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VOL. 9.
NO 5
Northern tribune.
Terms: $2 per year, in Advance.
Jewelry Store,
Opposite) Postofllce.
Opposite rostoMce.
TRACTED without Pain.
At nu. G. If.
HILL'S New Den
tal Rooms, west
of the (irand Ccm
triiK opposite, tho
school house.
Huvlnjr secured the exclusive rifht for Oh
borgaa oounty. to admlnlter Vitalized with
Hunl's l'atciit Apparatus, (Illustrated by the
almve cut) for the Puiidcss Extraction of
Teeth Dr. Hill is now prepared to do all
kinds nl dental work in the most thorough
manner. Vitalized air is perfectly harmless,
and a I rees with alleonstitutlons.
H9nry Kcgers, Proprietor.
House enlarged, newly refitted, pleasantly
situated, opposite railroad depot. Tnldo tlrst-
olaaa; otoargei $1.00 per flay. Patronage of the
public solicited .
ki Jewelry.
Gold ami Nilvor Wakln s,
Clocks, Silverware,
Gold Jewelry.
Gold Chains, Bracelets.
And Eyeglasses.
neatly and Promptly Done.
Trimmed Hats
and Bod nets,
Flowers at Half Price,
Call early and secure Bargains.
L. T. LIMPERT MissM.W. Smart,
Fourth door South of Grand Central
PA1XTK It b PA I' K It-II km EE,
Third St., Cheboygan, Mich.
Notice of Speeial Assessment.
To 0c:ir Adams, Philip Hries. Elisabeth 8.
Blaney. Oeo W Hell. Itarbar Huell, William
Bartbplotnuw, Isaac S ('ooper, Wm Chandler,
Win BUtoit, Uornellus Qallaghcr, William
H Orier, Cornelius A (iallavlicr and Dunne
I) Hurdick, John and James Hoban, Sarah
'f Home, Moses sv Uorqe, John H Klnts.
Job C Mii'vaiuh, Daniel I) McDonald, Tost
ft Van Arsdale. Gaoi-go I'aquctte, Aflolphui
Koliertsou, Anthony Siankiewitz, Satnantha
R Sammoiis, Henry a Wetmore, BarBb C
WUscmuOeorge WIlson.Nanojr .1 Zimmerman,
Tunis T Van ATSdale. and all other pcraotia
interested In any ot the hds and pramiaoa
hereinafter men t lone i and described:
NOTICE Is hereby (riven that by order of
th Council of the village of Chchoyuan,
an assessment has been made upon Hie follow
ing lots and parcels of land ior defraying the
expense of t ho construction of a tile sewer on
film street from the east side of Jiai ley street
to ihe Cheboygan river, to-wit:
Lota numbered B, 4, :. fl, 7, SO, II, St, 88, 24, 88,
'-9. IK), 111, :i.r, :iT, 38, lilt, it, t.r, I'. 70, 71. 7a. 73 and
7t. In whal is known as M W Home's first and
seoond addition; lot l block 4 in L Backus'
aflitlon; lot A and lots t, 4, B,l ami 7, block a.
and lota I. 4 and .", block 4, in M W 1 1 ni ne's ad
addition; lots 1, 'j, Band 10, block I and :;, in
what is known its Wm Bartholomew's addi
tion. And that I roll of said assessment was filed
with me Jul 10th. 1883. and Will remain in my
ofloe until Taesday, Evening. Aug. 7th next.
for tlv Inspect! in of all persons concerned
Notice Is also irlven that th Council and
Board f Aaseasoraof said village will meel
it th" Council Roomsln said Village OB Tues
day evenlnvt. Any. 7lh next, at B 0ClOCk tO re
view naid Maeument, al which time and place
apportunity will be given all parties interest
ed to lie heard.
Dated July UHb, 1888.
C.J. HI' NT, Village Clerk,
Notice for PubllcatioB.
