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Ypsilanti sentinel. [volume] (Ypsilanti, Washtenaw Co., Mich.) 1843-1900, September 24, 1845, Image 4

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.clean-the brer frer. the Wood Dure. the aoMtite edod
,T,a. wha h.,, HWw yellow foiff,c,ain.y ba
rwwibH isaic uvar.M wore or t uaea , ana
Jhw by taking lh PrsiaivPjUa. frequently, their akin J
t.,w-llbeeorue cleat and fatr,-then-stomach will bestrenth
.f ncl.!flli , I bT w ill, have a. healthy flow of pare blood,
v)lKh wiH give tbe-o'e"!. of-healths Those who are
...inc fiord- to Jc ver nJ ague, dym-epsi. costivencet. or j
u.wjio.have.aii unplf xtru t;fe m iheir . ibouUv itr Ihe j
poorninj-.ahontd .use-these., pill,. for .. they cleanse the
u.5tojii,cfo so effectually, thai i.ie brtalh-bcomea per. ,
.tettJjr aweet (aranta en a!! ,ob era alwwild bear in j
Blind ifeat ,ler are are eJTeoal rwre- lor-diarrhoe.
No cjiildrea hav been kwi-.vn. 'o-die of summer com- :
, plaints w ho.hu-ve vsud these . J4'' trout ibe commence- j
,,oi thcij diseaswMark fUiri fur- you will not blame j
s-,yaNretyes Jf jour children die.' hat you did not -try
'.. the peisiun pUIs. :.. .... .t-i ,. ;
Sold by . SLiMSOX. sole age:.t for.: Ypsihmti.
cm.?: f COMPOUND FLUID ' '
VriOR 4he cure of .Scrofula Chronic Rheumatism, Ge
..ji rneral Debility,. Cutaneous 'diseases, Scaly ;Erup-
ions of . the ekin. Tetter, Fimp!ea or. Pustules on the
,. Pace,31crcurjal, and Syphiloid. Diseases, Biles,- from
an impnrestate. M loe body, Ulcerations of: the Throat
,and leg, paina and swelling of the biines, liver affection,
jail diseases arising from an impute state of the blood,
exposure and .iuiprudenccee in. life, excessive : use of
vjuercury, &.C-, The preat popularity of sarsaparilla,
jmd iis estabiished efficacy renders it auperfluoiisto en
l4Jer jnto any meconium of its yirtoe or adduce any. evi
dence in its favor. .The earsopnriUa a warranted posU
lively .;as good. oa any other, that can te made at One
vlDollar, at, just .half the price - of il oaa , so much ad-'
.jycr'ised, aj)draa strong and in as large botdes, viz;
. : .; : Fifty rents per-Molile..
This article ha cured S rlula of 30 ysars after the
..Dollar article has been used in vain. To be bad of the
9 agents of Couistock and Co-; on!ythroughoot the Coun
j, try, Lin JJew Vorkv only at 21 Cortlandt street.
" CTllave Pomstock.s .Sarsaparilla Q none, . if you'
wisu the HST article-.at-a . reasouable priae. ';-
- v. ;.TEAL A, -JLLEN, Acekts .
For the sale oj: the' above..- j
CVfi, i . a pipi: winE- house- ' i "
fP 'F. ROOD A COC.-i-Two doors below the
.MJl'" . Farmer's Alecbanics'Bauk- nea.rjhe Michi
, gnn Exchange, have on hand a large assortment of STA
I TJOXEETui every description, consisting of : -
;. Cap and Letter Paper -. ' ; v
twenty qualities", Vrdm $2 6 83 ' , "vk '
Cards, visiting, Business Priming, Fortune telluig, &c.
' rSon Books, meritan, English, Irish, Scotch, PaU
ryrginra mmetrells-Toy Books, plaid and colored, for
lo. J JXKt Blue, black and red-prin.iug and wriintg.
PackGammoiu CKess .and Checker boards. t..
" Paper Printing, JEnveJope, Blotting, Drawing, Draf
ting, .Copying,' Keckord, Silk andussue paper...-;
'"'Pert and Pocket knives,' of aV kinds, of thebest qual
ity. ,'Sealing;iWax,' black blue'and red wates, Ink, and
T wafes stand? and 'CUjpsi . Sand Eoxesy Slc k BLANK
.','EOQES, from Cap' to Superroyal, consist ing -of sdg.
erar Journals', Day Books, Invoices, Billbooks,ileck.
Xrds, J-c.' G. F. D.&. Co. manufacture their own wor
"they employ none but the best of NewjYork workmen
and use only, the best material ; they stand ready to
!warrannt tneir work to ne plus ultra , vi ., ,.4
- ' ' 1 BoOK BiNPISG, . c .. . . ... . j, .
in all its various branches Old books rebound as
good as new i Libraries fitted up a abort notice ; New
Publicatiorrs bound cheap. '-' i . . ... :
'Prfper Ruling. This branch ol traae' m all'varieties
Port Folios, .plain and fancy. ', Steel ' Pens.Gillott's,
'Perryan, Cohen's, Henry & Wade's, .'on cards: and in
"boxes. ' Quili8.' from No 1 to 70, a superior articles '
Bank "arid Memorandum Books ; silver and F- wood
rawing Pencils? Motto seats, and letter stamp; Alm
kta?s; comitf, tragic' ierrific.'cbdckery, Crocket,' Fish-
er'a Turner's temperance and farmers calculation? for
' Mich tgari and Canada. Printing, of all kinds including
'Book and Job Printing, "cheaper than any other estab
".lisa-meM in the State. 1 ' 'n '" V ," . " J.. .
