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V JLu. U.
northern"tribune CO
r. m. iiionm.v, Editor.
Terms: $1 50 per year, in Advance
By parties, who, probably having
a few second-hand Rockford move
ments, secured now and then by a
trade, make pretensions to hand
ling, them regularly, but read the
following from a special notice we
company. , v .
OrncE of1 Rockford Watch Co., )
Rockford, III. j
."For.the information of the Public:
Our goods are not jobbed. They
are sold only from the factory,
and exclusively to retail dealers.
, Sales of movements by one dealer
to another are not allowed, such sales
being inconsistent with the plan of
protecting the trade, adopted by this
Company; nor is any deakv band'
ling our goods permitted-to give
prices of same to other dealers.
In a town no larger in population
than yours, when a responsible and
leading dealer is satisfied with the
goods, and will make them his spe
cialty, we give him, on his request,
thtt sale in the locality designated.
As will be seen by the following
certificate we are the ROCKFORD
WATCH CO'S regular Agents for
this place. We handle a full line of
r their Goods' at prices that will com
pare favorably with those of other
makers, and respectfully solicit an
inspection and comparison of the
same from all intending purchasers
Office of the Rockford Watch Co. )
Rockford, III., Jan. 1, '83. f
This is Certify, that we have appointed
A. L. FKXKH Sole agent for the sale of
.-ho--iocK"ortrj qnicK-.TKArx kail-,--
ROAD WATCH K3 iu Cheboygan, Mich-,
and that we will to the fullest extent,
sustain the usual warranty given by
him to purchasers of our Movements.
No warranty attaches to these goods
when offered for sale by others thau our
duly appointed agents.
, Per II. P. Holland. Sec'y.
1 :
Miss M.W.S mart
The finest line of Fall and Winter
Ever brought to Cheboygan. I have
spared no pains to select the
The market can produce, which I shall
be pleased .to have everyone call and ex
amine. I have an elegant lino of
which I especially call your - attention
Cheboygan, Mich.
s Silverware, Jewelry, Spcctn
. cles, Arc. The. Largst Stock
iii. Cheboygan.
Repairing neatly and promptly
done. A Full lino of
Rockford Watches,
Call and (ft my prices before
ie Cold Wave
Frewe for It !
And be Happy.
Call at the 3IA2IMOTH STORE
and Purchase your
Winter's Supply!
Silver Grev Blankets, .:r, AM,
3.00, 3.50 and 3.85 pair.
White Blankets, fo'.OO, :..'0, 3.00,
up to $10.
Feather Pillow, 75c, $1.00, 1.50,
pnd 2.00 each.
. Standard Prints i'ur t:'0mfui t, AtatJ
colors, oiily-5 cents per yard.
Cotton Batts, 10c, P-Jc, 15c and
Bed Comforts, $1.00, 1.25, 1.50
and 2.00.
Tory Cheap.
Ladies' Dolmans,
Cloaks, Circulars, Coats, Sc.
Shawls, ' Shawls, Shawls,
, Hoods, , Hoods, Hoods,
Hosiery, Hosiery,.: . Hosiery,
Gloves, Gloves, Gloves.
Ladles' Black Jersey Jackets, '2.50
and 3.00. ,
Lelinjrtcn 'Woolen Mills.
Carpets, Oil Cloths, Mats and
- ' Rugs.
Boots, Shoes and, Rubbers !
Cheaper than any other House in
Come and see us. Remember the
largest store in town, the largest
stock in town, the best and cheapest
goods in town, the only anti-monopoly
store in town.
H. Chambers,
Rcnnelt Block, Cheboygan. Mich.
h b fa b & h h
Northern Tribune.
A Pleasure Hunt 'Ending in Trag
' edy.
Five Days of .Aivful Suspense
Unremitting Search for the Miss
ing. Alfred Osier is Found. Dead Accidently
' ' Shot by his ova Hand. ' -
3Lilaa.g-erln.gr ZDeatlx.
