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VOL. 9.
NO. 2G
Vre are showing Special Attractions In
Watches, . Bracelets,
Chains, Neck Chains,
Rings, Ladies,
Gold Spec's and Eyo Glasses.
Gold Pens, Toothpicks, &c, .
Suitable for Presentation Pur
poses, A T
Lowest Prices, Quality consid
ered. Our Line of
Tripplo and Quadruple Plate,
is especially complete.
Novelties in Fine Cases,
The Genuine Rogers.
Knifes, Spoons and Forks.
Respectfully inviting you to
call and examine these goods,
we are,
Miss 11. W. Smart
The Quest line of Fall and Winter
Kver brought to Cheboygan. I have
spared no pains to select the
The market can produce, which I shall
be pleased.to have evervone call and ex
amine. I have an elegant line of
which I especially call your attention
Cheboygan,- Mieh.
L.T. Limpert,
Silverware, Jewelry, Specta
cles, Mc The Largst Stock
In Cheboygan.
Repairing neatly and promptly
done. A Full lino oF
Eockford Watches,
Call and Get my prices before
Dry Goods, Boots and Shoes,
Insurance and Real Fslale Agent
Ofllc opposite postoflW, rtwntiy occupied
Simtf by J. 1. Sutton.
A vicr. nlvtut 3 yours oM nrxt Hnjr, bn.y
Nil r lmkI few mii'ill opots of whito hwr bnek
vt th tne h'jr. rtiul 'iiih wlilto hulr on tho
front part oi ino naii. i no ownr win pionv
mil ami Pf clmr. Kinpilro of Mcilnrd
H"tK.rt, In lloiuurttml Township.
L. A. Parcelle, Prop.
Holiday Goods!
Holiday Goods!
New and Unique in designs. IJumer
ous the Variety and wide the
range for Selection.
Articles Suitable for
Gifts for almost any
Odor Cases, Chests,
Stands and Sets, ,
Plush and Satin,
Upright and Reclining
Fancy Leather Couplets,
Dressing cases,
Scrap Books,
Writing Desks,
"Whisk Brooms,
Hair, Tooth, and Finger.
Shaving Brushes,
Flesh Brushes,
Infant Brushes,
Plush, Satin, and other Varieties
of Designs.
Face and Tooth, Selected Qualities,
Cologne, the Most Fragrant,
Cuffs and collar Boxes,
Ladies' Money Bags,
Cut Glass Bottles,
Mirrors of Beautiful Finish,
Writing 'paper in Fancy Bcxes,
Toilet Soaps,
Choicest selections,
Novelty ot Design,
Quality of Material, and Artistic
Finish, as well as appropriate
combinations, devices, and
Fancies, I herein com
mend the
To my Patrons, and further solicit
tho most discriminating class of pur
chasers to call, and
Examine before Pur
chasing Elsewhere.
Takinir into consideration tho past
11 .... 1 ! i
depreciation in nu oruers ui uusuiuss,
I will offer during tho Holidays, the
above goods at away down 1'iices.
All Orders by Telephone Promptly
Attended to.
Northern Tribune.
The war on Turkeys Is not yet at an
end. .
Mr. Raisin of Duncan City is very
R, Robinson left yestorday for his
The Cheboygan Literary Society has
secured a piano,
Miss M. U. Donougaue, of Flint, Mich.,
is the truest of Oscar Adams.
Capt. J. W. Brown had a Christmas
present of a fine 10 pound daughter.
D. Feeney has gone baek to his old
home in Canada to spend the winter.
Make good resolutions at the begin-
ing of the New Year, and stick by them.
Frank Osier spread a feast for the
Odd Fellows that was equal to the best.
D. II. Moloney left Wednesday morn
ing for a short business trip to Detroit.
A. J. Robinson left yesterday for a
visit to his mother at Toronto, Canada.
There are now 45 telephones connected
with tho exchange, all viorking in fine
J. W. Wallace, of St. Catherines, Ont.,
spent a few days in onr village last
Mrs. C. W. Farr has returned to Jack
son from Indianapolis, and will be home
J. E. Nichols came from camp Satur
day, and left Wednesday. He has 9,000
logs skidded.
Geo. W. Bunker, at Detroit all summer
and fall returned home Tuesday to re
main the winter.
Mrs. Fourneir, of Tawas, is spending
the holidays in Cheboygan, guest of
Narcesse Hamel.
Some of the stayers did not leave the
Odd Fellows' dance until four o'clock
the next morning.
The propeller Messenger's boiler has
been raised, and the water bottom Is
found to be all right.
Orloff Linderman, an old man, fell
out doors and broke his leg. Dr. T. A
Perrin reconstructed.
Jerome Leavitt left Monday morning
for Chicago to spend Christmas with his
daughter, Mrs. W. W. Shultz.
The water pipes leading to the mason
ic lodge room were frozen up the last
cold suap, and the pipes burste.d
Mrs. Simon Widrig received a tele
gram announcing the death of her
mother, at Lockport, at the age of 78.
