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The Northern tribune.
VOL. 9.
NO 4
Northern Tribune.
Terms: $2 per year, in Advance.
Jewelry Store,
Opposite Postoflice.
Opposite Postofflce.
Third St.,Cheboyffun, Mich.
Mft:ui('A! noi'Ni:,
Honry Rogers, - Proprietor.
Houso enlarged, newly retlttod, plonsantly
situated, opposite railroad depot. Table llrst
elass; charges 81.00 per day. 1'utronagc of tho
public solicited.
And Jewelry.
(fOhl and Silver WatdMS,
Clocks, Silverware,
Gold Jewelry,
(iold Cliui us, Bracelets
And EyCfflttMft
Neatly and Promptly Done.
Notice of Special Assessment.
t nenr Adams. PhillD Bries, Kllz.ubeth 8
Ulaney, Goo W Hell, mirbar BueiL William
Kartholomew.Isaac aCooper, Wm Chandler,
Win Elliott, Cornelius A Gal bight r, William
H Grier, Cornelius a tiaiiagner aim uuniie
I) Uurdlck, John and .lames Hooan, Sarah
T Home, Moses w Home, jonn n ivou.,
John C Mii'vaugh, Daniel 1) McDonald, Post
Van Armlule. (leoive i'auuette. Adolphlis
Kobertson, Anthony Siankiewitz, Samanthii
W Summons, llenrv A Wetinorc, nniiiu ,
Wilson.Georue Wllson.Naney J Zimmerman
Tunis T Van Arsdalo, and all other persons
inte rested in any of the lots and premises
hereinafter mentioned and described:
-XOttOE la hereby given that by order of
thu Council of the village of On boyuan,
an assessment has been made upon the folow
Ing lots and Parcels Ol land for def raying the
OX pence of the construction of a tile sewer on
Rim itreei from the east side of Iluiley street
to t he Cheboygan river, to-wlt :
bol numbered :t. 4,:.. 0.7, 20, 21, 2, 24, 2.r.,
:.it. an, :ti, :rr, a ;. 44. 45. 4i. o,l. 'a a and
74, In what Is kno-vn as M W Home's llrst and
a nd addition; lot 1 block 4 in L Backus
adition: lot A and lot-::, 4, 5 f( and 7, block .J,
and lots:!, 4 and ., block 4. in M W Homes. Id
addition; lds Hand 10, block I ami B.ip
what i known as Win llurtholomc w's addi
tion. ... ,
And that a mil of -aid assessment was filed
wlthme.luiv inth. ihs.i. and will remain in my
Office until Tuesday. Kveninir Aug. 7tli next,
rbrthe Inspection of all persons eoncerned
therein. - . .'-
otiee is also given that the Council nnd
Board d Assessors of said village will meal
jl the CoUBOtl Roomsln saiil vill tro on 'I iies-
aaj creninv. Aug. 7th next, at o'clock to re
view said assessment . al which titns and pla e
importunity will be given all parties interest
ed to be heard.
Dated July UHfc, iam,
C. J, 111 NT. Vlllag" I l''k,
I am Going to See
TT'l '
And So Am I, and Take the Family,
Doors open at 7:30, Performance com
mences at 8:15 sharp.
Vitalized air.
wifhoiii Pain.
At mi. G. H.
tal Rooms, west
of the Grand Cen-
tral, opposite the
school houso.
Having secured the exclusive right for Che
boygan county, to administer Vitalised with
llurd's Patent Apparatus, (illustrated by the
above cut) for the Painless Extraction "f
Teeth Dr. Hill is now prepared to do all
kinds of dental work in the most thorough
manner. Vitalized air is perfectly harmless,
and agrees with alleotistitutions.
Trimmed Hats
and Bonnets,
Flowers at Half Price,
rail early mid secure Bargains.
Miss M.W. Smart,
Fourth door South of Grand Central
Hotel. .
KttHt Ma of brMfi.
Thin has alwavs been a popular hotel and is
sustaining its established reputation. 7Jmy
A. M- TEBO, Proprietor.
This house HI now Brsl otlSS
the seaw p alwaj s to ,,p n"'1-
Vegetables of
Northern Tribune.
