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Arrival of the Great Britain.
This monster steamer arrived, on the 29ih ult.
in New York afier a tedious passage of 20 days;
occasioned by the derangement of her propeller
ivhich obliged her to use sails only, for an entire
This arrival brings notice of the reception of
the passage of the Oregon Resolutions. These
resolutions ere received with profound silence by
tho Government, and whatever is said by the press
has not the leant appearance of "Authority ;" the
various journals consider, upon the M hole, that
the resolutions materially improve the prospect of
peace. It must be remembered that the "Notice"
itself has not been served on the British Govern
ment when the Great Britain left Liverpool, attd
of course no official action could be taken upon it
We do not therefore, think it worth while to take
up any spfice in our colums with the personal o
pinions of .English editors.
Aside from this subject the following item
seem to possess a general interest rendering them
worthy of publication.
ATlie re hre 400,000 barrels of American flour
mWdr lock at Liverpool.
The emigrants from England to the British
colonies am luul, 01 an av eruge, to -10,000 annu
ally. It is expected that 80.000 persons will emigrate I
from Germany during ihe present season.
L uis Piiillipne is about to proceed to Dreux
to superintend the construction of a grand sepul-
chral chapel for the reigning dynasty,
Another instalment of the Chinese ransom has
arrived at the royal mint. The value is upwards
of half a million sterling.
The population of the New Zeland Company's
settlements in that is'ai.d is estimated at upwards
f 9.000 souls, and in the northern or government
colonies at about 3.500 souls.
In the years 1835 39, the;e 315 murders and
in the years 1840-44, there were 347, being an
increase often per cent, while the increase of the
population would account for but six per-cenl.
Letters from Naples state that overtures have
been made by the German Z illvereiu for a treaty
of commerce with that guveriuneij. The trade
of Germany with Naples is next in importance to
that of EngUnd.
S wi'zorland is ahout to follow the example of
tiade exposition becoming so general m Europe ;
an exhibition ol the products of Helvetic nidus,
try being anno mred to take place at Z.irich in
August next, the firt in that eo iiWry.
The repeal of the duly on glass, which led to
the employment of this Mihstauce In piptg for the
conveyance of water, h as been succeeded by its
use for milk pans, wnich are not only much more
easily cleaudtl ihut metal, but may actually be
scalded without any fear of I'rac ure.
ll is calculatid that 39.000 persons will h;ive
emigrated from Ireland in ;he present year.
Many l them aie known to have considerable
sums of ir.or.e) ; b it. at only JJ a-head, they
Mill witndruw from tin- sm ill capital of this im
p .veri-ii-d c m.:try no less mi amount than 000,
7'ne ncMs from Austrian Galicia stales that
WrAi province m quiet. There were rumors of an
attempt at a rising near Gloduo, but the repor
teem- to have been ill-founded.
Ttic town of Cracow is to pay (according to
I 'ue Frankfort Post-Amt-GazeAle) the annual sum
of (Wo millions tl rins, tor the maintain nice of the
government which considering its revenue, does
not exceed one million and a half, is rather a diffi
cult ta!k. They have, likewise to provide lor
the troops. The fntuie is anyihing but promising
os there are no prospects for the harvest.
It has been asserted that at the late conferences
at Merlin beiweeu the deiejjati s of Russia, Aus.
1ria and Prussia, on the atl nrs of Poland, espec
iiliy relative to the lepubltcol Cracow, that there
was a question ot effacing tiom the number ol in
dependent States the four free towns of the (iei
ma i confe deruMau. Hamburgh and Luhec were
to fall to Prussia, Bremen to Hanover, Frai klort
to the Grand Duchy of Hesse or to Bavaria, and
ihe Iree town of Crtcow was to be incorporated
with Austrian Galhcia ; the rest of the territory
with Poland, that is with Russia.
The Bavarian code of laws is to be shortly re
formed ; in one of tho iale sittings of the Cham
ber, the Minister of Justice announced that the
plan of the new code would be shortly submitted
to their consideration, and (hat one of its princi
pal features would be pleadings in public.
