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n"nWAT .17) Ss CUEITT
-LJ JJ ZCLj 35 JtrO f3
eavy and She
Chandeliers and Lamp
mtST l. K. CHUBOH.
( 'or. Huro i in I Pino streets, Rev. w. M
Campbell. Preaching 10 a. m., IK p m'
Sabbath sob kI i m. Prayer meeting Thurs
day, tit 71,, : m.
South Hur m timet Preaching at 10:80 a. m
7;:(t I'. M. S;ibl;ith ICbool at 12 M. Rev. J. H
Magoffin, Rector.
I eru House. Preaohtag at K:(H) P. M. Sab
bath School 12 M. R. M. Thompson, Pastor.
Preaching io::tii a. m., 7:80 p. M. Sabbatb
school, 12 m. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7:45
P. M. Chas. H. Hartley, 1. l., Pastor.
ST. Mary's church.
Cor. 5th and Church streets. Low mass I a.
m., daily. High mass 10 a. m. Sunday. Ves
pers 3:31) p. m. Sunday. Rev. Peter J. He Smedt,
Division street, near Dresser. Preaching 10f
a M, 73 P M. Sunday school 12 M. Prayer
uioetiug Tuesday evening at 8:00.
Regular meeting, at Masonic Hall, Wednes
day evening, on or before the full of the moou.
(f (i Wharton, W M. J P Sutton, Sec'y.
TEMPLE LODGE NO. 331, I. O. 0. F.
Meet every Friday evening, at Odd Fellows'
Hall. Frank Shepherd!, NO. A. G. Boggs, R S.
BENTON LODGE, NO, 108, A. O. U. W.
Meet every other Monday evening, at 8. H.
J. Miner. M W. B H BmpoIa. tUmtmIL
Meets in Masonic Hall, on the Friday on or
auer wie rim or me moon. A J Paddock, H P.
J C Wooster, Sec'y.
Judge of Probate E Z Perkins.
Sheriff Win Harrington.
Prosecuting Attorney Frank Shepherd.
Clerk and Register Medard Metivler.
Treasurer E Z Perkins.
President (ieorge 1 Frost.
tiaww nana a numpnrey, vr k umn,
H A Blake. R Robinson, J B McArtbur, T T
van a i t i aie.
Marshal Howard Lynn.
Clerk C J Hunt.
Treasurer J E Cueny.
Attorney Geo W Bell.
Supervisor F M Sainmous.
Clerk I E De Gowin.
Treasurer A G Boggs.
Arrive From south at 6:02 A M, 5:05 P M.
North at W:05 A m.
Rogers City on Keweenaw.
Black Lake Mondays p m.
depart For South 6:05 A M, 10:83 p M.
North 5:05 P M.
Rogers City on Keweenaw.
Black Lake Tuesdays A M.
To the Editor of the Northekn Tribune.
The following poem was published some
twenty years ago in the Star ef the West, a
Cincinnati paper, and has never been in any
paper since, much to the regret of many of Its
admirers. The author's name was not given
and though we have tried to And Mis name,
have been unable to do so. Would it hejasking
too great a favor to request a place for it in
your columns.
A Fkw of the Admirkks of the Tribune.
The Savior.
O'er Bethlehem's plains a shining light
At night appeared on high,
And swelling anthems loudly pealed
Along the Syrian sky.
In Bethlehem's soft and peaceful vale,
The strain readied all around,
And Judea's shepherds at their Mocks,
Were startled at the sound.
Deep, deep and solemnly It fell
Upon the listening ear,
Until each manly heart around
Grew sick with mortal fear.
When Lo! a thousand voices sang,
As past that host away,
"Peace on earth, good will to men,
A Savior 's born to-day."
A Savior? Was be to redeem
A nation from the chains?
Was he to wear the victor's wreath,
On slaughter's bloody plains?
Was he to wrest the scepter
From the stem oppressor's hand,
And bid the song of Freedom
Swell triumphant o'er tho laud?
A nobler task! long had our race,
In error's mazes trod ;
He came the wandering one to seek
And bring him hack to God.
He came to draw aside the veil
That o'er the grave was thrown;
To chase the fear of death away,
That weighed man's spirit down.