Eakd OtticSat ftmoCrrr, Mint., i
Jul. llti L88S, )
Notice is hereby given t li.it the following
nauieil settler has filed police (,f ,js intention
to make final proof in support of liisc'altn, and
that said proof will be made before County
t iei k or Cheboygan county, at Cheboygan,
on Monday, September Huh, sv'!, viz: Rein
bold (lebhard, H. E. Bo.Rdfla, for the n e 1-4,
Bee N, t M n, r w. He nan en the following
witnesses to prove his continuous residetire nit
on and cultivation of said land, viz: Austin
Douglass, of Cheboygan; Joseph Douglass of
Cheboygan: Kli Douglass, of -Cheboygan; Arcul
Uamille, of Cheboygan.
latig't Register.
East ide of bridge.
Thin bus always been a popular hotei a" I i
sustaining Its established reputation. 7Juj
Heed City, .Mieh.July 11,1 83, (
fiOMPi.AlNT having been entered ai thl
V otliec by Nathaniel Me.Naiues airslnst
Henry Barrett for abandoning his bnmesteii'l
entry No. Hl.'iO, dated December 3d, 1877, upon
the s 'i of 11 w H, aeotlon 36, township B1 d,
range 8 w, in Cheboygan county, Mlchl in
with a view to the cancellation of said entry;
the said parties are hereby summoned t 1
pear lit this office on the Sth day of August,
IMS, at OOeO'dOl k p. m.,tO respond and fur
nltfa testimony concerning said alleged aban
donment. EDWARD stkvevson, Kegtster.
w. H. 0, MITCHELL. Receiver.
Northern Tribune.
Michigan Central Railroad Time
B ly City,...
w Bay City
gfJBs) Cay V . .
Km N.i w 'in
Btato Bond
Dice River... . . .
Wert Brunch....
1 igemaat
Beaver Luke
st Helena
'henry 0.
Otucgo Lake
C t lot d
Vaadei hi it
Indian 1 i i r
Mallei Cne
i'behoyciiM ....
Mackinaw CP)
Mackinac City
Mullet Lake
Indian River
Baa ley
Otsego Lake...
Pore si
Cray ling
St. Helens
Heaver Lake
( KCinilW
West Branch
Deep River
State Itoad
West Bay City.....
Bay! lty 7.
1 M V M A l
1 4 lo 05 M Bt
1 .ri6 In 8 51
11 00 U '()
11 r !i :.()
''48 11 y7 tiN)
H 4.i 10 11 1
1152 10W
... 11 to i 08
a 17 12 ih 18
121 1040
10 42
1(11 M)
8 rn IS 44 11 1 "2
:j 58 lafii 11 1"
4 1(1 1 '4 H 24
4 00 1 llll U6
4 50 1 41 la 00
5 06 iis iau
6.30 iMiaao
03 8 1
tt to 18
0 28 8 4:
K 88 .1 VI
fi f7 4 30
7 82 4 T.'i
7 4," fi 15
5 18 B 45
8 45 eta . ..
t 00 0 60
a m r at
8 50 I N
It 25 10 33 ....
10 ICR
0 BO II 4.'
10 5S 12 id
U 18 18 St
11 22 12 41
n n its; ....
11 M 11- AM
12 25 1 f,( (I fiO
1 10 2 It 7 10
1 8M 8 88 7 80
2 05 fl 00 8 00
2 17 .1 II 8 8
2 30 a 2:t 8 2
8 40 I S I 8:17
3 40 8 52
3 05 3 57 JMI5
3 17 2 08 OKI
3 33 4 28 I) 38
3 .'15 4 3(1 S 40
a 40 4 4" b 17
3 47 4 "SO 8 88
4 08 6 26 10 20
5 89 ! 82
4 43 ir 11 10
6 00 .6 :t:. 1 1 .in
A Iluncjiict f ricimuro.