SATURDAY, J PLY 28. 1883.
Tenclicrw' Institute.
The Teachers' institute for Cheboygan
county, to open Monday, August 13th,
will be conducted by Prof. K. B. Fairfield,
of Grand Haven, assisted by Prof. F. A.
Barbour, of Coldwater. These gentle
men are experienced educators, and
stand at the top of the profession in the
state. The sossion under their their in
struction cannot fail to prove profitable
and interesting, and no teacher can af
ford to absent themselves from the in
stitute. If you want to do good work,
keep your tools sharp. Two lectures will
be delivered la the evening at some of
the churches, during the week, and Prof,
Fairfield suggests that Monday evening,
Aug. 13th, be devoted to a social. Prof.
Sutherland has charge of the local ar
rangements, and wo trust he may be
heartily supported by all who have an
interest In educational matters in Che
boygan. Prof. Fairfield also expresses
the desire to hear from some of our citi
zens on educational matters, At the so
cial Monday evening Prof. Sutherland,
to add to the interest of the occasion and
enliven the exercises, desires to have
some music provided. From the talent in
our village, there should be no difficul
ty in securing this, and we trust that he
will receive the hearty co-operation of
those proficient in the divine art. Let
all tako hold and make the institute a
grand success, both in the way of enjoy
ment and instruction.
Pit. Mary's.
Last Sunday was completely filled with
services fraught with historic worth and
sacred associations at St. Mary's, under
the direction of Bishop Bichter, well
calculated to deeply impress the mind
and improve the heart. For centuries
Confirmation services in the Roman
Catholic church have had extraordinary
significance, and the 125 confirmed last
Sunday realized what millions have
done in passing through the experience,
and the fact that for hours the large
aiidienc was eneliained by the solemn
reilffioufl ceremonies1 is uoM of tho
healthful condition of the church. The
Bishop conducted the elaborate service
vvitli satisfaction to all, making I very
line impression bv his visit here. His
sermon was intensely Catholic; in pri
vate the Bishop is an educated, cultured
gentleman, very tillable, kind, and en
joyable. Father Beamed! Mas every
reason tn rejoice in the wonderful bar
monv. efficiency, and nrosnerity of his
l,osi i l.ej; by i lie Car.
Thursday about noon Ferdinand
Paquin, a young man twenty-seven
years old, sou of Adolphus Paquin,
of this county, undertook to get on tho
caboose, at Gay lord, to get to Forest
where he was engaged loading cars with
lumber. The train was iu motion, and
as lie attempted toget on he slipped and
fell, nis right leg going under the car
and the wheels passing over it, crushing
the bones between the knee and ankle
ami mashing his toot, ins rather was
telegraphed tor ami brought the young
man home on the morning train. Dr. T
A. Psrrln was called, and as the limb
was injured beyond saving, the bones
being ground to splinters, he administer
ed chloroform and amputed the leg about
three inches below the knee. Tho young
man was weak from loss of blood, but
stood the operation well, and a couple
of hours afterward, when the Doctor
left, he seemed to bo resting easily, and
the Doctor thinks he will pull through
A Kure Opportunity.
Rev. C. W. Knickerbacker will preach
at the Opera House to-morrow evening
at 8 o'clock. This minister has made
a fine reputation as an able Uuniversal
ist divine, and we congratulate our com
munity on their privilege of hearing
him. Excellent music prepared for tho
occasion. Everybody made welcome
Miss M. W. Eddy will bo prepared to
receive pupils in Oil and China Paint
inc. August 1st. Lessons will be given
at pupils' residence or at Miss Eddy'
studio. Keusengton Art Embroidery
including arasine, plush, and ribbon
work, will also be taught. Orders re
ceived for material.
Prof. Benjamin, the favorite vocalist
is with the Morrissey's.
Dauphin of tho Louisiana lottery
scheme has sued the postmaster general
for $100,000 damages for refusing the
lottery the privileges Of the mail.
Mshiii. Mtuuenls.
As announced last week, the original
'Nashville Students" will give one of
their inimitable entertainments at the
Opera House one week from next Mon
day evening, August tith, for the benefit
of the M. E. Church of Cheboygan. The
followiug endorsement of their concert
we find in the Bay City Tribune.
