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Utile Thing;
It is the little things in life-that tell
for good or evil. It is those that try our
patience when they command our at
tention from the big things that seem
worthy of our efforts. Hut afterall.it
;s. is attention to these same petty details
that tell in the end.
Few men have succeeded in business
ventures without a talent for this kind
of drudgery, and it is said of Welling,
ton that his battles were won in camp,
superintending the proper cooking of
food that would maintain tho health
and spirits of his soldiers. Seemingly
small business for so great a man, Cut
when history tells us that to this one
thing is due the honor he enjoyed of
tever having lost a battle, the end
comes to justify the means, and in view
of such results we wonder that any
should fail to realize tho importance of
little things. Yet sadly inconsistent as it
may seem, we go right on in tho old
way despising and ignoring the little
things of every day fife, because they
seem insignificant and are so numerous
and prosy. Look into your home and
observe the multitude of little thino-a.
each one too trifling to enumerate
among your days' duties, yet every
ono demanding attention with a
voice that years of experience
have long since taught us to regard
as imperative. For probably before
you had long enjoyed the experience of
being the head of an establishment, cir
cumstances of ono kind or another
over which you had no control, possibly
an over supply of company, may be
sickness of sell dr friends, obliged you
for a time to omit mauy of these minor
details of housekeeping. And none
that havo had the experience will forget
the feeling of utter discouragement that
filled her soul as sho returned to what
had seemed tho perfection of order and
system, and found chaos reigning in its
stead. The tarnished condition of the
silver, the grimness of papers in cup
board and pantry that you did not know
could look so bad, the smoky window
.pane and the finger marks about the
door-knobs, the missing buttons, the
broken stitches and tho toeless socks
ariso before your mind's eye in such
disheartening array that your impulse is
to run away from it all. There are
some to whom this experience has come
but a few times in life, and again, there
are others who seem to have started
with the odds against them, and never
caught up with their work. We call to
mind one homo of this latter class,
where tho mistress is so engrossed with
grand ideas for tho betterment of the
race, that she can not condescend to these
trifles. Unfortunately for the family their
means are limited, so that help can not
be provided to perform these trifling
offices and tho result is worse than
any one could imagine that had not
witnessed it in its workings. Tho big
work is done meals are cooked in very
good style, and tho floors generally
Sretty free from dust, and most of the
uties of this class performed. But tho
outtons are never all on, nor the button
doles of half worn garments ever in re
pair. The holes in stockings aro often
. arawn together while the impatient
owner waits to change. If the missing
mtton should be found indispensable
.vhen the garment is put on, there is
nother martyrdom endured by the
nother of the family and the other
nember while it is replaced, and tho
usband or child must endure the dread
ul ordeal of having the button replaced
while ho . wears tho garment. The
weekly mending that replaces the stitch
in time is a little thing to attend to, but
neglected it becomes a veritable thorn
In the flesh to each member of a house
hold. And this is but one instance of
the little, things in tho home which if
neglected mar the pleasure and the
lives of all within it. And this same
law of little things holds good through
out every line of business as well, and
nine times out of ten failure in life is
due to the neglect of it alone. Burling"
ton Hawkeye.
A Troj Tarrot.
Four years ago a bird was brought
from the coast of Africa by a sea Capt
ain, who gave him to his sister in this
city. He need not be definitely located,
but we can put our linger on him any
day, only it isn't a safe thing to do, un
less the careful approach of tho finger
Is accompanied by tho warning: "Don't
you bite, which the parrot will repeat
as distinctly as you say it,' and will re
frain from biting if ho knows you. It
is not known whether ho is five or fifty
years old. That is one of the very few
things he keeps to himself. On all
other subjects he is wonderfully com
municative, and his information, like his
vocabulary, is vast and various. He is
not a green parrot no, indeed, not
much but a gray parrot, described in
tho American Cyclopaedia" as, of all
parrots, 'tho moht remarkable for its
docility and power of articulation." If
the book means our bird, ho is, indeed,
most remarkable for these very qual
ities. Since his arrival in this city
Linnieus, by the by, classes tho cray
parrot as ltttacns critiarns, and how
ever it may bo with our bird about the
crythncus, there is no doubt whatever
that he has becorao quite a psittaens
ho has depended for his education
almost wholly upon his own efforts.