How lived the Savior? Was His homo
The princely hall of pride,
With wealth and grandeur at His feet,
And Splendor at his side?
What lordly trains around His path,
Acknowledging His sway.
And adulation's honeyed voice
Companion of his way?
No! In his pathway thorn-bestrewed,
Lay many a hidden snare;
And many an eye that scowled with hate,
And angry scorn was there,
While from his band nnto the poor,
His cholcesj gifts were shed,
Oft, oft our weary Savior
Had not where to lay bis head.
ardware, Detroit Stoves, Pai
Goods, Leather Belting, and General Mill Supplies, Rope, Anchors, Oakum & Pulley Blocks.
-A-lso 3ajaa.frsbctTj.rers
How died the Savior? On a couch
Devoted bands had spread?
With loving forms to minister
Around his dying bed?
Were loved ones bending o'er
To watch the dim and failing eye,
Where hearts with grief might all be hushed
As the last hour grew nigh?
Not thus! He perished where no friend
Might watch the parting breath.
Upon the fearful cross, he died
A guilty felon's death.
Not quite alone, when foes betrayed,
And friends forsook him fust,
Meek woman, with unblenchiug heart,
Stood by him to the last.
He died. And low within the grave,
They laid a nation's trust;
While Ziou's daughters veiled their heads,
And bowed them to the dust.
He died. Although the slumbering dead
Had woke at his command.
Darkness swept the raven wing of night
At noon-day o'er the land!
He died. But not the bauds of death
Might chain him to the tomb.
Triumphant o'er the sepulcher,
He started from its gloom .
Well may the tear of gratitude
Flow freely while we give
Thanksgiving to the Son of God,
"He died that we might live."
'I Hi; KKUN.
The Ohio wheat crop this year is esti
mated at 23,873.000 bushels, or 53 per
cent of last year's crop.
Two hundred and seventy assisted i in -
lgrants arrived at Castle Garden Sunday
direct from Trnlee, Ireland.
The Massachusetts legislature ad
journed sine die after a session of 200
days the longest on record.
Lightning extinguished all electric
lights in Washington Saturday night,
and badly damaged tho machiuery at
the works.
Of all who composed the United States
Senate in 1881, it is said Senators An
thony and Sherman alone remain in po
litical life.
Portions of Connecticut were visited by
a terrific thunderstorm Saturday night
Many barns were struck and several per
sons killed.
The saloonkeepers' relief association of
St. Louis voted to expel any member
who ewes not defy the law by keeping
open Sunday.
Terry, an Englishman who started
across thw English channel Saturday on
r floating tricycle, reached Calais safely
in eight Brart.
The cholera is still raging in Egypt.
322 dying in Cairo, and 150 at other
points Saturday.
Judge Orkey, of the Ohio Supreme
Court, holds that the Scot t liquor law is
unconstitutional. True other four judge
sustained the law.
The expenses of Democratic Kentucky
are climbing up at a fearful pace, on
a gold basis they were three times great
er in 1881 than in 1865.
The oldest church edifice in America
is that of San Miguel at Santa Fe, N . M.
It was built in 1680, and has been used
as a church ever since.
Gen. Hazeu, chief of the signal service
is on a tour of inspection to the west,
leaving Capt. S. M. Mills as his tempor
successor in Washington.
the disputed bouudary question at the
Lake of the Woods is culminating in a
war between the Province of Ontario
and Manitoba, if not already begun.
Fort Wayne Ind., Proposes to tax
every keg of Milwaukee or Cincinnati
beer brought into that city 25 cents, and
thereby raise a yearly revenue of $I8
A proposition is mooted among the
members of the brotherhood to establish
a new telegraph company to be called
the "Merchants' and Telegraphists' asso
ciation." The Great Eastern steamship, which
has been a costly elephant on the hands
of her owners, is to be used in carrying
coal from the Forth to tho Thames in
England. She will carry 20,000 tons at
a trip.
The first Sunday of tho enforcement
of the Downing law in St, Louis did not
operate satisfactorily. Some 000 saloon
keepers were reported, as also were all
the newspapers, street-car officials,
cigar stands, newsboys, etc.
