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Foreign and Domestic Woollens.
If you want a Suit,
Go to Fax's.
If you want an Overcoat,
Go to Fax's.
If you want a pair of Pants,
Go to Fax's.
Keep your money and your trade at home,
and for satisfction
Go to Fax's.
Good Workmen Wanted Immediately. Apply to
C3TBuyers do not bo deterred from Coming and Seeing Yourselves, by Any
Remarks, made by others, that they are Selling as Cheap as us. We are the only
House that pay Spot Cash for Every Dollars worth of Goods ordered; hence, we
can give our customers the advantage of that Item; besides, we keep the Largest
any Best Selected Stock in Northern Michigan.
Uncle Sam's Furniture House !
New Goods, of all kinds, and I beat the State on prices. I have just
received a new lot of
Moulding and Ficturo Frames.
Frameamade to order. Looking Glasses in endless variety.
ornices and Chromos. I will Sell Get my Prices. A full line of
Undertaking Goods, Burial Cases, Caskets, Robes, Shrouds k
Funerals attended promptly, with Hearse and Carriages.
Corner Main and Third Streets, Cheboygan, Mich.
Warren Leland,
whom everybody knows aa tho successful
manager of the
Largest Hotel Enterprises
of America, says that while a passenger from
Kew York on board a ship going around Cape
Horn, In the early days of emigration to Cal
ifornia, he learned that one of the officers of
the vessel had cured himself, during the voy
ago, of an obstinate disease by the use of
Ayers Sarsaparilla.
Since then Mr. Leland has recommended
Ateb's Saksapaeii-la In many similar
ases, and he has never yet heard of Its fail
ure to effect a radical cure.
Some years ago one of Mr. Lelakd's farm,
laborers bruised his leg. Owing to the bad
state of his blood, an ugly scrofulous swelling
or lump appeared on the Injured limb. Hor
rible Itching of the skin, with burning and
darting pains through the lump, made life
Almost Intolerable. The leg became enor
mously enlarged, and running ulcers formed,
discharging great quantities of extremely
offensive matter. No treatment was of any
avail until the man, by Mr. Lelakd's direc
tion, was supplied with Aveb'8 Sarsapa
hill A, which allayed the pain and irritation,
healed the sores, removed the swelling, and
completely restored the limb to use.
Mr. Lelakd has personally usod'
jiyers barsaparilla
lor Khenmatlsm, with entire success and,
after careful observation, declares that, In
Lis bolief, thoro is no medicine In the world
equal to it for the euro of Liver Disorders,
Cout, tho effects of high living. Salt
Ilhouci, Sores, Eruptions, and all the
various forms of blood diseases.
'o have Mr. Leland's permission to Invitd
cm who may desire further evidence In regard
to the extraordinary curative powers of
-AYEii'a Sausaparilla to see him person
ally either at his mammoth Ocean Hotel
Lons Eranch, or at the popular Leland Hotel)
iuuy, iu na ifstn streets, New York.
Mr. LsLAUD'g extensive knowledge of the
good done by this unequalled eradlcator of
Wood poison enables him to give laqulron
much valuable Information.
old by all Druggists j f 1, six bottles f or'3.
ibitSi lard.
Ship Building, Caulking and Spar
Making. Repairs of all Kinds
promptly attended to.
Also Oak Timber, Spars and
Knees constantly kept on hand.
Livery and Sale
C. A. SMOLK, Pronrietor.
Main Street, Opposite A. P. Newton's
Ague Cure
19 WARRANTED to cure all eases of ma
larial disease, such as Fever and Ague, Inter
. mlttent or Chill Fever, Remittent Fever,
Dumb Ague, Billons Fever, and Liver Com
plaint. In case of failure, after due trial,
dealers are authorized, by our circular of
July 1st, 1882, to refund the money.
Dr. J. C. Ayer &Co., Lowell, Mass.
Sold by all Druggtota.
Sheriffs and Ifanffinen.
The discussion about Sheriff Clere
laid'a conduce in hanging two murder
era with his own hand when the law im
poied no such duty upon him has led ua
to iayestipate the uaage here la New
York and in Kings County, on the other
side of the East Hirer.
For thirty years not to ce back any
further, no Sheriff of New York County
has acted as a hangman. It has been
the uniform practice of the Sheriff to
hire somebody else to perform tho dread
ful work. This statement applies to the
successive terms of Mr. Orser, Mr. Wil-.
leu, ur. &eiiy, Mr. Lyncn, Air. u imen,
Mr. Brennan. Mr. Conner, Mr. Reilly, Mr.
Bowe, and Mr. Davidson.
According to the custom in New York
County, the individual who for money
uituci imkvh to cui ine rope in protected
in every way possible against public
knowledge. His name is a secret, lie
is always hidden from the view of the
spectators. After his work is done ilo
one of them can say with certainty who
performed the act which ended the life
of the condemned wretch. The identity
of the hangman is a mystery, The same
repugnauce to the function of a hang
man which exists in other countries ex
ists also here in New York. As a matter
of fact, we understand that one of the em
ployees of the person who erects the gal
lows commonly accepts the revolting
function, but he knows that he will be
concealed. He is "the man ii the box"
Dot lung more, so far as the public is
In the contemporary accounts of the
excution of Patrick Merrissey at Buffa
lo September 6. 1872, it appears that the
hangman was the Sheriff himself. "At
12:10," says one account, "the signal was
given, the Sheriff pressed the lever, and
;be soulless body of the matricide hung
dangling in the air." The name of this
Sheriff who preferred to do the hanging
with his hands, rather than pay for it,
was G rover Cleveland.
In Kings Coanty as well as in New
York County, the Sheriffs refuse to take
part personally iu the execution of con
demned criminals. There, as here, the
hangman is concealed in a hnx nr plnor
and he is unst en by any of the spectators.
ma name is Kept secret.