Toe Hibemia Arrived at Boston on the 21 ult
bringing intelligence several days later than (hat
by the Great Britain. The Corn Bill had pass
cd the third reading in the House of Commons by
a majority of 99. li was supposed that the Lords
would hardly oppose the wishes of the House.
Liverpool papers represent the corn trade as
exceedingly depressed. On the I2:h, all sorts of
mie wheat were in effect offered at a decline of
4-to 8d per 70 lbs, below the rates.
On the 9 h there was an arrival, from the U.
Stales, of 8,130 lbs flour, and prices fell Is 6d per
barrel. Indian corn continued in reqaest a( 42,
per 430 pounds, duty paid ; 3?s per 480 lbs duty
paid. The arrival of flour continues to be large ; and
even from Ireland we continue to receive abundai.t
supplies. The probability that all ihe foreign
grain now in bond will be released at a small du
ty when the Corn Bill has passed the House of
Lords, has a tendency 10 keep prices down.
In the Continental ports, prices have also given
way. The number of gram vessels which passed
Ihe Sour.d and Bell for Engl&nd, from the 29.h.
of April io the 5tb of May, was 20 ; and every
tide brings other arrivals from all the world.
Good wheal at Oaessa commands 32s per quar
ter. Daotzic wheat is firm in Liverpool. Last
week theie were 8,090 000 of foreign wheat un
der lock, and 8,950,000 bis. of foreign flour
nearly all American.
Ay IrwisuATio.v. -The editor of the Boston
Cronotype saya he claims no credit for virtue, but
only follows his instincts. The Mail fears that .if he
continues to follow thera,he will find himself in theend
where tl.esulpher is fdr more '-highly concentrated"
than they sell in Boston.
Faults of the head are pu.mhed tn this world,
those of lbs heart M another ; but as most of oui
vices are compound, so also is their punishment
New Orleans papers ofthc28,.h finally con
firm ihe accounts of the capture of Matamoros.
No resistance Was made the Mexican army had
retired into the interior-the number of killed and
wounded in our army is estimated at 300. The
wounded wefe doing well. From all appeaian
ces the war is now at an end, if we do not invade
Mexico west of the Rio Grande. Gen. Taylor
will undoubtedly await farther orders at Matamo
The present week has been signalized by the
meeting at Albany of the Convention for amend
ing the Constitution of this State. Oar readers
need not be told that this Convention is tho most
important body that will meet in our State proba
bly for i long series of years, a:id that its proceed
ings cannot be noted with too much attention. It
is expected to continue in session at leist three
mouths, and the results of its labors will be sub
mitted to the people at the fall election?.
It is generally argued that the Judiciary if the
branch of the Slate Government which most needs
amendment, and the existing evils in which formed
ihe mot important ground for calling the Conven
tion. We hope the reform may prove a real one.
Moms' National Press.
That Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry is far the
best remedy now used for all distressing coughs, and
diseases of the lungs. The cures being performed
are really astonishing the world. Dr. Wistar's Cel
ebrated preparation is wholly an innocent remedy
being composed principally of the Wild Cherry, and
extract of Pine; combined by a new.chemical process
with the genuine Iceland moss, another of nature's
great curatives for pulmonary diseases.
Those who want a remedy that will surely cure
should send immediately to the store of E. Samson.
Disastrous Fire. A lare portion of the village
of Warren, Trumbull Cn. Ohio, wan consumed
by fire on ihe 2d. The buianess part of the place
seems to have been almost entirely burnt, iticlu.
lin all tho east side of Main street. The loss
must be vtry heavy heavier, fur the place, than
'he greai Pittsbu r fire an eye witness estimates it
at f 12-3,000. Many of the goods removed, and
piled in ilea public square, were burned or much
ii jmed by w iter. Trie town was destitute of an
efficient fire company.
O.ie man named Frederick Kane, a journeyman
linnrr. perished in tho flames nf thp shop.
.T BARRELS Superfine Flour just received and
"""for sale for $3.50 per bbl, by
Ypsiianti June 10 18 16,
UST Received at the Railroad Depot, 125 Stoves
of superior patterns, which will be sold on the
most adv mta geous terms by J, M, BROWN.
Also Tin wa:e, Sheet Iron, Zinc, Stove furniture
kc. Stc. For sale wholesale and retail.