' Rags received in exchange for Slank books and eta.
ionary, 0"U orders from county oi-ficers and others
punctually attended loV withut delay. ' - t -v 'n6if. .
j'i'i OF THE ; f
The publisberi of' the.Tribune have, been- frequently
solicited to issue a Semi-Weekly edition of their paper
' for the benefit of those who require the news of the day
oftener than once a' week,' and yet are. without daily
'Mails or do not' choose to incur the expense and heavr
'postage of a4 Daily. Circumstances have hitherto ren
dered such publication impossible, without trenching
"iipon tho due issue of our Daily and Weeyly editions.
-We are preparing fo obviate this difficuty in the new
building now being erected for us on the site of our
burnt establTshmeut, where we hope to be again loca
'ted by or soon affar the first of May. " '." , '" ' " ' ,
"3 The New York Tribune Semi-Weekly, will therefore
be issued ftom our office, 160 Nassau 8 1.. 00 or before
"Ibe 17th of May, and will be published thenceforward
bn Wednesday and Saturday of each week,' It will be
1 prtDted.on fine paper of the size of the Daily Tribune,
t-will contain, .nearly or quite or all the matter of the Dai.
ly, including money Market, "daily report of Comirer--ial
Transactions, sales of Stocks. City Intelligence,
- Ac T An assistant editor devotes his whole time to the
collection of this kind of intelligencerepo'rting it twice
"4 day for the Morning and Evening editions of oar dai.
Iy.''Two reporters are constantly watching the procee
dings of the various courts of our City and noting every
-thing deemed interesting to ohr readers. We hope to
'make the Semi-Weekly Tribune' a ' most acceptable
'paper for Business men out of the City, and for all who
wish a ' more prompt and detailed 'map of busy 'life
than- a weekly paper (Ban possibly be made. " ' - '
. Correspondent at Washington during the session
and at every point of general or transitory Interest will
ai all times be employed ; the liberal patronage bestow
ted' on the Tribune demanding' ami justifying a corres
ponding liberality of outlay on our part. ';' lit the depart
meirt of g eral Literature and Criticism; !wp have se
-cared assistance of the highest order, while-we hope
soon to annoanea a department of Agriculture and Sci
ence, under the immediate conduct of oie of the most
xyerieneed and popular writere on Agricultnre in the
JCountry. 1 In fine we shall spare ne expense or effort
to make the Tribune, whether in its Daily, Semi-Week,
tly or Weekly edition, eminently worthy the patronage
-af the Business and- Reading Public, but especially of
'Wanav.-; -' - ' ' - 0 ' ".': ' '
t T For thelSemjWeekly'- Tribune1- Three Dol
lars a year. Five Dollart for two copies. ' - :.V "
Jf A. YoSilkeUt psa- fQr fQrty 'T dollars) dated -4h
fbnrthof March, 1845,- payable in the month of Oe
teber nexvv All persons are cautioned against buying
said aota as notice of the losa baa been given to the ma.
k-j.t ;.. 5. I '' ' JAS. -SANDERS. '".
"iTDiperance, Fireman'B. ' Love, Mil iary,. War,. Ope
''ralt'c. Bunker Dill Grandmother, Pretty Girls, and Old
T T AY , beJiad for cue ekUling per pound at the Drug
irH Store of 1 " VE.5AMS0N.
"TitiUmf, July S8, 1845, ' n 1 " J 27tf ;
- - " ' "
Uli taWZi .1UI U
, 4 V. jf
PTpH1 ": C' havmg.Al ltU.Thl?m .rewprep ared by William M Smith.
p ...,., .... Tu uie euoscn-
ber, fr the reception of compnTnr;
A Piazza of 160 feet in length, has beca added to the
front and northen end oflho house, from"whIch ilri ni-hf presents no quack nostrum that will, by its irrifa.
vahtagrtoaa view rnhy he had of some ofjhe most beao. ting effect upon the stomach and-bowela create dig.
tiful of the Genesee river flats,-, belonging 40 .the. exten- ease where there was, li'tle or, none before, but one
sive and producrivefar.mspf Edward ,A7 Le Roy and that is safe mild, salutary, and uniform in its effects
Thomas' II, Newoo'dl Esq?. ''.Sundry alterations having upon the system. ' " ., ',V, "
been made in tills' housei1 he will be' enabled to accom-" JU would say that he has now spent twenty years in
mod ate an increased nainber of guests.' As at present 'research and investigation,' directed to the Patholo
arranged, it is eaqually spacions and convenient af- gy of disease, and the properties of medicinal sb
fording an agreeble, quiet home to the invalid, and. a stances, and their adaptation to the removal ofmal.
