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ss O'er
s, Oils
Chandeliers and Lamp Goods, Leather Belting, and General Mill Supplies, Rope, Anchors, Oakum & Pulley Blocks.
Ea,n.TjLfa,ctin.xers of Tin, Copper and Slieet Iron "W&xo.
Hardware. De
roit Stoves.
&c. Window
mi ant
Cor. Huron and Pine streets Rev. T. B
Leith. Preaching 11 A. m., 7 p. m!
abbatli i school, 12 m. Prayer meeting Thurs
day, at7j p. m.
Opi'ra House. Preaching at 7 P. M. Sab
bath 1 1 1 i ol 12 . H.M. Thompson, Pastor.
Preaching 10:JW A. m., 7 P. M. Sahbath
school, 12 m. Prayer meeting Wednesday, 7 'A5
r. M. Chas. H. Hartley, 1). I)., Pastor.
Cor. 5th and Church utreets. Low mass 8 A.
M., daily. Hijrn mass It)1 j A. M. Sunday. Ves
pers 3:110 p. m. Sunday. Rev. Pet?r J. DeSmedt,
Division street, near Dresser. Preaching M
AM, 7 P M. Sunday m ho 1 12 M. Prayer,
meeting Tuesday evening at 8 HX.
Regular meeting, at Masonic Hall, Wednes
day evening, on or before the full of the muon.
(J O Wharton, W M. J P Sutton, Sec'y.
TEMPLE LODGE NO. 331, 1. O. O. F. .
Meet, every Friday evening, at Odd FellowB'
Hall. Frank Shepherd,. N U. A. O. Hoggs, U S.
BENTON LODCE. NO. 108, A. 0. U. W.v
Meet every other Monday evening, at & H.
J. Miner. M W. U Jl Begole, Recorder.
'Meets in Masonic Hall, on the Friday on or
after the full of the moon. A J Paddock, H P.
J C Wooster, Sec'y. ,
Judge of Probate E Z Perkins.
Sheriff Win Harrington. '
Prosecuting Attorney Frank Shejdierd.
Clerk and Register Medard Metivier.
Treasurer E Z Perkins.
President UeorgeE Frost. t
Trustees Watts S Humphrey, W E Smyth,
H A Blake, R Robinson, J B McArthur, T T
Van Arsdale. x
MarshalHoward Lynn. .
Clerk -J J lint.
Treasurer J E Cueny.
Attorney Geo W Bell.
Supervisor F M Sammous.
Clerk I E De (iowin.
Treasurer A (i Boggs. ,
Arrive From south at 8:25 P m.
North at V:!50 a m.
Northern tribune.
ou i:xcii vu r.s.
. j investing our money in such a substan-
The Harbor Springs Republican says: j tial manner as in our handsome school
"We hope that when the authorities count j building."
up noses next year they will be obliged j The following from the State Capital
to count three thousand for Harbor , Will be read with interest:"The success of
Springs." j a town or city depends just as largely
The Alcona Review alluding to the ; on the investment of capital, as does a
claim of Texas for indemnity, for tho j private business venture. In some res
slaves, nut shells the case; "The Texan pects it is even mora necessary in that
slave holder's claim will be paid about
the same time with the Confederate war
The Big IRapidi Pioneer: There is a
crraat anrnlns of men. and those Who
start for the woods without an engage- nmh and prosperity of a town; it isre
raent, expecting to find work, plenty re-! Kr,'e( by outsiders just in proportion to
- turn disappointed. It is said that in me
history of the lumber business there nev
er was sov many men. tramping it in
the woods as at present."
The Fetoskey Record with fine spirit on
the present. state of finances,' puts in:
Now do manly man, and no man who
i woi fnP.tnA-Avund tha funeral In-
terests of the town, will be guilty of the
meanness of endeavoring to throw suspi-
cionupon the standing of a business
house, when the facts are not at hand
to substantiate the insinuation." . j
' The .Flint Globe says; "The Flint
Cabinet Creamery factory, of this city
has added another important industry 1
to its business, namely that of making'
metallic milk strainers, of which they
propose to turn out largo numbers. The
s rainer is an improvement upon any -
fling in that line in the market, and is
an invention of the Wilson Brothers.
They are also getting their arrangements
perfected for making their new patent
churn. Last week they got their first
consignment ot panels and parts for the
creameries from Harrison. They proved
to be entirely satisfactory in all respects."