IT Please cull before purchasi ng elsewhere.
J. M, B.
NET RIBBONS. Rec'd this day by
Ypsiianti June 10 1316.
F O V D.
4 QUANTITY of Groceries in front ol my shop
near the Depot, after having paid the freight I
shall otter them for sale. Almost every article of fam
ily use in the line of Groceries All kinds ol old boots
hats, caps, coats taken in exchange, that is if not worn
thtead bare. Also all kinds of produce taken. But
cash will buy cheaper.
N, B, first rate article of tea.
Ypsiianti June 8, 1815. " 124tf.
For Sale.
,1 ORTY ..4ores of land for saie 'lying in
B. and county of Monroe. For which the
will sell cheap or trade it for a good horse and other
property as the owner is a mechanic has no use for the
land. Terms made known by calling on.
E. WELCH, Waggon maker.
Ypsiianti June 8, 1846, l'24tf
ceived from the east, in prime order, and for sale
low by E- SAMSON.
Ypsiianti, June 1. 1846 123tf
GENTLEMEN If you will, call at T. S. HILL'S
you can find fashionable Boots and Gaiters.
Wool ! Wool ! ! WTool ! !!
TT EDMUNDS, will pay Detroit prices for any
11 . quantity of 4th, hall three quarter and full blood
ed wool at his Store in Ypsiianti.
Ypsilar.li May 27 I 46. 1225w.
Old Cider Vinegar.
A Splendid article direct from the State of New
York for sale at the Store of H. B. ADAMS.
Near ihe Depot building formerly occupied by C. C.
Ypsiianti, May 26, 1846. 1 122 4w.
Depot Boot and Shoe
WOULD Respectfully announce to the citizens of
Ypsiianti and vicinity that they are prepared
to manufacture BOOTS $ SHOES, in the most ap
proved fashionable style having recently received lrom
the east a large and well selected assortment of Loath
ar of the best quality. They feel confident that they
can give general satisfaction. Among their stock of
Leather may be found Philadelphia and French Calf
skins, Upper Leather, Sole putney and slaughtered
Xips. They will manufacture thick boots for $2,73
and all other work in proportion. Hides and trade ta
ken. T. II. & W. H. PHILLIPS.
Ypsi'anti, Depot ilay 27, 1846 122 cm.
Emporium Fashion
'IHE Subscriber would respectfully inform his
JL friends and ihe public generally, that he contin
ues the Tailoring business in all its branches in the
buildings formerly occupied by E. iS'amson ; where he
is ever ready to serve his customers in tAe most ap.
proved style, and at the cheapest rates. (
He is constantly in the rcceiptsof the latest Fash
ions, and feels entire confidenc in his ability to suit
the varj ing tastes of his customers:
CUT TING Done, as cheap as at any shop in Town
on the Shortest notice and warranted to fit.
Ypsiianti May. 27 1846. 122tf.
Parasols ! Parasols ! !
'OR SALE cheap
LADIES French Buskins
quality for sale by
and Tics of the best
er at
-You can find rich Hat Ribbons and flow.
Moore if Shotcetman
Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery ,Glass,
Hard-Ware and Shoes.
Brick store south side of Congress street
ML fe .
STILL have on hand a
large assortment of Well
Which they will dispose of at reduced prices to
make room for spring goods. A liberal credit will
be given on approved paper.
md in fact almost every thing the tarmer has to dispose
will be taken in exchange.
Ypsiianti, March 4, 1846. l'Otf
THE SUBSCRIBER would respectfully inform
his customers and the pub lie generally he is now j
receiving his assortment ot Spring and Summer Goods
which will consist of almost every article in the line
ol Staple and Fancy
Crockery, Jardware, Shoes, iJats,
Caps and Bonnets,
which may be called for. and which will be sold very
cheap indeed, for ready pay.
Ypsiianti, Miy 13, 1846. 12 I
Ypsiianti is Rising.
The tenth wonder of the World.
HAS taken the Store formerly occupied by V, H
Sanders and is opening a well selected assortment ol
And Confectionaries
and divers other floods too numerous to mention, all en
tirely Fresh and New.