pleasant temporary resort to those seekirig 'pleasured adiWto which flesh is heir. As the resuh of these
Every nttentirn.will.be' pajd-by him tathe accorantoda.
lion and Vishea of "visitors," hd attentive 'waiters' will
be 111 constant readiness to serve them. .- -;
An Omnibus and Coaches will be constantly ernDtov."
ed in the conveyance of hiar boarders to'and.frofn the
ouipucr cprings. a carriage win oe ready on tue ar-
rival of the rozular day. lines of "Packet "Boats on "the'
Genesee Yally Caual from Rochester, to convey visitors
to his house, free. . .
ctatr nv MtrrtmAw
w,.liin,iruiini.',. f 6 8 f -.'i -. 1 t
At a session of the Probate conrl'for said conntv held
at the Piobnte office in Ann Arbor, on the 3d s of
July, A. D 1S45. Present Samuel P. Fuller, Judge ol
Probate in the inatut of the Estate of James ftarr,. de
ceased. -,,. ...
s Upon filing tLe petition of Thomas R. Andrews, !he
executor named in an instrument which has been pre
sentedto said court, purporting 10 be the last will and
testament of said deceased, praying that said instru
ment may be proved, allowed and recorded, as the last
will and testament of said deceased. It is ordered that
Monday flhe tweutyighth day of July,' at ten o'clock
in the forenoon of thai .day at the. Probate office in Ann
Arbor, in eaid county; be the time and place assign
ed forbearing and taking the proof of said wjll. And
it in farther ordered that said petitioner cause a . copy
ofthisorder to be published in any public 'newspaper
printed in eaid countyr' once in each week for three
successive weeks previous to the time assigned for the
hearing aforesaid,to. the end that the next of kin to Baid
deceased and all persons interested in said estate,having
objections to the -Probate of said will may fherr and
there appear and make (he same known if they think fit.
; (a true copy.) S. P4 FULLER.
' "-" ''"' 'Judge of Prolate,
ATOTICE is hereby gtven.. that we-fhe undersigned
'XM having been appointed by the Hon. Judge ot rro
bate for ibe conny of Washtenaw, commissioners, to
receive and examine 'all claims" of Creditors against
the Estate of Asa Peck deceased, will meet af the off
flee of J. Goodwill, Esq. in the village of Yt silanti on
the 17th day of September on the517(h day of October,
on the 17ib day of JVovernaer ana ort tne iutn ot Uecem
ber'nexf ensuing',' nt 10 o'clock in lhe forenoon on each
of the above; named tla'y 6 -at : the place-, acd for the pur.
poke aforesaid. . , , 1 . :(
johnson goodwill; 1
, . rtrin n it i nifl V. . ' . .m .'
JAUV IO C. iUAl. v ll. - l" J loners. .
;- " ;-'v';'; " - ! YpsUanfi.Aug. 6ih 1845.;
T. ATE OF Al JCIJ IG AN. ) EN Attachment be
Countt or VVashteniw. i-Ji.-; fore C. H. Van
cleve Esq. A justice ot the Peace in and for said Wash-
tehaw; county. $ T .1 .It'--".
, John Larzelere, .-ll i , '7 - .1
V'Daniel Larzeleae, J" , "
' f t - fj " - f-? -Gurshorri
Seeley J v
.. Notice i hereby -given, ttat a writ of attachment
has been issued in the above entitled cause against the
goods, chatties, right and credits of tho above named
defendant and absent and non resident debtor, and that
said cause has been adjourned for trial' until the 31st
day of October A. D. 18-45 al one o'clock in the after
noou of said day, at the office of said Justice in4Ypsi
lanti, in said county... JOHN Y. LARZELERE.
Dated. July, 3isf, IS4V
ind i a 11 a H o use
-':!c'.X I?Y-,A.LEADBEATERr' v
Oft 'Altcaler Street between Bales aud Randolph
rp,HIS HOUSE has just been opened under the most
jk. .flaitering, auspices:, is thoroughly ' repaired and
otherwise materially improved, and is placed in order
for the reception and entertainment of travellers, at the
low price, of ' ' "
r 25 els. per meal, or 62 1-2 cts.per day for hoard.
Gentlemanly and obliging1 porters .will, be at all the
conveyances to lake ,'charge of baggage Tor", guests of
the house' Passengers and their baggage conveyed
to and Irotn the house ree of chorge.; "' "j
' 0"A share of public patronage is respectfully soli,
cited."- . Detroit 1-45 3 1 "22:
K. v. AatiL.c.x, nas removea
vCl'ft ' his office a few doors north of A
.a v - li u n n IH0 iiutci iv hue u " hi
nouse lormeriy sccupieu oy Luct
Allen, where he continues to her
form all operations in the variovs branches cf Defiry
viir Extracting," Cleansing, and fillns -decayed Teeth,
with Go!d orriB;etting feelh en Gold Plate or Pivot
according. to the latest improvements, all operations
warranted; 'T-Ti'l2 i$ ? i ? ' ' f i '. -
"Ypsilantt.May 171845.
fmEIE Subscriber VilF phy ; CASH and the
AJL highest .price for CORN "and RYE. '
, ; . V V ' " EDMUNDS & Co.