Samuel II. Taylor, Bell & Adams, and
the Benton house are new subscribers to
the telephone, and were connected this
Capt. Bouehard smiles in a way that
indicates the Messenger's improved
machinery will enable her to lead next
Miss LiUie Baker arrived from Toron
to Christmas evening, where she has
been attending ichool. She returns
There were eight balls given in Che
boygan on Christmas ere., musicians
were in great demand. Everybody had
a Jolly time.
The St.Ignace News says that lots of
laborers there, are unable to get employ
ment in that city and vieinity. and ad
vises others to stay away and remain
where they are,
Miss Luella Lathrop, the talented
youne school marm from Tigeon rjver
came to the city Monday to stay two
weeks, and is greatly enjoying herself
as she has a well earned right to.
Any one in need of stationery, such as
billheads, letterheads, envelopes, &c.,will
do well to consult the Tribune job office,
its established reputation for neat work
at reasonable prices insures.satisfaction.
Christmas evening Wm. Devine's
horse Rock, look a notion to have a time
of his own, leaving the driver in the
road, came down Main street at a terri
ble speed, run over a pair of bob sleighs
loaded with wood. lie brouj lit up at
the barn without much damage to the
As the telephono was being transfer
red from Humphrey & Perkins' oW ofllce
to the new one, a man followed along
thinking it u hand organ. He finally
asked: "Say, when are you going to
playV" The telephone man told him he
would play on the next corner, and start
ed on the run, evidently thinking he
was taken for a monkey show.
Mrs. Chas. Farmer left yesterday to
visit friends at E. Saginaw,
Harry Mc Arthur, arrived from Fargo
last week to spend the winter here.
There was a ball at the Tremont
house on Wednesday night. It was one
of the enjoyable affairs of the season.
W. C. Moore has a new advertisement
in this issue. Read it, and be sure you
profit thereby.
John Dowling, assignee of John F.
Moloney, offers the best bargains out for
any one needing groceries and crockery.
F. E. Martin and lady, and Mi A. Mc-
Henry, of Indian River, took in the
Masonic installation, Mr. Martin taking
part in the ceremonies.
Mr. W. Patterson, of Pattersonville, a
perfect gentleman and worthy citizen
starts next week for Los Angelos, Cal.,
his future home. Sorry to lose him.
The wedding cake for Mr. Michael
Ly nam's wedding will be on exhibition
at the Gity Bakery, Main street, next
week, and be very handsome and costly,
being three stories high.
The "sign of the Thistle," that is,
Aleck Campbell's House, was gay with
life, and the dance that all enjoyed so
well broke in upon Merry Christmas
hours. All were happy.
The band dance next Monday night
at the Towd Hall is one of the maay en
tertainments of the, holidays. It has
strong claims on our people. Let every one
go, and remember, take a lady along.
S. R. Snow is now recognized as the
leading harness maker in the city. He
keeps headquarters for all that is sold in
a harness and saddler shop. He sells
cheaper than others and you should call
and see himw
The following is the programme of
music at tha Independent church to
morrow evening; Anthem, Safely
Through Anelher Year;Iljmn, 990; quar
tette, Oh that) I Had Wings; hymn, 90;
solo, Come unto Him; hymn, 79.
On Thursday evening, Jan. 3d, 1884, a
Union Tea Meeting in aid of the funds
of the Sabbath School, will be held at
Pattersonville,. near Mill's store. Ad
mission, ad nlfei, 20 ctsn children, 10 cts
A pleasant and profitable time is expect
Some citizem friends of Wm. Spencer
purchased furniture, etc., of the Speneer
House and made financial arrangements
that will enable mine host, the eyer pop
ular, and aforesaid Wm. Spencer, to pen,
Monday in full blast, Hurrah for Spen
cer and his friends.
The Cheboygan Literary Club had
their usual meeting on Thursday night.
The attendance was small, owing to the
festivities of the time, but the officer8
were there. However the meeting was a
success, most of the members taking
part. The club is new and it is quite an
honor to be one of its members
At the annual meeting of the M.jS. S.
S. Boar, held Dee. 20; the following
Officers were elected for the, ensuing
year: Supt., A. R'. Thayer; assistant
Supt., Mr. Upham; Librarian,. Adrian
Johnson; Treasurer, Mary Miner; Secre
tary, C.H. Martin; Organist, Kate Ham
ilton: assi't. Organist, Bertha Miner;
Choirestcr, E. Vanderwater.
The Clifford family in their Egyptian
and Chinese box mysteries are to give an
exhibition in tfte store lately occupied by
W. Krratt & Co., on Main street. The
first show will be on the 20th iust. The
wonderful II had a may be then seen. It
is spoken of in all parts where oxhibited
as a great attraction. To the young it
will be a special delight nd all can see
It as it will continue for one week.