The Elmlra Gazette has been watch
ing the religious leanings of Charlie
Hampton and makes this reminder to
the Petoskey Record man for some late
strictures on tho aforesaid Hampton's
spiritual inwards: "Bontecue has Paid a
great many hard things of Hampton and
he has borne them' with patience and
fortitude, but this last fling is so infer
nal mean that we would not blame
Hamnton if his meek and gentle spiiit
hnompfl so wroueht upon that ho speaks
harshly to his brother Bontccuc."
The Traverse Bay Eagle thinks: " "Do"
ing evil, that good may come of it,' is a
very doubtful practice at the best, and
becomes a down-right outrage when it
oppresses the many, that the few may
The Detroit Commercial sayg of the
Pingsuey teas merely: "The tea in
question was the poorest of the kind yet
seen in this market. It was found to bo
colored green heAvily by means of min
eral matter composed of Prussian blue."
The St. Ignace News speaking of A. W.
Burrows manufacturer of mediciens at
that place, says;"Mr. B. finds nodifllculty
la disposing of his medicines. We print
ed ft.OCX) labels for him Wednesday last."
The Boyne City Statesman says;"Mai'8
from the railroad twice a day now. But
they are coming thicker than we barg
ained for. Last Tuesday evening's pouch
from Boyne Fulld contained the identical
mail matter sent from here four- hours
previously to take trains going north and
The Portage Lake Mining Gazette
says: The prominent mines of the dis.
trict are near the close of their business
year,-and notwithstanding the fallii g
off in the market value of copper during
1S83, they will score a record for the
twelve months cf a most satisfactory
The Chippewa County News in a sec
ond annual tour .makes a fine showing
of the business of that now thrifty place
the Soo, and at no long future a fine
city. But before starting on this tour
the apparel may be deemed rather gro
tesque for this weather: "Two of the ed
itors, therefore, nut on their winter
dusters, invested each in a paper collar,
wiped their faces on the printers towel,
and leaving the office to be run by the
d 'vil, started forth."
The Ionia Courier gives heart to i's
readers on a familar question "Our tax
payers are doing an unusual amount of
grumbling on account of their heavy
tixes this fall. The school tax is more
than two thirds of the whole, on account
of payments to meet on the school house
bonds, this however will be the heaviest
I vear and once paid, we will rever regret
while individuals may look for itnmo
diateretunns, the collective citizens
must wait for some time, and receive
their profits Indirectly. Public improve-
lueuH" uoammeiy ueceasary W me
its pavements, its sewerage, Its water
works, 'its lighting. The reputation of
a town for spirit tells directly on its sale
of real estate and its mercantile trade.
ThoPttoskey Democrat in comment
ing on Palmer, tho defaulting treasurer
of Emmet county, who has returned and
M?ven nimseu UP, anu manes tne snovv-
ng of c rcumstances that ighten up the
load of his default, is manly, courageous
and U every sense wise. It is just by
such Fentiments as the following that
the "orM can he made better: "Give
any man a chance to reform that evinc-
e3 a disposition to do so, and, not braud
him as a criminal, when by so doingyou
m&j continue him on ,a. downward
C0Qr9e, but by being a little lenient he
wm return to tho raths of rectitude and
uprightness 'shown through his wlole
; Hfe up to the present offense.
We are told by those who know Mr.
Palmer best that his past life has been
upright and square, and by his return
ing to Emmet without a writ or officer
he shows that he is desirous to straight
en up matter?, and by so doing should
regain a portion of the respect of his fel-,
low citizens that he always had up to
the time that his shortness was known."
The Frankfort Express says: "The
tariff is no squarely before tho country
and must be decided. There is no doubt
a revision should be made in an honest
manner, but the country will never
adopt frea trade."
The Lansing Republican says: "Em
issaries of the New Era continue to
secretly work Michigan U the iaterest
f this political organization which is
, expected to overturn and
j present politcal parties."
The Wolverine Citizen says with ap
proval: "The new Music Hall is owned
by the Conservatory of Music and is a
building upon which tho citizens of
Flint look with much pride. The exte
rior of the structure is substantial and
imposing, while the interior is pleasing
and beautiful. The parquette
circle and dress circle are all supplied
with rich and easy upholstered chairs of
the latest and most approved pattern."