Nuttiro is facetious, and sports 11 friz
zled, banged and furlbejowed appear
ance with powders, paints, laces and
jewels, in her mists, sprays, feathers,
flower, laughing waters, dancing rain
drops and musical bird notes, as well as
the more sober aspect of mountain and
ocean ; and man, born for pleasure, ac
cording to capacity, circumstances and
taste, has ever imitated" the first pair, in
leaving at times, tho weightier matters
of theology, science and politics, and de
voted himself to merry pleasure. A feast
now, unlike the day of parables, does of
itself compel them to come in, if invited,
hence, notwlthstandinc the moist repu
tation of the weather, with her threaten
ing attitude on Wednesday eve., one
hundred elected ones reported at tho
spacious and beautiful residence of Mrs.
J. H. Waterman, resolved on enchanting,
hilarious enjoyment, and were welcomed
by the genial Mrs. Waterman, her viva
cious daughter Mrs. Ida Stetson, in
whose honor the occasion centered, into
a house so pleasing in itself, and so
richly decorated with flowers and elegant
attractions, that to bo contentedly joyous
was no cross, and tho person with even
one talent was supremely jolly. If David
danced it must have been graceful, and
as there are different degrees of grace,
so happy dancers differ in the diaphanous
art of harmonizing tho body with the
waltz, cotillion and minuet. All danced
well, but the charming movements of
some contrasted with tho less graceful.
There was nothing flirtatious, audacious
or mendacious, but decorous society
Uaghttr, wit and brilliancy, caused the
joyous hours to pass swiftly by. Tho
refreshment! presented a superb enter
Uiiuiueiit, in Which bJI oc a part, some
tuki:;g more, -the music continued the
eigHi'H iweie e. -client the merry dance
went j ly forward we went late it was
now early, an I e departed, hoping our
li avcolj ra.in r iu honor of His own
glory will some day awing every newsboy,
biiotbhiek, washervVwman, day laborer,
puert - 1 1 u i;en, suffering soul to the
banojpet of "pleasnrtff ever more" and
"f lii-iis-iof joy" where they will bo ar
r.ynl t:i Apleudot, look beautiful, and lie
pare to be noble, and splendid evermore,
where there is no caste, no sin, no sor
ro'.v, and Where each will have a mansion.
'Mn- We llier.
TV'S hear so much said about the un
I IB .i Cool weather we hare had that we
requested lion. jBeofe Walton, who keeps
a record of the range of the thermome
ter, to prepare for the TfitBUNI a state
ment ikOWina the daily average temper
ature for the months of April .May,.)u;ie
and July, 1882 and 188:!, and also tho
amount of rain fall :
14881 31 degrees. Uuln fall 2'i inches.
83- 35.88 ' " tH "
1882 -40.08 degrees Rain fall i , InCOCJ
fr83-4.3 - 3i'i
1.2 57.05 deer- es. Rain fall 6 inches.
1S3 tll.lll " " 4ii
188267.10 degreea. Rain tall 8 inchea,
ikki 01.11 8 1
l'uln fall for the 4 months in ISBSWMlSK
inches; for 1883 was 18 Indies.
It will be noticed that there has not
been so very much difference between
the two seasons. Taking the average for
the four months, shows 1883 was cooler
by only 1 1-100 of a degree.
Hay Fever Retort.
We are in receipt of the report of com
mittee appointed by the Western Hay
Fever Association on tho location of per
manent resort grounds. It mentions
several offers from different parties, but
among them all the committee is more
favorably impressed with the offer of
Thompson Smith, of Duncan City, and
our fellow citizens Messrs. Humphrey
and Patterson, and give at length the
situation of the grounds and the advan
tages they afford and recommends that
every hay fever sufferer who can, wheth
er a member of the association or not,
when coming to Northern Michigan will
make it a point to visit Topinabee and
examine the location for themselves.
Those tamiliar with the lands offered
by our public spirited citizens are of the
opinion that n pleasanter location or one
more favorable for the object designed
could not be found. Nature has made it
a delightful park; the land is all elevat
ed, some portions of it being GO feet
higher than Mullet Lake or about 75 feet
above tho level of Lake Huron. The lo
cation is one easily accessible from all
points, situated as it is directly on the
Hue of the Michigan Central railroad)
also having the beneflt of tho Inland
route, one of the most delightful trips
the country affords. Topinabee station
is within a few rods of the land, giving
advautagoof telegraphic communication
with tho outside world. We are satisfied
that a thorough examination on the part
of those interested can only confirm the
favorable opinion held by all conversant
with the situation.