.' 'ITn-HaniJ. Dpc 20.1843. v , '. .'. : Jf ;
: Copartnership. ,
THE Subscribers having entered into copartnership
'in the practice of medicine and surgery,, would
respectfully tender their professional servises to the In.
habitants of Ypsilanti and vicinity. Office, in Latze-
tere's clock opposite flawktnV Hotel. ,
l." -j ' ''' '. 1 :'r p. davis.
. ... :s.. w. pattIson.
lpsila nit, July 23th. 1843.
BlanksIBIankstlBIanks!!'; '
. Justices Blacks, Road VVarrauts, 4c for sale
TLPROKE into thfi onV-lncii
1 I 1 - ' v - v vr 1 viiv
llir .lr oTThnrsday-niglu " lOAinstTa
k l "ars raae ana iatetwiui
a bunch on the aft side of the neck, and a slight wound
on tbe back, shod all around, apparently eight or nirje
years od ; and a so a bunch on her rtght hind foot near
ina iettertock joints The subscriber wouZd notify thi
owner to prove property, pay charges and take her a
V ,V n"' x ''- Geo. MURQUORN."
Pitsfiefd, Ang 12, 1845.-. . l:z ... 29 8w.
TAN Y:quantit)ror6rd ".Newspapers" suitable I for
wrapping paper for sale by iho "dozen at' this'of-fice-i'.;
-J j. 4 - '
Salt i Salt!.!; Salt .
norses ana orriages ana isaddlo tiorscs win le tur-. er Complaints, Sick.Ileadacli, rassive Dropsy.Rheu
nished at short notice. " ' J ".O. COMSTOCIv. !
July 1st. 1843. - ,:-'rj"- Colic Acidity of the; Stomach, Incipient Diarrhoe,
. iiaouuai vosiivencss, ana in an cases ouorpor 01 tne
fffh BARRSLS.Salt: just Ireeeived in prime order fS
,V,". JL Z", JJ,a,-u o yrornsana tor aaie lowl1!!! put
,V; -v ;'i .... ' - ;AJ.?U! .JuIyVi..
-1 TTT42 r " i -i-lii TTDIH
m. D. late Professor of Motcria Mediea and Pharmn.
-try; inlhe" University of Lake Erie, Ohio. Dr. Smith
would sav a the nnhlic. thnt in oflerinsr them this Pill.
labors. he ia now able tovgive, to Jie public a com.
bination of medicinal vegetable substances, which is
as near perfection aa careful study and close investi-
ration, tests and exneriments can brin? it. He would
say-to physicians,' aswell as others, try this pilj ; it
wilj not deceive yon-
It is peculiarly adapted to the removal and preven
lion of the- following diseases : Bilious, Intermittent,
and Remitfanl Fevers : Fever nnd Affile, Coush.lLiv-
bowels,when a catharfio aparient or alterative is need
' " are miId- et certain in their operation.pro-
dncuig neiihcr nausea, griping, nor debility.
Testimonials in favor of Dr. Wm. M. Smith's
-..-. v . University Pitts.
' - - : - Mosroe, Mich., July 12, 1844.
Dr. SMrrn Dear Sir I take much pleasure in civ
ing my testimony In ifavor of yourvaluable, University
Pills. I most cheerfully recommend them to the Pub
lic as a safe, salutary easy, and efficient cathartic for
most of the diseases incident to this region ot coun
try. I havejmade extensive use of them fo:y four years
in my practice, and I believe them the BEST Anti
.Billious Cathartic and Aperient medicine ever combi
ned and offered for general use. Yours, G. Laxdo.n,
- Massillox, Ohio, May Is.. J84 4- ,
Dr- Smith,. Sir I. take much pleasure in bearing
testimony, to the cliicacy of your pills in remooing bile
from the Stomach, deterging the Liver, and in all com.
plainrs emanating from that souree. J. V. C- Teller,
J - ' WaTERLoo, Mich. Ma re hi ), 1814.
To Dr. Smith Sir For upwards of six months I
was cruelly afflicted with Fever and ague, and during
that time could find nothing that gave me penninent
relief; at length, however, your University Pills were
recommended to me by one f the best Physicians in
these parts: and I am happy in being able to say that
from the use of one box I waspermaohntly cured of
my ague. . bince then a number of my family have
been as signally benefited. Yours f. J. Weils.
: Monroe, Mien", June I, 1800.
"I hereby certify that Dr. Wm. M. Smith has been
my family physician for four years , past; that be has
used. his University Pills inhis -practice in my family
with unparallcleclsuccess; and 1 think them prelcra
ble to anypill for billious affection in the world.
. - . Daniel Goodnow, Inkeeper, Macomb st, Ilo-ise.
... . . ... - .. I lint, Mich, June 5, 1844.