That was not the case at the hanging
of John Gaffuey in Buffalo February 14,
1873. The Buffalo Commercial Adver
tiser of that date says that the signal
was giyen from an officer on the scaffold
to the Sheriff standing below. "The lat
ter pressed the lever, and the trap drop
ped." This Sheriff was the person who
had hanged Patrick Morrlssey with his
own baud five months before. 11 is name
is Grover Cleveland, and he Is a candi
date for President of the United States.
Can a man who has thus hanged crim
inals from choice and money be elected
President of the United States? New
York Sun.
Is It a Failure
From the Philadelphia Press.
The nlain Question th nrooMantai
election Dtits before olaln men is wfaoth.
ruie government as it standi is a fail
ure? 'Ihe Democratic party does not pro
Dose to administer federal affii ra an nam
principles. It has none. It shed its
principles in us last platform and sub
stituted, as the oqIt rnmmnn nhJoot. nf
Democratic endeavor, office for the Demo
crats auu Liemoerats for the offlcos, and
us argument ior ine change is that the
machine must be reversed, the govern
ment ran backward, because the line in
which it has been directed by the Itepub-
ncan party nas led to failure.
Nobody expects economy from the
Democrats, for their appropriations aver
age higher than Republican. A gov
ernment of limited power, based on a
ciuhb construction or tne uonstitution,
is not to be looked for. Democrats pass
bigger river and harbor bills a than Re
publican congress, taking all the years
together, and votes for a wider Federal
interferance in local commerce, The
old landmarks of the Democratic party
are gone. Instead, where the Republi
cans have ail Vfin rati tnnrarria nvl a ,.,.
reform, the Democrats propose to go
baekward. Where the Republican party
is pledged to build up manufacturers by
the tariff, "the machinery will be turned
for awhile, "according to Mr. Hendricks,
in in uypuoim uiroction, -wnen the
Democracy comes into power." The Re
publican party has taken the first steps
towards a navy and aa assertion of na
tional dignity; their opponents, besides
refusing to continae in this path last
muter proposed to retraee the steps al
ready taken. The party has in short, no
affirmative principle to offer but the
prompting of its appetite, and the only
mguiuk-m Honors ior us gratincatien is
the. claim that the gevernment is run
ning the wrong way along all lines and
must be reversed.
Is it? Each man knows for himself
whether the government has been such
a failure UHdor RannhlitAn rnlo a tn
demand the summary reversal of the
metnods and manner of its administra
tion. There never was a more stupend
ous piece of menumental impudence
than the attempt to carry a campaign by
addressing this argument to the msst
prosperous people on the face of the
earth. With population larger, with
wealth greater, with comfort wider, with
more money ior tno wont or a man's
hands as the years pass and cheaper
prices for the things he must buy, with
lichtaf taXAq. less tnaa fit nil Ml i tnnn
and a more careful ehoice of pablie ser
vants, the Democratic party asks to have
the machine run backward for its bene
fit, because, under Republican adminis
tration, the government of this country
is a failare, If the results about ns mean
failure, what would suceess be. And if
it is not a failare, why reverse tho machine.
fvH mvr vnern rvnnrlc nnrl witll TT1V nftTTiriH.
JLWl iXXJf V TV XX vuw.wj .u.v. . . - j XT
ments, which I trust will be a novelty in its
way, to induce you to keep constantly in
your memory the fact that
rl fri fliA irnr(. nf Clip.
boygan Boots and Shoes direct from the
fnnfrfcTMnci onrl rf cnnonnr mini if, ins nnd nrififis
XUVtUll(3 UUU JJL kJMJ-'-' -jiv...vM. J.
that cannot be duplicated by any dealer in
-T- . -m m-m a Tt 1 "I
JNortnern Micnigan. nease Dear in mum
the name Clement, and when in need of anj
Boots or Shoes give me a call, as I always
have and always will give you better Boots
and Shoes for the money than any dealer in
Northern Michigan. Everybody's friend,
CLEMENT, The Shoe Man,
pL ji mi urn f'K
Those desiring to purchase will
find at tho OLD RELIABLE, a
complete stock of Spring and Sum
mer Goods, Our stock of Staple
Dry Goods cannot be beat either in
quality or price. In Fancy Goods it
is acknowledged wo carry the finest
line in Town. Ladies' Suitings, La
dies' Summer Wraps, Dolmans in
great variety. CARPETS a good
line. Hosiery, Gloves and Notions
not excelled. BOOTS AND
SHOES for tho million. All to bo
sold at the very lowest prices. Wo
don't propose to sell lower than New
Ycrk or Chicago prices, but at price
zA which we can live and let live.
ThanldTul for the very liberal trade
which ha3 been given us the pasi
year, and respectfully soliciting a con
tinuanco of the same, we remain,
Truly yours,
Is the latest Improvement. Thy lae without
books to catch or ntrain th kid. They are Instantly
iaced or unlaced, by the simple pull In? of the cords.
They fit the hand and wrlut perfectly, and excel
all others for durability and simplicity of construc
tion, ease, and Quickness in operation.
if oeeries, him, hi Wood
And Cull Lumber always Complete.
Wagon and Blacksmith Shop
For Blacksraithing and Wagonmaking make
A call . All work done promptly and on honor. Repairs or all kinds
promptly attended to. First door nortli of his Foundry, Main
Ptreat, hebovgan, Mich.
lj i n n n i
Cnncrsssmftn ftinnartv nf C,harn
Democratic member of the present Con
cress has eoma out unnari for BIaItia
and Logan.
HENRY A. BLAKE. Pronrietor.
Of all kinds promptly made

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