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Northern Tribune.
SATURDAY. Al GI ST 5. 1883.
bbabun f.
The U. S. lighthouse steamer Dahlia
was in port yesterday.
The propeller Idaho was in on time
yesterday nioruiug, bound west.
The Canadian propeller Prussia call
ed in Sunday bound to Montreal from
The tug Duncan City returned
Saturday from Elk Rapids with a raft
of round timber.
-The Oneida, of the Ogdensburg and
Chicago line, is expected in this after
noon bound west.
The steambarge White & Friant,
bound down with grain, was in port
Monday after wood.
The Lawrence arrived Monday after
noon and left the same evening for Chi
cago and way ports.
The steamer Pearl gave Cheboygan
the go-by Thursday on her up trip, but
-called in going down.
The schooner A. Mosher arrived Sun
day, loaded lumber from W. & A. Mc
Arthur and cleared Tuesday for Chicago.
The Keweenaw arrived up Sunday
morning with a large party of excur
sionists bound for the Sault. She called
in Monday afternoon going down.
- The steam barge Mary Mills and
consort Geo. Worthington arrived Wed
nesday night with coal for S. Baker &
The schooner F. L. Dan forth finished
loading lumber Saturday and sailed
Sunday for Chicago. 700,000 feet was
her cargo.
The City of Cleveland was a little
late last Saturday, but arrived and de
parted on time Wednesday, with a large
passenger list both ways.
The propeller Saginaw Valley called
in bound east Thursday evening. She
was well loaded down and had a largo
"crowd of passengers on board.
The Atlantic arrived Monday night.
She left, bound down. Tuesday night,
taking over 500,000 lath from the Che
boygan Lumber Co. for Sandusky.
Detroit papers claim that W. S.
Smith's new tug will be out in about
two weeks. It is true -it will be out, on
the bank of the river, where it is now.
The Arundell put in her first appear
ance, for the season, last Sunday, with a
large party of excursionists aboard. She
will be up on her second trip to-morrow.
Th Flora arrived up yesterday
morning but little behind time notwith
standing the blow. Passengers on her
pronounce her the beet sea boat they ever
traveled on.
The tug John Martin, ('apt. John
Cotton, was in the harbor yesterday,
coaling at McArthur's dock preparatory
to going to Green Bay after a raft of
timber for Peter McRae.
The propeller Champlain arrived
from Chicago this morning, and will
leave this evening on her return trip.
If you want a pleasant trip to Chicago,
or any of the way ports, take the Cham
plain. The barge Annie Vought finished
loading 800,000 feet of lumber from W.
fc A. McArthur last Monday, and wan
towed out Tuesday to await the arrival
of the steam barge that tows her. She
was still waiting last night to be taken
in tow for Chicago.
The schooner Imperial arrived
Thursday afternoon, and is loading lum-
ber for Chicago, and leaves to-day. Capt.
Roche says this is his seventh trip to
this port this season, and he has sailed
into the harbor five times out of the
seven and sailed out once. Hard on the
harbor tugs.
The tug Natt Stickney arrived Sun
day morning with one of Carkin, Stick
ney & Cram's dredges and two dump
scows in tow for Saginaw. She left
Chicago early in the week and by watch
ing chances and making harbors got
along all right until Saturday evening
she got caught in the blow when near
Waugoshanco light. No harbor being
within reach Capt. Carbin kent them on
the. move. The sea worked some of the
oakum out of the seams of the dumps
and set them to leaking. After they en
tered the straits men were put on them
to work the hand pumps and keep them
from filling. When six or eight miles
off this port both dumps broke away
from the tow. and it was some time be
fore the accident was discovered. The
night was dark and no lights on the
COWl made it difficult to pick them up.
AMien found the men were lying flat on
the dick and yelling for all they were
worth. Ono of them wanted to jump
overboard and try and swim ashore, but
was prevented by his companions. They
remained in port until Monday, near
noon, when they left for their destination.
The Fountain City was in bound
down Thursday evening. She was loaded
down to her wale, but had no difficulty
I gettinf in or out.
Regular meeting of the village coun
cil next Tuesday night.
Thursday night put a quietus on the
tuneful notes of the festive mosquito.
According to astronomers numerous
ehooting stars should be seen these even
ings. Summer resorters think the weather
the latter part of this week has not been
very summery.
Detroit sports the electric light on
some of her principal streets, and it is
pronounced a grand success.
After next Monday Cheboygan County
will be in the First Internal Revenue
District. Collector's office at Detroit.
It is rumored that some of the excur
sionists went to Europe to a consider
able extent yesterday during the passage
o'er the tempestuous seas.
Fred Hamel was offered a situation by
Superintendent Corbett, of the Western
Union, but declined. Too much attrac
tion in Cheboygan for Fred to leave.