Alfred Osier, Louis Lyons, Rudolph
Lewis, William Kalambaeh and Duncan
Currie left Cheboygan on last Saturday
for a still hunt next day. Their stopping
place wa9 Elliott's old camp, five miles
from town. After nn early breakfast
they separated, agreeing to return for
dinner, and did so. About haJf-past three
they sauntered ou another drive, with
the understanding that they were to
start from the camps for town before
dark. Lyons,Kalambach and Currie were
tirst to face homeward, thinking that
the others would naturally follow. All
got back but Alfred Osier. Ou Monday
morning Frank Osier took alarm at the
absence of his brother, and with several
friends went in his wagon to Bearch,
supposing an accident caused his dis
appearance. 4Ie was unsuccessful.
Tuesday he repeated the search. Wednes
day the alarm 9pread, and parties speed
ily organized, It beiug generally be
lieved Uiat the missing man had met
with a sad fate. Thursday the parties
increased, it being a settled conviction
that he was dead, and returned in the
cveuinsr, but with no better success. Ou
Friday the interest grew to discover tho
m-isaing man's fute. The surmises vere
uuuiy. Swum, imagining U..'U hijyight
have been shot through a mistake in the
dusk. Iu the afternoon of Friday Char
les Leclerc'saw his gun lying in an old
road, about two miles east from the El
liott camp, and near by, between several
stumps and a log, Alfred Osier was found
dead, at half-past four o'clock.
The right hand was shot ., through the
palm, the end of the left thumb carried
away. Irspection showed that east of
tho road ho was restiug his chin on his
hands which covered the muzzle of the
riile, the stock making a dent on the beech
log. Taking alarm its seems at some
object, the stock slid down the side of
the log; the trigger was forced, discharg
ing the rifle, the bullet passing through
the palm of the right and taking the
tip of the thumb of the left hand, rang
ing up under the chin, escaping above
the ear in its fatal errand. . , ,..
showed the hardest struggle to signal
his misfortunes nod make known his
helpless misery. Near by was an old
pine stump; it was polished by his
fingernails endeavoring; to ascend it
that he might bo seen. Refore ho be
came conscious for this effort he must
have lain all night or nearly so, motion
less, senseless. This presumption is
probable from the large blood pool stains
iu the sand.
he seems to have calmly surveyed his
fate. To afford a clue to his discovery
now worked a super human energy. 'lie
therefore moved acoss the Jnear by road,
the prints of his left hand, his knee and
feet being marked la the dust, the trail
of the gun, which he still clung to, tes
tifying the heroic pluck and calmness
of despair of the man to ultimate in
his discovery, for crossing the road he
placed his gun, a mute but eloquent
witness that his body was not far dis
tant. He must have realized the anxie
ty of his wife and brothers, and how
anxious they should be to explore the
woods to ascertain the history of his dis
was a little beyond the road. Several
stumps, standing on an angle with a log
invited him to shelter from the cold and
the frost of the night, for he must have
lived 40 or 50 hours. Here he rested.
Here he breathed his last, at what hour
the angels only know. Here
he was found lying a little
sideways, the left foot arched a little on
the right leg above the ankle, the body
otherwise in full length, and wounded
hand across his breast, the head thrown
back in repose,the hat closely drawn over
the eyes. . . j -
and the instances of struggle all around
betokeae a presence of mind. His own
fate, the alarm of friends, and, above
all, his wife and children, most have, in
rapid saccessIon,pas'sed in review,bnt,in-
6tead of paralizing the mind, it only
emboldened the soul of the sturdy man,
that if dead, and perhaps eaten by the
wolves, traces were left behind to prove
that death and he grappled, but
that death, as it always does, triumphed.'
: ALFRED OSIER; .' i ,
is one of five brothers, four of whom
have resided in Cheboygan. The deceas
ed with Chris, came here five years since
from Pottsdani, N. Y., where they were
born. Frank came here about fifteen
years and is very popular. Will
came here last year and returned to his
father a few weeks since.' They are re
spectable with several prominent con
nections by marriage. Alfred was 32
years old, a carpenter by trade. He
leaves a wife and three children, the old
est being seven and the yonugest child
two years of age.Q Cheerful, of good
humor, polite, honest, he leaves many
friends to regret his being cut down so
suddenly. The community is la deep
sympathy with the bereaved.