Tho State Teachers Institute for this
county will be held at Cheboygan, bo
ginning Monday Aug. 18, closing Friday
afternoon following. Teachers (those
schools are in session can attend and re
ceive their wages as though teaching.
Unusual excellence is embraced in tho
arrangements this year, and all teachers,
parents and those intorcstod In educa
tion should attend. Mr. Frauk Shepherd
will act as local committee in place of
Prof. Sutherland who cannot be present.
Writing CAMS).
Prof, and Mrs. W. EL Burdick, of Lan
sing, will open a series of lessons in
penmanship at the High School rooni(
commencing with a freo lecture on
Monday evening, Aug, 0, at 8 o'clock and
continue daily, as follows; afternoon at
4 o.clock, and evening at 8 o'clock. Take
your choice in the hour, and you will
get II lessons in either class for $2, or
both classes for $:i. See references on
Tiie narrlaaegak
Morrlssey's Hibernleoo sad Specialty
Combination were greeted by a Rood
house on Saturday evening last, and the
entertainment gave tho utmost satis
faction. Bryan O'Lynu captured the
audience with his natural and refined
witticisms, and is by all odds the hi st
Irish cominedian that has ever been
here. Prof. Wells performed some very
clever acts of ventriloquism,- and bis
funny figures set tho house in a roar,
l'roi. lii-nj unin, known to almod CTgrj
concert goer, is a fine vocalist and
musician. The Morrisseys, Tom and
Maud, retain their hold upon Cheboygan
people, and every act was as loudly en
cored as it was years ago. They inva
riably present something new and in an
artistic manner, and richly deservo the
genSroua reception they have always re
ceived here. The paintings are present
ed iu an admirable style by Mr. Wells,
The company appear at Sault Ste. Ma
rie on Wednesday and Tuesday evenings,
and then go through tin iron country.
Terrible Accident.
The up train was delayed last evening
SO rei minutes by the track being
blockaded by a human form, filled with
whisk v. The body was run over, and
cut to pieces, the head, ono leg, and one
arm could not be found last night. The
unfortunate occurrence took place one
mile south of the Indian River Depot.
The man was a homesteader, with a
family, lived about eight miles south
east, of Indian Kiver. and his name was
albert Austin. Mr. Austin was reputed
to be peaceable, inoffensive, and was
well thought of by his neighbors. His
wife and children aro deserving of pity.
Those who drink whisky should not go
to bed on a railroad track, unless they
want to be taken where flat bottles
never come.
A I 11 ion Service.
Mrs. Lucy Simpson, an educated
colored woman, reputed by the press and
people to he an able speaker, will address
our people at the Opera House to-morrow
eve, at 8 0 clock on Tempera nee. The
servico wilt be participated in by differ
ent churches, and from the position oc
cupied by the speaker as a representa
tive advocate of temporancft, and the
strong endorsement she hue received
from the papers, the exercises will
doubtless ho full of interest and profit.
Let there be present all who believe in
hearing a good address upon a big
jtit-iiior 1 tenia.
August 1, 1883.
Heavy rain last night.
Haying all done ; the farmers have se
en red a large crop in good shape.
Tho highways aro being considerably
improved from Wolverine around to
Mentor post office.
Wallace Bartlet goes to Indian Biver
this week to build a new wall for the
Methodist church, which means that they
are going to have a first-class wall.
We understand that supervisor Wat
kins has had Edwin C. Wheeler arrested
for slander. Have not the particulars in
the east.
Had a woods fire at Wolverine on Sun.
day last, which proved dangerous. Bal
lard ft Brooks' large store came near
burning. That, in connection with three
lights, made it quite interesting for that
little burgh on tho Lord's day.