Watts S. Humphrey's mare, Mollie
Harris, took second money at Davenport,
Iowa, in Thursday's race, In which she
was entered, taking one heat in 2:34.
The passengers on the Mary Thursday
afternoon did not like the looks of the
white caps in the straits and declined
making the trip, and the boat remained
in port.
Mrs. C. W. Farr has succeeded in man
aging the switch board better than
could have been expected, and all is well
in telephonic matters.
Prof, and Mrs. W. II. Burdick, of Lan
sing, open a writing class in the school
building next Monday. They have some
fine specimens of penmanship on exhibi
tion at the postoffice.
The fine Canadian propeller Pacific is
expected in to-day with a large party of
excursionists from Canadian cities. We
understand some of the railroad mag
nates of Canada will be along.
The D.. M. & M. railroad advertise an
excursion from St. Ignace to Marquette
leaving the former place at 10 p. m.,
next Monday. Tickets for the round
trip 13.50, good to return until Thurs
day, August Uth.
The Methodist Sunday School give an
excursion next Wednesday to Cross
Village on the steamer Messenger. Fare
for the trip only 17 cents. Boat leaves
S. Raker & Son's dock, calling at Macki
nac and St. Tgnace, both ways.
Arrangements are being made to se
cure the dirt from the basement of the
now bank building, for filling in the
school yard. Upon recommendation of
the School Board a sum for this purpose
was included in the amount voted at the
last annual school meeting.
Last Saturday afternoon the Ktfie
Johns combination started out from St.
Ignace for a sail. They sailed, but sail
ed, in spite of themselves, to Mackinac
Island, and had to charter the Mary
to take them back to the Point in order
to get there in time for their evening
Ferdinand Paquin, who had his leg
amputated last week, is in a very criti
cal condition, with but little hopes of
his recovery. Dr. Jessup, of Mackinac,
was over Thursday in consultation with
Dr. Perrin in regard to the case. Too
long a time was allowed to lapse after
the accident before the leg was taken
off, it being about 20 hours after before
he was brought home, and when the
operation wan performed his system was
about exhausted. For a day or so after
the operation he seemed to get along
nicelv, but gangrene and blood poison
ing symptoms btglll to manifest.
The telegraph strike still continues
without settlement. The Western Un
ion claim that they are masters of the
situation, and that all messages are be
ing dispatched with usual promptness.
That their force is being constantly aug
mented as necessity requires, and that
no further interruption of business? over
the wires is anticipated. The brother
hood claim that the managers misrepre
sent the situation.that defections of t hOM
who remained loyal to the company are
constant and frequent.and that the bafi
ness of the public is not properly done.and
claim to feel confident of the ultimate
success of the strike. They are receiving
liberal aid from other organizations and
hope to worry the company into submit
ting to their demands.
Unclaimed Letter List.
The following is a 1 H ot letter, r
Billing In thOMh$rilM OBAoBwr.UW
called foi July?'.). Pnins "itlllpf U r
thru-Itttefl will pb aee t.hatthey ue
advr rrifP! :
Richard Unmet!, Mr. 1'arliam. John
Calcntt, J. P. Iranrote. I htm. BVtae, William
Morrow, 2: John D. Mclnnls, John McPhenoDj
Chas. omllcttc, J.c. Boftrs,
QlO. V. Hi Ml BR! I, P. If.
NMih und DoorM.
Retailed at wholesale prices. Smith
& Adams' Planing Mill.
ThouanndM May No.
Mr T. W. Atkins, Girard, Kan., writes:
I never hesitate to recommend your
Klectrlc Bitters to my customers, they
give entire satisfaction and are rapid
sellers." Electric Bitters are the purest
and best medicine known and will pos
itively cure Kidney and Liver complain
ts. Purify the blood and regulate the
bowels. No family can afford to be
without them. They will save hundreds
of dollars In doctor's bills every
year. Sold at fifty cents a bottle by Ken
burg & Cooper.
Bulluvrit' Attention.
Sash and Doors will be retailed at
wholesale prices on and after this date,
July, 15. Smith m Adams,
Planing Mill.
Kin an.
Just received a cargo of glass, all sizes,
which we will sell at rock bottom prices.
Sm i n & Adams, Planing Miil.
FurnlNhed Hooiiim to Rent.
On Division street, between Huron and
Dresser, Apply at this office.
Wide Awake Drnvirlata.
Messrs Kenburg & Cooper are always
alive to their business, and spare no
pains to secure the best of every article
In their line. They have secured the
sgency for the celebrated Dr. King's
New Discovery for Consumption. The
only certain cure known for Consump
tion, Coughs, Colds, Hoarseness, Asthma,
Hay Fever, bronchitis, or any affection
of the Throat and lungs. Sold on a pos
itive guarantee. Trial Bottles free. Re
gula. seize $1.00.