Is the motto, nlwavs willing to do'ihe lair thine and deal
ion the One price Principle. It is admitted Loveridg's
is the place to find the right kind of
Therefore all who wish to make good selections and
purchase cheap, are invited to call and see. Having
been the first in establishing the low price system, cus
tomers may be assured of its continuance.
All kinds of COUNTRY PRODUCE taken
in exchange for Groceries at the Cash Prices.
" Brick ! Brick ! !Brick! j !
The Subscriber will keep cons'antly on hand, for
sale, a iarge quant ry of good building brick, at his
brick-kiln, in ihe west part of the village.
All k inds of PRODUCE, and approved time NOTES
will be taken in exchange. P. EDD1NGTON.
Ypsiianti. May !)th. 18 16. 120 .'in.
Shrine of Fashion.
THE SUBSCRIBERS would inform their
friends and the public generally, that they have
entered into a copartnership in the
and that all orders in their line, will be thankfully re
ceived and promptly executed at the Shrine of Fashion
in as neat and Fashionable a style as can be got up tiiis
side of New York. And we would say to the Fashion
ables, taal we are ready to avail ourselves of any nov
elty that miv be the pleasure of ihe Fickle Godess
to impose on us ; we shall certainly spare no expense
to procure every facility, to make our style Fashionable;
nor any labor lhat will make our work durable, or, our
Patrons easy and comfortable.
done on short noiice and warranted in all cases.
Ypsilanii January 22, 1846. ltf.
P. S. Mr. Walker would take the opportunity to
thank his friends and Patrons, for their liberal support
thus far, and hopes, by assiduity and care in Ins new
arrangement to merit a continuance of their patronaeo.
Farm lor Sale.
larms in Washtenaw county, containing 183 acres
155 of which is under a high state of cultivation.
Said Farm is situated within about 100 rods of the Rail
Road Depot and a little over a half mile from the Yp
siianti Seminary. A very pleasant farm for a man in
easy circumstances. Call and examine the premises
lor yourselves. MARK NORRIS.
Ypsiianti, March 25, 1846. 113 3m
Book;:, .Mcz )tmt, India Ink, Drawing Pa
per, Pencil Brushes, Newmans Pain's, and oilers
and all the tools for drawing nnd painting nt the
Book store of " E.SAMSON,
Ypsiianti Nov. 2o, ll 441
Jipsom Salts and FloV JSulpher
"MM AY be had for one shilling per pound at the Drug
Store ot
Ypsiianti, July 28, 1R45,
27 1
BOXES McAllisters all heal
ing ointment
75 BOTTLES Wisters Balsam of Wild Cherry
25 do Starkweather Hepa'icElixer
50 do Bristols Sarsaparilia just received and to
sale by E SA.MSON. agen
Ypsiianti November 25, 1845, 45tf
Please c all and get Pamphlets of the abov.
A pure article of fourth proof Brandy.
OLD PORT. Maderia, and Malaga WINES, and
Holland Gin, kept constantly ior Medicinal uses,
by July, 28, 1845, 27tf E.SAMSON.
Salt! Salt!! SaltllT
awx BARRELS Salt just received in prime order
d$F from the Syracuse salt works and for sale low
Julv 22.
vvool-tarding ana cloth-Dressing.
BY the generosity of the public I have had my
business increased one fourth the last yaar, and
I am now ready to attend to all in the best manner that
wish to patronize me. All kinds of Merchantable Pro
duce taken tor work done. Work done at a discount
for cash. F. COMER.
Rawsonville, May 2. 2816. U9 4n.
jOLTVO, By the subsunoer, a rocKel Uook, cuii
1 tainmg money and papers. The owner can have
tho same by calling at the office of Alfred A. Hunter
proving properry and-paying for this advertisement.