This is to certify that the Nashville
Students, under the management of
Harry Hanaford, sang m my church
service on Sunday evening, July 22d,
1883, with the greatest acceptance and
delight to all. Their concert on the pro
ceeding evening in our church was in
every way satisfactory. Their rendering
of plantation songs places them among
the first troupes in the land. They haye
the good wishes of all who hoard thorn
here for their future prosperity.
S. Hastings Rosa,
Pastor Cong. Church.
PoJt Huron, Mich,, July 23, 18S3.
Certainly a very eujoyablo evening
is ia store for our citizens and the
object is a very deserving oiie and of
itself should call out a very large aud
ience. Go and contribute your mite
assured that at the same time you will
obtain value received.
lion isscj n HlbcrilU'Oll.
Among the many entertainments that
have visited Cheboygan during the past
year none have met with a more cordial
reception than tho above company, and
tho simplo announcement of their ap
pearance to-night is a guarantee of a
good houso. Tho excellent panoramic
iews of Ireland's noted places and beau
tiful scenery is an interesting and pro
fitable exhibition in itself, but in addition
to this there is a fine comedy company,
comprising Tom and Maud Morrissey in
now roles ; Bryan O'Lynn, the funniest
of all Irish comedians ; Prof. Benjamin,
one of the old Continental vocalists ;
Prof. Wells, who, with bis happy family,
is a good thing to cure the blues. Tho
whole making a very pleasing entertain
Do not fail to seo tho Morrissey 's to
night. Performance commences at 8:lo
sharp. Don't fail to be there.
The Concert.
Music lovers gathered at the Opera
House last evening prepared for a feast,
and were rewarded with two happy
hours of musical enjoyment, that was at
once delightful, refining and profitable.
The programme had been finely arrang
ed, and was executed without a blunder,
and in very fine taste. The audience
seemed to be hungry for music, and with
remarkable good humor and keen relish,
consumed all that was given them, with
out showing any tiring or uneasiness.
rhe more frequent such concerts are
given the faster the community will ad
vance in the right direction. We con
gratulate the ladies of the Congrega
tional Church in contributing to the hap
piness of our people. We were glad to
notice several persons from tho different
churches.Iand feel assured that at no
distant day music, in Cheboygan, will
receive the encouragement, patronage,
and attention it should.
The inelegant habit of furiously
stamping the floor should be stamped
The hoodlum's whistle was not heard.
The audience was not large but select.
Misses Magoffin and Keables are not
afraid of a piano, and their skill is
Napoleon conquered the world, but
Geo. Fax captivates the world, the flesh,
and the devil when he steps before the
footlights, where at will he makes a
complete fit- of laughter, admiration,
and applause.
Miss Marion Paddock won laurels of
which she, or any one, may justly be
proud, but which will require work to
Miss Carrie Davis is a favorite song
stress, with a bird-like yoico that war
bles its way to tho heart.
The singers were heartily encored,
and responded generously, giving tho
people a great deal for nothing.
There should have been a house-full.
Tom Morrissey iu his wonderful silver
sand jig to-night.
The Ut. Rov. Samuel S. Harris, I . I ..
Bishop of the diqeeso of Michigan, will
make his annual visitation to the parish
on Wednesday, the Hth of August next.
Services in the evening, at 8 o'clock.
,1 a y ks II. MAGOFFIN,
Hector of St. Jamts',
t Mae ioiie or c iMin a
Lenahan ft Pipin have engaged the
services of an expert hand to remove the
building from the lot on which the bank
will be built.
A Nad Affair.
Albany Island, July 22nd., 1883.
Editor Nohthkkn TKiai Ni:.
A very sad affair occurred about 12
miles from here last week. An old lady
named Laun visited a Mrs. Watson, and
when returning home lost her way.
This was on Thursday, the 20th. She
was in the habit of using tobacco quite
freely, and had been without it for sev
eral days, and also without tea, and it
is feared that from absence of these
stimulants her mind became affected.