At Vancouver, Wash .Ter., leading poli
ticians, irrespective of partv, are signing
a monster petition to President Arthur
to appoint Mrs. Dun way, leader of the
woman's enfranchisement cause as Gov
ernor of the territory, 'which recently
adopted woman suffrage.
Boston creditors of Newman & Co., of
Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and elsewhere
think the recent failure of the firm was
a fraudulent one.
They discuss politics in prayer meet
ing at Fontiac.
Bellevue has had a temperance revival
and 319 people have signed the pledge.
It is alleged that the Michigan Central
railroad company proposes to build a
new station house at Battle Creek.
W. T. Palmer of Battle Creek is alleged
to be the only living member of the
guard that had charge of Napoleon at
St. Helena.
Myron Dalrymple, of Gratiot county
eloped with another man's wife.
The Jackson Patriot says: The Grand
Trunk is troubled with another sink-hole
on the road bed.
A lady's lost coat sleeve recently crea
ted a small furore on Washington street
Bay City.
The Allegan county gieenbackers held
a convention last Friday, at which a res
olution was adopted declaring that
fusion is contrary to the best interests
of the party, or state, district or county
tickets. . "
Take effect Sept. 30.. 1883.
No. 1. No. 3. No. 5. , No. 7.
... ... 8 10am 7 45pm!
SOfipm fl (Hi " 10 20 44
4 Id " 12'opni 112S
4 asi i-.2." n
5 8" 12 M " I2irmm
0 13 " 1 5S " 1 . 6
7 10 " 2 M 4- 2 20
i;" 310 1 8 35um
, 4 -J'i " 4211 " 9 45 "
6 41 " ft 42 " II m
lit 4l " 121flom
7 20 " 7 20 13 SO
7 30 " 7 4(1 " ? 20
30 " 3 5(1
9 30" UfiO" 42
7 4.r,am 10 20 6 1.1
7 6!)- 1i 37 6 3
9 17 " HB2pm 6 i)
10 14 " 12 49 7 55
1047 " 150 " 4
1155pm 3 01 " 151
310 " Ml't
5 35 " I
4 4 123mm
ft 23 " ; 1 25 "
0 20 " 2 48 "
0 57 " - 3 42 "
7 50 ' !
... 8 40 ! 0 30
Cincinnati, v
Winchester '
UiriV'Villo 44
Po tlutid "
Decntur '
Ft. WHync.Hr
" Iv
Kondalvlllc "
St n ruts
" " . It
U a KRpias iv
11 x M
Ml Itnptdg..4
Heed City...
" Iv
Mancelona "
Iloyne Falls '
Petoskey. '
Mack. Ulty
NO. 2.
No. 4.
No. 0.
No. 8
Mack. City lv
rctoBKoy "
rtorne Falls"
0 :0
7 20am
8 00 "
8 :w
10 05 "
0 2 "
11 40
9 45pm
12 01am
12 Ii5
2 38
6 2i
7 40
8 19
Mancelona lv
Kalkaska '
Trav'so City
Cadillac ar
" .lv
4 Of'pm 11 55pm
Kecd City "
lUflrRiiplr's "
Howard City
1 3D
5 50 '
n (7
8 05
820 4
2 00 44
3 03"
417 '4
4 35
5 00 44
5 00 4
7 00 44
7 20 44
7 50
814 4
10 03 44
11 ?0 44
P.O.HAM o"j
O'd Rapids nr
" . lv;
Kalamazoo ar
Vlcksbun? "
F't Wayne.nr
4 lv
I'ortland '
Ttlchmond "
Cincinnati "
10 37
10 55
7 00am
0 65 "
t3H "
10 32 4
1140 "
1 2n
2 10
3 10 "
3 37 "
3 5(1
4 M "
7 35
1 00pm
1 Hi
2 7
3 28
4 40
5 59
7 10
05nm 1230am
A 54
7 51
2 34
f.1.1 44
3 23 M
7W 44
8 24 44
8 44 41
9 45 44
1 ilOpm
General I'usHenirer Airent.
UnclaliiKMl l'ropcrty.
"VTOTICK Is hereby given, that tho fo'lowinir
-Ll named personal property, to wit: u
two hundred snd seven ensks o' earthen ware
consiirnd bv C. F. Crawford at Cleve'and ()
was received by S. linker & Son forwarding
merchants, at their dock warehouse, In tho
vlllaire of Chcliovaan,- rhebfyuan county.