Dispatches from Cork, Ireland, are to
the effect that the committee investigat
ing assisted emigration find that 5,327
emigrants were assisted at a cost of
$109,000, of which $125,810 was furnish
ed directly by the British government.
Capt. S. S. Warner, of the revenne cut
ter Ewing, of Baltimore, left Washing
ton for Buffalo, where he will assume
command of the revenue cutter Fessen
den, which will be ready for service in
about two weeks. The vessel will be
stationed at Detrit.
Three masked men last Saturday
night entered the residence of the Post
master at Wisconsin Junction, Wis., and
with cocked revolvers ordered him to
throw np his hands, instead of which
the plucky postmaster whipped out his
revolver, shooting one of the robbers
through the breast, from the effects of
which he soon died.
of Tin,Coppei sincL Slxeet Iron.
Tennyson, the poet, smokes a com
mon day pipe two for five. Thus
proving that a man can be a poet and
still know what's what.
A police court is a very accommodat
ing place to transact business. If you
haven't the money to pay cash, the judge
generally gives you time.
An exchange inquires, ' 4 Does hanging
prevent crime?" It certainly does.
Who ever heard of a man committing
murder after he was hanged ?
A man going through life without
making an enemy is like a needlo going
through a piece of cloth, without thread.
Whitehall Y.) Times.
"I declare," said Julia, "you take
the words right out of my month."
"No wonder; they are so sweet," said
Henry. The day was set that evening.
Down in Texas when they want to ex
press loathing for a man, they say he's
mean enough to hand a pint bottle filled
with water to a friend, in a dark night.
Young Man : " Is it wicked to bet on
a horse race ?" Don't know abouj; the
wicked part of it, but unless you'ro in
the ring it's drattedly foolish. Boston
"The only way to put an end to the
innumerable suicides which occur in
France every year," said a speaker in
the Assembly, "is to make the act a
capital offence, punishable with death."
"Yes," said Clara, "your Maltese
kitty is pretty enough, but he can never
come up to my bird." That was all she
knew about it. The kitty did come up
to her bird that very day and it was all
day with tho bird.
A writer on the etiquette of gestures
says a smile and an inclination of the
head will often convey more meaning
than volumes. Dan McGarty says thai
in Austin it means the conveyance of ten
cents out of his pocket every time.
Two gentlemen met a large woman,
with rustle of voluminous silks and roll
of voluminous person. " Who is that ?"
asked one. " Why, that ih my neighbor
Webster's wife." "Oh, I see," was
the ready rejoinder, "Webster's Una
bridged' A youno lady in Ohio is Baid to have
had perfect health for three years with
out the power of speech. This faot, if
fully authenticated, destroys a scientific
theory that has been supposed to be un
assailable, that articulate power in
woman is essential to health.
"But I paw," said a minister, re
cently, in dismissing one theme of his
subject to take up another. "Then I
make it spades," yelled a man from the
gallery, who was dreaming the happy
hours away in an imaginary game oi
euchre. It is needless to say that he
went out on the next deal, assisted by
one of the deacons.
There is nothing in this cold world
which so stirs our sympathies as an
authenticated instance of filial affection.
When a witch was condemned to the
steko she asked of her son a drink oi
water. " No, mother," was the dutiful
reply ; "it would be wrong to give it to
you, because the drier you are the bettei
you will burn." New York Herald.
"Stole any chickens dis week, Brud
dcr Jones?" said a class-leader to a
member of suspiciously thieving pro
clivities. "No, Bah tank do Lor'. "
" You'se dono well," said the loader,
and passed on, while " Brudder Jones "
turns to "Brudder Brown," and whis
pers: "Lucky he said chickens; il
he'd said ducks he'd had mo suah 1"
Last week at Los Angeles a married
woman eloped with her coachman, in
consequence of which her husband shot
himself. The next day his daughter,
who was also in love with tho coachman,
went insane, while the servant-girl, who
was in turn gouo on the defunct bus
hand, tried to drown herself throe times.
We shall get out an extra as soon as wo
learn of the course taken by tho house
dog in the matter. Derrick Dodd.
