water-mill" will part with
him with many kind wishes.
Go and see the elegant selections of
the latest hair ornaments, fichus, newest
shades of ribbons, ties, &c, just received
at the cheap cash store of A. Anspach &
Don't forget to try Anspach & Co.'s
when you want a new suit of clothes,
shirts, hats, &c. You will secure great
We call special attention to our new
spring stock of Ready Made Clothing.
r Unclaimed Letter List.
Tfre following is a list of letters re
maining In the Cheboygan postoffice.un
called for March 27. Persons calling for
these letters will please say that they are
John Andrews. Jhn Birten, Wesley H Both,
Wolfiranit Bar. HermMrue Bontramme, Ferdinand
Chamnid, James Campbell, John Carter, Atphonse
Deroaier, Joseph Jeru, juiss liooe uasner, morons
Ho'land, James A Hutchinson 3; F 1) Hallenback,
DJarvi. Turvan McManus, J J McDonald
John F McGinn Alex Monroe, George M jebnek,
frank lMI:int, Uw-ge ltoDucK 4, U li fctmun z,
Hpnrv Wood 2. ', .
A choice lot of hams at low prices at
McArthur, Smith & Co's.
Dry Wood for Sale.
A lot of good dry wood, at $1.75 per
cord, for sale at McArthur, Smith & Co.'s
dock, foot of Main street. tf
Much Sickness.
Umloubtedly with children, attributed
to other causes, is occasioned by worms,
Brown's Vermifuge Comfits or Worm
Lozenges, although effectual In destroy
ing worms, can do no possible iniury to
the most delicate child. This valuable
combination has been successfully used
by physicians and found to be absolutely
sure in eradicating worms, so hurtful to
children. Twenty-five cents a box.
What is the world to a man out of
health? Reed's Gilt Edge Tonic is the
best corrective that can De had.
The Great Fain Believer.
Brown's Household Panacea, which
has wrought such wonders, a purely
vegetable preparation. It cures cramp3
in the limbs and stomach, rheumatism,
dysentery, toothache, sore throat bilious
colic, colds, burns, sprains and bruises,
and all kindred maladies. For internal
and external use. It has cured tbe above
complaints in thousands of cases. There
is no mistake about it. Try it. Sold every
where. Twenty-rflve cents a bottle.
General markets at commercial centers In
the main continue steady at the "boom" prices,
but some lines are lower, especially hogs,
their product, mess pork is offering largely at
Chicago at a decline of from 40 to 60 cents per
barrel. Wholesale markets on dry goods are
firm, woolens especially, showing constant ad
vances. Boots and shoes steady. Hardware
steady but at a stand still. Burning oils declined
about 2 cents per gallon. In view of the fancy
prices charged by our grocers here for eggs,
in might be interesting to note that they, are
selling at 8 H to 10 cents outside. Flour and all
kinds of grain quoted lower it all seaboard
points. In the item of freights, business men
and consumers will realize the disadvantages
of living forty miles from a pubUc highway by
a comparison of the following rates. The
freight on a barrel of flour from Petoskey to
Cheboygan by the overland route is f LOO,
charges from Chicago to New York, 35c; New
York to Liverpool, $1.15; New York to Glas
gow, $1.21; New York to London, $1.22.
8 to
Cream Tartar .-...J eOc
BEANS. Per bus.
Navy 2 00
COFFEE, TEA &c. Per lb.
.Java Coffee, green.......................... 35c
Mocha coffee, green 3
Rio coffee, green..... 22 to 25c
Japan tea 50 to 75c
Young Hyson tea .......... 500 to $1
Breakfast tea 50c
Crackers 1 ' a ,n
ZL . ........ ............ ... o VU IW
Cheese l2Uto 18e
3 lb. Peaches
2 44 Blackberries .,
2 " Cherries
2 44 Raspberries
3 44 Plums
3 44 Tomatoes .
3 "Corn
Rope, ii to iyt inch
Hay rope
Blossburg coal
Stove 44
Nut 44
Soft 44
.. . 18c
Per lb.
18 to 20c
Per ton.
$ 7
10 00
5 35
5 25
....$4140 to 5
Per cord.
$2 50
1 75
1 50
Per lb.
Slab wood .
4 Foot hard wood...
44 soft 44
Stove length hard wood
Alden apples........ .....
Common apples..
Layer raisins........
Muscatel raisins............... ...
10 to 15c
........... 15c
2 oz. 4 oz.
10c 20c
15c 25n
Lemon .... ..
Patent process..........
Winter, tfancy
Spring', fancy
$10 00
..-7 50 to 8 25
7 00
Per hus
w neat winter
( -lover seed
Pulverized.. Granulated
A coffee
C 44
Kirk's .......
Eggs, per dozen
Butter, per lb
Michigan test
Water white
Ground feed
Hay, loose.............
.t 1 18 to $1 25
. 115 to 120
6 00
Per lb
14 c
12 c
Per box
$3 75
3 25
25 to 30
25c to SO
Per lb
60 to 75
Per eal
Per ton
$25 00
15 00
30 00
20 00
" rial Arl
22 00
Per jral
New Orleans..
Per bbl
'5 to 14 00
12 50
Per lb.