Dr. Smith I am happy to give you my cordial ap
proval of your University, Pjlls. J am able to keep off
1 ever and Ague, and. Fevers to which all of us are sub
jeel in this Western' Country, by the timely use of your
University Pills. Send an anent this way as soon as
possible for. we are all . -out, , Yours,. D. S- Parshall.
. --,....,' ... : Monroe, Mich. June 191844.
y .We certify, that we are and have been personally ac
quajnted with William II. S'mith, Al. D. , and know that
he is a man of eminence in his profession and for four
years he filled be cnair of Professor of Materia Medi
ca andPharmacy in the Willoughby University of Lake
Erie, with honor 10 himself aiid satisfaction to the trus
tees and Faculty, as Wellaa the Students of the above
University, i As for his pills, they are "par excellence.
.7 i:: LShiawasse Town, :Mich. June 1, 44. V- This I cer.
(ify, that iu-tbe month of Septein-bcr last, I was attack
ed with Bilious' Feverjwlnle away from home at O
wasso to build a water wheel) and with . one doso of
Smith's University Pills, I broke it up, and is many
o'bers were sick there at tbe time, I administered thes
pills to them,, and in ali cases it broke itp their te-
vers., 1 have used them ma ny times since, and with
great sucxesfl.Tlie)'are the best pills I ever used. .
RIAL B. CHASE. .Millwright. .
i :" .f Rochester' N. Y. June 25, :.44,"
This 1 certify, that three years ago I was atlacked
witfl Liver Complaint so , severelyt ihat I- could with
difficulty turn myself .in bed; I used many specifics
uiiu renieaies,. sucn as. uranureiu's, iiesuirecuon, in
ential,' and oth-er pills, but with.litte or no effect. One
year ago, my friend .Dr. broilh called on his way to
Boston, when he gave me a box of his University Till
which perfectly. restored roe, and my, health has not
again. suffered from like caused, ABIG'L C. WRIGHT
Monroe. Mich. June 12, '41
-?Dear Doctor-Jnsiicc.requires me to state, that I
have sold your University Pills for on a and a half years
last past, and that I can sell no others while I have
1 hem on hand. They have superseded the sale of. all
thers theeffect is truly wonderful. J.. VV. MILLER,
z.Tlie above Pills are tor sale bv TEAL nndALLES
, E. SANSOX.and also by IVm. A.1IEARTT, & C
a. Ypsilanti. ' . '. : 'i
' T3 Sa.vds's ' Sarsaparilla. -The rapid sale of this
article in this community is a pretty significant comcnt
upon its virtues as a medicine. The agent in this city
constantly reciving testimonials of the almost incredi.
blecures it is daily effecting in cases where every oilier
medicine has uteny failed. ,The cases of Mrs. A. M.
Phillips, is wejl knownjto manyof our citizens, and wher
evef kpowD, is jusilyregarded as one of u most surprising
character! 'Many other cases might be cited, but it Is
unnecessary ;' the medicine has been tested and is rec
ommended by several physicians in this vicinity, who
use it in their practice'. Norwich Couner.
For further particulars," add. conclusive evidence of
its superior value and efficacy', see pamphlets, which
may be obtained of agents gratis.'' Frcpared and sold,
wholesale and retail. b A. B. SANDS&. Co. Drug
gists and Chemists, '273,A Broad way,'' New" York. Pri
ces qi jier uome; six Dottles lor
For sale 'by TEAL & ALLEN, Ypfilsnti.
F ar mc r&;tLbQ kle rc!! !
TIHK'Subscriber offers fof sale his full-blooded Dur.
' bam Bull -Emperor, eight years old, imported
from England in 1839, and is the best bull ever brought
fo Michigan. ' Also, full-blooded b nil 'Tip,' (sired by
Emperor) four years old.' Also; two full-blooded bull
calves. The above stock carr be seen any; lime at my
farm ouc half mile from the Village of Ypsilanti. -.
, : .. ; JOHN W. VANCLEVE.
ClarerrioaiVMay 17,! 1845. ' 17tf
""" To Printers
ESSRS. Cowpertwait' $ ' Hobhs take this oppor
tunity of informing the public sreheefaly, that they
have commenced manufacturing -
:.'::." pniVTER'S INK " '"
of every description,' and aie prepared to supply, their
customers and consumers generally, on the most lavor
able terms.
N." B. Colored Ink of evary shade rcade to order,
and the common colors always on hand. Superior red
and Blue Inks at $2,00 per pound. - '
ILj Manufactory No. 30 Dock street, i'liiladelpliia
pril 17, 1845. ',';.'.;; , .".:.',.,. -22i"
ROUND Coffee, Ground Pepper and Ground spice
itp expressly for family use and for sale yb
. ,D.C. GOODWILL'.-.
