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VOL, 10.
NO. 12
We have received notice from the An
rora Watch Co. that "our own" watch
will be out sometime next month, and
as we are desirous to confine ourselves
hereafter in watches to a line of special
ties, whereby we can better serve the in
terests of onr patrons and ourselves, we
will close out our present stock of
...... k ' HAMPTON,
Watch Movements
-.ct-ciaJL Ocat I
Now is your time to buy if you hare
use for a wateh.
These are New, Perfect and Reliable
fioods, warranted, at prices that cannot
be duplicated.
We have a desirable line of Gold, Sil
ver and Filled Cases to fit these goods,
and can suit you.
Don't let this opportunity go by, but
call and examine these goods and satisfy
Opposite the Postoffice.
We shall continue to lead with the
Celebrated Quick Train Rockford Watch,
the price of which has lately . been re
duced, making it by all odds the finest
and best time keeper for the money
Remember that the Genuine and Per
fect Roekford, warranted by the makers,
is only for sale by us.
Sole Agent R. W. Co.
Headquarters for . Diamonds
Hampden, Elgin, italtham, Il
linois, Rockford and Fine Swiss
Watches, in Gold and Sil
ver Cases.
A Fine Stock of Rings, Jewelry, Clocks,
Silverware, Specs, ac.
Repairing neatly and promptly
done. Watches Demagnetized.
Second Door South of Postojjice,
HAVING attain resumon" the practice of
Dentistry at my oli;ofllce on Main street,
I would state that 1 have .
Levis' Vitalized Air Apparatus,
The most recent and safest method for the
painless extraction of teeth. I am prepared
to do first class Dental Work and will guar
anty satisfaction.
Office hours from 7 i. M. to 7 P. M.
-And for the-
Next Ninety Days
Will make prices which you will
readily find from
10 to 20 Per Ct.
Under My Competitors.
Arriving Daily.
Don't Fail , to See Our Stock
Remember I Always Sell
Boots and Shoes
At prices which astonish the
closest buyers.
Northern -Tribune.
Entered t the Fostofllee at Cheboygaa
Republican County Convention.
A Republican County convention Is hereby
called, to be held at the Town Hall, in the vil
lage of Cheboygan, on Tuesday, October 2d,
1884, at 1 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of
nominating candidates for the following coun
ty offices, viz: Judge of Probate, Sheriff, Clerk,
Treasurer, Register of Deeds, Prosecuting At
torney, Circuit Court Commissioner, Surveyor
and two Coroners.
Each township will be entitled to one dele
gate for each 80 vetes, and a moiety thereof,
cat for Governor at the general election of
1882. Each township will be entitled to at
least one delegate. The several townships
will be entitled to delegates as follows:
Penton : 17
Heaugrand 2
Hurt 2
Duncan 2
Grant 5
Inverness 6
Tnscarora S
Munro 1
Ellis 1
Waveily 1
Nunda ; 1
Mentor 2
Mackinac 2
Hebron... 1
By order of the comlttee.
Chairman of the Committee.
. Dated Sept 15th, A. D. 1884.
i .
Cheboygaa county fair next week.
Farmers turn oat and bring with yon
something to exhibit.
Remember lhe supper to be given by
the ladies of St. Mary's church, at the
Town Hall next Tuesday evening.
The hign winds lately have played
cain with political, banners, on house
tops and poles throughout the town.
The City of Mackinaw last Thursday
brought up a large new safe from the
Detroit Safe Co., for A. L. Fexer the jew
eler. Over $9,000,000 has been paid out by
the A. O. U. W. order since it was found
ed in aid of the widows and orphans ef
members. N
Rev. Mr. Rutter, of Mancelona, preach
ed at the Congregational church last
Suaday, morning aid evening. He will
preach again next Sabbath. ' ' -
Last Sunday Joseph Fellenze caught a
large sucker with his hands in the slip
between McArthur's dock and the rail
road dock. The fish would weigh four
or fire pounds.
At the meeting of the Blaine and Lo
gan club last Thursday night the exec
utive committee were instructed to
make arrangements for a public meet
ing in the near future,
O. P. Langdon and C. J. Hunt last Fri
day visited Long lake on a fishing expe
dition. They caught thirteen nieo black
bass, the largest one weighing six
pounds and one ounee.
The masons are getting along licely
with the 'walls of St Masy's school build
ing. Should the weather continue fa
vorable this week will see the walls of
the first story about completed.