One of n party of Ohio gentlemen who
were deer hunting was up a tree watch,
lug for game, near the dead. He could
have,see it at a glance. Ouly when
found dhl he realize the whtrt tragedy .
He and his companions- werv startled,
and abandoned the exciteiuat uS th
Michigan woods. They are nww on their
way home, having expressed themselves
of their danger incident to xucli jsle.s-
was brought to town after dark tborunvs
preceding it. Crowds of people liued inn
street and followed in mournful prmv-
sioa uu ..T!M1-street, to tbe-.rSdeice
where lust Saturday be left in health.
a. presentiment;.
As he was leaving he kis.ied his wife
and 'Children. Mrs. Osier was p&tyful
and remarked, "why, what! the matter,
vou'll be back to-merrovv?" Ho replied
" that it might be a long time before
they'd se-e him again." The wends in j
view of what followed sunk deep in her ,
heart. . From the first alairu she- believ-;
ed him d tad. Her - agony that ha might
not be found wore deeper and deeper in
to her heart as the several efforts failed
to solve his absence. Overwhelmed her
perplexed feelings assumed a resigned
calm when the worst was- known. Sym
pathy for her is generous The- Interest
felt has taken the barb from the arrow.
Her future now Is without his help. But
life has its ainw if it baa its sorrows. To
the inevitable she has to bow;; to live
she has to struggle. Many aie movin-g
to raiae a fund to somewhat lessen the
calamity. The Tribute heartily ron
curs iu such efforts as the widow and
children, wore1 mainly supported by, bis
the inquest " - .
was iu accordance witlt the facts stated.
were held at the town hair, the Hey.
H. M. Thompson, officiating. Tearful
sympathy traced itself legibly on every
face present.
the remains
were hearsed to the grave, crowds fol
lowing, and soon Alfred Osier in Ms last
restine place disappeared forever under
the sod.
Frank Osier aud Chris Osier tender
through the Tribune their deep thanks
to the community. Men left their busi
ness and work day after day in the pain
ful search for their missing brother and
continued it until found. Grateful they
are and ever shall be in acknowledging
their debt to the- people of Cheboygan.
Secure seats for the- excellent enter
tainment Tuesday eve.
Oeo. E. Frost, our Tillage President,
expects to go east the- first of next week
Miss Lilly Amiot returned Wednesday
from her Toronto visit.
Found on Main street, a fine kid mit
ten. Owner can recover same by calling
at this office, proving property and pay
ing for this notice.
The Telephone- Fxchange is fitted up
just as pretty as a picture.
Get the Tribune job office to estimate
on your printing before ordering.
finnh nnd I)or.
Retailed at wholesale prices. Smith
& Adams' l'lanmg aim.
Jnat received a cariroof class, all sizes,
which we will sell at rock bottom prices.
SNITH & ADAMS. l'laiUDg Will.
NO. 17
"Democrats rejoice, but with trem
bling for fear that while malaria Is
overcome that a worse trouble threatens
them in their opportunity to make a
record in Ohio on the liquor question,
and other matters," says the Cheboygan
Tribune, but there is no question as to
the Democratic position,; or the Demo , j
cratle record on the question , or prohU, ,
bition iu Ohio or , any other state. The ' '
Democracy oppose prohibition as they
oppose all legislation of a sentimental
nature, because It is impracticable, has
proved a failure wherever it has been '
attempted, and has never effected what
its advocates, have claimed for it In' re-
straining the liquor traffic toy City '
Call. . ' - ,' . . j
The Call uses the Democratic phrase kii
ology, so meaningless beyond mere comv4
plaint Findingfault with, prohibition, j
on 'excessive priuoiple, is not defining , a ,
positive attitude toward the liquor ques
tion. The Scott .law projected , in J
Ohio by Republicans . was a , :
mild license Iaw Democrats denounced
it. Many Democrats voted for prohi
bition, an insincere act, in keeping with
Democratic cunning, to secure votes for
lioadly.; In Maine, Democrats are pro-; ;
hibitionidts. Republicans gave- the
people in Ohio and Iowa the privilege of
declaring themselves ou this extreme ,
measure, but it has not been declared,
neither is it considered In any sense that
prohibition is a Republican party test.