JJI cdi c al Ca rtd .
lTs'nEALTH fs oftbe highest Vvthljr importance,
-fx and the foundation of all happiness, the science of
protecting life, is tht nAblest ol all callings.' ' TT
' From the day ''of Hipocrates," to the present, many
singular, absurd and superstitions' notions have been
advanced in regard to remedial agents, not only advan
ced, but sanctioned by wise men and the law, to the ul
timate injnry of-Buffering humanity.- Hundreds ol
years ago, it was established by law,:that the following
theory, .or notions, should be strictly adhered to : In
Bscs of a departure of the svstem from i s healthy state
let. the diseas'e be located wiero it;r&ight,whethe it was
local or eneral -inflammatory,' chronic,- or a cute, or
any of the names which Nosology may fancy to eive.the
Patient was and is , subject-to be bled, blistered, phys
eked, poisoned and starved, and this1 treatment was
and is called Science (not common sense.)' Now, rea
der, upon notions as absurd as those, learned tnd wise
men. (as they were called) have cons.rueted some
of the strangast theories that ever beset the inagina
tion, and they have been adhered to, 'in consequence
of not being examined by the common class of people,
and have been holding despotic sway for centuries,
tiniil about 50 years since; Doctor Samuel Thomson,
the revolutionizer of the world in Medicine, introduced
his simple and safe practice to a suffering world. And
since then Scientific quackery has been tumbling to the
dust, and it has not been long, as would seem, that any
one person woutd dare call the medical gentlemen to
an account of iheir steward-ship. Un'il, as would ceem,
a universal combination of common sense burst the
spell. Respected reader, just pause and reflect a mo.
ment, let the truih have i:s perfect work. Are not
the most deadly poisons that the mineral, vegetable, or
animal kingdom produces, made use of to cure our dis-
? Have they not become as commou at the bed r
side of the eick, as food is on the table of the hungry ?
Ought these things , so to be ? Has not our Heavenly
Father said, that the Vegetable kingdom - were for
the healing of (he nations, has he ever said that in the
mineral kingdom mere were healing virtues. You
may, respected reader, derive some information by
calling on ihe subscriber at his dwelling in Ypsilanti.
You may, perhaps, in future, save "yourself and family
from the lasting and tormenting effects of calomel,
opium.' arsenic, and the deadly poison scientific drugs
of the earth Yes, from blistering, and iliat little instru
ment of death, the Lancet, and other harsh pretended re
medial agents, under which the hnman family have
groaned for Centuries. .
In conclusion, the undersigned would ' eay that his
system is the Thomsonian rystem, that he has full con
fidence in it fur the cure of all diseases to which the
human system is subject, and relies wholly on the
vegetable Kingdom.which the God of Natnre has spread
in such rich - profueion over every hill, dale and val
ley, as the only proper remedial agents, and that a
poiacn cannot be a Medicine, '
N- B. All kinds of Botatinic Medicines for sale.
; . -i i Botannic Phyicisn. '
Ypsilatvi, November 17 1841.
jBJf . cents,, ihehrist rius answer-trie purpose
more effectually than any, other pATs in use, and super
sede them 1.1'ogether in medical virtue nnd excellence.
If you doubt this, just try, ihem it will" cost' only 2")
cents and then you too, will be satisfied. . If thty are
not what ihey are recommended to be, denounce them.
They are not recommended to cure everything; but I
do say, with out fear of contra fiction, that no pills are
their equal in. removing, diseases originating in the
stomach and bowels. For liver afections and bilious
disrases,' such as dumb ague, fever and aue,' intermit
tent and remittant fevers, the Brisk pills posses? pe
culia'r properties foa their speedy removal." FrJnv ten
years experience as a practising physician, I am con
vinced that nous can equal ihem. Do not believe all
that is said about an infallible pi'l, fiat never fail to
cure any.disease.'but try the Brisk Pills the cheapest
pi Ills iu use, and then you have a chance to judge of
their merit or demerit- As a blood cleanser, and a
purifier to ihe diseased system and a purifier to the
diseahed's'yslem, they perhaps fupercede eery pill in
use. They are quick and easy Hi their operation, giv
ing life life and lone to all the torpid organs : throw
ing off' impureuiatters or humors, leaving the system
clean nnd healthy. This is all that any medicine can
do, not withstanding tlfe great show of words and
fictitious certificates. We are determined to lei these
pilis stand upon their own reputation, win or lose.
All we ack is an impartial ttial. Tiicy can be taken
by old and yonng, at any time with pt-rfect safety.
They are an 'excellent medicine for children havbg
worms &.c In a wotd. they possess all the qualities ol
an oparieni jiiJI for all family use. They have cured
many diseases which" no other medicine could remove
In conclusion, I ay, do not despair of a cure until
you have tried the Brisk , Pills, for they do r possess
peculiar properties and virtues. Wholesale and retail
by J. O. FAY ,.' Co I3G Fulton st. Sun Biiildinrs,New
York. Also, by ,, E. SAMSON. Agent.
Ypsilanti, October 3.IS41.
n 12.
A NIMAL CHEMISTRY, lias proven ' beyond all
Ib question, that rneai.s can be so chemically combi
ned as to act upon the ab. sorbent system, und re
move various accumulations, which, if allowed to
continue, willcreate disease, pain, troublesome tumors
morbid swellings, and scrolulous diseases, &c.