The shipping in transit through the
straits will find Cheboygan harbor from
now until the close of navigation, very
acceptable. Several erafts have found
refuge here from heavy westerly "winds
this week.
George Bunker opened school in the
school house at the Tallman settlement
last Tuesday. Mr. Bunker was one of
the graduates at the last term of the
Cheboygan graded school and la well
qualified for a teacher.
The assembly of Knijthts of Labor meet
in their Hall, Kesseler block, every Mon
day night. The membership is growing
rapidly. Starting out, a few weeks
since, with 40 charter members, the
membership has been nearly doubled.
The tool house on W. & A.tMcArthur's
lumber pier was broken into sometime
between Satnrday night and Monday
morning and four suits of oil cloth
clothes stolen. Suspicion rested upon
some of the crews of vessels in port, bat
a thorough search failed to materialize
the missinr goods.
The Parana made a remarkably quick
run from Chicago on her last trip down.
She left there Saturday eveni ng and ar
rived at Duncan City Monday afternoon
Under the command of Captain Pollock
she has always made excellent time and
Mr. Smith has been more than satisfied
with her sailing realities. , This Is
largely owing to the good qualities of
the skipper, no doubt.
K. 0. Penny weit to Detroit last Sun
day night to purchase new dry goods.
We are indebted to Anditor General
Stevens for a copy of his annual report
for the fiscal year ended September 30,
E. P. Vanderwater, opeiator at the sta
tion, has been jerking lightning at a
lively rate this week, sending word to
his friends about the arrival of that boy.
0. M. Clement requests us to announce
a thrilling story from his pen in our
next issue. In the mean time if you
want anything In the shoe line he can
sopply you.
In the contest for the nomination as a
candidate for Congress on the Republi
can ticket la the First, Detroit, district,
James Caplis withdrew, giving Col. John
Atkinson a walk away, he being nomi
nated by a rising vote.
A Mother Hubbard party will be given
at the skating rink'next Monday even
ing. Good music will be in attendance
and a pleasant time may be expected.
A prize will be given to the lady appear
ing in the most complete Mother
There will be a meeting at the council
room Tuesday evening next for the pur
pose of organizing a Cock-eyed Son of
Destiny club. It is desired that there
will be a fall turn out pf all favoring
Benj. F. Butler's election .as President.
Sie notice elsewhere. .
The Wizard Oil Concert company has
been the great attraction in Cheboygan
this week. They have demonstrated that
Cheboygan can furnish a fine audience
for a free concert, especially when the
music is as good as furnished by the
Wizard Oil Company. .
Invitations haye been sent to the State
Fish Commissioners of Ohio.' Michigan,
Illinois, Minnesota and Wisconsin to
meet at Milwaukee Oct. 17 and 18 and
confer with prominent fisneimsn con
cerning the best methods of protecting
the lake fisheries and .increasing the
A description of the man found drown
ed last Sunday was telegraphed Capt.
Gibson at Buffalo, and he confirmed the
belief that the body was that of John
Templetoo, who jumped overboard from
the propeller Buffalo. Capt. Gibson tel
egraphed to have the remains buried
here, at as little expense as possible.
Mollis Harris and Wm.,T, Watts 8.
Humphrey's horses, did not trot at Chi
cago. Arrangements were made for a
race Thnrsday, but the managers of the
fair postponed it until Satnrday, and as
the horses were entered for the races at
Kansas City this week they had to leave
Chicago last week in order to be on hand
on time.
A body of a man floated in near Pack
ards mill last Sunday. An inquest was
held and a verdict of drowning given.
There was nothing on the man by which
he could be identified, but it is generally
supposed the body was that of the look
out on the propeller Buffalo, John Tern
pleton, who committed suieide by jump
ing overboard in the straits.
Dr. J. B. Patterson, of Rogers City ar
rived up on the Atlantic Tuesday morn
ing to attend the Senatorial convention
at a delegate from Presque Isle county.
He reports a disastrous fire at Roger
City Saturday night the International
hotel burning down, entailing a loss of
$4,500. By some it is supposed to haye
been the work of an incendiary but the
general impression seems to be that it
was caused by carelessly throwing down
a lighted cigar stub.
Last week St. Janie' Episcopal chnrch
receiyed a bell a present from Mr Coyle,
of Cleveland, step father of our fellow
townsman Chas. E. Mould, Mr. Mould
paid the freight, S. S. Eddy prevlded the
rope and Messrs Quay & Son hung the
bell, all free gratis, so that our good
friends of St. James have their bell in
position in tho bellfry without costing
them a cent. It is needless to say they
all appreciate the thoughtf ulness and
liberality of all concerned.