Her husband and one son came here to
Mr. Littlefleld's camp to get work, .but
as he had work for the son only, the
lamer returned home, and it was the
night of his absence that the old lady
got lost. She was not found until to
day, Sunday, making four days she was
out, and a portion of the time amid a
terrible storm, When found shoj was
dead, and had evidently been so for some
time. She had lost her shoes, and from
appearances seemed to have died after a
great struggle. The strangest part is
the fact that she was found only half a
mile from her home, in which was a
small round clock, that stood on a shelf,
suu junii as me searening party nretl a
gun as a signal she had been found, the
clock fell with a crash to the floor, and
was badly mashed. She was between 50
and 60 years old, and was a smart, active
woman, and respected by all who knew
her. She leaves a husband and three
grown up children to mourn her loss.
Mrs. A. R. Littlkfield.
Herbert A. Tompson, a young man of
St. Johns, has constructed a flue eight
inch Newtoma reflecting telescope.
Ralph Merril, oldest son of H. P. Mer
ril, of Bay City, accidentally shot and
killed himself at 11 o'clock Wednesday,
The electors at Grand Rapids Tuesday
voted on a proposition to provide $100,
000 for water work extension, and the
nays had it by a large majority.
An enormous jam of logs is resting a
gainst the Detroit A Milwaukee bridge
at Grand ltapids. The jam is six miles
long and it is estimated that there are
80,000,000 feet of logs in it.
Owing to high water and bad weather
there is a great delay in the Muskegon
river urive, too rear of which will leave
Houghton lake August 1 under tho man
agement of Superintendent S. P. Foster.
The drive is nearly 60 days behind the
usual time.
Walter Page, of Bay City, one of the
victims of, the Grand Trunk disaster
near Olivet last April, died a few days a
go. The Valley papers say his case was
very similar to that of President Gar
field.and that he lived six days longer
than the latter did after receiving his
Goyernor Begole has pardoned three
more convicts. The recipients of tho ex
ecutive clemency are Charles Beep, sent
from Kent. December 20, 1881, for four
yenrs for assault with intent to kill;
Wm. Shields, from Kent, Juno 20,1882,
three years.for robbery; Wm. Carroll,
from Lenawee, May 1,1881, five years, f r
tiii; XKW.N.
Wisconsin farmers are much depress
ed by heavy rains and lodged grain.
A colored boy, ! years old, at Borne,
Ga.. is said to play the piano like an
educated performer.
The rolling mills at South Chicago re
main idle and the demands of the 2,000
striking employes are unsatisfied.
The Union league club of Chicago
will tender President Arthur a banquet
on bis arrival there next week, en route
President Arthur's eon, Chester, If
with Lome and Louise, angling for
salmon in the Cascopedia river, Nova
Near Waynesville, N. C, is a church 2S
by 44 feet in size, with a steeple, the
whole being constructed from a single
pine tree.
New York and Boston merchants lose
$500,000 to $1,000,000 on 10,000,000
pounds of butter bought last spring and
cold-stored in Chicago.
Captain Webb, the English expert
swimmer, was drowned while attempt
ing to swim the Niagara Biver on Tues
day. Tho whirlpool was too much for
Several dams in Dane Creek, near
Fond du Lac. Wis., gave way Suuday
submerging 200 houses, and" damaged
property in the latter city to the extent
Of $20,000.
Unclaimed Letter List.
The tollovving is a list ofletteri re
main lug In the i 'beboygan postofflce.tin
sailed lot July 29. reraon a calling fc I
thoMilettei s will pleasesay thatthey are
advertised :
Gko. P, HrMrnitEY, P. M.
Onrhain, Mrs. Julia; Bitter, Maggie; Bradley,
Isaac; Boodin, Louis; Hristol, W. H. ; Brown,
i. j Carpenter, William; Cunningham, Jno.
H.: Dumse, Antoine; Doe, Alex, (2); Fa'r-
ehOd, H W. Hart, Miss Ida; I , J, W.J
Lnmson, Miss I,.; NeWCOfllb. V. H.; Heed, Jno. ;
Smart, George; Bharbeno, i-viix; Bajrer, Thoe.;
smitti, Geo. IL; Selbjr, A. v.; Thompson, Go
been; Thompson, .lames 0. ; Thompson. Susan;
Watson, Reoert; Wetton, Joha; White, Vic
toria; White, John.

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