Fresh Groceries! j
WOULD RESPECTFULLY inform his friends
and the public generally, that he has enlarged,
efitted and refurnished his old stand where be is now
constantly receiving supplies of every necessary (arti
cle in the line of
Family Groceries,
which their wants may require. He does riot think it
worth while to enumerate the articles cotnptising hi
sroek. but he assures the public tint for Cheapness and
Excellence his stock of 'J ea, Coffee, Sugar, Molasses,
Confectioneries, &.-. fr, far surpasses any thing in the
market. He has also fitted up a convenient ())(( r
$aloll adjoining his store, where he is prepared to
serve the lovers of this luxury to the utmost of their
wishes. Every thing in its season with low prices and
ready pay, is his motto; and he is de:enuincd to go
Ypsiianti, Feoruary 18, 1845. 108ytf.
Fashionable Tailoring.
THE Subscribei lakes this method of thanking
his (rends and patrons lor the liberal support they
h ae given him for the last nine years that he has car
ried on the Tailoring" business in Ypsiianti, and begs
leave to inform the public that his shop is conducted
on very different principles from tailoring establish
ments in the country towns of fhis Slate, where drun
ken and inferior workmen are almost entirely employ
ed, or boys and young women taken for three or six
months, who of course spoil the work put into their
hands. He can assure his friends that there are none
at preson employed in his shop but have been from
four to seven years at the business, carefully taeght by
him8ell in ail the neivcst methods of working in the
most Fashionable Shops in New York ; and, as it it
well known to the public that he has never spared ex
pence to obtain all the various changes of lashion with.
With these assurances he thinks his friends will give
him a call, when tiiey want work done, at his old stand
next door to E. J. Hewit's store, where he will do
work in all the different branches of the Tailoring
Business at halt his original prices lor cash down.
Ynilami Feb. 10 1846 WM. WILKINSON,
jL-raaaRiiM aauUse.
THE PROPRIETORS of the Franklin House, re
spectfully inform their friends and the public, that
their house is now undergoing extensive repairs such
as being painted throughout, and having n large addi
lion of new Furniture. We are gratetul for the libera
patronage l.eretore received, and solicit a continuan
of the same. NEWTON HAYES,
Mr G. J. S. Thompson is associated with us in the
Franklin house. If - & T.
New York, Feb. 13, 1346. 112 6w
KT" FERE AS at a Court of Chancery lor the State
ff of Michigan second circuit held at Ann Arbor,
?.S T Tl i L:l a Z . 1 9. :
of Asa Peck deceased was complainaat and Austin
Burgess Chloe Burgess arid Abner A. Wells wecr de
fendents it was decreed by the Chancelor ol said State
that the premises herein described should be sold at
public Auction undi-r the direction of one of the mas
ters of said Court. Notice is hereby given that by
virtne ol said decree will on the sixtecn'.h dav of
Julv next at the hour ot one o'clock in the afternoon of
said day expose for sale at public Auction at the fire Insurance Company are happpy to assure their
House of Abial Ha wkins in Ypsiianti in County of customers and the public, that they are prepared td
Washienaw Siaie aforesaid all and singular ihe prenw adjust and pay at maturity, all losses sustained by their
ises described in said decree and the mortgage therein office'from iheir surplus funds and current receipts,
mentioned, described as follows to wit: All that cer- without delay, and without withdrawing their pertha
tain tract or parcel ol land situated in the village of ; nent investments. Their capital remains ample for
Ypsiianti, described as follows viz. it being Lot num.
bered two hundred and htryeight agreeable to the
village plait of William W. Harivood, as recorded in
the Register's Office; Bounded south on the Chicago
road, lour rods wide, running north twelve roc's the
same width, to the lands owned by Almira Brokaw
contcinfr.g forty. eight square rods of ground, lying in
ihe County of Washtenaw and State of Michigan.
Sale absolute, and withou t redemption. Terms. Cash.
May 26 1846. C. JOSLIN,
C. W. Lane, Master in Chancery.
Cmplia. Soi'r. Wash. Co. Mich.
Medical Notice.
THE UNDERSIGNED would iniorm the people ol
Ypsiianti and adjoining towns, that he has lecent.
ly located himself here as
and is now ready lo attend to the culls of those who may
iaver him witrTtheir patronage. He hopes, by his de-
voiion 10 me siuoy ana pracice 01 ins profession, 10
merit the confidence of his patients. Homeopathic
medicines put up to Older at low prices at the shortest
notice. THO. BLACKWOOD, M. D.