Mrs. A. R. Thayer received a telegram
Sunday announcing the death of her
mother Mrs. Allen, of Lansing. It was
only a few days previoms that the deceas
ed had bid good bye to her daughter whom
she had been visiting for several days,
and took her departure for home and the
sad news was wholly unexpected, Mrs Al
len during her visits to Cheboygan has
made many acquaintances in Cheboygan,
all of whom will regret her demise. Mr.
and Mrs. Thayer have the sympathy of
the community in their sorrow.
The harbor presented a lively appear
ance this week from the large number
of crafts inside loading :
W. W. Strohn purchased two magnifi
cent teams of horses from. the Cheboy
gan Lumber company and shipped them
on the Messenger Tuesday, to take them
to his farm near Oconomowoc.
We guarantee that all who attend the
supper given by the ladies of St, Mary's
church next Tuesday evening at the
Town Hall will get more than double the
worth of their money in genuine enjoy
ment. Riadskoff Brothers have leased the
room in Kesseler's block, now occupied :
by Reid & Co., grocers, and will remove -the
"Star Clothing House" to that locali- :
ty as soon as it is vacated by the latter '.
We are indebted to Capt. Chas. E. ;
Kirtland for a sample ef a new brand of
nails, maaufactuied by the branch of
the North Chicago rolling mill company
at Bay view, near Milwaukee. It is a '
nail that will do to hang your hopes up
on. It is a Blaine and Logan nail the 1
names of the Republican candidates be
ing plainly stamped on each side. .
We acknowledge the receipt of the
wedding card of Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Stlmpson, Jr. The better half was Mrs.
Emma E. Howard, The marriage took
place Tuesday, September 9th. The card
also states that Mr. and ' Mrs. Stimoson
will be at home, No. C02 Broadway, Quin- ' '
cy, Ills., after October 1st. Mr. Stlmp
son is no stranger la these parts, and
has numerous friends In northern Mich
igan who' will join the Tribune In wish- J
ing for the new firm the best that life af
fords. 7
Otis TJ Benton, of Cleveland Ohio, ::
made application to the council for per- 1
mission to lay gas mains in the streets
and alleys of the village in behalf of a
gas company he represents. The com
pany ask for no bonus, no exclusive
right, nor do they ask , that the village
commit itself In anyway except to give
the right to put down the mains. The
council voted to grant the petition '
Whether or not the company will pro
ceed depends npon the success they
meet in getting like priveliges ia neigh
boring towns.
Rev. Willis G. Clark, pastor of the
Baptist church, following the scriptural
admonition that it was not good for
man to be alone, on Thursday Sept. 11th
1884, at White Lake, Oakland county,
Was married to Miss Alice Chandler,
Rev. L. Chandler tying the knot
Mrs. Clark will not only be warmly .
welcomed to her new home by the peo
ple of the Baptist church, but will find
many warm friends in every denomina- .
tion to welcome her to a home in our,
midst, and who will join the Tribune
in wishing the happy couple peace, pros
perity and happliess and a long life of
A representative of the Tribune re
cently made the rounds with Dr. Rex-
ford on his visits to his eqolne patients.
At the water mill stables a horse was -examined
that the the doctor had remov
a large tumor from two days previous;
the incision was healing rapidly and
the horse was doing -finely. Several
other horses la the same stable were be
ing treated for 'different causes and the
employees pronounced them all progres
sing rapidly toward recovery under the
doctor's treatment, At the Duncan City
mill stables the doctor has seyeral pa- ,
tients and all appeared to be improving.
Owners of horses in this locality should
consult Dr. Rexford whenever their hor
ses are ailing instead of attempting to
treat them themselves, as he has fully
demonstrated his competency since lo
cating here.
August 4th our cotemporary published
an article headed "A Mystery." The
substance being that the mother of John
Shehan, who was drowned while em
ployed on Laughloy McCnlleeh's drive,
had written to Dr. Beach that her son
had returned home the day before she
received his letter notifying her of h!
death by drowning. We haye seen a
letter written by William Shehan, a
brother of the drowned, at Park Corners,
Canada, in which he states that his
mother nor no one else ever wrote Dr.
Beach any snch letter. William writes:
"I got a letter from the man that George
was working with saying that George
was found and buried. I was very glad
to hear that he was found." So the mys
tery vanlsheth when the truth comes
oat. From the letter It would appear
that the man's name was George instead
of John.

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