Lard, per tierce
Hams .
Pork ..
Frpsh Kap
11c to 12 c
f,7 to 7c
7 c
$1 50
1 10
Salt, per m ,, ,
Lime, perbbl
Plastering hair, per bus......
Nails, common sizes, per lb
White lead, per lb .
Linseed oil. per gal.
Putty, per lb
lOe to 11
1 00
Catarrh is in most cases the result at
a neglected cold or cough. "Brown's
n..-.i.'.i m 1 1 ...
xruucmai lrotnes nave a sooining
effect on the irritated membrane extend
ing from the nose to the throat.
Important to Mothers.
Mrs. Winslow's Sootbinsr SmiD Is tbe
only thing that mothers can rely upon
for their children. It corrects acidity of
the stomach, cures wind colic, regulates
the bowles and gives rest, health and
comfort to mother and child. Daring
the process of teething its value is incal
culable. It softens the gums, red tic' s ln
flamation and allays all pain, thereby
giving rest to the child and comfort to
the mother. Twenty-five cents a bottle.
A Rochester Physician's Experience.
R. Canlkins, M. D of Rochester. N. Y
certifies Oct. 6th, 1879, that he has
used the Safe Kidney and Liver Cure in
his practice for diseases of the kidneys
and liver, and the result has been satis
factory in the extreme. He says: "I
would now prescribe the same remedy
to all similarly afflicted, and you are at
iiuritj lueuBtatoiu vuux lesuuiuiliais.
Money to Loan.
N Good Security. Enquire at the Law Ot
nee or SHlirlSKij & tfe.
Sheriff's Hale,
NOTICE is hereby given, that by virtue of a
writ of fieri faciaa lasued ont of the circuit
eonrt for tha county of Mackinac, in lavor cf John
k. uaiiey. against tbe gooaw and cnattlea and real
eatateof Peter Aslant in said county, to me direct
ed and delivered, I did on the 20th day ot January
a. u. iso, levy upon ana taae an tne nent title
and interest of tbe said Peter Aalant in and to the
following desenhed real estate.that is to sav: All of
that certain undivided one half of lot number six
teen (16) of island of Bois Blanc, as aurveved bv
Jamea S. Douglass, situate in tbe township ot
uoimcs, county 01 JU.acBinac.ana state or Alscbigan,
con tainins: 29 acres and 12-100tht of an acre, all ot
which I aball expose for sale at public auction or
vendue to the highest bidder at the front door of
thecourt house in the village of Mackinac, in said
county on the 15th DAY OF MAY, A. D. 1880. at
two o'clock in tne afternoon.
Dated March 22, 18S0.
hugh Mclaughlin, sheriff.
Pet 1 a N. Pickabd,
Attorney lor Plaintiff.
I wish to annnounce to the public that I am
Now Prepared
To supply all who desire goods ia my line
ucu as
Fresh Bread, Buns, Rolls, Cakes
of All Kinds,
I also keep on hand a supply of
Fresh Oysters !
My Candies are
Tf Tnn want. oaVaa n nlatnt n nn.m.n4.i
RtvhPAfrilTA n A fall T will onnnlv rivoAM
Cakes, or anything In my Jne for parties,
Buciois clu. ui uuuuecuun l nave a
First-Class Restaurant,
Where those wishing meals can be accommo
at an nours,
At Last. At Last. At Last.
$1 $2 $3 I $4
Pair of Fine Good Pair of airBat call
A GOOO HAT. Boot$ Pant8. Boott.
$5 $6 $7 $8
Good coat. Pants & Vest. Boy's Wool Suit Dress pattern. H
$9 $10 $u $12
Slack Cashmere Man's all Wool Young Ma rtfa
Dress Pattern. Ujf$ Cassimers Suit Spring Overcoat
$13 $14 $15
BDY . 1., EOT Store,
Ulsterette. Suit. Lots of goods, cheboygax,
"""" rM
And it is worked out on this plan
every day day at our store. Come in
and see how it is done.
A.iid Don't You Forget It.
McArhtur, Smith & Co.,
Flour and Feed,
Ready Made Clothing',
Gents' Furnishing Goods,
Boots and Shoes,
Hats and Caps,
and Fixtures.
Hardware, &c.
We keer erood e-onris and ffiiarant.PA mir
prices the very lowest.
wxujjl jyxc assure.
-A T
Notwithstanding the
we are seillng, as Cheap as ever
O. JLi. SIME YrJnH 4& CO..
Livery Stable.
Main Street, opposite A. P. Newton's
Where yeu can find
New, Stylish, First-class Turn
Df le and ogle. tobe"let at reasonable rates
Vbcpt-tf CHARLES A. SJ10LK.
Wathmaker and Jeweler
Rockford Watch Co's
Quick-Train Watches.
Watches, Clocks, Jewelry,
Fancy Groods
Books, Stationery,
Wall Papers, . Picture Frames, &c.
Main Street, Opposite Postoffice.
Goods always shown
McDonald & Cusny.
Heavy and Shelf Hardware
Wood & Coal
Putty, &c.
Pumps, Gas Pipe, &,c.
; Also manufacturers and dealers in
Ail Kinds cf Tin and Copperware.

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