Ypsilanti, Nov 25, 1S45. 44 6m
THE undersigned has removed his stock of
Goods to the new St-re recently occupied
by HilKngtoa At Hill, where he will be pleused lo
see his old customers, and as many new ones as
may favor him with a call. He pledges himself
to sell goods upon as good terms as any establish
ment in this place.
Ypsiianti, Febuary 3. 1846, 3w 2
Clocks! Clocks! Clocks!! !
HO.MPSON celebrated Brass Clocks for
sale extremely low and warranted by
Ypsilanii, November 25, 1645 44tf
A ft'f VOLUMES Sunday School Books
Am LBW for sale it the pub'ishers prices
Ypsiianti, November 25, 1&15 44tf
IVew and Splendid Millinary Goods
SISS F. NICHOLS, wishes to inform ihe citizens
.?B of Ypsiianti and its vicinity that she had just re
ceived from the East, a splendid assortment of
which she will dispose of cheap for cash and ready pay
She has also procured a good Foreman, by which the
Dress making business will be conducted wilh neat
ness and despatch.
nrBonneis dressed in the neatest, latest and most
fashionable style.
N, B. All orders attende' to without delay.
Ypsiianti, June 11, 1845. It
STATE OF MICHIGAN, ( KM attachment be
Cou'ity of Washtenaw, ' M. fore C. H. Van
cleve esq. a justice ot the peace n and for said county
of Washtenaw.
William Brown vs Robert Ciickmorr,
Notice is hereby given that a writ of attachme it has
been issued in the above entitled cause agai;ist the
goods, chatties, rights, and credits of the above named
uefendent, and that said cause has been adjourned for
trial until ihe 2d day of January 1840, at one o'clock
in the afternoon of that day at the office of aid justice
in Ypsiianti in said county. WILLIAM BROWN.
Dated Ypsiianti, Oct 2d 1845. 37 5w
Cash! Cash 11 Cash!!!
will be given for any quantity of RYE
AND CORN at ihe distillery lately occupied by
Ransom Norton, near lb i upper Bridge by
Ypsiianti, December 19, 1S45. 4Sif
. - .
ICH SUMMEH SHX WLS nnd Searfs jut re.
Ypsilaut, May 21, 184G
boi.uu .- - -j - '
Come one! Come all
AND examine Samsons stock of Books, stationary
Fancy Good Jewelry and Plated ware Mimic
To say nothing of the other department of his business.
They all know he keeps the best assortment and (he
best of
Drugs and Medicines
and sell them the cheapest of any one in towti,- notwith
standing the "great decline" on Epsom Salts and Suh
phor w.iliiu the last lour months. ,
He Wishes more particularly to say to one and all
that he has just rec eived the largest stock of Books
and Stationary 'lint can be found in the county, and he
pledges himself to adhere strictly to Detroit city prices
in their disposal and if he does that, "no one can reason
ably find fault at high orices on account of their being
little or no compciiiion for unv person, upon enquiry,
will nnd that many kinds of Books are sold lower in
Detroit, than they retail for in the city of New York.
Reader you will find among bis stock, almost every
thing in the shape of a book, Irom a No. 10 quarto Bi.
ble. down to the ''devil on two sticks." Just call and
see for yourselves. 4SU
Ypsiianti, November 18. 18i5.
Clocks and Watches
BEGS leave to sny to the citizens of Ypr.ilanti and
the adjacent towns that he has established himself
ness in a part of the x 1
Book and Drugstore
I or E.Samson, where he will be happy to receive a
I share of public patronage.
Having served a regular apprenticeship at the busi
ness and since been in the employ of some of the best
workman east, he flatters himself that he can give en
1 tire satisfaction to all who may see fit to employ him.
j A good assortment of well selected Watch material
'constantly on hand and all kinds of
j carefully repaired and warranted.
Ypsilati, November S, 'p4"
Important News.