Oil the other hand, high license us d- .
elated inliliuoU.uieeu with Republican .
approval. Th Tribune has uever ap
pruvtil of prohihit'hioii, but has ad-
voted high license iu a manner clearly ;
umlerftoHl. Lot the Call detiue its po
sition. a the liquor quest ion, or tell
wbat Its puny believes iu, if it is not
fre whisky. '
, in i:v-n.
The entertaiument to be givtu at th
Opera House next Tuesday eveuing will
be tlrst clivs.s. Let emybody atteud. We
giv tho- programme below;
Music ' , '
Tal-K'un. ,
ltf citaLoa, Mercy Patience Jous
MiauU Waitou.
Cait.M;irUie,ttt Hrltisb oulfecArclde Newtou
'JaiiL Li.'tliiiiu Luff, American officer
,' Cbarlie IVweublad
Lleuknanl l'urley ...VburliK iSuMtliam
HerwuH i C'U'lji la-isuuer Fred Clement
, Mih. LJla, W ieiUML.
uet riiAnu IXKM)'S 1;(.'APU.
ltuil ELliijy Uood ..li'l'j'Jji reirin
Maiiui. Aj.) Voice
Kuli Toodsiiian . E. b'ax ;
vVoit .. FreJ JTrost
lioUu ; Cora J.louclmnl
Butler Ciil.. Annie- l'aiiu!tte
Koe... Wlvuilrt vorce-
SenjiCboLUs ol blue t;liA. Full Chums ut
Merry ChiMreu. Tatileuux hiteLMoera'.'d.
Dtiors oiyn at 7 o'clock' Petiornjance'
at H o'clock. ' "'
Kservetl seats-for sule at Kenburc;
& Cooper .
T those ot my cusIuuht wlio have-
favored me with their patronage, aud to.
lw public in general,.! most respectfully
make the-following aiMiotmcviiieut that
aftvr ihitttlaie I will. vll goosl.s f7 vash
only. Having carefully studied. tU in
terest of my eustouu-rs in every, re-'
spct I find that it U for their interest
as well as mine-to buy for cash. VVlnn
dealer can bnv his gds for cash lie- can
invariable buy goods at a much .lower
price aud consqiiently ho can sell to his
customers at from. LO to 15 pef clut les."
All that Is required is a hltle inanage--nvent
on the part of those who buy goods '
ti refe'iye this bemetit and save least
f aui $10 to per month. To be con
vinced read the following list of price
and it will convince yon that the only-
way to pet rich is to buy for cash:
Flour, formerly sold ut $5 GO per
barrel, will sell for $5 00
Futent process tlo-ar, 50 ir bur-
rl...... 7 00.
Rller process Ibinr. $7 50 mi bar- ,
rel i 25.
(iraunla'.ett Sugnr. per lb TO
Coffee A Sugar... i
KxtraC Sugar ". 8
Brown Sugar...., ... 7
Kerosene Oi I........ 1 17
Fresh Itutter 21
Fresh Kggs ' 21
Raisins 10
Three lbs Currants , 25
Pork per lb V
Torn lieef per lb
Rice per lb 7
Potatoes, per bushel 45
And all other poods will be sold at ex
ceedingly low figures. Call and get my
prices and be convinced that this is no
I will have a full line of holiday good
of all descriptions and you can look for
exceedingly low. figures. Cups and
saucers for 40 cents per set. White
chamber sets, complete, for $3. Don't buy
your crockery without calling on me, for
I ain bound to lead.
Hoping for a continuance of the patron
age of my present customers, I can
promise them in the futnre as In the
past that I will always study to please,
and guarantee them such prices in the
grocery and crockery line as has never
before been given to the public.
John f. Moloney,
Cheboygan Cash Store, next door to Tost-offlce.

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