The IftifhoManH Bros, have a fine boat
on Silver Lake, which, by tho way, is one
of tho finest little lakes in Northern
Byron Chery is settling up old scores
with the boys who were a little conspicu
ous in his matrimonial affairs last sum
mer. It seems that some of them carry
a black eye. Ask Beit Corey if they
No S KErM.
Wednesday Barton J. ami William T.
snderbilt received a telegram announc
ing the death of their father that day at
his home in Mt. Morris, N. Y. Mr. au
derbilt was no stranger to Cheboygan,
having made frequent visits to his BOji'o
families in late years, spending consid
erable time at each isit, aud during
theee Visits many of our citizens have
had the pleasure of making his acquain
tance. It is but a few short weeks since
he departed from his last visit, and we
of the Tuiiil m; remember many pleasant
moments spent with him while here.
Large numbers will mourn his death as
if one of our own citizens. Barton aud
William, with their families, left
Wednesday evening to attend the funer
al, which took place yesterday.
A small boy of Eugene Sullivan's was
on Tuesday morning, kicked by a horse
of George Douglas' while crossing Main
street, and was badly bruised, but how
he escaped death is a wonder.
Mrs. P. M. Lathrop lias received word
from her husband that he is quite ill In
Dakota, confined to his room,
Sojourner Truth Is seriously 'ill at her
homo in Battle Creek.
(irand Rapids is talking of building
a city hall to cost $1W,00U or $150,000.
Prof. C. W. Stone, of Battle Brock, who
was I 'Mcd in (I Carlyou disaster, was
a eensta of President Arthur.
The Oscoda Salt and Lumber com
pany's mill near Oscoda, was burned
about Midnight Monday night. Loss,
f75,000; insurance, 150,000,
Col. Harry Sherwood, of Kalamazoo,
postmaster Of the lipt House Of Repre
sentatives, has been appointed assistant
postmaster at at Washington,
Four operators in the Mutual Union
cilice at (irand Rapids went out Wednes
day leaving the manager, P. V. Milieu,
alone to transmit tho business.
Ten thousand people attended the
Emancipation celebration at Lansing
yesterday. The Hon. .lohn R. Lynch of
Mississippi delivered the formal address.
The contract for building tho new
Wlngl OB the school forfcthe blind at
Lansing has been awarded to Farr &
Vincent, of Grand Rapids. Their bid
was $57,856.
The entire working force of the Be
public mine struck Wednesday for a res
toration of wages, which were cut 12l4
Btl Cent, two months ago. Four hundred
men have gone out, including all the
pit bosses.
James Atherton, late Treasurer of Os
coda county, was put on trial OO B
charge of embezzlement, at Mio, Monday
but the jury disagreed, standing equally
divided on the question of his guilt or
Tin-; m:us.
Tho Ohio wheat crop this year is esti
mated at SEb-878,0O0 bushels, or b'.i per
cent of last year's crop.
Two hundred and seventy assisted im
Igranta arrived at Castle Garden Sunday
direct from Tralee, Ireland.
Tho Massachusetts legislature ad
journed sine die after a session of 908
days the longest on record.
Total collections from internal reve
nue during July, $0,278,535, which is 18,
CiOO.iioo less than the total collections in
July last year.
Episcopalians in tho southern stales
ai-- moving for the establishment of
schools for the education of colored men
Who desire l enter the Bpiscops) minis
try. There was ;i great RtflM of pension
claims at Washington In July, although
it heretofore has been considered the
dullest month of the year at the pension
Cholera is carrying off British soldiers
in Egypt at the rate of from a dozen to
a score a day. There were li'iii deaths of
natives at Cairo Tuesday, and 65 in other
infected cities
New Hampshire, with ono three-hundredth
part of the area of the United
States, and less than one hundredth of
the population, has one-tenth of the cot
ton spindles and one-twentieth of the
woolen mills of the whole country. It
is said the Merrimac turns more machin
ery than any other stream in the world.

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