According to Chemistry, and the physiology cf the
human system,' a remedy has been di-covered, and is
now .applied and rendered successful,- in removing
painful swellings, pain in the side and back, scrofulous
tumors, King's Evil, enlargement nbout the neck and
throat, ague takes, enlargements of the spleen, "etc.
One thing should be borne in mind by every physician,
that thi means here spoken of should be used in prcf.
erence to cvrey thing else, in case of gathering or
painful swelling in the breasts of those who nurse.
Those who are in the habit of being troubled it. this
way, should use' it before,' any symptoms of harlness
are manifested. Noexposuie to cold will have any
effect on the parts where the application is worn,' When
the bre isis are painful, there are no means which cap
be used that will give so quick and'eertain ' relief as
this. Those who do not Wish to 6uffei must btar the
above in mind and use the means here specified.-For
it never fails in this disease, neither can it fail.' The
reader can readily see, if it can soften and subdue
such inflammations, ot how much importance it would
be to use in cases of weak backs, spinal irritation;
and in fact all kinds of weakness or inflammation-
As an external application in Liver Complaint, pain ia
tbe hips and shoalders, it has no equal; and as a pain
extractor, there is no magical drops or linaments that
will compare with the Jew David's or HebeewPlastkk
this is the remedy, and it is '.wo well known among phy
eicians in general, to need, any further description.
Thousands have been relieved by this Plaster' after
cvry other application has tailed, A pamphlet giv
ing an account of its disco veay,with certificates direc
tions, &c, accompany each box, which is sufficient to
spread 6 or 7 Piasters .Price 50 cents. It is pleasan;
lo wear, and no one need fear of taking cold , in that
part over which the plaster ia applied. ' ' '
- - - '.. SAMSON, Agent.
' YpsilanHi Oct. 1R44. r . , r, ... 6m43
V y Stray ed of Stolen. ;
, rKUH the; premises of Conrad
House in the township of Ann. Arbor on
Friday night last one. eight years old
31 ARE, dark brown, nearly black, heavy
main, tail and foreiop ; she has marks of
a Fokeon her neck, shoe of . the left fore foo t gane and
she has the marks of having becu worked infills. She
carries her tail close and is worth at. least tjj65. iAs
was last seen neat Mr. Wanseys in the township of Yp
silanti. j Any person who. will return said mare, will
be handsomely rewarded. ,CQNJCAU HOUSE.
Ann Arbor, JSIay 13, ' -. . . - -
M .TLRSXR ATE mould ' and dipped candles' for sale
JL by " ; D. C. "GOODWILL. 7
JBooks 4& Stationary
A GOOD Assortment constancy on hand, particu
larly the SCHOOL BOOKS ia general use, , also
Perfumery and perfumed fancy soaps, German Toys
Musical Instruments, fancy goods and nn almost end
less variety of Yankee Notionsr including Combs, ,BuU
tons Needles, Pine, Hooka and Eyea, '.Thread Tape,
Pin and Needle Cushions, Spool stands, Knitting Pins,
air Pios, Victoria Pins' Silver and German Silver
Pencils, Crayons. Silver and' German silve i, Brass
and steel Thimbles,' Beads, Razors, Razor strops, lath
er boxes and brushes, Spec'acls and cases, Snuff box
es. Catd cases, Litb.' and Steel Engravings, Bonnett
Wire. Oil Silk, Eyelets, mery Cushions, Jews Zarps
Dominoes; Percussion caps'. Powder and shot. Fill per
cussion, pocket books and Wallets, Sun-glasses, Vid.
lin strings. Bass-viol do. Whale bone, Pocket knives,
Scissors, Letter stamps, Motto .Seals, ect. I ;
. The above etticlea and many more lo numer
011s to mention may be found -for sale cheaper
than the cheapest at the variety store of .
Yofltlpnti.-Aue. 12. 1Q45. ; . 29if.
iJarttbrd" Fire Insurance Office.'
' ' July 24. 1815'
THE recent destructive fire in New York will of
course excite solicitude in regard to its effect on 'the
' solvency of insurance companies in that city and the
t neghboring .places.. The Directors of the Hartford
j .Fire Insurance Company are happpy to assure their
customera and the public, that they are prepared
1 adiust and pay at maturity, all losses sustained by theiN"
ofHce'from their surplus funds and current receipts
without delay, and without withdrawing their perina.
, nent investments. Their capital remains ample for
the security of all who insure with them; and they
invite owners ofdesirible property to obtain Polices on
favorable terms, both at the Home Office and at their
several agencies. Their mode of transacting business
which for 35 years past has secured the public confi
dence, will remain unchanged.
By order of the Board of Director.
JAMES G. BOTTS. &crefry,
- NORRIS &. FOLLETT. Agents.' .