Miss Nellie Melville was the reeipi
ont of a Christmas present from Mrs,
Robert Patterson. It is a pin cushion
f large sizo in scarlet covering, fdged
with delicate white lace. Daisies, with
butterflies on the upper side, some in
repose others on tho wing; all painted
with the donot's artistic hand, Invests
the Fouvenir . with charms other than
those f mere remembrance. Of course
the fair Nellie prizes it.
In this Issue the Tribune parts with
1883 but not without many pleasant
memories. It is grateful to Jhe commu
nity for its approval and good wishes
On the threshold of 1SSI it looks with
confluence to that public opinion that
has cheered it on. Trusting that, how
ever, differing with many of our readers
in the coming political struggle, its de
votion to the common Interests shall not
be undeserving of the pnblic regard. To
old and new friends we wish all a Harpy
New Year.
Miutcnlo fc-tlval.
In every nation where human progress
admits the light of Freemasonry, the
festival of St. John the Evangelist, on
the 27th of December, is celebrated with
imposing' ceremony. The fraternity
purposed in its festivals to worship the
Grand Architect of tho Universe, hum
bly imploring his blessings upon the
race, and entering npon the feast of
brotherly affection and universal benev
olence. It was deemed most conducive v
to the benefit of the order, and the honor
and advantage of the lodges to have this
year, an installation of the officers of the
Blue Lodge and Chapter, to conclude
with a banquet and ball, to be witnessed
and participated in by Masons and their
ladies. The craft numbers to many
here that their large lodge room and par
lors are filled by members and lady
friends on such an occasion. The- event
on Thursday night eclipsed all that "had
preeeded it in tho undertakings of the
order. In the elaborate ceremony there
was observed that dignity, efficiency
and solemnity so essentialto ceremony.
In the striking, costly yestures.and im
plements, there was muck to interest
the eye, also to improve the mind of the
thinker. The Chapter did well for its
first appearance. There is always so much
to learn in Freemasonry that there can
only be comparative excellence obtained
but it is safe to say the order here is a
credit and honor to the fraternity. The
feast was rich, elaborate, and enjoyed to
the full. The dancing was in keeping.
with the dances of our city.
Odd Fellowship is buoyant with youth
f ul energy and rings with the emphasis
of a conquering army. The fraternity
has crowded as much good into G5 years
as auy benevolent organization was ever
honored with. Recognizing no aristoc
racy but that or mind and soul, belieying
in a Universal Father and its accompa
nying truth the universal Brotherhood
of the race, standing squarely upon the
equality of human rights, consecrated to
a world-wide benevolence, seeing no dis
tinction but that of goodness, the Order
has overcome calumny, persecution and
wrought results that are astounding
even in ihU age of rush and greatness
The new Lodge ruom was dedicated on
Christmas eve to the sacred purposes f
the order in a manner that honored the
fraternity, the lodge, and the city. The
members within themselves, conducted
the beautiful, expressive ceremony of th
hour solemnly, correctly and to the de
light of the crowded hall. The Pastor of
the Independent Church delivered an ad
dress. The dance was an eminent suc
cess. The feast of good things to eat and
drink at the Bcntyu House was a mag
nificent banquet. The Lodge room la-
handsome and elegantly famished. The
order has no debt, several hundred dol
lars n interest, growing rapidly with
over eighty members. Now let us have-
an Encampment.
Metr Tears Call.
Residence of J. II. Waterman. Mrs. J..
II. Waterman, assisted by Mrs, E. O.
Residence of Merritt Chandler. Mrs-
Rachel Chandler, assisted by Mrs. C. J,
Residence of Oscar Adams. Mrs. Os
car Adams, assisted by Mrs. Jacob Post,
Mrs. A. R. Thayer, Mrs. Robt. Patterson,
the Misses VanArsdale, Adams, and Matie
O'Donoghue, of Flint. From 2 f6 p. m.
Residence of W. 0, Boggs, Mrs. W. G.
Boggs, assisted ly Mrs. Will Whiting,
Mrs. J. J. Brown, and the Misses Pad
dock and Yorce. From 2 to 6 p. m.
Mrs. and Miss Melville, assisted by Mrs,
Isaac DeGowin and Miss Edith Ramsay
Betweeh the hours of 2 and 6.
A. r. fcA. M.
Special Communication There will
be a meeting of the Lodge No. 283, at 12
m. Sunday, to attend funeral of the lata
Bro. M. W. Home. J. P. Sutton, Sec.
Cheboygan, Dec. 29, 1883.
Draft horses for sale. Just arrived
with 18 good horses which I will sell at
tho Cass House stable. J. Hyman.
Programme of the Cheboygan Literary
Society for Thursday, Jan. 3, 1884.
Music-Duet, by Misses Mellville and
Lecture, by Rev. Wcslgate.
Declamation, by Mrs. P. II. McDonald.
An original epsay by Wm. Shannon.
Reading, by Chas. Van At?dale.
Yocal aud instrumental music, by Mrs.
Legault and -diss Summers.

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