Balloon photography, according to a
paper read by Mr. W. B. Woodbury be
fore the Balloon Society of Great Britain,
has not vet proved of much practical
ui no. though the hope is confidently
entertained that before long it will be
possible to obtain from balloons photo
graphic bird's-eye views of the country
beneath. Every increase in ti e rapidity
with winch a photograph can ho taken
increase the probability of success in
this direction.
"Ma, what's a sweet, sugar-coated
lit On ill ?" asked a Williamsnorl
boy of his mother at breakfast the other
dav. " I declare. Willie. I don t know.
was the laughing reply. " Where did
you ever hear such an odd expression as
that? "Oh, 1 heard pa telling Mary
that in the hall, last night, when you
was over to Mrs. B s. The "swoot
sugar-coated little angel pill" was dis
charged the next d&y. Williamsport
llreaikjast Table.
President Arthur is said to be very
fond of buttermilk. No nation ever
lost its liberty whose ruler devoted him
tn imMnrmilk an a bevel am Bos
ton Htratd.
Oik 1
For the Next 10 Days
iai Dargains m
Ladies and Gents' Fine Shoes.
Our stock was Never
An Elegant Line ot
Gloves and Hosiery
Are till Head quarters For
IHssoliil Ion of Partnership.
rpHB partnership entered Into on the 18th day
J. of NovdBaber, A. D. 1882, between Oliver
S. Hayden and T. Jefferson Downs, doing busi
ness under the firm name of Hayden A Downs,
ofjndtan River, Cheboygan Connty, Michigan,
hits this day bn(ndinsolved by mutual consent
The successor of snld firm being Oliver 8. Hay
den, who Is authorized to collect alt bills duo
HUM Arms.
Dated, Juno 25th, 1883.
Probate Order.
STATE OF MICHIGAN, county of Cheboy
gan, ss. At a session of the ProbateConrt for
the said county held at the Probate Office, in
the village of Cheloygan, on the 28th dav of
July, in the year one thousand eight hundred
and eighty-three.
Present, Edwin Z. Perkins, Judge of Pro
bate. In the matter of the estate of Arcule Cardinal,
On reading and filing tho petition, duly veri
fied, of Frank Cardinal praying, among other
things, that the residue of said estate may be.
by the order and decree of this Court, assigned
and delivered over to the heirs of said deceased.
Tbereuiion it Is ordered, that Monday, the
20th day of August next, at 10 o'clock in the
forenoon, be assigned for the hearing of said
petition, and that the heirs at law of said de
ceased, and all other iersons Interested in said
estate, are required to appear at a session of
said Court, then to be holden at the Prohate
Office, in the village of Cheboygan, and show
cause, if any there be, why the prayer of the
petitioner should not be granted. And it is
further ordered that sold jietltloner give notice
to the persons interested in said estate, of the
pendency of said petition, and the hearing
thereof, by causing a copy of this order to lie
published in the NoaTHKas Thibunk, a news
paper printed and circulated in said county,
three successive weeks previous to said day of
hear ng. EDWIN Z. PERKINS,
( A true copy ) Judge of Probate.
July 28. M
will offer some spec-
More Complte.than
Notice for Publication.
Land Office At Detroit Mich 1
N.luly 18th, 1883. f
OTiCE Is hereby given that tho following
named settler has tiled notice of his In
tention to make final proof in support of bis
claim, and that said proof will be made before
the County Clerk at Cheboygan. Mich, on
August 28th, 1883, viz.., George Kidd, for the
s w f r sec 7 and n f r yt of n w f r sec 18 T
34 n R 2 e. He names tho following witnesses
to prove bis continuous residence upon, and
cultivation of, said land, viz, Albert Poland,
Keuben K meads, Knyal Taylor, John Belanger,
all of Shawpo, Mich.
Adam E. Bloom,
July21-t. Register.
I lravethe best Wrought Iron and Steel Plows
that ever struck tins town; likewise the Best
Fanning Mills.
Teeth Extracted without pain. Office, Main
street, opposite Post & Van Arsdalo's.
For Sale-
VILLAOE LOTS For Hale. Enquire of

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