Till quito lately he has lived almost
entirely in the kitchen of a restaurant,
where, with a colored cook who loves
him and colored waiters who adore him,
he has picked up moro food ' than ac
complishments. But with a good ear,
a retentive memory, fairly good reason
ing powor, and, certainly, tho power of
an apt association of words with things,
with elocutionary gifts that are really
remarkable, ho has acquired a quite ad
vanced education, that makes his friends
wonder what a year or two in tho Hart
ford High School might not do for him.
With no teaching lie can, ami does, dis
tinctly repeat every ono of tho orders
called down to tho kitchen such as
"eo!Vee breakfast for one' (or two,
three, or four, as tho ease and call may
be); "beefsteak rare" (or well done)
" for one," and so oa, through the entire
list of usual calls. It is a fact, duly at
tested by credible witnesses, that, the
other evening, when tu? order was ' tea
supper for one," the parrot instantly
said: "Make it ham and eggs with a
cup of coffee!" We shall not soon for
get tho large-eyed look of utter incre
dulity with which a young lady received
this story from the Times reporter.
With heretofore implicit confidence in
everything ho said, she never will be
lieve a word he says again. But the
story is true nevertheless.
Within a year past we have consid
erably changed our ideas about the
actual powers of parrots. What they re
peat is not altogether mechanical and
merely by rote. It is not pretended
that they know the meaning of all the
words they say. But they associate cer
tain words with certain things. No ono
disputes that they havo memory, and if
they havo that they think, and, to some
degree, they reason. Thus this bird, a
few days ago, as was duly chronicled in
the Times, llew away from home. An ad
vertisement in the 'limes restored him
to his owner. Tho boy who brought
him back said: " Your bird only knows
oue word " (in point of fact ho knows
nearly as many as tho boy does), and
that is Kehoe.' " Now "Kehoe,"
which is almost a bird note, and would
be easily uttered by a less accomplished
parrot, is the namo of the cook who fed
tho bird, and to whom tho bird is much
attached. And during the" three days
of his exile among tho strangers who
caught hiiu, he called constantly for
"Kehoe." Ho wanted his friend; he
"wanted to go home" ho knew what he
was talking about.
Since his return he has been removed
to a higher sphere than tho kitchen
from which ho escaped, and he , has a
larger field in which to display his ac
complishments. And without special
instruction he daily adds to his vocabu
lary. He says: "(Jood morning," and
says it in the morning, not afternoon;
"How do you do?" "How's your
wifeP" "How's your folks?" t'Iseo
you there," "What are you doing
there," "Peek-a-boo," in various tones
of voice; and ho whistles and
laughs inimitably, after a fashion of
his own. This very brief catalogue
covers but a few of his accomplish
ments. And he has a quality rare with
good talkers ho is an equally good
listener, and a most attentive and ap
preciative one. If you talk to him for
an hour at once, ho will not open his
mouth, but will keep his eye i on you,
bend his head to listen," apparently
anxious not to lose a word, and an hour
after, or tho next day, lie will have
something to say on the same subject.
He is remarkable among very remark
able birds. Troy. (N. J'.) Times.
An Intelligent Servant.
A gentleman in Austin has a new
servant, and the other day he undertook
to coach him in regard to certain cred
itors, who invariably hounded him the
first of each month with aggravating
"Now." said he to his servant, " if a
man calls for me to-day, you tell him I
am not at home."
"Yis, sor," replied the man.
Fearing a misunderstanding in some
way, he again said:
"Now, Pat, what will you tell the
man when he calls?"
" Till him I am not at home, sor."
"No, no, blockhead, tell him that I,
myself, am not at homo."
"All roight, sor."
"Now, what will you say to him?"
I, mysilf, am not at home."
" Pshaw! Tell him your boss is not in.
Understand that, donkey? Now, what
will you say?"
"Your boss is not in. Understand
that, donkey?"
"Fool! That's not right. Say to him,
I am out.' Can you do that?
"Yis, sor."
"Well, let's hear you."
"I am out."
"Thunderalion! Can't you under
stand? Tell him your master is out.
Now, what will you say?"
" Your master is out."
"No, you don't say anything of the
kind, you ignora'mus. Tell tho man
that I havo left tho house."
"Certainly, I'll tell him that I havo
left the house, but ho won't believe me
when he sees mo in the house."
" Pshaw! Can't you simply say I
have gone out for a walkP"
" Thin he'll think I am a lying, sor."
" How so?"