ESAMriON, Authorised agent for the sale of rim
genuine Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry. Buch
ans Hungarian Balsam, Folgers Olosaonian, Jaynes
Expectorant Syrup.Ro wands Improved Tonic Mixture
Comsrock & Go's. Medicines, including Oldridge'i
Balm Columbia. Connels Pain Extractor, Hays Lma
ment, Extract of Sarsaparilla, c &.C Shermans
Lozenges and Plasters, DeaiiB Chemical Plaster Jewr
Davids or Hebrew Plaster, Daileys Pain Fxtractor,
Fosgates and Godfreys Cordial. Fahnestocks Vermifuge
Brislols Sarsaparilla. Osgoods India Cholagogue, Wash
ing'on Elixer, Eastern Tonic, Allebasi'e Medicines,
Wrights Indian Vegetable Pills, Gregoiys, Phinneys,
Smiths University and Smiths Sugar Coated, Rush's,
Halsteas. llerricks. Peters Resurrection or Persian,
Muscovetus, Tomato, Lees, Moffat., and P.cra Pill.
A supply of the above always on hand.
Hartford Fire Insurance Office.
July 24. 1846, .
THE recent destructive fire in New ;York will of
course excite solicitude m regard to its effect on the
solvency of insurance companies in that city and tne
! neshborinff Dlaces. The Directors of the Hartford
the security ot all who insure with them; ar.a iney
invite owners of desirable property to obtain Polices on
both at the Home Office and at their
several agencies. Their mode of transacting business
which for 35 years past has tecured the public confi
dence, will remain unchanged.
By order of the Board of Director.
JAMES G. BOTTS. Secretaryt
Ypsiianti, Michigan, Aug. 6.
Look Out For Fires.
The late destructive Fres in different places through
out cur country should warn all to b prepared for the
devouring eleme.it. The subscribers as asrents of the
Hartford Fire Ensurance, and the Columbus, (Ohio,)
Fire and Marine Insurance companys are prepared to
issue policies wiihottt delay upon all descriptions o
property, both in ihe Village and County, and on goods,
Wares and Merchandise in transitu upon Lakes, La-
Ypsiianti Aug. 6. 184"). 28tf.
The co-partnership heretofore existing under the firrft
of Milliugton Jt flill, is dissolved by mutual consent.
The brtBUiMi. in all its various branches, will be con
tinued by T. S. Hill, in ihe store formerly occupied bf
A. Buck, where all accounts with the firm may be settled-
Ypsiianti, January 21st, 1846.
E STRAY. Came into my enclosure in tho
month iff October last, a pale red sleer, sup.
post-d to be three years old, face nearly all white
with some red around one eys, some while upon
each of f is legs the owner is requested lo prove
property, pay charges and take him awnv
Ypsiianti January 20:h. 1946.
notes with the New Testament just received and
for sale by E. SIM SON.
Ypsilanii, November 25, 1845. 43 tf
OOLSCAP and Lettkr Paper
by the
Ream or Quire for sale low bv
Ypsiianti September, 25. 1845
THE Subscriber will pay CASH nnd the
highest price for CORN ana RYEj
Ypsilanii, Dec. 20 1843. tf
R. V. ASHLEY, has removed
his office a few doors north of A
Hawkins Hotel lo the dwelling
house fo-ir.erly sccopicd by Doct
Allen, where he continues to Der
f tin aT operations in the variovs branches cf Dentistry
'VO Extracting, Cleansing, and fillnsr decayed Teeth,
rfttn Gold or Tin ; selling teeth on Gold Plate or Pivot
according to the latest improvements, all operations
Ypsiianti, May 17, 1815- ltf.
Kan Awav
"ROM the Subseriber on or about the 8 h day of
April, a buy about 16 years of age by the nams
at Gto, CLARKE. The said boy had on when he left
a blue and wmie Wampus, pantaloons f the same
cloth, brown cloth vest, while conoti and wool shirt
j and wollen comloner. motion and wooleap, q.uiie worn,
: a large scar on hts left hand across the first and sec
ond fingers near the knuckles. Larfc complexion, oiaca
eyes, a:otit the meddling size, ano rugged looking.
Any person who may have any knowledge of ihe
said boy will confer a favor on the snbscriber and sh:l!
receive a reasonable rewarc by directing a leuer with
I ... . 1! T ....
! such intormatiOJ u ui V ijl'c w rr ad irr"
... . t -. c iCIC
r,coree, ayne co. -tt y o,

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