Ypsilanti, Michigan, Aug. 6. -;
Look Out For Fires. 1
The lafe destructive Fres in different places through,
out our country shouli warn all to be prepared for the
devouring eleme.it. The subscribers as agents of the
Hartford Fire Ensurance, and the Columbus, (Ohio,)
Fire and Marine Insurance companys are prepared to
issue policies without deliy up na!l descriptions of
property, Ixvh in the Village and County, and on goodl,
Wares and Merchandise in transitu upon - Lakes, Ca
nal and Rivera. . " " i
,"Vn.i1n-i An?. II 131. ' " ' ' J.f.
.'.".For'.'S al e. .
" Subscriber wPJ sell for cash or a'pirt cash
11 down, his residence in ihe "village of Ypsilanti,
situated a few rods west of the Presbyterian Church,
on the Chicago road, consisting of about four acres
of best quality of lands. Dwelling House and out buii-
Inuigs all in superb order, together with an exiensive
assortment of best quality of fruit trees ef almost eve-
ry variety congenial-to the "climate of Michigan. :
ALSO A wel -arrngea and finished law office, to--srether
with other, valuable village , property alto a
first rate eighty acre. lot situate about one mile. from
the village, also one eighty acre lot in the 'county of
Ionia. ' ' ' ' ' ' " - . .' -
AH or any part of. which will be ' sold on the most
favorable terms. .For the particular of which enquire
of the subscriber at bis office. W. A. BUCKBEE
l psilanti. August 4t. l-i45 2t?tf
. u r t c y i n g".
GEORGE COOK, Would give notice to the Public
that he has completed his studies in the Science of
Surveving and is now readyto do all busiuess , in hia
I ne with fidelity and despatch. All persons wanting ba
siness done in his line will please call on bim at his resi
deucein York,' Was'' siw Co. Michigan, " '"' '
QTATE OF MICHIGAN, The Circuit Court f.r
K-J the county of Washtenaw. Of the term ,of Jans
A- D. 1845 to wit the J8ih day of July 1845
In the matter of the petition of Henrj Bradshaw for
a divorce from his wife Mary Bradshaw. ' '
On reading nrd filing ihe petition iu this court, which
among other things set firth that the said respondent
has since ,hei intermarriage with the eaid petitioner
been guilty of the crime of adultery, and also praying
the said petitioner may be divorced from his laid wile
and that the bonds of matrimony between the petitioner
and tho aid respondent may be dissolved ; and it ap
pearing to the court that the petiiioner has for more
than two years next preceding the date of said petition
been a resident of said 6tate, and that the said respon
deat is now a resident ol the Slate of New York. Oil
motion of C. II. Vancleve, attorney for eaiJ petitioner,:
.it is ordered that notice be-given to. the said resjioi-
dent of the filing and pending of said petition by publi
cation of a copy cf this order in the "Ypsilanti Senti
nel," a newspaper published in the village of Ypsilanti,
Washtenaw county and state of Michigan, six succes
sive weeks, the fast insertion of said notice to bs at
least twenty days before the first day of the next term
of the court to be held at Ann Arbor, in said county
.tho first Tuesday of , December next, to the end that
the paid respondent may then and there, appear and
show cause if any she has why the prayer of said peti
oner should not be granted..
.'.' ;' A true copy, , ' ' . . It. KING,
C U. Vwrr.FVP. . AV Clerk. ..
. m; ytr an; ii .ot
situated on the corner of Washingtoa add
Ellis streets. T rms made kaowrtby en-
quinng ol I". Joslin, Jsq . xpsilauti.
- .'-4- ; . ;j ..... : . G. FHAIR.
YnoiUmi. OctnSer 2". 1844. ' ' 45n:4 '
;;..arttord. Fire insurance Company
fNCORPORATED 18lO..Chartor ... PerpetualCapi
tal 8150,039, with power to inc raasa it to $250,0 JO
. This long established Company, with an amnle ff-h
capital, offer to insure Houses Stores, Merchandise,
Mills, Furniture, '&ci on very favorable terms. Louse
shall be equitably -adjusted and promptly .paid, - .Own
ers of pro perty in Ypsilanti and vicinity, who wish to
obtcin insurance against loss or damage tyfire, are- in
vited to apply ' directly lo the subscjibera, who are au
thorized to issue Policies without delay.
: ' ; .-- " NORRIS & FOLLETT
Ypsilanti. Jii'v 201R44. - 4irf'.
11 VlOC5UL.L liUiX. iiie irtiiiicrsuip.ilt'r,o.
U U fore existing between LeviJ. Hull and Aaa
Martin, of the tow n of Ypsilauti this day dis
solved 'By mutual consent of parties. All those
having unsettled accounts w ith eaid firm, will call
and make settlement.
' ; - LEVI J. HULL V
:" Ypsilanti, Dec. 10, .1844. - : . -.';
If . ARD OIL a superior article of Lard Oil just re
jLj reived and for sale by CHAS II, WILLIAMS. '
Toledo, Ohio. . i .- i . 29 4w
O. MOLASSES . Just received on consignment
a quautity of molasses for sale by
' Uhaa. II. WILLIAMS, rmeao i. -
"T O. SUGAR just received on consignment vta
J. Ci
Cincinnatti, a lot of New Orleans angar. for sale
Chaa II. m LLI MS, Toledo U.

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