" Why, whin I tell him 1 havo gono
out for a walk"
"Croat Potiphur! You aro the
stupidest fool I ever knew. See here,
I don't want to see any of the people
that will call to-day, and I want them
to understand that there's no uso of
them calling, as they won't find mo at
home. Can you give them an am
biguous answer in your own words?"
"Is it an ambiguous answer? I
should say I could, if you jist lavo it to
" Well, what will you say?"
I'll say, when they ax mo if you are
in: Yis, tho bos is in, but no haa
committed bigamy, an' gone off on n
weddiu' tour wid i widdy woman, an
if they don't arrest him for tho ara
biggity, gcz I'll niver sec tho color av
his hair again.' That'l fetch 'cm."
Texas Sifungs.
Tim Klmira (N. Y.) Advertiser
makes this correction: "Tho sentence
that should have rend ant' also for set
ling her bulldogs on h'm' vas made to
read 'and also lor setting her buildingt
on lire."
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Lansing September 19, ish;. j
NOTICE is hereby Riven that the following
described Agricultural College land sit
uate in Cheboygan county, forfeited for non
payment of int. rest, will be offered for sale at
public auction at, this office Nov. 8, 1883 at ten
o'clock A. M., unless previously redeemed ac
cording to law.
No of Certifi
cate 141(15. 8 w M of sec 8. town 83 n, r 2 w
" 154t(. b Vt of 8 e M, sec 30, town 1)4 r 2 w
1&040, n w H of n w K.sco 32, town 34 n r 2 w
Copying and Book Posting at lieasona
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Real Estate.
J IIAVEfor sale some very desirable
Farming Lands and Village Property
Among whlcb ate the folk w e:
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E H of w secMon 24.
S W & 3l W i " 24,
K Yt ot n e 4 US
HwofneY " 2!.
N w 4of s e M 2ft
SefcofnwK " 83.
IN IOWN35 N..K.2 W.
L)t No i, flection 10.
IN TOWN 3fi N.R.2 W.
N e Hot n w i section 9.
in Town 37 m.,r.2 w.
Nwof net wton 8.
8 Hot n e 54 " 6
NwJ4oleU 5.
IN TOWJ4 8NtR. 2 W.
N H ofn e section 34.
8 Vt of w 34.
Abstract and lies I KutateOnice.
The Wonderful Efficacy of
Baa been so frequently ud utiefactorfly proven
tlr.t it iceraa almost superfluous to say anything:
more in lliolr favor. The iinmenoe and constantly
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countries, is tho bent evidence of their value. Their
ale tolay In the United States is far greater thaa
any oth r c-tthortio nieditino. This demand is
not rpotftn niio, it U rculor and steady. It Is not
cf txluy or yesterday, it Is an increase that has boon
rteadUyprowing for the loct thirty -five years. What
c.r tlie foasons for this groat and growing demand?
IT. rbenmk's Mandrake Plllscnntaln nosier
v --T. and yet they act with wonderful effect uixta
l-'u liver. They cleause the stomach and bowels of
:i irrltatlux mattor, which, if allowed to remain,
'.liae t ie blooj, ami br :i'M r:i Mclariu, Chills au.l
.ner. and many oihf.r 'l 0" cu They jrivo health
' 'id t-treii:rth to tin tit.xii . 3 crr.n. T'.soy crest
i.;l'odte end give viiror t J t'A t v. Wo syntun. They
-.roin factthinortKi-a c 1 I rtlcrs which shoulJ
il:on !'.i..Tc3 L.;o!'t vt ::, v'-tn malarial and
' jit c:-!..jt.1 -ir.ro iv - , 1 t-"j' J -enure the sys.
' .a ti res:. ttlac u cf t j cf ovcry character.
: ;i V:ic't 7!r f ''ri'' o T"! ore cold by all
'.rtCv0.pc?i-s, ? rcr. S cuU, poatiwid,
. .; t cf
' V T.at 'c ci fo-ntitn:f !en LIt-
.1 ...-t c:.d in, ia Ilfca op
" J f 't f -eo! t a I. Ad irfpt Dr. ,f. II.
- r. SON, J'?-'.-j::tp."i5n., Ta
Livery Stable
Main Street, opposite A. 7. Newton
. Whetevoo can find
New. Btyli6hiFirst-cl8BS ua
outs. Double And single, to le let at reason nil
Is a wide-awake, progressive Newspaper, Republican in Politics, and
DEVOTED to tho
;And Especially of Cheboygan and County.
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1.50 per year; six
months, 40 cents.

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