Take effect Oct. 15. 1882.
si 4
I M Lll
I 0 li? T
No. L No. I).
8 15am
3 05pm II lll
4 111 " 1211pm
4W-' I-- W
6 cH I 1 05 "
813 " II 1(1 M
7 10 " ! :i 1-' '
I IN "
40 M
0 0X "
17 15"
I 7 N "
8 05 -
!"!"!! io'oo'"
Cincinnati. lv
RidMTllle "
Portland "
7 45pm
10 20 "
I1JS "
11 to
l' 15am
1 lb "
2 20 "
il 10 "
4 2(1 "
5 42
(I 41 "
7 20 "
7 4(1 "
B M "
M "
10 20 '
IS 06pm
1 tit
2 00 "
M 15 "
:i M m
5 55 "
5 27 "
(101 "
7 11 "
7 50 "
I 25 m
Ft. Wnyno.nr
42 "
50 "
U "
5(1 "
2v "
15 "
M "
.V.I '
Kendalville "
G'rtltapiK ar
(, (1 Kaplds lv
m.O H & M t
66 ' j
17 "
Howard City"
HfK KnpMs."
Heed City . "
Cadillac. ...nr
Borne Falls '
l'etoskny. '
Mack, rit.v '
No. 2.
No. 4.
No. . I No. 8.
Muck. City Iv
Mar.Sprlnui "
Borne Falls "
0 50nm
j (KI '
1 06am
i M "
3 10 "
I 3 50 "
545 ""
0 in "
, 7 45 "
8 10 "
0 17 "
10 37 "
11066 "
1 onpm
1 in
i f 7
i 3 28 "
4 40 "
101 "
no "
0 41 hi III
7 20 "
7 .VI "
07 "
l 44
1 25
Mancclona Iv
Trav'se ( Mry"
Cadillac .nr
11 42 "
4 (H- pm
:, IS "
5 50 "
I 17 '
B 06 ,v
8 20 "
IS 06pm
l Ki
1 IS "
2 40 "
2 14
4 35 '
I .KI "
5 l (I " .
7 00 "
7 15 "
7 47 "
8 4H
1000 "
110 '
3 01 '
I 3 23 "
4i "
7 35 "
Heed Titv
)t Hi.pl.ls " ,
Howard City1
n.a,HM "
(I'd Haptdi r
Alleiriin '
Kalitma.oo ar
v Ickaburc "
01 in m
H 00
B V,
(I w
Kendalville '
in R2
II 40
f 1 Wayne r l 00pm
lv l
ti (fam
7 04 "
8 OH "
8 M "
H54 "
BU "
1 10pm
l'urt lainl
Wlnob afar
2 10
7 40
Gone ml I'mseiiKor Agent.
Are bound to hold the
the lead. To-day
M lbs Ex. "C" Sugar, for - $1.00
11 lbs Standard A Sugar, for 1.00
10 lbs Granulated Sugnr for 1.00
10 lbs Tea Dust for - $1.00 Lard, per lb., - 15c
5 lbs good Yoiuig Hyson tea, 1.00 Lard in tubs, from 25 to 50
4 lbs best Jap Tea, for - 2.00 1 lbs, - - 12 l-2e
We carry four times the stQck of any 7x9
store in town, and we can and will sell you
cheaper than any of them.
yGo to the nearest TELEPHONE and
tend in your order. It will receive prompt
Desire to call the attention of the citizens of Cheboygan, Dune in City and Sur
rounding country to the Large and Well-selected Stock of
Dry Goods, Groceries, Clothing,
We have received by the early boats, a Full Assort in ent'of Seasonable Goods, and
the stock in eyery department is full and complete and will be kept so by
daily additions, thus giving our customers the benefit of a
choice line of goods from which to make
Will always compare favorably with those of our competitors, while the Ltfft
Assortment of goods give our patrons a better opportunity of making
satisfactory selections.
Foundry and Machine Shop.
This shop is one of the best fin Northern Michigan. We are prepared to do all
work in this line with dispatch. Heavy work, such as
Saw Mill Repairs A Steamboat Work
Duncan City Mills
These Mills are the Largest and Mot Complete in Northern Michigan, and the
cut the best. Correspondence regarding lumber by the cargo solicited Call
Lumber For Sale at Lowest Market Prices at retail. Parties contemplating build
ing would do well to call and examine our stock.
& CO.
fort, and always take
they are selling
Potatoes, per bush. - 45c
Sugar Cured Hams, per lb, - 15c
Sugar Cured Shoulders, per lb lie
-A- Specia,lt3T

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