Mlchitnn,on tho 2fith day of June, 1HS3, and
unless tho said property shiil be claimed with
In three months from the date of the first pub
lication of this notice, December tm ihhj, ana
tho lawfulchsnres thereon pold tho same, will
be Bold according to the statute In such case
made and provided. S. iiakkk & kun.
Porwardinsr Merchants.
HtJ''HBKT A Pkhkins. Attorneys.
Dated, Cheboygan Dec. 22d, 1S83
Js coming, and wo are
, Stock
North of
able ' lor Holiday Presen
Cruet Stands,
Butter Dishes,
Cake Baskets,
Spoon Holders,
Pie and Cake
Tripple PlatedKnives and Porks
Wo have a ino Lin of
In ill 1 the Latest .'Designs In Ilronxo and IViisliiu Jliass. Cell
and Examsne onr Large Asstii tn.ent of
Tea Pots, Coffee Pots, Bread and Cake
Boxes, Toilet Sets, &c.
44 How does that verse run? Something like
this, isn't it?
VThere are who touch tho magic strlmr. .
And noisy tnma Is proud to win them;
A las I for ihoso who never sing,
Hut die with all their music la them.' "
' "Yes, that's beautiful, pathetic and true,"
said your representative. 44 The poet alludes to
people who are somehow suppressed, and never
pet their full allowance of joy and air. Which
reminds me of a letter shown me the other day
by Hisoox it Co., of New York, stoned by Mr.
K. C. Williams, of Chapman, Snyder & Co.,
Pa., a prominent business man of that place,
lie writes:
44 1 have suffered witli asthma for over forty
years, and had a terrible attack in December
and January, 1 S82. I hardly know what
prompted inetotake Parker's Tonic. IU1
so, and the first day I took four doses. The
effect astonished me. That niht I slept as if
nothing was the matter with me, and have
ever since. I have had colds since, but no
asthma. My breathing is now as perfect as if
I had never known that disease. If you know
ot any one who has the asthma tell him in my
name that Parker's ToNiowill cure it even
after forty years." There was a man who es
caped the fate of those whom the poet laments.
Tins preparation, which has heretofore oeei
known as Parkkr's (Iimjer Tonic, will here
liis preparation, which has heretofore been
after be advertised and sold tinder the name of
Parkkr's Tonic. Inasmuch as ginger is really
an unimportant Ingredient, and unprincipled
dealers are constantly deceiving theircustomers
by substituting Inferior preparations tinner ino i
name of
"ginger, we drop the misleading woru.
Is no change, however, in tne prepara-
tion Itself, and all fmttles remaining in the
hands of dealers, wrapped under the name of
Parker's (Jinoer Tonic contain the genuine
medicine if the facsimile signature of HiscoXit
Co. i9 at the Imttom ot tho outside wrapper.
The brick store on South Weft corner Main
and Pine streets, opposite (irand Central Hotel.
Enquire of
janltf HELL ct ADAMS.
A- Tt
showing the largest
Pickle Castors,
Tea Seti,
Berry Dishes,
Syrup Cups,
Knives, &c,
Ship DuiMinsr, Car.lldrc: and Spar
AIaMng. IJepnirs ot all Kinds
promptlj' attended to.
Also Oak Timber. Spars end
Knees constantly Loi t on hand.
In Clear Sentences an Authority adds Lis own
to the popular Judgment.
171 W Ft Tenth Street,
New Yohk, Aug. 11, 18801
Messrs. Serd ury ,t Johnson :
I am slow to pin my faith to nry new cura
tive agent. Henson's('aTine Ptmrotts Plaster
has won my good opinion. I find it ?n excep
tionally cleanly piaster to use and rapid in its
action; many tents of 'ts qualities in my own
family, and among my patients, have convinced
me that there is no other single article so valu
able for popular use, none s' helpful incases
of Lame buck. Local Rheuivatism. Neuralgia,
Congestion of the bronchial Tubes and LuugH,
and lit : nibnr.ro. Very truly yours,
II. II. KANE, M. P.,
If.r-ir-C I hi of ti e 1 e rjlfomo
l;t ( "i l c;re. il us
(i : :ik.
ill! HI
kiotlip TiriL

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